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The Government’s performance review – reminder

This is just a gentle reminder that in approximately 3 weeks time, the government is up for its 6 months review. On 9th October 2009, Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak’s ministerial cabinet will be 6 months old.

The Cabinet line-up was given much hype back in April this year as it was the first test of Najib’s mettle as the newly minted 6th Prime Minister of Malaysia.

The Cabinet promises much hope that things will be better this time around. One of the biggest announcement accompanying the announcement of his new Cabinet is the introduction of KPIs.

He stated that “he would be personally involved in assessing the performance of all his ministers every six months”.

We sure would like to know how he assess his ministers objectively come this 9th October and also the results of their report cards.

Hopefully all bloggers can help him in assessing his ministers by then.

And since Datin Sri Rosmah is seen as part of the team, we should evaluate her performance for the past 6 months too (I believe this could be a surprise package – as she is the only one who is seen to have done some extra mileage for the people).

On that note, can’t wait for October to come. I am sure there will be a lot of interesting read for this one.

To all Ministers, sorry to rain on the Aidilfitri parade ya.

Sleep well.

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