Be kind to animals

One of the things that made my day today is to read this piece of news in The Star;

PUTRAJAYA: The Government will conduct surprise checks on pet shops, animal pounds and clinics. In addition Veterinary Services Department director-general Datuk Dr Abd Aziz Jamaluddin urged local councils to re-negotiate their contracts with dog catchers to ensure that animals caught were treated humanely.

Dr Abd Aziz said in the case of the Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) uniformed men beating a dog and forcing it out through the railings of a locked gate, which was higlighted by The Star newspaper recently, it had investigated the matter under the Animals Act and forwarded the evidence to the Deputy Public Prosecutor for a decision.

Other news on animal welfare and cruelty by dog catchers in the Klang Valley had also been reported.

He said the department also hoped to table a proposal in Parliament next year to amend provisions under the Animals Act, seeking heavier penalties of up to RM10,000 or six years’ jail or both for animal cruelty, and a fine for people who abandoned their pets.

“Previously, the fine was only RM200 and there was no jail term. The proposed fine for abandonment will look into the intentions of pet owners to see if their animals got loose by themselves or ran away. Abandonment of pets is the main reason behind the huge number of strays,” he said.

The department received 57 complaints of animal cruelty and had taken enforcement action against 207 cases last year.

Most people think that how we, humankind treat animals is relatively a non issue. At most, it is a personal matter. I seriously would like to disagree on that. Call me sentimental or having too soft of a heart but I will without a doubt be breathing on your neck if I see you treat animals unkindly.

To me, all living things have souls. How we, the most advance creature on earth treat another living things with souls will reflect heavily on our character as the superior beings. We are not barbarians. And I do feel that the maximum RM10,000 penalty is not enough.   

Plus there should be a more rigorous drive by the government to increase public awareness on animal cruelty and its prevention. I just cannot stand any discompassionate person ill treating animals as they please!

Sad case 1

Sad case 2

Sad case 3

An even sadder case

Sad case 5

If you have the time, please surf this website – SPCA. Maybe a little awareness may have a big impact in the future.

Thank you.

42 thoughts on “Be kind to animals

  1. Tulis perkataan ‘LOVE’ besar-besar, lekat kat dinding, renung hari-hari. Bukan nak suruh jadi tokkong, tapi hantar terus ke dalam hati. Amal hingga jadi budaya diri. Ini passport besar nak masuk syurga.


  2. Askm JMD,

    You must be an animal lover.

    If a human being can show so much love and affection towards animals, he must then be some body we can trust.

    So, one test whether some one can be trusted or otherwise, ask if he has pet(s) at home.

    Do you have pets under your care ?

    Hang Kasturi

    JMD : Of course I do. Since I was a kid. But recently no. The feline patriarch died recently. Thus, I decided not to have pets at the moment.


  3. Salam Bro JMD

    Yup saman too small…..and thats for animal …….toxic waste dumpers who could have easily poised millions of people should be sentenced for attempted mass assassination….instead of the current peanuts fine they charging….

    We should have fines that last 2 generations to pay for …..at least their children will remember what their parents did……


  4. This one is surely close to many hearts.

    Think they should be start by stopping the shooting – be it crows or dogs, and find a long term solution to the problem. Get proper equipment and community involvement.

    A good idea is to hire people who love animals to become catchers, people from RSPCA or animal shelters contracted to catch strays and deal with them. What we have currently are people who obviously hate their job and show it through the ill treatment of helpless animals who become their targets. These are supposedly normal people unlike the mentally unsound who torture animals for pleasure.


  5. Glad to see you are an animal lover, or maybe you just have a kind heart. Animal rights have been left neglected far too long in this country, and hopefully blogs like yours can help raise awareness. Good job.


  6. Another face of Jebat. You are a remarkably compassionate human being, Jebat. A rare quality these days.

    What these men do to animals, they can also do to weaker human being. Yes, animals are beings too, except that the smaller ones can be bullied. Try doing that to a bigger, more ferocious ones and these people will wet their pants (this is before they are promptly devoured).

    The ammendment proposal will be tabled only next year!

    Thanks for highlighting Jebat.


    My reaction to KL food not nice statement by Sri Gading MP:


  7. I agree about the soul part you write as me too I am sentimental about the wildlife, the water world – Mother Nature. At least the humans can voice out their grouses, but the animals, they cannot. My philosophy is simple enough – this world will explode and die one day, only God know when, so God is very powerful, God do not need us to do God’s job, but we are born destroyers. We do our best in life, but often we are mean, or petty or needlessly cruel, we never meant to be, but that is the way we are.

    Life is all about choices, too little caring, too much greed, hatred and violence. Looking back at life I used to sit by the bay and watch the ocean during the sunrise and the sunset too, I sit on the rock thinking, now I could tame the sea, I sailed in the rain on the waves so high smell the sweet smell of the salted sea-breeze, I get intoxicated by the whole scenario and even dance on it, sometimes when we are lucky we can even dance with the dolphins too, but one day the waves will swallow us all and we will not survive and I don’t think the dolphins and the whales or the other sea-creatures want to save us the destroyers. How long can we enjoy the tranquility what Mother Nature could offer us without us contributing anything back? We evade and destroy their lives as we think we are doing ourselves good deeds – it is the human survival against them, but in life there is always a balance and when it is lopsided, we capsize.

    I go back to the sea again recently and all are different now – dead corals everywhere on the beach, nothing is as clean as before, rubbish everywhere – the water is not as crystal clear as before and enough for now, whenever I can I write again, cheerz people, once in a while try dance on the high waves in the rain and smell the sea-breeze – it is more powerful, I promise you people it will be so intoxicated than any drugs or wines ever created and it will be ecstasy if you can dance with the dolphins. Then again if we don’t save them, we have nothing and you will be so unlucky for you cannot have what I experience, it will be something you read from me or the other wordsmiths.


  8. Dear Jebat,

    I am with you. I am a lover of animals, especially four legged animals/pets, cats and dogs and cannot stand them being tortured. I have sometimes pick up strays and feed them.

    Before I was born, my parents had no children for 8 years and they had a pet cat. Soon after I was born and they said the cat brought luck to them. When I was a baby, the cat slept with me during our day naps when my mother was in the kitchen. We were best of friends. He went missing when I was four years old (he knew that he would be dying and would not want to die in front of us) and I still can remember how he looked like and missed him so much. His name was Cicak. I have since then reared many Cicaks but could not forget the Big Cicak of yester years.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. I understand how you feel.


  9. Salam,

    Perkara terkilan dengan kerja orang mendera binatang, kita memang sehaluan. Jadi bukannya saya mesti selalu bercanggah pendapat dengan JMD…

    Kalau nak ditinjau perihal insan di kalangan masyarakat kita yang tak berhati perut sampailah manusia pula yang bersifat buas, saya ada baca sekerat coretan mengatakan bahawa animal cruelty is institutionalized in this country.

    Dilihat hukuman dari segi undang-undang tidak memadai serta tidak berkesan, diiringi penguatkuasaan yang acuh tak acuh, lantas tak hairanlah kalau tidak diambil peduli bab penderitaan haiwan ini.

    Memang menyedihkan kes yang dibentangkan JMD tapi banyak lagi contoh-contoh manyayat hati pernah dipaparkan di suratkhabar (yakni orang tempatan yang melakukan durjana ini) Saya pernah nampak seekor anjing terbiar yang muncungnya dibelit dawai – tergamak orang bertindak sebegitu.

    Masalahnya, kalau animal cruelty is institutionalized, then the state institutions themselves tidak juga memberi sokongan – misalan dalam membina animal shelter, membiayai usaha-usaha menyelamat serta melindungi haiwan, menyediakan dana bagi menampung kos pengurusan tempat naungan & pemuliharaan, dan mengadakan program mendidik orang awam supaya dipupuk sikap bertanggungjawab.

    Buat masa ini, badan-badan seperti SPCA dan PAWS bergantung sepenuhnya kepada bantuan sukarelawan serta ihsan derma dari khalayak ramai.

    Kita kena tabik mereka yang sanggup menjalankan animal rescue, serta menjaga sehingga pulih binatang-binatang yang cedera disiksa. Kos kegiatan fostering pun Good Samaritans sendiri tanggung.

    Saya bukan Muslim, justeru itu saya tak pasti sama ada cerita berikut sahih atau tidak, tapi dikisahkan: Pada suatu hari, kucing kesayangan Nabi Muhammad pbuh terlelap atas lengan jubah Nabi. Kerana tidak mahu mengejutkan kucing dari tidurnya, maka Nabi pun guntingkan sahaja kain itu.

    Maybe your Muslim readers can tell me if they’ve also heard this story before.

    Terima kasih & Shalom.

    JMD : Terima kasih kerana telah memberi komen di sini Aniseed. Glad you visit me once in a while. Really appreciate it.


  10. Animals are living beings just like us. I think many people fail to realize this very apparent fact. Animal abusers should put themselves in the position of the animals.


  11. Assalamualaikom, saya memang kasihkan kepada binatang. Bagus sekali kami dapat beli rumah luar dari KL dan dapat menikmati alam semula jadi, alhamdulillah. Kami ada 3 ekor kuching, yang terbaru saya ambil dari rumah ibu. Kekadang tidak tahan menengok kucing2 atau anjing2 bekeliaran cari makanan. Saya simpan satu botol makanan kucing dalam kereta. Tulang2 ikan dan hati ayam (direbus) saya akan simpan dan bila keluar sekejap berdekatan, bila ternampak anjing atau kucing, saya akan beri makan. Ada sepasang anjing, saya namekan tony dan sally. Tiap2 pagi saya akan beri mereka makan jauh sikit dari rumah. Sampai mereka tunggu kedatangan saya, seronok tidak terkira. Sally bunting, lama juga tak nampak dia. Beri makan kpd Tony saja. Kmdn Sally wujud semula, kempis perut, saya bagi lebih makanan utk menambahkan tenaga ia. Kmdn hilang lagi. Lagi sekali saya nampak dia, lehernya diikan dengan tali. Tali yang dibuat untok ikat beg2 kalau kita pergi membeli-belah (plastic type). Diikat terlalu ketat sampai berkudis dikeliling lehernya. Saya menangis tetapi tidak boleh buat apa2. Saya masih letakkan tulang2 ditempat yang sama tetapi mereka tiada kelihatan. Anjing2 atau binatang lain kot datang makan bila malam hari. Sedikit sebanyak, saya rasa puas hati cara begini. Wasallam.


  12. My emak used to “pet” up to 60 ekor of cat.
    She love each and everyone of it. She can tell you to details the characters of those feline especially the favourites one, like Garam, Gula, Itam, Leopard, Elsa, Nomot, Manis and a few more.
    From kucing kampung to kucing parsi.
    We used to cry along with my emak whenever one of her cats died due to old age or sickness. She is so fond of the film Born Free, Lassie, Flippers or anything about animals adventures.

    My bapak, his ayam, Didek is unique! I don’t know how, but this ayam jantan communicate well with my bapak. That ayam jantan respond well to any of my bapak instruction. If he call him, it will come. Ask him how’s today? It will answer back only to bapak. When bapak came back from work, Didek will berkokok 2-3 times and flap his wings and ran slowly to bapak. Tawaf around bapak 2-3 times until bapak greet him back..only then will it stop!
    Bapak loves the cats too.
    One time, my bapak even “kasi ajar” this one chap at our kampung. This guy is famous for torturing cats and dogs and any kind of animals. After he is taught a pretty good “lesson” by my bapak, he voluntarily left his bad habits…for his own good!
    (I guess, that’s one of the way to teach this kind of people how to be kind to other creatures.)
    Those trade of my parents is well nutured in ourself.
    I’m pretty sure, this behaviour generally we inherit from our parents and the influence of upbringing.


  13. JMD,

    Of course I visit; you’re bookmarked among my Top 3 favourite bloggers. If only I had more free time!

    Just realized that I’ve brought my modern-day sensibilities to retelling the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) story when I said ‘maka Nabi pun guntingkan sahaja kain itu’. I meant cut away the sleeve of his robe.

    Am not sure if they had scissors during that period. What do you think?

    JMD : I believe scissors (although not in the current form) has been around for ages 🙂



  14. Dear JMD,

    Same here, I cannot stand any ill treating on animals too. There is nothing much we can do to stop these act of cruelty. Human are cruel in nature. When I was 9yrs old, I tortured a gold fish to death. I wonder why I did that. Regretted and shame on me.


  15. Mean…mean…mean people! I just had to send a stray @ my apartments to the Vet due to suspected mistreatment to the cat. His hindleg is pretty much gangrened and has maggots in it. “He” was injured everywhere.Tak boleh tahan!
    Where’s the Humanity?
    Seeing all the cases in your blog makes my blood boil!!! How dangerous we HUMANS are to the animals!!!No one believes in KARMA anymore ke?


  16. Hello JMD,
    You brought up something very close to my heart.
    I can’t stand people who abuse animals, and I know now I’m not alone.

    Other than cruelty to domesticated animals, I think more should be done to protect wildlife too, e.g. poaching and smuggling of wildlife out of the country – from which many animals (birds, mammals and reptiles) died an unnecessary and cruel death.

    And what about the plight of the poor monkeys whose natural habitat is being displaced by human development projects? I remember some time back, a politician suggested to export them for Lab experiments!!
    Kejam sungguh.


  17. thank you for this entry, jeb.

    thank you for reminding us of our responsibility to other fellow-creations we share this existence with.

    i’m really glad to know you, even if just virtually.

    in Allah’s blessing always!


  18. JMD, if it weren’t for male-female bodily contact sensitivities (not only on your part, but mine as well), I’d give you a hug.

    I believe that we must always aim to protect those who are less able than ourselves, and that of course includes not only fellow human beings, but animals and the great Mother Nature herself as well.


  19. I think caring the animals is not the only lacks in Malaysians.
    We also need to be corrected on civil manners e.g. throwing rubbish outside the car window etc.

    We need a PM who could social re-engineer Malaysia. When TDM stepped down, after having brought the country into the limelight of the world, I hoped Pak Lah would improve where TDM had not been able to focus on, which was social upbringing.

    Unfortunately, the result turn out otherwise. The society has become more fragile than balanced.

    (Still could not run from political comments eh, although the intention of your article was truly sincere)



  20. i hate people who are cruel to animals. But there is one animal i wish everybody would hate and destroy it (them) as soon as possible. The animal(s) that Pak Lah breed and eat a lot of pisang and like to “goyang pokok”.


  21. Assalamualaikom seruling senja, wah, admire your mom, I wish I can do the same, however; our yard aren’t big enough to maintain that many cats. Besides our neighbour won’t be happy. Even when cats (don’t know whose) poop at their yard and covered their ‘thing’ nicely also we received a ‘hint2’ complain. Nak buat macam mana ye, binatang kan. Another neighbour has 17 cats but most are in cages, once in awhile the owner will let some out. (Don’t like to put them in cages, those legs are made for running). They have beautiful special breed cats, ours only 1 is mixed breed and the other 2 are ‘kucing biasa’.
    . Wassallam.

    JMD : If you wish, you can also donate a little money to the SPCA. A couple of years ago, I enrolled myself in ‘adopting’ a few animals there in the SPCA until they find new owners. Adopting here means, I part sponsor their monthly expenses (food, vaccination etc). Since then, I had sponsored a dog and two kittens. All three eventually had new owners in the end. I know my effort is not much as compared to what the people in SPCA are doing, but hope it will make a difference nevertheless.


  22. Salam, JMD.
    Good of you to feature such animal story. The thing about animal lovers, their hearts are simply too weak to tolerate animal cruelty, pet death and such. Tiap kali binatang yg dikasi makan dan dijaga mati/hilang, mesti air mata keluar berjurai tak boleh tahan punya. My family home has since been the point of reference for stray cats it seems. Don’t know whether the other stray cats that patron my family home come meal times exchange info with other stray cats or our own 20 cats “promote” our place to their feline counterparts! Every now and then, there’ll be new strays be it pregnant ones or kittens found their way to our home. Yang terbaru, 2 ekor anak kucing. Nak halau, kesian. Yang tak tahan, dah bagi makan siap berak kat sofa dan kat pintu depan. Cam mana nak latih kucing macam ni berak kat rumput luar?


  23. heheh..mekyam..i think i speak for most of us here innit?i’d rather samak my hands to save a drowning dog than to help a drowning KJ..oh the humanity…


  24. Assalamualaikom Nai, cara kami melatih anak2 kucing untok buang ayer besar, selalu2 kalau ada masa, bawa mereka ke luar, kalau ada pasir lagi bagus, dan kaiskan tangan mereka dipasir itu. Seperti jika mereka sendiri mahu membuang.
    Kami ada pasir yang dibeli (sebab kami ada 3ekor kucing aje), ketika kucing2 kami kecil lagi, saya akan ajar mereka begitu. Atau pon separoh orang mereka training kucing2 mereka buang air didalam bilek mandi. Jamban yang mencangkong punya kucing2 boleh buang air disitu. Saya belom pernah buat.

    Terima kasih JMD, saya ada teringin hendak buat begitu, nanti saya check diSPCA.


  25. Wa’alaikum salam ml,
    Memang susah banyak kalau nak bela kucing dalam jumlah yg besar, tambahan kalau tinggal area2 taman perumahan.
    Actually my mom living in a kampung somewhere in jb. So, space is not a problem.

    Tapi respeklah kat u, masih ada keinginan nak bela banyak2 camtu!
    Nai, u ni kecik2 dulu pernah tak pungut anak kucing bawak balik rumah? Orang kata binatang nie boleh tahu sapa sayang binatang ataupun tidak. Kind of sixth sense.


  26. To ML, thank you so much for the tips. Inshallah akan dicuba. Hope it works. Then I no longer have to clean up berak kucing first thing in the morning when I open the front door! heheh…And again, to you JMD, thank you for the pet related posting.


  27. Greetings JMD,
    Been offline for weeks (work overload), click on my fave blog and he’s blogging on animals! It’s heartwarming, yeah.
    I’m an animal lover too and, like you, I give to the SPCA. Let’s hope with your posting many more will be moved to donate.
    When I was a teenager (sigh, aeons ago) I caught a middle-aged woman torturing a little puppy. I told her off. She SPAT at me. My dad called the SPCA and they took it away. Remember wishing the police would take her away too.

    There’s something else I wish to say here. I do wish Msian dog-owners would clean up after their pets. Notice, they don’t.


  28. JMD
    Tidak ramai orang yang pedulikan kebajikan haiwan .Tahap kesedaran rakyat
    terhadap layanan kepada haiwan masih rendah.Saya percaya ia bermula dari
    pendidikan dari rumah dan sekolah.Saya kecewa sekiranya ada yang mencadangkan langkah-langkah kebajikan untuk haiwan seperti memberi bantuan kewangan kepada badan kebajikan haiwan ,ada saja suara sumbang akan menyatakan ,oh itu tak penting,banyak lagi masalah orang tidakselesai.
    Memanglah,sampai kiamatpun masalah manusia tak akan selesai.Bagi saya ini cakap manusia sombong,dia ingat di dunia ni ada manusia sajakah?Saya memang dilahirkan dengan sifat semulajadi yang memang kasihankan haiwan terutamanya mamalia.Tambahan ayah saya mendidik kami supaya
    selalu memberi sisa makanan kepada haiwan ,selalunya burung,kucing dan anjing.Walaupun ayah saya seorang yang warak ,beliau tidak pernah memandang hina kepada anjing,kerana kata ayah anjing juga makhluk ALLAH
    yang mempunyai perasaan .Sejak dari dahulu lagi ayah selalu memberi makanan kepada anjing dan kucing liar yang dijumpai oleh beliau.Amalan ini yang saya warisi sehingga sekarang dan diperturunkan kepada anak-anak .
    Alhamdullilah,suami saya pada dahulu tidak berapa hiraukan haiwan,sekarang juga sikapnya berubah menjadi positif kepada haiwan ini.
    Kucing-kucing dirumah saya juga diambil dari jalanan,tapi sayang ada beberapa jiran yang sombong tidak suka kehadiran haiwan peliharaan.Susah juga terpaksa menjaga hati jiran tetangga.
    Amat menyokong usaha PAWS dan SPCA,dan saya RESPECT kepada usaha yang
    dilakukan oleh Cik Sabrina Yeap.Bagi saya beliau adalah manusia yang berhati
    mulia yang jauh lebih baik dari ahli-ahli politik yang banyak bercakap daripada bekerja.Terima kasih kepada saudara kerana memaparkan tajuk


  29. Hi JMD,

    There was a stray kitten that I once picked up. Took it to the vet first thing as it was having a severe cold. The vet found that its jaw was severely retracted. He advised that it be put down because that congenital malformation of the lower jaw meant that when it grew bigger, it wouldn’t be able to eat solid food.

    I suppose the vet (not my family vet but from clinic near area where I found the kitten) was merely giving his cold diagnosis. But like the doggie video link, I had ‘faith’ which sometimes defies Man’s calculated odds.

    Anyway, this kitten because of its deformity had its tongue perpetually lolling out from one side of its mouth, prompting my best friend to nickname it Igor due to the daft way it looked.

    There was nothing else physically wrong with Igor apart from that disability and its lower canines poking into upper palate of mouth. I had those two teeth later extracted by my regular vet, at the same time that Igor was anesthesized when neutered at 6 months old.

    Anyway, Igor’s handicap caused it to eat in a funny way, i.e. swing its head from side to side in order to get some food into its mouth and in the process, flinging away half the food scattered across the floor.

    So Igor’s feeding regimen was like this: Gerber baby food (bottles from the supermarket as I had no time to puree fresh food myself) and baby cereal and milk (formulated for pets).

    The bland Gerber was flavoured with sardine sauce (the sardine pieces then given to the other cats) or flavoured with tuna-soaked ‘water’ (i.e. the water contained in canned tuna, and the fish chunks fed to the other cats).

    It was also given fish soup, (i.e. fish was boiled for the other cats, and Igor getting the soup).

    On this diet Igor survived. Its section of the kitchen was everyday a mess to mop. Its spot on my bed left a stain on my bedsheet too (it slept in my bedroom, the other cats didn’t).

    After each meal Igor’s comot face had to be wiped with a damp cloth and it needed a bath once a week because its fur invariably got matted with food.

    Looking after Igor might sound troublesome but if you think about it, it’s only a small fraction of the work that any mother puts in for her baby or toddler.

    No doubt Igor required extra care but it gave me so, so much more in return. It was like Nature’s way of compensating that Igor was most well-behaved, and more loving than any other cat I’ve ever had.

    After about one-and-a-half years, I lost Igor when we moved house. In the confusion of shifting to the new place (hence Igor was in an unfamiliar neighbourhood) and us ordering new stuff (hence the deliverymen tramping in), Igor went missing and never found its way back to me. I searched and searched but couldn’t find it either. I don’t think it could have survived by scavenging given that it couldn’t eat scraps.

    Till this day, it remains one of the most painful and regretful episodes of my life thinking on how — through my own carelessness and lack of foresight — I lost Igor.

    JMD : God bless you Aniseed! I understand exactly how you feel when you lost Igor. He will forever remember your kindness in nursing him and taking care of him. You are the joy of his life. Thank you.


  30. Postscript

    This sentence probably needs explaining: “Its section of the kitchen was everyday a mess to mop. Its spot on my bed left a stain on my bedsheet too (it slept in my bedroom, the other cats didn’t).”

    Kitchen was feeding place. Bed stain because Igor drooled all the time due to the jaw deformity.



  31. Apa khabar aniseed,
    Sukar menemui seorang insan yang berhati mulia seperti saudari.
    Hanya tuhan yang akan membalas setiap perbuatan baik saudari terhadap makhluk tuhan yang tidak terdaya ini.


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