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The Hitchhiker’s guide to Ketuanan Melayu.

A regular reader by a given pseudonym of Apocryphalist had sent a commentary in my previous posting. It was quite relevant to the issue at hand here that I had to publish it as a posting on its own. I have also created a new category called ‘Kindred spirit’ which in the future, may consist of selected writings of regular readers which I think deservedly be given some further buy-in from the readers at large. Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha. Jebat Must Die will return on Wednesday. Thank you.


The way I see it, the unreasonable demands heaped upon the pribumis, as Jebat had so highlighted, is pegged on the very issue of Ketuanan Melayu. With respect to bloggers like or our ever mirthful who either think the issue is “basi” or no longer relevant, THIS is one issue which I swear upon anything holy, is not going to go away that easily.

In fact, the din is going to increase in magnitude the more parties chip in to have their say. I even seem to realize now that it’s some kind of a Catastrophic Theory effect: the more a system is under intense pressure, the stronger the back-burner reaction is going to be. For example, last week’s stunt involving Chua Soi Lek and the GGMM (who are these? It doesn’t matter. If there exist not any body that counters the issue, one will just be created overnight), even though onlookers surmise (whether accurately or not is besides the point) that Chua Soi Lek is trying score some points by pulling a stunt after being … err pulled down by a previous stunt of his, all the GGMM members are too young to even realize what the Ketuanan Melayu is all about.

Nevertheless they still do pertahankan, by mere fact that they are members of a race who feel that they’ve been stepped upon. We don’t have to look far. Just follow links in here and you will notice that Ketuanan Melayu is very much a living issue, a valid issue, and an issue lots of people are ready to sacrifice for. Perhaps the rabid racists that subscribe to the nonsensical MalaysiaToday fandom shy away so much from being schooled in reality existing in the following very sensibly-argued fans of Ketuanan Melayu:-

plus many others that escape my scrutiny.

Of course the other side would always quote the tanggangs of modern malay politics who, in the midst of their race being bashed in English in the blogosphere, feel a sudden embarassment and sheepishly shy away from feeling any sense of belonging. They would sooner disown their own type than face the quandary of being ridiculed in public opinion. Of course, the easiest way to do that is by chanelling everything that they find embarassed about to that age-old scapegoat, UMNO. Its like, “No I didn’t say it. THEY said it.”

Well people, I, for one, say that there IS and SHOULD be a Ketuanan Melayu and that there’s nothing to be embarassed about. And the following is my take:

First and foremost, there is a mistranslation. Ketuanan Melayu does not translate to “Malay Supremacy”. Nor does it mean that. Nor does it imply that. Nor was it meant to be implied that way. Nor is it even true. The closest transliteration would be “Landlordship”. As in “Tuan Tanah”. This in no way implies the relationship of Master to Slave: even presently my Tuan Tanah from whom I lease my sorry shack of a dwelling is a chinese and I never have a problem with that, except that it’s already the 6th and I still yet have to pay the rent. Oops I’d better be reminded.

So, unbeknownst to both malays and non-malays alike, people who keep using this misnomer have a dark, diabolical purport behind it. They wish to equate Ketuanan Melayu, translated as “Malay Supremacy”, with other abominable notorieties such as “Aryan Supremacy”or “Jewish Supremacy” etc.

By asservating this concept and harping on its prevarications, what some parties had hoped for is to shed the malays in the international public opinion as the agressor, oppressor race preying on other minority ethnic groups. One look by the misinformed foreigners at how these “minority ethnic groups” are allowed to become billionaires, drive around in German cars, live in million-dollar homes or have huge financial empires while some of the “malay supremacy” inhabitants languish in their own lands, with a substantial number below the poverty level and ride kapcais to work is enough to dispel this DAP-backed misnomer as untrue.

The Malays have never been taught that their race is superior. Especially after their conversion to Islam, it had been ingrained in their psyches that superiority , as promulgated by the prophet Muhammad, is only by virtue of Fear of God and good works. Yes, we do have a slight first-string complex about being …err … more successful, more rewarded, more blissful in the hereafter due to our faith, but it goes without saying that that’s part of the dogma of any religion, is it not. Other races/faiths who want to believe that in their heavens, angels with harp playing Bach fugues will welcome them, or that they could drive around in paper Mercedeses once they are dead, are all welcome. No one will give a hoot.

Having said that, malays have never been taught that their race is inferior either, or that other races can be free to assert their false-sense of superiority over them. In fact, the malays have very high pride, very high sense of self-dignity. Part of the malay dictum is that they would rather face difficulty and hardship than be portrayed as somewhat “fallen” in dignity. In fact, a dangerous malay is a malay who is experiencing a sense of “jatuh maruah” or “jatuh air muka”. The unpredictable backlash of a malay in such a predicament could sometimes be cataclysmic. As a matter of fact, only two traits of the malays make it to the Britannica: that of “Latah” and that of “Amuk”, both of which are a tad less admirable but nonetheless they exist, like it or not.

If the counterpoise to this false-sense of superiority is in the generic sense, it becomes more so compelling if they force their way through right in this Malay Mother land, especially in lieu of recent assertions based upon the casuistic viewpoint that the malays are as much pendatang as the other races in this country. Letting latah and amuk be the staple sirihs for the threatened Pak Alis of Langsat Tiga Biji, the Meor Basirons of Ulu Mersing or the Haji Kassims of Batang Berjuntai, let us now discuss this issue, historically, anthropologically.

Some people keep getting confused as to the meaning of indigenous people as applied in the case of the Tanah Melayu.

Real indigenous races are those already present in a particular location or region — possibly just an extension of their existence from prehistoric periods. There are the Ainus in Japan, the Aborigines in Australia, the various Indian tribes in the Americas, the Orang Asli in the Malayas.

Now more often than not there are people who are of external ethnicity who would come over and build civilizations in that particular region. The natural non-existence of inherent culture or drive within the autochtonous peoples prohibit them progressing in terms of civilization building: whether or not it was due to their low-IQs or DNA patterns cannot be ascertained for sure.

For example, if the British did not come and settle in Australia, we do not expect that the Aborigines there could build the country to what they are now. There is no offense intended, but if we look at regions where the autochtonous peoples are relatively untouched by foreign interventions, we would expect those regions to somewhat lack in being at par with world civilizations. Papua New Guinea, the various Indian tribes in the Amazon are prime examples.

The social history of the Malay peninsula do not start from the time the Senois, Jakuns and Negritos cross the land bridges from elsewhere thousands of years previous. Rather, civilization building began from when the first Malay Sultanate’s history could be traced back as early as the end of the 14th century in Temasek and Malacca, about 100 years earlier than Columbus sailing into the Americas and 200 years prior to the setting up of the English colonies in Jamestown in 1607. And yet, even though the world over do recognise, preserve and help the peoples native to the region, the recognition of America’s progress and civilization normally do not fall to them but rather, invariably, to the civilization builders who have come from European origins.

Thus the fact that this Tanah Melayu has always been associated to the malays is an undisputed fact, irrespective of what kind of ethnic people were here originally. The Malay Sultanate flourished from the time of Parameswara till the present day, without the intervention or help from the Senois or Jakuns.

“Ketuanan Melayu” is nothing more than the assertion of this fact, and it is perverse to suggest that the chinese and indians have the same anthropological and historical rights as the malays over this region only via re-normalising the common denominator of the Orang Asli. Perhaps we could understand better if, in applying to emigrate to the United States, for example, you remind those emigration officers there in the States (should they give anyone hard times ), that they are as much pendatang as you all are, and that the only original “Americans” are the Iroquois or the Hopis.

If anything, the Portuguese would probably have more Rights in saying that this land is theirs by virtue of conquest, another very legitimate reason for asserting ownership of any region. Unfortunately, that was not to be so because politically they lost. The same goes with the Dutch, the English, the Japanese: ultimately revolutionary wars and nationalistic dissents have kicked each of the aforementioned colonists out and the helmanship of the land has always been invariably returned to the malays. This is the salient point of this ketuanan thing, something that needs to be straightened out and understood first before proceeding on the more social implications of this “Ketuanan”.

We have dwelved only in the historical and anthropological perspectives. Now to SHARE this land and its resources with the indians, the chinese or any other peoples for that matter, is totally another issue: that belongs in the realm of local socio-politics. And for that matter we bring in the more sensitive and often-debated Social Contract. If you allow me, I can dwelve into that deeper still in another posting, but suffice that in expounding the foregoing treatise on Ketuanan Melayu what I had hoped for is to weed out the misnomer from the actual purport of the term.

However, as I mentioned before in Catastrophe Theory, the more pressure one sets to a system, the more the reactionary back-burner will be. And thus, some malays view the anthropologically incorrect assertions that “you are pendatang as well” as something of a pelampau view and the rest is expected: bigotry begets bigotry. The writings of KijangMas and his commenters in, as well as in here in Jebat’s pages show the kind of backlash one can expect from informed and educated malays. Of course there are those malay-blogs which are er… less savoury , very crass with you-racist-me-I-racist-you straightforwardness in this issue.

As in any socio-politics, they are deemed as ultra rights, the perimeter guardians not brought about into mainstream and diplomatic politics, but nevertheless need to be read to really grasp the psyche of the general malay thinking about this issue.



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  1. Wah …was wondering what Apo was saying in DemiNegara earlier yesterday about the Hitchhiker Guide thinggy…

    Apocryphalis…..look forward to more of your “comments” that typically add more perspective to the original post itself…….are we gonna see apocryphalis.wordpress or blogspot soon?????


  2. Salam perjuangan,

    Pemuda IKS has an Indian colleague in the Oil & Gas Industry that has a few strange staements:

    “Why are there so many Chinese in this company (Canadian owned) ? Aren’t we supposed to follow a certain quota to protect the Bumiputras?”

    “Why do the MCA, MIC and DAP did not support Mukhriz’s statement on Vernacular Schools since that is one of the great ways to achieve unity? Maybe they tend to conduct an ethnic cleansing here.”


    Another Pemuda IKS Indian childhood homeboy, working for one of the biggest Investment Banking, stated his thoughts about the working environment according to racial disgression:

    “The best company in terms of employer’s welfare would be Malay/Foreign owned and the worst would be Chinese owned. They still implement the Dynasty to make their employees struggle. Damn lame.”

    “The best immediate superioir to have would be from the Chinese, followed by Malays, then Indians. I don’t know what’s up with Indian bosses. They act like CEOs eventhough they’re only Senior Executives.”


    Not to forget long lost Chinese Penangite collegemate, who really support DAP and PKR but neglects PAS. These are his words:

    “I don’t believe in PAS, but I believe in Anwar. I don’t believe in Pak Lah, but I do uphold Tun M’s thoughts. I don’t believe in IPTS but am confidence with IPTA. I trust my Malay friends more than my Chinese friends.”

    “Are you guys fasting (living in a Malay filled house)? Don’t worry, let’s starve together!”


    Finally, Pemuda IKS non-Muslim Sarawakian friend who asks others to keep quite while the Azan is recited.


    Putting all these together shows that, there are still non-Malays that appreciate the Malays as the supreme. They don’t only respect the people, they also tend to believe in the system, society, religious beliefs and even traditions. But if they were highly influenced by the DAPs, MICs, MCAs, PPPs or whatever racist political party, they may even turn thier backs towards Malays.

    One thing that all the above mentioned individuals have in common is they grew up with Malays, went to school with Malays, go through college with Malays and work with among Malays. Can you smellll-la-la-la-lah, what the BERANI BERUBAH!s are cooking?

    “Memperkasa Generasi Baru”

    Pergerakan Pemuda
    UMNO Cawangan Taman IKS
    Bahagian Batu WP


  3. Precise to the point. Ketuanan Melayu != Malay Supremacy.

    JMD : Dear Fadhli. Are you apologising for the term or have you actually read this whole article comprehensively?


  4. Di dalam mengupas konsep ketuanan melayu, faktor sejarah perlu diambil kira. sebelum kedatangan penjajah, tanah melayu diperintah oleh kesultanan melayu yang terdapat di negeri melaka, terengganu dan kedah khususnya, sebelum muncul institusi-institusi kesultanan melayu negeri yang lain.
    Apabila penjajah membawa masuk imigran-imigran asing ke tanah melayu, tanah melayu telah melalui proses pluralistik sehingga terbentuk kaum yang mengamalkan adat budaya kaum yang lain. sebagai contoh saya mengambil kaum baba dan nyonya, india muslim dan sebagainya.

    Baru-baru ini telah timbul konsep yang dipanggil ‘ketuanan melayu’. konsep yang menekankan keutamaan bangsa melayu sebagai bangsa utama di negara ini telah menimbulkan rasa kurang senang di kalangan orang bukan melayu, tidak mengenal latar belakang parti masing-masing. sewajarnya konsep ketuanan melayu ini tidak sesuai digunakan dalam masyarakat yang berbilang kaum di negara ini. saya lebih selesa jika ia dipanggil sebagai ketuanan raja-raja melayu dan bukannya ketuanan melayu. ketuanan melayu telah menyebabkan bangsa lain berasa terpinggir dan takut. tetapi jika kita memanggilnya dengan nama ketuanan raja-raja melayu, ia tidak akan menimbulkan masalah kerana raja melayu diiktiraf sebagai ketua negeri dan Yang Dipertuan Agong sebagai ketua negara serta menjadi lambang perpaduan rakyat Malaysia.

    Jika kita mahu memanggil melayu sebagai tuan di tanah ini, bagaimana pula dengan status orang asal pribumi atau lebih dikenali sebagai orang asli yang telah lama mendiami negara ini sebelum kedatangan melayu? saya bukan menidakkan kewujudan melayu, tetapi panggilan ketuanan melayu itu adalah tidak sesuai jika kita fikir kembali. bukan semua orang asli itu melayu. kita harus melihat kembali sejarah Malaysia. melayu mula menjadi bangsa dominan dan penduduk tetap selepas kedatangan Parameswara ke Melaka. semenjak itu, melayu di iktiraf sebagai penduduk asal tanah melayu kerana mereka tiba lebih awal dari bangsa-bangsa lain.

    Semasa Tunku Abdul Rahman menuntut kemerdekaan daripada pihak British, British telah mengemukakan syarat dimana mereka mahu penduduk tanah melayu bersatu tanpa mengira bangsa dan agama jika mahukan kemerdekaan. kita perlu melihat kembali peranan orang bukan melayu semasa proses kemerdekaan terlebih dahulu. mereka juga memainkan peranan masing-masing dan kerana kerjasama yang utuh antara melayu dan bukan melayu pada ketika itu lah, kita berjaya mencapai kemerdekaan.

    Tetapi pada hari ini pelbagai konsep diutarakan semata-mata mahu meletakkan bangsa masing-masing di hadapan. orang melayu sewajarnya tidak panik dan takut sehingga pelbagai konsep seperti ketuanan melayu muncul kerana ia akan lebih memburukkan lagi keadaan. walaubagaimanapun orang bukan melayu juga harus sedar bahawa pengorbanan terbesar orang melayu kepada bukan melayu telah dibuktikan sewaktu proses kewarganegaraan melalui prinsip jus soli semasa proses kemerdekaan dahulu. jadi tidak harus timbul persoalan mengenai hak-hak istimewa raja-raja dan orang melayu.

    Konsep ketuanan melayu timbul kerana telah muncul pelbagai ancaman terhadap kaum melayu. beberapa kumpulan yang tidak bertanggungjawab telah mendesak hak-hak orang melayu digugurkan selepas 50 tahun kita hidup secara aman damai. mengapa sekarang? mengapa sejak mula-mula merdeka dahulu tidak timbul isu ini? keadaan ini menunjukkan bahawa generasi hari ini tidak faham sejarah dan konsep penubuhan Malaysia. sewajarnya kumpulan-kumpulan ini mengkaji sejarah terlebih dahulu sebelum membuat tuduhan yang tidak berasas semata-mata berlandaskan emosi dan mengenepikan perlembagaan persekutuan sebagai undang-undang tertinggi negara.

    Justeru marilah kita bersama-sama menoleh sejarah, memahami dan mengambil iktibar daripada apa yang pernah berlaku. Malaysia adalah milik kita bersama, tetapi bukan semua yang kita mahu, kita akan memperolehinya kerana setiap bangsa mempunyai peranan dan tanggungjawab masing-masing. jika kita menghormati orang lain, kita juga akan dihormati.

    Peace Malaysia.


  5. Hi JMD,

    Thank you for posting Apocyphalist’s article. It is indeed worthy of a post on its own.

    This article cearly explains how the concept of Ketuanan Melayu should be construed.

    Great piece Apocryphalist. Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha to you and JMD!


  6. JMD,

    Thank you for this. Apocryphalist has articulated the subject matter very well. This is the learning I have been instilling in my children. What it means to be Melayu.

    “Tanah ini adalah Tanah Melayu. Perjalanan tanah ini hendaklah di teraskan adat budaya resam Melayu. Adat resam budaya Melayu berlandaskan Islam.”

    What a lot of non Malays Malaysian don’t get it is the encompassing nature of Malay culture. I once read an article by Prof Datuk Khoo is a history professsor from UM who quoted that the uniqueness of the Malay culture is its ability to embrace the world culture and evolve. It has the ability to adapt and make it Malay within its context. He also said that if you want to find the world all you got to do is to look into Malay culture and it will be reflected. Hey, this man studied the history of this land. This land especially the peninsular has been part of different empires through the centuries.

    My grandmother was adopted. If you look at me, take a quick guess who my grandmother is? Most likely chinese. One of my grandfather looks half caucasian and the other grandfather looks typical dark almost aborigine (orang asli) looking. They are both from Malacca. Does that make me feel any less Malay? Not the least. My children’s father is from Penang. Guess how he looks like? Indian right? Does that make my children less Malay? Not the least.

    Even my current husband who is 100% Arab from the Arab world feels that whenever he goes away from Malaysia that he feels coming home is like balik kampung. So, what is the problem with the non Malay Malaysian? It is their own sense of superiority complex especially the chinese. If you want your chinese culture, you can go back to your mainland china or taiwan for all I care. As for the indian, you want your india culture please go back to indian continent.

    Ini adalah tanah tumpahnya darahku. You are in Malaysia, you embrace Malay as Malaysia is part of “rumpun Melayu”. Adapt. If you have problems with that, go and migrate and don’t have businesses here and make money out of the Malays who form the majority of the consumers here. I am sure there are lots of countries out there who welcome your money if not your superiority attitude. Talk so much and if by any chance that Malaysia become unstable and start spilling blood, guess who will flee first? Will you chinese spill your blood to defend this land….? Give me that answer and tell me if we Malay deserve to call this land Tanah Melayu?

    Keturunan Jebat


  7. JMD,

    Why are we concerned with pedantic?

    Call it what you want but it’s for all to see that the political leadership is Malay, the growing population is Malay, civil service is dominated by Malay and so are GLCs’ leadership, and not forgetting the Malay monarchy. Also unless the constitution is ammended Malay special positions will be here for eternity.

    So why so serious? Why the low self-esteem.

    And with great power comes great responsibility, you take full credit for the success, you also take full responsibility for the failures and, for lack of a better term, screwed up state the country is in.

    Like you said, the issue is clearly “good leadership”.

    Thus the fact that this Tanah Melayu has always been associated to the malays is an undisputed fact, irrespective of what kind of ethnic people were here originally. The Malay Sultanate flourished from the time of Parameswara till the present day, without the intervention or help from the Senois or Jakuns.

    Just like how the author has stated that Malay culture fluorished in this land without affecting the local community or absorbing it, nor bettering their lives (if you deem living in harmony with nature as all aborigines do to be lesser), which to this day the Orang Aslis most likely lived no differently than they did when Parameswara first arrived, thus that culture was the dominant one until the arrivals of the non-Malays and their respective cultures.

    IMHO, the non-Malay culture is now deemed threatening to the Malay one simply because it plays by a different set of rules that allows it to adapt and thrive, do well if you will, in the modern economy, capitalism and all its trappings.

    Malacca was a well known trading port, but the whole trading culture, of buying, selling, and making money out of goods is not really Malay isn’t it? Malays in general in those days were more associated with idyllic paddy fields and fishing villages by the river or the sea. (Again, generalization on my part).

    And if it is acceptable for the Malay Sultanate and culture to flourish over the Orang Asli one simply because it plays by a different rules just like the European settlers over the native American Indians in America or aborigines in Australia, it is now similarly happening with the non-Malay culture – with their propensity to chase after material wealth (often equated with success) and using the instruments of literacy, knowledge in trade and like-minded networking to their advantage.

    While it is a little off topic, but when you talk about NEP and Bumiputera 30% equity and such, like how I’ve commented previously the socio-geographical factor plays a great role in the “success” of the non-Malays and their “economic might”. They live in towns where to get a job, the prerequisite knowledge is literacy and arithmetics rather than the knowledge on agriculture and the environment, just like how the Orang Asli are knowledgeable about the forest and medicinal plants for instance but they don’t clear forests for mass cultivation of paddy and livestock.

    Since this is getting longish, to put it simply if you want to play the global game today you have to got to play by its set of rules, Malacca flourished and crumbled for a reason. And yes the Malay culture was once the dominating one in this land and it still is and will be with all the institutionalized mechanism.

    The Orang Asli and some aborigines all over the world have decided not to change, hence their present state, they don’t got to school to become chartered accountants or engineers, and there’s nothing wrong with that, they don’t want the same thing as you do. Nor do they stop you from becoming one. Maybe there’s a lesson to be learn there.


  8. Dear JMD,

    I have no problem with the term “Ketuanan Melayu”. But the right serve no point if UMNO still unable to show good leadership and corrupt-free. The right is not a gift from the God. The Malays have to work their ass out to show that they deserved the title.

    Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha


  9. JMD,

    Hope you had a good Hari Raya Haji break. I was at Bukit Antarabangsa for few hours to see the situation as we have a condo unit there.
    As we all know, Malaysians are emotional lot. They get worked up by the term “Ketuanan Melayu” without having a clue what it really means.

    My personal experience does not suggest that it has got to do with anything with master slave relationship. Many Malays work for me and that doesn’t make me a tuan by any means. I also don’t conciously feel that way. To me, I always give adequate level respect to everyone to earn the same.

    In any case, the businessman, political leaders and even parents are tuans in the their business, political parties and own home/land.

    Politicians, afraid to face the reality of current political scenario, whips these sentiments to shore up support for themselves. I expect this to emerge every now and then, especially when there are elections, party or general.

    It’s fine to bring this up for public discourse, the real problem is that we are not matured enough (despite being told otherwise by almost every leaders) to enggage everyone in a meaningful discussion or debate.

    PS. It’s good that you are providing avenue to others to publish their work here. We get to know more bloggers and their work, especially those with exceptional quality as this one.



  10. We made a decision to emigrate to Australia 15 years ago deserting my high fly corporate position with our three children.

    If history could turn back, we would still do the same.

    It is a joke when our three children are fully qualified in their respective professions, then our Malaysia leaders only realize that “Actually English is very important in this era of globalization, let us go back to English again in our primary school for science and mathematics subjects”.

    It is fortunate that we had our own thinking and were able to jump out from this “black box” of trial and error type of management in practically every aspect of the government administration machinery. As a result, our children do not waste their precious years.

    Our children enjoy the experience of equal opportunity not only in education but also in employment. That has a very strong impact in character development because then they believe in themselves, i.e. their own ability and equal opportunity available for personal development to the fullest extent.

    And they could fight for their own rights too simply because the environment encourages them to do so, i.e. freedom to think, and freedom to express. They enjoy their work in their respective professions and they have both close Australian and Asian friends.

    The Australian authority treats the problem of racial discrimination very seriously and takes action very fast. I still remember those days when my youngest son was teased by certain racial remarks by his schoolmate. My wife reported the case to the school authority and after a proper investigation, the Aussie kid was made to make a public apology to my son and was suspended a week from school attendance.

    Australia herself is a country of migrants from all over the world, the Italians, the British and other Europeans also never give up their citizenships although they may stay for over many many years. If they tell you to go back to China, you have equal rights to tell them to go back to whatever country they come from. “Fight for your rights” is the spirit.

    What we are concerned is actually the management of the country. There is enough wealth to be distributed among all the people who can theoretically enjoy better life, better education and better medical facility. But the poor management and evil corruption have eroded away what the people deserve. If people demand a change, “racialism” is always a powerful tool to protect the regime.

    The Australian government extinguishes any little spark that concerns racial issue. There are strict laws and they are very good in enforcements. The two-party system ensure no one monopolizes the government. If the government is not good, people will vote it out for sure.

    It is a land of plenty, and of equal opportunity for everyone. One will make his way if he is prepared to seize the opportunity and work hard for it. No one believes in “God” will give, and most believes the creation and reward from their own hand and intelligence.

    Though we pay high taxes, the future is more or less ensured as in case we are sick or in difficulty, we have all the assistance from the authority. It is the rights for every kid in Australia to have the opportunity to finish his tertiary education if he could make an attempt and possible financial assistance is always there.

    Australia’s economy is very robust now and most universities graduates and school leavers are doing very well. My three kids who are qualified as professionals at a very young age are doing very well. They would not have achieved that type of level if we were to remain in our country of birth. Thank God!

    We face less racial discrimination in workplace and university in Australia than in our country of birth.

    The ironical fact is that we are being treated more a first class citizen in our host country than in our own country.

    Human rights, good administration, equal opportunity and transparency convince us that it is no point wasting our precious time in our own country.

    If you really miss our own country, earn and save more money in the host country and join the shiver hair program later on. If you have the money, any country will welcome you for sure.

    In general, it is an educated society. People talk not shout, and people reason not accuse and more over, it is a much cleaner and more beautiful place to live. I am pleased with my decision and have no regrets at all.

    JMD : Thank you for copy pasting this misplaced propaganda. It really amuse me that someone from Malaysia would actually telling us how good Australia is. What more, ur IP address is from Malaysia. On top of it all, this comment is copy pasted from a comment that had been around more than 3 years ago. I can certainly rebut all of the above, but since this comment is obviously not yours, then what’s the point. You are definitely one of the hate mongers this blog had been talking about. If you have other original thought of your own, do drop by. Thank you.


  11. Tuan JMD,
    THANKS for mentioning my blog here! But I feel I must clarify something.

    Actually, I had come to read about my most-favourite blogger KijangMas of the Demi Negara blog (doing some reasearch – that blog is VERY important and I consider it and Sakmongkol AK47 to be “primary sources”).

    I am surprised to see the blog ‘s name here … and to think that I’m considering “tutup kedai” since I no longer have time to maintain TWO blogs (working now – dulu “kerja main-main” jer). And to me, the “Recovery from Drug Addiction” blog is 100 times more important, despite the second one having double the hit rate.

    Okay, this is something that I wish to clarify because some people might get a wrong impression. About the “Ketuanan Melayu” issue – Yes, I had lambasted some people (both extreme ends of the warring sides actually) in my “Kepala Lutut User of the Week” slot, But NO, sir; I DON’T CONSIDER IT BASI – in fact, I consider it VERY IMPORTANT.

    However, I’m concerned that some people on both sides are using it to whip up sentiments that are resulting in growing confusion, dissatisfacion and anger… and I fear the latter might provide the fuel for “nasty things to happen in the not-too-far future”.

    I feel that many people are pretending not to understand what the Constitution says about this… of purposely using provocating words and terms to something that the races had previously understood and accepted since Merdeka. “Malay Special Rights” was not-too-controversial – and things had gone on well enough all this while. But when it is translated like that – and taken to mean “like that”, non-Malays would feel uneasy.

    However, some of the konon-konon “anti-apartheid activists” have made stupid statements that seem to deny the “existence of the Malay Special Rights”. Or, making brash statements about wanting to replace this… And this time, Malays feel uneasy…

    So we have two sides feeling uneasy and getting more and more riled over time. What good will this actually bring to anyone? So that’s essentially what I have in mind with that issue; certainly not something that I think is “Basi”:-) However, I only that people “jaga sikit mulut” when they talk; that’s all.

    Okay, Tuan JMD – kena gi sambung kerja… Nak research KijangMas/Demi Negara. I hope you understand what I REALLY think about it.


    JMD : Don’t thank me Mat Cendana. I was merely posting Apocryphalist’s comment here. This article is purely his own and I had copy pasted it without any editing. Hopefully, he can also review other comments here and send us his thought on the matter further, should he want to.

    Thank you.


  12. Errr.. why are you guys taking Chua Soi Lek seriously? Last i checked (MANY in fact), no Chinese gives two damns about MCA… hello??? Don’t believe me ya? Go ask around… say the word ‘MCA’ to the Chinese and you will hear ‘traitor, backstabbers or sellouts’.

    So why take him seriously? They are a dying breed and are dying off. Look at the next GE… thing about Chinese is, we hardly forgive and forget. It’s our nature to be like this.

    MCA? lol… puhlease… really insignificant… they’re all businessmen only..

    .. waita minute you don’t get me right jebat? go ask your peers what they think of MCA… hahahahahha … don’t tell me you didn’t already know…? .. hahahahah… last i checked.. the same goes for MIC too… hahahahah

    JMD : If Chua Soi Lek is not being taken seriously, then The Star surely did not do justice to its readers. As far as I’m concerned, as the most read paper in town, The Star sure did give a lot of coverage on Chua Soi Lek. Thank you.


  13. JMD,

    Apa nak kecoh pasal Ketuanan Melayu ni?

    Kat Penang ada Ketua Menteri Cina kita kena panggil “Tuan”, tak dak kecoh apa2 pun.

    Sultan dan Raja Melayu ada 9 orang. Kalau pergi Penang, semua Sultan dan Raja Melayu ni kena panggil Ketua Menteri tu YAB TUAN LIM GUAN ENG!

    Go figure!

    JMD : You had misdirected the issue altogether. Shouldn’t you direct your comments to the racists that were ridiculing this Ketuanan Melayu and thrown it out of proportion? What you said is true. But why did these racists kept on pushing the envelope? Are they trying to provoke? Are they trying to cause disunity? Thank you.


  14. Hi JMD,

    No, I’m not apologizing to the term at all. I think the term Ketuanan Melayu has been overused and abuse many times by the people who can’t understand or refuse to understand the meaning of it all. They equate it with the Malay people wanting everything from them. Claiming that we somehow blocking their opportunity to progress, hindering their capabilities. If this was really a Malay Supremacy country, you won’t see any shops, schools or even government policy that is tolerant towards them.

    JMD : Thank you for clarifying.


  15. Hi JMD,
    Apocryphalist is certainly erudite. I’m familiar with his thoughts and writings. I first encountered his writing in DemiNegara’s blog. I remember thinking, wow, Jebat has his Lekiu, DemiNegara has Apocryphalist. What it all means to me is that I have more and more good blogs and comments to read. Good show and good of you to highlight Apocryphalist’s comment. I look forward to his next instalment.

    I read all the blogs mentioned in the posting above (may I also add Shamsul Yunos of marahku.blogspot) and they make good reading and argue their cases well. Tell me, why is that the Umno leaders (apart from Dr Mahathir) cannot counter any of the criticisms against Malays like these bloggers can? If these politicians open their mouths at all they mostly sound stupid you cringe or they go downright emo like that fler whathisname from Penang.

    Know what? You, KijangMas, Apocryphalist, Sakmongkol, LawyerKampung and a few others can make a pile just advising these clueless politicians.
    We haven’t heard from Lekiu for a while. I miss his comments too. Busy kot.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. Lekiu is flexing his hand and arm muscles and cracking his fingers as we speak! (I hope) 🙂


  16. Keturunan Jebat said
    Talk so much and if by any chance that Malaysia become unstable and start spilling blood, guess who will flee first? Will you chinese spill your blood to defend this land….? Give me that answer and tell me if we Malay deserve to call this land Tanah Melayu?

    Funny how the same question was asked but from a different perspective. The very fact that my university professor who despites earning more than me, my first job after my graduation, gets a discount when buying a house in the same taman as i do most likely means that he has got to be at the front line. Why would anyone fight for a country which claims them to be one of its citizens but treats them differently simply because of the colour of their skin.

    Much of the racism that appears now is clearly a reaction to the unfairly implemented affirmative action policy.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. Lets look from the original perspective that we had expounded a couple of months ago (aeons ago in Blogtime). The affirmative action was introduced to address the income gap between the poor and the rich. In the 60’s and 70’s that would stipulate in a general terms, the gap between the Malays and the non Malays.

    Of course, the poor people from other races are taken care too. To this end, the NEP had greatly reduced the poverty rate of Malaysia to a single digit less than 5% since the late 80’s.

    Many mechanisms were implemented in order to realise the goal of 30% wealth equity among the Malays. Among these are the house ownership rule of giving discounts to the Malays. It is certain that with this ‘temporary’ rule, the Malays can achieve the 30% target by 1990. It is indeed a necessary evil to prolong this rule as the result fell short of its intended target.

    This rule, along with other affirmative action rule is perceived discriminatory to the non Malays. But, it is the very essence of an affirmative action itself – to discriminate in order to address the gaps quickly.

    The policy was not racist in nature. Because, it was not the intention of the government to disciminate through hate. Discriminating because the govt hate the non Malays can be surely be called racist. But this very policy itself was agreed upon by all the parties within the government.

    It was only through the propaganda propagated by the hatemongers and people with vested interests that had twisted the policy’s noble intentions into something that they call racist in nature. What do we get in the end? More discord is sewn by these very people which are trying very hard to incite hatred among the races. In their quest to taste power, tension among the races is what they are hoping for. Surely this is not the best way to gain power.

    Anyway these days, the poor among the bumiputeras has been greatly reduced to about 1.7 million households while the indians with 60,000 and the chinese with 45,000 (all figures are approx.).

    The introduction of Skim Jaminan Kredit Perumahan S/B this year will further boost the house ownership among ALL races. This scheme enables the people with no fixed income per month and with no pay slips to own a house (low and medium cost houses). Banks usually do not give out loans to this class of people. Therefore, SJKP will guarantee the loans given out to the people that have no fixed income such as petty traders, fishermen, farmers etc.

    I have stressed many times that in recent years, the NEP was abused by the leaders entrusted to take care of middle income earners and also the poor. These people certainly did not help the cause. And their shenanigans in abusing this NEP helped the cause of the hatemongers above to justify their accusations.

    I know it is very hard to reconcile these situation when everywhere we see, the evidence of discrimination is surrounding us. Rest assure, it is not the intention of the government which consists of multiracial party to practise racism out of hate. There is a big difference between racism and affirmative action. When the econoy gaps between each races and intra races are addressed, all the affirmative policy between the races can be streamed out and the government can start concentrating on other pressing issues.

    As it is, it is my firm belief that the mindset of the Malays must be changed so that their economy status can be alleviated quickly. This ‘necessary evil’ in the form of NEP must be phased out probably within the next 20 to 30 years time. However, this effort must not be burdened with unnecessary provocation from anti Malay sentiments. This will only create resentment from the non Malays and retaliation from the Malays.

    Thank you for the comment.


  17. Look at the language level you people dwell in. JMD, Kijangmas, Walla the commentor from Sakmongkol, Apocrawhatsit (such an advance vocab for the average minds like mine 🙂 ).. It reflects how the malays who are touted to be inferior in this country can demonstrate above average intellectual level through superior linguistic mastery. The malays are not dumb. You people are the evidence of this hypothesis. But maybe the majority of us are too comfortable, too satisfied with the current way of life, lack motivation to push ourselves to compete, or maybe just plain lazy.

    I’d like to quote TDM’s response in his interview with al-Jazeera on the 4th of dec:
    “There is no such thing as Ketuanan Melayu. We are the underdog. ”
    “The shoe-polisher is not the Tuan (master). The man who pays you is the Tuan. I used to have a Chinese driver, he called me Tuan.”
    “It is not about majority or minority. It is to address the disparity.”
    “The Chinese dominate the economy but the majority is poor and we need to bring them up to achieve parity”

    I truly agree that the concept of Ketuanan Melayu refers to the historic dwelling of the land. But it hurts me to see the majority of this land having to fend off the urge of the minority by depending solely on the facts of the past. The pillar that makes nations to become great is knowledge. With knowledge, nations build economy. With knowledge, they engage in war and win. In the context of this country, the only way the malaysians can prosper and compete is when the nation is united. To achieve this, the majority must be proportionally competitive with the minority in the economy. I really mean competitive in a sense that the majority would engage in business and develop competency from it, not being alibaba. To become competitive, the majority must acquire knowledge, apply and work hard to create values.
    I believe the bloggers and commentators here are the real intellects of the majority. Not the politicians that we currently have, let them be ox grads or others. (sakmongkol is an exception. and the likes of rais yatim etc.)
    We should study and come up with a strategic social re engineering blueprint for the country.
    The challenge is how to engineer the young ones of the majority to love knowledge, hate corruption and uphold the Rukun Negara. When the majority is strong, I believe there would no longer be issues with the minority vying for rights. The economy will prosper and everybody will uphold the constitution. The minority will not make noise as they would have access to equal opportunity. The strong majority will no longer need the special rights as they can survive with the competition.

    I pray your writings and the thought contributions from your league of virtual friends will create slowly a subtle impact. I wish the thick skulls of the insincere and incapable politicians and corrupt leaders that we have today will heed to your callings, experience an epiphany and realize that their presence in politics and pursue for easy wealth is the very cause why the majority is so backward in this land. These people should work their head and butt off devising means to correct the weaknesses and bring the level of the majority at competitive par.

    I am frustrated as you with the certain minority who are exploiting the situation. But I am even more frustrated with our own people who have been entrusted with power for doing a sloppy job. That, in my opinion, is the first reason why the majority is weak. It takes a great sincere leader to motivate, mobilize and change his people. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has demonstrated that with leadership, objective and guidance, society can change.
    TDM had to focus on accelerating the development of the nation during his helm. If he had another 20 years, I bet he would want to focus on creating a balanced society and strengthen the majority. It was evident from the policies he tried to put in place during his final days in the office.

    I digressed. Better stop here. Are you really taking hypertension pills? take care of your health man, get some exercises. We can’t afford to lose another intellect at young age, like the loss of Adlan.

    – river.

    JMD : Thank you for this brilliant comment. You had actually summarised the discussions we had since this blog first started. Indeed, what this nation need is a greater pool of Malay intelligentsia that can articulate strategic roadmap that is both pragmatic and practical for the Malaysian leadership to deliberate and see through in years to come.

    Thank you dear River. As for Adlan, we shall offer him Al-Fatihah.


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  19. I am usually at a lost whenever the issue of “ketuanan” springs up. But I wholeheartedly agree with Apocryphalist that “Ketuanan Melayu” should not be literally translated but transliterated to mean landlordship. It does sounds appropriate, politically correct and more pleasing and as you correctly assesed without the accompanying diabolical intent.

    It is handy to have a dictionary by one’s side while reading Apocryphalist’s write up with the choice of words used, “asservating”, “prevarications” and “mirth”. Reading your write up is a cross between heavy literature and technical text book (not that i am complaining, just a curious observation) and I quote :-

    “….I can dwelve into that deeper still in another posting, but suffice that IN EXPOUNDING THE FOREGOING treatise on Ketuanan Melayu what I had hoped for is to weed out the misnomer from the ACTUAL PURPORT OF THE TERM”

    It is interesting to come across different styles of writing. JMD appears to be extremely polite in putting his opinion across, KijangMas has a maverick approach and a no holds barred attitude in responding to comments. Makes one wonder about the men behind the blogs.


    I am pretty much contented after reading JMD and KijangMas. They have argued their case effectively and I am quite happy to see that at the comment section, readers have come out and said that they have woken up from their deep slumber by the writings of these 2 prominent bloggers.

    After reading their write ups, I get calls from friends whom I have introduced to their blogs and they have been converted, so to speak. I get immense satisfaction when that happens. I feel comforted in knowing that all is not lost. My small way of contributing to the cause.

    Btw JMD, my boss loves reading your blog. He’d push his glasses on top of his head and with an intensity rivalling a teenager watching porn, he reads your writings and like a proud father watching his son enlightened, i wear a proud smile on my face. Whoops, did I put myself in trouble by saying this ? Haha. I suppose he is big enough, confident enough to being poked fun at, sometimes.

    I wonder whether Andipool still visit JMD’s blog. He is unusually quite.

    JMD : Wah, thank you for showing this blog to your boss. And I am glad he likes to read it. If I had recommended blogs to read to my boss, he would’ve said – ‘Eh, you got no work ah?’ 🙂 Anyway, I had a boss once who was quite tyrannical. There was a time in a meeting, when he couldn’t get us to agree on the decision he was trying to make, he exasperately asked us – ‘Now who is the boss?’. I was not in the mood for further quarrel, so I loudly exclaimed – ‘Sivaji is the Boss!’ 🙂 I swear to God his turban nearly fell off because of laughing so hard.

    I believe Andipool is waiting patiently at the side until I post an article about Anwar. Then, he will pounce at me like a jilted lover 🙂 Jangan marah haaa…


  20. Apocryphalist,

    I am extremely curious as to the choice of nick used especially with such esoteric and cryptically worded nick, Apocryphalist.The choice of nick points to a person with interest in religious affairs yet your writings do not potray your inclination. Nary a quote on either the Old Testament or the Quran that I remember.

    A curious observation on my part.

    You have every right to be secretive of your identity and my prying mind might cause you to feel offended and at the risk of incuring your wrath, I wish to pre empt it and offer a thousand apologies.


  21. Dear Readers,

    Firstly and foremostly I would like to thank JMD for publishing my comment as an actual stand-alone posting in itself. This is an honour, seeing how the materials originated from him himself are of superior qualities and I had been afraid if by doing so had reduced his blog’s … err “magnanimity” somehow. Anyway let me just a final last-bit comment to some commenters to my posting:-

    Satd: I won’t be having a blogspace anytime soon and the reason for it I had given in DemiNegara’s site. Thanks for the good thoughts though.

    Dr Sid: I thought this posting of mine had answered the perplexity about orang aslis and pribumis mentioned in that writing of yours of 7 months ago? So I do not understand whether your re-post is a supporting view or an abrogative one.

    Keturunan Jebat: What you do is something that each of us should be doing in whatever little capacity that we have: passing on to our children about the true situation of things especially in the historical perspectives. If not, people of the XYZ generation born either after the birth pangs of Merdeka or the aftermaths of the May 13 tragedy think that all the “kemakmuran” that he or she experiences now is something offered to them in a silver platter from the skies, or that the fact that his parents could feed him well or drive around in expensive automobiles are NOT the result of affirmative actions of the NEP. Read on …

    MsSleepyhead: the thoughts expunged by your comment here reveal the predicament met by lots of people: confusion about the NEP and the social contract. JMD has written a reply which, in a nutshell, explains the actual situation. The fact that this confusion begin to even seep to even the malays themselves show the kind of vigor all of us should be having to educate the young about history. I hope someday I may have the chance to share what I think to be a “Hitchhiker’s guide to NEP and the Social Contract”.

    Oversee: Did you know that you have done a great service to the nation by doing the action that you have mentioned, and that I, in a previous posting ( Posting 17 October, 00:19:04) have even called for the government to give some kind of reconciliatory awards to people like you? Please read that posting to suggestively know how you can reap more rewards. I scream, you scream, the nation scream, we all scream for people like you. Do keep it up.

    Lekiu: “The choice of nick points to a person with interest in religious affairs yet your writings do not portray your inclination. Nary a quote on either the Old Testament or the Quran that I remember.”

    Acute observation, Lekiu. Perhaps this sinner is not as faithful as he would like to be, and that a “religious” nick is all that he hopes for in terms of his salvation? It is an undisputed Truth that what a person lacks in piety or scrupulousness, he makes it up in names and nicks. 🙂

    Ok for people who wonder about this nickname: you’d think I just sengaja-sengaja have a tongue-twisting nick huh. Hehehe. I assure you that’s not the case. The nick lets me hold on to memories of someone whom I hold dear a long time ago when I was a vibrant teenager. It was a man, one of a few handfuls that this world had given, who would shatter the world’s view on things that matter. Especially matter. 

    He had just returned from Stockholm after receiving the world’s most prestigious award: the Nobel prize. The hall had been packed with full capacity to hear his laureal homecoming lecture after giving his acceptance speech in front of King Carl Gustav in Sweden. All my hopes to get a comfortable seat was dashed when, upon glancing at the floor besides me, there sat old Astbury himself to whom I had problems submitting my assignments. On the floor! It was then that I thought to myself: “Wow! Even distinguished professors are humbled by this great man who was about to speak in a few minutes. Forget about the seat!” I slowly and stealthily inched away bit by bit from Astbury lest he noticed me and started “Hoi there Apocryphalist! Why haven’t you submitted your assignment?!” I remained standing throughout the talk, far away from him.

    You could even hear a pin drop when the old man strutted into the hall amidst admiring eyes. And then all of a sudden there was a cacophony of applauds and the old man just smiled as he began his talk. And again the pin-drop silence began when he did so. I remember an embarrassing moment when I, for no apparent reason comprehensible either then or now, clicked my tongue in a reflexive, accidental manner, and all eyes turned to me! It was as if I, a student having difficulties even in his homeworks, had disagreed with the great man’s nobel-winning scientific works! Hahaha.

    Anyway, I remember in the preamble to his actual scientific talk, he talked about Michael the Scot of medieval times and how he, upon wanting to know more about the world and its sciences, had to travel to the arab world for it was the center of all knowledge thence. He then quipped an interesting story about Einstein about how he’d thought that the Lord had missed a great opportunity if His laws would not confirm to his theory. And then he said it: “This story is apocryphal”. I went back to search for the meaning of that word. It sticks with me until this day.

    Anyway the following morning I braved myself to knock at the door of that great man—just to chit chat and take advises from him. Unfortunately (or fortunately, whichever is the case) his secretary informed that he was out. That’s that. Never even had the chance to even shake his hand. Years later, a colleague Zainal had the opportunity to spend a few days with the great man in Italy, by now very old with veins appearing in his God-blessed hands. Zainal proceeded to do what I had suggested him do: ask from him for some long-lasting advise. As a response, tears welled up in the old man’s eyes and he cried silently before giving some words of wisdom.

    When he died a few years ago, I felt something in me had died, even though I didn’t even have the chance to even shake his hands.


    JMD : Thank you for the fine reply and taking the effort to actually comment further on some of the burning questions presented by the readers.

    I envy your story. To be taught by a Nobel prize winner himself! I am not worthy….. 🙂


  22. goodness.. the level of English. i was mesmerized by the level of English Aphocryphalist used to explain the ketuanan melayu transliteratarily. i mean, wow.. such wisdom in english explaining the issue at hand : Ketuananan Melayu. normally it took a lot of verbose words and sentence from politician to explain this ketuanan melayu whish leads no where to better understanding, but Aphocrypahlist indeed discuss this issue in a manner which each of Malaysian should look upon. kudos to JMD for publishing this article, and to Aphocryphalist, i humbly offer my salutation to you because of this article. if anyone that could help the malaysians to understand the ketuanan melayu better is you, Aphocryphalist.


  23. Our constitution should be amended relating to prime ministership of Malaysia. Let it be only Malay. By Malay it means those who confess the religion of Islam, speaks Malay language and embrace Malay culture. And this amendment shall be guarded by Majlis Raja-raja. By doing this, ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ will always be in Malaysia.


  24. An excellent write up, written in impeccable English and a good insight on the Ketuanan Melayu issue in M’sia.
    Well done, Apocryphalist.
    Look forward to your next ‘article’ / post.



  25. “The natural non-existence of inherent culture or drive within the autochtonous peoples prohibit them progressing in terms of civilization building: whether or not it was due to their low-IQs or DNA patterns cannot be ascertained for sure.”
    –> This is a classic racist statement: racism means asserting that another group is inferior because of their inborn characteristics. You are saying that Orang Asli (and American Indians, and Aborigines, etc. etc.) have lower IQs – i.e. they are inevitably more stupid than you are. So, the Maya and the Incas had no civilisation is it? ‘Civilisation’ means the culture of cities – so, the Maya and the Incas had no civilisation is it? It’s true that the Orang Asli & Asal did not have cities. But to say there is a “natural non-existence of inherent culture” would meant that they have no language, no religion, no technology,… Tell that to the next Iban you meet if you dare! You pretend to know something about anthropology, but you sound like you learnt what you think you know from ‘Mein Kampf’.

    “if the British did not come and settle in Australia, we do not expect that the Aborigines there could build the country to what they are now.”
    –> One could just as easily say that if the British did not come to this region, then Malaysia would not be the country it is now. Who brought rubber here? Who developed the tin mines? Who found the first oil?

    “civilization building began from when the first Malay Sultanate’s history could be traced back as early as the end of the 14th century in Temasek and Malacca”
    –> I’m not clear on the details, but it seems to me you are forgetting the Hindu civilisations that went before them

    “The Malay Sultanate flourished from the time of Parameswara till the present day, without the intervention or help from the Senois or Jakuns.”
    –> A major source of wealth of the Malay Sultanate was the trading of jungle produce, bought from the Orang Asli. The Malays also captured Orang Asli and sold them as slaves.

    “this Tanah Melayu has always been associated to the malays is an undisputed fact, irrespective of what kind of ethnic people were here originally.”
    –> This is a truism. It’s like saying that the United States of America has always been the country where the American states are united in a political union, regardless of who was there before.

    “the only original “Americans” are the Iroquois or the Hopis.”
    –> This is why they are usually known as ‘Native Americans’

    You are intent on arguing that the Malays are the first to be here, therefore they have the right to dominate everyone else forever. In doing this, you have to use arguments that ignore history and claim that another culture is inferior – this is the only way you can claim that Malays are the ‘first’. This is why such racialist arguments lead inevitably to further exclusion and isolation. And create further ignorance.

    These types of arguments were those that drove the EuroAmerican imperialist and racist policies, and allowed Hitler’s Nazsim to take hold in Germany.

    I hope you can open your mind and heart to humans, and recognise that we all have to share this small earth together; what more this small country.

    This message goes to *all* people who sit in their homes, in the coffee shop or at the water cooler at work, and indulge in lazy stereotypes and ignorant generalisations.

    JMD : Just to point out, all the Hindu civilisations that came before the Melaka Sultanate are Malay civilisations (albeit of different religion). Langkasuka, Gangga Nagara, Srivijaya, Singhasari… Thank you.


  26. Hehehe. This anonymous of (22:53:57) is so confused that his statements became incoherent, his arguments full of holes and, unbeknownst to him, had inadvertently supported my argument FOR Ketuanan Melayu. He charges without thinking and his only saviour from embarrassment is the fact that he hides behind an anonymous identity so no one could tell what type, what kind, what RACE of beings produce these infantilistic remarks. Had it not been for the fear of reducing Jebat’s blogspace to a mere gelanggang sabung ayam serama, I wouldn’t have cared that much to refute his points. But anyway, ‘tis the season to be merry. So here goes:-

    He says:- “You are saying that Orang Asli (and American Indians, and Aborigines, etc. etc.) have lower IQs – i.e. they are inevitably more stupid than you are. So, the Maya and the Incas had no civilization is it?” [gic]

    Hehehe. This smacks of argumentative strategies my sister put on me whenever we argue during our sekolah rendah days: put words in the other person’s mouth which is exactly OPPOSITE to what he means and then hope that the person defends that wrong statement by the mere fact that he is in your opposite side.

    Look, Apek. By mere fact that I said “cannot be ascertained for sure” implies that I am NOT choosing any sides in the age-old scientific argument of whether IQs and DNAs are directly correlated. If I had wanted to ASSERT one side of the theory, I would have said like this:- “absence of culture prohibits them from building civilizations DUE TO their DNA patterns and low-IQs”. Ada faham kaa tauke? Tada kalu, cuba baca balik.

    And more:- “ ‘Civilisation’ means the culture of cities – so, the Maya and the Incas had no civilisation is it? [gic] It’s true that the Orang Asli & Asal did not have cities. But to say there is a “natural non-existence of inherent culture” would meant [gic] that they have no language, no religion, no technology,…”

    LoL. To this guy, this hair-splitting definition of civilization means a great deal to him, having not much points to go by otherwise. But in the course of everyday literature, civilization is relative:-

    As Johnny Dooplebumberger sits on his dad’s Ogawa robotic massager recliner watching about 26 channels of 3D animation at once, from all the world’s cartoon channel providers squeezed onto the 96” SONY thin-film Plasmotron hybrid TV screen, he dips in his fingers into the bowl of chocolate honey and licks them nonchalantly. “Don’t be such an UNCIVILIZED animal, Johnny. Use a spoon here”.

    Meanwhile, 3000 kilometers away, Professor Nigel Boomblebuttlekeeper brushes off the remaining dusts on the artifact he had just unearthed from the site of the 300 year old extinct Kamchaprotrai peoples: a 20-teeth hair comb made from the skeletal bones of the Tilapia fish. A testament to his theory that the Kamchaprotrais had, after all, experienced advanced CIVILIZATIONS.

    Anybody suddenly feel like weeping already?

    He says further:- “The Malays also captured Orang Asli and sold them as slaves.”

    Now what THAT has got to do with the point I mentioned above, escapes me. I was talking about the Malay Sultanate flourishing without the direct help of the indigenous peoples and you are referring to what now? Slavery?

    Anyway are we into arguing slavery now? Then slavery is what you get. You want me to quote the slave trades of the American peoples? Of the Chinese Emperors? Of the Aztecs and Mayas as portrayed in that accurate film Apocalypto? Of all other powerful civilizations that ever walk this earth? And your point is what now?

    Err by the way, this is an aside. Can somebody enlighten me about this malays-sell-orang-asli-as-slaves thing? This is the first time I hear of it. I am taking this truth just on face value: assuming this Apek here is telling the truth. If it is true, wow. We are at par with all the other great civilizations. Should have traded out some of those boat-rowers even before their oars reached Tanjung Keling. If it is not, this *ptahk* here owes a great deal of apology to an entire race. Err by the way, what would slaves address themselves to their kings or masters in the olden days hah? Seeing as how even the top-ranking Bendahara even address themselves as hamba and Tuan hamba to each other? Hmmm…. Malays and Slavery. Interesting. Almost wish I can rekindle this concept in this present day but I guess I was beaten to it by Yim Pek Ha.

    And another embarrassment:- “I’m not clear on the details, but it seems to me you are forgetting the Hindu civilizations that went before them…”

    Oh Jeepers. Here’s another example of someone whose historical acumen is blinded by his desire to demolish the Ketuanan thing by using ignorance as weaponry. Dey Thamby. I said “Malay Sultanate”. This means that the history of the PRESENT rumpun of Malays in the Malay Peninsula: the lineage of Malay ethnicity possessing Islam as the religion. Before Parameswara, there were hindu civilizations no doubt, but they were still malays. There were malay hindu kingships before the 14th century, and there were Buddhist kingships even before that. But THEY WERE STILL MALAYS!! In fact in the 7th century AD, the Palembang-based Sri Vijaya kingdom, which was malay buddhist, had conquered Kedah. Want to go earlier than that? Well even in the 2nd and 3rd century, small malay kingdoms had already appeared. Now how far back do you want to go? Mohenjo Daro? If you haven’t done so, please be schooled by facts at

    And more:- “One could just as easily say that if the British did not come to this region, then Malaysia would not be the country it is now. Who brought rubber here? Who developed the tin mines? Who found the first oil?”

    Hey Ho! Exactly my point. So you agree, after all. Well If I say I agree that had it not been for interventions by the Portuguese, Dutch, British and Japanese, certain aspects of technology (not necessarily tin, oil, rubber or rocket science) would have suffered delayed introduction to this Tanah Melayu tercinta, would you then admit that you agree to my point? In your blind scanning of trying to find anything to put down the malays, you have inadvertently agreed with me, thereby fortifying the point I am trying to get across.

    Err by the way, tin was mined in the malay peninsula by the malays hundreds of years before the chinks rowed themselves in by the junks un-invited by the Tuan Tanahs to mine the ore in a grander commercial scale in the 19th century. Also even earlier than that, the malays then had their eyes on other glittering things: they mined GOLD. So copiously in fact, that Malaya enjoyed international reputation for it, prompting Claudius Ptolemy in the 1st century AD to give the Malay Peninsula the nickname of “Golden Chersonesus”. Please note: 1st century AD, around the time when Saul of Tarsus had epileptic fits on a certain road to Damascus.

    The rest of his statements, you know … the kind of emotional finger pointing but devoid of facts — I do not have to delve into. Its doltishness is self evident.


    *ptahk* — Klingon word, believed to be popularized after the demise of Kahless in the 23rd century.

    JMD : Thank you Apocyphalist for taking the time to revisit and reply to the comments above.


  27. Apocryphalist,

    There is historical basis that Orang Asli was traded as slaves back in the 18th and 19th century. But slavery was not only confined exclusively to Orang Asli, Malays were also treated as slaves by the aristocrats. The practice of slavery, debt or otherwise, affecting Orang Asli and Malays led JWW Birch to object.

    Coinciding with the Age of Enligtenment in Europe, Birch took a moral stand on the issue which resulted in his death.

    This may sound outlandish, but I always thought that Hang Tuah aside, it was only when Tun Mahathir arrived into the political sphere that the Malays finally came unbeholden to their kings. Finally freed of any moral, political and social need to hold on to those people.

    I foresee seething comments from royalists. Be gentle ok.

    JMD : Just like your name, I am sure your semangat Hang Lekiu will persevere when things are not going to be that genteel… 🙂


  28. JMD

    I followed your link to this from on of one of your comment so maybe kedai dah tutup. Anyway, I must admit I didn’t read the article in full. I lost interest around the time landlordship was mentioned. I dunno, I’m a Malay so I don’t really have any problem with your point but I believe we have to move on, especially as the two primary beneficiaries of this argument are Umno and the royalties. The two institutions which, you may not agree, from their track records proved to me that they do not care about the Malays as a whole. Chedet retired so he could be sincere but I think even he might admit that he had created a monster with Umno Baru and Executive’s power.

    JMD : Therefore, I suggest you read the article in full. Anyway, I believe you made an impasse in regarding the beneficiaries. You and I should include in that list as well. Your short sightedness in saying that Umno (prior to 2004) never cared about the Malays is quite astounding. In addition, there is a difference between the Royal members and the Royal Institution. Even if the royal members somehow had shown that they do not care about the Malays (as per your assertion), the Institution itself safeguards the Malays as stipulated in the Constitution. Thank you.


    Hampir seluruh Raja Melayu kita yang wujud pada hari ini adalah Raja-Raja yang ditabal dan dilantik oleh British dan mereka bukanlah Raja-Raja Melayu yang asal dan sebenar. Mereka adalah tali barut British.
    Renongkanlah mengenai apa yang dibuat oleh Raja-Raja Melayu terhadap kita, mereka adalah para khianat bangsa dan agama kita :
    1. Sultan Pahang menentang Mat Kilau dan Datuk Bahaman tetapi membantu British untuk menjajah Pahang;
    2. Sultan Trengganu menentang Haji Abdul Rahman Limbung tetapi membantu British untuk menjajah Trengganu;
    3. Sultan Kelantan menentang Tok Janggut tetapi membantu British untuk menjajah Kelantan;
    4. Sultan Selangor menentang Raja Mahadi tetapi membantu Brtish menjajah Selangor;
    5. Sultan Pahang dan Sultan Kedah mengutuskan angkatan-angkatan perang masing-masing untuk membantu British dan Yap Ah Loy menentang Raja Mahadi di Selangor;
    6. Sultan Kedah membantu British untuk menjatuhkan Sultan Kedah yang asal dan sebenar dpd keturunan Merong Mahawangsa dan kemudian mengangkat Baginda sebagai Sultan Kedah yang baru dan Baginda seterusnya membantu British untuk menjajah Kedah;
    7. Sultan Johor menjemput British untuk menjajah Johor dan sudah sewajarnya selepas itu tiada pemberontakan oleh orang-orang Melayu di Johor;
    8. Sultan Perak yang menentang British dibuang negeri dan Datuk Seri Maharajha Lela di bunuh oleh Britisih, kemudian Sultan Perak yang baru yang diangkat oleh British telah membantu British untuk menjajah Perak;
    9. Negeri-negeri Melayu di Utara Sermenanjung telah diberikan oleh British kepada Thailand dan dijadikan sebahagian dpd negaranya (negara Thailand) – kaum Melayu dan Raja-Raja Melayu tidak membantu untuk mendapat kembali negeri-negeri ini dpd penjajahan kaum kafir Thai;
    10. Raja-Raja Melayu menanda tangani perjanjian Persekutuan Tanah Melayu dengan British untuk memberi kerakyatan, hak politik dan ekonomi kepada kaum pendatang kafir – mereka menjual Melayu kepada kaum kafir;
    11. Raja-Raja Melayu serta para pemimpin kita bersetuju dgn Perlembagaan Malaya dan Malaysia yang kafir yang disediakan oleh British – khususnya mereka bersetuju dgn artikel-artikel 4, 43, 44 dan 161 Perlembagaan Malaysia yang kafir yang menjadikan negara Malaysia kita ini sebagai sebuah negara yang kafir;
    12. Umat Islam kita yang ada pada hari ini adalah orang-orang kafir kerana kita telah membatalkan syahadah kita lantaran amalan sistem politik Malaysia yang kafir, iaitu kita menjadi kafir kerana kita melantik manusia sebagai Tuhan-tuhan kita, kita menjadi kafir kerana kita membuat dan menguat kuasakan undang-undang manusia, kita menjadi kafir kerana kita menjadi para hamba kpd manusia dan tidak kpd Allah, kita menjadi kafir kerana kita menyembah manusia dan tidak menyembah Allah dan kita menjadi kafir kerana kita menyetujui dan meredhai sistem politik demokrasi yang kafir ini;
    13. Pada hari ini Raja-Raja Melayu kita masih lagi aktif memberi tanah dan konsesi balak kpd kaum pendatang yang kafir – si Melayu bodoh kita ini masih lagi menganggap bahawa apa juapun yang dilakukan oleh Raja-Raja Melayu kita, kesemuanya betul dan OK sahaja!
    Wahai bangsaku! Sedarlah, bangkitlah dan bertindaklah sekarang ini juga. Wahai bangsaku! Kembalilah engkau semuanya kepada Allah, tegakkanlah kalimah Laailaahaillallah, buangkanlah Raja-Raja Melayu kita dan para pemimpin kita yang kafir dan jahat ini, hapuskanlah kerajaan demokrasi Malaysia ciptaan manusia yang kafir ini dan dirikanlah sebuah kerajaan Allah melalui Jihad, Perang dan Revolusi!
    Sekian, terima kasih.
    Wan Solehah al-Halbani


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