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Kit Siang, look at your own backyard first

A veteran of Machiavellian politics, Lim Kit Siang defended one of his DAP subordinates in an article entitled

“Why has Najib condoned the Umno-inspired hysteria and gunning for Loke Siew Fook for insulting the Perak royalty and Islam when these allegations are completely groundless?”

It is not surprising at all because by now, almost everyone who are well versed with the racist approach of the opposition will recognise that whatever the opposition (including their bloggers) do, it cannot be criticised at all.

Moreover, the opposition in particular the DAP, is the party with the most frequent attempt to ask for an apology from everyone. You must apologise this, you must apologise that.

(Anwar Ibrahim meanwhile is trying to make it to the Guinness Book of World Records with the  highest amount of lawsuits one man could attempt in his lifetime!)

Of course, as is the norm with conceited and self-centred people, they in turn have never apologised for any slander, wild accusations or public condemnation they had thrown to their political rivals. Ultra kiasu and bigots like them could never lower themselves to apologise to the people they consider beneath them. Right?

For instance, in the latest debacle involving Jeff Ooi and JIM recently, a blogger called Lawyer Kampung had put it rather aptly when dealing with these type of people. He said:

By the way YB Jeff, a retraction of the statement does not mean you are absolved from all possible blame in making such statement. You may not mean it but it does not take purpose and intention in a statement like that to offend the people, especially if you are a politician and a public figure. There is a secret in order to avoid situation like that in future, if I may say so, and it is call tact. But I know that you know that too YB, being a politician, the Chief of Staff of Penang state government and all.

To offer a bare denial together with (an oversimplify) statement retraction, not apologizing and further threatened to sue as if trying to sweep everything under the carpet in one desperate move, is not the level of finesse one would expect from a politician, a leader and public figure such as yourself in a delicate situation such as this. Forgive me YB for repeating, it is all about being tactful.

In other words, those who live in a glass house should not throw stones.

But they threw it again nevertheless!

Earlier, in one of my replies to a commentary concerning the death of Teoh Beng Hock, I stated something like this:-

All these are tactics used by the opposition to create instability. It is not surprising because as soon as TBH was discovered that fateful afternoon, all fingers pointed to MACC and most of the comments in Malaysia Today and other scurrilous websites brought out the racist tendencies in them and accused the Malays as killing the chinese. But when Berita Harian tried to point out the real issue and defended the MACC from all these vile racial attacks, BH in turn was labeled as racist by the opposition leaders and a few opportunists (like Art Harun) WITHOUT taking into account the underlying current in the blogosphere. It is ironic that when the opposition kept telling the people to boycott the mainstream media and read their own alternative media, they in turn READ the MSM on daily basis in order to throw opportunistic criticism but failed to monitor their own web media. That is pathetic.

Yes, throwing opportunistic criticisms is what the opposition (and their bloggers) are good at. Just look at what Lim Kit Siang had said recently. I took the liberty to copy paste parts of his article below. Lets look at his title first –

“Why has Najib condoned the Umno-inspired hysteria and gunning for Loke Siew Fook for insulting the Perak royalty and Islam when these allegations are completely groundless?”.

In the first place, it was Lim Kit Siang’s own colleague in Pakatan who had started criticising Loke Siew Fook. Zulkifli Noordin in his post called ‘Biadapnya Pemuda DAP’ had criticised Loke Siew Fook for wrongly condemning Dr Ridhuan Tee Abdullah.

The crux of the matter is, in any religion, a child born out of wedlock is frowned upon. This was the contention of Zulkifli and Dr Ridhuan. However, Loke Siew Fook was trying to gain political mileage by trying to be the champion in this issue. A racist opportunist will never let a chance get away, especially when it is about condemning anything about the Malays.

True enough, a Pakatan blogger by the name The Mighty Pen picked up Siew Fook’s article and condemned not only Dr Ridhuan but also Islam.

Note that The Mighty Pen with the address sjsandteam in wordpress was a high traffic blog which prior to its cowardly self-demise, was linked to most of the Pakatan Rakyat blogs. They cheered this particular blog everytime a vulgar article appears on it. That is why it could garner more than 4 million hits in about a year (some of the Pakatan Rakyat bloggers have deleted this blog from their blogroll list, but you know who you are).

The fact is Kit Siang, why are you and your Pakatan supporters condoned this type of scurrilous blog who had published a lot of vile articles and abusive accusations?

Examples of these articles can be sampled here, here, here and here.

Hence, when Kit Siang said,

“What has the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak joined in the Umno-inspired hysteria and gunning for DAPSY chief and MP for Rasah Loke Siew Fook for insulting the Perak royalty and Islam when these allegations are completely groundless?

This morning, Najib directed the relevant authorities to investigate Loke.

In directing the relevant authorities to investigate Loke without any background or preliminary check as to whether the DAPSY chief had make such grave allegations on his blog, and talking about offences under the Sedition Act, Najib is acting most irresponsibly as Prime Minister as he was in fact helping to fan the Umno-inspired hysteria that there is a systematic attack on Islam and the royalty”.

Obviously the Prime Minister is reacting to questions about people who had insulted Islam in blogs. In Utusan, Najib clearly had said that the blog which had insulted Islam will be investigated. He never said that Loke particularly had insulted the Perak Royalty and Islam.

People who are guilty know that they are guilty. That is why they are often afraid of shadows. Hence, they would go to great lengths just to sidestep the issue altogether. The real issue is, why hadn’t Kit Siang chastise The Mighty Pen and other bloggers of Pakatan Rakyat for being hysterical in attacking Islam and the royalty all this while?

Those who live in glass houses should never throw stones. That is why they opted to the same tactic stated by Lawyer Kampung above. And it is happening again!

Kit Siang further wrote:

Loke has today lodged a police report at Dang Wangi Police Station, Kuala Lumpur, denying unfounded allegations and lies spread by certain blogs and SMS that he had made scurrilous and seditious statements in his blog insulting Islam and the Perak royalty.

This is clearly part of the latest gameplan of a master strategy by Umno to tarnish the image of DAP and DAP leaders as anti-Malay and anti-Islam in a larger political conspiracy to break up and destroy Pakatan Rakyat.

Of course they will make a police report. After condemning Dr Ridhuan about something which Dr Ridhuan said was indeed true in all religion, Loke diverted the attention by saying that he is not responsible to the comments made in his blog. As a blogger, I believe it is your responsibility to moderate your commentary section from any vile attacks on sensitive subjects in Malaysia. But instead of apologising for this oversight, Kit Siang and Loke asked for an apology from the BN instead!

And what Umno gameplan are they talking about? It was Zulkifli Noordin who had highlighted the abuse first (we should thank him for that – or else, God knows what this Might Pen would have written in the future). All this pandemonium came from the opposition themselves.

It is you who had started belittling the royalty within your blogging community, it is you who had insulted Islam in the first place, you were the ones who are dealing with the crooks in the underworld (and admitted by your own people nevertheless),  it is you who could not keep your promises etc,  and now, you are blaming other people for your own folly?

Please do not blame other people when you are very much guilty of your own undoing.

But they still do not realise this. Kit Siang demanded arrogantly:

Now that Loke has openly denied the wild allegations, will Najib issue a public retraction of his directive to the relevant authorities to investigate Loke and censure the Umno leaders who had irresponsibly tried to gain political mileage from the lies, including Umno Ministers and Deputy Ministers like the Defence Minister, Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Deputy Minister for International Trade and industry Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir and Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Zambry Abdul Kadir?

These Umno Ministers and leaders must be very desperate of publicity that they have to jump on lies and falsehoods to get into the news in the Barisan Nasional-controlled mass media.

Are Ahmad Zahid, Mukhriz and Zambry going to be gentlemen enough to publicly apologise to Loke for making baseless imputations and allegations against him, even to the extent of demanding that Loke be detained under the Internal Security Act and be charged under the Sedition Act?

My dear Kit Siang, how about if you apologise to the people of Malaysia for condoning abusive and vulgar blogs that had impinged on the sensitivities of Malaysians. Mind you, not all Malaysians can stomach all this racist approach towards attaining power like you all are doing since half a decade ago.

When you are attacking everything Malay and Islam in the Pakatan blogosphere, do you expect the Malays to keep quiet? True enough, Umno with one of its party agenda of defending the Malays will naturally react defensively to such attacks.

Please do not act like an innocent victim everytime the Malays are defending their dignity against such insults in your blogs (this blog also has a fair share of disgusting comments which ridicule the Malays).

Of course, being delusional and self righteous are the trademarks of any Pakatan Rakyat people. They could not see beyond their bigoted views that they were the ones who made racism more pronounced. We can still remember how arrogant this people were when they did not accept Najib’s sincere apology over a remark made by a Penang Umno leader some time ago.

I have never heard anyone so pompous and contemptuous all my life. There was no element of humility at all.

Remember, when you demand an apology from other people, look into your backyard first. People do read what is written in your scurrilous blogosphere too. People do read books which are seditious in nature which had made a mockery of our race relations. You reap what you sow Kit Siang. Stop being dumbfounded about it.

88 thoughts on “Kit Siang, look at your own backyard first

  1. DAP is really going for the broke. They simply throw what they like which we did not find this absurd attitude in some of their leaders like Tan Seng Giaw.
    They are really going for the broke, kiasu-style.







    “Who is this bastard of a mohd ridhuan ? Is he a Chinese ? If he is one he certainly does’t speak like one neither does he speak like a dr. Get rid of that dr in front of your name mohd, what sort of a fucking dr r u. Where is your compassion,your understanding,your sympathy towards a dead ma’s unborn child. Has everything to be reduced to your fu**** religion ? Your conversion to islam is your own personal business but why must u be used as cat paws by your umno muslims for their unmuslim benefit ? Have u no guilt or shame that u can be used to such an extent as to shame the man who fathered u n the mother who gave birth to u ?”

    BIADAP NO 2:-
    Nazrin the son of the senile ruler of Perak, take note that democracy is a principle whereby the control of authority comes from the public, and ruler and non-ruler are the same.”

    JMD : Kalau boleh, tolong taip di dalam ‘small caps’ ya. Terima kasih kerana memberi komen dan semoga kembali lagi.


  3. JMD,

    Inilah jadinya bila DAP perasan yg mereka mendapat undi kononnya drpd rakyat berbilang kaum. Ultra KIASU apabila kononnya merekalah yg mempunyai antara kerusi terbanyak di Parlimen di kalangan parti pembangkang. Air naik ke kepala apabila mereka merasakan mereka mempunyai barisan exco yg paling berkuasa dan paling racist di Selangor.

    Tunggulah DAP. GE 13 nanti orang2 Melayu akan ajar engkau dan kuncu2 engkau. Kalaulah Tun Mahathir masih PM, dah tentu semua mangkuk2 DAP itu akan bercuti 2 tahun di Kamunting.


  4. Pati Pas di katakan ade 1,000,000,000 orang ahli(dulu dengar ade 850,000).
    Teman rase ahli DAP tak sampai 200,000 aje.(kalau yang angka yang lebih tepat tolong bagi tahu.
    Berdasarkan angka ini, sudah pasti DAP ade “mutu” punye pertubuhan dari pada pati yang membuat visi mendirikan ibu pejabat nya di PutraJAYA.
    Dari sudut pengamalan mengurus pertubuhan pati politik,DAP mendapat tunjuk ajar dari Pati pemerintah pulau kecil di selatan sana,dan mengunakan sistem “cadre”, dan umum tahu cadre itu asal ususl nya dari Pati Kominis.
    Tapelah mudah mudahan pati teras Islam dapt hancurkan kekafiran,tapi syarat kena jage aqidah dan syariah dan to’ sah bace buku Micheavelli dan George Orwell.
    changkat lobak.
    arjuna waspada.


  5. DAP members have become the chosen people (like the zionist) who are so untouchable and cannot be critized. They and their pro media like MI,MT, etc can condemn the Malays, prophet Mhammad, Islam but you can’t say anything about them. Sadly, Muslims are so ignorance of thier tactic. A laud speaker for a Surau can buy the muslim. so sad.


  6. Since Jebat must Die blog has determined that the majority of people of Selangor, Penang, Kedah, Perak & Kelantan has committed the ultimate sin in voting out Barisan after 52 years of so-called leadership and debating on the rights mandated by heaven. I leave it to Judgement Day to decide if such actions are guilty in the eyes of the Almighty then. Satisfied ?? Delete my comments then if you feel I am wrong.

    JMD : Good morning! When did I say that? Please be more mature in commenting. Thank you.


  7. DAP true colours is glaring on daily basis. Ultra kiasu. Any resemblance to PAP? DAP and followers…, please continue your kiasuness…if possible till next general election..


  8. By the actions of some of the Malaysian politicians and sycophants, is it a wonder that Islam has been labeled a cult by some observers?


  9. Keep writing Jebat.
    I even tweet LKS on Utusan – “I feel Malays di hina”. I just want to tell him some malay agree with Utusan article and it is applicable.

    Today he tweet bashing PM H1N1 (he put it as N1H1)awareness as – welcome but belated. See, he always complaining and condemning.

    I would suggest everyone to read “Ousted by Patrick Keith”. But tell more about LKY and i believe some LKY follower till this day.
    But importantly it does mentioned on how Malay leader and MCA/MIC agree in granting citizenship to 1 mill immigrant at that time.


  10. If we looked at IRAN . They are Iranians and Muslims but Pride, Anger and Jealousy, are these not the routes to malicious and maladious. Some countries the Politicians seduce the ORANG KAMPUNG, RACISM and RELIGION for tools of POLITICS and the TALKS THROUGH the NOSE.
    and PRIDE DOES NOT PAID ANY PRIZE but HATRE thats what POLITICS are, I AM the chosen ONE, I AM the LORD and I DO NO WRONG. (Who have not committed any SIN)
    Amen. Pardon me of any wrong expression


  11. It is really sad that many Malay Muslims do not realise that they have been used by racist LKS and DAP. You do not expect racist like LKS would apologize. Bro Zulkifli has been consistent is placing Islam above everything else unlike his boss. If Islam is ridiculed and threatened, do you think it is proper that every Muslim remained silent. No, we have to answer the call for jihad, and nothing less. Allahu Akbar.


  12. Assalamualaikum JMD,

    Definitely a good one, a very thorough research done on this.
    I sincerely respect your observation.

    I wonder if this is PR’s way of getting more votes/support for the next coming GE, no doubt it wont be a positive result for them.

    Keep it up JMD.


  13. 2 wrongs do not make a right. Period.

    Somebody has to take the higher ground. Sadly, I do not see anyone, either from BN or PR, with the integrity or honesty to do this. I just wish they could devote more time to debate, in a sensible manner, the economy and our education policies.

    On another note, did the “Underworld” suddenly just spring out of nowhere? Are you telling me that all this time, the BN or PR did not know anything about this at all? The Police, the MACC, Customs et al, did not know who is involved in the “Underworld” until after the last election results? Why did they not take any action against this “Underworld”? What does this say about our law enforcement agencies? If the DAP was involved in the “Underworld” what have our enforcement agencies been doing all this while?!?!

    JMD : Better late than sorry ain’t it? I find it interesting when it involves the opposition, the Police will ultimately be blamed. Instead of criticising your opposition leader or trying to get them to be more transparent, the law enforcement agencies will be the one who were criticised. If we want to debate in sensible manner, then we should put our words into action. Thank you.


    • “On another note, did the “Underworld” suddenly just spring out of nowhere?”

      Perhaps before, this “Underworld” were scared to surface because they know most of the time they will be nabbed when they tried to make “appearance”.

      Perhaps nowadays, the “Underworld” have got themselves a “god father” in certain states. And this “god father” is no ordinary man, such that it is “protocol” to address this “god father” as “YB”

      Some may say “Yang Berhormat”, but then again, some may say “Yang Bedebah!”.

      But among the “some”, majority of them were the ones who had elected these “YB”s into office.

      Perhaps again, this so-called majority does really want “underworld” to rule the country.

      Did they? Or did they vote “under spell” last time?

      Kampong Antu


  14. All this highlights is UMNO’s schizophrenic and chosen path to self-destruct. And looks to attack those it believes it can. It chose Raja Petra Raja Kamarudin’s website, Several articles and discussions question the fundamental bases of Malaysia, the role of Islam, and other politically contentious issues that by law are declared seditious. One questioned the right of Muslims preachers to attack other religions in their Friday prayers. But instead of attacking him and his website openly, it uses newspapers and religious leaders to do the mudslinging.

    Dato’ Seri Najib kicked the ball first to insist to insist none should openly debate if Muslims could slander the followers of other religions, and promised to investigate the site, “Malaysia Today”.


    JMD : Ah Mr Pillai. May he rest in peace. Thank you.


  15. Salam JMD,

    Bila difikirkan, terlalu banyak kebiadapan yang telah dilakukan secara sengaja oleh LKS dan konco2nya dalam Dap. Tak perlulah saya luahkan geram saya disini, tak lama lagi penuhlah ruangan komen ni dengan luahan geram/marah/dan yang sewaktu dengannya dari saudara/i pembaca tuan.

    Yang ingin saya katakan, saya akui saya cepat lupa. Macam LKS ni, bila disebut namanya, saya jadi benci tapi terpaksa perah otak untuk mengingati perbuatan2nya. Dan mustahil untuk saya ingat setiap satu yang telah dilakukannya kecuali bila saya baca dan semuanya datang kembali. ( penyakit ni saya rasa orang Pas dan Melayu Pkr pun alami sama, kalau tidak takkan mereka dengan rela hati boleh berganding bahu berjuang sama2 LKS, siap peluk2 tanpa paksaan lagi)

    Saya yakin banyak insiden2 yang melibatkan ‘mereka’ ini yang sehingga kini masih belum terjawab atau tiada permohonan maaf. Dibiarkan ditelan masa dengan harapan Melayu cepat lupa.

    Saya ingin mencadangkan sekiranya dapat tuan atau siapa saja membuat satu kompilasi setiap perbuatan biadap ‘mereka’ . Setiap insiden perlulah lengkap yakni sejarah yang sememangnya tidak dapat disangkal. Dan di update selalu. Ia boleh dijadikan reference untuk siapa saja . Tengoklah betapa tinggi LKS melompat jika ia wujud. Pasti ia akan dicap sebagai satu produk rasis !

    Keep it up bro !


  16. Kit Siang

    Please tell Ur son to return the Land to Kg Buah Pala Villagers.

    Everyone know that it DAP is the one who accepted payment on 14/3/2008 and issued the title to cooperative on 27/32008


  17. i’m truely amazed by your patient in writing a detailed article about this scumbag named lim kit siang.

    this scumbag has been doing this same shit again and again throughout his political career, obviously he can’t do better than exploiting extremism to gain political mileage, or to stay ‘relevant’.

    he has set the ‘standard’ for his dap clan that if one wants to play politics, go extreme, the more extreme, the better, best is get detained under isa, so that they can hold the government ‘neck’ forever and ever, slander all their way that they have been detained through ‘conspiracies’ or shits like that. all those dap ‘godfathers’ have gone through this trick.

    i do hope the authorities won’t fall for their trick again. they want to be caught, please don’t let them have it!


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  19. Penderhaka Melayu di Selangor, Perak dan Pulau Pinang yang memberikan kuasa kepada mereka. Kemudian Melayu ini juga turut sama menempelak agama dan bangsa mereka.


  20. Salam Jmd, Lim Kit Siang dan orang orang yang macam ni ialah macam orang makan durian lepas tu minum coke dan naik kereta dan pasang air cond. lepas tu dia tersendawa. Lepas sendawa dia tak mengaku, kata orang lain yang kentut. Kepada Kit Siang, masa pulun tu memang lah sedap, tapi tak payahlah minum air bergas, nanti tersendawa, teruk baunya.

    JMD, hantam sama dia.


    JMD : Satu contoh perumpamaan yang menarik! Terima kasih.


  21. DRS Riduan and Rais
    Both are LEARNED but I am Orang Kampung , correct me if I am wrong. The questions I questioned myself what are an insult and sedition? When the Truths, the Truths are laid on the Table. Is it an insult? Need IT not to be corrected and discuss. And when I lied, Am I not lying to myself or when I am DISHONEST, Am I Truthful to myself, AM I not Insulting Myself my Faith and Religion, have I not Sinned against the HOLY SPIRIT (GOD BLESSES US) Let HE who had not sinned pick the first stone cast it to the sinner.
    Amen. Pardon me for the wrong wording of words and I am trying to learn Politics the GOODS and the BADS Flavors


  22. Dear JMD,

    Nice piece of work. I agree with the earlier writer. This is all just a plan to cause disruption in Malaysia. It is a carefully thought out plan to first influence the blogosphere and the readers who are by and large the 20 somethings 30 somethings and 40 somethings their main target. Second the salvo was fired when they organised the Anti ISA thing. I am quite sure with bated breath they hope the police would overreact and things will come to a head. They even hoped for mass arrest under the ISA and declaring emergency? This they hope will bring more “supporters” to their flock. Method of LKS and AI is exactly the same.

    Third is to distract people from the actual main issue which they have declared time and again. Like the so-callled thugs in BN(as they have called it) they too have in their midst and as MP and ADUN unsavoury characters who are not fit to be in any office much less public.

    And fourth for all the nepotism and cronyism accusations lambasted to BN and Tun M at one time. What of DAP eh? Obviously another way to mislead and distract the people at large.

    By the way permit me to put this following link

    Question is Nizar PAS or DAP? Looking at the pic I am confused.

    Have a good week JMD and take care.




  23. Most children born out of wedlock happens to be malays. Other races took precaution to prevent birth. We can only thank the high standard of education that is taught in sekolah kebangsaan and the quality of its teachers.

    Ridhuan Tee, being a religious scholar, has no right to judge others. We leave that to God, The Supreme, The Judge. But to make this comment so soon afte the death of Teoh, who was going to get married anyway, is highly insensitive.

    The Sultans, Rajas and Agungs in this country are not above God and criticism. If they have wronged, then they should be criticised. You should know this as you are Jebat-must-die. They are after all, normal human beings.

    Zulkifli Nordin is a thug. Like many malay muslim types, he overides civil law with religious law. On this earth, they sometimes think they are god.


    • oh, a religious scholer has no right to judge others.

      oh, even the Kings are not above criticisms.

      therefore, a misfit like you have no right to judge anyone else either! you’ve wronged, and you deserve to be corrected.

      we the Muslims seldom prevent birth out-of-wedlock BECAUSE we onsider the child himself/herself INNOCENT. out-of-wedlock sex (adultery) is already a big sin. preventing the birth is another big sin, so why should add one big sin after another?!


    • When a person relies on anecdotal evidence to support his blinkered views, he will be rendered as non-consequential.

      When he dares to post such biased views, again without the benefit of statistics, he will be rendered as gullible with a low IQ.


  24. Kit Siang, count yourself very lucky to be in Malaysia..
    If you are in your neighbouring country, you and your family would long been gone… 🙂

    Kit Siang, you are one dirty racist old man.

    And Anwar, you are one pengkhianat bangsa dan negara.



  25. Suatu masa dulu
    masa Raja Nazrin cakap pasal Equality and Fairness
    berdozen lah puak pro Pakatan yang memuji-muja
    kunun-kunun Equality and Fairness tidak merujuk kepada yang bukan Pakatan
    Sekarang, bila raja melayu dihina di dunia siber
    Si Kit Siang dan kuncu DAP senyap
    Jelas raja melayu bukan raja mereka.

    Suatu ketika lalu
    DAP adalah sinonimus dengan sifat ultra kecinaan mereka
    Lalu dicanang oleh si Kit Siang betapa orang lain adalah rasis
    kunun-kunun yang dibuat orang lain adalah peradaban apartheid

    Asyik dia dikatakan yang lain tak demokrasi
    kunun membuat kecoh di jalanan adalah hak asasi
    Perdana Menteri pun dah berkali berganti
    Tapi si Kit Siang masih taikor DAP lagi
    tak sudi dia orang lain naik ganti
    biar dia yang kekal bos DAP sampai mati

    Kerajaan BN memang bukan maksum
    tapi mengelak negara dari penguasaan DAP
    adalah rahmat yang tidak ternilai
    yang cuma akan dihargai
    bila 13 Mei menjelma lagi


  26. Sputjam

    You are one hopelessly blinkered soul, making such sweeping statements.

    1) most children born out of wedlock happen to be malays? back it up statistically before I brand you a bare-faced liar.

    2) Ridhuan Tee speaks as a Muslim. I can’t think of any religion in this world that condones free sex and pregnancy outside marriage.

    3) Nobody ever says Sultan/Agung/Royalty is above God. Dasyatlah lu punya power of deduction… mana lu belajar ini?

    4) If you want to brand Zulkifli as a thug for defending his religion, that’s your prerogative tapi be mindful of of your next words.. like many malay muslim types.. if you don’t fully understand Islam, you should either take the trouble tol earn or, faling which, you should just shut up…


    • Zulkifli Nordin was not defending his religion. he was stifling free speech. the religious scholars and imams too are not above criticism. They too will be judged by their deeds in the next life. those who are hypocrites, they will face God’s wrath.

      Religion to should be subject to scrutiny. Do we need reigion even though we believe in God? We know that God appointed prophets. But who appoint the imams? Are these Imams authorised to speak on God’s behalf?

      Assuming Malaysia is old arabia 1500 years ago, and prophet mohamed suddenly came with a message, he would be caught, interrogated, ISA’d and probably ended up like Teoh beng Hock if he did not migrate to a freer civil society like singapore(medina) to save himself.

      JMD : Singapore is a freer civil society? Do not kid yourself mate. Anyway, what was in the the blog of Mighty Pen was not free speech. It was insidious in nature and affected the sensitivities of Muslims. Please know the difference.


      • Singapore is indeed more free in terms of faith and religion. It is secular. Religion takes a back seat. Malays can be of any religion in singapore. Hence the reference of singapore as Medina 1500 years ago. There is no religious persecution.

        JMD : Are you a Muslim?


        • Sputjam

          You really are very sure Singapore is more free in terms of faith and religion? Do you know the system inside out?

          By the way, if you are free please read the national day really of singapore 2009..

          And yes, i also want an answer, are you are Muslim?



    • Maybe i answered you wrongly there. I am not a muslim religionist.

      JMD : What is a Muslim religionist? The question requires a simple yes or no answer. If you still believe all of the pillars in Islam and practise what Muslims should be doing, then you are one.


    • Religion Illigitimate children #
      Muslim 30,978
      Hindu 18,085
      Buddhist 17,236
      Christian 3,395
      “lain-lain” 736


      Religion National % (approx) Illigitimate children # Illigitimate children %
      Muslim 60 % 30,978 43.984 %
      Hindu 7 % 18,085 25.568 %
      Buddhist 20 % 17,236 24.472 %
      Christian 9 % 3,395 4.820 %
      “lain-lain” 4 % 736 1.045 %

      That makes muslim majority in terms of most number of illegitimate children.

      To the buddhist, I think there is no such thing as illegitimate children, as all children are legitimate, whether parents are married or not. Hence the situation of Teoh Beng Hock.

      JMD : Only now you would give us the real data. Thank you. Even so, more than half of this figure are non-Muslims. Furthermore, according to this Islamic working paper on illegitimate children in Malaysia, the percentage of illegitimate children according to each race is as follows :

      Race % Population Total illegitimate % vs race
      Malay 60% 16.2 million 20,949 0.12%
      Chinese 25% 6.75 million 18,111 0.27%
      Indian 7% 1.89 million 19,581 1.04%
      Others 8% 2.16 million 11,789 0.01%

      As you can see from the percentage above, the indians, the chinese and only then the Malays have the highest amount of illegitimate children. 20k against 16.2 million is a miniscule number. Granted, the figures are higher among the Malays but that’s because they have higher population. But you said here that ‘other races took precaution’ when engaging in premarital sex as compared to the Malay Muslims.
      But if the chinese here in Malaysia has the same population as the Malays, the number of their illegitimate children is a whopping 43,466! While the indians are at 167,837! What ‘better precaution’ are you talking about here?! I believe you have to stop barking the wrong tree and start to educate the right target market.

      I feel sorry for you Sputjam, instead of being objective, you are being manipulated by your own narrow view.

      Next is, are you sure that in Buddhism, pre marital sex is condoned?


  27. JMD, with your permission.

    hoi sputjam. gua tulis komen ni sebab JMD ni orang baik baik dan malas nak balas balik apa lu tulis. lu ingat lu boleh tulis apa lu hendak ye ke? ini bukan cerita dekat bar bila lu sudah mabuk/stone dengan lu punya kawan kawan.lepas tu cakap jerit-jerit ingat nak semua orang dengar. grow up man. orang yang baca apa jmd tulis ni ada otaklah.If you dont understand the issue, dont write. jangan main hantam saje. lu ingat lu pergi sekolah overseas lu pandai. berlambak lagi orang lebih pandai le.orang kampung aku dekat masjid tanah, setiap rumah ada orang pergi belajar overseas. aku rasa engkau ni masuk sekolah ambil social studies saje. tu lah, pergi belajarlah critical thinking dulu. kalau tidak jangan tulislah. argument macam budak baru masuk universiti lepas tu kena repeat. lepas tu cakap cikgu bodoh ajar. lain kali, kalau lu Islam lah, lepas sembahyang suboh tu, doa pada Allah dan bersyukor yang lu boleh duduk di negeri aman damai macam Malaya ni dan kalau lu tak suka, pergi lah where ever shithole that can accomodate whatever life that you choosen.


  28. Sputjam…you are bloody rasict. why u have to equate “like many malay muslim”….opps sory i forgot you guys cant never be rasict and wrong …thats only applicable to malay and muslim. Do apologise for yr word…damm there i a go again…apologise is not in yr vocab.


    • Sorry to dissapoint, but me a racist? Not in my lifetime. How else can I describe a particular group of people? But if my comments have caused some resentments, then I apologise.

      But so far, nobody have been able to rebuke my comments, except for JMD on singapore being less civil than Malaysia, which I have replied.

      JMD : The reason why I am asking whether are you a Muslim or not is because you made a great error in trying to draw comparison of what our Prophet (SAW) had gone through in Mekah and Madinah to the fate of Muslims in Malaysia.

      When you compare Singapore to Madinah where there is no religious persecution there, then I am sorry but you are indeed making the wrong assumptions.

      You are saying as if all Malay Muslims in Malaysia are under persecution. Mind you, Malaysia is a Muslim country. It is not Singapore. Can you accept this reality? Some blinkered, racist soul may not accpet this. To them, as the minority, they must impose their will onto the majority. Just like the Apartheid regime in South Africa (where the minority oppressing the majority), you Sputjam are trying to impose your minority view that Malaysia should just like Singapore where the Malays can change their religion without any impediments. Well, I’m glad to say that this is not how it is done here in Malaysia Sputjam. Where have you been living all this while?

      Since Malaysia has majority Malays in this country, then there are laws that are much akin to the Islamic laws here in Malaysia. Laws are there for a reason. It was stipulated after being discussed, deliberated and agreed upon by all parties. Even PAS has no qualms about our laws (except that they want to impose a stricter Hudud laws in this country should they come to power).

      Now, lets move on to the error you made when making comparison to what our Prophet had gone through back in the day before he started the Hijrah. My dear Sputjam, yes he had a harrowing time in Mekah. He had to move to Madinah because the people there are much more friendlier towards him. Most of the people there are Jews anyway (who could relate more to Islam than the Paganistic Arabs in Mekah). After a while, most of the people there embraced Islam where Madinah became his central base before he returned to Mekah a few years later.

      Now, when you state, “Assuming Malaysia is old arabia 1500 years ago, and prophet mohamed suddenly came with a message, he would be caught, interrogated, ISA’d and probably ended up like Teoh beng Hock if he did not migrate to a freer civil society like singapore(medina) to save himself.”

      Shall all the Malays in Malaysia migrate to Singapore and turn all the Singaporean into Muslims? 🙂

      By the way, you have not apologised to Kak Kama for lying about the Malays having more out of wedlock children. Unless you could furnish us with statistical proof and comparison, I think you should.

      You have yet to furnish us with report links of the Kampung Medan incident which you had stated earlier.

      Thank you.


      • on child out-of wedlock, this is the only figures i got –

        Mengikut pangkalan data Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara dari tahun 2000-2007, ada sebanyak 257,411 sijil kelahiran yang didaftarkan tanpa dicatatkan nama bapa. Ia dikeluarkan sedemikian rupa sebab anak-anak berkenaan tidak mempunyai sah taraf atau anak luar nikah.
        No racial breakdown


        *Sebanyak 30,978 dari 70,430 adalah anak orang Islam

        Pecahan mengikut negeri

        SELANGOR = 12,836 orang
        PERAK = 9,788 orang
        KUALA LUMPUR = 9,439 orang
        JOHOR = 8,920 orang
        SABAH = 8,435 orang
        NEGERI SEMBILAN = 4,108 orang
        PAHANG = 3,677 orang
        KEDAH = 3,496 orang
        PULAU PINANG = 3,412 orang
        MELAKA = 2,707 orang
        KELANTAN = 1,730 orang
        PERLIS = 691 orang
        SARAWAK = 617 orang
        TERENGGANU = 574 orang
        JUMLAH = 70,430 orang

        KUALA LUMPUR — Malay Muslims and ethnic Indians insulted and attacked each other on Saturday in townships on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, where the death toll from three days of clashes rose to three. Police said the latest fatality, an Indian man, died of injuries in a hospital on Saturday afternoon. Details were not immediately available. The government, seeking to calm passions, downplayed suggestions of a racial conflict but sent in reinforcements for the 400 officers who so far have been unable to contain the violence.
        Mr Jamil Johari, the police deputy inspector-general, said that since Thursday, three people have been killed, three seriously injured and 11 hospitalised. Thirty-five have been arrested, 32 of them Malays, he said. Those arrested included five off-duty soldiers.

        ‘We will be extra vigilant at night, and I advise people not to congregate in large numbers,’ he said. ‘There is no need for a curfew at the moment.’ Many families were moving out of the area, which comprises five villages and is home to about 2,000 families, mostly poor labourers or squatters.
        Police searched vehicles at roadblocks, confiscating machete-like weapons known as parangs, hockey sticks and iron staves. They geared up for another night of violence breaking out.Despite the police presence, Malays and Indians hurled insults at each other and an Indian group chased a Malay man, seized his motorcycle and set it on fire.
        Indians shouted at the predominantly Malay police, accusing them of not doing enough to halt the violence. All three people killed and the majority of injured have been Indians. Local residents claimed the death toll was higher.
        ‘Five people have died,’ claimed an Indian woman who refused to give her name. ‘The police are not doing anything to help us. They just tell us to wait in the house.’
        The woman claimed that she saw a man being slashed and killed by a parang-wielding gang early on Saturday and that people screamed futilely for police to help him. Janakan Pillai, 23, said from his hospital bed on Saturday that he had been beaten by about 40 Malay youths using hockey sticks and iron staves. His aunt, who spoke only on condition of anonymity, said Malay youths had threatened to burn down houses. Malays accused Indians of lying in wait to attack them. Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Abdullah Badawi urged people to ignore ‘rumours’. The media were advised to report only police accounts.
        ‘People are quick to jump to conclusion that it was a fight with racial connotations,’ Mr Abdullah said. ‘It could have been an altercation between individuals who happen to be of different races and religions.’ Veteran opposition leader Lim Kit Siang urged the Deputy Premier to go to the area himself to defuse the tensions and put together economic aid to redress the
        ‘poverty and social backwardness in the area’.
        The fighting had origins in a row last weekend between an Indian funeral procession and Malays celebrating a wedding. According to stories circulating in the area, a drunken Indian man kicked over a chair at the Malay party, leading to
        the fighting. — AP

        This is the best I can get based on time limitation.

        JMD : Thank you for the link. If less than half of the figures are Muslims, how then did you conclude that ‘Most children born out of wedlock happens to be malays’ earlier? If you have the breakdown, you should further analyse the figures using percentile with race population as the denominator. That would give more accurate picture.

        Now, based on the above report in Kampung Medan, which part of it made you say – “malay muslims who are mistreating and killing other races”? Even the first part of the news said – “Malay Muslims and ethnic Indians insulted and attacked each other on Saturday…”. Are you trying to blame only one party and absolve the other of any guilt? Did you not read the cause of the incident at the end of that report?

        Just because there were off duty soldiers during that incident, doesn’t mean they were instructed by the army or the government to wreck havoc there. They were probably one of the Kampung’s residents too.

        Reread my reply to you here.

        Thank you.


      • I think you have misunderstood. Muslim malays are the ones persecuting other malays with differing views with regards to faith in Malaysia.

        Based on historical facts, Jews did not follow Moses, Christians did not follow the messages of Jesus, so why should the pagan arabs of mecca heed the messages of Muhamed?

        The chances that the messages were distorted to suit their arab pagan religion is statistically very likely.

        JMD : How ironic to see a non Muslim talking on behalf of Muslims here in Malaysia that they are all being persecuted by their own brethren. With the exception of deviant cults, religious conmen etc, how many muslims were persecuted on daily basis here? Unless of course you are talking about religious/political oneupmanship. Maybe you should talk to DAP bedpartner, the PAS ulamas about their own brand of Islam. By the way, I fail to see the relevance in your second paragraph within our current context of discussion. Reason being, those people who did not follow their prophets eventually did. In huge numbers. Thank you.


        • You are so wrong. these people think they follow the prophets. But God guides whom He wills.

          JMD : We Muslims follow only what was commanded by The Almighty through the Quran. The Prophet meanwhile conveyed His message. That’s why those people would follow the teachings of the prophets (be it Jesus, Moses etc), because in actual fact, the teachings is to follow His command. Yes, obviously He guides whom he wills. So, in the end, your contention that people do not follow those prophets based on your ‘historical fact’ was indeed not true. Thank you.


  29. I used to be what people would say a moderate Malay. Of late, after reading articles and listening to countless statements (followed by actions) by DAP biggies, I’m gradually but definitely becoming less moderate myself. The good thing about the PR winning a few states is that they are really showing their true Self and what they actually stand for. A real eye opener.


    • It does not matter what race you belonged to. What matters most in the eyes of God is if you do good deeds and be righteous.

      The PR win in several states opens up skeletons on how UMNO politicians in particular, used to operate. I was hoping the sabah and sarawak politicians would set up their own coalition. That means, nobody will hold majority in this coutry.

      In this type of situation, only the rakyat will win. Why do I say that? Becasue any flawed projects or policies or law will never get passed unless all three coaition agree to it. Nobody gets bullied and no more “negos”.

      In sweden, it is illegal to hold more than 50% shares in a company, because the majority will bully the others by abuse and misuse of power,like how some listed entities in Malaysia operates. same with politics. If BN gets more than 50%, then their powers are curtailed. But if the hold 2/3’s, then they can bully and do whatever they like, just like what najib says, “Malaysia my one”.

      JMD : Ah yes, we are happy that Umno/BN and their corruptible ways are exposed to the public. That way, they will know the mistake and rectify them in order to improve themselves for the betterment of the people. In a way, PR should also focus on running these states as well because what we hear from the news about them are not that complimentary to the ‘high horse’ stance they had been extolling while criticising the government all these years. Once they had the opportunity to govern, we all can see how befuddled they can be when trying to administer a state. This loose coalition themselves are having a lot of problem agreeing to any policy that they are trying to convey. Even today, PAS had been admonished by its Pakatan partners over morality issue. PAS was bullied over the ‘beer’ issue too. And in Kedah, DAP was bullied into submission to the point that its sole Adun wanting to get out of the coalition (but only for a day though).

      Therefore, your fantasy talk that Pakatan is a smooth sailing vehicle is off the mark. You are trying to paint rosy picture about the Pakatan which not entirely based on reality. Thank you.


      • JMD,

        I think you are mistaken. What I said was there should not be a ruling political entity (meaning BN or PR) holding more than 50% of the seats. This can only happen if MP’s from sabah and sarawak create their own coalition.
        This situation will be good for the country as nobody dominates and only just and fair law will be implemented.
        No more dead body snatching and forced conversion of babies.

        JMD : Now, I accept your argument here. But you are looking at things from an idealistic point of view. Yes, logically, when people share power within a unity government i.e, there is no opposition. However, realistically, with the level of immaturity we have within our political world here, there is no way we can progress without a strong government to at least dictate the development plan.

        When there is at least 3 main coalition in the government, how do you expect them to work together? At the very basic, when nobody holds more than 50%, how can they determine for example, the budget allocation for each region? There will be fightings and bickerings no doubt about that.

        Therefore, please rethink your argument and apply more realistic scenarios unto it. As we all know, a weak government, no matter where in this world, will not last long.

        Thank you.


  30. Kit Siang was the person who ignited the spark which turned to fire in 13th. May riot . He is aways a racist and ultra kiasu communist man ;also anti Malay and Islam .

    Therefore, I strongly suggest and support what the Mufti Perak said ; just strip off the nationality of those who insult the Sultan and Islam ; starts with Kit Siang, Siew Fook , Karpal Singh and also Anwar Ibrahim , the traitor. No use of them bearing the Malaysian nationality . They don’t deserve it .


  31. Dear JMD, you can say that I’m one of those active reader of your blog but rarely make any comments since usually I fully agree with your writings and do not have much to say. But this time around I will make it an exception since each day these DAP faggots made sweeping statements denigrating malay and islam, I felt duty bound to stand up to defend my race and religion. I pray that the government will do something fast to stop this menace for it is only a matter of time before we draw the first blood.


  32. Dear JMD,

    Just need to register the sheer displeasure at the BN candidate chosen for the Permatang Pasir By-election. After all that have happened, after all that is happening, BN/UMNO still fails to get it. Their candidate should be above reproach, beyong scrutiny. Instead who do they choose? A debarred individual who was debarred for some personal matters.

    Hello BN and UMNO, this is a public office whereby the person(s) should be someone without a skeleton in his/her closet. They should be a pillar of the society a respected member of society. Not a person that have potential questionable dealings while he was a practising lawyer.

    Have they no one else? Must we continue to entertain such qualities in BN or UMNO.

    Are they really serious towards winning this seat in the first place? Win or lose the candidate will already be tainted even before he can even be an ADUN.

    What more need to be done before people in BN and UMNO takes this seriously.



    PS Totally p***ed off and utterly disappointed.

    JMD : Obviously, someone who was in charge of the screening process did not do a thorough job. Thank you.


  33. Mengikut Ragunath Kasavan President Majlis Peguam Rohaizat Othman yang menjadi calon BN bukanlah seorang peguam. Rohaizat telah dinafikan haknya untuk menjadi peguam kerana ada kes penyelewangan 140,000 ringgit.

    Duit 140,000 ringgit ini adalah duit Kooperasi Pekebun Getah.

    Kesalahan ini jatuh dalam Bahagian 103D Akta Guaman 1976 tentang salah laku dan tindak tanduk peguam.

    Hak Rohaizat untuk menjadi menjalan kerja guman telah dibatalkan semenjak 7 March 2008.

    Rohaizat telah merayu keatas keputusan Majlis Peguam di Mahkamah Tinggi pada 12 Ogos lalu. Rayuan Rihaizat telah ditolak.

    Menurut Presiden Majlis Peguam – tuduhan salah dari Koperasi Pekebun Getah ini ditujukan kepada Rohaizat dan bukan kepada rakan dari syarikat guaman mereka.

    Menurut Ragunath duit 140,000 ringgit ini lesap. Tidak ada rekod wang ini dipulangkan kembali kepada tuan empunya. Kalau pun telah dibayar kembali kesalahan jenayah telah dilakukan terhadap anak guaman.


    JMD : Saudara Hishamuddin Rais (atau sekutunya), pernah dengar peribahasa ‘mengata dulang paku serpih?’ Lihat dulu barisan para pemimpin pembangkang yang saudara junjungi. Adakah mereka bersih 100%? Tentu sekali tidak. Walaubagaimanapun, Ragunath telah menipu apabila berkata tiada rekod wang ini dikembalikan kerana jika di lihat disini, segala tuntuntan/aduan telah pun diselesaikan dan ini diakui sendiri oleh persatuan koperasi tersebut. Terima kasih.


  34. Hello JMD,
    How’s your inciting racist campaign for UMNO going on so far?? Good brainwashing huh…lol

    Go read Hitler Mein Kempt to get some good ideas ok….

    1Malaysia and Say No to Mongolia


  35. JMD,

    You said, “I have never heard anyone so pompous and contemptuous all my life.” Ditto here. You can say that again and again.

    To me, he is so contemptuous that I don’t even read what he writes or says. It’s mostly hogwash, arrogance, intransigence, deceit, disrespect. Often blatantly provocative.

    Just look at his record in promoting the so-called “Malaysian Malaysia” that was coined by his idol LKY, especially after LKY/Singapore was kicked out of Malaysia and leading to May 13, 1969. He and his kind exploit any and every opportunity they could find to put down the establishment. His son, the DAP Sec Gen, wrote a letter blaming MACC over Teoh’s death even when the Police had just started investigating. They don’t trust the Police, the Courts and everything else that represents the establishment. They are simply anti-establishment.

    You see, these are mostly the descendants of Chinese from southern China who ran away from the Mainland because of terrible life conditions under a few hundred years of foreign (Manchu) rule and bullying by the British in the mid-19th Century – Opium Wars, Unequal Treaty, occupation of Hong Kong, etc. They brought clan warfare, secret societies, thugs and gangsters with them. They settled down in British-ruled Penang and continued a life of protesting, demanding and petitioning the authorities.

    As a result of clan wars and gang fights for control of tin mines in Larut, the Ghee Hins signed a petition to the British Resident in Penang for help and this led to British intervention in Perak and subsequent British colonialism in Malaya. Secret societies, thugs and gangsters controlled the tin mining industry for a long time. They exist until to day and no less than the Selangor PKR Assemblyman and one PKR MP have alleged the DAP Excos of Underworld links, even in the Selangor State government premises.

    It is that kind of background that we must always remember them by. You really can’t expect tact, politeness, guilt, admission of mistakes, repentance and remorse from this kind of people. They question the Social Contract, the Special Position of the Malays, the position of BM, and, in doing so, they don’t show respect, abide and live by the Constitution of the country. They become emboldened by the present leadership’s attempts at pacifying and winning back PRU12 runaway votes. They’ll remain so until the leadership realizes their folly and start applying such laws as the Sedition Act more frequently than in the past.

    Therefore, the only way to deal with them is to continue hitting them back at their statements, criticisms, snide remarks, innuendos, rhetorics. Rebut them as often and much as possible. Ridicule them where we can. Ignore them where and when it becomes ridiculous to react.

    Please allow me to urge those who see evil in their doings to speak up and rebut those fellows whenever and wherever necessary.

    JMD : Thank you Dot for the comment.


    • If it had not been the result of the migration of millions from numerous places, Malaya would have turned into another aghanistan with women covered in burkha and men taking religion too seriously.

      I think most immigrant communities never did question the special position of the malays. What they found repulsive, and I think this applies to any race anywhere in the world, is if that person is subject to the term, “ketuanan melayu”.

      The discriminatory aspect of the Malaysian life is already well known worldwide, and hence, many disgruntled ones are welcomed into singapore, australia etc as citizens.
      The fact that kit Siang and their likes are voicing out their grievance should not be construed as challenging the malay race. They just want the govenrment to help improve the plight of their more unfortunate communities who wish to remain and love this country Nowhere did they ask for the abolishement of the special status of the malays. By focusing on malay issues, the BN govenrment has long ignored the issues of “others”.

      All they want is good education opportunities. It is so simple. Reason for this is that education will improve the opportunities of their siblings. Instead, barriers are placed to prevent these people from acheiving their ambition. Even when the every subjects are taught in malay, these barriers are still in place. So to the immigrant communities, they may as well learn another language/eaxamination boards as government universities will reluctantly accept them even with good grades.

      The fact that guys like Kit siang are voicing out means they are here for good and wish to contribute to the betterment of this country. Is that such a bad thing to ketuanan people like you,

      JMD : Wow.. what a conjecture to make. Malaysia would have turned into Afghanistan if there were no immigrants back then like the chinese or indians to make up our current population mix? Indonesia on the other hand did not turn into Afganistan even though it is the largest Muslim country in the world with less than 5% of them are chinese. Please do not resort to this kind of insensitive remarks just to denigrate your fellow Malaysians here. As if the Malays are mostly consist of religious zealots. I do not know why you are sniping endlessly (and wrongly too) about our social fabric. What kind of agenda are your promoting by continuously making insensitive and untrue remarks in all of your comments?

      What is the term ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ that you find repulsive? According to your own understanding, what is it actually? Is it the crony capitalism where only the rich gets richer (regardless whether you’re a Malay or otherwise?), or the fact that BN, headed by Umno, is practising corruption unbridled since a few decades ago, or is it the NEP which tries to alleviate the poor using it’s affirmative control mechanism which was ultimately abused by the powers that be?

      What is it actually?

      Please relate whether this term is actually exemplified in day to day life of an average Malay. Now, if you criticise this Ketuanan thingy because of the things above, than we are actually in the same boat. You can see from my previous writings how I riled Umno and BN for forgetting their purpose and their responsibility. This is my continuous endeavor in blogging world.

      So, without being presumptive, I believe you despise Ketuanan Melayu because of the things I mentioned above.

      Next, I do not criticise Kit Siang because he is voicing grievances towards the government. Everyone can criticise. But do it tactfully and in constructive manner. But that is not the purpose of this article. This article specifically criticise Kit Siang for not looking at the whole picture when he criticised Najib. Because when some blog like the Mighty Pen had thrown vile insults to Islam and the Monarchy, and it also picked up DAPSY’s leaders writing and expand it in its blog with vile commentary, surely it will attract mass denunciation from the public, especially from the Malay masses. For, which Malay in the right mind not feel offended when their religion was told to F-off and their monarchy to be treated with vulgarity like that?

      But Kit Siang could not see this from his own blinkered point of view. Instead he admonished Najib for ‘condoning’ this denunciation. Obviously he did not dare to see what’s going on from his side of the fence.

      On to education issues with barriers of sorts. Now, have a read at this report here. From this report, you can clearly see that the race mix in PUBLIC universities in Malaysia are as follows:

      Year 2003;
      Malays – 62.6%, chinese – 32.2% and indians – 5.2%.

      That is quite realistic when compared to our own pupulation mix don’t you think? What barriers are you talking about? If there are indeed barriers, then there will be higher malay students in government owned public universities.

      But since this government is not as apartheid as some would like to believe, the composition of the students are reflected thoroughly with our population. Unless of course you want the chinese to be 90% in our universities. Perhaps that is more agreeable to you?

      But in the PRIVATE universities, the participation of Malays are very minimal. The barriers set by this privately owned colleges are the exorbitant fees which had deterred students from low income families to enrol in it. Luckily this ‘apartheid’ government had established the PTPTN fund to help these students, regardless of race to gain the opportunities to be enrolled in these colleges.

      Thank you.


  36. JMD,

    This sputjam fellow is one of those who likes to blurt out whatver comes to his mind. It includes trash and irritating statements.

    He appears to be a non-Muslim or some one who cannot differentiate Ridhuan Tee looking at Teoh’s illegitimate baby from the Islamic angle from the issue of sensitivity of having a baby outside marriage.

    When challenged to furnish proof of many Malay children outside marriage, he could only produce Jab Pendaftaran Negara 2000-07 figures of over 250,000 that he himself admitted had “No Racial Breakdown”.

    The 1999-2003 figures of over 100,000 only mentions “anak orang Islam”. He surely is not daft to know that, apart from Malay, these could be Indonesian, Bengladeshi, Pakistani and so on. He blurted out those figures without even pointing out these possibilities. Didn’t he think of that possibility? Didn’t he read of babies being abandoned by Pendatang Asing Tanpa Izin and/or those with work permits but not allowed to get married in this country?

    This fellow could be a sorely misguided Malay when he said, “Do we need reigion even though we believe in God?” Or he could be a Singapore Malay lost in the confusing values that LKY had designed for our poor brethren in that “Middle Kingdom”. He said, “Singapore is indeed more free in terms of faith and religion. It is secular. Religion takes a back seat. Malays can be of any religion in singapore.”

    If he is, and wants to meddle in our affairs over here, we can only pity him and pray that God will one day show him the way to salvation.

    If, however, he is a non-Malay masquerading as one, or commenting on Islamic issues with ill intent, we can only curse and condemn his person, pray that God damn his soul and doom him to hell.


    • Maybe the authorities are too embarass to give figures according to races when it comes to children born out of wed-lock. Normally, it is the norm for anything else in Malaysia to include racial profiling, from higher education opportunities to employment in government agencies.
      maybe most of the time, they could not figure out which race the child belongs to as they were abandoned or found in dustbins and drains.

      In singapore, the authorities there could not be bothered about religion. their main focus of intention is to make singapore wealthy.

      There are no religious classes, nor religious tv programmes in singapore, nor do they spend hundreds of millions building non-revenue generating assets such as religious premises such as what the Malaysian government does.

      Your last sentence is what I had expected from a person with religeous background. Full of hate towrds those who have a difference of opinion which goes against the mainstream.

      JMD : Hence, when you nor the authorities have the figures, then why did you initially say that the Malays have the most number of out of wedlock children?? What does this show us? Only your anti-Malay sentiment.


      • sputjam,
        “In singapore, the authorities there could not be bothered about religion. their main focus of intention is to make singapore wealthy.

        There are no religious classes, nor religious tv programmes in singapore, nor do they spend hundreds of millions building non-revenue generating assets such as religious premises such as what the Malaysian government does.”

        Are you implying that religious activities should be profit making activity?

        ~ OnDaStreet


        • I am not an atheist. I am a realist.

          religious people believe in their priest and houses of worship.

          I believe in God alone. And I pray (do’a) He guides me on the right path. For He guides whom He wills.


          • Religious activities/rituals has no benefit for man. Religion is a profit motivated scheme which benefit the administrators. The Pope, the Imams, The tibetan monks all profit from taxes they collect from their followers.
            Those who forsake God for others, I hope they will repent.
            “They have taken their priests and rabbis as lords besides the God, as well as Christ the son of Mary. They were commanded not to serve, but the one God; there is no god except He, much too glorious to have partners”.


            • sputjam,
              your first reply and second kind of contradict.. first,
              “I believe in God alone. And I pray (do’a) He guides me on the right path. For He guides whom He wills”

              Then you said:
              “Religious activities/rituals has no benefit for man. Religion is a profit motivated scheme which benefit the administrators. The Pope, the Imams, The tibetan monks all profit from taxes they collect from their followers”

              If you believe in God, but saying Religion is a profit motivated scheme.. how do you believe in God but without religion? Actually..I am confused with you..

              If you believe God exist, and I trust, when you believe, there must be some sort of religion in line with you beliefs in God.. but you said Religion is a profit motivated scheme which benefit the administrators.

              Care to explain?

              ~ OnDaStreet


              • Muhamed, isa, musa, all warned mankind about religion. religion is what the firaun was all about. he was the chief priest of the egyptians religion.
                when musa freed the jews (bani israil) from the clutches of firaun, they started to build a statue of a cow and started to worship it.
                Today’ jews believe that musa was the initiator of their religion. How untrue. He was trying to avert them from joining any religion and embrace God alone.
                How sure are you that the arabs ambrace the messages relayed by muhamed? In the koran, the arabs were described as hypicrites and wanted mohamed to rewrite the messages to their benefit. And the koran stated that if Mohamed had done that, he would be amongst those who transgressed. In the end, the arabs wrote the hadith and sunnah and created a religion which was not what God had wanted. They called the religion islam, whuch was not meant to be.

                JMD : When the prophets warned mankind about religion, it did not mean that we should shun it. Far from it. You should learn more about this subject. Anyway, from the Islamic perspective, your interpretation of the stories in the Holy Quran was totally wrong. You should learn more from your Muslim brothers before you write something here that touches on sensitive issues such as the one you are writing above. Since you are not a Muslim, please do not arrogate yourself to be an expert in it. Your contention about the Hadith and sunnah above was also erroneous. Your earlier comments had shown how wrong you were in describing the history of Islam etc. Therefore, I implore you to desist, not so much of trying to curtail free speech but to seek out Islamic scholars and argue your case there.
                Anyway, you do not believe in any religion. You believe in God alone. You do not believe in prophets. How you worship your God is totally according to your own interpretation how one should be. You made known your opinion already. You must now harness the ability to agree to disagree with your fellow Malaysians.


            • that’s your own distorted belief. you got no right to IMPOSE your belief upon anyone.

              I don’t see the authorities IMPOSING Islam upon anyone anywhere. but course, parts of shariah is implemented and Muslims should abide by it just as they abide by the common laws. but then again, that’s not imposing.


              • @ average joe,

                syariah law decides who is muslim and who is not. And if they denounce islamic religion, then they are by definition, dead ducks.

                This is not what was stated in the koran, whereby freedom of faith and thoughts are sacred. But for those who do evil and trangressed, then there is no escape.


            • Sputjam,
              Perhaps you may wanna read a biographical book about Muhammad written by Karen Armstrong for a head start. Then perhaps you get a better idea about Islam


              • Reading a book by Karen Armstrong will be like reading the hadith and sunnah written by Bukhari, Muslim and others.
                I don’t really know who Karen Armstrong is. Similarly, neiher do I know who Bukhari, Muslim and others who wrote the hadiths and sunnahs are.

                The idea of islam is wrongly inteprated to mean, the religion of islam. This happens, despite many warnings in the koran regarding “idol worship”.
                God does not require us worshipping Him. He is, after all, The Sustainer. He gives us sustenance and not the other way around.
                Strive for goodness and seek the truth. And do not be with the arrogants. God hates the arrogants.

                JMD : But have you really read her book? I doubt it. Do you even know what are the ‘idols’ Islam was talking about? By the way, maybe your God do not require you to worship Him. But the Muslims are required to worship God The Almighty as stipulated in the Quran. At the very least, 5 times a day. Next time, please do not be arrogant. Your own interpretation of what religion is may not be the same with other people. That is why, before you try to ridicule other people’s religion without ample facts, please think for a moment and be sensitive for a change. Time and time again, your comments had been rebutted and had exposed the lies you been propagating and yet you still feel shameless in attacking the Malays and their religion. Tak malu kah?


          • I have no affinity for singapore. It was selected to make a point. Singaporeans can be of any faith from any race, mix marriages is tolerated if done in the registrar of marriages and civil law comes before syariah.

            Their mosque does not use speakers and amplifiers to announce the azan and anyone else who does not comply with the noise regulations will be prosecuted.
            By not using the amplifier and loud speakers for azan, they are actually following the true islamic teachings as there were no speakers and amplifiers 1500 years ago.


            • @ sputjam

              of course 1500 years ago mosques/temples/churchs/synagouges/gurdwaras/whatever then didnt use PA systems because there WASN’T ANY, bodoh!!!

              if you can’t stand the prayer calls then i am telling you to get the hell out of this country with all your kepala bapaks.

              if you say the mosque PA system makes noise, then other places of worships make noise too.

              – hindu temples with their drums frequently played throughtout the day and over-intense josstick smoke all over.
              – churches/cathedrals with giant bells.
              – buddhist temples with intense josstick smoke all over.

              all over the nation there are muslims living side-by-side with churches, hindu temples and buddhist temples as well and as far as i know, no a single Muslim have been heard complaining on the “unpleasant” sounds and smells from those places of worship.

              but we got p***m*ks like you complaining against mosque’s prayer calls.


              • I am only showing the true hypocrites the muslim religionist are. They go around saying they will follow mohamed’s sunnah, but actually they are not.
                If you are true followers of mohamed, you will go around in camels and and abandon any form of technological advances.
                In Pakistan, christians churches are burnt to the ground, in sulawesi, christians are beheaded.

                religion clouds your mind and make you do evil things.

                JMD : I am bemused to see that you continue to go along this approach, just like how Fikri has described you, you kept on demonising Muslims as well as the Malays. You only highlight the negative things about Islam and the Malays as if you treat them as your enemy. If you are treating them this way (as an enemy), then who are your allies?

                Now, from all the past comments you had written, if you find that anything about the Malays and Islam is so revolting, and you believe that what you write is true, then who are your supporters?

                By the way, many Muslims died from the hands of other ‘religionists’ too. You forgot to mention when hundreds of thousands Bosnian Muslims was massacred in the Bosnian Wars or when hundreds of Muslims were killed in India.

                Obviously your extreme prejudice compelled you to overlook these things. Because as we all know, bigotry also cloud your mind from seeing this from an objective point of view. Thank you.


      • My comment on malays having the most number of children out of wedlock is based on newspaper reports and creative family planning medication used by non-muslims, mostly chinese, but not indians. Why dont; you ask hishamuddin for the true figures since syed hamid albar refused or cannot give the actual breakdown on racial out-of-wedlock children figures.

        I feel sorry that the malays, instead of being more open minded and liberal, are being manipulated by the leaders of their religion to become oppresive and less inquisitive.

        JMD : Please do not divert the issue and try to criticise Hishamuddin. He was not the one who said : “Most children born out of wedlock happens to be malays.”

        You were the one who said it.

        The issue here is how you could be insensitive and passed on a remark without even a substantial proof to back up your opinion. That is why, you should just apologise for your own transgression. Unless of course you are too proud to apologise. Oh the Malays are open minded and liberal definitely. If not, do you think we could progress this way in a multi race population like this? Because, as I recall what you said earlier, if the Malays are left with this country all to themselves, Malaysia could end up just like Afghanistan. The fact that we didn’t, the fact that the Malays can be open minded and liberal to accept other people in this country had paved way for a peaceful nation, devoid of civil wars or inflation or nationwide poverty. Thank you.


    • you must understand that most chinese are like kit siang. They will fight for every grain of rice in the sand. they are made this way. But violent, they are not.

      JMD : Sure Sputjam. All violent crooks in this country are either Indians or Malays. Never the chinese.


      • chinese share of violent crime will continue to fall. Reason is due to falling birth rate. Therefore, whatever children they have, they will treasure them.
        Economist found that in america, it was due to the introduction of legal abortion which reduce the crime rate to the level today. Abortion and other pregnancy prevention measures reduce the chance of an unwanted child, and therefore a probable future criminal, being born.

        JMD : Now there.. in previous comment, you said chinese are never violent but here you admit that the chinese do have a fair share of being violent. Aren’t you tired of being exposed everyday as nothing more than a bigot? Who has nothing better to do than to spew lies and arrogantly looking down on your Malay friends?

        Sputjam, this blog values good discussion. You are not helping your cause. In fact, you are sabotaging yourself and exposing how close minded and delusional people can be.

        For more reading about legalised abortion in America, have a go at it here</a;. Now go ask your Muslim friends what do they think about legalised abortion.


  37. Calon BN Rohaizat Othman menafikan dakwaan bahawa beliau mempunyai isteri kedua yang dikenali sebagai ‘Hafizah’, seperti didakwa oleh Ketua Dewan Pemuda PAS Nasrudin Hasan.

    Nasrudin mendakwa Hafizah yang dikahwini oleh calon BN itu pada tahun 2005 merupakan ketua kerani, yang berkerja di pejabat Rohaizat selama lapan tahun yang kini tinggal di Jengka, Pahang.

    Ketua Pemuda PAS itu juga mendakwa Hafizah menuntut agar Rohaizat “mengaku bahawa beliau adalah isteri keduanya.”

    JMD : Wah, cerita pasal berbini dua pun boleh jadi isu pilihanraya? 🙂


    • JMD,

      mungkin kot… berbini 2-3 boleh dijadikan isu pilihanraya. tengok apa dah jadi kat haji hadi yg berbini 2-3 tu… tumbang negerinya ke tangan BN hahaha…


  38. johnny,
    Wouldn’t you think, if this Hafizah or her family, or even PAS can provide documentation proof that she is the second wife, PAS will win hands down?

    It has been days.. mamat tu dah x ngaku.. boleh sahaja tunjukkan bukti betul si dia itu isterinya.

    Dan bak kata JMD, sejak bila pulak isteri kedua boleh jadi isu pilihanraya / politik.. ini dah kes politik rumahtangga, bukan politik negeri/negara..

    ~ OnDaStreet


      • whatever kepala moyang kau!

        kalau tuduh tu BUKTIKAN lah… kalau takda bukti itu kira FITNAH, dosa yg lagi besar dari membunuh. tak tahulah kalau pencacai PAS yang menjilat ****** Lim Kit Siang ni dah perasan banyak sangat pahala!


      • Memang la dah kalah.. memang tu pun kawasan PAS sejak PRU12..status quo.. no difference in ruling coalition.. right?

        Tidak mengapa. Tadbirlah DUN tu seeloknya dan semoga rakyat mendapat manfaat.. baik daripada Pakatan mahupun Barisan..

        ~ OnDaStreet


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