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Letter from good MACC officers accusing the bad MACC officer

The mysterious letter which suddenly appeared and was given to Gobind Singh on Tuesday afternoon drew a lot of attention from the public.

Gobind did not state who had given him the said letter. All he said was, and I quote from the opposition aligned The Malaysian Insider:

Gobind said the letter was handed directly to him late Tuesday afternoon, just as he was leaving the court here.

So, who actually gave Gobind the letter when he was about to leave the court? If we know the person who sent this letter, surely it will direct us to the authors of the letter.

So, if we follow the trail from the person who handed all the way to the writer, we can now establish who had actually written it. Surely Gobind is curious as to who had composed that letter. Everyone is.

This is important when the issues described in the letter are discussed and cross-referenced in the court of law.

Don’t get me wrong. I love it when this letter appeared. Thank God it did.

If we throw away a pertinent point such as credibility (where we neglect the existence of real, actual persons representing the accusations in the letter), the writings in it had actually cleared up a few things with regards to the current inquest on the death of Teoh Beng Hock.

First and foremost, I am happy to note the MACC as a whole is not a murdering pack of Malay officers bent on killing the chinese (as alluded by DAP leaders and also racist commentators in several opposition portals like Malaysian Insider and Malaysia Today and also some from this very own blog).

I have written in my past article that it would be silly to accuse the MACC to murder Teoh Beng Hock, especially when there inquest had not even started yet. I wrote that there are a few scenarios that could have explained his death besides the usual ‘MACC the murderer’. I also wrote that the propaganda of the racist DAP had far too easily trying to divert attention by accusing the MACC as a mass murdering government machinery.

But now the letter had proven otherwise.

There are indeed many MACC officers doing their honest work in this government institution. Thank God they have clear conscience to tell the truth albeit through this anonymous letter.

Therefore, the assertions that all government officers in all government institutions are no more than a bunch of murdering hooligans on a killing spree are not true at all. Kudos to the MACC as a whole.

This letter in a way had pointed out who the bad apples are. As we all know, in any barrel of apples, there are bound to be a few.

Secondly, the letter had in a way accused the MACC State Deputy Director, Hishamuddin Bin Hashim as the main officer in charge of interrogating Teoh Beng Hock a few hours before his death.

It made great effort to tell us that Hishamuddin always hold the belt of anyone he is interrogating and lifting that person many times during the interrogation.

This is new to all of us. The person writing this must be someone who had seen Hishamuddin doing this many times. But again, without knowing who the writer of this letter is, it is hard to see this as a real fact.  Nevertheless, lets assume for now, it is true – that this is an insider information.

Regardless, the logical thing to do now is to perform another DNA check on this officer so that we can now be extra certain that the DNA of Male 1 identified by the experts were indeed to be Hishamuddin’s (just like how the letter suggested to do). Perhaps now we will know that there were physical contact between one of the MACC officers and Teoh Beng Hock during the inerrogation.

The letter however, did not tell us that it was Hishamuddin who caused the death of Teoh Beng Hock. Indeed, as suggested by The Malaysian Insider, the letter ‘does not say how Teoh actually died, which is the subject of the ongoing magistrate’s inquest’.

Instead, it had inadvertently told the public that Hishamuddin has got nothing to do with Teoh’s death.


Well, the letter said that this officer, Hishamuddin left the building at 6.10 in the morning. The letter specifically said that he left the building at 6.10am but without punching out his punch card (MACC office still using punch card? How retro is that?)

This is what the letter said:

“Kami mengesyaki berdasarkan maklumat yang diperolehi bahawa TP tidak mengetuk kad perakam waktunya (punch-card) semasa beliau hendak balik daripada pejabat pada 16hb Julai 2009, jam 6.10 pagi. Ini penting kerana ia boleh membuktikan bahawa TP adalah orang yang terakhir melihat Teoh. Persoalannya, kenapa beliau tidak mengetuk kad perakamnya sedangkan beliau adalah seorang yang selalu mengetuk kadnya. Untuk rekod, beliau adalah seorang yang teliti dengan kad perakamnya.”

Anyway, the writers of the letter knew that Hishamuddin had gone back from the office that morning. They actually saw him going back home although he did not do the obligatory punch-out. It is quite peculiar for them to say that. Because, this immediately absolves Hishamuddin from ever been at the point of TBH’s death because according to experts, TBH time of death is from 8am to 9.30am.

Hmmm..  as we all know, one of the last person to see Teoh Beng Hock was Tan Boon Hwa and this was admitted by the latter who made the declaration that around 6am to 6.30am, he saw Teoh Beng Hock looking ‘tired and quiet’ in the pantry.

What do you think? Has the letter, purportedly written by a group of MACC officers, had somehow told us that Hishamuddin could be free of any accusation that he murdered Teoh Beng Hock? Many are using this letter to further strengthen their claims that MACC killed a member of the opposition.

The existence of this letter so far had only revealed to us that:

1) there are good officers with clear conscience in the MACC – the MACC is not an institution of pure evil

2) Teoh Beng Hock’s death could not be certain by this letter

The letter still could not determine how did Teoh Beng Hock die, when did he die,  and why did he or other people want him to die.

Which now leaves us with the expert opinion of pathologists, investigators, coroners and toxicologists which had all pointed to the fact that Teoh Beng Hock could have committed suicide around 8am to 9.30am. The evidences are too many too ignore.

Note that the experts are there for a reason. They have the experience, the knowledge and the technical skills to ascertain the cause of death and how the person had died. Too bad these days, the public especially the opposition supporters think they have more expertise in forming opinion than the experts themselves.

However, there is also one big point of contention in the letter when it had seriously accused Hishamuddin of tampering with the crime scene i.e. the window on the 14th floor of Plaza Masalam.

It stated:

“Kami mendapat maklumat bahawa TP telah mengarahkan pegawai bawahannya untuk mengelap/mengesat kesan cap c(j)ari pada tingkap tingkap yang dipercayai tempat Teoh jatuh. Ini terbukti apabila pihak polis tidak menjumpai apa0apa kesan cap jari baru atau lama pada tingkap tersebut. Persoalannya, kenapa TP mengarahkan untuk bertindak sedemikian?

Now, I find this piece of information quite odd because in the Inquest, we were told that there were fingerprints near the window. The investigators at the crime scene were grilled by Gobind himself at that time and it was revealed that there were as many as  8 fingerprints near the window sill.

Now if Hishamuddin had asked his subordinates to wipe clean the window, how come there are still fingerprints? Okay, lets give the benefit of the doubt that the subordinates had wiped the window halfheartedly (because these probably were the subordinates with conscience and good heart we mentioned earlier).

But how come the window, as testified by the investigators in the inquest as dirty and dusty? The reason why they cannot figure out the fingerprints was because of the dusty and dirty window sill.

Hence, there is a contradiction there. MACC officers had to wipe off the window for any fingerprint traces and yet, the dust and dirt on it remained untouched as what was claimed by the investigators.

Mind boggling.

Lastly, people had said that the letter uses the letterhead of the MACC. The opposition aligned Malaysia Today did not reveal to us how this letterhead looks like. What a pity. I sure would like to see how does the whole letter looks like as compared to just the body shown in the Malaysia Today website. Then, we can compare the letterhead from the letter to the official letterhead of the MACC.

Anyway, like I said earlier, I am glad this letter came out.

Too bad the letter had focused more on something unrelated to how Teoh had died but instead began to accuse Khir Toyo and his corruption shenanigans.

But it is still okay. We now have an information about Khir Toyo’s corruption practices (what’s new anyway?), that Hishamuddin  supposedly has assets beyond his means and he was caught in a “khalwat” raid early this year.

As the regular readers know, this blog is not fond of any corruption practices. Be it by the Umnoputras or the opposition. If they have evidence, please do a thorough investigation. Too bad that the letter was written by anonymous people. If it wasn’t, the person who wrote this letter can appear in court and nail Khir Toyo once and for all.

However, Khir Toyo had denied the allegations contained in the letter. I guess somehow, this drama from the opposition and the accused party will still go on for quite some time.

57 thoughts on “Letter from good MACC officers accusing the bad MACC officer

  1. If i recall correctly, anwar ibrahim was declared guilty and had to prove his innocence in a corruption charge.

    MACC is also guilty and therefore have to prove that they are innocent in the eyes of the public.

    What goes around, come around in the ketuanan world.


    • sputjam says,

      “MACC is also guilty and therefore have to prove that they are innocent in the eyes of the public.”

      This is news to me. Guilty? Guilty of what? Since when?



      • MACC is guilty of gross neglect by allowing a cooperative a good witness to end up dead within its premise.

        Its incompetency reflects the people that administer this shabby department. Only the ketuanan types can tolerate such low standards.

        In Nazi germany, they would have executed the department heads. In stalin soviet Union, they expect the incompetent department heads to kill themselves.

        No wonder our education minister had to lower the standards yet again to compensate for the tidak-apa attitudes. Will the malay language become prominent due tothis policy? I doubt it because the people who administer the malay language, Dewan bahasa and Pustaka are themselves incompetent. They have the monopoly of books supplied to schools. So they are actually in there for the money and nothing else.


        • The whole Plaza Masalam is MACC’s premise? I thought only 2 floors rented (?) by MACC. TBH was dead on these two floors?

          Ketuanan? Now everything bad is about ketuanan? What ketuanan here? Melayu? Rakyat? You sound like you are one pathetic sorry slave!

          ” Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it” – Adolf Hitler

          It seems you subscribe to this making of lies about MACC? Do you subscribe to Nazi too? You ought to shoot your own head, otherwise just get lost from this country!

          It is the people like you who has everything against the Country where you cari makan. You bite the hand that feeds you! If this Country is so wrong, why not just do the simple thing?

          GET LOST !!!!

          (wahh!! the spurting so jammed up ka?)

          – Antu spurt – spurt


          • Antu spurt. You seems like you are in need of salvation
            God, The Sustainer, He gives me sustenance.
            I want this country to prgress at a faster rate. the ketuanans are holding this back. I have high regards to the germans. their standards are set for all to see.
            The ketuanan types does the opposite. Presently, malay students cannot even speak malay properly.


    • Remind me again which part of the MACC is guilty? Are you saying that the lack of evidence pointing out to your ‘he is murdered’ theory makes them guilty? (Hmm… maybe it is because the dude died not because of murder, don’t you think?) Are you saying that he died outside of the MACC official premise, remind me again, that the whole Plaza Masalam is not owned by MACC, is what makes the MACC guilty? These are the people, once under the jurisdiction of the government (you accused them of being one sided), now a free authoritative body (what you demanded from the government, again, your choice) are doing their best not by investigating, but accomodating the ridiculous demands from the opposition. Even doing that, they got molotov cocktail as a present, what if an officer, a family man or woman from the MACC died or permanently injured in such attack, would the opposition be championing her plight?


  2. Great commentary, bro.
    Heard of “False flag” or fabrication, anyone?
    This letter could be one.
    Iit won’t be long before it will be revealed as such.


  3. Dear brother JMD

    Thank you so much for great effort. It is beyond reasonable doubt that MACC has no reason or motive to to kill this TBH. But some people still insist it is MACC. Some blogger even said that it could be done in fit of uncontrolled anger during interrogation (taking of statement).How?Interrogation has stopped long before his death. How does the “fit” fit in.

    The police MUST get this lawyer to identify who handed this letter. To me this charade has gone too far. I miss Tan Sri Rahim Nor. He would never let this charade go this far. But then he lucky. He had a poweful leader.



  4. Sorry Jay, it’s no longer satisfying reading your write-up … that part about the experts are there for a reason is the pit.

    JMD: I’m not sure why you are having problems with my opinion about the experts. As we all know, in any court of law, whenever there is a need to obtain a well informed opinion, experts are called in to testify.

    The courts do not call just any Tom, Dick and Harry. They would call those who are technically competent in their fields.

    Hence, why would Tom, Dick and Harry on the streets have so much trouble swallowing these experts’ findings and opinion? By the way, thank you for having the time to read this blog.

    It is sad to lose one satisfied customer… Farewell and God bless.


  5. tuhan ada mata yang tak betul akan dihukum kalau bukan disini,didunia akhirat akan dihumbam ke neraka,kita sabar tunggu dan lihat salam


  6. JMD, If I threw out someone out from the window, I would wipe out the fingerprints on the ledge myself instead of asking my subordinates to do it.

    And look at this:

    Selangor executive councillor Ronnie Liu has expressed fears that a visitor’s logbook taken from his office by police on Monday can be used to “frame him.” – the Star.

    Wow, they used pre-emptive strikes so well these days.

    …he added, “Now, I have sleepless nights as the police can be desperate by adding in Eva Longoria or Jackie Chan’s name into the logbook,” said Liu.”

    Eva Longoria? This man really has a big dream.


  7. Bro

    “First and foremost, I am happy to note the MACC as a whole is not a murdering pack of Malay officers bent on killing the chinese (as alluded by DAP leaders and also racist commentators in several opposition portals like Malaysian Insider and Malaysia Today and also some from this very own blog).”JMD.

    As alluded by DAP LEADERS accusing all of ‘the MACC as a murderous pack of Malay officers bent on killing te Chinese’? You have some verified quotes by DAP leaders on this? I have no doubt that many Anons have made this kind of racist remarks in various blogs. But go to Rocky’s Bru, Unspinners, Parpukari , Bigdog etc and you will get equally wild accusations, racist and outrageous remarks from pro-BN boggers and commenters about DAP, Pakatan and Anwar.

    There are one or two that claim, quoting ‘informed sources’ that TBH’s fiance is carrying Councillor Ean Yong’s child and trying to establish a link with DAP and the underworld boogey now being milked by BN/UMNO and their agents!

    “…propaganda of racist DAP trying to divert attention by accusing the MACC as a mass murdering government machinery……..there are indeed many MACC officers doing their honest work in this government institution. Thank God they have clear conscience to tell the truth albeit through this anonymous letter…Therefore, the assertions that all government officers in all government institutions are no more than a bunch of murdering hooligans on a killing spree are not true at all. Kudos to the MACC as a whole.” JMD.

    Agreed we should not condemn all from MACC for possibly a few rotten apples. Same applies to the Police and Civil Servants. Most of these officers are probably the salt of the earth. But extensive corruption within UMNO/BN and Govt, especially in the past, is a known fact!!

    But then you condemn all of DAP as racist. That doesn’t jive with the standard of ‘a few roten apples’ you apply to Govt and Govt Institutions.

    As to why anonymous, remember what happened to Judge Aidid who exposed corruption among Judges, and PI Bala in the Altantuya case? It doesn’t pay to expose one’s identity in these matters, does it? Even after a major RCI, there’s stilll no action while 2 cops are found guilty of murder without any motive!!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

    JMD : Thank you for the comment DPP. Yes, like I wrote in this article pertaining the DAP leaders, there were some of them whom upon TBH’s death without even waiting for the inquest to be completed had summarily condemned the MACC as the murderer of TBH. You can read what was quoted by some of them (even by the PAS leaders) here.

    The MP for Serdang, Teo Nie Ching from the DAP even posted pictures of her supporters holding up banners saying that the MACC killed TBH.

    Now I do not condone excessive vulgarity in the internet but all the mudslinging happened for a reason. Whenever anyone published something like this here, without any regards to the truth, surely they will gather backlash from the people who were offended by it.

    Tit for tat? Where this blog had tried time and time again to ask for moderation in expressing views, there are people out there who are actively trying to stir sentiments just to cause disharmony within our society.

    By the way, Bala exiled himself without anyone asking him to. I don’t see any good he can do should he remain overseas forever. He made two statutory declarations, he should own up to it. As for Judge Aidid Abdullah, I’m not too sure about the case. I heard he made a chain letter regarding 112 corrupt practices of judges in Malaysia. Would you please supplement us with the link report? I have not get the chance to read the story in detail. Thank you.


    • dont play pun***!

      As alluded by DAP LEADERS accusing all of ‘the MACC as a murderous pack of Malay officers bent on killing te Chinese’? You have some verified quotes by DAP leaders on this?

      Are you blind and illiterate?

      We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

      Yeah, that EXCLUDE you dont play pun***! So dont over play it punk!!


  8. Macam hantar kad jemputan kahwin sahaja. What a joker coming up with such letter just when they were about to play the tape recordings between TEOH and MACC.

    Reminded me of the drunk Indian Driver and his SD about Najib and wife practicing Hindu mystics!

    Haha, malu malu Gobind to succumb to such antics! Maybe they should ask the Cicakman, who knows, he may have climbed up the 14th floor and snatched TEOH while he was sleeping?

    Crazy politics and the sayings “MONEY IS EVIL”..


  9. Dear JMD,

    I have not post comments on your blog lately becoz I seem to have lost the zest and a bit fed up, especially how the Govt is handling the H1N1 matter.

    Anyway coming to the issue at hand. It would be very easy for the police to investigate and verify the authenticity of the surat layang, as prescribed by the letter itself.

    If found to be authentic then by all means bring the culprits to book.

    However, as one who has through the years have some insights into Govt department politics, I believe it is one way to smear or get rid of somebody that’s in your way so you yourself can move up.

    Anyway thats my one cent worth.

    Selamat berpuasa to you and all my Muslim brothers.



    • Dear JMD,

      The police have investigated and I don’t know whether to laugh 🙂 or cry 😦 . I think I’ll laugh 🙂

      The biaDAP wants a fake letter to be entered as evidence ??? LOL and rolling on the floor. This coming from Gobind Singh is really shocking but what to do have to save face.

      Makes my day.

      Best regards


    • Hi Kevin,

      I totally agree with you on the HINI. Nothing has been done to it though world wide, we’re now at number 9 (a doctor told me)to have most people infected/dying because of this virus.

      Hi JMD,

      I too would like to apologies for not been commenting in here for so long.. frustrated with what’s going on i think…

      On this TEOH, i truly believe DAP is the culprit.

      JMD : There is no need to apologise ya. Thank you for visiting this blog still.


      • To JMD and d_distractor

        This TBH affair should be left to the Inquest but as you can see Mr Gofind them Deo is now the new public prosecutor.

        I wish that you can comment on the H1N1 as the number of cases reported x20 for unreported cases, gives rise to a very serious situation that we are in.

        Not to mention the illegal immigrants who have the disease and cannot be monitored!

        Happy Birthday 1Malaysia


  10. Bro JMD,
    thanks for the another very informative writings. I`ve been followed your writings since last year. But always as a silence reader. Hope u will come again with more information.
    Keep it up bro!


  11. Thanks for focusing on only one aspect of the letter.
    I do not know why you did not do your ‘detective’ work on other aspects of the letter.

    a. Exceeding the usual number of service in one location
    b. Properties in his and his cronies names
    c. The Petronas petrol station
    d. The khalwat case which he managed to squash by showing his authority
    e. The girl who was transferred but still has connections with this person.

    Why are you not thorough?

    The other texts on the above matters illegible or cannot be comprehended?

    Wow – in the case of t4tbh..every aspect of the postings was examined and views given about alleged fraud.

    In this case of the letter – only one aspect is taken for discussion!

    Some people are pretending to be blind?

    Why not? Malaysia boleh!!!!

    JMD : I am equally amused that you had written this kind of comment. Now let me get this straight, your grouse is actually due to the fact that I did not do my ‘detective’ work on other part of the letter.

    Lets see now, first off, this is not detective work. I was merely using common sense. Take whatever is written in the letter and then cross referencing it to other news to get the actual picture of the situation. It is a simple thinking process. But, what do you think of the points I raised? Since you did not rebut it specifically, I assume you are agreeable to it.

    On to the second part, now you asked me to do ‘detective work’ on this as well. Firstly, I do not have the information to do the cross checking on the accusation issue. For instance, how do you expect me to check on the khalwat case? I am not the one with the inside information here. Same goes with the Petronas station and the rest of the other issues.

    But did you not read this paragraph that I wrote? – “But it is still okay. We now have an information about Khir Toyo’s corruption practices (what’s new anyway?), that Hishamuddin supposedly has assets beyond his means and he was caught in a “khalwat” raid early this year.

    As the regular readers know, this blog is not fond of any corruption practices. Be it by the Umnoputras or the opposition. If they have evidence, please do a thorough investigation. Too bad that the letter was written by anonymous people. If it wasn’t, the person who wrote this letter can appear in court and nail Khir Toyo once and for all.”

    I am indeed amused that people would lay so much credence on this letter in the first place. That is why I wrote this article. As a form of reminder that not all chain letters have credibility (can you detect my sarcasm in it?). Even today in the inquest we heard that all the accusations in the letter is baseless. But the public (if we can call all the commentators in the Malaysia Today article I linked at the beginning of this article as public) had accused the MACC with all manners of profanity and think that this letter had nailed one of the officers as the murderer of TBH when apparently it does not.

    We need to know the truth about what happened to Teoh. This inquest is set up solely because we want to know how he had died. If we want to know what is going on in the account books of Khir Toyo, then as I said earlier, if people have evidence, then they should bring it forward so that this fella can be brought to the courts.

    Thank you.


  12. In Bolehland aka known as Malaysia, traditionally it is whistle blowers who get charged and jailed and some even dissappear i.e PI Bala.

    Only dumbf**** would want to whistle blow against Be-End govt.

    Those wise good MACC officers knew that and wisely send a unsigned copy. Polis Raja Seluruh Malaysia should find if the accusation in the letter is true or not. Not to go and find the letter writers and bite them.

    JMD : and I guuess all the whistleblowers like Lim Kit Siang et all re PKFZ scandal etc have all been put to jail or disappeared from our radar by now. Nobody is going to bite anybody. We do not live in a paranoid world like you do. If the allegations are true, then surely your presence as a witness is important to seal the judgment.

    By the way, Bala went into exile purely on his accord. Also, police had found that the letter and its contents are unsubstantiated. Thank you.


    • Very funny you mentioned that pc bala went on his own accord. I suppose TBH also died on his own accord too, simply by attending interrogation at macc, and being very cooperative enough as to jump out from the 16th floor when possibly asked to do so. bala left in such a hurry, his pet dog was left all alone, unfed and had to be taken care of by the neighbours after they found him chained after several days. Seems to me bala and family was threatened by the police. But not to hang tuah lover like you.

      PKFZ scandal was revealed by the sun(citizen nades, same guy who revealed zakaria’s palace) some years back. Nothing happened. No anti corruption investigation, nor any done by the police. Reason, no official report lodged.

      In the case of DAP selangor, the macc went in after reading allegations made by MP wee of pKr in the papers.

      JMD : Yes, should it was a suicide, then it is on his own accord should it not. Tp say the MACC asked him to jump of the window is just one of your own sick fantasy wishlist.

      As for PKFZ, I am guessing that Citizen Nades went into self exiled too, fearing for his life that the government will hound him for exposing the potential corruption in PKFZ. Please revert to your original contention that all whistleblowers will suffer from the hands of the government. And by the way, aren’t the PKFZ investigation is currently underway and being publicly scrutinised on daily basis? Please read the news too. Thank you.


      • im organizing a candat sotong trip on a fisherman’s boat. Our Mr Siput here is joining. Siapa nak ikut ?

        Can imagine the tough time holding back the crowd from pushing Mr Siput overboard ! Fool proof ma, for all we care ( if we even care ), Mr Siput stood too near the edge, mesmerized by the dark water, same color as his brain, was thrown overboard by the rolling wave..

        hmm.. not bad eh. Any takers ? Money back guarantee if not satisfied with the ‘catch’ !

        Boringla, siput. Lu tak habis2 ulang cerita lama walau JMD dah jawap. At least comeup with something new la.


        • Saudara Dinturtle

          Live to join you. Talking about candat sotong.. I never had a chance because I have a bad case of motion sickness. We say mabuk laut in Malay. I am from Dungun. During candat season we can see hundred of light off the coast of Kuala Abang and Rantau Abang. It is so magical.

          Dungun is a place where I can feel safe forever.
          I cant exactly say why. But one thing is certain, there is not many Mr. Siput in Dungun.

          God Bless



      • citizen nades was not a whislte blower from the inside.He used whatever that was revealed by the auditor general’s report to parliament. If you whislte blew from inside with the relevant documents, you end up with OSA.

        JMD : Same difference Sputjam. Did the people within PKFZ who were interviewed by the auditors from Jabatan Audit Negara (hence the AG report was made to Parliament) went into self-exile after revealing them to the auditors? No right? Nobody was jailed for breaching the OSA either. And when you said earlier that all whistleblowers will suffer from the hands of the government, will these auditors who reported the abuse in PKFZ suffer too? I guess not. Thank you.


    • Dear Brother JMD

      You said,”We do not live in a paranoid world like you do”

      Yes I fully agree with you. We, as a whole may be poor but we are not paranoid. There may be a million reasons for this. But I believe it can be summed up in one sentence. It is because we are Malay. And I thank God for it.



  13. Salam JMD.

    Terlebih dahulu, Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadan. Been a year since i first came across ur site. Half a million clicks later, JMD remains my no 1 blog still. Tahniah !

    Cara saudara mengupas isu yang ditimbulkan dalam surat itu jelas menunjukkan ia tidak punya apa2 petunjuk kearah bagaimana TBH mati. Ia lebih kepada satu surat layang yang bertujuan untuk menjatuhkan TP.

    Gobind is a smart guy. A calculative person ( if u want to be a good lawyer ! ). Sepertinya Gobind tidak dapat membaca apa yang tersirat, tapi kenapa beliau teruskan juga mempublisitikan surat itu sebagai punya petunjuk didalam kes TBH ?

    Kerana dengan cara ini beliau dapat huge mileage dalam dalam menyerang TP dan KT. I suspect itu niat sebenar Gobind. Dan beliau berjaya.

    Apakah selepas ini setiap surat layang akan diberi perhatian meluas ? hmm…siapa ada letterhead dari pejabat exco ?

    JMD : Thank you for visiting and supporting this blog time and time again Din 🙂 Take care.


  14. So how did TBH open the window and jump out if his prints are not found on the window?

    First time I heard dusty place means u cannot lift print. Then dust must be found on TBH fingers and palm.

    However you spin, it is so obvious who is the material suspek. Of course the UMNO bloggers love to cover things up, but are rather not very smart in doing so.

    Its always the simple question that can jam u lot!

    Think for a while, is your motivation to find out how TBH died or rather make sure Gomen is always korek korek korek. Gomen did not kill TBH, but who did…

    JMD : Fingerprints are found near the window. It’s just that is it too dusty that the investigators cannot lift it in order to make a thorough check on it. Why are you saying that I was spinning? Facts are there to be read everywhere. Like everyone else, I am curious to find out how he died. But what makes me different from you is that, I do not have any prejudice towards the MACC prematurely. If through this inquest, they are indeed guilty, then the perpetrator should be brought to justice.

    But at the same time, aren’t you curious as to why Gobind and his DAP counterparts are trying so hard to pin the blame on the MACC even before this inquest is concluded? How do you explain that?


  15. JMD,

    Good analysis! But again, how many of the blog readers’ are rational being. Many have become like PAS followers who have closed their little brains to see things otherwise except what their Tok Guru’s has been preaching. I wonder where we Malaysian are heading for.


    • Dear Anak Bangsa Melayu

      You said
      “I wonder where we Malaysian are heading for.”

      So do I. It is scarry. May be in the end our worst night mare come true.



  16. Bro JMD,

    nice touch. You really hit it point-blank. Boleh faham cara mudah lah..Might be the letter strategy backfired. But even if it is, it can always be branded as a conspiracy too (same old, same old)..

    And straycat’s strut,

    If it’s only big dream okaylah..not the wet one right ? Chill !! :p


  17. JMD,

    My understanding of SPRM is that they are not independent in their actions–as clearly demonstrated in the 2 Perak Aduns who were set up for corruption. All the MSMs made a hue and cry about their arrest and exposed them with their handcuffs. Later under the instructions of their Umno masters they managed to buy them over–and thus the collapse of the PR govt in Perak. And strangely now it is more than a year–there is no action taken against them simply b’cos they are now BN friendly Aduns. Is this not a case of selective persecution. As for Teoh’s case which involved a miserable sum of RM2400, they would have subjected him to some form of torture to fabricate evidence–and he would have protested but ultimately would have succumbed to the torture. They wouldnt want to kill him intentionally but accidentally. Its exactly like the PDRM–the victims like Kugan would have succumbed to the torture to extract information–we can deduce clearly based on the pictures that were posted on the blogs. Hence, faced with this precarious situation–they panicked and didnt know what to do. Finally they decided to throw his body to make it look like a suicide. Its highly ridiculous to assume that he took his own life–simply b’cos he is an highly educated person, he was all set to get married the next day and also I am sure he was aware of his fiance’s pregnancy–carrying his precious baby– looking ahead to be a proud father–why should he commit suicide just for a pea sum of RM2400. On the other hand the Umno/Bn politicians steal in the millions–but I havent seen any of them being subjected to any form of action.

    Justice for Teoh

    JMD : The trial for the 2 ex PKR Aduns are set sometime in September after it was postponed from last June. Please wait for it.

    Anyway, if Umno was buying them over, I am sure Umno did not do a good job since they did not even join Umno afterwards.

    As in Teoh’s case, the sum RM2400 was part of a larger scheme of things in the investigations. As you are well aware, there were nearly hundred small projects amounting to hundreds of thousands of ringgit which are currently under investigations with the SPRM.

    The rest of your thesis about torture (no evidence of torture in the deceased body by the way) and SPRM were dragging him and throwing him out of the window are purely speculative on your part. Were you there? Are you an expert? No to both questions.

    By the way, you just cannot assume that he would not commit suicide purely based on the factors you just stated above. You simply could not imagine what he was thinking at that time.

    Thank you.


    • JMD,

      The inquest was established to ascertain the cause of death.

      However, true to form Gobind Singh is playing to the gallery.

      If not why tender an unsubstantiated document that alleges corruption.

      Now when the MACC officer testifies possible corruption on the part of the DAP, he now berates into the objective of the inquest.

      I believe the thread is the ‘mysterious letter’ which has proven to be false in as far as the allegation that the MACC deputy director had a role or could have been a determining factor into the death, allegations of corruption and conspiracy aside.


      JMD : Thank you for the comment Freddie.


  18. MACC innocent is well established. But how to stop opposition’s charade? The letter might as well be written by RPK himself. We haven’t heard the end of this…


  19. JMD
    excellent writing. Just like most of us, i did not buy the letter as the writters (pegawai-pegawai) did not put his name there.. it is ‘layang’.
    i m glad we have you in keeping argument in most professional manner.
    Anyway, i want to back up RPK’s MT in this particular case, he merely publish the letter and he did not make any comment on it. Basically, he served the purpose of the letter, whichyou decsribe as ‘love when is this letter appeared’.

    Keep writing JMD.


  20. hahahahahahaha…ape la badi sangat BN ni? kalah lagi pilihan raya? mcm2 fitnah & berita memburuk2kan pakatan rakyat keluar dlm akhbar perdana tapi BN masih gagal!! hahahahahah!! xtau la nak kategorikan BN ni parti apa…parti yg paling penakut & bodoh dlm dunia!! kesian org2 BN yg celaka sbb masih bebal, moron & dungu menjadi penyokong…blogger ni pun x malu ke jadi penyokong setia parti laknat ni? x malu ke? oooo,lupa plak…nak malu ape,blogger ni bukan ade telur pun sbb x brani expose siapa diri dia yg sebenar…blogger yg penakut!! x mcm kebanyakan blogger pro pembangkang yg x menyorok…berani kerana benar takut kerana salah…betul? hahahahaha!!

    JMD : Wah.. sungguh gah sekali apabila berkata sesuatu mengenai saya apabila anda sendiri memberi komen secara ‘anonymous’. Takut kerana salah juga ke? Oh ya, ramai lagi blogger pro pembangkang yang menyorok identiti mereka (mungkin dengan bersebab). Tidak pula anda mengutuk mereka…? Terima kasih daun keladi. Saya merasa agak bangga apabila identiti saya diminta untuk diketahui dengan cara sebegini 🙂


    • jgn bandingkan aku dgn kau,kau blogger & aku cuma tukang komen…x jadi hal pun kalau aku ‘anonymous’…jgn bandingkan blog kau dgn blog pembangkang yg x terkenal,biasa la tu blogger yg x trkenal menyorok…tapi kau lain,bandingkan diri kau dgn blogger2 pembangkang yg pure…maksud aku,blogger pembangkang yg terkenal,semua x menyorok…blog kau ni bleh dikategorikan sebagai terkenal dikalangan pro KERAjaan (maybe sbb pandai putar belit) tapi kau penakut, pengecut & menyorok…cuba tengok blogger2 pembangkang yg trkenal,mana ade yg menyorok…sbb diorg berani…kenapa berani? kau fikir2lah sendiri…BN dah kalah berderet2,xkan x bleh nak fikir…xkan la dah nak ajal baru nk insaf kut…ish3…keluarlah dari kepompong,kenapa nak menyorok? x yakin dgn apa yg kau perjuangkan? cuma berani menyorok di blakang komputer…kahkahkah

      JMD : Blog ini dikategorikan sebagai blog terkenal? Terima kasih banyak-banyak. Tidak sangka pula blog ini boleh dikategorikan sama dengan blog-blog terkenal yang lain. Walaubagaimanapun, seperti yang saya tulis sebelum ini, ada banyak lagi blog-blog terkenal para pembangkang yang bergerak tanpa identiti khusus seperti Aisehman, What A Lulu, Maverickysm, dan lain lain. Mereka ini semua amatlah kritikal terhadap BN. Tidak kedengaran pula saudara mencaci mereka supaya jangan bersembunyi…

      Saya berterima kasih terhadap saudara kerana sentiasa melayari blog ini. Saudara silap sedikit mengenai satu perkara iaitu, para penulis komen juga perlu ada tanggungjawab apabila menulis komen-komen mereka. Ini kerana, jika komen tersebut telah menyentuh isu isu sensitif atau menyimpang keluar dari sfera keselamatan negara, tindakan undang-undang boleh dikenakan. Yang penting, kita mesti bertanggungjawab dengan apa yang kita tulis. Oleh itu, kesedaran mengenai apa yang boleh ditulis, dan apa yang akan menyinggung perasaan orang lain perlu ada di dalam setiap rakyat Malaysia. Kita boleh mengkritik, tapi perbuatan mencaci, memaki dan mencerca amatlah perlu dihindari.

      Saya faham, rasa geram sentiasa ada apabila ada sesuatu artikel yang membuat jiwa saudaratidak tenteram sedikit. Lantaran, tempat duduk terasa panas dan tidak semena-mena jari-jemari dengan tangkas menaip sambil mulut terkumat kamit menahan geram. Reaksi seperti ini memang dijangkakan. Apatah lagi, setiap jawapan saya kepada komen saudara mengundang lebih banyak lagi reaksi sebegini dari saudara.

      Saya sebenarnya suka juga melayan karenah sebegini. Jika stress, saya hanya perlu membaca komen2 saudara secara khusus dan nescaya saya akan tersenyum simpul barang dua tiga minit.

      Saudara, yang penting bukannya orang yang menulis, tetapi isi kandungan artikel yang ditulis. Kadang-kadang, walaupun kita kenal siapa yang menulis, mereka tetap tidak mahu bertanggungjawab dimuka pengadilan apabila mereka sering melarikan diri keluar negara setelah dipanggil oleh mahkamah untuk mereka mempertahankan diri selepas menulis sesuatu yang dianggap orang sebagai tidak benar.

      Di dalam kes The Mighty Pen pula, iaitu sebuah blog pembangkang ‘anonymous’ yang popular, kerana dia salah dan takut serta tidak berani mempertahankan apa yang ditulisnya, dia terus menutup blog tersebut kerana tidak mahu bertanggungjawab. Ada ini dinamakan berani?

      Kalau saya buat salah dan lari, tentu saya dilabel penakut juga kan?

      Akhir kalam, sila pergi ke blog blog anonymous pembangkan tersebut dan cercalah mereka seperti saudara mencerca saya dan arahkanlah mereka supaya keluarkan diri dari kepompong anonymity mereka. Sekian.


      • kahkahkah…usik sikit pun nak melatah panjang2…

        JMD : Anggaplah jawapan yang ditulis di atas sebagai nasihat dari seorang abang kepada adik. Apabila sudah terkedu akibat terkena batang hidung sendiri, saya sudah agak jawapan begini yang saudara akan tulis. Diharap lain kali, kita kurangkanlah caci maki dan tingkatkanlah kesopanan diri, tidak kira kepada sesiapa pun. Kerana, saya pasti ibubapa mana yang rela melihat anaknya menulis kata kata cacian seperti orang yang tiada adab. Akibatnya, siapa yang malu? Mereka dan keluarga mereka. Terima kasih.


  21. JMD,

    The anonymous writer

    1. knows Government Officers lingo
    2. has knowledge of the Timbalan Pengarah’s background
    3. has a grudge or is not happy with the TP
    4. was in the premises at the time the TP left
    5. is not happy with DS Khir Toyo

    It still does not necessarily mean that an MACC Officer wrote it. Even letterheads of the PM were stolen some time back. The politically wayward may have masterminded the writing of the letter. Though a remote possibility, retired or resigned Government Officers may be among those out to discredit the Establishment and/ or confuse the issue over Teoh’s death.

    That is clearly one of the motives for the writing of the letter. Another is grudge against the TP and dislike of the former MB.

    It’s unfortunate that investigations so far have drawn a blank as to the identity of the writer(s). This may be because whatever investigations done so far are only for the purpose of the Inquest.

    Until and unless they are known, the letter remains a “surat layang”, accusatory but unproven. There have been tons of surat layang in the past and investigative resources have been limited, used on the basis of priority.

    I urge the writer(s) to come forward and own up the letter if he (they) want full action on what he (they) must have taken some trouble to write.


  22. If this is Khir Toyo’s conspiracy, then PKR’s MP Wee Choo Keong aka “shit stirrer” was a willing conspirators, taking instructions from Khir Toyo. And maybe Azmin too! Wow!


  23. Aiseyman JMD,

    Dont tease the intelligence of the rakyat, Umno/Bn have been spinning all type allegations in every by election, promising millions of dollars in development and accusing DSAI as a traitor to the Malays–what happened–7—-0. Doesnt this show that the rakyat dont believe Umno/BN’s words anymore. How come in Penang’s DCM1’s case the case was closed within one month and then later during the recent Permatang Pasirs by election they opened the case again–what was SPRM’s motif. The 2 former PKR’s aduns case also similar during Permatang Pauh’s by election they caught them and embarassed them to the very extreme–after which no action taken against them–you say the case is coming up Sept–we will see.
    As for them joining Umno is no difference–b’cos they said now they are BN friendly–thats what which enabled BN to topple the PR govt in Perak.
    You say in Teoh’s case 2400 was a bigger part of the hundreds of other projects–have they got the evidence. SPRM trying to tembak–this was rebutted by Salim Bashir–who showed photographs to rebut the officer’s unsubtantiated clm and agreed that the photos showed constrution in progress. But I want to ask you–what happened to the RM500,000 allocations to each BN Adun, which were spent within 2 months–did SPRM spring into action. I am sure it could have run into millions of ringgit.
    As for torture–it generally well known to the Malaysian public that PDRM and SPRM are involved in torturing the victims–Kugan is a classic case with all the wounds on his body–even a small child will be able to tell that these are wounds caused by beatings. Why did
    the officer who saw Teoh’s body only lodge a police report the next day and not immediately—from here a reasonably intelligent person will know that they are scheming to erase evidence before the polis comes in the picture. Anyway the Malaysian public knows what is the integrity of the Malaysian enforcement agencies–I have shown you in my earlier comments about the TIM’s survey. Why were they holding Teoh’s handphone if they claimed he was released at 3.45 am. Whatever it is I hold SPRM VICARIOUSLY LIABLE for Teoh’s death–the voters in Permatang Pasir also believe this and thats why BN got humiliated.
    As for committing suicide–Suleiman Daros of the Klang Mahligai fame had to do b’cos sure he cant account for the RM8 million mahligai–but in Teoh’s case RM112 has also become a issue–when billions of ringgit have been swindled by the Umno/Bn politicians. Where is the justice.

    Justice for Teoh

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. As for the allegation of spinning by the BN on development promises well, I believe at least they are promising something which they can deliver. Unlike the opposition who had nothing better to do except to criticise and accuse the government all things under the sun. It is far easier to denigrade or accuse somebody than to extol something good about yourself. Think about it. The opposition’s campaign against BN had always laden with vile insults and accusations. They did not give the voters the reason why they should vote the opposition via anything good and concrete they are proposing. In fact they are banking that the voters will not vote for BN. This is the biggest spin of all from the opposition. Because, if we see the performance of the state governments under them, nothing great to shout about anyway. And yet, we must vote for them? Why? Just because we hate BN?

    As for Teoh, the rm2400 was a small part of a bigger pool of projects. I definitely see that rm112 is only a fraction of a larger amount. However, whatever kickbacks the DAP is getting, is not the main thing the inquest is looking for. The main thing is the cause of his death. We know already from the testimonies of experts, the cause of his death is due to a fall from higher ground. And not from beatings or torture. As we all know, there were no evidence of torture on his body during post mortem. Therefore, you cannot accuse he was torture and ultimately killed by the MACC officers (as alluded by some people in the opposition).

    Thadiankunda, you can’t possibly say that rm2400 or rm112 is smaller than the millions of ringgits the allegation of corruption during the tenure of BN. We shun corruption no matter what is the size. If today DAP can receive rm112, in the future they will commit even higher sum. What is amazing is the fact that you find it is NOT okay to be suspicious of DAP receiving kickbacks.

    As for the handphone, we all know from the inquest that Teoh left his bag on the sofa where one of the MACC officers found it. The handphone etc was inside the bag. Plus, even TBH saw him in the wee hours of the morning. Therefore, logically, we know for a fact that he was released much earlier than the ime of his death which incidentally, coincide with the testimony that he finished the interview at 3.45am. What is the problem?

    I do agree that the MACC should somehow or another, be vicariously liable because they indeed should ensure the safety of their visitors. But to say that they KILLED teoh is just another malicious accusation to ensure that the institution receive further flak from the public. But things can happen outside our control. Accidents do happen.

    Yes, justice for Teoh, no matter what is the outcome. If he committed suicide, we wish that his soul is in better hands.


  24. JMD,

    So you are trying to imply that the voters were stupid to elect a PR candidate despite the BN promising them a lot and PR has got nothing to offer. In the first place you are not fair to compare PR’s 1 year rule and BN’s 52 years of rule. The Selangor PR govt immediately won the hearts of the Selangor rakyat by providing rm10 worth of water free to each and every rakyat of Selangor–irrespective of race. Just in 1 year they can afford to give RM10 free to its people–just imagine if they had ruled for 52 years. How not to hate the BN govt with people like Toyol being the MB of Selangor and stealing millions of ringgit–his RM24million mahligai is open proof of his stealing.

    Are you not aware that the 2 pathologists who conducted the post mortem did not rule out torture before his death.And on the 8th of Sept, YB Govind will produce evidence to back up his claim that torture and beatings do take place at Ting 14, Bangunan Masalma.

    JMD, I agree rm2400 or rm112 is not smaller than the millions of ringgits the allegation of corruption during the tenure of BN. But my contention is why didnt SPRM investigate the RM27 million allocation fraud within 3 months despite PR’s complain to them. But the irony is without any one lodging a complain against the PR’s Adun, they have gone on a goose chase based on a bloggers article–even going after those who did genuine work. Is this not selective persecution and harrasing the PR supporters.

    Yes I agree with you that after a marathon session of interrogation, SPRM should ensure that the visitors are at least sent back safely to their abode–they would have been exhausted and confused. But you are wrong to accuse me of saying that the SPRM KILLED Teoh–NO–what I said was–in the course of their interrogation, they might have forced him to fabricate evidence–he might have refused–and thats when he might have been subjected to beatings and torture. In the course of this he might have succumbed to the torture and beatings–UNINTENTIONAL HOMICIDE. Is this not possible–as evidenced in the death of Kugan and Guna in polis custody.But I am 100% sure he didnt commit suide–simply b’cos why should he take his life for a miserable sum of money.

    Justice for Teoh

    JMD : I am saying that the hate propaganda applied by Pakatan Rakyat had been successful that the people did not vote for BN despite PR has nothing to offer. Hate is a powerful emotion. In the absence of other alternative, they will vote for the opposing side. A very logical stand taken by the voters. But the fact is, PR has nothing to offer except a measly RM10 of free water in Selangor? BN gave more freebies than that. Yes, we cannot compare a year to 52 years. But if you extrapolate the underperformance of PR in the past 18 months, they failed miserably. What is worse, they have the BN as the benchmark. It is so easy – if they feel that the BN is 100% wrong, then they should do the complete opposite of what the BN is doing. But they succumbed to the same old routine and regime of the previous state government. Multiple projects are still given to the same person, no open tenders, not much headway in the state economy etc.

    As of today, there are no evidence that TBH was tortured. To say torture is not ruled out doesn’t mean that torture really happened. And you claimed again that Teoh was beaten and tortured is highly presumptive. You even put the word ‘might’ in your sentences. Since we do not know what had happened actually (pending the inquest of course) who gave you the right to jump into conclusions and accuse MACC of unintentional homicide? Yes, hate is a powerful emotion indeed. Don’t you think?

    Please visit this live interview with the no 2 boss of MACC. I find it quite informative. Thank you.


    • What has BN offered the Rakyat?
      a) unaffordable healthcare b) lousy education system which cannot suit the cultural diversity of the nation. c) overspending on certain houses of worship d) household deep in debt. e) nation deep in debt.

      Why would an european want to stay in Malaysia under MM2H when they have free health benefit for all, free education and if they have more than one significant race in the country, they have mono lingual education system, like in switzerland, where four languages are taught to different ethnicity- german, french, italian and romanian.

      We have ministers who said that the “kepala lembu” demonstrators acted the way as there was no forum for them to seek grievances?
      And police did not take action as there were only 50 demonstrators.

      So where do non-ketuanans seek their greivances as they are threatened and hackled the moment they request for something or to look into something.

      But these shows what hypocrites the ketuanan types are. They go around in german cars, but talk big about defending their race.

      JMD : Malaysia has one of the most affordable healthcare system in the world. Where else can you go and get medical consultation as well as medicine for only RM1? Go to any government hospitals and clinics nationwide. Yes, you only pay ONE RINGGIT. Yet, you say this country do not have an affordable healthcare? How come?

      By the way, why would Malaysia offer Europeans free health benefit and free education when they themselves do not offer those kinds of benefits to us Malaysians? Malaysia provides free education to its children. They get free textbooks, school fees were abolished etc. Where have you been schooling?

      In a way, the demonstration that happened two weeks ago was the byproduct of the incompetent Selangor state government. They did not offer some form of forum for the residents and the state to debate on the issue comprehensively and to find an amicable solution for all parties. That was the cause of such demonstrations. How the demonstrations were conducted was another matter which is being dealt with by the authorities. Therefore, wasn’t the Home Minister correct in his assessment? This issue had been festering for some time without any real effort by the state government to solve it. Only now they (PR) know how difficult it is to govern a multiracial society. You can read the plight and the grievances of a resident there by clicking the links below. Thank you.

      As it is, the people that will be charged today consists of people from various parties (UMNO, PKR ,PAS). It is a local residential issue. Why did the opposition vehemently trying to portray UMNO’s sole responsibility of organizing the demonstration when it first broke out? Suddenly, trying to pin something insidious to this issue just exposed how malicious these leaders are. They forgot to reveal that the leader of the committee that protested against the Hindu temple is from PKR.

      Of course, trying to instill hatred towards BN and Umno is the only modus operandi these people know. But they actually have no idea how to promote any good ideas or good sense of their politics. How can you judge a better alternative without any prevailing factors that would show the positive side of this alternative? How can you judge PR with only negative publicity of the BN being bandied around? It is better the devil you know than the angel you don’t.

      What more, the once purported angel has turned out bit by bit to be nothing more than a pathetic hatemonger without any true capabilities to govern efficiently. Coupled with various contentious and opposing issues that will implode the coalition from the inside, do you think we can give our 100% confidence to their strength? Do you think an unstable coalition like this can bring progress to the nation?

      No wonder the opposition coalition has problem to register itself officially. If this simple thing cannot be addressed, how can they address a million more complicated matters?


      • Why don’t you see how much it cost to get a bypass operation in IJN, a govenrment owned unit. Or HUKM.

        I have seen a taxi driver, a malay who cannot afford to have their bypass operations and virtually dropped dead leaving his family in shambles.
        Even my father in-law cannot afford to have his stem done, never mind by-pass. The cost-RM25k and he may require two. So he has decided to forgo the procedure and drink a shot of brandy a day to clear his arteries.

        How much for giving birth at HUKM- RM350 per child if normally or nearly RM1k if ceasarean. RM2.5-5k if they use the private wards.

        All these are done free in europe. In UK, they even reimburse your public transport tickets to attend hospital appointments.

        This government takes care only of their cronies. Mostly of the ketuanan types. That is why they defend this ideology to the grave. Not their graves of course, but those of others.


  25. JMD,

    Thank you for refering me to the Star Online interview but unfortunately I am deeply concerned about the ONLINE SURVEY results–simply b’cos public perception moulds the integrity of MACC

    Should MACC only ‘interview’ suspects during office hours?
    ( 80% )No
    ( 6% )Depends on the situation.
    ( 14% )

    Should it be made compulsory for lawyers to be present, when the MACC interviews suspects?
    ( 86% )No
    ( 5% )Depends on the situation.
    ( 9% )

    How would you rate the MACC’s performance so far in fighting corruption in the country?
    ( 2% )Fair
    ( 0% )Poor

    ( 98% )

    How would you rate the MACC’s handling of the Teoh Beng Hock investigation?
    ( 0% )Fair
    ( 3% )Poor
    ( 97% )

    Justice for Teoh

    JMD : Yes, public perception moulds the integrity of the MACC. But who moulds public’s perception? 🙂 Sorry for the late reply. Was out of town for a while. Have a nice day.


  26. JMD,

    Sorry, there are corrections

    Should MACC only ‘interview’ suspects during office hours?
    ( 80% )
    ( 6% )
    Depends on the situation.
    ( 14% )

    Should it be made compulsory for lawyers to be present, when the MACC interviews suspects?
    ( 86% )
    ( 5% )
    Depends on the situation.
    ( 9% )

    How would you rate the MACC’s performance so far in fighting corruption in the country?
    ( 2% )
    ( 0% )
    ( 98% )

    How would you rate the MACC’s handling of the Teoh Beng Hock investigation?
    ( 0% )
    ( 3% )
    ( 97% )


  27. JMD,

    Why don’t MACC use video recording in their interview? Shouldn’t it helps when their integrity and professionalism being questioned? Or do they have something to hide?

    JMD : I guess they were just following what has been done in other countries. But recently, MACC’s number two had recently announced that CCTVs will be installed within the MACC’s premises including the interrogation room. Thank you.


    • Dear kratos,

      Real reason why CCTV is not used during interrogation by MACC is due to their incompetent administration.
      Plus, in sekolah kebangsaan, ragging is tolerated by the administrators of the schools, and this bullying ways has surped its way into our bereaucracy and civil service, including MACC and police.
      This country is under ketuanan dictatorship. One law for the ketuanans and another for the rest.
      So if the rest protest peacefully to hand over a resolution to british embassy, you end up with a RM50k bail and ISA.
      If you humilite another religion and threaten violence, a puny RM5k bail, and maybe several years from now, a datukship plus juicy contracts.


  28. JMD,

    Welcome back from your holiday and I presume you had a well deserved rest from your hectic schedule as a blogger.
    Why is it suddenly, that a Kuil cannot be built in a Malay majority area? All this while such an incident has not occurred–are they setting a precedent. I live in a 95% Chinese majortiy area and there are 3 big Masjids in that place–I have never heard any of them complaining about the loud azan which I presume is a call for prayers–but honestly I feel my sleep is disturbed if I go to bed late due to attending some functions and having a good sleep especially if it is a Sat,Sun or a holiday. But of course I understand it is a religious must for Muslims and I just take it in stride. Like wise the other majority non Muslims may also feel like me. But this statement””Ini merupakan negara Malaysia yang Islam adalah Agama Persekutuan. Jangan nak samakan Islam dengan agama lain. Jika senang sangat mengapa tidak buat sahaj kuil-kuil tersebut di hadapan rumah YB?” I think this is coming from a stray bigot who are the culprits who are trying to stir up racial unrest–he is implying that the Malays can do anything and the non Malays have no right to question.
    But as far as the Selangor govt under PR, they are doing a wonderful job–they are exposing all the SHIT done by the previous BN govt under Toyol. You said earlier, the RM10 free water is a measly sum and the BN govt gave more freebies. Now if there are 1 million household–RM10 million per month and RM120 million per year–is this a measly amount–I dont think so, it is a lot of money for a newly mint state govt. This is given to each and every citizens of Selangor–irrespective of their race and status. BN gave more freebies–to whom–it’s cronies and most probably some of the Malays.
    As for the performance of the Selangor govt–I think we should allow the voters of Selangor to decide and show their perception in the PRU13. I think it is not fair for the BN govt to use MACC to destabilise the Selangor govt by going on a fishing trip–as said by MB Khalid–to fabricate evidence for corruption. The clear cut swindling of the RM27 million by the BN Aduns has gone unnoticed by the MACC–but they are going after the PR Aduns and their staffs aggressively–even without any evidence. WHAT IS THEIR MOTIVE?

    JMD : Thank you for the wishes even though I was not on holiday (work matters). But thank you nevertheless.

    But please do not be naughty when you ask why a Kuil cannot be built in a Malay majority area. Only the people of Section 23 Shah Alam deemed that to be so. Other places do not have this problem. In Segambut Dalam for instance, A Hindu temple sits barely 20 meters from rows upon rows of Malay houses. They take it in their stride as well. In my old neighbourhood, a mini kuil was built right on the curb outside my house. First they put a three pronged wooden stick. After a few weeks, someone put a small patch of cement, and in a matter of time, an illegal mini Hindu temple is finally erected. No Malays in my neighbourhood went to demonstrate. The non-Malays can do that and the Malays there do not question.

    I do not condone all these seditious behaviour. Yes, this could well be a precedent but the PR Selangor government must also take the blame for its inability to handle the situation before it began to flare up. Please read Syamsul Yunos’ take on this here. Governments must have the ability to negotiate, pacify and govern efficiently. Passing the buck or not wanting to see the rakyat over their grievances was thought to be only within the domain of BN government. PR should not copy this style of governance of else all their criticisms will sound hollow. As the BN is trying to rectify their weaknesses, PR should rectify theirs instead of passing the buck by trying to find past mistakes of BN.
    As for water, here are a few opinion bout the matter –

    It is said that the free water was a popular but an unwise policy. But here is the irony, people who are living in flats with one water bills do not get the benefit. And there are people with low income who could use some slack in their bills. And to compensate that, they charge extra for low cost housing rent.

    By the way the Federal government just given special payment recently. Just like it always did in the past.

    Thank you.


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