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Umno General Assembly and it’s objectives

In a matter of hours, the much anticipated Umno General Assembly will commence. It will be a closed door affair this time; reverting to the normal day to day proceedings of an ‘ordinary political party’ holding its Annual General Meeting.

In 2006, the pompous Umno decided to show its strength and initiated a live telecast program of its AGM to the wordwide audience.

Whose idea was it?  We could only speculate as the audience was served with relentless waves of stupid antics coming out from the speeches made.

How the mighty had fallen soon afterwards.

This AGM will be a momentous one indeed. The unpopular PM is being ousted by his own people in the party. Only twice in history had we seen this occasion. If he had his way, Pak Lah would have stayed on beyond 2013.

Umno members never did forgive him for the lost of so many grounds Umno had before the 2008 general election.

This General Assembly will be the starting point of a rejuvenated Umno. An election to elect leaders in the leadership of Umno. All in the blogosphere had put forth their views on ways to reinvent and rebrand Umno. We have dissected the views, discussed them, deliberated on the critical matters and finally concluded that Umno needs to change its ways or forever be doomed in history books.

I have nothing more to add here except that the leaders, upon appointed to their respective perch in the Umno hierarchy, must have set goals and objectives.

The elected leaders – from the lowly AJK Cawangan to the national Exco members and also the next supreme council members must be given KPIs or set targets for them to administer once they had gained that position.

Targets can be varied. For Ketua Bahagian, the targets may be as simple as:

1) Getting 2,000 new members each year. If there are 192 Bahagian nationwide, how many new members Umno will have by the next Umno elections?

2) Organising 12 community / social activities in each Bahagian each year. I am stressing ‘community / social activities’ as oppose to holiday trips organised for cronies. For far too long funds received from Umno HQ to each Bahagian were squandered by Ketua Bahagian for their ‘annual holiday trips’.

3) Sourcing out own funds to finance those activities for the people.

The above are only examples. The quality of the leaders will be measured in the next three years. Those who did not perform, will not be elected next time around.

Without setting such basic target for each of their leaders, Umno will flounder in the end.

But targets must also be the strategically correct ones. Where Umno will gain benefit out of them should they are implemented collectively.

Let us look at Pak Lah’s target when he was the Prime Minister. He once said in an interview in Sin Chew daily;

“UMNO has forgotten that the Malays have changed their own thinking and perspectives. It has forgotten that the Malays have changed their value system. The Malays are no longer what they used to be. They unreservedly express themselves. They even wave the DAP flags!”

Abdullah said during an exclusive interview with Sin Chew Daily at his private residence in Kuala Lumpur that during his five-year tenure as the prime minister, he has managed to change the mentality of the Malays.

He said young Malays believe they can stand on their own feet, and this is the major value that has changed the young Malays today.

“Young Malays feel that they need the opportunities, so they begin talking about DAP and PKR. They believe they have better opportunities there.”

In a larger context, there is nothing wrong with this statement. But when a sitting Umno President claimed that he had managed to change the mindset of the Malays so that they now had moved away from Umno and had decisively and openly supporting DAP and PKR…

Well, what does that tell you? Your Umno President even claimed that it is one of his great achievements! In other words, Pak Lah has no qualms if the Malays are no longer supporting Umno. What kind of logic is this?

Wrong target Mr. President. It became totally mindnumbing when he further stated; 

On the admission by former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad that he had failed to change the mentality and attitude of the Malays, Abdullah said decisively, “I can change the Malays!”

Change them to become what may I ask? More progressive and dynamic? Or did the Malays regress themselves and become slaves to corruption under his watch? Worse, some even became apologists and less proud of their rich history. That interview merely showed Pak Lah’s character of pompous piety.

Datuk Seri Najib must not repeat the same mistake.

One of the first thing he needs to do is to be magnanimous. He, as the new President, must not repeat the lack of respect shown to an outgoing President.

Tunku Abdul Rahman lamented on the lack of respect Umno members had shown the minute he handed over the presidency to Tun Abdul Razak in 1970. He penned down his thoughts below:

On this day in September 1970, I tendered my resignation as Prime Minister after 20 years’ service. I resolved to step down in favour of Tun Abdul Razak who had been my deputy all those years and was loosing his hair. I had already accepted the post of Secretary General of the IOC and was ready to leave for Jeddah…

For the last 20 years, I have received support from all the members and undivided loyalty from everyone, for which I am truly grateful. With this support, we have been able to win the respect of all Malaysians and work together with them as one people and we have been able to face the communist insurrection and Soekarno’s confrontation and emerge victorious. Our success was undoubtedly due to God’s goodness and the loyal and solid support of the people of Malaya and Malaysia.

So keep Umno united and strong! And I repeat, if there is anything which is considered unsatisfactory, bring it up at the general assembly, “Umno menjadi harapan dan tumpuan bangsa kita Melayu”.

The Supreme Council then moved a resolution that the assembly take a vote of thanks and appreciation for the services rendered by me for 20 years, faithfully building up Umno to the strength it now enjoys as the people’s party, the biggest and the strongest in the land,

Another resolution was moved to congratulate me on my appointment as secretary general of the Islamic Secretariat.

After this (I recall with painful memory), I left the assembly with a few old faithfuls who accompanied me to the car, but the rest of the assembly continued with their deliberations without even a break of a few minutes to bid me farewell.

Well, as I have always said, this is the way of a man; they can be very fickle.  

Proper decorum must be maintained. Reverence to the predecessor is a must. 

Akhir sekali, dengan nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah Lagi Maha Pengasih, saya mengesyorkan kepimpinan seperti yang tertera di bawah kepada para perwakilan semua:

Presiden : Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak

Timbalan Presiden : Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin

Naib Naib Presiden : Datuk Rais Yatim, Datuk Shafie Afdal, Datuk Hishamuddin Hussein

Ketua Pemuda : Datuk Mukhriz Tun Mahathir

Jawatan Exco Pemuda : Tengku Azman Bin Tengku Zainal Abidin (calon nombor 6), Akhramsyah Muammar Ubaidah Sanusi (calon nombor 18), Dr. Novandri Hasan Basri (calon nombor 8).

Selamat bersidang Umno!

Para panglima mesti berguru,
Empat perkara kata penghulu;
Pertama akal kedua ilmu,
Ketiga iman keempat malu.

Mengerjakan kerja janganlah malas,
Zahir dan batin janganlah culas,
Jernihkan hati hendaklah ikhlas,
Seperti air di dalam gelas.

Nasihat ayahanda anakanda fikirkan,
Keliru syaitan anakanda jagakan,
Orang berakal anakanda hampirkan,
Orang jahat anakanda jauhkan.



1) I must apologise to all my dear readers for my inability to frequently churn out new articles. Recent events had compelled me to spend less time on blogging and more time on other matters (overseas and some community works). Will be back soon with more articles (hopefully) and more interactive participation in the commentary section. Thank you very much.

Update 1.30am

2) Follow Datuk Najib’s full speech just now here. Versi Melayu – di sini.

3) Datuk Najib made a very subtle hint that he is endorsing Datuk Mukhriz as the Youth chief here.

38 thoughts on “Umno General Assembly and it’s objectives

  1. Dear JMD,

    All I can do is pray and hope that the UMNO delegates will use their brains when voting. They have to understand that anyone they choose will effectively be the team that is going to plan and face the coming General Elections. Like democracy, UMNO is also not perfect however in its imperfections it has its own role to play, a role that they have continued to play fairly well, because like it or not whether people believe it or not Malaysia and Malaysians have benefited out of this arrangement.

    Just because we have poorly implemented a policy that does not mean that the policy is bad. We just need to review certain policies and its implementation. If we have bad leaders change them not the entire party because there still are some good people available.

    Realistically speaking do we really want to be subjected to the fanatics like Gobind that makes irresponsible pronouncements that he will not dare repeat outside parliament. Or to an unelected Mursyidul Am , much like an Ayatollah but because of our democratic system was forced to go through elections to be an ADUN. Or do we want to be in the hands of a holier than thou man whose previous actions remains suspect.

    Within UMNO we have a democratic system whereby they go through a process of filtering. Like any other system it can also be manipulated and if there are rooms for manipulation it should be plugged. If not people like George HW Bush will not be President if not through manipulation or a great figurehead prime minister like John Major that have disappeared much less no longer remembered.

    Again I do hope that the UMNO delegates use their brains to choose leaders for this flawed and much maligned idea that is democracy.



  2. Wahai ananda permata bunda,
    luaskan akal lapangkan dada;
    Tegak memandang jauh ke muka,
    Supaya hidupmu tidak terlanda.
    Orang bersampan awak bersampan,
    Siapa belayar siapa berenag;
    Orang jantan awakpun jantan,
    Siapa yang benar dialah menang.

    Selamat mengundi dengan betul.


  3. how come everybody focusing on the man eh!…

    How bout the women…this is dunia akhir zaman beb…gonna b more women than man…

    wanita n puteri ape cita JMD..any candidates of value? 🙂

    Pak Lah oh pak lah…..just go please..enough of your nonsense ramblings….by the time he finishes a sentence he’d probably forgot what he said…….

    Change the mentality of the Malays…..u must b joking


  4. Salam JMD,
    Tonite, in an opening speech, DS Najib mentioned about the need for UMNO to revamp, abolishing quota and all the needs and necessities for UMNO to stay relevant. Its a good start for a PM-to-be. Atleast there’s hope and I pray to Allah, DS Najib will not repeat the mistakes done by Pak Lah.


  5. Dear JMD,

    Thanks for expressing it out.

    moga Allah membantu umno dalam pemilihan kali ini.,

    demi agama, bangsa dan negara..



  6. Wahai perwakilan UMNO, pilihan suara dari akar umbi:-

    Rais Yatim
    Shafie Afdal
    Mukhriz Mahathir
    Razali Ibrahim

    Atau pilihlah Mat Taib, Khir Toyo, KJ & konco2 untuk menguburkan terus UMNO pada PRU13.


    • KJ (found guilty by Lembaga Disiplin UMNO) elected as New Ketua Pemuda UMNO!!!!

      Never in my wildest imagination would I thought how dumb these Perwakilan Pemuda are for choosing a guy guilty of political corruption and perceived as corrupt by the people.

      To 304 Perwakilan yang memilih KJ, hanya gambaran BODOH yang dapat saya simpulkan. My support for you Pemuda is FINISHED.

      Lagu baru untuk Pemuda UMNO…..”Inilaaaah barisan kitaaaa, yang bodoh, bodoh, bodoh…..

      Can’t stop thinking how dumb stupid you are bodoh people.


  7. JMD,
    Great article.
    Anyway, i agree that UMNO must change or to be change.
    But will the grassroot listed to the cry of the people or not.
    That’s the question.
    Will support your suggestion on who to elect.

    I reserved my opinion on selection of Pemuda UMNO..
    No one in the list have done anything to get my vote..

    Happy voting delegates..


  8. Salam…

    Dato’ Seri Najib’s speech:

    1. “We lost the two-thirds majority in Parliament for the first time since Barisan Nasional was formed more than three decades ago. It is an awful and bitter truth, but a truth none the less and one which we must accept.”

    … Najib humbly accepted this unlike Abdullah arrogantly denying his failure

    2. “Obviously there must have been a reason why a large number of the rakyat who once walked along side Umno, have since changed their direction.”

    … Abdullah will always blame it on the rakyat

    3. “If we do not heed this message, their seething anger will become hatred and in the end this may cause them to abandon us altogether.

    … What Abdullah used to say? JANGAN CABAR SAYA!

    4. “Indeed, what is the point of winning party positions within a party that is bereft of authority and is no longer in power?”

    … to whom it may concern, please stamp your feet to the ground that a thief will always remain known a thief!

    5. “that Umno’s leaders are elitist and out of touch with the people. ”

    … UMNO is out of touch with the people – once my favorite slogan and for this the rakyat. If UMNO wishes to play the political game with the rakyat… and the rakyat play by your track record.

    6. “…under the leadership of Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz has displayed unwavering commitment whatever the circumstances … just because of a temporary excitement over contests for party posts.”

    … Ill go for Rafidah!

    7. “Like it or not, we cannot regard the new media as our enemy.”

    …. once bloggers stamped as BERUK by KJ, now he is one main BERUK!

    8. “and the placement of the interest of the larger community over and above the interests of the individual.”

    … SPOT ON!

    9. “The people depend on us as a party that will provide leadership and solve their problems.”

    … leadership is about the leader who will take the blame and not chicken out for his decision… FAMILIAR?

    Last but not least,

    10. “we must change for the benefit of the people. We must dare to change ”



  9. dont know abt u but i rasa najib made a good start. the speech was bloody good!

    i rasa dia dah baca semua blog yg dah kritik umno and took a leaf out of it.

    semua yg kite rasa dia patut baiki, dia dah commit. democratising umno (members can vote directly), be more blog savvy, open up for young professionals etc.

    mcm kite semua pulak yg buat speech dia hihihi

    syabas DSN!


  10. ntah ape2 la najib…dlm ucapan bukan main lagi ckp psl agama,tapi diri sendiri pun x betul (luluskan lesen judi dsb)…pastu,bini sendiri pun x mampu nak nasihat pakai tudung,benda yg paling simple tu pun dia x dpt handle! jgn la jadi hipokrit najib oii…

    penyokong2 umno pun jgn la agung2kan najib tu…buat malu malaysia je…aku ckp ni bkn sbb aku org pembangkang,aku pun org umno tp aku rasa najib patut bersihkan nama dia dulu sblum nak ckp mcm2…kalau najib x mampu bersihkan nama dia,bagi je org lain yg layak utk jadi PM/presiden Umno…

    kalau betul najib x bersalah mcm suratkaba prancis tu ckp,saman la diorg…bkn diam membisu!! lps tu,jgn buat cara pengecut dgn gantung harakah & srtkaba keadilan…kalau betul srtkaba tu fitnah,saman je la…kenapa nak gantung? ooo,sbb nak sekat kempen pilihanraya pembangkang…kan tu cara pengecut?!

    kita guna mcm2 saluran (utusan,berita,TV) utk hentam pembangkang tp kita x bagi diorg serang balas…pengecut la tu kan? aku malu kalau kita menang pilihanraya nanti dgn cara pengecut mcm ni…kalau betul diorg fitnah dlm akhbar2 diorg,biarkan la…biar rakyat yg menilai…skrg ni rakyat sedang menilai bertapa pengecutnya Umno/BN…

    aku betul2 tawar hati dgn cara umno skrg ni…betul2 x ambil iktibar dgn kekalahan2 p/raya sebelum ni…aku harap 3 p/raya april ni BN akan kalah teruk!! biar semua ahli BN betul2 sedar!!


    • xnak komen ape2 ke JMD? aku nak dgr pandangan JMD…

      JMD : Boleh baca di ruangan komentar untuk membaca pendapat saya (jika ada yang relevan). Pada masa ini, saya agak sibuk dengan tugasan harian untuk menulis sesuatu yang panjang lebar. Harap bersabar. Terima kasih.


  11. Just because of one numb-skull, the whole image of UMNO had gone down the drain. It is hoped that the new Prime Minister of Malaysia and all his subordinates will try to rebuild the trust and confidence of the Malays to support UMNO, once again unanimously.

    In order for the new Prime Minister to regroup the Malays, so that they would only support UMNO and not DAP, PAS or PKR, all traces of Pak Lah’s tentacles should be voted out of office, once and for all.

    Whether the out-going president was a naturally-born man with half a brain or whether he was a puppet on a string, acting for a foreign force is left to be seen, when events eventually unfold. Whatever the outcome is, he has deliberately caused divisions amongst the Malays, as well as, open avenues for the other races to belittle the Malays and ridicule the sultans of Malaysia.

    This one person should be totally barred from UMNO, throughout his life-time. He is a ‘musuh dalam selimut’ and the parting farewell wishes for him will be: ‘Good Riddance’.

    I am sure your views over this matter will get the support of all Malaysians and not only the Malays.

    Perdana menteri sudah ketahuan,
    Timbalannya terserah para perwakilan;
    Negarawan ada memberi panduan,
    Ketika sampai penghujong jalan.

    Keliru suka membawa luka,
    keliru ikut membawa celaka,
    keliru pileh rakyat undi beraleh,
    keliru perwakilan hilang kuasa puleh.

    Perwakilan jangan buat ta tahu,
    Banyak peluang sudah lepas lalu;
    Perasuah pengkianat rakyat ta mahu,
    Kepentingan sendiri elakkan selalu.


  12. Saya dengar perwakilan pemuda paling kuat bersorak bila nama KJ diperkenalkan sebagai calon Ketua Pemuda. Kalau KJ menang, rasanya gelaplah masa depan Umno dan makin buruklah persepsi rakyat pada Umno.

    Perkembangan ini amat merisaukan saya. Saya berharap Dato’ Mukhriz akan berjaya bersama dengan Dato’ Razali Ibrahim. Ada kawan-kawan saya yg nak keluar Umno kalau KJ yang terpilih.

    KL 6.35pm


  13. Dear JMD,

    Wanita showed the way, Puteri cleared the way and as usual Pemuda showed their sheer disdain to the demands of the rakyat. With such a result I am not very hopeful that UMNO will make the right decision for the big ones. They have not learnt and they will never learn.

    The three by-elections? I don’t know 3 more defeats for BN? Caused again by a certain Mr KJ?

    May be that will be his legacy, most by-election defeats for a Timb Ketua Pemuda and now the Ketua Pemuda.

    I am crushed. Just not in the mood to say more.

    Good night.


  14. JMD,

    so sad …

    don’t know what to say ….

    hopefully Najib can keep KJ goons in tact …

    hope Pak cik Din menang esok …

    how come like this?



  15. Oh JMD, how to support a party which elect a youth chief who has been found guilty of money politics?
    It’s very sad, we all put some hopes that UMNO can change. …sigh

    And maybe tomorrow, another concrete confirmation that UMNO will not change,…More and more conclusive to say that UMNO/BN will lose GE13. ..maybe then change will come

    Best regards,


    ps: still waiting for that police/MACC report from Majlis Disiplin


  16. JMD,

    Apa yang ditakuti telah berlaku. KJ menang dan Umno tewas. Ternyata banyak lagi perwakilan pemuda yang boleh dibeli dengan wang ringgit dan menidakkan kehendak majoriti ahli pemuda yang telah memberikan pencalonan terbanyak kepada Datuk Mukhriz.

    Kalau beginilah kredibiliti, kualiti dan integriti perwakilan pemuda maka hancurlah harapan untuk melihat Umno berubah dan pulih.

    Saya dan ramai lagi rakyat sungguh kecewa dengan pilihan perwakilan pemuda yang memilih KJ. Harapan tinggal harapan dan nyata pemuda Umno memang tenat dan sudah nazak.


    What options do we have now? I am deeply frustrated and sad with the result. A minor consolation is Datuk Razali Ibrahim won the Naib Ketua position. I could foresee the result for Bukit Gantang.

    Sungguh kecewa…..


  17. Sorry I was wrong, actually your are not dumb stupid wahai 304 pemuda2 bodoh, you are so smart for voting this guilty KJ ( Lembaga Disiplin yang kata KJ bersalah, betul kan???).

    So “smart ” pemuda2 bodoh, kapan you all will queue up at KJ to collect the balance 50% indirectly???

    Don’t collect the 50% directly lah ya, nanti bersalah dan tak boleh bertanding! Do it indirectly (by TT or internet banking or you know lah caranya asalkan indirectly), the Lembaga Disiplin will allow that.

    I am the one stupid, for thinking you 304 Pemuda are bodoh.

    How bodoh I am diperbodohkan oleh Pemuda2 Bodoh, oops smart!!!

    Inilaaaaah baaaarisan kitaaaa, yang bodoh, bodoh, bodoh…….Now Everyone Can Sing….


  18. I have a new motto for 304 Perwakilan Pemuda UMNO –

    ” Melayu Pemuda UMNO Berani Bodoh ”

    Syabas kerana berani bodoh untuk memilih ketua anda yang didapati bersalah!*

    *Nota: Bukan tuduhan tetapi fakta oleh Lembaga Disiplin.

    Sudah masuk RM10,000 beb, and ada bonus lagi selepas keputusan menang…..maaf, indirectly paid, no receipt issued.

    Anyway, result summary:-

    Non-Khairy = 486
    Wenger J Khairy = 304
    Majority to Non-Khairy = 182 (so who really won?)

    In reality, I believe all 790 Pemuda UMNO yang kalah!!! Bodoh** punya Pemuda.

    **bermaksud arrogant dumb stupid dungu and tidak bijak tapi sombong seperti Nasha Bin Edwin (rupa nya ramai Nasha2 dalam Pemuda KJ)


  19. JMD,
    KJ won. Happy he has, i think this guy deserves a chance and Najib shld appt MM as MT. Let the two help the party out and not be so biased next time. Look at Rafidah, it was certainly the kiss of death.


  20. salam… it is my first time here…

    seeing the result yesterday… its like a disaster to UMNO with KJ winning the Youth Chief post.


  21. Dear JMD,

    I do not know how the rest feels but to take all night until almost midnight to count just that number of ballot papers is very telling. And for the result in the end to favour KJ (whether true or not) is suspicious indeed.

    And for it to happen to the Youth side, the so-called would-be inheritors of UMNO and for Malaysia is very worrying. Because of this I seriously hope that Najib’s plan to revamp the voting system goes through unimpeded. The plan is similar to the Primaries in US as its ramifications and repercussions is felt throughout the nation. Therefor it is fair that the entire UMNO members (or those eligible to vote basd on the T&C) is allowed to have a say in who they want to represent them at UMNO Malaysia rather then being dictated by the warlords, overlords and underlords etc.

    Campaign funds should be allowed subject to capping and monitoring possibly by a reputable accounting firm. Counting of votes too should possibly be outsourced to this or these accounting firm(s). This form of being transparent may do volumes to UMNOs reputation and image.

    During voting no UMNO member or UMNO sympathisers etc should be allowed to be involved.

    Results should than be announced by the accounting firm and not by the Permanent Chairman as they too may be suspect. The exercise need to be taken seriously and announced seriously and not in a carefree manner as heard last night. Its effects affect to the very core of our nation.

    The next UMNO elections will be in 2012. If they do not consider such serious changes come 2013 UMNO will have lost the opportunity to show that they have listened to the rakyat.



  22. JMD,

    There goes one hope. KJ is in. Let’s see how he’s going to manage things.

    Good to see your post. But I’ll wait for your review of the the whole session after this.



  23. JMD,

    1. You are lagging in your posting. It’s quite alright. Business
    has to go on.

    2. By the time I commented this, results of yesterday’s
    voting ( 25 Mac ) were already known.

    3. If you still remember I commented in your blog, that
    Datuk Mukhriz’s chances were 50-50?

    4 I did email him from the website address I got from you.
    Thanks for the help.

    5. But I suppossed , to those who had worked hard , they
    deserved to win.

    6. Frankly, Datuk Mukhriz did not campaign enough as
    KJ did.

    7. Though Datuk Mukhriz is the grassroots’ favourite and
    he did not breach any party ethics, he still didnt win.

    8. KJ’s victory speech was full of sarcasms and confidence.
    His speech was similar to DS Abdullah’s when Abdullah
    won the 2004 Election, he quoted,
    ” Please work with me “.
    Similarly KJ said “Please stand by me”.

    9. He even displayed his authority by instructing the youth
    to vote for DS Hishamuddin.

    10. To KJ I wish him all the best. Your wish to be the
    youngest PM of Malaysia may come true after all.

    11. So much for change in UMNO. (Im not surprised if TS Mat
    Taib comes out the winner in today’s voting).

    May Allah saves us all.


    • Dear Sujini,

      The way that JMD has not responded to our comments as he usually do is as if he is shocked, surprised or devastated by last night’s result. If this is an indicator, may Allah help us all indeed.


  24. UMNO has a chance to change last night. But they refuse to. It looks like the PEOPLE will have to change them after all.
    God bless Malaysia.


  25. UMNO had a chance to change themselves last night, but they refuse to do it.

    It looks like the PEOPLE will have to change UMNO after all.


  26. Pingback: Pemuda UMNO: Antara Sudah, Sedang dan Belum Matang « On Da Street

  27. Salam JMD,

    KJ won!
    You can bet your bollocks that most non malays will vote for BN in PRU13.
    I heard UMNO was seriuz to reform but then again.
    Lip service dies hard.
    Ten years from now saluran 4 will be saluran 3.
    Future saluran 4 will vote for opposition for sure.
    Opposition will form the Government hands down unless DSAI is C4/ISA/Allahyarham.
    Please write an article to clearify how US primaries work.
    It might save UMNO as most of your readers are below 40s.


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