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MACC and DAP: Finding the inconvenient truth

I believe a lot has been said about the tragic death of Teoh Beng Hock.

He was a witness of an MACC investigation pertaining the alleged misappropriation of funds by the Seri Kembangan state assemblyman, Ean Yong Hian Wah.

Apparently, MACC sniffed several corruption practices within the administration of the Selangor Government. This should not be a surprise to all as this serious allegations had been brought up non other than members of parliament from Pakatan Rakyat itself; namely MP Wee Choo Keong and MP Azmin Ali.

Both saw it fit to state that some of the exco members in Selangor are involved with the criminal world of organised crimes and underworld elements. The latter even suggested that most of the Selangor members are not fit to govern and should be replaced!

In his blog, Wee Choo Keong stated :

Personally I’ve had and continue to receive many complaints from the Pakatan Rakyat members and business communities in Selangor that the office of a certain exco member had been and is continuing to be used as a meeting place for people connected with the “underground business activities.” This is an open secret within the Selangor State’s administrative office.

Today, a DAP assemblyman in Johor revealed that the Johor DAP is being infiltrated by the secret society members. This is very disturbing as the trend seemed to be widespread and not only occurs in the state of Selangor.

The assemblyman, Dr Boo Cheng Hau related:

He said he believed north Johor DAP has members with underworld background and he was once forcibly stopped from attending a party meeting in the area by people claiming to be party members.

Boo said they were from north Johor told him he was not welcome on their turf, and told him to take care of only his area (constituency) as other areas were none of his business.

He said he had also received complaints that some new branches have recruited members who are linked to the underworld.

This showed that certain people in the party are using secret societies to strengthen their positions, he said, adding that what they were doing was extremely dangerous. – The Sun.

I believe he is aware of what is besieging his party and I also believe that his concerns about the underworld rearing its ugly head in the party are genuine.

Hence, with top 3 politicians within the Pakatan Rakyat showing concerns and making revelations to the public about the underworld powers behind the DAP, should there be any reason the MACC not to make any investigations?

Or, do we honestly believe MACC should not make any kind of effort into these allegations?

Well, do we?

If we do believe that MACC should investigate, how then should MACC approach the case?

As we ponder on, I would like to clarify a few matter here regarding the MACC and Teoh Beng Hock.

Firstly, Teoh Beng Hock was a witness of a corruption investigation by the MACC. He was not a suspect.

The public should be aware that there are several kinds of witnesses.  During my days as an investigative auditor, there are actually 4 types of witnesses which we will encounter during a criminal investigation:

1) A cooperative one. Voluntary giving statements and evidences as and when asked by the fact-finding interviewers.

2) A passive one. Involuntary and often withhold evidence.

3) A difficult one. Will not cooperate at all with the interviewers. Sometimes they will not tell the truth.

4) A witness cum suspect. They will be treated differently as criminal suspects would have different sets of rights and laws that govern them. For instance, they can be hold in custody in a certain period of time before a  criminal charge is brought against them.

The other issue that needs to be highlighted is that there are no set rules on how to extract information from witnesses. Meaning, there are no fixed laws or procedures that governs the rights of a witness. The witness is not a suspect, therefore, he has the rights of a free man. He can come and go anytime he wants.

That is why, witnesses under interrogation by the MACC can be called upon many times to shed more light on the investigation.

The ex MP for Serdang, Yap Pian Hon was interrogated by the MACC from 8pm to 6am just to shed some light into a corruption case.

Khir Toyo went up to the MACC office many times to give further assistance to the MACC on his own corruption case. At one point, he was there at odd hours just to cooperate with the MACC.

Now, there is this question on why witnesses are sometimes being called upon at odd hours of the day by the MACC.

Here, common sense takes centrestage.

There are 3 reasons why witnesses will be called to divulge information. MACC will act promptly upon receiving leads and would straight away call the witness so that:

1) the corruption acts will still be fresh in the memory of the witness. The witness may not remember what had happened if he was only called upon a month after a report has been made.

2) the witness will not be influenced/threatened by external parties. Imagine if the MACC made appointment with a witness for a session in two weeks time. That will give ample time for anyone to exert influence to the witness.

3) the risk of the witness disappear or go out of the country or unavailable will be reduced.

Bear in mind, all witnesses are called upon to be at the MACC office on voluntary basis. They are not suspects. That is why Teoh Beng Hock was never remanded or ‘be in custody’ of the MACC. He was a free man throughout the interrogation session.

He even had a late night supper with the MACC officers outside the MACC premise on the night of his death. Hence, all these assertions that he was in custody and he was subjected to a ‘grueling marathon’ and sleep deprivation are not true at all.

If eating at a nasi kandar restaurant at midnight and going back at 3.45am is grueling then RPK should have pity on all the auditors of a Big 4 firms where they go home exactly at that time during the long months famously known as the ‘peak period’.

Besides, sleep deprivation kicks in if you had not have enough sleep for more than 5 days.

If MACC is labeled as torturing Teoh by not letting him to sleep until 3.45am, then I believe many employers are subjected to imprisonment for torturing their workers. How many of us had stayed up late till wee hours in the morning just to finish a project?

Anyway, I am digressing.

What is important to know is that Teoh Beng Hock, went there willingly and had cooperated in a fact-finding session with the MACC.

He was allowed to go back home by 3.45am but instead, on his own freewill, loitered around the MACC office and had a conversation with Tan Boon Wah, a Kajang municipal councillor up until 6am.

This was admitted by Tan Boon Wah himself.

Unbeknown to many of us, the MACC had actually called 3 persons that night. Besides Teoh Beng Hock and Tan Boon Wah, a contractor by the name Lee Wye Wing was also called. He is the technical advisor of WSK Services. He came in as a witness as his name was reported to the MACC. Allegedly, he was the beneficiary of the many projects initiated by DAP Selangor particularly in Sg. Pelek.

He was also in contact with Teoh Beng Hock moments before he died. The reason why his name did not appear in the newspaper was the fact that he immediately flew to China as the body of Teoh Beng Hock was discovered the next day.

Fortunately, the police got hold of him for questioning the moment he returned from China a few days ago.

These two persons, Lee and Boon Wah are the key witnesses to the investigation of the death of Teoh Beng Hock.

Since the DAP played racial card and showed their racist sentiments towards the Malays and accusing the MACC as the murderer of Teoh Beng Hock, it is naturally logical for any level headed people to admit that any persons seen last with the victim should automatically be a suspect. But that’s just me. Perhaps I saw too much CSI series.


Barely a day after TBH passed away, the DAP wasted no time in finger pointing who the killer is (picture taken from Teo Nie Ching's blog)

Tan Boon Wah on the other hand made contradictory statements over a certain period of time. He admitted to have met the deceased in the wee hours of the morning. To make a police report over false imprisonment had very much contradict his own admission that he ‘hung-out’ at the pantry or even went to the toilet without any escort. Remember, only a suspect is treated with handcuffs and an escort anywhere they go. But not a witness.


Tan Boon Wah

Now, it is known that pathologists found traces of DNA on Teoh Beng Hock’s back. The police is making the normal investigation procedure by acquiring the DNA samples of all the persons connected to the case. According to  sources, all the MACC officers had voluntarily gave their DNA samples.

Guess who refused to assist the police in trying to find a piece of the puzzle? There are two persons who, till this date refused to acquiesce to the police request.

They are Tan Boon Wah and Lee Wye Wing.

What kind of persons who do not want to cooperate with the police? Are they not interested in letting the public know the truth? Why are they sabotaging the investigation with their unwillingness to cooperate?

I believe if such situation persists, the public will never know what had happened that night.

The DAP is harping on continued uncooperative stand with regards to the on going investigation but at the same time crying out for the government to be transparent about the whole incident.

This tactic by the DAP in rallying racist sentiments among its supporters by accusing the government as racist and chinese killer is a well known modus operandi by the opposition to gain support.

The DAP and the opposition are guilty for their heinous act of accusing Tun Abdul Razak, Datuk Harun Idris and Tun Dr Mahathir as the architects of the racial riot in 1969.

They are also guilty of accusing the current Prime Minister of uttering damning words of ‘soaking the keris with chinese blood’ when it was apparent that what they accused was without any shred of evidence.

Both of the accusations above was rebuked without even a whimper of protest or rebuttals from the opposition.

And yet, was there any apology by the racist leaders within Pakatan Rakyat? There was nothing. Only vile arrogance.

I specifically put the word vile because only people with insidious nature would stir hatred among the chinese towards the malays using that kind of way.

Where is your dignity? Obviously the quest for power knows no bounds in human decency.

Teoh Beng Hock’s death was tragic. It was unthinkable.

He could have been pushed (hence traces of another person’s DNA was found on his back). If there was any struggle, the pathologists will definitely find signs of induced trauma on the skin especially when rigor mortis sets in. This is where cooperation from those two people who were last seen with Teoh Beng Hock is vital.

The police will just have to counter check their DNA, together with the DNA samples of all the MACC officers in order to get a clearer picture.

It could have been a freak accident where he accidentally tripped over an open window while peering out.

He could have also committed suicide.

Cases of witnesses committing suicide right after being interrogated by the police or anti-corruption agencies are not new.

Even in Hong Kong, where its anti-corruption agency is arguably one of the best in the world (ICAC is the role model of MACC by the way), had numerous cases of suicides after the witnesses were interrogated by its officers.

Was the pressure by the MACC during a interrogation session so great that he was willing to commit suicide right after he was released? Assuming the interview session was so torturous, the moment he was released and be free, he jumped out from the window?

What do normal people do after a supposedly ‘grueling’ session is concluded? Would you jump out of the window? What would trigger this sort of reaction?

If I was the MACC, when a witness had willingly divulged all evidences pertaining an allegation of corruption, would it not be imperative to take care of this witness? He will surely be called upon during a future corruption trial to pin the perpetrator of the said crime. Therefore, what benefit will MACC get from Teoh Beng Hock’s death?

Nevertheless, people are more interested to lay blame on the MACC as a simple way to divert attention. What are these people diverting from?

The simple matter of the truth. I mean, the real truth.

What good is a prolonged inquest or Royal Commision which many say will be independent when the MACC had been unfairly victimised by the opposition from the very beginning?

The real victim here is Teoh Beng Hock and his family members. They have the right to know the real truth. Even when the truth will hurt. But in order to get to the bottom of it, everyone must give their utmost cooperation. The real truth is when we have found out the reasons and the ‘hows’ of Teoh Beng Hock’s untimely death.

After the inquest being postponed to 5th August, the only people who get the benefit are the criminals. The ones who are involved in corruption behind this tragic case.

For every single day this matter been sidestepped, the corrupt will benefit more and more.

Instead of the MACC investigating the corruption allegation, it is now the MACC who is being investigated. Then who is monitoring the corruption activities now especially when more than 20 MACC officers are being subpoenaed and the lead officer being reassigned?

People lose focus by the drama that is unfolding. The ones that was alleged by Wee Choo Keong and Azmin Ali as having involvements with the underworld are smiling secretly right now.

Dr. Boo Cheng Hau was right in raising his concerns. We should be concerned too.

81 thoughts on “MACC and DAP: Finding the inconvenient truth

  1. JMD,

    I like the simple logic based on facts in your posting. I cannot comprehend why some sections of the society are blaming MACC for the death of TBH when it is more valuable for MACC to keep him alive as possible key witness.

    I hope the inquest would reveal the truth so that TBH’s death is not in vain. MACC should continue to investigate the alleged corruption activities in Selangor. They should be allowed to do their job and all parties should give their fullest cooperation. There is nothing to be afraid of if you are transparent and got nothing to hide.


    • You forgot that this country is under ketuanan dictatorship. Ketuanan elites are above the LAW.
      Simple matter of our previous LAW minister-Nazri- whereby his son was accused of manslaughter, but everything was kept very silent. The people who were hauled into police station were the thai workers at DON cafe in Hartamas. But nobody hauled in Nazri’s son and his friends for causing the death of Derek.
      Typical malay attacking 5 against 1 defenceless person. Just like Kampung MedanJ and teoh’s case. The poor chap was defenceless in the office of MACC, could be subject to intimidation, such as kidnap and rape of his would be wife if he refuse to sign a prepared testimony that would implicate his bosses in DAP for corruption. So being buddhist, he could have taken the best option, which is to save the innocents from being tormented. Very honorable deed indeed. That is, provided he wasn’t murdered in the first place.

      Which idiot in selangor or anywhere on earth is going to cooperate with MACC when a cooperative and helpful witness ends up dead in MACC’s office. You must be one of those idiots the examiners passed just to fill up government quotas.

      JMD : Like I said earlier, please subtantiate your accusations with viable reports or statistics. Anyway I am a bit taken aback by what you said – that buddhist would commit suicides in a situation you state above and it would be honorable deed. I hope someone can clarify this matter.

      Also Sputjam, you should never go personal just to justify your points. It is irrelevant at best, especially when it misses the mark. It will make your commentary appear sloppy and very emotional. Thank you.


    • Most people know Tan Boon Wah stand 4 hours is false story , but one thing why he choose 4 ? Because we finally
      found 2 evidence that he has behaviour like the number 4 .
      1st Evidence is dated July 8 2010 from MP Serdang Teo Nie Ching blog about 4 minutes .
      Kindly note during this time most people not yet know TBWah 4 hour stand story on inquest 23 July 2010 .

      But we believe Criminal Mind in December 2010 has already start backdated false blog on July 2009 say
      he stand 4 hours . Anyway , you can check others old articles did he mention 4 hours stand story ?

      2nd Evidence is dated July 25 2009 from blog , which we visit this blog on October 2010
      and only found that it also has something 4 minutes , in December 2010 . has told Kajang councillor Tan Boon Hwa is a DAP member who is close to Ronnie Liu.
      So the question what is benefit being close to Ronnie Liu ?
      The answer is : Sungai Pelek Peruntukan DUN which upload by Bob K in which we belive is

      If Beng Hock receive instrutions from someone to create false invoice , and again why not 1 , 2
      but why again 4 lagi . Because the person give order like TBWah idea of 4 ????

      Section 01 . What is Lee Kee Hiong and Lee Wye Wing secret ?
      Section 02 . What is Ean Yong Hian Wah secret ?
      Section 03a . Who is pH and IQuit in MP Serdang Teo Nie Ching blog ?
      Section 03b . What is Kajang councillor Tan Boon Wah secret ?
      Section 04 . What happen last 2 days before Beng Hock die ?
      Section 05 . What is Ronnie Liu , the innocent man BIG secret ?


  2. “Later, Gobind told reporters the disclosure on the DNA will be investigated, hopefully over the weekend.

    “This will be very telling in the course of the inquest and we now have time to send the reports to our own experts.”

    He also clarified that the two persons who have yet to give their DNA samples were only informed on Tuesday afternoon, and that he was sure they would cooperate if police were to call them again.

    He said one of the two is Kajang municipal councillor Tan Boon Wah, who was allegedly the last person to see Teoh alive.” The Sun. 29/07/09.

    Perhaps there was some misreporting?


    JMD : Thank you DPP for the news piece. But I also remember reading somewhere that both Tan and Lee have been advised by Gobind Singh Deo and Karpal Singh not to give their DNA sample to the Police. Actually Tan was called in for his DNA sample much earlier than last Tuesday but he kept on delaying it. We shall wait for Gobind to fulfil his promise that his client will cooperate when he is called once again. Thank you.


  3. “How can it be secret when I made the statement?” DAP member Dariff Din asked, adding he was questioned by MACC from 4.30pm until 9pm that day.”

    He said they were mainly interested in his ethnicity rather than the case itself, adding the officer was curious because he looked Chinese but had a Malay name. He told them his father was Malay and mother was Chinese.” MI July 18.


    Is Lee Wye Wing the same as this Chines-Muslim convert Darrif Din who had a press conference as reported in Malaysian Insider on 17th July, or are you referring to someone totally different?


    JMD : I’m sure Dariff Din is a different person from Lee Wye Wing. All 3 of them (TBW, TBH and LWW) were the ones that were questioned past midnight that day. I am really curious to know who is the person identified through the DNA found on TBH.

    Will surely cut short the drama and the hunt for underworld criminals will resume. Thank you.


  4. I believe this is ridiculous.

    So far the only people who claim Teo was released at 3.45am was MACC.

    Why should we trust the prime suspect in this case?

    If it was the DAP, then someone from the DAP has access to the 14th floor of the MACC building at 8am? Don’t you find that odd?

    In my little office I need an access card to enter in, you mean to tell me the MACC building, that houses private and confidential details of cases allows 2 strangers to walk into the 14th floor and throw someone off the window at a time when people are coming in for work?

    Logically speaking, MACC is suspect number 1.

    Commited suicide theory is pure rubbish, he is about to get married with a child on the way.

    Slip is pure rubbish as well. You don’t slip through a 45 degree opened window, that has to be one massive slip.

    Somebody pushed him, the question is who? And since it happened in the MACC building and the MACC are prime suspects, the question of who killed Teo is far more pressing than the mere pittance the DAP State Assemblymen are ‘suspected’ of stealing.

    JMD : Hi Keith. I thought TBH was released by MACC before his death. Regardless whether its 3.45am, 4.15am or even 5am. The fact is, TBH saw him as a free man at 6am. And TBHw admitted in the media that he met TBH at 6am.

    So if you say a prime suspect must be found, then the best bet should be TBHw. Should it not? There is no need to say how could a person from the DAP enter the MACC at night because TBHw and Lee Wye Wing were already in the office at that time.

    Logically speaking my dear Keith, TBHw and LWW are suspect number 1 followed by any of the MACC officers.

    That is why the DNA testing is vital.

    Also my dear Keith, you may not have lived long enough to know that some people died through the freakiest of accidents. It is remote, but there is always a possibility. Therefore, to rule out accidental death would be a bit unwise.

    Since you have rubbished the suicide theory, let me put another scenario so that suicide theory shall not be ruled out too. Imagine you have your loved ones which you loved more than anything else in this world. And suddenly you realised that your actions may implicate dangerous people. Although you are fighting with your own conscience and the need to see your loved ones are safe, you still did what you have to do. And now this dangerous people have threatened you that they will harm your loved ones should you testify/reveal further any damning information. Some may take the easy way out by committing suicide so that their loved ones will be safe from harm. Is this not possible?

    Lastly, it is just not the case of suspected corruption or stealing Keith. It is the whole allegations that the underworld is getting hold of the DAP. If the DAP politicians are kow-towing with these criminals, do you think this country will be safer if Pakatan Rakyat (Syed Akbar Ali calls them Pakatan Gangster now) takes over the Federal Government?

    Dissenters or protesters might be missing on daily basis. Who needs ISA then? 🙂

    Thank you.


  5. Saudara JMD,

    Kalau seketika dulu Ms. Theresa Kok (DAP) memainkan “api” dalam isu ketuk-ketampi sehinggakan hubungan negara kita dan negara China berada di dalam keadaan “tidak berapa selesa”, kini LKS/LGE (DAP) terus menerus memainkan “api” dalam isu TBH ini sehingga menimbulkan rasa keluh kesah di dalam negara.

    Seperti yang ditulis, DAP juga yang memainkan api perkauman pada 1969 dan juga api “keris soaking chinese blood”.

    Sekiranya terbukti lagi, bahawa DAP masih juga bermain “api” dalam isu TBH ini, saya rasa adalah wajar bagi pihak keselamatan dalam negeri serta juga pendaftar pertubuhan mengambil langkah yang sepatutnya termasuk mengharamkan parti DAP ini demi kesejahteraan negara.


    Semerah Padi

    JMD : Thank you Semerah Padi. I nearly forgot about Teresa Kok and her antics regarding the ‘Squat-gate’ scandal. At that time, it was in 2005. The DAP was just testing the waters. Being opportunistic that they are, the moment they got something that can smear the Malays or the government, they will use it against them. In that case, a Malay girl (who happened to look like chinese) video was paraded in Parliament by Teresa Kok (she did not even have the decency to check things through) and consequently, the DAP played racial sentiment by portraying the Police abusing a ‘chinese’ girl. Consequently, the whole bruhaha went overboard in the internet and racist taunts and anti Malay sentiments could be read all over the internet. Did Teresa Kok apologise?


  6. DAP is known to habour racialist principle and attitude. The penetration of under ground element in DAP has its legacy and history. During the early days of independence, the same group was communist sympathiser (in fact they adopt the communist, pro-chinese agenda). It is no surprise they are strictly anti-malays. Similar to PAP, don’t you think so? The malays need to look at SG if you want to see how Malaysia will be when the DAP lead opposition control this country.
    Why oh why, the malays in PKR and PAS????? Allah give you Quran and brain to guide you how to become leaders of humanity.


  7. Hmmm…
    lawak juga semua kekecohan ahli2 parti PR yang inginkan keadilan…i mean “justice” lah!!
    Mahu siasatan dijalankan…. tapi?? What happen, bila sampai masa, Tan Boon Hwa and Lee Wye Wing tak mahu beri kerjasama.

    Something to hide ka??

    They want swift action…. bila inquest bermula, memasing minta pengangguhan pula!!

    Serupa macam Anwar juga lah semua nie….
    then what??… Peguam Pemerhati utk kerajaan Selangor sakit perut?? Pening kepala?? Tangguh lagi??

    They are quick and swift to come out with all sort of accusations…but, bila masa to look for the seems semua is making up stupid excuses!! Duhhhhh!!

    OOps ..sorry!! the outcome of the inquest and RCI is already out…. !!
    MACC and POLICE found not guilty is NOT an option….NOT Acceptable!!!!


  8. As-Salam Bro JMD,..heheh,..apo nak dikato,..d behavior of dis two chinkies shows a lot of hidden possibilities dat is not in deir favor,.. logic shows dat u wud surely greet and talk to ur college aftr being in separate room of investigation,.. macam kat sekolah bila kena panggil ngan prefect bila nampak geng je mesti tanya” depa tanya apa kat hang?” but TBWah said he saw TBHock at d pantry looking tired & hunch but dey did not talk( did not talk in d pantry wile having a tea or othr drink??) d logic of d mind says its unacceptable,..TBWah wud definitely pressure TBHock to compare note as he noes he is involved,..wakaka,..wat an idiotic move of trying to pre empt dat TBHock mite b tortured as he look hunched and tired…backfired & caught in his own webs of deceit,..I tink d reason fer d othr chinkie to fly out to China immediately is due to fear but he woz coaxed into returning to Malaysia as dat wud clearly proof and implicate Ronnie Liu & Ean Wah wth d othr DAPs chinkies dats involved in corruption & abusing deir authority,.. d spot of d DNA collected i.e d belt & back of his coat/jacket/blazer significantly shows he woz tossed out d building & d laceration on his wrist mite b due to TBHock gabbing d window pane or watever he cud get hold of,.. wish d police wud get a warrant to have d bodies of dis two chinkies examine fer blue lacks of scratch wat so ever…heheh,.. wat else can I say,..(,”)

    p.s. d more dangerous ting to look at is d advise given by d two baiyas namely d bae dat I’ll slap if met face to face Kepal Bae & his sonny deol,..dey r protecting d suspected murderer!! apo nak dikato,..heheh,..dats political at its worst..(,”)

    JMD : No problem bro. Anytime 🙂


  9. 1. It was an outrageous allegation. One Pakatan leader even went to the extent alleging that this was another one of those Barisan Nasional conspiracies. Everything that went against them is a Barisan Nasional Conspiracy i guess.

    2. DAP playing the racial card? Again? Well, the best way to cover for the culprit(s) would always be to deviate the people from the truth. But how come the Malays in Pakatan Rakyat fall for it so easily? Sigh.

    3. Hopefully, the rakyat and the Malays in Pakatan Rakyat shall soon know the true ultra racist face of DAP and let us all see how Pakatan Rakyat react to it. Let us all see how blind Pakatan Rakyat can be.


  10. JMD,

    This is an excellent analysis. You sound like an experienced criminologist. Possibly due to your investigative audit experience. And yes, also your CSI connection!

    The Johor DAP Assemblyman’s revelation that the Johor DAP is being infiltrated by secret society members certainly lends credibility to the allegations made by the Selangor PKR Assemblyman and the PKR MP that the Selangor DAP Exco members have links with the Underworld. Forcibly stopping him from attending a party meeting and telling him not to enter others’ “territory” are signs of gangland mentality. What more when the DAP Assemblyman himself said he had received complaints that new branches have recruited members who are linked to the Underworld. Where before it was two PKR wakil rakyat alleging, now it is a DAP wakil rakyat admitting.

    This is a very serious trend and must be stopped. The allegations point to secret societies, thugs and gangsters (that the term Underworld is often associated with) infiltrating and influencing the running of a government. DAP is now publicly spoken to be having links with secret societies, thugs and gangsters in two states. I am waiting for revelations of DAP having such links in other states; specifically, in Perak, where the Ghee Hins and Hai Sans secret societies, thugs and gangsters started operating as long ago as the 19th Century, and in Penang, where the Ghee Hins and the Hai Sans originated from, prior to British Intervention and Colonialism in Malaya.

    We must also take note that these secret societies, thugs and gangsters exist everywhere. History books show tha they originated from Mainland China. The Chinese bring them almost everywhere they go; practically every Chinatown of major cities in the world has them. It’s as if it is a way of life, a part of their culture. Utusan Online 28.7.09 quotes the Kuala Lumpur Chief of Police saying that several secret societies operate in Kuala Lumpur. The extent of their existence nation-wide must be considerable. The authorities must break them up, put as many of them behind bars as possible, reduce their existence to the minimum.

    I hope the Police investigation into Teoh’s death, the Inquest and the Commission of Inquiry would reveal the role and the personalities involved with the Underworld. Severe and co-ordinated action against them must begin from there.



  11. Salam JMD,

    What is an inquest , actually?

    According to my son, an inquest is done whenever a victim suddenly died without known causes. The police will submit their report to the magistrate and the court will decide whether an inquest is necessary.

    In the case of the late Teoh Beng Hock, even if PM did not instruct it , an inquest is deemed necessary as police could not determined the cause of death. This is normal in all sudden death cases.

    I would like to share with you here , what I considered police bloopers, regarding the investigations and findings made.

    As reported in an english daily earlier, the police revealed new clues in probe into Teoh’s death.
    One of them was that there was no footage of the late Teoh leaving the building (Plaza Masalam) from the CCTV recordings.

    Now any layman can deduce this. Obviously there was no footage, because, Teoh chose to leave from one of the windows of the building…..

    There was this incident about Teoh’s handphone. On the day Teoh was found dead, the paper reported his handphone was missing. Then the next day, the police reported MACC had it. Until finally the IGP said it is now with the Police.

    A day before the inquest, the Selangor Police Chief stated that investigations were “more or less completed.”
    Now , what I think was, he’s not sure whether it IS COMPLETED and ready for inquest.

    True enough , during the inquest held yesterday, there was an unidentified DNA found on the deceased’s belongings (i.e clothings) and the coroner had to postpone the inquest.

    In the news over TV last night , it was mentioned that samples of DNA were taken from the deceased’s jacket and belt.
    Your posting added that these samples were found on the back of the deceased.

    If your version is correct, could he’d been pushed?

    The paper today (30 Jul), did not mention who the two witnesses who refused to take their DNA samples.
    But you are disclosing their names. Can you do that?

    I do agree that MACC has screwed big time. Let us leave it to the Royal Inquiry Commission to determine this.

    Whether this gangster-like Tan Boon Wah (I deduced this from his pic) was the last person to be with the deceased that morning , still remains a mystery. The police , however, did not disclose any signifant findings from the CCTV recordings, except that they could not find Teoh’s footage leaving the building. there a possibility that someone had erased the CCTV recordings just to cover their tracks and at the same time made it looked bad on MACC?
    That he was put there on the roof of the 5th floor and made it looked liked he fell from the 14th floor?

    Well anything is possible, right?
    It is up to the competency and intelligence of the investigating officers to deduce what had happened.
    They should have eyes for details( of an investigative auditor like you) and not even overlooked a single minute thing , eventhough you might think it’s just silly.

    To the police, lets not create more bloopers and allowing person(s) responsible for Teoh’s death being scott free.

    May he rest in peace.

    Thank you.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment Sujini. Datuk Shamsuddin gave quite an insight on what is an inquest. Can be read here.

    As for me revealing the names, I guess it has always been in public domain. You can read it in the news today here and here.

    Thank you.


  12. the biggest problem is that all the leaders from each parties under PR’s umbrella want to be the next Prime Minister.

    secular parties would never nod to conservatives. Nik Aziz and LKS should repent and sit back at home.


  13. “Duo will give DNA for Teoh inquest, says Gobind”. MI 30/07/09. Well, that clarifies that.

    Don’t forget that traces of DNA material, blood, can be planted, post death. So, in this era of low confidence against the authorities, it pays one to know one’s rights and to be cautious. Over the last 1 year you would have read about several cases in Australia, UK and USA where DNA evidence, once though irrefutable and used to convict, have been found to be tainted and many cases are now under review!

    Bro, let’s shoot the breeze a bit. since everyone’s doing it.

    Police confirmed the latch from window of MACC’s office on the 14th floor was found next to TBH’s body. If we assume the 2 “suspects” are responsible for TBH’s death, how is it possible for them to have thrown TBH’s body out the MACC window without a single MACC officer spotting it or trying to prevent it?

    Curioser and curioser, don’t you think?

    We are all of 1 Race, the Human Race. That is all that really matters.

    JMD : Hopefully, good cooperation will ensure speedy conclusions. And, yes I understand DNA material can be planted , post death. But we have to remember, in this case, the DNA testing on the traces discovered on TBH’s body had been done by the pathologist. That is why they have identified which DNA belongs to whom. The mysterious DNA is yet to be identified. If the MACC wanted to kill TBH while at the same time make TBW or LWW appear guilty for murdering TBH, they would have gotten the DNA samples from both of them BEFORE the MACC ‘murder’ TBH. Logically, how can you plant the DNA if the DNA has not been extracted from the two would be ‘suspects’?

    Anyway, let me stress here that those two may or may not be the suspects. Any MACC officers are would be suspects as well. All depends on the DNA testing that will solve one part of the mystery.

    The other part of the mystery is (expanding on what I had replied to Keith Rozario) the lack of MOTIVE. What are the motives of MACC murdering TBH and what are the motives of those two in murdering him. If we can dissect and think correctly, maybe everything will be a little bit clearer.

    Thank you.

    p.s: If TBW and LWW suddenly make statements that the MACC had collected swab samples of their DNA during their interrogation period on the night of TBH’s death, then I think there is no point of arguing here 🙂


    • donplaypuks,

      “Duo will give DNA for Teoh inquest, says Gobind”

      Will give
      Has it been given?

      “He also clarified that the two persons who have yet to give their DNA samples were only informed on Tuesday afternoon, and that he was sure they would cooperate if police were to call them again.”

      only informed on Tuesday afternoon
      Wedneday, Thursday, Friday… 3 days passed (I dont know, but have they given it?)

      that he was sure
      Still uncertain between “sure” and “unsure”?

      While nearly one hundred other had “rushed” to prove that it wasn’t their DNA, there are one or two, are (or were) “hesitant”! (Have they given it?)

      Can can we tell out of all these? Or there is another “drama” in the making.

      And we see “donplaypuks” is all over the blogosphere writing the same stuff, the same theory regarding this unfortunate TBH incident.

      So, one really cannot help but to ask oneself, What are the stakes donplaypuks has in this unfortunate TBH’s case? What is he up to when he seems to be like one diehard crusader trying to prove his version of story?

      Dont over play it punk!


  14. Instead of the MACC investigating the corruption allegation, it is now the MACC who is being investigated. Then who is monitoring the corruption activities now especially when more than 20 MACC officers are being subpoenaed and the lead officer being reassigned?


    Not withstanding all that you have said, I am puzzle as to why MACC had such great urgency to hold TBH as he was supposed to get married the next day. Why can’t they let him have his wedding first and then continue with the investigation ?

    My take is that there is political pressure behind this investigation hence such urgency. For what plan in hand , only the planners know.

    We have also read from the complaint of this Umno guy from Pahang related to the Datuk Norza case, about how he was manhandled by the MACC officers. In this case, from what I have read, politics is involved too, though it is only within a party.

    In the case of TBH, it will affect the survival of the Pakatan govt in Selangor, so this has a much much bigger political implication. Hence the urgency to get the “answers/confessions”.

    From reading about the blog and also in the newspapers, one can get the feel that many things that happens involving govt depts have political implications or are planned to favour certain political parties.

    Hence I would not be surprise that TBH’s death has something to do with MACC . I for one do not believe that in this case, the police’s investigation will in fact catch the real culprit .

    Recently, my son told me that his teacher told him that a friend of her father was given the death sentence and duly executed for drug possession . She claimed that the person is innocent be “admit gulity” because he could not stand the torture handed to him by the police . By doing so it stopped the police torturing him and of course the police are happy as the case can now be closed.

    Only God and the pepetrator will know who kill TBH.

    JMD : Correction, TBH was supposed to register his marriage the next day. His wedding was scheduled to be held only in October. I guess MACC do their job as and when there are reports on any corruption incidences. Obviously, when the subject matter of the investigation involves politicians, it will have political implications. From the news I read here, the political implications to BN are much bigger than the PR because the MACC hauled up more BN members than the opposition. Thank you.


  15. U SAY, I SAY…





    • ha..ha..ha.. 1MadDick!

      Who was that someone who sighted 12ft many head beings?

      and who was that who said the Decepticons?

      and Voldemort???!!

      What CAN many people SAY about this SOMEONE?


      perhaps this SOMEONE can be found in the photo JMD posted here carrying banner saying “MACC kills Teoh” barely a day after the body discovery. Perhaps these someones are all those in the hall carrying the banners!

      Whoever this or these someone/s are, they seem to have same breed of brains, making up Voldemort, Decepticon, and strange being tales! Because they knew Teoh’s killer even before many people including the police are fully aware of what’s going on! Barely a day, they straight-away knew who the killer was!!

      “MACC!!!”, they say!


  16. Saturday, 25 July 2009 22:57

    By Dannis Ng

    I do believe TBH’s body was placed there and the rest was made to look like he exited the windows, like everyone believes and exactly what “they” want you to believe.

    TBH’s body was too far away from the building, about 20’ from the building. His left leg was at a 90 degree and straight. Only athletes can do that, not someone who was 30 years old and immediately from a fall unless he was face down/up and not on his side.

    1) The blood should have formed a pool. Look at the water mark. They are in a circle surrounding the drainpipe in the middle of the 3’ x 3’ imprint. And look on the left side of the 3rd picture. The pool of water is contained in the 3?x3? imprint. Now look at how the blood flowed. It flowed for about 6? (3?+3?). It’s too long and impossible to flow that far because the blood would have clotted by then.

    2) My observation is that there are 2 patches of blood (or 1 patch in an L shape). One is parallel to the railing and the other is coming out from the mouth/nose. The one parallel doesn’t make sense. It should go towards the middle of the 3?x3? imprint. It would make sense if the blood went to the left of the picture and at the same time moved toward the middle. Just like the rest of the water especially the pipe, is in the middle of the 3’x 3’ imprint. The other blood that is coming out from the mouth/nose is flowing slowly towards the middle and should not have flowed up to the corner of the imprint. It should begin to go left at the middle of the imprint just like the one parallel to the railing. It defies gravity.

    3) Look at the fallen off shoe. It probably came from the direction where I think the body was brought from. 2 persons were carrying the body. The one who carried the legs was leading the one who carried the body. While in a rush, they dropped the shoe on the right and therefore the shoe was closer to the railing.

    4) While carrying the body about the time the shoe dropped, the person who carried the torso somehow lowered/dropped his side. Therefore you have the first blood that was parallel to the railing. The 2nd blood stain flowed from the mouth/nose when the body was placed there. Both blood flows started to flow towards the middle of the imprint and the L shape was formed by combining these 2 patches of blood.

    (JMD : The rest can be read here) Remember folks, if it’s too long, then your comments will end up in the spambox. If you do not have your own input, a link would have been sufficed. Thank you.


  17. kenapa rakyat tak bangun…u fikirlah! anggap rakyat bodohkah? pakai seluar putih, tapi sedikit kesan darah pun takde kat gambartu…u bayangkanlah kalau terjun setinggi 14 tingkat apa jadinya? beza bagai ‘langit dan bumi’…macamana media massa boleh sebar tanpa teliti betul2…orang yang keluar kata2 begitu patut disiasat….dan MACC tersangatlah dicurigai….jangan harap dapat alih pandangan rakyat!

    JMD : Penulisan saudara bercanggah dengan penulisan Dannis Ng di atas kerana beliau berkata, memang ada kesan darah. Bagaimana ya? 🙂


  18. Dear Jam Ban :

    You held to it that MACC did released Teoh at c. 3.30 am. You held that this is not unusual and is alright, be it 6am or 3pm. You held on these that are strange and puzzling and inhumane.

    Perhaps you are right..
    As you must be somebody .

    I ask you:

    So, did MACC release him off the building?

    I mean relase from another floor.. need not be 14th?

    Release and place the body there at 5th floor?

    BTW, the DNA thing is arranged as a show case for Annuar’s case later, right?

    JMD : Hopefully this fella you refer to as Jam Ban will reply to your comments. Thank you.


  19. WHY did police only ask for TBW and LWW’s DNA late Tuesday the INquest will be held on Wed morning..!!

    To make them look bad…

    JMD : I find it terribly odd that the police would ask all the MACC officers the DNA as soon as investigation started right after TBH’s death, but only asked TBW and EWW on Tuesday evening. I guess the officers handling the inquest had to write a report in double quicktime so that it will be completed by Wednesday morning for the inquest to start.


  20. JMD,

    Teresa Kok merupakan ****** yg paling racist. Belum apa2 sudah bilang MACC pilih kasih dgn menyerang CINA shj. DAP secara keseluruhannya merupakan produk Sekolah Vernakular yg gagal untuk memahami erti BERSATU sebagai satu bangsa walaupun mereka kononnya memperjuangkan Malaysian Malaysia.

    Tuduhan melulu mereka kepada Kerajaan merupakan taktik Ofensif untuk menutup kisah besar disebalik tabir.

    Tunggu sahaja nanti. Kita sama-sama lihat siapa yg kena..


  21. Ha Ha … what is yr intention to say ..” All depends on the DNA testing that will solve one part of the mystery…”

    You certainly want us to think in yr line of thoughts… as tho its the paramount truth…

    JMD : I do not see what you’re getting at. DNA is one of the ways to solve some of the mystery. It will provide evidence on who had touched his belt and his back. That will definitely solve one part of the case. Won’t it? (of course, we cannot ascertain the motives throigh DNA testing; that is another part of the mystery that requires unraveling). Thank you.


  22. Ya ya.. yr style .. ( YOU are somebody..)

    You said ..” the lack of MOTIVE. What are the motives of MACC murdering TBH and what are the motives of those two in murdering him..”

    Agin you trying to trick us..

    You are a genius.. trying to trap our thoughts…

    Need MACC a motive?

    So, you want us to think for motive…

    Well, what were the two guys’s motive for killing the mongolian girl?


  23. This DNA thing… has a motive..

    This is a preparation to make people mind for Anwar case where DNA test will be use again as evidence..


  24. “Don’t forget that traces of DNA material, blood, can be planted, post death. So, in this era of low confidence against the authorities, it pays one to know one’s rights and to be cautious.”

    What resaons do the 2 fellas have to believe that their DNA samples may have been stolen and planted on the dead body? That they don’t want to readily provide their samples? Is that logic?

    Or their lawyers advised them not to, merely because of wanting to delay and throw a spanner into the works. Lawyers should know that the Inquest can make it obligatory for the 2 to submit to DNA tests. Why the intransigence?

    I see this writer commenting all over the places projecting the “low confidence against the authorities.” I have not seen him saying anything good about the Establishment. He used such words as “being on the other side of the divide”. Is he DAP? If so, it’s understandable. Some one has written about their kind’s endless protesting in Big Dog’s blog.



  25. Salam JMD,

    I noted that Semerah Padi brought up the ‘Squat-gate’ scandal to your attention. It was also mentioned by KijangMas in blog Demi Negara. Many still can’t forget Teresa Kok’s antics when the issue was HOT in the 2005. It highlighted DAP’s true colour when championing certain issues. Remember when it was found that the girl was actually malay? Those people not only NOT apologise as you mentioned but it was slowly swept under the carpet by DAP. From there we can see that DAP is NOT championing for the cause of Malaysians but only chinese communities! Had the girl is truly a chinese girl, I bet DAP will be shouting for Royal Commission as well and it will still be an issue till today.

    Btw, it is very convenience to say that DNAs was planted to TBH. It’s the same like in 2005 when Teresa accused that the girl in the video is a chinese. No evidence, habuk pun tiada. Sendiri buat keputusan!

    Btw, another great article (more like a thesis to me) JMD. You not a lecturer, are you? 🙂

    Ismail N


  26. jmd

    let’s wait and see who is real murderer after the investigation. If it turns out to be MACC, means all your effort of defending the MACC and UMNO govt will go to waste.

    Oh, regarding DAP being corrupt or most PR members being corrupted, how about the klang guy who died that owns a big mansion and toyol who has such big resort home?

    do you mean many UMNO members who are so rich now are not through the means of corruptions? did they work 5 jobs to be so rich? not to forget the other bunch of MCA/MIC members too who are filthy rich through , god knows how they make so much of wealth.

    JMD : Don’t get me wrong friend. I am not defending MACC. I am highlighting my opinion that there are other viable alternatives than the one adopted by the DAP (which is – MACC killed TBH). If one of the officers did kill TBH, then let the murderer be hanged. But if it turns out that TBH was killed by other people than the MACC, then let them be hanged too. Your second and third paragraph had been discussed by yourself ad nauseam here. We know that corruption is a problem. This blog never condone it. Some BN members and stat rep have been hauled up by the MACC too. Won’t the opposition be subjected to the same laws? Because, I do not think you should be quiet when the opposition themselves practices corruption. Unless you are saying that the opposition will always be infallible? Thank you.


  27. Kalau nak berlaku adil .kita mesti melihat dari pelbagai arah.Siasatan harus dilaksanakan bukanya menuduh sesiapa.keputusan belum pasti lagi kenapa nak salahkan MACC.jangan lupa Teoh juga merupakan salah seorang saksi .Dia juga penting untuk memberikan keterangan.Cuba lihat Dari sudut lain pula.Mungkin ada orang lain yang tidak suka dia berada disitu untuk memberikan keterangan.Masa siasatan mungkin mengambil masa yang lama kerana rasuah melibatkan banyak aspek seperti kiraan jumlah angka,resit,invoice,lampiran dan sbgnya.

    Secara lojiknya Teoh Beng Hock amat bermakna kepada MACC.

    P/s Ada orang nampak dia tidur disofa..bersarapan di pantry


  28. Saya hairan dengan Gobind singh.Macam mana dia boleh mewakili family teoh beng hock.tetapi pada masa yang sama mewakili dua orang ahli DAP yang melewatkan penyerahan DNA mereka kepada badan siasatan. Sepatutnya Family Teoh Beng Hock perlu mengupah peguam yang tidak mewakili mana-mana parti.sebab gobind singh sendiri melengahkan-lengahkan siasatan.


  29. To Sujini.

    You look like to hate Mr. Police.
    well sujini u must know one thing. the Police is there ,everynight,everyday,everytime to protect you,your family and your country so that u can sleep peacefuly every night. and the same Mr.Policeman will protect you even though the new government take over soon. so dont hate the police. they are doing their job.If you want to correct the police go and join the police force.But i think u dont want…because u like to become a lawyer…judging at kedai only…no action.

    i think sujini love gangster more than the police.

    p/s Nanti kalau PR perintah.munkin kita boleh buat Rukun Tetangga. All races must excuse


  30. while we’re making excuses about delaying the inquest or whateveryamacallit, why don’t we throw two malay ngo’s into KL to protest something? eh? eh? goddamnit


  31. You are a f****** racist bastard!!!!
    When did Mahathir become a Malay to you….
    Why NEP after robbing the country for 50 years…
    f******* useless piece of shit….

    Don’t you dare to call Indians & Chinese immigrants….
    You know what is Kedah…..”kadaram” in Tamil

    You bastards buried and modified history for your own whim and fancy….

    Touch your heart and tell the truth whether you have never accepted any form of corruption? So don’t quote ISlam…..

    JMD : Yes, I have never accepted any form of corruption. However, maybe once when I was young, I gave away RM20 to a traffic police just to avoid being summoned for completing a U-Turn in a no U-Turn junction. How about you?

    By the way, please watch your language here. Thank you.


    • Salam JMD

      You riled this person without raising your “voice”. So much power. I wonder what can happen when you are really angry.

      Please published comments like this as much as possible.
      It means a lot


      JMD : Thank you Mohamed. Really appreciate the support and encouragement. God bless.


  32. Remember Jebat was never a Malay hero… he was a chinese from China on expedition with hang Li Poh…..

    Stupid ass hole.

    JMD : This is easy. Give us proof on your claim my friend. Please give us the details on how you made this deduction. Which scientific research you had based your opinion from? Please provide us the copies. How does your justification (he was from china on an expedition with Hang Li Poh) correlates with the Sejarah Melayu which was written nearly 500 years ago. I doubt you will comply to this request but good luck still. By the way, this ‘shooting from the hip’ statement of yours had been discussed thoroughly here. Thank you.


  33. Jangan terkejutlah kalau artikel ini masuk dalam artikel popular dibaca di dalam The Malaysian Insider, almaklumlah tajuknya sendiri memang dekat di hati pembaca TMI.
    Melayu tak wujud sebenarnya
    Melayu tak wujud sebenarnya
    Zaidel B or Sinatra_Z is an electronics engineer and he blogs at Catatan Seekor Lipas.

    JULAI 29 — Hang Tuah sebenarnya bukan Melayu; Hang Tuah sebenarnya orang
    berketurunan dari China mengikut kata sesetengah orang lah (bukan saya OK). Mengapa pula dikatakan begitu? Sebab diambil contoh dari Hang Li Po seorang puteri dari China, namanya bermula dengan Hang, atas dasar itu orang keturunan dari China maka namanya bermula dengan Hang dari perkataan “Han” iaitu nama satu dinasti lama di China. Hang Li Po bererti Li Po orang Han, itulah ceritanya maka atas sebab samalah Hang Tuah itu bukan Melayu. Kalau nak diikut begitulah Hang Jebat, Hang Lekir, Hang Lekiu dan juga Hang Kasturi. Malah ada yang lebih jauh mengatakan yang Hang Tuah itu namanya sebenar adalah Han Too Ah, Jebat pula Han Jee Fat (macam watak utama dalam komik Alam Perwira pulak) manakala Hang Lekiu pula adalah Han Lee Kiu.
    Ada ada kemungkinan, mungkin betul, bunyinya macam betul, tapi kalau hendak diikutkan kesimpulan begini bolehlah saya mengatakan yang sebenarnya “Tong Sampah” bukanlah perkataan Melayu akan tetapi ianya berasal dari China. Ini adalah kerana Tong Sampah adalah dari Thong Sam Ah seorang ushawan karung guni berbangsa Hakka yang suka mengambil barang-barang lama di sekitar tahun awal 1930an di Taiping. Maka apabila ada barang hendak dibuang orang kampung suka berkata “ahh ko bagi la barang nak dibuang tu ke Thong Sam Ah, dia memang ambil barang hendak dibuang”. Bunyinya memang macam betul tapi itu tidak menyebabkan ianya fakta bukan walau berapa puluh kali saya mengulangi cerita ini sesungguhnya Tong Sampah bukanlah Thong Sam Ah.

    Penulis telah beberapa kali juga terserempak dengan sesi perbincangan atau perbualan mengenai bagaimana sebenarnya konsep atau orang “Melayu” itu sendiri tidak wujud. Jangan kata Hang Tuah bukan Melayu, Melayu itu pun bukan Melayu. Dikatakan sebenarnya Melayu itu adalah ciptaan atau rekaan penjajah British yang hendak memudahkan pemerintahan di Malaya (Tanah Melayu tidak wujud ye dalam konsep ini).

    Orang Melayu itu adalah rekaan semata-mata, kalau ikutkan “hakikat” yang ada adalah orang Jawa, Bugis, Minang, Siam, Acheh dan sebagainya. Malah orang Melayu (kerana ianya tidak wujud) bukanlah orang asal keturunan di semenanjung Malaya (Semenanjung Tanah Melayu tidak wujud) akan tetapi orang asal adalah Orang Asli dan bukanlah orang Melayu. Merekalah Bumiputera yang sebenarnya dan yang lain adalah rekaan semata-mata. Hujah ini banyak digunakan apabila sesetengah pihak hendak mempertikaikan atau mendebatkan mengenai Dasar Ekonomi baru atau hendak memarahi suatu parti politik tertentu. Penulis tidaklah mengatakan yang hendak memperdebatkan Dasar Ekonomi Baru itu salah, tapi janganlah sampai adat resam dan keturunan terus dipertikaikan dan dipersoalkan atau diperlekehkan. Hanya kerana kegiatan berpolitik berlebihan dan taksub marah terhadap sesuatu tak tentu pasal habis dijahanamkan dan dikorbankan adat resam dan kebudayaan yang umurnya bekurun-kurun lamanya. Maka terpaksalah sejarah ditulis semula yang Hang Tuah pernah mengatakan yang “Takkan Bugis, Jawa, Minang, Acheh, Bali, Baweyan dan sebagainya (bukan Melayu) hilang di dunia.” Penat tu nak sebut.

    Itu yang membuatkan penulis rasa terkedu sedikit sejak kebelakangan ini kerana seolah-olah persepsinya bahawa segala yang penulis dibesarkan dengan, diajar dan bahasa ibunda sendiri adalah penipuan semata-mata. Rupa-rupanya segala adat resam seperti pantun, gurindam, Bahasa Melayu, baju Melayu, sepatu, kuih raya dan sajak malah sejarah sendiri adalah rekaan British semata-mata. Malah kalau nak diikutkan terpaksalah kita mengubah Rukun Negara nampak gayanya. Ini adalah kerana orang Melayu itu tidak wujud. Maka atas dasar itu terpaksalah kita mengakui yang Raja-Raja Melayu bukanlah pemerintah yang hak negara ini, masakan ada kesultanan Melayu kalau Melayu itu sendiri tidak wujud. Maka Rukun Negara yang kedua iaitu Kesetiaan Kepada Raja dan Negara terpaksalah dipinda, maka tak gunalah kita memakai baju kuning berarak ke Istana Negara dan menjerit Daulat Tuanku sambil menyerahkan memorandum.

    Pembaca sekelian kalau hendak dikatakan Melayu itu tidak wujud atas sebab-sebab di atas maka bolehlah kita pertikaikan macam-macam. Kita bolehlah mengatakan bahawa orang Cina juga tidak wujud kerana yang ada adalah orang-orang Manchu, Hakka, Canton, Han dan sebagainya. Mandarin adalah ciptaan pemerintah kejam yang memaksa mereka ini berada dibawah pemerintahan Maharaja dan menghapuskan susur galur etnik. Begitu juga dengan tidak wujudnya orang India akan tetapi yang ada adalah Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Sinhala dan sebagainya. Bahawa India itu juga adalah ciptaan British. Maka atas dasar itu buat apa diadakan sekolah jenis kebangsaan yang mengajar dalam Bahasa Mandarin kerana Bangsa Cina itu tidak wujud, sepatutnya di Pulau Pinang diajar dalam bahasa Hokkien manakala di Kuala Lumpur diajar dalam bahasa Cantonese. Malah kalau nak diikutkan juga konsep bangsa Malaysia itu juga adalah ciptaan British kerana sebelum ini tidak wujud Malaysia sehinggalah pihak British mencadangkan untuk menggabungkan Semenanjung Tanah… Malaya dengan Sabah dan Sarawak. Oleh sebab kini Melayu sudah tidak wujud maka timbul juga persoalan tentang Brunei nanti, ye lah orang Brunei ini orang apa? Jawa? Bugis? Yahudi?

    JMD : The rest of the article can be read here. I find it strange that you copy pasted this article here. If you want to use Sinatra’s article just to say that the Malay race doesn’t exist, then you had made a fundamental error as this article is a sarcastic writing in reply to all those who had belittled the Malays. Even the writer said it in his comment here. Perhaps you do not understand Malay very well? How sad. Thank you.


  34. Bro

    Several bloggers, MSM and commenters have been wildly spinning and accusing that Gobind Singh and WW’s lawyer advised their clients NOT to provide DNA samples and that the only reason they later complied was because of a Court Order or would have been ordered by a Court.

    Let me set the facts straight.

    The DNA (2008) Bill was passed in Parliament on 23 June 2009. It does NOT become LAW until passed by the Senate, receives the Royal Assent by the King AND is published in the official Govt Gazette. It becomes LAW the day after it is Gazetted. Whether the DNA Bill has retrospective effect depends on whether it is so Gazetted.

    At the moment, the DNA Bill has NOT been Gazetted and so it is NOT LAW in Malaysia yet.

    So, no Court, Judge, Magistrate or Coroner in Malaysia could have issued a Court order to Tan Boon Wah or Lee Wye Wing, to compel them to provide DNA samples.

    The Police requested late on Tuesday 28/07/09 that TBW and LWW provide their DNA samples on Wednesday 29/07/09. Gobind and LWW’s lawyer, after failing to re-connect with the Police, advised their clients NOT to go to the Police on Wed to provide DNA samples as they had also been SUMMONED as a witnesses for the Inquest on TBH’s death.

    So, to stop exactly at saying that Gobind and WW’s lawyer advised their clients not to provide DNA samples, period, is highly misleading. Gobind and WW’s lawyer CORRECTLY advised that they nor their clients could go the Police on Wednesday because by LAW they were required to be at the Inquiry, and that took precedence.

    On the same evening Gobind and WW’s lawyers reiterated at a press conference televised on NTV1 and RTM 1 that their clients would provide their DNA samples as soon as practicable, which they have done now.

    So, simple questions.

    Does this look like 2 persons guilty of murder as suggested by many scurrilours bloggers and commenters? They gave their DNA samples voluntarily within a reasonable time frame (2 days) of being requested to by the Police. There was NO COURT ORDER! There could not have been!!

    If they were guilty, do you think they would be hanging around for the Inquiry. LWW actually returned from China and then complied with the Police request for DNA. Would a guilty person do that or would he have stayed abroad?

    The are the facts as I know it. I stand to be corrected by facts, not wild spinning and distortion.

    We are all of 1 Race, the Human Race. That is all that really matters.

    JMD : Thank you DPP. I find it interesting to note that if MACC supposedly trying to kill off TBH, why did they throw him out from the window and just left him there until he was found at 1.30pm? What were they thinking? Just throw him off the window and then left him there without even trying to dispose his body? These people must truly have been a bunch of idiots to not think this thing through. There is no excuse for this kind of stupidity. I am sure they have the means to open up the access door on the roof of that 5th floor to quietly hide TBH from scrutinising eyes. Only people without the access would find trouble to dispose his body. Again, questions abound while we’re waiting for the inquest to restart. Hopefully there are no more hiccups along the way.


  35. Good piece, JMD.

    I love this scenario (with respect to the late Teoh and family, I am just showing how ridiculous this is).

    MACC 1: Hey, he’s such a wonderful guy, so helpful. Stayed up so long to help us.
    MACC 2: Yeah, can’t get a witness like this. So co-operative.
    MACC 1: Great guy. So, what we do now?
    MACC 2: Kill him.
    MACC 1: Hey, great idea. Nobody will suspect us.
    MACC 2: You know what we throw him out of the building…this building…our own building.
    MACC 1: Here? Wow! You are brilliant.
    MACC 2: I know. You know how some killers kill and bury the dead in their own backyard so that police won’t find out. We do the same.
    MACC 1: Great. I’ll do the final pushing.


  36. Dr Raffick sebagai ‘PENCURI’ peluang memang benar. And we, Bukit Antarabangsa residents do not share the same sentiment and despise him. His conforntational Antics do not benefit the residents in the long run. He is a crazy doctor who likes to seek cheap publicity and only interest are the values of his properties in BA. He should question why no investigation had been done by The Selangor State government if the death of 5 residents could have been avoided.

    Hs is the one who think he is CSI expert.

    ha hah haha


  37. Look how DAP use othe people to spin their story> Using one Dr Rafffick as so called CSI expert. Who is Dr Raffick?

    Dr Raffick sebagai ‘PENCURI’ peluang memang benar. And we, Bukit Antarabangsa residents do not share the same sentiment and despise him. His conforntational Antics do not benefit the residents in the long run. He is a crazy doctor who likes to seek cheap publicity and only interest are the values of his properties in BA. He should question why no investigation had been done by The Selangor State government if the death of 5 residents could have been avoided.

    JMD : I think to claim oneself as a CSI expert (or perhaps someone else calls you so) in this particular matter is quite presumptuous as they only based their ‘expert advice’ on pictures. The only truly CSI expert are the group of forensics expert dealing this case directly (eg. the coroner, pathologist, etc). How thorough can you be when you are giving out your opinions based on pictures? Actually the opposition are trying to mold the mind of the public so that any discrepancies between their ‘expert advice’ and the actual forensics report will be an avenue for them to gain political mileage. Thank you.


  38. JMD and Langkasuka,

    You know, I just loved watching action-packed thrillers, mysteries and who dun’t it ? movies. But not ghost stories.

    So , this is one Who dun’t it? thing.

    I did not know about Dannis Ong and his blog. Is he credible? He gave a very convincing report of how the body was found.

    I too think it’s queer, i.e the position of the body when it was found when I saw the video shots shown over TV.

    Maybe Dannis Ong and I share a similar theory.



  39. JMD, izinkan saya menjawab tuduhan astradamus.

    Salam astradamus,

    Saya minta maaf sekiranya coretan saya pasal pihak Polis menggores hati sdra/ri.

    Saya bukan anti-Polis.
    Saya juga bukan love-gangster.

    Coretan adalah semata-mata kesimpulan yang dibuat selepas membaca liputan daripada akhbar dan menonton berita di TV . Sekiranya wartawan salah lapor atau terlebih lapor , maka salahlah kesimpulan saya.

    Sekarang ini, yang penting kita mahukan keadilan.
    Matlamatnya ialah kita mahu penjenayah ditangkap dan dihukum.
    Ini hanya akan berjaya kalau pihak DPP(Pendakwa Raya) dan Polis dapat membuktikan ada kes jenayah(pembunuhan) berlaku.

    Saya faham kerja Polis bukan senang. Tetapi mereka perlu menjalankan kerja dengan berhemah dan teliti.
    Sekarang ini banyak kes-kes yang dihadapkan ke mahkamah terpaksa dibuang kes kerana tiada cukup bukti untuk membuat pertuduhan atau pun dipanggil tiada prima facie.

    Maka dengan itu amatlah penting tugas Polis untuk mencari bukti dan motif sehingga menyebabkan kematian Teoh Beng Hock.
    Kita tidak mahu selepas inkues, kerana kecuaian mana-mana pihak menjalankan siasatan, koroner kata tiada kes jenayah kerana tidak cukup bukti dan mendiang Teoh Beng Huat mati katak saja.

    Terima kasih.


  40. Jusoh July 30, 2009 at 4:44 pm:
    “Recently, my son told me that his teacher told him that a friend of her father was given the death sentence and duly executed for drug possession . She claimed that the person is innocent be “admit gulity” because he could not stand the torture handed to him by the police . By doing so it stopped the police torturing him and of course the police are happy as the case can now be closed.”

    Yes yes, Jusoh menyamar. I too had the same case. My uncle told me that his neighbour’s friend’s boyfriend told him that his mother-in-law’s maid heard from her employee that his maternal uncle’s twice-removed distant cousin was informed by the despatch boy who used to frequent the police station that the station’s jaga had heard from the sweeper’s estranged husband that his third ex-wife heard from sources from high above that Anwar did not Liwat, and that Rosmah bombed the bedevil out of that Mongolian girl (she was there!!) and that both Theresa Kok and Lim Kit Siang will be up for Britain’s Order of Merit very soon. And you better believe me, because I am DAP you know! I never lie one. And Harris Teapot and Raja Petra Kamaruddin will vouch for the truth of my being and once Harris Teapot and Raja Petra comes into play, how dare anyone say I report wrongly one?


    One day in late 2006, I got a call from my wife while I was in the office, to come return to our condominium in haste because there was a mad man prowling around naked and giving trouble to the residences. I got into my car quickly and drove home. The culprit turned out to be a mentally deranged chinese gentleman in his late 20’s whose origins no one could figure out.

    When I got home, it appeared that the condominium pandemonium was over. There, sprawling on the concrete ground near the pool, lay the unfortunate guy. He had jumped from the 10th floor of the condominium and died instantly. His skull had cracked, and bits and pieces of his brain had spattered all over the ground. My wife had taken our cadar that she was drying out and sacrificed it to cover the body because it was too gory and terrible to be seen. A policeman came and obtained notes from all of us.

    I would like to know and read more about Danny Ong’s analysis on the fall (the link that you gave was not proper). A 14-story fall would indeed produce more frightening consequences than the 10-story fall that I had encountered in that condominium.

    Anti Hipokrit:
    Selepas case Ketuk Ketampi, anything that Theresa Kok says regarding race and fairness is now moot and is actually a manifestation of her own thick and inherent racism.

    Hang Jebat the Real:
    “So, you want us to think for motive… Well, what were the two guys’s motive for killing the mongolian girl?”

    Who said no motive? Simple. Money. You give me money: lots of them, and I can even assure you I will do this JebatMustDie in and send him to Kingdom Come. Or you, for that matter.

    “Remember Jebat was never a Malay hero… he was a chinese from China on expedition with hang Li Poh…..
    Stupid ass hole.
    You are a f****** racist bastard!!!!
    When did Mahathir become a Malay to you….
    Why NEP after robbing the country for 50 years…
    f******* useless piece of shit….”
    “Jangan terkejutlah kalau artikel ini masuk dalam artikel popular dibaca di dalam The Malaysian Insider, almaklumlah tajuknya sendiri memang dekat di hati pembaca TMI.
    Melayu tak wujud sebenarnya
    Melayu tak wujud sebenarnya”

    Dear Jebat,

    Please print some more of the ravings and rantings of pendatangs like “Malaysian” above if you ever come across them again. It shows the deep intent that they have and the deep hatred entrenched in their hearts. We will collect all these in some form of database and it certainly will argue our case for the prolongation of NEP, the increased share of the nation’s economic cake for the malays, and the seriousness and increased effort we shall be making on the issue of Ketuanan Melayu, warning how a true and correct concept like this Ketuanan had been slowly demonised as bad.

    I enjoy your writings.



  41. Bro

    “Khalid said today that according to a post-mortem, Teoh died between four and five hours before his body was found at 1.30pm on Thursday.” MI 04/08/09.

    This would place the time of death at give or take, appx. 9 a.m. It is highly unlikely that TBH left Plaza Masalam (PM), was killed elsewhere and then his body brought back to be dumped on 5th Floor at PM. No killer would take that risk of being spotted leaving with TBH and then return with his body, carry it to 14th Floor via staircase or lift, and dump TBH’s body through the window, while car park attendants, security personnel and the general public would have been mant at PM.

    The last person to see TBH was a staff of MACC who spotted him apparently asleep on the couch in the lobby of MACC’s office at 6.30 a.m. So, where was TBH or his body between 6.30 a.m. and appx. 9 a.m. and between 9 a.m. and 1.30 p.m. when his body was finally spotted by a PS cleaner on the 5th Floor roof?

    As to MACC having access to the roof of 5th Floor, I can only talk from my experience of having an office in a high rise building. No tenant will have those keys. All such keys and access will be under the control and retention of the building owner and their maintenance staff. If anyone
    ‘borrows’ those keys there will be an entry of it in the owner’s records.

    So, I think it’s a fair inference that TBH met his death somewhere in PM and that the killers held the body for a few hours. They either panicked and did not know how to get rid of the body and finally settled for throwing it out the window of one of the offices at Plaza Masalam or needed those hours between 8 a.m. and 1.30 a.m. to remove incriminating evidence and to cover up their tracks, such as seeping blood.

    I say killers, because I can’t see 1 person carrying TBH’s body here and there and then heaving it through the window.

    I make no direct accusations as to who may be culpable as there are many puzzling gaps such as why TBH stayed back in MACC’s office after being apparently released from questioning at 3.45 a.m. He was due to register his marriage the next day and his wife-to-be was expecting their child. So, logic dictates that he would call his fiance and rush home. If not his fiance, then his closests freind, family member or solicitor.

    But that didn’t happen and TBH’s cellphone was handed over by MACC to the Police only later that evening. Remember also that the latch of MACC’s office window was found next to TBH’s body; whether that was planted or not at the scene of the crime remains to be seen.

    Well. let’s hope the truth emerges at the Inquiry!

    We are all of 1 Race, the Human Race. That is all that really matters.

    JMD : I second you on this one DPP. Thank you so much.


  42. “Gobind notes samples from Tan Boon Wah & Lee Wye Wing, who earlier refused to give DNA, do not match unknown DNA found on jacket.” MI 05/08/09 10 a.m. twittering from Inquiry proceedings.

    JMD : Certainly this solves one part of the mystery on whether he was killed by the MACC officers or the duo. Like I stated previously, DNA sampling is vital. Hence, this article had earlier questioned why did the duo refuse to give their DNA as this will severely affect the investigation process and the quest for the public to know the truth will eventually be delayed (hence, there was the postponement). And now, since we all know that the DNA does not match with the duo and all the MACC officers, we can rule out foulplay from both parties.

    I wrote – “The police will just have to counter check their DNA, together with the DNA samples of all the MACC officers in order to get a clearer picture.”

    And a clearer picture is beginning to unfold. All these jumping the gun statements saying that MACC murdered TBH were uncalled for, especially when the investigation is still underway. That was why I gave out alternative scenarios rather than the one accusing MACC officers did it. Too much vile and unsubstantiated accusations by the opposition will only cause instability. Now, the other part of the incident is knowing the reasons for his death and how he died.

    Like I stated in the article – The real victim here is Teoh Beng Hock and his family members. They have the right to know the real truth. Even when the truth will hurt. But in order to get to the bottom of it, everyone must give their utmost cooperation. The real truth is when we have found out the reasons and the ‘hows’ of Teoh Beng Hock’s untimely death.

    Yes, the truth might hurt. Nobody wants to hear their loved ones committing suicides or died in a freak accident.

    Retrospectively, I also stated that TBH could have committed suicide or even died in a freak accident (both of these scenarios were scoffed at by some people). I still maintain that these two scenarios should not be ruled out at the moment. Regardless, since there is a ‘mystery DNA’, I hope the person who owns this DNA will be identified soon. Thank you.


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  44. good one bro. your writing had opened several avenues to think about. Malaysian Insider had also verified your claim that teoh could have died through suicide. i think as the MACC and the duo been exonerated by the dna testing, many will think twice b4 trying to ‘membabi buta’ accusing MACC as murderers.

    from where i’m standing, if there is an element of sabotage, the powers that be could have easily pin the duo as murderers using the dna sampling. but they also were exonerated.

    now can we move on to more important stuffs like the economy? Anybody remember the word?

    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  45. Hi Bro,

    Don’t want to say much about your analysis or other people’s analysis.

    But the amount of analysis out there is good, whichever side they slant to as it forces accountability and transparency on the govt… and that is good for everyone.

    I think we should all tone down on the racial part, no matter who we are. MACC, PDRM and the rest are Malaysian institutions, not Malay institutions.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  46. ThePertinentlyPertinaciousRahimBapoo
    Jusoh July 30, 2009 at 4:44 pm:
    “Recently, my son told me that his teacher told him that a friend of her father was given the death sentence and duly executed for drug possession . She claimed that the person is innocent be “admit gulity” because he could not stand the torture handed to him by the police . By doing so it stopped the police torturing him and of course the police are happy as the case can now be closed.”

    Yes yes, Jusoh menyamar.

    Think as you like rahim bapoo , this was told to my son’s class by his lady teacher who is a Malay, and the school is a Sek Menengah Kebangsaan, not a Chinese school.

    If the teacher choose to tell a lie, then I wouldn’t know , but why should she ?. It came up during one of the lessons.



    • Yeah…yeah..yeah….!! Gua pun percaya sama lu brader!!

      “he told me, what he was told by afriend, who heard it from a friend that happen to be a good friend of the guy whose uncle is the friend of the accused.”

      Hahahahahahahaha…. Seriously!! Gua percaya sama lu!!


  47. We all know that from history, whether it be may 1969, or kampung medan or those who dies under police custody, it is usually the malay muslims who are mistreating and killing other races, maybe due to their ketuanan heritage and that muslim has the right to kill recalcitrant kafirs. Not many malays are able to debate and respond openly to criticism. They only know how to respond in a violent manner in a similar way Birch was assasinated, i.e. whilst having a shit.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. I believe people should think first before writing something totally untrue and at the same time trying to create unnecessary provocation. It is a fact that since a few years ago, all these vile attacks on the Malays like the one we can read above is being pinned with the the slogan Ketuanan Melayu. To them, Malay unity as well as strengthening the economic plights of the Malays is an anathema to their own selfish and divisive political tactics.

    I suggest you take a read about my analysis on May 13 here before you jump into conclusions. You became racist when you specifically said that Malays are not able to debate and respond openly to criticism. In my opinion, not EVERYONE can handle criticism. PKR MP Zulkifli Noordin openly chastised the DAP Youth leader for his inability to accept criticism. Why pin only to one race? If you say the riots and the killings that happened in 1969 was triggered just because of mere ‘criticism’, then I really suggest you to read the May 13 link I provided above.

    All these are tactics used by the opposition to create instability. It is not surprising because as soon as TBH was discovered that fateful afternoon, all fingers pointed to MACC and most of the comments in Malaysia Today and other scurrilous websites brought out the racist tendencies in them and accused the Malays as killing the chinese. But when Berita Harian tried to point out the real issue and defend the MACC from all these vile racial attacks, BH in turn was labeled as racist by the opposition leaders and a few opposrtunits (like Art Harun) WITHOUT taking into account the underlying current in the blogosphere. It is ironic that when the opposition kept telling the people to boycott the mainstream media and read their own alternative media, they in turn READ the MSM on daily basis in order to throw opportunistic criticism but failed to monitor their own web media. That is pathetic.

    Malays are violent? If they are, there will be no non-Malays here. All should have been killed. Should they not? But here we are, having to read this stupid comment of yours on daily basis which you people expecting the Malays not to react in whatever form because, as you say, we can’t take criticism. Tell that to the DAP youth leader.

    And you had the stupidity to state about Kg Medan incident? Have a read at my replies in here and here before you start to write something that could only reveal how wretched and racist you are.

    By the way, did you know that many more Malays died in custody than any other races in Malaysia? So why did you go on saying that the Malay Muslims in Malaysia are killing and mistreating other races? That’s why I said earlier, please think before you howl something because you will only reveal to the readers what a delusional racist you are.

    Thank you.


  48. People like sputjam give the rest of us a bad name with these wild accusations and their racist rhetoric.


    JMD : Thank you DPP for the comment. It is unfortunate that we have to deal with people like these on almost on daily basis. At the end of the day, we all want the same thing – what’s best for people and the nation. Lack of finesse and tact when arguing one’s opinion serves only to make things worse. Although we know that all Malaysians should by now know how to be sensitive towards each other, some just want to create enmity between us by provoking reactions.


  49. JMD,

    Saya harap astradamus ada membaca akhbar hari ini, 8 Ogos, kalau tidak pun melayari balik tampalan ini.

    Hasil daripada lawatan pihak Koroner, pegawai-pegawai Mahkamah dan beberapa peguam , telah terjumpa beberapa kesan bukti (evidence) di persekitaran yg menghubungi lantai pejabat MACC ke lantai 15 dalam bangunan Plaza Masalam.

    Pihak Koroner telah meminta pihak Polis membuat siasatan lanjutan.

    Bukankah sudah saya nyatakan didalam komen saya kepada astradamus bahawa sekiranya siasatan yg dibuat tidak teliti dan tidak menggunakan fikiran “luar kotak” maka beginilah jadinya.

    Tidak perlu juga hendak tergopoh gapah mengadakan inkues jika siasatan tidak 99% sempurna ( saya beri 1% untuk kelemahan manusia).

    Sekarang ini persoalan saya adakah tangga yg menghubungi persekitaran lantai 15, 14, 13 , dll , bumbung lantai 5 ( dimana mayat dijumpai) sehingga ke lantai tanah dikepong oleh Polis daripada hari mayat dijumpai sehingga selesai inkues?

    Kesan bukti yg baru dijumpai semalam (7 Ogos) amat mencurigai. Sekiranya Polis tidak mengepong ruang-ruang tersebut dan meletakkan pegawai Polis berjaga disitu sesiapa saja boleh letak kesan bukti baru atau pun membuang kesan bukti yg tertinggal.

    Inilah yg saya katakan “Police bloopers” tetapi astradamus tidak dapat menerimanya.

    Sekian, terima kasih.

    JMD : Sama-sama Sujini.


  50. That still did not explain why soldiers from nearby camps participated in the kampung medan massacre.
    The singaporean malays could have lost their special rights in singapore, but they are presently richer than malaysian malays on average.

    Your article on may 13 did not explain fully why even people of other races who were passing by dato’ harun’s house were massacred, including I was told, the boy who was serving tea to those participating in the rally.These people were innocents.

    The Teoh incident more or less sums up the arrogance of the ketuanan types. They can kill wherever and when ever they like, and is possible impose any rule they deem fit, like the ones suggested by hassan ali in shah alam.

    Anyway, if the MACC or parties related to it did not kill teoh, the way the interogation centre was managed, in terms of log books and records more or less sums up this particular govenrment’s departments incompetence. hence, the reason why many have no confidence in the way malays managed anything, especially the education system, the police and the administraion.

    I think your racial death in custody incorrect. I think most of the victims are indians. But if the majority killed are malays as stated by you, it then sums up that whatever BN startegy in upgrading the status of the malays is not working. I do not know why, but it seems the indians are the most hated race in malaysia by both the malays and chinese, who reffered to them as snakes.

    The “immigrant races” came to fill an economic gap. But there were many who came very much earlier on that have been sidelined by the govenrment. These babas and nyanyas came very much earlier than present malay business hero, Syed Mokhtar, whose father came from yemen and is declared a bumiputra. And in order to protect and expand his empire, makes sure other citizens, who were in the country very much earlier, do not get his business pie by lobbying to extend the NEP indefinitely.

    Where would malacca be without the protection of the chinese empire at the initial stages? The malays did not build any cities, be it malacca, kuala lumpur or jakarta. malays are rural folks. their urban avanture was only up to village phase because of the limitation of wooden engineering. If the structure was build out of things other than wood, then it was under indian, chinese or european influence.
    If there was no protection by the chinese empire, we could be speaking thai presently, like our compatriots in pattani, or rules by the dutch and be part of present day indonesia.

    JMD : Soldiers from nearby camps in Kampung Medan were involved in the massacre?! They also took part and killed the indians there!? I see. And from where did you get this information? Please substantiate with links of the report. I am also curious to know from which nearby camp these soldiers came from.

    Please also furnish us with links on the story of this particluar boy who was murdered while serving tea to those who are participating in a rally. Which rally are you talking about? Was it the victory parade right after the general election of May 13? As far as we know, there were no incident of death during the victory rally. Therefore, what is the true purpose of this comment? I am surprise that even after I gave my reply to your latest comment, you came again with a more rigorous attempt to condemn the Malays.

    I sense that the rest of your comment after the first two paragraph became muddled with your own hatred towards anything Malay. I thought you are a Pakatan supporter, but when you also had criticised Hassan Ali, I believe you are plainly a bigot. Saying things like the Malays can kill wherever and whenever they like etc.

    If you think the deaths in custody is incorrect, then by all means, substantiate it with your own source of facts and figures. I am sorry that you resorted in saying that the Malays and chinese are calling the indians as snakes. What are you anyway?

    Anyway, you said, there are many indians who are killed by the Malays in custody, that is why you do not believe the statistics put out in that DAP website. But then when you said that if indeed there are many Malays died in custody, then it is also the Malays fault too. Wah! You damned the Malays on both sides with total disregard of your own conviction. So which one is it? Who died the most in custody? Indians or Malays? Doesn’t matter right? What is important to you people, everything should be the Malays’ fault!

    Anyway, I doubt the babas and nyonyas are sidelined by the government. I am from Melaka and I do have relatives who are babas and nyonyas as well. By the way, if you say, Syed Mokhtar’s father came from Yemen, then where does his mother come from? Pluto?

    All this line of argument became unnecessary because not only you expose yourself as a bigot, you clearly shown yourself as unpatriotic. So what if China back then gave protection to the Melaka Sultanate. Why are you so proud that China gave such protection? Shouldn’t you be proud that Melaka became an empire and the nucleus of the world trade at that time? China imposed a close door policy in the 2nd half of the 15th century and that paved way for Melaka to become a great port. Tom Pires wrote: Whoever is the Lord of Malacca has hand on the throat of Venice.

    It is part of our history and we should be proud of it, regardless what race we are yet, you became so ‘kiasu’ in not wanting to recognise our country’s achievements and policy. How unpatriotic. People like you are giving Malaysians a bad name. Anyway, I am sorry. I am a Malay and as you said, I am unable to accept criticism. I shall go off and start a killing spree right now. It is sad that you feel so superior to your kind and look upon others with such disdain and contempt. Maybe that is justified of course. As you all know, we Malays cannot even build brick houses to save our lives.

    Thank you for the comment. It has opened a lot of eyes.


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  52. JMD claims that I am unpatriotic.
    The malays are their own worst enemies. That was how the british managed to secure and dictate Malaya without a fight. All they had to do was manipulate and the malay empire just went along with it.

    I was at stadium merdeka waving the flag when we had a multiracial hockey team, which at one time was the fourth best in the world.

    Our multiracial football team was one of the best in asia. But the demise of the football/hockey teams more or less relfect our country’s fall from grace. Now RM2.42 buys one Singapore $ and idiots seems to get promoted whilst the clever ones are ignored.

    By the way, kampung medan was a massacre as most of the victims were indian of origin, including a bartender father, who was on the way home at 3 am, and a teacher, who was on his way to work in the morning. And some off-duty soldiers from nearby camps were among those detained by the authorities. It seems to me, the massacre was planned with outsiders joining in. This is so typical. Hence the book on kampung medan was banned.

    Give everyone equal opportunity, and I will show you how patriotic some non-bumis can be. All they want is a nice place to raise up their family. And if Malaysia cannot give that basic right, then what can you expect out of them. By implementing NEP in such drastic fashion and denying them promotion in civil services, you can see their spirit and ambition being blown right out of them.


    • Oh I have no doubt that you did wave the Malaysian flag during that hockey tournament. I have no doubt that you felt yourself as a patriotic Malaysian by supporting our country. But that is not the issue why I called you unpatriotic. You are unpatriotic because you could not accept the rich history of our country. You hate the Malays so much, you wrote something like this –

      “Where would malacca be without the protection of the chinese empire at the initial stages? The malays did not build any cities, be it malacca, kuala lumpur or jakarta. malays are rural folks. their urban avanture was only up to village phase because of the limitation of wooden engineering. If the structure was build out of things other than wood, then it was under indian, chinese or european influence.
      If there was no protection by the chinese empire, we could be speaking thai presently, like our compatriots in pattani, or rules by the dutch and be part of present day indonesia.”

      For your information, the Malays that you ridiculed above was part of Malaysia. It is our history. It is YOUR history. If you are patriotic, you shall not condescendingly condemn them as if they had done nothing great. Mind you, Malacca was the centre of the world spice trade. If you cannot be proud of it, then how do you reconcile yourself as a Malaysian? Of all the things Malaysian, owning up to your nation’s history is the most important thing to do. Are you embarrassed by your own history?
      If you are, then I have no qualms to call you unpatriotic.
      There are far worst enemies in Malaysia than the Malays themselves. And that is people like you who are not doing anything except to wail and complain and at the same time, breed hatred among Malaysians.


      • It is the malays like JMD that is down playing the other races history and contribution in the formation of Malaya and malaysia.

        The fact that Malacca was the centre of world trade is not due to the malays. They were only interested in collecting taxes, just like today’s NEP masters collecting their 30% commission.

        Malacca started by Parameswara, but became prominent when Cheng Ho chose it as the stopping port between inter-monsoon winds.
        The guys who built malacca were the indian, chinese and arab traders.

        The sultan collect taxes, and build harems for his local and imported girlfriends, including some that was presented to him as gifts from the chinese emperor. Most malays worked or were slaves to the sultan. A feudal situation that existed until today.

        Hang Tuah probably served the sultan with disgust. And only Hang Jebat dared to challenge the unjust and seek vengeance and justice. God will punish the wrong doers, whoever they are, for I certainly cannot tell who did right, unlike you.

        JMD : Another sloppy commentary Sputjam. You have not learned the history books but resorted to write something fantastical about the Melaka Sultanate. As if the great chinese emperor from the great civilisation of China you hold dear were free from any vices. This is what I meant as not being patriotic. Looking down on your nation’s history without any pride. And yet, you accuse me of downplaying the contribution of other races in Malaysian history. When did I ever do that? Have I said the chinese or other races in Malaya/Malaysia never contributed at all to the nation? I suggest you take some anti-delusional pills today. Thank you.


        • Amazing article, JMD.

          To Sputjam,

          I am amazed, that after 52 years of independence, we still have people that are ignorant of the history of the Malaccan Empire and its contributions to the world.
          And to think Prof Emeritus Muhammad Yusoff Hashim came up with ‘The Malay sultanate of Malacca : a study of various aspects of Malacca in the 15th and 16th centuries in Malaysian history ‘ only for people like you to ignore.
          Yes, Malacca is the centre of world trade during the 15th and 16th centuries. Yes, the Arabs, Chinese and Indians traded there. Yes, they collected taxes. But isn’t that common in any thallasocracy and port kingdom?
          The statement given by Sputjam proved that Malacca was an attractive place to foreign traders, simply because of an able administration. Business people are attracted to places that are orderly and properly run. To claim that the foreign traders are the people that contributed significantly to Malacca’s prosperity while ignoring the able administrations of the Malaccan bureaucracy that provided the basis for these traders to come is fallacious at best and racist at worst.
          And Cheng Ho did not make Malacca a booming port. The Straits of Malacca was always a goldmine for any port established there. Remember Srivijaya and Kedah? Malacca’s strategic location attracted traders from China, India and the Arab world who have been trading there for hundreds of years. To bring up Cheng Ho smacks of the ‘Chinese supremacy and Malay inferiority’ mentality, and bring shame to the good admiral, who was never racist and who made relations with the nations of the known world.
          Feudal system with harems? Isn’t this system, which you claim to plague the Malay sultans, also present in the palaces of China and India?
          Hang Tuah probably served the Sultan in disgust, and Jebat fought for justice? Clearly, you have not read Sejarah Melayu properly. Jebat did not fight for justice or Tuah as was romantically painted by Hikayat Hang Tuah. He was caught sleeping with one of the royal concubines, and promptly took over the palace. Tuah’s death was just an excuse to justify his heinous actions (reminds one of a certain country that attacked another country for some reasons, which shifted later on in the war).
          It would be wrong, then, for anyone to comment here and question the veracity of Sejarah Melayu, as this is the same book used by anti-Malay racists to show how the Malay sultans were descended from Indians and Arabs, therefore proving the inferiority of the Malay race.
          I do not deny the contributions of other races in building Malaysia as a nation. As a History student, I will be the first to admit it. But is it right, then, to vehemently deny the contributions of the Malay race on his own soil, and to deny that the contributions of others was possible BECAUSE the Malays provided a proper framework and basis for them?

          JMD : Thank you for this comment Fikri. A good one indeed.


          • The basic framework we have in existence today is the result of the british administration. Ketuanans were helpless in preventing mass migration of millions into malaya.
            The british brought this immigrants for economic reasons. Some to work the estates, some to mine the land and for timber extraction. But for most part, they needed the money these migrants brought in with them. Among those who came were rich chinese businessmen and bankers.
            This policy is still implemented in australia and new zealand whereby those with money or skills are welcome.
            Since merdeka that the malay framework of doing things came into existance. And many now claimed it has been sliding downhill ever since.

            ketuanan types are title chasers. They have datuk prof dr Ir HJ in front of their names, but normally they are useless in their work. No attention to detail at all. If you work with them, then it is one endless committee meetings after another. And they all seems to discuss about golf and their by-pass operations, apart from german cars.

            On the royal houses of malaya, and even in indonesia, many are from indian or middle east origin. The kingdoms of sri vijaya, mojopohit etc have very strong indian influence. There could be some that originated from malay blood, but the majority are from the west.

            JMD : Most chinese immigrants that came to Malaya and worked in tin mines and timber extraction industry (?) were rich bankers and businessmen?

            I suspect you are creating new facts just to justify your hatred towards the Malays. Have you given a thought to my earlier question before?

            And sure Sputjam, ONLY the Malays are title chasers…. I believe you on this but I’m afraid, thousands wouldn’t.

            I guess you have outlived your usefulness in this commentary section when time and time again you had put forth your views in a very condescending and insulting manner to the intelligence of readers here. Your comment had stereotyped all the Malays and some other groups of Malaysians into your own skewed perspective without being cognisant to the sensitivities of your next door neighbours.

            Of course, the internet is a way for you to gleefully release all your pent up misdirected anger which you happily behind anonymity. I would like to remind you that you are responsible to what you write therefore I may not be able to defend whatever you are written should anyone else tries to reprimand you.

            Consider this as a gentle reminder that you are not an island. You live among your fellow Malaysians.

            Thank you.


  53. Saksi forensik polis dalam prosiding inkues kematian Teoh Beng Hock hari ini tidak menolak kemungkinan mendiang diseret sebelum ditemui mati tertiarap di atas lantai tingkat lima Plaza Masalam, Julai lalu.

    Pegawai penyiasat Cif Inspektor Mazli Jusoh , 31, dari cawangan forensik Ibu Pejabat Polis Kontinjen Selangor berkata demikian selepas ditunjukkan kesan geseran pada tapak kasut sebelah kanan mangsa yang ditemui di tempat kejadian.

    “Setuju bahawa geseran bahagian tapak kasut ada implikasi yang penting?” tanya peguam pemerhati bagi kerajaan Selangor, Malik Imtiaz Sarwar dan Mazli menjawab: “Setuju”.

    Mazli juga berkata beliau tidak pula menjumpai sebarang kesan gentian fabrik seluar pada bingkai tingkap di tingkat 14, yang menempatkan pejabat Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) itu.

    Dalam keterangannya lagi, beliau berkata tingkap seluas hampir 0.6m, dengan ketinggian 0.9m dari aras lantai itu, boleh dilangkah keluar.

    Bagaimanapun, beliau berkata hasil pemeriksaannya menunjukkan tiada kesan tapak kasut di bingkai dan cermin tingkap serta lantai di kawasan tersebut.

    “Saya ada periksa kawasan itu, ia berhabuk, kalau berhabuk, dan dipijak mesti meninggalkan kesan (tapak kasut) tapi tiada kesan,” katanya.



    • @ johnny

      Prosiding tu pun masih belum sampai ke tahap yg dapat “implicate” mana-mana pihak. kau pulak terus jatuh hukuman UMNO bersalah?

      dasar penjilat **** anwar ibrahim memang ultra BODOH !!!


  54. sputjam,

    u said:

    “Give everyone equal opportunity, and I will show you how patriotic some non-bumis can be. All they want is a nice place to raise up their family. And if Malaysia cannot give that basic right, then what can you expect out of them. By implementing NEP in such drastic fashion and denying them promotion in civil services, you can see their spirit and ambition being blown right out of them.”

    patriotism is actually it’s not only about equality. to me if a person can strive to be a good person, have a steady job, be independent, respect the law, be aware of social issues, and raise a good family he is already doing a bloody good job as a patriotic malaysian. u can skip the flag raising and frenzy cheering at a hockey match. these are just form and not substance. at the moment we are still barking at each other about these forms and not many care to look at themselves at the mirror.

    the problems we face in malaysia is largely due to people not accepting the fact that they have to work hard for life. they are many here who expects handouts from the government not knowing that resources are limited and handouts come from the expense of others. there is no free lunch but they expect others to pay.

    if everyone can be a good human being or even try their very best in becoming one our country malaysia will be a great nation. we fight and fight for race, rights and religion but we seem to forget the most fundamental thing in life, which is to be a good human being regardless of who we are. so think not of what the country the can do for us, but think of what we can do for OURSELVES!

    just my 2 cents worth


    • The problem we face in Malaysia is not only about working and earning a living and feeding our family.

      The problem is that we have an incompetent govenrment that is using race politics to maintain power.

      If we had harness the power of diversity, we could have grown much more in a shorter period. The taxes collected from his would be spent helping the poor and those down and outs.

      Instead, this govenrment intentionally ignored the non-bumis in their education programme, causing many to seek education overseas, which cost huge amount of money and foreign exchange losses. These huge amount could have been spent locally, provide jobs and wealth to every community. But since the objective is to obtain 30% shareholding and professionals under bumi hands, barriers were placed to slow the growth of non-bumis in order the bumis could catch up. But when that failed, the examination levels were lowered. Now we have HP 6 graduates who cannot get jobs and are addicted to government asistance.

      Education is the heart of the nation. If you have this messed up, then it will reflect in the society. The fact that after 50 years of independence, it was announced that pre-school will be given to rural folks reveal the incompetency of our education authorities. For many developed countries, this was adopted decades ago. But our barin dead administrators just cannot think outside the box when it comes to innovation and progress. All they think of is their datukship, pension, golf games, heart by-pass and their german cars.

      In many developed countries, many start work at the age of 17. When they work, they pay taxes. Our ketuanan mentality, even at the age of 24, our graduates are still unemployed, and we tax payers have to support by employing them with govenrment agencies.


  55. @ sputjam

    you’ve been lamenting on the scarcity of non-Malays in top ranks of our civil services.

    if from day one there’s been already too few non-Malays even applying for a goverment job, how the hell can you expect to see more non-Malays up the echelon?!

    just because the non-Malays are the minority in this country (much less so in govt positions), does it mean every single non-Malay in govt service must be automatically promoted no matter how bad he/she performs or no matter how many more-deserving seniors on the promotion queue?

    if so, then the USA should have more African Americans within upper ranks of its civil service. Also, PRC should have more Manchus, Uighurs, Tibetans and Huis in senior positions too, all automatically promoted. And India should then have more Muslims and backward-caste Hindus holding important positions as well, along with the traditionally high-level Brahmin and Kshatriya Hindus!

    to be straightforward, it takes more than just good grades to get yourself a goverment position. so many of us have gone through this experience, not just you non-Malays. there’s no point appointing a dean’s list graduate if the person is found to be difficult to work with, arrogant, self-centered, and want a top role straightaway, etc.. our Public Services Comission (SPA) hires highly-experienced interviewers to scan the personality and inner quality of each candidate.

    JMD : Among other factors why the civil service do not have many non-Malays is because of the low salary package as compared to going into businesses or the private sector. Thank you for the comment.


    • Average Joe
      For non-bumis, barriers are placed to make it difficult for them to obtain employment in government departments. It is similar in education.

      The aim is to slow the growth of non-bumis in order for bumis to catch up.

      Nowadays, non-bumis don’t bother to apply for govenrment jobs as they know their chances are slim. So we now have a parallel system in Malaysia whereby the chinese and malays(bumis) each have their own seperate identity whereby to join the govenrment, you have to speak malay and the private sector, you need mandarin.

      The rest will just have to adjust accordingly. hence the formation of groups like Hindraf and the orang asli group of Malaysia(orang asli, iban kadazan etc in one group).

      If you want to gauge how desperate some non-bumis are in seeking further studies, allow the ministry of defence to offer higher education opportunities for those who obtain good grades in science and maths, but will have top serve the nation for life. Then wait and see how many desperate and poor non-bumis will apply, The response, i bet will be shocking to the ketuanan types.


      • SPUTJAM

        hmm… no wonder there are so few non-Malays even applying for government jobs. it’s your mentality, mindset and attitude towards the services, not solely because of the nature of the service itself. the likes of you are perhaps just clever but not wise. being clever and being smart and wise are two different things.


        • Average joe,

          tell that to those non-bumis in civil service who were denied promotions and see in disgust those less qualified juniors with lower working enthusiasm from a certain race being promoted ahead of them.

          By the time they reach forty plus, these non-bumis in the govenrment department all behave like zombies, because they know that after a certain grade, they will never be promoted upwards and just sit and wait for their retirement and pension.


          • spurtjam

            show me one chinese allegedly being denied promotion in civil service and we can show you ten malays with equal level of performance and seniority, having similar fate with that chinese.

            and if you can’t even prove your acusation, then shut the f*** up and stop making baseless allegations saying chinese are sidelined in civil services.

            it has something to do with the number of available vacancies for senior positions. the higher the rank, the fewer the number of positions are. not everyone who joins the govt as a grade 41 officer will retire JUSA grade or Jawatan Utama Sektor Awam (Major Positions in Public Service). the same goes in the private sector, not every executive will rise up to CEO. how come you don’t even understand this?!


  56. jmd and blind followers

    stop defending your beloved MACC and the big boss UMNO.

    MACC (is it really independent?) won’t act without instruction from big boss.

    i wonder MACC stands for anti-corruption or CORRUPTION commision?

    remember, man can cover up, but God (as you believe your own god) will punish the wrong doers. will punish those UMNO bloggers too for misleading others and twisting fact and truth.

    puasa is coming…. do some soul searching.


  57. breaking news…the MACC officers are breaking the news that top MACC official is involved in the death of TBH.

    baliklah JMD


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