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At last, a peace of mind (hopefully)

Good afternoon everyone.

This blog started in wordpress on the 31st of March 2008. It came about due to the frustrations we all have about the leadership of the country then.

The constant instances of inefficiencies and flashes of stupidity were often being shoved to our faces almost on daily basis. And that has been synonymous with the style of leadership even months before 2008 general election.

After that election, we had made it upon ourselves to see that this country will not further crumble upon the weight of impertinent behavior of the political and governmental leaders. The sense of despair was truly felt among many Malaysians. Since 31st October 2003, the government had immersed itself in auto pilot management. It fantastically failed.

As of yesterday 3rd April 2009, there was one hope. One hope that Malaysia will finally be able to steer itself into prosperity. The new Prime Minister must be more hands on in managing the country. For far too long, his predecessor had resorted himself in empowering unauthorized people to make decisions for him. Sometimes unofficial advisers gained too much prominence in the country’s governance.

We do not wish to be condescending or patronizing to the new Prime Minister but we are confident that Datuk Najib Tun Razak knows what needs to be done. To put it bluntly, the measure of his leadership will be the result of the next general election. In order not be the shortest reigned prime minister of Malaysia, he needs to do the right things. On top of his priorities is the economic prosperity of the nation.

This certainly does not mean only the economic prosperity of selected Umno members and their families. should be taken care of. Instead, he must ensure that the whole national economic pie must be further be enlarged and be shared proportionately among all Malaysians.

He must act in the interest of all races. He is after all, the supra-communal arbiter of the nation.

Next, he must ensure that the political leaders in the component parties under his helm are performing to the best of their abilities. Furthermore, he must ensure that all Umno members do not go astray from the party’s agenda. Basically, he needs to get the word COMPETENT be synonymous with his new cabinet.

Having competent people in the incoming new cabinet will complete the ‘prologue of a new beginning’.

During last night’s maiden address, he has made several good initiatives. We could see how the opposition is running helter-skelter when Umno had a new President at its helm. As soon as the new Prime Minister took his oath and announced his reforms, the opposition is left with no further concrete issues to fight for.

This is what the opposition are scared of. Fighting against a renewed faith will be difficult to manage. We can actually see how BN and Umno become more formidable in addressing the opposition’s onslaught. What more with the inclusion of Tun Dr Mahathir into Umno’s folds once more.

Tun Mahathir’s contribution to this change of power must neither be underestimated nor at the same time, be exaggerated. After May 2008, his views became more intense towards Umno’s leadership. What made it more potent was many of the people agreed with what he had to say. We must understand that his only intention in bringing down his successor was solely to see Malaysia reclaim its glory and sovereignty long established for the past 5 decades.

Everyone knows that Tun Mahathir intended to retire from all political and governmental posts after he steps down on 31st October 2003. Should Malaysia did not stray from its policies, Tun Mahathir would have retired quietly in the background.

But that did not happen. Several blunders by his successor caused him to speak up for the sake of the oblivious Malaysians.

After he left, several people in the form of past enemies stated that it was of no lost to Umno. They could have not been more wrong. Only when he was outside Umno that people began to see his significance and undiminished popularity.

What happened afterwards should be etched in history as a moment where a statesman, devoid of any official political power became a crucial kingmaker behind the throne. What power he has in order to sway the masses and opinions, he achieved that through his sheer personality and charisma.

About 7 months ago, a faithful reader by the pseudonym ‘Lekiu’ wrote this comment:

UMNO badly need for Tun Mahathir to once again step into the halls of PWTC, NOT to lead but to become the “unifying factor”. Just like Lee Kuan Yew who became the Mentor for PAP MPs, Tun Mahathir MUST be coaxed into coming back into UMNO and guide the new leadership.

Lekiu is not clairvoyant. But he appreciates the role Tun Mahathir have in our political context. His influence does permeate in our day to day lives unbeknownst to most of us.

I wholly agree with Datuk Ariff’s assertion that Datuk Najib must factor in Tun Dr Mahathir in his new leadership. I also agree that factoring in the grand old man does not necessarily mean getting him physically involved in every corner within the new leadership. He wrote:

The factoring in of TDM may mean being respectable of TDM and his 22 years of accomplishment. It may mean honoring his ideas and most relevantly by adopting a decisive leadership. It will not mean however an absolute and flattering acquiescence and obeisance to what TDM wants.

The opposition, in their mad dash to condemn anything and everything Umno and BN will take advantage of Tun Mahathir’s effort to help BN as a return to ‘Mahathirism’. That could only be a good thing as most people will definitely welcome a period of progress, stability and decisive leadership as opposed to a period of stagnancy, decadence and social upheaval we unfortunately went through for the past 5 years.

Alas, just like what Datuk Ariff stated above, I believe Tun Mahathir will cherish the peace of mind he now have the moment Datuk Najib took over. Now, he can retire peacefully without much interference needed. As long as the new cabinet remains capable in charting our future direction, there is no need for the grand old man to dabble once again in our leadership affairs.

When asked whether what kind of posts should he hold now in the government or in Umno, he briskly answered, “Tak payah”.

Perhaps, this blog too can have a long good rest after achieving one of its objectives.


44 thoughts on “At last, a peace of mind (hopefully)

  1. Thanks JMD.
    Thanks Tun.
    Thanks to bloggers. In a small minuscule tiny way you have help resurrect UMNO. Thanks.
    I felt exhausted too, JMD. But it’s time to renew objective(s). Rest you may JMD, but do not forgets the road is long and winding. Keep on fighting JMD.
    Again, Thanks JMD.

    JMD : Thank you Cam.


  2. Dear Jebat,

    To my opinion the Bkt. Gtg. byelection here, the BN will be winning for good. The people are realising- mana intan mana kacau. Who is going to lead we ll see in few days.
    Pas tak sesuai menang di kawasan ini.
    BN Ismail Suffian should be the winner, anak tempatan, nice and clean.
    Fikir2 lah dengan hati terbuka.
    Ini bukan soal dendam, marah, geram, irihati atau phd.
    ini soal masa depan orang melayu dan lain2.
    Ingat ini bukan Kelantan atau Trenganu,
    Ini Bkt. Gtg. Perak.


    Pada pandangan saya Dato Mukhriz hanya bersikap diplomatik apabila menyatakan sokongan beliau kepada Ketua Pemuda yang baru, agar beliau dilihat sebagai pemimpin yang mengutamakan perpaduan ahli daripada jawatan parti dan supaya tidak dianggap sebagai “sore-loser”.
    Walaupun sikap sebegini amat terpuji, namun saya percaya Dato Mukriz sedar (mungkin mengetahui) bahawa kemenangan KJ telah dirancang atau dirampas dari beliau bagi memenuhi syarat persetujuan untuk Abdullah Badawi menyerahkan kuasa kepada Dato Sri Najib.
    Jawatan Ketua Pemuda telah menjadi “bahan rundingan” (bargaining) dalam isu peralihan kuasa ini. Keengganan Abdullah Badawi menyatakan dengan jelas tarikh penyerahan kuasa kepada Dato Seri Najib menimbulkan persepsi bahawa satu lagi “bargaining” sedang berlaku. Mungkinkah jawatan menteri kepada menantunya????
    Dato Mukhriz sedar KJ tidak mendapat sokongan majoriti Pemuda selain daripada 304 pemuda2 bodoh yang mengundi KJ. Bukan sahaja KJ begitu dibenci oleh sebahagian besar akar umbi pemuda2 dan ahli2 UMNO, malah rata2 rakyat jelata menganggap atau mempunyai persepsi bahawa KJ seorang perasuah, sombong dan berkuasa di sebalik bapa mertuanya.
    KJ merupakan toxic yang menjadi liabiliti kepada UMNO dan menjadi simbol “anti-establishment” kepada generasi muda di negara ini.
    Adanya Abdullah Badawi, Si KJ dan Syed Hamid Albar di dalam barisan kepimpinan UMNO hari ini bolehlah disamakan dengan adanya Presiden George Bush, Si Rumsfield dan Condoressa Beras di dalam kerajaan Amerika Syarikat yang bodoh, sombong dan angkuh sehingga membawa rebah Parti Republican dalam pilihanraya lalu. Mahukah UMNO menanti nasib yang sama kelak???
    KJ menyedari hakikat ini dan cuba mengajak semua pihak supaya merapatkan barisan dan bersatu di bawah pimpinan beliau. Beliau cuba merendah diri dengan meminta pemimpin2 menegurnya jika melakukan kesilapan, sebaliknya dengan riak sombong meminta diberi peluang membuktikan kemampuannya.
    KJ sengaja mahu dilihat bersembang2 di kaki lima dekat PWTC untuk menggambarkan seolah2 beliau senang bercampur dengan rakyat, sedangkan perwatakan beliau jelas seperti dibuat2 dan tidak ikhlas.
    Kenapa tidak ikhlas dan bermegah2?? Kerana belum pun diistiharkan pemenang jawatan ketua pemuda, beliau sudah pun berada di atas pentas tersenyum2 dan berpeluk2an dengan gahnya, sedangkan rakyat dengan meluat melihat kerenah ” champion” beliau.
    Bapa mertuanya Abdullah Badawi semasa ucapan terakhir beliau di persidangan itu, dengan terang2 tanpa segan silu cuba menjaja motto menantu kesayangannya KJ dengan membangkitkan laungan “SETIAKAWAN” kepada para perwakilan sebagai erti kekeluargaan dalam parti, namun jelas sekali laungan “SETIAKAWAN’ Abdullah Badawi itu amatlah hambar kerana tidak mendapat response daripada para perwakilan.
    Malah, tiada amanat atau pesanan hikmah dalam ucapan Abdullah itu selain lagu2 ulangan yang mendatar yang hanya mendapat reaksi aneh daripada Anwar Ibrahim dalam blog nya pada hari itu. Sungguh aneh dan menggelikan!!!

    Nampak sekali, erti setiakawan hanyalah di antara KJ, 304 dan Bapa Mertua nya semata-mata, dan juga Anwar Ibrahim yang kini menyanjung Pak Lah.

    Merapatkan barisan??? Hanya yang dungu dan tidak perihatin kepada aspirasi sebahagian besar ahli dan rakyat sahaja yang sanggup mencalit kotor untuk merapatkan barisan dengan KJ Si Perasuah yang menang dengan cara dan keadaan yang amat meragukan sekali. Mungkin yang tidak ikhlas dan yang sanggup berpura2 sahaja demi $$$$$ yang mahu berbaris dengan 304 badut2 itu.

    Malah, kemenangan KJ amat memalukan kerana Si Perasuah Pemenang Tengah Malam ini telah di booo sepanjang masa dan setiap hari oleh perwakilan dan penyokong2 parti. Tidak pernah dalam sejarah 60 tahun UMNO pemimpin yang dipilih diherdik sedemikian rupa disaksikan rakyat melalui TV.

    Perjuangan dalam parti belum selesai. Ahli2 UMNO terlalu membenci dan sakit hati kepada Si Perasuah kerana Si Toxic ini akan membawa rebah perjuangan UMNO. Sama ada toxic yang mencemarkan ini dibersihkan, atau UMNO bersedia menerima penolakan dalam PRU13.

    Anwar Ibrahim dalam blog nya telah mewar-warkan ucapan terakhir Abdullah Badawi untuk direnungkan (kahkahkah…) sedangkan perwakilan dan ahli2 UMNO se-akan2 berkata2 di dalam hati “sudah lah Pak Lah”. Anwar Ibrahim dalam blog nya tidak pernah mengkritik atau menghentam KJ Toxic kesayangannya. Anwar Ibrahim dalam blog nya dan di serata cerok ceramah sentiasa mencerca dan memfitnah Dato Sri Najib sebagai tidak layak menjadi PM. Kenapa?
    Tunjukkan di mana dalam blog Anwar Ibrahim yang menghentam KJ sebagaimana menghentam Dato Seri Najib!!!!!
    Kenapa? kenapa? kenapa?
    Kerana Anwar Ibrahim sedar bahawa Abdullah Badawi adalah pemimpin lemah dan flip-flop yang amat mudah untuk dijamah apabila PRU13.
    Kerana Anwar Ibrahim tahu bahawa KJ adalah kanser toxic yang harus dibiarkan merebak di dalam UMNO sehingga parti ini luka, berdarah dan berkecai didalam perut.
    Kerana Anwar Ibrahim khuatir dan resah gulana bahawa Dato Seri Najib adalah seorang pemimpin yang tegas, teguh dan amat berkebolehan membawa perubahan dan kesejahteraan kepada rakyat. Pemimpin yang mampu mengembalikan mertabat Agama Bangsa dan Negara.
    Hanya KJ yang menjadi halangan kepada aspirasi dan harapan UMNO.


  4. Dear JMD,

    After our country witnessed the changing of guard for the 5th time, let’s hope the new PM can bring back its glory once again and makes each of us proud to be Malaysian. I like the concept One Malaysia suggested by the new PM.

    Pls, pls, pls JMD. Dont stop writing. Never fail the ritual of visiting this blog every day. I know you have achieved the main objective of this blog but you can continue sharing your thoughts with the readers on anything about our nation.

    You can take a good long rest tapi jangan la lama sangat…


    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  5. JMD Sir,

    I learnt at Padedoh’s that Najib’s Mongolia story was spreading fast around the world and was published by major newspapers Korea, Europe and the US on the even of Najib’s appointment as prime minister. Wenger Padedoh was so upset about Najib’s appointment to the extent that he deleted his blog.

    Does matter it’s baseless or not, or what I believe – but what will be our reaction if in the minds of other people we have a prime minister who is a suspected m$%#$^er. Should Najib come clean by appearing in court as suggested by Ku Li?


    JMD : I do not think Wenger deleted his blog because he was upset with Najib’s ascendency. More likely, he was upset because he received too much flak from his commentators. Probably he couldn’t handle the onslaught by the people that did not agree with his stand. Especially after he was labelled a racist for saying (he was writing in jest btw) that people in Bkt Gantang will vote for Nizar rather than Ismail because Nizar has fairer skin than both Ismail and Zambry.

    On a more serious note, Najib’s story indeed was making headlines in newspapers in several other countries. That is normal. Have you read the kinds stories published about Tun Dr Mahathir at the height of the Reformasi movement back in the late 90’s? People were talking about him (not in fashionable terms) all around the world. Truly, its either Anwar’s vast networking were working overtime or it is just a very good piece just to sell papers. I tend to believe the latter rather than the former. In the world of journalism, sensational news sell papers.

    What is more important is the OFFICIAL STAND of those countries about Datuk Seri Najib. We had seen congratulatory messages sent out from various countries worldwide. Even the US government congratulated him. Therefore, I see no problems regarding international relations between Malaysia and other countries regarding our PM. Even Mongolia has no problems with Datuk Najib. To my understanding, Mongolian government was only concern that Altantuya’s murderers will be brought to justice.

    All these issues of newspapers worldwide are ridiculing Malaysia are simply diversions which unfortunately became a favourite pastime for Malaysians. Suddenly, we became overly concerned about what the tabloids in other countries are saying about us? If George W Bush was concerned about what the papers in other countries were saying about him, he will have his hands full suing everyone on this planet.

    Nevertheless, those tabloids that run Altantuya’s story never did directly implicate Altantuya’s murder as Najib’s own doing. The deliberate use of words such as ‘alleged’, ‘probably’, ‘close associate’ etc will definately be a disclaimer by those newspapers if they were sued. To me the onus is on these newspapers to prove that our PM is directly linked to Altantuya.

    Until now, what we have are slanders and conjectures. But where is the proof? The courts adjudged that Najib has got nothing to do with Altantuya as the linkage between those two was non existent and not established. Even in Altantuya’s personal letters, she never mentioned about Datuk Najib or saying that she is having a relationship with him. On top of that, there is no shred of evidence that Najib even know Altantuya on personal basis. Najib probably met her. But as DPM, he met a lot of people on daily basis. I met him 2 years ago while shopping and even took a picture with him. I doubt he would remember me. Sorry to digress.

    Now, with all these unrelated conjectures and misdirection, on what basis should Najib make a stand in the court? What must he say there that he has not said before? He will surely say that he does not know Altantuya personally or even met her. What line of questioning will the prosecutors ask him? If there is no evidence to even connect Najib to Altantuya, the act of him appearing in the court will be so ridiculous, it actually will make the courts look stupid. Remember, no evidence, he will be freed anyway. That is what has happened with this court case. Nobody could find any evidence linking Najib will Altantuya. That is why he was not called to court. Could it be that he was not invlived in the first place? Is this not a probable cause?

    When the BMF scandal rocked the nation in 1983, and a Malaysian named Jalil Ibrahim was murdered prior his audit exercise of the BMF accounts in Hong Kong, Ku Li as the chairman of BBMB was never called in the courts to prove his innocence. Although the weight of the ‘conjectures’ and ‘slanders’ dented his reputation at that time, he remained strong in his convictions that he was innocent and got nothing to do with the scandal and the murder. Lorraine Osman, the fall guy of that RM2 billion loss went to jail in Hong Kong. Ku Li was cleared of any wrongdoing eventhough he was a close associate of Lorraine and also the Chairman (by virtue of being the Finance Minister)

    Yes he did sue those UK newspapers. It took him several months to do that. But I always have this belief that unless there are no proof whatsoever being brought forward by anyone, then you are innocent. Yes, perception is vital. But who painted and created that perception? Is it by the average Malaysians? Or is it by interested parties that will gain a lot should our PM become soiled with accusations of murder? Plus, why bother clearing his name among some of the foreign press when their countries’ official stand is to welcome him with open arms?

    To me the onus is on Anwar Ibrahim and the opposition parties to prove their allegations. If not, then Najib must concentrate on rebuilding this nation after it was in tatters through the conduct of the same people that was accusing him. On that note, I see no problem should he want to sue those papers anyway. Should he have the free time to do so, then by all means, he should do it.

    Thank you.


  6. JMD,

    Please continue writing. We appreciate your view and it will be a big lost to the blogosphere if you take a long rest.


    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  7. 03 APRIL 2009
    1. Kenapa saya meletakkan tajuk di atas ” ANWAR IBRAHIM PEMBOHONG DAN PEROSAK AGAMA”. Teruk sangat ke Anwar Ibrahim ni. Mungkin ramai penyokong Anwar di luar sana yang marah dengan saya.! Tak apa dengar dulu penjelasan saya.

    2. Siapa yang pergi mendengar ceramah politik Anwar di Pilihanraya Kecil Batang Ai, Sarawak pasti akan terpengaruh dengan dakyah dan pembohongan besar Anwar ini kepada orang-orang bumiputera di rumah-rumah panjang dan di pedalaman sarawak. Apa tidaknya Anwar telah menggunakan isu penggunaan kalimah Allah kepada penganut agama lain sebagai isu kempennya.

    3. Dalam kempennya di Lubok Antu, Sarawak , Anwar telah telah membangkitkan isu ini dengan mengatakan bahawa tidak salah untuk agama lain menyebut nama Allah kerana ia hak agama masing-masing. Katanya, isu penggunaan nama Allah tidak menjadi masalah kepada PKR dan beliau telah membenarkannya dalam Pakatan Rakyat kerana sudah lama (penganut agama lain) guna nama Allah, jadi biarlah mereka gunakan sahaja nama Allah ini untuk memanggil nama TUhan mereka.

    4. Beliau juga telah menggunakan alasan dan nas daripada Tuan Guru Nik Aziz yang pernah memberitahu tiada masalah jika penganut agama lain menggunakan nama Allah. Seterusnya Anwar telah mendakwa bahawa di Malaysia, penggunaan nama Allah tidak boleh digunakan oleh penganut agama lain disebabkan oleh UMNO, disebabkan larangan UMNO itu penggunaan nama Allah dalam semua majalah dan risalah agama lain telah dirampas. Inilah angkara UMNO, merekalah yang tidak bagi penganut agama lain menggunakan perkataan Allah.

    5. Saya rasa Anwar Ibrahim ni tak faham ataupun saja-saja nak kelirukan orang Sarawak, ataupun mungkin beliau sengaja berbohong. Sebenarnya isu larangan penggunakan kalimah Allah ini tiada kaitan dengan UMNO. Terdapat 7 Majlis Agama Islam Negeri-Negeri telah membawa kes Herald Tribune yang menggunakan perkataan Alllah dalam majalahnya agar pihak kerajaan mengambil tindakan sewajarnya. Di Kuala Lumpur sejak tahun lepas lagi, Badan-Badan Bukan kerajaan seperti ABIM, JIM, PERKIM, Pesatuan Peguam Peguam Syar’ie Malaysia , ACCIN dan lain-lain pertubuhan agama telah mendesak kerajaan khasnya JAKIM agar mengambil tindakan tegas. Apa kena mengena isu ini dengan UMNO.

    Please continue reading this good article HERE.

    JMD : Tahnk you for the comment Sherry. I apologise I have to cut it short as it was too long and was spamed earlier.


  8. With the daparture of PakLah the cyber and blogsphere becoming very boring except for a few disgruntled old men and Anwar ‘s fan , this is the sign of peoples happy ( so far ) with Najib .
    If the cabinet announcement is politically correct next week ( let pray )..Rakyat will return back to BN and bye to PR ( perosak rakyat ) and Anwar…


  9. yeah

    yours is one of the many blogs that mushroomed during pak lah’s era

    the voices of concern was most welcomed by readers as it resonates with the worry, the fear, the unsettling political situation of the times

    congrats, you have achieved your objective

    i do share this soothing sense of relief that perhaps Malaysia is back on track ala TDM’s 2020 vision

    alhamdullilah …


  10. Could this be part of the ‘campaign’ that is being mentioned in the article below, extracted from https://airkosong.com/_/2009/04/03/a-deadly-distract-and-go-for-the-kill-campaign-by-najib/ ?

    A deadly ‘distract and go for the kill’ campaign by Najib

    It could be late by now, but we should all be made aware of a potentially deadly campaign by Najib brewing behind the scene, much of the campaign has already been executed with success.

    It is a campaign planned with such precision and minute details that I compare it to what Mahathir has done during the fall-out crisis with Anwar in 1998. Furthermore, the campaign has one distinctive characteristic: it is robust to cope with the expected, as it has turned out that along the way many unexpected events have happened but the campaign cope with them well.

    It all started with the coup d’état in Perak in Feb. Najib gang swung into action to grab the power of the state. After the infamous ’second visit to the palace’, where many quarters have speculated as the return trip for either deal making or arm-twisting by Najib, the fate of the PR state government duely elected by the rakyat was sealed, when the Sultan decided to take side of Najib.

    Then came the fateful events that vacated the Parlimen seat of Bukit Gantang and the state seat of Bukit Selambau. The by-elections are clearly tough battles for Najib and could be fatal to the imminent power transition to Najib slated for April. Much earlier on, UMNO general assembly was already scheduled for Mar 24-28. The factional fights for positions were expected to be divisive and chaotic for the party. The two potential deadly blows from the ‘Two Bukits’ cannot come before or around then.

    That is where the campaign made the Election Commission did the job: fixing the nomination day for the by-elections to be one day exactly after the UMNO general assembly, and the polling day on Apr 7.

    Most of us did not take Apr 7 with much meaning, except it is a weekday. But it is so significant with what the subservient EC has done:

    A weekday of course will reduce turn-out, usually affecting outstation voters who are commonly known to be anti BN.

    The weekend immediately before Apr 7 is the Cheng Ming weekend for Chinese. Also known as Tomb Sweeping Day or Qingming Festival, most Chinese would travel back to their hometown to pay their respect to their elders who have passed on. Apr 7 being a Tueday, Chinese voters of the Two Bukits, commonly recognised to be anti BN too, are unlikely to extend their stay all the way. Hence reducing opposition votes further.
    Most important of all, the campaigning period, from Mar 29 to Apr 6, covers a very important event: the power transition from Abdullah to Najib. The opposition and most of concerned Malaysians would be so occupied by the campaign that any resistence to the transition is kept at very low level. This is the largest distraction to us all for Najib to go for his first kill.
    Along the process, the unexpected also happened in Sarawak, that led to the by-election of Batang Ai. The subsevient EC again did what the campaign needed: include Batang Ai with the same by-election schedule. Two potential deadly blows are no difference from three potential deadly blows, but Batang Ai, far from the tsunamic Peninsula Malaysia and with a different voter composition, could offer a potential consolation to the BN to reduce the impact of the Two Bukits. How convenient the EC to oblige.

    At Bukit Selambau, the record number of independent candidates puzzled all of us. By now, we have the answer. And need I say anything else but it’s part of the campaign?

    Please continue reading this article in the link provided above.

    JMD : Thank you for the article but I apologise I have to cut it short. It was spammed earlier on for being too long.


  11. Is this going to be your last article? Probably you can try to find the truth behind May 13 tragedy, the conspiracy theory of a coup d’etat. I think youve delved into it a bit, i don’t remember the details. That seemed like a long time ago. Anyhow, all the best

    JMD : Probably this won’t be my last article. An article about May 13 will probably see the light of day in the future. Thank you.


  12. Assalamualaikum,

    Don’t you dare!
    The voice of reason and compassion is rare in M’sian SoPo blogosphere.
    You are a “Must Read”, so much so that I have no need to read M2TDay.
    Please, stay on and do good, the seed you plant in peoples mind is of far higher value than what you can imagine.
    You have contributed to inspire me to do good, help good and make good.
    Please continue.


    JMD : W’lam. And thank you for the comment.


  13. dear jeb,

    i know you’ve earned the respite, but dare i say “perjuangan belum selesai”? ;D

    btw, my jaw hit the floor this morning when i read that the wife of the outgoing one is now a ‘TUN’ also.

    based on what?

    why does everything gets cheapen in malaysia…

    JMD : Tun Jeanne? Oh well.. some may feel a tad discomfort on the aftertaste. I do feel that Datin Seri Endon should be given the award. It made me sad that the late Datin Seri was not even given the title ‘Datuk’ whereas Jeanne was bestowed that title barely 6 months after marrying Pak lah. Anyway, thank you for the comment.


  14. THE KEY is that Najib must :-

    1. Wipe out Corruption & Cronyism in Government and stop this practice of ‘directly negotiated non-tendered out contracts’ which has seen the Public being cheated by Toll Highway, IPP and Water concessionaires. We have been robbed, looted and raped enough.

    2. More than that, even Defence contracts given out by MINDEF must be previewed by an Independent Committee comprising MPs from across the board to prevent suspicions arising like those over Sukhoi Jets, Scorpene Submarines and Patrol boats (PSC). Govt should not hide corrupt practices behind OSA & ISA.

    3. Stop this chest betaing and Ketuanan Melayu nonsense.

    4. Re-jig the NEP so that it benefits all M’sians, especially all those in the lower income group.

    Is he up to the challenge? Time will tell!


  15. JMD, enough has been said and what sherry wrote is equally enlightening. Lets just see how it turns out.

    But I must join others and issue “my directive” ala kj to you – don’t stop writing! Honestly, I used lotsa arguments from your blog to knock some senses to some taksubers. Of course, some were beyond reasoning. Tak leh nak nolong…

    We need your blog to counter the dark side. I think your fight is beyond personality, beyond Tun M, beyond Najib, beyond Anwar or even KJ. Its about your race and religion and definitely, the onslaught will continue. So, how could u even think of calling it a day?


  16. Dear JMD,

    I was introduced to your blog through link from “Another Brick In The Wall”. Since then I was hooked and even became restless if I can’t view your blog for a day.

    The reason is because, it is the only blog that have the same thinking like me. Reasonable, straight to the point, FACT-based and most importantly, you rarely take side on any party.

    However, your last sentence makes me wonder if this will be your last writing. I hope it will not. I do hope you can explore many issues and keep on writing by giving us more reasons and questions to be pondered. Honestly, I was never bored reading your article.

    Keep on and I believe that for UMNO, the “perjuangan” has just begun and we need blog like yours to keep them in toes.



  17. aku rasa kita harus mendesak Najib bersihkan nama sebelum kita membabi buta menyatakan sokongan terhadap najib. bukan apa,kita ada otak kena la guna. kenapa Najib tak saman akhbar Perancis tu atau memanggil kedutaan Perancis bagi menyelesaikan hal ini? aku rasa kita semua cukup cerdik utk menilai menggunakan logik fikiran kenapa Najib tak berani komen pasal ni. berani kerana benar,takut kerana salah. betul kan? satu DUNIA sedang menilai kita.

    JMD : Sila baca jawapan saya kepada komen Piggy Singh di atas. Oh ya, apabila kita memanggil duta negara Peranchis, apakah yang perlu diperkatakan kepada duta tersebut? Dan apakah agaknya reaksi beliau? Terima kasih.

    Kalau hendak diikutkan logik saudara, Anwar Ibrahim juga tidak boleh disokong secara membabi buta kerana beliau belum tentu bersih lagi. Tetapi ramai yang masih menyokong beliau. Kenapa? Adakah mereka tidak menggunakan otak mereka? Beliau pun tidak menyaman Saiful Bukhari hingga ke hari ini. Tambahan pula, tiada seorang pun yang mendesak beliau supaya menyaman Saiful. Oleh itu, sila baca semula komen Piggy Singh di atas.


    • JMD,betul gak ape yg JMD ckp tu…aku ni bukan la org anwar (kalau itu yg JMD sangka)….aku cuma nak cari kebenaran…kalau kita tengok,sekurang2nya anwar berani mempertahankan dirinya di mahkamah tentang tuduhan yg dia hadapi…tapi jauh beza dgn najib,langsung tak pertahankan diri sendiri bila org mengata dia…cuba JMD fikir,kenapa dia takut?

      JMD : Saya rasa dia sudah mempertahankan diri apabila berkata dia tidak kenal dan tidak ada kena mengena dengan kes Altantuya tahun lepas. Apa perlu masuk mahkamah jika tidak ada sebarang bukti bahawa beliau ada bersangkutan dengan mendiang Altantuya? Seperti yang saya sebut di dalam komen yang lepas, apa perlu dia berada di mahkamah? Adakah hanya hendak menyatakan bahawa dia tidak bersalah dan tidak mengenali mangsa di dalam kandang saksi?

      Sebenarnya, isu ini belum selesai lagi. Kita tidak tahu apa kesudahannya. Mengapa mesti terburu-buru. Jika betul Najib mengarahkan Azilah, maka apabila perbicaraan bermula nanti, nescaya kebenaran akan terbukti. Jadi, apa perlu diperbesarkan isu ‘Najib mesti membersihkan namanya’? Namanya hanya tercemar akibat tohmahan parti pembangkang. Pembangkang pun tidak pernah menyaman Najib. Jika hendak menuduh, kena ada bukti, barulah boleh dibawa ke mahkamah. Peranan pertuduhan adalah membuktikan bahawa Najib itu bersalah. Jika tidak ada bukti, maka ianya menjadi fitnah.

      Jadi tidak timbul perkara dia takut. Saya percaya jika mahkamah atau Anwar Ibrahim ada bukti, Najib mesti akan dipanggil. Terima kasih.


  18. JMD,

    Have a blessed rest & recharge your batteries.

    But you did give me a LOL with your typing error of ‘COMPOTENT cabinet’. Freudian slip?

    Take care.

    JMD : Typo lah my dear! :p


  19. Askm JMD,
    I agree with your fans that you cannot retire just because Pak Lah is gone and that now Najib is the PM. Your struggle is justice for the people, not because of Pak Lah!We supported you because Pak Lah was not an effective PM.

    What is your stand if Najib is not up to our expectations as the PM?Then will you take out sword and fight for justice again ?We do not have a crystal ball to predict how he will fair in managing the country.

    Even if Najib is a good PM, you must help him with advice printed in your blog not only for him to read but also the rakyats.

    Your blog and other blogs that share your ideology must be heeded by Najib.Keeping his heart close to what the blog like yours says is part of Najib’s ‘ walk the talk’.

    Hang Kasturi


  20. Dear JMD and all

    Pada saya, jika pemimpin umno serius untuk maju kehadapan, maka kembali lah menemui pengundi dan masyarakat, selalu la turun padang,jumpa orang orang tua, pemuda pemuda yang perlu khidmat mengenai peluang pekerjaan, pelajar yang perlu bantuan, pesakit yang tiada wang untuk mendapat rawatan, meriahkan balairaya yang semakin sunyi dengan aktiviti berfaedah, masjid dan surau yang sepi pada waktu sembahyang.Ikhlas la dalam membantu, tidak perlu la membawa reporter untuk buat coverage.Tunjuk kan semangat yang tinggi untuk berkhidmat pada rakyat, ikhlas, bersemangat, berintegreti, berhemah serta disulami dengan jiwa yang beriman,hati yang temteram dah tentu masyarakat akan tahu menilai mana yang kaca dan mana yang intan berlian.


  21. Dear JMD,

    I am enjoying the respite cautiously. I do hope and pray that Malaysia is now back on track and the divisive nature of Pak Lah’s official and unofficial “policies” are now gone forever. I say cautiously because of the KJ factor and I say cautiously because of the JJ factor. Should JJ return to the cabinet it will blemish the cabinet no matter if the rest of them are clean and pristine.

    I enjoyed your thoughts and writings although I came in the middle of it all. I do believe in the blogosphere you have managed to make ordinary people think and the powers that be consider the comments and articles given.

    I do believe that you deserve whatever rest, however as a pressure group and for our love of Malaysia we must continue to ensure that the powers that be and the powers wanna be are always kept on their toes.

    I will now wait for the appointment of the cabinet and hope that it will be able to silent the over confident powers wanna be.

    Take care JMD. Wassalam.


  22. Hello Brother,
    There is no ending. This is only the beginning. We asked and desired the change. The change has come. This is where the hard work and labour starts. Not time to call it quits. We need to help and fully support DSN to unite Malaysia to act as ONE Malaysia and for Malaysians to be number ONE in whatever they do.
    Hang Tuah.


  23. Dearest Jeb,

    I hope this is not your last blog as you still need to be around just to kick some of the UMNO people just incase they side track.

    Apart from that, after 1 yr of writing this blog, i felt like i know you but yet not knowing you. I love all this mystery thing.. Would love at your grand finale, you would reveal the real you!!! oh dreams.. do come true… mueheheh

    Also, you have many2 other topics aka history lessons to teach me and other interest reader…

    Most of all, i would miss talking to you abt Liverpool… heheheheh

    p.s. nearly losing hairs on Fulham vs Liverpool!!!!

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. I am indeed humbled by the many words of encouragement written in the commentary section here. Thank you again.


  24. Good to know you have agreed to continue the fight. There is still a long way to go.

    Pak Lah maybe a footnote in history, we still have Anwar to fight against, Jebat must die, metaphorically speaking of course.

    JMD : Thank you Lekiu for the comment.


  25. I’m glad to read that you are having a peace of mind now.

    Please don’t rest too long, your blog is addictive 😛

    I sincerely thank you very much for:

    (1) enlightening us for the past few years with lots of political analysis;

    (2) standing by Tun Dr Mahathir when almost like ‘the whole world’ was ‘stabbing’ him like no tomorrow;

    (3) your passion and sincerity in discussing issues.

    Wish you all the best in this coming ‘new chapters’ of our beloved country.


  26. dear jmd,

    i have been reading your articles for the past few months and i really enjoyed reading them. so, please don’t stop writing. otherwise we will miss one of the most influential bloggers in the country.


  27. Salam JMD,

    Take a rest – yes, by all means. Recharge ur batteries.
    Quit – NO WAY bro ! You have been THE VOICE of many of us. You are something like an ADUN, representing our minds in the blogosphere.

    U don’t quit when ur rakyat still needs u ! 🙂


  28. Assalamualaikum JMD

    1) congatulation on achieving this blog objectives. perhaps we, the reader might want to see new ubjectives unveiled from you sir, a renew one. just like umno with its renewed leadership. possibly new direction this blog will be taking us.

    2) many thanks for you for all the articles you have provided in this blogoshpere. this very article has a quite condescending tone overwhelmed it, feels like something is going to end. though, i might be wrong. anyways, thank you again JMD.

    3) do get your much awaited rest JMD because last time i checked, KJ is still Ketua Pemuda UMNO!! and a lot of people still need the thought-provoking article from Jebat Must Die!!

    thank you for reading my comment.


  29. jmd and all the self-praised people

    the 2 bukits results clearly tell you that Mahathir is of the past with all his nonsense policies. people have already rejected najib and his deputy. kindly write more blogs to urge these 2 clowns to step down. maybe khairy becoming the PM can help to balance the vote.

    if najib continue to be the PM, people will continue to reject UMNO and UMNO will die a natural death.

    unless you can make a conclusion that those perakians and kedahans are stupid and not as smart as those who voted for UMNO. i can effectively now retire to comment in your blog to educate your cultists fans. they just don’t get it in their head. no hope for them.

    i am so happy now…

    you don’t need to retire, jmd. you need to do a lot to pull vote for umno. mahathir couldn’t do it. Can you?

    JMD : Self praised people? Please do not write like that. I have praised my readers for maintaining good ethics while writing their comments. So do not feel left out or envious okay. You get the credit for chipping in your thoughts as well. I am sorry to hear about the fact that there are still people who voted for Umno and MIC in Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau respectively. Must be a curious thing for all Pakatan Rakyat followers as to why there are people who would still vote for BN. Are those voters stupid for voting BN? Wait a minute, I was mistaken, you were asking me to say that those who voted for PR are the stupid ones. To me, when you vote, vote with clear conscience. If they feel that PR is good for them, so be it. I do not begrudge those people. But I definitely will hold it against them if in the effort to find that ‘clear conscience’ they were using misguided principles and wayward conjectures. That will make them a misinformed lot. Just like how you are when in the effort to condemn Umno for being corrupt, you had wholeheartedly support Khairy all the way. But of course, you have your own motives in doing that.

    By the way, these by-elections are something that I have not focussed much (you could see from the absence of in-depths write ups – I even called it an annoying event and a hindrance in achieving the more important goal). I am more interested in pressing matters such as the new cabinet line-up which will be announced very, very soon. That is when the real work begins. We have to make this whole nation progress. The opportunity is there to kickstart the economy while many other countries are languishing in recession mode.

    But being an avid fan of political psychology, I am a bit concern for the Pakatan Rakyat. By pitting Nizar against Umno’ Ismail Saffian, they are throwing all their eggs in one basket. Nizar is not even a local from Bukit Gantang. But in the effort to win at all cost (because they put in on themselves that a victory in Bkt Gantang by election is a referendum by the people of whole Perak against BN), they had chosen Nizar as the candidate. It was a do or die mission for PR. As I have foreseen, PAS had better chances in winning Bkt Gantang because Nizar has more weight than Ismail. Had they chosen a lesser known candidate, Ismail might win it for BN. PR should be cognisant out of this. Now, I am increasingly aware that as Nizar is now the MP and an Adun, he will be in the Parliament and in State Assembly. Some may find this a strength. But in the medium run, PR’s resources is getting stretched. There is no more heights to scale. BN is still the government at least for the next 4 years. And the only thing that will make this government lose in the next general election is not performing better in the areas of the economy.

    As bad vibes are used to win votes for PR, I loathe the fact that the opposition might even sabotage the economy just to win in the next general election. We will see this modus operandi in their reluctance to cooperate in nation building.

    Thank you.


  30. abang jmd,

    najib can deny all he can, but perception wise, he is guilty of it. and the court, you mean kangaroo court and wild wild west judges?

    make a mockery out of our judiciary system. bro, you should become a judge and clean up the judiciary system. or perhaps D law minister?

    the more you write, the worst UMNO becomes. you should do something more effective to serve in Govt to clear the mess. you can write till 2020 and things will still be the same. UMNO will still be the same.

    you should go and learn from ku li …..the wise gentleman can help to enlighten you bit.

    JMD : Guilty by perception? You have just gave credence and weight to all the perception being thrown to every politicians from both sides of the spectrum. I do not understand why people keep on referring the court as 100% not credible. It is the same system that released Anwar from prison. It is the same system that released RPK from ISA last year. It is the same system that provided Nizar with an avenue to challenge Zambry. Some people will use whatever means to discredit everything. Probably if PR takes over, they need to abolish the judiciary system once and for all? Thank you.

    P.S: Thank you for referring Ku Li. It’s good to know that some one is appreciating this Umno leader. As all know, I have nothing but respect for the man. I was even dissapointed that he did not make it to be a candidate for Umno Presidency. In fact, I had earlier proposed that Ku Li should be appointed as Finance Minister. Which I feel others will agree that it is a far better proposal than your own suggestion that Khairy should become the Finance Minister.


  31. Hai JMD & the gang…saje je singgah blog ni,nak tumpang gelak kejap…


    rase mcm x puas la pulak…kejap,nak gelak lagi sikit…


    maaf la JMD…aku hepi sgt2 pembangkang menang 2-1 mlm tadi…nampaknye rakyat skrg makin bijak kan? kesian kat org2 yg masih lagi belum bijak tu…hehehe…nampak nya Najib tidak diterima sebagai PM Malaysia ke-6…kekuatan Mahathir dah makin malap…taktik pembebasan 13 ISA pun x menjadi…taktik bebaskan Harakah & Suara Keadilan pun gagal…taktik2 kotor & fitnah2 kpd pembangkang di media juga tak berjaya…nampaknya,teori RAHMAN sampai PRU 13 sahaja…HAHAHAHA…tp yg paling aku kesian,kat kau la JMD…bersengkang mata update blog ni,lenguh2 tangan taip cerita putar belit kat blog ni,last2 ko gagal jugak…rugi nya masa kau yg berharga tu…lagi baik kau pegi baca Quran drpd habiskan masa kat blog yg x berfaedah ni…hehehe…dapat gak pahala kan?

    walau ape pun, aku x salahkan org2 Batang Air sbb pilih BN…biasa la,kawasan pedalaman mane ade internet & sebagainya…senang la BN nak tipu org2 pedalaman…diorg x celik lagi,same mcm JMD & the gang…ape kata korang semua pegi pindah Batang Air…

    p/s: pagi smlm kawan cina aku bgtau, ‘hari ni batang ai erection’…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    JMD : Haha sejak bila saudara Azmi duduk serumah dengan saya sampai boleh berkata saya bersengkang mata? I slept like a baby last night. But thank you for the hint of voyeurism on your part. Seperti biasa, kekalahan ini tidak bermakna kalah semuanya. Perjalanan masih diteruskan. Tapi saya tetap berasa bangga kerana blog ini masih dikunjungi oleh para pembaca. I would expect you will call people like ex-umno, SJ and Hashim to join in to give more comments in this blog later?
    Either way, I am not losing sleep over this. In fact, I slept much better since past couple of weeks 🙂
    It is always good to hear that some people would want this blog to be closed forever. Must have done something impactful to make them all riled up. Time spent for blogging since a year ago was truly worth something after all.
    Oh ya, sebelum hendak nasihatkan orang mengenai dosa pahala, sila cermin diri dahulu ya. Terima kasih.


    • HAHAHAHAHAHA…sabar la JMD…aku tau hati kau tgh sakit,jgn berlakun cool kau tak sedih…kesian JMD,jgn biarkan emosi kawal diri ok…mesti JMD rase mcm sia2 je usaha selama ni kan…xpe,teruskan putar belit fakta…semakin byk putar,semakin rakyat sokong PR…JMD pun secara x langsung banyak membantu dlm kemenangan PR di 2 bukit…mari la kita bergelak sama2 JMD…gelak kegembiraan…hahaha hahaha hahaha…geng2 JMD ni mane? senyap je…x habis2 nangis lagi ke? sudah2 la tu…start hari ni korang semua start la kempen utk next PRU…kalau tidak,silap haribulan Tuah kena tikam dgn Taming Sari Jebat… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      JMD : Jebat Must Die beremosi? 🙂


  32. hi jmd

    don’t dare to pose my comment? i laughed until i fell off my chair.

    UMNO using police and FRU at their disposal. you should be ashamed of UMNO first. don’t you deny and still want to protect UMNO is innocent from using the uniformed personnel to carry out their work?

    if the police is so free and goyang kaki, send them to selangor and patrol more and reduce crime rate.

    JMD : I laughed a bit when you assumed that I do not dare to pose your comment. What is so great or damning about your previous comments that prevented me from publishing them? I gave you a little credit in my last reply but this is too much lah 🙂


    • biasa la…org2 BN memang penakut…semua org tau betapa pengecutnya BN…BN guna polis, guna SPR, guna SPRM, guna mahkamah, guna Sultan, guna media, guna ISA…guna mcm2 la…tapi pilihanraya kecil tak menang2 jugak…kesiaaaaaaannn…


      • Pengkencing Rakyat (PR) LAGI la kesian… tambah kerusi, negeri tu, negeri ni, tiba2 hilang negeri yg itu, tapi dari dulu sampai sekarang tak menang-penang pilihanraya umum pun. Dan untuk 2012 ni lagi la tak nampak prospek PR utk ambik alih pemerintahan, habkalau Pengkecing Rakyat boleh maintain 80 kerusi pun kira nasib bai sangat dah. Nak lebih dari tu, dream on…!


        • HAHAHA…kau betul2 buat aku pecah perut la Joe…kau tgh perli diri sendiri ke ni? mcm sama nasib je dgn BN kan? Semasa kempen PRU12,suratkaba Utusan Meloya ckp BN yakin ambil alih Kelantan setelah sekian lama bawah pemerintahan PAS…tapi rupa2nya,4 negeri kena rampas…tu x termasuk kwsn2 Parlimen kat KL lagi…nampaknye kau dah kena kencing dgn BN mase PRU12 aritu…hahaha…lawak plak kau ni Joe…lagi satu,kau jgn la bangga sgt dgn KERAjaan HARAM BN kat Perak tu…Rakyat Perak majoriti x restu KERAjaan HARAM tu pun…bukti pun dah ada kat Bukit Gantang…mcm2 berita kuar kat TV,suratkaba,radio,tapi BN x menang2 jugak? ape suwey sgt BN ni? haha! lepas habis je pilihanraya,terus senyap xde ape2 berita kat TV…tu la taktik pilihanraya yg paling BODO pnah aku tgk…membiarkan rakyat belabel BN sebagai pengecut dgn taktik berat sebelah BN…memang betul2 SADIS…


  33. salam JMD,

    teruskan menulis! sentiasa menunggu topik yang mahu diutarakan. macam orang yang beria-ia nak menjatuhkan najib. kenapa ye? mungkin apa yang dia boleh buat akan membuatkan orang yang mengata dia nampak tidak boleh buat kerja. itu sebab mahu disekat najib dari menunjukkan kebolehan dia. macam azmi yang nak sangat JMD tutup blog ni. banding hasil tulisan JMD dan azmi… jauh beza sangat. kalau azmi buka blog yang baca dia, dia, dan dia sahaja. tiada orang lain 😉

    terhadap orang seperti jebat fren dan azmi, kita tengok saja apa depa nak tulis. pandangan saya sendiri…it’s like seeing myself when i was younger and thought i knew everything. cetek ! tapi nasib baik tak cakap banyak-banyak. jadi taklah ramai orang nampak kebodohan kita. bila dah ada anak dan keluarga sendiri… bolehlah fikir panjang sikit. tapi ada orang yang dah bercucu pun tak boleh nak fikir dengan jelas. ikut emo aje. menang tidak bermakna anda diterima semua.

    untuk pengetahuan penyokong PR ada lebih 19 ribu orang menyokong BN di bukit gantang. bodah semuanya? diaorang pun ada internet jugak. tapi yang respek pada orang yang sokong BN, walau kalah tak le berguling-guling kat jalan untuk menunjuk perasaan.

    sekian. teruskan menulis JMD.


      • ye…memang bodah semua nya…sebab x reti nak eja bodah…so,sape yg bodah sebenarnye? eh,aku pun tereja bodah jugak la…hahahahaha


  34. As all know, I have nothing but respect for the man. I was even dissapointed that he did not make it to be a candidate for Umno Presidency. In fact, I had earlier proposed that Ku Li should be appointed as Finance Minister.

    khairy, the finance minister and Ku Li the PM. you place too much weight of najib over ku li. ku li should be the PM and najib to be environmental minister.
    najib is the next badawi. maybe his tenure is going to be way shorter than badawi. if you stand for election, i will definitely vote you in to become the law minister. unfortunately, UMNO settled for someone who is incapable. UMNO seems to choose the wrong candidate time and time again. and should retire the bald syed long time ago.

    JMD : Again, you never fully explained yourself on the contradiction you made regarding Khairy. Some may think that not only Umno, but you yourself may probably be guilty of choosing wrong candidate for the Finance post.


  35. Macam budak-budak la pula Azmi ni. Malukan orang lain yang nama Azmi je.

    Memang macam ini ke penyokong PR? Kalau betul masyaAllah kesiannya PR.

    JMD. Tahniah kerana mencapai matlamat jangka pendek. Harap saudara teruskan menulis untuk matlamat jangka panjang untuk satu Malaysia.



    • eh,salah ke aku nak meraikan kemeangan 2-1 ke atas BN? hehehe…jgn la marah one…mencapai matlamat jangka pendek? aku x nampak apa2 pun yg JMD capai…dah setahun mencuba,tapi pengaruh BN makin merosot…so,ape yg dicapai? mencapai kekalahan? hahaha…


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