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Perfecting 1Malaysia

There are a lot of discussion in the media about the 1Malaysia concept. Basically, it is  a rebranding exercise of ‘Semangat Muhibbah’ inculcated in the 80’s. This is confirmed by Datuk Seri Najib himself in his maiden parliamentary session as the Prime Minister.

Nevertheless, he had specifically listed 8 main values of this rebranded concept, which are:

i) Culture of excellence

ii) Perseverance

iii) Humility

iv) Acceptance

v) Loyalty

vi) Meritocracy

vii) Education

viii) Integrity

Using his own words, 1Malaysia “is not a new concept or formula. Rather, the ultimate goal of 1Malaysia, which is national unity, has been the main vision of our country’s leaders before me, and has been interpreted in various shapes and forms over the span of five decades of Independence. If we truly study it, what has changed is the approach and implementation according to the ever-changing times and generations. In other words, 1Malaysia is a concept to foster unity amongst the multi-ethnic rakyat of Malaysia, substantiated by key values that every Malaysian should observe.”

Every now and then we have people who would try to give their own interpretations on what the Prime Minister is promoting. 1Malaysia has been hijacked by politicians who only want to serve their self interests. Some say it is Malaysian Malaysia. Some say it is a concept of assimilating all the people.

This blog will do none of that. This article will neither interpret according to my own opinion what 1Malaysia is or isn’t nor will it try to arrogate any suppositions of what 1Malaysia should be.

However, this article will try to relay a potential weakness in 1Malaysia where hopefully, it can be overcome so that it can truly achieve the ultimate goal stated above.

Obviously, 1Malaysia is a very good concept. But currently, that is what it really is – a concept. Throw in a few nice words like Principles of Precision or Principles of Unity and you will definitely get the audience mesmerized with the slogan.

For instance, Najib stated that the Principles of Unity is mainly constituted with values such as acceptance and nationalistic principles. But what are those actually? He said that nationalistic principles are built upon the Federal Constitution and the Rukun Negara while acceptance “indicates a state of mind that you are embracing something positively”.

He thinks “it’s important for us to migrate from this concept of mere tolerance to acceptance. Acceptance in the sense that you are ready to accept things. If you’re willing to accept things, if you embrace things willingly, then I think your capacity to look at things in a more positive manner is much better than mere tolerance”.

He also thinks “that’s important because then you don’t have any baggage and you’re not weighed down by any negative pre-conceived notions and you’re willing to look at the best the person can offer”.

Okay fair enough.

But how do we apply these nationalistic principles and the principle of accepting one another to all Malaysians? How do we inculcate the values? How do you put patriotism into the hearts of Malaysians? What are the steps to ensure that everyone accept one another?

He provided us with the goal of 1Malaysia and its strategies. But he failed to provide us with the processes. The ‘how to’. The step by step action plans. Although his concept and the strategies are much better than the hollow Malaysian Economic Agenda, what he was saying was merely ‘sastera’ or literature or in a more relevant phrase, ‘bahasa politik’.

In order to attain credibility, Najib must exert stronger evidence that he is doing something rather than to simply talking about everything rhetorically. We want facts. We want figures. We want to see a concrete resolution on how he plans to achieve national unity. Importantly, we want to see results.

The concept 1Malaysia is oddly naked without a definitive national policy which could propel the country towards that goal.

Without a definitive national policy which embeds all the strategies of 1Malaysia, the risk of this concept being interpreted by egocentric people and politicians to their own whims and fancy is quite high. We see it happening as soon as the concept was launched.

To institute a change without knowing the proper path and the correct trajectory towards its goal is lunatic.

Merely trying to contextualise a heavy concept into several pieces of articles is not enough. Any good concept must always have its underlying execution plans. Look at the New Economic Policy or Vision2020 or even the Misi Nasional. Each policy had complimented the overall aim which is towards achieving national unity and prosperity. Each policy in return, is accompanied by specified tasks which act as enablers in order to achieve specified targets which eventually will guide the nation to fulfill the overall aim.

For instance, take one of the values in 1Malaysia below – Education. Najib wrote passionately about it.


Education and knowledge are important prerequisites for any nation to succeed and throughout history we’ve realized that the only empires that have survived are the empires of the mind, particularly in the present context. An empire built on military strength have not survived and cannot survive. So when you talk about education and knowledge, it must be seen in a holistic context. It must be integrated with values as well. You must have a society which places education and knowledge at the apex of everything. Not only the government, but society as a value. For example, the culture of reading. If you just rely on formal text books, you’re not going to gain as much as you ought to. But if you have this culture of reading, this habit of reading, whether through books or through the internet then you are able to open up the Malaysian mind. And I’d like to see the Malaysian mind more and more opened up.

We are constrained by the fact that we have different [education] streams in the country. We don’t have one stream, as such, we don’t have one national stream. Even the national stream has been redefined to include the vernacular schools. It is both a strength as well as a problem and a challenge for us because we won’t have the opportunity for Malaysians to grow up together through one school in a physical sense, but they will be compartmentalized. 95 per cent of Chinese will go to Chinese schools, 97 per cent of malays will go through the sekolah kebangsaan or national schools. So we will not have the opportunity. But what we can do is to ensure that there are opportunities for us to interact by looking at the curriculum and emphasizing on common values, so that even if we are physically separated, but if we are imbued with the same value system, hopefully at some point in time, we will converge. When we converge, in the physical sense, we will be able to appreciate each other better.

Good literature.

We can see several noble aims in the above paragraphs. So what do we do next Mr Prime Minister?

Even the last two statements seemed to be consoling oneself and shying away from the responsibility of bringing the principle aim of the 1Malaysia concept into fruition.

It does not make sense when you are extolling the aim of 1Malaysia but at the same time, be reticent on how we can achieve it.

It is about time that Najib review all the national policies to reflect on the aim of 1Malaysia and its strategies . Malaysia needs a new all encompassing mother policy which can be suited at all times.

Honestly, the mother policy we have now – Vision2020, is inadequate to face the challenges ahead. It was conceptualised during the advent of an economic boom and all of its strategies and implementation plans centred around the belief that Malaysia will achieve national unity and a developed country status without being cognisant of any economic or political downturns.

Hence, in order for 1Malaysia to be successful in its aim, a definitive policy that takes into account all the potential risks as well as opportunities addressed in the concept of 1Malaysia should be thought of. We no longer can rely solely on 10th Malaysia Plan or its subsequent plans.

We need a better policy that will mold Malaysia into a very resilient country which can blaze through rough times and shine brighter during the good times.

Singapore, Israel,  Switzerland and Indonesia  all have mother policies which are revolving around their national security.

As we lay more importance to national unity rather than national security, I am proposing a brief framework which I believe should be the main principles of this mother policy. We shall call it the ‘National Resilience Policy’ for the time being.

As the name implies, the aim of this policy is to ensure that the nation is able to be resilient at all times. Whenever it faces external or domestic problems, there are strategies and action plans that can be instituted so that the nation can sail through the charted or uncharted waters till the year 2020 and beyond.

The main principle of this policy is inspired by Sun Tzu’s Art of War. Whereby, in order to gain ground, an army must strategise to acquire the area they wish to conquer, fortify it, and then move forward to gain more grounds. It is unwise to move further forward if the current position cannot be sustained.

Hence, the model for national resilience (in other words, do not crack under tremendous pressure) is:

1) To achieve

2) To sustain

3) To progress – to select new targets in order to achieve them

4) Repeat step (1)

National resilience should be built upon 3 platforms that encapsulate an unending cycle like the above. This tried and tested framework enables the country to be in a cycle of progressive nation building which would eventually change this country into a strong and a fully developed nation by 2020 and beyond.

Within each of this platform, all aspects of the nation’s governance will be covered. It is imperative however that the original aim of 1Malaysia and Vision2020 permeates within each areas.

Social welfare, defence, economy, human capital, religion, social harmony, education, business, agriculture, technology etc. should be taken into account.

For instance, our pursuit in eradicating hardcore poverty. All know that we aim to achieve 0%  hardcore poverty by the year 2010. Actual plans had been taken by the government and its ancillary agencies to achieve this aim. This incidentally followed closely with the first platform. When the target has been achieved, proper steps have to be taken in order to sustain this 0% target so that in the next wave of economic downturn, this 0% will not rise again.

All the activities and action plans within this 2nd platform must ensure that the target achieved earlier will not budge should any untoward factors decided to come crashing through our doors.

To ensure that we progress to a better future, the 3rd platform enables us to chart our next course of action through identifying new targets within the ambit of each areas. In the case of poverty, after we have solidified our position of 0% extreme poverty, the next logical step would be to eradicate poverty totally.

The Government then has to implement steps and initiatives which could raise the livelihood of the poor and improve their income levels. Consequently, this come back into the 1st platform. The cycle continues when new steps of strengthening and sustaining this new target are implemented so on and so forth.

When our fundamentals are strong, nothing is impossible. Any stress testings can be endured successfully.

Coming back to the area of education, since our aim is national unity, and its tenets are enshrined in the Constitution and the Rukunegara, coupled with the fact that even 1Malaysia concept is also propagating one stream education, the target of the National Resilience Policy should constitute plans to set up a more streamlined national education. This should be the main impetus in the 1st platform above. Within the 2nd and 3rd platforms, PPSMI could be reinstated and higher quality of education can be provided respectively.

We know that the task of creating a comprehensive policy of this magnitude is humongous. But as we all know, nothing can be gained without perseverance and culture of excellence. As we have the best brains within the country, the technocrats, Oxbridge graduates etc., this mother policy should not be a difficult task to develop. Moreover, this policy is a live document where its model framework enables it to be running in perpetuity.

Apart from the above, if we are serious in attaining what we deemed as our Elusive Dream, then any concept that we propagate must seriously be followed by good and well structured implementation plans. Otherwise, the aim can never be perfected.

It is simply never enough if we just try profusely to explain what 1Malaysia is. Needless to say, whether it is the concept of 1Malaysia, Bangsa Malaysia or even Politics of Empathy, the politicians must inspire the people with specific ways on how to achieve whatever it is they are aiming for. If not, it will merely be just that – a good piece of literature.

Thank you.


39 thoughts on “Perfecting 1Malaysia

  1. Salam JMD,

    Saya menanti juga artikel mengenai slogan 1Malaysia ni dari tuan. Knew it would come, just as i knew Najib would come out with his own slogan right after taking over from paklah.

    Seperti biasa tuan bijak menggunakan diplomasi melalui kata2 tuan yang amat teratur dan padat. Kalau sayalah, satu ayat je – slogan lagi…!

    Agak2 boleh tak kita dapatkan secara kasar berapakah yang telah dibelanjakan oleh kerajaan semasa zaman paklah untuk mempromosi dan menghebahkan slogan Islam Hadhari dulu ? Dan berapa pula yang telah dibajetkan untuk 1Malaysia ? Niat saya nak tambah sedapkan lagi kutukan saya kelak. (straightforward ni 🙂 )

    Teruskan penulisan tuan, saya sentiasa sokong !

    JMD : Thank you for the comment Din.


  2. I thought KJ’s speech at the bankers club on the Politics of Empathy was a good reference. Yours is good too. Empirical.

    JMD : Thank you for taking the time to read it.


  3. Yes, an implementation plan that is based exactly on the declared policy objectives.

    I’m especially concened about the “acceptance, loyalty and meritocracy” aspects of the 1Malaysia values.

    There must be acceptance of the established facts (not newly conceived ideas) of the history of the country, the Social Contract and the Constitution.

    Every citizen should know how this country started, the immigration in large numbers of non-Malays during British colonial rule in the 19th – 20th Century that changed the racial composition of the population, what the British did during that period that resulted in the accentuation of the disparity between the Malays and the Chinese, the fight for independence and the roles and the contributions of the various communities, what the Malay and non-Malay leaders agreed and now referred to as the Social Contract, and the Constitution that embodies the Social Contract. That’s why the Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua proposal (aimed at the creation of a cohesive Bangsa Malaysia) by the Demi Negara Blogging Community asks that history be made a compulsory subject in schools.

    Only with knowledge of these would there be full and genuine
    “acceptance” of Bahasa Malaysia, affirmative action and the like. Only then would there be a sense of belonging, of realistic ownership, of genuine loyalty. After all, the basic requirement of loyalty is acceptance, respect and abiding by the Constitution, the highest set of laws of the country. Only then would there be 1 Bangsa Malaysia, no longer any identification by race, no racial profiling, intended or otherwise. Only then would meritocracy and 1 Malaysia come into being.

    All the above must be reflected in the policies formulated and implemented. The disparities resulting from the British Colonial policy must be rectified. We simply cannot have meritocracy when there is no level playing field. It does not make sense that 68% of the population own only 18% of corporate wealth (not counting other forms of wealth at that), that the Chinese still exceed the Malays in education. These must be rectified first before there can be meritocracy in all spheres of activity.

    After all, for hundreds of years the Manchus and one other dynasty in China practised the same policy of assisting the disadvantaged. The Southern Chinese were given 25% quota of the civil service posts; even then, it was not perfect – they were the majority yet the Northerners got equal amount and the minority Manchus retained 50%. That this occurred a long time ago is not relevant (it lasted until early 20th Century anyway); what is relevant is that even the Chinese in China had an affirmative action policy.

    JMD : Thank you Maju for the comment.


  4. Saudara JMD,

    PM apabila membincangkan “The Principles of Unity”, beliau menulis “..“it’s important for us to migrate from this concept of mere tolerance to acceptance….

    Saya pernah bertanya kepada PM di blognya dalam bagaimana untuk melakukan “migration” ini:-

    “‘Unity Through Diversity’

    Dato Seri, Saya berharap Dato Seri dapat terus memberikan penjelasan kepada rakyat mengenai konsep “1Malaysia” yang diutarakan oleh Dato Seri.

    “Unity through Diversity” sememangnya suatu ungkapan yang sedap didengar apabila diucapkan berulang kali. Tapi bagaimana pula perlaksanaannya? Dapat kah ia dipraktikkan? Kerana “Unity” dan “Diversity” adalah merupakan dua perkataan yang berlawanan sebagaimana “Putih” dan “Hitam”.

    Bagi saya; Bangsa, Negara dan Bahasa hanyalah satu, iaitu MALAYSIA. Bangsa & Negara yang utuh ini perlu dipupuk sejak dibangku sekolah lagi, bukan apabila “agar-agar itu telahpun keras kental”.

    Kempen Satu Sekolah Utk Semua. Nyatakan sokongan di sini

    Salam Sejahtera”

    Kemudianya, PM telah menjawab soalan saya di atas, begini:-

    “Saudara NJ,

    Konsep Perpaduan Melalui Kepelbagaian sebenarnya menggalakkan penyertaan bersama dan bukannya bersifat eksklusif. Kepelbagaian tidaklah disamakan dengan membezakan, sebaliknya ia bermaksud kelainan. Sedang kita hidup di dalam dunia yang mana dinding pemisah sosial, ekonomi dan budaya semakin lenyap, kita mesti mula memahami dan mempelajari untuk bergerak melampaui kesanggupan menerima kepelbagaian masyarakat yang hidup di Malaysia kepada menerima kepelbagaian ini. Apabila terdapatnya penerimaan, kita akan belajar menghargai dan menjana keupayaan dan kekuatan satu sama lain untuk faedah bersama. Inilah matlamat 1Malaysia: mewujudkan satu budaya saling menghormati dan menerima tanpa mengira latar belakang ekonomi dan sosial.”

    Saya ingin membuat beberapa petikan dari buku “The Malay Dilemma” oleh Tun. Dr. Mahathir bersabit dengan tajuk “Unity” ini. Petikan-petikan ini di ambil dari bab 6 “The Bases of National Unity”.

    “The sense of loyalty and unity within a nation was brought about by the ability to understand A COMMON LANGUAGE , culture and religion.”

    “New immigrants ranged from Chinese to Russians. Practically every ethnic and language group was included. Knowledge of English, the OFFICIAL LANGUAGE among immigrants was minimal or nil, as was knowledge of the culture and historical background of the United States. Out of this polygot mixture of people, national UNITY was built PRIMARILY on a basis of LANGUAGE .”

    “Here an important principle was established and UPHELD – immigrants wishing to be nationals HAD TO LEARN ENGLISH as the national language and its acceptance had to be complete, and the language actually SPOKEN in EVERYDAY LIFE. There was no question of saying “We accept English as the official language of the United States”, and then ignoring it. Much less was there any suggestion that immigrant languages should be placed ANYWHERE NEAR English or even OFFICIALLY TOLERATED. Indeed, it was a CONDITION OF CITIZENSHIP, implied through LOYALTY to THE CONSTITUTION, that new citizen of non-Anglo Saxon origin DID NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to insist on parity of any other language with English.

    (Tun membincangkan bagaimana “Unity” dicapai di Amerika Syarikat dalam konteks “Bahasa” yang digunapakai, iaitu Bahasa Kebangsaan)

    “LANGUAGE thus seems to be the KEY to national UNITY

    “Having created a society in which the people literally UNDERSTOOD EACH OTHER, a national culture was allowed to develop freely.

    (Nota : tulisan huruf besar adalah penekanan saya sendiri)

    Jadi, berbalik kepada saranan PM yakni kita wajar “migrate from tolerance to acceptance”, saya tertanya-tanya:-

    “usahkan “acceptance”, bagaimana nak capai “tolerance” sedangkan kita tidak “understand each other” in the first place apabila kita tidak berkomunikasi dengan bahasa yang seragam”

    Salam Sejahtera,



    JMD : Thank you NJ for the comment. Good points.


  5. Only with knowledge of these would there be full and genuine
    “acceptance” of Bahasa Malaysia, affirmative action and the like.


    Affirmative action to help the less fortunate is commendable , but should be for all Malaysians regardless of race or creed.

    If affirmative action is merely to be based on race, it would mean even those who have benefitted in upgrading themselves to a level playing field is now saying that it is their right to continue to receive aid , not because they are in the category of the less fortunate , but because of their race.

    This is unacceptable as it would mean that the policy has degenarated into the realm of apartheid.

    JMD : My take on apartheid vis-a-vis the accusation that Malaysia in one can be read in my replies here and here. Thank you.


  6. In the european countries, education starts at 5 years old. We are still having education at beginning 7 for the rural folks.

    In europe, by the time they are 16-17 years old, they are considered as adult and can make their mind up on what they want in life.
    Hence cesc fabregas plays proffesional football at 16 for barcelona and earning money, which are taxable to the govenrment.

    In Malaysia, even when you graduate at 24, you are still dependent on the government for jobs.

    It does not matter what language we get our education from. In switzerland, the french speaking ones have their education in french, the germans in german, the italians in italian and the rumanians in Rumano. But they can communicate with one another as they are literate in more than one language and many speaks english.

    Swiss company Nestle, has a french sounding company, has an ethnic swiss-german CEO and Malaysians can be found working in their headquarters in lucerne, speaking english.

    Malaysia on the other hand, already has a well diversified character, but the ethnic ketuanan malay type insist that everybody speaks only one language which destorys what 1Malaysia is all about.

    1Malaysia should be about encouraging any citizen getting their maximum potential by learning and speaking in any language they want. everybody can speak a smuttering of malay. Even some malays cannot speak malay in a proper manner. Just watch some of the malay drama on RTM. The script/dialogue is shameful and how it got through our censorship board and RTM’s own drama committee is beyond me. It seems the malays tolerate low standards, which is deemed suitable to be shown on TV for the masses. This encourage even more low standards from the masses, in terms of food served in hawker stalls etc.

    Dewan Bahasa is actually the traitor that has brought down the standard of education and language in the country. And due to this, many other races are reluctant to learn malay as it si considered a HP6 language.

    Consider how indonesian speaks their language. It is spoken so well and easily understood, even the chinese in indonesia spaeks the language in their everyday life. In fact most overseas universities teaches Indonesian malay and many Malaysian will be dumb founded when replying to an indonesian in their language due to embarrasment.

    JMD : The first part of your comment contradicts the respect you have for the Indonesians in the latter part. So should we follow the Indonesian model of having a unifying language between their multi-ethnic population? Anyway, I see that you could not shake you racist tendency when you stated – “ethnic ketuanan malay type insist that everybody speaks only one language”.

    When did people here say everyone MUST SPEAK ONLY IN ONE LANGUAGE? Another vile tactic Sputjam?


  7. JMD & Maju,

    Kehidupan rakyat akan menjadi senang dan makmur sekiranya pemimpin negara kita , berfikiran dan mempunyai pendirian seperti JMD dan Maju.

    Tetapi kebiasaannya , apabila seseorang itu telah memegang teraju negara dan dipanggil Pak Menteri atau sebagainya, masing-masing tenggelam punca.

    Corak kepimpinan sekarang ialah ibarat kanak-kanak bermain , “Pak Pak Alang, berbontot-bontot.”

    JMD dan Maju mesti faham akan permainan ini.
    Masa kecil-kecil dulu saya selalu bermain ” Pak Pak Alang” dengan kawan-kawan.

    Kita ada Perlembagaan Persekutuan,
    Kita ada Akta-Akta Pelajaran,
    Kita ada DEB,
    Kita ada PNB……

    Alas,…” these are only fleeting things….
    ………. my elusive dreams..”

    Terima kasih.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment Sujini.


  8. And why is it barriers are placed to prevent other races from progressing in Malaysia?
    Even by learning in malay, they will be denied places in universities etc. o what is the advantage of learning the language?
    many prefer to learn in english or mandarin because they are being forced out of the country due to govenrment policies. At least if they learn in english or mandarin, they can still continue their education in Australia or Taiwan. The poor ones can try their luck in singapore.
    Malaysian govenrment will never buy a product that is produce locally by a non-bumi malaysian. It has to go through a tender process whereby a 100% bumi MOF licensed company could end up winning acting as an agent for a 100% imported products. The information board for our Bukit Jalil stadium for the commonwealth games and KLIA airport was 100% imported although there is a company producing it locally. It is shameful that Bangkok used the scoreboard/information board made in Malaysia when we ourselves rejected it for their asian games. Hence, many non-bumi companies have already given up hope of even participating in govenrment tenders and export a bulk of their products, including to singapore.

    If the 1Malaysia govenrment encourages and break down the barriers which inhibit the growth of the non-bumis, the economic growth can easily top 1-2% annually above that already achieved, plus our education standard will be considerably higher. This will tanslate into higher tax revenue to the govenment, which can then increase their allocation to eradicate poverty amd encourages more investment. Instead, present policy only encourages more to invest overseas and thus our currency and economy suffers.

    JMD : When you say barriers, it is actually opportunities. Because, the NEP does not inhibit the growth of the non-bumis. This has been explained in many, many replies within the commentary section. Also, please read this link. Might help you to understand things better.


  9. Maju

    After 50 years, affirmative policy is still not enough? Have you ever asked yourself is this policy giving fishes or teaching how to fish?

    And bear in mind 18% , 30% or 40% ownership by bumi is still a question mark and no one can determine whether the 18% as you claimed is real figure. If the govt is squandering all their wealth and let it be maintained at 18% by the bumi, who is at the losing end? You don’t need to own shares to define whether you are already there or not. There are more assets that you could compute. ie; property, cash, businesses outside Malaysia

    Both bumi and overall citizens are losing because the crook govt is the one who is using this policy to sapu the wealth.

    Shame or not, after 50 years still asking for affirmative policy?

    Even your Najib also tell you that keep on giving shares to bumi is not sustainable and they have to progress to be competitive.

    And to JMD
    Are you sure 97% of Chinese send their children to chinese school? All the way to secondary school? Please don’t simply put figure for the sake of it.

    And when I read about SSUS, it reminds me about Islamic Finance that is going over the same thing again and again and again without finding a real solution.

    JMD : Dear ABM, you have to take it up with Najib as the data was provided by him, not me. Read the article carefully before accusing me of simply putting up figures and what not. By the way, it’s 95% of chinese, not 97%.

    What about Islamic Finance that you find to be going about the same thing over and over again? Please elaborate for the sake of the readers here. And mind you, if you say SSUS do not offer solution to national unity, then Vernacular schools not only do not offer solutions, they are part of the problem. Thank you.


  10. abm

    Your question “After 50 years, affirmative policy is still not enough?” is mischievous.

    First, it’s not 50 years. It is 39 years. Secondly, nobody knew how long it will take to achieve the 30% because nobody ever tried that before. You can’t claim to know that because you don’t even know that it was 39 years. Thirdly, do you know that the Chinese in China with 4,500 years of history, over 1,000 inventions, 1.2 billion people, were not even respected internationally until a decade or so ago? They had the abacus and had been in business for thousands of years.

    The Malays did not have much knowledge and experience in business. The British colonialists assisted the Chinese in business by giving them mining leases, licenses to do many kinds of lottery and gaming business, licenses for rubber trading etc, but hardly helped or encouraged the Malays in business. You have to know the history of this country in oder to know all these. History based on the established facts, not according to those who say Chin Peng and the Malayan Communist Party are good, and the like.

    I think you are being mischievous again when you said “18%, 30% or 40% ownership by bumi is still a question mark and no one can determine whether the 18% as you claimed is real figure”. The 18% is the Government figure; they have all the records, the proper methods of calculating and assessment, based on international standards. Like Bank Negara, which is under the purview of the Government. But I suppose you don’t even believe in the Government. If you believe in, or are a part of, those who are out to discredit the Government and those in authority, I’m not interested in you and your comments after this.

    You sound to be that and appear to be irresponsibe when you say “If the govt is squandering all their wealth and let it be maintained at 18% by the bumi” without giving any facts and details to substantiate what you say. When you make a statement like that you have to produce solid facts and sound figures, quote the sources, or the authorities that produce those facts and figures. If not, you are just making irresponsible statements and nobody will bother with what you say.

    Asking “Shame or not, after 50 years still asking for affirmative policy?” is being naughty. My advice to you is not to be so. Other people can do the same to you and you’d not like it.

    You have to remember and accept that the affirmative policy was pursuant to the Constitutional provision on the Special Position of the Malays, which was agreed to by the non-Malay leaders in exchange for the Malay leaders agreeing to the non-Malays be given citizenship after Merdeka. If you question that Special Position, the Malays can also question your citizenship right. That would not help anybody, would it?


    • yes, if they keep questioning Article 153 and its offsprings, let us question their very citizenship in return.

      An eye for an eye! Fair and square!


  11. JMD : When you say barriers, it is actually opportunities. Because, the NEP does not inhibit the growth of the non-bumis


    I beg to differ, it is so regarding those well off and well connected non bumis, but what about the majority of the less well off non bumis ?. Don’t you think they are disadvantaged by this discrimination?

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. Please report any cases where non bumis are disadvantaged by the NEP to the relevant authorities. If they have trouble getting house loans from the bank because they have no fixed income (that is why there are no payslips – most banks do not except people with no payslips to reveive such loans), the the government had set up a government vehicle called the SJKP where everyone with low income can own a home from now on. If your child cannot pay any tuition fees in universities, there is PTPTN now. From the study linked here, only about 60% students in public universities are Malays (or bumi) the rest are Chinese and Indians. This commensurate with the population mix of Malaysia. However, in private universities, the number of Malays there are minimal eventhough there are hundreds of private universities out there. Maybe because the fee is exorbitantly high for the race with the lowest income bracket among the three. But PTPTN do not discriminate when it too finances the fees of private universities for everyone regardless of race.
    If you’re having difficulties in financing your business and having trouble with not enough working capital, the government set up SJPP where you can now obtain loans easily as the government has subsidised the guarantee of loans from the banks. An amount of RM10billion was set aside for this assistance. Up to date, more than RM4 billion guarantee was given out. And guess what, more than two-thirds of the loans application were from chinese owned businesses. What a ‘discrimination’! If I were a leader of an ‘apartheid’ country like Malaysia with severe fascist tendencies to boot, that RM10billion could have been spent elsewhere to further my ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ mantra. And this is just a few examples of ‘discrimination’ in Malaysia. What the opposition had highlighted was only a handful of affirmative action plans where it was important for them to make these policies more pronounced so that they could incite hatred among the people. However, they had failed to highlight all the other successes and examples where the NEP had helped the non-bumis as well. Thank you for the comment.


  12. JMD said, “When you say barriers, it is actually opportunities. Because, the NEP does not inhibit the growth of the non-bumis”

    Tell that to my non-bumi-friend who was denied a place in form 6 although he got grade 1 and credits in all science and maths and bahasa. malays guys who failed add maths were pushed into form 6 instead. That was 30 years ago and is still implemented now.

    There are many more like him, some obtained 8 A’s in the seventies but were denied a place to continue their studies, some due to bahasa failure. even in the UK or US they do not hinder anyopne from ascending further in their studies because of language. some of the parents went to see my late father begging for some form of assistance to allow their children to continue with their education. But there is nothing he could do. this is after all, a NAZI malay country. Unfortunately, there is no classy act like mercedes benz or Porsche to show for it. Only a puny Kris.

    i go to pubs and meet people who said their son were denied places to further their education even with 8’s etc. It is just an embarrasment that in the UK, even with 4 “o’level subjects, you can continue with your education and 2 “a” level passes is all that is required to attend universities.

    In the developed countries, you are not required to do any examinations in languages. It is up to the student. But is they want to pursue writing or teaching in languages, then they will include some languages in their examination choices.But if science and maths is your priority, then no need for languages.

    when our newly appointed incompetent minister of education, Muhyiddin, went to australia recently for his “lawatan sambil belajar”, he realised that australian (and british and many other more developed countries) languages is not required to further your ambition.

    JMD : Thank you for this particular comment. Anyway, your friend had grade 1 and all credit in those subjects and was denied entry into Lower 6? Reaaaaally?

    The rest of your comment just boggles the mind. It left me flabbergasted. You mean to say, in the UK, you can gain entrance to universities eventhough your language is not good? So, if I cannot understand a word in English, I can still enrol into UK universities? Sputjam, have you ever heard of TOEFL and other English proficiency test before entering universities?

    I seriously do not understand this comment of yours. On what plane of reality have you been living in? Oh wait, in the perfect world of racist people like you, anything can be used to defile Bahasa Malaysia as the national language. Doesn’t matter if the so called ‘facts’ are totally untrue, hopefully some ignorant soul will ultimately believe whatever you have said. Right?


  13. JMD

    I agree with you in questioning the statements made by the sputjam fellow. He cannot be believed. He is saying things just for the sake of undermining the authorities in this country. He has a hidden agenda.

    He doesn’t even recognise the importance and the role of Bahasa Malaysia in this country. He wants to question the rule that you would fail your SPM if you fail your BM. This kind would want their own rules, their own laws. I can gurantee him that he cannot find that anywhere in the world, including Mainland China.

    The role of BM is clearly stated in the Constitution of the country. But then again his kind would not respect the Constitution, would not abide and live by it.

    The Constitution is the very foundation of a country’s existence; it’s the highest set of laws of any country. Even
    Communist China has a constitution, has various sets of laws. The laws there carry harsh and severe punishment. In China he’ll probably be thrown into jail for umpteen years for saying those things he said above.

    The minimum requirement of loyalty to a country is respect for and abiding by the Constitution. Fellows like him don’t really care about such things. Calling Malaysia a Nazi country and the like. They should really think of finding an alternative place to live in if they cannot accept laws, rules and regulations that have been put out by governments elected by the people in a democratic manner.



  14. JMD,

    Would like to touch a bit on PPSMI, which is also linked to Education and one of the 8 Values of 1Malaysia.

    So it goes, that TS Muhyiddin, while in Perth, announced that the cabinet has allowed those school children that had started with PPSMI would finished with PPSMI.

    I know that you are all for PPSMI. Initially I was for PPSMI too.
    However, when I got to very serious thinking , I came to the conclusion that Tun Dr Mahathir had made a mistake. Why?


    1. Maths and Science can be taught in any language, not just english, as it was the Arab Scholars who studied and translated them from Greek to Arabic during the Middle Ages ( i.e during the reign of Abassid Caliphs).

    2. European scholars went flocking to study Arabic in order to transmit both Greek & Arab learning to a new audience in the cultural back waters of England, France & Italy.

    3. If we want to uphold the dynamics of a language why not we do it in Bahasa Melayu?

    4. Why can’t our Malay/Muslim scholars study and translate the Arabic or even the Greek language for that matter? In this way the saying , “missing in translation”, could be avoided if not minimised.

    Yes, I believe technology and language must go hand in hand. We cannot have one without the other. That is the more reason we must develop and use Bahasa Melayu to the fullest.

    You may smile, because I am expressing my views now in english, but this is just to get through to those western-educated readers/debaters to your blog.

    Though the cabinet has decided to allow PPSMI to continue to the finish, it is not clear whether they meant only those schools in the city( like SK Bukit Damansara and Sri Hartamas) or all over.

    I am afraid in a decade or two, the children of SKBD and Sri Hartamas do not use the term Angkasawan to mean Astronaut or Tolak to mean Subtract.

    Is this what Tun Dr Mahathir wants and all those Malay parents from SKBD and Sri Hartamas?

    Think about it.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment Sujini. I believe most of the points you raised has been debated here, here and here. Please revisit this issue there. Have a good day!


  15. people like wan thinks that education is all about language. Therefore, if there is a genius in maths, physics or biology, but he cannot write proper sentence in any language, he should be dumped and left to rot.
    That is why our education system is such a rotten system. It does not value creativity. Only “follow thy leader mentality”. Cannot speak malay, go be a pirate movie pedlar, even if you got “A’s” for all science subjects and maths.

    Grow up Wan!


  16. On JMD’s reply, there is really no need for UK students to obtain any grade in english language if they were to enroll into universities, as their subjects are already taught in english and and if you obtain a good grade in biology or maths or physics, it already means you understood the subjects in english, provided you sat for the examinations in those subjects at ‘o’ level or ‘A’ level. Language is not mandatory in England, unlike the NAZI state of Malay supremacy here in Mat land, where a pass in malay is a must.

    TOEFL is only required for bummer students from Malaysia and other failed states, who got out of the jungle and took Malaysian examination in languages other than english. It’s main purpose is to ensure english proficiency.

    In more liberal european countries like switzerland and belgium, where there are many ethnic groups living side by side, like malaysia, you have the option of learning in your chosen language, but many speaks english anyway nowadays. In Malaysia, it is always the majority bullying the minority. Even christian Iban and kadazan students are tormented in peninsular bording schools.

    And you can call my friend up to see if it is true that he was rejected from attaending form 6. There were many more like him. It was a classic case of ethnic cleansing. Someday, a memorial wil be built to remind us never to trudge along those lines again, just like the Holocaust museum. But those non-bumi guys just accept their fate and move on. I just like their attitude. So positive.


    • Of course a pass in BM is a must so that you can speak and write BM well in your everyday life. Otherwise, how do you expect to write BM letters in your everyday working job, regardless whether you are a physicist, a doctor or an architect? All this complaining clearly shows how confused you are as a Malaysian. You could not accept what is already ordained in our life as a Malaysian.
      Yes, the education system needs a review. Yes, it could be better. But to rubbish the whole education system and the Malaysian National Language just because it is a must-pass subject in SPM is bit of a stretch.
      And stop all these unnecessary accusation that Christian Iban and Kadazan are tormented in Peninsular Sputjam. Your sputtering innuendoes will only show how you are trying to create hate among Malaysians.
      When I was living in VI hostel, the East Malaysians were treated equally among all the students. All had fun together and all had fair share getting bullied by seniors.
      By the way, did you fail your BM subject? Why? If you passed, then why the fuss?


  17. “usahkan “acceptance”, bagaimana nak capai “tolerance” sedangkan kita tidak “understand each other” in the first place apabila kita tidak berkomunikasi dengan bahasa yang seragam”


    I tak faham apa NJ kata disini, bukankah semua belajar BM di sekolah ?. Takkan tak bolih faham selepas 11 tahun bersekolah ?. BM digunakan untuk pembelajaran hampir semua matapelajaran.

    Tak usahlah bangkitkan orang orang tua , bagi yang muda bolih dikatakan semua faham BM.


    • jusoh,
      berdasarkan hujah anda, seharusnyalah, setelah 11 tahun belajar Bahasa Malaysia, komunikasi melalui bahasa perantaraan menggunakan Bahasa Malaysia tidak seharusnya menjadi masalah…

      Akan tetapi, adakah itu yang kita lihat?

      Berdasarkan pemahaman saya, berdasarkan senario inilah NJ berhujah.. betulkan saya jika tersalah bicara..

      Terima kasih

      ~ OnDaStreet


  18. Cara mengajar bahasa melayu tidak betul di Malaysia ni. Bandingkan dialog drama TV melayu dengan drama indonesia yang disiarkan oleh astro.
    Dari situ, kita semua dapat menghargai betapa mempersonakan apabila mendengar dialog drama indonesia.
    Satu daripada perkataan yang disalah guna adalah “kurang ajar!”. Ahli Parlimen di Malaysia sering menggunakan perkataan ini dan ia menunjokkan tahap bahasa seseorang itu. Perkataan yang tepat digunakan adalah “kurang sopan!”. Ini akan mengurangkan kemarahan seseorang jika perkataan ini ditujukan kepada mereka.
    Dalam semua perkara tersebut, saya salahkan dewan bahasa dan pustaka dan kesemua pentadbir bahasa dinegara ini kerana tidak menekan mutu bahasa dalam bidang penyiaran TV dan radio, dan juga cara pengajaran bahasa melayu disekolah.


    • “kurang sopan” dengan “kurang ajar” apa bezanya?

      we just call a spade a spade.

      before, you said BM is a HP6 language but are now criticising on the way the language is being taught and used. you’re taking your words back, jilat ludah sendiri, huh?!


    • Now look at you trying to discern the different use of the word ‘kurang ajar’. When you yourself could not refrain from making insensitive remarks towards the Malays. Thank you.


  19. JMD,

    Like to correct the english expression I used earlier i.e it should be lost in translation and not missing in translation.

    It’s okay if you do not wish to pursue in this discussion about PPSMI. I do believe you have the right to your opinion and likewise, I have mine.

    For the sake of arguement pse hear me out.

    1. When Abd.Rahman Yaakob was the Education Minister, he acted in line with our Fed.Constituition, i.e he introduced Bahasa Melayu as the medium of instruction in all National Schools and gone are English medium schools. Im sure you already know this.

    2. Henceforth when Tun Dr Mahathir discovered that Malay students overseas failed miserably in their studies, he was appalled to this. Consequently those who managed to scrape through with a degree still did not project themselves well when speaking the mat salleh language while at work.

    3. Where is the fault here, was it the teaching of Maths and Science in BM or English itself?

    4. TS Muhyiddin(MOE) realised it is not teaching Maths and Science in BM being the core problem but English as a language on its own.

    5. Please do not put the blame on GMP, DBP or even ITN (Inst.Terjemahan Negara) for this weakness if they are not empowered with the task and even the capacity ( adequate budget and resources) to begin with.

    6. Superficially it is good what Tun Dr Mahathir is trying to do. English being the language of knowledge must be abide, by all means. But do not forget while we are deeply consumed in acquiring knowledge, we are neglecting and killing our own national language and giving it an early burial. Look what happened to Latin and other world languages who had met a slow death.
    We don’t want one day your grandchild or your great grandchild would not know what is pramugari, what is tok mudim, what is bedahsiasat because everything else has lost in translation.

    Thank you, JMD, for tolerating this because I think from “tolerance” to total acceptance, one needs a strong political will. Am I right or am I right? Hehehe..


  20. Dear JMD,

    Hopefully you have recovered from your bout with the virus. My little contribution to this debate.

    We have often declared that we are a multi racial and multi religion society and yet what have we truly achieved out of being multi racial. It is not enough to have slogans and logos, we must take some extremely firm measures. We must stem the tide of the Chinese sending the children to Chinese schools, Indian to Indian schools and Malays to religious schools or schools that purportedly propagates Islam in their syllabus or curricular.

    We must ensure that the right educationists enters the national schools and not those with some kind of agenda. I am disturbed that many of the national schools these days have principals and teachers that demands that Muslim girls wear tudung, that Muslim boys wear songkok. That extra curricular activities are done wearing some long pants and tudung etc. This is what is scaring the Chinese and Indian parents away from national schools.

    For some reason compared to when I was in school there seems to be more suspicions about food cooked by the Chinese and yet for some strange reason this same discriminatory attitude is not directed to Indians. People continue to wallop Indian banana leaf even if there barely is a halal sign and yet people query whether the chicken rice is halal even with signs and certificates at a Chinese shop. We need to find the root cause and make sure that it does not become any worse.

    When I was in my teens eating at my Chinese friend’s house is normal and Muslim’s strict rules were observed without any fuss. These days even wearing a songkok is considered blasphemous for some non Muslims. How did we deteriorate to this? It is a a songkok for God’s sake and for those that do not know Malays actual head gear was the dastar or tanjak not songkok. Songkok was probably introduced by the traders from India or Turkey and modified in the manner we see now. It is form of another hat but for some reason it became a huge issue at one time.

    For some reason now we view one another suspiciously (I probably need to put the blame squarely on the politicians that have manipulated this to the extent to where we are now.) The Chinese and Indians view the Malays suspiciously as if they are second class citizens. But just show me one shop in KLCC or Pavillion or Mid Valley or Gardens or Sunway etc that belongs to a Malay? Who is actually second class here? I am not blaming the Chinese or the Indians for being industrious but I get annoyed keep on hearing claims that some Malaysians still consider themselves as second class citizens when for example Malays cannot even consider entering into the money changing business.

    Second class citizens and yet most of despatch boys, drivers and guards I see are Malays. Accept the fact that every race has its own advantage and disadvantage. Accept the fact that every race has its own super rich and those you-know-whos.

    In my school we had both the sons of a big time contractor (Chinese), a hawker (Chinese), a sweeper (Malay), a labourer (Indian) etc. We had it all. But do not manipulate the people with these false notions to push their own political agenda.

    Just a comment though, my father also could not enter Form Six even with good grades and in the process missed going to the university. Is that discrimination? He thinks it is. Everyone faces it. What’s even more important is to come out with an affirmative plan whereby actions and decisions will not be discriminatory.

    Some plans and proposals should not be Bumiputra centric but it should look at impoverished Bumiputras. Same should go for the non-Bumiputras. Impoverished non-Bumis should be given equal assistance.

    I seem to have gone a little off tangent here.

    For this 1Malaysia to succeed the government need to:
    1. Communicate, communicate and communicate – do not allow people to make their own assumptions and insinuations. Be clear. Be transparent.
    2. If there is a need for affirmative actions the objectives must be clear. It must not be open ended and must not be open to manipulations. Its beneficiaries must be clear and the system to identify the beneficiaries must be clear and transparent.
    3. They must teach people to fish and not give them fish. The gravy train should end. People should be made to work hard to achieve something and work hard does not merely mean going up and down offices.
    4. There must be opportunities given and provided for people to come out of their economic condition, status and station.
    5. There should be more education given to the younger generations to change their mindset. They should not be shackled by their current status and be given opportunities to get out of it.
    6. There is a real need to control the spiralling costs. Costs increase breeds discontent and discontent brings disharmony etc. The prices is getting more and more ridiculous. Controlling costs will be able to ensure lesser disparity of income and purchasing power.
    7. Any one organisation or agency should not be controlled or dominated by any one race. At present the civil service, armed forces are inundated by the Malays. This in itself will cause disharmony.
    8. As we Malays ask other races to learn our language and our culture we too need to make efforts to learn about others culture. Whether we mean it or not we have hurt some of their feelings. Efforts need to be made to ensure that there is proper disseminating of information of one another’s culture. It can be done in the form of films, programmes, books etc. Too little of our tv programmes are reflective of our actual day to day lives.
    9. Having Astro and having different channels for different races and language while it meets the demand is not doing anything to help with racial assimilation. I would think that while Astro penetration is not that much, it could be one of the reason for the present problems we are facing. Probably we need to discuss with Astro to put in programmes that encourages racial assimilation in every channel.

    Can’t think of anymore. Will add more when I have more ideas.



    JMD : Thank you for the well wishes.


  21. The people who are killing BM and turning into a HP6 language are the masters at DBP. They have become crazy with wealth due to their monopoly in supplying malay text books and work books to schools.
    I have not seen any masterly written novels in bahasa that is worth my while reading. most are jibberish with no meaning. even john lennon writes better than these jokers.
    For 11 years of learning bahasa, was there any incentives by the authorities of the language to introduce bahasa drama classes, or learn from master writers, so that their writings could be studied and criticised, and this may encourage students to be authors themselves? I doubt it.

    I still cannot understand why students who can answer science and maths in malay very fluently and score aces, need to pass bahasa papers. This is what i meant by wasting time and effort and such practices should be discarded in order to turn around our education system.


  22. Average Joe , dengan izin JMD,

    Nampaknya berlarutan hujah kita, ye?

    Ya , terima kasih Average Joe, saya sudah pun melawati blog PAGE sebelum ini. Saya dituduh PHD ( Pingat Hasat Dengki) kerana meninggalkan pandangan peribadi saya dalam sesawang mereka. Oleh kerana pandangan saya tidak sealiran dengan pendapat PAGE maka seorang pembahas yg mengguna nama webman telah menuduh saya PHD tanpa menjawab soalan-soalan saya.

    Oklah AJ, saya sudah dengar suara latar dalam YouTube yg anda tampalkan disini. Siapakah suara itu?

    1. Antara lain, suara itu mengatakan, telah dikenal pasti bahawa BM bukanlah bahasa ilmu.

    2. BM tidak banyak digunakan terutama didalam industri.

    3. Kalau ya pun sudah dibuat kaji selidek tentang penguasaan BM, mengapa tidak kerajaan(MOE) dahulu lagi (walau pun semasa Dr Mahathir jadi Menteri Pelajaran) mengerahkan supaya menaik tarafkan BM?

    4. Mengapa boleh berbelanja berbillion-billion ringgit dalam Rancangan-Rancangan 5 Tahun Malaysia tetapi tidak memberi penekanan kepada perkara yang asas seperti mengkayakan penguasaan BM ?

    5. Bukankah BM adalah bahasa kebangsaan dan bahasa penghantar kita?

    6. Kenapa kita mempunyai pradigma , bila sebut ilmu saja, oh itu tiada kena mengena dengan BM tetapi BI, dan bahasa asing yg lain?

    7. Suara itu menambah lagi, walau pun penambahbaikan akan dibuat untuk BM , munkin tidak dapat mengejar kepantasan teknologi yg berlaku.

    8. Ingatkah suara itu dengan pepatah Inggeris, “It’s better late than never?”

    9. Tindakan melaksanakan PPSMI semata-mata kerana BM bukan dianggap bahasa ilmu dan kurang penguasaannya adalah sama seperti dengan anologi ini, kalau kereta anda kemek akibat kemalangan kecil, takkan lah selepas ketuk balik nak tukar cat satu kereta? Melainkanlah anda ada wang saku berlebihan.

    10. PAGE semestinya merasa lega, kerana TS Muhyiddin telah bersetuju diatas permintaan untuk meneruskan PPSMI kepada anak-anak yg sudah mula dengan PPSMI sehingga tamat tingkatan. Arahan ini termasuk semua sekolah di Malaysia.
    Ok fine.

    11. Walau bagaimana pun saya amat berharap bahawa segala tindakan Kerajaan selepas tamat PPSMI perlulah menjurus kepada kebaikan semua (for the common good) dan bukan untuk selera segelintir rakyat.

    12. Akhir sekali saya mohon pembahas disini termasuk AJ, melayari alamat sesawang ini dan kaji pula dengan teliti.

    [notakaki: Maaf banyak-banyak JMD kerana terpaksa bertoleransi dengan hujah saya.
    Seperkara lagi, saya ingin minta bantuan JMD sedikit , kalau bolehlah. Boleh tak beri alamat emel sahabat samaritan yg membantu menghias Kepala Blog JMD?
    Masalah saya ialah bagaimana hendak “Custom Header” mengguna gambar biasa dan dicerutkan pixelnya sehingga 790×190? Thanks a zillion.

    JMD : Will see what I can do. Thank you.


  23. JMD dan Average Joe, (sambongan bhg.2)

    Hujah Bhg. ke2 saya adalah mengenai Laporan PAGE didalam YouTube mereka.

    Saya tidak ada fakta hujah mengenai keputusan UPSR 2008 dan kajian UPSI, jadi kalau ada butir-butir yg hendak diselindungkan oleh pihak tertentu, maka kita pun tidak tahu.

    Tetapi saya ingin menyentuh sedikit mengenai keputusan peperiksaan bertaraf antarabangsa , iaitu TIMSS 2007.

    Pihak PAGE lupa hendak menyenaraikan keputusan TIMSS untuk tahun 1999.

    1999 2003 2007

    1.Matematik 16 10 20

    2. Sains 22 20 21

    1. Malaysia menduduki peperiksaan ini mulai tahun 1999. Kalau tak percaya sila layari alamat sesawang yg telah saya berikan.

    2. Pada tahun 1999, murid-muird Malaysia yang berumur 14 tahun (di Ting. 2) sahaja mengambil peperiksaan ini walaupun peperiksaan TIMSS terbuka untuk murid darjah 4 dan ting.2.

    3. Mengikut anak saudara saya apabila beliau memasuki darjah 1 pada tahun 1984, beliau telah menggunakan BM sebagai bahasa penghantar di Sekolahnya (Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Jln Gurney,KL). Apabila beliau memasuki Sekolah Menengah (BBGS), 1990, beliau belajar Matematik dan Sains dalam B.Melayu sehingga menduduki SPM.

    4. Jadi jika seorang murid yg mulai masuk ke Sekolah Menengah (Ting. 1) pada 1998 dan mengambil peperiksaan TIMSS pada tahun 1999, apakah bahasa penghantar yg digunakan di Sekolah kalau tidak B.Melayu?

    5. Pada tahun 2003, apabila PPSMI diperkenalkan, adakah melibatkan murid darjah 1 dan Ting.1 sahaja atau semua darjah dan tingkatan?Itu saya tidak pasti.

    6. Oleh itu saya berani mengatakan bahawa keputusan peperiksaan TIMSS pada tahun 1999 dan 2003 adalah kerana murid-murid belajar Matematik dan Sains dalam Bahasa Ibunda mereka dan PPSMI belum memainkan peranan yg berkesan lagi.

    7. Persoalan seterusnya, kenapa keputusan peperiksaan TIMSS 2007 jelas mengalami kemerusutan dalam Matematik tetapi tidak banyak perbezaan dalam Sains?

    8. Adakah keputusan ini berkait dengan perlaksanaan PPSMI atau penguasaan Matematik dan Sains dalam BM telah menurun? Tetapi kalau ya pun sebab B.Melayu, kenapa pada tahun 1999 keputusannya lebih baik daripada 2007?

    Suara PAGE tidak menjelaskan keputusan terperinci mengenai UPSR 2008.

    Saya hendak tahu juga bagaimana keputusan UPSR 2008 telah menunjukkan kemajuan berbanding sebelum PPSMI.

    Adakah keputusan itu hanya melibatkan sekolah-sekolah di bandar (sekolah anak-anak orang elit) saja atau termasuk sekolah di pendalaman dan luar bandar?

    Kenapa tidak diberi perbandingan keputusan UPSR diantara sekolah di bandar dan di luar bandar sebelum (sepanjang masa UPSR dilaksanakan) dan sesudah PPSMI yg hanya baru 6 tahun?

    PAGE boleh saja menuduh Menteri Pelajaran sekarang kerana beliau tidak ikut rentak mereka. Tetapi kalau saya diberi pilihan memilih seorang PEMIMPIN yg akan meneraju negara ini nanti , saya tetap pilih TS Muhyiddin Yassin.
    Terima kasih.


  24. sujini,

    dalam video itu sendiri PAGE telahpun memberi penjelasan MENGAPA ranking TIMSS sebenarnya TIDAK mencerminkan produk PPSMI. entah apa niat anda mek mengheret kronologi ke tahun 1999. kenapa tidak 1989, 1979???

    dan jika anda mendakwa PAGE tidak memperincikan keputusan UPSR 2008, maka di mana pula perncian anda sendiri?

    sudahkah anda membaca KESEMUA artikel berkaitan PPSMI yang diunjukkan kepada anda oleh JMD sebelum anda meneruskan dengan “hujah” anda ?

    lagi satu, artikel di atas sana berkenaan 1Malaysia. apakah memang niat anda nak flood halaman ini dengan komen2 off-topic, sedangkan anda boleh memberi komen-komen berkenaan PPSMI di bawah artikel2 yang berkenaan?!

    lawati juga dan cari artikel2 beliau di bawah label pendidikan dan PPSMI.


    • pembetulan:

      entah apa niat anda nak mengheret kronologi ke tahun 1999. kenapa tidak 1989, 1979???


      bosan dengan golongan yang sekadar sayang bahasa tetapi alpa dengan masa depan anak bangsa. semuanya nak senang saja. tak sanggup bersusah sedikit pun.

      lagi satu, tiada satu negara pun dalam dunia ini yang trend prestasi peperiksaannya peratus lulus hanya meningkat, meningkat dan terus meningkat dari tahun ke tahun. kadangkala jatuh beberapa peratusan kecil itu perkara biasa.

      bahkan setelah anda habis baca blog Tun Faisal anda akan faham prestasi UPSR 2008 tak jatuh sebagaimana didakwa. no drop, but a marginal increase instead – and again, that’s for a change in medium of intruction to PPSMI.


  25. JMD & AJ,

    Sudahlah tu AJ. Bukankah anda dan PAGE telah pun berjaya dalam perjuangan untuk meneruskan PPSMI?
    Apa lagi?

    TS Muhyiddin Yassin sudah pun menerima permintaan PAGE. Jika anak anda bermula dengan PPSMI maka mereka akan berakhir dengan PPSMI.

    Memang saya tiada keputusan terperinci UPSR 2008. Saya sudah pun nyatakan dalam komen saya diatas yg saya tiada fakta hujah mengenainya.

    Saya bangkitkan keputusan TIMSS 1999 kerana pada tahun itulah Malaysia mendudukinya buat pertama kali.
    Jadi tujuan saya , kalau nak buat perbandingan buatlah dari mula.

    Saya ingin bertanya kepada JMD, salahkah saya membangkitkan isu PPSMI dalam topik 1 Malaysia?
    Bukankah PPSMI salah satu alat (tools) yang digunakan dalam bidang Pelajaran?
    Bukankah Pelajaran salah satu 8 Nilai dalam 1 Malaysia?

    Sekiranya saya berhujah luar dari topik tampalan JMD, sila padamkan saja hujah saya. Habis cerita.
    Maka tidak timbul perasaan sakit hati diantara kita.

    Saya hormati pendapat anda, PAGE ,Tun Faisal, JMD dan Tun Dr Mahathir sekali pun.
    Saya akui saya tidak hidup di zaman sewaktu (same time zone) dengan anda semua.
    Sebab itu saya tidak kisah anak dan cucu-cicit saya mengikuti PPSMI atau tidak.
    Saya tidak kisah adakah mereka akan mengganti Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawkins atau Madame Curie.
    Tetapi yg saya kisah ialah anak dan cucu-cicit saya sedar asal usul mereka. Sedar dari mana mereka bermula.
    Saya kisah yg mereka menghormati orang-orang tua, orang-orang kurang keupayaan,orang-orang miskin dan paling mustahak tidak menjadi pengkhianat ugama, bangsa dan bahasa ibundanya.


  26. JMD,

    Maaf kerana menyusahkan JMD berkenaan masalah saya dengan”Custom Header” tempoh hari.

    Saya telah pun dapat mengatasinya cara sendiri.
    Walau bagaimana pun saya ucapkan terima kasih banyak keranan sudi melayan permintaan saya.

    JMD : Terima kasih kembali. Jika puan mempunyai blog sendiri, silalah berkongsi alamatnya dengan kami 🙂


  27. Pingback: Final lap of the NEM and the liberals’ paradox «

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