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They demand this, they demand that…

This article is especially for Lim Kit Siang, Tan Lian Hoe, Liow Tiong Lai, Lim Guan Eng, Chong Eng, Samy Vellu, M. Manogaran and the rest who feel that they are part of this clustered people.

I just have to write this in a very simple language so that even those politicians with low IQ can understand what I am about to write. The gist of this article would be;

Do not demand if you are not prepare to give.

I was riled up seeing the hypocritical Lim Kit Siang defending the right of his race a couple of days ago. His stance of not giving an inch should be a lesson to all Malay leaders here in Malaysia.

By the way, once these racist bigots defended the need to maintain their vernacular schools, they lost their moral conviction to criticise anyone for practising racial based politics.

The backlash of a suggestion by Datuk Mukhriz was not unexpected. We all know how extremely racist these people are. They issued out statements that this suggestion is sensitive and the perpetrator must be brought to justice. My oh my. Have they looked into the mirror lately?

Ever since their surprised victory in denting the two thirds majority back in March 2008, these extremists came out from their hibernation and launch their subversive tactics in destabilising the social harmony of Malaysia.

Under the guise of equality and meritocracy, they have more or less swept half of Malaysians into believing their cause.

Time and time again we are fed with their notion of a perfect Malaysia. Whereby, they will overcome a ‘cruel’ Malay-centric government and replace it with their own version of a socially perfect Malaysia where every Malaysian can enjoy equality among races. It’s a Harapan Baru for Malaysia!

God help us if we have to listen again to Haris Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang, Din Merican, Anwar Ibrahim and the likes on the Malaysia that they want to have.

The semi-inspiring articles that they wrote lack one thing – How do we achieve that? How? So we want to practice meritocracy instead of the bumiputera friendly policies. How do we do it? What are the action plans to achieve this meritocracy policy that in the end, will produce a happy, almost Utopian society?

I will give a tiny example. Currently, there are about 10,000 members in the Malaysian Malay Business Chamber (DPMM). How do we deal with the situation when meritocracy is imposed? In an open tender process, financial strength, experience, quality of work will be taken into consideration.

With limited number of projects and business opportunities, I would bet my left arm that when all things remain equal (hence the meritocracy concept), all of the 28,000 companies in the ACCCIM will get them instead.

We all know that most of the Malay contractors sub-conned their contracted project to the Chinese contractors anyway. Will the Chinese contractors do the same when meritocracy in imposed? Tepuk dada tanyalah selera!

What will happen to the fate of the Malay companies and their families? Ah yes, I forgot – they all will be happy in a blessed, meritocratic country. Right?

Of course with such drastic change, only the strongest will survive. The rest will have to disappear into obscurity.

Probably, in 20 years time, the Malays who wanted to venture into business will be as tough, resilient and resourceful enough to compete on the same level playing field. But until that time, what is the solution for the short term aftermath?

The thing is, these people I mentioned above are only good at spewing rhetorical statements. They have yet to come out with a step by step plan on how to get ALL Malaysians to behave, to socialise and to function in the world that they promised us?

We can safely say that all these statements are long on rhetorics and short on substance.

And how dare they question the social contract when they themselves are not prepared to be questioned about their mother tongue!

It is indeed sad that the proponents of Malaysian Malaysia and the Bangsa Malaysia concept as well as the creators of the exaggerated ketuanan rakyat concept had the gall to say that the vernacular schools are here to stay.

They themselves had supported the idea of national and racial unity. But now, they have the audacity to run down a VIABLE suggestion in making the rakyat come close together.

Oh pray tell me o’ wise ones, how do we achieve racial unity then if the children, in their most impressionable years are not mingling with each other now?

What do you propose instead?

Besides frothing in the mouth shouting and citing the sedition act (the act that Lim Kit Siang himself abhorred), what is the solution of the current impending racial polarisation?

Ah yes, back to ‘equality and meritocracy’ again I suppose?


Rubbish rhetoric that comes from rubbish politicians. When you yourself are insular and practising racial politics, do not call other people the same. Those who live in glass house do not throw stones so to speak.

Stating the obvious had never been THIS obvious!

Do not criticise if you do not know how to provide solutions. All this talk will further divide the nation. Is this what they want?

This tactic is very similar to the communist tactic of subversive psychological warfare back in the 50’s all the way to the 70’s. Divide and conquer. When the majority are fragmented, the minority will gain prominence. No matter how unbecoming and insolent the minority has become, it will be more attractive than the fragmented and disarrayed majority.

What did I write previously?

“Bangsa Malaysia hanya boleh wujud jika semua pihak mempunyai satu titik persamaan. Apakah titik persamaan itu? Selain dari keadilan (bukan kesamarataan) di dalam pegangan ekonomi negara, Bangsa Malaysia mesti berkebolehan bertutur secara selesa di dalam satu bahasa. Sebab itu, Bahasa Melayu diangkat menjadi bahasa kebangsaan. Status Bahasa Melayu sebagai bahasa kebangsaan bermaksud, ia adalah lebih tinggi dari bahasa bahasa lain.”

And don’t get me started on the multilingual roadsigns.

Do you even understand what is the status of Bahasa Melayu? It is the national language of Malaysia. NATIONAL LANGUAGE. This means, other languages do not have the same special status as Bahasa Melayu. Meaning, other languages are not the alternate or substitute language for it.

So why do they want to have multi lingual roadsigns anyway?


Oh, because we have many tourists from China is it? Do they sincerely think that the Chinese tourists who went to the United States or the UK will inevitably be lost amongst the many roadsigns there?

It was an irrelevant and petty excuse. They want equality? How can you have equality when they themselves have said countless times that they do not question the status of Bahasa Melayu?

I repeat, other languages are not the alternate or the substitute to Bahasa Melayu. Yet they defend the use of other languages just because they uphold the concept of equality? What kind of a moronic oxymoron is this?

In one hand they defend the Constitution (just to get support from the Malays), on the other hand, they ridicule and question the main essence of the Constitution (just to get the support of their more liberal supporters)!

They want an Obama-esque style of leadership in Malaysia. I do not recall Obama went to a Kenyan primary school when he was young. Yet, they cited examples when it suited them most but swiftly defend themselves when the situation does not benefitting them.

So naturally, the main question here is – why are they howling about racial based politics in Barisan Nasional when they themselves propagate the very same thing?

What, defending vernacular school is a not racial based propaganda with regards to the national unity issue? Defending chinese and tamil roadsigns is not racial based issue?

To me, if you want to have a multilingual roadsigns, then it is better to have only Bahasa Melayu and English roadsigns. And furthermore, English roadsigns are only appropriate for road instruction signages.

Bahasa Melayu should be the ONLY language for the road signs while English is also used for ‘Jangan memotong’, ‘Berhenti’, ‘Ikut kiri’ and etc.

How many times we have tourists asking taxi drivers to take them to ‘Jalan Sehala’ thinking that that is a proper name of a road?

We have thousands of Jalan Sehala signages in this country. You get my point.

Didn’t Chua Soi Lek stated in his speech at the Kancil Awards (by the way I agree with most of what is being said in that speech. However, I do feel that he should also listened to what had been explained on Ketuanan Melayu to gain a better understanding)–

“Our politics is still organised along racial lines. We need to be issue-centric, not ethno-centric.”

There you go.

Then why in God’s name are they doing the opposite?

He further stated;

“Chinese schools shouldn’t be seen as a Chinese struggle. They’re part of the national education system. It’s a national issue.”

Then if that is the case, the idea of strengthening the national schools and concentrate our children into one unifying education system IS ALSO a national issue.

Why then did the people above become hostile as if the very idea of unifying the kids into one school stream is treated like a taboo?

Since Chua Soi Lek, the 2nd highest leader of MCA had said this:

“We accept Malay Leadership, but not Malay Supremacy.”

Therefore, we should regard the very idea of unifying the children is an act of one young leader, fed up with the hypocritical non Malay leaders and fed up with the silence of Malay senior politicians and henceforth, proposed one of a few possible solution to integrate the races nationally.

After all, the suggestion is nothing new. Tun Razak proposed it in 1956. And it was proposed even earlier through the Barnes Report in 1951.

Anybody with better ideas of creating a unified Bangsa Malaysia?

Apart from renaming Bahasa Melayu to Bahasa Malaysia, what else? Sekolah Wawasan? That idea was shot again by, wait for it;

The DAP!

What is wrong with DAP? Malaysian Malaysia?

Yeah right.

And upon reading the Parliament Hansard about this issue, I see that Lim Kit Siang should not have any problem with Datuk Mukhriz’s idea personally. It was The Star whom had twisted what Datuk Mukhriz had said by giving its headlines an inflammatory angle. The Star still have not learned what happened to it 21 years ago (possibly will touch on this in my future articles). They need to be more responsible in their news reporting. 

Ultimately, the question now is;

Which one do you love most? Status quo or towards greater national unity? If you want things as they were, then that summarily means, there is no problem with this age old social fabric. If you say there is a problem, then lets discuss this further without being hypocritical about it. 

And wait, I’m not finished yet. We come to the Malay apologists now. And the biggest culprit of them all is Pak Lah.

I told myself not to criticise him after he made the announcement to retire in March 2009. But I just have to say a few things from the way he acted these past few weeks.

When and where he had been more lenient to Tan Lian Hoe;

“Lebih baik beri peluang kepada Tan Lian Hoe untuk memberi penjelasan”

He was more unforgiving with Datuk Mukhriz regarding the suggestion to have one streamlined education system.

Pak Lah said;

“The prime minister said the next supreme council meeting would specifically discuss action to be taken against Umno members who aired sensitive views which caused unease among other races.

“When we express our views in public, others are bound to respond and this could lead to undesirable situations.

We want to avoid that, especially if they do not benefit the people. That is why we will discuss at length what channels we can utilise to address such views.””

It is indeed ironic that when Tun Dr Mahathir was lamenting about Umno money politics, some people were quick to judge that he was merely campaigning for his son.

But here we are, the PM himself trying to chastise a Malay leader for merely forwarding a suggestion to a greater cause of national integration. Why? So that his silent and muted son in law will be seen as the more attractive alternative in the upcoming Umno elections.

But what did Umno lose in this effort? The continuous weakening voice of Malay leadership. Lambasting publicly a Malay leader from the same party he is leading is never a good sign.

That was a hasty, knee jerk reaction from the Prime Minister. All for the glorious benefit of his son in law.

Now, if Pak Lah is the Prime Minister of all Malaysians (right now he is the prime minister for all except for the Malays), he should instead issue out this statement –

“We understand the predicament that had come out from the suggestion. It was afterall, only a suggestion. What is important is the intended aim of that idea. If we cherish national unity, we must bring all relevant and affected parties together and discuss this further. A consensus among all is needed. If there is a strong voice opposing the idea, then so be it. If there is some good in the proposal, and everyone had deliberated on it, we shall determine the next course of action.

What is important, the majority agrees with it. One way or the other.”

Or something to that effect.

In the end, everyone will be happy and the matter will be discussed further amicably and the matter which caused this public furore will be duly closed. This is how a Prime Minister OF ALL Malaysians should react.

Not to kill off a valuable avenue for further discussion on national unity like how he did yesterday. And see how he quickly dismissed the idea?

‘We want to avoid that, especially if they do not benefit the people’

How close minded this Prime Minister can be? The idea have not even been reasonably discussed yet and he had preempted it as something very ghastly! Can you see this not so subtle hint?

And where is the Umno Youth? Where is their number one and number two?

Their silence simply means that if an ordinary Malay person had also suggested the same thing like how Datuk Mukhriz had suggested, nobody will help him or defend him against a police report.

If the Malay party cannot defend one of its own, then WHAT IS THE BLOODY USE OF ITS EXISTENCE?

Umno did not realise and it need to be fully ashamed of themselves that their role is being subjugated by Malay NGOs. The existence of Pribumi Perkasa etc. had highlighted the incapability of Umno to be relevant to the Malays.

In previous eras, whenever there were issues that affected the Malays, people will turn to Umno. Now? We have Perkasa etc. to do that role since Umno has been reduced to being an apologist.

What is the ultimate aim of Umno?



Are they playing this role? No.

Remember, Umno exist because of its idealogy. Umno is only a name. It is its idealogy that attracted the Malays to join and support them. If this original idealogy is being used by other entities, then those entities are better suited to face the challenges.

This is why, Umno will lose the next general election.

Umno is the leader in the government. Act like one. And act like a good leader too. Not like the one we’ve seen since November 2003.

Dear Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, do you understand all this?


What is this I hear about RPK glorifying Chin Peng? Is he for real? Will elaborate on this in the next article.

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  1. Too busy to elaborate on this stale matter. Am off to JERIT’s Rakyat Pengayuh Perubahan cycling campaign tomorrow evening. And then it will be Christmas.
    Enjoy the holidays (if you get any) and erm, see you at Kuala Terengganu?

    JMD : Good luck with the campaign Jed. I purposely waited a few days to write this article. Just to get a better picture on the reaction to the proposed idea.

    Thank you.


  2. dude,
    i from kampung.i got no1 frm std1 to std 5.i go sekolah menengah sains form 1.i shock.i got number 20.i then work hard.i improve myself.i play guitar.i go america.i got scholarship.i play in rock band first mth there.yankee puji me.i become confident.i come back,i got engineer degree.i work ibm.they train me.i speak clever.use words like capacity planning,outmanoevering competition,all kinds.i come out and holy cow! melayu umno real **** bro..loud and hitam and cakap besar,bawak kereta f 430 but bobo bro…how…


  3. bro,
    must change bro.kenot let cina laugh at melayu bro.main bola mesti competitive.jgn asyik alter goal post…,malu bro…pnb n petronas doing well…yang p***t subcon gang ni bro…and that 11.1bil wifi…wat de…


  4. And you are nor racist besides those at UMNO??

    I think you are downright.

    No man wants to be insulted. It is perlexing to see how UMNO and the Government is such a hypocrite.

    For that reason, we refuse to pay a single dime taxes to the government.

    None of them deserve to be paid salaries from the taxes we pay and the money we earned in a hard way.

    And this is going to continue and we will continue instigating people not to pay.

    Got it!!!

    JMD : Hmmm…. You still haven’t learned anything from this article? Do you understand one of the points I’m driving at? Hypocrites cannot accuse other people as hypocrites. And you do not have the right to call Umno and the government as racist anymore.

    Thank you.


  5. Salam jmd,
    Karpal dan geng tak do bunyi pun. mungkin sobab bai tak masok sekolah tamil, takut jatuh martabat nanti, sobab dia bukan k***** tapi bai.

    pak lah dan najib pulak tak do tolo, bondo macam ni pun tak boleh control.



  6. We can’t change it politically, you are wrong. We will.

    Once this country is run by terms of equal rights, where each citizen play by the rules and regulations of total fairness, then we shall see where the malays will stand.

    Right down at the bottom? Most probably, yes! Not only the non-malays will agree, the whole world would probably agree as well. In fact some malays will agree this as well.

    The only thing that all of us can see, whether you are a Malaysian, or non-Malaysian, is that the malays here will never change. Not now, never will.

    Your level of intelligence and pathetic sense of judgement depict not only how truthfully and incompetently low life beings you are, crawling at the lowest level of the human hierarchy, begging for alms, practically putting all your grotesque clown-butt ugly faces in front of the world, self admitting that even maggots feasting on a pile of dung, looks and sounds much much better.

    You defense on your own race, will not conclude anything, but strengthen the fact that even your pure existence in this very world of civilized human beings, is worse than the thought of having an incest driven rapist over for dinner.

    Ponder upon this, there is no point defending for yourselves, save it. The fact and all the truth speak louder than just stupid farts coming out from your infested mouth fueled by your retarded brain.

    To be honest, how naive you are with your pointless talk, we can see it in every glory in your statement here. In fact by calling you stupid, would be the most insulting thing by being stupid. Have you ever heard of the word opposition?

    Think my friend, if there is no such thing as bravery to challenge the government face to face, why would oppositions be there?

    By now, your retarded brain must be struggling, thinking, hey what is the point of oppositions if they are not effective enough to fight against the government? Good question.

    One word – CORRUPTION.
    The rest of the picture, I will also leave it up to you.

    The real cowards in Malaysia are the group of people who survive under bogus unfair rights, fictional promises which only rat testicles will believe they are true.

    The same group of people who destroying the country with their own social menaces, incest activities, drugs, materialistic punks with brains the size of a chicken shit, etc.

    The same group of people who are spoilt by unreasonable, pointless, total waste of time support from the government. Which even that, on that very constant support, they are still licking their own balls, nursing their injury, shamelessly.

    And still as of yet, presently and logically categorized as the poorest class citizens who only survive by politically sucking other people’s hard earned benefits.

    The same group of people who idolizes external portrayal of physical goodness, but mentally and reality, are bunch of idiotic hypocrites nothing better than a rotting pair of pig testicles. Even the maggots would think twice of devouring such a distasteful crap.

    I am sick and tired of saying this over and over again. I honestly believe, that every single malay individual in this country, within their very heart, and best interests, know where they stand. They know right from the start, that they can’t win in a fair and equal environment.

    Their fictitious pride and ego made them proud of their weakness, never ever have the guts to admit their weaker side.

    And how do you think they survive? By playing dirty. And most of the time, very very dirty. To those malays who are successful, trust me, they are not pure malays. They are even embarrassed by the fact that they are malays.


    Still think and insist malays are for perpaduan? fair? got integrity and dignity?

    The only way to have perpaduan is: you motherf***ker stripe your own babi status and come to term with other races on level playing field – that is what we call a step towards perpaduan!

    We are all Malaysians, why not? What is your problem??????????

    Now the answer to this I leave it to you to think. How you want to think it with your level of stupidity, I have truly no idea.

    JMD : Here is another racist bigot who had nothing to do but rile the Malays even further. Thank you for the fancy and flowery language that you had used against the Malays. You have indeed endeared yourself even more for us to embrace perpaduan!

    Sadly, just like the rest of your fanatical and racist group, you failed to give the step by step action plan on how to achieve this so called perpaduan.

    You just rant, curse and criticise (some of them misplaced) about the current state and being pointless all the same. You just provided the goal without the relevant stratgies on how to achieve that goal. You think it is as easy as ‘stripe your own babi status and come to term with other races on level playing field’?

    And then voila! We have perpaduan?

    Come on man, you are the ‘intelligent’ one here. Please teach all of us stupid people here on how to achieve this.

    Frankly, it is just mind boggling to see a minority of a country, fights for segregation.

    Everywhere else in the world, the minority actually fought and begged to be assimilated with the majority. The Blacks in America fought over 200 years to finally be accepted as the majority. Previously, the were segregated – go to different schools, cannot board the same bus as the Whites, cannot vote etc etc.

    But here in Malaysia, the minority actually are fighting tooth and nails to be segregated! Perpaduan? Do not insult my intelligence man. You are a joke.

    I’m sure most readers here do not share your views. Next time, be more constructive in your comment.


  7. As much as I agree with you on this, especially after reading your post and also DemiNegara’s on the national language, I also wish to point out that it was that multiracial formula that kept BN in power all these years, vernacular schools are as much MCA and MIC’s livelihood in political terms.

    Unless BN takes on a non-racial approach and really work together to build this country, based on Malay sovereignty, culture and values, this kind of stuff will go on forever.

    Previous formulas were probably closed doors agreement to keep every community/MP happy.

    What are we going to do next, now that everything is back to square one. The NEP which was supposed to launch the bumiputras into the forefront of the nation has still not been achieved fully according to the set time line.

    BN should have tackled the education problem a long, long time ago, instead everyone went and build exclusive schools for their own.

    See what happens when politics are still locked in communal mode?

    On the issue of meritocracy, fine if it can’t be implemented wholly yet as the Malays will not be able to compete with the might of the towkays, but at least can we have it for the premiership and let it be about people who really want the job to do something for the country instead of hand-me-downs to people who is ok if they get it and just as ok if they don’t. But then it’s only decided by handful of people anyway isn’t it.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. Since we have established that status quo was also what these opposition members are defending, then we must ask ourselves, are their slogans and chants for freedom, equality, meritocracy, unity and Bangsa Malaysia are sincere?

    Or was it just a fake effort to gain political prominence and power. The things you mentioned above are what the BN had been striving and practising for the past several decades.

    The question now is not about racism or inequality. That was just bait by the opposition. The real question now is leadership.

    Back in 1999 elections, Umno got whacked real hard that it should have not been in power then. The Malays left Umno due to DSAI factor. What saved it? The non Malay votes. The non Malays did not see Umno as racist or practising racial based politics then.

    The bare fact is, they trusted TDM. They trusted him to recover Malaysia economically. That’s a fact. It is all about leadership. Or else, how could the non Malays voted in a ‘dictator’ who was both ‘racist’ and ‘corrupt’ like him since 1981?

    Same goes to Lee Kuan Yew. The chinese here in Malaysia have this illogical reverence and respect towards him. But the fact is, Singapore is the exact opposite of what the opposition is preaching to us. It is autocratic and have even more punishing laws that curb freedom of speech.

    But they still revere him as if he is the best leader in the world. Why? Simply because of leadership. Lee Kuan Yew can keep them in cages and they would still kiss his boots.

    All boils down to leadership. All the mumbo jumbo about racism and fight for more freedom are side issues. A red herring.

    Pak Lah did not offer any kind of leadership since TDM left. And this is what Malaysia is getting itself into.

    Thank you.


  8. Dear JMD,
    I for one am glad March 8 happened. Now we can truly see everyone’s true colours. And they are coming out of the woodwork.
    And there’s that MP. When KL Cityhall came up with signages in Jawi, that one and many yang sewaktu dengan nya slammed it as waste of public funds. Then before we know it that one happily posing with signpost of Jalan Bukit Bintang in alien characters. Come again… wasteful? It’s not concern for public funds but doublespeak for prejudice.

    You have rightly reserved your strong ire against the PM and his crew. Gosh, if I were an Umno member I’d be so ashamed by that question: WHAT IS THE BLOODY USE OF THE PARTY’S EXISTENCE?


  9. excellent writing again. I am sadly agreeing with you that Pak Lah is the PM for all races except the malays.

    Weirdly, most of the malays who have chinese wives behave like they are chinese. RPK and Pak Lah included.
    and most of the chinese who have malays as their wives behave more like the malays.

    The power of pussies are higher than the power of nationalist.
    So it is not Pak Lah fault, it is the pussy’s fault. No wonder people call Pak Lah pussy’s face and have you heard his speech lately. Like a person having a pre-mature ejaculation.

    JMD : Hoh! Ni apa cerita pasal benda dalam kelambu ni? Nak kena rotan ni! 🙂


  10. and if the silent majority is happy to remain silent, these barkers will not stop until they get their malaysian malaysia concept of governance

    and then they will of course tweak, revise and amend the constitution to suit their clannish needs

    the south neighbour should be a reminder to the majority bumis

    their political agenda was in a cocoon all this while

    and pak lah’s era is the best opportunity to realise these political dreams

    together with rpk, anwar, zaid, pakatan, subdued pas

    the sleeping tiger had better wake up to reality


  11. DEAR JMD,

    Pada PEMIMPIN2 yang di katakan M E L A Y U.
    Saya dan kaum2 sejenis amat seiuju dengan kesederan yang tepat pada masanya.
    MUSIBAH yang akan berlaku pada kuamnya sekira nya MEREKA PERMERINTAH inkar.
    Something must be done to put a BIG STOP to these PUSHING.
    Ada puak yang berjuang matimatian karana kuam nya dan ada kuam yang lemah sedang mempertahankan dirinya. Siapa kah kuam yang lemah itu?
    Siapa yang MEMERINTAH sekerang I mean at this moment. If YOU dont take that BENEFIT to be FIRM then you will be facing the CONSEQUENCES ! ! ! ! !
    Then it will be the OPPOSITE of what HANG TUAH said.
    Its the TIME TO STRUGGLE , STRUGGLE FOR UNITY, You like it or not you have to bring these people together and put their HEAD into ONE COMMON VIEW . ONE LANGUAGE. Thats ONE SCHOOL , ONE CULTURE, ETC. I think everyone will surely like it and putting to TEST your STRENGHT……by hook or by crook………BERSATU TEGUH BERCERAI ROBOH…..

    Salam dari jadimelayu akram.


  12. Dear JMD,

    Your posting this time looks very upset and angry. Cool down buddy : )

    What else you aspect an opposition will react to Mukhriz suggestion? Of course die die they will reject it by any means. In Malaysia, as long as you are fighting for your own race, you are hero. Nobody cares whether you are hypocrite.

    I think UMNO is lack of knowledge and experience in handling opposition’s attacks. After all, this is the first time the opposition have so much voice in Parliment. Mukhriz should learn from mistakes and be well prepared next time.

    By the way, I cannot agree with Mukriz suggestion. Not because his vision is no good but because this is not the right time to make such a big changes when racial tension is boiling and UMNO is at its weakest time. Not to mention AAB hates Mukhriz. As you stated above, “He was more unforgiving with Datuk Mukhriz regarding the suggestion to have one streamlined education system”.

    I wonder where is TDM when his son needs him the most. Hmm…


    JMD : I believe DM was trying to prove a point. And I believe he had successfully solidify the fact that the opposition are all worse than hypocrites. Why do I say that? Because they had been on the moral high horse for so long, preaching this and that, feeling sanctimonious and arrogant at the same time.

    Now they need to climb off that horse and come face to face with their own reflection.

    Thank you.


  13. Salaam JMD

    Suddenly this cold night felt warm.

    Very good article with gut wrenching, eyes popping, superb notion on how the non-malays trying their luck by head-spinning the rakyat.

    But I think by now, the sinners (who voted the DAP & PKR in last PRU) should have repented.

    But what can we actually do to make things right again? It won’t stop by Pak Lah steping down or Najib take over. To me both are dumb. Period.

    And money politics is like adding salt to the wound………….

    Again…….”WAKE UP, FOOLS…!”


  14. I must thank you for your writings. For what it’s worth, I think you’re one of the most lucid commentators on the issues you touch, and the most relevant. I’m writing from America, and whenever I want to get a picture of what’s going on back home, I always end my readings with your website.

    I do hope more Malays will read what you write. Although I have often found myself disagreeing with you, more often I find myself being educated.


    JMD : If you are living in America, then I think you can relate on what I had replied to Boleh’s comments above regarding the Blacks. Thank you for the comment. And thank you for visiting this blog.


  15. Salam all…

    Now we can see yet again how hypocrite these non-Malay politicians are. In one hand they fiercely defend their SJKCs and SJKTs while in the other hand, they have been labelling SRAs/SMAs as “extremist” and MRSMs and UiTM as “racist” hence should be “liberalised” or otherwise cut off government fund or dismantled striaghtaway.

    They want to have an Obama for Malaysia but they forget (or pretend not to realise) that in the United States there has never been any “African-American National-Type School” or “Asian-American National-Type School” or “Hispanic National-Type School” or whatever National-Type School. Americans of whatever race attend only one kind of national school system.

    Barack Obama speaks and writes in an exemplary command of American English without any trace of yo-wassup-man or whatever kind of African accent, a stark contradiction to many (not all) non-Malays here (their bloody hypocrite politicians included!) who do not even (and don’t want to) speak and write well in Bahasa Malaysia, the official national language. They ditch Bahasa Malaysia “in favour of English which is the global lingua-franca” but so many of them can’t even speak and write English quite well either!

    I can’t agree more when you say “Do not demand when you are not propared to give”.

    The following is another timely article for everyone to ponder:
    Bukan Melayu berubah nada bila hak mereka disentuh

    And my alma mater senior’s blog that for me, hits where it hurts!

    About those Malay bloody apologists? If only I can “lempang” each of them!

    Salam hormat.


  16. The DAP can be very very petty. Especially at times like this. Like what Helen Ang wrote on Malaysiakini, “sikit-sikit sedition”.

    Can’t we all talk like adults, and not scream “sedition” or “ISA” or any of that sort of nonsense whenever someone says something we don’t agree with?

    I remember reading somewhere that the DAP said that they will uphold BM as the National Language. Their reaction this time is definitely not showing that.

    I had to roll my eyes over their pettiness about wearing the songkok. What the hell is wrong with wearing the songkok? Protocol-lah, so just wear it!

    And like you said, don’t even get me started on the road signs. Total waste of funds.

    But that said, I have to say that I’m still not for race-based politics. It may look like we still need it today, but I feel that it actually does more harm than good.

    The fact that PKR and DAP are essentially Malay- and Chinese-based parties cannot be denied. But their difference is that the respective parties are not exclusive to that one particular race. It, in time, will give way to a more diversified membership, and perhaps by that time, we can have truly issue-centric politics and politicians, minus the issue of race.


  17. Bal less UMNO Bastard. What so proud to be Malay after all Malays are controlled by corrupted Indians and Malays are renowned to be ***** and ****..

    JMD : Sorry mate, I have to moderate this comment. What you wrote is beyond seditious! 🙂

    I take no offence by the way. Because I have no respect for this type of comment.


  18. It is desperate time indeed. The malays (UMNO) have become apologetic. Theirs leaders have been potrayed to be untrustable. Driven by self interest rather than for the people. The masses wanted change. Just change, even if it is the same thing in a different clothes. Desperate times make people do illogical things.

    Even if the racist opposition accused UMNO of being racist, the masses is willing to believe. People are willing to believe anything as long as there is hope for a better alternative. Yes we hear all this BUt do we listen? Are we doing anything at all to affect change so that the perception of the public could be addressed?

    We also want change. Let’s go back to ‘memertabatkan bahasa melayu’. And yet the reality is many ‘educated’ malays are more confortable in presenting their ideas in English! This is true not just between malays and the non malays but even among themselves. Oh ya, this is so because it enables us to communicate with the ‘inteligent’ public that are concern. What about communicating with the majority masses out there that actually are the ones that will decide the nation’s future?

    What actually has changed prior to March 2008 that has caused this nation to be where we are now? It’s the same opposition. I doubt that the people had dietary change that make them wake up from their slumber and suddenly realize what they are missing. Had TDM left a very wide gaping hole where no leader is able to filled? OR had the ‘leader’ that took over dug a BIG hole where everyone seems to be falling into?

    Everyone seems to be talking. Everyone seems to know the recipe to get us out of this mess. Everyone seems to know what UMNO and the Opposition should or should not be doing. I just hope something will be turned into action, and fast, because we cannot be caught still mending our boats when the next global economic tide comes!


  19. JMD, spot on. I myself has been wondering why the deafening silence from the UMNO leaders especially the youth movement. Pathetic and silly indeed.

    bugis melaka


  20. Only the Mafia and the Triad approve MONOPOLY. However it is glaringly and blantantly practiced in Malaysia by the Chinese. The Monopoly is ILLEGAL, then we can has level playing field.

    Stamp out the monopoly and you’ll see the real human in the Chinese.

    Too bad the Malays politicians never want to fight these monopoly godfathers instead they joined them.


  21. BRAVO JMD,

    i LOVE what you wrote, here my comment posted at chedet TOO….

    entahlaaa TUN..

    saya tak gemar topik rasuah sebenarnyaaa…..
    now, orang melayu sendiri dah tak yakin dengan UMNO (saya still with umno pon sebab saya sokong TUN….)

    saya rasa penyokong umno yang setia pon, dah berbelah bagi.. now kiri kanan orang dok condemn Malay…apa gunanya penyokong biasa dok defend Umno if they take it for granted. Kami still sokong Umno bukan bermaksud kami sokong rasuah, sokong najib jadi pm or lagila nak sokong KJ. Kami tetap sokong sebab kami nak perjuangan warisan nie biarlah berterusan, bukannya berkubur tanpa apa2 tentangan.

    Saya rasa now elok jugak UMNO bergerak as single party, yup kita “break” with mca & mic, sebab saya rasa this coalition hanyalah melemahkan orang melayu, sudah masanya UMNO jadi parti “lone-ranger”, yup, Umno should be like DAP, hanya memperjuangkan isu2 Malay Malaysia, sepatutnya orang Melayu boley demamd “macam2″ tapi dek kerana sibuk tolerate sane sini, berkorban sana-sini. tapi habuk pon tak dapat TUN.. so sebelum kita hilang penang jugak, i think this are the right time…kita bukannya nak bergaduh dengan bangsa lain, tapi adalah penting kita pertahankan tanah warisan nie… tak guna juga kalau orang Melayu jer yang sebok dok pertahankan keharmonian, tapi bangsa lain pandang sebelah pon tanak. saya tak faham, tanggungjawab untuk mem”promote” hidup berharmoni, bersatu adalah tanggungjawab semua, bukan orang melayu sahaja… tapi semuanya fake…. =/



  22. JMD,

    Wow, that was a very hard hitting piece.

    I cannot but agree with you on all counts. By they way, Hishamuddin woke up from his slumber and defended Mukhriz yesterday. The body language suggests that he was forcing himself to defend Mukhriz. My heart immediately responded “Two days Late, brother , damage already done”. The number two, hmm.. maybe busy with the national football team in Phuket.

    Responses from the same single structure schools issue in my blog received similar treatment . Some mixing schools issue with other so-called inequalities, touching on SAR, NEP etc with one threatening comment on sedition. People are simple not focussed and gets emotional fast.

    Just to add, I believe single schools structure will be the ‘titik permulaan’ and ‘titik pertemuan’ before we embark on gradual removal of SAR, MARA Schools etc. This would not be a one year process, perhaps 20-30 years with all malaysians going to the same schools.

    I am sure the malays would not have a problems if all elements (eg SAR) are accomodated in the newly structured national Schools. SAR are not available nationwide anyways. In smaller towns, most go to Sekolah Agama in the evenings or mornings.

    The problem is these so-called multiracial leaders wannabes (including MIC and MCA, who now claims to want to serve their multiracial constituents) shrugged it off at the first instance without even being diplomatic, positive and perhaps suggest to have a multi-party forum etc. Everyone wants to be the champions of their race.

    The still waiting Prime Minister wannabe, Anwar Ibrahim is as silent as a mice, not wanting to lose susbtantial non-malay support that PKR has.

    What you pointed out are fantastic examples of what rakyat can expect to see of of Harapan Baru and Malaysian Malaysia, openness ala Badawi and freedom of speech ala DAP.

    I do really hope the people mentioned read your piece or people close to these leaders> please forward them this blog link.

    JMD : Apart from my reply to Msleepyhead above, I believe Pak Lah had been very foolish. He could take the opportunity from that suggestion by Mukhriz to propose a study on the education system. He could name it Penyata Abdullah or something akin to that. That would be one of his positive legacy. The education system needs to be thoroughly reviewed now.

    But alas, since we know Pak Lah do not have any leadership skills and being advised by the insipid 4th floor boys, he failed this test of premiership once again.

    Thank you.


  23. Well done JMD,
    a thought provoked writing by you. Those hypocrites really got a hard knock on the head. For DM, follow up with the the noble suggestion as you climb the ladder of power….. Malay Power.


  24. All of them are bunch of selfish slobs just interested in their own agenda. Given a chance, they will (and some have) stab their own race’s back. Bunch of old-farts warming their chair and can’t even behave in Dewan Rakyat. Protecting languages my behind! Look at the language they use in Parliment.

    Again, good one Jebat. I hate to say this but their IQ are even lower to understand this simple piece you have written.

    P/S: Thanks for dropping by my site. Am very honoured. And yes, Craig is THE Bond for our times.

    JMD : Your welcome. It was an enjoyable read indeed. 🙂


  25. I believe your take on the issue echos the sentiment of many others especially those of the elder generation. The DAP and their lot (including those who decide on the flavour of news in THE STAR) will not rest until they get their way and turn MALAYsia (or as previously acknowledged as MALAYa) into something akin to Singapore political and social environment.


  26. Dearest JMD,

    I tell you this la, bila the Chinese and Hindus hentam kita, we Malays tak kira la malays in UMNO ka, in PKR ka, in PAS ka, all keeping very quiet. As if, oh, we might offended the chinese and hindus more.

    But, when kita rise our eyebrows (tu baru eyebrows) towards their racists comments, amboi, they go against it like if they have AK47 guns in their hand and can be legally use in Msia, sure we malays dah lama mati katak.

    I bet the BOLEH man up there is a pure die hard supporter of DAP. So, since PKR and PAS very the fren2 dgn DAP, why are all of them chicken shit keeping quiet to what Lim Kit Siang is saying? Got no balls? kept their balls in the freezer kot? That’s why kecut all the time!

    And then, where is Khairy? or Khairy supporters? I know for a fact that Khairy says to all his supporters that their agenda is to fight for malays. “Selagi saya ada kuasa saya tak akan biar kaum melayu tertindas” i know this for a fact because i am a close friend to one of Khairy’s second man( unless his man tipu me laaa) So where are you all Khairy’s troopers?? pun kecut telo jugak ker???

    Urggghhhhssss… pagi2 buta dah marah… kurang rezeki i nak masyukkk…

    Tu la JMD, selagi semua kaum melayu berpecah belah, selagi itu kaum2 pendatang (as what Raja Nazrin call them) will try their very best to divide and conquer (like what you said above).

    Unless i have miss your article (if yes, kindly refer the link) maybe you shud write and give opinion on how to unite the Malays in Malaysia, tak kira PAS,UMNO,PKR dll..

    Have a gud Raya Haji and do take care. YNWA!!!!

    JMD : Insya’allah in the future, shall come up with an article about Malay unity. However, there is a difference between socially united and politically united. Both have different repercussions and both require different sets of action plans. Which one does an ordinary Malay want?

    Thank you.


  27. JMD,

    “They demand this, they demand that…”

    IF the Malays have another motherland Lim Kit Siang & Karpal Singh would also shamelessly DEMAND the Malays to balik negeri asal. Fortunately this is the only “tanah” we have. Yes I agree the bloody UMNO politicians that we have right now have turned into a bloody cowards!

    Najib kelihatan macam sudah mengidapi penyakit “lemah tenaga batin”. Kami orang melayu sekarang inginkan pemimpin yang dapat mengembalikan zaman yang mana kita mempunyai seorang pemimpin yang dapat mempertahankan bangsa melayu dan tidak di-perlekehkan oleh kaum2 yang bangsat. Zaman itu adalah Tun Mahathir.

    Sama ada kita sedar atau tidak…..kita sekarang dalam keadaan di-serang. Cukup setakat ini sajalah hendak nya “mode” pertahanan! Gerakan seterus nya adalah penyerangan. Ini adalah cadangan yang pernah di-utarakan Tun.

    Terima Kasih JEBAT kerana masih mempunyai kekuatan intelektual…saya hanya berharap agar pemimpin2 UMNO masih ada sedikit perasaan “bersalah” dan cepat2lah berdiri dan menjadi “berani” menentang *******2 yang kurang ajar. Apa mereka ini nak menunggu rakyat buat huru hara ke??

    JMD : Terima kasih.


  28. Penulisan yang baik dan sedap di baca. Mesejnya jelas dan sungguh menyusuk jiwa raga saya. Tahniah.

    Saya suka pandangan anda walaupun dalam nada orang marah tetapi masih dapat mengawal emosi dengan baik.

    Komen saya mungkin terkeluar sedikit daripada topik. Harap maaf.

    Kemelut sekarang menjadi-jadi kerana semuanya bermula dengan kesilapan Paklah yang lemah kepimpinannya.

    Sejak Paklah ambilalih pucuk pimpinan negara, saya tidak pernah selesa dengan keputusannya. Dengan demikian saya tidak hairan mengapa Tun Dr Mahathir (TDM) begitu marah dengannya. Setelah 22 tahun bertungkus lumus membangunkan negara tercintanya, tiba-tiba Tun dapat perhatikan kelemahan penggantinya yang begitu ketara sekali. Jika teguran tidak dilakukan, kehancuran akan berlaku. Pada mulanya, teguran demi teguran ditujukan kepada Paklah, akhirnya beliau terpaksa goyangkan UMNO kerana beliau perhatikan Majlis Tertinggi UMNO tidak mengambil sebarang tindakan. Malah ada yang mula menengkeng dan memperlekehkan beliau. Pandangan beliau dihalang untuk sampai ke ahli UMNO dan kemudian ke rakyat jelata. TDM keluar UMNO dan buka blog sendiri untuk sampaikan mesejnya. TDM terus goncang kedudukan Paklah dan kepimpinannya. Selagi Paklah tidak berundur UMNO akan bergoncang lebih kuat dibuatnya. Saya percaya TDM akan terus goncang UMNO sekiranya Dato Sri Najib (DSN) lemah memimpinnya. Begitu juga akan dilakukan dengan pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO lain.

    TDM belum lagi mahu menulis dengan sirius tentang semua berita hangat yang berlaku sekarang kecuali tentang kepimpinan UMNO. Selagi kepimpinan UMNO tidak diperbetulkan dahulu, yang lain boleh datang kemudian. TDM
    mempunyai visi yang jauh kehadapan dan sukar difikirkan oleh rakyat biasa apatah lagi tindakan-tindakan yang menampakan kemungkinan beliau sedang menjatuhkan UMNO. Tetapi mengapa masih ramai yang menyokong TDM? Semuanya sebab mereka yakin TDM sedang melakukan sesuatu yang betul walaupun nampak silap pada mulanya. Saya percaya, TDM tidak mungkin mampu melakukan seorang diri. Beliau memerlukan rakyat yang perihatin membantunya.

    Pengalaman 22 tahun menunjukan kepimpinan boleh elakan semuanya dari berlaku. Walaupun begitu kelemahan kepimpinan boleh berlaku sebaliknya.

    Dengan demikian, Orang Melayu ada 2 tindakan yang dapat membantu.
    1. Berterusan mendapatkan pemimpin yang berkemampuan seperti TDM. Dan
    2. Terus tekan Kerajaan (UMNO) agar jangan lupa tentang tanggungjawabnya kepada maruah dan martabat bangsa Melayu, agama dan negara .

    Mengikut Perlembagaan UMNO :

    “UMNO adalah sebuah parti politik yang berjuang mendukung cita-cita kebangsaan Melayu demi mengekalkan maruh dan martabat bangsa, agama dan negara.
    3.1 Mempertahankan kemerdekaan dan kedaulatan negara.
    3.2 Mendukung dan mempertahankan Perlembagaan Negara, Perlembagaan Negeri-negeri dan Raja Berpelembagaan.
    3.3 Menegak, mempertahan dan mengembangkan Islam, agama rasmi negara serta menghormati prinsip kebangsaan beragama.
    3.4 Mempertahankan kedaulatan rakyat dan keadilan sosial dengan mengamalkan Sistem Pemerintahan Demokrasi Berparlimen serta memajukan ekonomi rakyat Melayu dan Bumiputera khasnya dan rakyat Malaysia amnya.
    3.5 Menjamin kedudukan Bahasa Kebangsaan (Bahasa Melayu) sebagai bahasa rasmi yang tunggal dan Kebudayaan Kebangsaan yang berteraskan Kebudayaan Melayu.
    3.6 Mewujudkan kerjasama antara kaum bagi melahirkan satu bangsa Malaysia yang kuat dan bersatu berasaskan kepada hak-hak Asasi Manusia dan Hak-Hak Istimewa Orang Melayu dan Bumiputera.”

    Sama-samalah hendaknya kita lakukan sesuatu demi kesejahteraan dan kemakmuran negara yang lebih berkekalan.


    Rakyat Malaysia memerlukan orang yang mampu menyampaikan mesej dengan baik demi kesejahteraan dan kemakmuran yang lebih berkekalan. Ketajaman penulisan anda dalam bahasa Inggeris boleh dimanfaatkan. Saya perhatikan anda adalah salah seorang yang mampu menyampaikan mesej tersebut.

    Selamat Berjaya.

    JMD : Terima kasih kerana telah mengingatkan mereka mengenai Perlembagaan parti mereka sendiri.


  29. Salam JMD,

    First of all, Salam Aidil Adha to you & Your Family. I hope it’s not soon to convey the message as Aidil Adha is only 2 days away.

    I have been waiting for you to respond to this issue and I must say that you have not dissappoint me. Those racist bigots may have managed to fool many Malaysians into believing their false propaganda of Perfect Malaysia but I ‘m really glad to see that many do not take their baits. Thank you JMD for continuously reminding us all of the dirty tricks played by them and let’s pray that this country won’t be turned into another Thailand or Indonesia.
    For many foreigners, Malaysia is a dreamland. Sort like heaven. I don’t think there are many people in this world that are as kind as the malays. We like to help others and we like to forgive and forget. Even the late Tun Tan Siew Sin was quoted saying “The Malays, through UMNO, were generous enough to relax the citizenship laws of this country to such extent that within 12 months of independence, 90 percent were still non-citizens after nearly 100 years of colonial rule in the Malay States. In return for this major concession, the MCA and the MIC agreed to continue the policy of preserving the special position of the Malays while at the same time upholding the legitimate interest of other communities.”

    I’m sorry to say that some of our Chinese & Indian friends are getting more GREEDY these days. I don’t think it is fair to demand abolishment of quota or instalment of meritocracy in exchange for one education system as suggested by Datuk Mukhriz. What Datuk Mukhriz propose is for national unity, whereas abolishment of quota or instalment of meritocracy will only make things worse, equivalent to sentencing Malay businessmen’s businesses to death. You have stated how impossible for malay businessmen to compete with their chinese counterparts. Let me add further and I don’t care what people would lable me after this – Unlike the chinese, many malays especially the muslims are still concerned about what goes in and out of their pockets. The question of halal and haram is very relevant to the malay muslim society. Today, I still see many people checking the halal logo at their chocolate boxes. This does not mean that Islam prevent us from being competative because by right, our fore fathers could have implemented the Islamic laws in this country but they chose not to do so. While many malay muslims are getting corrupted, it is the chinese who runs the gambling centres, prostitution, pubs that sells alcoholic beverages and many other illegal or immoral activities.

    I would not elaborate further on the above but what I’m trying to say is if the economic situation in Malaysia were reversed, whereby the malays are controlling the economy and not the chinese, I don’t think the malays will give a damm about relaxing the quota system. In fact we wil be kind enough like our forefathers 50 years ago to help the other races. So don’t push it when what they demand are not necessary. They should concentrate on how to help the hardcore poor and how to stablise the economy. The question on who shall lead the country should be left to the rakyat and not in the hands of bogus MPs.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment and Selamat Hari Raya Haji.


  30. I try to avoid examining issues on the basis of right and wrong, it seems to me they always come down to perspective what is right for one man become wrong for another? Good & evil is another perspective.

    What is there for me to comment about UMNO – I am not a member, I don’t think I have the right. Then again I do not believe in races – everyone is God’s creatures. Everyone has the right to exist – people must co-exist – that is why God create us differently – God want us to work on our differences. Nobody is superior to the other – the one who claimed just to serve and protect their own clan – they cannot be leaders, they a not fit to be human.

    This is our problem – God created us to be human, but we don’t even know to be that. It is sad and this issue exists since the dawn of time, it is not a new issue and it will continue until this world seized to exist – it will explode and still human race cannot resolve this matter. I have blogged this issue somewhere else, but let me repeat it here. I do not believe much that human can evolve for the better.

    I had learned much in my lifetime among destruction, being human healing magic had never come easily. The power was born of tranquility and harmony, twin skill that man could never master fully. The veins are full of stimulants to violent activity. Human are essentially hunter-killers they glory in physical strength and heroism not in itself evil but prepare the soul for potential evil and darkness. We can learn though I have learned and I am leaning as an individual, but I know there is no great hope for mankind

    Mankind cannot change for the better evolve and develop into finer species. Individuals can evolve and change this I have seen, but together by large group and within a few heartbeats you can have a howling mob intense on murder and destruction No! I do not believe mankind will ever change.

    Best of luck people, learn to be just a human being


  31. HEHEHE now we know exactly the mentality of some chinese.. …Malaysian Malaysia tu AUTA depa saja!!!!

    Bukalah mata wahai melayu yg perasan liberal sangat tu!!!!…Tak payahlah sibuk nak perjuangkan the so-called HAK SAMA RATA kalau org di sana tu hatinya busuk macam bangkai… Sejarah adalah BUKTINYA…..Cina menguasai Singapura adalah AKIBATNYA….Jangan biarkan anak cucu kita maki hamun kita atas kesilapan kita (mcm aku maki hamun tok nenek kita pasai kasi kerakyatan free free kat these ungrateful brats)

    It is obvious Chinese don’t want changes as much as Malay, so my bet is to remain STATUS QUO!!

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. I may have to slightly agree there regarding the status quo. To me, the NEP and its mechanism need to be improved, Umno must be reformed, the Malays’ mindset have to be changed and Malaysians in general need to accept one another. Since tolerance is an ability that had failed (due to the advent of extremism) some Malaysians, should we strive for a higher goal, which is acceptance (quasi assimilation / integration)?

    Thank you.


  32. well…i juz want 2 say well done to u…

    we cannot expect de others races to read de acticle bcoz they might DO NOT URDERSTAND it!…but anyway lets us pray together for all MALAY-SIA will become more saferest & nice living for any races for de next 100 years later…


  33. good writing bro jmd..very well delivered

    i can feel the frustration…and for the first time…i’m feeling really sad of what is becoming of our country and fate of the races…

    macam cite labu labi kepale bapak kepale bapak aku..yang geng non malays (labi) ni bukan main lagik pijak kepale bapak malay (labu) ..tapi biler labu nak kuis sket kepale bapak labi..bukan main lorat lagik..



  34. Hi JMD,

    Great post! I totally agree with you.

    I applaud Dato’ Mukhriz Mahathir! He did a brilliant job of exposing the real racists! Nothing reveals this better than the issue of the vernacular schools. These racists are digging their own graves. Every time they open their mouths to defend their vernacular schools, their racist attitude gets amplified and their credibility diminished. They are in self-destruct mode now. HA HA!

    Heck, their reaction to this issue also clearly reveals that they are not only racists but HYPOCRITES as well. Of course, with racism and hypocrisy, come other unsavoury traits that describe this lot – selfish, deceitful, devious, two-faced, and unconscionable. We already know that but this time they themselves are showing to the world and proving beyond any shred of doubt how truly racist and busuk hati they are. Now the world will see their true colours!

    Another thing it reveals is that these racists are not sincere in wanting a united Malaysia. All they want is for their race to rule this beloved Tanah Melayu and make it their own. Simple as that. That’s the bottom line. Just look at Singapore. What unity? Bull crap!

    They will only be happy if they take over this country and make slaves of the Melayus. You know…to balas dendam. As if all these years they have had no FREEDOM – the power and opportunity to shape one’s own life: to house and feed a family, with security and dignity, and to practice one’s faith in peace.

    Isn’t that what we all want and what people fight and give their lives for?

    They are indeed an UNGRATEFUL and G-R-E-E-D-Y lot !!! They don’t deserve to be in Malaysia.


  35. Yes i do agree with you. Sayangnya Pembesar-pembesar UMNO tidak seorang pun yang bersuara kecuali Hishamuddin. Yang lain samaada malu atau menikus. Jika pembesar bangsa lain mempertahankan kehendak mereka, tidak salah bagi pembesar UMNO mempertahankan bangsa Melayu.

    UMNO sudah semakin tidak relevan mempertahankan kepentingan Melayu dan Negara…..?


  36. Jebat,

    i like this part when u wrote :

    —JMD : Apart from my reply to Msleepyhead above, I believe Pak Lah had been very foolish. He could take the opportunity from that suggestion by Mukhriz to propose a study on the education system. He could name it Penyata Abdullah or something akin to that. That would be one of his positive legacy. The education system needs to be thoroughly reviewed now.

    But alas, since we know Pak Lah do not have any leadership skills and being advised by the insipid 4th floor boys, he failed this test of premiership once again.——

    As you know, 4th floor ni bukan faham sangat strategy. It would be an awesome legacy for him. Wasted!


  37. Dear Jebat,

    I feel compelled to comment as you have written a very good article on the matter. I agree with you here. A citizen with no patriotic sentiment over national identity such as the national language but at the same time hide behind the utopic notion of justice-for-all is merely a hypocrite!

    As we know, there is no such thing as absolute justice and equality except from the divine. So we look upon ways to balance things out depending on our situation and circumstances. Unfortunately this act of balancing can only be as good as those doing the balancing act ie our leaders and politicians. This is where things go so wrong in our beloved country. The majority of these players are in for personal gain.

    And why Jebat? Maybe because people like you are not in it directly, for one reason or another. ….
    A point to ponder?

    Best regards,

    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  38. They want to maintain vernacular schools here but send their children to Singapore, where there is no vernacular schools… Why? Because the education standard there is said to be better. And guess who are the people sending their kids to schools in Singapore.

    They condemned locally-made goods and praise imported goods… Why? Because allegedly local products are inferior. Well, may be they are right about a few products but certainly not all.

    It seems that these are the people who are suffering the inferiority complex.

    They talk about meritocracy and how rife corruption is among one particular race, yet they are the ones who are behind the corruption… Ever heard of Ali-Baba? There will be no Ali if there is no Baba, yet they cry foul.

    I have befriended people from all over the world and yet it is sad to see that in Malaysia, whilst everything appears to be peaceful, yet there are attempts to create instability.

    They want so many things yet they cry foul when it is their fault. For a Malay to say something, it smacks of racism yet when the Chinese or Indian say it, it is for equal rights.

    This makes me wonder, who is really suffering from inferiority complex here? The Malays? The Indians? The Chinese? I have absolutely no idea but whatever it is, the politicians are not helping it.

    As for Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, all I can say is that he is suffering from the Maharaja syndrome and he refuses to admit it. His over dependence on his young advisors is his Achilles heel yet he refuses to acknowledge it. These young advisors may have paper qualifications up the wazoo but they lack street smarts.

    Lim Kit Siang is a dinosaur, a relic from a forgotten past and has yet to demonstrate the ability to adapt to current times. Raja Petra? I have my suspicion but I guess he is open to the highest bidder. The man, I would say, have no integrity at all but of course the moment this is said, his idolaters will let fly and condemn those who dare labelled their idol as such. He too, I believe, is living in lala land.

    History, if I am right, is always written by victor. The fact remain that Malaysia would not have been Malaysia had it not been for the people who fought for independence of Malaya. Yet there are people who are disgruntled with what is obviously fact. They want history rewritten so badly to reflect their point of view.

    Who knows, if Pakatan comes into power, we will see the history text books changed. How Chin Peng became a freedom fighter ala Che Guevara and not Tunku Abdul Rahman. How Tiga Bintang is the real progenitor for independence and not the people of Malaya. What is wrong with this people? Is it so hard for them to acknowledge facts and not spin fiction. In one forum that I have read recently, they even attempted to distort historical facts about Parameswara, how he never converted to Islam. I think these people are too much influenced by Western civilisation.

    The fact remains that Malaysian Malaysia will remain a myth for now. Not so long as the people remain blinkered and see what they want to see and not what they are supposed to see. I am sad but yet am optimistic that over time, people will see things the way they are supposed to be seen, not distorted through the eyes of anybody else.

    A good post Jebat and I hope that those who read it would really understand what living in Malaysia is all about. Tolerance and nothing else. No I am Malay, you are Chinese or he is Indian. We have learnt to tolerate each other over the years, why spoil it now.

    Until then Jebat, I remain your humble reader.


  39. Kalau disentuh tentang perkara yang berkaitan kaum Cina, maka melenting lah, pemimpin kaum china mempertahankan “kelancangan” mereka.

    Pemimpin Melayu mungkin terlalu “bersopan & menjaga hati bangsa lain” tetapi jangan JANGAN MENGANDAIKAN ORANG MELAYU LAIN JUGA MACAM TU !

    Aku dah bosan dgn sikap “ketuanan ” bangsa cina ; AKUR DGN KEPIMPINAN ORANG MELAYU KONON ! tetapi jika berlaku ap apa pada Malaysia, adakah mereka akur dgn arahan drp Pemimpin Melayu mempertahankan negara ?.Kalau sikap melawan terang-terang in telah ditunjukkan , apa jaminan bila berlaku ancaman thd negara mereka juga akan turut sama ?

    Aku rasakan perlu dipanggil kesemua anggota Polis dan Tentera yg berkhidmat di Pulau Pinang , balik ke negeri yg diperintah BN.

    Aku nak lihat berapa ramai kaum cina mengambil alih tugas keselamatan utk Pulau Pinang.

    Aku dah mualai benci dgn “kebiadapan dan kecinaan ” mereka yg semakin menebal.

    Jangan sangka Orang Melayu diam saje..Sejarah Tanah Melayu melibatkan pengorbanan Darah Orang Melayu, ke mana kamu wahai Kaum Cina ?

    JMD : Historically, many chinese lost their lives defending against the communists insurgence back in the 40’s all the way to the 60’s. Although undoubtedly, many more Malays lost their lives too.

    Thank you for commenting.


  40. Dear JMD,

    As a Malaysian I totally agree with one school system for all. Unity has to start from school, from a young age, it just cant be indoctrinated into our youth during their stints at Khidmat Negara camps, in 3 months no less!!

    I also agree that our politicians are a bunch of hypocrites who cant see the woods for the trees.

    What I don’t agree with is your take on meritocracy. The Govt. cant keep subsidising everyone and everything forever. If they know contracts are being “subconned” then they should stop giving the culprits contracts in the first place?! Give them to contractors who can actually do the jobs themselves and fulfill the requirements of the NEP properly. Most importantly, politicians should not be allowed to be on the board of any company awarded contracts!! All this Menteri Besar Incorporated nonsense has to stop.

    Malaysia has to stop being a nation of rent seekers and instead provide a fair deal to people with entrepreneurial spirit and ideas. Lets be clear, its not just Malays who depend on Govt. contracts, its a LOT of people from every background imaginable. If you look at the top ten richest people in Malaysia, they all have some sort of sweet deal with the Govt. somewhere.

    Pretty soon, if they have not started to already, everyone will have to look out of Malaysia for new business opportunities and employment. It will be survival of the fittest so it would be wise to look up the meaning of meritocracy before it gets too late.

    Nobody owes us a living.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. I think the regular readers would know my stand on the Malay’s mental propensity towards subsidy. The NEP needs to be improved. Mechanisms as well as positioning good people are needed to monitor the whole policy and also to stop leakages and inefficiencies. The rent seeking culture needs to be stemmed at the root in order for the Malays to be well equipped in the future.

    Of course it would help if you could read all my articles and their comments in the category – Malay issues to understand my position about the Malays.

    Thank you.


  41. Salam all…

    @ mas

    Merely prayers, prayers, and prayers without concerted effort will only
    bring nothing but failure. Put efforts first, only then you leave it to The Almighty. Jangan salahkan takdir, jangan sekadar berserah tanpa bertindak. Musuh nak hapuskan kamu pun kamu nak doa saja? Tindakan tak ada?! Tuhan tidak akan ubah nasib kita melainkan jika kita sendiri USAHA ke arah itu. Mahathir is right when he says the Malays must stop being defensive – instead, we have what it takes to be counter-offensive in this racial issues – the fasts and the history! Malangnya kebanyakan orang Melayu masih bersikap defensive.


  42. Thank you is all I can say to you JMD. Let them have it….raw!

    The Malays in Malaysia needs to wake up. We only need to look at the malays in Singapore to know where we’ll be if we allow the “Greedy Bunch” to rule.

    This is TANAH MELAYU. “Biar putih tulang, jangan putih mata…”


  43. Bro JMD,

    i am one of your silence follower before… agreed 200%… i have been telling my fellow friends, chinese and indian about the fact of do not even ask for something when you do not even prepared to give something… i can see that the idea at least been accepted by indian but not the chinese… WHY??
    my conclusion is because they think that they contribute more to this country than other races through economy .. and this is a fact that even malays, indians and all malaysian races accept it. Malaysian do not have any problem with the status until they become so damn arrogant that they started to condemn malays (UMNO), demanding more to the benefit of their races… and the final chapter is even to abolish malays (halau dengan penyapu)… not all chinese are like the one that i described but definitely all DAP member are like that, few more from MCA and Gerakan… or even have dream of that… even one of your comentator “BOLEH” is truely racist…
    My advice to them is start doing it… get rid of malays with penyapu or even using all your wealth to get rid malays from this land… go for it… this time we will make sure that there will be no more of your race in TANAH MELAYU… if you want harmony, we can live with harmony… if you want this and that without willingly wanting to give… be prepare… I am definitely been prepared for that for quite sometime… DEMI ALLAH DAN RASULNYA… ISLAM DAN BANGSA MELAYU DI BUMI MALAYSIA AKAN TETAP AKU JUNJUNG…. bring it on…….

    Sorry JMD for my stupid comment… this is the only way that ordinary malays can do as they have no leader to protect them… Pak Lah is mother****** of all human being. Anak ulama my ass…. the same also goes to KJ and all their cronies….

    JMD : Tone it down a bit ya. I understand how you feel. Really. Thank you for the comment.


  44. That’s the main reason why Japan just ignored them.

    We should start looking globally and learn from others, how to entertain these people and their demands.

    Apply it here, then they know.


  45. Dear JMD,
    Most of the articles you’ve written are good reading but this one is so far the best. I read all the comments and this one comment that was written was indeed the most revolting. My only advise to this person – no one is stopping you from leaving this beloved country. Don’t think the malays will die of hunger if you stop paying the taxes. This country surely doesn’t suit you. If you are not happy in this corrupted, racist country, just go and live some where else. Well, this is a big, big world – I’m sure all those people outside Malaysia ( Mainland China ) would welcome you with open arms. Do not prolong your misery by being here, after all, life is short.

    JMD, I believe the only way for any kind of unity to happen in this country is through the education system ( school ). I have always wish that the system would provide 3(Eng, Tamil, Mandarin) other languages apart from BM as the medium of instruction. Ability to speak other languages is surely an asset. I mentioned to teachers that children do not understand about colours, race, religion when they are together but sadly, our education system taught them just that as they grow and develop.

    When some Malaysians, are abroad to pursue their education may be for a year or so, you’d be surprise that their english is so impeccable ( with the perfect accent too!!). But they can’t even speak a proper BM eventhough they are born and bred here. Mind boggleling indeed. I can only sum up – there’s not an ounce of patrotism amongst these kind of people. Having said that, I must not forget that there are peace loving, grateful, thankful non malays who has contribute much to the development of this country. To these group of people WE ARE MALAYSIANS AND WE TRULY CARE.


  46. In the 60s, 70s and 80s, I would say more non-Malays had sent their children to national schools / missionary schools (not based on statistics here) but of late, perhaps since the 90s, some of them who had studied at national schools whom are now parents, understand the loss in mother tongue literacy, this is especially true of the Cina of course, and also the advent of Chinese culture – HK, Taiwan, and the rise of China itself, greatly contributed to the surge in Chinese schools, as they ‘believe’ it will be an advantage language wise in the future. Therefore, I would like to believe this is a new trend of reversal back to vernacular schools.

    Some other aspects
    -the first hand experience of seeing the affirmative action policy in action that led this parents to enrol their children now in vernacular schools.
    – friends you went to school with almost all your life suddenly disappear to sekolah asrama, mrsm, matriks, leaving the evening football at the padang with fewer players.
    – or they saw for themselves overzealous teachers in action and know how painful it is from that penampar in bahasa class, when you’re karangan is not up to the native speaker’s standard.

    So it’s the Cina’s fault isn’t it. They tried they system but they don’t like it and now are reverting back to their Cinatowns and schools.

    And when you say Cina, it’s just painting with broadest stroke of the brush, as if all of them went to vernacular schools.

    What about those that have arrived at being Bangsa Malaysia, or just a plain rakyat if Bangsa is too much for some to take, who speaks in proper and fluent Malay, who knows what sopan and beradab means, along with adat-istiadat knowledge that only schooling in national schools and growing up with Malay friends will get you.

    Why are they still being persecuted for the slant in their eyes, which might have been just a little due to the mixed marriages on their ancestors part, and the colour of their skin?

    Isnt’t that racial profiling?

    To classify someone as Cina just because they look like one? When they had probably read more books by Sasterawan Negara ‘s than some of our native speakers here, who could balas your pantun if you were to throw it at them.

    And what are they rewarded with?
    Being called Cina and assumed to be naturally business inclined and is the malady to all the Malay problems – steals their economic opportunities, kids so gifted they’ll just score As after As and all the scholarships would be taken up by them, so economically efficient and has an insatiable thirst for real estate that they will buy up all properties should there be no law to limit them. Wow, the mighty Cina.

    Just wanna say that some of us have crossed the river, bro. Just living in this land of sunshine, and tropical downpours of late, enjoying our cups of kopi o with karipap, and wondering why are we paying for the sins of our brethren, just because we look the part.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. Of course this article directs only to those who are nothing but hypocrites. I was not generalising all the non Malays. And Datuk Mukhriz also did not spare National Schools from criticisms too. He did provide solutions on how to strengthen the national unity through improving the overall approach of education in national schools. I think we need leaders who are pragmatic and call a spade a spade. This is important in order to see the bigger picture, instead of trying to offer lipservice any particular community. Good leaders often make unpopular decisions for the good of the nation. If the national schools are less attractive for the non Malays which led to the rise of vernacular schools, then something needs to be done to increase the popularity of the national schools.


  47. bro jmd..aper kebende yang nonpartisan73 tulis??kene censored ka??

    JMD : He copy pasted my previous reply to the comment. Mana ada censor. TQ


    You had put me hairstand to see the situation. Apa sudah jadi dengan PEMIMPIN2 Kita. Ujud kah mereka2ini??
    Siapa yang dikatakan Pemimpin2 MELAYU ini ?
    Adakah orang2 MELAYU merasa BANGGA dgn PIMPINAN MEREKA !!!
    Adakah orang MELAYU boleh SEPAKAT dalam apahal walau pun dicabar.?
    Kenapa orang2 MELAYU suka memuji2 bangsalain dan mengutuk, menghina bangsanya sendiri ? Ada yang memberi cadangan – NO VANUCULAR SCHOOL di cantas pulak pasal different group.
    What a stupid fool. WE find its the BEST idea isnt it.?, then DO IT.

    The malays leaders must monopolies in business. Not only taking from them and selling at pasarmalam only.

    Who is your Foreman, Carpenter, Supermarket, Sundry Shop, Tailor, Fish/Vege mongers, stationary shop, wireman, computer shop etc cant you find one ??Bila nak sedar???Bila nak berubah sretegi??? Masih dokpegi kat depaka??tak serit2 lagi???takada kah orang sengiri???
    Bolehkah Orang MELAYU berdiri ATAS KAKINYA SENDIRI?
    Dimanakah letaknya SEMANGAT ketuanan kemelayuan pemimpin2 UMNO?

    I hope you understand my short kampong message.
    We must be STRONG not only to maintain the constitution BUT to make NEW AMENDMENTS, Beranikah selepas bertahun TERLENA dgn SOGGOKAN MANISAN MADU/RACUN,.
    Banggun lah dan sedarlah DIRI wahai pemenrintah2…..Do something before its too late…. ALANG2 CELOP PERKASAM BIARLAH SAMPAI KEPANGKAL LENGGAN.

    Tok Misai Mata Satu vs anai anai


  49. Salam JMD,

    still getting the feel from the responses. cuma masih menantikan komen dari kem pro KJ..sultan ? son ? khairy ? on this post and especially on Boleh’s comment. And maybe someone from kem DSAI or from PAS ?

    I mean, can’t we, the Malays, at least have a common stand on this issue? regardless of the infighting among us.. And defend/attack with the same kind of venom and enthusiasm that we showed when fighting among ourself ? show that at least we are united on these issues regardless of who we think is a better leader for the Malay..


  50. Salam JMD,

    Firstly, I would like to thank you for your generous respond to my comment in your blog few months back (on Ku Li and Dr. Mahathir’s political vengeance).

    I may not agree with UMNO’s ideology of ketuanan Melayu but I have no doubt that as far as the issues of unity, education and national language are concern, you and KijangMas (deminegara.blogspot) are right. The Chinese and Indians in Malaysia really have to look at themselves and reflect on how much (or should I say ‘how little’) respect they have for the majority Malay-Muslim society. In all countries in the world, it is always the minorities who have to (in varying degrees) assimilate to the culture of the majority, and this is done not because of prejudice or discrimination but because of its pivotal importance in instilling common values and promoting national unity. This point-of-view has gathered a lot of following among the younger leaders in DAP, many of whom did go to national schools and do not inherit the ideological baggage of Lee Kuan Yew’s Malaysian Malaysia. My humble opinion, based on observations and participations in various political forums across party-lines in the last few years, the best hope that we have for the future of this country are the young leaders in PAS, PKR and DAP. That is of course when and if political dinosaurs like Hadi Awang, Anwar Ibrahim, Kit Siang, and Karpal make way for these young leaders to emerge and assume higher leadership roles.

    I do not have much optimism about UMNO. I respect UMNO and BN for leading this nation for five decades in achieving success unmatched in many ways by other nations who achieved independence around the same period of time. I loved UMNO as the party that my late grandparents strived for, where politics was all about sacrifice, never for personal interest and gains. But UMNO today has lost its soul. Looking at the line-up of nominees for UMNO’s leadership positions, one would see the same old and tired faces. You’ve lamented in various postings about money politics in UMNO and at one point, pointed the blame to Anwar Ibrahim and his shenanigans during the 1993 UMNO election as the origin of the problem (which is argumentative since I once heard from Sanusi Junid himself that money politics started in UMNO during the Musa-Ku Li battles in the 1980’s). No doubt, a lot of money was passed around in 2003. But it wasn’t Anwar alone. It was the entire Wawasan Team. And who were they? They were Anwar, Najib, Muhyiddin, Muhammad Taib. And three years after that, the Anwar faction took over the youth wing. Again, who are they? It was Zahid Hamidi and Hishamuddin Hussein. These are the exact same names that you see now in 2008 as front-runners for top positions in UMNO. Would you blame me and many others then for having very little hope for UMNO? The only glimmer of hope that I see is Razali Ibrahim, candidate for the deputy youth position. As for Mukhriz, he has yet to convince me. He needs to talk and debate more in parliament and other public forums to explain his specific views for change, not just the rhetoric of change. In that sense, your criticism against opposition leaders of only complaining and never giving ideas for solutions, should be directed to Mukhriz and other UMNO leaders as well. Mukhriz’s recent statement on vernacular schools was a statement any blogger can make (and have made). He needs to be a bit more specific about what kind of changes he would like to propose for the national education system that serves the interest of the nation as a whole. If NEP is indeed not a ‘never-ending-policy’, please explain when and how it will end. Explain how, having acknowledged that NEP has been abused, how do you attempt to stop the abuse? Don’t shy away from explaining. If you want to be a leader, confront these issues and convince us that you are that hope for change.

    Sorry for this very long comment. Looking forward to your analysis on Chin Peng in response to RPK’s rather myopic piece. Wassalam & Selamat Hari Raya Haji.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment and Selamat Hari Raya Haji to you too.


  51. excellent piece bro. you’re at your very best here. couldn’t have agreed more with what you wrote. but all is not lost bro, i believe that there are non-malays out there who are for the one school system. let’s just hope that these people are not in the minority, or else true Bangsa Malaysia would only remain an elusive dream.


  52. Hoii!! To all the racist bigots….

    Nak rasa pelempang pak-pak Libyans free, mai la sini kat Libya and push for your vernacular schools. Baru tau langit tinggi rendah. Put the Nation first before your narrow racist view lah, idiot!

    Sorry JMD…pepagi dah marah marah hehe.

    Just that im soooo pissed off with some of idiotic comments from the politicians and probably (later) some so-called educationist about this issue. They never seemed to put the Nation above everything else. After 51 years of nationhood, its actually an insult to the rakyat to continue with this kind of vernacular schooling system. Its also doing injustice to our children of all races….and afraid, is exactly what these so-called champions of the vernacular schools want to do….for their own narrow political and racist agenda.

    DM was right…and his view should rigorously be defended but alas, the pathetic defence and ‘elegant’ silence from UMNO is a slap in the face for all Malays….and Malaysians.

    A Msian in Libya


  53. JMD,

    Well written piece. Can’t believe that the Malays in the Pakatan Coalition is keeping mum. I also find it hard to stomach that PAS didnt stand behind the National Fatwa Council over the yoga issue.


  54. FINALLY!!! Thank you JMD for this article!
    No one seems to understand the concept of Bangsa Malaysia ,especially the ones who seem to be fighting for it but keep insisting that the signboards in Malaysia be multilingual.Still don’t see the concept of the multilingual singboards. Sigh!
    As far as vernacular schools go, I don’t see anything special of having SRJK (C) or even SRJK (T). Are the students from these schools better than a sekolah kebangsaan? Mukhriz had a vision when he made his statement on the vernacular schools. Why don’t people see that this will lead to a BANGSA MALAYSIA? Think la people….
    What I notice is, there are a lot of people who are being emotional without refering back to relevant history and using their brains to think.


  55. Assalammualaikum JMD,

    It is not hard for me to agree with your piece on giving and take.

    For the longest time, we the Malays have been on the receiving end of the ballistics launched by the others. And for the longest time, there has been zero response form the Malays and I’m tired of being the punching bag for the scam of “Malaysian Malaysia”, “Freedom of the Press”, “Meritrocracy” and the likes.

    You see JMD, all of these are rhethorics that have been played up by those racists politicians to firhter advance their own personal agenda.

    Finally, DM came forward to rebut Soi Lek’s Ketuanan Melayu statement, and almost all hells broke loose. Kit Siang asked for DM to be investigated under the sedition act, not because of the statement itself, but just because the statement was uttered by DM, an UMNO member and the son of our beloved Tun Dr. Mahathir. Isn’t such action itself is racist?

    Anyway, I totally agree with you on the response dished out by Pak leLah. Pak leLah have always been the joker and he is always wild whenever it comes to “protect” all the other races but he’ll cower and hide whenever it comes to defend the Malays. Pak leLah did not deserted all Malays as he is quick to defend Kamaluddin and Khairy.

    Lastly, I cannot wait for your piece on RPK’s glorifying Chin Peng. For those who have friends or relatives that were put in gunny sack and buried alive, they may believe what ever rubbish that RPK print out in his website. But for me who listened personally from my mother who is still around, I’ll never believe that Chin Peng is a nationalist. He is a communist and have caused hardships to Malaysian citizens; Malays, Chinese and Indians especially for those who live in the rural areas.

    Wassalam and Have a Blessed Aidil Adha.



  56. Agreed with the idea of removing vernacular schools. One thing that must be done for a start; to conduct an in depth study how to improve the performance standards for sekolah kebangsaan etc, the quality of education, teaching method, imparting values to students, and the disciplinary school system. Sekolah Kebangsaan used to be really good back then, even back in the 90s, until the ministry of education decided to water down the standards even further.

    I don’t understand why are these people who disagree with Mukhriz choose to be reactive instead of moving the issue for discussion…. Last I recalled these were the very people who chastised the people in government for being reactive and giving knee jerk reaction to criticisms. Now the same can be said of them when somebody from the other side of the fence propose an idea that appears unpopular among their circles…hmmm…

    One thing for sure right now, most of us Malaysians are still like kids when discussing over things; attacking character and not rebutting argument, condescending remarks, eventually the issue gets drowned and that kills the discussion altogether.



  57. Salam perjuangan,

    All the non-Malay leaders should shut up and face the facts when it comes to Ketuanan Melayu. Cheap hypocrital retard!

    Why are the Malay Top Guns when Others are questioning the Ketuanan Melayu? Makan gaji buta.

    As for NEP, Malays currently would sub the projects to the Others. If it were in their (Others) hands, Malays would only daydream to be a contractor. Look around you. Malay help Others. Others would back stab Malays.

    Where is the current No.1 and No.2 of Pemuda UMNO when no one backed Mukhriz’s statement regarding the vernacular school?

    UMNO would be relevant in the future, if “A politician is a person who says one thing, does the opposite, and fails to acknowledge the contradiction. A leader is a person who does the right thing, no matter the consequences.” – Kevin Hasset.

    Pls check out datukshaifulkamal’s comment on “Kenapa Tidak Memilih SETIAKAWAN?” at Pemuda IKS blog. We need your professional point of view.

    “Memperkasa Generasi Baru”

    Pergerakan Pemuda
    UMNO Cawangan Taman IKS
    Bahagian Batu WP

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. Will dropby at your blog.


  58. i think more than i should these few years. it gets worse these few months.

    some said, we should just focus on our day to day routines or jobs, for that matter.

    minority is in the fashion these days, no?

    being vocal and for the minority are the elements of popular choice, no?

    heck, no one bothers about what my kids will be in the next 20 years. no one bothers what’ll happen to that next door neighbour come tomorrow.

    i don’t know what is up with my own people – the Malays.

    have we become so accommodating that we became helplessly blind?

    if there is ever equality in this world, it would proceed to mean utopia. in Islam (since almost everyone in every faith qualifies to give a say about Islam nowadays), those who refuse to profess Allah as the one & only God and Muhammad is His Messenger are believed to occupy the wrath of hell indefinitely in the hereafter (not to mention Muslims who behaved like a non). hence the phrase, ‘lakum dinukum waliya deen’. of yours, your religion and of mine, my religion.

    would you, the non believers dispute that too?


    o’ Malays, have you had minute cataracts of late?

    this is our land. period. our very land.

    before long, our ancestors own this land without having to resort to aggressions, or aggravated aggressions.

    even the British gave us back our land. they left Malaya leaving behind excess baggages (chinese miners & indians planters).

    we were made to succumb to foreign terms i.e economics supremacy, economics equality, economics’ independencies and whatever else. these are the terms that have changed us from being a contented race to being a worthless (money) chase race.

    who brought this maniacal entity to this land?

    who made it so clear to us that money is indeed important in this life? that most of us Malays now, are reduced to being cheapskates for the sake of cash.

    set the tone like they do and we’ll be fine.

    we are not the chosen ones, unlike how jewish would’ve love to claim. but this is all we have. this land and nothing more.

    we have better brains and better calculation of thoughts and better solutions. the combination of Malay and Islam’s traits should’ve given us the edge. history, science, geography & economics books went perplexed with us Malays – what’s wrong with these people?

    have we lost our mind?

    let’s not start a brawl. but let’s be firm on unity. let us not let others ridiculed what we have bled to achieve in hundred years of ancient struggles.

    how about NOT CONFORMING this time around?

    how about having the guts to say FCUK NO this time around?

    how about that?


    kita tak pernah melarat.
    kita tidak pernah melarat.
    kita tidak pernah melarat.

    bangun bingkas, bangsaku.

    p/s: JMD, i have no affiliations of any sort with any political bodies, parties or movements. orang melayu perlukan penampar dimuka masing2 saat ini.


  59. Dear Jebat.

    Given the history of the nation as it is, perhaps it may be too much to hope if you could give your opinion on the Malay Archipelago and its origins, and how we ended up the way we are now. I am envious with your grasp and uncanny ability to translate history to the layman, something that I can only dream off. Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha.


  60. Nice piece of article Jebat. But now it seems the call to abolish the vernacular schools has fallen on deaf ear. The leaders of ‘pendatang’, news portals of ‘pendatang’, even the bloggers of ‘pendatang’ are silence trying to make this issue never exist at all. They want Bangsa Malaysia but don’t want to give and take. I wonder what kind of Bangsa Malaysia they want. Even our own leaders tried to silence us by deflecting this issue and even ask us malay not to take this issue further as it will involve the SAR as well. What an ignorant leader we have. The SAR is in line with our constitution as ISLAM is the offical religion in Malaysia. Even MRSM, is in line with our constitution as a special right for MALAY. How can our malay leaders are leaders at all. Sigh..

    The idea of one system education is the way to go for our country. After 51 years of independence, our society is no where near the racial unity we had hoped for. In fact we are more segregate now than ever. This idea of one system education is a one step that must be initiated if we are to start the engineering of Bangsa Malaysia.


  61. Beri kuku nak jari
    Beri jari nak kaki
    Beri kaki nak betis
    Beri betis nak paha
    Beri paha nak ……
    Yang tinggal 2biji telok yang pengecut, penakut &
    mengetar kerana terhutang budi sehingga tergadai
    <merempat di tanah air sengiri, nak beli rumah kedai tak mampu, nak berniaga diboikot, etc , kita sebenarnya DISEKAT oleh pihak tertentu.
    Wakeup or YOU (umno) cant wakeup at all.



  62. Hi JMD.
    I agree with every word you wrote in this article. Bullseye!!
    I wish I could write and express my thoughts as well as you do. Kurniaan Allah kepada JMD.

    Anyway, comments like ‘Boleh’ and ‘Chan Ah Fatt’ are good. They really reflect the mentality and true colours of those so called ‘Malaysia for Malaysians’.
    I have met many Chinese and Indians who are nice and dont speak like the two bitter guys.
    I feel really sorry for Boleh. Life must be hard for him. Perhaps he should think of going somewhere else 🙂

    Selamat Hari Raya to you and family.

    Ps: Please keep on writing excellent articles!


  63. I for one FULLY AGREE with Mukhriz’s statement with regards to a Bangsa Malaysia school. Get rid of the vernacular schools and unite under one system (Malay/English teaching /speaking). Tamil, Jawi and Mandarin classes can be done as an extra module or external tuition classes. All this to promote Bangsa Malaysia.. then what about the NEP? Sorry to harp about this issue but if the forces that be want to promote Bangsa Malaysia, then they should very well reassess the social contract too. Or wait.. NEP promotes Bangsa Malaysia? I’m confused here.

    You Jebat fail like others about the malay contractor -> chinese contractor subcon work issue. WHO CARES if the malay contractor hands over a project to a chinese contractor or a chinese contractor hands over a project to a malay contractor? WHO GIVES A DAMN EXCEPT THOSE WITHIN THE BN COALITION???? Are YOU getting a piece of that pie?? As though the entire 40% of so non Malays or even the whole 60% of Malays are in that same arena! THINK JEBAT! THINK! I for one don’t give a damn if a job is handed down by a malay and passed on to a chinese and then passed on to a indian etc vice versa.. all we care.. or me cares about is to unite malaysia under one single umbrella regardless of religion, race and color. It’s not about which race gets what, which race gets the remnants of what, etc. It’s about being fair to other races.. and in EVERY RACE there are poor, middle class, below poverty and filthy rich people. Last i checked, i still see some M/C/I still taking taxis, taking buses, walking, working in pasar malams, eating in hawker road side stalls, borrowing money from Ah Long and blacklisted by banks. Well i’m envious that my neighbour drives a new 5 series and sends their kids to an International School too. So what? Tough luck for me right? Well i just have to swallow the bitter pill isn’t it?

    So what if the top 10 malaysian entrepreneurs are Chinese? Who cares? I don’t care.. i drive a Waja, i pay my taxes, i pay PCB, i pay SOCSO, i pay EPF, i pay for my RM160K apartment, i pay 4 tolls a day, i pay for my kids tuition fees, etc. Please people, do NOT for one single moment think all Chinese are rich.. because we’re NOT AT ALL!

    This taken from Chedet, “3. Golf is a great game. But like other games the poorer players would be given handicaps. Otherwise golf would be very boring as the good golfers win every time. “.

    What if the better player or the player that sucked so bad wanted to compete with the better / lousier player? Or what makes one think that the better player wants to play with the lousier player? How long does the better player want to play with the lousier player? Why can’t the lousier player practice harder in order for them to triumph the better player? It’s like saying Liverpool FC should let Malaysia FC win at the Stadium Merdeka invitational finals just because Malaysia FC is a weaker team. Really? How boring is that? Get my point?

    Thanks for letting me rant and Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha to fellow muslims here reading this blog… and of course to you too Sir Jebat. And sorry if i stepped on anybody’s toes here.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. That is precisely what the racist and chauvinistic DAP is shouting. They want to dismantle the NEP because they say it is the cause of disunity. But on the other hand, they defend their chinese schools and want the chinese kids be segregated from the majority.

    To me, when the DAP is playing this game, it shows how insincere they are.

    Just to digress, I remember when Manchester United came to KL several years ago, they played Fabien Barthez as the left winger against our Malaysian team. What an entertaining match. Man Utd, a far stronger team than the whole of Malaysia, had let their goalkeeper to play as an outfield player! Great moments! 🙂 But golf and football is a very different game and mindset altogether.

    Thank you.


  64. Salam…

    @ msleepyhead

    No offence, but are you indeed a sleepy-head? The author JMD did never generalise all non-Malays in his writing, not even to a slightest extent. You commented as if JMD is generalising and profiling the Chinese and other non-Malay races.

    Still you are feeling sleepy? Let me re-highlight JMD’s explanation to your comment: Of course this article directs only to those who are nothing but hypocrites.

    By the way, just like the Malay proverb “siapa makan cili dialah yang terasa pedas”. So, if you’re so “terasa” of article then no one can help on that, sorry to say.

    Refering to some of your points:

    -the first hand experience of seeing the affirmative action policy in action that led this parents to enrol their children now in vernacular schools.
    Explain to us if you can, WHICH part of the so-called affirmative action policy made the Chinese feel alienated thus reverting to vernacular schools. Let us have a look if the alleged actions (if anything at all) are actually part of the affirmative action or not.

    – friends you went to school with almost all your life suddenly disappear to sekolah asrama, mrsm, matriks, leaving the evening football at the padang with fewer players.
    What on earth are you talking about? While it’s true that many Malays have been sent to SMKAs, SBPs, MRSMs, Matriculations and UiTM, many MORE Malays settled with multiracial SMKs, Sixth Form, and universities other than UiTM. Your claim is exactly a non-point – it’s irrelevant.

    – or they saw for themselves overzealous teachers in action and know how painful it is from that penampar in bahasa class, when you’re karangan is not up to the native speaker’s standard.
    Don’t be so one-sided lah! Some Malay students equally have had bad experience with some overzealous Chinese teachers too – eg. being repeatedly tortured with racially-undertoned strong rebukes for their below-average Maths or English or Science.

    Just wanna say that some of us have crossed the river, bro.
    SO WHAT? Some (I say some, not all) of that “some of us” are now more interested to burn down the very bridge that has brought them to the greener pasture on the other bank of the river, just to prevent the others with comparable efforts and merits from getting what they’ve get.

    Actually I find more matters in your comment that I feel I should counter but since you’re too sleepy to digest points without mistaking them for racial-profiling, I think I shall stop here.

    JMD : Hmmm.. I am in a quandary here. If discussions do get ugly, I may have to close the comment section of this article. But, I am quite relief that up till now, most readers can maintain their words so that things will not get out of hand. Nevertheless, respect is needed from everyone in order to dish out arguments. We can be strong in our words but should also substantiate it with logical arguments or facts. What irks everyone would be name calling and disrespectful jibes without any sense or reason. If not, the commentary section of this website will just be another Malaysia Today 😦

    Thank you everyone.


  65. Jebat,
    i think i wanna sell your idea about Penyata Abdullah. May i?

    JMD : No problem, as long as it is for the good of the people.


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  67. On politicians and people.

    1. It takes two idiots to get a fight started. One to threaten, the other to respond.
    2. If the a part of the audience (Audience A) can somehow identify one of the fighters (Fighter A) through nationality, neighbourhood, friendship, race, language, religion, fighting style, etc, they will become bias for (or against) Fighter A.
    3. Because Audience A is supporting Fighter A, the rest of the audience (Audience B) that do not identify with Audience A, will support Fighter B.
    And politicians know this well. And these politicians are the first to show support for A or B once he/she sense that there is a sufficient number to ‘lead’.

    So our politicians are merely doing that. One says we go north, and the other will go in the totally opposite direction, even when going north is the right thing to do for the country. And of course, we can explain why going North is bad and going South is good. And the people are polarised.

    On education and politicians

    The poor needs a boost to get out of poverty, regardless of race. One way to do this is via good education. A good education must enable the student to be economically viable and yet retain the cultural wisdom of his family and anscestors. Thus and education must provide the following abilities:
    * communicate with his neighbours and country men
    * communicate with the rest of the world
    * be able to learn new things, especially science, technology and commerce
    * understand the mother tongue (for culture cannot be translated effectively)

    We know what has to be done. The politicians (Malay, Chinese or Indian) just can’t do it.

    If they support such a program, they’ll be labelled as betrayers, for no matter which ratio he use in the mix, some language has to give way to others. Being politicians, they do things to be popular more than they do things that are right. They are under the watchful eye of the voters, who will vote for what they perceive to be politicians who ‘protect’ them.

    Dictators are the ones that have the chance (often abusing it, but that is besides the point here) of doing it right. And KuanYew in some ways was the democratically elected ‘dictator’, who could do what was unpopular but right for the country. That seems to be sorely lacking after the TDM reign.

    The dilemma facing the other races are
    1. National schools are perceived to be of lower standards.
    2. National school students (other races) do not understand their mother tongue.
    3. National school students have little discipline.
    4. National school students are often weak in English too.

    A program to may improve the school system

    To get the other races into the national schools, the government need to address the above.
    a. Improve the standards of students by firstly improving the standards of teachers.
    – Make teaching a respectable comparable with engineers and accountants. I am sure those above 40s will recall how their teachers were respected and even feared.
    – Put that pride back into teaching by paying them well, for they are the developers of our next generation. There are so many who will like to teach, except that they cannot ‘afford’ to be teachers.
    – Put in place a stringent criteria for passing of examinations. Make the As respectable again. This will raise and maintain the proper standards in line with international institutions.
    – Establish proper student help programs such as tuition, extra lessons, etc for the weaker students. We must help them by raising their standards, not by lowering the passing mark or simplifying the test.
    – Put in place a compulsory third language program, offering a variety, including Tamil, Mandarin, Japanese, French, Spanish, etc.
    – Make passing the 2 essential languages (BM and English) mandatory for promotion to the next level. And provide help to the weaker students to ensure as much as possible gets promoted.

    Of course, the politicians will still find a way to fight this, because if they will be supported only if they stand and fight for something. (Look at PakLah as an example, he didn’t really stand for nor fought for anything, and we know what this meant for his career.)

    Now take the above program and apply it to all the schools, national, vernacular, private or otherwise. They have a choice of using their medium of instruction, except for subjects related to science, maths, technology and commerce.

    The national schools using the same program (but with BM as the language of instruction for history, geography, etc) has a huge advantage over the others. Better funding, better selection of teachers, etc should prove an irresistable offer for even the Chinese and Indians.

    And please remember to pay the teachers as well as accountants and engineers. And hire foreigners, if necessary. Where Malaysia will be in 50 years depends on the education the children in our primary schools receive now.


    JMD : Thank you for this well thought comment. Thank you so much.


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  69. Dear JMD,

    Really I do not know what to say. I fear that the possibility of our beloved nation crashing down again feels very real. The irresponsible statements given by irresponsible people takes me back to the time of Operation Lallang 1. Back then it was Lee Kim Sai that started it and back then Najib was the Youth Chief. Why did it happen then? Because like now they believe that the Malays and UMNO are weak. Like now they believe then that they could push for their own agenda and hoping to get what ever they can get. Like now they too are hoping that UMNO and Malays will over react and like now they too hope that the laws they consider as irrelevant and draconian will be used again against them. Even now like before The Star is singing the same tune.

    Some of the actors and players are even the same. They are and will remain opportunists, chipping at the very foundations to prepare for the moment the condition that will be ripe for the taking. They are nearly succeeding. Difference between then and now, we now have fat and overfed leaders not unlike the Senators and Tribunes of the Roman Times that practised opulence and decadence that lead to the falling and crumbling Roman Empire.

    We must continue to chip at their conscience to ensure that they are not lulled by their comfortable and lavish lives to only one day realise that so called throne that they comfortably sat in are simply no longer there.

    We should continue to make sure that we defend our rights and continue to defend it until such time we know that the playing field is now level for us to really practice meritocracy and non race based politics. For now as in before we Malays continue to only have and enjoy political power same as when before the Portuguese, Dutch or British invaded us. We have never been an economic power and continue to be infants in the business world, unlike others that have had a head start 4 to 5 centuries ago.

    While there are the liberals that want us to start right now, there is a silent majority that balks at that prospect. Why? Just look around you and go to any commercial buildings, complexes and malls. You can count with just one hand the number of Malay or Bumiputera owned shops and establishments. Malays are either the buyers, workers or drivers. While the ones with the ability to have a large cash flow, maintain a huge stock etc. remains the non-Malays.

    While some Malays practice meritocracy by employing just about anyone and everyone, the same cannot be said of some non-Malay companies that even have the gall of putting some language requirement to prevent Malays from being employed.

    Ketuanan Melayu? Now? Don’t make me laugh. We cannot even afford to open a small stall in the iconic KLCC. All that we can be are just mere guards, cleaners and shop assistants. For that reason alone we Malays are at a severe disadvantage. Without monetary might, many turn to the easy way out. Corruption! Not many of us have the might and ability to build businesses and empires. And some that do? They practice meritocracy and pushes the Malays out as being incapable and bring in others that have the 4 to 5 centuries of business and economic lineage.

    What can be done? We need to teach our children and expose them to the gut feel world of commerce. Teach them the value of money. Change our education system to include real world experiences and not just mere academic subjects. Ensure that we really have good and qualified people to be teachers and educators and not people who went to teaching as a last resort. Get parents to share their experiences with these children so that they will not be caught off guard and unprepared. Ensure these children are exposed to the rigours and conditions of working life. We must recover the “lost years” to ensure that all our children will be at par with one another.

    We must have policies that while it may put the Malays at an advantage it should not be putting the non-Malays at a severe disadvantage. For example if the Malay is a person of means they should not be entitled to the house purchase discount and if the non-Malay is not of means they should be entitled to some form of assistance. Same goes to scholarships etc. Scholarships should not even be offered to a person of means. Of course some criteria need to be there. However if someone comes in a Jaguar to a scholarship interview, I do not think there is a need to even look at the criterias.

    Generally what I am saying is that we must ensure that the policies does not give a blanket advantage to all Malays. Some policies should favour disadvantaged non-Malays too. Maybe, just maybe from there we can begin the healing process towards unity.

    I also have to agree that the non-Malays, the Chinese especially also died, many of them, in the fight against Communism. In our quest to defend our rights we must not forget the sacrifices that they have also made.

    I did know what to say after all.



  70. Dear JMD,

    Look at the Malays during Merdeka. Compare them now. The Malays have improved in term of education and entreprenuership so much. In some niche of businesses, the Malays have been outclassing the Chinese. The Chinese are not happy, of course. Yeah, they are getting uneasy. They want this and that. Abolish this and that. But dont touch theirs. Typical of this piggy, snorty culture.

    They are now criticising NEP. But they totally ‘buat bodoh’ that prior to Merdeka, the British had long dished them the ‘NEP’, British style. For hundreds of years the stealing the Malays’ land and rights went unchecked. I mean hundreds of years.

    Tell you what. Lets get contented that the Malays should have at least another 100 years more of NEP, and more aggressive I would suggest. But lets not get as low as robbing our ‘brothers’ land and rights like those people did to the Malays then.

    Just within 50 years or so, just in a shorter period of time, the Malays are making quite a remarkable feat in getting back their rights whiche were stolen and cheated from them by the British. Sime Darby, Guthrie… few of the milestones.

    The Malays are improving so much and this ‘threatens’ the ‘brother’. Thats what are these snorty creatures at least think. And now they are busy instigating the other ‘brother’ to question the Malays in whatever they do or say. Painting herendous pictures of how bad the Malays were and they were the angels who are being sidelined.

    Dont be duped like your forefathers. Fight on, Malays. Why the 30% share of the cake. Go for 70% or so. Thats more ‘fair’. Thats what the are the other ‘brothers’ are barking at. Fairness for all.


  71. Hi JMD,
    ChineseGuy raised an interesting point about not all Chinese are rich.

    However more Chinese have better income than more Malays.
    More Chinese have business properties than more Malays.
    Last I checked I see more Chinese shops than Malay shops.

    So let’s help the Malays as they are more in need of help.
    But let’s continue doing it without the detriment of the Chinese.
    Something like, a better implementation of the NEP.
    Also we should continue to help the few Non Malays who are left behind through their suppose to be effective component parties in BN or at state level, their respective representatives in the coalitions.



  72. Helo JMD,

    I frankly think, the existence of Chinese and Indian schools will not hamper national unity. From personal experience I know some of them who are from these schools, who can speak and write better Bahasa than some malays. I feel the Chinese send their children to chinese schools b’cos I think their system of teaching maths and science are more superior than national schools. I know a lot of malays sent their children to chinese schools. Unity is threatened now b’cos some of the sore losers like khir toyo instigate the malays to create trouble. he is worried b’cos he is one of the most corrupted leaders like mahathir,najib and many other umno leaders.The chinese have never taken any rights of the malays. they are a very hard working fact they pay 80% of the malaysian taxes and these money is used to help the malays–so in what way are they trying to take the rights of the malays.As for Bahasa, i dare say most of the present day non malays can speak and write bahasa–the national language of malaysia.It is a sad thing that the malays are only good with their mother tongue language. I am appalled at times, you see a lot of malay students getting A’s in their English papers in PMR and SPM examinations–but sadly can’t speak proper English–I doubt wether these students deserve an A or is it simply a political ploy.
    Realistically, if there are no chinese in malaysia, then I think the malays have to work in foreign countries like the indonesians–as maids or even prostitutes–for a living. It is a known fact that the chinese control the economy and provide employment to thousands of malaysians. 90% of the companies and factories in malaysia are controlled by them. KL without the chinese will be a tropical jungle–now they are concrete jungles–thanks to the chinese. They are not taking anything away from the malays–most probably they are asking to accord equal recognition to their top students–only that–other then that most of them are contented to stay in malaysia-their motherland–where they were born and bred.

    JMD : Please read the articles below in its entirely along with the commentary section. Those article can argue better with what you had commented above.




    Thank you so much.


  73. Nice one JMD.

    Comentator Myzaza wrote;

    “I’m sure all those people outside Malaysia ( Mainland China ) would welcome you with open arms. Do not prolong your misery by being here, after all, life is short.”

    Do you know that even the Mainland Chinese refused to take back these backstabbers? To the China Chinese, these Malaysian Chinese’s ancestors abandoned China and chosed to be British servants and came to Malaysia with British ships. To China they are traitors.

    Bapak borek, anak rintik. They were traitors then. They are traitors now. Only in Malaysia where traitors and slave-minded people are treated so nicely.

    Maybe partly it is our fault that we gave in too much. Its time to be only FAIR. Take back what we have given them. Lets start with revising the NEP. Set a new goal. Set the aim of getting the pribumi’s equity at 70% instead of the mere 30%. Thats only fair.

    JMD : To be fair, I do not think that the Indians and Chinese from their respective homelands are traitors back then. They were brought by the British because of necessity. At the turn on the 20th century, the whole world was experiencing economic stagflation. They had to move out from their homes in search of jobs and income. The British then offered an opportunity to gain some income. This is what colonial masters do. They only think about the survival of their empire. Often than not, they do not feel responsible to the fate of the people they control. It is up to the locals to fend for themselves and guide their own future when the colonial masters left these lands 58 years ago.

    Thank you.


  74. Helo JMD,
    This provocative comment I got from deminegara…

    JMD : Dear Thadiankunda, if you have problems with Demi Negara’s commentary section, then I would advise you to take it up to him. I have no control over his blog. Hope you will understand.

    Thank you.


  75. Salam JMD,

    hopefully it is not too late to wish you Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha. its been a while since the last time I leave comments here. personally, i was perplexed at first when Datuk Mukhriz proposed a national school which resulted the vernacular school to be put into history. but then again, i believe i’m now get the clear picture.

    when Datuk Mukhriz proposed the notion of uniting all school under one curriculum, a lot of critisicms, prejudice backlash and severals accusation that point him as RACIST. why? these people simply argued that DM was trying to demolished the cultural identity of multicultural background of other races in Malaysia.

    but then again, when some politicians called for abolishing Malay rights, social contract and even question the integrity and relevancy of Raja Melayu and Islam as national religion, these people were not seen RACIST, but rather champion for equality and meritocracy. eh, why the double standard? why are these people saying that the idea of scrapping vernacular school is RACIST but scrapping Malay Rights and social contract is ok and NOT RACIST at all? are they retarded or something? or suffering brain damage due to excessive preaching of Malaysian Malaysia?

    seriously if they don’t prepare to give, rather not demand any..

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. It echoes greatly with what Datuk Sakmongkol had said in his lates blog posting –


  76. JMD,

    Have not had time to read your blog lately and would like to comment on this thing called BOLEH and its comments. Please allow me even though you are right not to dignify this thing with a reply.

    Because we are all retards in his mind I will reply in the language that only it can understand. So here goes.

    #!#@~* **%#@!~ ?*!!** @@**#* ???**%%@@! and definitely it will understand #~!@#*#@!! becoz thats about all that come out from this poor things mouth.

    Again my compliments to your patience and complete tolerance to ##@**&%!! like this. 🙂



  77. “And upon reading the Parliament Hansard about this issue, I see that Lim Kit Siang should not have any problem with Datuk Mukhriz’s idea personally. It was The Star whom had twisted what Datuk Mukhriz had said by giving its headlines an inflammatory angle. ”

    Recently I feel that The Star, and worse than that, NST, has gone over the line in their inflammatory reporting – their attacks on Malays are subtle and infrequent, but Islam is in their crosshairs. I no longer believe anything they report without first-hand verification or strong corroboration from an actually trustworthy source, and will never buy their papers or otherwise fund them again.

    I find it is unreasonable that there are Malaysians who cannot accept the primary Malay character of this land. Immigrants everywhere are expected to assimilate into the dominant culture – otherwise why would there be such strain in many European countries, lamenting that the immigrants don’t want to be ‘French enough’, ‘German enough’, or that Mexican immigrants ‘refuse to learn English in America’. Only in Malaysia can you adamantly refuse to assimilate and yet still have a citizenship and no one can criticise you for it. The only thing that is being asked for is that you at least recognise the culture that *is* the primary culture – not the only, nor even a domineering culture, but the *primary* culture.

    My ancestors have lived in this archipelago and sailed the seas of this region for hundreds of years. From one branch of my heritage my ancestors come from noble houses of Malay civilisations that have been around for a long, long time. I’m going to marry a Caucasian (for the record, he thinks as I do, for his own native country and considers my view for mine perfectly sensible). If for some reason my own children turn out not to meet the criteria for ‘Malay’ in the perlembagaan, they will know that they should not consider themselves such in this country. I think if we lose this archipelago – Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei – our people are essentially homeless. It is as though China no longer identifies with the entire history and culture of its people – how would Chinese people feel about that? It would be a great loss, and justifiably so. It is one thing if it is done to you, quite another if you let it happen without any protest.

    It is one thing to want fairer access to educational and economic opportunities, and in fact I have always felt that the easing/evolution of the NEP is too slow given the advances made by Malays and the pressing need of others like specific pockets of Indians, the orang asli and other bumiputera, but I feel that some quarters have crossed into desiring the cultural genocide of Malays. I hope that there are in fact many true non-Malay Malaysians, and that they will not succumb to this treasonous ideology. But I prefer to err on the side of caution and Malays must not rely on this and thus lead ourselves to cultural extinction.

    Thank you for your good work.


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  80. Lim Kit Siang defending the right of his race a couple of days ago
    ** this man does not represent his race (i’m ashamed of him) because he is a FUCKING idiot who likes to say irresponsible things for his political motive.

    How do we achieve that? How? So we want to practice meritocracy instead of the bumiputera friendly policies. How do we do it? What are the action plans
    ** hahaa, you think they want the solution? they just want to create chaos.

    Will the Chinese contractors do the same when meritocracy in imposed? Tepuk dada tanyalah selera!
    ** no need to tanya, i dont believe they give a damn about other race other than theirs.

    Of course with such drastic change, only the strongest will survive.
    ** no no, not strongest, should be the most evil one survive. ngeh koo ham lose to sivakumar but still be the chairman in perak! (sorry if i’m wrong, please show me the news of that)

    They themselves had supported the idea of national and racial unity
    ** don’t fall for their shits! they are racist, remember!

    Rubbish rhetoric that comes from rubbish politicians.
    ** sorry, you are being reserved. should be FUCKING rubbish rhetoric that comes from FUCKING rubbish politicians!

    Do not criticise if you do not know how to provide solutions.
    ** aa haaa, this is their born ‘talent’, they criticise but they don’t know how to think of solution, not mentioning how to even implement them.

    why do they want to have multi lingual roadsigns anyway?
    ** because they want to gradually make malaysia less malaysia.

    they cited examples when it suited them most but swiftly defend themselves when the situation does not benefitting them.
    ** hullo, this is their must have skills in order to run their ‘business’!

    why are they howling about racial based politics in Barisan Nasional
    ** because the BN is super weak under the FUCKING sleep-walking PM!

    the very idea of unifying the kids into one school stream is treated like a taboo
    ** taboo! that man play extra-marrital sex and think nothing wrong about that!

    What is wrong with DAP?
    ** DAP is FUCKING wrong in any FUCKING things they do! They have anti-malay and anti-islam conscious deep rooted in their head!

    Sorry for all the prohibited words. I’m just very angry and upset.

    PR ‘shits’ is just everywhere these days.

    You know the best comment i got from my social-circle till today is what? I’m a traitor and I’m the only chinese who support BN policies (not the current BN of course)!

    Please help to write an article to counter a FUCKING theory about chinese came to malaysia earlier than the malays and the malays tried to plant their race into every established chinese areas to gain political power and this is the FUCKING thing I just heard from my PR sembayang colleagues during lunch just now. I’m almost certain they read all those FUCKING baseless and evil PR blogs.

    Thank you very much for putting so much effort in this decent blog. I do not have the talent to help counter evil politics in malaysia of today. I admire for your caliber. I envy you. You are the malay that will make malay proud, just like Tun Dr Mahathir.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  81. JMD,

    Thank you for writing this hard-hitting article. It’s long past overdue. I must say, you are verbalizing what some, if not most of us have been thinking all along.

    Nowadays, our Malay leaders are so cowed & overwhelmed – if you like, so “dayus” – whenever Malay-related issues such as “Ketuanan Melayu”, NEP, BM as the lingua franca of this country, etc are hurled at them by the likes of Kit Siang & Karpal Singh. Even Anwar has caved in by making “Ketuanan Rakyat” as his war cry. Never mind, if it’s for the sole purpose of his Self.

    Part of me has always wondered about their inadequacies when challenged to duels over these very critical issues. Is it because they themselves do not understand what these issues are all about and thus, come off looking like a deer caught in the headlights whenever the topics are raised? Or is it because they have simply forgotten to take their Gingko Bilbao for that day? 🙂

    These issues will be kept alive not only by the non Malays but also by the likes of Anwar and Zaid who are Malay themselves & have been enjoying the NEP. I think we have entered Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone now. That is how surreal & bizzare the Malay situation has become nowadays.

    Our Malay leaders forget that how they behave and what they say in public reflect well or very poorly not only on themselves but on the Malays as a whole. The burden is especially on them to behave in accordance with the Islamic laws and the laws & regulations of this country and not shame the other Malays who are working hard and are getting respect at their workplace and community – in spite of the NEP.



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