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Anwar’s play acting is encyclopedic! (Part 3)

Remember the times when Anwar Ibrahim kept on telling us that he has the numbers?

We have the numbers... we have the numbers... we have the numbers!

Trust me one more time people..., we have the numbers!

Anwar is portraying himself as a person that has full control of the situation and trying to make us believe that the so called froggies are clamouring around him in full support. And it is all through their own voluntary conviction.

But, if we analyse all his actions, I can only see that Anwar Ibrahim, in the effort to throw away the sodomy charges, has turned himself into a beggar politician.

We can only be naive if we think that he did not entice the Barisan Nasional MPs with money and position of power. We would be dumb to think that when PKR MPs chased the Barisan MPs all the way to Taiwan, we deemed that as nothing short of appropriate.

Now I am not saying he does not have the numbers. But I have a tough time reconciling the idea of him having the popular “de facto majority” and the contradictory reality in which he actually begged for it.

Picture this, if Anwar had kept on reminding us again and again that he has the bloody numbers, then why was he so panicky that he had to get his MPs to go to Taiwan and beg for their support? He knows that when the date of September 16 was fast approaching, he had no choice but to make that last ditch effort.

Tian Chua, the chief propaganda of PKR can justify his intention all he wants. But from what I saw when reading his body language, he made himself look like a desperate salesman trying to fulfill an impossible quota before the deadline looms nearer.

He said;

“It has created publicity that the MPs are there to avoid a regime change back home and the Taiwanese society do not want to be part of that process. They do not want to be part of any corruption or transactions to stop a democratic transformation of Malaysia,” he said.

“This is a significant trip for us. We are sharing the same hotel with the Barisan MPs and hope to share with them how Taiwan has developed from a dictatorship to a healthy democracy with checks and balance.”

Can you believe this guy? If the Taiwanese do not want to be part of any corruption then for certain they would not support Tian Chua’s effort. We know a few MPs had come forward with allegations that Pakatan Rakyat are bribing them to cross over don’t we? So, what is up Tian Chua? Feeling a wee bit demented are we?

And he wants to share how Taiwan became a democracy? He wants to teach the BN MPs about this? How will you do that when you yourself do not respect democracy?

He further add;

He said Taiwan and Malaysia shared a similar background and the former, after 50 years of dictatorship, had managed to transform its politics into a vibrant two-party system.

“That is something we should learn from them,” he said

Basically Tian Chua wanted Malaysia to be just like Taiwan’s parliament. We look forward to the day when our parliamentary sessions will look like this;

DAP and PKR MPs swarmed the opposition leader, Najib after he disagreed with Prime Minister Anwar

DAP and PKR MPs swarmed the opposition leader, Najib after he disagreed with Prime Minister Anwar

Teresa Kok went berserk and tried to stomp on KJ's head after he commented on her VPL

Teresa Kok went berserk and tried to stomp KJ's head after he commented on her VPL

Tian Chua's shoe flew and landed on the speaker's head when told he could not claim for his Taiwan trip air tickets

Tian Chua's shoe flew and landed on the Speaker's head when told he could not claim for his Taiwan trip air tickets

Okay, lets move away from that joker Tian Chua and come back to his boss, Anwar Ibrahim.

People have asked me several times whether he does or does not have the numbers. In my honest opinion, Anwar never had enough MPs to begin with. At least, he does not have any confirmed assurances. This is based on his contradictory statements that were reported;

The Opposition leader said he would even give Abdullah the list of names of Barisan MPs wanting to defect at their meeting.

Asked why he still refused to give the exact number of defecting MPs, or their names, Anwar replied there was fear the MPs would be detained or harassed.

Now, if he is afraid to announce the names of his so called froggies fearing that they will be detained or harrassed, why then is he willing to give the list of those same names to Pak Lah? Logically, won’t Pak Lah, right after the meeting, direct some people to harrass and detain those froggies?

Is this not a laughable statement by Anwar? But this is of course not a laughing matter.

If Anwar had said that he has more than 31 MPs in his bag and the numbers is growing by the hours, then by now, he should have the whole MPs in parliament by his side! How many hours had lapsed since last Tuesday? 120 hours?

120 + 31 MPs + 82 opposition members = More than enough seats to be a dictator.

I know what he was saying was only rhetoric. But with such sheer confidence (outwardly at most), Anwar should just get all those 100 over MPs he got from Barisan Nasional to join him in his press conference that day.

Right after the general election in March, Anwar immediately flew to Sarawak. It was alleged that he met the most senior active politician in Malaysia currently – Datuk Patinggi Taib Mahmud. Anwar offered Taib Mahmud the position of Deputy Prime Minister if he and his party would crossover to Pakatan Rakyat. Is this not a form of bribery too?

Taib Mahmud declined the offer. And it was only due to his loyalty and reverence towards Tun Dr Mahathir.

Why is Anwar so desperate in toppling this current government? It can only be one thing. His current sodomy trial.

When his bluff last Tuesday was called by the Prime Minister, Anwar has to make another diversionary tactic. On Tuesday, he requested 4 issues to be addressed by the Prime Minister. Because he was caught with his pants down when the Prime Minister throw the ball in his court, Anwar now is calling for an emergency parliament session.

And he made it a point to stress that this session must be held by 23rd September 2008. Not a day after that.

See how desperate a beggar can be? He is even more desperate to be the prime minister than Najib or Ku Li. And that, is really telling. Leader of the Opposition should act as a leader of the opposition. Not as a megalomaniac.

How all the supporters of Pakatan Rakyat could not see through this smokescreen is beyond me. For the love of God people, WAKE UP!


109 thoughts on “Anwar’s play acting is encyclopedic! (Part 3)

  1. Dear JMD

    Just to remind what Anwar said that he has the support of major international investor to the tune of RM ( or USD? ) 1 trillion days before the colapse of Lehman Brothers and the Wall Streets.
    Where is the credit going to come with as much as USD500 Billion wipe off from the Wal Street and invest in what sector?
    Who is he trying to fool? His statement is beginning to be alike the AAB’s goonies administration of flip and flop or just pain liar ?

    Perhaps you can comment on this.

    JMD : Anwar was using one of the oldest trick in the book. Present himself having a better solution with stronger financial backing than his rival.

    What he was saying contradicted what Ku Li had said in a dialogue session yesterday at his home in Langgak Golf (I attended this session too). Ku Li revealed that he had met with 7 of the top international fund managers just to discuss on Malaysia’s investment prospects in the near future. These fund managers has an accumulated wealth of USD300 billion. They said, contrary to what Anwar had averred, Malaysia is getting worse by the day. Even worse than the Philiphines. They will not going to invest anytime soon. Malaysia’s position will only be reviewed again in June 2009. Till then, they are advising their clients to pump their money elsewhere.


  2. Salam..

    Actually, the Fact that DSAI have a number of MP can`t be argue.. From the information that i have UMNO has no choice to prevent MP from crossover they just delay the changes of the goverment.. If DSAI is liar, then why come Pak Lah didnt want to see him or call emergency session of parliament to debate no confident motion.. If u clever enough you can see the situation from paklah word.

    JMD : Anwar can just wait till October to hold the no confidence vote. Nothing can stop him. Wait can’t he wait till then? Possible because by time the mid October sitting had started, his trials would be underway and all the details of the charges will be known to public. Thus, damaging his image in the bid to secure the premiership?

    Anyway, it would be more constitutional to use the parliamentary session to hold the vote of no confidence than to actually meet Pak Lah or call for emergency parliamentary session tomorrow. As it is, he need to send a 14 day notice to the Speaker for him to convene the session. Why isn’t he following this rule?

    He should practice what he preaches. Respecting the law applies to him also. No?

    Thank you.


  3. hehe…..nice pics……guess tian chua have been practising all these years

    This guy weighs no more than 70Kg…look at d dead weight he can muscle..

    n btw…would any self-respecting BN MP wanna listen to Tian Chua of all people……n the best part of all PAS n DAP been rather silent throughout this…kalau serious hantar la Husam n Guan Eng…..


  4. Salam JMD,

    Kenapa ya tiba2 perhatian saudara beralih pada anwar? got to admit, he’s good.
    walaupun 16/9 telah berlalu tapi beliau masih mampu ‘menyelamatkan’ maruah diri, masih kuat genggaman atas penyokong2nya, dan masih bisa ancamannya pada paklah.

    16/9 begitu lama dijadikan tarikh keramat, berbulan2 rakyat disogokkan dengan reformasi 16/9, hingga ke tarikh 15/9 malam anwar masih berpegang pada janjinya. Kalau orang lain, pasti jadi pariah politik pada 17/9.
    tapi anwar..? sesenang begitu saja mereka semua melupakan 16/9 seperti tidak pernah wujud tarikh keramat itu. Alasan yang terlalu mudah dan bodoh – tidak perlu tergesa2 ! Terus, kenapa dipilih tarikh itu dari dulu ? Manusia dipegang pada janjinya…

    saudara ada inside story yang nak dikongsi tentang ‘MSIAN PM UNDER NEW PRESSURE TO QUIT BY YEAR END’ -MSN NEWS hasil mesyuarat MT baru ni ?

    ps – still waiting for ur article on KuLi, terutama masa pertembungan KuLi-TDM dulu
    – still smiling on ur Tian Chua’ shoe above 🙂

    JMD : Saya rasa, pertembungan Ku Li dan TDM lebih dahsyat. Terdapat banyak buku buku di pasaran yang boleh dijadikan rujukan. Antara buku buku yang saya rasa cukup menarik untuk di baca mengenai perihal pertandingan Umno tahun 1987 adalah karya karya dari SH Alattas (walaubagaimanapun, suka di ingatkan bahawa karya SH Alattas ketika itu sangat sensasi. Se-sensasi artikel artikel RPK sebelum Mac 2008)


  5. as salaamu alaikum

    Permit me to give another angle to Brother Anwar’s hurry.

    What got me to this theory was thinking about his haste albeit under dissimilar circumstances, back in 1997 when he was trying to overthrow TDM.

    It just didn’t make sense. Here was a guy who had one foot in the door to succeed TDM, all the support from people in UMNO (wom he planted, it must be added), but he was unneccesarily hasty, accusing TDM of cronyism, nepotism, bloody-minded-ism, and whatever else. Remember this was before the sodomy accusations.

    What was the reason? kept going through my mind, until I re-read about events back then, and the US factor seemed to hold the key.

    It is almost a well-known secret that George Soros had help when he started to attack the currencies, primarily from the Brits and probably from the US as well. With that backing, Soros managed to do to the SEA economies, what his backers wanted, i.e. cripple us and then when at our lowest, the Brits and the Americans would come in and sweep up.

    We also know how well-connected and friendly Brother Anwar is with the Jewish powers that be in the US government, and perhaps that was the real reason BAI was acting like a monyet kena belacan trying to kick TDM out.

    Now to the present. It is not a secret that Malaysia is at its weakest, politically speaking, with unrest among the non-Malay politicians, the pressure from young minds blogging and strident for “change,” and what not, and is almost the perfect time for BAI to do his monyet kena belacan antics to agitate for the removal of Pak Lah.

    Think about it. Why not wait for PRU13? It’s not like it’s forever from now, just a few years, where in the meantime the PR representatives can build on their election success, learn how to govern, and make people less scared of them as an alternative. Show people that PR are a viable alternative.

    But No. BAI is agitating and trying to get into the PM seat NOW, can’t wait. Frogracracy be damned. Democracy can also jump out the window.

    Could the US be the belacan that’s burning Brother Anwar’s behind that he is doing his kera kena belacan nonsense again?

    wallahu a’lam. But I hope not.

    JMD : Thank you for the input.

    Just to remind the Anwaritas – Anwar always told the crowd that his reason for his sacking in 1998 was because he did not agree with TDM’s so called corruption practice where he had warned TDM that the ‘wind of change’ will bring down the old guards.

    But what they did not realize was, Anwar, up to the last minute (couple of hours before his notice of termination was issued out by JPM) had BEGGED Tun not to sack him. Several efforts were made by him and a few through mediators beseeching and pleading with Tun not to sack Anwar.

    Where is his dignity when Anwar suddenly changed his story just to suit his reputation?


  6. Salam Bro JMD,

    wat if all dis pre empt made by dis devil’s advocate bro AnWar is for sumting much more bigger on his mind,..wat if ur statement of “And he made it a point to stress that this session must be held by 23rd September 2008. Not a day after that” is like a hidden msg of threat or warning to d rakyat in general, heheh, dat is by 23rd if he can’t b d PM, history of 1998 will repeat itself in d form of chaos & riots!!?? its like a do or die mission bro,..heheh..wat more wth d foreign intel backing him up,..I wudn’t b surprise if d request by bro AnWar to have a meeting wth PLah is to blackmail him by showing him not d MP name list but mite b othr things,..dun tell me PLah is dat clean,..:) so gess wat will happen den,.heheh, knowing his style of trapping businessmen wen he woz d DPM/Finance Minister his group’s tactic of using dangdut n karaoke to d fullest is d art of deception & manipulation done by d Mossad/CIA,..jst imagine snapping photos of dis guys after being drunk being s**k by d gro’s & d next day aftr being sober dey will received an envelope wth d photos in it, b my gess on wat happens aftr dat, safe ur dignitary n marriage/family or risk getting ur photos published to d public.. dats how I heard sum bankers got trapped into giving loans to deir client..any proof?? nahh…all r jst rumors but use our common sense can thr b proof wth schemers like bro AnWar & Kawan.. he is not called a Master Mind & Master of Deception for nuting,..he is coach by d CIA/Mossad so a Mind Game is his specialty,..heheh..wat can I say,..for most of d PKR/PAS n even DAP members dun b fool..jst google bout Illuminatis, CIA,Mossad or world secret societies n read d articles..or listen to Michael Tsarion on Google Tube n learn more on d agenda dat bro AnWar have in store for us.. be very afraid..heheh,..wat can I say..(“,)


    p.s. wat if d MP’s did agree to join bro AnWar if he can show to dem dat he can get PLah to step down n dey will support him, or wat if d signatures n names were on d documents but d content is not wat it is n bro AnWar chong Plah beradap & knowing PLah can’t seems to read wthout feeling sleepy he will ask bro ANWar,” Apa kandungan surat ni?” bro AnWar” Depa sign dah suruh you turun” pak lah, kelihatan blurrr kata” habieh tu saya nak buat apa?” bro AnWar senyum dan kata,..”sign je lah” n so d SamDolah signed d documents whereas d documents were Statutory Declaration by d MP’s to alwiz support PLah as a leader no matter what,..heheh..apo nak dikato..theory bulan posa..(,”)


    JMD : Thanks bro.


  7. The Taiwan trip was just ridiculous. I thought it was crazy to fly the Backbenchers to Taiwan. But PKR definitely did one up by sending their own ‘troops’ to chase them down! What was the point anyway?

    Great captions though! Had a laugh!

    JMD : I agree with your comments.


  8. LOL… he should realized that he is the last person to be caught with his pants down…

    It seems that the great actor has ran out of script… maybe he is now typing a new script… lets wait for the next blockbuster from the PKR Production crew.. 😀

    PS: A bit down with The Reds result… better luck next time… Next week, the Merseyside Derby… Come on you Reds…

    JMD : I nearly had an anxiety attack watching the Stoke game. 🙂


  9. i was reading this article in time mag and there was a quote by Sheikh Yamani saying “The stone age is not going to end just because all the stones are gone?”
    And what i was thinking is that these anwarism and anwar himself issues are not going to end even when anwar is not around. People has to be given alternatives other than anwar and quite frankly UMNO or BN has really done a BAD job.
    Hopefully UMNO/BN can buckle up soonest.
    “Melayu takkan hilang didunia” will be “Melayu akan hilang didunia” cause i believe those melayu baru might opt for malaysia baru.


  10. Assalamualikum JMD,

    Well said my friend …. and the fact is AI had always being the guy who are crazy on power really make me sick. He has not changed from the guy who was one of the reason on the implementation of Akta Universiti to the guy who make statement that he was a clean politician while his left hand feeding Lankhorst and other comnpanies projects to a guy who his own people dare no stand infront of him … Somebody should stop this maniac from creating more problems to the country before it is too late


  11. I’m not sure that Anwar is a liar but I pity those supporters of him who believe him wholeheartedly. In my opinion, the one who talk too much tend to lie.


  12. Dear JMD

    I have one personal experience with DSAI which really dropped my respect towards him until now.

    In early 1998, there was a meeting held in UIAM with the DPM then, DSAI that involves all IPTA’s student leaders. When answering to a question, he repeatedly stressed that “Mahasiswa jangan libatkan diri dalam politik. Ingat susah payah mak bapak hantar kamu belajar. Belajar dulu, dah grad pilihlah apa parti nak masuk, terpulanglah.”

    Well, the tone was different though when he as sacked from the cabinet later that year, hahaahha. Suddenly he urged, “Mahasiswa perlu bangkit menentang ketidak-adilan.”

    Why? Because he was sacked, then suddenly no need to think about mak bapak eh? Suddenly it was ‘halal’ for the student to hit he road for reformasi and street demonstration eh? And, suddenly no need to graduate and risking yourselves of being jailed ONLY to save his political career eh?

    It’s amazing how many people still fooled by this guy. I am no political party fanatics, nor I am a member of any. I am just a bystander who is really disgusted with these kinds of people who lust for power and claimed the title PM as if it’s his ‘birth right’!

    May Allah save Malaysia from destruction from him or even the Flip Flop PM and his butt-kissers.

    JMD : Thank you for sharing.


  13. Whether Anwar has the numbers or not, he manages to bring uncertainties to all. Investors are even doing the wait and see. If he loves the country and care for the people so much, he should be patience and wait for the next election.


  14. When is all the anwaristas going to learn. The guy is just screaming and giving false hope purely for his own selfish end. And at what expense if not the ordinary malaysian whose lives are affected by the political uncertainy and falterring economy.

    Not enough with the passing of September 16, now you can see in Malaysiakini TV, a reminder of ‘black eye’ episode. Now they are playing again the ‘rememberance of September 1998’ episode to keep all the gullible people to stay their course and support his righteous agenda. Please wake up people!

    Enough of politicking! All these race based politics -racist claims, umnoputras – benefiting only the few, judiciary in troubled, new generation wants change .. etc etc, are just gimmicks that the guy blows out of proportion and wants us to believe so that we be at each other throat. Giving false hope and yet truly no real substance. What more do you need to see that he is a chamelion changing colours to feed what you like to see. Are we still willing to be a fool, when the real people and the country suffers!


  15. Dear JMD,

    Anwar is desparate, trying his level best to escape from his sodomise case. Do you know that he invited some ulamak from indon to come and support him on 24th Sep 2008! They are convinced that AI is being victimised by BN.

    Probably prior to his sodomise case was reposted it was true that there were so me30 MPs will cross over, but after what has happened, maybe those MPs are pulling their hand break……..

    Anyway I always enjoy reading your articles!

    Selamat menjalani ibadah berpuasa!


  16. I’m just tired of all of this. Please can’t the politicians do what they are supposed to do? PR act like good opposition and provide check and balance. Run the 5 states properly and maybe in 2013 they may win the GE if proven capable. BN run the country properly – improve the economy; do something about the rising crime rate (stop wasting time arresting bloggers, MPs etc, as such acts look like selective prosecution); work on reducing corruption and improving efficiency; and work on reducing the racial divide (the politicians are the ones throwing all the differences in our faces and making it worse). Please stop politicking all the time – time and resources are being wasted and all our energy is being drained.


  17. Hahaha….hilarious!!! 😀
    On a serious note, Anwar’s is buying time and misleading the people again and again. What’s actually ironic is they believe everything that he is saying and not thinking.
    To think that the country’s financial outlook, petrol pricing and cost of living will be turned around if DSAI comes to power is equally laughable! Apparently, Malaysians don’t read and neither do they tune to channel 519(Bloomberg) and 518(CNBC).


  18. JMD,

    Now who is the real racialist?

    When Dr Mahathir took over power, he emphasised Ketuanan Melayu. Racial division became the modus operandi of BN during his tenure. It was Dr Mahathir who in fact gloated that Umno could rule Malaysia without non-Malay support. So much for promoting racial harmony and Bangsa Malaysia.

    Dr Mahathir inculcated the idea that non-Malays must accept the discrimination in the country if they wanted to prosper and live peacefully.

    He rewrote Malaysian history, selectively applied the 1957 constitution and encouraged a racist agenda in the civil service reinforced by institutions such as Biro Tatanegara. Nevermind if the majority of the Umno bigwigs were not pure Malay, as long as they claimed to be Malay and were recognised as such, they could be leaders.

    It explains why Dr Mahathir, whose Indian ancestors came to Malaysia little over 100 years ago, could volubly claim to be ‘indigenous’ but yet consider Baba Chinese in Melaka who have been here for almost 600 years as orang asing.

    This is ‘Mahathirism’ in short – a Machiavellian ploy to exploit race and religion for financial gain and power. Dr Mahathir is shameless in his duplicity and the only reason why he was able to succeed was because he was a leader of a feudally minded people who were economically and educationally backward. His Machiavellian psychological ploy was to engender a tongkat mentality in the Malay community to make them loyal to Umno.

    Dr Mahathir was able to bring about a semblance of unity and economic progress during his tenure due to his dictatorial grip on all institutions of governance. He was willing to share the wealth with the leaders of BN component parties as long as they acquiesced to his Ketuanan Melayu stipulation. It is no surprise that MCA and MIC leaders became immensely rich but had to sell out their communities as part of the deal.

    It was only a matter of time that we would see Mahathirism unravel because it was based on a lie and was becoming economically, socially and politically untenable. Anwar Ibrahim’s sacking was a symptom of this. This led to the haemorrhage of support from Umno to PAS and PKR.

    To be fair to Abdullah, he inherited the rot which Dr Mahathir had set in motion. I would go as far as to say that Dr Mahathir is to be blamed for all the nonsense we are witnessing now. Abdullah’s fault lies in his inability to reform Mahathirism.

    JMD : Dear Andipool,

    If Tun was dividing the nation along racial lines, then I would like to ask you who came up with idea of Bangsa Malaysia and Wawasan 2020 in the first place?

    I see that you still do not understand what is Ketuanan Melayu even though it has been explained so many times in his blog and mine too. Did you miss the relevant articles? Or is it just the case of quickly forgetting everything that you read just because you have eternal hatred towards this man and his ideas.

    It really is surprising that you could quickly dismiss all the development that we had been through just because you are not grateful with the course that Malaysia took in order to alleviate its economic prowess from the 80’s to the 90’s.

    If you have a personal grudge against Tun, then kindly take it up to him. If he had done something adverse that had directly affected you in some ways, please feel free to visit him at his office in Putrajaya.

    Nevertheless, here is not the avenue for you to vent your personal anger. I see completely no reason for you to wrongfully indicate that in order for the non Malays to live peacefully, they have to accept discrimination. Wrong choice of words I might say.
    Like what I wrote in my past articles and I think is similar to Tun’s opinion,

    ‘Sacrifices are gravely needed from every Malaysian. Understanding of this stark reality is crucial. Especially from the non Malays on their acceptance of the Malay Special Rights. Definitely more so from the rich Malay leaders that were put in place in the strategic administration of the country be it in the area of politics or in business.

    Special Rights does not mean you are special and have the right to do anything that pleases you. It is a PRIVILEGE attained by our Malay forefathers for their future generations – us. It means, we have to work hard so that we can justify the continuation of that privilege. Article 153 will have no meaning if the majority of Malays are poor, unintelligent, exploited and downtrodden in their own country, while only the lucky few are draped in wealth.

    Sacrificing greed for the good of the nation is a small price to pay. They should focus on the plights of their own poor race rather than their own wallets. This is a wake up call for the Malays. Be sincere and be more competitive. Only then we could see the emergence of Bangsa Malaysia.’
    Wasn’t the Pakatan Rakyat too had said that they will uphold the Constitution in recognising the Malays’ Special Position? Isn’t Article 153 is a discrimination too? Are you saying that Pakatan Rakyat accepts ‘discrimination’ too? Looks to me they are. Not much different from BN anyway. So I see that your argument does not hold water. It’s just grasping at straws just to justify your animosity towards him.

    Please read (again) the article above at :

    You say he exploits race and religion because he is the leader of a feudally minded people who were economically and educationally backward. Excuse me, that leader was the one who pushed those so called ‘feudally minded’ people to work harder and strive for excellence. How would you explain those many feats achieved by Malays all through the years, locally and internationally?

    And what is your problem with Umno leaders not being Malay? Do you even know what is a definition of a Malay? Are you anti Malay? Being Malay yourself, I doubt it. Sometimes, your statements contradict each other. One one hand, you criticise Umno for only focussing on the Malays, on the other hand, you criticise Umno for allegedly having non pure Malays as their leaders! So which one is it?

    You are just caught up with the euphoria of Pakatan Rakyat slogans and chants that BN are racist. Like in my previous article, there are differences between corrupt government and racist government. BN is the former but certainly not the latter.

    If you say Umno is racist because it promote only the struggle of one race – the Malays, then what is the difference between Umno and DAP?

    Name me 10 well known Malay leaders in DAP since its inception in 1966. DAP is a chauvinistic ultra Chinese party. Too bad, Umno during Pak Lah’s time as President, regressed itself into a cocoon. Just like the DAP leaders.

    Umno during its heyday, are fair to other races. Toleration and moderate views are the key to achieve harmony. What is the best formula to achieve harmony in a multi racial and multi religious nation like us? Simple, not one community should get all that they wanted.
    That was what it’s like during Tun’s time. Not one race can say they are fully satisfied in getting whatever they demanded.

    That way, each race will see it’s fair to every one of us.

    Let me illustrate this to a modified phrase – ‘Life is unfair. But life is unfair to everyone. In the end, life is ultimately fair to all.’ Get it?

    But when Umno is too strong (like after 2004 election), and headed by a weak and lame leader like Pak Lah, only one race gets everything. The Malays. Or to be precise, the Umnoputras. All contracts were swallowed by his greedy family members and their cronies. Money is not trickled down to the rest of the society, unlike during Tun’s time where he was more pro business. With this kind of situation, of course resentment will surface. Especially from the non Malays who could not differentiate between the Umnoputras and the ordinary Malays.

    Overall Malay political hegemony suffered as the result of a few buffoons at the top. Now tell me. Was this all Tun’s fault? He handed over to Pak Lah a nation united coming out from the brink of devastation caused by currency crisis in 1998. It takes Pak Lah only 4 years to destroy the fabric of harmony between races and the goodwill we had among us.

    Tell me, during the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, were there talks about Malays getting too much power or taking all the wealth of Malaysia? No right? Why? Because Umno though Barisan Nasional was fair with its coalition party members.

    In 2008, Pak Lah through his stupid decisions, had alienated the politicians from East Malaysia by not giving them ministry portfolios. Instead he appointed senators to be ministers. These ‘backdoor’ politicians had taken the place of those East Malaysian politicians. Should Muhd Mohd Taib or even Zaid Ibrahim be there in the cabinet? Of course not. Tun would never do this for the sake of his own political survival.

    He will do what is right. Not what is good for him.

    I will tell you a story. Tan Koon Swan, the president of MCA in the 80’s upon being elected as President of MCA had kicked out few MCA stalwarts who are not aligned with him. Most did not get to be selected as candidates in the 1986 general election.

    Tun on the other hand, still selected most of Umno stalwarts to contest in the 1986 general elections like Musa Hitam, Ku Li, and his gang. These people were known adversaries of Tun. But Tun, contrary to the title ‘dictator’ being maliciously bestowed on him by his detractors still chose these people to contest.

    He was asked why does he still select his enemies to contest? His answer?

    ‘These people are Umno members. They are only fighting against me. But not against Umno. That is why I see no reason for Umno to be deprived of such leaders’.

    Now is this the words of a dictator? I can safely say it is not. There are many instances that Tun had put party’s interest first rather than purely selfish interest.

    And you have the audacity to say he wanted the Malays to forever be bonded with ‘tongkat’ mentally just to control them. Hello? Didn’t you read this article? :

    Hopefully you can understand it cause it was written in Malay.

    And it is insulting to know the fact that you just relegated the Malays into non thinkers and generalised all of them during the 22 years of TDM’s rule as drones that are incapable of thinking on their own two feet.

    Then how would you explain Malay achievers in their respective fields?

    You said TDM rewrote history. On what basis are you saying that? Which history are you talking about anyway? Is it from 1957 onwards? When you say history was rewritten, surely somebody who was part of history would rebuff any changes. Yes history is written by the victors. TDM was not the only person in that group of victors. And who were the losers in 1957? I can safely say it was the communist movement and the British. Are you now pro communism Andipool? Or are you pro British?

    And I deplore when people are calling him mamak or an indian. Why do you people keep on harping his paternal lineage? His grandfather was from India. But his dad is already half Indian. His mom was pure Malay. Why do you people being all racist and kept on highlighting this fact? If you wanna get technical then yes, he is 25% Indian and 75% Malay. Through this fact, of course he can claim himself as Malay. What does this got to do with anything?

    Even MB Perak is half Chinese. Did any Barisan Nasional leaders raise this fact? This is why I wrote the article Pakatan Rakyat – Kill with a Borrowed Knife. It’s the PR supporters like you who are playing racial card by pronouncing the racial lines. The racial differences are more profound under the propaganda weight of PR.

    In fact, Anwar Ibrahim’s grandfather was an Indian too. But have you heard Tun’s loyalists calling him mamak? Have you heard me calling Anwar Ibrahim mamak? Yes I had called him a chameleon. Yes I had called him a desperate man and power hungry megalomaniac. But I have never insulted his ancestors or his lineage. So who is the racist here now? You, of course. You just cannot help to insult Tun Mahathir in every way possible. Even to stoop this low. And yet, you have the cheek to call him racist?

    Also my dear Andipool, apart from the Malays, the Portuguese in Malacca and local Sabahan can be Umno members! Umno party, who champions the struggle of the Malays had opened its membership to the non Malays during Mahathir’s time. PAS, only recently tried to open up their membership to the non Muslim and that is still under discussion.

    Again, I would like to point out the definition of what constitute a Malay in the Constitution. Please read them. By the way Andipool. Baba and Nyonyas are not ‘orang asing’. They are Malaysians. Or to an extent, a non bumiputera Malaysians. Orang asing is like an outsider. I do not know why you label Baba and Nyonyas as outsiders here in Malaysia. If there are poor babas out there, the government will clearly help them. Since they are Malaysian citizens.
    Get your facts straight first when you want to prove a point Andipool.

    Your last paragraph also is smacked with an unfair view which is absolving Pak Lah of any guilt in managing this country.

    Again, your unjust effort in demonising Tun and ‘to be fair’ to Pak Lah is laughable indeed. All of us know of Pak Lah’s corrupt practices like those Private airbus purchases, his one sided treatment to his son and his cronies, all the projects that is not beneficial to the people like Iskandar Malaysia and Monsoon Cup, and many other thousand things.

    Are you telling us all that all those stupid decisions and flip flop decisions made by him that affects the nation are Tun’s fault? How demented can you be Andipool? Pak Lah made monumental mistakes and he IS responsible for it. The buck stops here – so did Harry S Truman said. All the nonsense we are seeing now is solely through Pak Lah and his band of advisers’ idiocy. Are you that blind?

    Obviously your hatred towards Tun had blinded you. As the result, every possible wrong doings in Malaysia is being attributed to Tun. Are you being fair? I doubt it. You can never be fair Andipool. Face this fact and try to live with this notion. If you can, then I really am sorry for you.

    At least a Muslim should have a clear conscience and be fair to others.

    In my writings on Anwar Ibrahim, whenever there’s any derogatory comment on him, I would delete it. I even praised his work ethics when he was the DPM under Tun in one of my replies to a commentary. I know there is some good quality in him like hardworking and excellent orator. But you on the other hand Andipool have no ability to see anything good in Tun. In fact, at the rate you are going, you even think that you are a much better man than him! Are you really?
    I’m sorry if my arguments do not satiate your desire to punish Tun on whatever dire mistakes he had done to you. I’m really sorry if he had in any way destroyed you, your family or your livelihood during his time. If he has, then you should take it up to him while he is still alive. At least he will know what he had done SPECIFICALLY to you and possibly will try to rectify his mistakes.

    Thank you for commenting.


  19. I received this sms yesterday.
    Terkini…Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim berjaya memperolehi 42 kerusi tambahan.
    18 kerusi dari IKEA, 14 kerusi dari Courts Mammoth, 10 kerusi dari Fella Design.
    Saya sendiri terjatoh dari kerusi saya, haha. 🙂


  20. Salam JMD,

    Saya tak kenal anwar, tapi dari apa yang saya tahu, kalau betul anwar dah cukup korum, beliau tidak akan teragak2 untuk terus mengishtiharkan kemenangannya. Bukan jenis beliau untuk ‘memastikan transisi kuasa berjalan lancar’. Ia tidak konsisten dengan pencetus reformasi jalanan. tak perlu berdepan dengan suara2 sinis menyindir beliau tentang 16/9 yang ternyata kosong, tak perlu berdepan kes liwat di mahkamah dan bermacam2 alasan lagi yang tak perlu di hadapi sekiranya benar sudah cukup korum.

    Jika benar wakil2 rakyat yang melompat itu takut dikenakan tindakan sekiranya nama2 mereka di ketahui, ikut saja cara paklah, bawa semuanya lari ke US sehingga tarikh sidang parlimen yang baru. ( Tian Chua boleh uruskan, dia ada satu kasut lagi..) yang penting, anwar telah buktikan yang beliau is A MAN OF HIS WORDS ! apalagi yang lebih penting pada seorang politik kalau bukan integritinya?

    Yalah, itu kalau anwar seorang pemimpin yang boleh dipercayai….

    kalau dulu (98) bincang hal anwar,saya sering katakan – WHAT IF anwar tidak melawan ? saya seperti ramai lagi kawan2 terkejut dengan segala pertuduhan atas beliau dan amat sukar untuk mempercayainya ( i was and still am a regular rakyat, not exposed to all the happenings in the political world). Tapi dalam saya simpati, saya lebih tidak sokong kepada demonstrasi jalanan. Tapi WHAT IF anwar cuma menerima saja ,berlagak seperti seorang yang teraniaya tapi tetap setia dan menerima saja hukuman. seperti Hang Tuah. saya pasti lebih ramai yang akan menyokong beliau.. dan menunggu saat yang sesuai untuk comeback. Saja je sembang..

    apapun, keep up ur good work saudara JMD. still catching up with ur past works.


  21. as’kum jmd.
    yang menghairankan saya ialah, penyokong2 taksup c anwar ni banyak juga yang terpelajar. d mana mereka meletak otak sehingga tak dapat menilai ciri2 the true leader. saya tak perlu mengambil masa yg lama utk menilai anwar ni. saya nilai semasa dia berpidato, dia selalu mengunakan perkataan ‘ bodoh ‘ dan ‘bahlul’. pemimpin yang hebat harus la memperlihatkan sikap kepimpinan melalui toladan. cuba kita imbas kembali setiap ucapan TDM, pernah TDM guna perkataan2 yang kurang sopan ni.? saya selalu mengikuti pidato TDM dari semenjak TUN menjawat jawatan PM. tk perna pun walau sekali TDM mengunakan perkataan2 yang kurang sopan ini. daripada bicara saja pun kita sudah boleh nilai kepribadian seorang pemimpin. kpd penyokong taksub, bukala hati dan minda agar dapat membuat penilaian yang bernas. muda2han anda sekalian mendapat petunjuk. amin….

    JMD : Ya, itulah perbezaan ketara antara ahli politik yang berwibawa dan elok perwatakannya dengan ahli politik yang suka mengecam dengan kata kata kesat. Suka diingatkan bahawa bukan Tun saja yang tidak menggunakan kata kata kurang sopan. Boleh dikatakan semua pemimpin Umno dari era lama, jarang memaki seranah pihak lawan.

    Ku Li, Sanusi, Tengku Rithaudeen, Rais Yatim [ walau dulu dia pernah berkata dia telah bakaar jambatan dan tidak akan kembali ke dalam Umno 🙂 ], Ghaffar Baba dll. Mereka semua menjaga adab dan bahasa. Bila pemimpin menghormati pihak lawan, pihak lawan akan menghormati mereka.

    Terima kasih.


  22. Salam JMD,

    I am very keen to know how anwar has manage to have a very strong financial base. I believe he is staying in a over 7 million ringgit house at the moment. Do you have anything concrete, not just speculation?

    Thanks and keep up the good work.


    JMD : Anwar is part of an international organization funded by the US. His Foundation of the Future receives grant (USD 35 million = RM115 million) by the US government in the ‘effort to promote democracy’ in Middle East and North Africa.

    Basically, it insinuate that it wanted to dismantle Islamic governments and replace them with democratic puppet governments. Nations like Syria, Libya, Iran and Lebanon etc. Hopefully, the leaders in these Islamic nations will not be fooled by them.

    Anyway, his house in Bukit Segambut is huge indeed. Costs millions to build and refurbish I reckon. But since I am not a property valuer, I do not know whether it is worth RM7 million at the moment.

    Thank you for commenting.


  23. Now Anwar has thrown the gauntlet in Pak Lah face. Unfortunately, Pak Lah scared to respond because everybody know that even in Umno, he does not have the confidence of party members. So how to go to parliment to get vote of confidence of all MPs. What a joke. Gone case lah.


  24. Simply I am disgusted with Andipool’s unjust comment. If TDM is a dictator, he would not resign as a PM…..he will be PM for life. He did not even want a Senior Minister post like LKY down south.

    Andipool, I hope you are not a Malay or Malaysian as you have insulted us by saying…. “because he was a leader of a feudally minded people who were economically and educationally backward.” I demand you to retract this comment!


  25. Congratulation JMD,
    Well-researched and witty. A jaw dropping analysis of the decades of Tun’ as a symbol of Malaysian great leadership. U provide a powerful liberal antidote to the high-volume rantings of Andipool. May Mr Andipool emulate good bloggers research and acumen such as JMD, Sakmongkol and many others to mention a few. Anyway, good provocation Andipool, otherwise I and many other likeminded may not be able to read such beautiful response from JMD.

    JMD : Thank you. I must thank Andipool to have given me the chance to get it out from my chest.


  26. JMD, just want to say great articles and I enjoyed every bit of it. I’m very interested & curious to know : how do you manage to come up with such facts & references when you wrote these articles & give feedbacks to comments? I myself, being a newbie in politics feels that I’m much too green and missed out much of these malaysian political history. I tend to pause when overcame with stronger opposition-based arguments and had to dig long and hard just to come up with a feedback to counter that those arguments (which are mostly false). Hope I can catch up with politics, I’m really annoyed that most of PR supporters tend to be blind & obsessed with PR’s propaganda that they only see that others are all ‘evil’ and only anwar is the ‘saint’. Keep it coming JMD.

    JMD : Thank you very much. Most of the ideas came through observing the political scenarios myself and through reading a lot of books. Although lately, I immersed myself in online books and articles.

    And it helps if you have the opportunity to listen to the people with vast experience in local politics.

    The rest I guess is just passion for writing my opinion. And I can be quite opinionated person 🙂 Thank you for visiting this blog.


  27. Salam JMD,

    Another best from you. I really admire the way you write and love the way you commented on the comments sent (certainly nice to read the “grilling session” on andipool..hehe)

    You wrote with facts and somehow I learn alot by reading your blog, even in my working mails and personal mail I try to put facts and objectives. It pays, people would undertsand better on what we try to deliver. Once again thank you!


    Thank you.

    JMD : Your welcome Kamar.


  28. JMD,

    Under “About” there is no description about yourself. My guts say that you are no ordinary people like me. I would love to know more about yourself.

    I always admire people with good ability in their areas. TDM and Tun Daim are the good example of people with skills. We have to respect that and to learn from them.

    Now since you blog is part of my daily rutin, I would love if you can put a bit of yourself under “about”. To start. I’m 37 years old working in telecommunication field in Oman. Will be back home for Raya in Taman Melewar (Pas HQ :)) this raya.

    If anything you need from Oman, just tell me..kemeyan ke minyak wangi ke..


    JMD : Thank you thank you. But I guess due to the nature of my work, I have to maintain my anonymity for now. I hope you will understand. However, I am pleased to tell you that I am just a normal, ordinary person. Just like everybody else… 🙂

    Nevertheless, I am based in KL, has a professional accounting background but currently doing something very different from accounts. Oman must be a beautiful country to visit. Would love to go there. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Semoga berbahagia bersama keluarga di Gombak!


  29. Andipool,

    You said “It was only a matter of time that we would see Mahathirism unravel because it was based on a lie and was becoming economically, socially and politically untenable. Anwar Ibrahim’s sacking was a symptom of this…”

    In very few words, you have been conned by Anwar !! Your conclusion is deeply disturbing reflecting your total suspension of judgment.

    When Mahathir gracefully bowed from being the Prime Minister, the country was stable, economically, socially and politically. It culminated in an overwhelming support for BN in 2004 General Election.

    Anwar did not resign because he had moral objection to whatever was going on in UMNO. If you care to do some fact checking, you would come to the conclusion that he refused to bow out. He wanted to remain in UMNO !!

    JMD has repeatedly quoted Anwar’s statement when he was in the Government that contradict to whatever he is saying now.

    Some might say, that was then, this is the present and that is what counts. To a certain extent it is true, but as I have said it before, a man seeking redemption and asking forgiveness for his tresspasses is one thing, but Anwar has never exhibited any sense of remorse for his past “wrong doings”.

    He never exhibited sympathy when he espoused his “creative destruction” speech, he has never showed empathy towards the plight of the prisoners and their problem of reintegrating in society and also the prison conditions. That is just the tip of the iceberg.

    It is almost unanimous that Badawi is incompetent, but to pick someone like Anwar which will prove equally incompetent and to make matters worse, a man with dubious moral underpinning will just result in pushing the country in the drain.


    Your reply to Andipool was spot on. I doubt it there are 5 DAP leaders of Malay origin.

    JMD : Thank you for solidifying my previous points Lekiu.


  30. hi i was just looking at 2008 archived images of pakatan rakyat’s get togethers, gatherings, demos or ‘walks’ and comparing them with Barisan National’s (UMNO, MIC & MCA). The spirit for wanting change, fostering a better Malaysia and the multi raciality within the PR followers speak for itself. I rest my case.

    On another note, Jebat, your fascist like views, comebacks and arguments within the wall of comments since 03/08 has certainly made you look like a hypocrite. I’m very sorry to say that.

    JMD : Thank you for your comment. Currently, when the current economic situation deteriorates, and there is nothing to look forward to, people will not be happy.

    Remember this, when the future is bleak and there’s nothing to look forward to, people will tend to look at the past.

    That is why, the extremist will question the past; in this case, the social contract, the formation of Constitution etc., creating tension and uneasiness among the inter racial harmony.

    And who were these people who stroke this sensitive issues? Obviously not Barisna Nasional. It beguiles me that after several months of questioning the very fabric and the pillars of Malaysian society, suddenly they made a reverse turn and declared (after receiving much protest from the majority of Malaysians) that they too are upholding the Constitution.

    Thank you. The fact I approved this comment of yours contradicted your accusations that I am a fascist (if you define fascism as dictatorship and totalitarianism).

    May I suggest you to read about what fascism is all about first. As you may or may not know, even Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian President and Lee Kuan Yew are labeled as fascists by their opposition 🙂


  31. Andipool..

    1.Ketuanan Melayu..means tanah ini milik Melayu in 1950s. Sebab British/Belanda dah lama menjadi Tuan di Tanah Melayu & Kepulauan Melayu Nusantara.

    2. Tuan bukan bermaksud Tuan-Hamba, tetapi hanyalah bermaksud kepunyaan & tuan rumah.

    3. Hanya Nusantara/Tanah Melayu menjadi rujukan kpd bangsa yang bertutur Melayu & beragama Islam. Selainnya juga dianggap Rumpun Melayu-kerana Melayu suatu masa adalah ‘lingua-franca’.

    4. Seperti bangsa Cina, rujukan mereka kpd China, india kpd India. Orang Melayu yg lahir di US akan merujuk kpd Nusantara sbg kampung. Baba akan menjadi Cina semula jika bertutur bahasa Cina. Peluang kpd Cina & india sebenarnya amat luas berbanding Melayu yg dijajah 500 tahun. Mumbai, Beljing, HK, Taiwan, Banglaro, Delhi, atau little indian & Chinatown dimana2.

    (jadi mengapa menyempitkan pemikiran?, anda lebih bertuah drp Melayu & Nusantara satu2nya bumi bg rumpun Melayu)

    5.Usaha dilakukan melalui DEB-menghilangkan perbezaan jurang ekonomi. Walau tak berjaya sepenuhnya, tetapi mungurangkan risiko Mengamuk orang melayu.

    6. Mahathir meletak penunjuk aras baru selepas DEB tamat pd 1990-Wawasan 2020 untuk Bangsa Malaysia. Itupun kalau kaum2 di Malaysia mahu menjadi Malaysian Cooperation.

    7. Pemimpin berwawasan sukar dicari, tetapi kini rakyat malaysia telah ada panduan& hanya perlu dilaksanakan. Percayalah selama ini Rakyat Malaysia melalui BN telah melakukan terbaik, cuma 4 tahun ini agak lembam-tetapi bukan kebelakang.

    8. Dan membangkitkan isu2 sensitif (Hak Bumi, Forum Islam dsb) sebelum waktu rakyat majoriti mencapai tahap INTELEK & memahami konsep2 demokrasi;- menurut Mahathir “Umpama mengundur ke belakang”. Mencetuskan pertikaian Agama,perkauman dsb, meskipun niat ahli politik ingin memenangi puak yang mereka wakili.

    -correct me if I’m wrong-

    (Atau mereka mahu memilih ‘racist’ mengagungkan asal-usul mereka dari masyarakat gergasi global, atau mahu membantu berbilion orang lain yang Malang diluar malaysia. Malaysia cuma ada 24 juta> mana mungkin menjadi periuk nasi mereka).

    JMD : I would like to clarify something here. From the interaction me and Andipool had over the months, I would safely deduce that Andipool is a Malay who is currently working in ministry of higher education (so I was made to believe).

    Thank you for the comments.


  32. Mr JMD…,

    I must say going through the political scenarios and re-looking into history can be quite cumbersome sometimes, especially in trying to relate to the current political scenarios… Took me a few years to get a bit of a viewpoint of my own over political issues..

    One thing I notice today it’s quite hard to discuss thoroughly any issue with people in general.. Most would just turn away/ dismiss themselves or get carried away with emotions…Worse is some people don’t realize if they have missed out certain angle to look at while discussing and being so imposing in their arguments, and not giving it a break to look at their own assessments, thus defeating the purpose of discussion altogether. Of course discussion of this nature requires kesabaran yang tinggi .. I myself having trouble (being a very young person I am) coping with the feeling of bengang after reading certain comments that are so hurtful, yet accomplish nothing but riling up negative feelings.. and such attitudes are so rampant in most blogs I come across… Luckily here such is not so prevalent.. I really enjoy reading your blog..

    JMD : And thank you too for visiting this blog.


  33. love the caption, esp the ones mentioning teresa—-

    pity the fool that blames Tun for almost everything that since 1998. can’t wait for his memoirs to be finished and published. that should set a lot of things straight.


  34. “Anwar Ibrahim was Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia from 1993-1998 and also served as Minister of Finance from 1991-1998. Highly respected for his principled stance against corruption and his skillful management of the Malaysian economy during the turbulent period of its financial crisis, Anwar is also viewed as one of the forefathers of the Asian Renaissance and a leading proponent of greater cooperation among civilizations. He is committed to the fight against poverty, is an ardent supporter of democracy and is an authoritative voice in bridging the gap between East and West.
    He is currently a Distinguished Visiting Professor at Georgetown University and serves as Honorary President of AccountAbility. He frequently consults major international organizations on issues of governance and accountability and he acts as an advisor to the People’s Justice Party in Malaysia.” (

    A visiting professor? I don’t know that he’s got the required qualifications (i.e, Masters or Ph.D) for that. Unless ‘distinguished’ there = ‘honorary’ (kehormat). Maybe my esteemed fellow rakyat from the academic circle would be kind enough to enlighten me on this ‘distinguished visiting professor’ scope of duty.

    Bridging the gap between east and west? Seems like he’s more of a sucker for sympathy and support from the West.

    JMD : Yes, and especially the part where it talks about his ‘skillful management of Malaysian economy’ during the currency crisis. How marvellous.


  35. Salam JMD, I like the way you presented your thoughts to rebut Andipool, I believe that Tun Mahathir does deserve your kind of written support and about time too.

    My take on Andipool is that he must still be sucking milk from his mother’s titties when Tun was busy building and modernising this great nation of ours. He probably does not read books a lot so my guess is that most bits of information that he obtained on Malaysia must have come from the rabid anti Mahathir comments that can be found in Malaysia Today. So we all should give this guy a break and pray that he will come to his senses one day.

    As for Anwar, I think when the prosecution finally gets to present their case in his sodomy trial, we will then have a fair idea on how bad things are for him and his political ambition. PKR was created to first get Anwar out of jail and now PKR’s main aim is to make Anwar Malaysia’s Sixth Prime Minister. With the sodomy trial and the real possibility that Anwar would be found guilty, if Anwar goes to jail, then it is basically bye-bye to his checkered political career. With Anwar supposedly out of the political scene, PKR’s reason for its very existence is gone and I predict in the next general election it will probably go back to winning just one seat and that would be Permatang Pauh with the candidate probably be Nurul Izzah Anwar. Tian Chua would probably be back as an NGO activist, probably this suit his style better as he does seems very uncomfortable being a YB wearing a coat and tie.


  36. Just because the Pakatan Coalition called for street demos, walks, gatherings and calling for a better Malaysia doesn’t mean they will form a better Government than Barisan.

    Except for the current hiccup suffered by BN and exploited to the hilt by Pakatan, BN have done well over the years.

    As I have said earlier, 2004 GE showed how much support BN obtained. If Mahathir is as bad as some of you would like to believe, the 2004 GE result would offer a voice for the majority of Malaysia to reject BN after Mahathir’s resignation. But as we all know, 2004 GE was a landslide victory for BN. Voters signalled an intention for BN’s policy to be continued.

    To highlight just one hypocrisy of Pakatan, Pakatan’s 2008 Election Manifesto promised to raise the minimum wage to RM1,500. I know Pakatan would say, that until and unless they run the Federal Govt, such move cannot be done. But, ask any Pakatan’s members who own a company whether they have voluntarily raised their employees minimum wage to RM1,500. I bet the answer will be a No.

    The same thing about the pterol prices as well. The popular thing to do would be what Anwar suggested, retain the subsidy in the background of rising oil prices. But that would be irresponsible as it would cause wastage and under appreciation of the value of the prized commodity and not to mention development project budgets that would have to be scaled down.

    Why is it that UMNO are conveniently labelled as fascist ? Nothing is said about DAP, despite championing Chinese interest for decades. Didn’t Ronnie Liew of DAP Youth suggested an elevated status of Chin Peng despite the number of secuity personnel who died in the fight against Chin Peng. DAP in an attempt at white washing history suggested that May 13th has got nothing to do with the inter racial riots but a failed coup by the Malays against Tunku.

    Nothing is said about HINDRAF despite them falsely calling the Government of carrying out genocide.

    In the area of economy, could one argue Anwar was right in adopting IMF’s austerity measures ? PAS had a brilliant plan to solve the 98 economic woes, sell everything. As far back as the 80’s DAP’s socialist policy have caused them to oppose any economic liberalisation plan adopted by Mahathir.

    As to the claim of multiracial Pakatan, Anwar adopted the successful BN formula of a multiracial front despite comprising of parties with ethnic or religious values. BN for years have done so !!

    It is just too bad that the racial card has been played a bit to far by Pakatan and it didnt help that BN’s leaders couldnt do well to defend themselves.

    JMD : When people are bankrupt of ideas, any malignant terms or malicious accusations are hurled to damage the reputation of their political rivals, despite the fact that those terms are very much irrelevant in the first place. I won’t be surprised if Umno will be equated with the likes of Nazism or Zionism one day.

    Thank you.


  37. Hi JMD,
    Uuuuugh….the feeling of pure relief….the feeling of having a full, near bursting bladder finally emptied ! – the way you have just answered andipool’s comment.
    Keep up the good work.
    Loves lekiu’s answer to him too !

    JMD : Haha. Your comment is very descriptive indeed cram. I’m sure Lekiu appreciates your comment as well. Good night.


  38. JDM
    Absolutely hilarious! I was literally on the floor laughing! Not only are you a super intelligent person, good with numbers (assuming your accounting background) and a brilliant writer/analyst, you also now proved that you are a great illustrator/humorist too! Wah! An all-rounder man! ~ (assuming that you are good at sports too).

    On a more serious note, I truly enjoy this blog – so much intelligence, analysis and knowledge poured into it – from you and most (but not all) of your visitors. For people like me, who are away from home – this blog becomes our source of reliable information on what’s going on back home. Thank you JDM for your efforts and dedication!


    JMD : I am very much humbled by your comments. Will strive to give better articles in the future.


  39. Salam saudara JMD,

    ur past articles …already coming into april..i really should have came in much earlier. Too much info to absorb within a week ! one thing – u have a knack for writing, and very cool/controlled . ( the minister of my home affairs just past by, glanced and mumbled…’tak habis2′ ! 🙂 )

    Cara saudara jawab mereka yang pro anwar – very cool ! but honestly, they are not here seeking for truth. if they just spend a few moments, read the links to ur past articles, they would realise that all their ‘questions’ have been dealt, with precise -easy to understand -way of writing. and lots of ref to further grasp the time and situation of which the discussed crisis happened
    in the past.

    Bukan hanya bincang ucapan atau tindakan yang telah berlaku tapi juga keadaan dan bila ianya terjadi. semuanya lengkap ! Jika benarlah mereka semua berniat mencari kebenaran ..nasihat saya bacalah. biarlah ambil masa sikit, JMD takkan kemana. Lagipun tak elok ikut emosi, guna bahasa kasar, sindir2.. saya ‘lekat’ di sini kerana suasana di sini aman, dan mesra pengguna. cuba try test berapa lama boleh tahan baca komen2 di blog anwar?

    Tolong jaga kesejahteraan blog ini ! smile always 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    satu lagi, walaupun bahasa lembut tak semestinya orang disini pun lembut.. ‘the spirit’ perlukah ditonjolkan baru boleh dikatakan we are very spirited lot? atau perlukah berkasar, tunjuk keangkuhan, cabar mencabar baru boleh di panggil bersemangat?

    Teruskan saudara JMD… and (ur sidekick) Lekiu, to know this blog is to love this blog 🙂

    JMD : Thank you for reading this blog. And to actually caught up with all of the articles is an astounding feat indeed. Really appreciate the effort. Thank you so much.

    I am also blessed to have passionate readers out there who would spare some of their precious time just to lend a helping hand in providing valuable information and thought provoking comments. Lekiu is certainly not a sidekick. He’s more like an ally to me 🙂


  40. You and Lekiu could form a deadly partnership to destroy and dismantle every bit of the stupid and baseless accusations thrown by those dumb cheerleaders of Anwar “not-the-chosen-one”

    It’s really refreshing to read your flawless arguments. Keep it up 🙂

    JMD : Thank you. I really doubt it is flawless. But I had tried my best to straigthen things out.


  41. sweet lord i missed the fun with Andipool haha. btw JMD, if TDM were to read your article/reply, sure hell he could be proud enough that at least one Malay could argumentatively put his point convincing enough to address the critical subject Malaysians are facing correctly. i thank you again and again for this JMD. hopefully you wont turn your back, and sided with DSAI as you could be deadly weapon to PKR haha.

    Thank you sir and Selamat Hari Rayer.

    JMD : Hopefully not indeed! 🙂


  42. Dear JMD,

    Pity DSAI..How come people expect so much from him? Why does he need to fight for the plight of prisoners or better prison condition just because he spent some time inside? For us it might be hell but for him, surrounded by able bodied men might be heaven on earth…yummy..

    (please imagine after iftar or better still after Ramadan)

    p/s I would understand if you won’t publish my comments but your blog is still my wajib daily read..


  43. JMD, I have nothing to say other then wow! That was a classic. I have nothing but admiration.

    My advise to Andipool is, after he finished licking his wound, go and read a few more books other then Asian Renaissance and stop depending solely on Anwar’s ceramah for “knowledge.”


  44. Kpd Andipool,
    Bangsa Melayu yang tinggi budi pekertinya ada byk pepatah yg berkaitan dgn budi. Hancur badan dikandung tanah, budi yang baik dikenang juga. Berbudi pada bumi tidak ada ruginya. Ada satu lagi pepatah yang berbunyi orang berbudi kita berbahasa. Sejauh mana kita membalaskan bahasa yang baik kepada insan2 yang menanam budinya pada kita. Kejadian pelajar belasah cikgu sendiri itu bukan lagi kurang ajar. Nak kata kurang ajar macam mana kalau dia ada cikgu. Kat sekolah tu bukan ada satu cikgu. Satu kelas yang ajar sampai sepuluh cikgu. Tidak mengenang budi tapi tak makan ajar. Dahlah tak mengenang budi, kurang ajar pulak. Dulu ada yang berpendapat kata, orang melayu mesti belajar kurang ajar. Dah elok2 kita bangsa cukup ajar, kenapa nak suruh kurang ajar. Bebudak melayu kecik2 lagi dah hafal pantun. “budak cempedak diluar pagar, ambil galah tolong jolokkan. Hamba budak baru belajar kalau salah tolong tunjukkan.
    Wassallam. Selamat berpuasa dan maaf dzahir batin.

    JMD : Incidentally, I am also writing a short article about budi and its inherent symbiosis with Umno. Will post it soon. Thank you for the comment.


  45. JMD, as much as all the claims by DSAI and his fellow troopers are beginning to sound more hilarious by the hour, it seems to me that the desperation to change UMNO is also reaching its climax. Claims by PKR/TC that they are talking with PM and now DSAI saying that that was a misinformed remark just goes to show that their spinning are going out of control.

    On the other hand, I don’t know if this is just the works of spin doctors or just outright feeling annoyed by KuLi.

    Whatever we say about DSAI/PKR certain people just prefers to believe otherwise. I guess the same is true for BN, the likes of PakLah supporters that still bent to have him sleeping on the driver’s seat.

    The more reasonable people I dare say should use a little bit more of their head rather than blind faith. The reality out there is that as a nation we are becoming more divided. The economy with gloomy global outlook is not helpful. Our politics with all these frogs loose, outrageous claims and counter claims, is becoming a laughing stock. As a citizen we should all select the right people to steer this beloved nation, based on capabilities rather than just hope and maintaning the status quo.

    This site has done a great feat at countering and presenting what DSAI/PKR stood for, their dirty tactics, and putting the real political scenario in its proper place. Never underestimate the importance with the site like this in guiding the younger people and giving hope to the masses that decides based on reasoning and not just faith. However, right now between explaining PKR/DSAI’s antics and change in UMNO, i feel there’s a need to go overdrive on the later as that will ensure our future. The later I’m convinced will be a rewared gained afterwards.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment.

    Anyway I just would like to clarify on the second link you provided. Ku Li’s original statement and the title of the article given by Malaysian Insider do not jive with each other. After reading the original article, I see that the title does not correlate with the message Ku Li trying to convey.

    At most, Ku Li was saying ‘To all appearances, we are beginning to lose grip of the rule of law.’

    Not, Umno has lost the plot.

    But of course, since most people will only read the title, then it’s a good way of distorting what Ku Li is saying.

    Thank you.


  46. Khairuddin,

    When I started working, one of the first few things I had to do was to visit a client in prison and for the next 2 years or so, one client after another.

    The sight of humans behind steel bars liked a caged animal and at some other part of the prison, some prisoners were seen squatting, puling out weeds doesn’t make sense to me.

    I had to comfort people whose family members were imprisoned. They told me about the hardship while the breadwinner is in prison, some who did serve time explained the difficulties in getting work due to the stigma attached. They resort to the life of crime and as expected, the law catches up to them. A vicious continuing cycle begin.

    The ironic part is that at the place where visitors await for the prisoners, a Charter was put up by the prison authorities highlighting the re-education of prisoners while in detention. Maybe there is, but try taking time and visit the Courts, you’d be surprised of the number of repeat offenders.

    It is not too much to ask that Anwar being imprisoned would be touched by the human story of those inside.

    For someone who claims to champion ‘keadilan’, “menentang kezaliman’, to fight for the people, who complaint among other things the rising crime rate, his lack of empathy towards those who shared the same “house” as him is simply baffling.

    Would it have anything to do with the prisoners being unable to vote and therefore their fight is not worth the commodity ?

    I am in no way saying we should abolish the prison system, I think in an age of modernity and politicians preaching of civilisation, those left behind must also be cared for.

    Is it too much to ask that Anwar despite touting populist rhetorics, include in his fight, the plight of prisoners?

    We all hate crimes, but surely no mother who carries a baby for 9 months wishes for the baby to lead a life of crime. In between the cute cooing little baby to hardened criminal, something happened. And that something need to be addressed.

    Lest I forget, the plight of those who served their time and the community’s part in helping them to integrate and make them an honest man/woman fighting for an honest living.

    He spent years in prison, if he is not touched then I say they man is as what I thought, cold calculated and manipulative.


  47. JMD,

    Your response to Andipool is long enough to become a post all by itself!

    It’s sometimes sad to see people talk about Dr M in that manner, really. He’s not perfect, and maybe he made a few wrong decisions along the way, but hey, he’s human too right?

    According to my dad, Dr M might have been an ultra-Malay in his early political years, but he was definitely no racist, especially during his 22 years as PM. In fact, Dr M was the one who proposed Bangsa Malaysia, the one who proposed a Wawasan 2020 (I’ve always wondered about this. Why is it that the minute Dr M is no longer PM, we no longer have a ‘wawasan’? I thought the Wawasan was a great idea. No-one followed it through, sadly enough)

    Especially in his last few years as PM too, he was the one who reminded Malays that they need to work hard to succeed. He was the one who said (according to my dad again), that there is nothing in the Constitution that says that the PM has to be a Malay.

    I may not agree with all of what Dr M says, but I still do respect him, and I sure don’t see him as a racist.

    BTW JMD, same goes to you. I don’t agree with all you have to say, but you’re doing one hell of a job on this blog. Kudos.

    JMD : Thank you Su. I am quite concerned if arguments cannot be discussed in a civilized and intellectual manner. I have no problem if readers do not agree with me. But do so in a refined manner rather than in a highly uncivilised way like the ones we see in other blogs.

    Due to this, I am very much grateful that most readers appreciate the intellectual yet friendly manner in all of the commentaries received. Even the ones that never totally agreed with whatever I said like Andipool, Msleepyhead, Woody etc have made an exemplary restraint in conveying their points of contention.

    Bravo to all.


  48. Lekiu,

    You, other than JMD is one fella who should not be messed around with!

    WARNING!!! If you have got nothing good to say…better keep your silence around this two guys…don’t say I didn’t warn you…he he

    Have you got your own blog? Would love to make you as one of my daily wajib read apart from JMD, Che Det, Sakmongkol etc

    JMD : Yes Lekiu, that question needs some answers! 🙂


  49. Dear JMD,

    As always, good job on the entry…most of us here know who is Anwar, just need to get the messages to his TAKSUBers…..

    I’m confused, why does his TAKSUBers claims that they representing majority of Malaysia……(i read this a lot from other blogs)


    Thanks for shoving Andipool’s his medicine….whether he like it or not, it is clearly shown how low he is……

    Do not want to call him racist though….actually don’t have to….his comment shows his nature…..

    Just waiting for the ‘drama’ of the year to begin…..
    Just waiting for his TAKSUBers to wake up and see his antics…..

    Tired-lah…..can’t stomach much of Anwar or his TAKSUBers during puasa….. pahala kurang……..heheheheheh

    Do you have anything on why we (normal citizen) want to reform our judiciary? Because i see Gerakan are pressurized Govt for reform judiciary. for me better they pressurized Govt turunkan oil prices, transportation cost, toll price and others….beneficial to the citizen maaaa…….

    Please politician…..please make ‘Rakyat’ as priority…..

    ‘Selamat Hari Raya’ to all Malaysian….


    P/S: JMD, ‘balik kampung’ this year? where?

    JMD : Why do we want to reform the judiciary? In the first place, they have to ask, what is wrong with the judiciary. Is it structurally wrong? Is it not independent enough? Is it too independent? Judges are human beings too. Are the current batch of judges all morally corrupt? What kind of reformation are we talking about? How is this current unreformed judiciary affecting of lives today? What are the benefits can it bring should any changes be made? What are the drawbacks?

    Those are some of the questions needed to be answered by the common people first. Thank you.

    Yes, as usual I will balik kampung. In bumi Hang Tuah 🙂


  50. Dearest JMD,

    I was so fascinated with your writing that I need your blessing to paste your site in my facebook. I NEED to share your articles with my families and friends. (my hubby dah pekak telinga sebelah dok asik dengar I cakap pasal your article/comments daily without fail!!!) I hope you don’t mind?

    p.s. I am so addicted to your site!!!


    JMD : I don’t mind at all. Be my guest! Thank you.


  51. JMD, following my earlier remark on KuLi, got this latest apparently attributed to him.

    I just wonder what he means by “We need to come together to find unity and direction out of this dangerous situation. In doing so, we might turn our crisis into an opportunity and renew our unity and sense of direction as Malaysia.” Is he proposing that all parties sit down together and agree the way forward? If that is so, doesn’t that sounds a little like DSAI wants a discussion with the PM to agree the way forward? Chilling to me!

    JMD : I think Ku Li was not talking about wanting to sit together like how DSAI is proposing to Pak Lah.

    You have to really know where is Ku Li coming from when saying that statement.

    Ku Li started his political career in 1969, winning a parliamentary seat in Kelantan during the general election. Shortly after, emergency was declared and NOC ran the country. When the NEP was first introduced in the parliament to be gazetted, Ku Li was one of the members of a council called The Consultative Council (if I remembered correctly, it was loosely termed as the Goodwill council).

    A Kadir Jasin wrote this –

    Ku Li was a member of that council. Even Lim Kit Siang was a member. It was the first time in history where everyone in parliament – government MPs and opposition sit down together to achieve a greater good for the nation. All their differences were set aside. As the result, the country came out from the ugliest crisis the country ever had since independence much stronger and paved way for a stable nation all the way to the new millenium.

    Through this experience, Ku Li is suggesting that everyone should sit together and work out a sense of direction for Malaysia.

    Thank you.


  52. bla la andipoop..brade nuar ko je la bagos..tah pahaper tah owang pro anwar ni punyer mentaliti n ideologi..tdm toiled very hard to build up this nation and this is the thanks he gets..u give due credit to those who deserves it..tak reti cakap tenkiu ka lu olang???!!!

    and the fact ur saying malays are feudally minded peope, economically and educationally backward shows the kind of a person u are..tho i can’t say it here coz jmd requested that we all be civilised and show some refined behaviour..guess dats y some of my comments didnt get thru.. (jmd please strikeout where necessary)

    keep up the good work bro jmd..lekiu..and the whole crew..!wa balik bukak pose dulu.cheers!

    JMD : Selamat berbuka puasa. Anyway, I thought I approved all your comments? Also, please bear in mind that any vulgarities or misplaced advertising links in your comments will automatically be diverted into my spam inbox. Unless if I open them (which I seldom do), I normally will give all these spam comments a miss.


  53. Lekiu, the reason why BN won with a very large majority in ’04 was mainly because of one thing; Dr.M had left… and its a new guy who is PM.

    This New Guy had said he would clean up the government, improve efficiency, plus many other pledges. A breath of fresh air, he promised. So, the voters accepted his word and overwhelmingly gave him the mandate.

    Instead, he hardly fufilled the promises he made. BN leaders also got more arrogant & filled with hubris.

    Thats why they lost their 2/3-rds majority, and five states. Six if you consider W.P.

    Hey, I was a supporter back in 2004. Not now.

    JMD : That’s one way how to read the 2004 election. Others (including me), have slightly different opinion.

    A question, were you a supporter prior to 2004 elections? Did you vote in 1995 and 1999? If you did, whom did you vote?

    Thank you for commenting.


  54. Been following the discourse on this blog recently and I find the contributions by the readers quite interesting. Definitely have changed my views about DSAI. Maybe he was a champion against kezaliman back then…but as time goes by, it seemes that he is just another politician who would twist facts and sugar coat statements just to drum up support from the masses. I would say posting by JMD and lekiu have opened my eyes about the DSAI myth. Hope u guys keep the good work in providing information to us readers on this interesting topic.

    p/s : lekiu, i received information that you are from Negri? Is that true?


  55. Hi JMD,
    Syabas to your stout and spirited defence of TDM. Even his own children could not better that! Have printed it out for my own easy reference. So in a way, we owe thanks to Andipool. At least I get pointers on how to counter people who so readily rubbish (boleh kata fashionable lah these days) our most hardworking PM ever.

    And we are slowly getting to know about you a bit more. An accountancy background. Loves wajik and bauhulu.

    May I please say hello to Lekiu (who’s comments I read as much as yours).

    Oh, and before I go, I read that DSAI is no longer setting a deadline for takeover. Do you think it has anything to do with the meeting with PAS leaders last night? Hope to hear your take on this.

    Thank you

    JMD : DSAI is no longer setting deadlines because he knows ihs credibility had plummeted when he could not fulfill his promises. Better to keep it vague so that expectations can be set at low levels all the time.

    Now, his tone is slightly different – he is asking the rakyat (his alleged supporters) to be patient because changing the government is not easy. Be patient he told them.

    But back in the Permatang Pauh by election, we heard him shouting ‘Kita rakyat sudah tidak sabar untuk menukar kerajaan! 16 September matlamat kita!’

    He is hoping everyone to forget whatever promises he made. If I had the time to write all DSAI’s antics, not only I can write till part 3, I can go all the way till at least part 15! 🙂


  56. dear jeb, lekiu & fellow visitors,

    lekiu said… [Anwar] never exhibited sympathy when he espoused his “creative destruction” speech, he has never showed empathy towards the plight of the prisoners and their problem of reintegrating in society and also the prison conditions.

    caveat: this is hearsay and i cannot vouch for its reliability but i did hear it from different sources [from out of the country i have to add].

    according to what i heard, anwar’s incarceration was something other inmates did not (and probably never will) share. also, a considerable period of his “imprisonment” was spent “convalescing” in hospital wards with unlimited family visits.

    so lekiu, perhaps other than being cold and calculative, that could also explain why he is ummoved by their plight. his own “cushy” experience makes it impossible for him to empathise.

    when in sungai buluh, according to the story i heard, his “prison cell” was more a private room with amenities like tv, real bed [i.e. not jail bunk] complete with bedclothes and extra pillows, reading light, books and magazines and other extras. he didn’t eat the prison fare fed other inmates. he had special food [even beverage like milo or ovaltine]. he didn’t wear prison clothes and received more family visits [perhaps even unlimited] than other inmates. when not carted to the hospital, he’d get doctor’s visit over the slightest physical complaint and apparently he had many.

    in fact it seems he had so many ailments while doing his time, it is nothing short of a miracle that his health improved so swiftly and so completely since being out.

    [p.s. it is probably overconfidence in the circles he moves in or the impossibility of denying his dominant character traits on a prolonged basis, but when out of malaysia (when he probably thinks no one back home will be any the wiser) the man has been known/seen to drop his guard and let his “mr hyde” out. that was how it was when he was dpm too, and that proved to be his undoing. 😀 ]

    JMD : Thank you MekYam for the insider’s info.


  57. Dear JMD,

    It’s been awhile since my last visit here. Too tied up with work. Lots of June year end coys to audit. My oh my, you have been busy! Can i get something off my chest?

    I did not vote for Pak Lah to be our PM. Nobody did. Even the people in Kepala Batas. They voted for Pak Lah to represent them in Dewan Rakyat. It’s just that in our country democracy system, the leader of the biggest party that won the majority of the seats in Dewan Rakyat can get to become PM.

    Now it means that the whole of Malaysia’s future depends on who the members of that party voted to be its leader(s). In my dream, members would vote for the best leader(s.) Leader(s) that can lead the party and the nation into greater things. If the leader is weak, then members would replace the person with another one (remember Blair was replaced by Brown, eventhough now some people think that was a mistake). If not, then the whole party might suffer in the next general election.

    I am not saying that we should have an election just to elect a person to be our PM, similar to the US Presidential election that is going on now. There is nothing wrong with our system. There is nothing wrong of getting 58 nominations from divisions. This would ensure that only the best and serious leader can get nominated to the top post.

    I can only hope that the division leaders realise that the future of our country is indeed in their hands.

    Keep on writing JMD!

    JMD : Thank you.


  58. Dear JMD,

    I see a lot of TDM supporters visiting your blog nowadays, and the quality of their arguments are to me, simply superb..

    Just for curiosity’s sake, do you publish DSAI/MT’s die hard fan club comments if the nature of their comments are not obscene, without basis etc

    I think it’s just a matter of time until they visit your blog regularly as yours is getting more popular by the day (I think).

    Or maybe they don’t dare to comment in order not to be whacked left and right like andipool.

    Consider myself an addict to your blog too, sir…

    JMD : Yes I publish all their comments provided they are no obscenity or vulgarities in them. Kids might read this blog too! So, we should lead by example. Thank you.


  59. andipoop deserves the thrashing coz of his thrashy opinions and thrashy words..sorry bro was in another blog that moderated me..serves me right coz i sounded just like andipoop..only classier..n i’ve learned my mistake..tq


  60. well3 dah 25th sept nothing happened…latest news…dates are not that important lah!-bai (flip..flop?) let them be best friends aAB-BAi dancing queers

    how can they not see? I rest my move on to the economy guys!!


  61. Sigh! You are so right, JMD, unfortunately have to fully agree with you this time. We have been led royally up the garden path by this ahli silap mata. If I was a betting man I might be eating my shoe today..


  62. Continuing from Lekiu argument, I remember reading one blog. It is about the saying of a father to a son. When Anwar appeared in the country spotlight championing the poverty of people in some rural area (baling), the father told the son, “this is the person you should watch”. What to watch? Watch him when he is in power. Will he do the same, i.e. championing the cause of poverty in rural area.

    So lets ask the question. Did he ever do that when he was the second most powerful person in the country?


  63. Assalammualaikum JMD,

    I’m for one has never been taken in by the antics of Anwar. He is using the same tactics that he employed in 1998 when he was deposed of his DPMship and ousted from UMNO.

    He is using the “wag the dog” strategy to discredit the government and its institutions namely the judiciary and police. Such strategy is used to divert the rakyat attention from his “pants down” episode in order to create uncertainties and providing him with the valuable time and resources to attack the government.

    The difference between then and now is a weak leadership of AAB. AAB and his band of inept cabinet to a certain extent is providing the red carpet for Anwar to walk all over them, short of opening the door to Sri Perdana.

    All of us know who is the real Anwar, a chameleon who is serving only himself in fulfilling his twisted ambition of being the PM of Malaysia.

    JMD : W’lam. Thank you for commenting.


  64. Salam JMD,

    First-of-all, although I am still somewhat an Anwar sympathiser, I have to admit that your critical writings on Anwar are quite outstanding, and they have indeed made me rethink whether it is worthwhile to place so much hope on him. On other things, I’m sure we can agree to disagree and I wish to relay these issues to you hopefully in my comments in the future.

    For now, can I refer back to your extensive reply to andipool’s comments. Both at the start and towards the end of your reply, you had encouraged andipool to confront Dr.M personally if he had a personal grudge against him. That seems to imply that you are indeed aware that there were people who were directly victimised by Dr.M. Personally, I know of relatives and friends who were on the wrong side of Dr.M’s good books (pro-Semangat 46 c.1988, and pro-Reformasi c.1998), and how indeed they sufferred financially for their political miscalculations. Government contracts were cancelled, financial loans were not approved etc. Of course, you may argue that Dr.M could not be personally blamed for this but the perception that he was guilty of such acts of political vedetta is still strong even to this day.

    Without a doubt, Dr.M was an outstanding leader blessed with remarkable intelligence and endurance. He was an assured leader who had great confidence in his own abilities. That was his great strength, but was also one of his weaknesses. I agree with you that it is unfair to brand him a dictator but he was definitely not a leader capable of much tolerance either. You made a reference to his decision to retain Tengku Razaleigh and Musa Hitam as candidates for the 1986 General Election as evidence of his tolerance. But wouldn’t that be more akin to the political strategy of “putting your enemies even closer”, which in the end actually serves more your own political interest? Also, I remember coming across a reference in the book ‘Paradoxes of Mahathirism”, in the run-up to the UMNO election in 1988 (the battle between Dr.M and Ku LI), Dr.M was quoted to have said that even if he lost the UMNO presidency, he would fight to retain his position as the country’s prime minister. That doesn’t sound like a real political gentleman, does it?

    A question I would like to ask: Despite the all the unquestioned achievements of Dr.M, if Ku Li was elected the country’s prime minister 20 years ago, would Malaysia developed just the same or differently? I somehow think that Ku Li would have been a better prime minister who would have overseen a more sustainable economic development policies and propagate a more tolerant political culture.


    JMD : Thank you for commenting and taking part in this blog. I respect your opinion on this matter. Permit me to dissect your comment into two parts –

    Dr Mahathir’s style of leadership

    I told Andipool to take it up to Tun because I felt his criticisms were too personal (questioning and insulting Tun’s ancestry). Therefore, I suggest he convey his real grouses to Tun himself. Because, why rant about unnecessarily when he could just send a comment in Tun’s blog and state his case IF Tun had indeed transgressed on his person. I was not implying that Tun had indeed victimised people.

    Nevertheless, Tun is not a perfect leader. Politics as they say is the art of attaining and maintaining power. Just to digress a bit, when there is rivalry in politics, win-win situation seldom exists. Sun Tzu’s Art of War tells us that win-win situation does not exist. How could both warring parties declare themselves as winners? Win-win situation usually means, one party is willing to compromise or sacrifice its objectives to the other party. And vice versa. That is very different if one party wins total victory. Therefore, a affected party that had compromised itself in a win-win situation is actually realigning its battle strategy or at the very least, offers temporary retreat.

    When you said your relatives were on the wrong side of his good books by way of being pro S46 or pro Anwar, then obviously, there is nothing to complain about. Why? Because as you said, due to their own political miscalculations, they were deemed as Umno’s political rivals. Bear in mind, I am stressing Umno’s and not Tun’s political rival.

    Tun was ruthless towards Umno’s political enemies. My example given to Andipool earlier was about Tun’s treatment towards Umno members. Even though Ku Li was his political rival, he was still an Umno member. That is why he was fair to him. To Tun, if two leaders could not see eye to eye in strategising Umno’s future direction, then let the delegates decide. Thus, the culmination of 1987’s Umno elections. Tun could had made the easiest choice of committing political assassination towards Ku Li’s career by not selecting him as candidate for 1986 general election and also to drop him as a minister earlier than in 1986.

    But he did not. Why? It’s not because ‘to keep your enemies closer’ (will explain on this later).

    Do you think any other leader in any party would acquiesce to Ku Li’s political manoeuvrings like how Tun did? However, it is a different story when Ku Li became Umno’s political enemy ever since Semangat 46 was established. A good political leader should diffuse any threat that may weaken his party.

    I assume your relatives are closely related to Semangat 46? Perhaps they are the main financiers of Ku Li’s and Anwar’s political struggle? Because, I know Tun will never directly or consciously involve in victimising small time businessmen. If indeed they are the money train for Ku Li and Anwar, then sorry to say, what happened to your relatives was necessary to diffuse any threat an Umno political rival might wield should they have enough financial resources.

    However, I do not condone such act nevertheless. Impoverishing your political rivals to the point of being destitute is very cruel indeed. But Ku Li had not been impoverished; in fact he lives in a huge manor much akin to the Washington White House. Tun did not get too personal to actually make Ku Li a pauper. Even ex Semangat 46 leaders became ministers during Tun’s time. Pak Lah was even alleviated to become PM even though he was one of the main proponents in Team B back then.

    Do you think if Anwar come to power, he will not cancel all the contracts belonged to the previous government’s people? He had done exactly that when he was in MOF. His policy of ‘Kontraktor Wibawa’ had sidelined several contractors which had close relationship with the previous finance minister before him. The only difference was, Anwar had alienated an Umno member’s business circle, not Umno’s political enemies’ business interests. Where Tun was thinking along the party lines, Anwar was acting selfishly.

    Even in Perak right now, the Pakatan Rakyat govt had cancelled and reviewed most of the contracts given away by the previous BN govt. And most of the recipients were not even politicians. But due to their close affiliation with the state govt, these small and medium sized contractors are left with nothing. That is the consequences in partisan politics.

    Yes I agree that personal vendetta against a political enemy is very damaging. But what is even more deplorable is personal vendetta against a person within the same political party! Even today, the personal vendetta of Pak Lah against Tun had resulted in many cancellations of national projects and alienating many political veterans. As the result, the nation as well as the backbone party of BN suffered. All because of one man’s ego and his effort in dismantling a successful legacy.

    This is the root cause of the problem we see today. An Umno leader, out of spite, not grateful for the position he is in and began to deconstruct the very framework of nation’s development effort propagated by another Umno member.

    This is a clear case of cutting off the nose to spite the face. In the end, Pak Lah suffered a pyrrhic victory.

    Why was Pak Lah so ungrateful towards Tun? Apa susah sangat ke nak jemput Tun ke persidangan Umno selepas tahun 2003? Apalah salahnya membenarkan Tun berucap di AGM Umno? Oleh kerana Pak Lah tidak membenarkan Tun berucaplah, terpaksa Tun bertanding untuk menjadi perwakilan dalam tahun 2006. Dan usaha Tun ini juga telah dimatikan dengan menggunakan politik wang! Seorang mantan Perdana Menteri dimalukan sebegitu rupa oleh penggantinya.

    Keji sungguh layanan Pak Lah terhadap Tun. Melihat layanan teruk terhadap orang yang berjasa kepada Pak Lah, ramai ahli Umno peringkat bawahan mempersoalkan budi pekerti Pak Lah. But, that is redundantt now. Sorry to digress.

    Ku Li vis a vis Dr Mahathir

    Your contention that TDM selected his enemies in the 1986 general election was purely a political strategy is quite speculative. All we have was his answer which I stated in my reply to Andipool. If he wanted to keep his enemies closer, why give them ammunition and firepower to be able to actually challenge him a year later in 1987? That would be quite self defeating. Why not nip their powerbase by replacing them with loyalists? Which political leaders had placed his own men in the general election to replace the incumbents which more often that not, are able leaders with good track records?

    They are Pak Lah and Khairy in 2008 general election.

    The benefits? Even till now, the weak Pak Lah can still retain his presidency due to the support of these strategically placed yes men.

    Therefore, Dr Mahathir, at that time, had thought about Umno’s strength instead of his own political interest. The result? Even though Umno was split into two factions in 1987, its powerbase was still strong within the Barisan Nasional.

    As for your question, the simpler answer would be, we would never know. But, one of the baggages Ku Li has was his tendency towards excesses. Many of us remember how lavishly his office as BBMB chairman back in the early 80’s. Gold sink faucets and eating cutleries were the norm.

    Well, that is his personal taste. Indeed he was a brilliant economist. He was the product Queen’s University, Belfast. The corporatisation of government agencies were one of his ideas as Finance Minister. He was one of the founders of Petronas. To me, Ku Li will go along the same path. I read his interview in the magazine Off The Edge last July. He mentioned several initiatives he will undertake should he come to power. Not much different from how Tun would run things.

    The bottomline is, any leader after Pak Lah will not do much worse than him.

    We can argue until the cows come home if we want to know who would be the better leader between the two. But, we’re in luck, Ku Li is challenging Pak Lah. Should we want to see whether Ku Li could become the best PM ever, then we should support his bid to become the prime minister.

    Apart from Khoo Boo Teik’s book (Paradoxes of Mahathirsm), I would suggest you read other books and articles regarding Umno and BN politics in the 80’s such as by Graham Brown (page 9 onwards) and a couple of books by SH Alattas.

    As a conclusion, I have to say that Tun was politically brutal towards Umno’s political enemies. That way, the nation would have a strong government that can push for the national agenda without being sidetracked by opposing factions.

    In my very limited wisdom and humble opinion, Tun is more of a student of The Art of War than a student of Niccolo Machiavelli’s The Prince. Machiavellian politicians are the ones like Musa Hitam, Anwar Ibrahim and Khairy Jamaluddin. To me, even Ku Li is Sun Tzu’s disciple.

    Thank you.


  65. Dear JMD,
    I never heard about you nor knowing about your blog. Until tonite while going through Che Det’s blog. At least I have met some one who shared my views about Anwar Ibrahim. I used to support this guy but somehow my heart changed 180 degrees after following his antics and irresponsible acts which is causing lots of hardship to this country. Your in depth research about Anwar’s past words and now just proved the points that I was right about Anwar Ibrahim .He cannot be trusted and that reminds me of Chandra Muzafar. He said that if Anwar becomes PM he will bring disaster to this country.

    I am sure I am going to be your fan from now. There are lots that I learnt tonight that will be my bullets to face Anwar diehard fans.

    Good job Jebat

    JMD : Thank you for visiting this blog. Really appreciate it.


  66. JMD,

    Firstly,to your good self and all Muslims on this blog-Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya Aidil Fitri.

    Whether in posting artticles or responding to comments, Salute.

    I am overwhelmed by your patience and incisive response to Andipool.

    To be fair as he (Andipool) said , AAB inherited such a rot that the very first election in 2004 under his (AAB) charge of only 1 year, the BN had recorded its biggest victory in Malaysian history.

    Don’t you see JMD, AAB is so brilliant that in only one year of his administration of an inherited rotten, barely unchanged Govt administration, the Rakyat gave him a mandate that even Kim Jong Il would be proud of.

    He had achieved in one year what TunMM had slogged for 22.

    I really salute you for your patience.


    JMD : Thank you for the comment. Actually, Pak Lah was in power for less than 6 months when PRU11 was held. Very impressive indeed.


  67. JMD,

    Firstly, to your good self all Mulims at this blog-Selamat menyambut Hari Raya Aidil Fitri.

    I had earlier posted a comment but it seem to have been lost in cyberspace.

    I am heartened that the are now many dsAI or PR supporters or symphatisers who are and will become regular visitors to your blog.

    The reason I am delighted as this will allow you to respond and in doing so we are richer for the knowledge you provide for each others understanding.

    Agreeing to disagree at times but with the politeness and reverence your blog deserves

    Role modelling will not come in a bigger package than your good self by way of articulate dispensation with decorum.

    Waiting for the derby game and hoping for a red letter result 🙂


    JMD : What a good game eh? 🙂


  68. Dear JMD,

    I am given a totally new prespective of Tun’s “Dark Side” when you clarified his ruthlessness in dismantling UMNO’s enemy as the leader of his party, and Anwar’s, how shall I describe this, “Kelakarness” in conniving to assasinate his political enemies to be leader of his party.

    Thanks JMD,

    JMD : Yes Johan. I guess one have to be in politics to really know the art of politics. Some young professionals may perceive that politics are dirty. That’s why they shun politics. Somebody told Tun Ghaffar Baba exactly that. To which he replied, politics are dirty only if you make it dirty. If you have a clear conscience in what’s good for the party and the nation, politics may be the best tool to bring the nation to greater heights.

    Thank you.


  69. JMD,

    I dedicate this song to dsAI and his dream of becoming PM.

    I wont last a day without you – Carpenters

    Day after day, I must face a world of strangers (Pakatan Rakyat),
    Where I dont belong ,Im not that strong
    Its nice to know that theres someone (Datin Wan Azizah) I can turn to
    Who will always care, youre always there

    (*) when theres no gettin over that rainbow
    When my wildest of dreams wont come true
    I can take all the madness the world has to give
    But I wont last a day without you (Pakatan Rakayat)

    So many times when the city seems to be
    Without a friendly face, a lonely place
    Its nice to know that youll (Lim Kit Siang) be there if I need you
    And youll always smile, its all worthwhile

    Repeat (*)

    If all my friends (Pakayan Rakyat) have forgotten half their promises theyre not unkind, just
    Hard to find
    One look at you (Karpal) and I know
    That I must learn to live without the rest
    Ive found the best (Pak Lah)

    Repeat (*)



  70. Dear JMD,

    Reading your article make me wish that i could write like you. Your articles have shed light on so many issues. Thus, my brother copied and pasted yours and Adipool’s comment for Tun to read. We are in the opinion that Tun should know that many of us are on his side and we appreciate him so much. Also, for other readers to digest its information. The comment was copied and pasted under Tun’s United States title. We hope that you don’t mind.

    Selamat Hari Raya… hope that by the time that i send you another comment, Pak Lah has announced his resignation.

    JMD : Thank you Ikhwan. No I do not mind at all. In fact, I am greatly honoured.


  71. Dear JMD,

    I agreed with Andipool, Tun Dr.M is the reason for everything that goes wrong in this country. TDM should’ve step down in 1998 and submit to Anwar’s “reformasi” at that time.

    I believe that this country could be governed better by these group of capable extremists called DAP @ PAP, PAS @ TALIBAN & PKR @ Parti Keluarga Rakyat.

    Too bad that didn’t happen although some political ulamak gave the greenlight to befriend EVEN satan in order to topple BN & TDM.

    Right JMD?????

    JMD : Absolutely.


  72. JMD,

    Yes, I am not a Malay but an East Malaysian bumiputra–the orang asal. As for my profession, I am a civil servant. I am an officer in the grade 41 category for 20 years. A junior 2nd generation Indon(now considered a Malay like Khir Toyo) was promoted over me. Why–purely b’cos of the govt policy of maintaining Malay hegemony. Who started this and implemented it to its full capacity. My answer is TDM. If a leader who rules a country for 22 years is not considered a DICTATOR( even the host of BBC’s Hard Talk had addressed him as a dictator in the show), these are the traits of a Dictator–ruling a country for long periods. During his reign, the govt depts till today are only headed by Malays(99.5%) and 95% of the staffs are Malays. How many East Malaysian bumiputras are head of govt depts.
    For 22 years he was the PM, how much development did TDM bring to East Malaysia. He was only interested in his Look East Policy to emulate the Japanese and bring development to West Malaysia–to benefit his relatives(thats how his son is one of the 10th richest man in Malaysia) and his other cronies–90% of them are Malays. What lifes are the East Malaysians leading till today despite contributing enomorsly in the political stability of the country via votes in the general elections. Go see for youself, how are the housing conditions, transport system, schools,health amenities and so forth. But here in West Malaysia TDM have been rampaging billions of ringgit to built grandiose buildings and mega projects .
    Lest we forget, below are some examples of the wheels of the privatisation express having come off the rails and the people having to pay the price for the privatisation derailments. Bailouts were the order of the day.

    1) RM200 million bailout of Indah Water Konsortium (IWK), the financially hobbled concessionaire managing the national sewerage system. Soft loans were granted by the government to IWK amounted to about RM1.4 billion and they were ‘clearly irrecoverable losses’.

    2)Who can forget former prime minister’s Dr Mahathir Mohamd’s rescue of Konsortium Perkapalan Bhd (KPB), then owned by his son Mirzan, which was submerged in debts of about RM1.7 billion, by using funds from Petroliam Nasional Bhd (Petronas)?

    3)TDM’s government fueled controversy by using Petronas funds yet again to buy 27 percent of the national car maker Perusahaan Otomobil Nasional Bhd, or Proton, for about RM1 billion, thereby making it the controlling shareholder. The stake was held by the DRB-Hicom Group Bhd, which was deeply in debt. The deal was announced after Proton, reported a net loss of RM19 million in the nine months to December 31, 1999.

    4)The government bought back a controlling stake in the Malaysia Airlines System Bhd (MAS) at the same price for which it sold it in 1994. But the carrier, which had a light debt load then, was grounded by its RM9.5 billion debt and was headed for a fourth straight year of losses. Bankruptcy was imminent.It was believed that the government paid close to RM1 billion more than market value for the stake of the airline’s then chairman, Tajudin Ramli, a protégé of then finance minister Daim Zainuddin. The former chairman had no experience in the airline business before he took over the company and was widely blamed for running the airlines into the ground.

    5) The manner in which TDM’s govt rescued Time dotCom, a subsidiary of Time Engineering (then saddled with a RM5 billion debt), itself a publicly-listed company of the Umno-linked Renong Group, added yet another ugly dot to its integrity.Kumpulan Wang Amanah Pencen (KWAP) or the Pensions Trust Fund (which came under the office of then finance minister Daim Zainuddin) coughed up RM904 million to buy 273.9 million unwanted Time dotCom shares, incurring an instant loss of RM280 million. The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) spent RM269.28 million on 81.6 million Time dotCom Bhd shares (the unsubscribed public portion of its initial public offering [IPO]) at RM3.30 when the share was hovering between RM1.96 to RM2.10, eventually suffering a loss of over RM100 million belonging to the rakyat.
    Danaharta (the agency tasked to remove bad loans from the banking system) and Khazanah Nasional (the government’s investment arm) got involved in the bailout when it was clearly not their mission to be a vehicle for such bailouts. (Khazanah acquired 30 percent of Time dotCom for some RM2.1 billion.)

    6)The rakyat was again taken for a ride over the privatisation express when, in another privatisation reversal, the government raised RM6 billion (in what was known as Malaysia’s biggest-ever rescue via bond issue) to bail out Kuala Lumpur’s light-rail transit operators Projek Usahasama Transit Ringan Automatik Sdn Bhd (Putra) and the Sistem Transit Aliran Ringan Sdn Bhd (Star).
    Putra, which belongs to Renong Bhd (former Umno’s investment arm), defaulted on its RM2 billion loan in 1999. The government through the EPF again, gave Star more than RM600 million in loans even when the company was operating at a loss resulting in EPF’s equity stake of RM135 million being subsequently written off.
    Both companies were allowed to continue to operate and manage the LRT systems despite their mismanagement and incompetence. Taxpayers had to foot the mega-bills.

    7)It was during TDM’s time that the biggest contract was signed-a problem-plagued RM24.3 billion deal (signed in 1998) for navy patrol vessels awarded to PSC Industries Bhd, a Malaysian company controlled by Amin Shah Omar Shah.
    The deal, which also gave PSC control of the government’s main naval shipyard and the exclusive rights to service the Malaysian Navy’s entire fleet, was intended to be the springboard for Malaysia to create its own marine-engineering industry. But the project went bust–and in the process billions went into pockets and into the sea.

    8)Bailout of Renong/UEM with the EPF’s acquisition of UEM equity and UEM’s subsequent securing of a RM800 million loan from government and well-connected banks such as Malayan Banking, Bank Bumiputra, Bank of Commerce and RHB to implement a controversial purchase of Renong equity from the company’s executive chairman Halim Saad.
    9)Bailout of Renong’s National Steel Company (NSC) in the Philippines through the Hongkong-based company Hottick which secured loans, apparently without collateral, from government-owned Malayan Banking and Bank Bumiputra, as well as RHB Bank and Bank of Commerce. Hottick’s loans totaling RM3.09 billion were eventually taken over by Danaharta.

    10)Bailout of Tan Sri Ting Pek Khiing‘s Ekran Berhad which received RM950 million compensation from the government over the Bakun Dam project.

    In fact I can go on and on with more of his rampages, but time doesn’t permit. My contention is, if only part of that money have been utilised to built proper housing estates, schools, transport systems in East Malaysia, at least it would have elevated their lifes to somewhat half par with the West Malaysians.

    JMD : I will only answer the first part of your comment because the second part of your comment was just a copy pasted excerpt from an article by Martin Stephen Jalleh in Aliran. MArtin is a bumi from Sabah. He writes poetry tapi berkarat sikit. Very pro Anwar for reasons only God knows. Sometimes he gives motivational talks to school kids.

    Anyway Andipool, I assume you have a really short term memory (which by the way is the hallmark of Anwar Ibrahim’s supporters). Have I not answer those allegations in my previous reply to your comment long time ago? Why are you still insisting on repeating this? Are you daft? Maybe there is a reason why you did not get the promotion after all! Just kidding 🙂

    Read here please:

    However, since I do not have the proper details to elaborate, my explanation may not be complete.

    By the way, you really should not blame it on policy or other people if you were leapfrogged by a junior colleague. When you said 99.5% of the government heads during his time were headed by Malays, I beg to differ. Just refer to this LINK and you will see that your alleged (plucking numbers from air) percentile is definitely wrong. Again, like always, like I had always told you, YOU are blind. Blinded by your misplaced hatred towards TDM. And last time I check, there were several bumi ministers from East Malaysia in TDM’s cabinet. Around 20%!Quite a contradiction with your accusations that he does not give a damn about East Malaysians. And why were East Malaysians be given the chance to be in the highest governing body in Malaysia? So that they will take care of the East Malaysians too. TDM believes that if there are representations of all the races from each state in Malaysia within the cabinet, then the cabinet will know the issues and problems of each community. Logical isn’t it?

    But why do you think East Malaysia still lags behind? Each state were given a fair amount of allocation in every budget. If you are from Sarawak, then just ask Datuk Stephen Kalong from 1963 all the way to Taib Mahmud about this. If you are from Sabah, then please ask all 13 chief ministers of Sabah since Tun Fuad Stephens till Musa Aman. Oh by the way, the majority of these chief ministers were not Malays. Pagar makan padi ka? Ask them what happened to all the money allocated to the state. Why blame TDM?

    Have you ever wondered that it is because of this policy you, as a bumi were able to join the public sector and climbed all the way to grade 41. If it was open based on merit, you may not be selected. I am not downgrading your abilities but you should also think about the other people within the same community as you which may not have your level of competence.

    Do not be dismayed if you do not get what you wanted. Even some Malays do not what they wanted in this supposedly pro Malay government. But some non Malays like Idris Jala scaled heights never even dreamed by the majority of the Malays! If I may, I think you have a psychological problem. Let me state here that your personal problem and anguish of not getting promoted is not a direct repercussion of TDM’s rule as Prime Minister.

    You need to be fair. If you think you failed to be upgraded from your current salary scale, there are in fact others like you, other east Malaysians that did quite well in the government.

    Probably that junior of yours is an apple polisher, perhaps he scored better in his appraisal than you, or perhaps he knows hot to play office politics better than most. There could be a lot of reasons. But why is this a fault of TDM? Furthermore, why only him you blame? Why not Tun Hussein Onn or Tun Abdul Razak? The policy practiced by Tun had been the same since their time. Be fair please.

    Well look at me talking like psychiatrist to a disturbed patient. Sorry. I digress.

    By the way you also mentioned about Khir Toyo’s ancestors. There you go again bitching about race. Yes Khir Toyo’s father came from Indonesia. But his mother is defnitely a local malay. So what now? Shall we exclude the fact that his maternal grandparents and their grandparents have probably been living in Malaysia for as long as your ancestors had?

    You know what, your sentiment about seeing an ‘indon’ became a citizen of Malaysia when in fact you had been living here far longer than him is very much how the majority Malays felt when 1 million immigrants were given citizenship back in 1957. Exactly the same resentment. But you know what, they move on and together worked hard for the nation. So should you.

    Just like what I said in my previous reply to you, your hatred towards TDM had clouded your good sense of judgment. How can you be promoted if you do not have any common sense? I will never understand why the Pakatan Rakyat supporters are so racist.

    Even Lim Kit Siang, in his latest blog, tak habis habis nak sebut pasal keturunan orang.

    He said :

    “UMNO Bukit Bendera division chief Ahmad Ismail’s “Chinese are penumpang” was the last straw, furnishing another completely unacceptable example of first-generation or second-generation locally-born “bumiputras” questioning the loyalty and patriotism of sixth or seven-generation locally-born “non-bumiputras”!”

    As if both Ahmad Ismail’s parents and their forebearers were immigrants before! Like I said earlier, nearly all leaders in Pakatan Rakyat cannot stop from highlighting racial differences. They are indeed racists who had never look at themselves in the mirrors.

    Of course Ahmad Ismail did really wrong back then. But LKS keep harping this issue likes this is his only reason for living and to stay relevant in the political arena.

    Lastly, Tun Dr Mahathir is probably the only dictator in the world who held general elections and kept on voted in by Malaysians. Don’t blame him. Just blame the people in the Kubang Pasu’s constituency. Their ‘hatred’ towards this dictator can be shown in every general election since 1982.

    Oh and he is the only dictator who retired voluntarily. Perhaps, he is the only dictator in the world when firstly announced his decision to retire, was URGED to extend his tenureship as Prime Minister for another 16 months.

    You know who are the real dictators? They are the ones who WAS URGED time and time again to step down but chose to stay on and used every possible means to continue ruling.

    Your comment in this blog is very emotional. When comments are emotional, any discussions will not become intellectual and beneficial. I fear if you keep on dwelling on personal issues and be emotional and treat this blog as a place to dump your anger, then sorry to say, you are no longer welcomed.

    However, I have a solution for you. Why don’t you list down all the things that trouble you and write to TDM about it in his blog. Better yet, did you go to his open house last Sunday? I bet that was the best opportunity for you to present to him your grouses and also criticise him in all his 22 years as PM.

    If you didn’t, you can just go to Perdana Leadership Foundation and set a meeting with him. Tell him it’s because of him you are stuck in your current grade. I’m sure he is more than willing to ask for your forgiveness and offer you compensation.

    Thank you.


  73. I suppose if the bailouts didnt work or that it didnt take place, it would make the job of blaming all the ills in Malaysia to TDM much more easier.

    In short, what Corporate America is trying to teach us now is that bailout is ok as it saves the economy and the people from financial meltdown.

    When Martin Jalleh wrote it and Andipool decided to swallow it hook, line and sinker, bailouts are a crime and is looked upon with odious contempt. The West hated it. These days, it is part of the stimulus package design to resuscitate the economy. The West swears by it.

    Caught in a time warp lah you Andipool. By the way, you have so much anger, so troubled. Take it easy friend.

    Life is not just about climbing the corporate ladder. Take a walk and smell the roses.

    On behalf of the people who have antagonised you in the past and in the spirit of maaf kemaafan, Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment Lekiu.


  74. JMD,

    Another brilliant rebuke. Heard many of these grouses over and over again.

    Mr Andipool memory is also short not to mention Anwar’s role as Finance Minister during the 90s and what did he do for Sabah and Sarawak. Instead of asking a retiree, go and ask Anwar. Set up a meeting with him, he would probably compensate you, since there would be leftover $$$ since the crossover did not happen.

    Mr Andipool, please take JMD’s advise seriously and seek help elsewhere.

    JMD : Thank you. I read your analysis on Hindraf in your blog. Very informative. Thanks.


  75. Hi JMD, thought I come out clean, I used to post comment as Hindraf non-sympathiser.

    I am now scampering around your other postings looking for more Andipool vs JMD comments.

    Its like watching intellectual wrestling except more of a match between, say, The Rock and one of the Jonas brothers. Oh man….it makes me feel so good. Thanks to Andipool for being source of such a quality entertainment.

    Keep up the great job JMD, I am now one of your biggest fan.

    JMD : Thank you for your comment. Anyway, I was just replying in what I believe is right. And Andipool (bless his heart) is not the only one whom I had discussions with. There are many other people who did not agree with me. On top of my head, they were Woody, Aniseed and Msleepyhead. You can search for them too. There are times that I am lost for words too! :)What is important is the good spirit in holding the discussion. Plus, we will try not to belittle any views what come may. If we cannot agree with each other, then it is our right to disagree. Also, there are other commenters who although are having the same opinion with me, had opted to further give valuable insights in their comments. Thank you all to the commenters, be it pro govt, pro opposition or the fence sitters.


  76. Dear JMD,

    I believe Mr. Andipool has the same mentality as the guy that lodged a police report against TDM. A police report blaming TDM for being the reason why the economic is bad….

    When i read that news, i believe he is either mentally disturbed guy or just want to be popular so next time he can be a like the ‘popular politician’ a.k.a Teresa

    Man ….. these guys really have to get their mental check
    Its disturbing to blame other people on any mishap happened to him ….
    I always believe, beside ‘rezeki’, the effort is another main factor that decides where will you be at the end….either succesfull or not….

    Andipool, maybe I should blame you on several things that happened to me as a Malaysia citizen…as a government servant, you did not perform well in providing us the citizen by not giving us 100% of your effort in DOING your job at the first place. Why? because you spend more time blaming other than focusing on your doing job as a government servant. If you are putting 100%, then why people still say gov serv ‘lembab’ (sorry to others gov servs). If you really putting 100%, maybe other gov serv look up at you as model worker and strive to be like you (man, 20 years in the sector still being jump by junior kaaa, instead of blaming other maybe you should evaluate yourself and your performance … hehehehehe i bet it is because of your PERSONALITY)

    If….if….if…..but no, you chose to blame other people that have done so many things that are good … if TDM is messiah, he can make all people happy….sadly he is not …

    I can put more reason why i should blame you … but chose not to as you as a verrrryyyy educative person can see my point (I cannot be specific as i do not know what is your dept is)

    Again, maybe you should think this way. Bailout can save lives. Maybe TDM was not thinking about his son or cronies but for the small fries below that work hard for a living.

    Instead of finding faults in TDM past deeds, why don’t you find the good deeds that TDM have done in his past 22 years of brilliant leadership… see both of it objectively … it will not help you throw away your hatred but it can help you to appreciate TDM in a way….



  77. Sorry to digress but I just can’t help it. Having read the previous and the above exchanges between Andipool and you, am starting to believe that Andipool actually loves and admire you Jebat.

    Not the kind of love between a man and a woman though, but one where one feels needed and important because of the other person’s willingness to take the trouble to engage and answer to all that’s eating him up and making him feeling so miserable about this life.

    Elsewhere, he’d probably wouldn’t get such preferential “treatment”, perhaps, he’d probably be mauled and shred to pieces even, thus he continues with his lonely journey scouring from one blog to another, hoping that somebody out there would be as kind, to stop and listen to him. And that he found it here.

    Just look at your replies. You took great pain to make him understand, it’s almost like you took his hand and personally led him towards the light. And along the way, you ended up having many other ‘lost souls’ enlightened too, with your very well researched, sharp and analytical postings/replies. We need more people like you Jebat.

    Now, if only you could work this same magic with Atila, you’ll be doing a great service to many of us from getting choked from laughing too much. For now, have to agree with you, and am sure, to the rest too, that she remains the undisputed favorite commentator here.

    JMD : Auw.. don’t be too harsh on Atila… probably she/he was speed reading and did not get the sarcasm in that article. But her effort in defending Tun M was commendable. You have to admire her/him for that 🙂 Thanks for the comment Eugene. Very profound indeed 🙂


  78. Salam JMD,

    Saya baru belanja hampir RM800 tukar speedgear on my 9 year old iswara. It was leaking oil and making strange noises lately and with safety on my mind, change the whole thing before balik kampong. And this morning I found yet again, droplets of gear oil…either got a bad deal ( defect secondhand parts ) or the young mechanic did a poor job changing the parts.

    Know what – IT’S ALL TUN MAHATHIR’S FAULT !!

    He came up with the Proton idea in the first place ! Without proton in the picture, car prices would have been muchmuch lower ( like in the early 80s ) and i could have been driving a Honda for a change and maybe the speedgear would have lasted another few years before i have to change it 😦
    And the mechanic…i don’t blame the poor guy, it’s Mahathir’s fault too ! with all the special priveleges to Malays (why the Malays are becoming so soft ) and without the fair challenge from other races in education, no wonder we come out with such incompetence ‘skilled’ Malay mechanics 😦

    All because of TDM ! Nasib baik anak2 dah pergi sekolah, bolehlah korek tabung raya budak2 tu nak kena repair kereta. TDM… if u can read this..even though u retired 5 years ago, me the rakyat still has to suffer for all your faults during ur premiership. THANKS A LOT ! 😦

    Take that ! wahai pembodek2 TDM !!

    JMD : Sabar Tuan Sadiq, nanti kena jual! 🙂


  79. hmm… commenting on andipool’s ‘second generation Indon’. What is wrong with that?

    I am a second generation Indon borned in Sabah and I am proud of it.

    My dad is a Batak Mendailing, borned in Medan Sumatera and arrived in North Borneo in 1959 (when he was 19 yrs old). My dad married my mum, a Brunei Kadazan hailed from Papar, Sabah.

    My birth cert & MyKad state that my race is ‘Indonesian’. I have requested a NRD officer who is a Non-Muslim Bumiputra Sabah (knowing by her name) to change my race to ‘Malaysian’ but to no avail, her reason – ‘anak ikut bapa’ whereas my bapa was already a Malaysian since 1963!! And I don’t see it as TDM’s fault. It is that Non-Muslim Bumiputra Sabah Lady’s Fault!!!

    Now I have to face so many redtapes in inheriting my mum’s ‘tanah pusaka’ since all the pusaka lands are NT lands.

    Now you tell me Andipool, as a ‘second generation Indon’ do I not have any rights in Sabah??

    Sorry JMD, I maybe a lil bit emosional here.. geram bah.. he he

    Selamat Hari Raya, Ma’af banyak2… 🙂


  80. oi andipol..kawan gua umo 32 pangkat dah gred 48 tau..haaa..mix india melayu lak tu..aper citer??yang gua tau die rajin keje..disiplin..amanah..berani..setia..bushido abes dah mamat amik exam ptd??yang gua kenal pegawai2 kerajaan umo 40s ni dah macam tak minat nak keje (of coz segelintir…im sure most of them tak temasuk dalam kategori ni..dun flame me aa..)sindiri tara bagos nak blame Tun M..berape punye keji punye manusie lu ni..cube puji sket anuar brahim or paklah..kasik dengo sket..cuz it’s funny when i read ur’s purely to whack tun m tapi takde plak sokong anwar ka paklah ka..awat??marah betoi ka cheq???


  81. Harsh on him/her? Of course not. He/She’s so adorable actually, that’s why she remains our No.1 icon here. And such ferocity shown in defending TDM was admirable indeed. Someone you would want to be on your side.

    Atila, Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, if you celebrate it. Maaf Zahir & Batin ok?

    Thanks JMD, keep on the flame. Salam.

    JMD : Yes, adorable is the word 🙂


  82. JMD,

    You said “Have you ever wondered that it is because of this policy you, as a bumi were able to join the public sector and climbed all the way to grade 41. If it was open based on merit, you may not be selected. I am not downgrading your abilities but you should also think about the other people within the same community as you which may not have your level of competence”.

    Talking about merit–then more than 90% of civil servants will be non malays,more than 80% will be non malay students in universities, more 90% of the professionals in the country will be non malays and the list can go on and on. Just exactly the scenario before the DEB came into existence. Who will be the losers–the malays. What percentage do the East Malaysians comprise at the national level in all fields–so definitely they won’t feel the loss. Only the malays will feel the great loss if MERITOCRACY is the order of the day.
    As for “bleached-4ever’s’ comments that I am responsible for the govt servants inefficieny–his brains must be at the bottom not at the top. He failed to realise the fact that 95% of the civil servants are malays–what is the composition of east malaysians in the civil serivce.
    As for your advise for me to see a psychiatrist–you must be out of your mind– simply b’cos if I am a psychiatric patient, I won’t be engaging in a rational discourse with you.
    Since you said I am no longer welcome–pls be informed not many people want to know about your blog–you, lekiu,balan and other recalcitrants, who are TDM’s balls carriers can keep on barking. Now it’s DSAI’s era, we have got Malaysia Today and Malaysiakini whose readers are thousand times more than yours. More realistic and logical information can be exchanged–more incidents of abuses,corruption and so forth can be found in these sites. Your site is specifically for anti DSAI comments–which is limited to a few readers only–so it won’t create much impact on the general public. Barking dogs keep on barking.

    JMD : You made an erroneous statement. Prior to DEB (you’re probably 2 years old when DEB was implemented), many civil servants are non Malays. But were the majority chinese or indians? No. Most of the high ranking officers in the civil service after independence were from Britain. Your assertions that if we impose meritocracy then many workers in the civil service will be the non Malays (chinese especially) is partly correct. So when you told everyone here that only the Malays will feel the great loss if meritocracy is imposed, then I suspect, you will not be in the good books of the 60%+ people here in Malaysia 🙂

    Since the Malays are positively discriminated in several subtle ways in the highly lucrative private sector, then why can’t they dominate the public service (approx. 1 million people are working in the public sector out of 11 million people in the workforce)? Anyway, I have again explained the reasons for this in my previous blog postings. I do not wish the country to have the DEB forever, it will do more harm in the long run.

    But the Malays mindset must be changed first in order to compete with other people in a level playing field. Hmm.. I have written about this at least a hundred times.

    Have you read them? No?

    Are you anti Malay? Hopefully no because then, you might be labelled as racist, which I hope will never be labelled to you.

    Why are you suddenly becoming emotional? I welcome you, in fact I accorded you the best form of civility here. Even other commenters did not get much time spent on them. Even I did not get this kind of treatment in your favourite websites such as MK and MT. It’s just that you have to be less emotional and please be mindful not to let any personal matters creep into your comments. And for you to accuse this blog as specifically for anti DSAI comments only, then you couldn’t be more wrong. I have never censored any comments from Anwaritas. Have I ever censored your comments Andipool? If you want to see more pro Anwar comments here, then why don’t you get all your pro Anwar friends to read this blog? It is not fair that you had hogged this blog just for yourself 🙂

    And you know what, I don’t care if this blog does not create much impact to the public. This blog is a personal blog. It is not a news portal anyway. It is not even financed by anyone. But to get an average about 2,000 clicks per day even when there is no posting whatsoever, and an average of 4,000 clicks everytime there is a posting is very much a success in my standard. What more, this blog is an anonymous blog. With no strings attached.

    Your effort in resorting to belittle this humble blog shows that you have exhausted all ideas on how to be rational in the end. Calling people as dogs, ball carriers and pariahs is not nice. But then again, I half expected this kind of behaviour from Anwar supporters anyway. So, cheers!


  83. Andipool,

    You have copy pasted SEVEN articles in this comments section which I think without a doubt trying to educate me on how glorious and messianistic Anwar is. But since the articles are so long, it was deposited in the spam section (basically, a wholly copy pasted comments from other sources are usually treated as spam here), I took the liberty to extract your copy pasted comments from the spam section, and moved them here.

    I also wonder why did you take the trouble to copy pasted all of them here since I myself have read them too. Hence, my blog articles offered the other side of views on Anwar which his true fans failed to realise. I’m glad that besides the world renowned and really fair Malaysiakini and Malaysia Today, you have also decided to visit this humble blog of mine. Like you have said in your recent comment, this blog is so puny, nobody ever wanted to read it. Except you of course. Unless, if I suspected, you did not read any of my articles anyhow – that is why I said, most of your comments are irrational and emotional. For how else, would you blame Tun for your mishap in not getting the desired promotion? You can blame yourself, your own boss or even Tun Abdul Razak for actually emboldening the civil servant policy. But yet, you did not. You even told me the same thing again and again which I had tirelessly explained to you in a logical and properly manner. Step by step, like carefully guiding you by the hands towards the light (like Eugene had written previously).

    That is why, if you cannot argue or comment unemotionally, you might as well comment in Malaysiakini and Malaysia Today. They do welcome angry, irrational people there.

    Have you made any appointments to see Tun? Hopefully so. That way, I do not have to explain things directly to you since you refuse to accept any of it. It’s better to get it out of your chest in front of Tun.

    So here’s your copy pasted articles for this blog readers to read. Bear in mind, some of them are not that current anymore. Also, please do not copy paste any really long articles here. Just provide the links. It will be sufficed. It’s not that you had put your own two cents worth in it right? Plus, it’s not that we, the readers of political blogs, do not read Malaysiakini or Malaysia Today at all. In order to gain clear perspective, I read pro opposition websites all the time.

    1) Time to get to work, Anwar

    2) Seize the moment

    3) Blatant racial discrimination [I’m guessing you gonna blame ‘rationally’ on Tun Mahathir over this incident? Hehe. Get some prozac okay 🙂 ]

    4) RPK has the right to speak

    5) Commander in chief in ISA [Wow, Malaysiakini gave RPK a new title – Commander In Chief for majority of Malaysians. COngratulations to him]

    6) Silencing RPK at all costs

    7) Nothing ‘unethical’ about Anwar’s 916 plan [BAsically an unknown pro Pakatan Rakyat supporter is refuting his own Tunku Abdul Aziz (VP of DAP) assertions that Anwar is indeed unethical]

    Thank you Andipool. I pray you will get a grade increase soon. If not, then Tun will surely be lambasted by you yet again… 🙂


  84. 11:20am, October 9, 2008: The prosecution just admitted that the exhibit which forms the foundation of the charge against RPK was not originally taken from Malaysia-Today but was a police cut-&-paste job.They also did not deny the large part of the original article is true.

    11:30am: The prosecution is seeking to stand down the trial, and decide what to do as the charge may be defective. The judge is alarmed that the exhibit to the charge is not the original but a police’s cut-and-paste article.

    11:35am: Prosecution is in a quandary as the trial appears to be scuttled since charge may be held to be defective midway through the trial.

    Now you know, why malaysians call the polis anjing pariah kerajaan

    JMD : Wah not working ah today surfing the net during working hours! 🙂 Hopefully, Teresa Kok will get good protection from all these polis anjing pariah kerajaan too. Maklumlah, she did ask for their help too.

    On a serious note, this is indeed a setback by the police. But again, you copy pasted something from the net, from a pro PR blogger.

    Need to get from a more reliable source like Malaysiakini or MSM.

    Anyway, the need to be more efficient next time in making a case. the IGP should really promote people in the force with good competence so that they will bring a good name for the police.

    In any case, detaining RPK in ISA is a thing that I do not actually agree as his trial will be underway. If he insulted Islam, then the appropriate religious body should just haul him up and question him and if need be, rehabilitate him or teach him the true path if indeed he had gone deviant. If not, then the aggrieved party should just charge him in the courts.

    I would like to make a mention here about this whole RPK – Altantuya – Rosmah Mansor – Najib since the trial of RPK has the connection with the murder trial.

    Razak Baginda is the son of Abdullah Malim Baginda. His father and Pak Lah are close buddies since their days in the civil service. They toured around the country together as government officers when they were in the Ministry of Culture, Youth & Sports back in early 70’s. Pak Lah is so close to Malim Baginda that he treated Razak Baginda as a son too.

    Another good friend of Pak Lah was the late Datuk Jamaluddin Abu Bakar (KJ’s dad). They were close buddies too when the late Datuk was a diplomat of the Foreign Ministry in the early 90’s. Pak Lah had known the sons of his two good friends since they were small. Pak Lah loved Razak Baginda just as much as KJ when they were small.

    The only one capable of letting Razak Baginda off the hook is Pak Lah himself. How would you let the son of your very close friend be charge with murder with the probability of a death sentence upon conviction. It’s not Najib who will get Razak Baginda off the hook. It will be Pak Lah himself.

    So, I feel that the theory that Pak Lah will let Razak Baginda fry just to get back to Najib is not quite true.

    Another thing about RPK. People often think that RPK did all the digging when he highlighted all of Pak Lah’s excesses. People often hailed RPK as the person we can count upon in revealing all the corruption during Pak Lah’s tenureship as Prime Minister.

    We applaud him. The inability of Pak Lah to defend those allegations was an eye opener. But, RPK himself could not have the information that easily in the first place. He got his ‘deepthroats’ and ‘littlebirds’ to feed him with the damaging evidence of corruption.

    When Malaysia Today started in 2005 and operated all the way to 2008, RPK never criticizes Tun. If he had, they were all just general sweeping statements. MT was only focussing in toppling Pak Lah and highlighting his weaknesses back then. Malaysia Today changed its stand right after the PRU12 when it started to employ IT people from the US to manage the website. Go figure.


  85. Andipool,

    You called me “recalcitrant” and you once labelled JMD “congenital liar”. I vaguely recall Paul Keating calling Mahathir those names.

    Just because I refuse to be bludgeoned into submission from your warped logic in endorsing Anwar as a candidate for PM doesn’t mean I am a “recalcitrant”. Just because JMD was mistakenly led to believe by Pusrawi doesn’t make him a liar from birth.

    We are here to have an open discussion in the spirit of a new world that you and your friends are fighting for. If you disagree with some of the points brought forth, feel free to employ whatever power of persuasion in your armoury to make others see things in your perspective.

    I have a deep respect for Mahathir for reasons already mentioned. For reasons best known to you, you chose to heap all the troubles befalling this country on Mahathir. You believe in the promise of Anwar. We have argued it endlessly. If my memory serves me right, your arguments have been torn to pieces each and every single time.

    As for JMD’s blog doesn’t have the traffic as that of Msia Today or Msia Kini, all I can say is that if you care to check JMD’s statistic, the number of commenters and the number of visitors have increased termendously thanks to the tireless and impressive work by JMD.

    I have introduced several people to JMD’s blog. I am proud to know several friends have changed their mind when it comes to Anwar after reading JMD’s blog. I consider one convert a month a success. We all have to fight in the way we know how. This is my contribution for the sake of my unborn grandchildren. I am sure JMD is fighting in a way he know how, he writes impressive and well researched article.

    Dear Readers,

    In view of the insult thrown by Andipool to JMD when it comes to the traffic in JMD’s blog, I propose that each JMD readers make an effort to try to get as many friends to read JMD’s work. We shall all strive to make this blog, the premiere blog that will ultimately rival Msia Today or Msia Kini.

    By the way, just because everyone loves going to the circus doesn’t mean everyone aspire to be a clown.

    JMD : Thank you Lekiu for helping me to drive the point. You suggested each reader promote this blog to other people. I am greatly honored to have the confidence from a lot of people like yourself in promoting this blog that way. I am thankful that some readers had indeed done that all this while. Please continue to make this blog your daily haunt. Will strive to make your time worthwhile here. Thank you very much.


  86. Andipool,

    Having re read your comments posted in JMD’s blog, I sense a deep sense of anguish and frustration on your part lately.

    Your cut and paste tactic without the need to filter what you have read shows a man driven not by reason, but pure hatred.

    Perhaps, disturbed by the logical sway of JMD’s persuasion, the polished image that you have of Anwar and his false promise of a new dawn is quietly disintegrating and that scares you.

    That fear is driving you into a frenzied anger. You seek solace and comfort from blogs that reaffirm your shattered belief in Anwar and his false promise. In your haste to denounce those who have a different take from the perspective you hold dear, you shamelessly regurgitate whatever information you obtained, without filter. At times passing off the comments as yours.

    I don’t think JMD has ever described you as persona non grata at his blog. I await for your comments at times in breathless anticipation. In between comedy of errors of fact and rabid frothing from the mouth, your comments seems to being out the best reply from JMD.

    I can understand when Eugene describe how JMD in taking the patience to explain to you is akin to holding your hand and bringing you to the light.

    Which reminds me of the book, Sophie’s World, when Alberto Knox took pains to explain to Sophie Amundsen the history of philosophy. But of course i can imagine a cute Sophie, but well you are more like Cujo.

    JMD : Cujo?! Haha you made me laugh so hard in the middle of the night! Thank you.


  87. Sorry JMD,

    Wow andipool,

    amazing, you did read my comments….

    funny … my brain is at the place it is meant to be …. if not i’ll be like you (nauzubillah)

    hahaha …. what i don’t understand is that if my notion to blame you for your incompetent in doing your job, then my brain is on the bottom…

    so where should your brain be? you are blaming other TDM for things that are supposed to be achieved by you and only you … like i said, maybe your screwed personality is hampering you promotions … wonder if you have thought about that … but often ego and pride (plus ignorance) blind you from yourself ….. it must be wayyyyyyyy below …

    and tell us, did you received any direct hit from all the TDM misdeed? or maybe TDM did not bailout your company or any relatives company …

    FYI andipool, i do realized that majority gov serv is Malay (in fact i am proud of it) but what dumbfounded me is that you failed to see that i was implying a point that i or other person can also play the blaming game ….. saying that you are responsible it is not what i really want to say … but hey, you notice it and respond thus it hits a spot eh…

    and playing the race issue is not clever dude … yes its true around 95% Malays …. but ever heard of ‘nila tumpah setitik, habis susu sebelanga’

    let assume you are the nila, and the unfortunate gov serv under you is the susu…get the drift

    by blaming other people, you yourself are trying to deny your weaknesses!!

    grow up man … just because you did not get a promotion, you should blame others …. every person have weaknesses, and people that are successful are the one that embraced their weaknesses and strive to be better …

    by your statement, so you are saying that east malaysian as yourself cannot be a role model for juniors? as far as i know the phrase ‘lead by example’ does not have particular space to put ‘race’ between it…

    lead malays by example … ??? lead east malaysian by example … ??? hmmm

    again andipool, before you go and blame TDM or saying JMD, lekiu, balan and others as ball-carriers, please and please look into yourself and evaluate yourself in and out …

    are you better than TDM to discredit him?
    are you better than other blogger called them names?
    do you have weaknesses?

    looks like i’m repeating myself ….

    like JMD and others, i do appreciate commenter like you in a sense that beautiful discussion and arguments can be derive for such indifference or ideology or belief … that is why it is fun to read JMD’s or jed’s blog

    don’t feel unwanted here …

    remember Jerry Maguire ….’you complete me’ hahahahahahaha eewwwwwwww



  88. Dear JMD,

    Quality is the main thing …
    quantity is secondary …..

    doesn’t matter the traffic hit is low as long as you and other commenter can discuss and argue in proper manner…

    yup… andipool is true-blue Anwar/PKR supporter … no ideas, then start calling name …. if you could not agree with them then you are against them …

    have you read Jedyoong entry today about PKR supporter …. i do understand what she endured

    another one is in Rocky bru comments …. different name but style of writing is the same …. must be the same person laaaaaa

    pondering … why these PKR supporters have the same pattern? ….looks like been brain washed to me…

    JMD, you have done such a marvelous job in every entry … in a way it does urge me to learn and read more ….. not forgetting your well behaved commenter, you guys are cool …



  89. Lekiu,

    Its like watching the ‘Great Debate’, much more fun that Anwar & Shibery debate …..

    Or re-enactment of Melaka past years …

    What we are missing is Tuah, Kasturi and Lekir.

    Andipool can be Gajah Mada and Anwar can be Majapahit king (lupa nama daa)



  90. ooo…geng brader nuar ghupernyer…patot la tak naik naik pangkat ko andipoop…bengap tahap babun naik syahwat…gi main jauh2 aaa…penat je bace komen owang tak terer pagi2 bute ni..ko ngan jeff ooi samer jer..kasik gua panas..bab nak rebutt structuredly and convincingly tu i leave it to bro jmd n bro lekiu n bro bleached n others yang terer2..n they have my support for wat tdm said..bersatu menyokong bende yang betol..and for me wat these fine bros/gals are doing now is the betol thing to tanak sokong lu takyah la emosi gua emosi..jmd pon emosi tu gua bia la gua wakilkan emosi die tu..jmd bukan jeff ooi..tara respek for commentators..wat r leaders without (quality) followers..wat are superiors without (quality) subordinates..and wat r bloggers without (quality) readers..sbb lu bikin wa panas..wa takleh nak score against wigan weekend ni..

    yes andipoop..i read jmd’s blog rite after chedet and facebook..first thing i got the chance to surf..not necessarily in that order tho..but most of the times i check my fb first coz i’m quite good looking..a bit chubby la tapi..byk dpt notifications….so wat now poopty??do u even have fb?i bet u dun have 700+ frens like me..afterall its all about the numbers for u innit???to see jmd’s blog tab in my mozilla browser on the same page with chedet’s and fb is an achievement on its own..pbhtttt!!!


  91. I very seldom make comments here, but visits this blog almost everyday, insyaAllah. Other commentators already gave great feedback so I just lay back and read.
    Tapi sedihlah sikit dengan kamu ni andipool. Secara peribadi JMD dan lain2 sudah bagi banyak info dan pendapat yang sangat bernas untok di pertimbangkan anggapan kamu terhadap Tun. Dari saya, saya nasihatkan kepada kamu (kemungkinan besar kamu selalu buat) kerap buat solat syukur. InsyaAllah, dengan izinNya, hidup dan jiwa lagi bertambah tenang dan selesa untok meneruskan dugaan yang Allah berikan kepada sesemua manusia didunia ini. Dengan rendah diri, maaf dzahir batin, tiada niat apa2, kita sesama muslim, ok.
    BTW JMD, sejak saya jumpa blog kamu, saya sudah sebarkan kepada sahabat2 dan adik-beradik saya dan anak2 buah, etc, etc.. Good-luck.


  92. JMD and your supporters,

    What is your comment about Munawar’s SD. After reading it, I am 100% sure, it was under TDM’s instruction that the polis treated Munawar worse than an animal–extracted a confession just to nail DSAI–only Dictators like TDM will do this type of nonsence( I am sure Kubang Pasu voters who voted for him will definitely not endorse such behavior).

    A chilling statutory declaration :

    JMD : Thank you for that long statutory declaration Andipool. I have read it line by line. Can you please point out where in it that you are 100% sure that the police, through their allegedly mishandling and abusing the said doctor had been under the instruction of TDM?

    Where does it state there in the SD about this affirmation? If the police had done that, I’m sure justice will prevail. Just like how TS Rahim Noor was imprisoned for his assault on DSAI.

    As you may know, tomorrow the Federal Court will decide if it has the jurisdiction to review the Kuala Lumpur High Court decision which threw out his application for an appeal over a sodomy conviction ten years ago. We shall wait for the outcome. I am sure, ASP Mazlan who was greatly implicated in this SD will have something to say as well.

    Oh by the way, I do not think I myself have any supporters. It’s more like we all support the same variety of causes through this vehicle called JMD blogsite.

    Thank you Andipool.


  93. Below are the words of Dr Munawar Anees

    Alas, the Malaysian dictator, Mahathir, under the growing burden of corruption and cronyism, conspired to halt the march of freedom. In order to build his fraudulent case against Anwar, Mahathir himself ordered my arrest.
    Floodgates of human compassion were opened when the futurist author Alvin Toffler, who Mahathir asked to advise him on a pet high-technology project, sent a message of protest to the Malaysian leader within 72 hours of my capture. In a major interview with the Western press, Mahathir even felt it necessary to make assurances — unfulfilled, of course — about my well being.
    My victimization at the hands of Mahathir’s “Asian values” has transformed me in another way. All my adult life, like so many in the Muslim world, I have suspected under every nook and cranny some conspiracy by the West to keep us down. Yet, in this seminal experience of my life, my friends in the West succeeded in saving me, while Mahathir, a Muslim, did everything to destroy me. And he is trying to do the same to Anwar again through his obliging courts on totally fabricated charges.
    Mahathir has demonstrated that, though a proclaimed Muslim, his heart is blind to compassion. Tyranny is the hallmark of his bankrupt concept of “Asian values.”

    JMD : That’s just it. Where is the proof? This was taken from an article he published after he was released. In his Statutory Declaration, he did not make any claims about Mahathir giving any instruction to the police. Even in that first para, he had presumed wrongly about the sitiation at that time. There was no burden of corruption or cronyism at that time. Even then, the one who had the biggest cake of cronyism was Anwar himself (judging from the list of his cronies exposed in Umno General Assembly in June that year).

    What march of freedom? Anwar, up to the very last minute, begged Mahathir not to sack him. In August, he sent two letters to Mahathir urging him not to believe the accusations made against certain quarter.

    Anwar loved his position of power so much, march of freedom was not in his vocabulary at that time. He even asked an ex Menteri Besar of Perlis to go see Mahathir and beg for him to not sack him.

    I’m sorry, but I do not see Anwar as a fighter for this ‘freedom from tyranny or march of freedom’ thingy. Why? Because he was clinging for that DPM post unashamedly till the last very last minute. A post in a party which soon later, he detest all his life.

    Please do not believe propaganda from foreigners. You do not know the background of Dr Munawar Anees actually. Maybe you should ask the new CJ which was appointed by Pak Lah, on why they think the 1998 ruling still stand till today.

    Thank you.


  94. I’ve been following the discourse in this blog from a `distance’ for sometimes now, and after reading a few posting from `and-the-fool’ (Andipool), I thought it’s about time for me to say something. As a matter of fact, there are many Andipool type among the civil servants these days, who have wrongly direct their anger and blame others for their non-performance. People like Andipool has been wasting too much of their working time and waking time on things unrelated to his work. They are very unproductive lots and a nuisance in any dept. I have met a few in my daily dealings who are suffering from such psychological problem. This is the type of person, even if he/she is suffering from constipation, will blame the PM for what he/she ate. We should not pay much attention to this type of people. There’s no amount of counseling can help this type of person. Ask them go read MT and then syok sendiri with the bashing and racist ranting from that portal. To JMD, Lekiu and many others, perjuangan belum selesai.


  95. You are such a ***** *****

    JMD : When all else fail, just bomb this blog with profanity eh? Sorry to moderate this, but young people are also reading this blog. Thank you.


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  98. Dear Jmd,

    wakakaka.. of all the articles, i like this the most.. damn right funny…!

    Maybe you should try writing more whimsical articles like this..? will diffuse all the political tension in the blogs… 🙂

    JMD : Thank you for the comment Chiman.


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