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Anti PPSMI – A cover up for ineptitude?

1) The Gerakan Mansuhkan PPSMI (GMP) is truly a one of a kind group of people.

2) These opponents of PPSMI are mostly those who were educated in the english medium i.e. in senior cambridge, MCE etc.

ppsmisokong3) Despite their educational background (they spend their school life in the English medium) they remain passionate about Bahasa Melayu and this proves that regardless what language one chooses to adopt as his medium, he can remain patriotic to his national language.

4) Gapena and former DBP stalwarts who are leading the GMP should accept much blame for the need to resort to study the two subjects in English as there are insufficient translated works. If they had not been busy playing politics and instead focus on translating those Maths and Science books into Malay, the necessity to revert to English for the two subjects would have been diluted. These people need to answer about this ineptitude first and foremost before launching themselves into this lose-lose situation.

5) In my observation, ever since national schools were fully converted into Malay medium, Malay students sent abroad to study Maths and Science related disciplines failed to be outstanding at least in their first year which was spent to understand the terms and jargons in English.

6) If Malays are to progress in a global environment, they have to master Maths and Science-related disciplines and not Arts and Social Sciences, which incidentally the disciplines of most of those in the GMP. Hence, I am sceptical whether these people would be empathetic with the situation faced by the Science students.

7) The question is, how long are the Malays going to try to make everything easy for their children? Surely a bit of a struggle makes them tough by introducing PPSMI. 

8 ) Why are we pampering our children so much? Or are we actually trying to pamper the teachers and the people in DBP? Are they burdened with too much work? Is teaching Maths and Science that difficult for the teachers? Is translating English books to Malay an extremely arduous task? The reason why not many scientific books were translated from English into Malay was precisely because there is lack of people in DBP that could understand the scientific terms in English.   

9) Furthermore, when PPSMI was introduced, the national schools were at its lowest ebb with non-Malays prefering vernacular schools. By introducing PPSMI back in 2002, the national schools were selling a new packaging which was supposed to be more appealing to the less chauvinist non-Malays.  

10) Did we not hear all the calls by parents that the level of education in Malaysia is deteriorating? Are the people in GMP have the same aspirations with the parents?

11) Arguments that countries like Japan and Korea had done well in fields of Maths and Scence is not a comparison as their nations which included their advanced status in the two fields had allowed them to progress while sticking to their national language.

12) They achieved what they had become today because many many decades ago, they had studied English in order to gain knowledge in the fields of Maths and Science. Eventually, they had become a strong nation which could glorify and protect their own language! Hence, my contention in paragraph (3) above applies.

13) Lately, even this seems to have saturated as these nations are scrambling to push their people to adopt English once again especially in the two fields. In a matter of years time, China for instance, will become the biggest country in the world which have English as a speaking language.

14) Comparatively, Malaysians are more in demand than Indonesians or Thais in the international market merely because they speak English. But that had only confined them in the service industry and menial tasks. With their command of the language in the Science and Maths, they will be highly in demand for the more advanced technological field.

15) It has only been 6 years since the policy was introduced. Give it a chance to flourish. As it is, it had not caused any damage to the students. It is more ethical for the people in DBP to support PPSMI than to be against it. For the pride of the national language, they should work hand in hand with the government on how to improve the PPSMI approach. Not to be against it totally. They need to push the teachers to be more dedicated and hardworking so that they will become proficient enough to teach in English.

16) To protect a national language, one has to be strong enough to do that.

17) In the time of the Melaka Sultanate, Malay was the lingua franca of the region because they were a successful race, capable of standing on their own. How did they become successful so that Malay became the lingua franca? By being leaders in the economy. By being able to gain knowledge by studying books from other civilisations. They learned other languages to gain the upperhand in commerce at that time. Malay language did not become lingua franca overnight. It became the lingua franca just because the people who spoke the language became great.

18) What good is the national language if the knowledge pool of the people is diminishing? What good is the national language if the DBP could not even perform their task to quickly translate English books into Malay? In my opinion, GMP is just trying to cover up their own weaknesses. Stop playing politics and concentrate on your work please.

19) The government on the other hand should remain steadfast in the decision made because to back down now would be a sign of weakness. I am sure the government do not want to be flip flopping all over again. That is the trademark of a weak administration. Weak governments will be neutered by the opposition all the time. In the end, nothing will progress.

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101 thoughts on “Anti PPSMI – A cover up for ineptitude?

  1. JMD

    As always, your reasoning is lucid, cogent, concise, clear and, therefore, compelling. But, I am, of course, part of the converted group. It seems to be an uphill struggle against a phalanx that comprises some of the strangest bedfellows – Malay language chauvinists and Chinese language chauvinists. Will wonders never cease! 😀

    JMD : Thank you for the kind words and comment.


  2. JMD,

    Finally something refreshing to read….getting bored of reading about Perak…

    Tun Mahathir said while he was at Manchester university in April 08 when someone asked him why he decided on this was:

    “To translate knowledge from English to Malay, the person must be an expert in that particular field and an expert in translating. A person with such dual expertise is rare…”

    Great leaders have the foresight to see into the future. Something the current leaders lack.



  3. Salam JMD,

    Wouldn’t want to comment on whether it is better to teach Science and Mathematics in English or Bahasa Melayu as at the end of the day, it is the political will that will push it through.

    What is interesting to note is that, by this example we can see the resistance to any policies set by the government. It boils down to a more pertinent issue of unity, trust and respect in the authority of the government. In trusting that whatever decisions made it will be for the good of the collective whole – the rakyat. This reflects the mindset of teachers or even parents that oppose the teaching because had they understood the needs of the country and respected/trusted the MoE’s decision, the would have taken the initiative to brush up their English and carry out their duties as asked of them.

    This is just one of the problems that have cropped up due to leadership issues as you’ve passionately written before. We’d expect more to come if current leaders are continue to be seen as more interested in politicking than running the country as they should be.

    JMD : Thank you Msleepyhead. The quality of our teachers requires to be reviewed. Not just the students’ performance. Now how do we instil dedication? I know a lot of teachers who are at their 110% to help develop good students and citizens of the nation. Unfortunately, mediocrity sets in and some bad apples ruined this honorable profession. Actually, there is too much politics in every level of the education system. That is why we are in such state now. Thank you.


  4. Dear JMD,

    I am a strong supporter of teaching English for ONLY Math & Science …

    but it doesn’t mean that i am neglecting BM … I am proud of it and would really see all Malaysians citizen cherish BM as their main national language … meaning speaking and writing correctly laaaa …

    English is a TOOL … for us to move forward …
    BM is our proud heritage … for us to have IDENTITY …

    Learning and teaching in English is not dangerous … in fact it is beneficial …

    it its shear stupidity if people said that English will corrode our love of BM …

    It depends on how we teach our future generation to value BM … if we instill a good comprehension of BM importance in their life … then if the children are FORCED to study in English or Chinese or Indian, they will stay true to BM , heck they even cherish the love of BM …

    i want to see my child to have bright future in engineering, the same as me ….

    in engineering, technology and science community, it is very crucial to communicate and convey information/results/finding in a manner that can sure everybody comprehend what the message is …

    try to imagine …. how to translate inertia or momentum in true blue BM … heck we even copied it into BM wholely … the reason is? we do not want to lose the gist of the word .. the real meaning …

    if not, our fren DBP could find a proper word to replace it …

    if the GMP (DBP, GAPENA) can promised that they wont be LAZY in providing the translations … then be it …

    but they failed to do this, then if our future generation slow to progress … they have the balls to admit that they are wrong …

    dont blame parents … dont blame government … and dont blame others ..

    i agree that Japan/Korea/India can do their own way because they work hard to study and use the knowledge to benefit them … we should do that to … first step to learn …


    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  5. I was the last batch to sit for my Math and Science in English for the then MCE. All the other subjects I sat for were already in Malay. More than 20 years later UMNO decides to go back to the MCE system. 20 years means UMNO had wiped out TWO generations of students due to their own language chauvinism. Let me ask you a simple question. Who killed the MCE? The SPM today is exactly as it was when the MCE was conducted for the last time in Peninsula Malaysia.

    Now you same UMNO clowns want Malaysians to believe that reverting to Math and Science in English is for the betterment of Malaysia. Unfortunately, many Malaysians do not believe UMNO. Frankly, the non-Malays do not give an ‘f’ as to why there are many Malays who oppose PPSMI. Let me tell you the non-malays know what no good UMNO is up to with the PPSMI though.

    PPSMI or not the non-Malay students will continue to outshine the Malay students in the technical fields for the simple reason that Malay students in general know they will never have to compete or fight for a better life so why torture oneself by taking the science stream. This is the NEP at work here. Stop the NEP and perhaps Malay students will compete again the same way Tun Dr Mahathir did as a young man. But then without the NEP UMNO is dead. This is the new Malay Educational Dilemma

    JMD : Thank you for writing. After sifting through your comment, I have come to the conclusion that even if the government / BN / Umno had launched an anti child abuse program, you will oppose it just for the sake of opposing. What kind of a person are you? All of a sudden talking about the malay this, non malay that… dropping ‘F’ bombs etc. If you’re the kind of student we were producing back then, I am sad to admit, the MCE failed our nation too. I hope I am wrong. I hope students of that time today are not racist like you.

    This is about the education mate. Don’t you have any REAL opinion about the PPSMI? Do you want it or not? Or do you have a third alternative?

    Have all Pakatan Rakyat followers turned into unthinking and hateful zombies? How sad.


  6. Hi JMD, salam,

    Hv been following yr writings/blog for quite some time, agrees with most of yr articles, not all of ’em tho’. Aar well.., you cannot satisfy everbody, ‘can’t ‘ya? 🙂

    As for this “PPSMI Issues”…., I want to write/comments more, but since my youngest kid, is ‘melalaking in the background’, I hv to make this short…

    Learning English doesnt make you less-malays. Stop harrasing our educational systems! IT IS FOR OUR KIDS and FOR THEIR FUTURE!

    English is important for the kids and well…. Let them learn English in schools, we parents, do our part by teaching them how to be a good sensible person at home.

    Aiseh…, knapelah orang2 melayu ni, tak abih2 dgn issue yg remeh……



  7. dear jmd,
    im not against ppsmi,in fact with the same reason as yours,i do think we need it.
    but the problem is with the students with no english background,those who lives with family who only speaks their mother tongue,be it malay,tamil,cantonese or whatever.
    most of them are not even doing well in the english subject itself,how do u expect for them to straight away and learn heavy stuff like science and math in a language they havent yet master.
    i do think we need to concentrate on the langguage first,push this student to master the langguage as it is.just like before,in the 70s i guess,those from malay medium school need to go trough a year of english classes.that is just one example that i can think of,im sure others will have better.

    JMD : Firstly, we need better teachers to concentrate on teaching English to the rural students. Just because we have no good teachers, we cannot expect to say, lets revert back to BM! That is a defeatist point of view. Your suggestion is viable. Thank you very much.


  8. Salam JMD,

    PPSMI is a catalyst for fast Technology Development In Malaysia.NOT to destroy the National Language.

    It takes seconds in these days to discover new development in Science and Mathematics Field. And of course alot of this new discoveries are written in English .
    Not to forget it includes new terms in this field as well.

    So think if we were willingly to wait for DBP to translate each of this English for Science and technology into Malay language, I guess we should already replace 2020 with 3030 ?


  9. Hi JMD,

    My theory. I think that the standard of our teachers fell so low that even they are having trouble conversing much less teaching in English. In the last 10 years or so, maybe more, the teaching profession has been the job of the last resort. Where all else fails apply to be a teacher. And some has been known to have really poor results.

    With such poor results how can they inspire the children and be in position to teach. Before we even look and consider abolishing English for Maths and Science we should seriously look towards upgrading the quality of the teachers coming out of the teaching college.

    As they get in a frenzy to debate on this, I continue meeting and interviewing poor quality graduates that does not even have the confidence of constructing simple sentences that begin with “My name is…..”. They have such poor confidence that they cannot even construct good sentences in Bahasa Malaysia either.

    Conversing in Malay or teaching in Malay is not the way to memartabatkan Bahasa Melayu or Bahasa Malaysia. The way to go is to stop Malayanise (is there such a word) English words. Stop calling belanjawan bajet. Stop calling maklumat informasi etc etc etc.

    When the French, Chinese, Japanese do not converse in English it is not because they do not know how but it is cause they do not want to. For some graduates and undergraduates it is not because of the strong pride for Bahasa Malaysia it is because they really do not know.

    Recently I asked a graduate who failed to converse or write in simple English. They have attended school and English classes for 11 years (6 Primary and 5 Secondary) and yet they are still inept. Have they not learned anything?

    It is not the fault of the students that they do not know English or how to use English. It is the fault of the education system that sends out low quality teachers to teach these students. They failed to inspire the students to be curious enough or to work hard enough to better themselves by learning one or more language.

    Our education system has failed to get our children and our students to be more driven. Instead for some we have created robots that is over obsessed with grades instead of getting an education or at the other extreme kids with low self esteem and severe lacking in confidence.

    Get them to fight to improve the system. Fight for better quality educators. Don’t fight tooth and nail to get English out of Maths and Science.

    Oh by the way FYI the graduate that cannot construct simple sentences? She stopped working for me and was accepted to be a teacher.

    I rest my case. Sorry for the long comment it is just that this issue bugs me. Have a good one JMD.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment and sharing your experience Shah.


  10. JMD

    just to add a wee bit on your no 11.

    Both countries are homogeneous nation, both have a very competitive and hierarchical social structure. That is the heart of their success in any field actually.

    At the same time any technology need to be in their language, for instance before Microsoft could enter Korea, the government send a team of programmer to learn kernal programming which is the heart of the system and to get Microsoft to come up with a Korean Language version of windows. So there is a specific policy dedicated to ensure that materials on Science and Technology are translated into Korean.

    At the same time, the competition factor among the 3 Kingdom (Korea, Japan and China) which existed for hundreds of year act as an underlying motivation to drive these countries to excel in the field of science and tech of which both have maths as the underlying discipline.

    That being said their biggest weakness is English which affect the competitiveness and mobility of their resources. For instance english speaking koreans can be paid double in the Finance Industry.

    my own position on the bigger issue is that the government allowed for our National Language to fail by not having specific policies to ensure that the latest materials be it research or any form of knowledge to be translated into Bahasa Malaysia

    Mohon izin pak –

    JMD : Thank you for the input SatD.


  11. Salam,

    *Bagi mereka yang tinggal di bandar-bandar besar, PPSMI mungkin bagus untuk mereka.

    * Tapi bagi murid yang mendiami kawasan kampung, pinggir bandar dan pendalaman adalah sebaliknya.

    * Ringan2 lah tulang menziarahi murid kawasan kampung dan selami lah hati guru-guru yang mengajar PPSMI.


    JMD : Adakah dengan sebab itu, mereka semua cuma akan belajar bahasa inggeris pada kadar satu sessi, satu hari sahaja? Jika murid murid luar bandar ketinggalan, kita mesti berusaha dua kali ganda lebih hebat agar mereka sekurang kurangnya boleh bertutur di dalam bahasa inggeris. Jika kita ingin melihat anak anak kita berjaya, supaya suatu hari nanti mereka boleh mempertahankan bahasa kebangsaan mereka, anak anak ini mesti suatu hari nanti menjadi kapten kapten industri, atau pemimpin pemimpin hebat dan boleh menggerakkan sesuatu usaha diperingkat nasional dan global. Barulah mereka ini akan disegani dan diberi kepercayaan oleh orang ramai. Bagaimana mungkin mereka ini akan mencapai tahap tersebut jika kebolehan berbahasa inggeris mereka amat terhad? Warga GMP yang berumur sekarang ini pun belajar di dalam Bahasa Inggeris semasa mereka bersekolah dahulu. Kini mereka semua menjadi hebat hebat belaka. Hingga sekarang bolehi mengarahkan supaya anak anak kita patut belajar di dalam Bahasa Melayu sahaja. Kita bukannya menidakkan bahasa kebangsaan. Bahasa Melayu digunakan di dalam semua matapelajaran lain. Walau bagaimanapun, kita tunggu sahaja keputusan kabinet. Walau apa pun keputusan, mungkin ada hikmahnya. Terima kasih.


  12. JMD

    I was in the last class of LCE and MCE (so you can guess how young i am now!)

    I survived, progressed and leverage well in both languages. I still love Bahasa Malaysia, to the extent i always adore Bahasa Melayu Klasik.

    Those who are against PPSMI, I would consider them as mere selfish and short-sighted people… Well JMD, the young generations as i always classified them as ‘spoon-fed parrots’

    Isn’t knowing, learning and speaking any other language besides mother tongue language part of knowledge? Is this the first step to tell our young generations to stay away from knowledge? Wake up Malaysians and Malay… dont damn the young generations for our own selfishness!!


  13. ya! go ahead and blame the system.

    and blame everything else but…

    one thing for sure your kid is not an achiever cos his is just plain stupid.


  14. If everybody is programming in Java, and we insist on programming in FORTRAN, we will very soon find ourselves obsolete. If we refuse to learn Java because it is difficult, then we deserve to be obsolete. Susah nak belajar? The Chinese speak three languages right here on our shores.


  15. JMD,

    May I say a word if you please, english languege is an international language and bahasa melayu is our national language and both are as important as wearing shirt and trouser.


  16. En. Jebat,

    Anak saya adalah the first batch yang guna PPSMI ini.

    Sekarang dia sudah tingkatan 1. Sebenarnya agak bagus, tapi kepada mereka yang patriotik ia agak menyedihkan amalan PPSMI ini. Kenapa?. From my experience.

    Just for info I came from pure Malay background. Just a Diploma holder.

    Anak saya tidak tahu apa itu sesungut!. Dia tak tahu apa itu pengewapan! dia tak tahu makna perkataan-perkataan yang biasa digunakan oleh Melayu (of cource that related to Science / English).

    And actually this is sad things for me. Dan saya percaya kalau diteruskan, akan hilang perkataan-perkataan Bahasa Malaysia ini.

    Pada saya umur antara 7 – 12 tahun adalah masa untuk kita tanamkan semangat patriotik dalam diri mereka.

    To speak in English, you have to have confidence dan berani terutama kepada mereka yang bukan dari keluarga yang mengamalkan komunikasi dalam bahasa ini. We see Chinese, all the while they did not have this PPSMI but they are much more better than our kids in English. In fact almost each of them will ensure that their children do not forget Bahasa Cina.!.

    Saya rasa kita saja yang mengagungkan-agungkan bahasa ini. Perancis, Jepun, dia tak peduli pun.

    JMD : Terima kasih. Jika anak kita tidak faham apa itu sesungut atau pengewapan, itu lah gunanya ada subjek Bahasa Melayu di dalam kelas. Jika itupun dia masih tidak tahu, maka menjadi tanggungjawab KITA sebagai ibu bapa untuk mengajar mana mana yang dia tidak tahu. Seperti yang saudara tulis mengenai bangsa cina – “In fact almost each of them will ensure that their children do not forget Bahasa Cina.!.”

    It is the Malay parents responsibility too to ensure that their children do not forget Bahasa Melayu. Pampering the children, pampering the parents, pampering the teachers. The government should not be treated as sugar daddies to pamper everyone.

    Ibu bapa kaum Melayu tidak boleh lepas tangan sepenuhnya.

    Thank you.


    • Encik JMD,

      kamu, iaitu DIRI kamu, adalah satu paradoks.

      Paradoks adalah satu perkataan, yang orang England sendiri sukar untuk faham, melainkan telah diterangkan kepadanya konsep paradoks itu sendiri dalam bahasa yang mereka faham.

      Mungkin kerana kamu sokong PPSMI, kamu belajar Sains & Matematik dalam Bahasa Inggeris, kamu akan lebih faham erti paradoks secara automatis pertama kali kamu jumpa perkataan itu, lebih dari orang England dalam senario yang sama.

      sila rujuk kenyataan balas kamu, ketika menjawab komen dari ZIZI ( 5 Mac, 2009 at 10:58 pagi).

      Kamu bilang :

      ” JMD : Terima kasih. Jika anak kita tidak faham apa itu sesungut atau pengewapan, itu lah gunanya ada subjek Bahasa Melayu di dalam kelas. Jika itupun dia masih tidak tahu, maka menjadi tanggungjawab KITA sebagai ibu bapa untuk mengajar mana mana yang dia tidak tahu.”

      Jika anak-anak kita tidak tahu istilah S&M dalam bahasa Inggeris, tidakkah perlu itu ditekankan dalam Pengajaran Bahasa Inggeris?

      Siapa pula yang hendak mengajar anak-anak kita Sains dan Matematik yang mereka langsung tidak faham sepatah haram?

      Para penyokong PPSMI, setakat yang saya jumpa dan saya cabar (ya, saya CABAR) di internet, gagal menyatakan bukti non-emosional, bukti yang empiris, untuk menyokong kehendak mereka.

      Apa kata kalian tentang statistik merudum keputusan peperiksaan baru-baru ini?

      Apa alasan yang kalian akan berikan, jika saya tuntut pemertanggungjawaban atas kejatuhan prestasi pelajar-pelajar SBP dan MRSM dalam SPM baru-baru ini.

      Anda berani kata mereka malas? Saya sendiri produk MRSM. Jika ada yang berani kata kami malas dan tidak berusaha saya berani cili mulut mereka walaupun kemudiannya saya perlu ke penjara. Kami menjawab 200 soalan matematik sehari, 1000 soalan seminggu. Kami boleh, kerana kami faham. Adik-adik kami?

      Sebelum buka mulut, fikirkan akibatnya kepada orang lain. Internet adalah medan media yang amat berkuasa, dengan kuasa datang tanggungjawab.

      Saya tidak mahu anak saya pandai Bahasa Inggeris, jika harga yang perlu dibayar adalah bodoh Sains dan Matematik.

      JMD : Terima kasih. Saudara dinasihatkan supaya jangan emosional apatah lagi apabila meminta penjelasan non emosional.


      • Saudara Anas,
        Maaf jika mencelah dan sekadar ingin bertanya.

        Jika anak saudara pandai dalam bahasa inggeris, kebarangkalian besar dia akan faham sains dan matematik dalam bahasa inggeris.

        Anda sebagai bekas pelajar MRSM, saya pasti anda tahu kepentingan penguasaan bahasa inggeris dalam bidang pengajian tinggi dan pekerjaan.

        Baik MRSM, SBP mahupun sekolah harian biasa, kesemua memiliki peluang untuk maju. Pelajar Sekolah harian juga boleh berjaya andai mereka berusaha sebaik anda. Anda sendiri katakan “Kami menjawab 200 soalan matematik sehari, 1000 soalan seminggu. Kami boleh, kerana kami faham”. Apakah anda menidakkan kebijaksanaan pelajar harian biasa? Apakah pelajar yang cemerlang dengan lebih 10A1 itu datangnya daripada SBP dan MRSM sahaja?

        Cuba baca ini..apakah dia datangnya daripada MRSM atau SBP?

        Saya rasa dia bukan pelajar MRSM mahupun SBP…

        Jika dia boleh, mengapa yang lain tidak?



  17. JMD,
    I am from the old school and converse in English well ‘cos most of my friends speak English. However, being a businessman I write my letters and proposals in BM ‘cos of the goverment’s policy. Now I find it difficult to write in good english, however your blog give me the opportunity to brush up on my English. Let me compliment you on your command of English language, which is very articulate.
    Recently I read in english newspaper, that a Penang Tourism Exco had failed to converse well in english and make a fool of himself in Australia and at the same time tarnish Penag’s image, where even beca peddlers can speak english.
    The point I like to stress, as Malaysia is a very small country we still need english to be global players and please GMP understand this and donot politicise everythings. We are tired of all these politikings.


  18. You know what, JMD? I wished they had never screwed up the education system. How I wish Sekolah Menengah Inggeris still exists. I am saying this because not so long ago a colleague asked, in all innocence: “So, what is the because?” .. It makes you want to cry…


  19. You said that during the time of Malacca time, Malay was the lingua franca because the malay was a capable race.
    Using this argument I really doubt that PPSMI will make Malay a capable race either! I think it is a wrong priority for the government to focus on PPSMI when what they should do is to look at the root cause of the problem… why Malaysia is not capable of producing great invention.
    It’s about the inept government.
    In the end the Malay language and the Malay people will become the victim. The growth of Malay language will be flat with no new terminology being develop.

    JMD : I think PPSMI is the first tiny step to ensure that Malaysia CAN produce great inventions in the future. Thank you.


  20. JMD, saya sokong PPSMI. Walaubagaimapun saya ingin tulis komen saya dalam bahasa kebangsaan untuk memartabatkan bahasa kebangsaan. Saya rasa kerajaan tidak melakukan apa-apa kesalahan dengan menggunakan English untuk mengajar matapelajaran Sains dan Matematik. Malah ianya amat membantu menyediakan para pelajar untuk ke peringkat yang lebih tinggi. Pengalaman saya sendiri di universiti, amat sukar hendak mencari buku2 rujukan dalam bahasa Melayu, boleh dikatakan tiada langsung.

    Saya juga difahamkan, jika para pelajar ini memang lemah, para pelajar juga boleh manjawab peperiksaan menggunakan bahasa melayu (dwi-bahasa). Jadi saya tidak nampak apa-apa masalah di sini.

    Dalam apa sahaja matapelajaran Sains, pelajar amat perlu menguasai bahasa Inggeris, sekurang-kurangnya memahami keseluruhan istilah yang digunakan. Di sini guru-guru Sains dan Matematik ini perlu memainkan peranan yang amat penting dalam menaikkan prestasi para pelajar. Oleh sebab itulah, guru-guru Sains dan Matematik ini diberi elaun khas dan kemudahan-kemudahan lain seperti komputer riba.

    Saya amat hairan mengapa terdapat puak-puak yang mempolitikkan isu ini secara berlebihan. Orang melayu seharusnya lebihkan usaha meneroka dan rajin berusaha untuk menjadi lebih maju, bukannya sibuk berdemonstrasi menjadi “hero”. Kenapa tiba-tiba sahaja, puak-puak pembangkang termasuk DAP sibuk memperjuangkan bahasa kebangsaan? Saya tengok, Lim Guan Eng sendiri, amat lemah sekali penguasaan bahasa Malaysianya. Haji Hadi dan Nik Aziz juga tidak petah berbahasa Malaysia tulen tanpa tercalit sedikit pun pelat pantai timur apabila berucap.

    Bak kata JMD, daripada pakar-pakar bahasa sibuk melakukan demonstrasi, ada baiknya mereka menggunakan masa yang ada untuk menterjemahkan buku-buku ilmiah sains ini daripada Bahasa Inggeris ke Bahasa Malaysia. Setelah cukup semua, kemudian kita gunakan bahan-bahan terjemahan itu dalam pembelajaran.

    Kurang-kurangkanlah berpolitik, kasihanlah anak-anak kita. Kita jangan takutkan mereka, sebaliknya, kita perlu beri galakan kepada mereka dan beri semangat.

    Terima Kasih.


      • Saudara Anas,
        Saya fikir, jika untuk kemajuan dan faedah untuk generasi akan datang, tiada salahnya jika ianya datang daripada Barisan atau Pakatan.

        Yang penting, kita maju dan makmur selain punya sahsiah yang tinggi (bagi umat Islam – iman yang kuat dan taqwa yang tinggi)

        ~ ODS


  21. First thing first, this is very interesting topic carved out by you JMD. Let me start with my experiences. Since I was a kid, I lived at Felda Jengka 1. From standard 1 till Form 5, I hate English subject. I also got “ZERO” in SPM trial. But somehow I managed to get 5c in SPM for English subject. After that, I continue my study in Computer Engineering course. Start from that, to have friends with various background, the poor, the rich, the ‘budak kampung’, the ‘budak bandar’, I started to listen to English songs. For once in my life time, I searched for meaning of unknown words from dictionary by my own will. No one push me and no one force me. After that, i have improved my English
    till I was said as an influent English user by Americans I met.

    So, my point is, I agree and I do not agree with “SHAH”. I agree that there is highly necessary for theachers to inspire students to learn English especially at rural area like me. But, I do not agree with you at all to put all the blame on teachers for those kids who refuse to learn English. Looking at their family style and their surrounding, I guess no wonder why they refuse to learn English. I guess you know what I meant. Plus, if they have the desire to become fluent in English, the must have iron will to master it by their own. The teachers could only pass their knowledge, and the rest is up to the students themself. “The teacher is the door to the world full of knowledge but the student holds the key – Unknown”. So, to make the students better in English, they must have their own effort !!

    Me myself is a teacher. But i hate being a teacher at first, because being a teacher is my father’s wish. After I saw the improvement I have made to the students I teached, I amazed with myself cause Im able to give brand new knowledge to them and they can implement it in their life. I will not argue with you that there are teachers who being a teacher for job and money sake. But neither you nor me can talk dirty behind ones back. We are nobody to judge peoples on what they have done and on what they are doing. Believe or not, they still attend the classes and still give their knowledge to your children. Owh, believe it or not, without a teacher, you will be nobody like who you are now.

    Regarding the PPSMI, Im the absolute fan of PPSMI. I teach Physics and I think it much more interesting when teach Physics in English compare to my time learn Physics in Bahasa Melayu. The technical terms, I just can use it straight away without have to elaborate each time what does that term means. As simple as that. It’s so fascinating to teach Physics in English and it become more fascinating when the students listen to what Im saying very very well. And it will become much much more
    fascinating when the students apply what they had learnt ! It will be a sad day for me to see if the PPSMI reverted.

    Owh, FYI “SHAH”, regarding the ex-staff that so call used to work for you, perhaps she has other ability and wisdom that suit her to be a teacher. Dosen’t mean she has no ability and wisdom that you are demanded, she has no other ability and wisdom at all. Oh, come on “SHAH”. You are old enough to know that we are no right at all to judge people. Nobody is perfect. Yeah, NOBODY !

    Thank you and sorry for the long comment. It is just the “SHAH”s comment bugs me.

    JMD : Good on you. In school, physics was the subject that I was lagging behind. I should have had you as my teacher back then! 🙂


    • Interesting comment. Sorry if I insulted teachers in anyway it was not my intention at all. But I give talks to students in Universities all the time and I keep on meeting students that converse poorly.

      My intention to meet the students was to get them prepared with the working world. Or even before that to prepare them to be confident during interviews. I have even been known to guide them during interviews because I pity them.

      My argument remains. With 11 years of education don’t tell me not once the teachers detect that the students does not have the confidence or the ability to converse. I also stand by my argument that in the last 10 years there has been some deterioration.

      If we argue that there are too many students in one class. Where I came from we had nearly 50 in one class. And yet the teachers were still dedicated enough to make sure that each and everyone get an education and not merely to complete a syllabus.

      It irks me that some people choose teaching as a last resort. And it irks me that some people I know that have applied to be a teacher do so after all else fails. Teaching should be back at the forefront of all profession because for god’s sake people’s lives and future are in their hands.

      Teachers should be better compensated too, in order to attract more to that profession. Instead for people that may decide on the future state of our nation they are fairly poorly paid.

      We should ensure that we do not change the policies each time we change the Education Minister. We need to ensure that we come up with a proper Human Capital Blueprint that must be adhered to. And that should be comprehensive enough to include preparing the building blocks of our future. It need to include the overall plans for our education system.


  22. Salam JMD.
    My daughter was one of the pioneer students who had to do the maths and science in english. I never hear her complain about the switch. I think its the teachers that is feeling the strain of teaching in english because of their inept command of english!


  23. Dear JMD,

    All Malaysians, not only the Malays, are obliged to protect and be proud of Bahasa Malaysia being the national language of the country. Each and every Malaysian should be proficient (read and write) in this language that will ultimately unite all the ethnic groups in the country.

    Though we may have some reservations about the conduct of the British when they colonized Malaysia, we are not studying their language but what the Malaysians and the peoples of the world have to study is a language that belongs to the world of science and technology. Just like Islam, this religion does not belong to the Arabs only. It is a religion of the world, depicting a way of life.

    Politics with self-interest in mind should not be practiced in Malaysia, at the expense of Bahasa Malaysia and the English language. The survival of the many should be given top priority against the survival of the selfish few.

    Thanks and regards.


  24. I agree totally that BM is not even ready to replace the English language especially for business, science and technology as pointed out by bleached_4ever. I remember turning on my pc at the office and the message said “gagal menjalin hubungan dengan hos.” Sounded like I was trying to have a relationship and got rejected. Maybe there was nothing wrong with this translation but the soul was lost.

    We have to admit that we are not “there” yet. Ask the professionals like captains of industries, HR heads and enterpreneurs what do they look for in our students and not what these DBP fellows want. Let us just admit that BM will not bring us far at this point. Arguing over the fact that the teachers and students are not ready is just taking the easy way out. Work on it lah. One day, the students would have to go to the real world and its not “dunia melayu.” Not yet.

    Hei, I love bahasa malaysia too, you know!


    • hehehe …

      luckily it was not “gagal menjalin hubungan dengan bos” …

      haru …

      it keep me wondering … apakah agenda GMP?

      if they really want to protect BM, then the first thing is promote not provoke … what happened to the yesteryear where we can see AD in RTM1 – Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa or the ‘bahasa menyatukan kite semua’ song thingy .. still can’t remember the title … there is other way instead asking government to kaji this and kaji that …

      if the teacher can’t converse properly in english then train them … if they feel the heat cause of their weaknesses then they are really not worthy of being ‘PENDIDIK’ …

      students, whether in ‘bandar’ or ‘kampung’ or ‘hulu’ should not make excuses … it is the matter of heart and willingness … to be successful, you need to be prepared … and using English as a TOOL, a lot of path shall be opened … remember USAHA tangga kejayaan, if nobody want to help you, you help yourself …

      parents should be open-minded on this issues and be cooperative with all parties … student, teachers and government …. analyze and make decision on the future .. the path that will be the bread and butter of the child and at the same time instill important values such as BM, agama and moral ….

      politicians, please stop taking advantages of people … prioritize in building the nation …. we can progress and at the same time keep our values that identify us as Malaysian …. we just need the right vehicle …

      please for once … think out of the box … and see the bigger picture



  25. I don’t understand what is the big hu ha about teaching our children english in Maths and Science.

    Politicians and headline grabbers had a field day in justifying their pros and cons for teaching maths and science in english but they had forgotten that by “boycott” or protest such measures, the new malay generation will loose out in future dealings.

    The ministry has the right intention but they should have thought about building the base first before implementing such measures. I would like to draw all of you to these few simple measures that the education ministry can do before actually promoting english in maths and science:

    1. All teachers should be trained in english first before asking them to teach in english. Almost all of our teachers are weak in mastering english themselves.

    2. Ministry should invest in the teachers development first before changing the school text books. Changing the school text book would only make the suppliers richer and not the students as the student would not have proper guidence from their weak teachers.

    3. Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka should seriously considering translating english to malay terms for the maths and science jargons

    4. Standardized all schools to sekolah kebangsaan. No more “jenis keangsaan” if the sekolah jenis got better learning sylbus, why not adapt it into the sekolah kebangsaan?

    5. Learning 2nd or 3rd language has always proven better for the brain. Look at the chinese and indians. They have to learn malay in order to communicate. If you can master 2 language, the brain automatically can perform better.

    I strongly suggest the education ministry to reform their vision as to better equip our future students in facing more challanging times ahead.

    If they cannot do it, I can offer myself to lead the education ministry. I know I can do better job as I would not have any political interest. I just want to make sure that the Malays would not loose.

    JMD : Thank you for thinking up ideas about the situation.


    • This is so great. I can’t agree more with your ideas. Especially with the teachers developments. They (MoE) have the systems such as ETEMS course, Buddy Support and etc. But I don’t think it gives the positive impact like they think. I don’t know why but I think because English is a language. Language is a skill. In order to get the upper hand of any language, we need a constant practice. We need the continuity. We need to speak English everyday. We can’t simply learn English and never speak English or just speak a little bit of English everyday. Unfortunately, this is so true about how to master any skills. We can’t learn how to drive but never drive a car. We can’t learn the computer programming but never practice it. We can’t learn how to cook but never try to cook. Im sure it will produces a bad taste, don’t you think ?

      So, I guess MoE just need to prepare the platform for Maths and Science teachers to get together for a bit long period of time, say, 3 months and they just could speak and communicate with each other in English. The ETEMS course only held for 2 weeks ! But I guess it needs a lot of sacrifices from the teachers. Who want to away from the family for 3 months ? But still, its just a necessary sacrifice to make for our God, Religion and Nation sake. One way or another, its just only my thought.


    • Berhenti menyalahkan Pejuang Bahasa dan DBP.

      Datuk Hassan Ahmad, A. Samad Said, Ainon Ahmad, mereka semua bukan muda.

      Anda patut fikirkan tentang siapa yang UMNO letak sebagai Ketua Pengarah DBP.

      Johan Jaafar adalah badut kelas satu.

      Lihat apa beliau lakukan kepada Mastika? Dari wadah intelek kepada majalah hantu.

      Orang begini yang diharapkan untuk mengendarai DBP?

      Realitinya perit saudara, bahasa kita sedang dibunuh.

      JMD : Perenggan keempat di dalam artikel ini bertepatan dengan komen saudara. Siapakah yang mengepalai DBP sebelum ini? Apa jawapan Presiden Kesatuan Pekerja2 DBP di atas kekurangan bahan rujukan di dalam bahasa Melayu? Apa yang mereka buat selama ini?

      Sebenarnya saudara, bahasa Melayu bukannya dibunuh. Ianya di politikkan untuk menukar kerajaan. Bahasa Melayu tidak mungkin dibunuh jika kerajaan yang dipimpin adalah berteraskan jiwa Melayu.

      Demo anti PPSMI kelmarin menunjukkan kekeliruan jiwa Melayu itu sendiri. Mereka sanggup untuk berdemonstrasi di atas isu yang sedang dikaji dan belum pun diputuskan oleh kerajaan. PPSMI sememangnya bukan untuk merendah rendahkan bahasa Melayu seperti yang saya terangkan kepada pembaca bernama Zizi. Di dalam 10 matapelajaran di sekolah, hanya 3 di ajar di dalam bahasa Inggeris.

      Mereka yang merendah rendahkan bahasa Melayu adalah mereka yang terlibat di dalam skandal penggunaan pelbagai bahasa di papantanda jalan; mereka yang mempertikaikan cadangan agar aliran sekolah di Malaysia disatukan di bawah satu bumbung (agar pelajar pelbagai kaum belajar di dalam sistem pelajaran yang selari dengan kehendak perlembagaan – sila baca disini). Di mana GMP ketika isu ini hebat dibahaskan di dalam blog? Di mana saudara ketika itu? PAS ketika itu menikus seribu bahasa. Mereka juga dengan lantang berkata bahawa BANGSA tidak penting. Hanya AGAMA yang mereka perjuangkan. Apa sudah jadi sekarang? Kita melihat keranda bertulis artikel 152 dijunjung dan diarak di tengah jalan. Apa maksud semua ini?

      Adakah PAS dan DAP (melalui Dong Jiao Ziong) bersetuju dengan Bahasa Melayu sebagai ‘supreme’ di Malaysia? Saya lebih suka jika DJZ juga akan membenarkan pembelajaran Sains dan Matematik di dalam BM di sekolah2 vernakular jika mereka benar benar ikhlas untuk memperjuangkan Bahasa Melayu. Tetapi ini bukan yang mereka perjuangkan. Betul? Jadi, apakah tujuan mereka menyokong GMP?

      Jika GMP benar benar ingin memartabatkan Bahasa Melayu, mereka harus memartabatkan Bangsa dahulu. Akan tetapi, ini bertentangan dengan laungan Ketuanan Rakyat mereka. Realitinya saudara, jika ingin melaungkan semangat dan jiwa Bahasa Melayu, kita kena ada polisi yang pro Bangsa Melayu. Betul?

      Dan PAS menyerlahkan hipokrasi mereka apabila ikut serta berarak sambil menjerit ‘Hidup Bangsa!’. Apabila mereka mengkritik Umno yang memperjuangkan Bangsa, mereka berkata hak hak Melayu sudah termaktub di dalam Perlembagaan. Oleh itu, perjuangan Umno adalah perjuangan yang sia sia dan hanya ingin mempertahankan kuasa mereka sahaja.

      Maka dengan alasan yang sama, apa yang hendak ditakutkan oleh para pemimpin PAS kerana perlembagaan juga sudah memaktubkan bahawa Bahasa Melayu tidak akan dibunuh.

      Sejak bila pula PAS menjadi Umno? Melaungkan slogan Hidup Bangsa, Hidup Bahasa Melayu semata mata kerana tidak bersetuju dengan Umno di dalam pengajaran matapelajaran2 tersebut?

      Saya melihat isu bahasa ini di dalam konteks yang lebih besar. Hanya mereka yang berfikiran sempit sahaja yang terperangkap di dalam dogma pejuang bahasa tersebut. Terima kasih.


  26. JMD,

    Since quite a number of commentators are last batch MCE, I am proud to say I am the first batch of SPM. Seriously, no harm has been done for me as I come from English being spoken at home background which I am currently doing for my children. Guess what? I am totally Malay and so are my children. I did not end up being a science and mathematic graduate and yet I am a proponent in learning mathematics and science in English for a very simple reason; English as a language is a living language. If you do not practise you will have no mastery regardless if you have intention of being Science or Mathematics graduate or not.

    Given the current situation where English as a form communication medium is deteriorating, my children will need as much practise and application as they can get. Being a consultant who deals with clients of different nationalities at both local and international level, it is really pathetic to see the Malays trying to articulate themselves intelligently with no mastery of even the Malay language much less the English language. I am also a facilatator and a trainer, where I deliver in either or both Malay and English language.

    The point I am trying to make it is very simple, I am proud to be Malay and I am proud of my Malay language and I am also proud of the fact that I am able to articulate myself well and communicate regardless of the medium language that I choose. That my dear friend should be the only reason –

    Mastery of language or knowledge with no excuses or justification for mediocrity.

    Keturunan Jebat

    JMD : Thank you for the comment Jebat.


  27. Salam JMD,

    I guess my comments are not specifically for PPSMI, but regarding the fate of Bahasa Kebangsaan (Bahasa Malaysia, BM)

    I give my support for using english to teach math & science, not because english is ‘the language’ but because, to me, BM has become too weak to become that teaching language nowadays.

    And I agree that, it looks like people are busy playing politics and not focus on the well being of BM, and I would say that include our leaders as well (and yeah, me included).

    Yes, why belanjawan became bajet? What about proses, polis, komputer, radio, roket etc? One of my main task in my previous job duty was drafting proposal papers for the deliberation of board members which involved the use of technical terms. These draft papers had to be endorsed by the head of my division before the papers went into the board room. I had always use english (I am a malay) until one day, a new division head came. He was En. Th’ng Yong Huat. To my surprise, my draft papers came back to my desk one day, the whole paper was completely re-drafted by the new division head, all in Bahasa Malaysia!

    I never knew before, that ‘boiler drum’ is ‘kepuk dandang’ in BM. Yes, it sounds a little bit funny to me, perhaps as funny as ‘penggera rumah/kereta’ vs. ‘alarm rumah/kereta’; or ‘ABC istimewa’ vs. ‘ABC special’; and so on, and on. But words like polis, roket, proses etc doesn’t sound funny any longer.

    I sincerely hope that Malaysians who will learn Math & Science (Kimia, Fizik, Biografi, Matematik Tambahan etc when they reach Sekolah Menengah) will also have a very good command of BM. If not, how in the world they would be able to translate the terms they learned into BM later when they themselves dont even master BM?

    For us all to have good command of BM and keep improving that good command from time to time (please also dont forget that we must have good command of English as it is our second language), then:-

    1. All who claim that they are MALAYSIAN (only 27 million plus in this world – that includes me), please do not put Bahasa Kebangsaan at the back seat. Use it among us, Malaysians. We will use English with all FOREIGNERS (the rest of the world, billions in numbers)

    2. DBP, GAPENA and the likes – please we need your hard work and commitment to enrich BM from time to time.

    3. Our leaders – please ensure that Bahasa Kebangsaan is really at its proper place in Malaysia, as stipulated in the Constitution.

    I live in KL. Malaysians here dont really speak Bahasa Kebangsaan. Its either English or Chinese. I saw many advertisement boards, many in English and some with not even a complimentary BM. Many flyers, advertisements I received in my mailbox, all in English and some with English and Chinese only. Even our government link companies somehow forgot to print their messages in BM and some even print them in Chinese language. I went to a tourism fair one day and I asked myself, am I in Malaysia or am I in China? Kementerian Dalam Negeri & local authorities – what has happened here? BM no longer the language of Malaysians? Kementerian Penerangan, no longer controls TV & Radio contents. I wonder what is the percentage of BM content in our TV & Radio compare to English. Or perhaps BM is even behind Chinese language in the TV & radio?

    One day I was chatting in BM with my malaysian friend in our US University. An American friend came to join us and said, “This is America, please speak American”. Back here, I was with my neighbours and I felt very uneasy when both of them spoke a language I dont understand. Obviously not BM, not English but both of the neighbours are Malaysian (!) or should say Malaysian (?).

    I thought I read in the newspaper sometimes ago that you no longer need a credit in BM in order to join the army or police force. Just ‘Lulus’ is enough. Now do I see many non-Malays rush to join the forces? but I see another incident BM again being put at the back seat despite its noble place in our very Constitution. Or is it, the status of BM in our Constitution is just a mere lips service?

    A few days ago, I sang to my small daughter, the song MALAYSIA BERJAYA, which song was printed at the back of her book. One phrase written, “SATU BANGSA, SATU BAHASA…kita terus berjaya…..” and our children go to SRJKs in their tender ages….

    I’m sorry, this is too long already. But it is not about PPSMI, not even about Bahasa Kebangsaan. To me, it is about bangsa kita, Satu Bangsa, Satu Negara, Satu Bahasa. It is about the Malaysian Constitution. It is already more than 50 years, and to me, it is a very very long way still for MALAYSIA, truly Malaysia. And things unfolding these days, isn’t helping much, if not sabotaging that Malaysia dream.

    ooohh.. I am writing all these in English, not in BM. As I said above, I am too responsible for BM di tolak secara beransur-ansur, sehingga hilang di dunia.. tak kan Melayu hilang di dunia..what say you Jebat? and I did propose (cynically?) in YB Tun Dr. M’s blog, “why not we change our constitution, we throw away BM and replace it with English..” and open the flood gate for other things in the Constitution to be changed? change is good?

    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  28. JMD

    even though we have very different opinions in most of your posts, at least for this one, i am all in to teach our students in english for science subjects. if possible, art subjects too.

    there is no way i will hire staff who can’t speak and write decent english. and whether you agree or not, it is the same UMNO that have screwed up the education decades ago. i have screened through many CVs from MaRA graduates and sad to say, tak boleh pakai. i am not discriminating malays for your info, we do hire malays who can speak and write well in english. is a necessity and is not a luxury to have good command of english. i really feel very sorry for many of the civil servants (be it high or low rank) who can’t even speak DECENT english.

    JMD : Just like what Demi Negara wrote recently, blame it all in the ‘Umno/BN fitnah bucket’. I am not even a relevant Umno member but I am still offended when people unashamedly accuse every bad thing that had happened in Malaysia to Umno / BN. Did you know why the education system was changed to BM after the May 13th incident? If you do not know, then stop talking rubbish. The rest of your comment is good and I can relate to it. Thank you.


  29. Salam JMD…..

    I would like to leave a few comment on this topic….
    This is such a great topic to be discussed….
    Okay, firstly I would like to say that I’m not totally against this system….
    This is a good programme if it is implemented by using the proper approach….
    What do I mean by proper approach???
    1. I wonder why, before implementing this in the education system there are no proper research being done to make sure whether the implementation is suitable or not??? The research that I mention here is by having a pilot project first rather than applying it to all school and making the children who is not even know how to read in Bahasa Melayu suffer a great shock to learn more English….
    This is the difficulty faced by the rural area children who hardly hear English other than the words they heard from the English teacher all this while….
    2. And I also wonder how in the earth will the programme work if the Teacher themselves is weak in term of the language usage…. The implementation of English Language in Science and Math needs the teacher to master the language in term of not only Vocabulary but Grammar also… How would a teacher who failed to master the language when since the first day they learn about it can master the language just by attending a short 2 weeks of ETeMS course???? Tell me….
    3. Lastly, why not the weakness of our graduate corrected by giving them special training programme before they were sent boarding…..

    As a conclusion, I would say that the programme will work wonderfully if only it is implemented in a proper way
    and all the variables should be considerated… Thank You….

    JMD : Hence, the powers that be should have worked around the project and review it from time to time. Reviews should have been made every year with proper adjustments to overcome any weaknesses. But to dismantle everything just because some of teachers found it hard to teach the children in English is seemingly absurd. Thank you.


  30. JMD,

    I have written on this earlier.

    now Pakatan is also campaigning for halt of PPSMI. Anwar appears to be under the thumb of DAP here. They say do not politicise education but Pakatan are bent on doing just that.

    I think they want the Malays (apologies if I sound racist here) to remain ‘under tempurung and not acquire knowledge so that they can con them over and over again in their pursuit for power.

    I have done thousands (not exageratted) of job interviews of fresh graduates.

    General knowledge forms part of the questions asked, and I usually ask if Govt’s PPSMI move was good or bad? most job seekers, usually fresh graduates feel that it was a right move because they themselves struggled in the Universities when reference book are all in English.

    Most regret of not mastering English in their younger age, and not surprisingly, they are most Malays.

    I feel that this would be the greatest sin of all, spoiling the future of our students if they decide to stop PPSMI.



  31. And I agree with you on this. One of our biggest mistakes was to diminish the role of English in our education system… aside from the numerous others we made.

    Now this is coming back to roost. We have lots of people nowadays who ‘kenot spik inglis’ or ‘england no good’. This is really an obstacle when it comes to dealing with academic & corporate entities overseas…

    JMD : Thank you for the comment Bright Eyes. Therefore it is not too late to correct any weaknesses that had been perpetuated in the past. Strong political will is a must these days to counter all the unnecessary hindrances.


  32. Mr JMD,

    Just a thought, since the focus is to familiarize and empower students with English language, I would say that teaching History lesson in English would be a better starting point, too.

    Not to mention that since it’s a reading subject, English enrichment seems more realistic.

    just a thought that came across my mind though..

    JMD : Yup. We have discussed this in the commentary section of this article too. Thank you for the suggestion.


  33. Yes, why not change the mother tongue into English since English is so important!
    That’s the message I get here.
    This is why I am against PPSMI. Then there is also no action on part of the government on how to advance the Malay language in Science and Mathematics.
    And like one of the posters here said. What happen after these students graduate. Will they be able to translate the knowledge back into Malay? Is the PPSMI a permanent thing or is it temporary? Either way, this will be bad for the development of Malay language.

    JMD : Hence points 14 onwards in my article apply to your last sentence. Please also read A Voice who had extrapolated this article further. A good read indeed. Thank you.


  34. JMD…
    Questions for you….
    1. Which measure do you think is better to apply???
    a. Applying the inconsistent programme without any feasibility study first or…..
    b. Applying a programme which proper study has been done and the success is absolute…..

    This is what if we take your suggestion in which by doing the adjustment along the way…. Don’t you feel pity to the children who is going to be the victims of the experimentation programme…. I can say this because I am also a victim of the experiment programme during my schooling day…. Not once but twice…. However, nothing can be done right now because the programme has started by applying the first option that I gave….. The only way now is either to carry on or to stop…..

    And for this case I would rather say the programme should stop if the implementation is not in 100% comitment by the KPM…. I mean….No more nonsense of bilingual questions in UPSR or what so ever….
    Can you see that it is absurd to have bilingual questions for the children to answer because majority Malay children will definately take an easy escape by answering the question in Malay….
    So do the teachers……Thank you…

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. A report here stated that many more opted for English in UPSR.

    You have your own opinion about this situation and I do respect that. Definitely from now on, the KPM have to give 110% commitment so that this program will become a success. Hopefully this will help save our children from potentially another round of flip flopping policies. Thank you.


  35. Dear JMD,

    Just to share some thoughts…

    I have known a Malay family of an english teacher from kelantan. They use English daily, all her children communicate very well in English (with british accent) , at the same time they can kechek kelate gak… her first son even repeat twice his bahasa melayu spm paper, but my point is… her determination to really make sure all her children masters English really impressive-laaa….N it really pays well ..

    I have known many indian frens who speaks well too. One of them inspired to be a teacher, so he applies for kpli, i dunno he gets in or not. But I think, since we are lacking of good-quality English teacher, why not we recruit as many of Malaysian Indian as English teacher. I’m sure they can get the job Done, Well.

    As alternative, since we R lacking of local English teacher, why not we import volunteers from NGOs overseas like PEACECORPs (, they specialize in teaching for developing countries. I’m sure we can get great bargain from them.

    *** Nway, can I paste your “PPSMI” billboard in my blog..?? yaaa-laaa, lets the parents decide what best for their children..


    JMD : Yeah sure. No problem. I took the billboard from by the way 🙂


  36. En. Jebat,
    Maksud saya ialah Chinese hantar anak mereka belajar bahasa ibunda disekolah. Mereka bertutur bahasa English dirumah.

    Kalau diikutkan PPSMI ni, kita hantar anak kita belajar bahasa English di sekolah, kita cakap bahasa Malaysia dirumah! That is the difference !.

    In fact in Chinese School, they still remain bahasa ibunda mereka bersebelahan English.

    However, I would agree if they implement this PPSMI started from Form 1 instead of Standard 1.

    I think it would be fair. 6 tahun sokong anti PPSMI, 6 tahun lagi sokong PPSMI.

    JMD : Terima kasih. Jika saudara/i mengatakan kaum cina menghantar anak mereka ke sekolah untuk belajar bahasa ibunda mereka dan bercakap inggeris di rumah manakala melayu belajar bahasa inggeris di sekolah dan bercakap melayu di rumah mungkin agak tidak tepat kerana, melayu belajar bahasa Melayu juga di sekolah. Di dalam 10 matapelajaran di sekolah menengah, hanya 3 di dalam bahasa inggeris. Selebihnya diajar di dalam bahasa Melayu. Sebenarnya, lebih ramai kaum cina yg menghantar anak mereka ke sekolah kebangsaan di mana bahasa pengantar utama adalah bahasa Melayu.

    Kita bukannya hendak merendahkan martabat bahasa Melayu. Kita hendak memartabatkan bangsa Malaysia agar kita semua tidak ketinggalan di dalam arus deras perkembangan teknologi.

    Saya tidak rasa kerajaan berniat jahat untuk menguburkan bahasa Melayu (seperti yg digambarkan oleh sesetengah pihak). Tidak masuk akal bukan? Kita tunggu keputusan kerajaan tidak lama lagi.

    Sila lihat laman web yang disediakan oleh bleached_4ever.

    Terima kasih.


  37. Thks Jebat. I have read the link you provided. My concern is still left unanswered. What is the government’s action plan to advance the Malay language in field such as Science and Technology. I would not so strongly against PPSMI if it goes hand in hand with the Government helping the advancement of Malay language. But this thing is missing. I don’t want the Malay language development and growth to be halted. The government should assist the translation work. If one were to read how the Abbasid reached its height it was because of the support that the Al-Makmum given to translate works into the local language of the people through Baitul Hikmah, which was established by the Government. In fact, one of the reasons for the fall of the empire is because no more emphasis is given to the translation work.

    I get sick of people blaming there are not enough translation being done to books, etc. For your information, translation is not that easy. Knowing English and Malay does not make you a good translator. The knowledge has to be learned. Those who know translation also does not mean that they are the experts in what they translated. They should be working together with the experts in the field who should verify their translation.

    And this with the fact that the government support in translation area is very weak. The establishment of Institut Terjemahan Negara is late in 1993 and was only established after repeated demanded.

    I really don’t see the hypocrisy of pejuang bahasa. I know for the fact that most of them have contributed a lot to the development of Malay language.

    That’s why I am going to lend my support for tomorrow’s event.

    Please read the following link, an interesting read for all.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. I believe your concern is valid. The main driver in advancing the Malay language is of course the government. How does the government go about it? In comes the DBP and the Institut Terjemahan Negara Malaysia. These are governmental bodies entrusted to do their work in translating books in the field of Science and Maths. Probably due to lack of enforcement or too much politicking in those bodies or perhaps mired with ‘tidak apa’ attitude had eventually made these institutions failed in their purported responsibility. One of the main problems in translating the Science and Maths books is the lack of expertise in comprehending the Science and Maths concepts and jargons.

    It is interesting you brought up the Abbasid period. Too bad the Mongols burned all the books available during that period during the sack of Baghdad huh?

    However, during that time, the translation of books were done by the Abbasid scholars who had learned all the available technology from Latin works. It is impossible to learn all the Greek technology and philosophy if one does not know Latin. From henceforth, came all the new inventions, theories, technologies etc originated by those Arabic scholars.

    They had Al-Razi, At Tabari, Ibn Sina and Ibn Khaldun. Ibn Sina as I remembered, translated works of Aristotle because he learned Latin. Not only that, he understood all Aristotle’s teachings in Latin. Why? Because he learned Aristotle’s teaching in Latin.

    As years went by, these scholars became the pioneers in the Golden Age of Islam (in the aspects of knowledge and literature). Arabic books were then published for the benefit of the people in the empire. Now, how on earth can ‘cendekiawan Melayu’ learn the rapid changing technology of the world armed only with their skills in Bahasa Melayu? How to do that when their scientific and mathematical vocabulary is limited only to Bahasa Melayu? Everything new coming out from in the books are in English.

    Where can DBP and ITNM find qualified personnel to translate those books? Not many people these days are available to be working in DBP and ITNM in order to help translate them as quickly as possible. Even if there are, all of them are working in the business industry.

    Almost all the opponents of the PPSMI comes from the teaching profession. Those who are pro PPSMI are mostly the parents. The parents see the importance of English in Science and Maths. But the opponents of PPSMI will always cough up the numbers of bodies or study that the teaching profession are against this policy. Where are the numbers of parents that are against PPSMI? Did GMP make any study about this? Against the backdrop of deteriorating quality of graduates who cannot speak proper English in late 90’s and increasing number of Malay students who opted for social studies instead of Scientific studies, action needs to be done. Will there be no more Malay Doctors, Scientists and Engineers in the future?

    Hence, in long term, PPSMI is the way to help the government in preparing a dearth of manpower to translate English knowledge into BM in the near future. It is hope, these people will be the next Ibn Sina or Ibn Khaldun that may win the Noble Prize one day. I can still remember, Tan Sri Razali Ismail, after being appointed as the Chairman of the UNited Nations back in the 90’s. His opening address was spoken in Bahasa Melayu! That’s because Malaysia had positioned itself as a country of some importance back in the 90’s. Knowledge is important. Doesn’t matter what language we are learning it. Coincedentally, English is the lingua franca right now. We must be proficient in learning knowledge in that language so that one day, our own language will rise in its importance.

    Our kids need to have an expanding voacabulary to learn this knowledge. For instance, in Standard One, students are graded according to their proficiency in English. From there on, focus will be given to each student according to their needs.

    Just to digress, a kid in Standard Three if asked in BM a math exam question, “Apakah PERBEZAAN buah oren jika Ali mempunyai 20 biji dan Ahmad mempunyai 12?

    A 9 year old kid does not know that the word ‘PERBEZAAN’ is actually ‘penolakan’. In English, the question is set as –

    “What is the DIFFERENCE in oranges when Ali has 20 apples while Ahmad has 12?

    A kid will not know that the meaning of DIFFERENCE is actually a substraction.

    The crucial point here is, at that young age, even BM can be a daunting task for an average 7 to 12 year old kids.

    But what is important here is, those kids will have an increased vocabulary so that when they enter college, Science and Maths jargons won’t be an alien thing to them.

    Like I said, our kids will need to be toughen up. This is just the beginning step to strengthen our nation’s future. If English is such a daunting language for our ‘pejuang bahasa’, our goal to dismantle the NEP (our crutches) in the future may just have to wait a little bit longer. Surely, proficiency in English is IMPORTANT to be competitive in a world where meritocracy is highly regarded (rightly or wrongly) as the holy grail.

    Thank you.


  38. Di pejabat kawan Cina saya kata di sekolah anak-nya (Sekolah Cina), Sains & Mat di ajar dalam Bahasa Inggeris. Lepas tu ada kelas Sains & Mat dalam bahasa Cina (Manderin kut). Jadi murid-murid Cina menguasi Sains & Mat dalam bahasa Inggeris dan Cina.

    Fikirkan lah.

    JMD : Setelah berfikir mengenai hal ini sejenak, adakah terdapat masalah besar jika sekolah di luar bandar tidak boleh menggunapakai cara ini untuk seketika? Adakah sukar untuk membuat kelas tambahan untuk mengajar Sains dan Matematik dalam bahasa Melayu?

    Sekadar bertanya untuk mendapat timbal balas.


  39. salam….

    here i’m speaking as a university student, currently doing master at local international university. when this hot issue arose, i’m wondering what happenned to malaysian? they still arguing on this…. only then i realise it is 5 years already.

    i’m a little bit sad to see the condition of our people nowadays. some are proud of others’ products (including material products, ideologies, culture, systems and so forth). that’s the core reason why we malaysian don’t develop. why? because we always BORROW and IMITATE from others. please bare in mind, once we borrow from others, means we also borrow their worldview and ideologies. that destroy our identity.

    and it is worse we are their (western) followers. we use what they use, we eat what they eat, we buy the products they introduce to us, even we behave like them. that’s why we’re not more than a follower, and they are the leader. this show we consume a lot, produce nothing.

    we borrowed too much, start from legislative law, educational system, their language, technologies, etc, you can name it. it became worse when we think that science and technology too important. but we forgot that people outside suffer a lot from social ills, so we do need social science. this life meaningless without spiritual base, because that is the basis and essence of life.

    now we should stop all these. look from a new angle. produce instead of consume, only then we can be a great nation. instead of we eat their pizza and burgers, let them eat our nasi lemak and teh tarik. instead of wearing jeans let them wear our batik. we can do it but change first the way how we think.

    the problem of muslim nowadays is INFERIORITY. we think what ever we have not good at all, kuno. but we think western are great, we thought they’re SUPERIOR. poor muslim. let’s change ok. for our children.

    -if me, i would like to teach my children arabic first. hopefully they may understand quran better than me.

    JMD : Jika di ambil contoh sekarang, bahasa arab adalah salah satu matapelajaran yang diajar di sekolah rendah kebangsaan juga. Teriima kasih.


  40. Dear JMD,

    This morning after attending a lecture at Jalan Sultan Sulaiman, i was thinking to ‘lepaking’ at the brand new campus library and do some studying …

    I have witnessed the ‘perarakan’ or demonstration by the anti PPSMI … the demo are currency subsiding as the Police have taken preventive measure to ask them to disperse … TEAR GAS …

    I am not angry at the Police in doing that although i see other way to asking the crowd to disperse … but

    I am angry of those people that are disrupting harmony in KL … and they even bringing their children to this nonsense

    … sedih sebab saya lihat seorg budak berumur 8 or 10 thn menangis disebabkan kepedihan akibat gas pemedih mata … lihat anak2 kecil yang nampak tidak tahu-menahu tentang kenapa mereka diheret pagi2 berarak … silap tak amik gambar tadi …

    sedih sebab mereka bersorak sambil mengaitkan AGAMA ISLAM …. dan menjerit ALLAHUAKBAR semasa berjalan … dan mengaitkan RAJA (masa ni baru nampak nak sokong RAJA) dan sedih sebab 95% adalah org MELAYU … saya nampak org Cina … 4 org jer …

    bukan nak mengata atau mengutuk … tetapi kebanyakannya adalah org kampung dan saya nampak ader muda mudi yang betul2 tidak ‘genuine’ dlm memperjuangkan kedaulatan BM … mcm join demo tu sebab nak seronok menjerit atau org kelantan cakap nak menunjukkan ‘ke-debe-an’ ….

    dari segi pemakaian, ramai yang berkopiah … bersongkok … mcm org2 PAS jer ….

    mereka ini kelihatan seperti kerbau yang dicucuk hidung … tidak memikirkan masa hadapan anak2 … ikut jer org cakap … asalkan boleh salahkan kerajaan ….

    Adakah memperjuangkan BM lebih penting dari memastikan pembangunan BANGSA dan NEGARA ?

    Kenapa mereka tidak berfikir bahawa dengan mempelajari Bahasa Inggeris … Bahasa Melayu akan lagi dimartabatkan?

    Kenapa pilih cara demo utk ‘mendaulatkan BM’?
    Kenapa tidak memilih utk mengubah diri sendiri, mentaliti sendiri dan menanam sifat sayang pada BM sendiri …?

    It look like PR hands on this, and i don’t like it … i wont accept any of them as my leader of choice … heck now i am more determine to kick PR out of Shah Alam and Selangor …

    and GMP, i cursed you for being shallow and taking advantage of the people sentiment on this …

    i still cannot see the connection … the demo is for ANTI PPSMI …but why have to drag RAJA & ISLAM on this ….????

    stupid organizer & supporter … kenapa pilih cara yang MEMALUKAN ini?

    sorry JMD … i am still piss off and maybe the writing above are nonsense … and maybe once i’m cool down … i will write more on what have seen …



  41. Sila baca e-buku ini :

    Mengapa Kami Bantah (versi PDF)

    untuk perhatian, mengikut statistik yang dikeluarkan oleh GMP di kebanyakan negeri, lebih 60% pelajar memilih untuk menjawab dalam bahasa Melayu.

    Terima kasih.

    JMD : Terima kasih. Walaubagaimanapun saya kesal dengan blog Puan Ainon Mohd tersebut. Beliau merupakan AJK GMP tetapi blog beliau dihiasi dengan bahasa bahasa kesat seperti bebal dan celaka.

    Amat malang apabila mereka yang kononnya memperjuangkan bahasa Melayu tidak dapat menjiwai bahasa Melayu itu sendiri. Perasaan sabar dan kehalusan bahasa itu sendiri tidak wujud. Malah saudara juga memberi komentar komentar yang kurang manis, apatah lagi apabila melawati blog orang lain.

    Terima kasih.


  42. I am currently a PhD candidate in chemistry and chemical engineering specialising in one of most exciting branch of chemistry (in term of publication) which is ionic liquid or bahasa melayu nye, cecair berion. This year alone, there are more than 2000 scientific papers (and it is only march 2009) and more than half of it comes from China. To say China didnt embraced English is outright wrong because they see the needs to propagate their idea to the rest of the world, therefore every paper by them which has been published in the local scientific journal, translated again in English and published in reputed English journals to gain the necessary recognition of their work.

    So the question is how do we translate 1 – butyl, 3 methyl imidazolum bis(triflurosulfonyl)imide in Bahasa Melayu? People, that is the most common chemical used in the research studies all over the world at the moment.

    When technology advancement happens at decades scale rather than century scale, how do we Malaysians cope?

    With these pejuang bahasa using their time to organise rally of that sort, who will stay and browse high impact technical journals like Journal of Physical Chemistry B or Energy and Fuels and try to translate them into bahasa melayu?

    Tepuk dada, tanyalah selera.



  43. Saya benci dengan orang-orang hipokrit yang memperjuangkan Bahasa Melayu seolah-olah ianya akan pupus sedangkan subjek-subjek selain Matematik dan Sains diajar dalam Bahasa Melayu.

    Ini hipokrasi peringkat tertinggi. Yang malangnya bangsa lain memperjuangkan Bahasa mereka juga tetapi bangsa kita yang paling liar dan buas bertindak seperti haiwan buas.

    Ini sama berlaku seperti di Perak. Bangsa Melayu melakukan kerja kotor untuk bangsa lain.

    Tahniah kepada Pak Samad.

    Perkasakan dahulu Bahasa Melayu di kalangan bangsa lain yang sepatah haram Bahasa Melayu pun tidak faham.

    Tidak perlu pergi jauh Pak Samad sebab mereka tinggal dekat sahaja dengan rumah “these so-called” pejuang Bahasa Melayu.

    Jangan hancurkan masa depan anak-anak saya dan anak-anak orang lain semata-mata untuk memuaskan khayalan dan geram saudara.

    Kalau sudah gila isim untuk berpolitik masuk sahaja jadi ahli mana-mana parti politik yang saudara-saudara mahu.

    Jangan lontar batu sembunyi pulak tangan yang hodoh itu.



  44. Jebat, you really should live up to the spirit of your name.

    Kenapa komen aku masih tak keluar, padanlah semua yang ada di blog ni menyokong PPSMI, yang tak setuju semuanya kena perap.

    JMD : Alahai saudara. Macam lah saya ni terperap mengadap komputer 24 jam sehari. Harap bersabar. Saya bukannya tiada kerja lain.

    Anehnya, saya selalu mendapat rungutan komen mereka lewat keluar hanya dari penyokong Pakatan Rakyat, mereka yang rasis dan mereka yang anti Islam. Saya tidak pernah mendapat rungutan seperti ini dari mereka yang rasional.

    Kesabaran penting saudara. Penggunaan bahasa yang betul pun penting juga. Baru lah orang akan hormat. Terima kasih.


    • Dear Anas Suhaimi,

      I think i remember you if you are really the beholder of that name …

      if so, bravo for using your real name … i prefer not to …

      still looking up on Anwar? … i hope you are not one of the TAKSUBers / fanatics …

      i think you can relate this issue with the experiences we had during our UNi years in Bangi ….

      We did struggle to comprehend and understand our subjects at that time yea … well with the books and references in English ….

      although we have the opportunity to brush our english during MRSM and A-levels …

      if not you and me, we can constantly hit GPA 3.0 … kan?

      my argument on this issue is that the PPSMI is a preparation for children to grasp Science and Mathematics in its RAW form that is ENGLISH and building a foundation so that they are prepared in terms of S&M understanding/familiarity … and while learning S&M is English will nurture fluency of the language …

      to really ‘daulat’kan Bahasa Melayu, we should start with ourselves … we are the one to implant the love of BM into our children … we are the one to continue talking in BM, not only to other Malays, but to other Malaysians ie Chinese, Indians, Kadazan or Iban … we should be the one to versed in CORRECT BM .. not BM pasar version to our non-Malay colleague …. that is the way to MENDAULATKAN B.MELAYU …

      or make it COMPULSARY to teach in B.Melayu in the NATIONAL SCHOOL, CHINESE SCHOOL and TAMIL SCHOOL … Chinese and Tamil school can continue to have Chinese and Tamil language to converse among the students BUT the subject have to be in B.Melayu …. is it ok? if they do this, then i can say that they ARE really PEJUANG B.MELAYU ….

      i remember that you have the love of GRUNGE and alternative music when your are at your rebellious age and soft love song when the cupid gotcha … did it make you less of the Malay today?

      remember ROCK the WORLD??

      Learning in English or using English as a medium of learning do not corrode your love of B. Melayu … it will strengthen it … WE are the testament … WE are the evidence …

      if you asking why do we see some children failed to converse in proper B.Melayu … it is because we failed ourselves as parents and a member of the community to have them understand and valued the importance of B.Melayu … after accepting this, then we can blame the government on the lack of effort ….

      by the way, i agree 100% if the PIBG can conduct their own form of evaluation on this .. as they are the one closer to the school children and they are the one that will be concern if their children failed … i do not want these decision to be decide by so called ‘cerdik pandai’ that only come out on the conclusion by referring to statistics and minorities complains ….and did not even think of the consequences of their actions …

      bro, i hope you did not actively participate in Demo-crazy … as I am one of the Millions of KL that cursed these demo-crazy people every time we have to wait hours in traffic jams and ‘terkena tempias’ of the tear gas ….



  45. Kebanyakan tokoh yang terlibat dalam penentangan terhadap PPSMI adalah juga mereka yang suatu ketika dahulu menjadi jaguh perjuangan memartabatkan Bahasa Melayu. Sebahagiannya diamanahkan tanggung jawab memimpin institusi yang ditubuhkan khusus untuk melaksanakan perjuangan yang mereka pelopori. DBP tidak begitu berjaya dalam bidang penterjemahan sehingga kerajaan menubuhkan pula Institut Terjemahan Negara Malaysia pada awal 1990-an. Tujuannya untuk membangun teknologi terjemahan supaya karya ilmu terkini dapat diterjemahkan ke Bahasa Melayu dalam tempoh yang singkat. Sehingga kini ITNM masih wujud tetapi teknologi yang sepatutnya dibangunkan masih belum kelihatan.
    Sememangnya PPSMI dilaksanakan secara tergesa-gesa, tanpa kajian dan persediaan rapi khususnya dari segi keupayaan tenaga pengajar. Walau bagaimanapun, dengan menerapkan pendekatan pembaikan berterusan, pelaksanaannya boleh ditingkatkan. Mereka yang terlibat secara langsung harus melipatgandakan usaha bagi memastikan polisi ini terlaksana secara berkesan. Ibu bapa termasuk di luar bandar memahami tujuan baik PPSMI diperkenalkan cuma mereka tidak mempunyai kemampuan untuk memainkan peranan. Maka golongan pendidik di kawasan luar bandar harus memainkan peranan yang lebih meluas berbanding dengan rakan setugas mereka di kawasan bandar dalam pelaksanaan PPSMI.
    Tokoh-tokoh yang terlibat dalam penentangan ini sepatutnya menyalurkan kritikan mereka secara lebih teratur dan tidak menyebabkan mereka dilihat sebagai alat politik golongan tertentu. Banyak polisi yang diperakui baik, termasuk DEB menjadi tempang kerana pelaksanaan yang lemah serta dipolitikkan. Kita berharap isu PPSMI tidak dikelirukan sebegitu rupa sehingga merugikan anak bangsa.

    JMD : Terima kasih saudara. Moga moga mereka mendengar nasihat saudara di atas.


  46. Can anyone just give the statistics.. I mean the real independent studies which we can see what are going on now. Consider those peoples in the rural area. They struggle more to learn math n science. “nak tanya mak bapak, depa pun tak reti orang putih..” Put yourself in their shoes. Im not against it. But it do has pro n cons n hishamuddin should react on it not just silence. in malay, silence mean AGREE. agree to the Gerakan Mansuhkan PPSMI. go to the media n make a statement what his ministry going to do bout it. most of the menteris remain silent. are they agree too with GMP? or they dont have guts to say what they’re stand for coz the UMNO assembly is round the corner? who are the policy makers. Now peoples and ex-menteri start arguing bout Kementerian Pelajaran stats on the exam results. Some say that the graph is being lowered to make it nicer n tellie with the pros of PPSMI. its like ayam n telur. which one came out first? U will be suprise if u go to sekolah in my kampung in Sik, Kedah. Cikgu-cikgu still teaching Math and Science in Malay!! in English when nazir from jabatan or kementerian pelajaran visit school. and one more, not all teacher got A in english during their time. Maybe B,C,D. Its not to say they’re unfit but this is the truth! Believe it or not? Believe it!

    P.Ramlee once said in Seniman Bujang Lapok..
    “Bahasa Menunjukkan Bangsa.”



  47. Salam JMD,

    dari pengalaman sendiri, pada saya lebih baik diteruskan PPSMI.

    semasa mencari bahan rujukan berkualiti dan dapat menarik minat anak-anak saya untuk belajar, saya dapati bahan-bahan menarik dan senang untuk dipelajari (buku, CD atau laman web) banyak dalam bahasa inggeris. saya rasa ralat ketika itu kerana bahasa penghantaran sains dan matematik di sekolah adalah dalam bahasa malaysia, jadi saya tidak dapat membeli. saya tidak menghantar anak-anak untuk tuisyen, jadi alat-alat pembelajaran media lain adalah suatu alternatif yang lebih baik kepada mereka. tuisyen sama saja macam pergi sekolah!

    saya adalah hasil dari sistem setelah MCE tiada, SPM sepenuhnya. pada saya BI tidak susah walaupun di zaman sekolah dulu sehingga ke universiti. mungkin kerana kami sekeluarga tidak ada ‘hang up’ mengenai bahasa. bapa boleh berbahasa inggeris kerana pernah kerja di zaman askar british. tapi mak sepatah haram pun tak tau. cakap melayu sepenuhnya di rumah. tak pernah pula minta bapa kami menolong kami mempelajari bahasa inggeris. tapi kami minat giler dengan lagu Cliff Richard sebab abah kami begitu. “The young ones…”

    apa yang saya nak utarakan di sini adalah… janganlah ditanamkan rasa susah atau ‘insecure’ yang ada dalam diri ibubapa dan guru-guru yang susah nak berubah kepada anak-anak tu. anak-anak kalau diajar dengan baik, tak susah mereka nak dapat. contohnya diri sendiri, anak-anak saya dan yang terbaru anak saudara saya yang belajar di sekolah pendalaman sabah. dia bukan melayu, 100% orang bumiputera sabah. ibu bapa orang kampung. tapi anak mereka cemerlang. siapa cakap orang kampung susah nak kuasai BI atau BM? kalau cikgunya berdedikasi, anak murid juga bersemangat. nak atau tak nak aje? kalau dah hari-hari disogokkan dan dikatakan susah… memanglah susah. Allah beri otak itu jauh berjuta kali ganda lagi baik dari komputer yang ada, kenapa nak dihadkan, cakap susah… tak boleh… apa ni? asyik beri alasan aje.

    kami sekeluarga bukan cakap inggeris 24/7. selalunya cakap melayu kat rumah. tapi kalau perlu berbahasa inggeris, tiada masalahpun. anak-anak masuk bahas BI dan storytellingpun. dan satu lagi, walau saya dan suami tak tau cakap jepun, anak-anak faham dan boleh bercakap jepun. ada yang boleh baca dan tulis tulisan jepun pun. belajar sendiri. mungkin kerana banyak menonton kartun jepun. mungkin seperti saya dulu yang selalu mendengar lagu cliff richard.

    saya nak tanya, mana hasil penulisan, skrip drama/filem menarik dalam bahasa melayu yang dapat menarik pendengar, pembaca, penonton? bukan kerja Gapena ke tu? pergi buat kerja! bila belek buku kat kedai buku, selalunya saya berakhir dengan buku bahasa inggeris. memang nak beli buku BM tapi kualiti isi dan buku membuatkan saya berakhir dengan buku bahasa inggeris. pencapaian bahasa malaysia anak-anak tidak setanding bahasa inggeris kerana tidak cukup bahan untuk dibaca. ‘boring’ beritahu mereka. mereka terdedah dengan harry potter (mereka baca semuanya), eragon, magic tree house (scholastic) dan lain-lain. ahli-ahli Gapena buat kerja lagi baik, boleh? jangan nak buat demonstrasi aje!

    sistem SPM sepenuhnya (total malay stream) sudah hampir mencecah 30 tahun. mana hasil rujukan (CD atau laman web) untuk sains dan matematik dalam bahasa malaysia yang lebih menarik dari bahasa inggeris yang terhasil? tiada orang gapena dapat buat? orang sains tidak suka bahasa berbunga, yang penting isinya. mana?

    lagi satu, jangan selalu sangat tukar peraturan dalam bahasa malaysia, boleh? saya tak boleh nak tolong anak dalam BM kerana peraturan dan tatabahasa yang digunapakai dalam masa saya belajar dulu tak sama dengan anak-anak belajar. ejaan juga lain. berlainan dengan bahasa inggeris. apa yang saya belajar dulu masih sama dengan sekarang.

    saya secara peribadi suka bahasa. tak kira bahasa apa. asal ISI yang ingin disampaikan dapat membuat saya mempelajari sesuatu. saya suka bila ada detik ‘aha’ dalam pembacaan atau tontonan saya. antara contohnya cerita ‘anjali’, filem tamil. saya suka bila bapanya menerangkan keistimewaan adiknya yang cacat. ada beberapa cerita melayu yang membuatkan saya merasai detik sebegitu. tapi tak banyak. selalunya melodrama. cheesy.

    saya suka bila orang dapat menggunakan bahasa dengan baik. masa sekolah dulu, ada beberapa kawan yang memang pandai berbalas pantun secara spontan(org Melaka). menghiburkan. saya memang tidak boleh berpantun spontan seperti mereka. jadi saya kagumi kebolehan mereka. saya nak merasai keindahan berbahasa seperti itu. boleh orang-orang gapena buat? supaya kami dapat merasai keindahan bahasa melayu itu dan berbangga mengenainya.

    pasal belajar sains dan matematik dalam BI itu, tak usah nak ganggulah. seperti yang bleached 4ever cakap , english is just a TOOL to get the knowledge. pergilah orang gapena buat hasil kerja yang dapat membanggakan kami supaya bila anak-anak kami belajar atau bekerja di luar negara nanti, mereka akan dapat membawa hasil kerja anda dan menunjukkan kepada orang luar bagaimana cemerlang bahasa dan budaya kita. kita ada bermacam topik yang boleh ditulis dan dipaparkan. masyarakat kita majmuk. takkan korea dan jepun yang agak homogeneous dapat menghasilkan hasil seni yang lebih menarik dari kita?

    maaflah JMD sebab terlebih panjang saya menulis. tapi saya geram bila mereka berdemonstrasi untuk menyatakan pandangan mereka. kami pun ada pendapat juga. kamipun sayang negara, BM dan generasi selepas kami. Untuk Malaysia!!!


  48. Kelak nanti apabila bangsa kita sudah maju dan menguasai pelbagai bidang dan cabang ilmu, insyaAllah dengan sendirinya bahasa kita juga akan terdaulat. Pada waktu itu bangsa-bangsa luar pun akan belajar bahasa kita untuk menuntut ilmu dalam bahagian-bahagian yang kita kuasai.

    Suatu masa dahulu bangsa Arab mendahului dalam bidang sains dan teknologi, dengan tokoh-tokoh ilmuwan Islam agung yang mana umat Islam hari ini hanya mampu mengenang tanpa mewarisi. Pada waktu itu Eropah masih dalam zaman gelap. Penuntut-penuntut Eropah zaman itu mempelajari bahasa Arab supaya senang mereka mempelajari ilmu-ilmu sains dan matematik dalam bahasa Arab. Tiadalah pula orang-orang Eropah kecoh mendebatkan apa akan jadi dengan bahasa Inggeris atau Perancis atau Jerman mahupun Sepanyol, hanya kerana terpaksa belajar sains dan matematik dalam bahasa Arab. Lihat hari ini, pupuskah bahasa mereka? Tidak! Bahkan menjadi lingua franca utama dunia. Ini kerana bangsa Eropah telah muncul sebagai peneraju dalam pelbagai cabang ilmu pengetahuan. Terbalik pula jadinya dengan bahasa Arab yang makin terhad penggunaannya kepada negara-negara Arab dan umat Islam sahaja. Ini berlaku semenjak bangsa Arab dilanda anasir-anasir kejumudan dan puritanisme yang menghakis kegemilangan budaya ilmu mereka.

    Jepun juga sama sejarahnya. Bangsa Jepun menuntut dalam bahasa Inggeris ketika zaman pemodenan Meiji dalam pertengahan abad ke-19. Lihat saja betapa bangsa Jepun bergantung penuh terhadap bahasa Inggeris selama lebih 100 tahun sehingga mereka sendiri muncul sebagai peneraju ilmu yang menyaingi Barat sekaligus mampu memartabatkan bahasa ibunda mereka sebagai lingua franca. Itu pun, Jepun tetap tidak pernah sesekali mengabaikan kepentingan bahasa Inggeris untuk mereka terus bersaing di peringkat antarabangsa. Bayangkanlah jika pada abad ke-19 dahulu orang Jepun menentang pembelajaran dalam bahasa Inggeris seumpama orang Malaysia hari ini membuta tuli menentang PPSMI…? Mana mungkin dunia akan mengenal Jepun seperti yang dikenali sekarang?


  49. “Pada pendapat aku, suka tidak suka bahasa inggeris masih lagi bahasa ilmu, terutamanya dalam bidang teknologi dan sains. Tidak ada bezanya, sekiranya kita mahu mendalami Agama Islam, kita mesti faham bahasa Arab terlebih dahulu, kerana ia bahasa Al-Quran. Boleh ke kita jadi mufti kalau belajar agama dalam bahasa Melayu & dari guru Melayu semata-mata?

    Dan kalau kita nak anak kita jadi alim ulamak, tentu kita nak mereka belajar bahasa Arab dari mereke kecil. Setuju?”


  50. Salam JMD,

    Sebenarnya GAPENA ker atau mereka mereka yang menentang PPSMI sudah hilang hala tuju.
    Tidak pernah pula saya lihat mereka berjuang begitu hebat,
    menyatupadukan semua dibawah satu bumbung pendidikan menggunakan bahasa pengantar Bahasa Melayu.
    Tidak pernah pula melihat mereka berdemonstrasi hapuskan sekolah bahasa Cina dan India.
    Benarkah mereka ini pejuang bahasa yang berpegang pada perlembagaan??
    Bukankah mereka sepatutnya pejuangkan satu bangsa(bangsa Malaysia) satu bahasa.
    Issyyyy…. i think i know the “because” they did this.
    Nak tunjukkan mereka ada sedikit buat kerja lah tu.


  51. JMD,

    I believe the education system in Malaysia deteriorated mainly due to opportunistic political expediency.

    To champion one group or another be it Malay, Chinese or Indian, the system has become befuddled due to
    inconsistent policies to appease each and every group.

    What I am more concerned is the standard of teaching from the kiddie school right up to the secondary level rather than the policies. Better education infrastructure facilities and teachers itself. And addressing discipline in the primary and secondary schools.

    In my days teachers were a dedicated and honorable lot.

    We had a lot of respect for our teachers despite being disciplined from time to time. They were always competent in whatever subjects they taught.

    Nowadays they seem more concerned in ringgit and sens thru class projects, extra but unnecessary activity books (in cahoots with the HM) and exhorbitant computer classs fees under the ‘auspices’ of the self styled PIBGs.

    Our children are intelligent and will be able to adapt to any medium of instruction. This has been proven in the past.

    When and until issues I have mentioned are looked into and resolved I firmly believe there will be an irreparable and complete descent in the standard of our education.If it has not already happened.



  52. These nationalist a malay bigot should ‘taubat’ ( borrowed karpal word) ,the Indonesian , Thailand and Chinese learning english at very fast pace now . They learn from the american/australian /english teacher that why they pick up the accent , many of them speak BBC,CNN and Aljazera english not like us .
    Malaysian impression of Indonesian only maid and construction workers BUT 5% of Indonesian population the middle class speak better english than Malaysian mind you…
    If you conduct your business in China the upper middle and top bracket speak american english eventhough you try to impress them with your mandarin..


  53. Sape yang anti PPSMI ni sumer bengong. Tak pkir panjang. Jumud. Aku skrg keje kat Spore,company besar field oil n gas lagi. gaji 7-8k sebulan wpun x sampai 2 thn grad. Alhamdulillah, rezeki. Tapi pandai b.inggeris atas kertas je (written english). spoken english hancus. colleagues sumer xtau bahasa melayu. Aku gagahkan juga berckp. Macam mana org nak promote? Kalu ada PPSMI bleh gak bebudak skrg belajar menguasai BI. Aku ada member masa kat UTM dulu. Subjek SPM sumer score. Tapi BI x kredit. wat paperwork kena maki ngan lecturer sebab translate word by word. x ke bengong tu. masuk industri, takde sape nak wpun 1st class degree sbb BI hancus. So nak senang, diorang amik Cina. Pastu org melayu marahkan govt sebab graduan xde keje. Itula, orang Melayu. Pikir la… X kemana bangsa Melayu kalu org Melayu jadi kuli je, nak naik kena tolak sbb communication skill xde. Bini aku lagi kesian, ada master in land admin, tapi jadi surirumah… saper nak bayar PTPTN dia? Aku gak..


  54. JMD

    Read this.

    What interesting is that try to find equivalent for dengki and geram in English. And try to express berkasut and terbeli in English.

    Why the author more appreciative of Bahasa Melayu than the Malay like you?

    JMD : My dear Zack, you do not have to patronise me over this policy. I am surprised you did not comprehend my last reply to you above. Did my reply to you proved that I am less Malay than you are? In fact, this blog had long ago, had supported the Bahasa Melayu, albeit in a bigger picture. I focussed more on the Malays as a whole than only one of its aspect (its language). Without the proper strengthening of this race, no amount of demonstrations can protect its language. We are grateful that BM had been on the pinnacle within the Constitution. But do not be too comfortable though. I have stated long time ago. The rights stated in the Constitution is a privilege –

    Special Rights does not mean you are special and have the right to do anything that pleases you. It is a PRIVILEGE attained by our Malay forefathers for their future generations – us. It means, we have to work hard so that we can justify the continuation of that privilege. Article 153 (and 152) will have no meaning if the majority of Malays are poor, unintelligent, exploited and downtrodden in their own country.

    Please read my replies to Zizi and Anas Suhaim above.

    Also, please read here, here and here.

    PPSMI is currently being politicised by those you are supporting. What I have written in the past were far more important than what the narrow minded GMP is proudly representing. The GMP had got it backwards. You need to strengthen the Malays first, then only you can protect your language. Now how to strengthen the Malays? Through demonstrations and ability to speak good BM?

    Thank you.

    Please read all the comments above and below before commenting further as we found ourselves facing the same arguments.


  55. funny how Pas supporters are against PPSMI and say that they are fighting for BM.

    But then, if you hear them talking among themselves they use the words “Ana, Ente”

    Konon perjuangkan BM, tapi in everyday life sibuk nk jadik org arab


  56. You got it backward. You will not strengthen the race by weakening the language. You do it simultaneously. And I don’t see anywhere the government under BN is strengthening the Malay. What I see is that the government more and more create division among the people.
    Most of GLCs are Malays who are very fluent in English, yet are these companies flourishing? Malay language will lose its value and hence will lose its role as language that unite the people. You and the people who support this policy are placing too much important on English, neglecting what the priority should be. It is about overhaul of the Malaysian education system which place too much weight of scoring As and exams.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. But by all means, please show me when did I ever try to weaken the language? Like you aptly said, we do it simultaneously. The economy and socially. The issue you brought up about the government lately is not strengthening the Malays are in fact very true. That is the reason why this blog existed in the first place. You must not make the mistake of PR supporters that assumed that this blog is pro towards Umno leaders. The very existense of this blog started with articles criticising BN and Umno for losing its focus. When you said “Malay language will lose its value and hence will lose its role as language that unite the people”, it had very much echoed my sentiment when I promoted the idea of streamlining our education system based on national schools where BM is the main medium of instructions. Did you not read the links I provided above? Here is another article I implore you to read. Please click here.

    I agree with Jeremiah Mahadevan when at the last paragraph, he stated that education in Malaysia must do away with vernacular schools. Now that is a more feasible idea to bring dignity to BM than just to criticise the PPSMI. As it is, only Maths and Science are being taught in English. The rest of the subjects are taught in BM. Why do I think Maths and Science should also be taught in English? Please read my replies to Zizi and Anas (and yourself) above. Did you not get the gist of the Abbasid story?

    It is not about weakening a language. Jeremiah Mahadevan also said that “those who believe that the languages of their ancestors will languish because of this (using other languages) are simply suffering from paranoia.” This should apply to the Malays too does it not?

    If you think the Malay CEOs in GLCs do not perform, then it is a leadershiopissue. The flip flopping government that we see today had nurtured those kind of people with attitude that are not worthy of their posts.

    Anyway, listen to Datuk Dr Hassan Ahamd when he said today in an interview

    “Kita tidak menentang penggunaan Bahasa Inggeris sebagai bahasa ilmu tetapi ingin menuntut apa yang termaktub di dalam Perlembagaan iaitu Bahasa Malaysia sebagai bahasa yang menyatu-padukan rakyat yang berbilang kaum di negara ini,” katanya.

    Now how do you reconcile that statement with the existense of vernacular schools here in Malaysia? As for your indication that the malaysian education system needs to be overhauled, I agree with you. In fact this blog had discussed about this (through my suggestion of Penyata Razak II) here.

    That is why, I am looking at the bigger picture as compared to the narrow minded GMP. You are right though. Efforts must be done simultaneously. But I do insist that Maths and Science must be taught in English. Perhaps, a few adjustments and review must be made in order to fine tune a policy. No policy is perfect right after it was implemented. Reviews, revision and adjustments had been made to far bigger policies in the history of mankind.

    In fact, this PPSMI issue is not even conclusive yet. Let the government study it and make the proper announcement. There is a need for the people to practise restraint. Acting like barbarians disturbing the peace within Kuala Lumpur certainly does not reflect the attitude of the peaceful and gentle Malays.

    Bahasa Melayu itu indah. Perangai bangsanya juga perlu indah.

    Thank you and goodnight everyone.


  57. Hi JMD,

    Not sure where this topic should go. Please correct me if I am wrong. Is it me or is there really some conspiracy going on that is bent on pushing Malaysia towards the brink of anarchy.

    Has all channels been closely shut that everything these days requires some form of demonstration. Not looking to blame anyone here but can we please get the channels open again so that we can continue with our lives. And not politicise every single thing.

    Or is it a testament of a weak leadership that is rocking Malaysia at its very foundations.

    On a separate note I attended a programme at the Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia and noted the lamentable state of Malaysia. An official there said that because of the relatively low standards of English and Bahasa Malaysia in Malaysia. Old statutes and laws written in English are languishing in the dark not being properly translated and interpreted.

    I bet the same may be said for various other professions too.

    We now have a situation, a dire situation whereby new legal practitioners will look at poorly translated statute and laws facing judges and older practitioners very much relying on the English versions.

    Result? I would say there is some unfairness going on somewhere to someone.

    Anyway, I care not dwell on this issue but prefer to say what I hope to see in the future. I hope to see books written in Malay that is being translated in English due to the value of its contents or the style that enriches global literature.

    Again correct me if I am wrong. I have not seen any Malay tomes that fits this description. If there are please point to me if they are in the best seller list either as good read or as a good reference. I have seen many Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Arab books that fits this description.

    Ingin memartabatkan bahasa Melayu/Malaysia? Pastikan keluaran bermutu tinggi yang dihormati dan disegani oleh dunia.

    Again out of topic. Same goes to our films or movies. How many actually makes the cut as a contender for any awards? How many has been shown as a good movie to watch outside Malaysia or South East Asia? We want to bring up the stature of our language? Come out with an excellent movie that will be in demand and not be shown as a mere curiosity. Not demonstrate in full disregard of our nation’s laws.

    Have a good week JMD.

    JMD : Your concern in the first paragraph is valid. We just have to look into history as well as the things that happened in neighbouring countries in order to learn some lessons out of it. I feel I do not have to elaborate further on this because if we do love this country, demonstrations are certainly not the way. Thank you.


  58. Bismillah,

    Memang betul, jika bahasa inggeris ini diagungkan alamat hancurlah bahasa melayu. Bila bahasa melayu ini sudah hancur apa akan jadi dengan budaya melayu? Adakah budaya melayu ini di “go to hellkan”?

    Orang melayu dengan budaya melayu yang tempang, bolehkah digelar orang melayu? Jadi macam eurasian ; orang eropah bukan orang asia pun bukan. Satu komuniti dipinggiran.

    Dulu saya memang sokong akan ppsmi ini. Ini disebabkan bila saya baca buku latihan sains yang didalam bahasa melayu agak mengelirukan.

    Contoh; ayat “benda boleh ubah”. Boleh diterjemahkan sebagai thing can change. Tapi yang dimaksudkan sebenarnya ialah variable. Tengok betapa mengelirukan.

    Jalan keluar dari kemelut ini adalah suatu sistem yang unggul digunakan. Tapi siapa yang boleh mengeluarkan sistem unggul ini? Suatu sistem yang brilliant?


  59. Salam JMD,

    Pada pendapat saya, kebanyakan orang dari kampung yang menentang PPSMI kerana 2 sebab utama :
    – Kesian melihat anak2 mereka bersusahpayah menyiapkan kerjarumah sains dan matematik dan mereka sendiri tidak dapat membantu kerana lemah dalam BI
    – malas untuk berusaha mencari penyelesaian, jalan mudah adalah kembali ke cara lama.

    Agak susah untuk merealisasikan matlamat PPSMI dengan berkesan sekiranya tidak mendapat kerjasama dan sokongan dari mereka yang dipertanggungjawap menjayakannya. Adakah mereka ini (orang2 Kementerian dan Jabatan Pelajaran, dan guru2 ) komited dengan tugas yang diamanahkan, memberi sokongan sepenuhnya dan berusaha menjayakan PPSMI bukan sekadar ‘kerja’ saja tapi waktu sama menentang dasar itu dalam diam ?

    Sekiranya diakui PPSMI mendatangkan masalah besar kepada murid2 diluarbandar, kenapa tidak dicari cara untuk mengatasinya selain dari terus menentang ? Pihak kerajaan pula, kenapa tidak dicari satu cara untuk menyelesaikan masalah murid2 luar bandar ini ( atau yang dibandar yang punya masalah sama )? contoh- seperti adakan kelas tambahan khas untuk BI sebagai bahasa sains dan matematik. ( bukan kelas BI seperti belajar bahasa ) Atau gunakan ribuan graduan yang menganggur sebagai tutor kepada murid2 yang lemah ini. Dari segi kos, saya pasti ini lebih efektif dari membekalkan guru2 terlibat dengan laptop yang mereka sendiri jarang gunakan untuk pengajaran.

    Pokoknya, kenapa bila berdepan dengan masalah, orang Melayu cepat melatah dan suka membangkang ? Kenapa tidak disalurkan tenaga itu untuk bersama2 mencari jalan penyelesaian ?

    Satu lagi, PPSMI bukannya masalah penguasaan BI sebagai satu bahasa. Jangan dijadikan alasan para graduan banyak menganggur sebagai perlunya PPSMI. Mereka terpinggir kerana lemah BI ( kalau mereka belajar melalui PPSMI pun belum tentu akan mahir BI ), tidak berfikiran terbuka, kurang berdaya saing, memilih dan punya pemikiran seperti hidup dibawah tempurung. Maaf, bukan semua tapi dari pengalaman saya berinteraksi dan menjalankan temuduga dengan graduan Melayu, itulah yang saya rumuskan. Mungkin nasib saya yang hanya dipertemukan dengan mereka yang seperti itu.


  60. JMD , you made the below:
    In fact, this blog had long ago, had supported the Bahasa Melayu, albeit in a bigger picture. I focussed more on the Malays as a whole than only one of its aspect (its language). Without the proper strengthening of this race, no amount of demonstrations can protect its language. We are grateful that BM had been on the pinnacle within the Constitution.

    i thought you claimed yourself not a racist and care about the malaysia as a whole. you have even implied that you won’t touch a about non-malays and malays when it comes to policy and helping the bangsa malaysia in totality. look at your comment lah bro, is so obvious to all of us that you still want the to strengthen malays, and that tells it that if the non-malays can be weak for i care. be true to your heart. Allah can see through your heart. you can write all and defend all you want…but your heart tells it all. pLs my comment is not about the malay language but is touching your very heart what you treasure. as far as i am concern, i as a chinese never have this GRAND PLAN about strengthening CHINESE. i am concern about the welfare of everyone to have good education and get out of poverty.

    over to you JMD. i hope your supporters are not blinded or maybe they are as equally racist as you.

    JMD : What are you rambling on about my friend? When did I ever said the non Malays need to be weak? What is so wrong when I said the Malays need to be strengthened? Did I say they need to be strong at the expense of the non Malays? What is wrong with you? Cockeyed? Dyslexic? Ptosis?

    My friend, you are clearly grasping at straws on this one. When I said ‘strengthening the Malays’, your racist behaviour immediately triggered an alarm that thinks I AM GOING TO TRAMPLE THE NON MALAYS.

    How sad!

    If most of the Malays are draped in poverty, lack in education and good well being, why can’t I help to strengthen their livelihood? Is it a crime?

    Nonetheless, do you think if there are other families out there who are stricken with poverty, I will say do not help them because they are not Malays?

    Don’t be an idiot. I am, as you said, very concern about the ‘welfare of everyone to have good education and get out of poverty’ too.

    Also, stop writing stupid statements lsuch as ‘there is no grand plan to help strengthen the chinese’. By all means, every leader of a community must have this grand plan. But not at the expense of other races.

    If everyone here in Malaysia knows their roles and responsibilities, Malaysia can truly be peaceful and become progressive once again.

    By the way, there is no need to self appoint yourself as my conscience my friend as my conscience is already clear. How about yours?


  61. Dinpenyu,

    Sama juga boleh dikatakan kenapa orang Melayu mudah menyerah kalah dengan kekuatan bahasa sendiri. Betul ke BM tu teruk sangat tak boleh terangkan konsep sains dan matematik. Kita tau UiTM dah lama gunakan BI sepenuhnya dalam kursus, tapi antara UiTM dan UKM mana Universiti yang lebih bagus?


    There will be never ending debate as you and I see the issue from different angle. I see it more as education as the whole while you and the supporters of PPSMI blame it on Malay language which you claimed cannot handle and cope with education trends. You blame on lack of translations and so on.
    Have you realised all these pointed out to the weak human capital that the Malaysian education produced? No matter what language you thought them, it will be the same.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. In the end we will have to agree to disagree. Opinions can be seen in a different angle. Both can be correct. Both can be wrong. But I certainly never blame the ‘Malay language which could not handle and cope with education trends’. It is the absence of effort in which some people are entrusted to handle and cope with the influx of new information and jargons in lieu of the fast paced technology the world is facing that caused the learning of maths and science must be done in English.

    DBP cannot wash their hands if there is not enough knowledge being transferred from English to Malay. The world is rapidly changing by the day. Who are they employing anyway? Didn’t Datuk Hassan Ahmad have a succession planning system in place over there?

    New technology is rapidly being produced at a pace faster than what it had experienced in the last couple of decades.

    Teaching maths and science in english is not to increase the proficiency of students in English. That is in the realm of the English teachers. It is to familiarise the children with maths and science jargons so that their vocabulary is expanding. If the rural children cannot cope, then the English teachers there must work superhard to increase the interests of those children in learning English.

    Exams are bilingual anyway. Like I said, we need to toughen up our kids in the face of stiff competition now and in the future.

    If you feel otherwise, then it is fine by me too. I never called the people who are anti PPSMI as ‘Celaka’ , ‘Bangang’ or ‘Bebal’. That is too much lah.

    Human capital plan will have to be reviewed anyway. PPSMI is part of it. Like I said, why the need to demonstrate when the review is not even completed?

    Thank you.


  62. me, my conscience…. is as clear as water. that’s

    “By all means, every leader of a community must have this grand plan. But not at the expense of other races. ”

    well, as far as i my conscience tell me, if i am a leader (not yet at this moment), i would not even think along the line about my race community. whether you would like to accet the hard fact or truth or not, eventually all these helps rendered based on race line will be exploited and the end result, is really at the expense of other races even though you may not have planned it that way. look at today MCA and UMNO. just wanting to rule and divide the people by slotting in fear agenda….fearing that their race/community is not represented if they are not voted in. MCA members should be hang first before UMNO.

    “If most of the Malays are draped in poverty, lack in education and good well being, why can’t I help to strengthen their livelihood? Is it a crime?”

    not a crime at all but is it a sustainable mindset? if we have gotten our act together about non-race politics and willing to do away with race based politics, then we won’t have extremists shouting out their lungs on save our race, help them, help them. the shout in unison in fact should be, help the citizens, the malaysians. and for your info, the same thing i am telling you now is the same message i want to send to MCA. unfortunately, till now, there is no good MCA writer or maybe after so many years of being fat, most MCA members either brain dead or paralysed mentally. i hope to have some MCA members commenters/readers here in your blog.

    “If everyone here in Malaysia knows their roles and responsibilities, Malaysia can truly be peaceful and become progressive once again.”

    unfortunately after 50 years, the politicians have not learned this. do you think old wine being poured into new wineskins can become new wine?

    JMD : Maybe you chose to ignore my earlier reply :

    If most of the Malays are draped in poverty, lack in education and good well being, why can’t I help to strengthen their livelihood? Is it a crime?

    Nonetheless, do you think if there are other families out there who are stricken with poverty, I will say do not help them because they are not Malays?

    Don’t be an idiot. I am, as you said, very concern about the ‘welfare of everyone to have good education and get out of poverty’ too.

    By the way, your last paragraph should be directed to everyone, not just the politicians from both end of the spectrum. Like what I have written – “If everyone here in Malaysia knows their roles and responsibilities, Malaysia can truly be peaceful and become progressive once again.”


  63. @ Zack

    Quote: Sama juga boleh dikatakan kenapa orang Melayu mudah menyerah kalah dengan kekuatan bahasa sendiri. Betul ke BM tu teruk sangat tak boleh terangkan konsep sains dan matematik. Kita tau UiTM dah lama gunakan BI sepenuhnya dalam kursus, tapi antara UiTM dan UKM mana Universiti yang lebih bagus?

    Statistik di MoHE dan MoHR jelas menunjukkan bahawa graduan UiTM punya success rate yang lebih tinggi (90% diterima bekerja dalam masa 6 bulan setelah bergraduat, tidak termasuk yang melanjutkan pelajaran) berbanding mana-mana IPTA lain. Bukanlah maksud saya nak katakan IPTA selain UiTM itu graduannya tidak bagus tetapi ini ada kaitan dengan penekanan yang diberi UiTM terhadap english, extra language (wajib ambil 1 bahasa tambahan), practical emphasis (di samping teori dan analitikal), dan juga soft-skills.

    Saudara Zack tak perlu kelentong pasal UKM pula. Adik saya siswi tahun akhir di Fakulti Kejuruteraan dan Alam Bina (FKAB) UKM. Sejak dia tahun pertama lagi boleh dikatakan 80% kuliahnya diadakan dalam english. Itu baru kuliah. Buku-buku teks rujukan? 99.9% in english.

    JMD : Thank you Joe.


  64. JMD,

    Disgusted: That’s the word to describee my feeling toward these GMP people. They are supposed to be the ‘inteligensia’ among the Malay, people with unlimited apetite for knowledge. I agree with you ,JMD, that most of these GMP proponents are Englis educated and of course they are already proficient as far as English language is concern. If these GMP proponents happen to read this comment, I would like very much to remine them that it is one of the “nikmat’ bestowed to them by God Almighty. Please don’t deny this nikmat to our children who are going to take over from us in the near future. We must not confused ourselves between our emotional love toward Bahasa Melayu and the need to pursue as much knowledge as possible. We need these knowledge to survive the challenges of the future world.

    As for the ‘jatidiri’ thing, please look into the mirror and ask youself: “have I lost my jati diri ,now that I am proficient in English? have I become less Melayu, now that I can converse in English? Did the western scholars lost their western jatidiri when they have to master Arabic and Persian language because they wanted the knowledge possessed by the Muslim at one time.

    JMD, your article is excellent, to say the least. Keep up the good work and let’s try our best to prevent these people from denying our children the access to knowledge.

    JMD : Thank you for the kind remarks.


  65. Othman,

    Haha.. ye ke? Aku tak tau pasal tu sebab aku bukan graduan tempatan tapi luar negara. Ok ler aku rasa lebih kurang sama je semua universiti kat Msia ni yang seperti kilang menghasilkan robot untuk bekerja untuk industri.
    Sebab tu pemikiran mereka yang menyokong PPSMI ni supaya boleh cakap London, supaya boleh dapat kerja dengan syarikat2 besar. Tak pernah dia nak fikir pendidikan ni supaya boleh bekerja sendiri dan menghasilkan inovasi. Yang dok fikir kerja dengan orang.
    Tiap2 hari aku bosan dan menyampah dengar orang Melayu “speaking London” tunggang terbalik dan rojak tak tentu hala dalam pergaulan alam pekerjaan. Macam tak de bahasa sendiri. Ini tak nama hilang jati diri ke?

    JMD : Saya secara jujur tidak rasa bahawa semua universiti di Malaysia cuma berupaya mengeluarkan graduan Melayu yang hanya tahu bekerja untuk orang sahaja dan tidak tau hendak bekerja sendiri. Itu adalah sikap prejudis seorang graduan luar negara kepada graduan yang sebangsa dengannya sahaja. Ramai juga yang tamat pengajian luar negara bekerja dengan ‘syarikat2 besar’ juga. Saya tidak pasti apa yang saudara cuba hendak terangkan di dalam komen ini. Adakah PPSMI di sini menghalang graduan Melayu untuk berkecimpung di dalam dunia perniagaan? Adakah graduan Melayu yang belajar di luar negara belajar di dalam bahasa Melayu di sana (sebab itu mereka bekerja sendiri selepas tamat pengajian)? Penjelasan saudara sedikit berkecamuk kerana saudara mungkin tercampur adukkan isu yang berbeza.

    Jika saudara berkata, mereka yang ‘speaking London’ semasa bekerja sudah hilang jatidiri Melayu, maka saya kesal dengan tuduhan tersebut. Ungku Aziz yang bercakap secara Queen’s English tetapi bertutur Melayu dengan agak pelat pun saya tak anggap dia sudah hilang jatidiri Melayu. Malah, saya menghormati beliau sebagai salah seorang Melayu jati. Terima kasih.


    • Zack,

      Janganlah berbicara sebegitu. Jika anda berkata begitu, graduan tempatan boleh bertanya:

      – apakah semua graduan luar negara berniaga sekembali di Malaysia?
      – Adakah semua graduan luar negara berniaga di luar negara?

      Ada juga graduan luar negara yang memilih untuk berkhidmat untuk rakyat. Contoh: Ada doktor-doktor kita yang belajar di seluruh dunia, balik bekerja di hospital-hospital kerajaan, menabur bakti dan budi. Jika anda berkata begitu, seolah-olah anda memperlekeh orang penat belajar.

      Anda, pada saya, telah memperlekeh graduan tempatan apabila anda berkata “Ok ler aku rasa lebih kurang sama je semua universiti kat Msia ni yang seperti kilang menghasilkan robot untuk bekerja untuk industri.” Apakah anda mahu seorang yang tidak berpelajaran menjaga urusan pentadbiran negara?

      Sila jangan buat kenyataan seolah-olah anda menulis dengan tidak berfikir. 🙂


    • Dalam pengalaman saya dalam temuduga, saya telah bertemu dengan kedua-duanya, graduan tempatan dan juga graduan luar. Saya juga telah bertemu dengan kedua-duanya juga yang fasih dalam Bahasa Inggeris dan tidak dalam kedua-dua jenis graduan ini. Ingin saya perkatakan bahawa untuk graduan yang fasih berbahasa Inggeris mereka mempunyai keyakinan diri yang lebih tinggi berbanding dengan yang kurang fasih.

      Kenapa saya berkata begitu? Kerana yang fasih dapat bertutur dengan baik dalam kedua-dua bahasa walhal yang kurang fasih juga kurang berkemampuan untuk bertutur secara rasmi dalam Bahasa Kebangsaan. Mungkin ini adalah segelintir darinya tetapi mungkin juga ia adalah kerana kekuatan minda akibat dari pergaulan dan juga bahan bacaan yang dibaca.

      Dalam yang ramai tidak fasih berbahasa Inggeris saya telah menugaskan mereka untuk mengarang surat atau pun cadangan secara rasmi dalam Bahasa Kebangsaan tetapi mutu tulisan amat kurang juga. Jadi bolehkah kita katakan yang mereka tidak fasih Bahasa Inggeris kerana ingin memartabatkan Bahasa Kebangsaan?

      Seperti yang dikatakan dahulu, berbanding dengan kebanyakan bangsa yang saya jumpa seperti Jepun, China, Perancis dsbnya, mereka tak nak bertutur bukan kerana tidak tahu tetapi tidak mahu berbanding dengan setengah graduan kita.

      Sebenarnya apa yang penting disini adalah anjakan minda, perubahan minda untuk dahagakan pengetahuan dan bukannya belajar hanya untuk mencari pekerjaan. Jika pengetahuan itu dalam Bahasa Inggeris dengan sendirinya kita akan belajar tanpa disuruh dan samalah juga dalam mana-mana bahasa pun.

      Masalah utama segelintir graduan-graduan kita, sekolah dan universiti itu hanyalah tiket untuk mendapatkan perkerjaan dan bukan gedung ilmu seperti yang sepatutnya.

      Mendapatkan keputusan yang cemerlang adalah baik tetapi mendapatkan pengetahuan dan ilmu yang berguna yang boleh dipraktikkan sampai bila-bila adalah lebih baik. Ini yang perlu diterapkan dalam anak-anak kita.

      Anjakan minda inilah yang cuba saya terapkan bila saya dapat bertemu dan berjumpa dengan pra graduan untuk memastikan mereka berguna untuk mana-mana organisasi yang mereka akan bekerja dan tidak hanya sebagai pekerja sahaja.

      Have a good day JMD.

      JMD : Thank you and have a good weekend.


      • Sebenarnya apa yang penting disini adalah anjakan minda, perubahan minda untuk dahagakan pengetahuan dan bukannya belajar hanya untuk mencari pekerjaan. Jika pengetahuan itu dalam Bahasa Inggeris dengan sendirinya kita akan belajar tanpa disuruh dan samalah juga dalam mana-mana bahasa pun.

        Masalah utama segelintir graduan-graduan kita, sekolah dan universiti itu hanyalah tiket untuk mendapatkan perkerjaan dan bukan gedung ilmu seperti yang sepatutnya.

        Mendapatkan keputusan yang cemerlang adalah baik tetapi mendapatkan pengetahuan dan ilmu yang berguna yang boleh dipraktikkan sampai bila-bila adalah lebih baik. Ini yang perlu diterapkan dalam anak-anak kita.

        OMG! I can’t agree more with you Shah! Ini adalah apa yang saya cuba terapkan pada pelajar – pelajar saya di sekolah. Tetapi saya rasa, usaha saya tidak akan kemana kerana semua ibubapa sangat mementingkan berapa A yang anak mereka miliki di dalam exam. Ditambah pula dengan media massa yang sememangnya membesar – besarkan cerita pelajar yang mendapat paling banyak A. Oleh itu, mentaliti pelajar – pelajar di Malaysia sememangnya telah dididik sebegitu sekali. Belajar hanya untuk mendapat A. Belajar hanya memerlukan fokus di dalam kelas dan semangat waja untuk belajar sendiri pada waktu lapang dan teknik menjawab soalan yang betul. Belajar sama sekali tidak memerlukan praktik yang berterusan dari apa yang telah dipelajari. Belajar tidak mengajar mereka membuka minda berfikir mengenai applikasi – applikasi yang digunakan di dalam kehidupan harian berdasarkan apa yang mereka belajar. Sesungguhnya, pendidikan di Malaysia, mentaliti ibu bapa di Malaysia, mentaliti pelajar – pelajar di Malaysia dan padangan media massa di Malaysia hanyalah berfokus kepada Jumalah A pelajar di dalam peperiksaan

        Siapakah yang bersalah atas semua perkara ini ? Guru yang mengajar? Pelajar yang belajar? Ibu bapa yang mendesak? Media massa yang membesar – besarkan? Pengarah pendidikan dan Menteri pelajaran yang tiada idea mengenai apa yang guru – guru dan pelajar – pelajar hadapi? Sistem pendidikan yang tidak sempurna?


  66. JMD
    I just want to remind you something here….
    Don’t get confused by an interview and a research…..
    The report in the star that you are refering is not an research….
    It was just a couple of interview made by the star’s reporter to the excellent students in UPSR last year….
    The proper study/ research had mentioned that the number of students who opted to English in answering their Science and Math in UPSR last year was not even reached 40%…..
    This shows that the PPSMI programme is a failure…..
    It cannot even survive the regular passing mark of an exam……

    JMD : Please look again at the link I provided for you earlier and read it thoroughly. It was a report. There were no interviews of school children in that news link.


  67. Bismillah,

    Pada sayalah, orang yang sudah menyelam bertahun-tahun didalam arena penggunaan bahasa inggeris, mungkin ada yang sudah nampak apa yang akan berlaku jika keadaan yang ada ini diteruskan.

    Apa yang sedang berlaku ialah penjajahan minda secara yang tidak disedari.

    Perkara ini adalah rumit dan perlu perhatian yang teliti. Mungkin kesimpulannya hanya akan nampak didalam beberapa tahun yang akan datang, inshaAllah. Kita tengoklah didalam peperangan minda ini siapa yang akan menang.

    Sementara itu sama-sama lah kita berbicara secara betul semuga Allah tunjukkan kita perkara yang sebenar, inshaAllah.


  68. Bismillah.

    Didalam arena peperangan , penjajahan minda adalah yang paling halus dan paling efektif. Sebelum suatu tembakan dibuat musuh sudah mengaku kalah.

    Saya bukannya menghalang seseorang itu fasih didalam bahasa inggeris. Saya juga tidak menghalang seseorang itu berfikir didalam bahasa inggeris demi untuk melengkapi lapuran yang hendak dibuat didalam bahasa inggeris. Tapi ada bezanya jika seseorang itu SENTIASA berfikir didalam bahasa inggeris, SENTIASA bercakap didalam bahasa inggeris, malah SENTIASA perasaannya didalam bahasa inggeris.

    Orang yang demikian bolehkah dikatakan sebagai melayu? Jikalau seorang dalam sejuta mungkin tidak memberi kesan yang kuat. Tapi jika ada seratu ribu apa nak jadi?

    Misalannya; Seseorang itu keluar pejabat untuk makan tengah hari, dia berkata didalam hatinya: “Hmmn, shall I have that mutton masala? That fried octopus in red hot chilli looks good!” Adakah orang ini orang melayu atau orang inggeris? Luarannya nampak melayu tapi hati mungkin inggeris?

    Ada pernah dengar tak orang yang masa nak mati bercakap yes, yes, no,no? Masa nazak pun speaking. :). Kalau akhir kalamnya berkata ” I bear witness that there is no god but Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad is the messengger of Allah”, mungin boleh di terima oleh Allah swt. Tapi persoalannya ialah dimanakah kemelayuan nya?

    Mungkin ada yang berkata “Ahh persetanlah dengan kemelayuan itu. Yang penting ialah dunia dapat, akhirat pun dapat”



    • Saudara,
      saya nak tumpang tanya tentang perenggan anda ini:

      “Ada pernah dengar tak orang yang masa nak mati bercakap yes, yes, no,no? Masa nazak pun speaking. . Kalau akhir kalamnya berkata ” I bear witness that there is no god but Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad is the messengger of Allah”, mungin boleh di terima oleh Allah swt. Tapi persoalannya ialah dimanakah kemelayuan nya?”

      Adakah saudara selalu mendengar orang mengucap dalam bahasa melayu di saat-saat roh mahu meninggalkan jasad? Setahu saya, ramai yang mengucap dalam bahasa arab. Adakah mereka hilang kemelayuannya kalau mengucap dalamm bahasa arab?

      Agak-agak saudara lah, kalau saudara berfikiran seperti yang saudara tulis, adakah tokoh-tokoh bahasa melayu ni semua mengucap dalam bahasa melayu agaknya di saat malaikat maut datang menjemput?

      Boleh saudara jelaskan? 🙂


      • Bismillah.

        Saya menulis sebegitu kerana ingin mengenengahkan point-point yang tertentu.

        Memanglah kita orang islam digalakkan/disuruh supaya mengucap diakhir kalam. Itu tidak dinafikan.

        Kenapa saya menulis ” Hmmn…” diakhir posting itu? Ini kerana saya sendiri pun belum dapat kepastian yang nyata mengenai issue orang melayu yang ingin jadi orang arab! : ).

        Mungkin didalam perbicaraan yang seterusnya ada orang dapat memberi sedikit kepastian mengenai perkara ini. Terima kasih.


        • “Kenapa saya menulis ” Hmmn…” diakhir posting itu? Ini kerana saya sendiri pun belum dapat kepastian yang nyata mengenai issue orang melayu yang ingin jadi orang arab! : ).”

          Boleh saya cuba jawab? Sebab, Di saat itu, yang tinggal cuma samada hayat itu diakhiri sebagai seorang muslim yang mengakui Allah itu Tuhan yang satu (dan sebolehnya sempat mengakui Nabi Muhammad itu pesuruhNya). Tiada terlintas isu tertukar bangsa mahupun kurang melayunya pada si yang bakal meninggal. Betul tidak?

          Jika jawapan saya diterima, apakah saudara perlu sebegitu untuk menyampaikan mesej-mesej yang mungkin boleh diberi dengan contoh yang lebih elok? 🙂

          Jika tidak, tolong jelaskan dengan lebih lanjut. 🙂


    • ape kelakar sangat lah comment yang di beri itu.

      pdhal ID sendiri ‘independentman’. tak ke english tu.

      haha. what a joke lah awak ni wahai ‘lelaki bebas’.


      • Bismillah.

        Saya menulis dibawah independentman itu disebabkan saya sudah ada blog dibawah nama itu. Saya dulu memang belajar dibawah english medium school.

        Tetapi apabila saya nampak akan rusuhan anti ppsmi itu baru saya sedar yang ppsmi ini patut dimansuhkan. Jika orang melayu ingin mempersetankan kemelayuan itu terpulanglah. Kalau nak tengok orang melayu jadi dhaif dan hina dinegeri sendiri terpulanglah.

        JMD : Maka dengan itu, di harap saudara bolehlah menasihatkan PAS supaya mula memperjuangkan bangsa dan usah lagi memperlekehkan mereka yang memperjuangkan bangsa sebagai perjuangan asobiyah. Terima kasih.


  69. @ prohitman

    The proper study/ research had mentioned that the number of students who opted to English in answering their Science and Math in UPSR last year was not even reached 40%…..
    This shows that the PPSMI programme is a failure…..
    It cannot even survive the regular passing mark of an exam……

    What study? What research?

    UPSR 2008: 31% opted to answer fully in English for Science, 46% did so for Maths. While both these figures are correct, PPSMI skeptics opted to highlight just half of the fact but chose to hide another half. What NOT equally mentioned by anti-PPSMI fellas is the FACT that both the 31% and 46% are of a DRASTIC INCREASE in comparison to those from previous years, hence in terms of acceptance rate alone, PPSMI is NOT a failure.

    Read here…
    and here…

    It remains to be seen what anti-PPSMI fellas are going to cook up next.

    @ Zack

    kenapa dengan anda? tenggelam punca setelah saya dedahkan kelentong anda (bab UiTM dan UKM) tu ke?

    Inilah perangai segelintir (tak semua) graduan Melayu yg berkelulusan luar negara (entah mana-mana aje “luar negara” tu… Indonesia pun kira luar negara juga!), sewenang-wenang memandang rendah terhadap orang lain sedangkan diri sendiri tak sehebat mana pun.

    Kalau graduan IPT tempatan cakap english yg agak “broken” sedikit, bagi saya itu masih boleh dimaafkan dan perlulah diperbaiki. Ironinya ada yang balik dari UK tapi english nya masih “broken” macam graduan IPTA tempatan juga!! Entah apa yg mereka buat sepanjang berada di sana?!

    yg kami tahu bahasa Inggeris lah… kami tak tahu bahasa London tu apa benda… itulah kamu agaknya terlalu terpengaruh dgn wayang-wayang tempatan yg (tak semua) tak berkualiti.

    @ independentman

    Kebanyakan penentang PPSMI ini, mereka sendiri terdiri dari golongan middle class dan elit Melayu yg mempunyai asas yg kukuh daripada pendidikan berbahasa inggeris. Tetapi mereka tidak mahu anak-anak kampung turut maju dan pandai seperti mereka, kerana itu kelak akan memberi saingan kepada anak-anak elit mereka yg diharapkan dapat mewarisi kerjaya dan kedudukan elit mereka tanpa saingan. sebab itulah golongan middle class/elit anti-PPSMI kini cuba memperbodohkan masyarakat marhaen dengan menghasut mereka supaya menentang PPSMI. Supaya anak-anak marhaen kekal ketinggalan dan dengan itu hegemoni sosial middle class/elit ini kekal terjamin tanpa saingan.


  70. Bismillah.

    @average joe,

    Saya tidak merasakan orang seperti Pak A. Samad Said seperti begitu. Pada sayalah orang seperti Pak A. Samad ialah orang yang prihatin, orang yang peka. Mungkin dia sudah nampak apa yang akan berlaku jika perkara ini diteruskan.

    Saya sudah nampak Pak A. Samad in berjalan dikaki lima KL tanpa sebarang tanda kemewahan yang berlebihan, tanpa sebarang tanda ego. Juga saya nampak dia sebagai orang yang tidak khianat dan juga bukan sebagai orang yang bodoh. InshaAllah.


  71. Saya hairan la. Kenapa dah lebih 50 tahun merdeka, masyarakat Malaysia masih memandang rendah bahasa sendiri. Di dalam mesyuarat pun sama ada di pejabat kerajaan atau swasta menggunakan Bahasa Inggeris sekali pun untuk berkomunikasi sesama orang Malaysia.
    Kebimbangan saya mengenai terlebih penggunaan BI ini bukan tidak berasas dan tidak pernah terlintas di fikiran saya mahu melihat anak bangsa ketinggalan. Saya sendiri menerima pelajaran dalam Bahasa Melayu sepenuhnya sehingga melanjutkan pelajaran ke luar negara.
    Saya memandang dari sudut perkembangan bahasa Melayu yang saya rasa akan semakin rendah tanpa pembelaan dan penggunaan terutama dalam cabang penting iaitu Sains dan Matematik. Tiada bangsa yang membina tamadun berasaskan bahasa asing. Apa yang saya lihat tiada usaha pihak kerajaan memperkukuhkan bahasa Melayu dalam bidang sains dan teknologi sehingga kini. Tiada diberitahu apakah PPSMI sekadar sementara atau kekal. Jika ia sementara apa usaha untuk meneruskan penterjemahan dan pembinaan istilah sains dan teknologi dalam bahasa Melayu? Seperti biasa segala dasar kerajaan dibuat tanpa kajian mendalam tetapi hanya kerana arahan pihak atasan.
    Ini belum dilihat dari segi kajian pakar linguistik dan pakar lain mengenai pembelajaran yang efektif menggunakan bahasa ibunda. Kajian UNESCO sendiri menunjukkan pendekatan yang paling baik dalam bidang pendidikan adalah menggunakan bahasa ibunda. Begitu juga kajian TIMMS yang mendapati kanak-kanak yang belajar menggunakan bahasa yang dituturkan di rumah lebih memahami pelajaran. Saya tidak dapat faham apa kaitan mahu memperbaiki pemahaman Sains dan Matematik menggunakan bahasa yang asing bagi kanak-kanak. Lainlah jika ada rancangan kerajaan untuk menjadikan bahasa Inggeris sebagai bahasa rasmi negara dan bahasa Melayu sebagai bahasa sampingan. Jika nak dikatakan banyak bahan rujukan dalam bahasa Inggeris itu benar tetapi adakah pihak kerajaan dan penyokong dasar ini mengharapkan kanak-kanak berusia 7 tahun boleh memahami dan menghargai jurnal-jurnal dalam bahasa Inggeris?
    Kerajaan tersilap meletakkan keutamaan dalam polisi ini. Jika alasan sudah membelanjakan berjuta-juta ringgit untuk menjayakan PPSMI bagaimana pula berbilion ringgit yang sudah digunakan sebelum polisi ini dibuat.
    Saya yang dulu memang menyokong kerajaan merasakan kerajaan sudah menyimpang. Saya tahu di mana undi saya untuk pilihan raya akan datang. Seperti yang diucapkan oleh Sasterawan Negara A. Samad Said: UMNO hanya tahu bahasa undi!

    JMD : Walaupun GMP cuba menafikan bahawa tentangan mereka terhadap PPSMI bukan bercorak politik, tetapi pemimpin pemimpin GMP sendiri berlagak seolah olah mereka dari parti pembangkang.

    Sila baca di sini.

    Saya tersenyum sedikit apabila saudara menulis – ‘Jika nak dikatakan banyak bahan rujukan dalam bahasa Inggeris itu benar tetapi adakah pihak kerajaan dan penyokong dasar ini mengharapkan kanak-kanak berusia 7 tahun boleh memahami dan menghargai jurnal-jurnal dalam bahasa Inggeris?’

    Kanak kanak berusia 7 tahun sememangnya tidak memerlukan bahan rujukan sains dan matematik dalam bahasa inggeris untuk dibaca. Saudara pernah lihat skima pelajaran matematik dan sains dalam bahasa Inggeris untuk kanak kanak darjah satu? Mungkin tidak pernah. Walaubagaimanapun, bahan rujukan yang saudara sebutkan tadi mungkin berguna apabila kanak kanak ini sudah serasi dengan PPSMI dan boleh menggunakan bahan tersebut dengan mudah apabila mereka meningkat umur nanti.

    Adakah saudara sudah membaca laporan UNESCO tersebut? Jika belum, sila baca artikel mengenainya di sini.

    Sila baca juga ulasan mengenai artikel tersebut yang sudah dibincangkan pada bulan Januari lalu di sini.

    Persoalan ‘apa usaha untuk meneruskan penterjemahan dan pembinaan istilah sains dan teknologi dalam bahasa Melayu?’, saya sertakan piagam pelanggan DBP. Saya fikir, soalan saudara moleklah dijawab oleh DBP kerana itu adalah bidang tugas mereka. Kita tidak terkejut melihat kebanyakkan ahli GMP adalah terdiri dari mereka yang pernah dan sedang bekerja di DBP. Sebab itu saya memberi tajuk artikel ini sedemikian rupa.

    Sekian terima kasih.


  72. Bismillah.


    Nabi Muhammad saw memang pernah berkata; “Sesiapa yang diakhir kalamnya, yakni semasa tengah nazak, berkata “Lailahaillallah (maksudnya tiada tuhan melainkan Allah)” akan masuk syurga.

    Saya ingin bertanya, adakah orang melayu yang hanya boleh berkata “Tiada tuhan melainkan Allah” semasa nazak tidak boleh dikategorikan atau diterima dalam maksud hadis diatas?

    Pada sayalah Allah tidak menengok pada perbuatan atau perkataan seseorang tapi Dia menengok pada hati seseorang, inshaAllah. Pada sayalah jika seseorang itu diterima oleh Allah swt inshaAllah tiada masalah untuk nya mengucap. Wallahualam.

    ….Jika jawapan saya diterima, apakah saudara perlu sebegitu untuk menyampaikan mesej-mesej yang mungkin boleh diberi dengan contoh yang lebih elok?…

    Saya kurang faham akan perenggan ini. Boleh tolong perjelaskan maksud yang ingin disampai? Hmmn..Sekarang saya sudah faham maksud anda.

    Bukan kah benar ada orang bersikap begitu? Mereka berkata persetankan dengan ketuanan melayu! Pada mereka ketuanan melayu itu assobiyah. Mereka pakai jubah, pakai jilbab.. Mungkin mereka lain hari kelak mahu pakai burqa seperti di afghanistan atau topeng seperti orang perempuan oman. Mereka mungkin berkata orang yang tak macam mereka itu kafir, celaka dan sebagainya.

    Sebenarnya landasan mereka dan landasan saya tidak serupa dan tidak sama. Salah satu daripada landasan ini tidak akan sampai keKaabah.

    Peperangan ini bukan sahaja dengan daulah inggeris tetapi juga dengan daulah wahabi dan juga daulah lain.. Kita tengohlah daulah mana yang akan menang.

    Minta maaf lah jikalau menyinggung perasaan anda, tetapi jikalau cakap berlapik mungkin mesej yang ingin disampai tidak kesampaian. Mungkin selepas ini saya tidak akan menjawab pertanyaan anda. Ini sebabkan kita, berlainan landasan. Bukan tujuan saya untuk menarik orang kepada landasan saya. Hanya Tuhan sahaja yang boleh membuat begitu. Tujuan saya masuk ke kancah perbicaraan ini ialah supaya saya sendiri faham akan perkara yang sebenar dan juga dengan ini orang lain pun akan turut faham,sedikit sebanyak, inshaAllah.


    • Saudara,
      saya dapat mesej yang cuba disampaikan, tetapi saya hairan saudara mengolah ayat seolah-olah jika mengucap dalam bahasa lain, hilang identiti bangsa si hamba Allah.

      Ini isu bahasa yang digunakan untuk belajar sains dan matematik. Tak perlulah sampai melalut sampai kepada mengucap kalimah syahadah. Dan setahu saya, tidak timbul isu Pengajaran Pendidikan Islam dalam bahasa Inggeris (PPII). Maka, apa perlu mengaitkan kalimah syahadah dengan bahasa inggeris dalam isu matematik dan sains???

      Satu lagi, saudara menulis “Pada mereka ketuanan melayu itu assobiyah”..

      Boleh saya tanya, siapa yang melaungkan kata-kata ini? Bukankah majoritinya datang daripada orang-orang PAS? Mengapa kini mereka memperjuangkan perjuangan yang dilabel assobiyah dan sia-sia (apabila diperjuangkan UMNO)? Jika saudara membaca blog saya, soalan ini masih belum terjawab. Jika saudara atau sesiapa dapat menjawabnya, silakan.



  73. Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said (pic) met with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi this afternoon over investigations by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) into money politics and her ministry’s activities.

    Azalina, who had yet to be questioned by MACC, arrived at Abdullah’s official residence, Seri Perdana, about 5pm accompanied by her father Datuk Othman Said.


  74. @ independentman

    Hentikan perbuatan MENGARUT anda di topik ini. Di sini kita membahaskan PPSMI, bukan membahaskan isu Arabisasi dalam masyarakat Melayu. Si kitul seperti anda memang tak habis-habis nak mengalih perhatian dari pokok perbincangan utama.


  75. Hi JMD,

    7/10 for the article; rather insightful but adds nothing new to the debate.

    I support continuing PPSMI now, even though I opposed it when it was tabled. The reason I opposed it was that the decision to teach in English was too hasty, poorly implemented and did not take into account the fact that we don’t have enough good English teachers to fill up our English Language subject manpower requirements, let alone Science, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Add-Maths combined. But now that we have taken the step, giving up now would be to act like the proverbial Lebai Malang; rowing first upstream then downstream, and reaching neither destination in time.

    It is undeniable that mastery of English is the way forward for our country. Granted we also need to master the technical subjects, but first master the medium, then the subject matter.

    “But why not change the medium to suit ourselves?” they say. The reason why is because a Malay-speaking engineer ignorant of basic English (let alone the technical terms of his trade, in English) will likely only find employment in a Malay-speaking company, which can only be found in Malaysia. Hence we will always limit our global reach to our own shores, our economy will not expand to match or exceed inflation and we will all slowly die.

    However, JMD, I think “vinnan’s” take on things is fairly accurate, if a bit impassioned. The NEP has done more to destroy Malaysia and its cultures than the Japanese. Many young bumiputeras just aren’t too bothered with their futures. I have had the great honour to be friends with some young bumiputera buddies who are very aware of the dangers and pitfalls of the NEP. One even said, “Any policy that takes sex, race or religion into account, whether it is positive discrimination or negative discrimination, is not ‘equal’ and does not provide a level playing-field for everybody.”



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  77. our education system is exactly like…sorry if i got this wrong..”ditelan mati mak,diluah mati bapak”…no matter how hard we try, its almost impossible to get both things right. we achieved our independence more than 50 years. and i am 23 years old. and most of my non-malay peers, i repeat MOST, not ALL, of them, especially from the vernacular schools, cannot even put one sentence in malay properly, and i mean with the correct tatabahasa and avoid the normal chinese or tamil slang. MOST of them…where did we go wrong?why after more than 50 years of independence, where most of our current generations were born and bred here in our beloved country, where the main teaching medium from standard one till form five is bahasa melayu, and still we cant get many of us to master the language?our mother tongue?dont get me wrong, i believe many of the malays themselves have very-very poor command off the language. if you actually took your time to see and listen around, even the malays do not use standard bahasa melayu anymore. and this is a fact. many malays do not achieve A for their SPM bahasa paper. and i am basing this on my point of view, during my year, where maths and science were STILL taught in malay,before PPSMI. why are there malays non proficient in their own mother tounge?why are there non-malay MALAYSIANS where their bm is even worse than the Bangla’s at the pump stations? so rather than the malay chauvinist barking on the issue of PPSMI, look at the teaching of bahasa melayu first, how to martabatkan bahasa melayu. the governtment decision on this will be viewed as their victory. but is it a step to memartabatkan bahasa melayu?think. now we have two problems. malaysians who are not proficient in malay and english. how is that going to augur for us?


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