Merry Christmas!

I hope it is not too late to wish my dear readers a very merry Christmas. Have a pleasant holiday and a blissful new year. 

‘Tis a season to be jolly indeed. What more when I read what Liow Tiong Lai had said last week:

“I don’t think it would affect the outcome much. The bond between Umno and MCA is very strong although there were hiccups caused by sensitive remarks (by some leaders).

“The relationship between Umno and the MCA goes back to long before Merdeka, and we in Barisan have agreed to be sensitive to the feelings of other races and not to raise sensitive issues anymore.”

He said those words after being questioned by The Star on the BN’s chances of winning the Kuala Terengganu by-election.

A refreshing view amongst the plethora of other insensitive agents of disunity. Liow Tiong Lai will be given an ‘ole-ole’ from Jebat Must Die for this wise remark 🙂

The Star on the other hand is still playing with fire by asking Datuk Liow whether the recent racist remarks by Umno leaders will cause all the 11% chinese votes to swing to the opposition; – hence the reply from him as stated above. I tried to remember what was the racist remarks made by Umno leaders  recently which The Star had taken the trouble to highlight it again.

Ah yes, the suggestion to integrate and unify our children under one education system. Maybe The Star should worry more if the 87% malays there realise that some of the opposition leaders had been stroking racial tension via their own bigotry all this while and the voters there decided collectively that a vote to opposition would mean  a vote for racial polarisation and national disunity! 

For this, The Star receives a red card from Jebat Must Die just like how John Terry received his last Monday.

By the way, I am currently at the airport waiting for the flight home. Quite surprising to see many more comments were made by contributors on my recent article. Not to mention scores of spams from the usual suspects. Like I said, history is a fascinating subject and must never be taken for granted. Will see through the comments after I reach my humble abode.

Till then, take care and be well.  

37 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. I have been following ur blog for quite some time
    Thank you for ur constructive arguements
    I am a young Chinese awaiting to be deployed in the working market
    Though i may not agree with some points u raised in ur past posts, i am impressed with ur command of English, constructive ideas, logic rebuttals and finally ur reasonable contents
    Hope that we can have some meaningful discussion if possible in this space
    Until then, Happy Holiday

    JMD : Thank you for visiting this blog. Do come again.


  2. Salam…

    Quote: The Star on the other hand is still playing with fire by asking Datuk Liow whether the recent racist remarks by Umno leaders will cause all the 11% chinese votes to swing to the opposition; – hence the reply from him as stated above.

    Agreed. It’s The Star together with those anti-Malay racist bigots who have been playing with fire. Those who play with fire deserve to be burned alive. Is 11% much more important than 87%? BN should have stopped banking on minority tie-breakers (without ignoring them completely) and try hard to win back the large chunk of the majority instead.


  3. Good one.

    Certainly since I’ve came back to the country that I noticed (and been irked most of the time) the journalists here are not entirely well trained.

    They took word by word literally, not looking at the meanings of statements. Certainly they fail to ask “intelligent” questions or probing the deeper impact of situations,etc.

    All we get are like 20 newspapers saying the same stuff. Some have said that newspapers are controlled by government, but there are numerous opposition backed papers as well which also failed to have “substance” in their reporting.

    I had seen very few articles discussing the impact of Thai internal problems to Malaysia. Instead we just got the pictures and the same reporting everyday essentially saying “there’re riots in Thailand.” None of the media managed to discussed deducting that what’s happening in Thailand is the same that will happen here if we don’t check on the increasing number of street protest over here. None suggested how we can lure all the tourist from Thailand to Malaysia and still their thunder in terms of tourism (except for an excellent letter from a certain Ms/Mrs. Mariam Mokhtar who is a reader! not a journalist!).

    Which local newspaper had actually investigated the necessity of “patriot act”/ the “home security act” in USA and numerous other acts in other countries (Britain/Netherlands/Germany and Russia all have similar acts) and comparing to our own local version of ISA.

    It is time that newspapers/editors/journalist actually start asking the right questions..


  4. JMD boleh tak tolong senaraikan segala harta kekayaan,aset/harta,syarikat,aktiviti ahli politik yg korup (samaada dari BN,DAP,PAS,PKR),Bini dia ,anak-anak dia,dan semua kroni-kroni dia..kalau ada kawan2 lagi yg ada maklumat tolong suruh diorang email kat aku.. aku nak pass kat kawan aku kerja dekat Pusat Penyiasatan dan PErisikan LHDN,biar diorang serbu dan hantam Kapten ni sampai tertiarap.. email kat aku di ketam761@yahoo.com


  5. I will not comment on Star’s writing on racial harping etc . I do not read much front page of all papers these days . Maybe except the promotions by traders or business galleries .
    I am a trained engineer that did not really enjoys being in a class studying except with it comes to pratical stuffs. Maybe that is one of the reason I dont fancy politcs much.
    Growing up as a Malay + West mix in most southern state city , exposed me to various races cultures friendships that I really enjoys . I admit too that having multiple races opposites relationships which even I enjoys more . During this process of courting , language has always been a barrier for me to express myself .. or to impress ex’s parents. Being a highly charged red blooded male wanting to keep the courting more exciting , I listened,wrote and learnt oriental language and masters it in less then two years . I was extremely useful for me … apparently for the wrong reason.Well I am just a teenager !
    Then I start working , in a MNC company . It was a breeze for me as I can mix along with everyone being able to understand multiple languages. But I get bored easily being instructed , so with my savings , I started a company with other races good friends and it is doing ok now employing 80 over workers .
    Definetily to expand , I moved to KL . This is when I started feeling awkward . Being able to listen to few language comes as a curse to me , listening to each race cursing at others … funny thing is they hugged and smiled when the races that they just cursed 10 minutes ago arrived to join the party .

    Why are we being who we are ?

    I trained my Malay salesman to learn Mandarin to equipped himself explaining to our majority Chinese dialect clients . He was so happy with his progress . But this stupid incident happened . He was waiting for his turn to get apples from this pasar Malam stall . The Chinese customer (non regular as my salesguy frequent this pasar malam for years ) asked and get RM5 even the price board wrote RM6.00 and even never request for discount. So my salesguy asked how much , he been told RM6.00 . He asked for discount , still no , RM6.00. The sad thing is he understand the previous transaction before him in Mandarin ! He start asking in Mandarin … the seller just went blank .
    Same case as my technician helping me to view a car , he went and the price for 45,000.00 , when I arrived 20 minutes later , the saleman gave me 41,000. I said my technican asked for the car and told the 4,000 price difference , he just replied ‘ Ah Malay by house cheap mah goverment give 5% , so we sell car more high la . I was shocked .. was not angry but started laughing . Told him , I may look chinese eurasian and speaks Cantonese and Mandarin too but I am infact half Malay . The salesman just went silent , switch to Malay language immediately to me , U tengok dulu ah , saya mau masuk dalam bikin kerja dulu …

    How can the Malay allows the system to be open when in mass market they are bullied without knowing ? And funny thing is my workers are staunch PKR voters ?

    Explain to me .

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. What you are saying is actually a common knowledge for the Malays here. What escapes me is the logic behind this decision. The Malays pay 5% less to buy homes therefore they have to pay more continuously on other products monopolised by the chinese.

    Some Malays do not even own a house. The national home ownership statistics shows that the Malays are still lagging behind. Most in the urban areas rent houses instead.

    Thank you.


  6. JMD,

    This feedback is for Ketam: Arwah bapak kita dulu TKP LHDN. Masa zaman dia dulu nak usik pun tak boleh masa TDM PM. Ingat boleh buat ke sekarang ni? Mimpilah….kebanyakan org gomen sekarang tak da semangat “nation building” semuanya takut kat tetuan politik…takut kena transfer, tak naik pangkatlah ataupun duduk kat tempat “tak boleh makan” Bapak kita siap jumpa “cash” yang beratus ribu dalam rumah adik menteri pun tak boleh nak dakwa. Siap pejabat LHDN negeri kena bakar lagi ada….

    Jadi…….camna babe?

    Keturunan Jebat


  7. Season’s greetings JMD and everyone.

    Looks like the national language issue has taken a new twist now that the Christian Federation of Malaysia as reported by the Star is asking for the Malay language bible to be allowed.

    I see it as a move that will increase the usage of Malay but “the thirteen million plus Ringgit guy” seems to feel threatened by it, despite his self-proclaimed financial worth. 😉

    Would like your opinion on this if you feel it’s worth commenting on. On one hand we want the increased usage of Malay but on the other hand when it comes to things like this, we tell the people to use another language.

    I seriously don’t know why everything is a threat always. It’s like saying God only speaks in Hebrew and Arabic.

    JMD : Thank you msleepyhead. It is a new twist indeed. Frankly speaking, I honestly do not feel threatened at all if the good reverend wanted to have a bible written in Malay.

    I believe the Malays should already have ample ‘iman’ or faith in his blood to denounce any other faith other than Islam. Strictly speaking from a muslim point of view, if there is a muslim out there wanted to renounce his religion, then the fault also lies with his parents or, the muslim society surrounding that particular muslim; for not educating or giving him the proper attention he deserves. The term fardhu kifayah deals aptly to this situation. Now I am not an expert in Islam so I do not want to comment much except that it is normal for any religion to spread their faith to other people. Muslims do it. Christians do it. The only other religion that does not spread their religion to any tom dick and harry would be Judaism. Judaism belongs exclusively to the Jews if I am not mistaken.

    If there is a clear practise that some christian missions are covertly converting Muslims into Christians then I believe relevant laws in the land are applicable in dealing with such matters.

    But what perplexed me is the good reverend’s excuse for wanting to have a Malay language bible. He said – “This is our wish for Christmas and we know these things will certainly ease tensions and it will definitely have a positive impact on your legacy,” Dr Eu said.

    Now how on earth will the publication of a Malay bible ease racial tensions?

    I believe the reverend wanted to see Pak Lah try to cool racial and religious tensions in the country before he leave office.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if the reverend, through his infinite wisdom see to it that we have one streamlined education system? This will surely encompass even greater exposure to national unity rather than to have a Malay bible which ultimately have a limited number of users.

    I believe the adage which Big Dog used – ‘Bagi betis nak peha’ aptly applies here. This is because, not only they denied any discussions on having a more streamlined education system (protecting status quo), they actually ask more quarters to be given to them by asking to publish a Malay bible (stretching the status quo). Two different issues altogether.

    And the Star of course is playing this issue to the hilt. This news report will surely made some brainwashed Malay apologists to apologise even more. Plus, this will surely close down all avenues with regards to strengthen our education system.

    From now on, if we were to discuss about education, the racists bigots in the form of LKS and his son will jump up and down and yelled to the majority – ‘See? You do not even want to have a Malay bible! Such hypocrisy in wanting the Bahasa Melayu as the national language but deny the rights of some christians to read their bibles in Malay!’

    This is the overall picture being planted in the minds of unsuspecting Malaysians. No, it is not that I feel threatened. I feel disgusted by the sheer hypocrisy in sidetracking the real issue by cropping up some red herring.

    Sometimes I wonder whether the Star is actually working towards national unity; or towards national disunity.

    Thank you msleepyhead. Hope you had a great Christmas. Mine was mostly celebrated on the plane! 🙂 I think some Arabs can be really rowdy when they are drunk!


  8. dear jebat,

    why are some people become too hard to bow to rukun negara.
    why are some newspaper still like to create sensitive issues xp the star.
    why are we(muslim) thought to be good to all humanbeing no matter what races or religion there being.
    is it because of too much FREEDOM and some had gone wild.
    than what are ISA for.


  9. Miss Sleepyhead,

    The usage of the word Allah in the bible is an anathema but you have called malay defenders like that RM13,000,000 guy as “threatened”: a negative connotation, thereby insinuating that people like him are insecure, inferior, imperiled. This is furthest from the Truth as no one feels threatened here.

    One of the central tenets in Islam is Purity, especially with regards to the Deity. In fact this purity is so all-encompassing that in Islam the biggest sin is not murder or adultery or alcohol, but rather “shirik”, which is nothing more than dirtying this purity with false concepts. Not only is the contention of the RM13,000,000 guy correct, it is also how all muslims should view the matter. For there is no other bigger step towards reducing the muslim’s pure concept of God to a lesser and more blasphemic one of having sons and families, than to start with sharing the name of Allah to justify this blasphemy.

    Just imagine: where Allah in the Quran so consistently and vehemently deplore those who associate Him with having sons and wives and other shirik-ful qualities, the fight is now to get that very same name deity in concepts where these blasphemic qualities are a central teaching! And all done while nowhere in the history of that manuscript even once suggested that that deity has that very name!

    Please read my take in the RM13,000,000 guy’s blog.



  10. Dear JMD,

    Hope you had a wonderful time with family and anak-anak saudara. It is good to unwind at the end of the year after working throughout the whole year. As for me, one of the best time is spending quality time with mom and siblings and their kids away from KL. While they are in the pool, I can do some reading and lazing about.. But I am quite sure, in your case, even though you’re holidaying, your mind still ‘ligat’ thinking about our beloved country that we call Malaysia. Sometimes I wonder where did you find the time to do the reading, research and writing. My hat’s off to you. As a single woman, I still find 24 hr a day is insufficient. Nak habiskan 1 buku pun susah! Perhaps I can learn time management technique from JMD!

    Selamat menyambut Tahun Baru Hijrah.

    Hope we all can be a better ummah and Malaysia will continue to be a peaceful country despite all the hiccups that it faced this year. Hope we all can be more tolerant and understanding towards each other regardless of races or religion. I am still positive about a truly bangsa Malaysia where we speak one language and proud to say that we are Malaysian.

    Keep on writing!

    JMD : Yes I get what you mean, sometimes 24 hour a day is never enough!


  11. KDN must investigate the Star for slowly blowin the hatred race relation better still if someone organise to boycott the Star but then again look at their advertisers they have the full support from the commercial world you know who in control?


  12. Dear Jebat,

    It seems peoples have been harping that vernacular school system is the main obstacle for racial unity. I do agree that single stream school system can aid the racial integration but i feel several conditions have to be fulfilled before we can implement this system. U will need to view from the point of non-Malay on the reasons why they are strongly against the single school stream system.
    Firstly, the government will have to ensure that the national school is really a suitable place for every races. I have seen too many national school undergoing “malayfication” and “islamification” deterring non-Malay from sending their children. I will say keep religion away from the school administration unless for teaching sessions. Allow non-halal foods to be sold in the school (of course no porks). Can u guarantee that non-Malay staffs will b given equal opportunity to be promoted? Will the malays be sensitive enough not to cull cows during Haji in front of Indians in the school compounds? Will the administration sensitive enough for not forcing non-Malays to follow the customs of Malays? Will sufficient teaching forces be allocated for teaching of mother tongues? I have seen personally many of non-Malay students not being taught with mother tongues in national school. These issues have to be resolved before we can finally talk about single school system.

    Secondly, our racial unity is always deterred by the racial inequalities. The malay superiority harped by the politicians have made many non-Malays feel threatened. We feel that Malays are elevated above others and bestowed with privileges and special rights. Though, justifications can be provided that Malays are still left behind. We need to know that poverty and social injustice do not recognize skin colours and race. Social restructure should be implemented regardless of racial origin. Non-malays have been deterred from the public sector because of the discrimination by origin. Those who excel and deserve are being neglected.

    Thirdly, whether single school system will succeed is still a questionable truth. Ample of examples can be provided. Thailand? who has been having political unrest despite similiar educational and cultural background. Indonesian who has managed to assimilate minority into the mainstream culture still had racial riot during the economic crisis. It only illustrates that social injustice is the root of many racial disunity. By addressing educational system alone, i doubt whether our racial unity can be done any better than current state

    Thanks Jebat. That’s what i can think of writing for the moment

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. Agree to most what you had said. The NEP needs to be free from abuses. As it is, the NEP was implemented to eradicate unequal distribution of income.

    Although I would like to point out, the ‘Malay superiority’ concept which was often heard in the news is similarly being upstaged by another concept – the chinese chauvinism (which has been around since pre Merdeka days). We saw how vehemently these chauvinists tried to protect their children’s seclusion from the bigger society. Which ultimately made their children have limited contacts with other communities.

    As for the case of Thailand and Indonesia, those were clearly the matter of economy. As proven by their recent history, economic imbalances within the citizenry are the most crucial thing a nation must overcome. Good leadership is needed in this case.

    It is good that those two countries had tried to assimilate their people together long time ago. If they didn’t have the foresight to have done that, their country would have been up in flames long time ago.

    Why? Because even small things such as multi language roadsigns or the racial background of an American President would’ve become a hostile issue between the many races in that country.

    At least they had prevented numerous points of contention between the communities by assimilating them together. Too bad the economic depression did hurt the countries. When there is still a racial riot in an assimilated country, that would only mean that their corrective actions in addressing the economic imbalances were not yet perfect. Not that their single education system had failed them.

    Thank you.


  13. Dear JMD,

    Thank you for your detailed reply.

    Surely the Reverend has no right to speak on behalf of Dong Jiao Zong, but who knows what his motives or what he truly meant as it’s not clear from the snippets reported.

    A single education system cannot be created overnight under present circumstances but a plan should at least be laid out now to have one in 10 or 20 years, taking into account the dwindling minority population. Even all the missionary schools are now national schools.

    Reading add’s comment, the other challenge will be to correct the misconception of growing racial divide that is simmering under the surface of Malaysian society. What with the stronger opposition also playing with racial politics from a different angle, it may one day boil over.

    Guess we have to wait and see what the next premier will do.

    Ahh, a holiday should really be a holiday from all this news too. 🙂

    JMD : Thank you for the comment Msleepyhead. That is why a rigorous study of our education system is timely needed. A comprehensive plan must be drawn out from this study. Too bad the opportunity which had presented itself a few weeks ago was bashed even before it got to be intelligently discussed in a proper and official platform. But I think it is still not too late. The new premier must make this as one of his priority.

    Since Pak Lah did not want to take up the responsibility, it therefore befalls appropriately to the son of the Penyata Razak’s originator.

    Thank you.


  14. JMD,

    Just to share my experience… and why we need to unify our national education…starting from the very beginning…

    I had a lift ride with a chinese family with their 2 handsome boy. One of them suddenly asking question to his mommy. ‘Mommy is this Malay?’ and he keep repeating the question… which in the end answered by his mom… “yes”

    is this the type of Malaysian that all those jokers are shouting about?????


    JMD : Ms. Jed Yoong made a statement which I think very appropriate at this point:

    “People living next to each other, in literally different, parallel universes……”

    She said that here.


  15. Salam all…

    Apparently Msleepyhead is trying to harp on another issue i.e. speaking up for a Malay version of Bible. Thanks JMD and Apocryphalist for dissecting and disproving Msleepyhead’s agenda here. No offence to Msleepyhead but I have read many of his/her comments and have a few times disproved his/her points even. What an apologist Msleepyhead has been!

    Back to the main issue of this article, agreed with chengho’s comment. The Star should be given a good lesson. Yes we know who’s behind The Star making it so financially powerful to withstand any boycott or even lawsuits against it (if any) but this should NOT be made a reason for our inaction. The Star didn’t even want to learn from its past mistakes that led in part to Operasi Lalang.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment Joe. I believe Msleepyhead is allowed to speak his (I’m assuming msleepyhead is a man) mind here. So far that I know, Msleepyhead had been kind enough to write something without any characteristics of an insult hurling berserker. It’s those people who spammed my comment box with profanities that I cannot tahan.

    It is good that you had contributed in rebutting some of the people’s comments here. I appreciate it a lot. As you know, I may not have the time to sift through the contents of all of the comments and sometimes I may lost a few critical points that need further clarification. It is always good to have people who took the time to give extra inputs or even give more solutions and points to think about in our discourse.

    Thank you and please continue what you are doing.


  16. JMD,

    I do not believe that you wrote with any intention of disrespecting other faiths but it may not be how readers who are unsympathetic to you take it.

    In your reply to msleepyhead, you observed: “I believe the Malays should already have ample ‘iman’ or faith in his blood to denounce any other faith other than Islam.”

    ‘Denounce’ is a word with negative connotations.

    ~ Oxford dictionary: Publicly declare to be wrong or evil or illegal

    ~ Merriam-Webster: To pronounce especially publicly to be blameworthy or evil // they denounced him as a bigot //

    ~ Dictionary.com: To condemn or censure openly or publicly // to denounce a politician as morally corrupt //

    One may think you’re saying Malays might condemn Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and other religions as wrong or evil compared with Islam.

    Nonetheless, given the context and intent of your passing response to msleepyhead, I regard that you merely constructed your train of thought too casually without realizing the hurtful implication of your choice of word.

    The reason I’m bringing this up is that I hope you will be more careful to avoid labeling — including of Lim Guan Eng as ‘bigot’– as I do truly believe you’re a good blog moderator (among the best) and such words impede rather than promote thoughtful discussion.

    Happy New Year, JMD. Have a good holiday and a rewarding year ahead.

    JMD : Thank you Aniseed. Now how should I impress upon the people of other faiths the views of a Muslim regarding the usage of the word ‘denounce’?

    Strictly from the view of a Muslim, and I do mean strictly from the view of a Muslim, the word denounce is very much appropriate in this sense. I do not want to divulge further on this but I do bear no illwill towards the people of other faiths when I said “I believe the Malays should already have ample ‘iman’ or faith in his blood to denounce any other faith other than Islam”.

    A Muslim must in their hearts, solemnly declare that there is no other God except for the Almighty God and the Prophet is His follower.

    It’s a monotheism concept. Of course in Islam, we are told to be friendly and not antagonistic to people of other religions unless of course, it’s for the defence of Islam itself.

    But, a Muslim must know that their religion IS the religion to have faith in. Much like how other people think their religion IS the religion for them. Therefore, within the tenets of Islam, to believe in other faiths is illegal or ‘haram’ according to the Islamic law.

    Nevertheless, I certainly do not view other religions and their teachings as evil or corrupt. Therefore, I apologise if you are offended by it.

    Thank you.


  17. Apocryphalist,

    You said, “…For there is no other bigger step towards reducing the muslim’s pure concept of God to a lesser and more blasphemic one of having sons and families, than to start with sharing the name of Allah to justify this blasphemy”

    Thank you for highlighting it, I never saw it that way, but it makes a whole lot of sense. Monotheism is central to Islam. The profession of faith clearly requires every Muslim to acknowledge that neither has He begotten or nor is He begotten.

    The strenuous objection by the Muslim community to the use of the word “Allah” by non muslims on the basis of what you highlighted above does seem to be understandable.

    I sighed in disbelief, how muslim politicians cannot conceptualise the idea in a much simpler fashion as you have done. The non-muslims clearly think the issue is about the muslims feeling threatened. What we muslims must make clear is that the objection lies elsewhere.

    Despite Tengku Adnan calling bloggers unkind names, it is bloggers like you, JMD and KijangMas that ]took pains to explain to all and sundry about issues affecting the Malays and not forgetting making brilliant rebuttals.

    JMD : Thank you Lekiu for the comment.


  18. Dear Lekiu,

    interestingly my husband who happens to be Egyptian Muslim, also objects to the word Allah being used in the bible context. he was explaining the rationale behind this to a recent american convert relative of ours. it is about Allah in its most purest form with no association to other religion. The Torah calls their god Yahweh so the christian can go ahead and keep their God as God. The Shahadah itself is clear cut about Allah being above association with others. The only rationale I can conclude from the request to use Allah in the Malay bible context is to mislead and to confuse. After all there is equivalent malay word which is Tuhan.

    Keturunan Jebat


  19. Salam all…

    @ Fann

    Quote:I have seen too many national school undergoing “malayfication” and “islamification” deterring non-Malay from sending their children. I will say keep religion away from the school administration unless for teaching sessions.
    For this, I have to agree although not 100%. In some (but not all, and I think not many even) of these SKs and SMKs you can find Quranic verses painted all over the walls amongst the art murals. I can’t find even any masjid with verses crafted upon almost every inch of the building like those schools. Wah, apparently these schools are trying to become even more of Islamic architectures than masjids! Over the time, the religious murals would get smothered by molds and fungus – what they think glorifying Islamic arts eventually end up being a blasphemous act since they only draw the religious murals but don’t even have any interest to maintain the cleanliness – funny, isn’t it? In the other hand, I don’t think it’s a problem on having religious programmes in schools outside teaching sessions as long as it’s for Muslim students and staff only and that non-Muslims are exempted and not required to join at all.

    Quote:Allow non-halal foods to be sold in the school (of course no porks).
    Non-halal but no porks? Can you explain? Or are you asking for liquors in school canteens? Just kidding! Apart from the meats, I believe halal food should be okay for non-Muslims and halal veg meals can also be arranged for, too. Still if you eat meats but have a misconception on Islamic slaughtering that makes halal meats, I’m sharing with everyone here some articles regarding Islamic slaughtering, halal food selection, and treatment to animals – hopefully it would help explaining to those mistaking Islamic slaughtering for being violent, inhumane, unhygiene, and symbolises terror.
    There are many more online articles out there highlighting similar points but I think for a start the above three will do. In the other hands, Malays attending SJKCs don’t really complain about non-halal foods in SJKC cantens since they bring their own foods to eat during the 10am rest. Therefore I don’t see any strong reason why should you be overzealous in this particular matter.

    Quote:Can u guarantee that non-Malay staffs will b given equal opportunity to be promoted?
    I really don’t know what makes the likes of you think that there are unequal opportunity for non-Malays to be promoted in teaching as well as in the rest of Malaysian civil service. In national schools I have came across non-Malay Pengetua (Principal), Penolong Kanan (Asst Principals) and Guru Kanan (senior teacher holding departmental posts in schools) in some Sekolah Kebangsaans and Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaans. Of course lah, there’s not many of them and the rest being all Malays. Why? Because not many (if not few) non-Malays have even been interested to join the teaching profession, hence it’s just natural that the number of non-Malays holding noticeable positions in that profession is also proportionally small. The same happens in the rest of our civil service. Not putting words into your mouth, you may want to argue that these few non-Malays perform better than most Malays hence more of the non-Malays should get promoted – but then you will have to substantiate your claim. And as a matter of fact, teachers in Malaysia should not be (and are in fact, not) so ambitious in terms of promotion. But again the salary and grade adjustments, as well as all the (ever increasing) allowances and other benefits, are there!

    Quote:Non-malays have been deterred from the public sector because of the discrimination by origin. Those who excel and deserve are being neglected.
    As I can put it simply again, please SUBSTANTIATE your claim otherwise no point you harp on this and it would make you no different form some racist bigots, sorry to say. If I’m not mistaken the Civil Services Department or Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA) have 55% quota for Bumiputeras and 45% for non-bumiputeras isn’t it? So generous for an ethnic group that makes just 34% of the population. Like what I’ve mentioned above, since few non-Malays actually join the civil service, few of them are seen holding important posts. If you ever look further you’ll find there are even more deserving Malays, even those already in the civil service, being “neglected”.

    Quote:Will the malays be sensitive enough not to cull cows during Haji in front of Indians in the school compounds?
    To be fair, while there are ibadah korban events held by schools, the activities have been exclusively for the Muslims only while non-Muslims are exempted and no need for them to attend (unless if they want to). As far as I know there has never been any cow slaughtering done in the school compounds. Schools usually join ibadah korban under the nearest masjid. If you did not actually attend national schools then don’t act and talk as if you know whole things inside.

    Quote:Will the administration sensitive enough for not forcing non-Malays to follow the customs of Malays?
    Show your proof if there’s any case of non-Muslim girls being forced to wear baju kurung and tudung uniforms, or that non-Muslims being forced to recite Al-Fatiha at the beginning and Al-Asr at the end of the class. Only Muslims students are ought recite them and of course non-Muslims are encouraged to say their prayers their own way. Many schools impose national dress (Pakaian Kebangsaan) every Friday, I know – Baju Melayu (Malay Suit) for boys and Baju Kurung (Malay Gown) for girls. And to be fair, many schools don’t impose the dress upon on-Malay and/or non-Muslim students either. Even if some schools impose the dress upon all students, it’s on the very basis that it IS our national dress which should NOT be coined with racial or religious identities anymore. In such cases non-Muslim girls shouldn’t have problem wearing the baju kurung without tudung (headscarf), and that the black Songkok worn by the guys has actually nothing much to do with Islam – it’s a mere coincidence that Islam just encourage (sunnah) males to cover their scalps during religious rites and throughout the rest of the day (few Malay men do this) – nothing more. If still you’re against this, then I can safely assume that it’s (not all) the non-Malays themselves who have been fighting to be segregated from the majority. Looking your attitude, it’s not really that the Malays are forcing their customs upon the others, but instead it’s some non-Malay quarters who have been telling the Malays to give up their customs and be “modern” and “secular”.

    Quote:Will sufficient teaching forces be allocated for teaching of mother tongues? I have seen personally many of non-Malay students not being taught with mother tongues in national school.
    Agreed. This is another legitimate reason (apart from alleged deteriorating standard) why non-Malays started shying away from national schools since end-1980s and early 1990s till today. I do believe Mukhriz Mahathir’s move for a streamlined national school system DOES intend to include Mandarin, Tamil and Arabic all under one roof together with Bahasa Malaysia and English – and if the motion is accepted, of course we shall work towards reinforcing the teaching manpower for those languages.

    About the socio-economic imbalance and alleged “ketuanan Melayu” issues JMD has already dissected your comments. About what happening in Thailand and Indonesia, apart from ecoomic imbalance it also has its roots from the enforced assimilation policies imposed by their respective government upon the minorities. Malaysia does NEVER do that. Instead, Malaysia respects and even celebrates her diversity – yet some Malaysians fight tooth and nail to be segregated! And the recent motion for streamlined national school system should NOT be written off as an enforced assimilation attempt before the mechanisms are ever being discussed on.

    @ JMD

    Very thanks for your remarks on my comments and for giving everyone an opportunity to speak up.

    Salam Hormat.

    JMD : Thank you for your views and the links Joe.


  20. *JMD : Thank you Aniseed. Now how should I impress upon the people of other faiths the views of a Muslim regarding the usage of the word ‘denounce’?*

    i think maybe ‘deny’ or ‘renounce’ would do as well? ‘denounce’ implies a public, intentional, and proactive negation, whereas the others are more like an affirmation that something is false/not correct which could be public or private – basically just saying no. ‘denounce’ could well apply in certain circumstances such as when a scholar is specifically speaking against another faith and explaining why it is wrong.

    JMD : Thank you for the suggestion Kirana.


  21. regarding the word ‘Allah’, i think many people just do not understand that the word came into the Malay language after contact with Arabic traders and the spread of Islam. it is a borrowed word, and in the Malay language refers specifically to God in the Islamic conception. So I think Malays have a right to define the word in our own language.

    there are many words that are much more general in the original language (i forget examples but when i was travelling i found a few) but mean only a very specific thing in the borrower’s language (e.g. in english). you can’t make it mean the general things in the borrower’s language – it simply does not mean that, and there are other words for it.

    this is what you get when language is only taught for practical use and ‘business communication’. you get a population who can read but are yet illiterate.


  22. This is to Lekiu: thank you for strengthening further my argument about the name Allah. I would also like to thank you here for recently schooling me regarding that malay and slavery thing in my “guest editorial” page on “Hitchhiker’s Guide to Ketuanan Melayu”. Shows how much I do not know about my own history and this information-sharing brought about by internet blogging is a whole new university for me.

    You also pointed out about the starting point of the malays’ “unbeholden-ness” towards his king as being initiated by Tun M. Perhaps you are forgetting the case of Sultan Mahmud Mangkat dijulang of 400 years previous, when the inimitable Laksamana Bentan gave the King a piece of his mind, as well as a few inches of his keris?

    Perhaps this is one trait of the malays in which too little of it is evil, and too much of it is evil-er, kan? The concept of obeying your King (read: ruler) irrespective of whether he does right or wrong!



  23. Just to add to Keturunan Jebat, i learned from a jewish friend at a special interest forum that the reason why jews refer to God as Yahweh (full term: Yahweh Elohim) is because jews consider God so holy that they do not think it fitting that He be referred to directly. ‘Yahweh’ is not the name of God but rather an honorific – kata panggilan untuk memuliakan. that is why devout jews will write ‘God’ as G-d, declining even to spell out the full word. end of discovery channel snippet. 🙂


  24. Kirana,

    Some Christians believe that the name Allah predates Islam and therefore they should be allowed to refer the Lord God as Allah although in general Muslims doubt the scholarly evidence have been interpreted correctly.

    While the debate rages on, it does make one wonder why an English speaking or Malay speaking Christians need to use an Arabic word for God ? Wouldnt it create more confusion as if the 2 biggest religion is worshipping the same God ?

    It does bring to mind the recent, well not so recent, controversy caused by the movie Da Vincci Code where the central premise that Jesus was married to Mary and had a daughter caused an uproar.

    Some ideas are sacred and none more so that the Muslim’s conception of God. Monotheism is central to Islam. To say otherwise, as far as Muslims are concerned, is simply blasphemous. Muslims recite prayers 5 times a day conforming that central premise and to have some other faith saying otherwise would just cause most Muslims to be horrified.

    Although, I do have to admit that there are Muslims who object to the usage not on theological grounds but on the belief that it is done with a deliberate intent to create confusion.


    Some days back, I asked whether the nick you chose was an indicator of your interest in things concerning religion. And thank you for the vivid storytelling of its origin.

    The wisdom shown by you in explaining the objection to the use of the name Allah by non Muslims just left me awestruck.

    Like most Muslim Malays, although I am able to read the Quran I do not understand the language used. We recite and yet we understand little.


  25. >> For this, The Star receives a red card from Jebat Must Die just like how John Terry received his last Monday.

    Hm, I wonder what color of card will JMD give to Utusan? >:-)

    JMD : Utusan had received red cards since 1 November 2003. But for slightly different reasons 🙂


  26. Merry X’mas and Happy New Year to all

    (15) And make mention of Mary in the Scripture, when she had withdrawn from her people to a chamber looking East, (16) And had chosen seclusion from them. Then We sent unto her Our Spirit and it assumed for her the likeness of a perfect man. (17) She said: Lo! I seek refuge in the Beneficent One from thee, if thou art God-fearing. (18) He said: I am only a messenger of thy Lord, that I may bestow on thee a faultless son. (19) She said: How can I have a son when no mortal hath touched me, neither have I been unchaste? (20) He said: So (it will be). Thy Lord saith: It is easy for Me. And (it will be) that We may make of him a Portent for mankind and a mercy from Us, and it is a thing ordained.
    26) Then she brought him to her own folk, carrying him. They said: O Mary! Thou hast come with an amazing thing. (27) O sister of Aaron! Thy father was not a wicked man nor was thy mother a harlot. (28) Then she pointed to him. They said: How can we talk to one who is in the cradle, a young boy? (29) He spake: Lo! I am the slave of Allah. He hath given me the Scripture and hath appointed me a Prophet, (30) And hath made me blessed wheresoever I may be, and hath enjoined upon me prayer and almsgiving so long as I remain alive, (31) And (hath made me) dutiful toward her who bore me, and hath not made me arrogant, unblest. (32) Peace on me the day I was born, and the day I die, and the day I shall be raised alive! (33) Such was Isa, son of Mary: (this is) a statement of the truth concerning which they doubt. (34) It befitteth not (the Majesty of) Allah that He should take unto Himself a son. Glory be to Him! When He decreeth a thing, He saith unto it only: Be! and it is.
    The Quran :Chapter Maryam


  27. Dear

    I feel very boring to read all rubbish in your blog.

    I repeat the below point for more than 1000 times.

    Before you want to talk about malay special rights –

    please understand what is “malay special rights”

    and what is “abuse of the malay special rights”

    and what is “human citizen rights” – please understand very clearly.

    (Enough said.)

    JMD : Why can’t I talk about Malay rights? Obviously you had been spreading your own opinion about Malay rights all this while in other places too. O’ all wise vesewe, please enlighten us about your own view of Malay rights. And please juxtapose it with your own chauvinism as well. And please do not send us another copy pasted opinions which were nothing more than hate filled, inflammatory jabs at the Malays.

    And I assume the articles about history are rubbish as well? Why so much hatred about your own history?


  28. Salam all…

    I have came across comments made by Vesewe in other blogs. NOTHING but just copy-and-paste inflammatory rubbish.

    There are many other commentators who are against JMD and other pro-Malay and pro-national bloggers but still they convey their views profesionally and respectfully, and not being stupid thugs like Vesewe and the likes.

    I don’t know if Vesewe eats rubbish for his/her breakfast, lunch and dinner that it’s so convenient for him/her to call anything that doesn’t fit his/her racist sentiment “rubbish”. Persons like Vesewe clearly belong to the wasteland, nowhere else.

    JMD : Thanks Joe. Indeed there are many who do not agree with what this blog has to say and I do not force people to believe anything that was posted. People are encourage to, after reading each article, to sit back and think whether the arguments presented in each article or commentary reply run against any of the thoughts prevalent in your mind. If they are in concurrence with your line of thinking, then I am happy. If they are not, then feel free to discuss it with the rest of the readers. More importantly, we (myself and the readers) are grateful to read many comments that are devoid of profanities or mind boggling, braincell killing comments which may defeat the purpose of a ‘intellectual discussion’.

    Thank you all.


  29. Happy New Year 1430 Hijrah and Happy New Year 2009. My wish and hope for the new year is for people everywhere to be clever and wise in their dealings with their fellow humans. I admire and enjoy the way you turn the tables and twist the tail without ranting and spewing filth like some writers are apt to do. Hope you continue to have the time and health to continue to share with us the wisdom of your thoughts and words.

    I share your view on this. If we Muslims believe in our Iman we should not be shakened or threatened by anything or anyone. The fact remains that while we speak of getting all the races united, the Muslims themselves need to do the same to and not be embroiled in trivialities. As I have mentioned in my previous comment, these people are merely opportunists that have found a big chink in the Muslim/Malay armour. They are just trying to make the hole bigger and we are helping them. We are so engrossed on Fardhu Ain that many of us have forgotten Fardhu Kifayah.

    The key to strength and unity for Malaysia lies in the strength and unity of the Muslims and the Malays.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  30. Seperti biasa Orang Melayu spt sdr akan tetap mengucapkan Selamat Hari Natal kpd pembaca tetapi cuba lihat blog yg dikendalikan oleh bukan Melayu;jarang yg ada semangat ‘Kemalaysiaan” utk ucapkan Selamat Hari Raya.

    Saya telah buat kajian tidak resmi, blog peribadi beberapa orang pemuda cina yg memang terkenal blognya dan sudah pasti ada pembaca dari kaum Melayu tetapi mereka ini tidak pernah mengucapkan “Selamat Hari Raya” .Saya pernah menanyakan perkara ini kpd mereka tetapi mereka membisu.Ucapan Hari natal dan deepavali memang ada diucapkan tetapi tidak ketika Orang Melayu akan menyambut Hari Raya.Yang pasti coretan dlm blog mereka mengambarkan bahawa mereka senang bergaul dgn masyarakat melayu lebih lebih lagi bila isu ketuanan Melayu dibangkitkan baru baru ini.

    Saya memang sangat kesal dgn sikap mereka ini.Begitu juga,seringkali Orang Melayu akan menjaga kawasan perumahan jika cuti Tahun Baru Cina tetapi batang hidung orang cina tak ada utk jaga kawasan perumahan bila cuti Hari Raya .Orang Melayu terlalu ingin memelihara keharmonian bersama kaum lain apatah lagi jika kawasan perumahan didiami oleh pelbagai bangsa.Saya sering tertanya mengapa je Orang Melayu yg terhegeh hegeh sedangkan kaum cina tidak begitu ? Mungkin juga golongan Melayu sebegini ramai termasuk Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim agaknya.

    Pemimipin Melayu semestinya berani bersuara secara lantang dan hebahkan secara nyata bahawa Bangsa cina adalah sutu bangsa yg sentiasa mencari jalan dan peluang utk “tombolok” sendiri.Malangnya ada di antara Orang Melayu yg ucapkan Selamat Hari Natal kpd Teresa Kok walaupun dgn jelas beliau memang “biadap”; Kalau saya ditakdirkan bersua dgn Teresa Kok, Karpal Singh , lim Kit Siang dsbnya pasti saya tidak akan hulur salam dgn mereka ini, kalau tunjukkan keris mungkin !


  31. Hi JMD + all,

    I’m not a frequent reader of blogs, but I’m delighted at finding a place where one can at last talk about ‘sensitive’ issues in a clear, intellectual manner, rather than the crappy coverage I seem to keep hearing over the papers and TV.

    On the Bible in Malay:
    I don’t know if anyone’s raised this point, but I think there are many Christians in East Malaysia who understand Malay more readily than English, and for whom a Malay Bible would undoubtedly prove a benefit.

    On the use of the word “Allah” in the Bible:
    Please do correct me if I’m wrong, but “Allah” is the common Arabic word for God, and so is probably used by Arab Christians at church as well.

    Thus, as the word God is widely used by Muslims the word over, using the word “Allah” in the context of another religion seems quite harmless to me.
    In any case, Malay is not Arabic, and ‘Tuhan’, I think, would be most prudent if such a Bible is to be published. (I haven’t seen one yet)

    Admittedly, I’m neither Muslim nor Arabic, so please excuse my ignorance.

    Happy new year!



  32. Salam all

    @ Shah

    Not that we Muslims don’t believe in our faith and conscience. While I agree with your views, still it does not disprove the fishy hint behind (1) the request for using the name “Allah” by Christians in Malaysia to refer to God and (2) the demand for a Bahasa Melayu version of Bible.

    For so long they have been treating Bahasa Melayu the national language like piece of dirt – never did they want to even speak Bahasa Melayu on daily basis at ease and with pride – as if the language has no value at all – suddenly they want a Bible in Bahasa Melayu.

    For so long they have been associating anything Islamic with sorts of negativities – suddenly they demand for the Christians to be allowed refering to God as “Allah”. Also they lack solid evidences suggesting any use of “Allah” prior to Islam, as Lekiu tries to point out.

    Aren’t the above two things appear so fishy?

    And that getting all the races united should not be a one-way effort either – where those on the other side are virtually free to say whatever they want to say against the Malays while the Malays in the other hand are subject to “racist” labelling even for speaking up about themselves and the need for them to get united, progressive and strong!

    And if you’re so concerned of Fardhu Kifayah, consider a segment of the society (be it Muslims or non-Muslims alike) potentially vulnerable to confusion that will be caused by the two actions mentioned above. What a better Fardhu Kifayah to do than to act against the sources of the confusion at the first place? While I fully agree that instilling “Iman” in heart and mind of our young Muslims (this is the “inside” factors) is first and foremost, it does never mean that we can let loose on the “outside” factors like the two aforementioned matters.

    Thank you and salam hormat.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  33. By the way ,

    Technically , will Mukhriz integrated school idea that allows other languages to be taught there , can be customized the time table so my 1 year old daugther able to learn e.g. Mandarin too ? My friend are paying RM320.00 a month for his kid to learn Mandarin after school . We are not Chinese anyway , but our line of work make it compulsary for us to at least comprehand conversation in Mandarin.

    I used to travel twice a month to Shenzen to visit my productions there.
    One funny thing for Malaysian travellers irregardless of races, we really make use and ‘abuse’ Bahasa when we are there , its just to fun to chat away in a language foreign to the inhabitants,allowing them to guess what we are discussing.

    About non halal food except pork .. I really do not get some of the comments here . What is the difference anyway between no pork and non halal? If given my way , give them halal foods with cooking varities from various races . Its our difference makes us special ?
    To make everyone happy no beef too . Serve only white meats . No more greasy,oily mee goreng , extra SWEET drinks to feed the young one .

    JMD : Dear Add, I think the link below will clarify things further. Thank you.



  34. Salam all…

    @ Acemach

    I don’t know if anyone’s raised this point, but I think there are many Christians in East Malaysia who understand Malay more readily than English, and for whom a Malay Bible would undoubtedly prove a benefit.
    If you think of Sabahan and Sarawakian Christians, then there are already Bible in Ibanese and Kadazanese versions duly permitted by the Ministry Internal Affairs (KDN). In fact, God is referred to as “Allah Taala” in Bup Kudus (the Ibanese Bible) and this is NOT an issue since Sabahan and Sarawakian Christians are more integrated with Malay-Muslims there than the non-Malays-non-Muslims in the Peninsular are – that many Malay-Islamic words and phrases have been included into their daily communications.

    Please do correct me if I’m wrong, but “Allah” is the common Arabic word for God, and so is probably used by Arab Christians at church as well.
    Sorry but you are wrong. The generic word for “God” in Arabic is “Rab” (the Arabic spelling being rho-ba) – the “a” being pronounced with deep “o” and closes with thick “b”. “Allah” is a proper name of God as being referred to by Muslims. Some (but not all) Christian Arabs formally refer to God as “Allah” but I don’t get why all in a sudden CFM wants to formally use “Allah” to refer to God if the Christian Arabs’ case is to be used as a justificatin. WHY only NOW the CFM wants to use “Allah”? Fishy, no?

    Thank you and salam hormat.


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