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The atrocities of the ‘freedom fighters’

I am visiting this issue again. I had received many comments to the article I wrote. Nevertheless, not many could relate to the atrocities committed by these enemies of the state half a century ago.

Why was this issue being discussed in this modern day? In recent times, some people with vested interests were trying to stir old memories by deceptively painting  the CPM (Communist Party of Malaya) in a favourable light.

Some even hastily believed that the much maligned CPM was unfairly treated in history. Astonishingly, some quarters even believe that it was Umno who had twisted history. To them, the CPM was the ultimate freedom fighter and it was them who struggled for our independence. Not Umno, not anyone else.

Some people such as RPK retold history to suit his convoluted agenda. It is indeed sickening when we realise that RPK’s article was simply to insinuate and promote a fallacy that the fight for independence was initiated through the efforts of non Malay parties. He even emphasised in bold script the relevant paragraphs to strengthen his claims. Unfortunately, readers will ultimately fail to read the last few paragraphs where Mustapha Hussain stated that the Putera-AMCJA conference was his THIRD attempt to fight for independence.

According to Mustapha Hussain, the first two struggles were solely in the domain of KMM (Kesatuan Melayu Muda). RPK was trying very hard to undermine the first Malay struggles prior to 1946.

Coming back to the current matter at hand, it is not that I am trying to glorify the Malay struggles at the expense of the non-Malays’ contribution but it irks me no end when people try to distort history by misleading the people and arrogantly forced unduly oneupmanship of the non-Malays over the Malays.

Credit should be given where its due. Our independence in 1957 was won through a collective effort by a group of people – the Malays and the non-Malays. It was initiated by obscure Malay warriors from the 16th century and continued relentlessly to the 20th century. But above all, our independence was not won through the struggles of a person by the name of Chin Peng!

Some quarters, the pro communists and also the CPM sympathisers had been wailing and berating the fact that Umno had twisted history in maligning Chin Peng and his band of ‘freedom fighters’. Here, I would like to highlight the characteristics of the CPM which many of us did not know. Today, those who champion the struggles of CPM are either too young, or too naive or too far removed from the actual situation back then.

I am about to take an excerpt from a book written by Dato’ Sri J.J. Raj (Jr) which is titled ‘The Struggle for Malaysian Independence’. He is a high ranking, retired police officer that had served the Royal Malaysian Police for more than 30 years.

He retired as the Director of Management of the RMP and had held top positions in the force such as Chief Police Officer in a number of States and Commandant of the Royal Malaysia Police College. He was also the OCPD of Pagoh; Bukit Kepong was under his jurisdiction the morning it was ambushed by the communists in 1950. Reading that part of the book gave me goosebumps. You and I will never truly know the sacrifices our men in uniform had made during those Emergency Years.

Those were the days when our men had acted as men.

Please read the paragraphs below (and buy the book too). It is a summary about the atrocities the MPAJA had committed during the 3 weeks interregnum (note that the MPAJA is the armed force of the CPM);

There were about 5,000 MPAJA members in uniform with three star caps, swarming all over the country. They had a number of methods to kill these unfortunate people. One of the methods which I consider a little more merciful, was the tying of the accused to a tree blindfolded, and stabbing him or her in the heart. Then they scattered pamphlets near the body and escaped.

The MPAJA had other ghastly methods of killing defenceless victims whom they chose at random or who they pinpointed through informers. The public were compelled to attend the People’s Courts. Cases of victims hung by their ankles and kicked slowly back and forth over a fire, until death mercifully ended their misery, were not rare. Female victims had their heads shaved bald and nests of red ants heaped on them while tied to a tree.

The ghastly reprisals lasted until the arrival of the British Forces. In some areas it was almost two months before the British Forces could take over.

My only brother, the late Datuk J.J. Raj (Sr), who was in the Police Force during the Japanese Occupation, and who was stationed at Taiping at the time of the Japanese surrender was earmarked to be killed simply because he was a Police Officer during the war. On October 15, 1945, I was in Taiping visiting my brother when he received word that the MPAJA was looking for him. Very sensibly, he and his wife went off to the railway station nearby and left unobstrusively for Penang by train.

As I had no connection with the MPAJA or the Japanese Forces, I remained behind to watch the activities of the MPAJA in Taiping. Whilst I was in the house, the telephone rang and on answering the call, the caller, in a friendly voice, asked for my brother. I told the caller that he was out, and would be back in the evening. The caller said that some old friends wanted to see him and wold call at the house at 7.00 pm. Being young and brash at the time, I was not frightened, but rather curious of what the phone call was about. Could the phone call really be from some friends who wanted to restore lost contacts or could it be something else?

Whatever it was, I felt it would be sensible if I left the house about 6.00 pm and then out of curiosity observed the house from a distance. What I saw was dramatic. About 7.00 pm, a car came along and a few persons alighted, went up to the house and knocked the door. Not receiving any reply, they waited a few minutes. Later, 20 persons came in cars, and surrounded the house. They were armed and in uniforms with the ‘three star’ caps, known locally to us as bintang tiga or ‘three stars’. They broke into the house, ransacked and smashed everything they could lay their hands on, and left as quickly as they came.

The late Tan Sri Hamzah Sendut, related to me the ghastly murder of the Penghulu in his area during the short period of MPAJA rule. One morning, he noticed a number of MPAJA personnel dressed in uniform with their three star caps. They came looking for the Penghulu, whom they alleged was a collaborator with the Japanese and after a search, located him. The Penghulu was tied up and the MPAJA had a pig basket with them. A pig basket is made of rattan and hollow with just enough space to force a pig inside. The unfortunate Penghulu was forced into the pig basket, and the lid was then closed. Then the MPAJA armed with long spears, began spearing the man until he screamed no more. (Page 58 – 60)


 “Image of book cover is the copyright property of MPH Group Publishing Sdn Bhd and is being used with permission under license. This image may not be copied or downloaded without permission from MPH Group Publishing Sdn Bhd. Email them at : mphpublishing@mph.com.my

It is indeed sad that some people could not get their perspective right. In reality, the CPM launched armed rebellion against the sovereign state of Malaya / Malaysia. From 1945 to the Haadyai Accord of 1989, the CPM had launched several  armed insurgencies against our country.

By default since 1957, any act of armed aggression committed by the citizens of this country is also an act of treason towards the King. A crime which is punishable by death. It does not make sense how we could glorify the CPM although it is publicly known that they had committed many heinous act in the past. The CPM was the enemy of the state and it had been declared illegal since 1948.

It is indeed a hypocrisy when in one hand we organise and submit various petitions to the King in order to justify our twisted agenda but on the other hand, we also alleviate Chin Peng and the CPM as national heroes. 

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  1. 😉
    No need to bother with this.
    Politics, do what u need to do to maintain the peace, prosperity.
    There is never true equality. 😉
    “Rebellion”, etc, hey the winners write history. 😉

    JMD : True Jed. I believe Chin Peng’s book will reveal his side of the story too. And the gist of it is not far from the ‘written history’! 🙂

    Jed, I could not comment in your blog lah.. I forgot my password and everytime I retrieve a new one, I would still fail to log in.. 😦


  2. My late grandfather was forced to join bintang tiga when the japanese occupancy ends. He refused and they did attack his house. Luckily my grandfather still kept weapons from the previous occupancy and managed to fight back. He later told me that some malay villagers who owed debt to local taukeh will be killed if not paid in time given. One village was surrounded by bintang tiga and they were trying to commit genicide. Luckily again some villagers managed to escape and told other villages who come together and fight back.
    The point i’m trying to make to those whose support CPM is that , by supporting them, you support the violence (astrocities) they did. They are (the CPM supporters) the most ignorance and stupid of all. I really wish they could read history or at least asksome elderly villagers.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  3. I have read your earlier article about this matter. I have also read what RPK wrote. It is sad to note those so called young professionals or internet savvy trust RPK blindly. I don’t know what kind of person he is but the fact of the matter is he was accorded a “hero” status and appears to know “all”. And all because our government or rather the person-in-charge of home affairs didn’t know how to go about tackling him. His followers feel that he has been wronged and a victim. (Similar case in point currently- the suspected thief that died in police custody. Forget that he had chosen a dangerous line of work.. but I digress). Reading about his(RPK) days in custody and how instead of becoming the converted he became the converter raises his status in the eyes of his followers cum supporters. He has the gift of the gab after all..

    Perhaps it is time for our historians to pull their sources, select an avenue and invite this story teller and discuss this matter openly. Have a “live” telecast and thrash his facts. It has to be in english though..

    In the meantime, allow me to say that I like and enjoy visiting your blog.

    JMD : Thank you for visiting this blog.


  4. JMD,
    I wouldn’t even mince my words.Chin Peng was not a freedom fighter, he was a communist insurgent and a criminal and he should stay in the history book as such.

    True, the CPM fought the Japanese during the war but their struggle should have stopped after the war.They instead wanted to turn Malaya at that time into a communist state under the auspices of China.

    Please read my “The Making Of A Nation” I have a short paragraph attributed to Chin Peng and those who wanted to rewrite history.

    JMD : Thank you Hantu Laut for dropping by.


  5. I can relate to your feelings Rudy. To me RPK is a great manipulator. Thanks JMD for this latest piece. Your writings have been a revelation to me especially on our nation’s history.


  6. Dato Onn yang pujuk K Salleh berhenti.
    Sekarang dua dua dah arwah.
    Ayah saya punye generasi adelah terbaik kerne deme orang Melayu.
    Adohai Melayu ! Melayu ? Ade lagi ke Melayu ?
    changkar lobak.
    arjuna waspada.


  7. Dear JMD,
    I’ve been an avid follower of your blog but this is my first time commenting though.
    Neways, just to add my 2 cents worth here- To echo what Hantu Laut said, can you imagine if the communists had been successful in taking over the country? We would have been a satelite state for the Soviet Union. A proxy in the Cold War. Lets not even think of what communism would have brought to Malaya.
    Besides communism as an ideology will never be adopted by the Malay Muslim majority. Socialism maybe, but communism? NO chance in hell. LIke Karl Marx said, religion is the opium of the masses, and for us Malays, remarks like that will never be tolerated.
    RPK glorifying Chin Peng is a spit in the face for those who have serve in uniform. Not to mention those who paid the ultimate price in defending the country from the CTs. Let not their deaths be in vain.

    JMD : Reading the documents from the Baling talks back in 1955, Chin Peng also mooted the idea to Tunku that should the negotiations went the former’s way, he will bulldoze his way in seceding parts of Malaya to form a separate, communist country – much like North Vietnam and South Vietnam. Tunku did not agree because Malaya was already a small country and to agree towards secession just for the sake of fulfilling the whims of a small group of communists was intolerable. Thank you for commenting. Keep it coming.


  8. Tuan JMD,

    Thank you. I enjoy reading your blog. Your arguments come with facts that can be counter-checked, not some word of mouth or borak kosong arguments. Please ajak RPK for a debate. Humiliate him. Make the Malaysian people disgust this guy for trying to distort history as he see fit.

    Malu sebenarnya nak tanya. Mana boleh dapat buku tu? Kat kedai buku biasa ada? MPH? Kinokuniya?

    Terima kasih.

    JMD : Both books (Mustapha Hussain’s and J.J. Raj’s) can be bought in major bookstores you mentioned above. Or, you can email MPH in the email stated in the article. Both books are a joy to read. You will not regret it. Thank you.


  9. Salam perjuangan,

    We could only argue to the facts and written history of our forefathers (Malay or Non-Malay) that fought for Independence. The main idea is teamwork. But what we really have to look in to is the struggle that they all have been through. We can keep on debating and arguing about the facts. It will remain as what it is at that time. Pemuda IKS believes that our forefathers would be really be ashamed to see us bashing each other today since they have worked so hard to bring us all together as a nation.

    “Memperkasa Generasi Baru”

    Pergerakan Pemuda
    UMNO Cawangan Taman IKS
    Bahagian Batu WP



  10. jebat,

    could you forward your article to Malaysia Today or Malaysia Kini etc? i mean all of your articles with your views and writing style. i wonder they would publish it, under the name of free and unbias source of information.

    JMD : I wonder too… 🙂


  11. RPK supporters and admirers style him as ‘YM RPK’. We all know what ‘YM’ means and it is a title accorded only to Malay royalties. Indeed RPK is related to the Selangor royal household. And it is also a widely known fact that RPK is very much proud of his ancestry.

    Perhaps someone should tell RPK and his supporters that had CPM succeeded in turning Malaya into a communist republic, there will be no such things as royalties anymore. These people should go for some history lessons and learn about what had happened to Pu Yi, the last emperor of China from the Qing Dynasty after China became a Communist republic.

    When it comes to the atrocities committed by the CPM, nobody was spared – not even the Malay royalties. The first King, the late Tuanku Abdul Rahman and the late Sultan Yusof, father of the current Sultan Azlan Shah of Perak were amongst the rulers ambushed while travelling on train. RPK should be grateful that his late grandfather, Tun Raja Uda was not killed by the communist and managed to become the first governor of Penang after independence.

    Sadly, RPK chose to forget all these facts and decided to glorify the CPM just for the sake of winning the hearts of the younger population of the Malaysian Chinese.


  12. An open debate between JMD and RPK? That is a fantastic idea. A better idea would be RPK and his fellow pakatan bloggers againts JMD, Deminegara, Dato’ Sakmonkol and the like.

    JMD what do you think? I would love to watch all the action on live TV….just done let it be aired on RTM, or they might think its one sided =P

    JMD : Although I am honored to be given this great vote confidence, I have to decline due to obvious reasons… But I have no doubt, even without my presence, RPK and his friends will find it difficult to win in a friendly spar with Datuk Sak or Demi Negara.


  13. Chegu Tengah,

    A few weeks ago, I met a client, a a Malay man in his 50s, who served as a Special Branch officer during the fight against the Communists.

    He told me that quite a number of his squad mates were Chinese and these Chinese officers were the prime targets for assasination by Communists who labelled them as “traitors”. The Chinese villagers also put their lives at risk by becoming informants to the Police about movements of Communists party cadres. Interestingly, the Communists would never as a rule, target Malay officers for fear of backlash. Although there were cases of high profile Malay officers who were assasinated.

    Granted, there were also Chinese who supported the Communists by helping them with food, money and preparations for the making of explosives.

    My point is, the racial card had been played a bit out of hand these days by politicians and it has been a case of Us versus the Malays.

    This blessed country got where it is today from the contribution of everyone irregardless of race. Every race has their own strength and weakness and the combination of which is a Malaysia we see today. Factor out one race from the equation, we’d probably see a Malaysia we’d probably won’t like.

    The Opposition in their need to topple UMNO have decided to erase or muddied the contribution of its past members. I mean, the Opposition can’t really use any of their track records to show that they’d make a better Government.

    The Opposition’s objection to practically every economic project favoured by the BN Government have been proven to be wrong in hindsight.

    I was particularly saddened by how much Proton has been maligned. Even the giant US automakers have difficulty in competing against the Japanese and the Germans but they rallied behind their carmakers.

    Any patriotic American will never stomach the argument that for economic and efficiency reasons, the US Presidential motorcade need to be changed from US made to German made or Japanese. You dont also see the Indians changing their Ambassador cars for the Japanese or Koreans.

    We the lay public choosing Europeans or Japanese is one thing, but politicians at the very least should be supporting a Malaysian made product and should rally behind Malaysians who made the product. Casting them in a bad light would not be helpful to thousands of employees of Proton nor small businesses that benefitted from Proton spin offs.

    It would appear that the Opposition is trying to rewrite history and have decided to cast the Malays as villains. We the Malays are negating the contribution of Chin Peng because he is Chinese, we the Malays are at fault for May 13th, we the Malays are at fault for corrupt practices, we the Malays according to Andipool are the most lustful and violent, we the Malays are hell bent on ethnic cleansing of Indians and the latest tragic Kugan episode is prime example. Although statistics have shown that the Malays died in bigger numbers than Chinese and Indians combined while being detained.


    Interestingly enough, about 2 years ago during the height of the Nirmala Bonat case, some Indonesian government officials presented a paper in Singapore on cases of Indonesians working as maids in Malaysia and according to that Indonesian official, the Malay employers are generally bad paymasters, the Chinese employers are prone to physically abuse their maids the Indian employers tend to sexually assault the maids. Now do we accept it as gospel truth or do we say that is a bit of over exaggeration and a clever manipulation of statistics?

    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  14. JMD,

    There are times when I feel that the Haadyai Accord should never take place because the Communists were losing the fight although on the other hand, without which, Malaysia could never have taken advantage of the peace obtained from the Accord and concentrate its might on the economy.

    I was told that the amount of money spent on making settlement for the former Communists bandits were quite substantial and it did create a bit of noise from the security personnel knowing that these bandits at the end of the day got a better financial package that our own security personnel.

    The day Chin Peng is allowed to return would be Malaysia’s day of infamy ! Any politician who supports the idea of allowing the chief bandit to return is a TRAITOR !! We might as well do away and demolish the Tugu Negara if Chin Peng is allowed to return !!


  15. I agree with your views and feel the need for Malaysians to get the proper perspective of historical events.

    I especially like your past views and arguments on national unity, NEP, Bahasa and Bangsa Malaysia issues and hope to contribute the next time you write them.

    Your willingness to keep explaining to those who do not, or are reluctant to accept, established historical facts, and arguments based on those facts, is laudable.

    You are one of those who deserve maximum support and encouragement to continue trying to make the reluctant ones understand the Social Contract, the rationale behind the NEP, the concept of Bangsa Malaysia etc.

    So far, the Malays have only asked for 30% share – not of the country’s total economic wealth, but only in respect of corporate ownership. Former MCA President Tun Siew Sin had said the Malays were “generous enough” to agree to citizenship for the non-Malays at Merderka and to relax the citizenship laws (e.g language proficiency) to enable them to get citizenship certificates after Merdeka. Other generosities include vernacular schools, much to the detriment of attempts at building a Bangsa Malaysia.

    I wanted to participate in blogs much earlier but started only to day. I hope to continue doing so when you write on those subjects, on corruption and on the weak leadership plaguing the country for some time now.

    Best wishes.

    JMD : Thank you for visiting this blog. And thank you for commenting as well.


  16. JMD,

    A friend who was with the Police lent me a book written by Leong Chee Woh, the former Director of Military Intelligence, entitled “Scorpio, The Communist Eraser”.

    He told me that this is a well written book by someone who was on the ground as operative in the fight against the Communist terrorists.

    Maybe you should also try and find one if possible.

    JMD : Thank you for the info Lekiu. Really appreciate it.


  17. JMD,

    Good to read a new post after a long time.

    Maybe the government should revive the ‘Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah’ again, perhaps in between the prime time news. Government is a bad word nowadays, so why not An independent NGO with proper funds can spearhead the effort to correct history and present the country’s history as how it was, based on facts, testimonies, available resources and evidences.

    Current generation don’t appreciate history and get muddled information from the net, from various sources, both credible and those dubious one like RPK.

    Great effort again, thanks for painstakingly gathering all the facts to be presented to your readers, as not many have the patience and drive to do something like this.



    JMD : A very good suggestion Balan. Thank you.


  18. Say no more, JMD. I for one have never ever entertained the idea of Chin Peng and CPM as national heroes. Even without books and documents like what you have presented here, many of us will recall the stories our older family members told us of the CPM’s atrocities and cruelty.
    Btw, JMD, what do you make of this campaign to make PL stay on as PM? (If you had already touched on this somewhere in comments on your earlier postings, I’m sorry. I’ve not been online much due to an especially tight schedule).
    Thank You

    JMD : They are a bunch of hypocrites anyway. Long before the existence of this blog, who are the ones that wanted Pak Lah to step down? From RPK to Jeff Ooi and nearly everyone else. Now they want to pressure Pak Lah not to relinquish his post? Politics never had stooped so low…

    Thank you.


  19. Hi JMD,

    How have you been? I trust that you had a good break.

    It’s sad that you have to reiterate your points on the above issue. When the heck are people going to start respecting arguments that are backed by facts, evidences and figures. That RPK is celebrated by these quarters is alone a sad truth about of these folks’ (especially youth’s) state of mind.

    Very, very sad.

    JMD : Thank you Rakesh. I’ve been good. I just had a one day break (the CNY itself). Otherwise, I was working to get a few projects done. Probably I will enjoy the long weekend ahead. Thank you for the comment.


  20. JMD,
    This is an excellent follow-up post to what you had written previously. I was once in the “liberal-minded” group – about four years ago – and had shared sentiments similar to RPK. Then someone mentioned to me about the soldiers who had died – *how* they had died (including what happened to their bodies etc)… And I think about their families.

    BTW I’d like to mention an excellent book written by an American university lecturer; about a hero whom many Malaysians don’t know about: Colin Dewsnup @ Ruslan, who had headed the Senoi Praaq against the communists. There’s more information and links from this website http://www.senoipraaq.com

    JMD : Thank you for the link and the comment. Will find out more about the book.


  21. Congratulations JebatMustDie!
    The fact that RPK declared that communist were the “real” freedom fighter were truly misleading. Yes they formed resistance forces to liberate Tanah Melayu from Japanese occupancy, but it was based on the sentiment of what the japanese did to the people of mainland China, NOT FOR INDEPENDENCE OF TANAH MALAYA. Yes they assisted in halting the japanese occupancy, but to call them “freedom fighter” were absurd! The moment a “freedom fighter” spill the blood of the people they were suppose to lend a hand, they aren’t a freedom fighter anymore. They are “terrorist”.
    RPK have forgotten the people who had laid their life to protect his ancestor and family. Had communist won and ruled our beloved country, he won’t be a royalty anymore (That’s what happen when Stalin took power – he murdered all the Czar royal family)! and we all be living in a REPUBLIC.
    I remembered a memorial of MPAJA that were built long time ago as a reminiscence of their struggle. So now we even let people to built statue for peoples who actually blew our NATIONAL STATUE?


  22. Dear JMD,

    This so called freedom fighters continued fighting even after we gained Independence. What is that about? This so called group of freedom fighters shot down the helicopter my dad was supposed to be on in the 70s. He changed his mind at the last minute and his deputy went instead. The helicopter was shot down and the deputy died along with 11 others. These so called freedom fighters continued fighting even after the Independence. My dad’s men, people I played with when they were around died or lost a limb or lost a sight etc etc etc. Forgive me if I am one of those that will never consider them heroes in whatever shape or form even if our government change a 1000 times and decide to one day regard them as such. Mine and my family’s life was hell because of them. They continued fighting even after we gained Independence and my family and I had to move with armed guards because my dad was so effective against them. My dad was away 9 months in a year and there are times we don’t know whether he is dead or alive.

    That helicopter incident above, the Army thought my dad had died and told us such since he was supposed to board it. For 3 days that’s what we thought until we were called to the radio room and heard his voice.

    Freedom fighters? Fighting for Independence? Convince me again a million more times and will still never believe it.


  23. My Tok Long was a simple kampong man. He collected and sold petais for a living around Pelangai (Kuala Pilah) jungle. Several time, while he was in jungle, he stumbled upon the communists. He made a mistake for informing his findings to his friends.

    One day, the communists came upon to his house and kidnapped him. Until now, we are not sure whether he is still alive. No one know for sure.


  24. Dear JMd,
    I’ve not been able to follow your blog for sometime and fortunately I can still join in the discussion on the role of the CPM in our history while it is still in circulation.
    RPK is a gas bag. He has no inkling as to what atrocities the CPM had inflicted not only on the Security Forces but innocent civilians of all racial groups.
    Yes CPM wanted to fight for the independence of Malaya as a Democratic Republic of Malaya and to remain within the axis of the Communist International.
    When the Chinese Communist gained victory over the Koumintang in China the CPM gradually realigned its loyalty to China. The CPM began to harp on Mao Tse Tung’s Thoughts in practically all their propoganda campaign.
    When Malaya gained independence, CPM did not accept it but chose to pursue with its armed struggle against the Government. The CPM conducted both the armed struggle ( militant activities ) and political and underground atruggle with the view to undermine the Government abd create despondency and distrust among the rakyat.
    Their aim was for the establishment of a democratic socialist republic of Malaya. After Malaysia was formed the CPM refursed to recognise it saying that Malaysia is a puppet Governmet of the colonialists. Soon after May 13 the CPM re-infiltrated into Peninsula Malaysia with the hope of reviving the armed struggle and to exploit the racial chaos at the same to indicate to the Chinese population that the CPM was their saviours. It was a dual efforts. The underground elements tried to create various armed activities plus intensive propoganda campaign like distributing of anti Government pamphlets calling the people to join them to “surround the cities from the rural areas” and to “gain political power from the barrel of the guns.”
    That was the time until early to mid 70’s when there were increases in sabotage, assassinations of police officers and attempts at intensifying the armed activities in the jungle.
    Fortunately the “masses” were not siding them. Their lives in the jungle were getting difficult as our Security Forces were always ahead of them. Political stability depite May 13 bewildered them, morally and pschologically they lost and retreated back to the Thai border.
    Communism the world over was loosing in early 80’s and so was the CPM. It was told by Deng Siao Peng that the CPM could no longer rely on the CCP for help as the world was changing. The CPM in fact was in tethers. It was actually a matter of time before they really crumble.
    Then stupidly the idea for them to lay down arms was mooted and a one sided discussion was held which at last gave Chin Peng what he asked for at the Baling Talks in 1955.
    If the CPM were at all for independence then they should have chosen to lay down arms prior to Aug 1957 and not to continue with their struggle after independence.
    That briefly my dear JMD what actually happened that proved Chin Peng and all his cohorts were actually puppets of a foriegn Communist power. Could it not be probable or possible that some of them that had chosen to return be playing a quite and subtle role in political instigation and provocation via the press, books and the blogs to ensure that political and security situation in the country continiue to remain unstable and “flip flop”?

    JMD : Thank you for the comment


  25. hi Lekiu,

    Could you please tell me where can i find the book you mentioned which written by Leong Chee Woh? I am really interested in reading it.


  26. Hey, JMD.
    I’m a new visitor to your site (stumbled upon it while reading chedet).
    A very interesting article, I must say. we need articles like this circulating around.
    I’m a history student of UM, and I gotta tell you, it’s difficult trying to hammer in facts to students here that think Anwar and RPK is the be all and end all, and to challenge their ‘infallible’ words is blasphemy punishable by social ostracization.
    I talked about this issue with Prof Khoo Kay Kim (he’s still in university, you know?) His response to Chin Peng being a nationalist and an independence fighter is simple. ” Since when is he a nationalist? Communists don’t have a concept of nation. They want, at the end of the day, a world, stateless, borderless government.”
    Went to a forum with him there last year. He was an invited panellist, and it was about that ridiculous documentary ’10 Tahun Sebelum Merdeka’. The Professor totally disproved the film’s claims. Put the organizers to shame.


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  28. Convulated? I suppose, when such person is only righteous when hiding, cower when confronted. His idea, stories, what he calls the truth are somewhat entertaining, but only entertains the feeble minded. He must’ve been deep, so deep in his own shit, sorry, spin to come up with a story that the ‘bintang tiga’ is one of the freedom fighters, yet my grandfather’s, a long retired ‘polis hutan’ bulletwounds proves him wrong, so very wrong.

    We learned from him(my grandfather) and from others’ grandfathers that the atrocities of the ‘bintang tiga’ has no limits, no boundaries. I am, forever, like my grandfather, will never admit such fact that they are the champion of freedom and forgive what the CPM did to our countrymen at the height of their time. Traitors of the nation and the king, is what my grandfather always refer them as. And glorifying them is pure lunacy.

    History is, to these idiots, pages in books (and sacred texts, nowadays) which is always used to glorify one’s hidden, political agenda, whatever that agenda maybe. Maybe because of it is only in books that they, these idiots, think that they know better, looking upon it years later and decide that they should change it. I just wish if I have a time machine, I would take these idiots and put them in Malaya, smack in the middle of it all. Let them feel the cruelty, let us see how they can make sense out of it all, then tell me if my grandfather’s bullet wounds are worth nothing.

    To RPK, if you are reading, of course you are not, you must be busy hiding, aren’t you? But if you are, go to court and defend your convulated truth, bastard. Then, be a champion on anything all you want.

    p/s – to blog owner, I am sorry. Please edit what you may, or even delete this post. Someone has to say something about this arse rpk and his lies. Someone has to tell the truth about this idiot.


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  31. We had every legal and security reason to prevent Chin Peng from coming back to stay permanently in Malaysia according to the terms and spirit of the Peace Accord. However, by the same Peace Accord, we had no legal and valid reason, other than to be dishonourable, not to allow his a social visit to which he was at least entitled to. Otherwise we should have not signed the agreement. The SB cannot monitor him on just one visit? We are not that bad! The thinking at the top or near the top is too stuck on fears and bogeys of the past. Communism can only appeal provided our incumbent government is silly enough not to go by our constitution for nation and move further in the direction of deviating race and religion..


    • Aiseh I’m not sure if you are the Dato Seri Yuet ex Police top brass, or some blokes masquerading others, which is often done by the DAP Red Bean kind of people.

      Whatever, I wanna respond:

      1. Pls explain why “we had no legal and valid reason, other than to be dishonourable, not to allow his a social visit ..”

      2. How come “he was at least entitled to” a social visit? Why “Otherwise we should have not signed the agreement”?

      3. Not a question of “The SB cannot monitor him on just one visit”. But a matter of principle. A bloke causing over 10,000 deaths, untold economic losses, misery and suffering, unapologetic, unrepentant, never remorseful, cannot, on a matter of principle, be allowed to enter the country.

      4. I find it very strange that you, of all people, having been shot by them communists, are talking like this – unless this comment is inserted by a masquerader. Your religion may teach you that, my principle doesn’t allow me to do that.

      5. Don’t understand your statement “provided our incumbent government is silly enough not to go by our constitution for nation” – what does our Constitution say that specifically obliges the Government to let Chin Peng come in? And what “move further in the direction of deviating race and religion” are you talking about?

      Point 5 suggests that you are not Dato Seri Yuet.and if you don’t respond to my reply to your comment it’ll confirm the above comment has been written by a masquerader and I feel satisfied having uncovered the masquerade. .


  32. Anti-Masquerader, Sir, I am that DS Yuen Yuet Leng. You may understand better after reading the following:
    Question1,2 & 3: Under the terms of the Accord by the way we had so cleverly worded the terms of the Peace Accord we could “legally” disallow any CPM member to return to stay permanently in the country. However, by the same token and in writing we had clarified we would not disallow any CPM member making at least one non-permanent social visit to the country.
    We should therefore have even more seriously thought of the great losses in deaths, economy etc before we signed that “agreement” witnessed by a neutral international media and as a soldier policeman with honest principle expect my country and the CPM to honour it. In the nocturnal shadows of the intelligence game, we, all countries may not always go by the rules but if we have to come out into the open and agree to play by the rules, let us implement agreement honourably.
    Question 4: For your info, I was one of those who initially did not favour signing the peace accord which was more a political decision. We were very sure of victory because all the strongest military Assault units of the CPM in the jungle within the country, also their major underground and logistics units in the populated urban, rural and some orang asli areas had been penetrated, taken over and commanded by the Special Branch through the very little known courage, ingenuity and understanding of its unsung heroes and a number, like me, had been shot by them before.
    Question 5: The extreme social and economic disparities between the elite class and the working class was one major reason why communism and its terrorism had such appeal to those in relative poverty. The Alliance and even the BN, whatever its decadence since, had improved standards of living. However, the way the elite class had been politically allowed to forge ahead and too fact socially and economically rightly and wrong, had also created increasing disparities between classes and within communities which will crste much discontent and dissent which socialists cannot ignore and communists will finds opportunities to exploit again in some form or other. little or much. The growing extremism in racial and religious polarization compound compounds everything. My problem is that I have only one party and one race called nation and Malaysian and to me, our constitution is still the highest and most sanctified document in nation and to which everything in life and death of nation must go by.


    • Point taken – your English and the arguments put out this time satisfy me that your are the real TS Yuen.

      Here are my further thoughts:

      Judging from records of the communists the world over, and considering all kinds of hideous things the commy terrorists did in this country, including all sorts of trickery, lies and deceits, gentlemanliness is not for them.

      I don’t see any usefulness in opening old wounds and trying to give credit or sympathy to those who never did the same for the rakyat they killed, tortured, and what have you.

      Yes, political decision it was.

      Talking about class disparities and classless society that the commies wanted may not be relevant – Chin Peng just exploited it for support and his real intention was to bring Malaya under the influence and suzerainty of Communist China where he could become Dear Leader Chin having all sorts of privileges like big car, big house etc which make the Politbureau of communist China a class higher than the peasants and the proletariat. In any case, they have abandoned all those and taken free enterprise and capitalism as a policy.

      But I agree with you whole-heartedly that “our constitution is still the highest and most sanctified document in the nation.”

      Have a good retirement, Tan Sri. You have done your contribution to Malaysian society.


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