Defining Malaysian socio-political structure

We have delved into what is actually democracy in Malaysia in the previous article. From the comments received, I believe most people do not understand what is democracy in the context of Malaysian social structure. Many have rubbished the analysis made by the astute commentator without even giving a viable anti-thesis to impress upon us their very own definition of what democracy is. What we had was a barrage of complaints over purported lack of freedom or examples of law abuses made by the government.

Some had erroneously defined democracy as the right of an individual to protest. To some extent, that is agreeable to the principles of democracy. But when the same individual decidedly trying to destroy the peace and livelihood of other individuals, then he or she is no longer prescribing to the concept of democracy. They have in reality, subscribed themselves to another form of social political structure – Anarchy.

Realistically speaking, no government is perfect. Even the great opposition governments in all 4 states are facing so many problems by which, their remedy is often slant towards the same style of governance of the ruling federal government. We have yet to see any feasible socio-political structure that suggests new type of social fabric for Malaysians to analyze in replace of the current social and political structure.

In this light, before anyone could jump into conclusion or trying to cough up new set of rules on how Malaysia should be, it is better for each one of us to learn what Malaysia is. We must learn the intricacies that balance each of the elements within our nation’s scope of existence.

Below are a few factors that must be known in order to ascertain the very nature of our society. There is no right or wrong in the degree factors as every country is unique with each other. I hope I had simplified this quite dry subject into something that is palatable to everyone.

1. Individualism vs. Collective rights

Individualism means the rights of an individual are more important than groups that they may belong to. It aims to let each person grow or fail on their own. Collective rights simply means that the rights of the family, group and country is much more important than the individual. It sees individualism as selfish and short sighted. I firmly believe that the US is number one here in the first category and followed closely by Great Britain and Australia. Malaysia and other Asian countries on the other hand are somewhere in the latter category.

2. Equal opportunity vs. Equal outcome

Equal opportunity means equality in the rights of individual in accessing prospects and chances for a better position in life. Everyone is entitled to get the same amount of opportunity regardless of their own social background and the overall outcome. Meanwhile, equal outcome seeks to find equilibrium in the outcome among everyone in the society. If in the pursuit to have equal outcome, any individual is being discriminated by an affirmative action, then the collective rights of the society take precedent. Most homogeneous countries take the first category while multicultural, and multiethnic countries fall in the second category. The multi-ethnic US unfortunately falls somewhere in the first category when instead they should focus on the second. As the result, their income disparity and unemployment rate between the variety of ethnics are high.

3. Sacred authority vs. Secular authority

Theocracy is one of a few factors that most countries are saddled with in recent times. It infuses religious hegemony in all aspects of the government and the free society. Secular authority simply means separating religion from governance. Malaysia and to a lesser extent, the US fall in  between the two categories where religion are practiced unobtrusively and had permeated in everyday lives of the people whether in governance or in lifestyles. However,  the laws of the land is largely secular.  To simplify this further, the phrases ‘God Bless America’ and ‘In God We Trust’ are prevalent in the  minds of Americans. This strong belief of a Higher Being is equally  important in the mindset of Malaysians too. On the other hand, communist countries clearly separates religion from administration with very minimal religious overtones and references in their governance. At the opposite end of this communist countries are the pure theocratic nations of Saudi Arabia, the Vatican and Iran.

4. Social assimilation vs. Social segregation

Most of the countries in the world assimilate their citizens with a common unifying factor. National language, standardized culture or even one paramount religion are used as the based factors in determining the degree of assimilation in a particular country. United States lead the way of assimilating its people which goes as far back in the  early 19th century when John Quincy Adams, the 6th President of the US, said that in the effort towards nation-building, “immigrants must cast of their European skin, never to resume it” and Horace Mann, a US early education reformer in the 19th century noted that national schools was built “with the need to make Americans out of Europeans”. Many other countries in Asia follow this approach such as Thailand, Philippines, Australia, Singapore and Indonesia. These countries opted either to have a common language or a standardized culture onto their people. If there were an assimilation index, or a scale on how to measure a country’s assimilation rate, then the most probable quantitative measure would be the degree of similarities of the main community and the ones with foreign ancestry.

5. Masculinity vs. Femininity

Each country has the unique peculiarity in the roles of gender among its people. Traditional gender roles are more prevalent among the males within Asian countries as opposed to the countries with western values. Men are generally considered aggressive and competitive while arguably, women are expected to be domesticated and more gentle. Countries which value masculinity over femininity include Japan, China, surprisingly Austria and Venezuela. Malaysia falls in this category too.

6. Meritocratic capitalism vs. Social obligation

Meritocratic capitalism can be summed up as ‘survival of the fittest’. While social obligation simply means, the rich is subsidizing the poor. Many countries try to subscribe themselves to the first category although more and more countries such as the US, under the present President Barack Obama is indulging themselves  in socialism in order to maintain social fabric by subsidizing the poor. It is ironic that the strongest economy in the world, which built its strength virtually through market capitalism is so fragile when faced with an economic crisis. In fact, it is more fragile than governments who had laid more importance in social obligation. Malaysia is categorised to be in the second category whereby Asian values of ‘prospering thy neighbours’ and strong, empathetic family ties remain the pinnacle of its culture. However, social obligation will only work should there is a strong centralised authority managing the government apparatuses.

Below is the web chart of the factors above:


Note : Theories partly composed from works of Geert Hofstede, Georg Hegel and Fons Trompenaars.


52 thoughts on “Defining Malaysian socio-political structure

  1. Hey jebat,

    I gt to say, great article. One little complaint…well, actually more of a suggestion, if you will.

    Secularism can be defined as “separation of church and state”, but there is another definition not used as much, but best describes the version of secularism in France and Turkey: Minimization of religion in the public sphere. An example of this is the ban on religious symbols in public schools in France, and similarly the ban on headscarves at universities and civil institutions in Turkey. The idea is that your religion is to be confined to the home but not to be out in the public.

    The United States of America does indeed separate religious institutions from government, but religion does play a large part in its politics, for example the issues of abortion and same sex marriages. I guess that it’s pretty much the same for Malaysian politics.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  2. I dont understand when you said “their remedy is often slant towards the same style of governance of the ruling federal government”

    Care to elaborate?

    JMD : You can click on the link provided within that particular statement. Summarily, opposition never walk the talk. The people must know that they are just politicians trying to gain mileage by being more attractive than their rivals. For instance, Guan Eng upon being Penang CM stated that the state will abolish closed tender system and adopt open tender system for all. Along the way, he renege on that promised and administered a few closed tender deals for the island’s projects. And, on top of that, he has the cheek to tell Najib that the Federal Government must practise open tender system for all! He said this :

    “Najib must ensure that the system is truly open and all must be allowed to participate. If this is restricted to only those registered with the Finance Ministry, it is still a form of closed tender,” he added.

    Thank you.


  3. I would like to say a great piece of article
    May i know where did u get ur information from?

    JMD : Thank you Fann. Most of the information was obtained from here, here and here. I actually have a hardcopy of a research paper that discuss the Hegelian theory vs another modernist philosophist – Immanuel Kant. It is a dry subject indeed 🙂 but I enjoyed reading it. I am sorry I do not have the link or the softcopy. The rest of the article is an infusion of those thoughts to make it more relevant in the context of Malaysia. Thank you.


  4. Dear Jebat,

    M-Campaign for M-Harmony in M-shaped Malaysia

    The M-shaped society is a term coined by the Japanese economist and corporate strategist Kenichi Ohmae. It refers to a polarized society with the extreme rich and the extreme poor. This is measured by the so-called GINI coefficient.

    With the advance and consequence of globalization (for good or bad), the middle class is gradually assimilated into either side. The bulk of society is no longer the middle classes. The name is derived when you chart the class distribution a distinct M-shape is formed to denote the two extremes, with the middle class gradually shrinking and disappearing.

    The income-inequality is measured by the so-called GINI coefficient (between value of 0 and 1), with 0.2 and below generally considered being most equal and 0.6 or above being most unequal, with 0.4 being the “red warning line”. Malaysia’s GINI coefficient has been consistently above 0.4

    Besides income-inequality, Malaysia (like many other developing countries) has many other phenomena that can be described as M-shaped, such as in the areas of racial demographics, religious beliefs, jobs distributions in government and private sectors etc.

    How to get the M-shape society “harmonized” (half-humorous-half-serious internet jargon popularized by net-citizens in mainland China)? Many secular attempts made so far have not yielded the desirable results after years of effort. Perhaps, we should try some philosophical approach as compared to the secular method (arts / science) which in itself exhibited M-shape, with arts / religions one peak and science the other peak, with the middle philosophers disappearing from the scene!

    Make philosophy study (which, by the way, also exhibits M-shape) compulsory for all politicians! Failing this, they must take up Permaculture course and practice its spirit. This will surely bring a new and fresh perspective to process and help bring back the Middle Class in the M-shape society in Malaysia, and everywhere else in the world!

    As a sequel to the above posit, I think we should start a Malaysian Movement to be called M-harmonized and M-Harmony to overcome the M-shaped society to be sponsored by McDonald Malaysia (initially) and supported by MCA and Ministry of Community Development(?). We can name the campaign as 2M, 3M, 4M or 5M etc.

    Here are the various possible acronyms:

    • Malaysia M-harmonized (2M)
    • Malaysia M-society M-harmonized (3M)
    • Malaysian M-Harmony Movement (3M)
    • McDonald’s Malaysian M-Harmony Movement (4M)
    • MCA / McDonald’s Malaysian M-Harmony Movement (5M)

    This is a serious proposal. Perhaps I should contact MCA and McDonald and other “M”s before someone else does? Any interested party?

    JMD : McDonalds? So our social harmony movement will be sponsored by a US junk food giant? 🙂


  5. JMD,

    Thank you for an enlightening piece of work. Sometimes it makes me wonder if we Malaysian have lost our ability to critically analyse information that we receive in whatever form it may be. Kinda sad because after more than 50 years of independence as a nation we are not yet able to cultivate independence in thoughts for our rakyat.

    Back in the sixties my late father road a satire along the same line of Orson Welles ” The Animal Farm” The ruling elite was the tikus putih representing the royalties and the previledged who were educated by the colonials. Whilst the tikus kampung is the masses. In the book he predicted that the tikus putih will be overtaken by the tikus kampung and interestingly enough the tikus kampung will end up like the tikus putih, fat and lazy and previledged and entitled which 50 years down the road has proven to be true….

    So, in line of the same tradition. As much as I love UMNO, I can see it dying if it continue the path it is taking today and there a dark horse will rise who will make the difference for the Malays and more importantly this dark horse will raise the platform of Islam and put back the Malays on this platform to move forward…..into a different era of equality and prosperity.

    Keturunan Jebat

    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  6. This is an enlightning piece of work. Thanks for sharing with us.

    No one, I believe can accurately define what democracy is.

    Our current system is flawed eg, How can someone with no administration experience can suddenly be made a Prime Minister, Chief Minister or even Exco (eg in Perak where a former postman became an EXCO)

    On the other hand experts in various fields are not qualified or interested to represent people. The dilema continues.



  7. Dear JMD,

    My Malaysia dream;

    1. Individualism vs. Collective rights
    Collective rights

    2. Equal opportunity vs. Equal outcome
    Equal Outcome

    3. Sacred authority vs. Secular authority
    Secular authority

    4. Social assimilation vs. Social segregation
    Social assimilation

    5. Masculinity vs. Femininity

    6. Meritocratic capitalism vs. Social obligation
    Social obligation

    Never the less, striking a balance is always a challenge. Too little and too much spoils everything.

    I am eagerly anticipating to read your analysis on the Federal Court judgment in interpreting Article 72 of Malaysia Federal Constitution for the case of Sivakumar vs Zambry.

    “The only thing constant in life is change.” – François de la Rochefoucauld

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. By the way, I would have always thought that the Speaker has power only during State Assembly meeting. But not when the assembly is not in sitting. Regarding the Article 72, I implore you to read what I copied from Datuk Shamsudin Nawawi’s blog. Jed Yoong asked –

    Hi Datuk!
    Apakah pendapat Datuk mengenai kenyataan Justice NH Tan, mantan hakim mahkamah rayuan.
    “This is a perverse judgement of the Federal Court. It is perverse because it is a decision that was made in blatant defiance of Article 72 (1) of the Federal Constitution which says,”The validity of any proceedings in the Legislative Assembly of any State shall not be questioned in any court”. The judges of the Federal Court have failed the people and the government of this country when they chose to ignore the law of the Constitution of Malaysia. In other words the judges have refused to do justice according to law.”

    Datuk Shamsuddin replied –

    “Lawyers are supposed to be in Court fully prepared with authourities and the relevant laws when they argue their cases. In this case, I know Tuan Haji Sulaiman Abdullah, the leading counsel for Sivakumar. He was my lecturer way back in 1979 and I know him to be very through and well prepared. I am sure he had argued the case with the Article 72 of the Constitution in his mind and all other relevant laws.
    Laws are applied according to the facts of the case. In this case, the issue is whether Art. 72 should be invoked and applied. What was the facts of the case. Did Sivakumar make the pronouncement of the suspension in the Dewan or was it outside of the Dewan by way of Press Release.
    Yes, I agree, if it was done in the proper proceedings of the Dewan, Art. 72 must be invoked. But NOT in this case and that is why I suspect the Federal Ct had decided the case in the Order as granted.
    The Order granted was that the suspension of the MB & 6 Others were declared null & void and that be the case, the effect of the Order is that there was no suspension at all. Zambri & 6 others are therefore put back to status quo.
    I wrote this posting in response to the argument that Zambri can come to the Dewan but could not participate, which is ridiculous.
    NH Chan or Lim Kit Siang can have their own ideas on the court’s order but as we are law abiding citizens, we must respect the orders and judgments of the Court as it stands. Unless there is another Higher Ct to revoke or amend the present court order.
    It will be interesting to read the Grounds of Judgment when it is released.”


    • jmd,

      how to go in when the perak secretary lock up the building? when the police conspired together to do such undemocratic act?

      how can i go into your house to have meeting with you when you lock up the house?

      your argument maybe seating can’t be anywhere else, agree and disagree at the same time. but it is the UMNO who instructed the secretary to lock it up and ask the police to protect and not allowed anyone to go in? who did wrong first? who played dirty?

      is UMNO and police….

      JMD : Thus the question of legality of the illegal state assembly under the tree arose again. It is clear from the onset that the assembly called by the speaker was illegal because it did not get the consent of the Sultan. And with recent act of Sivakumar in trying to get the Sultan’s permission to defer tomorrow’s assembly, we can now adjudge that Sivakumar does indeed need to get His Majesty’s permission. Because, now, Sivakumar is acknowledging the power of the Sultan in giving his blessings to hold a state assembly meeting.

      If something is illegal, why are you condoning it? Even the state meeting under the tree was a sham since it was not attended by the State Secretary. How could decisions of the that illegal state assembly can be deliberated without the State Secretary in attendance? Another farcical attempt by the Speaker to reinstall Nizar as the MB happened that day when he declared that Nizar had the majority to continue as the MB whereas the Aduns in attendance did not even reach the half of the whole state seats.

      Anyway, the police did not conspire my friend. They are there to ensure peace. Also, to block an ILLEGAL assembly to take place in the building. Clearly the opposition was wrong and playing dirty politics with their clowning act of disrespecting the Sultan’s power and the constitution’s. Thank you for the comments.


  8. Dear Jebat,

    Your article s very interesting, so to cut my comment short. The BN is the only party which is relavant here, as long as the umno take really good care of the malays as the mca for the chinese, mic for the indian and so on. but sadly to say in these ratrace the poor umno followers were left far behind and there s where the problem stated….and 5 state gone…and maybe many more if the YB s are still (if you dont mind) fatty, corrupted, rustty, sikap tak ambik tau and lazy.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  9. a good write up. thank you for the enlightenment. sacred authority vs secular authority might be a bit contentious between the ‘orang alim’ and orang lain…

    sorang nak negara islam, sorang nak malaysian malaysia. so how? aiihh.. pening!


  10. assalamu’alaikum jmd..

    aiyaiya… you sound like a socialist! to me its very simple, even barack obama is looking at protectionism in his administration when facing this recession.

    protectionism means – doing away with laissez fair and start pushing for totalitarian approach towards capitalism, meaning, moving away from capitalism and begin an era where mass communities comes first rather than the individuals.. in other words.. socialism.

    will in the recession period, all governments should embrace socialism? or should they continue with their capitalist democracy… (sometimes i do think that the US is not a democracy.. its more of an oligarchy where certain number of groups wield so much power over all of their people)…

    what do you think JMD?

    JMD : W’lam TML. Thank you for the comment. Barack Obama made socialism sounds sexy after some people labeled his protectionist strategies as ‘liberal fascism’. Look it up please. 🙂


    • I find Obama a very difficult President to understand.
      From the days of his campiagning until his ascendency to the President of USA, he sounds like a socialist. A socialist trying to be president in the land where greed is good.

      When he first started campiagning, he talks about redistribution of wealth, raising taxes that affects the rich, that every business provide health insurance for the employees and now his presidency starts bailing out companies by giving loans and converting the preferred stock to common stock which in effect gives his Government decision making powers on those companies receiving bail out funds, a back door route to nationalization.

      Having said that, in these difficult times such measurs are popular with Americans, but we shall see whether it remains to be popular once the economy is back on its feet.

      America is all about big businesses, those companies that now have to accept hand outs from the Government will be itching to repay back the Government and get control of their own companies.

      I would like to think Americans will never take the route of socialism. They embrace their individual freedom too much to want give it up and allow the government to tell them what to do.

      In any event, that is a statement of hope and not an objective assessment of America’s ideological future.


  11. hi JMD,

    i took some of your points earlier and argued with my friends. boleh tahan juga this analysis of yours.. permit me to use your ideas in my uni assignments?

    i will acknowledge your writings in my thesis… do you have other articles about malaysia’s social analysis? mungkin i can get summore input ..

    terima kasih banyak banyak.

    JMD : No worries. Just do things ethical ya as plagiarism is against the law. We do not want you to fail in your papers now do we? You can further read some other articles here. Please read the commentary sections too. Good luck with your studies.


  12. Assalammualaikum JMD,

    Your answer though provided by Datuk Shamsuddin Nawawi really clear the air. “It was not done through Dewan sitting but through press release”.

    Thank you very much.

    “The only thing constant in life is change.” – François de la Rochefoucauld

    ps. The Malaysian Federal Government should appoint as the “Official Spoke Person for Malaysia Federal Government “. Your thought process is an enlightenment.

    pss. Can I have your permission to convert your article into a PDF format an email it to my friends? Of course, credit will be given in bold to you with your blog address features prominently.

    JMD : No problem at all. I am humbled that you find my blog interesting enough to be distrubuted to your friends. Thank you.


  13. Great Analysis Bro,
    The problem with malaysian politics especially the oppositions would be interpretation of democracy from their political point of view. People in the streets from time to time confuse with the democracy being hail by them.

    1. Individualism vs. Collective rights
    they hail the individualism rights by taking it to the street but at the same time ignore the collective rights by ppl doing business normal ppl on the streets & so on.

    2. Equal opportunity vs. Equal outcome
    this should be improve in the Malaysian perspective. Shall be balance between the two. We know what happen in Indonesia in 1980’s when this is not balance.

    3. Sacred authority vs. Secular authority
    Some thing should be remain untouch. That’s why malaysia is unique. The problem when ppl misuse we will wait till one time ppl will burst.


  14. Dear JMD,

    Thanks for putting in perspective and very much in laymans’ terms the social structure as it exists in Malaysia.

    I hasten to add despite the diffferent cultural and religious backgrounds of the 3 dominant races in Peninsular and including those East Malaysia, what is common is the Asian value of family bond and traditions.

    While India (as an example) may lay the same social structure as Malaysia in as far as a democracy is concerned, we are more diverse in religion and race.

    The evolution of our social structure is unique in all of Asia by the relatively peaceful and harmonious way of life among the Rakyat.

    Which is why when political parties in our country, import or practise an ideology that runs counter to our structure, as you have aptly espoused, it is cause for some concern.

    Thank you


  15. hye

    For item 5, are you saying feminity are not favourable in malaysian leadership?

    JMD : It is not through a conscious act that Malaysian leadership does not favour females as their leaders. It came from our culture that values males more than females. Asians are generally brought up with males as leaders of the households and communities. However, we do have instances of females dominating the political scene where she can hold on her own against a barrage of male leaders. But as a whole, males still overpower the females in the socio-political structure of our society.


  16. 1. Individualism vs. Collective rights
    -Collective rights of UMNO. that should be ultimate !!!

    2. Equal opportunity vs. Equal outcome
    UMNO will stress on equal outcome. but UMNO will rob the opportunities and enrich only the UMNO inner circle.

    3. Sacred authority vs. Secular authority
    Is still secular. but UMNO once a while will make it sacred to suit them as and when is possible.

    4. Social assimilation vs. Social segregation
    UMNO will try all ways to segregate society and control them using brainwash technique. for bangsa dan agama

    5. Masculinity vs. Femininity
    masculinity for UMNO when it comes to administration
    and oh, loads of feminine to fulfull their needs

    6. Meritocratic capitalism vs. Social obligation
    meritocracy for UMNO kids and social obligation for UMNO communities

    UMNO has tonnes of rights and UMNO is democracy and democracy is UMNO

    democracy = f(umno, umno)


    • JMD, cant you just delete this stupid comment!! i think its really againts the collective rights of the majority of ur readers…

      && its become ur social obligation to never allow such comments to be published again….

      hahaha… =D

      JMD : Noted! 🙂


      • JMD and emma49,
        perhaps, it sounds stupid, yet it is an opinion from jebat’s fren which shows how he/she thinks. I guess I can give an appreciation la jugak..kut…

        At least we know that someone out there always have bad perception towards others (e.g. for indirectly accusing me bribing police and steal my parents’ money..suka hati je..agaknya tu la amalan dia kut…) and shows how bad we can be if we just looking on the darker side of this life…

        takpe la..kawan jebat ni kecewa jebat must die..tu sebab dia mengamuk sampai orang lain semua buruk, tiada yang buruk melainkan yang buruk belaka…

        ~ ODS


      • hi emma49

        why not you promote annihilate/send away all anti-govt citizens since they are against collective rights and votes of the majority?

        JMD : I have stated so many times, minorities must respect the majority’s decision in a democracy. Please read here too. Thank you.


    • You make it sound that this country is some basket case country like Pakistan or that it was looted and plundered like what Marcos did to the Philippines.

      I wonder what makes your reality so bitter.


      • Jebat’s fren,

        It was in reference to your comment that I replied “…..You make it sound that this country is some basket case country like Pakistan or that it was looted and plundered like what Marcos did to the Philippines.

        I wonder what makes your reality so bitter.”


  17. not sound but it’s reality how UMNO plundered the wealth of this nation together with MCA and MIC.

    screw driver being bought at 1000++ dollars. made of gold? disneyland visit aka lawatan sambil belajar together with maid and children? maid to learn more english and children to learn about american education? MPs gaji 20,000 but can afford luxuries such as conti cars and bungalows? are you blind lekiu?


    • jebat’s fren,

      Again, lets not get over dramatic. The term “plundered” should be reserved to what Marcos did to the Republic of Philippines, what Pinochet did to Chile, what Victor Paz and Hugo Banzer did to Bolivia, what Pahlavi did to Iran, what Louis the 16th did to France, what Nicholas the 2nd did to Russia.

      Those people above plundered the wealth of their nation and caused poverty and famine to become widespread.

      UNDP figures show that our poverty rate has become single digit, our reengineering of society through affirmative action has shown results. Our rejection of Hayek’s laissez faire has shown to be correct.

      I am not denying that wastage did occur and I am not condoning it, I believe that those responsible should be made accountable, be that as it may when it comes to voting the Government of the day, the policies that they plan to implement is paramount as far as I am concerned.

      Need to woo me to vote for Pakatan, then do a better job in coming up policies that make sense not some pie in the sky promise that vote “us” and all will be well.

      I am not blind to the wastage but I am not naive enough to believe that they who have continuously object to every economic plan BN Govt have mooted will do a better job in running the country.


      • using USD1 to calculate poverty line? i am afraid to tell you that even though UNDP shows single digit as claimed by you, but i still see many people who are struggling to find ends meet. is the so-called re-engineering of society has benefited the poor segment OR those who are well oiled and linked to UMNO, MCA and MIC?

        well, those who are involved in the wastage, how many of them are now enjoying their curry meals in prison cell? i don’t have the stats but i think many are not charged too …….

        2 rights do not make 1 wrong right ….. i am not expecting a perfect minister (religious value is between them and god) but if a minister has abused his/her power, they should be accountable and punished for what they do.

        JMD : FYI, from Rancangan Malaysia 9 greenbook, the poverty rate in Malaysia is among the lowest when compared with other developing countries. In 2004, data showed that households which fall below poverty line are 1.7 million among the malays, 40k+ among the chinese while 60k+ among the indians. Probably these are the people that you see struggling. Note that the poverty level in 2004 was also shown as single digit. Approximately 8.3% of malays are poor (population of 17 million) while only 0.6% chinese (out of 6.5 million) and 2.9% indians (out of 1.8 million) are poor. Thank you.


        • The United States spend billions of dollars as economic aid to countries across the globe.

          Despite their generosity, some Americans still have to have 2 jobs to stay afloat. There are those who join the military because that is the only way to finance their way to get a college education.

          The growing gap between the have and the have nots is not something peculiar to Malaysia, it is a phenomenon that is widespread throughout the world.


  18. JMD/Ondastreet/Lekiu,

    Democracy is a form of government in which the power is held by citizens.The govt is elected by the people and for the people.They have the power to choose who will govern them. If there is an impasse, then they should go back to the people to have it solved once and for all. Not going to the courts to decide who govern the rakyat–the rakyat decide for themselves– not the Linggam video actors. You mentioned the minority should respect the majority–so I am sure the majority of the rakyat of Perak want a fresh election to decide once and for all who form the govt. The Bt Gantang results could be used as a referendum.
    Its no use arguing who is right and who is wrong–just be man enough to go back to the people to enable them to make a decision–the govt of the day is to serve the people. So let the Court of Public Opinion voice their choice of govt.


    • Change of topic I see…

      Define “majority of rakyat Perak”, I can recall the changes made by 3 Pakatan ADUNs to be Bebas ADUNs, which in the mean time Barisan ADUNs still intact, not moving either way.

      Perhaps, for Pakatan, it is unjust to lose their government in such way. However, mathmatically when the Pakatan DUNs jumped the ship, both Pakatan and Barisan have 28-28, which resulted both be able to claim to be majority. So who should rule as both having “majority”?

      I would say that re-election can be the solution, but I do not think it is reasonable. The ex-Pakatan DUNs decided not to let go their seats, not Barisan. The by-elections only can be done when the DUNs resigned being one. Do they resigned?

      The only way re-election for those 3 DUNs is the 3 Bebas DUNs to resign and relinquish their post. Ask them to step down, then we will have such elections as requested.

      In the mean time, since both having 28 seats, both are eligible to be government of Perak. I know, if I were to asked you to choose if you are Sultan of Perak, you ‘ll choose Pakatan to maintain status quo, but how do you rebut Barisan who held another 28 seats?

      Perhaps you can give us what will you do as “Sultan of Perak” if you have 2 sides having 28 seats, and Bebas ADUNs who wished not to resign and being Bebas?

      Please do enlighten us O “Royal Highness” …



      • putting aside your argument whether is up to these 3 frogs to jump or not, resignation and all justification …

        1. do you think 3 of them have not gotten sweetener from BN? are you convinced?

        2. do you think Hee is promised with something in return?

        3. how come corruption case on the other 2 frogs are not in the limelight anymore?

        MACC is under the BN, bro. they can choose not to prosecute the 2 frogs on the condition they jump. if you are in their shoes, would you jump? hee has been with DAP for so many years, why jump now? if she is so confident in winning the trust from rakyat, get her to seek for mandate?

        scared arrrrrr? you think the 3 can still be ADUN if they seek fresh re-election?


        • bro,
          kalau 3 ADUN tu resign, mana boleh nak bertanding balik. Tu sebab diorang tak relinquish their DUNs seats.

          Sweatener or no sweatener, I do not know to that extend. As far I am concerned, they were from Pakatan’s boat and not jumped into Barisan’s. Perhaps you can provide such prove they being gula-gula so that we can see.

          MACC is not under Barisan. They are independent as much as PDRM, ATM, hospitals, Bomba and such other independent organisation. Kalau semua bawah Barisan, rasanya habis ranap 4 negeri bawah Pakatan. Hospital x terima orang sakit, Bomba x padam kebakaran, Polis tak jaga ketenteraman awam, ATM x jaga sempadan (biaq pi kalau krisis selatan Thai masuk Kelantan ngan Kedah).

          Jangan melulu la bro. They act for ruling government. like I said, rasanya kat Selangor tu ada je polis ronda, banteras jenayah; ada je orang yang kena tangkap rasuah (cuma x la hari-hari keluar paper..karang muak la pulak).

          4 Negeri bawah Pakatan kan? Adakah mereka abaikan tanggungjawab mereka?



          • of course they won’t register officially MACC and PDRM under BN lah. i think or maybe you don’t understand the meaning “siding or partiality”. well, how i hope the PDRM can straight away abandon their duty in the PR 4 states. that will immediately send BN to the grave. when talk about relativity, is not about 100% for BN. if most of the top brass in MACC or PDRM is with BN, the machai have to follow. i work in a big org and i know how this work. if this can happen to an org, do you think it will not happen in civil servant? yes , of course all agencies are bound to act for govt, i know i know, i am not stupid. but they have shown partiality in their line of duty and that’s why civil servant are not supposed to be above politics too !!!


    • May I ask who went to the courts? It it characteristic of the DAP and now PKR, when disatisfied, to run to the courts.

      As far as I know no Barisan MP has gone to the courts for any issue after GE 12. Please correct me if I am wrong.

      When the BN faced the same problem albeit within its own party. Vis-a-vis the Raja of Perlis and the Sultan of Terenggannu in its choice of Mentris Besar, as “guardians and champions of democracy”, I did hear any voice from PR to question the rights of the Sultans then.

      Baiting MPs from BN ala DSAi is Ok. BN assemblyman jumping ship just prior to the three assemblymen is OK. The three assemblymen withdraw from PR, you say jump ship and bought.

      Please do not be a hypocrite.


      • but zambry went to court too … and used the federal court to screw the legislative and the dewan. using the federal court as if it belongs to his father to surpress high court.

        is this okay, freddie?


        • Dear jebat’s fren,

          What I intended to get across is the habit of the DAP and now PKR to go to the courts whenever there is disatisfaction over matters that are not in their favour.

          The DAP being an offshoot of the Singapore PAP, I can understand, but now even the PKR has caught on to this propensity.

          You did not give a reply on my comment over the Perlis and Terenggannu MB issues and on the other because it is clear that what is good for the goose is not good for PR gander.

          Thank you


  19. I find this blog very knowledge centric. I was just learning about philosphy in my political science classes.
    I think u had meshed together two opposing beliefs (hoefstede and trompenaars) and made an equilibrium out of it.
    Good effort sir. I like it a lot.


  20. Pingback: 1Malaysia or OneMalaysia? « On Da Street

    • ods

      is not about hatred, is about knowing history and to remove what is deemed to be rubbish. why are you so adamant to label ppl who want change are ppl with bitterness and hatred?

      maybe the saying you can’t teach old dogs new tricks is very true especially to you ODS.

      so, sweep under carpet on those who have done wrong and corrupted? pardon them lah, let’s start all over again. if that holds true, why not let PR screw up the states and i defend, let PR do it again lah. what a joke !!!


      • Jebat’s Fren,
        Well, as much as I have replied to you in my blog, I guess I won’t have to repeat myself here…

        I have been fair in my articles, and I have given opinions in such Pakatan can capitalise if they really want to take over this country for the sake of rakat’s welfare.

        Oh well, thank you for such comments (dogs???). And I await the day that Pakatan rules and Malaysia is 100% corrupt free, 100% free from criminal, 100% in every single good things.



        • bro,

          “dog” being used in this context is a saying in english if you don’t understand, duh. and with what the police is doing in IPOH now, arresting people in the dozens, that spells the end of UMNO and BN forever.

          bro, did i say when PR rule, is 100% corrupt free and 100% criminal free? i am doing a comparison that things have deteriorated let alone status quo.

          besides, i think the police is really being used to surpress the anti-establishment. why confiscate black t-shirt? why confiscate black t-shirt with wordings? who are the Fxxking govt to disallow ppl to wear black and wear shirts with wordings? honestly, i am very angry with what i read in news about how police is being used to bully the rakyat.

          wear black can’t, sell black t-shirt can’t, having breakfast in coffee shop also kena arrest !!!

          bro, don’t you have eyes. our opinions might differ on which party is better and i totally respect that different individuals can have their preference but does it make sense for the police to do so to simply arrest anti-establishments rakyat. don’t try to convince me the police acted independently ……….. you know it !!!


          • bro,
            just teasing you la..thats why I put “???”. Sincerely, thank you for constructive comments.

            Memang you x mention about that, but by the way of your argument, Barisan and any independent non-political party should be 100% being able to carry out their responsibilty without any fault.

            That’s why, perhaps, anyone who read your comments read as if you already judge ALL other than Pakatan as corrupted. The way you argue, the way you present points, the way brought up matters to be discussed. All of that conveyed with negative perception.

            Moreover, when you argue, I hardly find any solution from you on how we can improve things other than concerntrating on bad side of Barisan and any other organisations. You even hardly talk on the possibility of flaw made by Pakatan.

            Yang part wear black tu, tiada salahnya as my “official” monday attire pun all black (of course kalau baju hitam x basuh lagi, pakai warna lain la). The difference is, yang Bersih gi kempen One Black Malaysia tu kenapa? Yang nak protes pasal kat Perak. Apa hal nak kait satu Malaysia?

            This are one of reasons some invited police to make arrestments. Macam kes perhimpunan anti-PPSMI. Permit memang dapat, tapi yang pergi keluar kawasan dari permit tu, memang menempah alasan la untuk ditahan.

            Since you are well digging up into law materials and surveys, cuba cari apa maksud “permit” and clauses attached. Cuba cari juga apa akibat kalau x ikut permit.


            ~ ODS


            • bro, the NGOs and different individuals have already given their thoughts/solutions and suggestions to the BN and at the end of the day, it’s up to BN whether they want to listen or not. enough of so many suggestions/solutions presented.

              even if i give you all the suggestions on how to make BN rule better, does it really matter? not like you can take this blog and present it to UMNO and tell them consider the thoughts of rakyat. since BN doesn’t even want to listen, that’s why i am pointing the negative and bad side of BN. since i am anti-establishment, of course i have to present my view at that angle in this pro-establishment blog. flaws on Pakatan, some of them are no difference from UMNO, equally corrupted and greedy. hee, and the other 2 frogs. and if Pakatan is not willing to think differently, they are exactly the same mould as UMNO, MCA and MIC.

              but even if we want to protest with this 1blackmalaysia by wearing black, i really wonder what’s wrong with it. is a way for us to show our dissatisfaction. do i wear black and start throwing molotov cocktail? if i do, then is a different story. why aren’t we allowed to deliver and send out the message of dissatisfaction? similarly, if pro-umno wants to wear red to boikot or call selangor blackselangor, i have no issue with that.


              • “flaws on Pakatan, some of them are no difference from UMNO, equally corrupted and greedy”

                The impression of thoughts that shows how we try to cope with challanges and trying to make changes. Yes, there are NGOs and individuals have voiced their opinions to Barisan and as you said, it is up to Barisan to hear it or not.

                Being part of it, Pakatan should “make it worse” for Barisan by doing the right things and make examplry moves, not blind talks.

                This is better rather than playing pin point and blaming games. Pin point showing who is worse do not solve the problems.


                On wearing colors, I have to say that I’m against any kind of illegal way of showing dissatisfaction. Do you remember when one blogger propose to hang Jalur Gemilang upside down? The purpose was to show protest to Pak Lah, which I agree, but I do not agree with such act…

                same goes with any way of showing disagreement in wrong ways and means.. 🙂


                JMD : Thank you for the comment.


              • jebat’s fren,

                Whatever that has been commented by your good self, it is good that the tenor of your language has mellowed.

                Very much earlier on this blog, I had praised JMD for his moderation and patience (to reply) and that we can agree to disagree.

                What is most important is that everybody has a right to his/her opinions.

                But lets do it in a civil manner as becoming of our proud Malaysian culture.

                Let us cherish and not abuse this freedom to express our sentiments via blogging.

                After all, we all have a common good intention ie Happiness and Well Being for all Malaysians.

                Thank you


  21. ODS
    so you are saying that wearing black to show dissatisfaction is illegal? wow, i didn’t know overnite there is such ruling that says wearing black is illegal? illegal to BN or is it really illegal? any part of the law states that?

    tone can be up or down. even sometimes when you argue with your gf/wife, do you always maintain a good tone?
    are you being uncivilised when you changed your tone? i am no motivation instructor to always use “polite” and “fine” term and btw, me human and can be angry and mellow.
    maybe you are a very refined gentleman but that’s you lah with ODS and JMD. i am just an ordinary guy in malaysia.
    i am definitely very proud of the fact i am born a malaysian but i am not proud to have a BN led govt.

    JMD : But fren, this blog is not your wife / girlfriend now is it? Here, you have to maintain good and civil conduct. It is the rule set in here. That is why, if there is profanity or malicious comments, it will not be published here. Yes we are all humans. But we are not anilamsl that will react without thinking. We have the gift of choice. Before we want to be uncivilised, we have to sit back, take a deep breath and calm down. If you still insist to be barbaric in your comments, then this blog will not entertain such behavior. Readers can go to other blogs and portals to vent their anger unhindered. So far, you have kept your comments in an acceptable manner. Good on you. As far as I remember, I have never censored your comments. Which is good. Some comments I have until now are profoundly insane, it’s bordering lunacy.

    Here, we have the opportunity to agree to disagree. Sadly, a concept which many still could not accept.

    Thank you for the comments.


  22. Dear JMD, Freddie, Lekiu and readers,
    I guess I have to stop now counter-argue with jebat’s fren as he loves to manipulate all the words and having problems with misunderstanding the messages potraited.

    Sebab, semuanya buruk, semuanya hodoh…

    The best is, from now on, have your life not in Malaysia, as Malaysia is currently is under Barisan’s rule. Everything seems to be under Barisan, even agaknya Negeri-negeri yang Pakatan memerintah sebenarnya bukan Pakatan, tapi Barisan. Tak tau pulak Nik Aziz, Lim Guang Eng, Haji Hadi dan Anwar Ibrahim tu sebenarnya orang Barisan..baru ku tahu..almaklum la, Barisan control semua..

    You may return when Pakatan rules, and let have MACC, PDRM and all independent and non-political organisation follow Pakatan pulak. (tak sedar semua ni berkhidmat seperti sediakala kat Kelantan, Kedah, Pulau Pinang dan Selangor biarpun bukan Barisan memerintah..sorry to say..kali ni terpaksa..haprak tul la)

    Moreover, I’ll just approve your comments if you left any in the future. No point of discussing when one is not open and seeing everything bad and dirty, except for Pakatan (whilst accepting Pakatan having flaws too)

    Afterall, we are Defining Malaysian socio-political structure and Discussing Malaysian Democracy, not Barisan’s.



  23. While your article is great, I cannot but notice that you are fairly critical of the US.
    I am from Asia but I do believe that ‘giving equal opportunities to all’ is a desirable characteristic – that trying to impose the fabric of a collective system on such an economy may not be the best way. I believe – each to his or her own.


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