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The source of everything that went wrong

A reader asked me a question recently;

“If you were asked to point to a place in time, where did it go so wrong for Umno?”

There are several ways to answer this question. Either to go back more than 50 years ago, or 25 years ago, 10 years ago or probably 5 years ago.

Time is relative. Errors in judgment are subjective. They vary greatly depending on the perception of the observer.

Today I would like to share my thoughts on the recent things (8 year period) that went wrong with Umno which had contributed greatly to its current malaise these days.

Below, I am illustrating the reasons why Umno lost its respect and why we should eradicate the source of that problem.

Now, Pak Lah had every opportunity to stem an incident before it turned into a crisis and worsened into a disaster. If Pak Lah had been blinkered or blinded by his undying love towards his family members, then it was up to the Umno Supreme Council to correct what was wrong in the whole scheme of things.

But of course, just because it is an event, doesn’t mean it’s an incident. If it’s an incident, doesn’t mean it’s a crisis. And a crisis will not necessarily mean a disaster. How could each level of these scenarios be mitigated before it gradually deteriorated into a disaster?

By exercising good judgment.

If a group of Supreme Council members could not have a good sense to know what is bad and what is good for the party, then maybe those group of leaders should not BE in that council in the first place. What more, to be the decision makers and providers of strategic direction of the whole nation.

But here’s a conundrum.

Good judgment comes from experience. And where does experience comes from?


I hope with all the bad judgments made by the Supreme Council members and to a certain extent, the division heads, they now have enough experience to EXERCISE GOOD JUDGMENT.

Just eradicate the source of the problem before it manifest itself into something more ugly and malevolent.  



41 thoughts on “The source of everything that went wrong

  1. Hey Jebat =)

    “Time is relative. Errors in judgment are subjective. They vary greatly depending on the perception of the observer.”

    I just wrote a similar post on Memory again.

    JMD : You are quite sentimental la Jed! 🙂


  2. dear JMD,
    nice schematics. yes, UMNO started to rot when those events you drew up took place. as for me, UMNO started to go downhill when Pak Lah gave space for the young hawks in UMNO to denigrate Tun Mahathir. Not because Tun Mahathir is sacrosant- but because it sends signals to the UMNO people that its alright to be anarchic. Pak lah started his own cultural revolution that unleash his own red guards. luckily for us, many of the red guards are just as mao said- paper tigers. unlucky for us, Pak Lah is not The Great Helmsman.
    with warm regards/sakmongkol

    JMD : Thank you Sir. I agree with you on this one.


  3. Mahathir gave Pak Lah a country just coming out of a recession and ready to flourish.

    He made the mistake of taking a bunch of wet behind the ears without the experiance and wisdom to undertake somethign they didn’t know.

    This is a case of boys with fidgety fingers but parents allowed to run rampant and end up wrecking the whole country.

    JMD : Just to show that good degrees can never buy wisdom and half a brain! 🙂


  4. So you say, it all started with Khairy eh?

    Or is Khairy just the symptom, not the root cause? Perhaps the root(s) of the problem goes down deeper and earlier than that.

    Think about it…

    JMD : Khairy IS the problem. No doubt about it. But if you insist about making an even earlier analysis based on the illustration above, lets just do that:

    Event : Anwar joined Umno

    Incident : Anwar introduced rampant money politics into Umno elections by abusing the quota system to oust Tun Ghaffar Baba. This culture permeated into Umno till this day.

    Crisis : Anwar betrayed Umno by forming an Umno splinter party and introduced the destructive and undemocratic ‘reformasi’ movement

    Disaster : BN lost 2/3 majority and 5 states. Never before in more than 30 years BN had been this unsuccesful. Extremists in Pakatan Rakyat began their racist propaganda. .

    Moving forward :- Anwar has the numbers and will form the next government soon. Any day now. Really.

    Thank you 🙂


  5. I agree with the notion tht Khairy is responsible for the downfall of BN which ultimately led to Dollah’s downfall. His arrogant and Mafia like attitude created a feeling of hatred that has never been seen in Malaysian politics. At least for all of the bad publicity that Anwar has been getting, Anwar still commands quite a significant support from the masses. Unlike the “50 Dalil kenapa Anwar tidak boleh jadi PM”, Dollah’s downfall can only be attributed to 1 reason and that is his son in-law.

    p/s any news on the 4th floor boys faternity?

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. Apparently, it’s still business as usual for the 4th floor boys.


  6. “Event : Anwar joined Umno

    Incident : Anwar introduced rampant money politics into Umno elections by abusing the quota system to oust Tun Ghaffar Baba. This culture permeated into Umno till this day.

    Crisis : Anwar betrayed Umno by forming an Umno splinter party and introduced the destructive and undemocratic ‘reformasi’ movement

    Disaster : BN lost 2/3 majority and 5 states. Never before in more than 30 years BN had been this unsuccesful. Extremists in Pakatan Rakyat began their racist propaganda. .

    Moving forward :- Anwar has the numbers and will form the next government soon. Any day now. Really.

    Thank you ”

    – JMD very immature comments you have there. Your ‘so called’ fame here on JMD has really gotten into that head of yours hasn’t it?

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. May I know why stating facts above are construed as immature? Like I said in this article, errors in judgment are subjective; they vary greatly depending on the perception of the observer.

    That was my take. It is unfortunate that you do not share my view. But if you cannot accept it then what can I do. Probably when Anwar becomes the new Prime Minister by Raya Haji on 8th December this year, he can shut down this blog and haul me up using the ISA.

    Hopefully, I’ll be famous by then 🙂


  7. Khairy IS the problem, JMD ? What about those who support him? Those who votes him? To think that KJ can still become the Youth Chief even PL is still not around really make me sick.

    JMD, sometimes I feel that UMNO has a tumor. More than 50% of UMNO members is the tumor and I’m not just referring to those who support KJ and PL. Even with Najib or whoever in charge in the future, UMNO will still struggle if members put themeselves first before the party.

    JMD : In my honest opinion, I see him as the problem. Arrogant, brash and condescending. These are the values he inadvertly introduced into Umno. And yes, those who supported him are also guilty in association.

    Thank you.


  8. Well, the problem with leaders in the past was they thought that they has the right to be new emperor while their crony and family member began to set a new royalty.

    Mahathir’s success because he knew how to generate incomes to the nation, while Abdullah failure was simply he failed to understand the basic needs for economic growth for Malaysia.

    Simply any leader can do anything that they want as long that they bribed the RAKYAT with economic growth. Abdullah and Khairy would had be hailed as new generation heroes had they managed to improve the Malaysia economics.

    JMD : Of course. When pockets are full, even the most petulant of the opposition can be quite muted in their protest. No opposition can really stir up support from the masses when the country is prosperous and progressive. Just ask the Singapore opposition. People will not complain if their future and wealth are in abundance. They will even forego some other things like independence of judiciary (do you think Singapore has independent judiciary?) and human rights (can you even blog freely in Singapore?) etc. And that is the human nature.

    Thank you.


  9. Salam JMD,

    Anwar adalah musuh yang kita nampak jelas, tidak berselindung, terang2an memukul gendang perang kepada UMNO dan BN. Sekurang2nya anwar ‘gentleman’, memberi pilihan yang jelas pada rakyat – hitam atau putih.

    KJ bukan ancaman dalam bentuk ertikata musuh yang konvensional. Malah agak tidak tepat menggelarnya musuh. KJ lebih kepada barah yang menjangkiti UMNO dari dalam tanpa disedari, melemahkan sistem pertahanan UMNO menjadikannya korup dan rapuh. Seperti barah, tiada ubat kecuali dipotong dan dibuang sebelum seluruh badan UMNO lumpuh.

    (omygod, what happen to me, lately dah pandai ber’umpama’ la pulak..)

    ya, MT perlu lebih bertanggungjawab, berani dan proaktif. sebelum ni saya tak tahu pun ada Majlis Tertinggi ! Dalam kes KJ, apa option yang ada pada MT ?


  10. JMD wrote: “Time is relative. Errors in judgment are subjective. They vary greatly depending on the perception of the observer.”

    Very nice, very apt and very strong.

    Is Khairy the only reason, JMD? I am sure there are others, and if so, how many percent would you attribute to Khairi. And did you read his interview in The Sun early this week. Reading between the line, I see fish washed ashore gasping for breath. His days are numbered… What do you think of the interview?

    JMD : The interview was simply a PR exercise by a politician. The questions are ‘leading’ him to answer in a particular way. And why gave him the label of Ultra malay? Since when was he identified as an Ultra Umno or Ultra Malay? Just because of that one incident where he stated only the Agong can change the scholarship quota?

    Which he then fumbled in his defense after other races questioned him. He could not even produce a credible defence to his hasty jibes earlier. Why? Because he does not have the ‘pulse’ of the Malays in his heart.

    A situation where an MCA YOUTH delegate called for Khairy to be put under the ISA only serves to increase his standing among the malay umno delegates. Win win situation for both. The MCA Youth delegate is now be seen as courageous among his supporters and perhaos win some votes in the MCA election while KJ is seen as championing the Malay rights and perhaps win more nominations. But in the end, nothing’s gonna happen.


  11. JMD Bro,

    i won’t say that this khairi dude the the sole source of disastrous result of BN. maybe the situation is more like this :

    Khairi is a virus. PakLah has weak immunization system. Khairi infected Pak Lah. Pak Lah weakened. the plague infected UMNO. and now, UMNO has become the zombies of “Brown-nosing the Leader”.

    so Pak Lah inability to control his son-in-law is regretably contributed to the fall of BN and UMNO. evenso khairi is a “virus”, if Pak Lah has strong and robust “immunization system”,i’m pretty sure UMNO and BN will not be in the place they are now.

    on Supreme Council, i do agree with you. they should not be in the Council if they cannot reason rationally and decide impartially with their personal interest. it is just bad judgement. unfortunately, bad judgement had to be paid with high cost. sad state, but essential experience. so coming this UMNO General Assembly, maybe UMNO members and Supreme Council should look beyond money politics and personal greed.

    Thank you JMD and have a nice weekend. and please do not let this khairi dude ruin your weekend mood with your family. hahaha..

    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  12. Dear JMD,

    No doubt Khairy is one of the main reasons for the downfall of BN. But to me, the source of everthing that went wrong is the inability of BN to provide satisfactory explaination and failure to have effective action plan each time they encounter issues for the pass five years. Small issue become big issue and big issue become disaster. Without Tun Mahathir around, the whole management team of BN become rubbish. Worst still, right now they believe they can reform BN by re-election of new management team from the same bunch of rubbish. How pathetic.

    They should listen to Rais Yatim to elect fresh blood into the management team. At least got some hope.

    JMD : Yes, as you had put it correctly, Pak Lah failed in his damage control strategy. I think I had written about this somewhere in my old articles. Elegant silence can be deadly indeed. To oneself that is.


  13. JMD,

    Good analysis because I believe you are involve in management. As a manager, you are train to look with mistakes, shortcomings, blaming, firing, etc etc.
    But for a business owner or top management, the attitude is business is life by itself. A bit of crap here, a bit of dirt there don’t bother you. They dont hurt nothing. You are train to look at the bigger picture that is how to keep being alive and move forward. That is a difficult thing to do. Mistakes and its outcomes becomes a small change in the SOP.

    The present regime is just a blip in the history. Lets what ever happen be written in the history book and kept it at one end of the library. Qui sera sera.

    So lets move forward. Lets figure out how should we move forward , ie how should our kids live in the future. That is something that I would like to know how you figure it out. Maybe we can share that dream for the good of the next generation.


    P/s : if you have time please visit my blog at

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. Good website. Is it really profitable rearing that kind of particular fish? Hopefully the demand is high. Anyway right now, I am developing a concept paper on the nation’s policy (oh no! not another policy! 🙂 )


  14. In my own life I have my share of the khairy(s), the pleasers and the wrackers and what not to partake in the infinite decision makings over my life and work. Like Tun Dr Mahathir had once been quoted as saying, you listen to everybody good and bad but the decision once taken is entirely your responsibility and nobody elses. Blame it on the man himself man. Rasputin was a bad influence but the Czar fell out of grace on his own doings.


  15. Askm JMD,

    Allow me to theorise too regarding the downfall of PL.

    TDM handed to PL a good ship, laden with goodies to last till at least 2020 if PL abided what has been agreed upon between them.

    PL’s leadership/management style and betrayal of TDM’s trust caused holes to the ship :

    1) KJ’s involvement and machinations as mentioned by you;
    2) Kalimullah’s involvement as a wheeler dealer/spin doctor ;
    3) KJ’s sputnik rise in UMNO hierarchy by exploiting family ties; and
    4)Existence of a kitchen cabinet.

    The ship is sinking. To save the ship, the holes must be plugged.

    Now it is too late to save the ship……come Mac 2008 NTR will be the “Great Helmsman” to use Chairman MAO’s slogan.

    To NTR,please plug the holes.Once the ship is afloat, ensure that no holes will be created to the ship because it will be disasterous to BN in the GE 13 .

    Hang Kasturi


  16. Hang Jebat;

    I think the blame should go to Pak Lah & the UMNO’s MT. It is due to his poor leadership that someone like Khairy to rise and take the opportunity. Pak Lah allow this thing to happen. With a lame duck UMNO’s MT, and little check and balance within UMNO system, this things are bound to happen.

    If we have a weak leadership but a strong UMNO’s MT, I am sure this things will not had happened. Unfortunately, in the last 5 years, we have a weak leadership and weak UMNO’s MT but a strong Khairy. Thus, things as mentioned by you seem inevitable.


  17. JMD

    Have to agree with Talia, your recent posts and comments do not have quite the same depth, elegance and even-handedness that they had not too long ago. You’re beginning to sound like a man in a hurry who’s also started to notice his celebrity. But dont worry, I’m sure your fan club on this blog wouldn’t have noticed. Soon, you might have the “Hope I’m the first to comment” type of comments we so often see on Chedet.
    Cheers, man!

    JMD : As you may already know, I’m not trying to please everyone here. I am just an anonymous blogger writing things as I see fit. Also, I cannot gain any personal mileage on any of good things I done here (if any). As for the celebrity status you mentioned, I honestly do not feel any. Nobody came up to me and shook my hands while I was walking down the streets. Simply because nobody knows who am I. This is important. That is why I remain anonymous. For instance, today I may throw my support for Datuk Mukhriz. But who knows if in the future, he does something wrong, I may have to criticise him. This blog does not hold my entire real and actual life in ransom. Therefore remaining anonymous enables me to write without fear or favor. Thus, I hope (insyaallah) my two feet will remain firmly on the ground. This is after all, a form of public duty I perform in the blogosphere.

    Anyway, naturally when there is a comment which does not agree with what I have written, I will try my best to bring forth my argument to strengthen my points of view. But I definitely could not reply in the manner which projects ‘elegance, even handedness or in depth’ when there is nothing to comment in the first place.

    And of course, I am not worried if there are any criticisms or comments not agreeable with my writings. And please lah. Janganlah nak compare this blog to ok. This blog is nothing compared to that. It would be a nightmare to moderate 500+ comments per article! 🙂

    Saya ni one man show saja. I do have other work besides blogging. TDM has at least 2 people to manage his blog. He writes, another person type it in the computer, then he proof-read it before it is posted. Another person moderate all the comments (deleting any profanities) before he shows all of those comments for TDM to read.

    Also, I am not aware that there are such audits being perform on blogs to ensure its quality are always at par with the standards it needs to fulfill. If nobody wants to read this blog anymore, then I accept it with an open heart. What can I do right? It’s not like my income is deriving from this blog anyway.

    Thank you for the comment. Really appreciate it coz I believe it was done in good faith.


  18. JMD,
    there are something wrong with Umno today.. KJ still get nomination to contest for Ketua Pemuda. Dont Umno ppl realised that ppl(rakyat) knew who is KJ? Mahathir statement abt KJ long time ago will be remember by ppl forever.

    Sebusuk-busuk Mahathir tu pun, kalau dia bercakap masih ramai orang yg dengar dan ikut.

    I agreed KJ one of the factor contributed to BN lost last GE. Either Umno ppl didnt get the message atau ehem ehem…..

    Pelik la..


  19. how can you pinpoint the entire downfall of UMNO to one person? Where did you get that info from? Well he had received votes all along to be where he is today am i not right? Tell me why then he had gotten certain grassroot UMNO support? There must be a reason why he has had such good support. What are their reasons for throwing their support to him? You are CERTAINLY not from within UMNO or else you would have known there are other major problems inside besides the person you pinpointed.

    Many agree he was one of the reasons for the downfall of UMNO, but then again there are other factors which caused it. You think org2 kampung are stupid these days? They don’t believe the ruling coalition nor UMNO anymore and so do i. We’ve been taken for fools all these years. And trust me, i was surprised to find out that these people somewhat knew that the media (tv and papers) are controlled by the govt and thus spinning stories that are occasionally lopsided.

    Even my kampung (north) and my wife’s kampung (south) families and surroundings don’t believe a word of UMNO nor BN politicians. Even my chinese and indian friends and family members do not trust MCA nor MIC anymore. It’s not about what they read in the news or see on TV. Word travels fast these days. People have emails, people have access to Internet, forums, e.t.c. Ppl of today and ppl of the past are different in their thinkings and the way they evaluate things.

    So if UMNO or BN really eradicates their ‘problems’, what is there left in BN?
    This is not like a football match whereby if the team does not perform, the manager gets sacked. Politics and soccer management are totally different. Right now the current systems policies from within is the problem, not person A or person B or person C, it has been abused, swept and hidden under the carpet. And as countries move forward and progress, people’s demands will be different and hence the need to revamp and review policies, systems and governance to keep being competitive with the rest.

    We are getting more foreigners (more like foreigners from 3rd world countries) by the years and more of them will be demanding jobs very soon. A melting pot in Asia perhaps? I hope so too for the benefit of the country. And let’s not complain then that they stole our jobs for it is our government (the same people we voted) who allowed them to come in and live here.

    Peace to you Jeb.

    JMD : Please read my old articles here :

    There you will find all my analysis about Umno and its current problem. There are 30 articles there. You can then judge whether those articles are relevant in answering your comment.

    There is a reason for this article. And the reason is, KJ must not be elected as the Umno Youth Chief. Umno Youth Chief has the same rank like an Umno Vice President. KJ then has a valid reason to demand for a ministerial post in the cabinet. We shall see a new cabinet member come next March if Umno members forgot how destructive his influence can be to the government.

    Thank you for visiting this blog.


  20. Your assessment is interesting.

    “Good judgment comes from experience. And where does experience comes from?”

    These are actually the tagline for my blog.

    I would rather say that lack of judgement or decisions are the reasons for everything that went wrong. “Elegant Silence” lead to perception of lack of judgement and indecisiveness and that lead to chaos, within UMNO and even BN.

    Although everyone speaks about KJ’s influence on AAB, not much evidence exist to validate that. Do you have any? Even on the 4th Floor boys, everyone talks about them, but not much of real evidence has been presented om their actual influence on AAB and government.


    JMD : Of course, by looking at several incidences in the past, which I had highlighted in the articles categorised under his name, you will see that there are certain elements of intrusion on his part into some of the govt’s policy.

    By the way, didn’t realize you have that tagline in your blog. Good one indeed. Thank you.


  21. Assalamualaiikum Bro……
    Selamat Hari Raya,
    May with God’s will you are always blessed with his might.

    I simply could not grasp the general understanding of all this levels, be it the MT’s members, Division Head’s, Branch Head’s as well as the general grass root members of UMNO’s. One fact and another had you written and presented with documentary evidence yet the current running of Umno nomination is showing that those getting nominated and most of them are merely incompetent by all means.

    Allow me to restate your paragraph “Bagaimana jika pemimpin Melayu itu cuma berani ‘menikam angin’ tetapi menjadi kecut dan terpaksa meminta maaf setelah diherdik kerana menjulang keris tradisi”? Is the kind of leader that Umno members throughout the country has given so much of nomination? Worst still should the alphabet KJ is pronounced. This is an extreme example that anybody in their right mind can simply think off and there is none whatsoever of highly intellectual mind need to simplify the matter in question.

    Bro, as that Jebat’s bloods of yours still runs in your vein, pleased with all due respect just gathered all your Hang’s friends and place the general Rakyat at the proper track as it is use to be.

    Bro, I and with lots of others, we are merely ordinary in our living with ordinary needs and never dream of any extravaganza. We don’t need Brutus or The Rome of RM200. We lead a simple life as we don’t have the intelligence and we stake our life on the intelligence of others who are sincere enough that we can depend on. There are so many stray Malays now, roaming.

    Once again Bro, Selamat Hari Raya, maaf zahir batin. May God bless you always.

    JMD : Selamat Hari Raya to you too. Maaf zahir batin.

    Sadly, some people is still using money during this nomination period. Not even TDM can think about a way to overcome this disease.


  22. JMD,

    Just to chip in, there’s one more person, a puppeter or the master mind I should say, you failed to mention. If you still remember Dr Mahathir had mentioned in one of his speeches the names of the 4 “Musketeers”. One of them is of blood related to the PM. That’s the reason for the 4th floor boys. As for KJ, to me, he’s just an errant boy.

    JMD : Thank you for the reminder 🙂


  23. EVENT – AAB feels that BN, being blue in nature is not green enough for the malays and then introduce Hadhari to win die hard green supporter.INCIDENT – Economy was not well managed and for the first time in BN history, non malay blues feel alienated due to AAB soft spot for green little people.CRISIS – DSAI capitalise on people’s anger and promised that a journey by “rocket” to the “moon” with “one eyed captain” is the answer to all that went wrong. DISASTER – Target group, little green people with little brain continued supporting white moon while existing non malay blues decided to teach “wannabe green” BN a lesson in PRU 12 by supporting the rocket. The rest as they say is history. heh heh…. any one agree with this version????

    JMD : Glad you’re using that diagram model to air your point of view 🙂


  24. Hang Kasturi,

    I find it interesting in the choice of phrases you employ to put your point across, “kitchen cabinet”, “sputnik rise” and to top it all, a reference to Mao’s “Great Helmsman”.

    It just makes one goes “hmmm”.

    My two cents about what went wrong with UMNO boils down to hubris and narcissism. From reversing Mahathir’s order that Ministers use Proton to overt statement of Malay lording over this blessed land. And lest I forget, Khir Toyo giving a broom to a state official and not having the decency to apologise despite being a hugely unpopular act.

    JMD : Thank you Lekiu. Just to digress, I remember using the term ‘act of hubris’ in one of my articles before.


  25. Dear JMD,

    Thank you for you answer on my previous question. The reason I asked you the question is because I don’t think we should point finger to KJ for the messes that actually started with UMNO members voting PL to the his place today. I agree with TDM when he said not long ago that he had no choice but to appoint PL as his successor as the members wants PL. I blamed members for not exercising their voting rights wisely then and I’m still think their attitude have not changed and this could be detrimental to UMNO. You yourself has expressed your concerned on this on your previous posting and I can’t diagree more with what you wrote on that article.

    I thought KJ was a brilliant young man but he lacks maturity and patriotism. I always wonder what we happen if PL had guided him properly instead of he showing PL what to do, like what happens today. I can’t rule out that KJ in his own nature might be a bad guy himself but this is something out of knowledge, right JMD? Then again, he is a young man full of ambitions and desire to be great. I don’t think that’s wrong but without proper guidence he has becoming what he is today – a MONSTER!

    I don’t like to play blaming game. It solve nothing at all. But if someone ask me to point what wrong with UMNO today, I’ll point it to UMNO members at large. They the ones who support weak leaders. They the ones who choose personal gains above all others. They the ones who cakap tak serupa bikin!

    If we look UMNO in football perspective, we find that UMNO is like the flop Real Madrid galacticos post Zidane-Makalele era. Too many flamboyant showmen and without a true leader. You were right when you said that we need combination like TDM – Tun Ghaffar. One brilliant playmaker supported by hardworking nononsense anchor man. The problem of Real Madrid is that the believe that MONEY can buy everything. But they were wrong, so wrong. They haven’t won anyhing for quite sometime – something that I thought UMNO can learn from that experience.

    Have a great weekend JMD. Looking forward for your next posting.

    Ismail N

    JMD : Thank you bro. By the way, my next posting will be a Happy Deepavali greetings 🙂


  26. Because we are carrying out a cause effect analysis, the outcome will definitely be different depending on who is doing the analysis and how they perceive and inteprete the events or prevailing issues. For example, do we look at KJ as a contributory factor or do we look at him as a sympton of more serious underlying problems afflicting UMNO. In all probability, KJ provides the final straw. People may look at KJ as the worst possible icon representing what is bad about UMNO. And the grassroot members and us Malays would say enough is enough.

    This brings back to the question of why modern day Malays join UMNO in the first place. Forget about reasons in the past as these are no more relevant. Not too long ago they were the true Pejuang. Enriching themselves were furthest from their thought. Today, joining UMNO is a business decision. It is about ROI. Please do not tell me that those in the 20s, 30s and 40s are joining UMNO because of patriotism or about ketuanan Melayu. For them Ketuanan Melayu is not the objective but a tool or strategy to further their agenda. They are true vultures. Holding key positions in UMNO whether at Branch, Division, Youth, Putra, Wanita, Puteri and MT will guarantee immediate financial returns. It is about becoming multimillionaires at the shortest possible time. It is no more about the best leading UMNO but instead who has the most money to throw around. Money talks and rules. Money politic becomes relevant but in the process UMNO becomes irrelevant.

    JMD : Quite an astute observation. Thank you.


  27. Askm JMD,

    Your reply to Joe speaks volumes about you. By now, the visitors to your blog must know what you stand for in life.

    In essence, you are guided by good conscience in whatever you do. Personalities do not matter. The issues are the most important consideration.Issues will determine how you handle the personalities.

    As fair minded persons,apart from your blog, reading the following blogs will make us very rounded in our view of the current affairs affecting our country :

    1); and
    2) akadirjasin.

    You remember the the legendary Col. Caster and his soldiers of the 7th. US Cavalry. Col. Caster was more than a soldier.He and his men died with their boots on, sacrificing their lives when asked to fight Chief Sitting Bull. Do you know of any such heroic event in Malaysia history ?

    Hnag Kasturi

    JMD : W’lam Kasturi. Thank you for the kind words.


  28. pelik tapi benar,

    kj mendapat laluan mudah ke dalam umno sama seperti anwar masuk ke dalam daging umno. bak kata rais yatim, org lain masuk umno secara bersopan melalui tangga dan pintu tapi anwar masuk melalui tingkap. dia duduk terus di atas singgahsana umno sedang org lain bermula di warung kopi bawah pokok.

    inilah dia kj. terus duduk di atas singgah sana umno atas tiket pak mentua. dia menang tak bertanding jawatan timbalan. siapa yg nak lawan dia masa tu? norza yg beriya2 tiba2 tarik diri. lepas bertanding baru kita tahu apa suapan bagi norza. selain projek berjuta2 dia jadi ahli MT termuda, secpol pada menteri kewangan 2. ini belum dikira machai2 yg lain sperti reezal dan beberapa org lagi.

    kawasan norza sendiri menolak kj, putrajaya yg kp nya duduk di level 4 pun tolak kj, negeri sembilan tempat asal usul kj pun tolak kj. ini bukti yg org luar tak nampak siapa dia org ini sebenarnya. cuma org tempat sendiri saja yg tahu perangai sebenar mereka. tu sebab kawasan kelantan yg jauh tu jadi kubu kuat kj.

    kj akan jadi sama dengan anwar hari ini… terlalu gah dan menongkat langit..

    tunggu dan lihat.



  29. you should not discount the possibility that there are TALENT SCOUTS out there

    forever on the lookout for potential “puppets” within UMNO

    the 1st recruit (in my wildest theory) was AI

    KJ came later when their “investment” in AI was shaky

    beware of the “regional experts” in cahoots with the west

    we hope UMNO leaders have the integrity NOT to be bought by them

    but to be on the safe side, we pray hard too …


  30. Pelink Tapi Benar,

    “Sebusuk-busuk Mahathir tu pun, kalau dia bercakap masih ramai orang yg dengar dan ikut”.

    Ape kah yang anda maksud kan dengan quote ni? Busuk? Kat mana yang busuk nye?



  31. Hi JMD,

    Great Insight. That’s what you seem to have about the politics in Malaysia. I find your writings balanced and logical. Even when you speculate, there is a reasonable probability that what you speculate could have been the case.

    And of course I didn’t post this comment merely to praise you. For I have a slightly different view regarding awarding the honour to KJ as the root cause.

    During his time, TDM probably made an environment conducive for leader like himself. Pardon me for stating the natural and obvious. After all, any leader of any organisation for 5 years or more would have molded the structure and chosen personalities suitable to create the team for his style of management. Perhaps for politics this may have taken 10 years or more? Of which TDM had enough vision and power to install.

    This environment of some strong and some weak individuals required a hard and heavy hand to direct, almost like steering like a fleet of boats in a single direction. While some were sampans and others tankers, TDM managed to control and make everyone go in the same direction and almost the same speed.

    Because there was economic progress (due to the single direction that everyone is paddling, sailing and moving in general), like you said, “opposition can be quite muted in their protest”, whether internal or external. And this was handed to PL.

    PL unfortunately, did not have the abilities/skills needed to manage this fleet of boats, and they now each go on their own way, at their own speed, doing their own thing. KJ is merely the most visible one going off on its own, but definitely not the only one.

    The root cause was that PL had no control. While I disagree that KJ is the root cause, he was definitely (and merely) the most visible effect of the loss of control of the rudderless organisation. For KJ to do what many claimed he did, that had to be loss of control of the entire organisation. To that effect, it isn’t even PL’s fault. For he was appointed to head an organsation that needs to be controlled tightly and he could not.

    What I’ll like to ask are:
    1. Were there things that PL could have done to have some semblence of control? Why did he not do it? or could not?
    2. If he was truly not in control, why didnt someone else control from behind?(or is that someone KJ and gang? which explains your view, although it still wasn’t “in control”)
    3. Why did all the senior boat-drivers allow this to happen? Many of them were under TDM previously and should have learnt. I would have thought that someone would stand up and addressed this so that all can sail together?
    4. Perhaps these are the more important question since we are more concerned with the future than the past. With all boat-drivers running their own show for the last few years, can they in the near future work together again in a single direction? How can this be done? Can they change or do they have to be changed?
    5. What are the traits of the the new leader that can be in control? Who amongst all the possible candidates has these abilities?


    JMD : Thank you for the comment. Will reply in the near future.


  32. Well Jebat, looks like Anwar conveniently gets the total blame for corruption within UMNO? Or has such a disease taken root in the party before he joined?

    Also, who was Party President in the 80s and 90s?

    JMD : What I know of, giving away monetary benefits was never in the equation before the 1993 Umno General Elections. Even Anwar never involved in money politics when he challenged the Ketua Pemuda Umno in 1982. He won it due to the patronage of Tun Mahathir back then. I have also no knowledge of money being used in the 1984 and 1987 elections.

    Money was used blatantly in the 1993 fight for the no 2 post. Anwar was not ‘conveniently’ blamed for this. He, being the leader of Team Wawasan back then used money to gain votes. Just ask the people at PWTC at that time. If you were one of them, you would know.

    Thank you so much for the comment.


  33. Kj and AI were probably just people who took opportunity of the situation, like others around who did it with less public spotlight on them, because obviously those two share the common ambition of wanting to lead the party.

    If one were to witch hunt, it shouldn’t be forgotten that the environment, like Icarius-outsight pointed out, was conducive for ‘the evil deeds’ to take place. It just simply points to the fact that most of the people around just closed one eye and allowed it to happen. And it also goes to show how weak the people are as they can be easily bought and swayed with whatever that was being offered. In other words, it’s business as usual and everyone is just as guilty of being a part of it or if not for standing by and allowing it to happen.

    Guess this happens when its no longer about fighting for the rights of the people, which has actually been taken care of so there’s really nothing to fight for, but about being in the position of power for financial gains.


  34. JMD,

    Even though he is playing catch up in the UMNO Youth Prez post, the number of nominations KJ has received is impressive. All this of course has nothing to do with being the present no 2 or support from papa in-law.

    It seems that Hishamuddin has endorsed KJ thru his DIvision.

    KJ is hogging the MSM limelight as is expected but in interviews has never being asked heavy weight issues like the ECM-Libra episode, his Kalimullah relationship and 4th floor influences etc.

    He has only denied some of the controversial matters attributed to him.

    He actually reminds me os dsAI, saying one thing to one audience and another to a different audience.

    All his nominations however is paled compared to what Mukhriz has received, being there all on his own. It shows the strong grassroot support he enjoys.

    Lastly I fear that Khir Toyo now becomes the king maker in the battle and of money politics in the war for the post.



  35. Khairy now has 37 nominations… needs another 2… go go Khairy!! Team Khairy!!
    We still support you brother K!! Grassroots still support you. We’re 62, may be in 4th stage cancer but we’re well because we’re in chemotherapy phase now. .. heh.. at least can prolong life a little bit more ….

    Go Khairy! Go Khairy! Go Khairy!

    JMD : Khairy has 40 already lah. 37 was yesterday’s news. Apa ni? Penyokong kuat Khairy pun tak up to date ke? 🙂


  36. Halo Fuad …Chemo n Stage 4 cancer is not something to joke about brader..

    Hi JMD…

    In one of ur earliest post….maybe d first….u wrote about KJ on what u think of him….i think that fact remains…..dude just know how to waffle….n throw in a couple of “bombastic” words…buat orang gelabah sikit….

    just look at how d host of 101east….bantai d guy …man i had a laugh on that…spot on especially how he checked mate him with d closing line…..

    I got one simple question how did it get that bad… could someone weild so much percieved power….takkan Dolah managed to aquire a huge war chest just after a few months of becoming PM……during his time as DPM takkan Tun didnt notice all this things happenin….how the game was beginning to play….i remember how SCOMI went up to almost 17bucks n the stock split …that typical “pump n dump” approach….printing paper money to buy other assets…..

    Yeah..i can say that i partially agree with u but i think there’s more to it….i remembered hishamudin saying “Pak lah jangan campur ini urusan pemuda” in nominating KJ as d only candidate……halo…what in d world was that “sandiwara” big time …….

    Another question how did all of them become pak turut(not talking about d grassroot) ……like got no brain…did they really expect that Dollah was gonna stay for long….seriously..
    Unless Dollah managed to get d required info to squezze d balls of all of them to ensure that everybody toe d line…..”1984 Big Brother like”….if its only money motivated….there r so many ways of getting money from the government coffers or from the market directly….without dollah knowing about it….

    Till today i cant forgive them on how d treated Tun….kurang ajar big time….especially d pepper spray thing…..

    Perhaps we shud purge out the whole bunch of idiots who’s been with Dollah especially those on the MT……u folks failed miserably by any standards….n u dare to call urself leaders..or representative of the Malays…

    Sorry bro ….stress today…

    JMD : Greetings bro. Thank you for the comment. I would like to share with you a couple of stories which was related to me by one of the playmakers of Umno. An Umno veteran who is very much respected by the majority of Umno top echelon. I hesitate to share this story as it can be construed as delving into the realm of RPK :). As you know me, I seldom write stuff based on gossips. I had in the past almost always supplement my analysis with cross references and facts.

    That is why, I find myself in a quandary. Plus, I lack evidence to back this stories. Therefore, it is up to you to believe or not about what I am about to write here.

    This Umno veteran met Pak Lah just after gossips surfaced about KJ intervening in govt’s machinery and government’s policy making bodies – probably in 2005. He asked Pak Lah why is he putting so much trust on this really young man who is also his son in law. Pak Lah said – “You know, I have travelled the world as Foreign Minister, met with so many young professionals along the way. I have never met anyone more brilliant than Khairy Jamaluddin. That is why sometimes I hear his advice”.

    The Umno veteran was quite appalled because this is the first time he heard a father in law actually IN AWE with the son in law.

    Second story – Right after the story of Patrick Badawi began to make waves in the blogosphere, he met Pak Lah again and asked him what is the deal with this businessman. Pak Lah answered (in his own words) – “You know, Patrcik Lim is the most despicable chinese businessman I have ever encountered. Tapi dia dah buat joint venture with my son. I nak buat macamana? Kamal tu sajalah my only son. Whereas you have 4 sons, I don’t have that many.”

    That is all I can write for now. You can draw your own conclusions from those stories. Thank you.


  37. Hi JMD
    How about the “Puppet Master” aka “the real PM” his son kamaludin? I think he is the destroyer of all malaysiankind.
    My thinking even though KJ or his son actually destroy UMNO, but Pak Lah is to blame and mother of all the destroyer. it is the leader stupidity and “kenchoroness (java word meant bodoh sombong gilerr!!) that actually led to UMNO almost (hopefully not) demise.

    If anybody has to blame, it is PAK LAH, PAK LAH and PAK LAH….
    the word of Pak Lah just make me gerammmmmm.. excuse me, have to go to toilet bowl. Nak Muntah. he he .


  38. I hear you, JMD. But will the delegates? Does it not shame them to be reading about money politics in their party? I am not an Umno member (or any party for that matter), but I do subscribe to the Barisan ideology. When these delegates vote, I wish they would also pay heed to the fact that they are voting in national leaders.
    I’ve been following your blog for a while now. I know, and it shows in your writing, that you sincerely love your party and wish it well. And I have met ( in these interminable open houses), not a few Umno folk who are like you. It must be hard to defend the party.

    JMD : Sometimes, it can be frustrating as well.. 😦


  39. Hi jebatmustdie. This is my first comment on your blog. I must say that your opinions and factual expressions caught my attention. From revelations, it’s good to know that you are moving towards making a change, i.e. perhaps through the policy document that you are currently involved in. How about we conduct an analysis and run a survey on your blog to get feedback from the public, in particular regarding the welfare of the Malays. It is not, and shall never be, my intention to have a harsh perception or intention towards my non-malay friends, but I think that things have really gone too far!!! Just an example: If the non-Malays wish to preach Bangsa Malaysia, then let’s start by eliminating ALL the Chinese and Tamil schools, then streamline our education system.
    So how about we get feed back on how to substantially make the difference for the Malays. Where are the bottlenecks for the development of the Malays in particular in education and in business/entrepreneurship? What are the mechanisms that need to be put in place in order to see that development can really take place without being castrated by Poli-x, Poli-y or Poli-z. We have achieved so much. Yet certain others still feel the need to “brand” the Malays as lazy, financially weak, etc. Reality is, we have advanced. Now, we need to take stock of this advancement and show our people what we have achieved …without the financial/business lead that the Chinese were given by the British…and without the technological lead that a financial lead could buy…. Let’s REBRAND THE MALAYS!!! in substance and based on “les acquis”!!! Let’s start with a survey/analysis and then move from there!!!


    JMD : Thanks for the comment. Your help will certainly be needed of course.


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