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The bête noire of Malaysia

When everyone is focussing their sights on the impending change in Umno’s leadership, I have just one more article on Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim that needs to be posted here. I will try my best to state here that this will be the last one on Anwar before we move on to other issues. I foresee that my next few articles will be about KJ, Tan Sri Muhyiddin, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah and probably Datuk Seri Ali Rustam, not necessarily in that order.

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29 August 2008

by Allyn Young (Allyn Young is a pseudonym used by a Cambridge educated economist who lectures at one of the major public universities in the Kuala Lumpur area)

When Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad finally announced the inevitable sacking of his Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Anwar Ibrahim on September 3, 1998 following the introduction of Keynesian-style capital controls a day earlier, a group of anti-imperialists and third world nationalists proclaimed that Mahathir had finally laid to rest the so called neo-liberal malaise that Anwar had purportedly subjected the Malaysian economy to with disastrous results.

Anwar was branded as a puppet of the IMF, who was simply seeking personal glory ‘by choosing to sell the interest of Malaysians to foreigners’. Mahathir – himself considered an authoritarian leader who had destroyed the key institutional instruments of governance in Malaysia to check any credible challenges to his leadership – became an icon among these anti-imperialists the world over.

Using evidence from my advisory role, this commentary is targeted to correct this presumptuous claim. Instead of focusing on the scientific and historical evidence associated with epistemology, the anti-imperialists and pseudo critics of the Washington Consensus( IMF, the World Bank and the US Treasury) found a straw man in Anwar and a savior in Mahathir to build this ‘great story’ of how Mahathir saved Malaysia from certain collapse by ‘discontinuing Anwar’s deleterious neoliberal financial policies’.

While I have much to say about the circumstances that faced Malaysia in 1997 which offered the country the option of seeking capital controls when Korea, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines had to go cap in hand to the IMF, I focus on Anwar’s actions as Malaysia’s Finance Minister.

Anwar had time again insisted in some of his meetings that the free flow of capital and the Malaysian ringgit was causing havoc to exchange rates and the stock market. He even lamented once over the massive offshore ringgit kept in Singapore that affected Bank Negara’s capacity to manage monetary policy. He cited that instruments were necessary to provide sufficient control of the ringgit against volatile fluctuations caused by currency traders. What he did not share with Mahathir was his stand on corruption and cronyism.

I remember Anwar saying that all Government linked Companies(GLCs) destabilized by losses should be supported with fresh loans but only after proper audit scrutiny. Now no scholar or sensible politician – whatever their ideological learnings – would support bailouts that arise from losses in consumer benefits through a misallocation of funds to the corrupt and incapable. Anwar was in support of Keynesian style packages but wanted them introduced alongside instruments that would weed out corruption.

Anwar was also serious about fiscal policies to take account of distributive justice in the months between December, 1997 and April, 1998. In fact, he had dismissed a report prepared by a team of IMF-style consultants on measures to rescue the East Asian economies affected by the 1997-98 Financial crisis. He had written on the cover of that report that it must be rewritten to address problems of social justice.

I was approached by his advisors to rewrite the report and took it on eventually after his team headed by Khalid Jaafar agreed to allow me to change it completely. It was unfortunate that Anwar did not manage to present it as he was replaced by Daim Zainuddin and sacked by Mahathir.Yet, there is enough historical evidence to back Anwar’s claim that he is a believer in social justice. After all, mentored by the widely respected social activist and former University of Malaya academic Professor Dr Syed Husin Ali during his undergraduate days, Anwar was arrested and jailed for his role in championing the rights of the poor during the Baling riots and the protests he commandeered as a student union leader at University of Malaya in 1974.

It must be said that the young and brash leader of the 1970s was then a champion of the poor at a time when government policy was very much in line with the dictates of the IMF and the World Bank. However, he had become a mature leader in the 1990s following his apprenticeship as the Finance Minister of Malaysia from 1995 to recognize the need to connect distributive justice with sound economic principles. In addition, in the spirit of intellectual discourse, Anwar had also developed the capacity to exchange views with experts from different schools of economic philosophy in a cordial and constructive manner. As a result, he enjoyed strong friendship with several heads of governments and global organizations.

Anwar remains a strong advocate of the humane economy as articulated in his Malaysian Economic Agenda and reflected in the 2008 Election Manifesto for Pakatan Rakyat, which he again stressed during his ceramahs and meet- the people- sessions during the campaign for the Permatang Pauh by-election. The fact that he won decisively over his UMNO opponent showed that his economic agenda founded on sound economic growth and distributive justice was fully endorsed by voters.

I read the article above with much interest.

With all due respect to the Cambridge educated economist, her/his analysis is vague and bordering generalization.

Firstly, I would like to clarify here that Anwar was not arrested and jailed for his role in championing the rights of the poor during the Baling riots but rather, he was arrested and jailed because he was desecrating the Malaysian and Umno’s flag during the riots.

Very much like how Lim Kit Siang in 1969, was desecrating the flag in front of Datuk Harun Idris’ house in Kampung Baru just prior to the May 13 incident. He then spent about 18 months in the ISA.  

Anyway, is Anwar a believer in social justice? Is he a strong advocate of humane economy? Those were the questions the author above wanted Anwar to be favourably remembered as.

The IMF encouraged Anwar to lift the prices of controlled food items and increase the banking interest rates. Is that humane to us Malaysians?

Read here in the news at that time.

I’m surprised the writer chose not to remember this. This, and among other destructive measures were the ones that made us Malaysians suffered in our lifestyle.

If not for the strong intervention by the government, we could end up with economic strife like Thailand and Indonesia at that time.

The fact that the writer said Anwar made a stand against cronyism and corruption ring hollow to my ears when in June 1998 at that time, Anwar and his family members as well as his cronies were on top of the list of those who received government contracts.

And during his tenure as the Finance Minister, he was the sole signatory for the approval of contracts under the ‘Program Kontraktor Wibawa’. We had to be really naive to believe that certain percentage of the said projects did not go to his cronies or perhaps *gasp* himself.

Is there no reasonable doubt in this instance?

Instead of pursuing capital controls, Anwar had foolishly urged BNM to cushion the impact of the fallen ringgit with currency speculation.

As the result, BNM lost billions of ringgit in early 1998. This move was even criticised by Lim Kit Siang in Parliament.

He was also the strong supporter of ‘creative destruction’ of the economy.

Which would have a devastating effect if he allowed the huge GLCs, with thousands upon thousand of workers to go bust just because he would want the foreign hands to have an easier dip into our national wealth.

Should we at that time let globalization (in reality, economic colonization) engulf us like how Indonesia and Thailand suffered? Most of their strategic business entities are controlled by the Americans.

Therein lies the conundrum of surrendering your sovereignty, or remaining steadfast in the face of challenging global environment.

We had to survive at that time. But we wanted to survive within our own terms. Why should we let others dictate us?

The assumption that other countries that were helped by IMF becoming stronger than us is also erroneous.

In his speech in Singapore in 2007, Anwar tried to debunk his apparent mistake by justifying that the said countries (South Korea and Singapore) fared well in relations to having small budget surplus in 2003 and 2004 whereas Malaysia is still having deficit in budget.

But he failed to mention that Singapore was not aided by IMF while South Korea had to have budget surpluses due to the condition set by the IMF itself. What had South Korea sacrificed? Its foreign exchange reserves is lower when compared to Malaysia (only USD 9 billion in 1998 – 2000). Plus, in order to achieve budget surpluses, South Korea had to sacrifice a lot of allocation meant for national development.

As the result, the USD58 Billion package deal was finally paid off in 2001.

Anwar also failed to mention that South Korea is already on the brink of being a developed nation in late 90’s if not already.

That is why, they could bounce back quickly as compared to Thailand and Indonesia.

If Malaysia had taken the same route like South Korea, we may not end up like South Korea, but instead like Indonesia. Furthermore, like I said earlier, our economic independence would have been greatly compromised.

Remember the austerity package Anwar introduced in 97/98? That shows how shallow his comprehension in economy. When a nation is suffering from an economic crisis like the currency crisis we experienced in 1997/98, an austerity package will further cripple the economy.

Instead of spending, he wanted the government to save. In an economy where source of wealth is accumulated by trade, further generation of economic activity is a must in order to overcome an impending credit crunch.

When the private sector had curtailed their spending in lieu to the fear of the unknown, then it is up to the government to spend in order for the economy not to stall. If the government also tries to save, then nobody will earn money. Thus, economy will become stagnant and fall.

But what he did was exactly that – increase the interest rates on loans so that it would be difficult to do business, shorten the NPL tenure to 3 months resulting in bad credit for businesses, cutting development projects for the people that could actually drive the economy forward.

He probably was naive in believing that the IMF prescription could work. In the current era where the US is also subscribing to similar measures much like our own, it is indeed ironic that we need to compel ourselves to view Anwar and the IMF as our fallen saviour in 1998.

It’s only natural that the writer tries to expunge Anwar from being portrayed as the IMF boy. With the premiership probably within his grasp, it is good to have a hatchet man that could expound any ‘misperception’ about the PM in waiting.

But the truth is, Anwar cannot escape all the misjudgments he made and all the erroneous decisions which had further derailed the economic strength of the society at that time – the very society he is trying to ‘save’.

Hopefully, this society will not see him as the fallen saviour in 1998, but rather as the bringer of ‘social injustice’ and advocate of ‘inhumane economy’.

I offer another side of view for the crisis in 1998 and how Anwar had a hand in it.

For more reading material, please read here.

I may be wrong in this analysis. If I am, please enlighten me. After all, I was not trained in Cambridge or Oxford.

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  1. Well JMD,

    Each party have their own stories… the question is credibility and integrity of the story …. have it supported by facts or spin-ed for favors ….

    hehehehe … but doesn’t it looks familiar

    i have a crazy theory … maybe one of the Anwar Taksub-ers imitate the article to glorify Anwar …. well, with Anwar credibility is down the drain the propaganda machinery are surely ‘korek-ing’ for more ideas to maintain the ‘mood’ of his supporters….

    hehehehe cannot wait until 13th Oct …the day Anwar propose the opposition budget proposal ….

    but no fair laaa … PR budget is out after Gov budget …so they have more time to counter lor …



  2. Biarla tak belajar daripada Oxford pon. Janji ada kesedaran.. Org mlayu skrg kurang kesedaran. Tanya plajar ‘U’, brapa kerat tahu apa itu DEB? Blaja pun cuma nk dpt keje yg bagus. Blajar utk dpt ‘A’ tapi sbnrnya kosong.. Xde self consciousness.. Agaknya diorg nk harapkan kaum lain jaga kebajkan diorg.. Malu..

    Latif J.
    Bachelor in Admin. Science(Hons)


  3. Dear JMD

    Well said bro, totally agree with you.

    DSAI will do anything just to be popular, I mean ANYTHING.

    He likes to play with people sentiment to make him popular and make him look like a victim of the struggle for truth/just. For instance, he can volunteerily go to Bukit Aman for questioning but instead refused and wait for warrant and got arrested to trigger his supporters anger.

    Even during in jail before, he kept playing this drama, to make sure people did not forget about him. The stories about how the police would inject HIV virus, how people mistreated him in jail, how he desperately need to go oversea for surgery because Malaysian doctor did not have the expertise and could not be trusted…. the drama is still going on and on…

    Very pathetic…


  4. jmd,

    to a poor guy like me, 1997 was the hardest time ever. i lived in a low cost house then with a privilege control ceiling rate of 10% promised by govt. after paying for almost 10 years i was one day slapped by a bank letter informing the rate rise to 22%. i was puzzled by what happened. then i realised that it was anwar being the finance minister purpotedly wanted to save the malaysia economy by implementing the IMF solution. since then i betul2 benci si anwar ni. kaki putar belit. if i’m not mistaken he too wanted to abolish subsidies on all of the controlled items including fuel ( correct me if im wrong). if so true why now he wanted to champion back the subsidies. pelik si putar belit ni.

    p/s i sekeluarga betul2 terhutang budi pada Tun M kerana mengembalikan balik kadar pinjaman rumah murah kepada yg asal. inilah dia manusia sebenar yg berhati suci. so barang siapa yg mencaci Tun M ,, nahas awak. hidup tun…


  5. Dear JMD,

    These are the facts that idiots out there are trying to deny. Actually I am fed up to talk about this useless so call leader. But I will do everything under my power to stop this greedy man to destroy Malaysian. My advise to him. Keep dreaming!!



  6. Ironically, the big bulk of anwar’s diehard supporters come from the those who could’ve been the “collateral damage” if he managed to get his way back then. The high interest regime and the non bail-outs alone would have actually “killed” a big segment of the population. I have a relative who was an employee in our national car company and was willing to die shouting reformasi. It took her a few years to realize that, with anwar’s high interest rate and high deposit, there would be no market for the cars they manufactured. It never crossed her mind that behind all the rhetorics, anwar did not even care about her then. She feels so guilty to Tun now.

    The recent policies implemented by US and Europe in facing economic crisis should serve as the final verdict on Anwar’s / IMF policies. They (US and Europe) themselves would never swallow the same precriptions they shoved to us in 1998. They know that it will definitely kill them. Instead, they opted for bailouts and low interest.

    So, why would anwar so readily accepted the prescription? Firstly, he might simply be plain stupid and will buy anything western or secondly, he is smart but with no conscience and was ready to sacrifice fellow malaysians as long as he gets what he wanted or thirdly, he was under someone’s payroll and was only doing what was instructed.

    It does not matter. None of the above made him a good pm material anyway. But who knows? Maybe malaysians would rather listen to lawak jenaka while their kampong kena gadai.


  7. “after all i was not trained by cambridge or oxford” by mahathir is it?so ask him some more to enlighten you lah.i no school one so no waste time reading your story ma..

    JMD : Thank you for visiting my blog. Is that all you can argue? But nevertheless, thank you for that really short rebuttal 🙂 By the way, I do not need Tun Mahathir to enlighten me about Anwar-nomics. Any first year economic student will know whether his prescription is good or otherwise.


  8. Salam JMD and fellow netizens,

    Good effort on the in depth rebuttal on the ever misleading article by those potraying themselves to be pro DSAI. No matter what the course he champions for, especially on corruption, will never hold water with me. I don’t know whether some peple are aware of how he was probably the first person to start the money politics in UMNO by throwing money around (yes.. a person I personally knew was carrying around bags and bags of money) to get the nomination and defeated the late Tun Ghafar Baba in the UMNO elections..

    I guess during the Financial Crisis of ’97-’98 when TDM wanted to bailout the GLCs by using the public funds i.e. EPF/Tabung Haji (JMD please correct me if I’m wrong) a lot of people criticised him but what they failed to see was that although it was a bitter solution, it was proven in the end it was a CORRECT solution after all. To me, TDM has always been THE CHAMPION of social and economic justice!!


  9. Salam JMD,

    What an interesting article! I’m considering you as an outstanding blogger (Che Det still the best!). You have put every single point with concrete facts and figures. Thats impress me alots.

    Fret Not! Anwar Ibrahim is helping the US economy <— The best ever! (What a joke!).

    P/S: I’ve linked your blog with mine. Hope you don’t mind. Feel free to visit mine at:


  10. hmm.. after ten years, Anwar still refuse to accept the fact that Malaysia has overcame the 97/98 crisis with locally made remedy, instead of foreign medicine. Few of his point really devillishly intriguing to comment. i ponder and wonder through out his entire speech, and eventhough it might sound rather economically excellent when delivered live, it lacks substance for good grasp of all the principle of the crisis. after all, i cannot resist the temptation to comment his speech though ehehehe..

    1) correlation in IMF and Malaysian Govt. Mega projects.

    in his first arguements, at first, he talked about shifting IMF policies and reforming Bretton Woods. He’s doing quite well at first keeping my interest on the subject, but after he mention about Malaysian Govt super mega project ( i suspect the Supercorridor Pak Lah launch), he immediately lost me. IMF and Malaysian Govt. mega project. seriously, how are those two
    connected by the way? is it by critising IMF could change the way Malaysian Govt. spend? evenso, i have to agree with his point of view regarding the spending of this megaproject. quoting him,

    “ concern in not against development per se… would incur tens of billions tax payers money..”.

    yes, he is right. but i believe there is huge hollow relation between IMF policies and Malaysian Govt. spending. for sure one thing, we never been one of those “IMF Countries”. if someone could enlightened me on this that would be great.

    2) “Friendly policies…majority will bear the brunt… cronies of friends and powers get way unscathed..THE LIFE BOAT ARE RESERVED FOR THEM IN TIME OF TROUBLE..”

    sweet lord. he is still presistently championing “creative destruction”. so, his method is supposed to let companies and industries that are not efficient to be replace by more market efficient. in simpler term : let these cronies company be bankrupted and we will flourished new one with more efficient company. seriously, has he got no heart of thinking the employees, the families of the employees, the dependent of the employees on how they are going to make end meets after the company got bankrupted? or he is the one championing Capitalism Idealogy and free market mechanism?

    eventho these cronies company are the one that closely related to politician, they provide good benefits and income resources for tens of thousands fellow Malaysian. when article from Alynn Young claimed that Anwar is fighting for social justice, ironically he/she forgot to mention the idealogy Anwar carries that could lead to social collapse.

    3) “Mega project required mega borrowing.”

    hehe.. i almost choked on this one. as this statement coming from former Finance Minister, i thought hes being funny at first, but i was wrong. Anwar was serious when he delivered this speech, or at this very statement exactly.

    i did not come from finance, investment or economic background, but i do read extensively on the subject. as a former Finance Minister, i believe he should aware of the method of raising fund to finance a project, or megaproject. hadn’t he heard the terms Bond, Securities and other method of financing megaproject? borrowing is not the only option to finance a project by the way. Especially megaproject. rarely you heard megaprojects were finance by borrowing alone. Projects can be finance through issuing securities and let the public raise the fund for you. or ask investment bank to issue bonds, sukuk or special vehicle and instrument to finance this megaproject. i just can not believe this actually the speech coming from former Finance Minister.

    the truth is, Anwar invite laugther in me when he said : “..the entire banking system became hostage to a handful of borrowers whose debt made more than half of the entire lending of the banking system.” Almost burst my stomach due to excessive laughter. Pecah perut.

    4) He lost me on his third point. i think he’s trying to device an ideal economy regime comprises of Hayekian and Keynesian policies and what could come between those two model. but do get some though. he simply restating of what the Malaysian Govt. is doing right now. hmm.. from start of this third point, up until humane economy, i did not see any new things. same old, same old. just the issue being address in new way perhaps.

    5) Fourth point really amazingly touched on the subject “Humane Economics”. but seriously how humane could it get when it draws in same league as “Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde Economics”?. is mr.Hyde had any human consience? i seriously doubt it. so, there is no consistency in uttering this particular point.

    at some part of this forth point, he mention that he did not fully support the free market. but later on, he said :

    “..neoliberalism must make way for the paternalism of Keynes.”

    .. hmm isn’t Keynesian era gave birth to the new breed or free market and capitalism? or maybe i was in the wrong era, but before Keynesian, there was only Smithian. what i can implied that, Anwar holds strongly on Keynesian model, which promotes free market with strong emphasize on improvement in macro-pieces of economic puzzle.

    all in all, the coherence between his thoughts were not consistent. i bet he took all the reading material on economy subject and composed it into boombastic script that will awe his fans. wow..

    6) HUH? another term? in his fifth point, he did mention Rostovian. again, i reckon that he might wanted to sound scholarly intelligent when delivering this speech of his. From keynesian to Hayekian to Keynesian again and finally Rostovian? wow..

    i’m deeply amazed by the knowledge he acquired during his tenure as Finance Minister. or maybe he’s only good in introducing unfimiliar term to the public (the one that are like nepotism, cronysm, tidak releven, Reformasi!!). or maybe his education backgound in Literature developed his uncanny ability to manipulate term so that he sounds genius. i thought mumbo jumbo could only come from superstitious. it could also come from former finance minister.

    in this very paragraph, he’s stressed the importance to liberalized capital account. he also critised the method of imposing capital control as a meant to overcame the economic crisis rather in short-term only. he said that capital control will have adverse effect in the future since it restrict the “systemic ability” to response to changes. haha.. “systemic ability”? is he serious about this? should i be worried? from my limited knowledge and average-sized brain, capital control only pegged the Ringgit at certain exchange value in order trade could occur with less risk of losing to the fluctuation of foreign exchange. besides, it promotes liquidity in local market which is good in order to lower interest rates. ten years still, this “systemic ability” has provided malaysian with good living condition. besides, since another recession or maybe a depression is coming on our way, isn’t it good to have a “system ability” that do not respond to world changes ; a resistive and tough ability that does not get effected by American crisis? but hell, what did i know. i never been a finance minister. even never had proper training in economic or finance. but i do know that capital control that was excercised 10 years ago enable me, my family and thousands of my fellow Malaysians including JMD my man to earn decently, living comfortably.

    7) Finally, this is the most favourite part of mine, a killer one :

    “..most importantly, a profound commitment to the principles of accountability and good governance, we would be better placed to face the future ten years from now.”

    in my personal thought, subconciously Anwar was trying to imply that he has better principles of accountability and great practice of governance. hehe.. even someone grandmother could say something like that. i believe everyone will advocate his way of doing things by implying that they could do better job than present team. who wouldn’t?

    JMD Bro,

    Sorry for the long comment. never good in doing summary, so if i did took so much of your blog space, please accept my sincere apology though. after all its Hari Raya.

    Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin.

    JMD : One thing about Anwar that you had succesfully pointed out is his tendency to put complicated terms or complex economical jargons when giving speeches about the economy. To me yes, it is commendable. But I always follow this advice from a retired politician from the opposition. When addressing the audience, it is better to keep your speeches simple and leave no room for question marks. A specialist in his field can easily convey what he wanted to say about a particular subject matter to his audience in a simple and direct manner.

    The more you lavish your speeches with alien and unfamiliar terms that are only meant to impress the crowd, the more idiotic you will sound in front of a few knowledgeable fellows of the subject.

    Do we hear Ku Li recite such terms in his speeches? No he does not, but he is one of the brilliant minds behind the economic progress of Malaysia in the late 70’s and to the early 80’s. And he is an economic graduate from Belfast. Have we heard Daim Zainuddin shouting jargons like Friedrich List’s ‘national economics’, neo ricardian or any of Joseph Stiglitz work? Yet, he was one of the person responsible to alleviate the economy from the recession in mid 80’s and set the course for the unprecendented economic boom in the early 90’s.

    Even to a certain extent Tun Dr Mahathir, who is arguably a ‘pragmatic economist’, did not delve too much in bombastic words just to show that he has some intelligence in dealing with the matter of economy. Instead of saying the word Rostovian which by the way can even baffle a second year economic student, he would actually talk about nation’s economic growth in structured stages. He would tell his audience in simple words about those 5 stages of growth. He will not let the audience hanging as to who is this Rostow fella.If he wants to talk about Hayekian theory, he will just promote the idea that entrepreneurs are the driving force of the economy and that the nation’s economy, its social and political philosophy are interconnected with one another.

    To me, the better you are in articulating a complex theory into a layman’s term, the more intelligent you are in that particular matter. All subject matter experts have this ability.

    The ability to walk the talk is very important in order to gain confidence from people. Not the ability to talk-cock 🙂 A leader must always remember that.

    By the way, thank you for taking the time and comment on the link that I provided in this posting.


  11. JMD,

    I am saddened to learn that you want to focus on UMNO guys next. Please do not stop writing on Anwar. As an aggrieved party myself, I would love to read more fact and figures relating to Anwar.

    Would you be able to provide some form of facts on ‘Program Kontraktor Wibawa’ and who benefitted from that as well as the list brandished by TDM right after Zahid Hamidi’s UMNO AGM speech on nepotism and cronyism.

    Anyways, keep up the good work.

    I have added you site in my blog roll and sent out the link to quite a number of friends, majority of whom are Anwar supporters. Am not surprised that not a single person has responded, all silent.


    JMD : Thank you for the comment. I feel that since blogospehere is focussing on the Umno general election, I feel that Anwar might be feeling envious for the lost of attention by the people. That was why is still write about him from time to time. Just to keep people from forgetting about him.

    I believe the skim kontraktor wibawa was one of his brainchild to cut red tape in dishing out projects. Basically, it moved away from open tender system and the contract is directly negotiated between mof and the contractor. These selected contractors were exempted from the open tender process. I think there were not less than 10 such companies. One of them is Bumi Highway over the construction of the MRR2 which started in 1996.

    There is also one company belonged to Datuk Kamaruddin Jaafar, a close friend of DSAI, now a PAS MP in Kelantan. His company, Lankhorst Pancabumi Contractors Sdn. Bhd was given contract to build few piecemeal projects of KLIA such as the Bunga Raya Terminal etc. DSAI’s other friend, Datuk Khalid Ahmad of MRCB was given the contract worth more than RM1 billion to build the KL Sentral.

    There were many other cronies of DSAI which I think the younger generation should be aware of. He is not as clean as he would want them to believe.

    Thank you.


  12. Amazingly, I wonder, how the anwaristas could swallow “round-round” when he gave simple comparison of how singapore and s.korea fared well against malaysia…but when given with your kind of arguments’ to them it’s just not valid.

    “Hopefully, this society will not see him as the fallen saviour in 1998, but rather as the bringer of ’social injustice’ and advocate of ‘inhumane economy’.” – JMD

    To me this society will only see him from that view after much of real life pain and misery inflicted upon them due to his action and reaction.

    A great piece anyway…keep it up bro!


  13. Dear JMD,

    I salute you for having the knowledge and time for sharing your ideas with us. Before this, I hated Anwar just because he made my father sold our house. But now, I hate Anwar, I mean HATE Anwar for almost ruining our lives.

    There are 3 types of lies in this world.
    1) Amusement lies – magicians and performers does this. Not dangerous alone, but dangerous if coupled with number 3.
    2) Cover-up lies – don’t we all do this every once in a while? Dangerous if kept unchecked.
    3) Influence lies – the most dangerous kind of all. Lies that are told but are perceived by listeners as the whole truths. People believe the lies to the extend that they believe everybody else who are explaining the truths are idiots and sinners.

    Anwar is the most dangerous of them all. He is telling all 3 types of lies at the same time. Already idiots are willing to die for him…


  14. JMD,
    Thank God that someone like you come around to bring forth the truth, not just ho-ha or hearsay but with the indepth analysis. Someone who does not put sugar in our mouths but really challenging our minds and set us thinking. Carry on JMD, carry the torch and seize the day!
    Oxford and Cambridge had missed the chance to be greater because they had ‘the son-in-law’ instead of you.
    Looking forward for more thought-provoking articles from you.


  15. JMD,

    Glad you’ll move on to the other cast members in this political thriller. Surely everyone deserves their fair share of the spotlight from you.

    If indeed his prescriptions for the economic crisis back then would do more harm than good, then I’d assume it would also kill off his political career by then as surely someone had to take the fall, but alas it couldn’t be played out and he was taken out of the picture before he could do it himself.

    As we have seen, even the old man’s vision doesn’t always go right, or anyone else’s for that matter. Or else we wouldn’t be here talking about it. In the bigger perspective of things what is happening today is all part of that. Perhaps had the country taken a crash, we would be rebuilding, do things differently, a different crop of leaders may rise. Instead we see mr nice guy being appointed, and now the boy king, with his muddied baggage and all, trudging into the top spot. Dear God, please do something.

    Sure, we were saved then, but who’s going to save us now.

    At least this guy, whom you’ve dedicated a few articles on, is doing something to challenge the status quo. And with his band of merry, motley crew going along for the ride, surely it’d be more interesting than the same old, same old sinking ship.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. If we want to venture in the theory of alternate universe, then I would say it would be a redundant thing to do. But it is no harm in thinking about it for a short while. Probably, if Anwar’s sexual misdemeanours was not reported by a few people back in 1997, then the currency crisis would be the best opportunity for him to usurp power.

    I honestly believe that Anwar wanted to become PM at that time. When a country is in economic crisis, people will want the head of that country to assume responsibility. Much like how the people are calling for the PM’s blood when the country is facing instability since 2006. The responsibility to mismanage Malaysia back in 1998 will be the sole responsible of Tun Mahathir if it goes down under.

    That is why, when the currency crisis first reached our shores back in 1997, instead of implementing expansionary plans to energize the economy against potential stagnation, he implemented austerity package. There is nothing wrong in cutting costs here and there. But he did further than that. He stopped strategic projects from taking place, he put tremendous pressure on the liquidity market (the shortening of the NPL criteria), and also, he opened up controlled prices and wanted it to be subjected to free market. In essence, all these strategies will destroy the very fabric of a strong economy.

    When Malaysia is facing irrecoverable economy crisis, then IMF will swoop in. He will use his great networking in Umno to push out Tun Mahathir. But Mahathir saw this coming. He made a counter move by establishing the NEAC (a responsible leader would do this when he saw his deputy is sabotaging the country). The rest is history.

    We would be rebuilding alright, but in the IMF mould. Basically, if the govt did not bail out the strategic companies, foreign agents will buy them instead since they were the ones with the money, just like what Temasik Group did when Indonesia and Thailand sold some of their strategic businesses to foreigners. Basically, MISC with its huge fleet of vessels will be in the hands of Singapore which will then further boost Singapore shipping prowess in this region.

    MAS will be taken over by other countries investment arm. Probably by Hong Kong. It’s good to have a huge chunk of MAS profits be remitted to Hong Kong and not to Malaysia.

    Maybank will probably be bought over by AIG or Lehman Brothers. Perhaps, Maybank will venture into subprime mortgages right after the currency crisis ends.

    Telekom Malaysia will be bought over by Temasik Group. Singapore then will have the technology and information of our national secrets.

    But wouldn’t it be nice to see that if indeed Anwar got his way back then, his cabinet members today would be Ezam Mohd Noor, Azmin Ali, Kamaruddin Jaafar, Rahim Ghouse. Our deputy prime minister would be Zahid Hamidi. And knowing Anwar Ibrahim, he will be the longest serving prime minister of Malaysia all the way to the year 2030 (where he will ensure one of his sons will be the new Umno Youth Head).

    Anyway, that is just my humorous version of the alternate universe 🙂 Thank you and take care.


  16. peachafiz,
    im sure u have done quite extensive readings for your comments in jmd blog. it helps us readers understanding the situation better. and JMD response is fabulous. u play rhythm whilst jmd plays lead. we readers sing along..


  17. huhuhu

    mahathir is very good, thats why kuli is ass hole. kena tipu hidup2 orang tua tue… kah kah kah… bila la orang tua mangkuk hayun kuli nak insap…. dah dua kali kena patuk dengan ular yang sama…. kah kah kah

    JMD : Ajip ajip. Ni bagi komen macam budak budak la… bernas sikit lain kali ye.. Terima kasih.


  18. Dear JMD,
    I have always had this nagging issue about AI’s knowledge in economy. The first time I watched him on TV presenting the budget, I could not really understand his speech but was really impressed by his use of words. To me then it was more like some sort of art performance instead of a serious national budget. I remember he was wearing baju melayu. So it must be on Friday. Dont remember the year. I was so put off by his clownic performance, that was the firts and the last time I watched him presenting the Budget.

    I read that he was a UM graduate in literature. Wonder if we could see his academic transcripts (?) dont have to have a degree in Economic or Finance to be a Finance Minister but you have to have some level of intelligence to be a good one. Rite..?

    Warmest regards and thankyou.

    Bachelor of Commerce
    University of Tasmania, Australia.


  19. Salam JMD,

    As usual, whenever u post anything with AI in it, be sure your comment section would be on fire. Make sure u are absolutely free before u post it 🙂

    Banyak perkara baru saya dapat dari semua perdebatan itu, its good. Saya panggil debat bukan bincang sebab perbincangan ada give and take. Bila debat, aku tembak kau, kau tembak aku…bila habis peluru, kita pakat sembur mcm2 gelaran.

    Ada beberapa perkara saya ingin tanyakan pada pro AI di sini.
    1-Dalam hampir semua komen yang menyokong AI atau Pakatan Rakyat, saya perasan anda semua begitu mengagungkan beliau dan berharap PR dapat mengambilalih kuasa negara secepat mungkin. Tapi semuanya atas satu nama sahaja – Anwar Ibrahim. Perlu diingat, kuasa hanya dapat diraih jika atas tiket pakatan PR bukan atas nama parti tertentu. Mungkin AI dapat diterima semua ( walaupun ada yang tidak setuju AI sebagai ketua PR tapi demi kuasa, sanggup tolak ke tepi dulu) tapi bagaimana dengan pemimpin2 lain? Bukannya AI seorang yang memerintah negara dan pegang semua portfolio ! Adakah pemimpin2 lain dapat diterima semua ahli dalam pakatan PR yang harus diakui agak rapuh ?

    Perlu saya ingatkan disini, walaupun saya bukan pro AI, tapi saya juga harus menerima hakikat yang kemungkinan PR berjaya ambilalih kuasa tetap ada. Jadi apa yang saya kemukakan disini dengan niat satu saja – inginkan kemakmuran negara diterajui kerajaan yang mantap, bukannya kerajaan yang kelam kabut dan rapuh.

    2- AI adalah penyatu PR. Bagaimana agaknya keadaan kerajaan PR sekiranya di takdirkan AI ditimpa kemalangan ( semoga dijauhkan ) atau lebih senang, meninggal dunia ..Adakah bakal pengganti tidak kira siapapun, dapat menyatukan PR sepertimana AI ? Ingat, ini negara yang kita pertaruhkan! Pendapat saya, sekiranya itu terjadi, PR akan pecah…dan negara akan hancur !

    3- Adakah anda semua benar2 yakin PR kuat dan mantap, mampu menjadi kerajaan yang anda semua idamkan? Yakin tidak akan timbul masalah dalaman sesama parti , maksud saya DAP dan PAS sudah pasti bertelagah. Apakah model sistem pemerintahan yang bakal PR praktikkan? Sewaktu jadi pembangkang memanglah semuanya nampak senang, masing2 sanggup telan ego dan bertolak ansur, tapi bila dah memerintah, apakah masih sanggup bertolak ansur ? lebih2 lagi dalam isu2 menyentuh dasar parti ? Perlu diingat, BN ketika itu jadi pembangkang, pasti tidak akan duduk diam. Pasti banyak isu2 sensitif akan ditimbulkan apalagi isu2 yang sememangnya menjadi masalah kepada perpaduan antara DAP dan PAS. BN TIDAK AKAN duduk diam !

    4- Sekiranya kuasa itu diperolehi hasil lompatan 30 katak BN ke PR, itu hanyalah majoriti mudah dengan kelebihan 7 kerusi sahaja. Ketika itu BN hanya perlu menarik semula 4 katak sahaja (bukannya 30 ) untuk mendapat semula majoriti mudah ke atas PR. Pasti lebih mudah dan senang dari PR yang perlu cari 30. Betul tak ? Apakah anda yakin sepenuhnya 30 katak itu melompat atas dasar prinsip dan tidak akan berubah haluan kelak? Apa akan jadi pada Parlimen kita kalau katak2 asyik melompat kiri kanan ???

    5- Cadangan saya, demi kemakmuran negara tercinta, buktikan dulu di negeri2 yang PR perintah. Jangan gelojoh, kerana negara ini bukan hak penyokong2 AI saja tapi hak kami rakyat semua. Percayalah, sekiranya negeri2 itu dapat di perintah dengan makmur, dapat buktikan bahawa pakatan PR sememangnya mantap walau di serang isu2 sensitif, buktikan bahawa DAP dapat bekerjasama dengan PAS, buktikan bahawa PAS dapat memerintah negara bersama2 parti yang terang2 mengaku tidak akan menerima negara Islam, buktikan segala teori2 ekonomi dan perpaduan bangsa dapat dilaksanakan dengan jayanya…. SAYA PASTI RAKYAT AKAN MEMBERI KEMENANGAN BESAR KEPADA PR PADA PRU13 ! Saya sendiri akan undi PR. Tidak perlu ber rhetorik, tuduh menuduh… ur action will speak louder !
    Dan yang utamanya, negara tetap aman…

    6- Apa yang saya kemukakan diatas adalah persoalan2 mudah ( banyak lagi tapi memadailah yang ini ) dalam bahasa yang mudah difahami. Saya lebih tumpukan pada ‘kerajaan’ PR bukannya individu AI seorang. Anda pun setuju AI tidak akan memerintah negara secara diktator, maknanya beliau perlu satu pasukan… dan saya tumpukan soalan2 saya kepada ‘pasukan’ itu. Apakah ‘ketaksuban’ yang anda beri pada AI juga dapat anda berikan pada Ust Hadi? Lim Kit Siang? ? Anda sokong dan dapat menerima PAS? DAP?

    Kalau bincang/debat hal AI, tidak akan kemana.. masing2 emotional. Jadi saya mohon kita bincang secara aman, lebih2 lagi secara jujur kerana kita bukan berebut kuasa dalam pentadbiran Koperasi Kampung XX tapi ini adalah negara kita yang dipertaruhkan.

    Maaf saudara JMD, komen saya panjang. nyah dah tak tahan dengar semua orang cakap kasar2, nyah benci, benci, benci keganasan… 🙂

    JMD : Terima kasih dengan komen yang diberi.


  20. Bro,

    ‘Very much like how Lim Kit Siang in 1969, was desecrating the flag in front of Datuk Harun Idris’ house in Kampung Baru just prior to the May 13 incident. He then spent about 18 months in the ISA. ‘

    That’s why history is so important.
    No wonder some ppl detest DAP….

    JMD : Regarding May 13 incident, please read further at;

    please browse its earlier articles.


  21. Just scratch the surface, underneath all the `impressive’ or `to impress’ jargons, names, theories’…coupled with a strong nasal heavy way of talking (sengau ala penyanyi nasyid)…there is not much substance.

    First impression…very impressive..but his first impression was more than 20 years ago….he is churning out the same old formula. Bombastic…kasi orang actual fact kasi orang tak faham. Yet malu to admit tak faham….The sad part is, he applies it on religious i.e Islamic matters as well.

    Maybe the Anwarians are made up of two major groups,,,
    1. the non-educated ones who are easily impressed coz they don’t understand
    2. the educated ones who don’t understand…but too proud to admit hence continue to follow their leader blindly.

    Please not. This comment is not intended to insult those without higher education. come to think of it, I have no intention of insulting anyone!!!


  22. I know close to nothing about economics and the like (which is why I have never touched on the topic in my blog, and hardly ever comment..). So I don’t think I should start commenting about the economy here in your blog.

    Though I just thought to ask you, what do you think the UMNO scene is going to look like? With Pak Lah’s recent statement that he’s not going to contest, (but said that he ‘can’t do anything’ if people nominate him?) what are your thoughts? Your takes on UMNO are always good food for thought. Maybe you’re already preparing a post? 🙂

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. There is an effort by people closest to Pak Lah picture him in a favourable light. I see that if no effort is done to correct this perception, then history will see Pak Lah as one of the best prime minister Malaysia ever had.


  23. JMD;
    Am asking this permission for my 4-12 yr old grandchildren.

    I’m writing for them bedtime stories:-
    1) based on the exploits of jebatmustdie,
    2) adapt them to the theme of Zorro+Batman+Spiderman, and
    3) emphasizing staying hidden is the strength of this kind of social work,
    4) hopefully that they will add you to their lists of superheroes besides TDM to D Onn.

    Hoping for your kind response.

    JMD : Are you for real? I do not think this blog is worthy enough to be mentioned in bedtime stories for your grandchildren.

    But nevertheless, thank you for the kind thoughts 🙂 You can do whatever you want with any of my articles anyway. It’s for public consumption.


  24. JMD said: “To me, the better you are in articulating a complex theory into a layman’s term, the more intelligent you are in that particular matter. All subject matter experts have this ability.”

    Truer words were never spoken, sir. Many great works, great speeches, great writing reached the mass and the contents were simple, direct, and goes straight to the head. I am a writer by profession and simplicity is the key word for readable writings.

    Anwar to me sounds like an film actor wanting to be embraced by the artistic community, always throwing words like “method acting”, “Kurosawa”, “Goddard”, so that people would be impressed. Yet, many of these pretentious personalities has sunk into the celluloid gutter of anonymity.

    Unfortunately, the same is not happening to Anwar. His use of those terms will impressed the so called “intellectual” types who remember seeing those words in some text book somewhere. They feel elated because they feel they are now amongst the hip crowd because their leader used names like Hayek and stuff.

    The non-intellect types would be impressed because, hey “our leaders using some bombastic high tech words, must mean something. Must be great”.

    That they are all taken for a ride is a sad truth they will learn when its all too late. Or not, I hope. I hope that these followers will be saved.

    Hey, where’s Andipool…I got my popcorn ready.

    Another great one, JMD (but..but…I want more on Anwar!”.


  25. can you prove the story you said about why anwar and lim kit siang were detained in the two separate events.because i can’t find any link to what you stated in any history or autobiography book.

    and for lim kit siang,i think he is already died even when he just step in front of datuk harun’s house.desecrating umno and malaysia’s flag in front of datuk harun’s house.?brave enough to die

    JMD : Regarding May 13 incident, please read further at;

    please browse its earlier articles.

    Please also read the NOC white paper on the said incident too.


  26. Hi JMD,

    have you come across this blog?

    Personally, I think Anwar will slowly dissipates into thin air after all the failed hype of sept 16 “coup de tat” ( now shifted to end of year – or whenever Anwar )

    Having Najib in the premiership will probably serve rougher road for Anwar with all Anwar’s personal attacks on Najib will hopefully rebutted once and for all.
    Najib should not be silence anymore, as the future PM, he should come clean, or otherwise he will be busy endlessly countering attacks from Anwar, instead of focusing on leading the country.

    Now that UMNO is on the path of consolidating, it will be a tough time for Anwar.


  27. Askm JMD,

    I am not surprised if the writer is a “spin doctor” on the payroll of the Intelligence agency of AI’s Godfathers in executing psywar/psyops strategy. If not rebutted by another credible writer, the article will pass as genuine and reflecting the truth.

    Where are our ‘BRILLIANT ” economists and financial wizards to rebut all the untruths what AI did to safe Malaysia from economic ruin in 1997 ?

    Hang Kasturi

    I salute you JMD for your moral courage!!

    Hang Kasturi


  28. Yay! JMD’s back. (Tq, for your response in the last posting.)

    I remember that I could not understand most of AI’s speeches. A lot of big words, and oh yes, paradigm shift. I am the one who used to say “Dia cakap apa ahh? when he spoke.
    What I remember most about the economic crisis of 1997 was Dr Mahathir explaining to the public (on telly) on the currency peg. Presto, even I, who have only heard of this term for first time in my life, understood.
    Dr Mahathir’s speech is always easy to understand. Best thing he never uses big words. When I was in school, my English teacher said not to use the big word if the easier one can convey the meaning. Clear language and writing show a keen intellect, she said. True, not?

    JMD : Sorry if I took so long to approve comments. With the Umno division meetings under way, I sometimes unable to access the internet due to my constant mobility.


  29. salam JMD
    my first.
    i admit to being totally mesmerized by your writing. the ways your ‘stories’ build up and your responses. i call them ‘stories’ simply because although we know how it will (should) end, we still continue to read them. to quote the tmnt – ‘awesome dude’.

    i agree with your views, especially no 5. why ‘gelojoh’? use this opportunity as a testing/learning ground. not to undermine kedah and perak but aside from johore, penang and selangor are the two juiciest states to govern. show to us, the two states can continue to prosper. prove to us, administration can be effectively achieved (without the need to punish failures with ‘brooms’). write a history that our future will look back and appreciate.
    gelojoh2 nanti tersedak, kalau menyembur habis lauk semeja.


  30. Salam JMD. Indeed a wonderful insightful write about Anwar and the comments are a joy to read also. I note that Bro Rockybru had put up a link to your blog from his and with that there will be more people who will be visiting your blog and your good message will be spread further. Thank you also for the link to “pesana-pesanan.blogspot”, I have browsed through the site and find it most interesting so will also add it to my favourite as well.

    One more thing, please do not stop writing about Anwar, people especially Malaysians who mudah lupa must be regularly reminded about this person named Anwar regularly. I will remember Anwar forever because when he was Minister of Finance in 1997 my house repayment increased from RM900 to RM1600, I was lucky I could pay with some trouble but some of my friends had to sell their houses and cars as their monthly salaries were also cut, some as much as 50%. There was a tremendous sense of relief when Anwar was sacked and Dr Mahathir took over as Minister of Finance when bank rates were cut and the minimum credit card payment was reduced from 15% down to 5%. Those were the bad old days and I and my friends pray that Anwar will never ever come back to a position of power.


  31. Assalammualaikum JMD,

    As far as I’m concern, Anwar is an IMF/World Bank boy, mo question about it.

    During the 1998 financial crisis, all normal citizen felt the wrath of Anwar’s half baked policy of high interest rates whch caused the housing loan repayment to shoot over the roof. In addition, car loans were shortened to only 48 months on top of 25% down payment that we have to fork out to buy a car.

    The Cambridge writer was trying to potray Anwar as a fighter for social justice and humane society. This is something new to me and it is a laughable because Anwar was never interested in the well being of the normal citizens. He was and still is interested only in himself and willing to sacrifice even his mother if that would bring the PMship to him.

    JMD, what people tend to forget or just conveniently did want to remember is that the capital control, Danamodal, Danaharta strategies actually benefited the not just the GLCs but almost all companies in Malaysia. If we look at the distribution of equity in Bursa Malaysia then, what is the percentage of those companies, less GLCs were Bumiputera companies?

    So, the “bail out” policy implemented in 1998 saved all Malaysians, not just GLCs and Bumiputera company only.

    JMD : W’lam LoyalCitizen.


  32. Are my eyes playing tricks on me or is that really a halo I see surrounding Anwar Ibrahim in that saviour-like pose? Almost wish I have Ayah Pin here. Perhaps we’re ALL mistaken, no? And to think that the Jews wait for THEIR messiah at the WRONG country, WRONG century.

    My eyes clog with tears.


  33. Anwar ? saya tengok ramai org pro DSAI ini entah apa dia punya landasan (benchmark). Apa dia punya asas atau dasar pun tak paham. Yang saya tahu biasanya atas dasar kebencian dengan TDM. Secara jujurlah, apa track record DSAI ni ketika dlm kerajaan BN dulu ? Jgn pula nak menyalahkan PM ketika itu. Katalah ditakdirkan DSAI jadi PM, agak-agaknya apa yg dia boleh buat ? Saya jamin tidak kurang kalau lebih pun teruk dari Pak Lah. Saya memberi pendapat atas dasar mengenalinya lebih dari 25 tahun.


  34. Anwar just cannot accept that we Malaysian can live happily ever after without him around. While he was living in Sungai Buluh, the country were flourishing with wealth and happiness. Of course until it was abruptly stop by the emergence of the 3 stooges siblings and their antics are not funny at all.


  35. well in malaysia, one does not need to have an oxford grad or harvard grad to sit as the PM or DPM. We’re still a 3rd world country remember?

    Can i make a request to commenters here on dis blog? Can you please refrain from associating all malays to UMNO? I find it despicable and some find it insulting to say the least. This may be a pro UMNO blog (i read this blog because i wanted an insider’s view), but then again i hate it when people generalise or when other races associate us with UMNO. It’s sickening and degrading too!


    JMD : Thank you for the comment. But I wonder if there are people out there who would feel insulted by some people who think that associating all Malays to Umno is so despicable, sickening and degrading too. Has Umno, the pillar of Malaysian politics for the past 62 years had been downgraded to the sewers? Sometimes we wonder whether the struggle of our Umno forefathers were not remembered anymore.


  36. Salam bro…

    Another good piece by u… well done…

    Btw… IMHO… DSAI saw that the chance for him to became PM was due to the poor result by BN in the last GE. This ‘shock’ result gave him the ammunition to attack BN because he interperated that the public is losing faith in the Government. He tried to seize the moment with the momentum swinging in the Opposition direction. Thats why all the effort in pursuing the BN MP all the way to Taiwan, the spin doctor trying to portray him in a good picture (as in this article). This is the chance that may come once in a lifetime for him.

    And he knows, if the transition of power from DSAAB to DSNTR happens before he could take over the Government, that chance will evoporate. With DSNTR as PM (personel opinions may differ), the BN might win a bigger mandate in the next GE thus reducing DSAI chance to bacome PM. This is the moment for him and he cannot wait for the next GE because he knows PR would not get the same or more seat. He knew what PR obtained in the last GE was not because of PR manifesto or whatever but more to the failure of BN.

    That is my opinion… the way I see it… take care…

    (Still smiling from the Reds come back against MCFC.. 😀 )


  37. i for one hate it when people (especially the non-malays) associate me with UMNO 🙂 Gone are the days when we thought UMNO was the protectors of the Malay race. The entire grassroots will tell you the same story over again and that is the fact that the politicians are ‘up there’ to make a living and that’s all. UMNO in the 50’s/60’s and 70’s are different than in the 80’s/90’s and 21st century. We remember the struggle of our forefathers. And we also know the sinful acts, crimes and corruption by our so called ‘protectors’ of our race.Once bitten twice shy, Sir Jebat.

    JMD : Of course. You are free to associate yourself with anything other than Umno. I understand what you mean. Please read this article of mine –


  38. Dear JMD & kurenai,

    Then the one million question is where do the Malay associate?

    If UMNO is not one, then is it PKR? (nauzubillah)

    or PAS? (cakap tak supa bikin)

    or still on the fence (like me, but considering very much to join UMNO now Pak Lah is out)

    although i am not UMNO member now, i still feel ‘sayang’ to UMNO …. not the people … maybe nostalgically attached ….

    Doesn’t the effort to push for PakKalah out from UMNO is one of the objectives that have been achieved?

    So now it is up to the UMNO members to reform (pinjam kata Zaid) UMNO mentality … once we get the correct mentality back, UMNO shall be the protector of Malay once again …

    In my 1cent opinion is that for UMNO to be back in business is by implementing transparent information and discussions with all members before making important decisions… maybe thru official newsletter or workshop or …..
    (correct me if am wrong but i have the impression that Pres & MT are the one was making the decision, they say they heard the divisions voices but do they? considering Pak lah saga, can we still trust them?)

    nowadays UMNO AGM is just a place to gain popularity and make empty promises …. many speaker/reps giving speeches to praise the higher ends and do not focus on problem in hands …..

    UMNO should have check and balance attitude within the party itself to make sure they are on the right track …. ini tak, semua takut (tada tulur) hilang pengaruh …. takut kena kecam …. takut menyinggung ‘boss2 besar’ …..

    check and balance on MT, press, dep press, division head …. hell if they come up with UMNO version of ACA or ISA, better …… Majlis disiplin sometime are jokers as their findings are kept within themselves & ‘big bosses’

    another thing is supporting ‘buta-tuli’ or ‘redah sajalaa’ attitude …. don’t be like PKR ok…

    aisey, again JMD, i merapu …. keep repeating giving same ol’ comments ….



  39. A better PM in waiting than DSAI–a murderer


    (JMD : Andipool had copy pasted an article again for the benefit of all the readers here. For better satisfaction, please click the link below :

    Andipool, I think you should think about this statement – DSAI is a proven liar, while Najib’s crime is not proven and only in Malaysia Today he is labelled as murderer.

    By the way, I am perplexed that Anwar did not use the opportunity in the Parliament today to ask for no confidence vote on the PM. Did he forgot to send the 14 day notice to the speaker? How could all the lawyers in PR forgot to remind him 14 days ago?

    And why waste his breath shouting for the Minister of Finance to re table a new budget? Wouldn’t it be more effective to actually take over the govt via the no vote confidence and table his own version of the budget.

    But no worries, we all are patient for the frogs to finally jump. Can’t wait for Raya Haji. Was looking forward to have my banking loan interest rates to increase should he becomes PM. I guess I have to wait a little bit longer for that. Sigh…

    Anwar is a liar who never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity 🙂 Cheers! )


  40. JMD,

    How to prove–the moment an UMNO leader is accused of something–the person is either ISAed(Raja Petra and Sin Chew journalist) or if not C4ed( missing in action like the Bala and family) So where got chance to prove in open court. Even in court it is proven, the prosecution(anjing kerajaan) do a cut and paste job in the recent RPK’s trial. But the moment an opposition polictican is accused of something–the anjing kerajaans will immediately swing into action to fabricate evidence.

    JMD : Boy, you are one who never give up don’t you? Thank you for frequenting this humble blog time and time again Andipool, I really and truly appreciate it. Your comments are always welcome and approved in everyway that is possible (within the parameters of decency of course). I have this sense of … how do you say it… proud? Yeah. Proud that this blog is read by the people who have the opposing views. I must have the magnetic pull of Malaysia Today or Malaysiakini too! 🙂

    Bala is not missing Andipool. He is hiding.

    From a commenter in, I stumbled upon this one quite good comment from its reader ‘Mickey’ –

    “Bala is not missing. Little girl Nini, 5 is missing.

    Bala being in a foreign country is probably not held against his will or in some kind of captivity. There is no evidence yet he is being held by force : phone conversation with his nephew suggest they’re OK and in no such condition.

    He disappeared after discarding the 1st SD, not to Anwar’s favour.

    Was there a prior deal with Anwar with the 1st SD?

    Let’s say hypothetically the critical contents of the 1st SD are false as part of the deal with Anwar.

    What will be the legal impact on him? does he have any real proof? Retracting them with 2nd SD was what he did. Then how is with the deal with Anwar – (assuming there is a deal)?

    There are some questionable issues with the first SD.

    Altantuya is too young ( 20 something )to be an interpreter in a billion dollar contract – one would need deep knowledge in legal contracts, accounts, military jargons in two languages in order to make the translation accurate. Only general interpreter possible.

    read here for lengthy analysis of the 1st SD

    Now, on the other hand, if the 1st SD is true, why until recently that Bala had to disappear?

    What happened during the time between october 2006 and July 2008? Bala, which would have been a liability to Najib was leading a normal life ? Why would Najib let this guy loose in public? Is he on Najib’s Payroll? Looking at his house, car, it does not appear he is on some thick wallet payroll.

    Shouldnt Bala fear his life for having this information on Malaysia future PM and current minister of Defense? since Oct 2006 ??

    But the fear appears after discarding the 1st SD…

    Anwar, whom took trouble presenting the 1st SD on his Press Conference, is probably the only person that would like to have a word with Bala.”

    For another reading pleasure for you Andipool, please read this link about the happenings in Parliament today –

    Have fun.


  41. Dear JMD,
    referring to sickening’s “despicable and some find it insulting to say the least”, I actually am very proud to be an UMNO member! UMNO yesterday, UMNO today and UMNO forever 🙂

    I’m just waiting for the right time to be active again for my cawangan. Not for any post. Just to show my support.

    It ‘s in a mess now. But then so what? Who else would fix it if not us, the Malays!

    Sorry sickening.. I feel sorry for you.
    As bleached_4ever said, Nauzubillah to be associated with PKR. Yikes!!


  42. JMD,
    Thank you for still giving me the opportunity to interact with you. I apologise if I had earlier used harsh words and belittled your blog. In fact I salute you for your intellectual and researched reasonings. I also presume you are a very cool person who don’t lose temper easily. But of course you are entitled to your opinion and I am entitled to my opinion. In that aspect, some facts in the Altantuya’s case like the involvement of DSP Musa(Najib’s ADC) the reason for the involvement of the 2 UTK personnel and finally the involvement of Razak Baginda(Najib’s special adviser). Why is this a coincident that all these people are linked to Najib and are the main players in the brutal and heartless murder of Altantuya. Most people are asking, why is it that all the main players are Najib’s people? But RPK was brave enough to expose some facts, for which the authorities had charged him for criminal defamation–instead of Najib suing him for defamation, he used the polis to charge him for criminal defamation. The authorities shoud be man enough to face him in open court rather than shutting him off with the ISA.

    JMD : Hey not a problem Andipool. You know the ground rules here. Of course we can always agree to disagree on any matters that we believe. But of course, it would be better if we substantiate it with an accompanying fact to argue our case better. Hopefully, the other party can see the point we are trying to drive at.

    Of course in the matter above, you are entitled to your opinion or in other words, your scepticism in viewing all the circumstantial events that you consider as evidence of inpropriety. With this regards, lets see how the trial will turn out. RPK is still on trial isn’t he? Last I check his trials will continue in November. In my honest opinion, I do not agree with him being detained in the ISA. Hopefully he will be released soon. Hopefully his arrest will not be extended beyond the 2 months.

    I do not think the police was used solely by Najib to charge RPK. The police charged RPK after a police report was made. Now that is the correct line of thought. As for your questions on why people closely linked to Najib are involved in this murder such as Azilah, Sirul and Razak Baginda, then I think it is better to wait for the outcome of the trial and the facts unearthed during the trial. If you follow the trials closely, you will know bits and pieces of the incident which may or may not implicate Najib directly.

    Remember, hunches will not make somebody guilty. Must be accompanied by facts.

    Thank you.


  43. I am an engineer trained in Cambridge. I too felt that the economic solution as prescibed by DSAI, and backed by western neo-cons/liberal, was utterly rubbish. The situation then in Malaysia, with banks having low reserve due to foolish dealings in currency fluactuation bear an uncanny resemblance to current crisis with Western Banks having low reserve due to credit crunch. No western intelectual/ institutions ever think along the line of thought ala 1997 in discussing current economic crisis.

    Anyway, the only cambridge trained economic lecturer that I know of is prof. Jomo Sundram, a well known reformasi activist . (the one that when to court to protest his ineligibility to vote in 1999 election!). It is him that write the article, I wonder.

    JMD : K.S. Jomo still teaching economics in local universities here? Oh dear.. pity the students! 🙂


  44. Hi Jeb!

    Hope you and family had a nice raya.

    I didn’t want to comment till I’m done catching up with all the entries and interesting comments that I missed since after 2nd day of raya. [I’ve been on the road you see, so right now using my wide-eyedness from time-zone shifts to catch up on blogs.] But the mention of K.S. Jomo, that erstwhile economics lecturer whose reputation helped gave AI’s “reformasi” manoeuvers its undeserved creds, makes me feel “terpanggil” to offer my two bits.

    First let me apprise those who don’t know that Jomo now works for the UN as Assistant Secretary-General for Economic Development.

    What struck me as odd is that from being a ardent and vocal supporter of AI, he is now exceptionally silent. One would have thought now that AI is no longer incarcerated and well on the way to realizing his brand of “reforms” for Malaysia, one of his former #1 staunch backers on matters economics would be enthusiastically lending AI his voice again. Instead, not unlike former best-friend, Chandra Muzaffar, rumour has it that Jomo too is now quite disenchanted with our Mat Tongue.

    Wonder if it’s because he has become privy to things about AI he didn’t know before living and working in NYC. Jomo moved to Gotham in January 2005.

    JMD : Yes, I had a wonderful but hectic raya. Hope you had an ejoyable time on the road. Anyway, never in a million years will I think Jomo would be disenchanted with DSAI. I thought from the way he was defending DSAI back then, he must’ve had sworn a blood oath to stick with DSAI forever and ever! 🙂


  45. Salam JMD,

    Ah.. Jomo. Quiet about AI but still antagonistic towards TDM. When became the most popular SoPo blog by getting the most hits a month or so back, as reported by rocky, I think it was him who posted a comment in rocky’s blog, going by the nick JK Sundram. As usual, nothing nice about TDM lah.

    Wasn’t he one of those academicians who criticized Tun ‘sedap-sedap’ for setting up Proton?

    When I was studying matriculation in UM in the mid-80s, we ‘kindergarten’ folks were impressed by a story about him – being the first Malaysian to get PhD in his 30s. I wonder if that’s true, come to think about it now…

    Maybe Jebat one day can think about writing on the difference between the academicians and the politicians when it comes to Government Policies? My two-sen idea is that academicians are based on idealism while most politicians are thinking about what’s in store for them 😉

    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  46. JMD,

    For this post and the previous dsAI will do well to take lessons from old friend Robert Rubin and also Steve Forbes

    Their remedy for their country’s present financial crisis – Mega projects, replenishing/additional bank capital from the federal reserve (read bailout when referred to this part of the world) and last but not least FUEL SUBSIDIES!

    We third world orang kampong have a lot to learn in global economics I guess.



  47. Erotomania wrote: When became the most popular SoPo blog by getting the most hits a month or so back, as reported by rocky, I think it was him who posted a comment in rocky’s blog, going by the nick JK Sundram. As usual, nothing nice about TDM lah.

    hi erotomania,

    he did, eh?

    instead of offering his opinion on the current economic uncertainties, which malaysians needed to hear so badly from all our so-called economists and financial experts, this one indulged instead in his personal animus and vendetta.

    podah, so much for being an intellectual!

    looks like he’s just as petty as the next untutored individual.


  48. Salam JMD
    Boleh cerita pula tentang Korea Selatan selepas krisis 1998 sebagai perbandingan dengan Malaysia. Mana tau ada yang boleh dijadikan pengajaran?

    JMD : Boleh klik kepada article yang di ‘link’ kan di dalam article ini. Salam dan terima kasih.


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