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Congratulations to the winners!

Update 11.00am

Here is the not so latest update from last night’s results:

Umno Deputy President : Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin

Vice Presidents :

1) Datuk Ahmad Zahid Hamidi

2) Datuk Hishamuddin Hussein

3) Datuk Shafie Apdal

Supreme Council members :


I sure hope they know what to do next. I do not envy the heavy burden they now have to carry.

Again, congratulations to all that were voted in.

Original post:

What a night eh?

The atmosphere in PWTC was electric. Especially when the results were announced.

Congratulations to the winners. All the hard work spent was only a fraction of the work they have to face from now on. All the best to them.

Ketua Wanita : Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abd Jalil

Ketua Pemuda : Khairy Jamaluddin

Naib Ketua Pemuda : Datuk Razali Ibrahim

Ketua Puteri : Datuk Rosnah Abdul Rashid Shirlin

Naib Ketua Puteri : Shahanim Mohd Yusof

Hopefully with this new line up, all the KPIs and targets will be set to ensure further progress for the nation. To all that did not make it, there is always a silver lining in the horizon. Remember this story?

The important thing is, all Umno members should close rank to face bigger challenges.

Tonight, an even bigger result will be announced. Will update soon.


75 thoughts on “Congratulations to the winners!

  1. i am so happy that Khairy has won. bye bye mukhriz….you can’t carry out your father’s empire. bye bye toyo, better for you to lose. look at the shit you have created for selangor….. most selangorians won’t want you to win anyway.

    congrats khairy….

    congrats Shahrizat …….. bye bye the fat lady rafidah …. it’s high time for you to vacant your seat and rest at home and be a mama.

    to those supporters of mahathir, sorry to let you know that you can’t go back to the glorious days of mahathir where you can do what you want.

    JMD : It’s good that someone from PR is supportive of an Umno Youth and Women leaders (for a change). There is hope in that still, right?

    By the way, you do not have to state that only when Dr Mahathir at the helm did Umno can do whatever they want. Umno bulldozed its way into doing whatever they wanted since 2004 (much to everyone’s chagrin). Let’s not forget that. Umno from now on, with the new leadership must show strong leadership abilities and charisma in order to lead the nation towards prosperity. Unlike the dark days we saw for half a decade before.

    And with the help of supportive Malaysians (like you and me), hopefully all Malaysians will persevere.

    Thank you for having faith with this leadership. But do not forget to criticise constructively if they are not doing their jobs.


    • I refer to the comment (10.11am, March 26, 2009) made by ‘jebat’s fren’.

      Your comment, at best, is akin to someone who does not have any political sense. In politics, one has to read in between the lines and not get immersed in rhetoric or empty promises which are meant to be broken.

      For you to condemn what the Tun had done for Malaysia, it is likened to a blind reading a novel. At the end of the day, nothing gets into his head. Basically, what he had done was for all Malaysians not to experience once again what the British had done to Malaya, long before many of the youngsters of today were even born. The British fed one’s top with a banana and shaft a thorn into his bottom.

      Judging on the past performance of the clowns voted in, there is not a shade of doubt, the British modus operandi of divide and rule will be soon be implemented, slowly but surely.

      However, it is just unfortunate to say that you are one of those unfortunate many whose vision is like Pak Kaduk: ‘Ayam menang, kampong tergadai’, based on the universal fact that most politicians today do not love the country but love the money.

      If your knowledge about politics is indeed shallow, just shut up and look around you, with both eyes open wide and not be blinded with a gift of one piece of ‘sarung’ or a packet of ‘ang pow’. It is the cheapest form of politics, unfortunately.

      Are we really qualified enough to condemn the Tun, when some of his ideologies are now being subtly adopted by some of the most advanced countries in this world, today?


    • Election of Khairy As UMNO Youth Chief – The Ugly Consequences – By Matthias Chang (26/3/09)
      By Matthias Chang
      Thursday, 26 March 2009 19:00

      Khairy and Badawi may gloat that even in defeat, they were able to salvage a battlefield victory of sorts, but their glee will be short-lived and would spell the inevitable defeat of UMNO and Barisan Nasional at the next General Elections, or earlier.

      Maybe, this is the ultimate revenge to be exacted by Badawi now that he has been removed from the power equation.

      The delegates who voted for Khairy will live to regret their short-sighted decision.

      The call for radical change rings hollow when Khairy was elected as UMNO Youth Chief, because it is an indication that certain factions within UMNO are still in a state of denial.

      At the last General Elections, the denunciations against the Barisan Nasional from the electorate were loudest and frustration displayed most acute, whenever the names of Khairy and Badawi were uttered by Opposition leaders and supporters. I was there and I was able to announce a massive defeat for the BN even before nationwide results were announced. I had sent out SMS to friends all over the country of my view even before the polls were closed!

      I had even predicted before the General Elections that Badawi will be forced out after the elections. I have enough witnesses to testify to this fact, some of whom were close supporters of Badawi.

      I would say that the disenchantment was directed more at Khairy than Badawi.

      It was ugly, so very ugly – the damnation and anger.

      The electorate perceived (regardless whether we agree or not) Khairy as the personification of the corruption and abuse of power that prevails in UMNO. This perception still prevails.

      This was further compounded, when he was merely reprimanded by the UMNO Disciplinary Board for money politics, when his so-called agent was found guilty of giving money to delegates. There was bewilderment and anger. To the public, this was hypocrisy and double standards. Others paid heavy penalties by either being disallowed from competing in the party elections or charged in court for offences of corruption.

      Khairy became toxic!

      There were also rumours that no strong action could be taken against Khairy, because his election was the agreed farewell gift for Badawi in exchange for a smooth transition. Some called it blackmail!

      Continue to read here.

      JMD : I apologise to Sherry for cutting the rest of the article. It was too long and was spammed earlier on. The article was good. And can further read at the link I provided. Thank you.


  2. Goodness gracious! What happened? Luckily your fren Dtk Razali won!

    JMD : Dtk Razali is not a friend of mine as neither one of us knows each other personally. But I am glad he won nevertheless. Thank you.


  3. I’m very sad that neither khir nor mukhriz won. Nominations in Dec showed that KJ was not the favorite. after 3 months he became one. Whatever happened to those grassroots hopes and dreams that were passed to the delegates?
    i can say only to myself, dream on. Internally if the grassroots of 3.6 millions of which i believe 60% did not favor KJ,(60%- based on the yesterday votes of Mukhriz and Khir) how are we going to face bigger challenges?
    malays are known to shun away from people they don’t like , and the only malay that i know who fought to his death when disagreeing with the ruler is Hang Jebat.
    but then, jebat must die, eh?


  4. Assalamualaikum JMD, What is happenning with Pemuda UMNO?? Bagaimana seorang yang telah didapati bersalah masih mendapat mandat untuk memimpin..amat memalukan dan menyedihkan bagi umat melayu khususnya dalam UMNO..Semoga Allah memberi hidayah dan kekuatan kepada ahli ahli UMNO yang masih yakin dengan perjuangan yang sebenar iaitu untuk mendapat keredhaan Allah…”Beruntung bagi yang mensucikannya dan merugi bagi yang mengotorinya”..


  5. Dearest JMD,

    What a long nite huh… i wish Mukhriz won but not.. so in the name of UMNO, (i tak tau if my UMNO 1994 registration done in UK still valid ker idak) i will give my support to the new leaders hoping that they will be a good, clean, visionary, discipline and strict leader.

    Oh what a night!!!

    p.s. why oh why does the devil got an easy road in the champions league….

    JMD : The devil got an easy road because of pure luck. The one that we support has to thrash it out early on so that the victory will be much sweeter later 🙂


  6. i was broken hearted when the result came in last night. the most anticipated post, Ketua Pemuda was given to the candidates who was deemed recently guilty of money politics with majority support. it is quite clear the perwakilan never wanted to learn and has put the slogan “Berani Berubah” to the lowest point of mockery. But who knows, maybe it is good, maybe it is bad.

    maybe this is a good reason for JMD to continue fighting in cyber space until UMNO could restore its deserved good name. Away from corruption, away from money politic, away from candidates who has found guilty in money politic but still managed to secure the post. But for sure, PR now has leverage over BN after this Pemilihan.

    Regards JMD, and like the story you linked : Who knows, maybe this is good, maybe this is bad.


  7. Congratulations to the winner… hmm…

    JMD, if you look outside of PWTC, I dont think UMNO is winning – especially after KJ’s win. Pemuda UMNO tolerated and berketuakan someone found guilty of corruption; the very same reason why most of us “undi protes” the last time around. CORRUPTION. Wang over bangsa. Pak Lah.

    Jebat’s fren, yes, KJ won. And he is the only winner. Celebrate all you want but the three-hunderd something votes would not mean much when you get out of that hall in PWTC. With that kind of reputation, tell me how KJ is going to help in the next three elections. In the hall, even the Pemuda UMNO was shouting rasuah! rasuah! Pemuda PKR and PAS would be even less friendlier than that, mind you.

    Too bad because most of us were looking for a reason to support UMNO again.


  8. well jmd

    when i started commenting in your blogs, many of your fans likened me to anti-malay or anti-islam and no matter how i wanted to explain to them, they just don’t get it. i have helped both BN and PR in 2 consecutive GE and all i want is good government, period.

    i would like to see capable person (regardless of race) to run this country. i am supportive of individuals from both side of the fence but i am never supportive of race based politics till now. i have also asked the leaders from PR to collapse all their different parties and to form a single one. am i being fair to voice out about a single party for both side?


  9. I’m quite suprise KJ has won. WOW!!! He still able won this position despite being guilty of money politics.

    I’m really “impressed” how the things work in our country. They really show us after talking about rebranding UMNO image, bring corruption and money politics down and etc. What a good job!! Hope they can keep the good work on next GE.

    Well, all the best and congratulation to new batch of Youth UMNO and hope they will strive to success for whole nation.


  10. Bro, If 2M wins over Mopeydopeydin, it will be a worse result than Man U losing at home to Liverpool!

    It will truly be the end of UMNO. I mean who is going to have confidence in a Party where the head is allegedly implicated in a major murder case now reported in NY, London, Paris, Sydney, Jakarta, S’pore and just about everywhere, and the No.2 “I no spiking Inggerish” Gibberish 1st Class Honours in History (studied in English) is a known money launder who lied in an Australian Court!!

    Boy, are they in a mess and have they got major problems, mega big time.

    JMD : You just have to read the sentiments in the commentary section here to agree with you on that. I think today’s results will be about the same like yesterday. Thank you.


    • Dude, you have killed a China hooker deep in Chow kit’s ally. This has been reported by the USA, EUROPE and Asia press.

      No speaking english Menteri? Old story, if he has proven guilty and has repented, can you forgive him?

      Check your master(Anwar) background as well, no remorse as far as I see it.

      And stop the name calling, what ‘Mopeydopeydin’ ?

      donplaypuks just another Ungrateful bastard(sorry I just had to spew this out)

      Johnny B Goode.


  11. While we have no choice but to congratulate the winners, it is hoped the winners will be there to represent the interest of the Malays in particular and the nation in general, and not the interest of the individual.

    Only time will tell whether UMNO will grow from strength to strength or it will suffer a premature death. The demise of UMNO will mean the sayonara of Malaysia.


    • hi bulan (hope is a terang one)

      the demise of UMNO does not mean sayonara of malaysia, perhaps a better malaysia. in a well run country, political parties can come and go and the country will still be intact.

      maybe wat you are trying to equate is that the demise of UMNO means many UMNO members lost their power.

      talking about TUN ….. lazy to entertain you. yes, he has implemented some good policies, not to say he is Mugabe, but can you possible say he has done good more than damage?

      you are clearly one of his making….

      i didn’t know there are so many anti-khairy in this blog. i can come to a conclusion, that those who opposed khairy must be 35 years old and above…just my feel lah. not too sure is correct or not.

      JMD : Yes, Tun Mahathir had done more good than damage. Anyway, those who are against or pro KJ comes from many levels of age group. Therefore your conclusion could be wrong. Just wondering, have you always been pro KJ? Because, since 2004, I seldom met people who supported his actions back then. The most viled attack came from RPK with his Khairy Chronicles and his other damning articles which the opposition used as the bible in criticising Pak Lah and his family prior PRU12. Thank you.


      • How many times have PAS and DAP have been routed in General Election ? Yet, they are still around. Because of Anwar, the Opposition have been gaining strength.

        Just because GE 12 didnt produce the expected result for BN/UMNO, you wrongly suppose that the death knell has tolled for UMNO.

        For over 52 years, 11 General Elections have produced compelling victories for BN/UMNO. Since Mahathir took power, the voters have consistently refused to be swayed by Karpal, Nik Aziz and Kit Siang.

        Whatever ills they claim that Mahahtir’s administration has caused, no one believed or no one was willing to stake their future and bet it with the triumvirate of Nik Aziz, Kit Siang and Karpal.

        Have a bit of perspective la Jebat’s Fren.

        If Mahathir was that bad for the country, BN would be routed every time they come to the polls. The result of not one but several GE shows otherwise. Do we not then conclude rightly that whatever the Oppsotion wanted to sell was not worthy of buying ?

        Mahahtir has his faults, but his contributions outweigh whatever mistakes he made.

        JMD : Thanks Lekiu.


      • Hi jebat’s fren

        I have been waiting for your response and it comes.

        This bulan is definitely ‘a terang one’, since this is not an ‘anak bulan’ but a ‘Bapak Bulan’.

        You are getting it all wrong. I do not think anyone is anti-Khairy or anti-anyone for not rhyme and reason. However, people who are honest and can think will anti just any politician who is dishonest, self-centred and corrupt in nature.

        Apparently, you know about Mugabe and what has happened to his nation today? It is the end-result of fools who elected him into power. During his election campaign, the voters believe in his rhetoric that contained no substance. Do you want all Malaysians to suffer just like Mugabe’s? I think Malaysians in general are clever people, save for those who are money-hungry and blinded with false promises.

        Do remember, Professor Albert Einstein was surrounded by fools because those fools could not understand the professor’s line of reasoning which was far ahead of its time. When those fools could not understand the professor, the poor professor was termed as a mad-man. The same scenario could be applied to our Tun. The mad ones are actually those who could not understand the Tun’s line of reasoning and projections.

        Not only you are too lazy to entertain me about the subject of Tun but you are also, too lazy to find out before making an allegation that Tun was trying to build an empire. If that was his dream, very likely he would have groomed his children to take interest in politics at a very tender young age. Your allegation, at best, is wild.

        We want UMNO to prosper along with other political parties and this can only happen, if all UMNO members are corrupt-free and think about the nation first. This important criteria should be adopted by all members from other political parties, too and not only UMNO. Self-interest has no place in politics and if it is allowed to go unchecked, Malaysia will be listed in eBay soon.


  12. Congratulation for the winners,

    KPI based has to be started by today of each performance.
    With web techology available , each one of them list down their plans/successes/failures openly every quater of the year . Be very open , work like performing GLC’s.
    Time for politicing alone has end for them now is time to really do the ground.
    This will not be an easy time for any of them to celebrate.Be humble to everyone even conflicting parties internally and close rank. Opposition’s malicious tactics must be countered , with brain please to unplanned action.We have seen too many blunders these years.
    Seeing my wife’s state Sabah poor condition in rural area , I hope Ministry of Rural is to be considered for them as majority they are much way behind . I still able to see local workers in sawmill making 280.00 a month( much more that Nepalese guards earns here in Peninsular. Besides , UMNO owes a great deal from them not forgetting Sarawak.
    Razali is articulate , he is one of the good breed from UMNO need.

    Thank you

    Adam B


  13. How dissappointing! Nevertheless KJ’s victory reflects something about him and the other candidates. I believe not everybody plays money politic.

    Let’s hope KJ can prove his worth as Ketua Pemuda and change our UMNO image.

    Congratulations to him!


  14. This one is for Khir Toyo

    You did not make it in the UMNO youth elections.

    Now, sit back and ask yourself about how your wife managed BALKIS and whether that was the way to capitalise on the trust mandated to you and your party during the time you were in power.

    Not too late now – be honest and ask if you and your family were above GOD and the law to use public funds in the way it was reported in the media.

    Try and see how you can make amends for these situations and why you had such behaviour when in power, as well as the use of public funds for very ‘narrow’ needs that did not benefit the rakyat.

    Why did you not bother about the needs of the non-Malays but left it to MIC and MCA, Gerakan?

    How can you call yourself then (at that time) that you were the leader of all citizens in Selangor when your wife and her group blatantly used public funds in the way it has been exposed in the media.

    You still looking for reasons why BN lost in Selangor?

    The latest revelations about BALKIS is just the tip of the iceberg. More will surely come. It will overshadow the cows, cars, and the semi-nude photos. You know very weel from your ‘fifth coloumns’ in the current state government that the cows did not go to the rich and famous but to poor people?

    And the car – you have read the clarifications?

    And the semi-nude photos, police have issued a warrant of arrest for a suspect believed to be now in Indonesia. Incidentally, thats where your earlier generation came from?

    Come on now, try and tell us again why we should see you as a ‘service above self’ person and why you deserve a second chance?

    Why do we have to accept that Selangor is the most developed state of Malaysia? Because of how you and your wife have been doing things when you were in power?

    What development? The way BALKIS functioned – for the upliftment of living standards of the rakyat in Selangor?

    UMNO was never intended to be a party for people like you and the corrupted ones. But why do you guys become so corrupt when you come to power? And why use UMNO for your selfish needs?

    Its not in the party constitution that you have to transform like this. Yet you sold out the bumis in Selangor, especially the simple folks who mean no harm to others and who could live peacefully with other ethnic groups for many years.

    If you think no action will be taken against you and BALKIS members, please remember that you cannot escape when you face GOD finally.



  15. I don’t know why when I see the result, my tears flow out and thinking that’s the end of UMNO. The hope for BN in the coming years is like vaporise all in a sudden. I really hope I’m wrong.


  16. Let’s face it. It is not what most would like it to be. It is not the end of the world either. With KJ in the fold, DSNR job just gets tougher, hopefully not near impossible.

    DSNR has promised for change. Change for integrity, clean, efficient, people friendly, nation above self interest etc. With the lineup that he will be presented by UMNO assembly, he will have to show that he is serious in what he says.

    We don’t need a reminder as to the baggage that KJ carries with him. But that is also true for DSNR. As much as the rest of the lineup with whatever historical baggage they carry that will be with DSNR after this assembly, the opposition will not relent in pointing all their knives onto DSNR primarily.

    He has to appear to be whiter than white if he is going to be believed by the public. KuLi may have some points in saying that DSNR has to clear himself against all the accusation. He has to show that he really want the changes by subjecting himself unconditional to the process.

    Once he has raised the bar beyond any doubt, then it will make the drive easier to be supported by the people. Either by making sure that his cabinet is truly a representation of his words or instituting systemic changes to ensure UMNO filters all the unwanted elements and promote a progressive members.

    I’m sure the whole nation is watching, is DSNR really berani berubah!


  17. Yes KJ won. Finally UMNO has spoken and tell to all the malays that UMNO is willing to change.
    Yes, change. What kind of change exept that UMNO still values leadership that can only bring in money.
    I would suggest UMNO drop the Malay in their slogan. Why, because last night, it was a historic night. A night in which malays like me will remember. A nite where UMNO has voted for leadership that uses money politics. UMNO delegates has truely vlaued themselves so low that a mere $1500 or free dinners can change the fate of all malays in this country.
    Again congrat to all UMNO members.
    You all should be patting each others back.


  18. JMD,

    Are you alright? Or are you in a tranced right now from the Ketua Pemuda votes result?

    JMD : Thank you for the concern. I am alright 🙂 I had a late night and was up and about early in the morning. What I saw yesterday was amazing. I reckon, Umno Youth under KJ needs to overcome several problems hovering onto them.

    Decreasing morale breeds resentment and vice versa. And I am not talking about one or two small group of factions. The majority of grassroot level are afflicted with this dilemma.

    KJ needs to drive his ward to ensure effectiveness in the Umno Youth machinery. He had a well oiled machinery in the form of 300+ delegates. In order to affect good leadership, he needs more resources to pull 700,000 people together. Only then, he could tackle a wider target market – the voters in the next general election.


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  20. Dear Jebat,

    just to quote..

    “Bad Things Happen When Good People Stand by and Do Nothing”

    && atleast MM are Not one of them…

    (hihi.. i like to put it that wayy–laaa)


  21. KJ as Ketua Pemuda. What will they think of next? Well, anyway he did not win BIG and pray to God, those PR goons will not use this as bullets during by-election.

    JMD : I believe they will 🙂


  22. Kasanova KJ is the winner….congrat to him….
    perkara yg berkemungkinan berlaku after this:
    – “setiakawan” makin kaya
    – perpecahan dlm pemuda
    – DSN makin sakit kepala nak menang pilihanraya
    – ramai akan jadi ‘ahli lelap’ dlm umno…
    – kekalahan di bukit gantang & bukit selambau dah semakin menjadi kenyataan….
    – PR ada poit yg paling best nak berkempen…
    – UMNO MENGGALI KUBUR SENDIRI dengan keputusan semlm…
    – Pak Lah tersenyum riang SIL menang dan membawa kemusnahan parti
    – Legasi kehancuran Paklah bertambah…
    UMNO semakin hampir menjadi “lipatan Sejarah”….


  23. I guess the 4 months delay for the election was put to good use by KJ to deflect support from his rivals.

    The Pemuda delegates are all aspiring young wannabes and they are an easy lot to be influenced by wealth and fortune bounty. If I’m in one of those shoes, bergegar iman…

    A sad day for the akar umbi.

    So some drastic change is needed, and Najib proposal to revise the election process is timely. still not too late


  24. JMD,

    I like to share the general feeling of resentment among the commentors concerning KJ’s victory. Yes, bad habit is hard to die. Our leaders were talking about voices of the grassroot, but it’s never materialised in the Pemuda election just concluded. Nomonations are the grassroot’s voices, yet come election, the result was completely topsy-turvy. I think there is an element of protest against the disciplinary board. If this trend continues, I suspect T.S. Muhiyuddin will fall today, which I wish will not happen. There seemed to be a gap in the”SAF” requested by D.S. Najib. Let’s hope and pray, the election today will produce clean leaders to support D.S. Najib.


  25. tahniah khairy…u are da best…kj boleh memimpin pemuda dgn baik..berani bersuara dan mempunyai semangat kepimpinan yg tiggi..




  27. Maybe God is putting KJ out for an even bigger test. Dah rezeki dia, dah jadi dah pun last night, now lets see how dear ol’ windbag can walk his talk.

    Tumpang lalu sikit please abg JMD:
    Mr Affection, DSKhir Toyo has his own blog. Why direct your concerns in JMD’s if you want Khir Toyo to read them? Or are you just pasting them in every Tom Dick and Harry’s for maximum albeit cheap exposure? Have balls, go post them in the man’s blog. Kalau dia jawab, good on you. If not, mengamuk sendiri aje lah kau ni.


  28. Dear Jebat

    My anger is why must anak Toyol contest.
    I want to see the outcome of a straight fight between Mukhriz and KJ.


  29. well, noting to shout about. the malay must not be divided by the result. as in the story it can be a good deed or maybe a bad deed for the winner. time will tell. i am for mukhriz for he had his vision and perseverance. khairy might had won the election but he had never win the heart of the malay. pas use the religion for their own greed and never had the feeling of most of the malay. they are more arab than the arabs. to them protecting and supporting the malay is assabiyah, whatever that mean. even prophet Muhammad dare anyone looking down on the arab. they didnt mind to be friend with the devil as long they can be use for their objective. pkr had a leader which clearly a master of liar and make lies to be the truth. you can make a lie today but you may never remember your lie tomorrow. so who will you support for the malay future sake. if we do not agree with somebody in the party we should voice our disagreement in the party. anything we did outside the party might have a little impact. so if we realy believe that this party is the best hope we have for the future of the malay, we should never turn our back at the party. join the party and fight from inside and make changes that we believe will help our future generation. follow what dato mukhriz did…… soldier on.


  30. Dear Jebat Must Die,
    Thank you for the compliment. Hopefully, we can now forget about party politics and focus for the greater good. My apologies if any of my comments on Dato Sak offended you, it was never my intention to do so.

    To all anti Khairys out there – this victory shows that nothing is impossible. We may not like to admit it, but KJ had it tough with him getting whacked from all corners of the globe. But his friends and family stuck together and so did the Setiakawan supporters in Pemuda UMNO. Its an underdog story, a giant killing result in football terms.

    JMD : No hard feelings. We did what we must based on our views. In the Pemuda side, all three had it tough. All three faced their own set of criticisms. But eventually there is only one winner. One have to be gracious in defeat. More importantly, one has to be magnanimous when victory was achieved. Selflessness is a trait most Umno leaders do not have these days.

    I suggest all pro KJ blogs to focus more of their energy against the Pakatan Rakyat from now on. This blog was disappointed that when the weaknesses of the opposition were highlighted here, not one pro KJ supporter blogger would chip in on this bigger cause.

    Focussing inwardly and being self centred had allowed other people to take advantage of the situation. There will be more damning criticisms to come. Hope KJ will be ready for it and can fight that onslaught. I am confident that you and Datuk Ariff can soak all that up. Your responsibility does not stop as soon as KJ won his post. There will be heavier tasks ahead. I am dissapointed to note that right after he won the post, many of his underlings began to arrogate themselves as the main recipients of spoils of war and what they will get hereafter. Like I said, responsibility does not stop last night. It was only the beginning. The Umno motto of Demi Bangsa, Agama dan Negara that KJ had shouted is not an empty slogan.

    BN as a whole needs a new formula to win the hearts of the voters. I do hope pro KJ bloggers will churn out more articles on how to win the next 3 by elections. That is the immediate step I reckon. Thank you.


  31. Dear JMD,

    Great line up. I have been holding my breath all day. But why Pemuda must be a spoiler. Maybe you are right, maybe they can check on his influence and his overzealousness.

    Have a good night JMD,



  32. Smooth operator…..many got sick when the result came out and KJ won. Well, what is a couple of million compared to what he can get in many2 years to come. To the delegates, DAMN you! May those responsible burn in the hereafter. I call upon those youth members whom their trust has been “khianat”, do get together and resign as youth members and move to the parent party, UMNO. Forget about the youth, it doesn’t deserve your presence, since your presence has been totally ignored by clowns that represent you at the session. Let KJ and his exco team exist without youth members. With no members, the youth will have no relevant and die away.


  33. The result was really out of expectation. Regardless of who has been elected, what is most disturbing is the speech delivered by various representatives which I felt is detestable and disgusting

    Firstly, the speech delivered by Melacca representative, Hasnoor Sdg Husin who had analyzed the failure of UMNO during 308. He mentioned that money politic is not the main cause for the loss of UMNO during 308. Instead he blamed on the open criticism towards the money politic that has caused their downfall. What kind of logic is that??? A thief blamed the prosecutor for exposing his crime. Oh gosh!
    Furthermore, he even proposed that prominent positions in government owned companies and university should be granted to UMNO members to promote the love for UMNO among the youngsters??? Preposterous!!!!! When Pak Lah is denouncing corruption, he is opening another door of doom for UMNO.

    His another proposal was even worst. He proposed that Malaysian should be divided into first and second degree citizens as he reasoned as a measure against the challenge of bumiputra rights by the non-malays. I can’t believe with my own eyes when i read the news report. Another apartheid?

    There are many more inflammable speech by other UMNO representatives that I found are the omen for the downfall of UMNO. They represented the grassroot and yet they endorsed corruption, racisim, superiority, domination over others and finally failure to repent on their errors. With such divergent reactionsfrom both the grassroot and the leaders, I can only make a conclusion.

    The leaders really lead by example

    JMD : Quoting from small time leader from Bukit Katil is indeed quite fair. But what would have been fairer if you had analysed Najib’s and Pak Lah’s speeches too. Those are the more important ones.

    As you know, the delegates made their speeches as a debate on what the president and deputy had laid upon in their policy speech (Ucapan Dasar). Then, they will propose their own ideas which will be evaluated by the top leaders.

    I admit that most of the ideas are nothing great. Only a few will get the attention of the policy makers. But if you listen to what Hasnoor had said about money politics, he was actually saying that money politics had been in the party for a long time but the leadership managed to solve those problem without exposing too much dirty linen in public. That will be detrimental to the party in the long run. I do not think he condones money politics. To him money politics is just a cause but not the main cause of the dismal performance in the last general election. I agree totally with him. Weak leadership was the main cause. Anyway, he was saying that weaknesses of the party must be managed well without putting the party in trouble. Much like how Anwar Ibrahim covering up for the PR leaders in Penang recently. I remember he said that proper channels in the party are to be used when corruption charges are to be reported instead of telling the mass media about it.

    Now that is a good public relations management. Anwar is saying, cases of corruption or misconduct should be dealt internally first.

    As for his other suggestion, well I guess that is only normal when non Umno members had kept on raising the issue of Article 153 incessantly. He, as an Umno member will naturally react to that. It is natural. It is just political talk. Just like what both end of the political spectrum have been saying. If you cannot be tolerant to each other then this is the kind of reaction people will normally do. On that note, I doubt that his proposal will be taken seriously by the top leaders though.

    It is sad that only after listening to one or two speeches from delegates, the whole leadership of Umno is wrongly accused as condoning money politics (I seriously doubt this is true), racism, superiority, domination over others and finally failure to repent on their errors. One sparrow doesn’t make a summer. Please read the opening speeches of Pak Lah and Najib. Those are the real Umno policy speeches.

    Have a listen to the kinds of ideas the lower rung delegates in PAS’ Muktamar, DAP’s National Congress and PKR convention had churned out all these years too. You will be surprised with them as well.

    Thank you.


  34. Hi. I am just so disappointed Mukhriz lost. I wanted to see & feel changes so desperately. I want so desperately to respect UMNO the way it was during the glory days of our forefather, when it truly meant something to be a member, not just mere numbers. What a mess…what a waste…& what a pity. Let us just hope & pray…


  35. JMD,

    Personally. i think KJ given the chance can make changes. He is still young and is beginning to mature politically and i must say his closing speech was good that UMNO is a party for malays but must be well accepted by other races and prove relevant to them too.

    He offers something new to young voters, but the Boys on the Hill must be able to tolerate some form of liberalisation but with cautious intent. Lifestyle issues, growing pains, education, 1st time employment, 2nd chance programmes and sports are akin to people of Khairy’s age.

    This is where i see KJ gets ahead of MM and KT. both will be well over 45 going into midlife by 2013, whilst KJ will only be hitting 36. Let this people judge KJ. He is relevant to this demographic, and until and when more Malay professionals as smart or smarter then KJ populate the party, we should throw our support behind him and give him an oppurtunity. if he sucks, then he will be dealt with at the ballot box. Its still early days.

    This is the age of tolerance after all not be all end all. Thanks.


  36. Haha, from what I’ve read here in the comments sections, I think its safe to say that we can conclude that its either you look at the cup half empty or half full.

    KJ winning Ketua Pemuda? I think its half full.


  37. Salam JMD.

    setuju dengan link tuan. ‘maybe it’s good, maybe it’s bad.’

    satu yang saya nampak kat sini adalah orang yang ada hak mengundi tidak menunaikan amanah yang diberikan kepada mereka untuk mengundi calon yang bahagian mereka pilih. sudah tiba masa setiap ahli UMNO boleh memilih calon yang mereka suka, macam pilihanraya sebenar. setiap ahli mempunyai hak memberitahui terus kepada parti siapa yang mereka suka, bukan diamanahkan hak mereka kepada beberapa orang perwakilan dari bahagian mereka. saya pasti hasil undian itu adalah pilihan peribadi orang yang diberi hak mengundi, BUKAN pilihan yang dipersetujui di mesyuarat bahagian.

    lihat saja betapa gembira orang seperti Jebat Fren atas kemenangan KJ. apa tidaknya, banyaklah peluang untuk mengutuk UMNO dan BN.

    pada orang yang menang, jangan nak suka sangat. anda mendapat undi yang banyak kerana sistem mengundi berpihak kepada anda, itu saja. baru menang, dah ramai orang kutuk. sampai kena iring dengan polis. itu masih lagi dalam kawasan persidangan. belum lagi di bahagian. cuba buka mata dan hati untuk melihat berapa ramai yang menyokong anda sebenarnya. bila dah terpilih, diharap anda akan bekerja sekuat mana anda berkempen, ya? we want to see you walk the talk. prove us wrong in doubting you.

    lagi satu yang saya nampak adalah orang-orang yang ‘berakal’, pada pandangan saya, sebagai contoh seperti Dr Rais Yatim tidak terpilih. ini pada saya menunjukkan tahap mentaliti ramai (bukan semua tapi ramai) ahli perwakilan, ahli UMNO (atau Melayu?). tidak suka merenung dan berfikir lebih dalam sesuatu isu. suka gempak-gempak. itu sebab kj atau anwar popular. saya rasa kalau JMD bertandingpun pasti kalah, walau kepala bergeliga dan dapat membuat kerja untuk masyarakat dengan cemerlang. kalah bukan bermakna seseorang calon itu bukan yang terbaik untuk sesuatu perjuangan tapi kalah kerana nilai-nilai yang dipegang dan dibawanya kurang persamaan dengan orang yang mengundi.

    sekali lagi setuju dengan cerita dari link tuan. ‘maybe it’s good, maybe it’s bad.’ walau apa-apapun, kita harus belajar dan memperbaiki jika kita tersilap dan bersyukur jika kita menemui kebenaran. selepas ini banyak yang perlu direnung dan diubah untuk menjadikan tanah air ini harmoni, maju dan dirahmati untuk kita dan generasi akan datang. yang penting pastikan ‘target’ kita dan kita semua bergerak ke arahnya bersama.

    pastikan cukup rehat JMD supaya nanti bila mula balik berblog boleh kasi kaw-kaw ulasan mengenai persidangan ini. we want the inside story;)


  38. minta izin lalu sekali lagi…

    nak tambah lagi satu…

    harap-harap Najib tidak hanya pilih orang yang terpilih di perhimpunan agung ini saja untuk jadi ahli kabinetnya.

    semoga dia memilih calon yang benar-benar layak untuk bersamanya mengembeling tenaga untuk melalui kegawatan ekonomi dunia ni. jadikan wang yang calon-calon yang tidak sesuai taburkan semasa persidangan tidak berbaloi. ini boleh membuat calon akan datang berfikir banyak lain kali jika modal (beri imbuhan pada perwakilan) yang mereka keluarkan tidak mendapat pulangan yang baik (tender, dll). ini juga boleh meramaikan orang yang benar-benar ikhlas mahu berkhidmat kepada masyarakat hadir dalam khalayak kita. bukan hanya nampak orang yang suka cakap banyak!


  39. I suppose whatever feelings we might have over the choice of candidates, the contest is over, the dye is cast and we need to close ranks.

    The election process will always bring about results that will never completely satisfy everyone. That is just how it is.

    History has shown that, you might win today and lose tomorrow. Ghafar, Musa, Razaleigh, Anwar was just one small step from the top but never made it to the top. We have to keep the faith that somehow, hopefully and miraculously, the necessary correction will be made. Mahathir once said there is never a permanent friend or permanent enemy in politics, sekali air bah sekali pantai berubah.

    History has also shown that elected leaders deemed “clean” today might be “corrupted” tomorrow, Badawi is a prime candidate. The perceived “ultra Malay” which was what Mahathir was viewed back then might be viewed at some other time in history as “liberal Malay”. The “fundamentalist Islamic” which was what Anwar was perceived back then changed into something unrecognisable at some other date in history.

    Political expediency, power, money and host of other environmental factors affect their directions in life, be it political or personal.

    UMNO members must realise that the battle is out there against the Opposition and not against one another.

    Whatever misgivings we have about money politics, we have to accept that it is how the world works. I am not condoning it, I am just saying things that is. Look at politics at the epicenter of the world, America. Pork barrel politics, political donations made by interest groups, decisions whether to go to war are all based on money. Lim Guan Eng’s first move when he was appointed CM was to dismantle the quota system for tendering. He needs to be friendly with the business community in Penang. Clever move.

    I have friends who do legal work for Opposition parties. We joke about it and we say it is about the degree of taking. PAS is cheaper and UMNO is more expensive.

    Reality bites hard.


  40. indeed there is a gap in DSN’s saf. nasib baik TSM menang, kalo tidak thats it la…yang macam mana kj boleh menang walaupun dicap guilty oleh lembaga disiplin tu pasai apa? What kind of message pemuda is trying to tell the non-umno malay & the masses? i dunno man, i am banking on Dtk Razali

    bang JMD, another variation of the story can be found in this movie Charlie Wilson’s War.



  41. Dear Jebat,

    I did read the speech spoken by Pak Lah and Najib. Both of them expressed the will of change. They have again and again stressed the importance of relating to the people, the impending downfall due to corruption and peril of racism. Their speech are indeed interesting

    However, have the messages been passed the members? It is obvious that quite a proportion still clenched to the idea that the old way will work to woo the support back. Demonstration of blind racial superiority, open hostility to other races, denial of defeat, refusal of repentance.

    Pretty words wont work. Action speaks for u. We will how it goes.

    Thank you for ur reply.

    JMD : Browsing through the newspaper today and checking on the debate during the assembly this afternoon, I see some promising start in the more senior debaters’ speech.

    Hopefully Umno and BN will change for the better as what had been stated here, here, here and here.


  42. Rudy,

    Razali is a good man, but too much of staright shooter. Works well but not a true blue political animal. he won because Reezal was just too dodgy. good combination KJ/RI.


  43. What a shocking result.. me myself, waking up at 4am knowing of the result for the Pemuda, really stunt me and at pause.. but for the MT and the highest post.. i’m sure the result is been expected and predicted by many. surely the new team of UMNO have a heavy load on their back and they have to produce result or else they should ready a huge tombstone for our party when they fail.

    To Pemuda, what to do, he is our boss now. Give full support for the sake of our party and not toward the leader. he is just the leader but we have the every right on agreeing and disagreeing… so don’t loose that too. think about your bangsa and religion – to “Money” that is the last think you should consider.


  44. It was a huge relief last night when Tan Sri Muhyiddin was announced as the new Deputy President of Umno. However, the disappointment with the election of KJ as the Ketua Pemuda still lingered strongly. Even my friends who are just home makers, my non-Malays friends and non-partisan friends were disappointed with the choice made by the Pemuda Umno delegation. Why KJ? Definitely, KJ is not the choice of the grassroot.

    It shows that the Pemuda Umno is lacking in maturity, quality and credibility. It is worrying as they are going to inherit the leadership of Umno in the future. I hope the leadership of Umno will look into this matter seriously. My biggest hope is for KJ to repent and be a leader in its true sense. I hope he will not spoil the Pemuda further with ‘money politics’ and change his lifestyle to reflect a Muslim leader. If KJ ‘berani berubah’ then he has a bright future. If not, he will be ‘penderhaka kepada Agama, Bangsa, Negara dan Parti Keramat Umno’.


    • Anak DEB

      In my view, it not about maturity and credibility that made KJ the new boss. It is on how he delivered himself to the delegates that’s making him elected. You may say about money and all sort of things but you have to remember he is the former timbalan ketua, “Setiakawan” made those 304 remember why KJ is suitable to lead them, his age that is far most suitable to lead young generation inside UMNO to be compared with both of his contender, But as I previously said, we have the right to agree and disagree.. Please stop the yes boss!!


  45. looking at the VP and Supreme Council list ……. i think the demise of UMNO will be faster than before.

    to add on top of the acceleration rate, najib top the list. i hope khairy can just take over as soon as possible. the rest are dinasours and time to put into muzeum.

    jmd, but on your view that mahathir has done much good ….. well, then we have to just stick to our own view. hope most of mahathir’s policies can be retired and scrapped. i am sure najib wouldn’t like to be labeled as a dog of mahathir. he will surely reverse/remove any policies implemented by mahathir.

    let khairy take over and be the finance minister.

    JMD : I thought you had in numerous times said Umno need to purge corruption in its midst. We are grateful that you are supporting an Umno leader (KJ). Hopefully, Umno will hold power in many years to come due to this sincere support of yours. Apart from not answering my direct question in my previous reply to you, shouldn’t you by now chastise Khairy too (he was proven guilty of money politics by disciplinary board)? And yet you want him to hold the Finance portfolio too? How peculiar…


    • Dear JMD

      This time you sutly remind this “Jebat fren” for what he is. He cannot remember what he has written.
      This person will support any one who can help to destroy UMNO.



    • What is it with people from Pakatan ? I can tolerate a difference of opinion, but it hurts to read references to someone as a “dog”, “moneydopeydin”, “toyol”, “najis” and “bodowi” and the most sacriligious, calling the country “bolehland”.

      You might not like someone, say your peace and be done with it. Was it really necessary to make such rude remarks ?

      Diorang ni sekali dah rasa berkuasa, betul betul kurang ajar!

      Dalam berbelas belas kali Pilihanraya, baru hampir menang sekali dah konon konon boleh buat prophecy kata “UMNO’s demise”.

      Selama ni, 11 kali Pembangkang kalah tak de pulak macam tu. Hidup jugak lagi untuk contest PRU 12.

      For those UMNO members yang lemah semangat, please remember that Congress Party yang perintah India puluh puluh tahun lepas tu tewas sekali ditangan BJP, naik jugak balik perintah India.

      Have a little faith that we’re fighting a good fight. Jangan lah cepat putus asa. Asalkan we all close ranks and realise that the fight is not in PWTC but the real battle is out there, we’ll do just fine.

      Jebat, you need to naikkan semangat some readers yang dah mengalah sebelum perang.

      JMD : Yes you are correct. With the new leadership at the helm, coupled with the wisdom of old hand and the exuberance of the young, it is not impossible to see a better Malaysia. Thank you for the reminder.


  46. before the result came out, i hope for just one more reason to support UMNO. And when the result finally came out, the reason that i’m looking for wasn’t there anymore. Letting KJ win is like mocking the Rakyat. Mocking those who hate bribery. Morality has been thrown into maggot infested bin. Poor UMNO! poor Malay!


  47. JMD,

    another important position is UMNO Secretary General
    Najib must appoint somebody with experiance , knowlege in administration and politic, of couse very clean image
    Najib also must change the appointment of Umno state liason chief ,not from MB/KM , the appointment should be from MKT members from a diff state , this is automatically will introduce check and balance

    JMD : Umno Secretary General must be someone who is popular or close enough with the grassroots. Someone grassroots are comfortable with. Someone who can complement the DS Najib and TS Muhyiddin. If there are any gaps that those two cannot fulfil through their personalities or duties, then Secretary General should be the one who can fill in and get the job done in mustering the whole Umno machinery. Please refer to the secretary generals of Umno when Umno and BN were strong and you will get the picture. Thank you.


  48. JMD

    Only Norraesah Mohamad has made it to the Supreme Council. The other women candidates have all fallen by the wayside. Throughout the very aggresive election campaigns, when push came to shove, perhaps the ladies did not shove hard enough. I just hope UMNO is not going to end up as an alpha male club.


  49. Tun Mahathir’s fear is still spot on! Read below:-

    Abdullah terus berteka-teki tarikh peralihan kuasa

    27/03/2009 9:08pm

    KUALA LUMPUR 27 Mac — Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi terus berteka-teki mengenai tarikh peralihan kuasa jawatan Perdana Menteri kepada penggantinya Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

    Ketika ditemui pada perhimpunan Agung Umno 2008 di sini hari ini, Abdullah yang kelihatan ceria dalam sidang media berkata beliau akan hanya memaklumkan tarikh itu apabila beliau “suka” untuk berbuat demikian.

    “Yang itu (tarikh peralihan kuasa) tak payah tanya, saya akan bagi tau bila-bila saya suka,” katanya.

    Timbalannya, Najib sebelum ini dinamakan sebagai penggantinya dan peralihan kuasa itu dilaporkan sebelum ini akan diadakan pada Mac ini.

    Mengulas kenyataan Menteri Luar Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim bahawa semua menteri-menteri di bawah pimpinan Abdullah secara teknikalnya turut dianggap meletak jawatan selepas beliau (Abdullah) meletak jawatan, Abdullah berkata: “Masa zaman saya dulu pun (Tan Sri) Lim Keng Yaik (bekas menteri kabinet) pun kata begitu juga, tapi tak jadi apa pun, bukan boleh paksa.”



  50. FRIDAY, MARCH 27, 2009 (Sumber: anotherbrickinthewall)

    Dua hari berturut-turut Khairy perasuah kena boo
    Sudahlah selepas memenangi jawatan Ketua Pemuda, Khairy perasuah telah disorak “KJ! …Rasuah!…”

    Semalam semasa namanya disebut oleh juruacara sebelum mengundi oleh Pengerusi Mesyuarat, dia telah di boo oleh para-para perwakilan yang hadhir. Hari ini, ada seorang jurubahas dari Pemuda Kelantan yang cuba menyebut nama Khairy perasuah, sekali lagi namanya di boo.

    Pasti pada hari terakhir, dia akan berucap dalam sesi penggulungan. Kemungkinan sekali lagi, dia akan menerima di boo.

    Walaupun kalah, sepanjang dua hari semalam dan hari ini, baik Dato Mukhriz atau Dato Seri Dr Khir Toyo mendapat sambutan baik dari perwakilan atau hadhiran di PWTC.

    Bisikan-bisikan di PWTC mengatakan sudah ada laporan polis mengenai salahlaku politik wang Khairy perasuah. Pagi tadi, blog bigdogdotom melaporkan ada ura-ura hari ini atau besok akan ada laporan polis satu lagi terhadap Khairy perasuah.

    Kenapa teruk sekali reaksi pelbagai pihak kepada kekalahan?

    Buat setakat ini, hampir semua perwakilan dan pemberi sumber maklumat dalaman mengatakan Khairy perasuah menang kerana kesetiaan kepada Agong pertama (diatas kertas.)

    Diberitahu bahawa kumpulan Khairy perasuah menawarkan wang kepada mereka yang mengundinya sejumlah RM10,000 ke RM30,000 bergantung kepada kecondongan mereka kepada calun pesaing.

    Cara duit itu diberi adalah sebahagian dibayar sebelum dan selebihnya setelah mereka memberikan undi. Untuk mengesahkan undi telah sah diberikan kepada Khairy perasuah, perwakilan yang mengundi dikatakan membuka kertas undi untuk dapat dilihat jelas oleh orang-orang tertentu yang menjadi wakil Pengesah Khairy perasuah.

    Selepas Najib menyebut “Berani Berubah” dalam ucapannya pada malam Selasa, pihak Khairy perasuah dikatakan telah bekerja keras dengan operasi carpet bombing malam itu. Selain pemberian di pusat operasi Lubuk Khairy perasuah di Hotel Corus, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, satu sumber memberitahu penyerahan juga dilakukan malam itu di sebuah Hotel di Shah Alam.

    Pembayaran selebihnya dilakukan semalam di satu lokasi yang perlu di rahsiakan dahulu.

    Selain itu, kebanyakkan pihak yang veteran dalam hel ehwal UMNO mengatakan sangat anih pengiraan untuk hanya 790 undi memakan masa hampir enam jam. Pelbagai boleh disyaki. Ramai difahami bahawa keputusan menjadi lambat disebabkan beberapa kali recount.

    Yang hairannya, recount selalu berlaku apabila keputusan agak rapat dan untuk kepastian. Apabila ianya diumumkan, ramai hairan jauhnya jumlah undi Khairy yang melebihi 50 undi berbanding dengan Dr Khir dan hampir 70-80 undi dari Mukhriz.

    Satu sumber memberitahu bahawa ada keanihan apabila satu kotak terakhir dipenuhi oleh undi Khairy perasuah sahaja.

    Adakah ini sebabnya penyokong-penyokong baik dari Mukhriz atau Dr Khir Toyo naik birang hingga menyorakkan Khairy perasuah sebagai perasuah dan perwakilan-perwakilan menyorak boo dua hari berturut-turut?

    Selalunya orang biasa menerima kekalahan, tetapi marah hingga naik birang jika ditipu.

    Samada laporan polis dan SPRM akan benar berakhir dengan nasib Khairy perasuah seperti yang dialami oleh Tan Sri Isa Samad, itu bakal memakan masa.

    Bagaimana Khairy perasuah akan merapatkan barisan Pemuda UMNO yang majoritinya adalah yang tidak menyokong Khairy perasuah? Lebih segera, bagaimana Khairy akan dapat menyediakan jentera Pemdua untuk pilihanraya kecil di Bukit Gantang dan Bukit Selambau dengan dirinya tidak diterima?

    Kalau benar ini semua berlaku, kenapa cara dilakukan hingga menimbulkan keyakinan penipuan dan rasuah sudah berlaku? Dalam zaman Internet dan SMS, sesuatu mudah disebarkan.


  51. The Ultimate We20 Meeting List of Malaysia

    After The UMNO Supreme Council List…. Now come the Ultimate We20 (Alternative G20) Meeting List of Malaysia.

    Starting 2nd April 2009 in London, the G20 world leaders and their expert teams are making plans to try and fix the global economy. For common people like you and me, We20 ( ) might be the alternative approach.

    With the threat of the economic crisis hanging over people all around the world, now is the time to take action to find our own solutions.

    The We20 was inspired as a public initiative to run alongside the G20.

    In response to my blog article
    “Let Us Have Our Very Own G20 Meetings”(,
    reader WarrenCheng had suggested the following attendants-list for the Ultimate We20 Meeting in Kuala Lumpur:

    the G20 meeting local version should include the following lists:1st:Dr.mahathir,2nd:Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi,3rd:Datuk Seri Najib,4th:Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin,5th:Ahmad Zahid Hamidi,6th:Khairy Jamaluddin,7th:Datuk Shahrir Samad,8th:Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein,9th:Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng,10th:LIM Kit Siang,11th:Datuk Seri Nazri Abdul Aziz,12th:Mukhriz Mahathir,13th:former health Minister Chua Soi Lek,14th:Dato’ Seri Rafidah Aziz,15th:Tourism Minister Datuk Azalina Othman Said,16th:Youth & Sports Minister Datuk Ismail Sabri Yaakob,17th:PAS spiritual leader:Nik Aziz,18th:Dr. Wan Azizah Wan Ismail,19th:Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang,and finally the man of the moment:Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.
    By warrencheng, 28-Mar-2009

    What is your take?

    JMD : If We20 is to run alongside the G20 in making plans to try and fix the global economy, where are the industry leaders and experts in that We20 Group?

    Thank you.


  52. Like to comment on Jebat’s Fren. Really you are not worthy to call yourself a Malaysian. You condemn Tun for what? Didnt you realise that without the great mind of Tun, Malaysia would never come this far? He is the greatest of all!!Dont you see countries around the world emulating the way Tun saved our country’s economy 1997-98? Think you are too naive to say the least on general acceptance of Malaysians as a whole on Tun & Mukhriz. We Sarawakian, be we are chinese, Iban or Malay, 90% did expect Mukhriz to win Ketua Pemuda post but unfortunately due to stupidity of youth delegates, they elected KJ instead. Couldnt all of you open your eyes and see what Pak Lah & KJ have done to our nation? Just tepuk dada tanya selera. For Jebat’s Fren, continue your katak bawah tempurung mentality, it is good for you but rest of us Malaysians, we want something more than rhetoric. We want great minds who can propell the nation to the greater height. For us Mukhriz should be the one to lead Pemuda because of his great mind stature.


  53. JMD,

    Eventually Tun M will accept KJ. Like it or not, the only formidable daring one from UMNO that can go up against anwar is KJ. Only, he must clean up his swashbuckling image, be more humble, unite Youth and befriends Mukhriz.

    This way KJ will stand a chance.

    JMD : What is your basis when you said KJ is the only ‘formidable’ and ‘daring’ one from Umno to go against Anwar? His rhetoric cries during Permatang Pauh by election was met with cynical laughters by the opposition. In the end, Umno failed miserably in that by election. But I have no doubt KJ will be spared by Anwar should he tries to do that again. As we all know, Anwar have a soft spot for the boy. Maybe that would be an advantage. An advantage that could be detrimental to Umno in the long run. Thank you.


  54. What’s going on? I thought UMNO has die & been burried – general assembly!? Seriously? Where was I when all this happened? I really thought PAS is in power.

    Wow that shows I have been away for a long time guys. Once in a while coming back here I thought the people has change the government.

    Then the Malaysians are doomed! Sorry people, I have to apologize from the bottom of my heart I have said NO to UMNO & their leaders & I have said NO to PKR. My only hope PAS will really be in power, InsyaAllah

    I wish luck to all
    & all the best and may Allah bless everybody

    ps, anyway I feel sad the pemuda rejected Mukhriz, but may be Khairy will be some kind of a character to make a change for the youngs – good luck Khairy 0 prove to me that you can do it, if not kiss my foot!


  55. Dear JMD,

    Correct me if I am wrong. For all the top party positions those who had received the highest nominations translated those nominations to being voted in. Not insinuating here but KJ must have made major inroads to have clinched the deal.

    I had stated in my blog that Datuk Khir would be the king maker in the Youth Prez post. It turned out that he became the split voter. However it would only be speculation where his votes would have gone. All that is moot now that KJ has won.

    In as far as the party (UMNO) is concerned, it will always be the backbone of the country as it is acceptable by the majority of all races. Elections since Indepence have proven so.

    It was only in the last GE because of weak leadership in UMNO, where the party seemed to has lost its direction, that the opposition took full advantage of for BN to fare so miserably.

    Truth be told, I feel a little bit uncomfortable with Datuk Najib at the helm but thats what many felt when Tun Razak and our dearest Tun MM became prez and PMs.

    He has to rejuvenate the party with the welfare of not only the Malays but the other races as well. One does not necessirily have to be a Malay or be a member to support the party. After all, not all Malays support the party.

    What is interesting is Datuk Hishamuddin’s ascendency which strengthens and continues the Noah family’s unbroken chain of influence/tradition in the party. It does not forebode well for Tan Sri Muhyiddin.

    All in all, like Randy Jackson would say ala American Idol, “I don’t know man”


    JMD : I read with glee the other day when an Umno Youth delegate named Zain Yasim said that ‘as delegates, we know how to select the best leader for all of us’.

    To me, that is a wrong perception of Umno democracy and also trying to justify the unjustifiable (how on earth did the delegates vote differently from the nominations received by candidates? Were there any external factors that caused the votes to sway?).

    During the assembly, he and the rest of the delegates no longer care what the grassroot wants. And this is the crux of the problem.

    They, the per’wakil’an are the representatives of the ordinary members that had nominated the leaders during the last divisional meetings. The grassroots ‘delegate’ to these representatives the responsibility to choose the leaders they had nominated during the divisional meeting DURING the Umno General Assembly.

    That is the true spirit of Umno’s assembly. I guess the delegates forgot to listen to their own folks at the division levels and had instead listened to the sounds of other external factors.

    Who are these delegates that had confidently said that they know how to choose? Are they experts in leadership field? Or are they professionals?


  56. JMD,

    ( Dont mind if I reply Shah’s comment to me in your post UMNO GA and its Objectives) .


    I thought Im the only one realising this.


    I sensed you are still not charged up.
    You must understand, Allah swt works in mysterious ways and sometimes beyond logic.

    Pse put that ” fire” back in your post .


  57. JMD,

    It’s really strange. I am reading more & more bloggers saying that KJ ought to be given another chance and for the good of UMNO too! And no, I am not talking about blogger like Sakmongkol AK47. Some say that KJ is the only one who can truly meet Anwar on the same footing i.e. when it comes to their “formidable” oratorical skills. More than one even went as far as to say that KJ is the mirror image of Anwar. To some people, it’s definitely not a compliment, maa!

    Aduh! Aduh! Aduh!
    Kata-kata mu,
    Aku sangsi.

    Perbuatan mu,
    Aku percaya.

    Know what I’m sayin’?

    It’s as if there’s this concerted effort among some bloggers to sell the idea to the RAKYAT that KJ is THE UMNO gladiator and thus, the savior of UMNO. They have been working along the same tired line since his “Debutante Ball” – that he must be a genius (Huh?) since he graduated from Oxford (Duh!) and that he can really flap his lips on the word “Go!” (Double Duh!). I don’t know about you guys, but aren’t you all beginning to arrive to some sort of conclusion that KJ has stopped progressing in a meaningful and decent way since his graduation?

    These bloggers are clearly showing symptoms of selective amnesia. They conveniently push aside the numerous wrongdoings that has been consistently conducted by KJ – the latest being caught with his pants down with corruption. His adoring fans are even saying that UMNO desperately needs a leader who has his eyes on the ball at all times and at any given opportunity has the ability & dexterity to grab it. Hasn’t this PM-wannabe been doing that all along and hasn’t his grabby nature regularly keeps him in the limelight for all the wrong reasons?

    If I were the opposition, I would much prefer KJ to be appointed as a minister so that he can continuously do what he does best i.e to muck things up as usual. This will ensure easy victory for the PR in the next election. The praises that are being heaped on KJ in some blogs begin to make sense when I start thinking like the oppositions or YB KJ himself. I would be praising KJ too from dawn to dusk.

    As far as I am concerned, KJ is a man who is in a real hurry. He plays by only one rule i.e. “There’s no rule”.


  58. Dear JMD,

    Khairy have his work cut out for him. He may have secured 304 votes but I do not think that he have secured the trust and respect of the 700,000 from Pemuda and the millions other UMNO members. What with being booed and being told to steer clear of the election sites.

    He may have won the post but he may just be the most lameduck Chief we will ever see. We must not forget the many people he have bullied and cajoled in the name of the father of in law that may just have had enough or may just be pay back time. They may instruct people not to support his programmes or to attend his events and this time without the backing from his father in law he may just realise for the first time that life is difficult.

    The guy is a spoilt guy that is used to getting everything, and I mean everything that he wants. When reality really sets in I wonder if he will actually throw a tantrum. His next target will be the actual Presidency itself and eventually the Prime Ministership.

    Until such time he actually shows leadership quality and not the quality of knowing only to wave cash and father inlaw’s influence and power he is not worthy of trust nor respect.

    After tackling the UMNO members he have now to tackle the Malaysians at large. Many remain unconvinced that he will be good for the country. He may have the quality and charisma before, but now he is just tainted by the perception of abuse of power and influence.

    By and large I am not sure he will, based on his acceptance speech and winding up speech he remains arrogant and too full of himself. Still the spoilt child overly pleased with getting what he wants.

    Take care JMD.


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