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Arise PAS and Umno!

A few commentators privately commented in this blog asking whether I am supporting the Unity Government suggested by PAS President, Haji Hadi Awang. Some feel that certain parts within my previous article which had lamented on the inability of the Malays of different political idealogies to sit down together and unite under a mutual cause was my agreement towards a Unity Government.

Well, the answer is, I am against Unity Government of PAS and Umno. However, a caveat – I would be more supportive if PAS can discuss with Umno is several platforms involving Malay issues i.e., working together to strengthen any areas the Malays are lagging behind.

Let’s discuss the first scenario specifically why I am against the Unity Government of PAS and Umno. Firstly, it is more important for BN especially for Umno for PAS to remain in the opposition coalition.

Apart from the fact that Barisan Nasional is already the best formula for the ruling government of Malaysia, PAS as an opposition will be the insurance for the Malays in general. Imagine if the opposition comprises only of non Malay majority parties while the government consist of Malay dominated parties. What should happen if the government loses support and lost in a general election? The opposition will then form the government without any Malay representatives in it.

Surely that will be disastrous for the majority of Malaysians. That is why, one of the outcome in the ousting of PAS from BN in 1978 was the creation of Malay voice in every opposition coalition established just before each general election.

Inadvertently, it became a good strategy for the two biggest Malay parties in Malaysia at that time. All know that PAS, with its idealogy, is poles apart with the DAP. Thus, any fundamentally strong opposition will face great difficulties to exist.

For example, Pemuda PAS had urged to government to continue with the NEP in their party general assembly recently. Thus, as an insurance, PAS should be in the loose coalition of opposition parties.

Secondly, I find it sickening to see old men such as the ulamas in PAS and experienced politicians like those in Umno cannot even show some form of amiable attitude towards each other.

How can this be? PAS ulamas can be friendly with other people but with Umno leaders, they became arrogant and conceited. Although Umno leaders had shown open mindedness in dealing with the flip flopping of PAS leaders, the ulamas treated this open mindedness with disdain.

This is what I meant in the paragraph of the previous article – the reluctance to see eye to eye resulted in the inability to achieve anything greater or better. I wrote:

Perpecahan yang melanda bangsa teramai di Malaysia inilah yang menyebabkan tiada tapak untuk menganjakkan cara pemikiran mereka ke tahap yang lebih baik. Tiada tapak untuk memulakan anjakan bermaksud, segala usaha yang dilakukan untuk memperkasakan bangsa telah digagalkan oleh sifat hasad dengki, tamak, gila kuasa, fitnah-memfitnah, kafir-mengkafir dan lain lain lagi…

Because Malays indulged themselves into too much politicking which often than not, constricted their ability to be farsighted. Their lust for power and constant bickering over the smallest of issues led them to be divided. And once you are divided, any effort to work for betterment will not be successful…

Any effort to strengthen the Malays say, to make English a compulsory pass subject will be opposed by the Malays (PAS) themselves just for the sake of opposing!

I am all for the PAS leaders and Umno leaders to discuss any issues to uplift the current mediocre state of the Malays. But I am against any government which consist only PAS and Umno. On that note, all this political one-upmanship of of political debate, unity government and political mud-slinging need to stop or else, nothing will change.

We know that being stagnant in a rapidly changing world is to become regressive.

When Nik Aziz said:

“Hendak sebut apa lagi kerana Umno benar-benar memisahkan agama dan politik. Umno buat kerja tidak serupa dengan kehendak Nabi Muhammad s.a.w.”

Does he realise that if Umno allegedly separates religion and politics, he is more guilty of mixing politics with religion!

His own political expediency is more important than gaining the chance to bring Muslim Malays closer through mutual causes? What kind of ulama is this?

I guess in his books, the Prophet S.A.W did not teach all Muslims to stand united. I am really disappointed with Nik Aziz. Words cannot describe how I feel.

Why can’t the malay politicians from PAS just cut all these timewasting rhetorics and meet with Umno soon? What stopping them?

The DAP?

PAS needs to realise  that all this while,  their election machinery and their members are being used by its political partners to the greatest effect. PAS has nearly a million members as opposed to the DAP who allegedly has about 50,000 members. A million doing the work for 50,000? A million being cajoled into submission by a mere 50,000? PAS has been relegated to become an army of gurkhas without any say in the strategic planning of Pakatan Rakyat.

Yet, arrogantly PAS thinks it talks from a position of strength. With around 25 seats in Parliament, they will lose more in the next general election should they persist in remaining aloof towards any discussion in the Malay progress.

With this, should Pemuda PAS feel anxious and nervous about any efforts that call for the abolishment of Malay special position or the NEP, they should read Utusan Malaysia’s article  entitled Bangkitlah Melayu.

Last time I checked, PAS’ partner, Mr. Lim Kit Siang lambasted that article because he felt that Malays should not make any calls to strengthen themselves. When everyday since a few years ago, the Malays were subjected to ridicule in the blogoshere, where insulting calls to abolish the Monarchy, Article 153, ridiculing Islam, calling Malays as baboons etc. could be read on daily basis, it was not surprising that the blinkered and chauvinistic Lim Kit Siang failed to mirror himself when he labeled that article as racist.

Nevermind that the article actually called on the Malays to halt the political divisiveness and remain united.

In the end, with the Prime Minister giving out more and more policies that favour the non-bumis, the Malay solidarity will become even more important in the challenging times ahead.

And what are PAS and UMNO leaders doing now? Fighting over who is more pious? Arguing over who is more politically relevant? Fighting over who will be in heaven in after life and who will be in hell?

In my eyes, both are prime candidates for eternal damnation should they fail to crawl out of this pathetic political standoff and do something constructive about it.

(to be continued)


12 thoughts on “Arise PAS and Umno!

  1. marvelous piece jmd, and timely. you’ve never strayed from your axis of opinion. i wish i could contribute more to your cause. i am not able to write long on my thoughts tonight, but suffice to say that I am one of the thousands to stand behind you.



      • The above comment is an example of another narrow-minded interactive statement from an M2day degenerate. This specie can only comprehend opinions from UMNO, PAS, or in general, racial perspectives, and can never appreciate discussions from a broader angle. If you ever read all of the articles in this blog, they have criticized UMNO and oppositions alike to promote a fair malaysian agenda from the author’s personal point of view and at the same time motivate the malays to improve.

        This blog is not stupid, most find it intellectually addictive, judging by the wave of comments it used to generate during the paklah years. If it was stupid, you would have never bothered to pass by anyway. Leaving a two-liner with a random pseudonym is lame and straight coward.

        JMD : Thank you for the kind words River.


  2. Salamz tuan JMD,

    Puasa dah nak dekat.. result manek urai bila bila masa dah ni.. mari kita saksikan kematangan PAS dan Umno apabila kuputusan diumumkan kelak..

    kalau depa tak gaduh gaduh atau tak maki hamun, kira bagus la..

    lagi bagus kalau dua dua ckp akan bersama sama membangunkan ummah.

    Penyokong parti melayu.


  3. Salam,

    Wahai bangsaku! Tinggalkanlah UMNO dan PAS kerana kedua-duanya ini adalah parti-parti politik yang kafir kerana mereka mengamalkan agama demokrasi yang kafir. Perkara-perkara 43, 44 dan 161 Perlembagaan Negara menjadikan negara kita ini sebagai Negara Kafir kerana :

    1. Mengikut perkara 44, undang-undang negara kita adalah dibuat oleh manausia (12:40);

    2. Mengiktu perkara 43, undang-undang yang dibuat oleh manusia ini adalah dijalan dan dikuat kuasakan ke atas manusia yang mewujudkan sistem manusia menjadi hamba kpd manusia (5:44);

    3. Mengikut perkara 161, undang-undang yang dibuat oleh manusia adalah ditaati oleh manusia yang bererti manusia menyembah manusia (9:31).

    Demokrasi adalah agama, iaitu agama manusia yang kafir kerana ianya adalah terdiri dpd Aqidah, Syariat dan Akhlaknya yang tersendiri:

    1. AQIDAH DEMOKRASI adalah ciptaan manusia yang selain daripada Allah yang terdiri daripada Uluhiyah dan Rububiyah MANUSIA :

    i. Rububiyah Manusia bererti para pemerintah itu adalah TUHAN-TUHAN bagi manusia kerana mereka mempunyai HAK dan KUASA ke atas Kedaulatan, Otoriti dan Undang-undang dan mereka mempunyai HAK untuk MENGABDIKAN MANUSIA KEPADA KUASA MANUSIA;

    ii. Uluhiyah Manusia bererti para pemerintah itu adalah TUHAN-TUHAN bagi manusia kerana segala kedaulatan, otoriti dan undang-undang yang dibuat dan diluluskan oleh para pemerintah itu adalah DITAATI dan DIPATUHI oleh golongan manusia yang diperintah;

    2. SYARIAT DEMOKRASI yang terdiri daripada segala PERATURAN dan UNDANG-UNDANG yang dibuat dan diluluskan oleh parlimen (fasal 44 Perlembagaan Negara) adalah ciptaan manusia yang selain daripada Allah;

    3. AKHLAK DEMOKRASI yang wujud dan berkembang di bawah kekuasaan dan undang-undang manusia adalah mengikut neraca-neraca dan nilai-nilai manusia yang dikuatkuasakan oleh peraturan dan undang-undang manusia.

    UMNO dan PAS adalah kafir kerana :

    1. Mereka mengamalkan agama manusia yang kafir (3:85);

    2. Mereka mewujud dan mengamalkan sistem pengabdian manusia kpd manusia (5:44);

    3. Mereka mewujud dan mengamalkan sistem manusia menyembah manusia(9:31).

    Ingatlah bahawa para pemimpin kita dpd PAS, UMNO dan PKR serta Raja-Raja Melayu kita kesemuanya adalah talibarut Yahudi!

    Kembalilah kpd Islam. Ingatlah bahawa Allah melarang kita dpd mengamalkan agama demokrasi yang kafir ini dan bagi kita yang mengamalkannya Allah akan menghumbankan kita ke dalam neraka (35:10)! Allah memerintahkan kita agar kita mendirikan Negara Islam melalui Jihad, Perang dan Revolusi(2:193, 251; 22:40). Jadikanlah agama Islam kita ini sebagai agama yang terkuat dan paling berkuasa di bumi yang mengatasi seluruh orang kafir di dunia dgn Jihad, Perang dan Revolusi (9:33).

    Sekian, terima kasih.

    Paiso Awang Zari
    Padang Halban


    • Oh my God, I really pity the muslims in Singapore, UK, US, Germany, Turkey etc because if the yardstick of yours is taken into consideration, all of them will burn in hell too! Even the people in Saudi Arabia are not safe as they also have a monarchy!

      So, are you God?


  4. Salam,

    Do not forget, you must also try to pity yourself too!

    The yardstick is not mine. They are from Allah as enshrined in the Quran. The vast majority of Muslims today are kafir becuz they had abandoned the Quran, Sunnah and Sirah. They are kafir becuz they had abandoned the yardsticks of the Quran and they had invented their own.

    When men make laws, Allah describe them as Gods or Taghut in the Quran. Our law makers and Malay Rajas are Gods becuz they make laws other than Allah’s (4:60). When you are suggesting that I could be a God, you are indirectly mocking the Quran which is blesphemous. I am not a God according to the meaning of the Quran becuz I am not a law maker.

    A Muslim is not supposed to be a passive resident of a kafir state such as Singapore, Malaysia, Europe, Turkey, etc. He must express his open rejection and great displeasure towards that particular kafir state (4:60; 60:4) or else he ceases to be a Muslim in the eyes of Allah (4:97). In such a case, he has only two alternatives – to oppose the government or to migrate. A Muslim in Malaysia must either oppose the government or migrate to some safe heavens. If that is not available, then he has no alternative except to resort to the policy of open rejection and radicalism against the government. Come what may! A Muslim is a constant and ever continueing active struggler against kufur powers and governments (9:29, 33). This is again not my opinion but a clear and explicit command from Allah.

    UMNO and PAS are kafirs becuz they are law-makers, they are kafirs becuz of their servitude to men when man-made laws are enforced on them (5:44), and becuz they worship men as Gods when they obey these man-made laws (9:31). Again be aware JMD, that these postulates are not mine but from God found in the Quran.

    Saudi Arabia is definitely a kafir state as its laws are mainly secular man-made and not divine. They have hudud laws pertaining to fornication, close proximity, liquor, theft, murder, etc, but those are about all they have got – the other laws which comprise 95% of the laws are all stamped “Made in England”! The kingdom was originally created by the Jews through Britain. Their kings, past and present, were and are agents of the Jews. There is a kaabah in the Arabia of today, apart from that it is a perfect dictatorial kafir state. Allah commands Muslims to fight and wage Jihad against it and abolish the present regime making way for the establishment of a new Islamic Caliphate (2:193; 22:40). War of Jihad against Saudi Arabia is an obligatory act commanded by Allah.

    As you could clearly see, JMD, all these arguments put forth here form the basic fundamental principles of Islam originating from the injunctions of the Quran, and none from the wishful thinking of men!

    Thank you.

    Yours Sincerely

    Paiso Awang Zari

    Padang Halban, Kelantan


    • So when are you migrating out from this country? Very curious to know where will you be heading since Saudi Arabia is also a kafir country according to your opinion. Thank you. Let us know when you reach this other place.


  5. SALAM,

    Saya tidak bercadang hendak ke mana-manapun kerana tidak wujud suatu tempat pun yang selamat bagi seseorang pejuang Islam di bumi ini. Saya akan berjuang mengikut jalan al-Quran, Sunnah dan Sirah yang akan membawa kepada Jihad, Perang dan Revolusi. Sukacita saya memberi peringatan kepada sdr JMD agar kita jangan sewenang-wenang mempermain-mainkan ayat-ayat Allah dan segala konsep perjuangan daripada Allah kerana itu bererti kita telah mengkufurkan diri kita sendiri yang boleh mengeluarkan kita daripada agama Allah.

    Firman Allah : al-Imran 32
    Katakanlah : Taatlah kepada Allah dan Rasul, jika kamu berpaling, maka sesungguhnya Allah tidak kasihkan orang-orang kafir.

    Perjuangan UMNO dan PAS adalah berbeza dan berkontradiksi dengan total dengan perjuangan Rasulullah saw yang menjadikan seluruh mereka ini sebagai orang-orang kafir.


    1. Mengisytiharkan kalimah ﻵﺍﻟﻪﺍﻷﺍﷲ untuk menegakkan kekuasaan Islam dan sistem kehidupan Islam, serta matlamat untuk menghapuskan kekuasaan Jahiliyah.

    2. Mengisytiharkan agama jahiliyah Mekah sebagai agama yang syirik dan kufur.

    3. Tidak mengamal, mengimani dan menganuti agama Jahiliyah.

    4. Tidak membolehkan amalan agama Jahiliyah bagi tujuan perjuangan Islam.

    5. Tidak mengiktiraf dan bersetuju terhadap agama Jahiliyah.

    6. Tidak bersetuju untuk menyerahkan hak dan kuasa untuk membuat peraturan dan undang-undang kepada manusia.

    7. Tidak mentaati peraturan dan undang-undang manusia.

    8. Menafi, menolak, mengingkari dan menentang dengan terbuka, aktif dan total terhadap agama Jahiliyah.

    9. Memisahkan diri daripada kepimpinan kufur dan kekuasaan kufur serta untuk memusuhi dan membencinya.

    10. Mengamalkan sikap tidak berkompromi dan non-konformis terhadap agama Jahiliyah.

    11. Mencabar dan mengancam agama Jahiliyah yang sedang berkuasa dan berdaulat.

    12. Bersedia dan sanggup untuk dizalimi dan ditindas oleh kekuasaan Jahiliyah dengan ketara dan berpajangan.

    13. Setelah memperolehi kekuatan, Islam akan melancarkan Jihad dan Perang terhadap Jahiliyah untuk menghapuskan sistem pengabdian manusia kepada kuasa manusia dan untuk mengembalikan pengabdian seluruh umat manusia kepada Allah sahaja.


    1. Tidak mengisytiharkan matlamatnya untuk menghapuskan agama demokrasi sebagai agama yang syirik dan kufur;

    2. Tidak mengisytiharkan bahawa demokrasi ini adalah agama yang syirik dan kufur ;

    3. Mengamal dan menganuti agama demokrasi yang bererti mereka menganuti dan mengamalkan agama manusia yang syirik dan kufur ;

    4. Memboleh dan menghalalkan amalan agama demokrasi sebagai jalan untuk memperjuangkan Islam;

    5. Mengiktiraf, bersetuju dan meredhai agama demokrasi;

    6. Bersetuju dan redha untuk menyerahkan hak dan kuasa untuk membuat peraturan dan undang-undang kepada manusia ;

    7. Mentaati dan mematuhi peraturan dan undang-undang demokrasi ciptaan manusia;

    8. Tidak menafi, menolak, mengingkari dan menentang dengan aktif dan total terhadap agama demokrasi yang syirik dan kufur ;

    9. Tidak memisahkan diri daripada kepimpinan kufur dan kekuasaan kufur serta tidak memusuhi dan membencinya;

    10. Tidak mengamalkan sikap tidak berkompromi dan non-konformis terhadap agama Jahiliyah;

    11. Tidak mencabar dan mengancam agama Jahiliyah yang sedang berkuasa dan berdaulat;

    12. Tidak akan dizalimi dan ditindas oleh kekuasaan Jahiliyah kerana cara berdakwah yang tidak mencabar dan mengancam kekuatan dan kekuasaan Jahiliyah;

    13. Tidak bersedia untuk melancarkan Jihad dan Perang terhadap Jahiliyah dan kekuasaan jahiliah serta tidak bercadang untuk menghapuskan sistem pengabdian manusia kepada kuasa manusia.

    UMNO dan PAS membuat undang-undang manusia, mereka menguat kuasakannya ke atas umat manusia, undang-undang itu pula ditaati dan dipatuhi manusia – kesemuanya bererti berbeza dan berkontradiksi dgn Metod Rasulullah saw yang mengeluarkan mereka dpd agama Allah .

    Cara dan metod perjuangan UMNO dan PAS adalah kafir. Kita tidak boleh ikut cara perjuangan Islam seperti mereka ini. Sukacita dan dengan segala hormatnya saya menjemput sdr JMD agar membuat pengamatan dan kesimpulan mengenai bagai manakah kehidupan kita dan sikap serta tindakan-tindakan kita di Malaysia kita ini sekiranya kita ikut dan taat kepada model perjuangan Rasulullah saw.

    Sekian, Terima Kasih.

    Wan Solehah al-Halbani


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