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Anwar’s play acting is encyclopedic! (Part 4)

Nearly two weeks ago, the broad smile of Anwar Ibrahim showed how happy he was sitting beside his old campus mate, Nasarudin Hashim. He showed the world that it is not impossible to entice a wakil rakyat from BN to change sides. What a coup! The crossover drama queen was so happy, he was confident of luring more people from the other side. 

He was reported as saying:

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 26 — More Barisan Nasional lawmakers will cross over to Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) soon following Datuk Nasaruddin Hashim’s defection, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim predicted today.

The opposition leader expressed confidence that there will be a slew of defections occurring fortnightly from February onwards

Beaming with pride over his success in catching an ADUN from Umno, he gleefully said:

“We welcome him and I see it as a beginning of a new wave,” said Anwar.

The puppet Menteri Besar of Perak chipped in and went one step further- there will be more defections, he said. In fact, they were actively working to ensure it is a reality. 

Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin, who is also state PAS deputy commissioner, said there were unconfirmed reports that more Barisan representatives planned to follow in Nasaruddin’s footsteps.

“There will be more crossovers… we are working on it,” he said.

Due to the sudden defection of Nasarudin over to PKR, Umno was in a panic mode. To rub salt onto the wound, Anwar Ibrahim then issued statements ridiculing Umno. A schadenfreude is what this man is.

Perihal dikumpul wakil-wakil rakyat Umno, ulangi angkat sumpah (sumpah lagi!) di depan Najib (kaedah apa pula?) biasa saja dalam tradisi mereka. Tetapi lantaran penyesalan mereka akan kehilangan tokoh Perak, apakah muslihat terhenti di situ?

Then, that crossover was the mileage Anwar Ibrahim needed to boost his waning popularity. It has come to a point that Anwar Ibrahim had to depend on pinching people across the political spectrum just to prop up his shaky platform.

Fast forward not too long after that, cracks began to appear in Pakatan Rakyat’s dreamboat. Talks of a few ADUNs from Pakatan crossing over became more and more rampant. Chief DAP of Perak, Ngeh Koo Ham immediately urged that the anti hopping law be enacted. His justifications were:

“He should be able to go back to the people and say, ‘Look, there has been a change of situation. For your sake, I want to change parties. Do you agree?’ he said, adding ‘there should be no impediments.” 

But he failed to look into the mirror and see that his face was just muddied by the act of Anwar’s crossover plot i.e. Nasarudin Hashim. A man of integrity would almost always looked back and urged Nasarudin to vacate his seat before crossing over to Pakatan. When Anwar has no integrity whatsoever, it is up to the rest of Pakatan leaders to point out the obvious.

Alas, a credible politician is hard to find. The loose knot that tied Pakatan Rakyat together began to unravel. Upon the resignation of the two ADUNs from PKR, two letters of resignation appeared on the desk of the Speaker of the State Assembly. That was a fine example of Pakatan’s weakness. An undated resignation letter. No doubt, the brainchild of Anwar Ibrahim from his 1994 Sabah state election days.  

At least the BN had never resorted itself to sign undated resignation letters as soon they become ADUNs. This shows that Pakatan Rakyat are afraid of their own shadows. And to think they want more people to join them! Who wants to join a coalition reeking with cross-overophobia but at the same time urging people to cross over?! 

A strong leader concentrates on strengthening their own team first before trying to weaken the opposing team. If you are not that strong in the first place, minor hitches will tear your team apart.

Kalau kail panjang sejengkal, lautan dalam jangan diduga.

You will caught with your pants down in the process. As I see it, all this revealed how weak the opposition is. Lim Guan Eng even had to issue warnings to all of his wakil rakyats! What kind of polity is this? Schoolyard politics?  

Their desperation became acute when Statutory Declarations were made hastily by two PKR Aduns in Perak! Hello YBs, confessions in SDs are no longer taken seriously ever since RPK started this trend. 

Not only that, MB Nizar even made the desperate announcement to dissolve the state assembly without the consent of the Sultan! Putting the cart before the horse like this certainly had annoyed the Sultan. Where are your manners?

People can crossover to you but your people cannot do the same from your side is it? The reason these people do that is simply because you are not strong enough. Just like the laws of attraction, power makes everything sexy. Since Anwar is not as powerful and charismatic as he thought he would be, the result had been too obvious. The pied piper’s flute had lost its magic. Numerous broken promises had tarnished his image.

A commentator in a blogsite was heard complaining:   

How can BN form the new state government with the stupid defectors?

The stupid defectors fail the voters. It is their own self-interest and decision to defect but is that the will of the voters ?

That would be the same type of question people will ask should Anwar gets his 30 frogs to change their party affiliation

Forming the government is never easy. Not as easy as it sounds. Certainly not as dreamy as ‘We have the numbers! 30 MPs will cross over!’

The mess that we see in Perak is only 1/13th of the kind of mess we would have seen if Anwar Ibrahim’s dream to get 30 MPs were realised. And it all generated from Anwar’s big mistake. Enticing people to change party and political standing is the only modus operandi that he knows (after effectively thought about and execute the idea in 1994 Sabah elections).

Anwar Ibrahim started this call and promoted the idea of mass crossovers. However now, he has no moral conviction and the integrity whatsoever to say that all the cross overs from Pakatan Rakyat to BN is illegal or immoral.

Insecure people will talk big. But everyone knows its 100% bullshit. I have stated before, and I will say it now. Anwar Ibrahim never had the numbers to begin with.

The taste of your own medicine had never been this bitter eh? But then again, Anwar is used to tasting his own medicine. Berani buat, berani tanggung YB!

The Pakatan Rakyat’s state government in Perak had failed to balance the needs of its people. Due to DAP’s arrogance, they had bulldozed their administration without regards to the feelings of the majority. DAP could not understand that the monarchy is there to safeguard’s the Malays’ interest in the state.

First and foremost, the monarchy must be taken care of. The ‘sultan-less’ psyche of the DAP could not see that the monarchy and the Malays relate to each other in a symbiotic kind of relationship.

The monarchy needs the Malays’ support while the Malays see their sultans as the ultimate guardian. Heck, Haris Ibrahim and RPK even issued out memorandums and petition to the Agong to seek his support!

The DAP should have taken care of the Malays’ feelings. Ultimately, the Sultan will not lose face in front of his subjects. No amount of excuses can save you if the Sultan feels that the Malay rights are taken away

True to his form, Anwar Ibrahim will gather Pakatan Rakyat supporters to show their displeasure at the monarchy tonight. But he quickly rectified the reasons behind this mass rally as:

Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said the Perak Menteri Besar’s refusal to resign despite the request by Sultan Azlan Shah did not mean Pakatan Rakyat was on a collision course with the Perak palace.

But his statement became comical when he uttered:

“Considering the spirit of constitutional monarchy and Parliamentary democracy, this takover if allowed will be a disaster to the democratic system,” Anwar told reporters after a meeting with PR leaders.

Did he honestly think his ‘Project 916’ takeover won’t be a disaster to the democratic system? To me, Anwar Ibrahim cannot say anything more because he was the initiator of all these ideas of crossing over. Does he not remember?

By the way, I am of the opinion that  all this is wrong. More or less, I agree with the views of Tengku Razaleigh and Tun Dr Mahathir. We may win this battle but could lose the war later on.

But, since this is already a foregone conclusion, what we can do is to minimise the impact of this debacle. Legitimacy of the new BN state government needs to be solidified further. Since there will not be a state election, what BN should do is to put in motion a vote of no confidence on MB Nizar.

This will surely reaffirm the notion that Pakatan Rakyat government is no longer wanted.

From then on, BN can decide their next course of action. Congratulations to Dato’ Dr Zambry, the ADUN for Pangkor as the new Menteri Besar of Perak. Diharap beliau tidak akan menjadi seperti kaduk naik junjung. The BN of Perak must perform better this time around and show to the people that it is a far more competent and efficient coalition to govern the state. To gain the correct perception is vital.

But in the mean time, Anwar Ibrahim should just keep his mouth shut, sit back and see the mirror image effect of his own dream taking stage in front of his eyes. Oh wait, he can also reminisce about what I had written in the first paragraph above. Good times eh?          

92 thoughts on “Anwar’s play acting is encyclopedic! (Part 4)

  1. Salam JMD,

    Saya amat bersetuju dengan “Diharap beliau tidak akan menjadi seperti kaduk naik junjung”… sebab banyak MB dah jadi macam itu dan terakhir dari Selangor hingga hilang kerajaan Selangor dan yang dari Negeri Sembilan pun dah pertunjuknya…. begitu lah bila ada kuasa dan gelap mata…. semoga MB Perak yang baru mengambil iktibar ini.



  2. JMD,

    Good one !!! Nothing I can say can will add any further value. You captured it well enough.

    JMD : Thanks Lekiu. I just can’t stand all the statements coming out from Anwar’s mouth. They were all so nauseating. He needs more mirrors around him 🙂


  3. By the way, I always thought that Pakatan’s move to appoint Nizar as MB is akin to a Chinese controlled company appointing a Malay as Chairman for the sake of window dressing.


  4. jmd,

    mirror wont be enough ……

    we should have a compilation video of evrything that this bugger said before on frogging …. and show straight to the faces of the ‘taksubers’

    as always, your entry speaks volume ….



  5. Mungkin PR sudah lupa yg Sultan Perak ini adalah golongan yg terpelajar yg TIDAK akan mengulangi kesilapan Sultan Abdullah. Kg baru dan 999 tahun itu adalah cermin awal Perjanjian Pangkor.

    Mereka lupa kali ini tidak akan ada lagi Kapitan China Chung yg menandatangani petisyen untuk meminta tolong British…


  6. Ha ha .. you just rub salt in Anwar’s wound bro. Sakit oooo… Hopefully he read this. 🙂 Good thing that Najib was involved in the whole affairs with only minor contribution from PL. Like the way Najib answer all the questions from the press. Sign of better things in the future?


  7. Thanks JMD,

    I always get back to your blog…even after visiting several others because I can depend on you to give a realistic comment…not holier than thou..kind of comment.

    When the Bota guy crossed over to PKR , nobody said anything about being immoral..and said he did that because or the voice of the people…really? I dont believe that. When PKR people crossed over to BN….suddenly all kind of immoral issues pop up. A battle needed to be won…and Najid managed to win. Maybe its just a battle not the war but..when your enemy put a gun to your head…and if gun is illegal and immoral..would you not also take a gun that happen to be available to shot your enemy back or would you just tepis dengan tangan saja…because a gun is illegal and immoral.

    Don’t kid our self by not accepting that BN and PKR,DAP,PAS are actually at war..this is the reality. They are at war…and war needed to be won. At least now I know that Najib is a good political tactician…way-way better than Pak Lah.


  8. Salam JMD,

    Apalah nak jadi dengan ahli2 politik kita..Macam budak2 pun ada. Semoga Najib juga tidak lupa diri, episod ini masih belum dianggap kemenangan buat BN. Seperti kata TDM, kesan atas penerimaan dua katak yang belum bersih mungkin akan mencalit lumpur keatas Umno/BN.

    Ketiga2 wakil rakyat Bebas itu kini pastinya mendapat layanan istimewa, kerana mereka juga dapat menjatuhkan kerajaan BN yang baru dengan cara yang sama. Dengan ‘kuasa’ yang begitu besar ditangan mereka, pastinya mereka mahu terus kekal sebagai Bebas !

    Mungkin cara yang terbaik adalah dengan mengadakan PRK bagi seluruh Negeri Perak. Biar rakyat Perak yang menentukan. Bukankah pemimpin BN juga pernah kata, Undilah Parti, Bukannya Calon. Jika berpegang pada itu, maknanya setiap kerusi yang dimenangi adalah milik parti yang menang, bukannya individu yang mendudukinya.

    Rakyat dipermain2kan dengan segala keletah pemimpin yang gila kuasa ! Baik BN maupun PR, sama saja. Lepas Perak, negeri mana pula menyusul ???


  9. Salam JMD.

    What goes round, comes around.
    Newton Law says that every action has a reaction.

    Anwar should not forget that. Yeah, he needs to have more mirrors around him.


  10. Yeah right.. the master — ancient evil — telling all the devils it is okay to harm to others but not when the victims are us..

    What goes around comes around brader anwar

    Happy dreaming and dream on forever happily ever after



  11. My take on it, haha..

    The good that comes out of it is that the rakyat gets to see what happens on a smaller scale the instability and havoc brought up by such crossovers. Imagine if it happened on a nationwide scale as the much touted but fortunately failed 916.


  12. JMD;

    Hitting nail on the head as usual. Two thumbs up. I admire writting well articulated to a point of being slightly envious 😉

    Incidentally, I was at Malaysia Hall (then at Bryanston Square) when Anwar was delivering some pep talk – just after he entered UMNO, and being made Minister, I think 1982 – said that his wife commented that he has a habit of “verbal diarrhea” (jeling at his wife, Azizah as he spoke).

    MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73


  13. The previous comment probably didn’t get through because of the html tag.

    My take on the drama:

    The Silver lining out of this is the instability that is presented for all to see of what may have happened had, the fortunately failed, 916 taken place.

    This is only a single state and only 3 crossovers, imagine 30 over MPs doing so. What havoc!


  14. 16 september gone wrong.

    BN masuk PR? democratic.
    PR masuk BN? kejam, unconstitutional, stupid, rasuah…

    “they put the ‘mock’ in de’mock’racy and you swallow every hook” -NOFX, regaining unconsciousness.

    then again, the concern of Tun Mahathir is very real. guilty or not, the outcome of the court case may yet be politicized for these 2 politicians. UMNO shouldn’t rush in and accept them before the court case is settled.


  15. Salam,

    Well said and agree with you completely. Anuar and Pakatan bunch are all
    alike. They are full of contradictions among themselves when talk
    about crossing over. OK for Anuar to induce BN’s Rep to cross over but
    not Najib. Now he is the good guy and Najib is the bad one. Anuar is a
    poor loser. Grow up!!!


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  17. Dear JMD,

    I was giddily waiting for what you will say and you did not fail me. Thank you for putting the situation in perspective. Many now have forgotten Anwar’s promise of the 916 and instead are angry that the tables have turned.

    BN and UMNO must now take all opportunities presented in this reprieve to make amends to the people of Perak. Prove to them that they truly made a mistake in bringing PR into power in Perak. Please oh please do not display the arrogance so synonymous with UMNO these days. Also take note that our fellow Malaysians are not adequately represented this time around. This first act will speak volumes if they ensure that our fellow Malaysians are adequately represented if not in EXCO then in any other manner and show that they indeed deserve to govern Perak.

    Thank you JMD and have a pleasant week.


  18. Tuan,

    Saya anak Perak yang mengundi PAS dalam PRU12 lalu.
    Saya tuntut agar PAS menolak Ketua Umum mereka Anwar Ibarhim dengan segera.

    Cucu Gunong Semanggol


  19. Salam bro JMD…swwweeeeet post….

    I find him dangerous to a lot of folks ……..he poisions the mind….he puts hate in people……….he play with your emotions…….

    he will try to take you for a wild emotional ride..

    ..all this gatherings to protest to the Sultan….. if find very offensive…..this man can sustain a lot of people to think about the same thing….driven by your hate…..

    what’s going on folks? kelam kabut big time…people out here are laughing at us…for years already….tak malu ke….wanna be like Thailand ke? Are we trying our best to go there?

    My fear is for this man to suddenly plan something in a public gathering and he escapes …goes overseas…and live a happy life as a political dissident in America

    Condemning Malaysia becomes his daily job with an annual first class tour across America and Europe…probably with his own plane… of those mini jets yang macho gile tu……

    JMD : Thank you SatD for the comment.


  20. Rascist or not, i dont bl**dy care,

    Yep…benar PR menang ketika itu…
    tapi dia lupa hakikat Kerusi Melayu lebih besar… 37 – 22
    Nizar memilih utk mengguris perasaan org Melayu…
    untok memuaskan hati his MASTER..
    neah not the RAKYAT lah…

    Well, he deserve the sacking…!!
    good riddance.

    Anvar?? … yeah….!! the Sacrilage 16 Sept.
    Dia ingat org lupa.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  21. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Both sides have shown that they are willing to stoop to the gutter to get what they want. There is no virtue in what either Najib or Anwar did. Yes, I suppose that’s politics but politics must surely not trample on the the mandate of the people. I believe that this will come back and haunt Najib sooner than he thinks.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  22. Well said JMD. You sums up it all real good. Sepandai-pandai tupai melompat, pasti suatu hari bisa jatuh. Semua masalah ini disebabkan anwar. Dengan dokongan Pakatan Rakyat tentunya. Dan penyokong-penyokongnya yang terlalu percaya pada anwar. Makin jelas wajah disebalik topeng itu JMD. Saya percaya, karma sedang merencanakan sesuatu.

    JMD : Terima kasih.


  23. A lovely twist of ‘ eat your own medicine ‘ ending for noisy chatterbox Anwar .
    I was one of those who never trust him since ’98 after the idiotic sky high interest rate drive by this fruitcake and that was the time of my youth struggling to run a start up. I never forgive this numbnut for the hell he gave me.

    Sincerely to PR’s loyalist … if you are still , ditched this chatterbox and install a new Supremo,President or whatever you call it and install Karpal Singh as the new .. whatever . At least he stand still on what he believe irregardless of the consequences of voters that are sitting on the fence or even making his opposition angrier . Hudud ? No Hudud ! even during PRK KT and risk votes. He stand on his believe openly as Umno stand openly protecting Malay rights.

    But on this Perak debacle , I share same worries of winning this battle and paying the price on the big war . Ensure they stay independent and watch that they PERFORM well serving the rakyat . Be seen more in public in their area , takes notes when public complain and take action. SMILE sincerely . Build a database of complains with dates received and suppose action taken , expected date to settle it and real date settled. This as this is the reason we , the common people , partyless vote.

    I met so many chinese insist that to satisfy them is so simple , just give more venacular schools . Fine .. so if the goverment does will you shut up about Malay special rights ? Now that you can forget about 999 years land scheme/scam. Just a lesson .. respect the majority . With all the cursing toward the Perak’s monarcy in Malaysia Today’s comment .. wow now all hypocracies out in the open !

    Adam B

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. It is indeed deisheartening to see how people had ridiculed the Sultan that way. They are blinded by the taste of power. It is hard to let go. When Umno’s request was turned down by the Sultan (for having the biggest number of reps in the state) last March, no one demonstrated or ridiculed the Sultan. Thus, you will see the extent of people’s malice and insiduous behavior towards their own state ruler.


  24. This double standard behaviour is very well known among the jews. Under the pretext of racial supremacist, they can do harm to the non-jews but not to another Jew. For example, they can lend money by charging interest (riba) to a non-jew, but not to another jew.

    Deuteronomy, chapter 23, verse 20:
    “Unto a stranger thou mayest lend upon usury; but unto thy brother thou shalt not lend upon usury: that the LORD thy God may bless thee in all that thou settest thine hand to in the land whither thou goest to possess it.”

    Also, do check this out to find out their attitude towards non-Jews

    Since our brother has so many high-flying Jew friends, I wonder if our brother has learned all these from the Jews?

    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  25. Katak UMNO lompat ke parti dia, dia kata sebab kehendak rakyat.
    Bila haiwan peliharaan dia lompat ke BN dia kata tak demokratik.

    Sudah la Anwar. Munafik betul ko ni.

    Engkau buat tak ngape. Org lain buat tak boleh. Piirahhhh !!!

    JMD : Hopefully everyone realises the fact that he has lost all credibility from now onwards. Thank you.


  26. Not a slap, but a punch on Anwar’s face. When they need something they go crying to Sultan, and when Sultan decides they don’t like it. And Perak Sultan is one royalty you don’t want to mess with.

    Disturbing thing is, like what Tun said, is the quality of candidates that they are taking back. Very worrying.

    Najib should not take this as some sort of victor for party, but his first real test of walking the talk. They won it not by election, but by defection. It may or may not be what majority of people want, so he has to prove to them that BN is the ideal state government for Perak. And its not easy after witnessing the mess that has been happening both in BN and in PR since PR12.

    Was waiting for you to comment on this, JMD. And a great read (especially your links, they are like punchline, hehe)

    JMD : Thank you for the comment Rakesh.


  27. Personally I think party hopping is unethical, so Anwar has indeed shot himself in the foot (what, again?), but I find it disgusting that the BN has stoop so low as well, by accepting Jamaludin, Osman and Nasarudin into BN.

    In fact, it is putting itself in a very difficult position. If the corruption charges are drop against Jamaludin and Osman soon after this, I’ll find it very difficult not to suspect that BN has interfered. Yet, if they are found guilty, they’ll have to vacant their seats, which will potentially create chaos in Perak again as there’ll be new by-elections, and PR will be able to gain the state back again if they win both of the seats.

    In addition, BN need not have accepted Nasarudin back. Argh, hopping back and forth in less than 2 weeks. He has no integrity at all, why did BN accept such a person?

    Having said that, I think the ultimate loser is not PR, or BN in the case of public perception, but the Perak people. They can only watch on helplessly as BN and PR fight it out, and have no say whatsoever in who they want in the government. Haiz…

    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  28. DSAI brought this upon himself. He should have never supported party hopping. Show people you can manage the 5 states first lah, then go for broke in the next election. I dont get it, they already controlled the state, why do you need another person, and a person who jumped ship at that? What difference would it have made as you already controlled the state? If you had rejected party hopping, and told the Bota fella to piss off, you would be still in control of Perak. This is what happens when you don’t have principles.

    They should have rejected the Bota fella in the first place, why didn’t you call for fresh by election then? Ask for a fresh mandate from the voters then? Instead, so happy dapat member baru. Meludah ke langitlah DSAI ini.

    Anyway, the fact that BN accepted the Bota fella back, makes me scratch my head in amazement too. No hope for Malaysian politics at all.

    What a tragic comedy. It would be funny if not for the fact that end of the day, its the rakyat that will suffer. Politicians too busy playing politics, no time for issues affecting rakyat.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. I concur with you on this one.


  29. Kesian lah Nizar dan Pakatan di Perak.

    Dia nak Camry

    Akhirnya dapat Zambry (Adun Pangkor, new MB)

    Camry + 999 years = Zambry!!!

    Oh, nangis! HUHUHUHU.

    JMD : Interesting math 🙂


  30. Dear JMD,

    If a man could deceive one of the most intelligent leaders in this world, trying to deceive his own party members and all members of the public is a child’s play. However, he has forgotten that he could fool one but cannot fool all.

    For sure, all promises made by Anwar Ibrahim are not ‘core promises’ and will be broken, the moment Malaysians are foolish enough to vote him into power. Though unlikely, should he become the Prime Minister of Malaysia, this country will face recession and depression. All Malaysians, irrespective of race and religion, as well as, everyone in this world are now experiencing a world-wide recession, caused by someone who is as versatile as Anwar Ibrahim.

    Whatever is uttered by Anwar Ibrahim is not even worth a pinch of salt. His ‘wayang kulit’ performance is interesting to watch and appreciated from a distance, since it is meant for school-going children only. Apart from being a good performer worthy of a Hollywood oscar, Anwar Ibrahim is an all-time world champion for hop-step and jump.

    If he is not careful, his dream to become the Prime Minister of Malaysia will turn into a night-mare. Let us hope this nightmarish experience is reserved for him alone and not all peace-loving Malaysians.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  31. That ass lover should glue off his big mouth. when he open up to speak, his tongue twisted like a Tornado so powerful even when the things is wrong, it might be realy true to this Bapak Katak dan his “anak-anak berudu”.


  32. Bapak katak dan kuncu-kuncunya semua sekarang kepanasan kerana tindakan berudu yang menjadi katak dewasa melompat-lompat. Bapak katak menjadi marah dan meraung-raung minta keadilan kerana tindakan katak yang melompat itu adalah salah pada hematnya. Salah dari segi apa? etika mungkin, moral mungkin, undang-undang? lalu dia mengetuk kepala kuda hitamnya untuk bangkit engkar dan derhaka kepada Duli Sultan yang memerintah negeri. siapa kah kuda hitam itu? apakah dia ini hebat sehingga titah kebawah Duli Sultan sewenang-wenangnya di pandang enteng.

    Kebawah Duli Sultan bukan buta undang-undang dan tatacara, tidakkah bapak katak dan kuda hitam sedar bahawa Duli Sultan adalah bekas Lord President? tidak kah mereka sedar sebelum membuat keputusan, Kebawah Duli Sultan telah meminta nasihat kepada pakar-pakar perundangan negeri agar keputusan yang diambil tidak mencerminkan imej yang negatif kepada Kesultanan negeri. Mungkin dalam hemat Duli Sultan bahawa kuda hitam telah banyak melakukan kebodohan besar di negerinya sehingga banyak mencabar kewibawaan Duli Sultan di negerinya sendiri.

    Sedarlah wahai bapak katak dan kuncu-kuncu berudunya.. Bila kamu laungkan 16 september 2008 dan banyak lagi tarikh untuk kamu mengawan, tindakan kamu itu sentiasa benar dan dibenarkan atas alasan rakyat. Siapa kata rakyat mahu kamu? kalau rakyat mahu kamu, 8 mac lepas sudah lama kamu menumbangkan kerajaan. Sombong bodoh kamu membuatkan kamu leka dan taksub dengan apa yang dipandang oleh mata kamu sendiri. Terserlah hipokrasi ketika tumbangnya kerajaan rapuh Pakatan Rojak yang histeria kerana keadaan yang menimpa diri. PADAN MUKO


  33. JMD,

    I agree with Dr Mahathir and KuLi – may win the battle but may lose the war.

    Unfortunately, battles involving cross-overs erode the significance and the value of the win, and perpetuates the ghastly, utterly demoralising and vehemently unacceptable system of party hopping. To the extent that the young now says if you want to be multi-millionaires overnight, become a Wakil Rakyat in a politically untenable state.

    One can only imagine the kind of offers made, delivered and promised to get those concerned hop over. Then the competition with the opposition begins or continues – whoever the opposition may be (opposition to day,
    in power to morrow and so on) – in getting cross-overs. As my friend said, these people are going to become bloody rich.

    Oh God, please lah bring those with some moral fibre, high principles and good values into the scene. Stop the turn-coating. Not Anwar, certainly.
    I disagree a lot with what Dr Mahathir did during his 22 years rule but kicking Anwar out was one I action I supported.

    The man cannot be trusted. Even the court judgment favouring him had a reservation, his Finance Ministership benefitted his cronies, his attempt to unseat his mentor Dr Mahathir by criticising cronyism etc in the government in which he himself participated, his criticisms against the Abdullah government abroad despite the understanding not to be vocal after his release from prison, his promises of a parliamentary coup, etc.

    For goodness sake, criticise unhealthy practices by all means but resign first. No doubt having the cake and eating it has been common practice and one hardly sees politicians resigning on a matter of princile. If one reads the writings on the principles of government and the bureaucracy in England, one would find that only the bureaucrats, government servants, can disagree, state their views, then carry out whatever decisions of the political masters. Politicians cannot. When they disagree vehemently enough, they should resign.

    To those who might say why follow England, I’d say then follow who else?
    The Filippino and the Indonesian politicians?

    Alas, we don’t have many politicians with the backbone and the mettle to face up to the sickening realities.

    I long for the day.

    Best wishes.


  34. Dear jmd,

    it is sad to see nizar clinging to his post and pleading to keep his car until the swearing in ceremony of dr zambry ( My take on this..resign gracefully not incur the wrath of the may need him if the hopping carnival starts being “derhaka” ,you are already a marked man (maybe the sultan will insist that nizar would not be the new mb..) . If this was sultan idris, he will not again step on the bumi of perak..i read that somebody said the transfer of power here is akin to a coup d’etat..pls google it and make your own conclusions…to me it is not. what happened yesterday is according to the constitution of perak. It is a good thing that this things happen..we can see how people react/ tru colours and we can really judge them. IMHO nizar looks like a puppet and can not think clearly during a crisis..not the sort of person we want as a leader.

    JMD : Precisely what I had envisaged. Pakatan Rakyat leaders, just like their de facto leader, are all suscepible to kneejerk reactions. Anwar, upon a police report made against him, quickly fled to Turkey embassy.
    Upon seeing the opportunity to topple the govt, quickly made promises about crossovers. A promise he could not keep.
    Upon not getting what they had hoped for from the Sultan, they quickly staged demonstrations and ridiculed the Sultan in the net and also more importantly, defying his decree openly.
    In Thailand, grievous penalties had been metted out to a much lesser crime against the monarchy.
    They had failed to realise that the monarchy will be there for a long time. Longer than they will ever be. What good can they gain if they continuously defying and being offensive towards the Sultan? What good can they gain? This is why the Pakatan Rakyat leaders are so immature. But not surprising since it is being led by the biggest petulant baby of them all – Anwar Ibrahim. Thank you.


  35. JMD,

    i have voice this in Dato’ Sak blog …


    As bad as Najib is, he show that he can fight a WAR …

    not like Paklah … talk talk zzzzz ..

    your entry clearly show that he is one of those leaders that learn from mistakes .. and it took 2 election losses for him to experience and learn ..

    Next step is to assure the perak ppl .. or the nation that his party is till the no. 1 choice …

    focus on governing Perak with high integrity and excellent management … if he can see this thru … he will become the leader the we have been deprived of for so long …

    yet, another thing that he must do is to make sure that ppl doesnt ‘berpecah belah’ further …


    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  36. With all the talk of Malaysia Malaysian trumpted by the opposition are just mere rethoric to deceived ‘Perpaduan sentiment’ vote . Are we really ready to stick together irregardless ? Let not fool ourselves.The winner will take move that benefits the winner’s group more . Be sincere about this . 999 years land deal proved it all . A thank you gift by the majority party in Perak is given to the majority members and supporters . Proportion land TOL land never been given according to quota of segment of races . I dont even hear Indians given any TOL lands.
    Our difference is far to an extend so does the majority ignorant brains.Dineer served in Malay party while inviting many Indian pals with beef dishes aplenty.I was invited to my client dinner which I reluctant to go before , with pork dishes on the side , ‘eh tu ayam sama ikan boleh makan . itu u jgn makan ah, kalau org tak tau ok mah u makan sini.
    Even these simple things majority common people cannot comprehend and take to the heart and Anwar talking about blanket unity . hypocrite at is best.
    Lesson learnt here , acknowlege our differences , live with it but be happy living with it by being sensitive to each others.Too much to ask for ?
    I feel obligated to pools all seditious monarcy related comment floating around the blogs , publish them in open , in order . In future when they wish to get royalty favours , i shall spread these hurtful comments and writings on them again and again and again. Maybe I need help here from all peace loving people here .

    Adam B

    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  37. Hi JMD.

    Like you, I agree with Ku Li. I still don’t understand why the other UMNO members don’t seem to want to listen to him more. His views have been very objective, and have remained so for quite some time now. I think it would do UMNO some good to take his advice at least once in a while.

    It’s funny actually, sort of in a sad way, to see how some people are reacting to this piece of headache in Perak. There are PKR/PR supporters who are outraged that this “crossing-over” business happened, and said that the BN should go back to the people for a mandate, when they were also the ones who outwardly supported the proposed 916.

    Then again, there are UMNO/BN supporters who are happy that this “crossing over” happened, and are now claiming that this taking over of Perak in this manner is perfectly fine and legitimate, when they were also the ones most vocal in criticising the proposed 916.

    It’s almost like, now that the tables have turned, the positions of the supporters (and the politicians too) on either side of the table have also shifted. They take the position most convenient for themselves.

    This doesn’t bode well for the future of Malaysian politics, methinks.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. One more thing I can see from this episode is; a person who had never tasted power, once he got it, will be hardpressed to let it go even if he was only in power for a short period of time. It is hard to meet someone who can relinquish his grip on the top political position voluntarily.


  38. nampaknya doa orang-orang Pakatan Rakyat untuk tukar kerajaan telah termakbul , tahniah ..

    Tahniah M.B ( bekas ) Nizar

    Tahniah Penyokong P.R

    “takziah” penyokong B.N


  39. ERRATA:
    If a sitting MP/ADUN resigns, he/she will not be able to re-contest the seat.
    A new regulation/law was brought about by the Tun (TDM) after JB’s Shahrir won as an Independent.

    So, if ADUN/MP’s want to x-over, they cannot resign, as they will not be able to contest the seat for a period of time.


  40. When the dust settle a little, emotions calmer and the usual “serves you right” on Anwar is over and done with, the decision by Najib to admit those party hoppers will either give a much needed shot in the arm for BN’s demoralised party members or it will backfire as Rin at (10:18:22) persuasively argues.

    It might take a while for BN to recover from several by election losses but it would serve them better in the long run if they were to take a moral high ground and expose the party hopper’s intent to jump but politely refuse to be aligned with them, with the exception of DAP’s Hee.

    During the 2004 GE, the moral call for a cleaner Government was what was needed by BN to get the populace support. In 2008, Pakatan went on the high ground and they almost won.

    Malaysia has grown prosperous during the time of Mahathir’s administration coinciding with the rise of globalisation and the victory of capitalism over communism.

    Some of us have become rich but it would appear that in that process, the income gap between the rich and the poor has risen but I would hasten to add that this situation is not an exclusively a Malaysian phonemena.

    The priority set by Malaysians have gone through a bit of adjustment, while we appreciate economic growth, our appetitte for freedom be it political or social has grown. Most Malaysians now want freedom and a transparent and clean Government. BN’s old war cry of economic development is being silenced by a larger cry for social justice and political freedom.

    Which is why Tun Mahathir may be right after all that BN’s move for the party hoppers is counter productive. Trust the wise old man to dispense with sage advice.

    JMD : A wise comment from you indeed. Thank you sir.


  41. Hi JMD,

    Fun reading your writing pertaining to Perak Drama. I like a phrase came out from DPM when he announcing that BN has the mejority ” Kita ada 3 adun bebas yang mesra dengan BN” ( lebih kurang macam tu lah bunyi nya )… waaa, very nice and cute phrase.

    Wish to congratulate the new MB and BN government in Perak.

    Bravo ….



  42. If I may add to michelle’s comment…

    Most, especially the silent majority, are not happy the way BN came into power the same way they were not happy with Anwar’s 916 plan. Its just that in this circumstances, you can’t blame them for jumping at the opportunity to smile and to say to Anwar, “serves you right.” Or Padan muka.

    In the long run, it may be good and it may be bad. But in the meantime, give the silent majority a chance to have a good laugh lah… Let us watch how a sore loser will react when they lost. See how a cry baby played with a weapon he helped invented , somehow shot himself on the foot and then blamed everyone (even the Sultan) for it. Watch carefully how a person who talked so big and loud and boastful suddenly talked abou being victimized. Kesiannn…

    And if you need some more fun, see how the Anwaristas complained about foul play, about rakyat being cheated, abot the Sultan being unfair, about others being corrupt and everything else except what the hell 916 was all about. Pathetic.

    Really, have fun people. You might not have the chance again tomorrow! Times are bad and some of us might be out of job by tomorrow and will start to wonder who the hell is menteri kewangan. Hellooo…


  43. Paul McCartney once said ” give Ireland back to the Irish”…….

    I say ” give Perak back to BN”

    See what happened when…people who cannot assimilate into Tanah Melayu behave…JebatMustDie….but the sultan should not. Daulat Tuanku.

    Read This:

    Nak bagi muka lagi…..ker.,….


  44. hmm.. i’m not sure.. being a sabahan & been there when PBS stabbed BN’s back, it brings back memories. how we hate PBS then & the hatred NEVER go away till to date.

    it is sweet to be in power BUT.. hmmm i don’t know.. sumthing is not right….


  45. JMD,

    Some PR supporters protested near KK Palace this afternoon. From what I watched on TV a few minutes ago, majority of those protesters were from PAS judging by the flags and banners that they were holding.

    I cannot say for PKR’s supporters were there bcoz I didn’t see (or perhaps I missed) any PKR’s flags and/or banners.

    One thing that I’m quite sure of there were no DAP’s flags and banners? (or was I already rabun that I missed seeing them too?)

    It’s not my intention to instigate any civil disorder or etc, etc, but I wonder where were DAP’s supporters? Aren’t they supposed to be called Pakatan Rakyat? Why didn’t they join the protest together?

    Play safe kaa?

    Shameful on us Malays.


  46. Well i would say i agree with you but i dont see any diff between them, i still beileve jumping should be banned.. it is a kind of disrespect to the people.. i still think that the best way is re-election.. sory bro we should be fair to everybody.. that is why i dont support the sept 16 pallend by dsai..

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. It is easy to say things when it has been done. One of my disappointment came right after Nasarudin jumped into PKR on 25th January 2009.

    Karpal Singh, who had vehemently disagreed with Anwar’s Project 916, was quiet when the Bota Assembly man crossed over.

    I expected he would make an announcement chiding MB Perak (Nazir) and Anwar of accepting the froggie into PKR’s fold. But he, and the rest of the like minded people (including yourself I suppose) were quiet.

    Read the popular Pakatan Rakyat’s blogs and try to find any pro Anwar or pro Karpal Singh bloggers that derailed that episode as immoral. You will be surprised if you can fund something.

    Yes, jumping should be banned. From certain point of view, it is unfair. But the one who had led the calls for anti hopping law was actually very silent when that happened!

    What is up Karpal? Cat got your tongue? Too happy when it happened? This incident showed how insincere Karpal was when he called for the enactment of anti hopping law all this while. There are a lot of insincere politicians out there. Do not fall for the biggest hypocrite of them all.

    Thank you.


  47. hahaha gooo brother jebat that is what we should say to anwar. He is the real traitor for malays. Padan muka hang. Tu lah sibuk pasai orang BN lompat parti orang sendiri tak jaga. mana pi dok sibuk sana kemari jual ayak liuk fitnah orang. PAS pun satu kalau menang mulalah jual nama Tuhan bersama mereka. nah apa macam Tuhan tak berkenanlah kat hangpa lah tu. Nizar mana nak simpan mulut tu. BN pun sama lepas ni jangan dok sombong jaga hati rakyat tak kira penyokong kah lawan. Buktikan berjuang untuk rakyat tak kira kaum dan agama tapi perintah Tuhan jangan langgar InsyaAllah kekal lama memerintah. Thanks jebat for a very good and sharp comment on Brother Anwar haha malu222


  48. Assalammualaikum JMD,

    What has happened in the last couple of days is something like a sweet dreams turn into nightmare for Anwar and his band of bandits.

    First of all, I did not agree in the manner of how BN returned to power in Perak.

    I’ve browsed a number of blogs before I reached yours. I’ve read the lighthearted but highly sarcastic entry from Chedet, read a very reliable source in rockybru and a host of other entries posted in MT just to get the balance of opinions.

    In essence, the anti BN sites are all singing the same tune; BN action is immoral and DYMM Sultan Azlan was somehow manipulated by BN. The soap opera that started with the resignation of ADUN Bota and culminated with the swearing in of YAB Dato’ Dr. Zambry has ended, at least the first episod.

    During the airing of the soap opera, all of us saw, read and witnessed the double standard stand of PKR about the party hopping and as you mentioned that they have the audacity to marginalise UMNO as a has been and confidently declared that more ADUNs from UMNO would cross over to the other side of Perak Assembly.

    But what PR failed to observe or convenently sidelining their own ADUNs which all of us come to know as the infamous three independent ADUNs but aligning themselves with BN. We did not have privy to the inner talks, discussions, whispers and the like. When the three went AWOL, PR started to push the panic button. And since the two PKR’s ADUN went into invisible mode, PR decided to submit the “resignation” letter which was presigned and undated to the Speaker.

    This is where things become interesting at least for me. From all the blogs that have addressed or trying to address this issue never mentioned on how did the letters arrived at the Speaker’s desk? Both Jamal and Omar denied sending them. The Speaker can refute and claim that he received the letter from them, but he did not. If the speaker were to claim that the letter was faxed to his office, then from which fax machine that the fax originated from as in this current day and age we can have the sender number printed in the fax sheet. I’m not sure the legal terms but at least you must be around to have send or fax such resignation letter.

    When the EC rejected the resignation letter, PR went on the offensive and want to sue everybody that was involved up to that point. The plot thickenen when YB Hee went biscuits on PR and when it was confirmed that YB Hee was online with BN, PR again went berserk. The strategy to declare the Behrang and Changkat Jering seat vacant did not materialise and with YB Hee is very cozy with BN, PR via YAB Nizar (he was the MB at that time) went to seek an audience with DYMM Sultan Azlan and wanted to request for the dissolution of Perak State Assembly.

    Maybe it wasn’t meant to be that DYMM Sultan was not at the palace. In the press conference later, YAB Nizar said that he leave it to the wisdom of DYMM to accent to his request for the dissolution of the state assembly. What puzzled me is that when the Sultan did not agree to his request and even asked for his resignation, YAB Nizar did not agree with the Sultan.

    And today, we witnessed that result of YB Nizar’s recalcitrant attitude which translated into an unruly behavior by PR supporters, almost 99% from PAS and PKR at the Ubaidullah Mosque which is almost next door to the Istana Iskandariah. What is interesting is that YB Nizar was not there. He actually did an Anwar. Let the supporters fight the fight and be km away at the safety of his own house.

    At the end of episod one, Dato’ Dr. Zambry was sworn in as the 11th MB of Perak and YB Nizar decided to take to court and declare the appointment of YAB Zambry as null and void because YB Nizar is still the “legitimate” MB of Perak.

    So, JMD, we shall wait for the next episode of this soap opera. So far the writers are writing a quite similar scripts with what Anwar has performed 11 years ago.

    Regards and Wassalam

    Shah Alam


  49. JMD,

    “Padan Muka”, Anwar, nak ambil alih Kerajaan Persekutuan konon.
    You had summarised everything aptly.

    Just that I regret the demonstration today. People are so immatured, they forgot that the Sultan was a Lord President before and knows law in and out and I believe he did consult Raja Nazrin. They are not stupid, (sorry if I sound rude to the royalty here). I do agree that party hopping is immoral but it never happened, Nobody hopped, except for the Bota assemblymen perhaps, in a way though. This is normal in any other democracy, giving support from the outside, as independents.

    I would like to repeat, “Padan Muka”, Anwar!


  50. Memang dah lama kenal AI. The true colors selepas ditendang sebagai TPM oleh Tun, mengganas giler. Habis harta benda awam dan orang ramai. Selepas keluar penjara, sekejap jer duduk diam. Selepas PRU12, berkokok gila sehingga pentadbiran kerajaan tak dapat berfungsi dengan rancak. Macam2 lagi lah sehingga lah sampai saat tumbang kerajaan PR di Perak. Betul lah seperti yang diperkatakan oleh penyumbang dalam blog ini. Kita boleh sama kan pegangan & praktis politik AI dan para-para sekongkol dalam PR seperti Yahudi. Maksudnya apa jua yang mereka lakukan, walaupun salah, ia nya tetap betul. Orang lain yang buat betul, walaupun sememangnya betul, tetap ‘forever’ salah atau tak kena. Kegilaan orang Yahudi sehingga pada tahap mereka menghalalkan membunuh bangsa lain. Tapi haram membunuh bangsa sendiri. Sama tak perbandingan ini? Jadi orang ramai tolong lah berhati-hati. Silap haribulan negera kita akan tergadai. Bukan dijual oleh bangsa lain, tapi oleh bangsa melayu sendiri (siapa lagi…rujuk capital control 1997)! Kemana anak cucu kita akan pergi sekiranya negara ini di perintah dan dijajah oleh bangsa lain??? Renung-renung lah…


  51. aha. 1st time reading this blog. immediately my first thought was – why don’t alot of ppl think this way? its so obvious the fact ppl cannot think of it using common sense is hilarious. hari tu cakap ini, hari ni cakap lain. same as always. bila orang lain kena seronok ketawa. sendiri kena terpekik. podah.

    loving it. keep the posts going =)



    JMD : Thank you for visiting this blog. Really appreciate it.


  52. The FED must act on TREASON act of Anwar , Hadi ,NIzar and Pakatan
    The founding father of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu fighting with the Brit to uphold Malay right and Malay sultanate and Anwar and gangs wanted to take it away..
    PakLah must do one last act to demostrate this is Malaysia we cannot tolerate TREASON



    JMD : Ya, terima kasih kerana telah menyediakan link di atas. Terserlah bahawa YB Nizar di dalam interview di atas hanya boleh berkata kata secara retorika sahaja. Semua yang diperkatakannya tidak mempunyai nilai yang mendalam. Cuma tahu hendak melempar tuduhan kepada kerajaan negeri yang lepas. Tidak juga memberi bukti bukti atau data data untuk menguatkan hujah hujah beliau. Semuanya sekadar ‘scratching the surface’.

    Untuk melihat prestasi beliau yang lain, sila baca di sini dan di sini.

    Terima kasih.


  54. JMD,

    From the legal point of view, as I’m not a lawyer, I can only venture an opinion that the validity of the take-over of power in Perak is arguable – vote of confidence in the Assembly versus the Sultan being satisfied that the previous government has lost majority support.

    The Sultan’s knowledge of the law and experience as a Lord President should help make people give the benefit of the doubt to him in the public court that appears to be trying the case now. Demonstrations involving those using weapons are bad and the culprits deserve the jail.

    From the Malay point of view, the Government that, almost immediately after being in power, wants to issue thousands of land titles to settlers of new villages etc, is no longer welcome. Because of being provided more infrastructural facilities than the kampongs and often being nearer to the towns, the value of land in these settlements were higher and would increase considerably with land titles issued.

    Not that the non-Malays have not been issued with land titles to their TOL or even illegally occupied land lots. Thousands of acres on the hillsides, even mountainsides (still culltivable) in Pahang, Perak and elsewhere have been issued land titles, especially before general elections – in Mentakab and Raub districts, in Cameron Highlands, etc. Some in the scores of acres per title, the Malays usually getting 3 acres. Next time you enjoy the cool rides up or down the mountains, think about this, ask yourself how many of those vegetable and flower growing plots of land on the hill sides have land titles and whether they were alienated before general elections.

    Many of the non-Malays illegally clearing State land in the interior of Kampung Simpang Empat in Tg. Malim received, prior to PRU 11, 9-acre land titles each, again the Malays only 3 acres. What one Chinese got was equivalent to what 3 Malays got, and they still talk of numbers. They have capital, were prepared to take risks illegally clearing State land, using tractors to do so, whereas the Malays only used their unvitalised, non-vitagenised limbs to fell the trees. So, those who want to prop up such a government on the grounds of trying to practise so-called equality, should know and think of the above.

    By all means, let’s have justice and equality for all Malaysians, but not the so-called “Malaysian Malaysia” way. Everybody should know, understand and really appreciate the history of Malaysia, the Federal Constitution (the ultimate authority), the years the Malays were lacking in opportunities, lacking in education to even understand and exploit newly available opportunities, and look at equality, justice and fair play from a wider perspective.

    I hope things will settle down peacefully in Perak soon.

    Best wishes.


  55. Lucu melihat sikap pro-UMNO/BN menilai sesuatu. Anwar ketika merancang komedinya tahun lepas ada juga minta sidang parlimen untuk mengundi tak percaya terhadap Pak Lah supaya kononnya transisi yang ‘smooth’ padahal tak wujud pun 30 MP yang menyokong. Di Perak, Najib tak buat macam tu pun walaupun sudah pasti majoriti di pihak BN. Jelas amalan demokrasi oleh UMNO/BN adalah senget. Sekarang nak ‘padanmuka’kan Anwar kerana perbuatan lompat ini idea lucah beliau, cerminkan diri, dia lontar idea, yang laksanakan adalah Najib. Siapa lebih lucah, Anwar, Najib atau JMD? Cuba fikir. Soal derhaka Sultan, ini isu lapuk di Malaysia terutama kalangan Melayu. Kebanyakkan Sultan, Raja atau YDP ada kepentingan dalam membuat sesuatu keputusan sama ada dari segi perniagaan, elaun dan lain-lain yang semaksud dengannya. Lupakah kita siapa yang mengecilkan kuasa Sultan dan Raja ini dahulu? Kalau lupa jangan sembang pandai sangat! Malu.

    JMD : Ya Satwa, kalau lupa jangan sembang pandai sangat. Sila baca – Ketuanan Anwar movement.


  56. JMD,

    I should have added to my first paragraph above the sentence

    “The State Constitution is subordinate to the Federal Constitution both of which the Sultan is familiar with”.

    Best wishes.


  57. Saya rasa DAP/PKR gagal mengambil peluang yg ada. Saya setuju dengan Tun dan KuLi yg UMNO may have won the battle but may lose the war in PRU13. Tapi bila melihat cara Karpal yg nak menyaman Sultan. Arrogant of Nizar yg tak mahu letak jawatan. Anwar yg menyeru kepada perarakan rakyat. Saya rasa undi saya akan kepada UMNO/BN pada PRU13.
    Bila DAP/PKR melatah, jelas nampak kebiadapan mereka. Saya tak fikir mereka akan mempertahankan hak2 saya sebagai orang Melayu. Teruskan latahan anda DAP. Tunjukkan isi kamu yg sebenar.

    x-PKR supporter


  58. why is everybody condemn DSAI. at least he got the dream even sometimes
    the dream is serupa with mat jenin not like some BN politician yang selalu
    cakap x serupa bikin. perjuangan untuk rakyat, end up semua nya dalam poket sendiri. Rakyat masuk angin keluar asap. Saya bercakap dari experience
    my sister & brother yang taksub dengan UMNO end up x ubah macam melukut di tepi gantang. BN politician semuanya pilih ” bulu ” walaupun sama hitam tapi makan sendiri sendiri. so think ur self. Hidup Malauyu.

    JMD : Kasihan sungguh kalau Pakatan Rakyat terpaksa menyamakan Anwar Ibrahim sebagai Mat Jenin hanya kerana hendak menjustifikasikan 916. Kita semua tahu apa yang terjadi kepada Mat Jenin pada akhirnya. Jangan biarkan diri kita dicucuk hidung oleh Mat Jenin! Oh ya, perangai ‘pilih bulu’ tidak hanya termaktub di dalam kelompok BN. Banyak lagi ahli politik di dalam Pakatan Rakyat yang pilih bulu juga.

    Bagus juga kalau Perak tidak lagi dibelenggu oleh pakatan Nga – Ngeh lagi. Barulah boleh dikatakan Hidup Melayu! Betul?

    Terima kasih.


  59. Dear JMD,
    I am very impressed with your research/analysis and Sakmangkol’s too.
    Can three of us meet ? Please email me.
    We need to educate the politicians and save the nation FAST.

    Thank you.


  60. JMD,

    I cannot understand why people still give Anwar the
    opportunity to keep on lying again and again.

    But a friend told me it is a simple case of total obsession. A cult figure. They will believe whatever Anwar promises. Anwar is a figure of hope to them.
    I hope Najib will rise to the ocassion when the time comes. This is what we get for allowing openness.

    Pak Lah should be blamed for not able to manage the new environment he created.Everything are in a mess. To me a new cabinet is needed and learn a thing or two on how to STOP corruption from the neighbor. Everything must begin on a new slate.


  61. Apa khabar JMD
    PKR=Pakatan kacau rakyat
    UMNO+MCA+MIC=Kemakmuran Malaysia
    PakLah+KJ+AI+Karpal+LKS=Huru Hara
    Sekarang Pemimpin+setiap rakyat Malaysia harus menumpukan perhatian
    kepada pembangunan ekonomi dan menjaga kestabilan politik.Masalah dalam dan dari luar masih banyak lagi.Negara perlu kuat seperti di zaman TM.
    2.Kasihan penunjuk perasaan yang terdiri daripada golongan biasa yang senang
    dipergunakan oleh pemimpin ‘nakal’merekaAlahai, ini di Malaysialah,bukan
    di Indon.
    3.AI amat merbahaya dan menunjukkan sifat kepimpinan jalanan yang
    secara tidak langsung mengajar generasi muda untuk samseng dan kurang
    ajar kepada pemerintah dan polis.
    4.Kita MESTI menolak pemimpin seperti daripada terus menghasut rakyat.
    SANGAT_SANGAT MERBAHAYA untuk negara kita yang berbilang bangsa.
    Marilah kita rakyat Malaysia yang patuh kepada rukun negara bersatupadu
    untuk mengekalkan keamanan negara tercinta,Malaysia,tidak kira pada masa senang atau susah.
    Terima kasih.


  62. Rasanya sudah sampai masa bagi Pakatan Rakyat untuk tidak menggunakan nama ‘Rakyat’. Boleh dinamakan sebagai ‘Pakatan Perpaduan’ misalnya. Ini adalah kerana mereka tidaklah mencerminkan kehendak semua rakyat dalam sesuatu isu dan hanya menggunakan rakyat sebagai alasan menghalalkan semua tindak tanduk mereka.

    Sebagai rakyat, kita perlu patuh kepada Rukunegara iaitu ‘Kesetiaan kepada Raja dan Negara’. Walaupun sakit hati melihat ADUN boleh melompat parti sesuka hati tetapi hati saya lebih sakit melihat kenderaan Raja Nazrin dihalang dan dibaling batu oleh penyokong pakatan. Saya sebagai rakyat tidak menyokong tindakan biadap ini.


  63. hye,

    on anwar, dalam benci ada sayang jugee…
    i think, only anwar n the gang can “knock out” najib n the gov…
    On sirul statement in altalantuya trial, he said .. “saya cuma kambing hitam…”
    orang dah di hujung nyawa… takkan menipu kottt….
    so, yup, im with anwar this time….
    cant let someone like najib to lead the nation…
    n i think pkr supporters are not that bad for wanting and dare enough to ask for CHANGE….

    JMD : It’s been 11 years since Anwar tried to knock out the government. If he couldn’t knock out TDM, I am sure he will have better chances in knocking out Najib. Right?

    Sirul mengatakan ianya cuma kambing hitam. Tetapi adakah Najib yang dimaksudkannya itu? Sirul tidak pun bercakap tentang itu. Kita yang merasa diri masih banyak nyawa lagi tidak patut melakukan fitnah. Besar juga dosa itu.

    Terima kasih.


  64. Jebat,

    Quote ” At least the BN had never resorted itself to sign undated resignation letters” Unquote. Actually, this one is a bit misleading. UMNO did try to have this implemented during Mahathir’s reign but was advised it is unconstitutional. Something to do about freedom of association.

    Seems many of your readers agree with your contention that Anwar is crap. But Anwar managed to get people lied on the road ala Tiananmen. Now even the “Great Leader” Mahathir didn’t manage that during his blitz on royalty in the 90s. I suspect he is mighty peeved at the moment knowing Anwar did what he couldn’t.

    Btw, may I suggest you drop this Jebat pseudonym. It’s a myth, just like Tuah, just like the superior intellect of Najib.

    JMD : Umno did try, but they realised it is against the law (based on the 1982 Supreme Court ruling). Hence, the undated resignation letter never materialised.

    But Pakatan Rakyat failed to realised this potential problem when they had insisted their ADUNs to sign the undated resignation letter. It seems Anwar Ibrahim, the architect of the mass turnover of Sabah state elections in the mid 90’s did not learn his lessons. It was further compounded when Karpal said it would be a futile effort to challenge the EC in courts because there was a precedent ruling back in 1982 that caused the undated resignation letter to be invalid.

    Typical of all Pakatan Rakyat supporters, they thought they are living in a fantasy world. That is why they think they have the gift of mind reading. And it includes to read and postulate what TDM is actually thinking right now. Fantasies surely cannot be used as a basis of argument.

    My dear child, what Anwar had succeeded in doing is getting confused Perak Malays throwing insults to their own Ketua Agama Rasmi Islam Negeri just because their DAP leaders lost power. TDM do not need those kind of people to do that for him. TDM managed to curtail the power of the monarchy (for the good of the people) without much problem. And above all, it was done with much more finesse and an organised manner.

    Thank you.

    Thank you.


  65. Like other supporters I share the joy of BN taking over the government of Perak. But after the euphoria, I wonder whether we should have waited. In the haste of wanting to form the next state government BN threw caution into the air. BN met their objective but In the process has caused the institution of the sultan to be ridiculed by irresponsible Malaysians. .

    Most embarassisng when UMNO leaders proudly proclaimed that DSAI started it all be enticing BN/UMNO representatives to the other side. Tit for tat. The end justifies the means. Don’t they realise by thinking and acting like DSAI/PKR they are as guilty. Two wrongs does not make it right. UMNO people sure never learnt!

    Lets see BN/UMNO walk the talk. For the sake of the nation, they must not fail.

    JMD : Correct I agree with you. But whatever BN did, it does not justify Pakatan Rakyat to have blatant disregard of the monarchy which we currently now see. Thank you.


  66. Pas dan PKR baliklah kepangkuan Islam yang sebenar….Dap tu biarjerlah…

    UMNO pun kene balik kepangkuan Islam yang sebenar……

    ROH dah kotor sangat tu….baru kene sikit dah marah2…Peringkat pertama nafsu pun tak dapat kawal…macam mana nak kenal Allah..

    Berdoa sampai berbuih mulut…nak suruh Allah laknat orang tu..orang ni….Siapa yang hamba ni? Allah ke kita?

    Ni duk suruh ALLAH jer….macam ALLAH tu hamba kau orang pulak…

    Sebab tu lah orang Islam..duk kat situ jer…

    ALLAH suruh kau mintak dengan dia…bukan kau suruh dia….ni duk asyik suruh Allah pasal Palestin lah, US lah, Israel lah..skrg pasal Perak lah…..
    dapat dah ker..apa yang kau orang suruh…..

    Mintak bukan suruh lah ……
    Nak tahu perbezaannya? Hidup kan roh kau dulu yang dah lama mati…tak makan.


  67. DSAI : Mirror Mirror on the wall
    will I be future PM after all?

    Mirror : No sir, Dato Seri Najib will be PM in March, sir

    DSAI : Mirror Mirror on the wall
    can 40 BN cross over to Pakatan?

    Mirror Yes, but they may turn around again, sir.

    DSAI Then I don’t need you mirror, I will break you.

    Mirror If you break me sir, you will be doom for 77 years sir

    DSAI Aaaargh!


  68. JMD,

    Kalau ada orang nak buat salah, kita jangan buat salah itu. Orang itu baru ‘nak’ buat, kita dah buat. Bolehkah begitu? Tulisan yang hendak dirujuk itu sejarah dah, nombor dua tak boleh buat keputusan tanpa kebenaran nombor satu. Jangan berat sebelah menilai.

    JMD : Setuju. Tapi tidak bermakna orang yang asalnya nak buat salah (mengisytihar akan mendapat lebih 30 MP) boleh terlepas dari kesalahannya. Kecualilah jika saudara menghalalkan sifat hipokrit.

    Mengenai sejarah, bagus juga kita menyingkap sejarah kerana semuanya sudah termaktub. Amat malang sekali kerana Anwar Ibrahim tidak berprinsip. Jika beliau tidak setuju dengan no. 1, maka beliau boleh lah meletakkan jawatan. Tetapi beliau tidak melakukannya. Malah, dalam krisis raja raja di awal 90-an, beliaulah orang yang paling galak melawan raja. Melebihi orang no. 1. Tetapi di dalam bulan November 2008, beliau juga orang paling galak ingin mengembalikan kuasa raja. Sekali lagi perangainya bertukar apabila hari ini, beliau lah orang paling menentang kuasa raja. Itu pun bidang kuasa raja tidak pernah berubah sejak awal 90an. Saya tidak faham mengapa saudara boleh menghalalkan hipokrasi.

    Terima kasih.


  69. satwa,

    Saya rasa tak perlu Najib buat “no confidence motion” macam Anwar nak buat lepas PRU12. Anwar nak buat usul macam tu sebab dia yakin, ada wakil BN yang tak nak mengaku secara terbuka sokong Pakatan tapi akan hanya mengaku apabila usul tak percaya dibentangkan.

    Anwar dan diberi peluang tunjukkan senarai 30 ahli BN yang ingin paling tadah, dia tak mau. Anwar pun boleh buat sidang akhbar macam Najib dan tampilkan 30 ahli BN yang ingin paling tadah, tapi dia tak buat pun.

    Macam saya pernah katakan dulu dalam posting JMD, Anwar tak pernah ada 30 ahli BN yang nak paling tadah ! Ada satu hari tu, Anwar telefon kawan/client saya masa makan tengahari tak lama selepas PRU 12. Dia mintak kawan saya uruskan beliau berjumpa beberapa ahli BN Johor untuk dia cuba pujuk untuk paling tadah. Walaupun dalam suratkhabar dia gembar gemburkan 30 tapi sebenarnya tak ada pun jumlah macam tu.

    Walaupun Mahathir kurangkan kuasa Raja, dia buat demikian untuk menyelamatkan Institusi Raja. Terdapat pelbagai isu yang wujud pada masa itu yang menyebabkan keyakinan kepada Institusi Raja terhakis.

    Jika dilihat dari hubungan Mahathir dan mana-mana Sultan di Malaysia, saya rasa tak ada satu Sultan/Raja di Malaysia yang anggap Mahahtir sebagai pembelot.


    Tak semua penyokong UMNO kaya. Walaupun ada segelintir yang membuat untung tapi saya percaya majoriti penyokong UMNO menyokong atas dasar prinsip. Bukan semua menyokong bermotifkan wang.

    Dalam masa pemerintahan BN, adakah nasib Malaysia sepertimana nasib Filipina, Thailand dan Indonesia ? Pernahkah kita, masa krisis ekonomi tahun 1998 menadah tangan meminta bantuan IMF ? Tidak sepertimana nasib Filipina dan Indonesia yang mengharapkan tukaran wang asing daripada warga kerja mereka yang hidup sebagai pembantu rumah di luar negara.


  70. emma49,

    Bila nyawa dah dihijung tanduk lah orang akan buat apa saja untuk menyelamatkan diri. Ibarat orang dah lemas, baling ranting pun dia akan cuba capai.

    Saya percaya perubahan adalah sesuatu yang bagus jika perubahan tersebut dipimpin oleh orang yang bermotifkan niat jujur dan ikhlas.

    Jika perubahan dipimpin oleh orang yang tiada kesedaran seperti Anwar, angin perubahan yang dibawanya, berbau seperti angin yang ditiup dari kolam kumbahan.


  71. JMD,

    DSAI to me is no politician of any mean but a politician from any means. I still cannot fathom his popularity because aside from his oratory skills he has nothing to show for.

    His reaction certainly says what is good for the goose is not good for the gander.

    Karpal Singh also takes the cake in the cross-over affair. I believe he had made a statement, as reported in the Star, that legallywise there is no way as a snowflake in hell that any court action will succeed.

    There have been precedents of similar political situations decided by the courts that will make any court action by the PR futile. Not to mention that the Sultan, once a Lord President no less, would have understood any legal ramifications of his decision.

    My take on it is to have a new state elections ie after handing over of the PMship to Najib, for a fresh mandate. This will be a genuine indication of support for whichever coalition.

    Looking at the way the PR supporters behaved and with deafening silence from its leaders in not chastising the protests and more importantly the complete lack of respect for the Sultan and the Raja Muda, BN has avery good chance indeed.

    Thanks JMD for keeping us aware of who the so-called de facto PR leader is.



  72. Berkenaan komen balas JMD pada 10:11:13, hipokrasi Anwar dan dolak-daliknya sudah diketahui sebahagian besar rakyat. Mana mungkin saya merelakan hipokrasinya dan rancangan kerajaan pintu belakang yang dicanang beliau tahun lalu. Tetapi adakah halal untuk kita yang menunding dan menempelak Anwar menggunakan kaedah yang sama. Akibat kerajaan pintu belakang Perak, keadaan makin kusut dan Sultan dilihat tiada perkasa lagi. Ini impak, kesan sampingan perbuatan Najib yang dicedok dari retorik Anwar. Ada berkata Anwar memang tak patut jadi PM, bagaimana pula Najib? Saya khuatirkan bakal PM kita, Najib, bukan Anwar, lagipun ada lagikah orang yang mengharap atau meramal Anwar jadi PM? Saya tidak sama sekali.

    JMD : Bagus juga kerana kita sudah mengaku bahawa Anwar bukannya pemimpin yang baik. Malah, ada yang mengakui jika beliau menjadi PM, keadaan akan menjadi lebih buruk. Jika saudara menyatakan bahawa saudara tidak mengharap lagi Anwar menjadi PM, maka menjadi tanggungjawab kita menumpukan perhatian terhadap bakal Perdana Menteri (Datuk Najib). Umum mengetahui bahawa blog ini bukanlah peminat nombor satu Datuk Najib. Malah, blog ini sejak dahulu lagi merupakan pengkritik utama Umno (termasuklah Datuk Najib sendiri).

    Oleh kerana tiada apa yang boleh dibuat untuk menghalang Datuk Najib mengambil alih teraju utama Umno March ini (blog ini lebih berpihak kepada Tg Razaleigh untuk menjadi Presiden Umno), menjadi tanggungjawab bersama untuk membetulkan apa yang pincang di dalam Umno agar ia maju di landasan yang betul.

    Apakah ini tidak mungkin terjadi? Ada yang akan mengatakan usaha ini sia sia sahaja. Umno tidak mungkin memperbaiki diri sendiri. Akan tetapi blog ini mempunyai harapan yang tinggi kepada Umno dan BN.

    Walaupun ramai yang bersandarkan harapan mereka kepada Pakatan Rakyat, kelemahan yang ketara memang sudah terlihat sejak dahulu lagi. Pakatan Rakyat bukanlah pakatan pembangkang yang pertama di Malaysia. Kesemuanya gagal menjadi pemangkin perubahan dan janji yang dibuat. Angkatan Perpaduan Ummah (APU), Barisan Alternatif dll., semuanya musnah akibat perpecahan dan perbezaan ketara di dalam idealogy mereka.

    Jika perkara penting seperti persefahaman antara parti pun tidak boleh diuruskan, mana mungkin negara akan maju kehadapan.

    Terima kasih.


  73. Salam Jmd,

    It’s a superb comment!
    And to Are You Gona Go My Way,i 100% agree with you!Manusia hari ini terutama mereka yang mengaku beragama Islam berada didalam keadaan “Mendahului Allah”! Yang mereka tahu minta je…usaha jauh sekali….wallahwa’lam


  74. Kedah PR Adun deserted too ? Cannot be contacted tooo for days.
    Until these people knew that all action must be in the interest of people in general then these hopping will spread on . Votes is for me benefit of US not me , me , me.Who the heck care what you want !

    Tian Chua , I stay in Batu area , sampai sekarang pun tak nampak batang hidung , jalan kat luar jam no spare access , power TNB few times putus , TM line sini teruk , mana kau nak complain ni ? Btang hidung pun tak nampak . Susah sangat ke nak lepak mamak area sini bawak laptop , hang around dgn voters kau kat sini , ambil report complain . Chinese voters sini pun dah fed up dgn kau . Pergi vigil candlelight je pandai . Duit dah habis pergi Taiwan ?

    Lucky I drove all the way back to JB to cast my vote .


  75. yeh, mari kita, lihat siapa yang kena….? hehehe (paksheikh yang terkena kali ni, n padan muka) let he taste his bloody own medicine. JMD, bloody oath mate, (I agree with u).


  76. Dear JMD,
    Heard ’bout your blog for quite some time now but only today I make time to visit.
    Yeah you’re spot on about most things, I knew all along that this AI is the modern day Jebat who thought and would like the rakyat to believe that he fight for justice but in reality he created disharmony among his own race and Malaysian in general.
    May you can visit under the topic AN-WAR OR ANU-AR!!!! PART2 to read my take on this



  77. Salam Jebat,

    I just came back from overseas coti.
    Read yr article and read the news today oh boy.
    UP SIDE DOWN and UP.

    KAPAL Singh is going to KARAM Singh Valia..
    and he is going to sue THE SULTAN OF PERAK oh my goodness
    The former LORD PRESIDENT….may god bless him n the state of PERAK DARUL RIDZUAN.


  78. JMD, I am new to your blog but I am very pleased with your views and your language. I won’t say much about Anwar but isn’t he the one who was wheel-chaired to Germany but was walking the very next day! So much for his truthfulness. Through the twist of fate Perak is back in BN fold and much credit must be given to Najib. But now, Najib must show proof himself! First he must get annihilate the hotbags in BN, especially KJ and his cronies. Then he should rid the party of UMNO aristocrats who are corrupted. Clean the party and govern with intergrity and everything will be forgiven. Malaysians do not bear grudges as we are a peace loving people. When all is okay and we can go about our daily lives without any hindrance, we will have no qualms about anybody. Though PAS acted like hooligans ( did it not remind you of Memali?) there are some mature people there too! As for PKR, the death knoll has rung, and DAP will split along the seams. So it will be back to normalcy, only ensure that Malaysia is still a viable place to live. And listen to TDM, he is a blessing to our nation.

    JMD : Thank you for visiting this blog. Really appreciate it.


  79. Assalamualaikum JMD,

    good to be here again. finally i managed to dig up your articles when time has loosen up on me. oh ye, regarding the recent defection of PR ADUN to BN resulting in change of state government. i followed it closely just to know the real instrumentallist behind this agenda. seriously, i cannot help it to laugh when i see the face of beloved DSAI during PR press conference to response to the defection. maybe DSAI should listen to Karpal : “Anwar Ibrahim perlu bertaubat”.


    on my personal view, this whole defection, change of government and whatnot is just a political retaliation to PR and DSAI especially for causing and stirring much rumor of DS Najib with monggolian murder. i do salute DS Najib on the way he handle the situation eventhough he always known as with “suka-senang” attitude. in this whole agenda, not only the image of Pakatan Rakyat was tarnished, but DSAI, Nizar, karpal and all PR leader were trashed and left to attack each other (look at karpal attacking everyone in PR to justify the lost cause of this defection). i’m very much impress by the way DS Najib retaliate on his tarnished image on mongolian murder case. although we all know that there is not a reliable link available between DS Najib and Altantuya, yet still the public love the rumor more than reality.

    tak caye? tanye DSAI. he begin his bedtime story on September 16 defection when the journey took month and flying over the sea from Sabah, Sarawak until Taiwan, but still has not end, and still, many people wanted to believe him. and suddenly all the much talked defection almost come to materialised when ADUN BN cross-over to PKR for ten days, but suddenly wind of change blows and direct DSAI ship of dream to coral and reef sea just to let it sunk. (up until today, i do suspect the defection of ADUN Bota from BN to PKR and to BN again is just another plot before the real plot can take off). now deep thinking, how can an ADUN change his stand after 10 days? and how can BN accept this ‘lalang’ gracefully without punishing him for misbehaviour or misconduct? its either DS Najib too desperate or this whole thing was properly staged prior to defection of the other kataks. to believe DSNajib is desperate is not really convincing enough. he knows too well to steer the ship and launch guns ablaze to PR, DSAI and the other to stay afloat and be well. if this thing really a properly staged coup d’ etat with minimal casualties, then i do admire his tactical technique. but on morality issue, i best left it to time to decide between great tactical man, or sadistic opportunist, or desperado hitman.

    be well JMD, and please continue writing. will always pray your keyboard does not stop once Pak Lah steps down. cheers mate!


  80. sorry to say, i some-how think anwar is better than najib.. well.. why dont you sincerely do critical analysis between two of them.. so we can see who are better? who lies more? who are more clean? i think the readers will much appreciate that…

    pkr is still new, they have lots more to learn, even someone like TDM are failing to change UMNO, N i take it as a bad sign that UMNO might not CHANGE at all… is it good for the Malay if umno remain as corrupt as per-now??

    As currently we are into “burrying” pkr, i think its will only make the rakyat losing their “strong” voice to demand for a more transparent gov, its like the rakyat R losing their “bargain” power… N thats really bad enough for us…

    sooo.. im suggesting for us.. not to be too critical on pkr as they can always be our “plan B”.. if najib take-over r not as what we expect…. admittedly, i do think najib have the potencial to be the worse Malaysian night-mare…. =)

    to lekiu,

    i think we should be willing to take risk when we demand for “changee”… anwar might not be the CHANGE we r inspired for, but atleast he make us believe CHANGE are possible…

    ( as for now… i still sticks to UMNO… )

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. I written many articles concerning Anwar. You can read in the ‘Anwar Ibrahim’ category. Just click on the relevant categories at the right side of this page. Regarding Najib, just look under ‘Umno and Barisan Nasional’ category.

    There is no use of having a ‘strong voice’ from the rakyat when that voice will be represented by a string of immature politicians in the form of Pakatan Rakyat.

    They do not understand their role in the legislative assembly. When the minority is unduly trying to exert influence and does not succumb to the majority, it will no longer be a democracy. It will be anarchy. That is what we see now since March 08. They are trying very hard to politicise everything that they have forgotten their role in helping the government to provide check and balance. Too much politicking will make the nation regress.

    Thank you very much.


  81. Pingback: Confusion in addressing their political survival « Jebat Must Die

  82. Najib: I don’t know Altantuya
    Najib: I don’t know Saiful
    Najib: The country is immune to economy recession

    Najib’s play acting is certainly good, if not better than Anwar’s.

    JMD : Please read them here too. Thank you


  83. Dalam ucapannya, Dr Mahathir merujuk kepada kata-kata ini untuk menyatakan masaalah negara hari ini adalah kelemahan kepimpinan yang tidak berupaya untuk memimpin. Walaupun demokrasi adalah sistem yang terbaik di mana rakyat dan ahli parti boleh memilih pemimpin, sistem itu juga mempunyai kelemahan dan kecacatannya.

    Dalam ucapannya, sistem demokrasi adalah sistem yang dipilih untuk amalan UMNO pada tahun 1946 untuk menentang Malayan Union. Kemudian baru ianya diperkenalkan ke dalam sistem kerajaan.

    Demokrasi menolak sistem feudel yang mana hanya raja-raja yang berperanan dan bersuara dalam politik. Ini lambat laun melemahkan kuasa raja-raja kerana tidak jelas dengan sokongan rakyat. Akhirnya, mereka mudah dipujuk rayu atau diputarbelit hingga sedia menyerah kuasa kepada penjajah untuk memerintah tanpa merujuk fikiran rakyat dan ini tidak pula dipersoalkan rakyat.


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