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V. Sivakumar’s constitutional expert

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The situation in Perak is becoming more absurd by the day. Aduns from Pakatan Rakyat meet under the tree? Now I am sure there are a saner approach to deal about this. I am surprised that the Pakatan Rakyat leaders could not see how ridiculous they have become. Now, I am just highlighting this fact so that those leaders can reflect back on how they have behaved in the past month or so and modulate their activities a bit more.

A day after the swearing in of Dr Zambry as the Menteri Besar, Mohd Nizar called a meeting dubbed the ‘special exco meeting’ on that Saturday morning. They passed few motions on that day, among others, to bring budget airline Firefly’s service to Sultan Azlan Shah’s airport.

It was confirmed that the State Secretary did not attend that meeting. Now how could the motions be put into effect if the State Secretary did not attend that meeting? The State Secretary by then had to report to Dr Zambry the moment the new MB was sworn in. Now, Nizar knows that the ‘special exco meeting’ that he chaired will going to be redundant. It is as irrelevant as the points in the show ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway’. But he went along with it anyway? Why?

Just to show solidarity maybe. It is ridiculous, yes. But it is perhaps more of a misplaced dignity. In 1955, Chin Peng continued his armed struggle with the Malayan Government under Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Tan Cheng Lock and VT Sambathan  just because to protect his misplaced dignity. His statement ‘for dignity of a man’ justifies the violence Malayan Communist Party has committed. In the end, the ordinary people suffered till the Hadyaai Peace Accord in 1989 was signed.

Nizar should never have followed this path. Having a pseudo House Assembly meeting under a tree will prove to be superfluous at best.

Tommy Thomas. Picture taken from The Nut Graph

Tommy Thomas. Picture taken from The Nut Graph

In all honesty, I do not think Pakatan Rakyat will accomplish anything if they remain recalcitrant. The people will suffer in the end. They can wait for the courts to decide. Although I foresee that the courts will throw away their case since the Sultan had acted within his constitunional powers to elect Dr Zambry as the Menteri Besar.

Maybe V. Sivakumar’s legal counsel has the secret weapon to actually find any loopholes in the laws to actually annul the Sultan’s prerogative. But what I discovered today surprised me. V. Sivakumar actually employed a prominent lawyer by the name Tommy Thomas.

Today, The Star reported:

Dr Zambry vs Sivakumar: Legal team withdraws 

IPOH: Lawyers representing V. Sivakumar had to withdraw after the High Court here ruled that private lawyers could not represent the State Legislative Assembly Speaker in a suit filed by the Perak mentri besar.

Judicial Commissioner Ridwan Ibrahim ruled in chambers that private lawyers had no locus standi and could not represent the Speaker.

Ridwan said that under the Government Proceedings Act, the Speaker can only be represented by the state legal advisor, or lawyers appointed by the latter, because he is part of the state government.

Sivakumar’s lead counsel, constitutional expert Tommy Thomas, said they would await further instructions from the Speaker. He said they were refused speaking rights under Ridwan’s ruling.

Back in October 2008, Tommy Thomas (if it is the same person as above) was interviewed by The Nut Graph. This Constitutional expert reiterated time and time again in his interview that it is within the powers of the Monarchy to select who would be the Prime Minister.

Since the state constitution of Perak follows closely to the Federal Constitution, we can juxtapose what he is saying then to the situation we have now in Perak.

Among the pertinent points he said were:

“Then Abdullah would have to visit the palace and inform the king that he has lost the confidence of his own party, and so tender his resignation and the resignation of his cabinet. And the king will accept that.

When that happens, there is a vacancy in the office of the prime minister. At that point of time, the king has a free hand, because Article 43(2)(a) [of the Federal Constitution] — the appointing process — comes into play. The king can decide whether he calls the new leader of the Barisan Nasional (BN), which will be Najib; or somebody else who, in the king’s judgment, enjoys majority support in the Dewan Rakyat.”

Note he continued on to say that dissolution of the Parliament is not necessary:

“As outlined in Article 43(4), if Abdullah himself feels he has lost the majority support for whatever reason, including that he is losing support within Umno, he is entitled to visit the king [to do the following]. He can tell the king he wants to tender his resignation and that of his cabinet because he thinks he no longer enjoys the support of the majority of the lower house (the Dewan Rakyat), and ask for Parliament to be dissolved. And call [for] elections.

He is entitled to ask [which is one of his prerogatives as sitting prime minister]. But it is the king’s prerogative whether to say yes or no. The king can take into account the interests of the nation, economic factors, political turbulence, the fact that elections were held recently, the costs involved, etc. But the discretion is the king’s.”

He even became nostalgic in order to strengthen his point of views:

“We are invited to interpret Article 43(4) which reads: “If the PM (JMD : in this case the MB) ceases to command the confidence of the majority of the members of the House of Representatives, then, unless at his request the Yang diPertuan Agong dissolves Parliament, the prime minister shall tender the resignation of the cabinet.”

What we are trying to do is find out what is the intention of our founding fathers. That is what the task is all about. How do you interpret those words?

Who are the founding fathers? First, the five members of the Reid Commission — two members from the UK, one from Australia, one from India and one from Pakistan — the senior Commonwealth members. The other group of people are Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun VT Sambanthan and Tun Tan Cheng Lock.

What we are trying to do is interpret their words, 43(4), with the intention they had in mind. Some legal experts have said it is limited to a poll, a vote of no confidence in the Dewan Rakyat. My argument is that cannot be the intention because if it is so limited, then the language would have been something like this: “If the Prime Minister is defeated on a motion of confidence in the House of Representatives, then…” So you see the opening words of 43(4) and my imaginary version are very different…the actual wording is far more general, broad and wide, whereas the other is specific and limited to one method. 

But the important thing is that it is the king’s satisfaction that matters. The king must be satisfied that the prime minister of the day no longer enjoys the confidence of the majority of the lower house. So what that means actually is that the king cannot act arbitrarily; there must be some objective facts, some proof, some reason for him to act.

How he goes about satisfying himself on this point is up to the king.”

Please read here and here.

This is from the same lawyer that is representing Pakatan Rakyat now! Of course during that interview, he was justifying whether can Anwar Ibrahim, the potential usurper, be a Prime Minister through crossovers. All Pakatan Rakyat supporters hailed those interviews as a reference point at that time.

Now, they are singing a different tune.

However, since all Pakatan Rakyat lawyers are highly principled and beyond reproach, I am sure they will not flip flop their way in front of public’s eyes. Hopefully V. Sivakumar did not choose the wrong lawyer. Anyway, by being the lead counsel to question the Sultan’s decision, are we now suppose to think that his interviews back in last October were rubbish?

Just asking.

87 thoughts on “V. Sivakumar’s constitutional expert

  1. JMD,

    what’s your view of UMNO using the police, state secretary and house secretary to do such a dirty job? why need to lock up the state secretariat building? is it necessary? this is what i called loser UMNO don’t dare to face reality. What happened to the meeting QC? ada bagi kopi duit or not?

    i don’t see any QC commenting or helping UMNO. are you implying now UMNO is a good government, fair government and a government loved by the majority Perakians?

    thankfully UMNO didn’t send the UMNO Youth to Ipoh to stir up tension.

    JMD : Firstly, as revealed by the Perak MB, they did not go to England to seek the QC’s advice. So, half of your comment is misguided. The Perak government should not lock up the state secretary building. Like I said in the previous article, BN should act like a winner, not like desperados. Let the PR look like desperados. There are better ways to show how strong you are. Anyway, the police is doing its job to ensure peace.

    Thank you.


  2. Hi JMD, me again, your fren

    hypothetically, if the Sultan says “Okay lah, for the sake of my subjects, i will dissolve the assembly and go for snap election. let my subjects choose their govt”.

    what is your comment then? support or not? you say majority means supporters and not based on race mah ….. so let the Perakians send the UMNO and its supporters back to become minorities. maybe this time round, UMNO and supporters will shrink further and become more minorities.

    JMD : Haha. What do you think my answer would be? That I will go to the streets, throw stones and roll on the ground?

    Fren, if the Sultan said he will dissolve the assembly, and call for snap election, I will accept it. That is what you should do too if decisions did not go your way.


  3. my inquisitive mind yelling loudly. where do you get all this facts. I hope the pakatan rakyat is not hiring you for their legal consultant!
    anyways, very good article indeed.


  4. Assalamualaikum

    Dear JMD

    When things are not in their ways, those PR frogs can immediately change the tune of their own melody that they and PR’s most supreme leader composed during the aftermath of PRU12. As we can now see, BLAMING ON OTHERS is their favorite weapon in which the action is targeting chaos among the “rakyat”.

    It is very sadden seeing rakyat putting their believes and hopes to this type of people that often act as a 10 years old kids rather then being a professional. It’s start during the sacking of Dato Sri Anwar, thousand of sympathizer rallying to support the men who were then accused of corruption and immoral act. We Malaysian had become wild and uncivilized since then as we can obviously see at the new Perak’s MB swearing. The PR leader was not present and it was an act of “responsibility” when those people were hurt or being detained by the authority.

    Lawyers work for their client and being paid for the services. They would not care less of the consequences after winning such cases. Surely the lawyer mentioned in your post had a lot tongue twisting practice to do as he had to justify his word in the previous interview. Like what VK Lingam said as I quoted “it is not me but the person is look like me” referring to the Lingam video. Otai lawyer can “auta” facts so good that even it is wrong they can make it right for you if not how they could cari makan. Hehe..


    JMD : W’lam Malim84.


    • Dear Malim,
      Agree with you.
      Anwar on losing Premiership – Mahathir Corrupt
      On losing Sodomy Case – Agustine Corrupt
      On losing Elections – SPR Corrupt
      On losing 16 Sept – Abdullah tak bagi
      On accused of sodomy – Saiful Rakyat was paid off
      On losing Perak – Najib Evil.
      On being biadap to Sultan – Sultan tak tahu Constitution
      On Ulamak opinion derhaka to SUltan – Ulamak Corrupt.
      On kena tumbuk – Polis dan pendakwaraya jahat.

      So Anwar has covered the Legislative, Executive, Judiciary, Syariah, Sultanate and rakyat.

      Everybody except him.



  5. Sigh JMD, as a Perakian, I feel sad.

    I am actually close to the ground and I hear alot of talks among the people be it in coffee shops or any markets.

    Actually the people in Perak have been misled. Many Perakians are saying that the BN Government is illegal and crossovers are wrong.

    They are told that ADUN Changkat Jering and ADUN Behrang are corrupt people and supports BN.

    But the State Government kept it at a very low when these two ADUNs were not suspended by the Perak Speaker.

    Neither were they suspended or sacked as EXCOs.

    Instead, their support for Pakatan were so valuable until BN tookover.

    The people are told only a side of the story.

    Now, Anwar Ibrahim is questioning why Sivakumar was not allowed to enter his office as Speaker of Perak.

    I am sure tomorrow, the markets, the food shops, hawker stalls, schools, community halls and many other public places will talk in unison and agree with what Anwar Ibrahim is questioning.

    The same news portal which reported this, The Malaysian Insider, wrote that Sivakumar was allowed to enter his office. But he declined.

    The people has been misinformed and will continue to be misled.

    It is time someone from Barisan Nasional question Anwar Ibrahim, Nizar and Ngeh Koo Ham straight on and heads on through prime time TV.

    They are asking the Sultan to allow a corrupted Pakatan Rakyat Government with two corrupted EXCOs to continue to govern Perak.

    I will defend my Sultan for as long as I breathe. They dare to go around saying that the Sultan is taking sides.

    But they fail to see the real picture why the Sultan did not provide royal consent to Nizar’s demands.

    Keep on blogging JMD.

    JMD : Thank you GWL. This is where BN needs to go all out in roadshows to tell the people their side of the story.


    • >>I am actually close to the ground and I hear alot of talks among the people be it in coffee shops or any markets.

      >>Actually the people in Perak have been misled. Many Perakians are saying that the BN Government is illegal and crossovers are wrong.

      Or maybe these Perakian-marhaens can see something you can’t.

      Or won’t…

      JMD : True, like GWL said, the people in Perak have been misled by Pakatan Rakyat leaders. Can’t you see that? Thank you.


  6. This is a wayang kulit of the highest order by PR in Perak. Probably, they should participate in the Raja Lawak reality show in Astro. Inilah terjadi bila kaduk naik junjung. I think the Perak Speaker is too much…conducting a state assembly meeting under a tree…..tak ada class & finesse langsung. Memang gutter politics……

    Say NO to the republican……Daulat Tuanku!


  7. I really don’t understand why there is so much argument and flip flopping. If it’s a point of law, can’t someone just point out the relevant passage/act/whatever and everyone gets on with their lives, and more importantly, gets on with their WORK!!!!!

    Doesn’t this country have a Prime Minister and a ruling government? Or are they more interested in chasing cows, cars and alleged sodomites? Come out with a statement clearly identifying what the status is, who is right, who is wrong and then lay down the law lah!

    Act like you are the majority in power for once.

    JMD : Precisely my point in the last article. They should act like a winner and tell everyone their side of story according to the laws. Then, we can move on.


  8. Good show on exposing hipocracy yet again, JMD. Anyway, clowns thrives on playing to the gallery.

    Anyway, If the lawyer said “tak dak kes”, then no income. Ada kes, ada income; Tak dak kes, tak dak income.

    MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73


  9. JMD

    Everybody wants to have their own opinion. Everyone could write and comment thru lengthy pages… What good will it do?

    BN obviously is denying the rakyat’s right and this is the mother of all chaos in Perak. Let the Perak rakyat decide whom they want.

    You know, I know and everyone knows… BN is afraid to face the next failure… so afraid that they wouldn’t mind to drag His Highness Sultan Perak into this and Perak’s rakyat to doom!

    JMD : Thank you Mantra. Here is one point of view that should be digested as well :Sultan Perak did his duty during the crossovers. He decided that BN has the majority and thus, Zambry became the MB. It is legal. It is his right. Please refer to Tommy Thomas’ interviews to see that the Monarch will have to take other considerations as well. BN is not dragging the Sultan into this. As far as I know, Nizar yesterday wanted to see the Sultan to convey what the ‘assembly sitting’ had agreed upon. Why does he need to see His Majesty further? He has made his decision earlier, so please accept it. Furthermore, the assembly yesterday did not convey the motions through majority voting! Less than half of the assembly was there. Is that the majority? I do not think so. Clearly, Nizar is playing devious politics just to drag the Sultan again.

    Dear Mantra, we all have difference of opinion. We respect that. Nizar should also respect the Sultan’s opinion. It is not his per see. He followed the state constitution. Now, let the BN perform their duties. If they could not manage the state well, lets teach them as lesson again!

    Thank you.


  10. Well JMD, at that time they were expecting Anwar to take over the government, what with all the talk about petitioning DYMM SPD Yang Dipertuan Agong and all the ‘frogs’ waiting in the wings. They really believed that Anwar would be PM and that the Agong would consent to that, using his preorgative to appoint as PM someone who had majority support.

    The scenario has changed and reality has dawned on ‘them’ that the Agong/Sultans/Raja would not be making decisions favouring either BN or Pakatan; the rulers have the interests of the rakyat to look after, not the naked ambitions of politicians or their lawyers. The rulers are not just going to bend based on pure emotions. We tend to forget that, in the end, they are better than that, better than the expectations of Pakatan Rakyat.

    So now they will twist, just like they have been twisting. Go to the Sultan of Perak for something, than ignore him when it didn’t suit them. They need him for this but not for that. So they will act according to their interpretation of the laws, the articles in the constitution. Just like it is ‘halal’ to jump from BN to Pakatan but ‘haram’ the other way around.

    Does anyone expect any different from TT now that the winds have changed direction?



  11. JMD, kita selalu dengar kisah “Banana Republic”, ha…. sekarang ni PR sudah tubuh “Republik Pokok Sena” di Malaysia.

    PR dah pok-kai kah? Apa sebab dia orang tak boleh sewa hotel lima bintang kemudian ubahsuai dewan serupa dengan dewan undangan negeri dan adakan mesyuarat tergempar, kemudian charge semua perbelanjaan kepada kerajaan negeri Perak? Dalam cerdik-cerdik tu ada juga bodoh dia.


  12. tommy thomas…

    another dog that barks for its’ master.. anwar ibrahim.. hey nobody is sincere nowadays.. pakatan rakyat leaders are even worse….


  13. Errr, Tommy Thomas is Sivakumar’s (the speaker) lawyer not Nizar’s and all the points you are making are towards Nizar

    JMD : Sivakumar is working towards reinstating Nizar as the MB does he not? My article here is to show how erratic Pakatan Rakyat is in what they believe in. Flip flopping just to suit their agenda. Previously, it is okay to be in power through crossovers and it is provided in the constitution that the monarch can appoint a new MB / PM without the dissolution of the house. They even found a constitutional expert to justify it. Now, the same constitutional expert is trying to show that what he said earlier is wrong. Thank you.


  14. As you well know JMD, lawyers tend to sing the tune of their client no matter how bad it sounds or how ridiculous it may be. This is the perfect example of menegak benang yang basah no matter how sodden is the benang. They will continue to be petty. As petty as not wanting to return the Camry. That BN is wrong. Sultan is wrong. Soon it will be the laws are wrong, Perak constitution is wrong, Federal constitution and so forth.

    They have practically made police reports against everyone. Pretty soon there will be a police report against the JC or the Judge for not seeing their point of view if they do not get their way.

    From this point forth instead of merely focussing on BN’s folly, people should also notice how inept they are at governing. That the word statesman is not in their dictionary. While they want everyone else to practice democracy, they themselves do not subscribe to the loopholes in democracy. And that includes party hopping, changing ones mind, losing majority in Assembly or Parliament.

    We keep on saying 1st world facilities and 3rd world mentality. What we should say is that we are now not only surrounded by 3rd class mentality, we are also lead by some 4th class so-called leaders with caveman like mentality. Both sides have not shown the maturity Malaysia needs to govern us to the next millenium.

    Question is now, how long will this fiasco continue. At a time when economy is in bad shape Malaysia direly need a stable political scene. Drill in their head that what they will do is just possibly result in investors fleeing to a perceived more stable nation.

    For all intense and purposes, Perak is now paralysed. If people continue to support this and allow it to happen at Federal level, Malaysia will be equally paralysed. But then what do they care as long as they get what they want.

    JMD : Like I said earlier, the situation in Perak right now is only 1/14th of the chaos should this happened at Federal level. Thank you for the comment.


  15. Looking back at PR’s behavior lately, I’m beginning to wonder, are these the type of people who are going to become future PM and Ministers?

    I think a lot of us take action based on emotional feelings. You can’t be going against the constitution and at the same time supporting it. The Perak case is a bad example.

    My God!! Why is this happening to us??


  16. Hi JMD,

    “Since the state constitution of Perak follows closely to the Federal Constitution, we can juxtapose what he is saying then to the situation we have now in Perak.”

    Thats where you have made a huge assumption and in my opinion youy are wrong. The subtle differences in the two are critical differences.

    i will leave it to the experts to shed light on this rather than assume like what you have done.


    “tuah was a sissy” – IMHO of course

    JMD : Where is your assumption that I was wrong? What are the subtle differences that are critical? Care to elaborate?

    As it is, in Federal Constitution, it stated “If the PM ceases to command the confidence of the majority of the members of the House of Representatives, then, unless at his request the Yang diPertuan Agong dissolves Parliament, the prime minister shall tender the resignation of the cabinet.”

    In Perak state Constitution, it stated, “If the Mentri Besar ceases to command the confidence of the majority of the Legislative Assembly, then unless at his request His Royal Highness dissolves the Legislative Assembly, he shall tender the resignation of the Executive Council.”

    What is the difference?

    In Constitution also said,

    (2) The Ruler may act in his discretion in the performance of the following functions (in addition to those in the performance of which he may act in his discretion under the Federal Constitution) that is to say –
    (a) the appointment of a Menteri Besar.
    (b) the withholding of consent to a request for the dissolution of the Legislative Assembly.

    What is the basis of your assumption to say that I was wrong? Thank you.


  17. Another great insight from JMD. It is funny then when a certain blogger YB from Penang tried to provoke his readers on this article of yours by mentioning Chin Peng’s name.

    What he failed to do was to debate your argument on point to point basis.

    Dear JMD, I thank you for your revelations on how some in the legal circles are practising double-standard when it comes to their own ‘batang hidung’.


  18. Concepts such as “ridiculous” and “dignity” are purely subjective anyway.

    JMD : Of course. It is my opinion anyway. Other people may choose to agree or disagree. Thank you.


  19. If Jebat must die, the next in line to be destroyed is UMNO. How many times has UMNO ridiculed the Palace to the point of taking away the immunity of the Sultans. Don’t pretend that you are doing it for the sake of the rakyat when it’s not in the first place. How much UMNO will continue to take the country hostage before its final disappearance. UMNO is now using the palace for its final battle against all the rakyat whether it’s Malays, Chinese, Indians as well as both Sabahans and Sarawakians.

    Pergilah UMNO and BN.

    JMD : Thank you for visiting this blog. Really appreciate it. Tell your friends too.


  20. I have not heard of anybody questioning the rights of Sultan Perak in the MB’s appointment. The issue as also raised by Tommy Thomas is another interview elsewhere is on the presumed rights of Sultan Perak in asking the MB to resign.

    As highlighted by Ir Nizar time and again, there are only so many conditions prescribed under the state’s constitution for him to step down and Sultan’s instruction to do so is not one of them.

    Maybe Jebat is being ignorant on this, or maybe Jebat is just like all the commenters on the media who will conveniently turn blind and deaf when presented with this argument.

    JMD : Therefore, what are the many conditions prescribed under the state’s constitution. Care to provide us with the details so that we can discuss it further? I am sure you have asked Nizar about the conditions because it is good to be thorough. Thank you.


  21. To JMD,

    Pls stop the project of fooling Malaysian!
    Don’t try to find thousand kind of excuse to turn the wrong thing into right!
    Two wrong will never become a right!
    Stop fooling people around!
    Nowadays, Rakyat are smart enough on how to differentiate things!

    JMD : Huh? What project? I am just writing about my opinion. Thank you for visiting this blog. Really appreciate it. Tell your friends too.


    • Peoplepower,

      I am a RAKYAT also …

      And i see that you are the one that are a fool …

      Don’t be too TAKSUB ok …

      See both side of the road before crossing, it will be much safer that way …



    • PeoplePower,
      I am a rakyat too.
      And PKR does not represent me.
      So state your case coherently and….
      Tell Your Friends To Visit This Blog.


    • To people power,

      If i can show you my middle finger to your face,
      what a wonderful relief that is.

      what nonse are you writing here, you and your goons is the one that always blaming others with your misfortune and trying to mislead the rakyat…


  22. People have the intelligent to think and decide whether they will chose BN or PR in the ballot box.

    For myself, I will rather cast my vote for a clean gomen, no isa gomen, non-corrupted gomen, no bullying type of gomen, no double standard of gomen and lastly a gomen with non-racist based.

    When I cast my vote, I will think of my next future generation ..

    As for the perak issue, how can you expect a state gomen to run if the MB and the team not even dare to face the voters for the fresh election in the state .. Remember , the gomen are chose by the rakyat not by stealing … I will not going to judge anything , but i know all the issues is in the people heart and god is watching this..

    let see what happen in next election ..

    Anyway nice writting on the article ..


  23. You got it wrong as usual and mucking about with the Sultan issue.

    Yes, so Sultan decided on the illegal MB, fine.

    The issue now is the Perak speaker, its within his right to call back the assembly without sultan’s consent since the previous sitting was ONLY ADJOURNED!

    Read that.

    teh courts and the police have no right acting the way they did, esp the police, who were they taking instructions from to stop the assemblypersons from entetring the state assembly???

    Clearly, they are not independent.

    JMD : So, by your own admission, you accept the Sultan’s decision. If PR has the same mentality as yours, they do not have to resort with all this ridiculous tirades! See, if they had accepted the Sultan’s decision, no further chaos will come out of it. And now we have migrated to another sloppy issue – the right of the Speaker to convene an assembly. Another round of bellyaching arguments will ensue. Just to prove what? Even the opposition is not focussing on the people’s greater needs – the economy. Thank you.


  24. Hi Jebat,

    Why is this constitutional impasse in Perak is analysed too much in the mold of BN vs PR or Najib vs Anwar?. And of course lawyers vs lawyers. Who is right, who is wrong? The clear victims are the rakyat because they do not have stability at all in the state of Perak.
    Why can’t this impasse is looked into in a perspective where a durable solution can be offered, and there is a clear durable solution.
    First of all, the rakyat decide, to choose or not to choose. Secondly, the consitution is man made thus it errs as man errs.
    Do the kampung folks care? Do the real majority care about all of these arguments and counter arguments. I am quite confident most would just say ‘heck, let me tell you bickering politicans who we want once more’, end of the story.

    If I understand well, there is a black and white way to remove the MB (through the vote of no confidence) so why isn’t this done? So, why venture into the grey areas of the constitution which lead to so many intepretations by so many pretended experts? More pertinently, can Perak afford this venture into the grey area? The black and white solution is clearer, why complicate matter when it can be simple?

    And since the majority is clearly not a stable one, either for BN or for PR, then why not seek new representatives for the people. Seek new elections. Look, both claims to be the majority. You, me or anybody can argue until the cows come home but why not decide this once and for all? Let the people vote again and you’ll see that the matter will be settled. Here, we will be talking about this impasse until we don’t know when but with a new election, the state of Perak wil get a solution a lot quicker.

    And in case of another unclear majority, then at least we all know that Perakians wish for a screwed up situation for their state. If that happens again, we wil also know and let Perakians be with their wishes. They will get the government they deserve….good or bad

    So why we keep arguing and arguing for non-durable solutions?

    Let’s unite our arguments for a durable and simple solution.

    The one even that all the Perak people can understand.

    Let the people decide. They choosed the current representation which is obviously not working, let Perakian choose again.
    If they want BN, let them re-vote BN
    If they want PR, let them re-vote PR

    or is this also too hard to understand?


    JMD : Just to highlight, the vote of no confidence is not the black and white way to remove the MB. The only black and white way is through the Sultan’s prerogative. Please look at the accompanying sections of the law that I have provided in this article and also in my reply to the commentator above (Tuah was sissy).

    Thank you for your thoughts.


  25. Dear JMD,

    I was laughing out loud when the news yesterday mentioned that the emergency assembly was done and the motion was ‘tabled’ at a vacant lot and under a tree ….

    at the same time, i was profound at stupidity and ‘ketebalan muka’ those assembly man …

    and another me also are angry because these people are PLAYING with the life of the citizen of Rakyat …

    if for once they used their brain to think of the effect of their action, not just focusing to get their power back, they will see that their action brings more harm than good …

    what is good to divide people?
    what is good to disgrace the royalty?

    and then dare to say that they are practicing people power … my foot & arse

    their circus will definitely hit hard on the prospect & economy of Perak as a whole … if i am a trader or investor, Perak will be the last place for me to go. The new government with their ignorance, the oppositions with their clowning act ….

    STOP CLOWNING PR … if you really want to win people heart, dont be a crybaby and show your manship by swallow your bitter pills wholely ….

    IGNORANCE BN GOVERNMENT … please WORK YOUR ASS UP for the people … take heed of what happened before, learn from mistakes …

    i am questioning PR leaders in Perak, if they really have the interest of the people in their heart, they would not do the CIRCUS again and again …

    As a normal citizen, i do not need these circuses when i have more things to concern of …



  26. If it is already a foregone conclusion, why the security measures?

    Right is might and not might is right, agree?

    JMD : Like I said in my reply to Jebat’s fren above, why did BN government became defensive? This is not the winning attitude. Who is actually running the show there? You need a good strategist to counter the problems thrown by the PR leaders. These curve balls can be easily overcome if they had laid down the proper approach in disseminating information coupled with an assertive leadership. Thank you.


  27. Salam JMD
    This is what i like most about yr blog… u will attend to most comments.

    You said this : Now, let the BN perform their duties. If they could not manage the state well, lets teach them as lesson again!… THIS I HAVE TO AGREE 100%

    What have you got to say about this statement :

    The key issue lies on whether the last meeting of the Assembly in November 2008 was prorogued (“di-berhentikan”) or adjourned (“di-tangguhkan”).

    If it was prorogued, only the Sultan of Perak (“HRH”) can summon the Assembly: if it was adjourned, then the Speaker can convene.

    JMD : Dear Mantra, boleh tergeliat lidah nak sebut ‘prorogued’ 🙂 Anyway, my views about this matter is the same as what I have written to Sunwayopal above.


  28. Opinions are like arseholes… everybody’s got one!

    But our Constitution is not an opinion. These are a set of rules and procedures that make this nation. What needs to be questioned is the fact the BN has trampled our constitution for it’s own political gain.

    There are avenues for the public, and this case the PR, to show their displeasure at what is happening now in this country. But when all these avenue are taken away or twisted, what do you expect them to do? What choice do they have?

    Forget about Perak for a moment. Take the 2nd post-mortem on Kugan. He was beaten to death. The public knew this way before the post-mortem was done. It’s common sense. But did any of the police involved got punished? Would you be singing the same tune if it were to happen to one of your loved one. And don’t give me the bullshit about he was a criminal as he did not have any criminal records prior to his arrest.

    Is this the kind of public institution you want to govern this land for your children?

    JMD : Here we are again talking about Kugan. We have discussed this exhaustively in the commentary section of ‘Devil’s Advocate’. Have a read there okay. However, do not assume that no one else had loss their family members due to deaths in lock ups. Let the matter be solved through the court of law. As far as I know, investigation is still being carried out. Only then, we can punish the guilty ones. Please wait.

    You had aptly said that the Constitution is a set of rules and procedures that make this nation. Kudos. As what had happened is according to the Constitution, why are the PR leaders trying very hard to dismantle it? There are avenues to go about it. One of it is to use the courts. But they cannot wait for the verdict. Hence, we see all this absurdity coming from them.

    Thank you for the comment.


  29. You have a point here in that the Sultan has the discretion not to dissolve the assembly & have an election. However, let’s also put this in:

    (from http://www.thenutgraph.com/choosing-the-prime-minister)

    “Q: “So the head of state’s decision is respected?”

    A: “The conventional theory is that the person making the decision — the head of state — is supposed to look after the affairs of the nation in times of crisis. This person is above partisan politics and is concerned for the nation. The ruler embodies the nation.

    And if you are a popular ruler, like Queen Elizabeth II for example, when she makes such a decision, the country will rally around [her]. Even if they disagree with a particular choice, they’ll say fine, we recognise and respect her decision.

    And over here, the king, or the institution of the Agong, has become very popular over the past 51 years. It’s accepted by the country. And the present king, who is from Terengganu, is also popular, as was seen during the struggle over the choice of [the state’s] menteri besar earlier this year (2008). When the Agong arrived in Kuala Terengganu on 29 March, he was welcomed by 10,000 people holding yellow roses.

    How do you know that whatever decision made by the King — if he is invited to make that decision and which in his judgment is made for the good of the country — will not be received by millions of Malaysians in the same way? Because millions of Malaysians will say that they are fed up with the politicians fighting among themselves. We have more faith in the institution of the monarchy.”

    & that the Sultan had to skip a few events after the decision and the protests by the electorates clearly shows that a fresh election is more appropriate.

    And if I don’t get it wrong, it wasn’t the decision not to dissolves the assembly that was deemed unconstitutionaly, it was the sacking of the MB without him resigning.

    JMD : To my recollection, His Majesty the Sultan did not skip events. He attended his Silver Jubilee celebrations and also the 100 year anniversary of Anderson School in Ipoh. Another thing, Nizar lost his post not because of being sacked. He lost his post because the Sultan deemed he lost the majority of the State Assembly. Since it is his prerogative (according to Tommy Thomas) to select anybody he wants, he selected Zambry because he felt that Zambry has the command of the majority of the State Assembly (31 Aduns). That is how Nizar lost his post. And the way he lose it WAS constitutional.

    Ahmadjek, anybody can lose their jobs without resigning. How many times we see people got terminated from their jobs due to some criteria not fulfilled?

    Thank you.

    P.S.: People think that I am supportive of BN for getting Perak. I am not. I deemed it an approach without class. Please read my article here.

    By the way, I am of the opinion that all this is wrong. More or less, I agree with the views of Tengku Razaleigh and Tun Dr Mahathir. We may win this battle but could lose the war later on.

    But, since this is already a foregone conclusion, what we can do is to minimise the impact of this debacle. Legitimacy of the new BN state government needs to be solidified further. Since there will not be a state election, what BN should do is to put in motion a vote of no confidence on MB Nizar.”
    Why didn’t Zambry call for state assembly sitting to vote on this matter the very next day after he became MB?

    I am sure Sivakumar, the speaker who respects the Sultan very much will approve of this approach. This is before he abused his power and suspended the MB and other Aduns from the assembly. Before he convene a sitting under the tree, before all the absurdity we see now.

    But, as Tommy Thomas said; respect the Sultan’s decision. So now, we move on and BN have to prove that they are capable running the state better!


  30. JMD – like I said in my post, I will leave it to the experts, of which I am strongly assuming you are not one!!

    Federal constitution: Article 43 (4): If the Prime Minister ceases to command the confidence of the majority of the MEMBERS of the House of Representatives, then, unless at his request the Yang di-Pertuan Agong dissolves Parliament, the Prime Minister shall tender the resignation of the Cabinet.

    Perak state constitution: Artikel XVI(6): If the Mentri Besar ceases to command the confidence of the majority of the LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY, then unless at his request His Royal Highness dissolves the Legislative Assembly, he shall tender the resignation of the Executive Council.

    Federal says – members of …., whilst state says Legislative Assembly. To my simplistic thinking thats an important difference in the sequence of events which took place in Perak.

    Ciao and as I said “Tuah was a sissy” and leave it to the experts.

    JMD : The difference in location and proper nouns are the important difference in the sequence of events? Actually, the sequence of events remain the same mate. Look at it again. Although I am not a legal expert, I do understand English. I agree on one thing though… we leave it to the experts. Hopefully if the experts (in the courts) ruled not in your favour, you will accept it like a gentleman. As you said, you WILL LEAVE IT TO THE EXPERTS. Thank you.

    P.S: Did you notice that there are no wordings of ‘vote of no confidence’ in that law above? Look what Tommy Thomas said in October for your reference.


    • Anti Tuah,

      I believe the difference is between members of the House of Representatives and members of the Legislative Assembly and not as you suggested.

      The former refers to those sitting in Parliament by virtue of their seat as MP of a particular constituency. The latter refers to members who sits in State Legislature by virtue of their seat as State Assemblyman.

      The prelude is the same, that “If the Prime Minister/Menteri Besar ceases to command the confidence of the majority … “, in which, the case of Perak suggest that since Nizar has lost the command of the majority, rightfully he should tender his resignation.

      Too much Malaysiakini crap, and you get warped logic that the difference is between MEMBERS and LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY.

      It is funny how you pro Pakatan people will try and cherry pick stuff to justify your conclusion.


  31. JMD;

    I am loss here! in the law of jungle. Who practises communism here? Remember “the end justify the means”, who is using all the means now to get to the end, in this case. How can democracy work without doctrine of power seperation.

    You ask yourself who practises communism here?

    JMD : Wow we have two commentators with the same nickname here!

    Huh? When did I say Nizar practised communism? All I said was Nizar should not push through all this merry-go-round activities just to protect his bruised pride or dignity.

    I put as example Chin Peng’s own words and admission during the 1955 Baling Talks to illustrate how a man can become a villain should he become too proud. Too much pride can cause even the mighty fall.

    Read my article again ok before you decide to accuse me of something that was not there. Thank you.


  32. First of all, the communist comparison is unfair as the Pakatan Rakyat state assemblymen are democraticly elected and therfore have the right to represent the people wishes,inwhich was in last general election was heard which is they want a Pakatan Rakyat government for one term.Respecting that means respecting democracy in which the communism ideology did not believe,UMNO showed the same disrespect towards democracy in Perak so they are more like communist then Pakatan Rakyat whose calling for the disolution of the state assembly so that fresh electon can be held so that the people decide.Let it make it easy to understand UMNO DON’T WANT THE PEOPLE TO DECIDE=UNDEMOCRATIC JUST LIKE THE COMMUNIST,PAKATAN RAKYAT WANTS THE PEOPLE TO DECIDE,THEY ARE FIGHTING FOR IT=DEMOCRATIC, THEREFORE NOT AT ALL LIKE COMMUNIST.Continous struggle should not be associated with communisme ideology as the Palestinian struggle has lasted for around 60YEARS because their rights had beem taken by the zionist just like the Pakatan Rakyat and the people of Perak people right to choose a leader has been taken by the ZIONIST UMNO(ZIONIST IDEOLOGY IS JEWISH SUPREMACY AND UMNO’S IDEOLOGY IS THE MALAY SUPREMACY) SO THE STRUGGLE SHALL CONTINUE UNTILL THE RIGHTS OF THE PEOPLE RETURNED.IT’S A NOBLE STRUGGLE THAT MALAYSIAN SHOULD UNDERTAKE SO THAT A BETTER MALAYSIA CAN EMERGE IN WHICH THEIR RIGHS ARE RESPECTED BY THE GOVERNMENT.

    JMD : *rolling my eyes*. Please refer to my reply in Hang Kasturi’s comment above. By the way, from which hole did you crawl out today? If Umno is similar to the zionists, there will be no non Umno people in Malaysia today. Evil propaganda is truly alive among Pakatan Rakyat supporters today. Thank you.


  33. I`m agree with the majority that the only way out to settle crisis in perak is through the ballot box….but, when i saw the scuffle and fight inside one cafe between malay thug and indian thug with racist remark near dap perak ofice yesterday, i`m gettin worried becoz it remind me bout 13 may.

    JMD : Interesting point. If PR continue to bulldoze their way through the Constitutional laws, there will be price to pay. And the PR will lose out eventually. That is why I wrote in this article, “Now, I am just highlighting this fact so that those leaders can reflect back on how they have behaved in the past month or so and modulate their activities a bit more.”

    But are they going to heed this advice? I certainly hope so. For the sake of the people. Thank you.


  34. JMD,

    To all PKR politicians and supporters please follow the existing set of laws be it state or federal in order to keep Malaysia peaceful ‘cos you owe it to all Malaysian. The next PRU 13 take over the goverment and you can change all the laws that is not beneficial to the RAKYAT. You can have PRU every year if you so wished. But for the time being accept the present laws be serious and try to focus on improving our economy.

    Best wishes,


  35. When it comes to politics and biology, I am not an expert and was quite amazed at the speed some people were in becoming an expert in everything. When faced the unknown I was taught to KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid and I would refuse to be drawn into the mess of trying to find out what the constitution says about meeting under a tree. For all I care, they should do it on top of the tree or better still, grow some tails and stay up there. They’ll get more publicity that way.

    First of all, what was the antics all about? PR lost Perak to BN and now complaining abut everything; from the constitution to sultan to police to Najib but amazingly, they missed themselves. For God’s sake its your own knife there planted at your chest. So, go lick your own wound lah. And please do it quietly too. Stop shouting “tak aci, tak aci.” Its embarassing.

    So the Sultan made the wrong decision? What is the right decision then? Give the MBship to PR who lost the majority? What is the ground? They are more “maksum?” Excuse me…

    What I saw were just sore losers. At their own game too. No amount of explanation can pacify a 4-year old spoilt brat from throwing a tantrum. In a way, its kinda cute to see that sometimes, but to watch grandmas and grandpas doing that is kinda annoying. And I dont think any amount of explanation on the constitution will do any good. They don’t want reasoning. They just want power. Satu tahun mana cukup?

    Please lah tuan2 dan puan2, I’ve got 26 families who might go hungry in the next few months. I think the likes of JMD has done the explaining so let me do the begging. Its the economy lah please…please. Stop listening to Anwar, Ngeh ka, Nga ka for a while. Think about us lah pulak.


  36. I propose to MB wannabe nizar to make the sacred tree as the symbol of freedom. He should make a temple out of it and name it KUIL SRI SIVA.

    I won’t vote PR this next election. They are a bunch of hooligans.


  37. If we have a leader who surrenders easily, then he’s not fit to be a leader.

    Further, if there’s snap election – a lot the money spent will reach the poor in the state. It’s better than the slow stimulus package. At least we get some pocket money to whether the recession. The elected government will be more legitimate (don’t forget the gerrymandering etc). Yeah, I’m saying BN might win. & PR can focus on being the opposition.

    Or if PR win with 2/3 majority, they’ll need to amend the constitution – LOL –


  38. Salam Jebat,

    Sememangnya amat melucukan apa yang berlaku di Perak. I am very shock actually on how the PR government react once they lost the game. What worst is when common people keep shouting for new fresh election, just to ensure the PR will regain victory, assuming they will win. What if they lose? Then another accusation on SPR, the police, UMNO, etc. May be the PAS personnel that carrying the Palestine flag that day will be carrying Afganistan, Iraq and Iran flag as well this time…hehe. Have they forgotten the voice of many Perakians that supported BN during the last GE? What about their right huh!? Tak boleh bayang kalau PR memerintah Negara.

    Persoalannya adakah itu yang kita perlukan dikala kemelesetan ekonomi sekarang? I can only imagine the money that need to be wasted to cater for fresh election in Perak. Must be million. And I am very sure it will not solve the political problem in Perak. So if these YBs can set aside their ego and think about the people that they represent, they will accept their defeat and work for the people. PR can be a good pembangkang what? That is nothing wrong with that. Watch the new BN government like a hawk to ensure they walk the talk. TheN I will not hesitate to vote for PR in the next GE. Based on how they behave now, ayoooo keluar mulut naga masuk mulut buaya…..busuk lak tu, bau bangkai sebab dok SUKA MENGATA BURUK ORG RUPANYA dia yang lebih….PIIIRAH.

    Bengang Giler.



  39. Thats a lot of hyperbole there Jebat, trying to tie the Speaker’s actions calling for an assembly with the violent Communists…

    And how convenient, no mention made of the fact the ADUNs were barred by force from entering the building by the police, hence the alternative site under a tree.

    Why are police stopping the reps from convening for an assembly? Who are they taking orders from? Why is BN so fearful of a legal assembly taking place?

    And the 500-lb gorilla in the room: Why are the powers-that-be so fearful of a state election? Looks like ‘manifestogwl’ aka Goh Wei Liang just answered this question above…

    JMD : My reply to Hang Kasturi above applies. The bare fact is, PR used devious tactics to disrespect the Sultan’s decision. They could have waited for the court ruling. They were the ones who ran to the courts right after Zambry was elected as Menteri Besar. The 500lb gorilla is superceded by a 2 tonnes elephant which is : Why could they not accept the Sultan’s decision which; according to their own expert back in October 2008, a very legitimate one? State election is secondary. Even Lim Kit Siang do not approve state elections because according to his bitching about the SPR, he does not approve 3 by elections within the same day. How does he expect to handle 50+ state seats within a day? :)(Actually LKS has nothing more to shout about. He was just complaining over a petty issue)
    The avenue is available for them to complain (the courts). But they launched themselves into a series of disrespectful and ridiculous episodes. No, the Speaker is not the ultimate decision maker in the state. It is the Sultan. In fact, Sivakumar tried to SUPERCEDE the Sultan’s power, threw away His Majesty’s prerogative rights, disrespecting the Sultan all along and turned his back on the principles of Constitutional Monarch. In a parliamentary democracy headed by a constitutional monarch, the 31 Aduns is the majority while the Sultan is the head of state. Btw, GWL just confirmed that the people in Perak were misled. Thank you.


    • Jebat… again it looks like no answers, just a lot of attempt to avoid the obvious questions. No real answers as to why the building must be condoned off to bar the reps from having a legal assembly.

      Of course, to GWL the people in Perak are misled since most of them aren’t swallowing what the mainstream media is blurting out. That’s why he isn’t that keen on a state-election in Perak to solve this quagmire. Because his dear MCA & Gerakan would likely be trashed a second time…

      I remember reading his article back in March 08 scolding the people of Penang for electing DAP, PKR, and PAS to power. Aside from accusing Penangites for being ungrateful, his comments also indirectly (intentional or not) admitted that MCA & Gerakan has no power & no cojones to disagree with UMNO when it comes to future CM-ship posts.

      JMD : I thought an answer would be obvious enough. The building was cordoned off because the purported assembly being called by the speaker was illegal. According to Standing Order 8(1), SO1 and 10(1) as well as article xxxvi of the state contstitution. That is why they were all barred from the house (I disagree with this act by the state secretary. Let them do the mickey mouse state assembly meeting there. It will serve no purpose anyway). When they made a ‘vote of confidence’ motion towards Nizar, they only had 28 Aduns out of 59. That is certainly not a majority support. And this is what Nizar have as a defense and argument to have an audience with the Sultan? His Majesty will shrug it off. When you (Nizar) are in the minority, act like one. The Speaker is not higher than the Sultan. He can’t do anything as he pleased. There are sense of propriety and manners that need to be adhered to. Thus the two tonne elephant is left marooned in PR’s courtyard.

      I suggest you clarify the matter with GWL in his blog regarding his writing that the people in Perak is being misled by Pakatan Rakyat’s leaders from seeing the truth.

      Thank you so much for commenting.


  40. dear JMD,

    Well done, spot on

    this is shows how hyprocrites PR lawmakers and so called ‘constitunal lawyer’ Tommy Thomas are.

    I must admit that i’m a staunch PR supporter before but after Perak fiasco, the PR people shows how immature and childish they are. Just let BN govern then if they dont perform, lets kick them out next GE, is it 3 years too long for them to wait?

    btw, its actually Anwar and Co. initially started this about defecting, now he’s eat his own bullet


  41. JMD,

    1) Thank you for your excellent article.

    2) I would like to kindly request to all supporters of PR, to stop associating the word ‘RAKYAT’ with you guys. Mind you, I am one of the millions silent majority in Malaysia who ARE NOT SUPPORTIVE of PR.

    3) Please get it thru your thick skull that the only reason why PR won so many seats in the previous general election..it was because of Pak Lah and the view that life was much difficult compared to Tun M’s era.

    4) I am SICK and TIRED reading blogs, ‘lawyers’ and so called ‘online journalism’ which often equates RAKYAT with PR. For your information, if RAKYAT = PR, why didnt PR became the Federal Govt in the GE12? If the whole RAKYAT hated BN so much, why Rakyat elected BN as the federal govt?

    5) There were A LOT of BN supporter or sympathizer who were angry at Pak Lah and cast their votes to the opposition in the last election. So please do not syok sendiri. I was one of them and oh boy I am really regretting it now.

    6) To the people who says BN is so evil and all those nonsense, I urge you to go and drink some kool-aide. If BN was so bad as you guys stated, Malaysia will still be an agro-based nation! Give credit where credit is due.

    7) I know a lot of members in PR i.e. PAS, PKR and even DAP who are not happy with what is going on but have to toe the party line. I would like to kindly plea to PR leaders. Stop these nonsense. Do not be a sore loser. If you PR guys really care for the RAKYAT PERAK, you would work with MB Zambry to improve the economy instead creating all these chaos.

    8) Finally I leave you guys with a speech by Senator Mccain after he was defeated in the US Presidential Election last year. May you gain something from it.


    • Dear SilentMajority,

      True, i am also regretting not voting in the last GE ….

      and now PR have show their true colors, i will definitely vote any party beside the PR clowns …

      yup, they are all perasan
      that they are the majority …
      that they are the rakyat …
      that they are all clean and not corrupted …

      porrah cit …
      tui naseng ….
      boleh belah ….

      i believe that PR clown also won because a lot of people are like me … did not cast votes due to various reasons …

      well, i will next time, just hoping that my vote counts can help to reject the PR clowns …



    • Bravo Silent Majority,

      My brothers, sisters, my wife and me were among the Rakyat who voted for PAS in a KL Parlimentary Area during PRU12 because of our protest against the poor and corrupt leadership of Abdullah Badawi (now being championed by PR).

      We are the Rakyat who protested BN’s leadership under Abdullah Badawi but we are not supportive of PR.

      I totally agreed with you that the Rakyat elected BN to still govern this country and the majority Rakyat’s wishes should be respected.

      So PR, please stop associating the Rakyat with you minorities.


  42. JMD, you love making assumptions and putting spin on things dont you?

    “Actually, the sequence of events remain the same mate.” –

    since when did we become mates? we are two strangers exchanging blog posts, hardly qualifies even in a general understanding of english to be “mates”.

    “Hopefully if the experts (in the courts) ruled not in your favour, you will accept it like a gentleman.” –

    1. Since when did I ever mention what my slant or favour (if any) is/was ? All I said in my posts is that I think you are wrong and let the experts decide. Where does that indicate my slant or favour?
    2. Since when do experts reside only in courts or since when does it necessarily mean just because it was in a court that they had experts there ? I never said let the “courts” decide, I said “experts” whose reviews and comments will be widely known and published when it happens. BTW also I choose not to comment on the courts – go ahead make my day with another assumption here.
    3. You dont know me from Adam, how do you know what I will accept and whether as gentleman or otherwise? Wow you must be psychic too then.

    All I say is I hope that if there are gullible readers / followers of your blog out there that they seek advice before taking in your content, assumptions, spin etc etc.

    Also btw I had to share this with you and your fellow readers, I had such a big laugh with this one today:-

    “MACC Chief Commisioner said MACC had completed its investigation on claims of money politics in UMNO and found no cases so far” – I love it, its a classsic quote, one for the history books.

    JMD : Okay then. So we have made it clear that the procedures between those two are similar. But what’s all this complaining about the use of ‘mate’? Feeling a little bit touchy arent’ we? But you’re such a darling for highlighting this important issue. I apologise then. Will not use it again babe.

    But babe, you seem to have misconstrued my article… I AM USING AN EXPERT’s opinion about what is happening in Perak. To my simplistic mind, from what I read in those interviews, Sultan Perak has the prerogative to do what he had done. Nobody should question him (this is from the mouth of Tommy Thomas – not mine).

    As for the experts in courts… well they are the definitive source of any legal wrangling. It was PR who ran to the courts to settle the issue. Didn’t they? Why are the external experts’ published opinion and reviews more important than the courts’? Those published reviews can’t do anything. It is the court’s ruling that will decide. How old are you babe?

    Since the PR is relying on the courts, then I hope they will accept whatever the decision in good faith.

    Babe, the courts are filled with experts too. They are called lawyers and judges. If you are not an expert of the law, you cannot be a judge or a lawyer.

    No more assumptions babe. PR should stop all this nonsense because even their expert (Tommy Thomas) thinks otherwise!



    • Yo Sissy …

      MACC have Transparency president in the commitee …

      1. Datuk Seri Azman Ujang (chairman, Malaysian Press Institute)
      2. Tan Sri Ramon Navaratnam (president, Transparency International M’sia)
      3. Prof Datuk Dr Abdul Rahman Embong (IKMAS)
      4. Dr Zainal Abidin Abdul Majid (Business Ethics Institute of M’sia)
      5. Datuk David Chua (managing director, DC&A Group Sdn Bhd)
      6. Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai (editor-in-chief, Star Publication)
      7. Datuk Kamaruddin Zakaria
      8. Tan Sri Nordin Kardi (vice chancellor, UUM)
      9. Datuk Prof Dr Ishak Tambi Kechik (former vice-chancellor, USM)
      10.Anis Yusal Yusoff (main fellow, UKM KITA)
      11.Tan Sri Robert Phang Miow Sin (Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation)

      what are their stand on this? ppl 2 and 11 should be crying wolves by now …

      there even PAS and DAP people in the SP on Corruption … no. 4 & 5 … i think

      1. Datuk Seri Mohd Radzi Sheikh Ahmad (Kangar MP)
      2. Datuk Razali Ibrahim (Muar MP)
      3. Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan (Kota Belud MP)
      4. Dr Tan Seng Giaw (Kepong MP)
      5. Salahuddin Ayub (Kubang Kerian MP)

      6. Senator Zamri Yusuf (Kedah)
      7. Senator Datuk Armani Mahirudin (Sabah)

      aren’t they supposed to be the PR mole inside the SP … so if there is some hanky panky … would they not shout out loud to their party?



    • @ TWAS

      If you changed the S with a T, That would probably describe you better “Babe”.

      Sorry JMD, just can’t help it.


    • To “Tuah was a sissy” who wrote:-

      “Also btw I had to share this with you and your fellow readers, I had such a big laugh with this one today:-

      “MACC Chief Commisioner said MACC had completed its investigation on claims of money politics in UMNO and found no cases so far” – I love it, its a classsic quote, one for the history books.”

      Now Tuah compare below with the report below:-

      Amizudin’s “Corruption” Revelation Inappropriate
      PENANG, Feb 28 (Bernama) — Penang Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) chairman Datuk Zahrain Mohamed Hashim said Amizudin Ahmat’s revelation of alleged corruption involving two state party leaders was inappropriate.

      He said the action taken by Amizudin, the Kepala Batas PKR Youth chief was done without the leadership’s knowledge and not in accordance with the party’s internal channels.

      “He should not have exposed it to the media without first referring it to the party as it can affect the party’s image.

      Zahrain said as a member of the Seberang Perai Municipal Council (MPSP), Amizudin should not seek cheap publicity by making the revelation.

      Amizudin berkata, beliau kecewa kerana tiada tindakan diambil terhadap pemimpin yang berkenaan walaupun beliau sudah menyerahkan dokumen berhubung isu itu kepada presiden parti pada 8 Januari lalu”.

      Dear Tuah, I love the above too. PKR’s leadership attitude and trying to sweep under the carpet a report on PKR leaders’ corruption charges. Superbly classics, another one for the history books. At least UMNO dares to report its members’ charges to MACC, but PKR? Mau tutup lubang bila terkena batang hidung sendiri.


    • Dear Tuan Tuah was a sissy,

      This one for your history books (not mine) and very classic. Share to laugh please:-

      Kepala Batas PKR Youth Chief Forced To Use Media To Expose Corruption

      BUKIT MERTAJAM, March 5 (Bernama) — Kepala Batas Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Youth chief Amizudin Ahmat admitted that he was forced to use the media to expose corruption involving certain state party leaders.
      He said the revelation through the media was also to pressure the party leadership at take action. However, he declined to reveal the individuals alleged to have received bribes from three quarries in the state.
      “Wait for March 7. I will hand over the evidence and I hope the committee concerned will be thorough and fair in its investigation,” he said at a press conference, here, Thursday.
      Amizudin said this Saturday (March 7), he would be called by the party’s Special Investigation Committee to be questioned on the matter.
      The bribery case was exposed on Feb 26 at a press conference held at the Seberang Perai Municipal Council (MPSP) office.
      At today’s press conference, Amizudin was adamant that he had the evidence like documents including bank slips showing money from a quarry operator being put into one of the alleged individuals’ personal account.
      However, he declined to show the said proof when asked to do so by reporters but beat around the bush about the allegation.
      “I did not say that two state PKR leaders were involved in corruption, but I have the proof of the transaction,” he said.
      Amizudin also expressed disappointment of being accused of receiving a bribe of RM5,000 monthly from a quarry and owning four cars, and of exposing Penang PKR’s internal affairs because his term as MPSP councillor was not extended.
      He said he was also upset that no action was taken against the two leaders believed to have accepted bribes although he had handed over the relevant documents as proof to the party president on Jan 8.

      tunku : this is existing pkr youth chief for kepala batas, not an ex member, otherwise they will say that he was paid by najib. this pkr party is full of dirts,scandals etc, you name it.it is best for the good people in pkr to leave the party for good. when the head is rotten what you expect the organization to be.when the head has so many scandals and court cases, what to expect from the organization.pkr should be buried for good.pkr is not good to the country and even not good for the opposition pact.they bring more harm than good.
      Posted by tunku at 12:00:00 AM


    • Dear Tuah ( probably he is a Shemale)

      Please lah tambi, stop your nonsence here, JMD is speaking is mind on his own blog. he welcome all comment but you my friend wanted to urgue things that you yourself are not expert in it.


  43. hi jmd, i’ve been reading with great pleasure and disgust (mixed feeling) of ur post and all the comments.
    remember when the 2 excos went MIA? then the resignation letters were presented to the EC. FYI, all the excos had to sign Akujanji when they took their posts and they’ve agreed to resign if one day they decide to jump to other party. that’s why they’ve agreed to sign the resignation letters in advance. this was done cos they know that people COULD change or be corrupt. so, the letters are valid. by right, those excos are no longer members of the dun and fresh by-elections must be done at their respective areas. therefore, their support of bn don’t count. and bn DON’T have majority. what makes the people angry is how certain ‘supposedly’ independent bodies like EC could make biased ruling not based on law. just my-2-cents.

    JMD : Hello we deserve better (indeed you should). Let me use your own logic and point out a few perspectives.

    Remember when the 2 excos (Osman and whatshisname) were charged in the courts for sorruption last year? The Perak government led by Nizar refused to listen other people and had them remained in the government eventhough they are being charged for corruption. Their underling even said that sex itu sedekah!

    But Nizar said, they are not corrupt until the courts decide otherwise, in other words, innocent until proven guilty! ALL PR supporters agreed to this. Including you. So, they are not corrupt then. What makes you think they are corrupt now? My dear WDB (can I call you WDB?), undated resignation letter is illegal according to the laws. Period. DO you want to bend this law just to benefit PR now? Why? You deserve better is it?
    Hence, since you yourself (together with the rest of the PR supporters) last year deemed that these two Aduns are not corrupt, coupled with the FACT that undated resignation letter are not allowed, they are still Aduns. Henceforth, BN have the majority (they support BN). EC had decided according to the law. What makes people angry now is because YOU PEOPLE do not understand what is the meaning of due process!

    Thank you and have a nicely deserve rest tonight.


  44. Now, the Sultan had made his decision.
    And yet these monkeys still fighting it.

    The priciple is PR do not agreed with their own Sultan and said the people support them. Why don’t PR simply propose to change Perak into a republic and kick their sultan out so they could rule as they wish (as they claimed will full support from the public).

    To stop this, the Sultan has to note that the PR has gone against his appointment of a new MB. And those who sits under the tree shall be called Penderhaka and punished.


  45. Salam JMD,
    Reading from comments by PR supporters and PR leaders, they seems to belief that majority of Perakian are with them so they are very confident(even so arrogant about it) that if new voting will be held they will win handsomely. Thus they keep on insisting on going back to balot box without even care to consider the cost and economic wellbeing of the state and rakyats.
    I think all this line of thinking by PR people ‘cos they are too consumed and taksub with themself until they came to a stage where those who do not subscribe to their belief and idealogy are bad people, stupid and ignorant about everything.
    Why don’t just stop and ponder what if the Sultan consent to their request and the final results are still stalemate, what then? toss coin, head and tail you lose. The biggest loser are Rakyats.
    Whats going on in Perak now are worrying, if no right thinking and level headed Leader emerge to stop all these stupidity the situation will turn from bad to worst. Please go back and read the history of May 13,1969 the semblance is getting nearer and nearer.
    A strong leadership at Federal and state should emerge to stop all these nonsence. Maybe our new PM(end of this month) should learn a thing or two from TDM about taking right action even at the cost of not being popular. Maybe if the situation does not improve, declare a state of emergency in Perak and put the state administration under Federal rule and call mat ISA to catch all those who still make so much noise and knock some sence into their heads.
    If it need be to stop the situation from going to what happened about 40 years ago, I think he should.
    Maybe most of the commentors not even been born yet when the blackest spot in our race relations history happened, reading about it you find it bad enough, I was there and it worse than what was written.
    So please have some sence of respect towards each other feelings. We are all Malaysian, this is our only country, maybe we have differences but don’t destroy it just b’cos we think we are right.


  46. Saudara,

    The striking comparisons in your article are worthy of note. Living abroad, i face difficulty in obtaining non-racist, non-discriminatory and non-selective observations on the political situation back home. Thus, i am quite pleased to have come across your blog, which in my opinion, has managed to rise above the racist rhetoric and remarks.

    I feel compelled to comment only because i find it difficult to comprehend the sheer naivete or perhaps it is the scarily fervent belief of the followers of certain political leaders in the almost messianic qualities of of those leaders, who in the eyes of their followers can apparently do no wrong.

    To those few who are so ‘taksub’ or fixated on the exaggerated and over-rated concept which is ‘ketuanan rakyat’, i wish to offer my take.

    Going back to the original conception of democracy by the greeks, the etymology of which comes from 2 words, i.e. demos (people) and kratos (initially power, force, strength, etc. Over time, evolving to mean rule or government), it would appear that the precedent for ‘ketuanan rakyat’ is clearly established.

    However, even the brightest of them, i.e. socrates, plato and others were united in their belief that to hand over rule to the people would result in utter chaos for the greek city states. In essence, they considered that rule or governance was best exercised by a group of learned men. Of course, this may be simplifying this account to a great extent – but the foundations and precedents laid then reverberate and continue to ring true even today.

    Thousands of years later, and in Malaysia no less, the prescience concerning the fallacy of rule by the people is being played out.

    Unfortunately, the serious lack of political and administrative leadership of the present administration has resulted in a vacuum in which a pretender – supported by a cadre of fearsome and narrow-minded enforcers, purports to be the only saviour of the country to bring about a so called new dawn for Malaysia. The cult of personality around this person defies belief, which urgently brings to my mind the important lessons of Orwell’s Animal Farm.

    I do not claim to have any solution to the seemingly intractable differences at home, only wishing to share my observations. In my view, the leaders of PR, despite the public shows and utterances of solidarity with the man in the street are in my humble opinion no different than the so-called crooks which they claim to have been in power for too long. It is now their time they say, their time to perhaps plunder and drive even deeper divisions.

    It should not escape attention that the rise of violence in Malaysian politics coincides with the rise of PKR. Instead of cooling down the flames of animosity, certain PKR leaders appear to be fanning those flames, with scant regard for the consequences of their actions, as long as it yields them the seat of power.

    I thank you for your work and fully appreciate the difficulty in separating emotion from rational consideration when dealing with issues that are close to all our hearts. Do keep writing.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. Perhaps you may want to share with us what are the main proponents that can make democracy works? Is there any downside to People’s Power; the clarion call of the Reformasi movement? Is it true that there is a very thin line separating anarchy and total unrefined democracy? Is democracy an end in itself or is there a bigger aim to achieve through democracy. What if democracy failed to achieve that aim? Should we revert to a more practical approach, or should we put faith in democracy unconditionally? Hope you can share your thoughts regarding this matter. Thank you.


  47. JMD and his fellow supporters from UMNO

    You guys can’t even differentiate what is black and what is right? well, i don’t blame you cos you all are from UMNO that have no conscience and no brains. talk and comment but how many have you contributed to this country in social welfare work?

    you are blinded with powers and just want UMNO to rule no matter what. no difference from the EC and the rest of the dogs of UMNO. is just DOGS…perhaps , better for me keep a real dog than all you. i can’t comprehend why most of you guys can’t see and have conscience. i am very sure JMD is a lawyer who knows a lot about laws/constitutions but what is the fact of having brainy people like you but have no heart for the people. if you are following the news of najib, how many of you blind UMNO supporters take a seat back and question the whole thing, do you think 2 UTK officers will kill a gal without being asked to?

    don’t tell me let the court decide. you think our malaysia court is just, fair and have integrity? answer with your own conscience. you guys when you have power one day in UMNO, you are no difference from the current UMNO leaders because you just can’t see justice.

    and jmd, especially you, you rebutt on comments against BN and UMNO but have you rebutt your own blind stupid followers who just echoes what you say without thinking for themselves?

    the country is where it is today because of people like you and malaysia won’t be any better if the same bunch of useless people like you ascend to the highest throne of UMNO. UMNO will not change because of you guys because you guys are not willing to change.

    i really now understand what all these NEP has done to you and your fellow supporters in creating such a scumbag in this society. wasted at least RM300k on each of you to become such scums. if you are good, please return all those scholarships to the govt so that they can use it for other people.

    be honest, how many of you receive loan from govt and have paid back? if you have not done it, don’t throw stones at PR and its supporters.

    i freak if one day JMD and has fellow fanatics rise to the highest leadership of UMNO and you will twist anything you could.

    JMD : Fren, it is you who are blinded by your hatred. Example, you thought most of us here are Umno members. But the biggest boo boo of all is, you thought all Umno members have never committed themselves in social welfare before. Have all Pakatan Rakyat supporters become this immature? From which depths of the abyss did you get this notion? Do not be too proud of yourselves. You’re definitely not the only one who contributed time and money in social welfare.

    One more thing. You, directly and indirectly had benefitted from the NEP also. Think about this statement ya. One more thing, I had never received any scholarships from the government to further my studies. Does that makes me your friend now? Plus, many Umno members did not get any scholarships from the government too! This discussion is becoming surreal. Please do not destroy the braincells of the readers here. You and ‘Tuah Was A Sissy’ are like two peas in a pod.

    Quite entertaining though. Do come again. Thank you.


    • “You and ‘Tuah Was A Sissy’ are like two peas in a pod.
      Quite entertaining though. Do come again. Thank you.”

      Thank you for your invitation hun. Yes I will come again, especially if and when i am feeling down, to read

      your blog posts for a good hearty laugh. As you know laughing is good for health.

      Ciao hunny

      JMD : Thank you for visiting this blog again and again. Really appreciate it.


    • Saudara,

      Thank you for your response and additional queries. At this point, i must stress that the minutiae of political theory does not form the core of my expertise. My thoughts on the political situation in Malaysia only began crystallising during my university days in the UK, both through studies and through contacts with the political and government establishment then.

      In terms of what i believe constitute the primary elements of democracy, i am of the view that its definition hinges on its interpretation and more importantly, its implementation. I believe that we first need to have a clear idea of what democracy itself should mean for us. In our case, i believe that the best democracy for Malaysia takes into account the particularities of Malaysia’s social, economic, demographic and political landscape, among others.

      In this regard, i am of the view that the kind of democracy that Malaysia should be is the one that has been decided by our leaders who negotiated Malaysia’s independence. I believe that the agreement then was acceptable to and endorsed by all communities and stakeholders.

      The success of the approach mapped out then, particularly in terms of balancing and accounting for the interests of all communities is evidenced by the fact that now, 50 or so years on, Malaysia is no longer the colonial backwater it once was. Equally important is the fact that since independence, Malaysia as a country has been able to maintain a more or less independent approach, both in terms of its economic planning and foreign policy. In this context, you will find me staunchly opposing any section of our society that seeks to renegotiate the terms agreed by our founding fathers.

      I do not pretend that the prosperity which has and continues to be bestowed on Malaysia has benefitted all communities equally, some have benefitted more than others. However, the fact that there remains pockets of marginalised and underdeveloped segments of society do not in any way justify the blatantly racist, poisonous and prejudiced accusations such as those espoused by HINDRAF leaders.

      In my humble view, People Power, wielded injudiciously as we have witnessed in the Philippines and continue to witness in Thailand, cannot work. I believe that while it can function as a preliminary catalyst, it ultimately fails when its principles eventually need to be translated into practicable policies and actions. To me, people power inevitably spawns populist policies and measures which in turn require and rely on populist politicians to see them through. Given the flip-flopping posture and populist pandering, and not to mention the divergence and inconsistencies in positions among PR components themselves, i’ve become even more convinced that it would be an unmitigated disaster if PR were to helm the federal government .

      However, the catch is this, Malaysia IS a democracy-for better or worse. As such, should any party come to power through the popular vote, then i believe that should be accepted as the people’s choice. My single most abiding fear is that, through all the ‘wayang kulit’ that is being acted out by politicians on both sides, the rakyat will become more confused. Add to the mix irresponsible politicians who are blatantly racist and prone to stoke and fan communal fears and feelings, the end result could very well be explosive. Seeing the increasingly frequent street demonstrations in Malaysia, i believe that moves to drive even deeper divisions among the communities are being actively undertaken by these same irresponsible people.

      Given the delicate nature of democracy in Malaysia, I am equally convinced of the need for strong leadership. For all of the faults of our previous Prime Ministers, they have managed to maintain the delicate communal balances, thereby allowing for Malaysia to develop in her own mould. What the current PM has done should also be lauded, as he has attempted to open the space to allow for deeper, more meaningful inter-communal dialogue and understanding. Unfortunately, certain quarters have seen fit to take advantage of the openness and sincerity of the current administration as a signal that everything is up for negotiation.

      In a nutshell, I believe that democracy is both a means to an end and an end in itself. I strongly believe that for it to work in a country like ours, a strong, clear and united leadership is needed. Taking into account all that Malaysia is and has been through, i do not think that the so-called democracy as promoted by PR will ensure that Malaysia can remain as peaceful, stable and prosperous as it once was, at least before their brand of alienating and personality-centred politics was introduced.

      I sincerely apologise for the long post but I have attempted to provide as short and clear a response as possible to some very complicated and thought provoking questions. Perhaps from now on i should refrain from going into such complicated matters.

      Do keep pushing the envelope and in doing so, continue to raise those difficult questions.That we are able to discuss them is to me a very good indication that the spirit of democracy is well and alive in Malaysia. That there are Malaysians who care to raise such difficult and sensitive issues and are mature and sensible (well, more or less, looking at some of the posts here) when discussing them is proof that Malaysia’s sons and daughters do indeed care very much for the motherland.

      I thank you again for your work.

      JMD : Thank you for your excellent thoughts. Very relevant to the current situation we are facing now.


  48. JMD,

    Wooo hooo – what’s this, first “mate” now “babe”, we are clutching at straws now aren’t we JMD hunny!!!. Mwahhhhh!!!!

    Whats this huge elaboration in your post about PKR etc etc. All for my benefit – thank you hunny.

    Read my posts again.

    OK, since you can’t get it, let me elaborate- Doesn’t interest me one bit at this time of my life about what PKR or BN is doing or not doing from a political strategic point of view. Geesssh JMD talk about you being the key player in the peribahasa about setinggi tinggi tupai melompat – sheeeesh!!!!.

    As I said stop assuming what I am about.

    I am about you and your assumptions hunny!!!

    Oh yeah – doesnt worry me what you think my age is – I dont care, why should you btw – since you were the one who brought it up, not me, hunny. Is age important to you with regards to your fellow blog readers who take the time to post their views ??? If yes – why not put some sort of a restriction or requirement, hunny ????

    Interesting your whole response, and no comment on what made me laugh today.

    Let me repeat – ““MACC Chief Commisioner said MACC had completed its investigation on claims of money politics in UMNO and found no cases so far” – I love it, its a classsic quote, one for the history books.”

    Again one more time – a public service announcement in all sincerity – To whom it may concern only –

    “All I say is I hope that if there are gullible readers / followers of your blog out there that they seek advice before taking in your content, assumptions, spin etc etc.”

    Hey JMD btw too – since you said you understand English, I suggest you please consider changing your title to – Jebat Had to Die.

    News flash hunny – Jebat is actually gone you know, talk in past tense please as its history i.e. sejarah. Many Malaysians who have diffilculty in English due to fluctuating govt education policies may get confused, you never know. Just a suggestion hunny.

    Ciao and mwahhhh.

    JMD : When all things failed, resort to (wrongly)criticising this blog’s name and complain about the use of the word ‘mate’.

    Please do not be too emotional. This is just a blog. The use of the ‘mate’ does not necessarily mean, we have to be friends in real life. Your sudden outburst over this matter made you sound like a bratty little girl. Hence, ‘babe’ is more appropriate.

    Hilang kuasa, emotional. Atas jalan pun nak guling2 emotional, bawah pokok pun nak emotional… dalam blog pun nak emotional juga?!

    Don’t la be uptight. You are taking this way too seriously mate. By the way, scroll upwards to the title of this blog. Can you see that four little lines describing the blog title? Vigorously tyring to find any faults, you even had to correct my grammar? My patience know no bounds! 🙂

    As for the MACC, I believe they arrested many Umno leaders before this. Plus, do have a read from your own fans below regarding this MACC issue.

    Thank you and have a good day TWAS!


    • “Jebat WAS a Malay hero. But despite his good intentions, his methods WERE cruel, misguided and unwieldy. His anger towards a Sultan, led him to murder thousands of innocent lives. In the end, Jebat must die…”

      In the end, Jebat Had To Die…”

      End of today’s lesson, till next time…..

      JMD : Thank you for the lesson. We are blessed when there are good samaritans out there to help one another. You should give yourself a pat on the back. However, ‘Had To Die’ was not the essence and the ‘specific feel’ I wanted to express when I wrote that.

      Maybe I should get an expert opinion on this too? 🙂

      And one more thing, I cannot change this blog name to suit your teaching lessons. Damn wordpress! TWAS is having a horrendous time reading bad english in this blog and yet wordpress do not want to comply to this request. I am in a foul mood right now! :p

      Have a g’day mate!


        • AHA HA HA HA! JMD, isn’t it obvious? TWAS just wants to have the last word! No matter how nonsensical his arguement is! And you kept your cool. But TWAS…he has publicly displayed that he is a L-O-S-E-R! Yech!


          • Yes I do want to have the last word. forgot to check this blog during the last few days.

            thank you, have a nice day and i will come again.


  49. Salam JMD,

    My personal experiences with Judge Augustine Paul (over his missing dogs) in Bangsar by using Deputy OCPD from Brickfield to harrass family members. My Sister who was abused by ex-hubby was so full of corruptions handled by the Puchong and Sunway Police Stations until the victim (my sis) and my parents were harrassed by the Police themselves after the hubby continuously feed them with goodies. UM hospitals making false medical reports and backdating reports…..MACC ??? Korek-Korek-korek

    Frankly, I am not thrilled by both sides with regard to Perak State situtation because politicians are dirty whichever side you are in…Anyway, my personal experiences says it all….”CORRUPTION AND ABUSE OF POWER AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL” and the current government is making it worst and making us RAKYAT looks like a total fool to the world.

    I have seen and experience enough with the current government and am prepared to gamble my future with hope for a better future for my next generation…some people hate change but change is coming…

    JMD : Some people do made the mistake in thinking that all corrupt police are Umno members and inadvertently, smeared the government as well. In any case, we often heard corrupt police officers were dismissed or transferred depending to their misdemeanours.


  50. JMD,

    Allow me to slip in to say a few words to this fellow whose manner of arguing tends to distract the attention of readers of your blog from the issues being discussed.

    “Tuah was a sissy”,

    Why can’t you argue in a civil and proper manner? This is a respectable blog and you must respect not only the blog owner but also the readers.

    The very pseudonym you chose is disrespectful to the Malays. You sound educated enough to know that. But what is your purpose in choosing that name? If your intention is to belittle or make fun of the legendary Malay hero, it is very bad as it creates ill feelings. It is unbecoming of a responsible and respectable Malaysian citizen, which I hope you to be.

    JMD is one of the most patient men I know in Malaysian blogosphere. He keeps on explaining his views as much as possible. But your 5 Mar 09 08:41 comment refers to him as “putting spin on things”. You even objected to his use of the word “mate”. Let’s be fair and respectful. Do to others what you wish them to do to you.

    Best wishes.


  51. JMD,

    Very interesting discourse vis-a-vis ‘Tuah was a sissy’. Detect there’s some sort of secret admiration, hahaha. Content not suitable here. From ‘mate’ to ‘no mate’ and babe to hunny and mwahs. Opposites do attract. Lets hope its not lethal attraction. For what its worth dunno what he/she/it/young/old person is getting on about.. becoz your reply along with other comments have been been explanatory,whichever side of the coin.

    My view on the matter – Sore winner and even more sore loser. Typical PKR mentality – go to the streets, courts and trees when things do not go their way. Is not the actions of the unhonorable Speaker treasonous against the Sultan?



  52. More than a month after Barisan Nasional ousted Pakatan Rakyat from Perak, former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad today said the takeover was not done according to the law.

    He said mistakes, bad strategy and carelessness in the Feb 5 power grab, orchestrated by Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, had led to the current crisis in the state.

    “You cannot topple a menteri besar or a prime minister without a no-confidence vote in the assembly. There is no other provision,” he said at a function organised by Mubarak, the association for former elected representatives.

    “Umno-BN was too careless and did not wait for an assembly but instead asked the Ruler to sack the menteri besar,” he said, referring to Sultan Azlan Shah’s decision to ask Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin to resign.

    “As far as I know, there is no such provision in the Perak or Federal Constitution,” he said.

    Dr Mahathir said that BN should have done it properly and not “be in conflict with the law” as the courts may now rule that the Sultan has no right to sack a menteri besar.

    He added that a Sultan could only reject a candidate for one of his choice after an election but even this candidate could be defeated in the assembly by a vote.

    The veteran politician said BN should have “followed the laws of the country, especially the constitution.”

    “Because this may be in conflict with the law, we find that people will not comply. Because we started on the wrong foot, people are now against us,” said Dr Mahathir, who quit Umno last year in a long-running feud with his successor Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

    Read what Ku Li said:

    “This is what you get when people are not aware of the full import of the rule of law and constitution. This is what we get when rule of law is replaced with the rule of men. In a democracy, we must uphold the fundamental principle that the only legitimate way of forming a government is through elections and never by any means of political meanderings.
    This episode Tengku, tells the public that UMNO does not know how to lose. They are sore losers!

    What is there to lose? UMNO has already lost. We have lost the Malay belt states. Kelantan- we shall never get it back in the foreseeable future. We are on the brink of losing Terengganu.

    We must learn to lose gracefully and maintain self respect. The rakyat will respect us for that.
    The only way to regain public trust and confidence for UMNO and more importantly to restore dignity to the ruler is to dissolve the assembly. Let the people judge us.
    Yes, chances are, UMNO will lose. But so what? As I said, UMNO has already lost. But it’s more important for us to accept defeat with dignity without trampling the rakyat’s rights.

    JMD : Thank you for copy pasting excerpts of the interview and blog article of Malaysia’s finest politicians here.


  53. JMD,

    I think you are a person who can’t accept reality. You condemned the constitutional lawyer Tommy Thomas. It was clearly evident from the decision of the Court of Appeal,who considered him “amicus curiae” i.e a friend of the court, that the Judicial Commissioner in Ipoh was arrogant and presumably corrupted for ignoring the rule of law. Former Justice NH Chan had rightly labelled him as an arrogant novice judge. And now former PM Tun Mahathir has declared the Perak govt as illegal and did not follow procedures. Pls learn how to accept reality, don’t argue for the sake of arguing.

    JMD : Firstly, I did not condemn Tommy Thomas. He condemned himself. How is that so? By initially using the law to explain how legal and appropriate for the possible change in governments last year (without the dissolution of parliament), and then using the same concept to defend PR’s stand in the Perak situation. I only highlighted the change in principles this lawyer had succumbed himself to. I never forced him to change his stand. He made the about turn himself. By the way, the Federal Court will make its decision soon. Be patient and let the law run its course, after all, it was the PR who brought their case to the courts in the first place. Thank you.


  54. JMD

    “Then Abdullah would have to visit the palace and inform the king that he has lost the confidence of his own party, and so tender his resignation and the resignation of his cabinet. And the king will accept that.

    If you read carefully what Tommy said above, and compare it with the Perak situation, then YB Nizar should have approched the sultan and inform him that he has lost the confidence of his own party, and so tender his resignation and also that of his cabinet. But here who visited the palace, it was Najib. He is the one who usurped the powers of the MB. By right a vote of no confidence against the MB should have been mooted in the state assembly before proceeding to the sultan.That was what Tun Mahathir said rightly. Did they follow procedure? If the 3 judges who heard RPK’s case sits as Federal Court judges then I can bet the conclusion will be a foregone one. The Lingam video tape had confirmed the extent of corruption in the judiciary, so I consider these 3 to be part of them.

    JMD : Thank you for visiting this blog. It is good that a true blue anti Mahathir, pro PR supporter is still reading this blog. In my recollection, Nizar did have an audience with the Sultan. He met the Sultan that afternoon to tell his majesty that the state assembly should be dissolved as he had lost the majority. But the Sultan had met all the BN reps + 3 Adun bebas beforehand. Thus, his majesty established that Nizar had lost the majority. Tommy Thomas stated clearly that the vote of no confidence is not the only procedure which is being used to sack Nizar from the MB post.

    “What we are trying to do is interpret their words, 43(4), with the intention they had in mind. Some legal experts have said it is limited to a poll, a vote of no confidence in the Dewan Rakyat. My argument is that cannot be the intention because if it is so limited, then the language would have been something like this: “If the Prime Minister is defeated on a motion of confidence in the House of Representatives, then…” So you see the opening words of 43(4) and my imaginary version are very different…the actual wording is far more general, broad and wide, whereas the other is specific and limited to one method.

    But the important thing is that it is the king’s satisfaction that matters. The king must be satisfied that the prime minister of the day no longer enjoys the confidence of the majority of the lower house. So what that means actually is that the king cannot act arbitrarily; there must be some objective facts, some proof, some reason for him to act.”

    His Majesty, upon being satisfied that Nizar had indeed lost his majority, proclaimed that Nizar should relinquish his post. The rest is history. Okay now we have determined the sequence of events and the procedures that ensued.

    What Najib (meeting the Sultan) was irrelevant as Nizar lost his post not because of Najib. He lost his post because 3 Aduns jumped ship from PR.

    Did Najib pay the Aduns? I do not know. Do you have any evidence? No one brought forth any. Mr Singh, I am not saying the change of government in Perak was the right thing to do. But to my knowledge, it is still legal and within the constitutional rights. And my arguments are based on their very own constitutional expert. How ironic is that?

    However, I did state that BN may lose the war later on.

    Thank you.


  55. JMD

    I have a lot of catching up to do on my reading where your blog is concerned. Obviously, you have put in a lot of work before you post your articles. Find them very interesting and very revealing.

    I must say I really love the way you “tempeleng” those commentators who are quite rude, hostile and at times downright funny in a weird way.

    Keep it up, JMD and I don’t just mean your excellent writings.

    Night, night.

    JMD : Thank you and goodnight.


  56. JMD,

    Thanks for publishing my comments. Contrastingly, you have been a staunch supporter of Mahathir and Umno. I am still waiting for you to cite a pro govt constitutional expert to justify your claim of legality as regards to the Perak govt. You seem to be citing the pro opposition Tommy Thomas. Anyway he is an authority in constitutional law(it is an accepted norm in the legal fraternity), so I presume he knows what he is talking unlike you who is a layman–even if you are lawyer, no body knows you. It is a fact that all the eminent lawyers in the country are pro opposition–so you cant say all of them are wrong. The only eminent lawyer who is pro govt is Shafee Abdullah who had conspired with Najib to free Razak Baginda in the now infamous Altantuya case.

    JMD : I have always published your comments. Your welcome. By the way, I do not have to cite pro govt expert just to point out the discrepancies and the about turn in opposition’s mindset regarding crossovers and government takeovers. I just use their own weapon – Tommy Thomas. He said one thing different last year, and now perform a different thing this year. Yes, he is an expert I suppose. That is why I am curious to see how he can wriggle himself out of the predicament of countering his own arguments that he made 6 months before.

    There are many lawyers who gave opinion about this matter. The one that has his own blog is DSN

    Thank you.


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