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Raja Petra and his history lessons

I heard that Raja Petra had said that Chin Peng was a freedom fighter and had fought for Merdeka much earlier than Umno or in other words, judging from the commentaries he received in his article here, shows that it was the Chinese that had led the struggle for independence of Tanah Melayu, rather than the Malays.

RPK’s articles are always written in a way that we can call as at best, misleading. But the intended effect of each particular article is not in the article itself, but rather, in the first few comments planted immediately right after each article. That is where all the punchlines lie.

The historian mentioned in that article clearly challenged RPK to provide proof as to his contention that Chin Peng was a freedom fighter and the fight for independence was started by a non-Malay.

In his rebuttal linked above, RPK never once stated any reference regarding Chin Peng. He had in fact copy pasted a chapter from The Memoirs of Mustapha Hussain and also failed to provide his readers on the basis of his earlier statement that a non-Malay had indeed started the call for independence. Who is that non-Malay?

RPK, in his usual misplaced arrogance had declared rather condescendingly: “The proof that Misan seeks is in chapter 34, PUTERA-AMCJA Conference (1947), in the book, MALAY NATIONALISM BEFORE UMNO: THE MEMOIRS OF MUSTAPHA HUSSAIN.”

Obviously RPK hold Mustapha Hussain in high regards as he had unequivocally chose this persona as the basis of his evidence. Mustapha Hussain’s memoirs were the only reference provided by RPK to discredit what the Negeri Sembilan History Association treasurer had said.

Nevertheless, I read that article with interest because I had read the said book and that particular chapter too. But to my utter dismay, I feel that RPK had overestimated his own intelligence. Nowhere in that article of his had he provided us with proof regarding Chin Peng or any particular non-Malay.

Indeed, by the end of this article, I hope people will know the clearer picture about the situation back then and I hope readers here will make his own judgment on our own history. I will just dissect further on what RPK had taken as reference in his article and ultimately, we will see how RPK had naughtily excluded more important parts of the book just to satisfy the motives of his first few commentators.

The illustrious Mustapha Hussain was one of the earliest founder of the first Malay political party in Tanah Melayu called the Kesatuan Melayu Muda (Young Malay Union) or KMM in short.

He was one of the earliest English educated Malay nationalist that realized the British rule and its policy over Tanah Melayu was destructive to the survival of the Malay race.

In early 1930’s, he stated:

“It was British policy to encourage Malays to remain small-time farmers. Malay children were not to be given higher education in case they would be disinclined to till the land (pg. 91)… the Malays were colonized by a race who preferred to keep ‘native children’ perpetually in the dark. The British did not wish to see local children become educated and thinking adults who might want to unleash their energies against them. Education was provided, but only to a level deemed fit for ‘the Malays’. Thus, the educational progress of the Malays was hampered (pg. 96).”

R.O. Winstedt, the British writer who had written the History of Malaya and also the compiler of English – Malay dictionary was responsible for looking into the syllabus of Malay education at that time. Instead of upgrading the Malay education, he recommended that it be reduced further so that “Malay pupils do not forget to till farms”. He also came up with the ‘bright’ idea to teach Malay students the art of weaving baskets from bamboo and subsequently, a class to teach basketry was introduced for teachers to teach their Malay students (pg 97).

The British were insecure should a Malay intelligentsia emerged, their grip on Malaya would be threatened. Mustapha Hussain was inspired by the Malay freedom fighters and patriots that fought the British Government much earlier such as Mat Kilau, Datuk Bahaman, Datuk Abdullah Haji Dahan and Mohd Eunos Abdullah.

It is suffice to say that Mustapha’s political inclinations were heavily influenced by the struggle of those 4 Malay fighters. Mohd Eunos was much more of an educated Malay nationalist who had recognize the threat presented to the Malay race through the policies of the British Government; which did not encourage the Malays to attend English medium schools en masse.

The Malays were systematically segregated from the more lucrative industries of that time and were made to become only rice farmers, small rubber growers, coconut growers and fishermen (pg. 121).

This is made worse by the influx of non-Malays into Tanah Melayu during the first part of the century.

The Chinese and Indians, having arrived in China and India quickly recognized the value of English education. They therefore competed to send their children to English schools. The Malays had regarded the British as the mentors and advisors but in return the British had deceived the Malays in the field of education by decreeing that Malay children had to attend four years of Malay school before attending English schools while the children of other races benefited by entering English schools straight away. The cycle continues whereby only few Malays can join the British Government while the non-Malays were given priorities to serve them (pg. 120 & 121).

In the 1930’s, political tensions between the Malays and the immigrants on the other were heating up while the British do not know how to handle it. They only knew how to compromise with the immigrants in order to enjoy good relations with India and China (pg. 121).

RPK failed to mention that Mustapha Hussain first mentioned about the Malay dominance (Ketuanan Melayu) when the concept was a pure and noble idea (before it was twisted by the Chinese chauvinists in Pakatan Rakyat). It was imperative to uphold this concept in order to protect the rights of the Malays from the onslaught of the immigrants. In short, Mustapha Hussain believed that KMM would be the saviour of the Malays in their homeland in ensuring their preeminence and birthrights (pg. 136).

I am guessing RPK will be hard pressed to compartmentalize Mustapha Hussain’s idealogy to further suit his (RPK’s) agenda from now on.

Mustapha Hussain stated further;

“The political chapter of the 1930’s should be opened with the Chinese lion dance, with the aggressive dragon ready to devour a nation. It was a time when the Malays were beginning to be, and needed to be, alarmed by open Chinese claims for equal rights with the Malays. Since 1920, Chinese immigrants had entered Malaya in droves through Singapore, without restrictions by the British. When the Malay rulers questioned the need to bring in foreign labour, the British retorted ‘They are necessary to carry out many kinds of work’ (pg 122).”

The British arrogantly denied the fact that it was due to their own narrow minded education policy which had made the Malays unfit to carry on other duties besides the usual agrarian based jobs.

He further claimed;

“In 1931, the Malays received a slap in the face with a Penang Chinese, Lim Cheng Ean loudly asked, ‘Who says this land belongs to the Malays?’ This highly educated and wealthy Chinese, by virtue of his domicile in Penang, was a British subject, not a subject of the Malay Rulers. That explained his boldness. He had asserted, ‘When Captain Light landed in Penang, was he met by the Malays? My ancestors, who worked as coolies, were the ones who opened up the island. Jungles were converted into towns by them. Penang is ours’.

The Malays could hardly stomach his claims, but the British did nothing. Lim forgot that the island was already named Pulau Pinang by the Malays long before the Chinese set foot on it. It belonged to Sultan of Kedah, who leased the island to Captain Francis Light in 1786, when Malay farmers and fishermen were already living on the island.

Emboldened by the Chinese, Indians also claimed they were the ones who had opened up this land. They said they had laid down the roads, railway tracks and planted rubber. They too wanted rights equal to those of the Malays. In short, both the Chinese and Indians immigrants were openly challenging Malay preeminence (pg. 123).”

Out of this open hostility by the non-Malays and their incessant claims to equal rights and exacerbated through the unfair distribution of economic wealth by the British, Tanah Melayu gave birth to the first Malay political party in the form of KMM with Mustapha Hussain as its first vice president in 1938. The party was made up by leftist Malay nationalists who felt that the aristocratic and elite Malays had become Westernised and bourgeoisie.

Subsequently, there were other Malay Associations in Perak, Selangor and Pahang. But there were mainly provincial and pro colonial in outlook whereas KMM was based in Kuala Lumpur and more anti colonial.

Mustapha reiterated here that;

“As Malaya’s first political organization, its leaders were proud to be the first to use the magic word, Merdeka. Appropriately, KMM had a second secret meaning, Kesatuan Malaya Merdeka, or Independent Malaya Union, known only to the KMM’s inner circle, consisting of just a few members.

I repeat that KMM’s objective was to uphold the rights of the oppressed Malays, who had long endured the British inability to stop ‘the others’ from making claims, especially on the delicate question of ownership. KMM would adopt wide-ranging nationalistic principles and strive in the name of nusa dan bangsa – country and people (pg. 138).”

In chapter 19, Mustapha Hussain detailed heavily the contributions of the first several Malay nationalists who sought freedom from the British. The Japanese invasion in 1941 forced KMM to reprioritize their agenda and worked with the Japanese in attaining their objectives – Tanah Melayu yang Merdeka.

I wonder why RPK purposely omitted several chapters preceding Chapter 34 that had clearly strengthened Mohd Misan Mastor’s claim that the “Malays had fought colonialism since the fall of Melaka Sultanate and throughout the Portuguese, Dutch, British and Japanese occupation.”

RPK had committed the grievous mistake of providing misleading facts to his readers just to spite the Malays. On top of it all, he purposely left out pertinent details from the book that could actually rebut his own article that was based on that book itself!

And perhaps readers of the book can appreciate the fact that should KMM was successful in their bid to gain independence from the British back in 1940’s (should the Japanese did not invade Malaya), this Tanah Melayu will be very much different from how Umno would have led the nation. KMM would have been more domineering and less tolerable to the non-Malays.

It was only through necessity that Mustapha agreed to cooperate with other non Malay parties after the Japanese Occupation. Chapter 34 stated this meeting extensively and we can see from his actions that Mustapha was very much a believer of Malay pre-eminence. So does other Malay leaders in his political party. For a start, he wanted all the Malayans, upon achieving independence must be called ‘Melayu’. All the non-Malays are to shed their communal identities and be known as Melayu from thereon.

It is also important to know that Mustapha Hussain contested with Tunku Abdul Rahman in 1951 for the post of Umno’s presidency! He lost by a mere one vote. Later on, he became an important figure in Umno Perak.

In the effort to spite the Malay leadership, RPK had ignored the important contribution of the Malay freedom fighters of the past. Probably he himself had forgotten the role of the Malay nationalists in rescuing his royal relatives from the hands of the Japanese (pg. 239) during the Occupation.

I really do not understand why RPK had taken the stand to glorify Chin Peng. Note that the Communists which RPK had glorified had murdered Mustapha’s brothers during the Interregnum period of Bintang Tiga and many other Malay people.

If Chin Peng indeed had pure intention in attaining independence for Malaya, it had become impure by his actions against the local people itself. The very people he supposedly tried to free from the British.

If RPK sincerely thinks that Chin Peng should be a hero, then RPK should come face to face with families of the murdered people below and see what they think about Chin Peng;

Anggota polis pangkat rendah dan polis bantuan bergambar di hadapan Balai Polis Bukit Kepong sebelum diserang

Anggota polis pangkat rendah dan polis bantuan bergambar di hadapan Balai Polis Bukit Kepong sebelum diserang

There are thousands other murdered victims of the CPM led by Chin Peng since he took over as its Secretary General in 1948. We don’t even have to look at other instances recorded in the books of Dato’ Seri Yuen Yuet Leng and Dato’ J.J. Raj to discover the extent of atrocities committed by these people. What kind of a freedom fighter is this?

Furthermore, if RPK thinks that communism is all that great, then he should know that in any Communist country of that we know of, he would have been shot under the charge of treason against the government. Malaysia Today would have been shut down the moment it was set up.

Some people just could not count their blessings.


Other reading materials to ponder;

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After reading this posting and the links above, please revisit RPK’s article and analyse for yourself what are his real motives. Do also read the first few comments in that article and see the irresponsible statements made by certain people just to erase the contributions of the Malays back then. By the way, where are the Malay historians? Takkan nak harap blogger Pesanan-Pesanan sahaja! Nak harap para cedekiawan Melayu dari Oxford memang lah susah sangat. Berat sungguh mulut mereka. Thank you.

105 thoughts on “Raja Petra and his history lessons

  1. “Teringat juga peristiwa ketua kampung saya diculik Kominis Bintang Tiga. Tamat riwayatnya. Pak Naib kampung sebelah dijumpai dalam sangkar babi dalam sungai selepas dua hari tidak balik dari sawah.” I quote these three lines from “Madu Dan Cuka” a posting from Tam Dalyell because that ketua kampong was my father’s elder brother. That Pak Naib was my mother’s elder brother. My makchiks were widowed at the time they most needed protections.

    The Chinese Communists Bintang Tiga had done them in. A few others suffered death at their hands simply because they had no beras or salt to give them. It was after the Japanese occupation. The lucky kampong folks had ubi or pisang rebus once a day. Rice? Salt?

    Yet this RPK-god claim these Chen Peng rats and hyenas fought for Malaya.

    I was a six-year old at that time. I couldn’t do anything for my country. Am past 70 now. I feel I have the the geram strength to cordially invite you RPK to join me for breakfast….

    Go tell your history to your master whatever it might be.

    JMD : Yes, those were trying times. The British, the japanese, the Communist insurgency. I can begin to imagine what it must have been like during those times. But thankfully, we have books that can be read, people that can still remember and moderate people had the foresight to have a peaceful Malaya and Malaysia in the end. The anti Malay leadership propaganda and racial elements that we see now closely resembled the propaganda perpetuated by communism back in the 40’s to the 60’s. To me, it is okay to detest corrupt leaders. But to hate all things Malay, till signboards in Malay too are not good enough to be put up in neighborhoods, then that is a clear signal that something is brewing somewhere.

    Thank you.


  2. Dear JMD

    Thanks for this enlightenment.

    Wonder when this malicious “interpretation” of history will stop.

    Appreciate your efforts to set the record straight.

    Salam …


  3. JMD, well said. I wish a lot more people would come out and rebut all the misleading articles found all over the blog world. These people claim to promote openness and yet what you see at their sites are pure ‘closed minded’ anti establishment lot. They would ridicule and condemn others that disagree with them as though they have the sole right to what is good for this nation. Its amazing to see the champions of change and openness to be so narrow and closed minded. They want better people to manage the nation and all they can do is to demonstrate their rudeness and disrespect of others. What kind of change will that be I wonder.

    And yet, the blind followers are willing to listen since no others are there to provide an intelligent rebuttal to all these misleading articles. It’s a tough job but the only way to counter ignorance is not thru hatred but via intelligent discussion. Article such as your is what is lacking and I applaud your effort and time spent.


  4. RPK = selected memory, selected reading – all to suit his agenda. Communism is a failure. Chin Peng is a runaway coward.

    You wrote: “But to my utter dismay, I feel that RPK had overestimated his own intelligence.” Ain’t that the truth. Why can’t his minions understand that?

    Good one, Jebat, makes it easier for those who have not read the book. Things that you don’t get in school history textbook.

    JMD : Thank you Rakesh. The book is a good read indeed. It offers the other side of the story not mentioned by the usual history books. Perhaps since we do not want to burden our kids with so much information when they are young. Should we take all the things that was happening long time ago, then our history syllabus would be too massive to digest at one go. The reason I rebutted RPK’s article because he only select one chapter to proof his previous claim. He failed miserably, thinking not many had read the book. In fact, Mustapha Hussain celarly said that the conference (which was attended by non Malays and Malay parties) was his THIRD attempt in gaining independence. History should be read as what it is. If history said that the Malays are the first to fight for independence then so be it. History does not belittle the non Malays. Did the young Malay children mock the non Malay kids because their ancestors was not one of the first to fight for independence? I do not think so. All of us are Malaysians. Tolerance and moderation as well as sense of awareness of one’s place in society is very pivotal in our social fabric. Thank you.


  5. Once again, it comes back to our Education policy. Malaysian History should be made a compulsory subject, with a mandatory pass required to move up a grade, even for all the geeks in the Science streams. Actually, maybe all the politicians should be required to sit for a Malaysian History exam before they are allowed to run for office?

    JMD : Fully agree! Haha


    • Agree with Kampong boy, but the problem will be from which prespective of history will our kids read. Having one RPK to distord history is enough and we will surely have more to write to suit their agenda.
      How many JMD’s do we have in our beloved country to write it as it is or to allow the readewrs to form an opinion …
      Thank youy JMD and God bless you….


  6. You were alert to have caught on to the first few commentators in that particular RPK thread, JMD. Kudos for pointing them out.

    Curious: I’m aware that one needs a sort of ‘member’ logon in order to comment at Malaysia Today – a requirement which deters the casual surfer. Would you by any chance know or have heard whether the vetted participant then gets his comment uploaded automatically?

    Or are all comments nonetheless still subject to moderation? If so, what would be the average time-lag between their submission and approval for general/public viewing?

    Someone or sometwo told me before that you once complained your comment to M’sia Today was deleted. Would you mind referring me to the link where you wrote about this?

    Next: I do understand your frustration at some of the type of comments appearing there. The ones that bash do not find favour with me either, the little that I’ve read of M’sia Today.

    Over here, you’ve mentioned my name as well as msleepyhead, woody and andipool to be among those who have disagreed with you on many occasions.

    This factor, actually, I take to be an asset to your blog – that naysayers should trouble ourselves to engage constructively, and civilly share our dissenting views with the majority who are usually aligned (adat resam blog secara lazimnya memanglah menjurus kepada terpupuk suatu kelompok pembaca yang ghairah menyokong) with the agreed sentiments expressed in the postings proper.

    Therefore, if you feel aggravated that the remarks in M’sia Today macam seacuan sahaja, then it indicates you are one up for having a more balanced readership and not a Pied Piper following. Rest assured the non-committal, non-partisan passerby or any fair-minded reader can discern what makes for quality discourse.

    The reason I have commented here is because I trust that even though our opinions are at odds, you will treat my input with integrity. That you have and I notice that you’ve dealt with other dissenting commentators with the same integrity.

    I’m giving you this feedback in the hope that as the political climate ‘hottens’ and both sides up the ante in their contest to influence public opinion, you will mind these strengths and advantages you possess, which has allowed you to retain the respect of those who beg to differ.

    Best wishes & shalom.

    JMD : Aniseed, when Malaysia Today was et up, I was one of the commentators in MT (not regular though). But when it was compulsory to register, we are subjected to Labisman’s whims and fancy 🙂 I was immediately accused as an Umno cybertrooper. Haha how ironic. Those who oppose MT are all being paid by Umno it seems. Remember the words ‘Those who are not with us, are against us’? The wisdom of George W. Bush is greatly emulated by the people behind MT.

    As such, people with opposing views (I think many out there) became disconnected with MT even more (through their inability to contribute in the commentary section). Thus, the credibility it once have was slightly tarnished. Demi Negara wrote something about MT not long ago.

    As for this particular article, I believe RPK was trying to mislead the people by giving a flimsy proof to counter the challenge by that historian. Since he had used a particular book to strengthen his claim, I had used the same book to counter his. By far, I do not want RPK to tarnish a man’s idealogy just to suit his agenda. Mustapha Hussain (from what I read in his memoirs) was not what RPK trying to project in that article.

    Aniseed, we may have differences in our opinions. All Malaysians have differing views. We cannot possibly have 27 million people having the same kind of thinking. But instead of focussing the differences and witholding dissenting views or ridicule opposing comments, people like these have to be engaged more.

    Same like you and me. I find that we are at the end of each political spectrum. But a common cause (for instance – the welfare of pets and animals) can be the unifying factor in making the people to come closer to each other. That was one example of a smaller magnitude. Imagine a bigger example where many many more people can relate. The whole nation can come together as one. This is one area where the next government should prioritise. Their decision might not be popular. But it is very crucial so that yhe nation can progress even further.

    Thank you.


  7. Hi Jebat

    I think one has to accept that
    1. Penang, n other Straits Settlements, were taken over/conquered/stolen (however you want to see it) by the British.
    2. Hence, the immigrants were British subjects who felt they had equal rights in the SS, at least.
    3. So the Malays, now, post Malaysia, etc should decide if it’s still on some liberation fight against the immigrants or to just build a modern Malaysia.
    4. Instead of harping of the British past immigration policies, perhaps, the Malays would want to limit immigration now but hey, we need cheap labour right?

    On Chin Peng, I think it’s undeniable that he fought the Japanese too to free Malaysia and then fought the British. No doubt many Malays were killed in this war. Also, consider some Malay political parties like the KMM worked with the Japs to torture the Chinese during the Japanese occupation. The mass murders should be viewed as a backlash/revenge and not some attempt to wipe out Malays, etc

    UMNO, according to Fahmi Reza’s 10 Tahun Sebelum Merdeka, is a British conduit to deny the wishes of the rakyat who supported PKMM n co, as demonstrated by the 1946 hartal. No doubt Malay nationalism began way before Chin Peng, it can be argued that Chin Peng’s struggle for independence began before UMNO’s, in my humble opinion and reading of history so far. But some rumours suggest that the British agenda has been hijacked by Russia under Tun Razak which involved some surreptitious video tapes and a trip to Russia.

    Re historical sources published by DBP, I read it with a pinch of salt and try to get a few references, like the British Asiatic Society’s Journal, etc to get a more balanced view.

    From the reading of the extracts Mustapha’s memoirs, one feels a tinge of self-glorification and anti-Chinese sentiments, like Mustapha’s claim that the Malays had some sort of secret agreement with the Indians against the Chinese.

    JMD : Oh Jed, I urge you to read his whole book ya. The last paragraph was not true at all! I didn’t find any of that in the book at all.

    I remember Nicole Tan had wrote in Malaysian Bar:

    During the constitutional struggle for independence, Tunku Abdul Rahman did not adopt a manifesto denouncing colonialism. We cannot deny the fact that Tunku was indeed a very senior civil servant of the British government. He was part of the system. I guess the adage “if you can’t beat them, join them” comes to mind. The difference is however, Tunku did not just join them but he chose to “fight” them within the system. Tunku used negotiations and consultation in order to “fight” for independence. The Alliance, a coalition of UMNO; MCA and MIC, was formed as a formula for a stable self-government. Of course, the pressure mounted by the Communist Party of Malaya and the Baling talks added weight to the “fight”.

    Thank you and Merry Christmas! I will be out of the country from tomorrow onwards (till new year). Have a good holiday Jed!


  8. Dear Jebat,

    I think you are more polite than me in describing RPK’s articles as misleading. I would have accused him of ‘inciting racial hatred’. We definitely need more people of your calibre to rebut what RPK has written. Only the intellectuals can differentiate between ‘rubbish talk’ and articles based on facts and figures.

    p/s it boils my blood whenever I hear of his thrash!!


  9. Assalamualaikum JMD,

    It must be like the fairy tales I heard about the Portugese invasion of our beloved state, Malacca ….

    The stories goes like this …

    The Portugese armada headed by Alfonso De Albuqaque with thousands strong soldiers was destroyed by five Malays warriors, Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, Hang Lekir, Hang Lekiu and Hang Kasturi … thousands came, thousand slaughtered ….

    Alfonso had to called for reinforcement of other thousands strong portugese seamen and finally after 75% of them slaughtered by the five warriors, they manage to take Malacca ….

    Three months later, as greedy as he is, Alfonso send in 9 spies to Kedah, Penang and Perlis, to check on the strength of those states ….

    Three months later only three came back, one from each state and this is their combined report :-

    “It is not advisable to attack those three northen states as we calculated that we lost thousands of our soldiers during the Malacca campaign to the five warriors of Malacca, i.e Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, Hang Lekir, Hang Lekiu and Hang Kasturi . Those three northen states are full of “Hangs”, during our stint there, there were “Hang Nak Mampoih Ka, Hang Pi Mana, Hang Gila ka etc etc”

    Alfonso then ask again what happend to the other six spies, the remaining three informed that those six guys are in Bangkok now ….

    So, bottom line, if chin peng was a freedom fighter fighting for “Merdeka” then, the fairy tales above will be authentic history …..


  10. If the planned rewriting of history by RPK is intended to elevate the status of Chin Peng, what would RPK say to those men and women who died in the hands of the CPM ? CPM’s struggle went beyond the years of Malaysia gaining independence.

    In his hatred towards UMNO, he plans to sever all links UMNO have together with MCA and MIC in the fight to gain Independence.

    If my memory serves me right, sometime back DAP’s Ronnie Liu suggested the same thing. It resulted in some Malay newspaper putting the picture of Anwar and his cohorts with a bintang tiga beret.

    I am hoping to hear what Hang Kasturi will say about this.

    Thank you ever again, for taking the time to do things most if not all of us will be too busy or too laid back to bother replying to RPK.

    Perhaps, the Police and Army veteran’s organisation will raise their sound bytes at such blasphemous attempt by RPK to elevate Chin Peng’s status.

    Bad enough that RPK is cherry picking arguments to fit his theory, misrepresenting the conclusion of the book is totally unforgiveable.

    JMD : Thank you Lekiu for the comment.


  11. Well done JMD!

    1. Having a habit of reading is good, but for me, to read RPK’s blog and the likes is a waste of time. However, people like you must read them, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to rebut all the lies…and couldn’t come up with such a good posting like this….and people like me couldn’t get a refreshing presentation of our own history.

    2. Let’s not be too anxious wondering about ‘Malay historians’…..honestly, you can be one….if not as an official historian, perhaps you can become history books reviewer:-)

    God bless you for all the efforts you’ve put in.

    Azman Mohd Isa


  12. Thank you JMD for this article.

    The article from RPK is dangerously misleading. I am all towards Malaysian unity but if these minority extremists and proud liberal Malays (this take came from your article ‘killed with a borrowed knife’) keep on distorting facts to deny the history of the malay struggle and their dominant presence since the period of the Kesultanan Melayu, I do not see how the nation could escape from this fragile inter-racial mistrust black hole that the present government has brought us into. The ideological clash between the majority malays/bumi and the minority extremists would never cease to end, and the moderate minority, whom i know many being my neighbours and working colleagues, are stuck hopelessly in between. They would wait endlessly for a harmonious and balanced Malaysia.

    What is so thick inside the heads of these extremist ****heads? (i have to let one out. Only once in a while). We should all know by now the wants of each ethnic. Basically the Malays would not want the trace of their sovereignty which includes the Sultanate, the position of the religion in the states and the language be diluted in creating the Bangsa Malaysia. As for the economy piece of cake, as much as I would like the Malays to equally prosper, in the capacity of my personal opinion, i think this should be achieved by creating hardship awareness on a facilitating platform rather than putting in place the loose mechanics that we had previously where we have generated more incompetent rich businessmen than true achievers. The NEP can be fine-tuned for this purpose. The minority would want to do away with the policies which they feel discriminative to them. There are also issues of vernacular schools which has been discussed by all in another post. Now these extremist rascals are promoting sensitive debates that have nothing to do with the fundamental question of why we could not agree with each other and how we can overcome these barriers. No, they would content if they could deteriorate further the fragile balance among the people and bring anarchy to the country. I felt my blood rushing through my cholesterol-rich veins when i read the hate comments in MT.

    You said once that you will slowly pull yourself away from political blogging once you achieve getting Pak Lah off the throne. I think you shouldn’t. We need people like you to continue voicing ad counter critical issues like these.

    – river


  13. Twisted history.

    Chin Peng wasn’t a freedom fighter.The Chinese fought against the Japanese because of atrocities the Japs committed against Chinese in China and elsewhere.

    In Malaya then the same could be said of Chin Peng who eventually fought the British to turn Malaya into a communist country.He didn’t fight the British to liberate Malaya but to include it in the greater Communist China agenda.

    I have stopped reading Malaysia Today for many moons now.


  14. Saya juga sering memikirkan rupabentuk dan halatuju Malaysia dan Singapura kini jika Mustapha Hussain yang menerajui UMNO pada 1951. Namun, apa yang hendak dikata? Nasi sudah menjadi bubur.

    JMD : Saya membaca buku biografi Mustapha Hussain sekitar pertengahan tahun ini. Jenuh juga mecari balik buku tersebut setelah RPK menggunakannya untuk membuktikan bahawa Chin Peng adalah pejuang kemerdekaan. Saya tidak dapat mencari nama Chin Peng di dalam buku tersebut. Mungkin saya terlepas pandang. Walau bagaimanapun, Mustapha telah memperjuangkan kemerdekaan lebih dulu dari terjadinya ‘conference PUTERA-AMCJA’ tersebut.

    Mustapha Hussain, seperti rakan rakannya di dalam KMM dan MNP adalah pejuang Melayu yang radikal berbanding dengan Umno yang lebih bertoleransi.

    Sekian terima kasih.


  15. Bro JMD,

    there is something fishy about the link you provided that leads to Malaysia Today. the commentaries not only glorifying Chin Peng, but RPK himself! and to add my dismay, all of them agree that Chin Peng is Malaysian Hero! wow, Malaysia Today really really sell a lot of crap nowadays isnt it?

    i wonder, why majority of all commentaries agreed with RPK? if Malaysia Today really practice tranparency, there is also be commentaries not agree with RPK right? or otherwise, the disagreed commentaries has been blocked or not being published in the first place ey?


  16. Dearest JMD…
    These was what I heard a little from my father and uncles.
    Unfotunately no history book written.
    You had wrote a very clear and bright picture.
    If Mustapha Hussein would had won that one vote against TAR,
    then i think we ll see much differences of what we are facing today.
    no headache.
    You didnt mention about Pejuang Dato Onn Jaafar,
    where he stand and why is he put aside?
    Why must we be afraid of the TRUTH.
    Keep on writing JMD
    Sometimes i ll asked my children to read 4 me.

    shabas JMD

    JMD : You can also read Onn Jaafar’s struggle in a few books. To me, both KMM and UMNO are right in their struggle. Unfortunately these differences between two rights were the central issue which had pit them together ever so often. Too bad certain quarters of vested interests always want to see those two earliest Malay political institutions smear each other’s name and reputation.

    Thank you.


  17. JMD

    Although there is a cliched phrase that one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter, I recall looking at photos of my much older brothers in the uniform of the auxiliary police during the 1950s when the Communist Emergency was still under way. Chin Peng should never be glorified by Malaysia. He may be recognised as an essential part of our history. But, we should never see that part of our history as any more than a blot. Chin Peng and his cohorts may have had their beliefs. But those beliefs were antithetical to many Malayans of the time, my family included. He and his comrades disrupted the social fabric and refused to accept that the general citizenry preferred the type of democracy that we live in today. RPK is incorrect to call Chin Peng a freedom fighter. He was an oppressor of freedom. This view comes from me as a Malaysian who happen to be of Chinese ethnicity. But Malaysian first and Malaysian last. Nothing in between.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  18. you should be up there defending the Malays bro. not those twats we call PM, DPM, Ms and MPs. semua senyap. too afraid to even defend their own race. i’ll vote for u anytime bro.



  19. Good one.

    I can’t help but agree with some of his anti-malay, Islam comments (substance over form) but not political rabble rousing. Some were in a bad taste though. I do the same with indians and hinduism.

    He was so sure about Anwar taking over by giving some confusing take on MP seats and numbers. He is a good writer who knows how to skew the facts and views to his(or rather Anwar’s) advantage and make it so believable. And not a single BN MP crossed over.

    He is also another ‘ sivaji the boss’, hero to non-malays, who are unable to think for themselves. Unfortunately, large number of non-malays are in that category. Feel sorry for them.



  20. Orang gila tidak sedar bahawa mereka itu gila,malah mereka percaya bahawa orang lain semua nya gila.

    Raja Pembohong & Kelentong (RPK) tak patut di hantar ke Kemunting tapi tempat sebenar dia adalah di Tanjong Rambutan.


  21. Alright folks, let’s step back and take a look at the meaning of “freedom”.

    CPM is a freedom fighter as far as struggle against colonialism is concerned. That is true. They took up arms to free Malaya from British control.

    Of course, once Malaya is freed, they envisaged themselves as master of the land, so, free of the British, but now stepped upon by the communist. Of course with hindsight we are all relieved that the CPM lost the fight. The communist leadership is full of mind control machinery, and no one is allowed to offer any alternative arguments. They just kill you.

    It is a mistake, however, to think that the CPM is supported by most Chinese. Come on, if you worked all your life to become successful, would you want to let the state take all your money? Only a handful of disgruntled workers were involved, but the government liked to paint the picture that many Chinese were in the CPM. Most CPM members were Chinese, but this does not imply that most Chinese support CPM.

    Now, what about the others … UMNO, MIC, MCA … yes, they too wanted freedom from the British – but then the people are no longer free from BN. Free from the British but stepped upon by BN.

    So what “freedom” are we talking about? We are free from one thing but then immediately come under the control of another.

    They only way to really free yourself from this world is to depart from it. Now that’s total freedom.

    JMD : I think you should read Chin Peng’s biography too in order to ascertain the early histroy of CPM in Malaya. Or, you can read the opinions by commentators who had made their opinion about Chin Peng too. Thank you.


  22. Salam MD,

    We should get Prof Shamsul Amri of ATMA, UKM to speak up on this issue more. He is also very well informed.

    NONE, I repeat NONE of the CPM members were freedom fighters. Please read Chin Peng’s biography. First of all the setting up of the Communist Party of Malaya was planned by the British (or they already had full cognisance of the CPM).

    The CPM’s inaugural meeting was held somewhere in Negeri Sembilan (I think) in 1938? where Ho Chi Minh was present. Ho Chi Minh’s real name was Nguyen Ai Quoc.

    At this meeting was also one Lai Tek @ Loi Tek @ Wright @ Nguyen something @ Chan Hong aged about 38 who was made the first Secretary General of the Communist Party of Malaya. At this time Chin Peng was a about 15 years old in Sitiawan and did not know anything about the CPM.

    Loi Tek (a Vietnamese – so how was he a freedom fighter in Malaya) who was made the first Sec Gen of the CPM was already a British Agent. He had been a French agent in Vietnam but was arrested by the French. Then he was “sent” by the French to the British in Hong Kong where Loi Tek became a British agent, helping the British smoke out Communist labour unions in the Hong Kong docks. Until his disappearance Loi Tek could not speak a word of Malay.

    In the late 1930s, the Brits “sent” Loi Tek to Singapore and handled him when he organised the port workers in Singpoare. Since Loi Tek had frends in the COMINTERN, the Brits were fully informed of the COMINTERN’s decision about that time to set up Communist insurrections around South East Asia.

    Loi Tek was then co-opted by the British when he organised the Communist Party of Malaya on Comintern instructions. From day one, the British knew the inside out of the CPM.

    During the Japanese occupation of Malaya, Loi Tek remained behind in Malaya and became an agent of the Kempeitai. Loi Tek had free access to travel during the Japanese occupation.

    When the Japs invaded Malaya, Chin Peng was barely 20 years old. He wanted to go to China and join Mao Tse Tung to fight the Japanese there. But since the japs were already here, the fight came to Chin Peng. So he did not have to go to China.

    When the Japs invaded Malaya, Chin Peng started going underground. Even at this time Chin Peng was NOT a member of the Communist Party of Malaya. He was a member of Mao Tse Tung’s Anti Enemy Backing Up Society, HQ in China.

    At this time Chin Peng had no idea that someday in the future anyone would be saying that he was a freedom fighter for Malaya! Chin Peng had no idea about the CPM. He did not know what it was.

    Chin Peng had joined Mao Tse Tung’s Anti-Enemy Backing Up Society (AEBUS) and NOT the Communist Party of Malaya. The AEBUS later evolved into the Min Yuen.

    In 1942-3? the British sent in Spencer Chapman and a few other agents to organise resistance AMONGST THE MALAYAN CHINESE against the Japanese. Two vehicles were chosen FOR THE MALAYAN CHINESE ie the Communist Party of Malaya for the Communists and the Kuomintang for the Chiang Kai shek supporters. By this time Chin Peng was a member of the CPM.

    Spencer Chapman was landed by submarine at Segari along with Lim Bo Seng (representing Chiang Kai Shek’s Kuomintang) to meet Loi Tek (representing the Mao Tse Tung Communists).

    Chin Peng was present as Chapman’s guide. The meeting took place at a place called Blantan near Bidor in Perak.

    Loi Tek drove up from Singapore in a car, during Japanese occupation. He was NOT molested by the Japanese.

    When these folks all met at the Blantan camp, Spencer Chapman knew Loi Tek (the Sec Gen of the CPM and Chin Peng’s Boss) was a British agent because Chapman had met Loi Tek before in Singapore when Loi Tek was handled by the British Special Branch in Singapore.

    Then Loi Tek, Lim Bo Seng and the other British agents present at Blantan (Broome, etc) signed a piece of scrap paper about some agreement. The so called agreement was written by hand and was written on school notebook paper. Chin Peng did not sign because at this time he was only about 22 years old and did not know anything.

    Since Loi Tek was already Chapman’s ‘agent’, Chapman did not sign the agreement (maybe Chapman he could not take the hypocrisy).

    During the Japanese occupation, Loi Tek kept betraying CPM leaders to the Japanese. In one famous incident the so called ‘top leadership’ of the CPM (actually squatter farmers, rubber tappers, carpenters etc) was wiped out by the Japanese during a ‘secret’ meeting in Batu Caves. Loi Tek had informed the Japs of the secret meeting.

    Then in 1945 after the Japs surrendered, Loi Tek became a British agent again. He fully briefed the Brits about who was who in the CPM. (Still no freedom fighters there).

    Finally in 1947 the CPM started becoming suspicious that their Sec Gen Loi Tek was an enemy agent. The Brits told Loi Tek about this. Loi Tek escaped along with a million Dollars of CPM party funds. They say that Loi Tek ran away to Thailand where he was killed by the Thai Communists. Others have said the Brits spirited Loi Tek to London. Loi Tek was a mystery.

    Chin Peng was incensed and sufffered great loss of face. To save face, Chin Peng and the CPM decided to launch a war against the Brits. I think it was a retaliation against the Brits for making such fools of the CPM. There was no freedom fighting involved. It was a simple case of ‘shit they have made such idiots of us’.

    Spencer Chapman returned to England where he suffered depression and later cmmitted suicide. He knew what he did in Malaya, help nurture the CPM, which caused so much death and desruction.

    The whole CPM thing was a game played by the British.

    JMD : Thank you Tuan Syed for taking time to enlighten us with your knowledge about this issue. I believe Ho Chi Minh presided over the meeting in 1930 in Kuala Pilah back then.


  23. syabas JMD..saya adalah anak polis yg berpangkat sjn..arwah bapa pernah bercerita pada emak dengan sy dihadapannya(termasuk adik beradik seramai lapan org)yg beliau bimbang sesuatu perkara terjadi padanya sekiranya beliau gugur dlm pertempuran dgn pihak komunis yg sangat kejam..rakan beliau gugur dlm satu ambush yg arwah bapa kata..peluru hanya sisi singgah kedadanya..cuma Allah berkehendak dia hidup utk bercerita tentang keperitan bangsa Melayu yg berjuang demi negara..pada RPK..anda boleh jalandah dgn crita yg karut tu..kalaulah arwah masih ada…


  24. RPK himself is a commie. Look what he married? He is a slave to his wife and her ideologies. She is the brain behind his face and Malaysia Today which I stopped reading ages ago. He is full of himself and one who intends to be anti establishment his entire life to seek publicity. The govt should come down harder on him next time and drag his commie wife along with him in throwing them in separate cells. Give them a taste of how the commies would treat them.

    JMD : Marina is a communist? I honestly think that is not possible. Unless you know something that we all don’t. But thank you for the comment. Do come again.


  25. WARNING: Grandfather story coming up here….

    Dear JMD,
    My grandad had many stories of the good bad old days. Never in my born years did I hear my grandad or my other relatives or people of his generation praise Chin Peng. What was passed on to me as a child was that the Bintang Tiga was “kejam, lebih kejam dari Jepun”.
    My grandad and those of his generation lived those times. And it’s their word that I’ll take that Chin Peng and his band were no freedom fighters.
    You’ve made good arguments here. Alas, we are once again “berkutbah kpd yg dah beriman”. You can throw all the historical facts at them but the MTtypes still won’t accept. There’s none so blind as he who will not see.

    As for our cendawan, I mean, cendekiawan…. hrrrmmpphhh! If they do speak up at all, they are full of “isma” this and that. Then my eyes glaze over and I’m ready to do a Paklah and zzzz. Why can’t they just talk plain like you and me?


  26. Dear JMD
    Good articule indeed. I click on the link to find out what RPK said. However before that my fingers click on an artical about our PM being interviewed by a chinese language newspaper. I thought I am the only one who hate what our PM hd to say but the comments that came from the readers whom I believe were mainly chinese were horrible. Both sides dislike the same person but obviously for different reasons.

    Back to RPK article in his blog, wow so many visitors appeared to agree and praised him for his work about Chin Peng. They believed that Chin Peng was a freedom fighter that wanted to liberate Malaya from the British. I dont think this was the case. As I saw it, ten years after independance Chin Peng and his communist fighters are still trying to take over the country by armed struggle. Did any body tell him that we were already liberated , already independant from the British rule. Isn’t it dumb because in that ten years more people have died, wives were widowed and children were orphaned from both sides. Why? Has great Chin Peng got another agenda for this beloved country.
    JMD these past few weeks you seemed to be so angry. I believe most of us are angry too. We have said what we have to say. Let us wait and see.



  27. I am a fan of RPK once but not anymore. MT is full of supporters of RPK made up of non Malays bashing the Malays. I used to counter some racial provocative argument but its like a gangland of 1000 against 1.


  28. what can you say about RPK / anwar and the reason(s) behind all these twisted things about ketuanan melayu?

    Blessed are the forgetful: for they get the better even of their blunders.

    A good writer possesses not only his own spirit but also the spirit of his friends.

    Friedrich Nietzsche


  29. JMD,


    1. I have been following your blog for quite some time now and this is my initial comment.

    2. You are a worthy writer brother and one excellent at it

    3. I wont indulge anything on your writing cos what u wrote is more than enough to state the fact..

    4. I would like to extend my hand in ally….i know u prefer to be anonymous but i know we would be formidable if we group ourself as a team…be it ‘covert’..

    5. If you are interested, please email me (i put my email )…..



  30. Sangat hebat, tuan.
    Malangnya tuan dan RPK dua dua salah.
    Negeri Kesultanan Melayu (9 semuanya) tidak pernah di jajah.
    Kalau tidak di jajah masakan kita perlu dimerdekakan.

    Kita semua telah di perbodohkan oleh British dan aristocrat melayu yang pertama yang menyekularkan negara kita . Fakta ini saya perolehi oleh seorang peguam yang telibat dalam penggubalan Perlembagaan Persekutuan dan hanya beliau sahaja yang tinggal.
    Beliau jugalah yang menyatakan Kontrak Sosial tidak wujud (atau nama saya bukan Confuseus). Apa yang orang Melayu perlu ialah menuntut apa yang di
    catatkan dalam perlembagaan.

    Ketuanan Melayu juga tidak wujud, sebab tiada siapa yang “Supreme”.

    “Buka lah minda, terangkan hati, sila baca buku Melayu Islam Beraja”


  31. Jebat,

    Ko jelah masukkan org gile tu dlm ISA semula. Nak membodek sgt kat cina sampai sejarah pun nak diputar-belitkan. Kalau DAP piket ISA, ko hantar je dia ni masuk Tanjong Rambutan. Sick with this guy!!!

    JMD : Comment moderated with sincere apologies. Thank you.


  32. RPT = Yahudi yang putarbelitkan kitab injil.
    Chin Peng = Komunis
    Komunis = Musuh islam.(memerangi islam.
    Yang memerangi islam = Patut di pancung aja. Kalau tak boleh pancung
    orang nya, boikot aja penulisan nya. Kerajaan oi,
    haramkan aja penulisan nya. Syed hamid, please!


  33. @ Bob

    Hi Bob, appreciated your opinion but the following two are contradictory to each other:

    1. So what “freedom” are we talking about? We are free from one thing but then immediately come under the control of another.

    2. They only way to really free yourself from this world is to depart from it. Now that’s total freedom.

    Statement #2 violates the premise of #1. Once you depart from the world you’ll be free from the world and all its whims but then immediately come under the rules of the hereafter, where everyone will be brought upon God’s Court for trial.

    @ JMD and most (if not all) commentators

    Yes, agreed. RPK truly stinks! He and his Malaysia Today are dangerous, trying to distort facts and rewrite history.


  34. I am no historian, but what we have seen is the method used by RPK to swindle people to believe that he knows what he is saying, or in short, he is the better historian.

    The same scenario is happening with regard to his religious impression. Right now, his cult supporters in MT believe that his is the best Muslim in the world and he possesses the best understanding of Islam and his version of Islam is the most correct one. This is because he is using the same method to swindle people to believe what they think he is. Just as people who know history would know how he had lied, if you know Islam (I mean you really know Islam via proper study of its branches of knowledge), you would also know of his lies when he speaks about Islam.

    But his method works on people who are ignorant about the subject, especially those ignorant and yet arrogant MT junkies who swallow everything RPK as truth. We need more people to expose his lies. Thanks for your effort bro JMD.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment.

    Dear good readers, all comments will be looked at as soon as I come back from a 4 day secret mission to an island somewhere under the equator; where I will indulge myself in meditative activities such as reading a book or two and riding the banana boat with my nephews and nieces. Thank you all and have a good festive season!


  35. Salam JMD.

    Thank you for the history lesson on Malaya.

    Do you believe that there is a Chinese hegemony agenda going on in South East Asia? Singapore had already long gone, I wonder which state is next. Could it be Penang? Why is Mandarin being pushed further and further up the ‘ladder’?

    Let me share with you (and the readers) an anecdote.
    I have a Cambodian colleague who told me that he (and his family) left Cambodia during the time of Pol Pot’s Communist regime. A lot of his family members died at the ‘killing fields’ or tortured. Something that he told me ‘sticks’ on my mind. He told me that Pol Pot killed his own people so that the Chinese could come and colonize his country. In other words to replace the Cambodians with the Chinese. Unfortunately, my colleague has no substantial evidence of what he told me. Well, at least we know that Pol Pot’s patron was China, and I can say that I am not surprised. After that, we know that Vietnam conquered Kampuchea (Cambodia) of Pol Pot and things did not happen as planned by the regime. Year Zero was no more.

    Now, in Malaysian context, isn’t it our prerogative to think and deduce who is really going to profit from the imbroglios that befall Malaysia at the moment?

    JMD, do you believe that the expansion of the Chinese ‘Empire’ is still the order of the day? As I see it, in Malaysia, it’s being done in a more subtle way compared to the real killings in Cambodia. Right now, the annihilation of anything Malay is on its course. I wonder what’s next. Annihilation of the Malays physically?



  36. Not only do we feel educated by Syed Akbar’s input, we are honoured that our literary iconoclast here graze the pages of this blog (hehehe, thanking people macam laaaa blog ni I yang punya). Hope to hear more insights from you, Tuan Syed. For your info, we DID have some shoulder-brush about 2 decades ago in NST. I remember my article then was bashed left and right by people including comrade kassim, rustam sani etc. Only Tun M supported my writing in a speech in Arau, plus yourself. I remember then thinking, who on earth is this Syed Akbar Ali? Of course, I wasn’t Apocryphalist then by name. LoL.


  37. Well done bro. My first time on your blog but I am very happy to see that someone has responded to this RPK. To me he seems fit for mental treatment.

    I would also encourage people to do a background check on him as this fella is a jobless but wonder where he is getting all the money to get t-shirts to promote his campaign of ‘jahilaat’. But then he is ‘royalty’ , isn’t he? haha


    JMD : Thank you for visiting this blog.


  38. JMD.

    Penulisan yang memberi misleading and misinterpretation of facts
    macam RPK ni tak harus diberi tempat dalam mana blog sungguh pun dia ada blog sendiri. Nampak sangat mentality dia , anak Raja dah berselaput menyeleweng dan sesat . Dia ada niat jahat dan agenda tertentu menyairkan fakta tidak tepat tersebut. Saya percaya ada “MASTER” dibelakangnya.

    Dalam hal lain Apa kita nak komen tentang fakta sejarah , dimana kononnya orang melayu dahulu tidak menghantar anak-anak mereka kesekolah Inggeris kerana British memberi keutamaan mengajar orang Melayu menjadi petani sahaja. Namun perkara yang sebenarnya ialah kerana agama dimana orang Malayu ‘takut’ anak-anak mereka akan dikristiankan oleh pendakwah kristian disekolah Inggeris. Anehnya orang Melayu Bandar yang berfahaman lebih terbuka berjaya menyekolahkan anak-anak mereka disekolah Inggeris sampai belajar keluar Negara. Saya rasa kita tak sepautnya menyalahkan British semata mata tapi patut salahkan pemimpin Melayu yang membawa cerita saolah ingin menyekat orang melayu dari berjaya dalam pelajaran . Kalau British mempunyai niat tidak baik/ ikhlas , masakan Malaya diMerdekakan.


    JMD : Semasa Winston Churchill menjadi Perdana Menteri Great Britain pada sekitar tahun 1941, telah tercetusnya peperangan antara Britain dan Germany. Akibatnya, adalah menjadi satu polisi untuk memerdekakan koloni koloni Britain di Timur dalam satu jangkamasa yang terdekat (kerana Britain mahu mula menumpukan pentadbiran di Eropah). Sekian terima kasih.


  39. Dear JMD,

    I stumbled to this site from Rocky’s.

    RPK is quite correct in stating that the Chinese (and Indians too) led in the fight for independence, taking up arms first against the Japanese, then the British. It was later that the malays ‘struggled’ against the British in ‘demanding terms’, which intransigience that really led to postponement of independence to 1957, when we could have obtained it in 1946. Malay struggle really began shortly before the Malayan Union, in 1946. Prior to that it was restricted to social upliftment activist societies, not really a ‘rebellion’, neither against the Japanese nor the British. Whereas the chinese and indians did the fighting and killing of the Japanese and British during WW2. There is no record of malay uprisings against the Japanese and British during this period except for the malays who served in the MCP and the INA. Those malays were the other real freedom fighters and heroes.

    Fighting against the British during the period 1948-57 meant fighting against the malays too who were on the side of the British from 1948-57. Once war against the MCP was declared in 1948, the Malayan administration, Umno and the malays sided with the British. I’m not sure who should be considered the betrayer and traitor.

    There were malays too in the MCP. Incidentally, 18,000 Indian Malayans and a few hundred Malays were part of the INA to overthrow the British alongside another 30,000 Indian POWs. Their tale is also forgotton. Only the Umno tale is remembered and paraded by politicans to augment their positions.

    To posit that Chin Peng is not a freedom fighter one has to provide scholastic proof, which I do not see. Here is my evidence of the real Malayan history. Let the historians decide.

    1) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_political_parties_in_Malaysia

    2) http://wapedia.mobi/en/Malayan_Races_Liberation_Army

    3) http://www.answers.com/topic/chin-peng

    4) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indian_National_Army

    Thank you and peace.

    JMD : It is a shame that you are using the pseudonym Temenggong. During the Melaka Sultanate, apart from Laksamana, the Temenggongs were the one well equipped to counter any attacks (foreign or domestic) against the realm. First and foremost, thank you for giving us the links. I am sure wikipedia and those other links you provided will be viewed as the ultimate reference on our nation’s history. Since you are using those links as evidence, then let me just point out just one ‘fact’ from the 3rd link above. In one of the paragraph it said – “In 1960 Chin Peng wished to give up the armed struggle, but, after travelling to China, was told by Deng Xiaoping that South-East Asia was ripe for Revolution.”

    What does that tell you? It shows that MCP’s idealogy and objective which was – to set up ‘Communist Republic of Malaya’ had been instructed by another foreign power. It seems now, in addition of Chin Peng was not a freedom fighter, he is now a stooge of Communist China. Is my contention correct?

    Actually, your premise that – ‘There is no record of malay uprisings against the Japanese and British during this period except for the malays who served in the MCP and the INA. Those malays were the other real freedom fighters and heroes’ are quite wrong indeed.

    My dear Temenggong, permit me to rain on your parade by citing few examples of Malay struggle. Off the cuff, I can say that Datuk Maharajalela (1870’s) insurgence against British rule can be deemed as a rebellion against British political dominance in Perak. You forgot that didn’t you? Then, in 1915, Tok Janggut’s struggle to ‘drive out British influence’ out of Kelantan angered the British that resulted in his killing and his body was hanged upside down and mutilated. Mat Kilau and Datuk Bahaman also contributed to the struggle. I am sure these people did their fighting and killing long before Chin Peng was born.

    It is said that the MCP fought the Japanese during WWII (with help from British Force 136 in supplying them with weapons) and then the British (much like how Saddam Hussein and Osama Ben Laden fought their own previous benefactors – the US). And this proved to be the basis of their claim that they are freedom fighters. This may have some legitimacy if the British still rule this country. But after 1957, that claim becomes meaningless. Chin Peng had fought against an independent Malaysia as if it was a hostile country altogether.

    I can write about this till morning but I suggest you read a few books (other than wikipedia links) in order to ascertain the REAL MALAYAN history.

    1) Dato’ Seri J.J. Raj Jr’s The Struggle for Malaysian Independence (awesome read)

    2) Colin Abraham’s The Finest Hour

    3) Memoirs of Mustapha Hussain

    4) Tunku Abdul Rahman’s Political Awakening

    5) Dato Seri Yuen Yuet Leng’s Nation Before Self

    Hope these books will be useful to you. I have a few more books to recommmend soon after you finished reading the above.

    Thank you for taking the time to learn about your country.


  40. JMD, spot on.

    Maybe RPK had too many F’s in history and now, is trying to impress his former history teacher.

    I too had in the past had made rebuttal comments in MT until one day, I wasn’t able to log in! And I’ve never used a single derogatory word! but lots of sarcasm!

    For Tuan Syed Akbar Ali, that is truly enlightening.


  41. Hey JMD, Historian has already prove that Jebat and his brothers are actually Chinese from the Ming court. DNA sample already done and proven so do not re-write history. You can use P Ramlee as your hero but again he is nothing if the Cina towkay did not give groom him.

    JMD : Here is another fellow who are too ignorant of his own country’s history. My dear anonymous, which historian are you referring about? What DNA samples? Who obtained them? Which professional organisation did the study? This is just another propaganda by some Chinese supremacist that tries to hijack the Sejarah Kegemilangan Melaka and downplay anything that is Malay in this country. Thank you for revealing this to us.


    • http://www.yellowbamboohk.com/yellowbamboo/Origins%20of%20Hang%20Tuah%20by%20John%20Chow.html

      Findings of the team of scientists, archaeologist, historian and other technical staff from the United State, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Yemen & Russia

      The graves of Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, Hang Lekiu and their close friends have been found and their skeletons had been analysed. Their DNA had been analysed and it is found that Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, Hang Lekiu etc. are not Malay, but Chinese (Islamic Chinese, just like the famous Admiral Cheng Ho). Malacca was a protectorate of China at that time, and the Emperor of China sent the Sultan of Malacca “yellow gifts’ as a token of his sovereignty. The 5 warrior brothers were believed to be sent to help protect Malacca and its Sultan from Siam (Thailand).

      The Sultans of Malacca was directly descended from the Parameswara from Indonesia who fled to Tamasek (Singapore) and then to Malacca. The Malaccan Sulatanate family eventually spread and became the Sultanate of the other Malay states of Perak and Johor. Therefore, the Sultanate royal court and the aristocrats of the Malay sultanates are actually foreigners from Sumatra and Java. Hang Tuah and his friends were the protectors of the Indonesian aristocratic Parameswara family who came to Malaya around 1400 AD and claimed sovereignty of the land.

      For confirmation please refer to:-

      The Federal Association of Arc & Research of Michigan, USA

      JMD : How ro refer if this association does not exist? For your own good, please refer here -https://jebatmustdie.wordpress.com/2009/12/16/pakatan-rakyat-and-their-myths/ . Hang Tuah is a protector of Parameswara? Who taught you this history? David Letterman? Please do not be gullible. Thank you.


  42. Dear JMD,

    You have rightly hit the nail in the coffin and we really appreciate it .

    Not only during the pre-war days but till today, the British is instrumental in diminishing the needs and rights of the indigenous people. The modus operandi is to divide and conquer.

    As long, as we have people like Raja Petra who could have been paid to re-write history and a mob of unscrupulous and corrupt politicians, the Malays will be fighting an uphill battle so say that Tanah Melayu still belongs to the Malays.

    Chin Peng was a double headed snake and he managed to wreck the footing of the Malays. He alone managed to manipulate the situation, so as to make him be looked upon as a freedom fighter for Tanah Melayu. If we were to scrutinize closely his role, there are many others today, who are doing just that.

    The Chinese and the Indians believe that, though migrants, they opened up the jungles of Malaya and their have the right to claim the Malay lands as theirs. They have forgotten, the money they accumulated had come from the wealth of Tanah Melayu and not brought over from either China or India.

    The beloved Mustaffa Hussain is the equivalent of our Tun Dr Mohamed Mahatir. Unfortunately Mustaffa Hussain was beaten by the Tunku who was a popular figure amongst the Chinese and the Indians. He had always claimed that he was fighting for the Malay rights but what we see today is the reverse.

    Malaysia requires lots of people like Jebat Must Die and Tun Dr Mohamed Mahatir to make the Malays realize, not to judge a book by its cover.

    Last but not least, let it be known that English language is good while English ruler is another animal altogether.


  43. JMD,

    sorrylah, kita nak kena kurang ajar sikit kat RPK. Kepala otak dialah chin peng tu freedom fighter. Atuk kita kena bunuh dengan geng tiga bintang chin peng kat jasin melaka sebab atuk kita tok sidang. arwah bapa kita yatim umur dua tahun sebab chin peng sial dia katakan freedom fighter.

    Keturunan Jebat

    JMD : Comment moderated with apologies.


  44. komunis hanya akan bunuh tali barut jepun,anjing british.kalau tak de beras,garam ke dia tak akan bunuh…si tukang cerita tu tak tahu apa dia hanya umur enam tahun waktu itu…(takkanlah maknya nak bagi tau atuknya kena bunuh pasai jadi anjing jepun,anjing british,jatuh air muka melayulah)komunis kalau bunuh tak tentu pasal akan dikenakan tindakan tatatertib oleh chin peng. malaysia bekas jajahan british,malayu mestilah ikut british ,joli joli minum bir,kabaret,ronggeng…kalau komunis tentang itu semua….sultan-sultan melayu pun kaki minum arak,askar melayu pun minum bir siapa ajar ini semua?yg serang bukit kepong ketuanya melayu bernama mat indera…yg dendam sangat dengan cina apahal?semua yg tak baik ditolak kepada cina?cermin-cermin diri dululah,manusia tu tak hidup lama di muka bumi ini.

    JMD : Mat Indera bukan ketua komunis. Dia adalah komunis yang berteriak kepada polis polis di Bukit Kepong untuk menyerah kalah. Dia menggunakan loud hailer sambil menjerit – ‘Menyerah kalah! Kamu semua sudah dikepong! Menyerah kalah dan kamu semua tidak akan dibunuh!’

    Sarjan Jamil Mohd Shah, Officer In Charge (OCS) di Bukit Kepong membalas dengan kata kata menyayat hati – ‘Polis tidak akan menyerah. Kami akan lawan sampai mati. Biar putih tulang, jangan putih mata’. Konstabel Othman Yusof dan yang lain juga berteriak – ‘Polis tidak akan menyerah!’.

    Ketua MCP ketika itu adalah Chin Peng. Ketika Darurat 1948 – 1960, lebih kurang 200 hingga 400 serangan dilakukan oleh komunis keatas rakyat Malaya. Saya bukannya mendakwa komunis itu semuanya cina dan cina itu semuanya komunis. Tetapi kita prlu akur bahawa komunis bertindak kejam hanya untuk melaksanakan agenda mereka sendiri walaupun selepas Malaya sudah merdeka. RPK telah melakukan kesilapan besar apabila mengatakan bahawa Chin Peng adalah pejuang kemerdekaan yang tulus.

    Terima kasih.


  45. semua orang boleh angkat diri dia pejuang. orang cina dan jepun dah lama bermusuhan. bila jepun jumpa cina di tanah melayu maka mereka teruskan apa dendam mereka…. mengapa jepun marah kan cina? ada sebab tu… mungkin tak leh percaya kot……

    jadi chin peng bermusuh dengan jepun bukan nak merdeekakan tanah melayu tapi nak balas dendam dengan jepun. jadi kenapa melayu disalahkan?

    kalau chin peng mendekakan tanah melayu kenapa bristish tak ikhtiraf parti komunis?

    siapa yang mulakan api kemerdekaan tak penting… tapi sapa yang berjaya merdekakan tanah melayu itulah sejarah catat… iaitu tuanku abdul rahman.

    kalau nak ubah dan tulis sejarah sendiri… saya boleh kata tok nenek saya yang merdekakan malaya…. hahahahah nak gelaknya aku.


  46. Salam JMD,
    I got so pi**ed off with RPK latest fiasco… kalau ya pun nak publisiti murahan don’t gadaikan maruah bangsa la… I suspect RPK ni ada ‘jin (gene)’ ‘tuan’ mat salleh… perasan dia dah bukan Melayu… ada class konon… dah lupa mangsa2 kekejaman chin peng & Co… one of these days saya doakan dia langgar tiang and masuk longkang… amin!


  47. think he is. Just as people who know history would know how he had lied, if you know Islam (I mean you really know Islam via proper study of its branches of knowledge), y


  48. MT is full of supporters of RPK made up of non Malays bashing the Malays. I used to counter some racial provocative argument but its like a gangland of 1000 against 1


  49. Thanks for the enlightenment. RPK always wants to be more “intelligent” than he really is, playing more on people’s blind emotions than anything else. He is like that other “so-called” Malay reformist who thinks he has the solution but actually, tell what people wants to hear to further his own agenda. All he wants is cheap publicity, and he knows no other way to make himself heard other than the racial card. Who would ever want to listen to him if he talks about something else?

    Chin Peng as a freedom fighter? That’s like saying George Bush as the ultimate saviour of the free world. That’s the level of thinking RPK display.

    I pity the people with brains but never uses them, to follow blindly what few people say without thinking about what happens next for their future.

    I would throw my shoe at him for such malicious article, but I guess my shoe is more valuable than to waste it on people like him.


  50. Salam all

    @ Jed Yoong

    Quoting: “On Chin Peng, I think it’s undeniable that he fought the Japanese too to free Malaysia and then fought the British. No doubt many Malays were killed in this war. Also, consider some Malay political parties like the KMM worked with the Japs to torture the Chinese during the Japanese occupation. The mass murders should be viewed as a backlash/revenge and not some attempt to wipe out Malays, etc

    I strongly agree when JMD told you to read Mustapha’s memoir book in its entirety. So you are now trying to justify the massacre incidents of the Malays by CPM during the 1945 Japanese-to-British transition period as mere backlash and revenge. But instead of going after the exact ones who did it (KMM persons), CPM chose to leash terror against entire Malay societies in those affted places. WHY?

    Therefore, based on your own logic, may I imply that since some Chinese opposition parties has gone too far in mobilising the Chinese into openly insulting and provoking the Malays on the streets to the latter’s limit during 10-12 May 1969 (and even before it), hence the Malay retaliation on the 13th was of exact and justified reactions? Nah, go ahead. Call me racist.

    1. Penang, n other Straits Settlements, were taken over/conquered/stolen (however you want to see it) by the British.
    2. Hence, the immigrants were British subjects who felt they had equal rights in the SS, at least.
    3. So the Malays, now, post Malaysia, etc should decide if it’s still on some liberation fight against the immigrants or to just build a modern Malaysia.
    4. Instead of harping of the British past immigration policies, perhaps, the Malays would want to limit immigration now but hey, we need cheap labour right?

    For #1 and #2. Then, our freedom fighters took back the straits settlements Penang and Malacca as integral states of the independent Malaya. At this point were those immigrants of British subject anymore? Hence were all their past claims of equal rights (save for those protected as legitimate rights in our Constitution since Merdeka) valid anymore? Answer.

    For #3. Those anti-Malay racist bigots have been fighting tooth and nail for their so-called “rights” and “identities” but during the same time have been calling for getting rid of Malays’ legitimate rights and positions enshrined in the Constitution. Like what JMD has stressed in his previous article “They Demand This They Demand That…”, anti-Malay racist bigots have only been demanding but not even prepared to give. Know the word “hypocrisy”? Who, really, have been fighting against whom? And, have Malaysia NOT embracing any sorts of modernity and modernisation since the last 51 years? Explain what kind of modernisation the likes of you want, if you ever can. Getting rid of everything Malay and/or Islam? Is it “modernisation”?!

    For #4. We need labour but it doesn’t mean we should accept just anyone into our country. My stand on this particular issue also applies against Indonesians – as well as present-day Taiwanese and mainland Chinese immigrants. The likes of you have been harping on the Indonesians (despite the fact that there have been many talented Indonesian academics and expatriates here as well, apart from the maids and construction workers), but say nothing on the other group. Why so one-sided? Go figure!


  51. JMD,

    Like many others, I used to read MT but unlike some, I walked away because its becoming impossible to stomach. PKR is turning into a religion for some where Anwar is god and RPK is the messenger. I tried counter-arguing the malay/islam bashing back then but there are things you could not explain in a few lines to extremists.

    I noticed that some of these malay/islam haters are non-malays but what disappointed me most were those malays who never even asked, since when RPK became an expert on Islam? The non-malays there think its okay for the malays to be slaughtered and tortured by CPM but isnt it sad to see some malays are forgetting that fact?

    You did a good job.


  52. selembar pendapat dari sudut yg berbeza..

    ramai beranggapan bahawa apa yg mereka lakukan sebelum merdeka adalah benar tetapi kekejaman yg mereka lakukan pada org kampung dan pasukan2 pengaman selepas kemerdekaan tidak boleh diterima.. ramai berpendapat bahawa dosa2 mereka terhadap anggota polis dan askar tidak boleh dimaafkan.. namun pada mereka, bukanlah mereka mahu melakukan itu semua melainkan kerana mereka merasa diperangi kuncu2 British..

    ini adalah asas pembentukan tanah melayu.. siapa yg benar dan siapa yg salah pada waktu ini hanya diukur dengan sentimen.. sepertimana sentimen membenci kekejaman jepun sewaktu mereka menawan tanah melayu terus kekal dalam generasi yg melaluinya.. menjadi dendam sepanjang hayat..

    Gerilya Merdeka: tribute to shamsiah fakeh

    JMD : Malang sekali apabila pihak komunis bukan sahaja berperang terhadap kuncu kuncu British, malah mereka juga bertindak kejam kepada rakyat biasa. Terima kasih.


  53. In the late 70′, while my father was still in the army, I was living in a military camp in Sungai Petani. One day I saw a helicopter landing near a field where my house was. As a kid, we would be very fast to run to the field in anticipate that the pilot will be very kind as usual and allow us to be around in the helicopter. Unfortunately, that day was a different day. There were a few military trucks and jeeps waiting for the helicopter and none of the soldiers smile like they used to be when they see children running at them. Even as a kid, I knew something was wrong. I observed a few of the soldiers carrying some kind of plastic bag ( which later on I knew it as body bag) and carry it into the truck waiting over there.

    Later that evening, I was informed by my mum what really happened. 7 young soldiers has died in an ambush in Gerik while 2 other escaped with serious injury. According to the injured soldiers, who was thrown out of the truck and landed inside the ravine, he can hear a few of the soldiers were still alive when the Commies decided to disembowel them alive. Later it was found out some of the bodies has been desecrate by having pork meat place inside their stomach or one of them (who was just married) had his penis cut and stuff up into his mouth. The Commies knew that guy just married probably when they found out his wedding picture inside his pocket. To add injury to that news, later it was found out that the wife of that newly wed soldier who was slain in the ambush was actually pregnant at that time and the husband who had died never knew about it.

    Unfortunately, our newspaper never carried out this kind of detail news. Probably afraid the backlash you might get from Malays population.

    This is the kind of history that we need to teach to our kid less we want some of them to continue getting distorted story from those Commies sympathizers. For you guys information, the incident occurs in late 70’s. So what kind of freedom fighter are those Chin Peng and his commies sympathizers are talking about? We are already an independent country for more than 20 years by that time for god sake!


  54. hairan bagaimana ada pula sesetengah orang yang menganggap Chin Peng sebagai “pejuang kemerdekaan”.ya memang mereka pernah melawan British dan Jepun.tapi itu untuk menyenangkan mereka memperluaskan empayar komunisme.tidak lebih daripada itu.

    saya marah dengan Chin Peng dan komunis tapi tidak pernah saya salahkan orang Cina.bukan semua orang Cina menyokong komunisme.

    sangat-sangat tidak bersetuju Chin Peng dianggap sebagai “pejuang kemerdekaan”.pejuang kemerdekaan untuk negara komunis itu adalah.


  55. Chin Peng is an icon for all Malaysians. Only those with blind hatred hate him. Long live Chin Peng.

    JMD : Wow! I didn’t know there are still a few pro communists here in Malaysia. Did you know nstman, that communism is illegal here in Malaysia? To be one, is actually to be in treason with Malaysia. And you know what is the penalty for treason here right?

    MCP desires to see Malaysia becomes the Communist Republic of Malaya / Malaysia. Therefore, the monarchy will be abolished to make way of a republic. And do you know what is the penalty of inciting people to abolish the monarchy? Now you understand.

    That is why, I urge you to come out in the open and surrender yourself. It seems that the Haadyai accord in 1989 where Chin Peng had surrender did not fully achieve its objectives. There are pockets of communism still left amongst us! We must be watchful from now on.

    Since I do not want to harbour any communist terrorist here in my blog, can I give out your IP address to the police so that they can hunt you down? As you know, helping a communist to get away will make me a guilty accomplice 🙂

    Thank you nstman.


  56. You are so wrong this time Jebat. I know cause my relatives, and great grand parents live within the same kampung of Chin Peng.

    Shame on you Jebat for twisting facts. Classic case of pot calling the kettle black. Terpulang la, everyone is entitled to their own idea and opinions.

    Instead of asking readers to assess what RPK’s motives are, tell us WHAT YOUR MOTIVES ARE since you’re a well known UMNO balls carrier…

    JMD : Did your relatives live with Chin Peng in Perak, before he joined MCP or were they together with him in South Thailand, plotting to overthrow the government? Were they part of the Min Yuen group (civilians who became collaborators of the communists)?

    What facts did I twist? Oh please do tell us. At least I am giving you the opportunity here to tell us your own idea and opinion about Chin Peng. Will wait for your story.

    Am I an Umno ball carrier? Hmmm… last time I check, this blog has been critical to the PM and his Umno leaders. I carry no one’s ball except my own 🙂 Please be logical next time and stop shooting from the hip.

    Thank you.


  57. JMD Bro,

    i hope you have an eventful of festive and holiday season with your nephews and nieces. no time more precious than spending good quality time with family and loved ones. indeed, everyone need sometime on their own, just like Axl Rose used to tell his fans :

    Sometimes I need some time…on my own
    Sometimes I need some time…all alone
    Everybody needs some time…on their own
    Don’t you know you need some time…all alone

    (and came the guitar solo by the Legend, Slash)

    -Guns N Roses, November Rain-

    anyway, i dont know where to direct the recent article by RPK. is it at this very page dedicated to RPK or on other posting regarding racial remark and prejudicism. the title of the article “The Constantly Grumbling Chinese”. read more at the link provided below.


    somehow, i do agree with RPK. especially this part when RPK stated :

    “Look at the issue of free speech. When I whack the Malays, I am a great guy. I am open. I am fair. I am a person who allows and practices freedom of expression. But, when I whack the Chinese, I am a racist pig. Whacking Malays is good for the country and in the spirit of free speech. Whacking the Chinese is a negative thing and bad for the country’s future.”

    hmm…so the person who glorify Chin Peng is now taking stand to defend malay is it? or he just want to take part in this racist-you-racist-me adventure? or maybe this comment be much better left at the article “they demand this, they demand that..” by JMD..

    Cheers and merry xmas.

    JMD : That article was to entice the majority chinese to vote for PAS and not be afraid of its call to implement Hudud laws because, according to RPK’s twisted mind, PAS cannot win more that two thirds majority in Parliamen to enact that law.

    RPK may be right though but along the way, he actually undermine the intelligence of PAS supporters. Now he is saying that all PAS did was rhetorical and they are not serious in implementing Hudud law after all.

    To RPK, there is no chance whatsoever for the supporters of PAS to see any forms of Hudud within the Malaysian legal system.

    That is why the chinese must not be afraid in voting for PAS in the next by election.

    Just another direct campaign by RPK to let Pakatan Rakyat win the KT by election. At the same time, he is belittling the supporters of PAS through this article.

    Thank you.


  58. I don’t read Tanah Melayu history much, lazy. I was not even born then, happen to be the last child, so long after Merdeka, my sisters and the cousins, they are all alive and they still know what happened and my grandma live till she was 100 years old – so many stories from her I remember and so many stories from my late father telling me about the merdeka process. My late father was among the people who was there fighting for the independent and if there is a person claimed otherwise, they can hang me, I will not believe such nonsense.

    I guess after he was ISA, he has gone cuckoo, I pity him. I am lazy too to read his blog as I don’t find it interesting. I rather read simedarbywatch or so many others and I for one like to read your blog Mr. Jebat.

    I just hate people who tried to distorted history. I hate people who tried to create history of their own and lie. I don’t see why my late father and my late grandma tell me lies. I gave this RPK other stories the benefit of the doubt, but on this he can kiss my feet and ass before I believe his nonsense. We should pray for him so that he gets his sound mind. He wants to be wordsmith he should write fantasy – story of any galaxy or another universe and I might buy it. He can write about dragon too if he wants, but not the history of Tanah Melayu.

    Ask RPK to come and see me, I might teach him a lesson or 2


  59. Salam,

    RPK semenjak keluar ISA ni cerita dia makin mengarut… tapi sebenarnya bagus untuk pejuang kebenaran… ramai orang akan pikir RPK gila dan kembali berfikir secara rasional dan analitikal… bagus untuk mengembalikan keharmonian negara..


  60. Had be still under the British we would have been much more successful, at least our University ranking would not have dropped like 10 pins.

    Independent is a mistake for country like Malaya and Zimbabwe but a success for Singapore and Hong Kong.

    JMD : I thought our university ranking dropped only a few years back. University Malaya rose in prominence after the independence. Why then are you grumbling? You want to be the subject of British still? Love to be shadowed all the time by the British intel? Do you have other contructive views to share?

    Thank you.


  61. Salam Jebat,

    Dengan kekuatan skill penulisan ni, Jebat sepatutnya menulis sebuah buku atau semua articles yang ade ni dibukukan dengan segala references. Orang macam saya yang ingatan tak sekuat mana ni perlu ade ade “buku2” dari Jebat ni sebab kawan2 saya hampir 90% orang2 yang menyokong orang gila RPK..



  62. History can never be twisted. Both sides or argument are correct. It is only looking at different perspective
    Chin Peng and his chinese and malay comrades fought the war with British & Japanese. But when the war is over with them, they are denied of their political rights to form a their party . It was the known as the PERJANJIAN Baling. As Tunku & Chin Peng could not achieve consensus. They were forced back into the jungle and that’s how the war have started against the new Alliance government.
    We should be matured enough to understand WAR for WAR makes an evil out of a man..regardless of which sides you are in.
    Pls do not twist any history to your whims and fancies. What RPK trying to prove is just what i have written above. Everyone chips in regardless of race & religion to the success we achieved today. Today is about the war against mother of all corruptions that is plaging BN government ( UMNO/MCA?MIC etc ). Can’t you guys see it.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. Anyway, may I know from where do you learn your history? Have you read Syed Akbar Ali’s comment above?

    Anyway, to my recollection, MCP was established before WWII. They wanted to promote communism as a way of life. Do you know what communism is?

    Anyway, prior to WWII, MCP were not equipped with arms. They would firght their struggle through trade unions. Many of the communists had infiltrated into the trade unions and in order to test the British government at that time, they would make the workers go on strike. Strikes were organised almost on daily basis. At the point of crippling the economy.

    When the Japanese came, the military wing of the MCP, known as the MPAJA received a lot arms and ammunition from British. Many guns and other weapons were paracuted from aircrafts over the jungles for the usage of the MPAJA.

    One of the British military unit called Force 136 took the time to train the MPAJA on jungle warfare. How to strike using guerilla tactics and how to derail trains.

    Thus, starting from 1941, the ‘peaceful struggle’ of the MCP became an ‘armed struggle’. However, the original aim of the MCP remain unchanged – to make Malaya the Communist Republic of Malaya’.

    Now at this time, many other efforts to gain independence were in progress as well. KMM, under the stewardship of Mustapha Hussain (their leader, Ibrahim Yaakub fled to Indonesia) also had tried to gain independence for Malaya albeit he was working with the Japanese in striking a deal with them to liberate Malaya.

    But atomic bombs were dropped in Nagasaki and Hiroshima in August 1945 and all bets are off. The Japanese surrender. The MPAJA, like the opportunistic rats that they were, took over the country’s administration since the British Troops got delayed by the surrender ceremony of Japanese Pacific army to General Douglas McArthur in early Sept.

    The British actually, under the Supreme Commander Lord Mountbatten had actually wanted to unleash ‘Operation Zipper’ to recapture Malaya from the Japanese well before August 1945. The surrender of Germany and the death of Hitler in May 1945 had subsequently provided the British to focus its full might to South East Asia. However, the dropping of the atomic bombs cut short their works.

    When the Japanese forces surrendered on 16th August 1945, Lord Mountbatten was ordered by Churchill to wait till the Japanese surrender to McArthur on 2nd September 1945. The first British troops landed on Malaya on 12th September.

    In the meantime, the MPAJA had occupied almost all the towns and villages. Their ghastly reprisals to the local people were cruel indeed.

    The Emergency started in June 16 1948 because the MPAJA killed the first British civilian named Arthur Walker – A British plantation manager. Three chinese MPAJA arrived on bicycles to his office and coolly walked into his room and fired two shots.

    The British Governor, Sir Edward Gent declared Emergency two days later. Since then, the armed struggle of the MCP to ‘liberate Malaya’ to be a Communist Republic had never stopped until 1989.

    Rundingan Baling was one of the Alliance’s greatest feat where they remain steadfast to their stand in not giving an inch to the demands of Chin Peng. Tunku Abdul Rahman even offered Chin Peng and the communist amnesty (full pardon) and be integrated back into society but Chin Peng refused to accept the offer because then he also has to be loyal to the Rulers as the Head of State. Tun Tan Cheng Lock spoke to Chin Peng –
    “There is no hope of the MCP winning. Why waste money unnecessarily on the Emergency? There is no point in that. The vast majority of the people of this country are not in favour of the Communists because they are not working for a prosperous Malaya, and communism sets class against class and causes disorder. The other reason is that communism is distasteful because it causes violence.”

    Chin Peng also did not want to give up his communist activities and do not want the MCP to be dissolved. That was the main contention. Tunku Abdul Rahman lamented on the need for the MCP to fight against a democratically elected government (in 1955, Malaya had its first general election which was comprised of representatives of the Alliance). Chin Peng on the other hand wanted to continue propagating the communism idealogy to the people of Malaya. Just like how DAP and PAS are at odds with their respective idealogies, then so were the government of 1955 and the MCP back then. Neither can co exist with another because each idealogy negates each other.

    I am quite disturbed by the fact that you had condone the War of MCP against the people and the government just because ‘they were denied of their political rights to form their party’. Their atrocities against the people of Malaya / Malaysia were well known. By the way, before 1955, the emergency had been going on for the past 7 years (since 1948).

    Thank you.


  63. Since RPK glorified the communist leader, let him taste the immediate consequence of his propaganda via the communist rule system then. As JMD mentioned, he should have been executed for treason. But alas, this is Malaysia…hati orang sentiasa nak dijaga walaupun dah terang-terangan tunjuk kurang ajar!


  64. Dear JMD,
    thank you for writing such a great article.
    I start to believe that both Anuar Ibrahim and RPK receive their paypackets from the same boss from somewhere.

    Happy holidays!!


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  66. JMD

    Great article. This is what you’re good at. I have moved from left to centre because of you, Sakmongkol and Kijangmas, and soon I may end up on the right side. And I’m sure there are many out there like me. Keep it up, bro.


  67. Salam JMD,

    U said RPK had overestimated his own intelligence. yeah, maybe but only if he truly believed what he wrote ! susah saya nak terima hakikat seorang Melayu percaya dengan sepenuh hatinya bahawa pihak komunis, chinpeng terutamanya, adalah pejuang kemerdekaan. Bagi saya RPK umpama mercenary, dan majikannya waktu ini adalah anwar. Pegangan seorang mercenary hanyalah percaya kepada pegangan majikan.

    RPK cuma menuang minyak kedalam api racial tension supaya ia terus bernyala. To whose advantage jika Malaysia terus tension ? Tengoklah sekarang keadaan agak senyap.. pasti tak lama lagi ada la mamat yang keluarkan statement yang berbaur perkauman.

    Respect the way you counter RPKs’ arguments. Bloggers should have ur annual Bloggers Award. JMD would’ve won several categories, atleast Best Researched Blog and Most Informative Blog and Most Anticipated For Blog.

    Oh ya, Thank you JMD and Tuan Syed Akbar Ali for the history lesson. Malu nak cakap but honestly, saya tak pernah dengar nama Mustapha Hussain sebelum ini, kerana tidak dicatit dalam buku teks sejarah sekolah sebagai salah seorang pejuang yang ‘besar’ didalam perjuangan menuntut kemerdekaan. Dan sejarah penubuhan PKM di Malaya. very good write up!

    CDR – what happen to the 6 spies in Bangkok ? serius ni nak tahu..

    JMD : Thank you for the kind remarks. Mustapha Hussain adalah pejuang Melayu berhaluan kiri. Tidak banyak yang diketahui mengenai beliau sebelum ini kerana presiden KMM, Inrahim Yaakub lebih menonjol di dalam sejarah. Thank you.


  68. Whuaa, this is history lesson for me. As far as I know, Komunis did intend to free Malaya, and that was why some Malays joined the Komunis.

    JMD : Yes you are correct. The communist did intend to free Malaya from the Japanese and then the British. They want to establish the Communist Republic of Malaya. That is why many Malay leftist joined the movement initially. But as years went by, the atrocities commited by the MPAJA left many of those Malays to leave the movement, feeling disenchanted and repulsed. Some even joined Umno after that.


  69. RPK & his supporters/commentators are simply kurang ajar. No respect whatsoever to those who have lost loved ones during Chin Peng & CPM era. How stupid can one be to believe in RPK?


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  71. Salam all

    Shamsul’s sharing is really another eye-opener. We need more untold parts of history like his to be exposed, for Malaysians to realise that CPM together with the very coloniser that nurtured them are actually much more cruel to the people of this land than we ever think of.

    We the Malays have been too much kind, too much accommodating, too much forgiving and too much letting things go that now they (in their recent years’ incarnation) are trying to trample our heads yet again.

    I afraid if what we learnt in history books on CPM’s atrocities are mere “samples of samples”. If only every single CPM’s act of actrocity can be released!

    I wonder why the heck Pak Lah’s government allowed Kua Kia Soong’s propaganda book to be published but till date has been against any attempt to republish Tunku’s 13 Mei Sabelum dan Salepas and MAGERAN’s “The May 13 Tragedy: A Report”. Doesn’t this suggest Pak Lah administration’s possible complicity with those anti-Malay and anti-national racist bigots who are trying to rewrite history?!

    @ temenggong

    About the so-called “sources” you shared with us. As you know about Wikipedia and the likes, ANY registered user can, directly or indirectly, edit, alter, rewrite or even cook-up whatever information in whatever article there. Therefore your “sources” in varying degrees can be far from being even correct, let alone being authoritative or scholarly. That’s why students are discouraged from citing Wikipedia and the likes for their dissertation writing. Some faculties don’t even allow that!

    @ anonymous 16:06:53 aka pondanymous

    Quote: Hey JMD, Historian has already prove that Jebat and his brothers are actually Chinese from the Ming court. DNA sample already done and proven so do not re-write history. You can use P Ramlee as your hero but again he is nothing if the Cina towkay did not give groom him.

    The likes of you have only been telling such a kedai kopi-level story but to date there has NOT even a single documented work been published in ANY scholarly journal in support of your claim.

    Quoting JMD’s rebuttal to your comment: “which historian are you referring about? What DNA samples? Who obtained them? Which professional organisation did the study?

    So Mr. Pondanymous, can you EVEN answer those simple questions one by one? I don’t think you can. Ah, you won’t answer because you definitely won’t be able to do so since your so-called “DNA investigation” story is nothing but pack of lies!

    Those stupid racist bigots may believe your story but absolutely NOT a postgraduate like me with at least some true experience in doing research. And also not anyone who really make the most out of his/her brain!

    JMD : I did not realise that particular book written by Tunku on his hospital bed two months after May 13, 1969 cannot be republished anymore. I have the softcopy of the said book. Been reading that book even before Kua Kia Soong had published his.

    That is why I was gobsmacked to learn that Kua Kia Soong had mischievously left out the conditions and the situations before the advent of that racial riot.

    Tunku’s book had greatly implicated the communist activities in inciting the racial tension. And Kua Kia Soong had erased their involvement in his book. In fact, Kua Kia Soong had years ago said that Chin Peng was a hero and a freedom fighter. How convenient!

    And Kua Kia Soong had the audacity to say that it was Tun Razak et al who masterminded the whole racial riots! How preposterous!

    Thank you.


  72. Salam all…

    @ anonymous 06:59:11

    If you’re unhappy being Malaysian, then no need for asking the British to come back but you’re free to renounce your Malaysian citizenship and get lost! No one is forcing you to remain a Malaysian. But please bear in your mind once you’re in UK there’s no more Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan, and asking for signboards in Mandarin is considered blatantly racist there.

    When it comes to the universities, at the first place please be fair. It’s not fair to compare the ranking of our local universities against those in advanced nations who get 10 times of research fund (and pool of researchers) larger than ours. I recall on my dissertation supervisor having to “beg” the university’s Jabatan Bendahari or Treasury (in fact my alma mater is one of those in the ranking) even for the fees for a recognised conference that I participate, which is absolutely the administration’s responsibility to fund.

    Despite of the relatively tiny allocation of fund for research and publications – plus all the not so research-friendly bureaucracies our universities have to deal with in comparison to the universities in those advanced nations, still five of our universities managed to get themselves within THES’ Top 400 World Universities ranking – UM 230th, UKM 250th, USM 313th, UPM 320th, UTM 356th, that’s for 2008 THES list. And it’s a coincidence that only these five universities from Malaysia ACTUALLY agreed to participate in the THES ranking. I wonder if MMU, IIU or perhaps UiTM (they too have been increasingly active in research publication since last several years) also participate in the ranking process. The more the merrier, who knows! Correct me if I am wrong.

    Compare Malaysian universities to those in comparable developing nations like Mexico, Brazil, China, India – where the percapita size of fund allocation for university research is most probably similar to ours. For Mexico and Brazil as far as I know, no more than two universities from each of them made it into THES Top 400. For China and India despite their size, only few “elite” ones make it into the ranking but how about dozens of other universities from these two countries, those that the likes of you should expect to form the bulk in the ranking?


  73. “Look at the issue of free speech. When I whack the Malays, I am a great guy. I am open. I am fair. I am a person who allows and practices freedom of expression. But, when I whack the Chinese, I am a racist pig. Whacking Malays is good for the country and in the spirit of free speech. Whacking the Chinese is a negative thing and bad for the country’s future.” – RPK.

    Kesian kan? It’s like Faustus who have finally realized the error of his ways in selling his soul to Mephistopheles, now laments about it. Will he, like Joe (24 December, 16:53:27), ultimately move from left to center and then to right again, like sooooo many people, I suspect? And do not under-estimate blogs like this one, like DemiNegara, Sakmongkol, etc etc. In all probability, THEY are one great catalyst for this great shift of beliefs. And let’s just wait till this movement shifts to being an Exodus or, at least, a Diaspora!

    Reading comments here tempts me to liken Jebat’s solo battle (with the help of a few commenters, no doubt) as that of Custer’s last stand, shooting at the surrounding whooping Indians till his last bullets and breath. Except that Jebat is still standing and that those whooping indians’ ammo, made up of distorted histories and pointless harpings, finally gave way to history lessons from our blogmaster here.

    Almost wanted to ask Mohammad A Bakar of (22 december, 18:29:18) there if his reason for asking Jebat’s marital status is because he has a daughter or sister of marriageable bliss but then I caught hold of myself and said to my naughty self, “Noooooo, Apocryphalist. You shouldn’t be asking THAT”.


    JMD : Thank you Apo, indeed I am grateful with the contribution from fellow readers.

    Lastly, don’t be naughty lah Apo! 🙂 I’m sorry if I can’t divulge that kind of information but there are efforts to unearth who is behind this blog… I feel that what I had shared about myself so far, is sufficient enough for now.

    Not to outdo Tuahmustlive’s pantuns, here’s mine 🙂

    Para pahlawan berani berbakti
    Berbakti pada ibu pertiwi
    Sahabat baik itu yang dicari
    Moga berjumpa kemudian hari

    P.S. I have read your comments in Big Dog’s blog just now. Quite comprehensive and thank you for the clarification. Since JMD had always refrain himself from discussing on areas which he has no indepth knowledge at, a good piece by someone like yourself is a valuable fodder for us to digest upon. Thank you.


  74. rpk bodoh… he glorify on his royal bloodline but denounces malay rights.. i think he felt being anti-malay is a fad.

    if chin peng is pejuang kemerdekaan, shouldnt he dismantle cpm after 31August1957? why the fightings and killings in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s?

    my mom’s 2nd cousin was killed together with his father. the father was taken away from his house and found DEAD in a gunny sack 3 days later hanging from a tree, FULL OF BAYONET WOUNDS. the 2nd cousin taken away and cannot be found till today. that happened after merdeka… done by cpm. now go and asked his other children if chin peng is a pejuang kemerdekaan.


  75. Dear JMD

    As far as I am concern prior to the Baling Talk 1955 Chin Peng was a freedom fighter. It is duly acknowledge by Tunku himself. He gave amnesty to all the communist parties who would lay down their arms but few takers most remain to fight. They regard Tunku and Perikatan as the british dog but as time passes this was nullified by the independence of the Government. Truly before the Hadyai peace treaty was sign Chin Peng has acknowledge that they continue fighting basically base on pride, they have lost the war but continue the battle because of pride. Prior to the baning of the Communist Party (yes it was registered party in Malaya) in 1947 series of ‘mogok’ was launch by them and supported by them.

    KMM idea was to form satu gagasan Melayu and independence with Indonesia. It was lead by Ibrahim Yaakob whose deputy was Mustapha Hussien. Ibrahim Yaakob later would run to Indonesia and it is said he ran with monies of Yamashita. Putera-AMCJA 1947 charter dipelopori oleh parti baru yang munggunakan singkatan KMMM juga tapi dibawah the late Dato Boestaman the father of the late Rustam Sani. He compromise on the ideas of KMM. This pact I believe was because the British sensing the hostility of the KMMM decides to work with UMNO then lead by Onn Jaafar.

    Enough of history in the book he mention my grandmother’s name the first malay girl from Perak to study in an English school. Her ex husband was a follower of KMM, Wahi Anuar in fact many leftist were. They were not communist originally but Socio Nationalist. This include Shamshiah Fakeh Abdullah CD Pak Sako and many others. Some they got nothing to lose took up arms and cooperate with the communist. That was how Regiment ke10 was founded. Totally run by malays in Bukit Kawi Temerloh, the founding commandant was Wan Ali who was kill in an ambush by the British.

    My Grandfather Wahi Anuar was also the chief Commandant but was caught in late 1951or early 1952. Later in the 1960’s he would be release after being detain in Kamunting with the help of Aziz Ishak former Vice President of UMNO and was the Minister of Agriculture then. He was like many others then a Malay ultra( you can say that) and a socio nationalist. My Grandfather would work under MOA as a special secretary to the Minister a post specially created for him until he reach retirement age in the 1970’s.

    So yes he is a freedom fighter in the beginning but one must realize that a freedom fighter is not a Merdeka Heroes. They fought for aims which is clouded. For Chin Peng and many chinese who studied in the vernacular school the inspiration for them is Mao Ze Tong. The idea is Mao not so much for independence of Malaya but more for Communist China. We would have become the Setelite Country of China just like Romania Poland etc was to Russia. This RPK and many readers are unaware. That is why they hate the Chinese Towkays who from the MCA because they were regarded as Koumitang.

    So Chin Peng was a freedom fighter yes prior to 1955 and before independence but cease to be when we have achieve Merdeka. He is and never will be Merdeka Heroes.

    JMD : Thank you for the perspective. Chin Peng was a freedom fighter, but he fought to make Malaya a Communist country. And he became a criminal as soon as he fought a war against the people of a democratically elected Malaya and Malaysia.


  76. jaycee,

    I am in a disbelief of the twisted logic that caused you to conclude as you did. In your hatred towards Barisan Nasional, anything that would in effect negate the contribution of the parties compromising Barisan would be a welcome addition.

    Despite the fact that the first line in your premise, you state that both arguments are correct but the differnce is a matter of perspective you than conclude that JMD’s historical claim is twisted to his whims and fancies without highlighting the parts that was twisted.

    In so doing, one would necessary come to the conclusion that your argument and belief is not based on the need to straighten out facts but merely to accept the apologist’s need to rewrite history in a way that is intended to whitewash the violence caused by the MCP.

    Without a hint of being ashamed for being an apologist for Chin Peng’s atrocity and in your haste to absolve MCP/Chin Peng of guilt, you conclude “We should be matured enough to understand WAR for WAR makes an evil out of a man..regardless of which sides you are in”.

    Your conclusion is shameful and insenstitive towards the men and women, irregardless of race who have died in their battle against MCP.

    I know of families who put their lives at risk battling against MCP. I will never allow some idiot out there out to dishnour the sacrifice that they have made for this Country.


  77. Dear JMD
    @ Apocryphalist (27 Dec 08;33:13)
    I burst out into a big smile when reading your comment towards the end. No, my children are all married except that I have a second family and we have a wonderful seven year old boy. He is now battling some aliens on his PS2. Some times he tried to beat Michael Shoemarker in his PSP as well. Great stuff.
    JMD said that he was going on a holiday with his nieces and nephews… if he had said ” My wife and I are going…..
    then I know for sure. It wont be as mysterious as the place he went….banana boat and all,
    Any way it always nice to visit JMD’s blog and read his thought and neat rebuttal on some nasty comments from the visitors. I am also looking foward to reading comments from you, Average Joe and many more.



  78. Raja Petra have no objective in life just study his family tree and back ground
    Why you entertain his history lesson..

    JMD : Oh well.. we fellow Victorians like to tease one another… 🙂


  79. I would love for RPK to tell my grandma that Chin Peng was a hero and handle the fury she’d unload on him. Hero, my buttcheeks, CPM members murdered one of her sons. How can one rationalize such a statement? I’m sure he’d come up with something smart like “sorry for your loss, he was collateral damage in the struggle for freedom” .

    RPK = FOS (Full Of Shit)


  80. interesting dialogues,,,,,for someone like me that had served in the Armed Forces against the communist party of malaya, am impressed with JMD history lessons,,,,,,,,,perhaps I should write about my frontline experience one of these days.
    Also for someone that once was RPK neighbour in KT way back in 1982, am also shocked with what he has turned into !.
    History aside, we should ask ourselves what we have contribuited for the Nation ?.
    Being a responsible father/mother is one way.
    Ensuring our children are properly educated and be responsible citizen is mandatory too.
    Just ask RPK where is his ‘twin son’ now ?.
    Apparently,,,,, in some jail house somewhere !.
    What happened ?,,,,,they were wounderful kids way back then.
    Unless you can manage your own family,,,,,please don’t try to manage others.
    What a shame.


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  82. JMD,

    Don’t get carried away with RPK, never get entrap with his weird thoughts and his love for being popular. He dream of being co star within the rich and famous.
    Downgrading and character killing of the malay leaders is the most obvious trademark of RPK. No suprise really when the non-malay praise,idolize and willing to be his loyal supporters. Some say that , RPK is the re-incarnation of gandhi in the form of a half malay with a tint of royal blood…ha…hah.
    To put chin peng at that level of appreciation by RPK is another antic of him. Whether he really know who his chin peng in the first place? Did he ever when through the suffering during the two week of communist ruling of malaya? Even you for that matter – have you been through it?
    During that time our family suffer, threaten and humiliated and our arwah father seek shelter in a cavern not known by the chinese communist. Because of what? Our family amongst the earliest malay entreprenuers, we have a small sundry shop surrounded by tens of chinese shop. Our family business flourish after the war. They hate us? the same chinese shopkeepers which use to be our neighbours, then turn to be the supporter of chin peng when communist reign in terror for two over weeks, they burn down our shop, they demand the life of our father.
    So what will you aspect then, or even now?

    But than,for now, umno my faith and trust is fading fast, the early years umno is a bastion to the malays. But now umno are just like our ” neighbours the chinese shopkeepers during that time” they abandon the malays but not their umno malay.

    JMD : Comments moderated with apologies. My family (the older generation) had first hand experience with the communists back in the 40’s. We lost fathers and brothers back then. Some still recall the horrors of the Japanese occupation (especially in the hands of the Kempetai) and the communists after them. Umno needs to revert to its roots or the reason for its existence in order to be relevant once again. Thank you.


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  84. thanks for the rebuttal. rpk must be suprised knowing someone did not just buy into his writing.
    to all malaysian, do not simply believe blog just because the writer quotes something from books or speeches. there are too many ‘search, copy and paste’ bloggers out there. rpk is one of them. why he dares to do so? because he knows people in this country easily amazed by academic sound ‘facts’. any sensational revelation is generally accepted as the truth. this mindset is long abandoned in the west. it is only used in sleazy publication where the readers would like their intelligence abused.


  85. Dear JMD,

    In the light of the recent articles on the MCP by Malaysiakini, as well as the article on Betrayal by Tunku by Dr. Colin Abraham , I feel you must revisit this issue and revise your opinion.

    I stand vindicated.

    JMD : My opinion is that (I quote my article) – “If Chin Peng indeed had pure intention in attaining independence for Malaya, it had become impure by his actions against the local people itself. The very people he supposedly tried to free from the British….

    There are thousands other murdered victims of the CPM led by Chin Peng since he took over as its Secretary General in 1948. We don’t even have to look at other instances recorded in the books of Dato’ Seri Yuen Yuet Leng and Dato’ J.J. Raj to discover the extent of atrocities committed by these people. What kind of a freedom fighter is this?”

    Dr Colin’s article did not prove my opinion wrong. In fact, Chin Peng himself did not deny that CPM had murdered a lot of people. I stand corrected nevertheless. Thank you.


  86. Chin Peng itu macam Osama bin Laden dan Al Qaeda. Pengganas, pembunuh orang-orang tidak berdosa, pengkhianat. Bezanya, Osama melaungkan perjuangannya mengikut tuntutan Islam, sehingga menyembelih tebusanpun dengan laungan Allahuakhbar, Chin Peng pula tidak mengaitkan perjuangannya dengan mana-mana agama. Dasarnya sama saja, PENGGANAS DAN PEJUANG SYAITAN LAKNATULLAH


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  88. my wife, coming from an ex communist country, expressing her surprise to how could we, Malaysians, living in Allah blessed country, would like to even think of communism (ideology). Nothing good about it except for rationing of food, lights out at 10pm etc… well, just a part of what she said. Cant elaborate more, short of time 🙂


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