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Umno money politics and the resolution

Pursuant to Tun Dr Mahathir’s criticisms on the plague of money politics that is corrupting Umno to the core today, I am quite perturbed with the lack of discussions in the blogosphere about its remedy and ways to solve it holistically.

In fact, Tun’s call to highlight the problem was replied with an attempt to castigate the former premier about money politics during his time, coupled with a sidewinded blow that he was only doing the lipservice just to campaign for his son.

What came about from a sincere call to eradicate corruption, had mutated into something unrelated to the issue at hand. If Umno in general regards that earnest effort with contempt, then Umno can never change from its doomed path of existence.

Before we continue on, I would like to state here that corruption, in any form, is very difficult to eliminate. Even the great statesman himself had failed to completely get rid of it. But what we can do is to reduce it. Reducing money politics is what this article strives for.

Money politics arise from two constant factors;

1. Supply and demand

2. Long process cycle

Currently, money politics is a ‘need’ of aspiring candidates to gain votes. It has also become a ‘demand’ from the delegates in order to give out their votes. This supply and demand concept needs to be revamped in order to reduce money politics.

Ever since the quota system was exploited through the offerings of monetary gains in return for votes, this modus operandi is the only way perceived by Umno leaders to realise their ambition.

It has become a culture. A culture so perverted that the current crop of Umno leaders and the rest of ordinary Umno members would scoff at the notion that we could also elect leaders without the use of money or government contracts.

Many did not remember that Umno leaders of bygone eras had been voted to the top positions with nothing more than hard work, great vision, diligence and honesty.

The manifestation of money politics is very destructive to Malaysian political scene. Particularly, it will erode years upon years of success Umno had contributed towards the shaping of this great nation we call Malaysia.

In 1986, a great Umno leader once said;

Umno has been the premier political party in Malaysia. Its success has not been due only to what the party has achieved for itself, but rather to a greater extent to the manifest loyalty of its members. There has never been political manoeuvre, squabble or a struggle to reach the top post, nor has there been a real contest for it…

The take-over of power in such a smooth transition has been the tradition and admirable trait of Umno members in the past, and has won admiration from other political parties. Will it remain the same in years to come? We have seen the tendency now is to fight for position at all levels of Umno echelons, from branch to division, state to National Executive Council, and as evident, there was keen contest for the post of Deputy Prime Minister, but so far the post of Prime Minister has been kept out of the members’ power struggle.

Umno has enjoyed the confidence of the Malays and others. All these years of independence it has guided the nation towards national progress and political peace. As the senior partner of Barisan Nasional, it thoroughly deserves the praises that have been showered upon it…

Together with its partners, the MCA and MIC, they fought and won independence for Malaya, Singapore, Sarawak and Sabah, and together they formed Malaysia. They have had to face communist insurrection, Indonesian confrontation, the Philippines’ claim to Sabah, and other problems from which they have emerged with flying colours… and with it, a promise to continue to play its role for as long as it lives for the good of Malaysia and her people.

With such confidence in their own strength, it does seem that Umno will live for a very long time.

While we recognise and admire it, and shower upon it praises, the present members of the party know a little of what it has gone through, and less still of its record of service to the country. They accept the party’s success as a matter of course. But what the old members – men, women and youth of the time – had to go through is something they care little to remember. The sacrifices the old members made, the courage they showed in the fight against colonial power, the communist terrorists, Soekarno’s confrontation, and the enemy’s subversive activities from within went by unsung…

Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj, ‘Political Awakening’

If the present members of Umno cannot grasp the severity of their actions when immersing themselves in money politics, then they all are disappointing the late Tunku vis-a-vis his hopeful thoughts above.

Money politics will erode Umno’s great accomplishments in Malaysian history. And along with it, the historic values of the Alliance and Barisan Nasional to Malaysia.

If many do not want to listen to Tun’s call, then heed the words of the late Tunku.

I therefore humbly suggest the following;

1. The quota system needs to be tweaked a little bit. In all positions, the number of nominations that need to be obtained may remain the same. However, once a leading candidate has achieved the required quota, the immediate candidate that has the second highest number (regardless how many nominations he has at that time) qualifies automatically to contest.

The third and a subsequent number of candidates can only qualify to contest if he has reached at least, say 80% nominations of the second candidate.

This will lessen the need to dish out money as the element of ‘supply’ is greatly reduced through the early qualification of candidates to contest. Long process cycle permits more opportunity for money to change hands.

Since there is a greater chance of more candidates to contest in a position, a limit has to be imposed in those positions. I suggest for the post of Presidency, only 2 candidates may vie for it.

For Deputy Presidency, Heads of Umno Youth and Wanita, only 3 candidates can contest. Vice Presidency, a quota of 9 while the deputy posts of Umno Youth, Wanita and Puteri Head are to be limited to 4 candidates only.

Other minor positions can be determined later on if this suggestion be accepted.

As shown above, the element of time has been advertently introduced to mitigate the sudden rush of overzealous but unqualified candidates. This means, no more candidates are eligible to contest if the quota of each position has been fulfilled.

Notwithstanding the fact that some of the qualified candidates did not even reach the required nominations of a particular post. As long as he has reached 80% (a tentative figure) of the number of nominations of the second highest candidate, he is eligible to contest.

In essence, the original quota system is only there as a trigger to stop further active vote buying within Umno hence, aspiring candidates may no longer distribute bags of money to the remaining divisions which have not yet hold their meetings.

Again, the cutting short of this process cycle can never be more significant and obvious.

2) Once the nominations has been tallied, the Umno AGM itself should be held within 2 weeks after the last division had completed its meeting. Any longer will open the floodgates to more money politics. That said, the election process in the AGM should be opened to all Umno members. Therefore, Umno acquired several benefits out of this;

a) only qualified and serious candidates can be nominated

b) the supply of monetary benefits is greatly reduced

c) since the number of delegates that can vote has increased, the 3 million voters will then vote for credible candidates instead of those with heavy moneybags.

In time, Umno members will vote for leadership, rather than politicians. The Umno leaders will then have to fare better in the thinking department as well as  work ethics.

Of course, the solutions above may not comprehensively reduce money politics within Umno. A more holistic approach is needed which will encompass elements beyond Umno’s general elections. For me, the best way to curb corruption is to alleviate the economic status of the Umno members. Malaysia needs to think of ways to progress economically so that one of the disease in backbone party of the Barisan Nasional will be reduced.

Remember – “Parti Bersih, Kerajaan Bersih”.

Another way is to look at revamping Umno from within. Umno must start fixing the rot that is eating away Umno’s strength. We all know that Umno had strayed from its original struggle of yesteryears. Several initiatives need to be taken immediately by the leadership if they ever want to be relevant to Malaysians;

1) Stop the progress of corruption within Umno

 The responsibility now falls to Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to reprimand the corrupt leaders within Umno. The Umno disciplinary board needs to be strengthened in order to effectively purge the decaying elements out of Umno. But why should we stop at the board? The ACA, and the PAC for instance should also be enhanced in order to chastise any abuse of power or any shady deals involving politicians in the current and past administration of the Government.

2) Recapitalise Umno’s leadership

– The culture of stifling able leaders must be eliminated. Umno must open its membership to professionals and also train and motivate the present Umno members to have their aspirations in line with the aspirations of Malays and Malaysians. Any ‘expectations gaps’ among the several levels of Umno members and across the spectrum need to be managed so that it will be in tuned with the ultimate aim of Umno. And what is the ultimate aim of Umno? To be relevant to all Malays; whereby the Malays’ aspirations are also Umno’s aspirations. This should be in line with Umno’s motto of – Demi Agama, Bangsa dan Negara.  

3) Introduce an anti corruption mechanism that is effective 

– As stated earlier, the disciplinary board needs to be strengthened in order to provide an effective check and balance within Umno. The proposed Council of Elders is also a good monitoring body to render more efficient ways of highlighting corruption in Umno. The Council of Elders will be the independent body consists of veteran Umno leaders which are empowered to monitor any abuse of power by the Umno leaders. However, the scope of its powers need to be predetermined so it will not impinge on the normal day to day administration of Umno. 

4) Restore confidence through good leadership

– Umno must remember that they no longer can view their political foothold narrowly. They need to have a broader outlook on Malaysian politics like before. Umno leadership as a whole must encompass all Malaysians. Bad and failed decisions have to be effectively addressed. This is one of the main criterion if confidence in Umno’s leadership is to be restored. Bad leaders produce bad decisions. It is a simple matter of physics. Replace them through the 1st and 2nd initiatives above.                

5) Induce an effective multilateral relationship between the parties in Barisan Nasional

– Racial polarisation is becoming more and more endemic. Although I would stop short in claiming that racial polarisation has already gained prominence (racial polarisation do not exist merely because races in Malaysia CAN live with each other in harmony), the lack of willpower by the leaders of Umno in stemming the rise of extremism and racism by the liberal sections of the society may well be the death knell of Malaysian peace and harmony. Datuk Najib have to impose a strong leadership style that can bring the house in order. The house – Barisan Nasional, need to be strong so that the destructive elements will be held under sway. Hence, Malaysia will be stable and can be resilient enough to face local and global challenges in the future.   

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As this is a discussion on how to provide ways to lessen corruption within Umno, please do not hesitate to suggest feasible and viable solution. Links on relevant sites are also welcomed.

30 thoughts on “Umno money politics and the resolution

  1. Salam Bro JMD

    Welcome back……..miss ur tots..

    Well said , couldn’t agree with u more…..


    JMD : Thank you for commenting SatD. You don’t mind I link your article to mine do you? Thanks.


  2. I agree with JMD. besides, we should look into the suggestion made by muhyiddin that we should let lower branch leaders to vote for the UMNO election, not to be limited to 2000 delegates. this can avoid money politics.

    by the way JMD, you may want to read this. it not funny. it serious. hahaha


    JMD : Thank you for the comment! Any suggestions from the good doctor? 🙂


  3. You said, “As this is a discussion on how to provide ways to lessen corruption within Umno, please do not hesitate to suggest feasible and viable solution”

    ….. here’s my thoughts …

    1) Declare assets.. i thought Ministers said must declare assets? Are they walking the talk? Who dares to walk the talk?

    2) Dismantle all BN component parties, and form 1 multiracial party… this will indeed CRUSH Pakatan Rakyat. Can they do that? Clock is ticking before PR takes over in next GE.

    No matter how many rounds of internal meetings they have, it all ends up back to square one. Like they always say, “same shit.. different day”.


  4. I did write something on money politics, but my suggestion is abit unconventional.

    It is based on the legalization of marijuana and guns in certain countries.


    JMD : Thank you Dato’ Bendahara. Yes it is unconventional. Particularly if it involves changing our moral viewpoint on money politics. I suppose this will make the activities of vote buying be more transparent. Thank you for the article.


  5. Assalamualaikum Jebat, i have been reading many of your articles posted over you blogs and i must say that it has been a very interesting readings and an out of box ideas and opinions.

    On the issue of money politics in Umno, i’m deeply saddened by the unscrupulous act of my malay brothers and sisters. It only reflects how cheap and easy they can be bought. Don’t they realise that the leaders they’ve voted for through money politics are the one that will lead the country. I will not be surprised if the same elected leaders may also be bought by foreigners who have ill intention towards the country.

    I’m not a member of umno but i can say that umno is very close to my heart. i believe Umno is the defender and guardian of the malays. Its not that i don’t want to join umno but when i observe umno members behaviour, i feel ashame. Once i have voiced my intention to join umno to one of umno’s branch leader unfortunately i was told off. Probably he felt threaten that i may want to throw him off his post because i’m a graduate. I have no intention at all of doing so as i felt that i might be able to contribute whatever i can to help the party. But never mind, i dun feel any loss for not joining the party if that is the attitude of the leader.

    In my opinion, money politics can be eradicated if all party members can cast their vote individually, call it an ‘umno general election’ same as our country’s general election. This will be great and meriah! hehe. Don’t let the corrupted money swindler branch or division leaders to represent your vote as they can be bought. If a member is allowed to cast their vote individually i can assure you that i’ll immediately become a member of umno, and so do many qualified would-be party members. It may cost more for umno to hold such a big event but hey, money politics also cost money maa…. Perhaps if cost is the concern, then do the election every 5 years, same as our general election.

    just my 2 sen

    take care dude!


  6. there are many ways to curb money politics JMD, i ve stated in my blog that first we should abolish the disciplinary board. this board hinders the power of the ACA to intervene into UMNO’s business. as long as money are concerned, whether its money politics or not, it shall be a bribery and thats it. its a total corruption.

    secondly, muhyiddin was right. we should not let these 2000+ delegates to choose our PM/ president (UMNO president automatically become the PM right). we should let the grassroots to decide. we should give rights to these 3 million members to vote for their council. this is to avoid bribery too.

    the quota system must be reduced. it cannot be abolished since it will lead to chaos and presidency candidates may be filled up to maybe hundreds including dummies. so maybe we can reduce the quota to give more freedom to the members.

    what say u JMD?

    please refer;




    JMD : Thank you for the comment. Will read the links.


  7. JMD,

    While I have no business to comment on UMNO and It’s internal party affairs, UMNO does matter to all of us.

    Your suggestions are good but they would need to be tightly monitored, especially, the time factor. Maybe some other elements can be included as well.

    1. Muyiddin’s suggestions to allow branches to vote directly.

    2. If we set requirements for each positions, you would not get Zahid Hamidi eyeing for Deputy President’s post, creating unnecessary diversion and avoid publicity seeking candidates who knows that they are not qualified or ready. Nothing to do with money politics, but such incidences may prompt those with money to attempt such a stunt, which maybe be beneficial for them when going for a post at lower rungs of the party hierachy.

    3. Set years of experience as administrator/MP/MB etc as one of the criteria for all post. Money will be a no go here.

    4. Do not defer UMNO elections in view of general elections. It has not done any good as shown recently.

    5. Limit candidates for each post (as per your suggestion) and then make it a must for losers to be included (appointed) in the divisional, state committee or the supreme council, depending on the post they contested for. This will reduce infighting before and after the elections (branch, divisions and national) and even money politics.

    6. Disallow candidates with business interest to contest any post. This would encourage more intelectuals and professionals to join the party.

    Nothing new but hope the above small and simple suggestions make sense.


    JMD : Thank you for the comment. Very good suggestions. Open for further discussions.


  8. Look outside the box.

    Melayu Raya di Nusantara! Ada lebih 200 juta insan.
    Bersatu kita teguh berpecah kita roboh.

    Siapalah UMNO setakat 3 juta.


  9. Dear JMD,

    During TDM tenure as the President of UMNO, there was plenty amendments made to the UMNO’s Constitution (and the FC too). These were made made with aim among other to curves money politics and making UMNO stonger.

    We have not seen much of it during PL time as President and one of the reason is because PL don’t have support like TDM. Other reason is oviously because PL himself is corrupt and relying on the system to stay on power.

    There are many in UMNO, who like PL wants the present system to stay to continue gaining whatever advantages the system can provide for them. Therefore, changing the system was no easy task at all. It need more active contribution from UMNO members & supporters. You did mentioned that you are preturbed of the lack of discussions in the blogosphere about money politic and its remedy and ways to solve it holistically. I can feel it too and I’m truly dissapointed. For me, money politic & corruption are very serious issues. It’s the rationale behind the lack of young people/professional to join UMNO these days. It’s becoming insipid rather than insipiration.

    My suggestion is to make easier for members to join UMNO & branches must be actived and not merely formed merely to provide votes for certain individuals. I have wrote it here: http://malaysiannewsblog.whizz.net.in/?p=68 (Dengan izin). But suggestions will continue become suggestions if no action taken and members remains to be passived.

    Last but not least – another great posting JMD. Please keep it coming. Thank you.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  10. Dear JMD,

    I work in a sales industry. What I learned is that no matter what measures and system implemented by the management, the sales people will always find their way to beat it. The same thing happens in corruption.

    1) Amend Quota System
    Sound like you are trying to help the perpetrators to save more money.

    2) Held AGM as soon as possible
    The perpetrators would welcome that because it will help to reduce cost
    and risk being exposed by TDM.

    1a) Stop the progress of corruption
    Everybody seem putting a lot of pressure on Najib. Anyway, as politician,
    I don’t think he will give a damn about corruption issue as long as it
    doesn’t effect his career advancement. After all, zero corruption is

    2a) Recapitilise Umno’s Leadership
    Well, KJ and his cronies will reply “We at level four here are the
    profesionals. We will work it out. You have my words if you vote me.

    3a) Anti Corruption Mechanism
    Ehh…I think the disciplinary board is just corrupted as Umno members.

    4a) Restore Confidence Through Good Leadership
    Couldn’t agree more. That’s the way it shoud be.

    5a) Effective Multilateral Relationship in BN parties.
    Why not forming multiracial party? It will be much more effective.

    Just some view of point if you look from the perpetrators views.
    Nevertheless, a good system should be implemented to control the corruption issue. But prevention is better then cure. Lets start educating younger generation so that the same problem don’t repeat again.


    JMD : Thank you for the comment. Like I wrote earlier, we have to cut short the cycle time so that corruption will be reduced. Shorter time period simply means, not enough time to indulge in it. I could be wrong though. But hey, we all welcome suggestions!


  11. Askm JMD,
    Look at Singapore’s experience in eradicating corruption. Holding public office is not a means to make money. The Ministers are highly paid. And they will be prosecuted if they are alleged to be corrupted, without any qualms.So is Hong Kong.

    So, the answer lies in making sure that Ministers,etc holding public office have no opportunity to commit corruption. As indicated above , based on Singpore/HK experience, effective anti-corruption laws must be enforced without fear or favour.

    Of course, there are other safeguards to go along with this main anti-corruption weapon.

    Hang Kasturi


  12. Remember The Power of UMNO didnt lies btween The Leaders,
    it lies in the hands Of The UMNO MEMBERS.,
    There are Leaders who dont help their people at all.
    These Leaders Will be going To a First Class Nelaka.
    Believe it or not. hahaha


  13. Finally somebody actually took the trouble of presenting the solutions instead of the problems. Kudos!

    Have a few suggestions to ponder.

    1. Make it compulsory to report details on each branch/divisional meeting to an independent body (ie The council of elders/disciplinarian board). Details probably should include who calls the meeting, attendance, expenses incurred, food expenses etc. I believe to an extent that this is already done (with the pemerhati at divisional meeting) but the report has to be to the exact small details.

    2. Have two undercover agents ala special branch. The council of elders or the disciplinary board can pick AT RANDOM two individual who will report to them. Both the individuals must NOT know there is another person picked, or who the other person is. Was toying with this idea which probably could be used at government agencies/ministries as well?

    3. Have the candidates to perform charity work. The money can be collected ala US presidential elections but it has to be recorded into a special account. Then, the candidates have to spend wisely on the charity or small projects. This way, the 2000+ delegates or the branch leaders (if suggestions to open the electoral) can gauge the candidates. It also might distinguished candidates who are indeed willing to help vs those for publicities etc.

    The suggestions obviously needs more detail look into it but it’s just a bunch of ideas really.

    Thank you.

    JMD : No worries. At least we get the gist of it. Thank you for the comment and suggestions.


  14. Salam JMD,

    Bukan saja politik wang tapi juga sifat hipokrit.. yalah, kalau dah semua pemimpin yang bertanding mengutuk politik wang, seolah2 cuba memberi gambaran mereka yang bersih, siapa yang pihak memberi ? Begitu juga ahli2 yang galak mengutuk politik wang di kedai2 kopi .. habis siapa yang pihak menerima ?

    Yes, supply and demand. Bermula dari peringkat akar umbi sehinggalah ke jawatan tertinggi, semuanya bertanggungjawab. Ahli2 UMNO janganlah menuding jari, sipolan sipolan makan/beri rasuah. Lihatlah diri sendiri dulu. Jika budaya ‘takkan tak ada apa2 kot’ tidak dikikis dari peringkat ahli2 biasa, sampai bilapun masalah ini tidak akan selesai.

    Perjuangan bangsa telah menjadi mangsa kepada parasit yang dikenali sebagai perjuangan poket. Sudah hampir pupus niat murni seorang ahli biasa yang ingin mencuba bertanding sesuatu jawatan parti semata2 kerana merasakan diri layak sebagai pemimpin untuk memperjuangkan nasib bangsa sendiri. Masing2 inginkan jawatan parti semata2 untuk kesenangan peribadi, dan dibantu oleh penyokong2 yang mempunyai hasrat mengutip dividen sebagai balasan sokongan, samada dalam bentuk wang atau ‘cable’ untuk digunakan kemudian hari.

    Politik wang adalah mainan mereka yang punya wang. Mereka yang jujur bekerja mencari wang tidak akan sewenang2nya menabur wang begitu saja. Hanya mereka yang mendapat wang secara haram saja yang sanggup menggunakannya secara haram juga. Perkara yang senang dan jelas menjadi sukar dan kabur jika mereka yang dipertanggungjawabkan untuk membanteras hal ini tidak bebas dalam melaksanakan tugas mereka.

    Saya setuju dengan semua pendapat2 diatas. semuanya bagus, hanya saja jika ianya dapat diterima oleh mereka yang berkuasa melaksanakannya.. amatlah malang sekiranya mereka itu terdiri dari golongan yang hipokrit. Yang penting dan diterima ramai, hak memilih bukan terletak ditangan cuma 2000 perwakilan. Konsep itu yang harus di tukar.

    Tidak lama lagi Kuala Terengganu akan menjadi tumpuan negara. Semua calon2 UMNO akan cuba mencari highlight, mencuri kredit jika menang, disamping berhati2 supaya tidak dijadikan scapegoat jika kalah. Panaslah musim hujan tahun ini. Agak2 nenek kita tu bertanding lagi tak kali ni…
    or… maybe JMD berminat ? u got my vote !

    JMD : Haha. Tentu sekali tidak! 🙂 But thanks anyway for the vote! You are too kind.


  15. Secara dasarnya bersetuju dengan pandangan anda. Walaupun begitu masih perlu di halusi terutama untuk disenaraikan sebagai calun.

    Saya juga suka dengan padangan Balan tentang kriteria minimum untuk disenaraikan sebagai calun dalam sesuatu jawatan. Misalnya jawatan Presiden UMNO adalah hanya untuk yang terbaik. Yang terbaik mesti telah menunjukkan ‘track record’ cemerlang. Misalnya Ketua Bahagian yang baik perlu dijadikan Menteri dahulu agar dapat dilihat keupayaannya diperingkat Nasional sebelum dibenarkan bertanding untuk jadi Presiden. Begitu juga dengan jawatan-jawatan lain. Perlu diadakan sekatan-sekatan tertentu agar seorang Prebet tidak dapat melompat terus menjadi seorang Sarjan tanpa melalui proses kenaikan pangkat yang telah ditetapkan. Begitu juga seorang berpangkat Mejar tidak boleh dibenarkan menjadi Panglima Angkatan Tentera. Beliau perlu melalui proses kenaikan pangkatnya. Bermakna satu sistem kenaikan pangkat yang mempunyai kriteria-kriteria tertentu perlu diikuti.

    Pandangan saya untuk pemilihan jawatan UMNO, semua ahli UMNO perlu dibenarkan mengundi bukan melalui wakil.

    Jarak masa berkempen tidak melebihi masa 2 minggu selepas penamaan calun ditutup. Calun yang hendak bertanding digalakkan menunjukkan keupayaan masing-masing setiap masa.

    Semua yang disebut diatas dijangka dapat mengurangkan politik wang bukan menghapuskan.


  16. Assalamualaikum Jebat.

    Most certainly a thoughtful post and I dare say easier said than done. How do you rid of termites that had infested a building? You can call the fumigators but it will only be a temporary respite… Perhaps you may want to consider tearing down the building, conduct soil treatment and rebuild the house? The question to ponder is, can those who reside in the house called UMNO afford to wait while the building is torn down? Perhaps not.

    It is most certainly interesting to see how ways and means are being suggested to weed out the abuse of money in politics. But Money Politics, to me, is too wide a scope. Practically everything and anything can be used against the contestant and those who oppose him. Perhaps we need a redefinition of money politics, i.e. vote buying. Because I have seen people getting in trouble over a glass of teh tarik (yes, there was several complaints lodged on such a trivial issue).

    Perhaps I am optimistic but isn’t politics all about perception? In the early years, the struggle was for independence hence politics was about survival of the many, hence this Latin phrase that comes to mind vitualamen pauci ut servo plures. The struggle a couple of decades ago was about sharing the economic pie, hence the New Economic Policy, which to a certain extent succeeded only to be brought down by the beneficiaries. The struggle now? I have no idea but I believe the politics of UMNO now is a game of perception.

    If you remember at one point of time, Tun Dr Mahathir, whom to my opinion, made the one of the biggest ever mistakes (of the few) that he had made. This was when he stopped misdemeanour’s within the party from being adjudged by an external court of law. This had indirectly opened up a can of worms within Umno when corruption can be done openly and nothing can be done. Of late, yes we have heard that Umno has opened its doors to ACA’s investigations but to me, it is a case of closing the barn doors after the horses has bolted.

    Again I kept thinking about perception. Perhaps money now is crucial to everyone in Umno that the G7 of the delegates most certainly are looking forward to party elections. I know of a few cases where candidates for the G7 would go all out to get elected (into the G7) as they know the returns would be good. My take this year is no different. According to friends who are active in the Youth wing. There have been observations made that those come lately candidates for the highest post may have resorted to certain unsavoury tactics. True or not, what I have discovered that delegates who are entitled to vote most certainly are talking about coming home with six figures. I don’t think I have to define the meaning of this six figures to you.

    It is most certainly no easy task to weed out corruption within Umno, especially when you consider the fact that politics propel development and development requires money. In my opinion, UMNO’s corruption cancer is now at Stage 4 and a miracle is needed. Perhaps the Malays need a jolt to remember this. I am sad but there is a need for UMNO and its members to face reality. Money is not everything, it helps but most certainly there are more things which are invaluable than money.

    Again Jebat sir, I thank you for allowing to pen my thoughts. Perhaps one day we shall, by God’s Grace, meet and perhaps eschew on matters ailing UMNO. Until then sir, I thank you again for the thoughtful posting that you have written. Wasalam.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. We learnt a lot of things from our past mistakes. It’s the one who never learned or refuse to learn is what we worry about. What’s worse are the ones who know the mistakes and refuse to do anything about it.


  17. UMNO might as well just close shop; including the other BN component parties. These component parties and a fraction of their ministers have too much baggage.

    Close it, one less problem to worry about.

    JMD : I am sorry to say that this suggestion is not comprehensive enough. Have you given any thoughts on the aftermath? How to manage them? What are the options? How do you fill the power vacuum efficiently? How do you deal with the country’s management continuity issues? How do you manage the wide variety of expecatations and the demands that arise from the closure of the government’s administrative machinery?

    With one less problem, there will be a thousand more new problems. Let us all think together. Thank you.


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  19. Salam.. Saya tiada cadangan hanya utk menyatakan amat bersetuju dgn saudara JMD, sesuatu perlu dilakukan, idea2 yg ada diatas sememangnya sudah boleh memberi kesan utk mencapai matlamat mengurangkan masalah, begitu juga idea saudara balan.. hey.. thanks on your ideas, eventhough you are not members of umno but you understood more then that morons.. perhaps they read this and feel shame on you. Satu lagi saya rasa perlu diberiperhatian mengenai kedudukan mereka yg tewas.. seperti telah dinyatakan oleh salah sorang diatas. Permasalahan ini juga boleh menbawa kepada merebaknya politik wang sebab pertandingan ini telah menjadi pertandingan hidup mati.. jadi siapa yg sanggup mati? Manusia biasa sgp menghabiskan keseluruhan wang simpanan dan harta utk mengelak dari mati. Kenyataan ini jelas dlm kes Arif Shah..


  20. The best way to lessen to remove corruption from UMNO?
    Dissolve the racist parties (alongside MCA, MIC, etc.) which serves no more purpose. Remember Onn Jaffar? Had he been followed, Malaysia would likely be all the better for it. I believe it is relevant to remember the first and third PM died outside UMNO and BN.
    What’s UMNO’s struggle anyway? More money for so-called contractors? How many more talented Malays and other Malaysians need to leave the country before people like you realise this? It is a shame bright people like you waste their time trying to revive useless zombies.

    JMD : Dissolve the racist parties… and then what? After we had dissolve all them (DAP included) and then what do we do. The parliament will then be filled with independent MPs. What do you propose then? And what is the relevance of Tunku and Tun Hussein Onn died outside Umno to the current situation now?

    So, after the whole govt machinery fall (due to no major party is holding it together) and the economy is in ruin because investors will flee and chain of reporting for the whole nation fall apart, what is the solution you are recommending?

    Another person with opposition’s mentality among our midst it seems. Always shooting from the hip. Long on rhetorics, short on substance.

    Thank you.


  21. Jebat,

    sorry last time I checked, though clearly Chinese-led, DAP accepts anyone Malaysian (Tunku Abdul Aziz Ibrahim, Charles Santiago, etc.). Not the case for UMNO, MCA and MIC.
    Very clearly Tunku, Onn Jaffar and Tun Hussein Onn died out of UMNO because they could not condone it anymore, very relevant no? If the forefathers do not support their brainchild, it says a lot about the latter doesn’t it?
    World history is filled of major parties being dissolved while the country survives without any issue: UMNO lama/ UMNO baru for instance. Did Malaysia collapse? If racist parties are dissolved, their members will simply reshape around inclusive constitutions, that’s all. Additionally, say the racist parties are dissolved, the BN structure is there ready for use (direct membership).
    If I have been misguided, please tell me how to see the light. Discrediting me with no fact however, does not help bringing up your points.

    JMD : Sigh. I was hoping for a more detailed solution than to say – ‘if racist parties are dissolved, their members will simply reshape around inclusive constitutions.’

    Easy to say. Next to impossible to do. Obviously the Umno lama/baru incident is nowehre near the magnitude of what you are trying to say. If I take that example of yours, it simply means, Pak Lah dissolve Umno, and then create a new party with the more or less the same people in it. Idealogy and even the whole mechanism is still the same. Status quo actually. The ultimate question is, what is your solution?
    Please read Bakri Musa’s latest article about English medium Islamic school. Now that is the correct way to offer solution whereby he correctly identified problems that may arise, and offered the ways to mitigate them.

    Like I said, it is easy to say things than to actually THINK about ways to solve the problems. Even the opposition is having a tough time administering the 5 states. They even are having difficulties is streamlining policies between their parties in the coalition.

    Can you actually identify the problems that will arise should the political bodies are dissolved overnight? My dear Eric, Tunku Abdul Rahman and Hussein Onn did not leave Umno because of its ‘racist’ policy as you are inclined to believe. It was totally different issue then.

    And Onn Jaafar certainly did not leave Umno because he thought it was racist. Please, please read Tunku’s book called ‘Political Awakening’ to know what happened back then. But believe me, it was not because he thinks Umno did not open its doors to all races. There was a lot more happenings back then.

    Since you are a DAP supporter, I urge you to read my most recent article which I am posting today. Thank you for the comment.


  22. JMD, thanks for publishing my comments. I persist to say Onn Jaffar left UMNO for the racist issue (look at Parti Negara’s constitution). I really do not think anything big would happen should the 3 former Alliance parties be dissolved since there is the BN architecture there to take over. Actually, I will go even further the 3 parties will have to go, they are inadapted for the challenges facing Malaysia. You are poor or rich irrelevant of your (how subjective) “race”.

    I’ll read your article and comment if I can bring any added value. Same for Bakri Musa’s.

    Thanks for your level-headedness.

    JMD : Eric, Eric, I am sad that you do not know the history of your own country. Onn Jaafar did not leave Umno because of racist issue. In 1950, Onn Jaafar left Umno after a meeting to discuss with the British about citizenship of the people in Malaya. A new constitution was being developed and the British, along with Umno were having rounds of meetings to ascertain the rights of citizens as the Rulers’ subjects in the British colony.

    Where was MCA I heard you say. Well, you guessed it right, MCA was not in the discussion because at that time, MCA which was only established a year before was leaning towards communism.

    The British saw Umno as the representatives of the Malays in Malaya. Onn Jaafar did not agree with the stand of the Umno members at that time (he was more agreeable to the British’s terms) and he quit the party in June 1950. And the talks crumbled.

    But Umno loved their leader and founder and managed to coax him back into the party. Tunku Abdul Rahman at this time was not in the party hierarchy at all. By end of July, Onn Jaafar returned back to Umno and Umno resumed talks with the British.

    However, Onn Jaafar resigned from Umno in August 1951 as he still could not get Umno members to agree on his stand of accepting the British’s terms on the issue of the subjects of the Rulers.

    Onn Jaafar told Umno members that they have to find a new leader to replace him as he will not contest in the next Umno general assembly. They found it in the name of Tunku Abdul Rahman. Onn Jaafar gave the closing speech in that assembly before handing over to the Tunku. Onn Jaafar even said that he was happy to hand over to Tunku and wished him good luck.

    Onn Jaafar resigned because he feels that he did not get much support from its members. Unlike Pak Lah whom does not know when he was not needed, Onn Jaafar did the honorable thing by resigning. Even though the level of dissatisfaction was not from the majority within Umno. At that time, even if they are 10% of dissenting voice, the leaders believe they should resign as Malays know the subtle nuances of not being wanted.

    Since Umno is already a Malay party, establishing another Malay party is not a feasible thing to do. Onn Jaafar had no choice but to create the Independent Malay Party (the first party he created before he established Parti Negara).

    Yes among the reasons Onn Jaafar resigned was because he wanted to have a multiracial party for the whole Malaya which will take in other races as well. But at that time, the matter of citizenship was not yet deliberated. Communism was rampant and the loyalty of the rulers’ subjects were being questioned daily.

    But his original reason for resigning was because he did not get the support of the Umno members with regards to the issue of citizenship. Only in 1957 did this issue was settled. So you see, it is not because Umno was racist that he resigned. This is yet another propaganda of the racist DAP in miseducating the Malay apologists.

    Please read Tunku’s book – Political Awakening to gain a better understanding. Thank you.


  23. BTW, I am a PR supporter so long BN fails to provide a suitable alternative. For now, I believe BN needs a well-deserved rest after serving Malaysia for so long. This should recharge their batteries and give them fresh ideas.


  24. Eric ni suka mimpila… Banyak kali JMD beritahu kalau bubar UMNO, MCA dan semua parti yang dia rasa ‘rasist’, kena beritahu apa langkah yang kena buat selepas itu. dia masih tak faham jugak.
    mari kita cuba bayangkan senario ini: Kita bubar semua parti yang dirasakan ‘rasist’. masuk DAP dan PKR ramai-ramai dan pastinya majoriti dalam parti itu sekarang adalah kaum majoriti Malaysia. apa agaknya jadi kepada parti-parti itu bila semua yang menang jawatan nanti adalah Bumiputera? Ingat… dalam mana-mana pertandingan jawatan, yang majoriti menang walau hanya satu undi lebih. orang lebih selesa untuk mengundi orang yang seperti mereka. itu adalah memang tabii manusia. jadi macam mana bangsa lain dapat mengutarakan masalah mereka jika mereka tiada wakil?
    hei… anda mahu meritokrasi… jangan ingat orang Melayu tidak layak. orang Melayu ramai yang berpendidikan tinggi sekarang. Contohnya macam JMD ni. ingat JMD berseorangan ke? ada ramai lagi seperti dia!!
    sebenarnya mereka yang asyik-asyik melaungkan meritokrasi dan kesamarataan kaum ni adalah golongan yang merasakan diri mereka jauh lebih baik dari orang lain. ada superiority complex. semua mesti macam cara mereka. cara orang lain tak bagus. orang lain juga tidak bagus. kita sama aje manusia yang dicipta Tuhan. saya percaya Allah menjadikan semua manusia bagus dan cemerlang. kita lihat contoh yang baik dan kita akan boleh buat seperti orang itu, tidak kira apa warna kulit kita!
    tapi kalau perangai yang mendabik dada dan menyatakan mereka lagi bagus dari kita ni… boleh bla. bodoh sombong! walau berapa banyak kali cakap, masih pusing kat situ jugak.
    saya bersyukur kerana ditolong NEP. tapi untuk anak-anak saya, sedaya upaya saya besarkan tanpa bergantung dengannya. nak hapuskannya? tidak! kerana ada ramai yang memerlukannya. mereka juga akhirnya akan pandai berdiri sendiri akhirnya. saya percaya ramai yang seperti saya.
    to the malay and muslim, semua perkara ini timbul adalah supaya kita sedar ada isu yang kita perlu selesaikan. GROW from this. become Bigger, Better in everyway! Trust in Allah. You’ll get there.


  25. Asking Najib to install a “corruption-reduction mechanism” is like bapak ketam mengajar anak ketam berjalan lurus.

    His involvement in various deals involving mega-bucks doesn’t help. Politics is perception, remember?

    The mechanism can only be introduced by set of people not directly involved with the current mess of money politics, and this means people who are not in UMNO, MCA and MIC. Period.


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