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Malaysian Cabinet 2009 – A workable team

The 2009 Cabinet has been announced by the Prime Minister. Now it is time to work. I will try my best to objectively analyze this new line-up.

Generally, I must say that the hype surrounding this announcement was truly astounding. Almost everyone chipped in their thoughts as to who should be in the cabinet and how the cabinet should look like. Everyone seems to have the same prerogative as the Prime Minister – subrogating his responsibility to appoint members of the cabinet [this blogger is also guilty of this – :)]

As the result, there were too many expectations accompanying the announcement. In the end, some may feel disappointed. Some say, there was nothing new in the cabinet. To me, any disappointment is mainly (but not totally) due to expectations of a total revamp in the cabinet. Most people wanted to see a smaller cabinet. Some wanted to see a revamp such as mergers of ministries or creation of new ministries. What did we expect anyway? If indeed there was to be a total revamp, it still will not ensure efficiency and competency in the cabinet.

I honestly feel that this is the best the Prime Minister could offer. In his own wisdom, this is the best he could assemble from the pool of parliamentarians and political leaders he has at his disposal.

First, the good:

1) There is the effort to monitor performance in the form of setting up KPIs for each ministry. This is the core mechanism that will ensure competency and measuring performance. I feel that the creation of this portfolio is the best we have seen. However, it would be more meaningful if the public can actually be exposed to what the KPIs are so that they too can see and gauge the performance of each ministry. For now, the ministries’ performance will be reviewed twice yearly.

2) The setting up of National Economic Advisory Council with its Chairman given a ministerial status. The cabinet could not work if the politicians in it do not get any input from experts. Thus far, we have not given any details on the composition of this panel. I would assume that this panel will be a high powered body much similar to the NEAC established in 1997 to counter the currency crisis back then. That council was responsible in coming up with successful policies which the cabinet at that time had acted upon rather diligently. It is hoped that this panel will comprise many specialists in the fields of economy.

3) There are several new faces in the cabinet. It is quite exciting to see whether the newcomers that were given the chance to shine in this cabinet will follow through the trust given onto them. This cabinet will be crucial in regaining the confidence of Malaysians. Like the Prime Minister had advised them, these newly appointed cabinet ministers must be people friendly, effective, hardworking and sincere.

4) East Malaysians are given more prominence in this cabinet. 6 ministers and 7 deputy ministers are appointed respectively. It is very appropriate that Datuk Shafie Afdal is given the Rural Development Ministry. This will definitely give more sense of urgency on the need to develop the rural areas in East Malaysia. The current perception is, East Malaysians are lagging behind in receiving their share of development than the rest of the country.

5) The Prime Minister stresses on inclusivity when announcing how he will administer the government. I was told that each ministry will set up panels to get feedback from the ground concerning each of their areas of responsibilities. For instance, the Youth and Sports ministry may create a body that comprises promising youths to inculcate a sense of belonging among our young ones. They also may encourage the setting up of youth NGOs that will act as feeders and generate ideas that are appealing to our young citizens. Hence, the ministry will act on their suggestions.

Secondly, the bad:

1) When hearing the announcement, among my first reaction was; are there no other parliamentarians more proficient in Malaysian laws than Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz? Nazri should know that he is very lucky to be reappointed into the cabinet this time around. But I guess, his service is still needed in Parliament. However, I will shudder if he still persist in being too gung-ho in his approach towards any sensitive issues in the future.

2) Some recycled and tired horses are still being elected into the cabinet. These people that performed neither here nor there in the last cabinet may be a bane for the government. Mashitah Ibrahim, Noh Omar, Sulaiman Abd Rahman Taib etc. are those that fall into this group. Unless they still have the passion to weather through the challenges ahead without jeopardizing the whole team’s performance, then the cabinet as a whole may achieve their intended targets. As it is, some weak links still exist in this current line-up.

3) Conspicuously absent is the role of Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah in the new cabinet. Was he ever invited? If he was, did he decline? The vast knowledge situated on top of this MP’s slender shoulders should not be wasted by the current crop of leaders. Tap them while he still is breathing.

Thirdly, the political aspects:

1) From the onset, the new Prime Minister is trying hard to maintain the goodwill between component parties in Barisan Nasional. It is not surprising that since the cabinet needs to be downsized and rightsized, it is Umno that made the sacrifice. Umno top politicians in the party needs to be given more room to win the hearts of the voters. A ministerial post may arguably deter their role in this objective. MCA meanwhile will be placated and this should be an impetus for them to be more loyal towards Barisan Nasional’s spirit of teamwork and goodwill.

2) The opposition is working overtime to paint the picture that this cabinet is actually Tun Mahathir’s cabinet. Their narrowed view hinged only to the fact that Tun’s son is elected to the post of deputy minister. They fail to see that most of Pak Lah’s allies are elected into it too. People like Shabery Cheek, Sabri Ismail, Shaziman Mansor (Khairy’s cousin), Khaled Nordin, Johari Baharum and Nor Mohamed Yakcop are given very powerful portfolios in the cabinet. What can we say about this? Certainly, this is not what Tun had envisioned if it is indeed HIS cabinet. Even Pak Lah’s hatchet man – Nazri Aziz who is very anti Mahathir, is given the chance to continue releasing any of his pent up anger towards Tun in Parliament or anywhere he deemed fit. However, I would like to point out here that eventually, every one of them will become Najib’s men (and women). It is indeed ironic that some personalities like Muhyiddin, who was pro Anwar in the beginning, became Pak Lah’s man at one point of time and now has managed to transformed himself as Tun Mahathir’s favourite guy. That is why in politics, there are no permanent enemies and no permanent friends.

3) By appointing many ministers from East Malaysia, the Prime Minister knows that maintaining the support of East Malaysians is vital for Barisan Nasional. Hopefully those Sarawakian and Sabahan ministers will not fail in their duty to serve the nation.

4) Khairy was not appointed into the cabinet. Like I said in my article before, it is not the end for everyone. There will be a silver lining in everything. Even if he is not elected now, he will probably be in the future. Maybe Najib thinks he is still young. There are indeed many seniors above him. Maybe he needs to prove himself first because there are quite a number of people who still find him a liability to BN. He should not let this perceived handicap deter him from doing what he is entrusted to do – getting the young Malaysians to vote for Barisan Nasional in the next general election. I think the lack of cabinet role will free him to do this very centralized and essential role. As we all know, being a member of a cabinet is very time consuming. Remember, there is a place for every sincere and harworking people.

5) Many asked why some people get certain portfolios. What are the justifications? I can offer a few theses. Others may refute and offer an anti-thesis. Below are my two cents worth;

• In the current cabinet, there are several very important ministries. We call this as Tier One ministries. They are, among others, the Finance Ministry, Education Ministry, Home Ministry, and the Defense Ministry. Najib still feels that he needs to hold the Finance Ministry. I find this mind boggling. Nevertheless, the nation’s coffers will be scrutinized heavily by Malaysians. Is Najib feeling up to the task with this kind of attention and responsibility? Probably he is.

• The PPMSI will continue on with some minor changes because Muhyiddin is in charge of the Education Ministry. The no nonsense character that he possess will enable him to deal firmly with any dissenters of this policy. Our Education system needs to be overhauled anyway. I do hope that a review similar to Penyata Razak back in the 60’s will once and for all determine the direction of our education system. Since Najib is the eldest child of our 2nd Prime Minister, wouldn’t it be appropriate to call it Penyata Razak II?

• The Home Ministry has powerful agencies that deal with security of the nation. In decades long past, home ministers often used their position to gain further political mileage. Some even became more powerful than the Prime Minister. The late Tan Sri Ghazali Shafie or better known as King Ghaz was so powerful, he could have become our 4th Prime Minister if not for the brave intervention of Tun Hussein Onn’s 3 vice presidents back in the 70’s. Tun Musa Hitam used the machinery available for him in the Home Ministry to actually backstab Tun Mahathir back in 80’s. With precedents like these, it is not surprising that this ministry was taken over by the Prime Minister himself or by someone he truly trusts. In this case, Najib’s own cousin – Hishamuddin Hussein. My only complaint is that Hishamuddin may be too meek to hold this post. In this current scenario where social tension is quite rife, the Home Minister should have been someone who has no regards for his own political career. After the 1969 racial riots, the retired Tun Dr Ismail was called back to be in the cabinet of Tun Abdul Razak as the Home Minister. His role; to instill order in the country. He was a no-nonsense politician, strict disciplinarian and had total disregard to his own political future. He put in more than one thousand people in jail under the ISA and yet even the opposition revered him till today. In retrospect, he was the best man Tun Abdul Razak could have appointed. Fast forward to our time, will Hishamuddin Hussein fit this mould? Only time will tell.

• Zahid Hamidi is appointed as the new Defense Minister replacing Pak Lah. This no holds barred character is a paradox to begin with. A very close friend of Anwar and yet he is also a strong supporter of Najib. Ultimately, a behind the scene event and motives had enabled Zahid to secure this important ministerial post. Defense is one area of the government where the Prime Minister must have close links with. By putting his strong supporter there, Najib will definitely feel more secure with this team.

62 thoughts on “Malaysian Cabinet 2009 – A workable team

  1. well, more or less the same people but just a few swapped of ministry here and there. if these are the same group of people who screwed up the last round, won’t be surprise they repeat the same mistake.

    you want a comparison…. real life eg; a local bank with 15 division heads before the CEO was ousted have done poorly for the bank. then came another CEO drop a few fellas and re-organised the team and swapped divisions. the outcome, same old shit in the bank.

    when i look at our current cabinet line up now, it reminds me of some failed GLC bank around.

    i wonder hishammudin will do away with ISA or not if he is keen to do something for Malaysians?

    talking about KPIs, it’s so theoritical. the GLCs have talked about it, khazanah talked about it, banks talked about it but failed to implement. it’s good to have KPI but can they execute a meaningful KPI? kaplan’s balanced scorecard? local banks have already done this since 2001 and till now, KPI is just some management propaganda to elevate themselves and surpress those who want to do their job. are we seeing this going to repeat under najib’s administration?

    in my view, it’s not about which ministers support anwar, mahathir, badawi or najib. if a minister is good, he should be appointed by different PM who holds office. i don’t mind backdoor belakang mari ministers but are they the best?

    JMD: Thank you for the comments. For now, too many questions plus so much complaining without providing an alternative solution will not make things better. We shall see the performance in 6 months time.


  2. Dear JMD,

    I am happy that some of the names bandied about did not make it to the cabinet. There were also some questionable ones but well overall it was indeed better than expected.

    The issue on KJ is mainly due to the perception of the massive power and influence that he wields to shape some of the nations decision making and policies without even holding any government positions, official or otherwise.

    Questions in the minds of ordinary Malaysians are if he held this much power and influence before he holds any post, what will he be if he does hold one?

    Because of this point alone Malaysians will look at him unfavourably and uncomfortably if he were to hold any government positions or if he were to represent the government officially. He have a very difficult mountain to climb and manoeuvre before he can actually gain and earn the trust of ordinary Malaysians.

    Enough of that. I do look forward to good performances from this feel good cabinet and hope that it will be able to regain some of the trust and respect lost. Next action is for Najib to be decisive with firm actions if evidence do come up to show indiscretions in his cabinet.

    Have a good weekend JMD.

    JMD : Have a good weekend to you too.


  3. JMD

    I was rather disappointed, though not surprised, that Tengku Razaeigh was not included in the line-up…”No Country For Old Men”? That’s too bad. I think at the very least Najib should seriously consider appointing Ku Li to the Economic Advisory panel. Ku Li has a proven track record of economic management and, he was instrumental in the “dawn raids” that brought Guthrie under Malaysian control, establishing Bank Bumiputra, establishing Petronas and, housing UMNO assets in a very responsible manner under the Fleet group. He was a pioneer at a time when the rest of Malaysia were still trying to get off the ground.

    Maybe Najib doesn’t want to be reminded of his father, since Ku Li was the absolute blue-eyed boy (not in any derogatory manner do I say this) of the late and great Tun Abdul Razak. Well, Najib should find a solid advisory position, at least, for Ku Li. As a taxpaying and voting Malaysian I will be cheered and, be more confident of economic recovery, if Ku Li was in the framework.

    JMD : Yes, Ku Li should be in the framework. However, judging from the opinions given by some business and industry leaders for the past week, I have a feeling that they would prefer Tun Dr Mahathir as the Chairman (I doubt he will accept this role though – many forget that he is already 84). This is based solely on his track records. How many times he had saved this country from economic crisis? Actually, it is a delicate situation. Ku Li may find it difficult to work with Tun. Tun will feel the same too. For a matter of expediency, the Govt may opt for somebody both are comfortable with and has the confidence of business leaders and also have international recognition. I have this feeling that Tun Daim may have a role in it. To me, the Chairman of National Economic Council must be someone that can command the highest respect and also the ability to know the right medicine for the current crisis. Can be difficult though. Even the US Government do not know how to solve this. Thank you.


  4. Jebat,

    As a Pakatan supporter I’m ok with the line-up. Not great but under the circumstances it is probably the best BN can come up with. I don’t quite get the Mukhriz appointment. I find it difficult to reconcile any of his achievements with the supposedly merited appointment to ministerial level albeit as a deputy.I wish one day we could transcend the political partisanship and appoint really capable people regardless of their political leanings akin to what Obama has done by appointing Republicans to his cabinet. But I’m more than willing to give them a chance to show what they can do. Hopefully the KPIs are meaningful measurements as opposed to just showcase. I should say “Thank God” some sanity prevails when you don’t get to see nightmarish names in the Supreme Council elevated.


    JMD : Najib perhaps is trying to give the opportunity to several new faces. Mukhriz has much experience in international affairs, by virtue of being the Bureou Head of International Affairs (can’t remember the correct name) of Umno Youth previously. That post automatically made him chairman of Aman Malaysia. MITI requires someone who can be comfortable with the business community. I guess since he has been a businessman since early 90’s, he should know the business world fairly well. Plus, he speaks excellent Japanese. Anyway, this is just my opinion. Datuk Najib probably have an entirely set of different arguments to justify the appointment. Thank you for the comment.


  5. Been waiting eagerly for your post after the announcement.

    I must say you are very kind to Khairy. But you are being very rationale. First thing that came to my mind when Khairy was not appointed, but Mukhriz did was, “not only a slap on his face, but also a kick on his rear”. But you have a point there. It’s time that everyone get to work, all the politicking has been dealt with.

    As for Hishamuddin, I share your view. Hamid Albar may be dim, but, as I understand now from your view, he didn’t seemed to have that high a political aspiration. This will be make or break for Hishamuddin.

    But overall, what is your feeling about the new cabinet? Plus the old hands back as senators?

    Again, great post, awaiting for more….

    JMD : Haha. I feel that a certain leeway must be given in the face of this new beginning. Besides, I once wrote that people should be gracious in defeat and magnanimous in victory (not that I am involved in Pemuda race anyway). As for Hishamuddin, he will be hardpress to balance between the need to be popular, or for the good of the country. Than you.


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  7. In my opinion, MCA, MIC & Gerakan have not performed in the last GE or in the recent three by-elections. Probably, it would be better for the PM to appoint capable non-Malay technocrats from outside MCA, MIC & Gerakan to fill in the non-Malays quotas in the Cabinet. Previously, we have seen Malay technocrats from outside Umno being appointed as Cabinet members. It would send the message that says, “Don’t be demanding if you are not performing in getting the voters to vote for BN.” I think it is a high time for the PM to appoint more respected and capable non-politician Malaysian citizens to the cabinet. They do not have to be a member of any political parties after they have become Ministers or Deputy Ministers.

    JMD : That is a very good suggestion. Please read this article here for more food for thought.


  8. And the meek shall inherit the Earth!

    Kerismudin is not exactly my favourite Minister, but let’s have a ‘meek’ personality as opposed to the jingoistic, gun-blazing ‘arrest them for their own protection’ type we have had in the not so distant past! You know the type I mean who tell us the POlice can make iSA arrests without the Minsiters concurrence or signature on th ewarrant.

    Let’s have a Home Minister with a a heart. This may yet be Kerismudin’s finest hour and rehabilitation!

    JMD : You are right. I prefer and untested Hishamuddin compared to Syed Hamid.


  9. Salam JMD

    Yeah, let’s move forward from here and have faith with the new line-up.
    Agree with you on “Some recycled and tired horses are still being elected into the cabinet” but the PM must have good reasons only known to him.

    I think Koh Tsu Koon will have a tough job of evaluating his friends in the Cabinet.

    Best wishes to them.

    Hv a relaxing week-end JMD.



  10. Haha. The Opposition will idolize anyone they want. They do things selectively.

    I think YB Lim Kit Siang is just another hypocrite.

    TS Muhyiddin and Datuk Wee Ka Siong is expected to make an announcement soon that the PPSMI will continue with improvements after strong messages from Najib during the General Assembly that Malaysians should embrace English without fear.

    1 Malaysia’s Cabinet is by far the best. Just look at Malaysiakini reports. They are criticising and questioning why Khairy is not in it.

    If we put him in, they will play stories like “Corruption”.

    With this set of Cabinet, the Opposition say “aiya …. same faces …. Mahathirism!”

    They are working round the clock to start allegations against Najib’s Cabinet.

    When facts cannot be presented, they present unacademic personal opinions.

    Very disappointing.

    1 Malaysia will hopefully bring Malaysia to better days.

    JMD : Thank you GWL for the comment. As some say, Damn if you do, damn if you don’t! 🙂


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  12. JMD,

    1. I am just hoping that the KPI itself is published and performance reviews made known as well.

    2. Glad that this approach (KPI) is a first, even Pakatan Govt does not have this, especially those CATs.

    3. Glad that credible people like Rais Yatim is retained, certainly a plus for UMNO and BN.

    4. Glad that website detailing Stimulus packages disbursements are up.

    5. Economic Advisory council – another important step

    It’s all up to the ministers now, perform or this would be their shortest stint as ministers, that applies to Najib and Muyiddin.

    You never commented on impact and feedback from UMNO youth with the omission of Khairy since they voted him in.



    JMD : It is still early to tell regarding the impact. However, will write more on this when there are substantial issues to be highlighted. Thank you for the comment.


  13. Why I Am Happy That Barisan Nasional Lost In Perak and Kedah – Najib Administration Still Infected With Badawi Virus – By Matthias Chang (9/4/09)
    By Matthias Chang
    Wednesday, 08 April 2009 23:16

    Soon after the UMNO party elections, when Khairy through money politics secured the coveted post of Chief of UMNO Youth, I warned that if he is given any prominent role in the By-elections or in the new Cabinet, he will tarnish whatever efforts of Prime Minister Najib to rejuvenate UMNO and the Barisan Nasional.

    The sight of Khairy’s face in the local media attempting to shake hands with PAS supporters told the whole story – the bad dude strutting and gloating and flaunting his newly acquired power. If there is a face that puts people off, it is his smug look!

    Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad’s attempt to repair this particular damage was too little too late, but credit and gratitude must be given to Tun for his willingness to help the Barisan Nasional even at the expense of his health. People tend to forget that Tun is eighty-four.

    Why am I happy that Barisan Nasional was defeated in Perak and Kedah?

    My reasons are as follows:

    1) If Barisan Nasional had won, complacency would have set in and the leaders would continue with the old ways of campaigning in any future By-elections and the next General Elections.

    It did not help that the party elections distracted and hampered in more ways than one the campaign to expose the lies and double-speak of the political chameleon, Anwar Ibrahim.

    2) It was an uphill task for the Deputy President of UMNO to put in place an effective machinery to harness the massive resources of the Barisan Nasional and to craft the necessary strategies to secure victory, especially in Perak, within a couple of days.

    There was utter confusion, which was cleverly exploited by the Opposition, as to the constitutionality of the Barisan Nasional state government, when three scoundrels from the Opposition (two of which were charged for corruption) was so readily welcomed into the ranks of the Barisan Nasional, notwithstanding the fact that the three state representatives adopted the stance of being “independent.”

    If there is a politician that can piss off both men and women, and arouse public scorn, it must be the DAP “female frog”. Anything that is associated with her stinks!

    Barisan Nasional should as of today, cut all ties with her. She should be made persona non-grata! Period!

    3) As for the two corrupt “male frogs” who have been charged with corruption, and the evidence is overwhelming, they should stand trial as soon as possible. The people must be educated that Anwar Ibrahim’s lap dogs are scumbags. In just over a year, three prominent opposition political leaders (the third being the Deputy Chief Minister of Penang) have been investigated by the Anti-Corruption Agency. More will surface in the future.

    Why in the world would the Barisan Nasional dirty its hands and linen by associating with such scumbags?

    If Barisan Nasional had won the By-elections, these three political scumbags would be tolerated and their treachery forgotten for political expediency.

    These three cancerous cells are fast spreading. Destroy the cells or they will destroy Barisan Nasional.

    Message to the Prime Minister:

    If you are serious about eradicating corruption, disassociate from these two State Assemblymen, even if it means giving a majority back to the Opposition and thereby the Perak State government.

    If the Prime Minister is looking for the first nail to put into the political coffin of Anwar Ibrahim, this is it. Let the entire country see how Anwar Ibrahim’s so-called principles are compromised, even to the extent of having corrupt members within his ranks so as to secure political power in Perak.

    Anwar Ibrahim is a convicted criminal – convicted for corruption and abuse of power – using the Special Branch to force Azizan to retract his complaint that he was sodomised by Anwar – by no less than ten judges. He accused the judges of bias when convicting him. He had scumbags in the Malaysian Bar to echo his groundless accusations.

    So, for argument sake and let’s take the bull by the horns – let us concede for a moment that the High Court (one Judge), the Court of Appeal (3 judges) and the Federal Court (3 judges), a total of 7 judges were totally ignorant of the law and or were bias.

    Anwar asked for a review of the decisions of the abovementioned courts, a privilege never granted to a convicted criminal save for Anwar Ibrahim. A new panel of judges of the Federal Court heard his arguments and allegations. The so-called leading legal luminaries without exception heaped praises on the integrity of this panel of judges. Anwar and his lawyers did not complain about their integrity and or demanded any of the judges to recuse. He had a fair hearing and the Federal Court refused to disturb the findings and judgment of the previous Federal Court.

    Anwar Ibrahim was convicted in accordance with the law and the judgment was fair and well founded.

    How can anyone with any common sense and integrity allow this criminal to be a prime minister of Malaysia? If he can use the Special Branch to further his own political interests when he was the Deputy Prime Minister, what more when he secures absolute power as the Prime Minister.

    4) This is one simple example that the Barisan Nasional lacks focus and has allowed the Opposition to frame issues that distracts the rakyat from seeing the truth about Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang and the leaders of PAS. Till today, Barisan Nasional is reacting, reacting, defending and defending!

    Hopefully, the defeat will enable the leadership of the Barisan Nasional to refocus on the critical issues that demand attention and to reclaim the initiative to frame issues that are pivotal to the rakyat’s welfare and security.

    Don’t get bogged down with Anwar’s theatrics.

    5) I hope that the defeat will be the final wake up call. The Barisan Nasional must realize that as a result of the mismanagement by Khairy et al, it has become a super-oil tanker, heavy and slow and laden with a left-over cargo of dubious value.

    The Barisan Nasional is the Federal Government therefore, act like one for heaven’s sake!

    6) In the present global economic climate, it is a blessing in disguise that the opposition is in control of Kelantan, Kedah, Penang and Selangor, and I would gladly let them have Perak again.

    If there are no comparisons, how can the rakyat makes a genuine and rational choice?

    The Opposition’s mismanagement of the five state’s economies will soon be apparent. Then the fun starts!

    However, with regard to UMNO, it is the politics of “dependency” that have created a sense of fear and foreboding, especially among the Malays in UMNO when they lost the five states. They got screwed big time and with the ongoing financial crisis, they are despondent and desperate.

    It is about time, they got a kick in the ass! Now is the time for serious workouts and if the leaders at each level are not fit and ship-shaped, dump them for good.

    With such huge resources and established infrastructures at Barisan Nasional’s disposal, putting a monkey to lead would secure victory.

    But we have some real ass@#l@s.

    My Challenge to Barisan Nasional Leaders

    I dare say that if Barisan Nasional follow my strategy (which I will only reveal if certain conditions are met), Anwar Ibrahim and the Opposition will be a spent force by the end of 2010.

    I had written a book, “Will Barisan Nasional Survive Beyond 2010?” in the hope that the leaders of Barisan Nasional will get out of their slumber. Instead, under the moribund leadership of Badawi and Khairy, we wasted two critical years.

    But, there is still time yet, as UMNO had the wisdom to see that a change of leadership was urgently needed.

    This has been partly achieved, as certain toxic baggage still needs to be jettisoned.

    I believe that Barisan Nasional will survive beyond 2010, but it has to have a strategy that will not be constrained by the Barisan Nasional mindset.

    Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad knows what I am talking about, as I have been thinking and working for him since 2001 outside the framework of the Barisan Nasional.

    Political Secretaries who have worked with me when I was the Political Secretary to Tun also know what I am talking about.

    Now that the millstone is no longer hanging from our necks, and only a thorn in the side remains to be removed (which can be easily extracted), my parting shot is simply this:



    • Saudara Azmi,
      Siapa pembunuh? Andakah hakimnya? Anda ada kepakaran dalam undang-undangkah? Anda sanggup tanggung dosa salah jatuh hukum?

      Jika anda punya bukti, silakan dengan segala hormat ke balai polis berdekatan dan buat laporan polis. Penat la bro main tuduh-tuduh ni.

      By the name of “Azmi”, saya sure anda beragama Islam, dan sebagai seorang muslim, saya pasti anda sedar akan hukum hakam jika didapati tuduhan anda tidak benar.

      Jika tuduhan itu berdasarkan bukti yang ada, sila kemukakan, bukan menuduh tetapi sorok depan PC.

      Sekurang-kurangnya, DSAI ada kes di mahkamah atas tuduhan meliwat.. yang tu, sekurang-kurangnya polis dah siasat..anda ada bukti DSAI tidak meliwat?


      • aku xde bukti DSAI x meliwat…tapi aku ade otak untuk menilai…

        1) Saiful pegang jawatan tinggi semasa menjadi pelajar UNITEN. Kalau jawatan tinggi,dah pasti sibuk & aktif. Kalau tak,mustahil dia dilantik pegang jawatan tu. Pelik kan dia dia tak mampu lawan masa DSAI nak liwat dia?

        2) Pendakwaan di mahkamah bertukar dari suka sama suka kpd paksaan. Pelik betul benda besar mcm ni pun boleh silap.

        3) Laporan awal doktor mengatakan saiful tak diliwat.

        4) Saiful tersilap sebut tarikh dia diliwat semasa bersumpah di masjid. Pelik kan,dah kena liwat tapi boleh lupa tarikh hitam dlm hidup. (tersebut tarikh pilihanraya Permatang Pauh plak tu)

        5) Imam Ramlang Porigi yg ahli Umno pun tak menyebelahi saiful. Kenapa ye?

        6) Saiful adalah tunang kpd anak Mumtaz. Mumtaz adalah pembantu Rosmah. Tapi najib ckp dia tak pernah mengenali saiful. Eh,tak mungkin!

        7) Kalau betul pun Najib tak megenali saiful, mustahil saiful yg sebagai org biasa boleh jumpa org nombor 2 dlm negara semudah itu. Nak jumpa menteri besar pun susah,inikan pula TPM.

        8) Najib ckp saiful ke pejabat TPM untuk urusan biasiswa. Pelajar yg dah ditendang pun boleh apply bisiswa ke?

        9) Cerita liwat ni sensasi kat TV semasa kempen pilihanraya kecil Permatang Pauh. Lepas DSAI menang,terus senyap.

        10) Kau ade tgk muka najib masa dia terlepas ckp pasal saiful depan sidang akhbar? nampak mcmana perubahan muka dia?

        Cukup la aku bagi kau 10 hint. kalau kau x bleh fikir,bukan salah aku otak kau problem.

        JMD : Hairan juga tiba tiba kita membicarakan kes liwat Anwar Ibrahim. Mungkin kerana saudara tidak dapat menjawab persoalan mengenai RPK dan bukti buktinya tadi.

        Namun begitu, penilaian kita mestilah berdasarkan bukti yang kukuh dan ini boleh dilihat semasa perbicaraan mahkamah nanti. Sepertimana yang saudara sebutkan pada mulanya, kita semua tiada bukti yang Anwar tidak meliwat. Akan tetapi, kemungkinan besar, Saiful mempunyai bukti kukuh. Melainkan saudara Azmi sendiri adalah Saiful Bukhari, saya rasa adalah lebih elok kita tunggu sahaja perbicaraan. Persoalan yang saudara kemukakan tersangatlah remeh dan kebanyakannya tiada kena mengena dengan kes. Di mahkamah nanti nescaya ada banyak perkara mengejut yang akan berlaku di sana. Seperti yang sudah diketahui umum, saya dahulu pernah mengatakan, jika betul Saiful memfitnah Anwar walaupun setelah membuat sumpah, saya orang yang pertama akan mengutuk si Saiful. Terima kasih kerana mengunjungi blog ini berkali kali.


        • Assalamualaikum JMD.

          Nampaknya JMD suda lupa. patutlah,melayu mudah lupa. jgn nyanyuk sudah lah. haha. dah byk kali aku ckp,kenapa perlu aku komen pasal RPK dan bukti bilamana org2 yg mengarahkan sirul & azilah dtg dari BN sendiri. BN kotor.

          dlm kes siful,jelas najib sanggup buat apa sahaja (termasuk membuat sumpah palsu menggunakan Al-Quran) untuk mengekalkan kuasa. jadi,tidak mustahil juga dia sanggup membunuh altantuya untuk mengekalkan kuasa. org yg sanggup gunakan cara kotor harus ditentang. (JMD – satu lagi anggapan kebarangkalian yang melulu tanpa bukti. Di harap RPK akan mengemukakan bukti tersebut. Jika tidak dia akan dikategorikan sebagai pembohong)

          aku juga berasa hairan kenapa JMD tidak berani komen tentang 10 fakta yg aku nyatakan di atas. yg selalu JMD cakap cuma terserah kepada mahkamah. semua org dah tau mahkamah berat sebelah & dikawal oleh BN.

          harus diingat,kalaupun Anwar (atau sesiapa ahli PR) kalah di mahkamah, ‘mahkamah rakyat’ tidak akan membiarkan mereka kalah. najib yg melakukan ‘perubahan’ pun tetap kalah di 2 bukit.

          untuk makluman,aku lawat bayak laman blog. tidak hanya blog ni. samada pro BN, anti-BN dan neutral. aku baca dan aku menilai. harap2 JMD pun tidak menghadkan bahan bacaan kpd sebelah pihak sahaja. aku doakan moga JMD terbuka minda & sedar.

          jgn pula satu hari nanti org akan ingat JMD tu JuMuD, & bukan Jebat Must Die. Peace 🙂

          JMD : Tidak perlulah saya komen mengenai 10 ‘fakta’ remeh (mengenai Ramlan Porigi, riak muka Najib dan sebagainya). Seperkara lagi mengenai ‘mahkamah rakyat’ – apakah itu mahkamah rakyat yang tidak akan membiarkan Anwar kalah di mahkamah? Apakah yang akan mereka lakukan? Saya juga melayari pelbagai sumber berita. Dari situ, saya boleh membezakan mana yang bernas, dan mana yang tidak bernas. Agak menghairankan mengapa sampai hari ini, Anwar Ibrahim dan pihak pembangkang masih tidak dapat menukar saya, seorang rakyat biasa menjadi penyokong PR yang jumud. Terima kasih.


          • seperti yg dijangka…JMD bersikap untuk mengelak perkara yg tidak menguntungkan JMD…

            aku nak tanya 1 soalan je lagi…adakah JMD mengakui fakta no 6 adalah betul?

            JMD : Saya gelihati membaca komen saudara. Inilah dia contoh persoalan remeh yang saya cakapkan tadi. ‘Fakta’ nombor 6 adalah :

            6) Saiful adalah tunang kpd anak Mumtaz. Mumtaz adalah pembantu Rosmah. Tapi najib ckp dia tak pernah mengenali saiful. Eh,tak mungkin!

            Saudara Azmi, cuba guna akal fikiran sekali sekala. Saudara mengatakan bahawa Najib patut mengenali tunang kepada salah seorang anak kepada salah seorang pembantu isteri beliau. Saya malas nak menjawab perkara yang sememangnya tidak menguntungkan sesiapa apatah lagi, ianya sama sekali tidak juga menguntungkan saudara. Malah, ianya hanya menyerlahkan kecetekan minda penyokong tegar PR.

            Saiful Bukhari juga telah menulis mengenai perkara ini di sini.

            Terima kasih kerana memberi soalan terakhir ini.


            • Wah, wah..seronok juga melihatkan permainan perkataan en azmi..

              en azmi,
              anda ni suku sakat saiful apek ke? saya tanya sebab saiful apek suka buat lawak “aku punya bapak tiri punya isteri yang tiada kena mengena dengan aku”.

              keduanya, saya nak tanya, saudara kenal tak SEMUA tunang anak makcik yang kerja sapu sampah dekat opis isteri en azmi? jika kenal, boleh juga diberitahu supaya jejaka-jejaka yang single tak terkacau anak-anak makcik yang kerjanya sapu sampah di opis isteri en azmi.



            • terima kasih kerana mengesahkan fakta no 6. pelik juga kan,semua org malahan JMD sendiri tahu pertalian antara saiful dan Najib. Cuma najib sahaja yg tak tahu. hahaha. lawak.

              JMD : Ah saudara Azmi muncul kembali untuk melalut sana sini. Semua orang di sini termasuk saudara Azmi sendiri tidak mengenal Saiful Bukhari sebelum beliau melaporkan kepada polis. Oleh itu, anggapan saudara bahawa ‘semua orang’ termasuk saya tahu mengenai pertalian Saiful dan Najib adalah tidak betul sama sekali. Di mana saudara tahu mengenai pertalian mereka berdua? Tidak lain tidak bukan, dari internet juga. Jika ‘fakta’ yang dipamerkan mengatakan mustahil Najib tidak mengenali tunang kepada salah seorang anak kepada salah seorang pembantu isteri Najib, maka jawapan saya ya, memang agak mustahil. Lagi satu, saudara tidak membacakah penjelasan Saiful yang saya linkkan sebelum ini? Saya harap jawapan kepada ‘fakta’ no 6 tersebut sudah dengan sendirinya menangkis anggapan buruk saudara. Memang agak sukar untuk menerima apa yang logik setelah pemikiran diracuni dengan fitnah dan tohmahan. Tapi saudara mesti cuba untuk melihat di mana logiknya ‘fakta’ tersebut sebelum menghamburkan lebih banyak fitnah lagi. Juga, harap hentikan cubaan melawak ini kerana yang akan ketawa hanyalah orang yang membaca tulisan saudara. Terima kasih.

              P.S: Diharap saudara mempunyai input bernas mengenai artikel terbaru di sini yang boleh dikongsi bersama.


              • Bro,
                siapa yang mengesahkan? Saudara sendiri tak jawab yang saudara kenal SEMUA tunang anak makcik yang kerja sapu sampah dekat opis isteri en azmi, sebab saudara tahu saudara tak kenal SEMUA.

                So, same applies to anyone. Saya sendiri pun tak kenal SEMUA tunang anak makcik yang kerja sapu sampah dekat opis the other half saya.

                Janganlah buat fakta syok sendiri saudara. Tak berjawab tidak semestinya anda betul. Berjawab secara berkias juga boleh jadi jawapan.

                Dalam soalan saya, merupakan jawapan kepada soalan “fakta” saudara. Tapi, kalau nak direct, boleh je.

                Najib juga seperti anda, seorang manusia biasa yang mana mungkin boleh ingat dan kenal SEMUA orang dikelilingnya, apatah lagi dikeliling isterinya dan dikeliling pekerja isterinya. Ini baru FAKTA.

                Unless, saudara azmi boleh ajarkan ilmu bagaimana nak ingat SEMUA tunang anak makcik yang kerja sapu sampah dekat opis the other half saya. Boleh juga diajarkan kepada DS Najib. Supaya beliau boleh ingat bagaimana saudara mengeluarkan “fakta no.6”.


        • Allo brader Azmi,

          Ntah lah brader…

          aku pun takder bukti…
          but then…. Anwar sendiri yang mengemukakan persoalan.

          “SIAPA ROGOL SIAPA??”

          Pandangan peribadi saya, ianya adalah satu pengakuan that the ACT, DID happen….
          tapi siapa yang lakukan kepada siapa.

          hmmmm…. wondering.


        • Saudara Azmi,


          Saudara berpegang kepada prinsip tidak perlu bukti tetapi pakai “ade otak untuk menilai” bersabit kes liwat Anwar, kes Altantuya atau apa jua isu.

          Ok lah, jika kita “pakai otak” semata-mata untuk menilai dalam mahkamah Pakatan Rakyat ini, bolehkah Saudara Azmi menilai juga dari sudut berbeza, iaitu:-

          1) Saiful menjadi pembantu peribadi dan pembancuh kopi Anwar yang istimewa kerana dibawa bersama oleh Anwar dalam lawatan2 ke luar negara. Pakai la otak untuk menilai mengapa Saiful begitu akrab dengan Anwar.

          Pakai lah otak untuk menilai kelemahan Anwar apabila memilih seseorang seperti Saiful menjadi pembantunya. Bayangkan jika pada 16 Sept lalu Anwar menjadi PM yang cuai dan tidak cekap memilih pembancuh kopi yang boleh meracun beliau, atau melantik pembantu2 lain yang boleh membahayakan seorang PM, pakailah otak untuk menilai akibatnya kepada negara.

          Apabila seseorang diliwat oleh bosnya, tidak mustahil dia pada awalnya tidak melawan walaupun mangsa mungkin lebih kuat dari bosnya, disebabkan oleh pengaruh hebat bosnya, namun dia lama-kelamaan sedar bahawa perbuatan ini adalah salah dan tidak boleh berlanjutan. Pakailah otak untuk menilai apabila seseorang itu dirogol oleh bapa atau bapa tirinya, dia mengambil masa untuk melaporkan kejahatan itu disebabkan faktor pertalian atau pengaruh si perogol.

          Maka pakailah otak bahawa kekuatan seseorang bukan setakat diukur fizikalnya, tetapi orang seperti Anwar mempunyai kekuatan oratory, kewangan, connections dan pengaruh politik yang besar.

          2) Anwar mengunakan segala usaha untuk melengahkan perbicaraan mahkamah serta cuba menghalang pemindahan dari mahkamah mejistret ke mahkamah tinggi, sungguhpun lambat laun kes akan sampai juga ke mahkamah tinggi dan mahkamah rayuan. Sedangkan Saiful ingin perbicaraan dipercepatkan. Pakailah otak untuk menilai “kalau seseorang itu berani, kuat dan benar, bicaralah di mana sekalipun, bila sekali pun, oleh siapa sekalipun”.

          Pakailah otak jika tiada bukti, Anwar tidak perlu pakai otak-otak 10 peguam untuk mempertahankan diri beliau. Memadailah 2-3 orang peguam.

          Anwar melemparkan tuduhan bahawa kes liwat beliau merupakan konspirasi Najib. Kenapa Anwar tidak mengheret Najib ke mahkamah jika ada konspirasi? Pakailah otak.

          Pakailah otak, jika Anwar tidak bersalah, dia tidak akan gentar kerana tiada bukti yang boleh mensabitkannya. Dia tidak akan lari lintang-pukang bersembunyi di rumah Duta Besar Turki tanpa sebab. Dia tidak akan memekik diancam bunuh tetapi dua hari selepas itu boleh bersyarah dimana2 hinggalah sekarang. Pakailah otak kenapa Anwar tidak langsung membuat laporan polis jika benar nyawanya dan keluarganya diancam.

          3) “Laporan awal doktor mengatakan saiful tak diliwat” adalah kenyataan putar-belit yang dimanupulasi oleh Anwar dan dicanang oleh pengikut2 Anwar termasuk Saudara Azmi. Laporan itu dibuat oleh doktor am Hospital Pusrawi yang merupakan kenalan Anwar, malah lapuran itu sangat umum dan tidak langsung menafikan perbuatan liwat. Pakailah otak dan tunggulah Laporan oleh pakar Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

          4) “Saiful tersilap sebut tarikh dia diliwat semasa
          bersumpah di masjid”. Dengarlah semula rakaman sumpah Saiful dan pakailah telinga, maksud saya otak. Yang peliknya soal tarikh atau kaedah sumpah yang dipertikaikan, tetapi kesanggupan serta keberanian Saiful membuat sumpah laknat di dalam Masjid tidak dipakai otak oleh Azmi.

          Sebaliknya, Anwar sendiri banyak helah untuk bersumpah termasuk menggunakan pakar ugama luar negara kenalan beliau, sedangkan sumpah itu dibolehkan mengikut pandanganbeberapa mufti.

          Pakailah otak, bersumpah itu dengan kerelaan hati tiada paksaan, berani kerana benar, takut kerana salah.

          5) Imam Ramlang Porigi membuat kenyataan2 yang berbeza2 apabila ditemurah pada waktu2 yang berbeza. Yang nyata, Si Imam ini ada mengatakan bahawa sumpah Saiful itu sah.

          Cukup la saya bagi Saudara Azmi 5 hints. kalau masih belum cukup atau tak boleh fikir pakai otak, saya boleh tambah banyak lagi hints terutama kes Altantuya. Tapi saya fikir kalau semua orang cuma pakai “ada otak untuk menilai” semata2 daripada menidakkan bukti untuk menghukum seseorang, maka semua orang boleh menjadi pakar putar belit yang hebat seperti saudara Azmi ini…lain yang dia sendiri bangkitkan (isu Altantunya) lain pula yang dia jawab (isu Anwar).


          Dalam kes terdahulu membabitkan Azizan dan Sukma, mahkamah dengan sebulat suara tanpa sebarang keraguan mendapati bahawa Anwar telah melakukan perbuatan liwat. Anwar telah dibebaskan atas alasan teknikal iaitu tarikh tepat perbuatan itu tidak dapat ditentukan, tetapi perbuatan liwat itu tetap berlaku.

          Ini bukan pakai otak tetapi pakai fakta penghakiman. Anwar telah tidak merayu penghakiman ini, jadi secara teknikalnya Anwar telah mengakui perbuatannya. Kalau masih tidak percaya, mintalah Anwar bersumpah disaksikan Si Imam Porigi.


          • sherry, komen la semua sampai habis. jgn komen separuh jalan.

            JMD : Sherry sudah komen separuh tanpa sebarang jawapan dari saudara. Terima kasih.


            • Saudara Azmi, selepas mendapat jawapan dari saudara mengenai komen saya 15Apr 7:56pm, saya tiada masalah untuk komen sampai habis perkara 6 hingga 10 yang dibangkitkan.

              Malah, saya tidak sabar untuk komen perkara2 saudara itu yang terlalu remeh dan amat menjengkelkan taraf intelektual pemikiran otak.

              Bak kata blogger helme, setakat pakai otak, lembu pun ada otak…hehehe

              Saya menunggu response saudara terhadap komen2 1 -5 saya itu.


        • Saudara Azmi,

          Saya telah banyak kali cuba menulis dalam blog Anwar Ibrahim untuk membangkitkan kes Liwat Anwar dan Kes Altantuya secara pakai otak untuk menilai. Namun komen2 saya yang tidak mencaci atau mengutuk jarang sekali disiarkan.

          Sebaliknya komen2 saudara yang jelas anti BN diterima masuk dengan mudah dalam blog JMD ini.

          Apakah Pakatan Rakyat ideologi Anwar mengamalkan kebebasan bersuara yang prejudis dan cakap tidak serupa bikin kerana tidak berani menyiarkan komen2 yang kritikal dan unfavourable terhadap Anwar?

          Apakah bila “pakai otak untuk menilai” hanya penilaian yang favourable kepada Anwar sahaja yang dianggap betul, yang lain semua salah?

          Diharap Saudara Azmi lebih terbuka untuk membincangkan isu-isu, bukannya terlalu maksum dengan seseorang.


          • jmd
            aku rasa cukup la melayan saudara azmi ni. buat letih je. aku rasa dia langsung tak menghargai komen balas penulis lain. sampaikan isu sapa kenalan najib pun nak kecoh. mungkin anwar kenal betul setiap sorang ahli PKR termasuk sedara mara masing2…
            lagi satu, mengikut sdr azmi “..aku ade otak untuk menilai..”. eloknya pengunjung blog ni, selain sdr azmi, akan guna AKAL untuk menilai. setakat guna otak, lembu pun ada otak.


  14. Ada bahaya membiarkan KJ bergerak bebas sebagai KP tanpa sebarang komitmen kerajaan. Selama ini pun, sebagai Naib KP dan tanpa jawatan kerajaan, dia begitu berleluasa dalam UMNO hingga akhirnya dia dipilih oleh 38% perwakilan Pemuda sebagai Ketua. Melainkan ada taktik lain yang menanti, tindakan tidak melantiknya ke mana-mana jawatan yang boleh menyibukkannya adalah satu kesilapan Najib dan kita tahu Najib amat berpengalaman dalam hal-hal sebegini. Ketika Lee Kim Sai sebagai KP MCA begitu lantang menuntut TPM II untuk bukan Melayu, dia dilantik sebagai Menteri dan suaranya kian perlahan. Maka bolehlah kita menyimpulkan bahawa kedudukan KJ memang tidak selamat dan hanya menanti masa untuk sesuatu tindakan dilaksanakan. Apatah lagi dengan pelantikan Razali sebagai Timbalan Menteri bagi menjaga kepentingan Pemuda UMNO dalam kerajaan. Dengan latar belakang sebagai YDP PMUKM selama beberapa penggal, sudah tentu Razali mempunyai kefahaman yang lebih mendalam mengenai citarasa golongan muda Malaysia.

    JMD : Terima kasih di atas komen saudara.



    – dari harakah daily

    Berikut adalah beberapa persoalan yang dibangkitkan oleh Ahli Majlis Tertinggi KeADILan Badrul Hisham dalam blognya mengulas keputusan dua anggota UTK, Azilah dan Sirul yang dihukum gantung sampai mati dalam kes Altantuya Sharibuu iaitu :

    1.Azilah dan Sirul tidak pernah kenal Altantuya, apa motif pembunuhan ? Rogol, Rompak..? Mereka ialah anggota UTK yang berdisiplin dilatih mengikut arahan.

    2.Mana senjata pembunuhan, dalam kenyataan beramaran yang dibuat Sirul dia mengaku menembak Altantuya tetapi kenapa senjata pembunuhan tidak wujud dalam perbicaraan?

    3.Bagaimana rekod kemasukan Altantuya tidak wujud dalam rekod imigresen sebaliknya ada orang dihukum mati dalam negara yang tidak ada rekod Altantuya masuk ?

    4.Mengikut penulis dari Perancis dia mengatakan maklumat pembunuhan Altantuya yang dibunuh kerana melindungi transaksi melibatkan wang besar hasil jual beli kapal selam lengkap tersimpan ditangan agen perisikian Russia…. apa sebenarnya berlaku ?

    5.Kenapa Azilah dan Sirul diberi keistimewaan tidak memperlihatkan wajahnya sepanjang keluar dan masuk mahkamah ?

    brader JMD…komen la sikit…nak tau pandangan kau sebagai pemutar belit…

    JMD : Sebenarnya, saya merasakan bahawa menjadi tugas saya untuk merungkai putar belit pihak pembangkang dan juga pengikut pengikut taksub mereka seperti saudara Azmi ini. Banyak persoalan putar belit dilontarkan oleh pembangkang. Biarlah saya mengutarakan satu aspek yang perlu difikirkan bersama.

    Jika pihak pembangkang, terutamanya Raja Petra Kamaruddin dan juga Anwar Ibrahim dengan lantangnya mengatakan bahawa beliau ada bukti bahawa Najib bersalah, mengapa hingga sekarang mereka tidak mengemukakan bukti tersebut? Adakah mereka sanggup, sebagai org Islam, membiarkan Azilah dan Sirul dihadapkan ke tali gantung? Mengapa begitu kejam? Dan penulis akhbar Peranchis tersebut, mengapa beliau tidak melakukan perkara yang betul dengan memberitahu siapa agen perisikan Rusia tersebut agar kita beramai ramai boleh membebaskan Sirul dan Azilah dari tali gantung?
    Jika bercakap putar belit sahaja tanpa bukti, maka sewajarnya kita patut memberhentikan fitnah ini. Nyawa dua orang yang pihak pembangkang kata tidak bersalah (kambing hitam) sedang dipertaruhkan. Mengapa saudara Azmi hanya terpacak di hadapan komputer saban waktu menunggu komen sendiri dipaparkan tanpa cuba memaksa RPK dan Anwar Ibrahim mengemukakan bukti sahih bahawa Najib itu pembunuh? Mana buktinya? Pihak pembangkang cuba sedaya upaya untuk menjadi kaki putar belit hingga wajah Sirul dan Azilah juga dijadikan isu. Bukalah google image dan taip lah nama nama mereka. Nescaya terpampang juga wajah wajah mereka tersebut. Jika tidak mencukupi, tanyalah kawan-kawan mereka. Nescaya ada dikalangan mereka yang menjadi penyokong Pakatan yang boleh memberi gambar gambar mereka.
    Saya harap, selepas ini, saudara Azmi bolehlah pergi ke rumah Anwar Ibrahim dan RPK dan menekan mereka supaya dengan pantasnya memberi bukti sahih dan siarkannya di dalam internet. Ada gambar Najib dan Altantuya makan bersama pun cukuplah. Jika tidak ada, maka dengan itu saya harap agar Pakatan berhenti menjadi pemutar belit dan mengurut dada sambil beristighfar banyak banyak. Terima kasih.


    • JMD memang pakar putar belit…lain yg aku tny lain yg kau jawab…

      1st of all,jgn tiba2 nak berbalik kpd anwar atau RPK…pedulik la dia ade bukti atau x…masalahnya skrg,dua2 kambing tu ckp sendiri dia terima arahan dari org atasan…hakim buat x tau je dgn kenyataan tu…so,sape plak org atasan 2 kambing ni? Anwar ke? RPK ke? mesti la org dari sebelah yg lagi satu kan? ape la JMD ni ngok…pandai kau jawab dgn style putar belit kau ye…

      eh JMD,takkan la kau x tau…x tau ke buat2 x tau? rakyat Malaysia kan memang x boleh suka2 hati ckp hal altantuya ni…nanti subjudis…haha…kalau terover cakap pun,nanti jadi la mcm Bala… di’hilang’kan oleh seseorang…

      So,nak xnak terpaksa la akur dgn keputusan mahkamah…mahkamah yg dikawal BN…patut la BN kalah kat Perak…rupa2nya majoriti x restu Najib berpunca dari kes ni…nasib baik la skrg rakyat mula sedar dan mampu berfikir dan x terpengaruh dgn anasir2 jahat dari KERAjaan…

      JMD : Begilah ya, di mana saudara mula mula mengetahui akan kes Altantuya ini? Siapa yang memulakan tuduhan bahawa Najib terlibat sama? Dari RPK bukan? Semua tuduhan yang kita baca bermula dari sensasi yang RPK dan Anwar Ibrahim perbesarkan. Oleh itu, salahkan jika saya menjadi Devil’s Advocate di dalam penjelasan saya yang lepas dengan mengatakan, RPK patut juga menyelamatkan Sirul dan Azilah (kerana selama ini dia juga berkata bahawa wdia mempunyai bukti kukuh bahawa Najib terlibat sama – dan Najib juga mengarahkan pembunuhan Altantuya). MEngapa RPK dan Anwar Ibrahim hingga sekarang berdiam diri? MEngapa mereka berdua tidak mengeluarkan bukti bukti tersebut? Malah, anasir anasir luar negara yang turut bersekongkol menuduh Najib juga tidak mengeluarkan bukti bukti yang mereka sebut ada di dalam simpanan mereka. Apabila saya menyuruh saudar cuba memaksa RPK dan Anwar Ibrahim mengeluarkan bukti (takkan saudara tidak memerlukan bukti untuk menuduh seseorang?), saudara menempelak pula saya sambil mengatakan bahawa bukti tidak penting! Tuduhan saudara perlu berasaskan bukti! Dimana kita boleh mendapatkan bulti tersebut? Dari RPK sendiri! Urut dada, tepuk sedikit dan tanya selera – adakah saya berselera memandang RPK tabnpa rasa jijik melihat gelagat beliau membiarkan Azilah dan Sirul dihukum gantung? Atau adakah saya akan terus menerus menuduh Najib tanpa perlu adanya bukti. Akhir sekali, jangan salah faham Azmi, jika betul RPK ada bukti sahih, saya dengan sendiri akan meminta agar Muhyiddin Yassin memegang tampuk negara. Terima kasih.


      • hi JMD,

        Nampaknya JMD mengambil langkah yg berjaga2 cuba untuk tidak memberi komen mengenai point2 yg tidak menguntungkan JMD…haha…

        JMD memang pandai pusing…persoalan utama aku bukan RPK atau anwar…tapi orang atasan 2 ekor kambing tu…

        JMD : Jawapan saya senang sahaja. Kita tunggu dan baca Judgment Paper (Alasan Penghakiman) nanti. Di situ. soalan nombor 1 dan 2 boleh di jawab. Soalan 3 hingga 5 sudah pun di jawab di dalam komen yang lepas. Bersabar ya. Oh ya, sudah tanya RPK di mana buktinya? Atau masih hendak ‘pi mai pi mai tang tu lagi’? Terima kasih kerana sudi membaca blog ini.


    • Dear JMD,

      When we evaluate people from the military, police and special forces they are more like robots and to people in the special forces trained to kill. We cannot see them and look at them in the eyes of normal people. The famous “reasonable man test” in the legal world does not work here. These men are not reasonable. They are trained and trained to kill. When the legal fraternity and the media starts to look at sensationalist things this is what happens.

      This people does not need instructions from the very top just instructions will do. This people will not think and consider whether it is reasonable or not just that it had to be done. In their move trying to pin this on Najib they failed to look at the chain of command that. They want to look at motive try money. Altantunya is involved in a highly volatile and highly explosive business and industry. In this world probably (speculation here) they may be people who want to make her disappear.

      My best bet? (Speculating again.) It was a command that was misinterpreted. In the process of “tackling the problem” they did more than was necessary and in the end problem had to be made to disappear.

      Saya pernah nyatakan dahulu bahawa jika ia tidak benar ia adalah fitnah jika ia benar tanpa bukti ia adalah mengumpat. Pada saya jika kita tidak tahu kita tidak boleh bercakap tentangnya kerana khuatir akan menjadi subahat dalam fitnah dan mengumpat. Saya hanya harapkan semua dapat berfikir tentang ini kerana balasan Allah adalah bala yang menimpa dan bala yang menimpa tidak memilih antara penyokong ataupun tidak.

      Saya menulis ini hanya untuk memastikan saudara seagama saya tidak akan tergolong dalam ahli subahat fitnah dan mengumpat kerana ia adalah salah satu dosa besar yang malangnya selalu dilupakan atau buat-buat dilupakan oleh segelintir pemimpin pembangkang. Ada juga pemimpin BN tetapi mereka tidaklah seketara.

      Buat masa ini jika tiada bukti kukuh yang baru tolonglah fokuskan kepada mentadbir negeri dan negara. Negara dalam keadaan bahaya dengan ekonomi yang tidak menentu dan jika Anwar masih juga teruskan usaha untuk menjatuhkan BN buat masa ini pendapat saya mengenainya tidak luntur dan tidak pudar. Dari dahulu sejak dia jatuh dari jadi DPM hingga sekarang dia tidak sayangi negara atau bangsa hanya dirinya dan konco-konconya. Jadi tolonglah tunggu Pilihanraya yang akan datang untuk terus berpolitik.

      Seriously JMD people just do not think anymore and the fate of the nation is in the hands of these fanatics. I am concerned.


    • Tiada apa-apa peruntukkan didalam undang-undang jenayah yang memerlukan pihak Pendakwaan menetukan sebab motif pembunuhan sebelum Mahkamah boleh menyabitkan kesalahan.

      Jika tidak silap saya, lebih kurang 10 tahun dahulu, Mahkamah Rayuan memutuskan untuk menghukum Juraimi didalam kes pembunuhan Datuk Mazlan berdasarkan penerimaan sebagai bukti keterengan beramaran yang dibuat oleh Juraimi. Karpal Singh cuba memujuk Mahkamah untuk tidak menerima keterengan beramaran Juraimi atas alasan ianya tidak dibuat secara sukarela.

      Namun demikian Mahkamah berpendapat bahawa tiada bukti kukuh yang wujud bagi menunjukkan bahawa keterengan beramaran dibuat dengan paksaan.

      Saya rasa Mahkamah belum mengeluarkan Alasan Penghakiman. Jadi terlalu awal untuk kita mengatakan samada Mahkamah silap didalam membuat keputusan.

      In any event, the 2 accused persons have a right to appeal kepada Mahkamah Rayuan dan Mahkamah Persekutuan.

      Kadang-kadang menang di Mahkamah Tinggi tapi akhirnya kalah di Mahkamah Persekutuan.

      Saya tak faham kenapa FSB atau GRU Russia ada menyimpan maklumat pembunuhan Altantuya ataupun berminat dengan kes Altantuya ? Hanya kerana penulis Perancis kata macam itu, tak semestinya ada.

      Sebelum ini pun, Keadilan ada kata agensi risikan tentera Malaysia ada maklumat berkenaan pembunuhan Altantuya. Tetapi dinafikan sendiri oleh ketua risik tentera.


  16. This is certainly a much awaited moment in History a smooth transition, The return of Tun Mahathir 2 UMNO,stimulus pakage in place, right choises of cabinet Ministers & Deputy’s with 1MALAYSIA in mind with our able
    Prime Minister & Deputy give them A chance stop being analytical insyallah Malaysia is in the right Hands of Leadership so let’s Hold Hands 2 gether and move Forward


  17. Salam JMD
    DSN has launched team. Be patient and see their performance within the next 6 months. I am certain he and his team is anxious to deliver what was promised. This is only logical moving forward. I am glad he has introduced the KPIs to measure performance. I hope this KPI can be share with the rakyat.

    In addition, we must play our part to achieve the concept of 1Malaysia, irrespective of one’s political, cultural and religious divide. Lets do something to start this and start the journey.

    The team launched must focus on its mission to serve the rakyat and the welfare of Malaysian in their respective capacity and capability.

    Tahniah DS Najib and I pray that you and your team will perform its best to serve all of us. And be a good listener.


  18. JMD my man,

    I’m no fan to any of the politician, but Tun Dr.M and Tun Daim still i revered as the best politicians in Malaysia. i do agree with your reply to the minimis there, but quite surprise you did not include Tun Daim in your analysis. from your previous article, somehow i had a feeling that you a quite a fan of Ku Li, but personally, i think Tun Daim is a better choice. his track records spoke for himself. and yet everybody entitled to his own opinion. hahaha…

    on Mukhriz appointment as Timbalan Menteri, i share disagreement with some of the Malaysian. Mukhriz is still young and yet he did not hold any post in UMNO. he even lost during the recent UMNO Pemilihan. i’m no fan of khairy, but humbly, i think if Najib does not want to appoint khairy to any ministerial post, might as well do not include any of khairy’s contenders in his cabinet. Mukhriz position as ordinary member and son’s of TDM has brought TDM overshadow the appointment. His appointment has paint Najib’s cabinet is actually TDM cabinet. there are a lot of other more senior, or experienced MP that hold post in UMNO that could be appointed as Timbalan Menteri. and the fact that in Najib cabinet does not include reps from Melaka and Perlis, states which are controlled by BN, really upsets me. Melaka of the most reason. hahaha.. could not wash melaka blood in me.

    i notice in your article, you did mention less on appointment from other BN component party. hopefully, next time T.Murugiah, Subramaniam, Benard Dompok and other could be the subject of your scrutinizing article.

    and now, i’m eagerly waiting for the New Economic Planning Unit panels and directors to be announced. hopefully, not someone from Athos Consulting or Budak Tingkat Empat!

    Cheers Bro, and Have a Nice Weekend!


  19. The new cabinet line up is the best given by DSN..
    Bravo i said.. The new KPI system adapted will be a great system introduce to the government..

    By doing this it shows that government is commented to give the best & there’s someone to monitor them.. no more hanky panky.. no more using the post as political gain..

    at the same time.. the ppl are clear what the government is heading & do hope that this KPI system not only introduce in federal government but to the state’s as well…

    p/s: show them (PR) we mean business


  20. terdiam abang azmi kite. tahniah la JMD, too much of hype and spinning makes us tak boleh differentiate yang mane betul yang mane tak betul. too much of worshipping and telan bulat2. Allah kasi akal for us to think, bukan pakai sedap mulut je. 😉


  21. jmd
    during the 2008 GE, PR campaigned ‘give us a chance and if we fail you can kick us out in the next election’.

    the response – five states gave them a chance. after several by-elections, the people continue to give them every chances. i believe the people (and PR) should also give najib and his newly appointed cabinet a chance. PR are still represented during parliamentary sittings. make full use of this opportunity and please.. refrain from getting kicked out. merely standing up for your principles and risks getting barred is truly wasting the given chance.

    jmd, PAS has given a ‘green light’ for non-muslims to verbally cite verses from our holy Quran in political campaigns. as a muslim, i’m shocked and confused. does this mean non-muslim restaurants can start hanging quranic verses on their walls.. or can a temple display Al-Kaafirun:6 ‘You have your religion (with whatever it will bring you), and I have my religion (with whatever it will bring me)’ – all in the spirit of learning the Quran?


  22. Dear Jebat.
    Interesting points kat reply pada Azmi.

    Tapi I wonder, why Malaysian politician not keen to bring pemfitnah to court (kasi saman la). This is really puzzling. Ini membuatkan orang ramai tertanya-tanya, jadi cerita tak betul nampak macam betul kalau didendangkan selalu.

    So, this is interesting. Orang mengandaikan yg Najib ada menyembunyikan sesuatu kerana tidak menyaman “pemfitnah-pemfitnah” ini.

    Mungkin saman fitnah is not our culture, mungkin Najib terlampau sibuk, tapi ini zaman fitnah berleluasa, jadi menyaman pemfitnah ini patut di mulakan untuk memberi pengajaran kepada orang lain.

    Based on my observation among my friends, ramai yg “percaya” ada benda disembunyikan oleh Najib. Well, even for me, some questions is unanwerable. Contoh macam; siapa sebenarnya yg instructed dua UTK ni? Mereka takkan bertindak tanpa arahan, definitely. Back to my point, so any Najib’s efforts to bring them back to support BN is difficult. Pada mereka kalau kepala dah busuk, bawah apatah lagi.

    Satu lagi isu racism. PR dah mendendangkan terlampau lama yg BN adalah parti racist. Dizaman sekarang, sesiapa pun tak mahu digelar mereka itu racist. Jadi menyokong BN secara terbuka (jika berada dikalangan bukan bumiputra) is deemed to be a rasict.

    BN perlu mechanism yg terbaik untuk membuktikan mereka bukan racist, tapi malangnya idealogi BN seakan-akan racist (parti berasaskan kaum).

    Jebat jangan salah paham, saya bukan penyokong PR. Tapi saya juga tidak mahulah orang Melayu berpecah-pecah, terperangkap dengan isu-isu sebegini lantas menyokong pembangkang (terutama DAP). Jadi nanti siapa yg rugi.

    Sekian terima kasih.

    JMD : Terlebih sahulu, terima kasih kerana memberi komen. Kita mulakan dengan perkara kedua – isu racism. I am quite surprised that many people think that BN’s idealogy is racist. When the opposition accused BN of this, they themselves failed to look into their backyard. Bagi saya, jika BN dituduh sebagai racist, PR juga racist. Mereka berkata PR adalah berbilang kaum. Itu merupakan satu penipuan. Di dalam DAP misalnya, adakah terdapat wakil rakyat kaum Melayu di dalamnya? Tidak ada sama sekali. Orang Melayu di dalam DAP adalah ibarat hidup segan mati tak mahu. Di dalam PAS, adakah terdapat kaum lain yang menjadi wakil rakyatnya? PAS mengamalkan politik theocracy. Jika PAS boleh mengamalkan politik keagamaan, maka adakah suatu hari nanti di dalam PR kita akan melihat parti Kristian atau Parti Buddhist dalam masa terdekat nanti? Cuma PKR sahaja yang berbilang kaum tetapi ini tidak mengikis hakikat bahawa PR juga adalah sama seperti BN. Malah, PR lebih buruk lagi kerana parti parti di dalam PR mempunyai idealogy yang berlawanan. Tidak mungkin mereka ini akan bersatu dalam satu tempoh yang panjang. Lihat sahaja Selangor. PAS dan DAP bercakaran sesama sendiri.

    Perkara pertama – mengapa Najib tidak menyaman mereka yang menuduh. I stated my opinion that he should sue if he wants to. But I really feel that a PM should not start the trend of suing anyone. If this trend persist, there will be no check and balance. Everyone will be afraid to criticise in case they will be sued later on. Najib should be more like Tun Mahathir. In all his years as the PM, in all those years of allegations and horrifying criticisms he received from the opposition or the media, never once he sued anyone of them. Yet, he was dubbed as a dictator. Najib even said that he is pro liberalisation of the media. He should not regress like the opposition where they hail freedom of speech but at the same time suing newspapers (see Teresa Kok and Utusan Malaysia). To me, if Najib walked the talk, he should just let those self interest media and opposition to run him down. Any sane Malaysians can differentiate between what is fact and what is a lie. Another thing, RPK is currently being sued by the Colonel Aziz Buyong and his wife Norhayati (bodyguards of Rosmah) for implicating them in the murder of the late Altantuya in his SD. RPK is in hot seat because of this. Till today, he still failed to show us proof. Thank you.


  23. First I like to congratulate you for answering to En Azmi remark. Someone has to make them sedar of the fitnah that they are smearing. I tried to but couldn’t find the right word for it. Rather than using abusive word I would rather let Luncai terjun dengan labu-labunya.

    Now my comment on your posting. While I agree with you that Kuli should be given something in the new cabinet, I can’t help noticing that the way you write about the new line up has been very cautious as if you are trying to justify something that you yourself find hard to swallow.

    Just an opinion…

    JMD : I was not trying to justify anything my friend. Just giving out my opinion. As you can see, there are a few negatives and positives that I had stated in this article at that time. Thank you for the comment.


  24. JMD & fellow commentators,

    Just visited 1malaysia.com.my. Have you?
    Now’s the chance for all you out there to visit and give your comments to our new Mr Prime Minister’s website.

    Kudos to Mr Prime Minister!
    He’s within reach to those who have access to internet at home , in the office or those with hphones that can surf internet.
    Now, why are hphones, laptops and desktops still expensive?
    Why am I still experiencing internet access outage almost 1-2 days every week?
    Why aren’t the Telcos giving us a discounted rate eventho’ we have been their loyal customers for years?

    Sorry JMD, Im digressing from your topic.
    Anyway I think let us give our Mr Prime Minister and his Ministers a chance to prove themselves. Let us see whether they are capable in exercising their duties with capability, integrity and loyalty.

    In the meantime do you have anything non-political subject matter to share with?

    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  25. Terima kasih Jebat kerana menjawab komen saya. Tetapi saya fikir pendapat anda mengenai isu saman-menyaman ini tidak berapa tepat.

    Saya fikir menyaman untuk isu fitnah adalah berbeza dengan menyaman kerana untuk menutup mulut pengkritik. Pengkritik selalunya mengkritik berdasarkan satu isu yg tidak ditangani dengan baik ataupun perkara tidak betul. Contoh macam orang mengkritik kerajaan yang tidak prihatin masalah rakyat atau sebagainya. Pendapat saya, menyaman pengkritik adalah sangat tidak wajar, tapi berlainan dengan menyaman pemfitnah.

    Pemfitnah tidak akan berhenti selagi tidak ada tindakbalas dari mangsa. Berbeza dengan pengkritik, yang akan senyap apabila sesuatu perkara yang dikritik itu telah diperbetulkan.

    Jadi dalam isu Najib di”fitnah” dengan kes pembunuhan altantuya, ia adalah perkara yang perlu dijawab melalui mahkamah (memandangkan kurang/tiada alternatif medium lain yang mempunyai kredibiliti tinggi).

    Kita tidak harus menjadikan fitnah sesuatu yang normal dikalangan masyarakat kita. Walau setinggi mana pun pendidikan seseorang manusia, dia tetap boleh jadi keliru membezakan perkara yang benar atau fitnah apatah lagi fitnah disebarkan oleh orang yang dipercayainya.

    Menerima kritikan adalah perkara yang baik dan harus bagi seseorang ahli politik, tetapi mendiamkan diri dari difitnah, adalah membinasakan.

    Sekian terima kasih.

    JMD : Terima kasih saudara kerana memberi komen. Terlebih dahulu saya ingin menyatakan bahawa saya bukanlah peminat no. 1 Datuk Najib. Dalam banyak perkara, saya setuju dengan komen di atas. Walaubagaimanapun saya merasa agak gusar jika saya berada di dalam situasi yang beliau alami sekarang. Okay, mari kita gambarkan diri kita sebagai Datuk Najib. Kita andaikan diri kita tidak bersalah dan orang ramai mengkehendaki kita menyaman mereka yang menuduh kita membunuh Altantuya. Siapakah mereka ini yang kita hendak saman? Siapa antara mereka yang kita nampak dan dengar pernah berkata bahawa kita membunuh Altantuya? Ini penting untuk mengenalpasti siapakah defendan di dalam kes saman nanti. Mari kita cari mana para ‘pemfitnah’ yang secara terang terangan telah berkata – kita membunuh Altantuya. Sebenarnya, di antara para pemimpin pembangkang, tidak ada satu pun antara mereka yang menuduh Datuk Najib secara tepat dan langsung. Mereka semua menuduh berpaksikan ‘Najib harus membersihkan namanya’, atau ‘Najib mempunyai banyak soalan yang perlu dijawab’. Di dalam akhbar luar negara pun, mereka tidak menuduh secara terus Datuk Najib, bahkan mereka hanya menimbulkan syak wasangka sahaja. Hanya seorang sahaja yang pernah menuduh Datuk Najib secara langsung / tidak langsung sebagai pembunuh Altantuya. Dia adalah RPK. Semuanya bermula dari RPK ini. Dari RPK inilah orang ramai mempercayai bahawa Najib terlibat sama. RPK sekarang menjadi defendan dan menghadapi tuduhan saman yang akan didengari pada 13 Oktober nanti. Diharap semua akan sabar menanti perbicaraan tersebut. Kita tunggu jika ada sesiapa yang berani menuduh Najib sebagai pembunuh secara terang terangan. Mungkin bolehlah Najib menyaman mereka ini. Oh ya, saya juga merasa sedih kerana budaya memfitnah dibiarkan berleluasa bahkan di biarkan berlarutan oleh pihak pembangkang meskipun salah satu dari parti komponen PR adalah parti yang berlandaskan ajaran Islam. Nampaknya, pembangkang tidak boleh hidup tanpa memfitnah orang. Kasihan 🙂


  26. Thanks for the reply, me too just stating an opinion.

    One thing that I need to correct you.
    TDM did sued one person during his career as PM, Buniyamin from PAS. However, sad to say we do not have the chance to see who’s right since Buniyamin passed away soon after the court began its proceeding. Even then I believe TDM has the right to do so because allahyarham has made an uncalled remarks against the then PM.

    JMD : Oh yes, I remember this particular case. The late Buniyamin slandered Tun Mahathir by publicly accusing Tun for watching porn movies with his grandchildren. I stand corrected then. Please refer to my reply for Orang Jauh above as well. Thank you.


  27. JMD

    Sigh…very disappointed to see some of the names in the cabinet line-up. They were nonperformers. I see that Nazri Aziz is still there. Hope he has learned not to put his foot in his mouth and not to shoot himself in the foot when giving press statements on sensitive issues that can potentially earn the ire of the rakyat.

    I also hope he does not refer to the new Prime Minister as “My Prime Minister or Perdana Menteri saya…” again as he did during Dollah’s time. He will again come across as trying to ingratiate himself with the PM. Eeek, malunya!



  28. Azmi,

    Saya masih cuba untuk memahami PR kerana saya bimbang saya tidak tahu mana satu calon Parlimen & DUN untuk dipangkah semasa Pilihanraya Umum ke 13 kelak – jika barisan yang diketuai oleh Najib mempunyai KPI yang tidak memuaskan pada ketika itu. Malangnya penyokong-penyokong saperti Azmi tidak membantu saya untuk memahami perjuangan parti saudara.


    Boleh tak saudara minta tolong Bro Anwar & Raja Petra mengeluarkan bukti-bukti yang mereka telah nyatakan mereka ada demi menyelamatkan Sirul & Azrilah dari tali gantung dalam pembunuhan Altantuya?


    I really have to hand it to you when it comes to ‘interacting’ with your readers. I was grinning like an idiot when reading your interactions with Azmi. Who are you JMD?


  29. @ peacehafiz

    Sorry, but obviously you didn’t get this part of the article:

    2) The opposition is working overtime to paint the picture that this cabinet is actually Tun Mahathir’s cabinet. Their narrowed view hinged only to the fact that Tun’s son is elected to the post of deputy minister. They fail to see that most of Pak Lah’s allies are elected into it too. People like Shabery Cheek, Sabri Ismail, Shaziman Mansor (Khairy’s cousin), Khaled Nordin, Johari Baharum and Nor Mohamed Yakcop are given very powerful portfolios in the cabinet. What can we say about this? Certainly, this is not what Tun had envisioned if it is indeed HIS cabinet. Even Pak Lah’s hatchet man – Nazri Aziz who is very anti Mahathir, is given the chance to continue releasing any of his pent up anger towards Tun in Parliament or anywhere he deemed fit. However, I would like to point out here that eventually, every one of them will become Najib’s men (and women). It is indeed ironic that some personalities like Muhyiddin, who was pro Anwar in the beginning, became Pak Lah’s man at one point of time and now has managed to transformed himself as Tun Mahathir’s favourite guy. That is why in politics, there are no permanent enemies and no permanent friends.


  30. ku li?

    hmm. aku tak percaya dah mamat ni. despite his achievement sebelum ni ,tapi ada satu sejarah yang terlalu hitam untuk aku percaya mamat ni lagi. aku berani cakap, kalau dia ni jadi pm, dendam dia pada tunM lagi teruk di bandingkan dendam pak lah pada tunM. kerja dok pedajal pm dahulu. apa kes?

    ada sekumpulan kawan aku pi jumpa dia lepas PRU12 lepas kat langgak golf. di kabarkan, kuli pi komen pasal 3 orang yang mungkin bakal bertanding kp. dalam ramai ramai tu, ku li kondem mukriz dan khir toyo, tapi cukup puji dan sokong kj sebagai kp. bingung sat kita orang. tapi kawan aku lepas tu cakap kat kuli, ‘Ku, kalau Ku sokong KJ, dengan Ku Ku sekali kami akan tendang!’. Ku Li muka merah padam.

    apart from that, sharizat. apa daaa. ketua wanita yang kalah pilihanraya pada budak berhingus pon jadik menteri. ahhh, agaknya no choice kot. tapi at least dia tak kacau yen yen lagi. sangat memalukan, seorang yang kalah di kerusi parlimen boleh jadik penasihat tahap menteri. ingat tak bengang ke menteri MCA tu? and then there is shaziman, duk jkr plak tu. but then again, IR zain pon totok pak lah. noh omar dengan johari baharum. totok pak lah jugak. tapi kena campak kat MOA. zahid? hmmm. pon takleh percaya. lalang beb. sebelah kaki dia anwar, seblah kaki lagi, najib. khaled nordin? tahap education ada lagi baik ka? hisham? dok KDN. aparaaa. patut dia tu JANGAN BAGI JAWATAN! he failed big time kat education. and he failed as KP. bagi laluan mudah pada KJ. patut najib disiplin kan sepupu dia nih!

    aku rasa takde impact la kabinet najib ni. most ppl expect WOW! kabinet baru najib power la! tapi tak jugak. tapi ada gak berita gembira dan menyenangkan. tok pa dengan mukriz kat miti, and then jamil khir kat EPU. huzni kat MOF. dr rais di ambil dan di letak di information. shafie apdal kat KKLW. dr koh kat JPM. fungsi EPU akan di naikkan balik. and then, mat taib, kj, azalina, syed mid jessica alba, tak tersenarai! haha. ok la tuuu.

    ya, cannot satisfy anyone. so, lets see this 6 month.

    JMD : Hahaha… your comments are moderated for obvious reasons. But regarding the cabinet line – up, thank you for the opinion.


  31. Arakian terjadilah satu pembunuhan dalam sebuah negeri dan dua orang pendekar dari istana raja telah dituduh melakukan pembunuhan tersebut. Maka kedua-duannya telah dihadapkan kepada raja untuk di bicarakan. Maka bertanyalah raja itu kapada kedua pendekar tersebut. “Adakah kamu berdua yang membunuh perempuan itu?” Titah Raja.

    “Tidak, Tuanku” Jawab salah seorang dari pendekar tersebut. “Akan tetapi Memanda bendharalah yang telah menyuruh patik berdua, Tuanku”, sambungnya lagi.

    “Apa buktinya yang kamu boleh mengatakan demikian?’ Titah Raja lagi.

    “Sesungguhnya terdapat sebuah patung yang diukir oleh seorang saudagar cina yang yang menunjukkan Memanda Bendahara sedang makan dengan mangsa, Tuanku”, Jawab pendekar tersebut.

    Maka Raja pun berpaling kepada memanda bendahara lalu bertanya “Apa benar apa yang di katakan itu mamanda bendahara?

    “Ampun Tuanku, patik tidak tahu menahu dalam soal ini”. Jawab Bendahara. Bendahara terus diam.

    Peristiwa yang saya bayangkan tidak pernah berlaku dalam mana-mana negeri, sekadar kreativiti sendiri. Walaubagaimanapun sekiranya terjadi dan di takdirkan kita yang menjadi Raja dalam kisah di atas, sanggupkah kita mensabitkan kesalahan keatas memanda bendahara dan melepaskan kedua pendekar istana itu semata-mata kerana ada ukiran patung yang di buat oleh saudagar cina itu?


  32. Sorry..this is abit off the topic..just read the newspaper that another by-election on the way..at Penanti..don’t u think that everyone has had enough with by election?Since the last election..so many by-elections had to be carried out..in my opinion..either bagi menang tanpa bertanding kat PKR..or u can put a candidate..tapi tak payah la all out sgt..cuba main taktik lay low..PKR ni saja nak hu ha..time by election la dia nak tunjuk terror..tapi calon sume tak boleh pakai..macam2 kes..menghabiskan duit rakyat je..memang betul pun pendapat yg thru by-election ni lah dia nak buang org2 yg dia tak nak..what do u think?

    JMD : Yes, you may be correct in your assessment. The opposition needs issues like these just to maintain their relevance. Thank you.


  33. Salam

    Walau siapa pun menjadi menteri BN dan UMNO tetap di benci lebih lebih lagi apabila DrM muncul kembali setelah menangis di PWTC satu ketika dulu benci dan kutuk UMNO kini ludahnya di jilat kembali.

    Memang orang Melayu mudah lupa dan bukan aje orang Melayu tetapi setiap makluk bernama manusia.

    Sekiranya ade orang Melayu yang kaji AlQuran memang Allah berulang ulang mengingatkan manusia agar patuh kepada Allah dan percaya kepada akhirat dan suatu hari nanti kita semua akan mati. Dunia ini hanya pinjaman dan akhirat tu kekal abadi.

    Allah banyak kali ulang kisah Firaun yg zalim kepada rakyatnya serta mengaku dia sebagai tuhan.

    Di Malaysia juga ade pemimpin yg zalim kepada rakyatnya dengan akta zalim ISA. Mengapa di perlukan ISA ?

    Agar rakyat tak berani berkata yg benar dan yang zalim terus memerintah negara.

    Rakyat juga sudah lupa mereka di rampas hak mereka dengan pengswataan yg di lakukan oleh DrM.

    Apabila negara memerlukan tenaga, YTL di tubuhkan untuk menjual tenaga kepada TNB dengan harga yg tinggi. Andaikata tenaga eletrik berlebihan TNB terpaksa memberhentikan janakuasanya tetapi mesti membeli tenaga dari YTL dengan harga yang tinggi.

    Apabila harga eletrik itu tinggi ianya akan menjadi bebanan kepada setiap rakyat jelata. Yang untung ialah YTL dan mereka yg sekongkol dgn nya termasuk DrM.

    Idea kapitalist yg diamalkan oleh DrM di tiru oleh kera jaan negeri Selangor yg di pimpin oleh Mohammad bin Mohammad dengan mengswasta Air kepada Puncak Niaga yg di pegang oleh kroni- kroninya .

    Dalam tempuh beberapa tahun sahaja JBA atau kerajaan telah berhutang lebih setengah billion ringgit kepada Puncak Niaga. Yang menjadi mangsa adalah rakyaat jelata.

    Itu belum termasuk tol tol yang berselerak di sekitar negara juga di miliki oleh pihak pihak tertentu dan kroni mereka.

    Rakyat Malaysia tak kira apa bangsa akan terus terhimpit akibat amalan kapitalist di Msia yang di pelupuri or DrM.

    Mungkin mereka boleh menipu orang kampung dengan kain pelikat, permit teksi atau mungkin rumah murah tetapi ramai yg telah celik mata kerana terpaksa bayar hutang PTPTN dan hutang hutang lain sebaik saja keluar dari Universiti.

    # 102:1 (Malay) Bermegah-megahan telah melalaikan kamu,
    # 102:2 (Malay) sampai kamu masuk ke dalam kubur.
    # 102:3 (Malay) Janganlah begitu, kelak kamu akan mengetahui (akibat perbuatanmu itu),
    # 102:4 (Malay) dan janganlah begitu, kelak kamu akan mengetahui.
    # 102:5 (Malay) Janganlah begitu, jika kamu mengetahui dengan pengetahuan yang yakin,
    # 102:6 (Malay) niscaya kamu benar-benar akan melihat neraka Jahiim,
    # 102:7 (Malay) dan sesungguhnya kamu benar-benar akan melihatnya dengan ‘ainulyaqin,
    # 102:8 (Malay) kemudian kamu pasti akan ditanyai pada hari itu tentang kenikmatan (yang kamu megah-megahkan di dunia itu).

    Amat malang rakyat Msia walaupun negara kaya dengan minyak ditanah dan atas pokok, terpaksa merempat di tanah air sendiri akibat pemimpin yang rasuah dan tamak haloba.

    Semuga Allah selamatkan kita dari bakaran api neraka.



  34. heran sungguh with the late announcement on the economic council of advisers. is he gonna announce it soon? benda besar like this should not be left pending for a long time.

    semoga hanya mereka yang betul betul bagus sahaja yang dilantik.



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