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Anwar’s play acting is encyclopedic! (Part 1)

Today, the lower rung leaders of Pakatan Rakyat issued a joint statement which to me revealed how delusional they are. Not to mention their arrogant presumption of taking over the government. Anyway, that is what to be expected from Pakatan Rakyat. One paragraph of the joint statement however, stood out like a sore thumb.

Kami yakin terdapat segelintir elit pemerintah BN yang diketuai UMNO bercita-cita untuk mencipta huru hara agar dapat membantut perubahan, melumpuhkan demokrasi dan merampas hak-hak rakyat Malaysia yang dilindungi Perlembagaan Persekutuan. Kami khuatir seandainya masalah sengaja dibiar merebak dan berlarutan untuk memberikan alasan kepada pemerintah bertindak keras termasuk penangkapan beramai-ramai menggunakan Undang-undang Darurat untuk membendung kemaraan rakyat yang menuntut pembelaan.”

Pakatan Rakyat, who had often accused Barisan Nasional guilty of the country’s instability and disrupting social harmony had made a seditious statement themselves – inciting anxiety and public disorder without any proof. What evidence have they got in issuing that statement? Nothing.

That statement was so irresponsible and it left little to wonder about their own political maturity. Having to resort to this filthy tactic just to incite public hatred towards the government is definitely breaking the rule of law. The Home Ministry may not have enough brainpower to pick this up. Even the Bar Council may not have the proper independence to realize this.

We had several instances in our past history that spreading malicious rumours over the media or even through SMSes will have severe repercussions to the guilty party. Often, for the sake of nation’s peace and harmony, the Sedition Act or the Internal Security Act were used to quell such devastating rumours.

There were many instances where rumour-mongers were put to jail under those Acts for instigating public disorder. The more recent case was the SMS on the mass conversion of Muslims into Christianity in an Ipoh church back in 2006. The perpetrators of this rumour were put to jail under the Sedition Act for the near riot it has caused in front of the church.

Same rule should apply here. Shouldn’t these leaders be chastised as well?

Pakatan Rakyat should realise that it has gone bankrupt of any moral values. This is just a desperate attempt to affirm their self professed popularity. Not to mention that the bait they had used might not come to fruition. Majority of the people had called Anwar’s bluff on his intention to be the Prime Minister by 16th September 2008 and his credibility is questioned yet again.

Why does Anwar need to go to Taipei? He had in numerous times mentioned that he already has more than 30 MPs in his pocket. If he had bought persuaded them over, why bother to meet these people there? Just wait for them to come back and sort it out then.

To me he is becoming more and more like an ageing Shakespearean actor who had run out of scenes to play with. He probably will not escape the sodomy charges this time around. In the end, his encyclopedia of play-acting may have just run out of pages.

To be continued…


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  1. as salaamu alaikum

    but arresting them will only make them squeal that they were right and the government has used those very draconian laws they’re lamenting about.

    These guys are smart.


  2. Salaam Bro JMD,

    True to d core..heheh..wat can I say..d problem is dis PR ppl r doing reverse psychology on d possibilities of chaos done by BN but in reality dey r d one who intend to dis stabilize d peace & harmony..dis is d tactic use by d CIA & Mosad.. it is really dangerous as dey say it will happen dat way(chaos) knowing very well it will happened as dey r d provocateur to d instability n dey will den pin it to d had happened b4 n it will happened again..sad to say d victims will alwiz b d rakyat.. But no matter wat my take is bro AnWar will not b d PM as I tink wat he’s doing is tantamount to a coup d’etat n he will b jailed for dat..heheh,..wat can I say.. to me d army will alwiz protect d country frm enemies frm d outside or enemies within,..heheh..(,”)


    p.s. been awhile since our last first encounter of a new kind,..heheh..till we meet again bro E..

    JMD : Thanks bro 🙂


  3. A season actor indeed this character name anwar, bro Jebat MD. Yet it is the spectator/fans who should be blame for being obsess with this clown.

    In their eyes, he could do no wrong. Even how glaring his flaw can be. Hero all the way .Sad right.

    This again prove how gullible our community especially the malay muslim race. Put up an innocent pious looking face with a kambing janggut…Walaaa you can say anything you want they will follow you straight to the jamban.

    The other group of race- non-malays will buy whatever or whoever preaches the sermon on Malaysian malaysian, equality rights for all race, abolish malay dominance etc.etc.etc.etc that bring etc.etc.etc. to them. They would be stupid if they do not support this. Who knows one day by supporting this anwar their decendants can become TPM….PM….even governor….emmm sultan maybe…(this one susah ka…ok lah.. jadi president to republic la… Same as Agong plus PM is it not!!!)

    Anwar knows this that is why he is afraid PAS might not support him. If his component party decline his request later on (due to the quota/numbers between muslim and non muslim new alliance/hopping MP’s), well he is again lucky, he has another donkey to blame for his failure.

    I pray his luck will run out very soon and we can all get back to our peaceful life without him and the PR clowns messing it up especially inSelangor where khalid is confuse all the time. Look like teresa , ronnie and xavier are dominant over him here….Bye Jebat MD. Felt nice being here with you.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  4. Dear JMD,

    I hope this comment is not too premature in the light of the joint statement issued by Pakatan Rakyat (11 September 2008).
    The statement, as how I understood it is somewhat malicious, accusative in nature and most of all catalystic to the, what appear as the steady erosion of racial harmony in Malaysia, at least at BN leaders level. (Although all these talks about social contract, of late have surfaced largely in media and in the Internet, but I doubt it very much if it were to be the prevailing coffee-shop talks among the ordinary people.)
    Perhaps in its harum-scarum effort to regain the support of the Malays and later as a campaign against Dato’ Sri Anwar Ibrahim in Permatang Pauh (since Pakatan Rakyat are very much associated with the denouncing of the affirmative actions especially that of the NEP), UMNO under the leadership of Datuk Abdullah Ahmad Badawi have played the tagline “Malay Supremacy” a little too much. Naturally, such action has hurt the other members of BN.
    Judging from the sloppy way in which Abdullah has handled this, I agree with with Tun Dr. Mahathir, “The racialist trend will continue. I frankly don’t think Dato Seri Abdullah can handle it.”
    For the time being, I believe this is still a non-issue among the ordinary people. But that does not mean it would not turn into one if BN, UMNO and members of the PKR continue to harp on its sheer sensitivity in order to save their shaky position or to take full advantage over the other’s unsettling state of affair respectively.
    As for Anwar , he is of course by all means free to have whatever dream he may wish to have or to name any date he deems most suitable for the attaining of such a dream. And for the leaders and the ordinary of members of Pakatan Rakyat, they are also free to support or not to support such a scheme.
    However they should bear in mind that playing racial politics in order to lend support to make someone’s else dream come true may have dire consequences.
    Understandly, Anwar wishes to redeem what he had lost in 1997. Perhaps it would be better if he were to consolidate the strength of Pakatan Rakyat for the next general election. If at all, the coalition were to succeed in forming the Federal Government, then it would be in a much better position to govern since by then the individual members would already have formed solid bonds among each other.
    If BN which has been around since 1953 (renamed Barisan National in 1973) have had many a times thrown into inter-party quarrels, there is no guarantee that a coalition which is originally formed for the purpose of seat-division during the last general election could weather out similar storms. And if such a scenario were to be faced by Pakatan Rakyat in future, do we need to see the racial issue, social contract and whatnots become the name of the game once again?

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. Quite similar to Tun M’s latest post. Well done.


  5. JMD,

    I am writing to express my dissapointment and anger at the country’s abysmal political scenario. There are too much fact twisting to incite hatred and racial tension. I am beginning to think the worst, that the days of having teh tarik and roti canai over an EPL match at mamak stall with friends of different races would soon be over.

    It is a game at the highest level, subtlely played such that the attack was so structured, having played the sensitive racial issue that I am beginning to believe the conspiracy theory, that it is all part of a bigger plan. How then do you explain the complete silence and non-attempt from the component parties all this while, seeing and realising that the bickering and weak UMNO leadership would only lead to its pitfall. Internal umno affair it is, but do they even care in the first place.

    I am not seconding Dato Ahmad’s statement, but given the lack of probing (of the exact context of Ahmad statement was uttered) and lack of interest to pacify the non-malays in light of such controversial statement, I am inclined to question further of existence of ulterior motive even within the BN component parties.

    I would not pretend that I understand the whole political saga, I don’t. But I do understand that It would not do anybody any good that the foundation of our economy and racial harmony is being tested and pushed to the limit. I am currently residing outside the country and am praying hard that anything untowards would not happen to the country and my family in Malaysia arising from all this heightened racial tension.

    It is no secret that the current government are so corrupted and the abuse of power is so blatant. I for one am all for getting rid of these people but could someone please highlight to the whole world and ignorant malays out there that the PKR is not just out to rid corruption but destroy the whole system, the foundation of our unity by playing the racial card.

    For god sake, and i am sorry if this sounds too harsh, but may be it is time we say it as it is, do these so-called modern thinking malay minority and non-malays honestly believe that the majority malays would submit to the abolishment of NEP, at the current moment (with its state of readiness to do away with NEP), peacefully. Is that not what this is all about?

    I am sorry, am i missing the point or is it a wrong choice of word? or should it be PKR to ‘reinvent’ the system. If it is true to the core that they are reinventing, could someone please tell me this new invention that would create better racial unity and more economically viable. All I heard are pathetic incites to divide the malays by non other than a malay champion himself.

    Do not be too naive. The game is on-going and it has reached its pinnacle when it is hard for us to say things as they are, without hurting each other, us of different races. Ahmad’s statement serves as an indication that it is now at the boiling point. Let us all realise that playing the racial card is such an irresponsible act. Does not matter who play it, be it malays or non-malays.

    What’s next? Doesn’t anybody care at all that DSAI would have up his sleeve the hardcore politic through street demonstration and riots should he be prosecuted at this point in time when the racial tension has been heightened. What other ticket do you think he would play then? And guess who would the world blame if that were to happen, the corrupted Malay majority or muslim extremists denying the rights of the non-malay minority?! Can someone please run a check of this minority’s eroding assets in the country whose rights have been violated, in comparison to the majority.

    Let’s all realise that all this fuss is not about “fairness”, but absolute greed, hunger for power and bigger bite at the shrinking pie by the opportunists. Too much time has been wasted bickering in the most unhealthy and treacherous way.

    I hope and pray that everybody would realise the magnitude and consequences of citing hatred and anger amongst the mass public using racial issue. Let us put to a halt to all this rubbish and put all the effort on bringing the real culprit (of corruption) down.

    Then if it is true that DSAI and PKR can elevate the country to the next level with its agenda for the country, let them fight it out like ‘anak jantan’ with balls at the next election with a clear set of spell out framework and plan for the country, and not let them disillusioned us in time of chaos with all the negative chanting and ‘tikam belakang’. You cannot blame them for trying as it is a game they are very good at, but let us not let them take us down the treacherous route and risk everything we all have built.

    JMD : Your comments have pretty much summed up this particluar issue in my blog. I guess I can close shop now 🙂 Thanks for commenting.


  6. If DSAI is an actor then he has played his part well. That to his credit we cannot deny. But like most play, there’s the actor that play the act and then there’s the viewer. The viewer’s galery consist of the actors from other stage play as well as that from the public. If the public are led to belief into the promised land then that is to be expected. But the pathetic part is that most of the other stage actors (the leaders from UMNO, MIC, MCA, Gerakan) are also led into the plot without knowing it.

    It is amazing to see that this act has been going on for quite some time and yet we have had no comments or counter arguments whether in media of official blogs to explained the fundamentals of the plot. What is PKR promised land? To pick one, ‘kesamarataan’, what is it? Equal to all regardless of race or economic standings? There’s a lot that the needs explaination about the ‘promised’ land.

    When DSAI said that “we fight for all races and yet protect the special rights of the malays” what does that mean. It sounded to me very much like what BN is doing now. If the actors in his play consist of PKR (mostly malays), DAP (mostly chinese), PAS (malay ultra?), then this play is very much the same that BN has been showing for the past 50 years. Is it a ‘new’ plat at all?

    The same could be said about the Judiciary, Transparentcy, and all other story line. Dig deeper and you will see that at the end of it DSAI play is just another plot that BN has been playing. So, if it is all the same what exactly is DSAI offering? I belive, nothing much other than championing himself as the lead play actor, the PM for this nation.

    To his credit he has played his part well. The thing that pissed me most is the ‘not so elegant’ silence from Zaid, Nazri, Shabery … and PakLah. It is amazing to see that they could be so vocal when TDM says something. The play that is lulling the nation to bursting point is OK but it’s not alringht for TDM to attend the play and said that the commentators are sleeping at the back. It is little wonder that TDM said it is too late to see this play, after all it is half past six!

    JMD : Thank you for commenting. Very observant.


  7. Bro (since you are blogging on Anwar),

    Urge Pak Lah to step down fast or counter the threat of Anwar?

    Which one tops the priority or should go for both?

    The way I see it, if we concerntrate on brushing off Anwar’s threat, such would only benefit Pak Lah, still it won’t do good to us Malaysians. The govt would still remain weak and always be on the defensive.

    If we push for Pak Lah to vacate the post early, someone much much better will lead a stronger effective attack on Anwar.

    For Pak Lah alone to go is only half of the objective. Other controversial leaders with issues must also go.

    What do you think?


    JMD : Efforts have been made to make Ku Li the PM by this December. Of course Pak Lah’s resignation is an utmost priority in reinventing the BN. Other side issues like Anwar Ibrahim should not be taken lightly also. But judging from the overwhelming evidence the police had gathered, Anwar may not survive this time around. And I am not simply talking about the flimsy medical report either. That is why he is desperate to become the PM before his trials are over.

    Tun Mahathir endorsing Ku Li is a coup in which the ‘anti-pak lah’ factions have successfully delivered. Pak Lah’s strategy of retaining power after becoming PM has always been this way:

    – Anwar Ibrahim is not his problem, it’s TDM’s.
    – Ku Li is not his problem, it’s TDM’s.
    – Najib and Muhyiddin is not his problem, it’s their each other’s problem.

    He had successfully manouevered them into each other’s throat all this while. But when Anwar Ibrahim had started to pose him a real problem (Sept 16), he was saved by Anwar’s own stupidity in getting caught with the sodomy charges.

    Ku Li previously was a non issue because Ku Li can never gain enough nominations on his own. Ku Li and Mahathir have a strange relationship of mutual respect but none is aknowledging the superiority of the other. Ku Li had always see himself as the successor to Tun Razak while Mahathir thinks Ku Li does not give him enough deference. But TDM quietly does admit Ku Li is brilliant (TDM appointed Ku Li as Minister of Finance in 1982 and MITI Minister in 1986) while Ku Li grudgingly admits TDM is a great leader. Both men have massive egos. But when the unthinkable happen (Ku Li getting endorsed by TDM – another story altogether), Pak Lah sees himself in a jam. Ku Li now can get enough nominations to challenge Pak Lah. If he does, Pak Lah will surely lose.

    Najib and Muhyiddin had always been uneasy with each other pertaining the deputy president’s post. Najib knows he was not Pak Lah’s first choice as the DPM. So he thinks if he behaves himself, Muhyiddin can be kept at bay. Muhyiddin on the other hand can claim the deputy presidency if Najib goes too strong in the eye of Pak Lah.

    But now, events are unfolding. Rumours has it that Pak Lah had approached Najib two days ago and had negotiated a new date of transition to Najib – June 2009, if Najib will support him in the elections this December. Najib probably will decline the offer. From his latest statement, I think he did. Najib needs to think whether to support Ku Li, and be the PM by 2013, or to continue support Pak Lah, and become the last PM from UMNO by 2013.


  8. Maybe Anwar should accept the fact that MAYBE he is not meant to be the PM. He has tried all the dirty tricks in the book, shown disrespect for the laws and stabbing some of his great allies. Yet, he is still knocking at the door waiting for the door to be opened for him. He has lost precious time by being impatient and he still doesn’t learn. I understand that he probably thinks that this would be his best chance, taking into account how weak the current PM is. But, the way he behaves has made it harder and harder for the rakyat to accept him. I am begining to feel that he is starting to lose the plot.

    JMD : Thank you bro.


  9. Dear JMD,

    The Drama King strikes again. He will do anything to make sure his dumb supporters will always believe his greedy ambition to become the next Flip Flop PM. I don’t believe he has the 30 MPs in his pocket, as he claimed. As I know him, he is a master of exeggerate.



  10. Jmd,

    Yes, probably DSAI will not escape the sodomy trial this time, if the prosecution succeeds in transfering the case to the High court, thats where the conspirators can appoint a corrupted judge to convict DSAI. Why do they have to depart from the norm, where usually cases of this nature will be heard in a lower court before being heard in a higher court. The answer is simple, Her Highness, Mdm Komathy is an extremely impartial judge and will definitely throw out the case ultimately. She herself told the court that she has 26 years experience–so indirectly she is implying why the need to be transfered to the High court. What nonsense is this, despite the doctor who examined Saiful had repeatedly said that there was no evidence of sodomy and the pariah polis and prosecution are adamant about pursuing the case—doesnt it show that there is conspiracy at the highest level to kill DSAI politically. The voters in Permatang Pauh who gave a higher no of votes than Azizah, showed that they don’t believe a bit of the accusations against DSAI–despite the BN’s dirtiest tactics of screening repeatedly the sumpah ceremony on large screens every night–the people are with DSAI not with the corrupted leaders of BN. But beware of the consequences if DSAI succeeds in forming the govt–a new large prison will have to be built to accomodate the large no of corrupted robbers of the BN

    JMD : Thank you Andipool for taking the time to visit and comment my article. I have one thing that’s confusing me with your comment. Your comments is based on the assumption that the very act of transferring the case to a higher court will be unfair as some High Court Judges are corrupt and as we all know, Anwar always accuse the judiciary as not independent.

    I urge you to be patient and not rely on just the medical report as the grand basis of your assumptions. From what I can read in the minds of Anwar’s supporters, the judges in Session Courts are independent. The judges in High Court are not independent and corrupt, while the Federal Court judges are clean and independent (due to the fact, some judges in the Federal Court had released him in 2004. Anwar subsequently declared the courts are impartial and independent at that time).

    All this assumption by his supporters came through the fact that it was the AG (who supposed not to be involved in the case) had signed the transfer request. Basically, since he had signed the request, they assume, the AG will pick any of the corrupt judges of the High Court. That is why, they want this very high profile case just to be held in the lowly Session Court.

    Basically, if the DPP instead of the AG had signed the request, then will that be agreeable to the COURT of PUBLIC OPINION?

    I do not have to tell you about the many precedents where high profile cases are transfered to High Court due to the magnitude of case. Even in 1998 when Anwar was initially charged in Sessions Court, the case was transferred to the High Court without much hassle from both sides.

    If the government had wanted to really conspire to get Anwar, they would have picked a ‘friendly’ judge in Session Court already. I do not understand the logic behind the assumption that only High Court judges can be bought while the Session and Federal court judges are clean and just.

    To me, Anwar is just wasting time through his lawyers in creating hassle over a simple matter of transfering the case. Can you imagine the paperwork and time wasting when if the trial be conducted in the Session Court, any appeal which lead to a retrial will have to go through the High Court and then ultimately to the Federal Court and the Court of Appeal. In order to save time, they should just hear the case in the High Court.

    When I say Anwar may not escape this time around, I was not talking about any conspiracies of corrupt judges or medical reports. I was talking about credible evidence that will be produced in the courts soon. Please wait for it. One thing that got me perplexed was, eventhough Anwar had stated he has strong alibi for the alleged sodomy incident, he kept on harping on the medical report by the Pusrawi doctor. Why couldn’t he just produce the alibis to the public? But he didn’t did he? Instead, the public was influenced by his regular emphasis on the medical report. Why is that? If he says that there is no charge based on one medical report of the doctor, wouldn’t it be more credible if he said that there should be no charge because my alibis are so and so…

    Of course the voters in Permatang Pauh do not believe the charges made against him. Why? Because they have not seen the evidence which will brought forth. And if Anwar becomes PM, this evidence will not see the light of day either. Isn’t that a rosy proposition for him?

    As for Komathy, we know how independent she can be can’t we. When she had preempted the DPP over the extension of the hearing, we know how ‘impartial’ she can be.

    Finally, please wait for the trials to run its course. Thank you.


  11. The big guns in PR (DSAI, TGHA, LKS) not even dare to sign the joint statements. We know that the 916 thingie won’t happen but Lah still was afraid and sent the MP to Taiwan. Hope that TDM coming back o UMNO will help to speedup PLah departure.


  12. Askm JMD,

    Anwar and his allies are our modern Malaysian Machiviallis.So we ought NOT to be surprised at the whatever tactic used by them.To them the ends justifies whatever means to be used.

    We must match their tactics with effective counter actions but within the confines of our legal system.We must preserve the peace and harmony in the country. The big question is : can the current Administration handle the tactical spin by Anwar?

    If the situation demands it, for the sake of national security, launch Op. Lalaang II !! And go hell with the protests of their God fathers !! It is our internal afairs.

    The tactic used by Anwar is another tool in his arsenal of Psyops/psywar.I just wonder whether PL and his Ministers appreciate how powerful psyops/psywar tools can be to win the hearts and minds of the rakyats ?

    Hang Kasturi

    JMD : I am quite surprised that The Sun also receives show cause letter. The owners of the newspaper are heavily connected to the ruling government. Thanks for commenting.


  13. if pr really want to change..then by all means show it through ur 4 states. i excluded 1 because as i see it they are hopeless(no offense).i’m living in s’ngor and apart from free water everything else exactly is the same,some even worsen.

    all i can see is the blaming game,attacking the federal govt,hell these 4 states are quite rich,especially s’ that you can manage,you dont have to have the whole cake to enjoy it or let others enjoy it,even with one slice of the cake you can make full use of it,although limited but show what you can do rather than power mongering, 169,209 and what not.all i see it rakyat, oil price and blaming fed govt.

    narrowing the scope,i’m using ktm daily kl to s.a,its right you cant control ktm bcause u dont have ‘full power’,but instead of yapping y dont you provide buses or better taxi services(now is taxi pooling w/o metering),and the place is very very gloomy,not to mention holes on the this not under your power?show it first,dont just talk

    maybe anwar has been wronged,but i still dont trust him at all,playing the pity,please feel sorry for me, and racial card is sickening.talking about economy while there are not much changes done in these 5 states.all they are attacking are the big guns,syabas for example,but then the money will just change hand to them and the ‘rakyat’ will get those ‘gula-gula’,why cant this be seen as a gula-gula i dont know,maybe its from pr then its halal.only encourages us to the millionaires around s’ngor also will get free water,although its nothing to them(i mean really nothing) its just that it is the easiest company to around the concession contracts+plus helping the people motto,get it and sub it to their proxy and gain the never ends.

    maybe im not prone to change,but in this case i dont see the need,although major fixing needs to be done, but not to the extend of overhauling, our economy is still ok,just the investors are being planted with these nonsense and promises from anwar.what makes many of the people so sure that these monster investors wont come back to claim everything that has been promised to them

    by the way i liked TDMs latest post and couldnt wait for JMDs 2nd part or many parts coming haha

    JMD : Thank you for commenting.


  14. there is a reason why Anwar wants to be the PM in a hurry, because that’s the only way for him to clear his court cases. I don’t think the police is dare enough to arrest the Prime Minister.


  15. my pleasure, pardon for the anti climax tho, do not mean to spoil yr sequel. i am just too troubled by the whole thing that i had to let it out. many thanks for the platform. would be back to the beloved country for eid mubarak n will endeavour to do my part. cannot afford to still be ‘buat tak tahu’ as it is now pretty obvious the ‘tak apa kamikaze’ driver is driving us to d edge of the cliff n the pied piper of hamelin is at work. offer of solution to townsmen for their rats problem, renegade, return with for revenge with vengence, hmm sounds familiar aint it?

    JMD : No problem. Currently slightly busy with a few things. Have limited time to indulge myself in doing what I like – writing.


  16. Salam,ape nak buat.Orang macam anwar gila kuasa.Tak bolehkah tunggu sampai pilihanraya?.Penyokongnya pulak taksub.Saya rase PR menang dulu sebab tak banyak blog yang menyokong Bn.Sekarang dah banyak.Rakyat boleh berfikir.


  17. JMD,

    This PR joint statement could be in response to:


    2) As 916 draws ever nearer, a number of other factors have transpired i.e. a) TDM’s intention to return to UMNO apparently supported by MY b) TRH’s decision to contest the UMNO presidency with TDM’s endorsement and c) NTR’s supporters reviewing their options to either wait out for 2010 or go for broke in December ’08 with TRH.

    AI is losing the ‘higher’ ground since the PP by-election with these new developments which are beyond his control (although he may have the intel on the ground to provide him with information). AI’s dominant strategies since GE12 have always centered around the populists approach which invariably will include basic human instincts i.e. the race card albeit dealt with a sleight of hand.

    On 10th September, RPK informed about 20 bloggers that a meeting was arranged with TRH to meet and discuss current UMNO issues to be held on 21st September. Personally, I don’t think AI is remotely involved in this arrangement but then again, RPK got detained under ISA today.

    As much as AAB is totally NOT in control, AI is similarly in the same dire circumstances. One wants to remain in power while the other hankers for it, and both will use the race card to achieve their respective ends.

    JMD : Shar, that report was published in Malaysiakini. A bunch of hearsays anyway. Basically they are extrapolating (rumor mongering) the possibility of what Umno would do if Anwar take over. But to issue a formal statement based on highly questionable report (which suspiciously similar to something that may come out from the propaganda unit of PKR) and statement by Pak Lah he gave the ‘green light’ for the Pekida members to riot is something even Pak Lah would not dare do.

    Anyway, the wheels are already set in motion. Something big is brewing within Umno. The playmakers who had been ‘hibernating’ all this while are making their move to displace Pak Lah. It is highly interesting to watch these events unfold. We are getting a valuable lesson just by observing them.


  18. If you ask me, TDM’s article in his blog ‘The Social Contract 3′ is more malicious, mischievous and seditious than these PR guys’ statement. I can just imagine the Machiavellian wheels working overtime in his head, and his glee at the thought of the possible outcomes of his extremely racist article.
    A masterclass in ‘batu api’..

    JMD : Hi Joe. Thanks for commenting. I re read TDM’s article. Naturally Malaysians who are swayed with their agenda of pushing for meritocracy, abolishing the NEP and propagating equal rights in social, economics and politics will feel his article as a threat to their ‘purifying effort’ in changing Malaysia.

    I have mentioned time and time again that the folly of Pakatan Rakyat is the belief that all Malaysians agree with their agenda. They mistakenly identified the massive supporters that came to their political gathering constitute 100% support to all their agenda. They also had this belief that the overwhelming support in the internet shows that the majority of Malaysians agree with them.

    TDM article was merely stating the current fact – that the majority of Malaysians (the Malays) do not share the Pakatan Rakyat’s dream. Just read the comments written by the readers. 90% of them agreed to that article.

    You may not know this, but TDM, unlike his successor, meet with people from all walks of life entire time. He is quite in touch with the pulse of the people. As he had always been. What he said was true. In a few gatherings that he had, the young Malays did question him on Tunku’s justification in giving citizenship to the immigrants at that time. They were angry with the arrogant calls by the opposition leaders, especially from the non Malays to abolish the Malay special position. And they were angry that DSAI dared to diminish the rights of the Malays just to get the support from the extremists. Therefore, TDM’s article was relevant to the issue at hand.

    Driving the majority to a corner may not be a smart thing to do. You however failed to realize that TDM during such gatherings, had told the young Malays who questioned the existence of social contract to adhere to the spirit of tolerance posed in it. That was the sacrifice the Umno founding fathers had made. One remark for the floor suggest that, to their chagrin, the spirit of tolerance was not adhered to by the non Malays. Hence, the blatant criticisms by the extremist leaders in PR.

    Please re read TDM’s article again. Read the last paragraph. Pak Lah do not have the capacity, the intelligence and the strength to curtail extremisms on both sides. Unlike his predecessors.

    People like DSAI, RPK, LKS et al believed in their own self professed popularity. But if you go to the rural areas – the strategic voters (the ones where most votes would come from) are all against the agenda of Pakatan Rakyat. Even PR’s own MPs are quietly rebelling. Zulkifli Nordin, in a speech last week in a mosque after tarawih prayers, had condemned his own Muslim leaders in PKR. He said they are selling their race and religion for the measly support of the non Malays. He divulged on several instances in a meeting where a DAP leader had blatantly call for the abolishment of Malay rights and Islam as the official religion (which is the real stand of DAP anyway). He was disappointed with his fellow colleagues for keeping quiet.

    At the end in his speech, he said ‘eventhough the current govt is bad, at least it is headed by a Malay and a Muslim party’. Go figure. He knows that if DSAI becomes the PM, he will only be a stooge for the non Malays tha had controlled him.

    Now this is why I had said, Pakatan Rakyat is a flimsy coalition made up with people of opposing views. It will not work at this stage, what more if they form a government.

    So, which party is being maliciously racist here?


  19. Hihi JMD

    Perhaps one should look back at why he ran into the Turkish embassy….what does that say about a so called “PM wannabe”…..come on we are not banana republic kinda country………that should say a lot about the man…..

    Like u said…..let the courts decide on the facts……then again even if the system managed to prove beyond reasonable doubt that he did sodomized saiful…..will he just be a part of our so called dark history…..fade into oblivion…..or is he planning to mobilise his so called army of reform to the streets ala 1998….i guess we malaysian are a generation with a lost’s been to boring …need to inject some excitement into these dull lives………

    UMNO’s internal battle should be quick executed with precision get the cancer out of the system…..consolidate n get on with your goals within 3-4 months max….again this will be a game played with huge financial resources…where will Daim be.. this should also be observed…..Pak lah will not waste his “hard-earned” fruits of corruption to fight a losing battle….think with his civil servant mentality…he would play it he has always been……corporations will also play it safe not wanting to pump in to much into the high stakes poker game….hedging their bets….

    As for the so called frogs…i bet the government already got them by the balls with the potential corruption charges ready to be put forward should they make the leap into the unknown……..i have the numbers…..i have the numbers …thats all he’s been saying all these while……to announce upfront..with the hope that the so called numbers will grow…n till today nothing…..

    “Which is then is best? – he that layeth his foundation on piety to Allah and His Good Pleasure? – or he that layeth his foundation on an undetermined precipice ready to crumble to pieces? so that it crumbled with him into the fire of Hell. And Allah guides not people that do wrong.” At Taubah ayat 109…

    Who ever gonna take over as captain of the ship…..keep it simple keep it true to the cause……..

    Take care JMD …keep it coming……guess by now u gonna need an assitant to keep up with the flurry of events in KL…..any chance of moving towards a post a day (ur short view like tun’s snippets)……as a voice of reason…u must find way to get more coverage soon……..

    JMD : Thanks SatD. Take care too.


  20. JMD,

    taiwan rendezvous is truly desperate.

    Shows their ” business ” still not concluded. And they call it “on track” ?

    Orang melayu kata, terhegeh-hegeh….

    Hidung tak mancung, pipi tersorong-sorong

    Perigi cari timba

    Mencurah air ke daun keladi

    Ayam terlepas, tangan bau tahi

    Bertandang ke rumah janda

    Bagai bertepuk sebelah tangan

    Bagai kambing menanduk bukit, tanduk patah, bukit tak runtuh

    JMD : 🙂


  21. Salam sejahtera

    Reminds me of the the allied all out treacherous effort in setting out a fake “weapon of mass destruction” in so called “to save the world” mission.


  22. Askm JMD,

    So sorry I accidentally pressed the wrong key while typing the comment. So my comment communicated to you does not make sense. Please ignore it. My proper comment follows after this.

    So the Police launched a mini Ops. Lalang 11. The media , NST described the three arrests as ISA Blitz. A misnomer, don’t you think so ? Unless the arrests are a prelude a real Blitz, just like Ops. Lalang 1 in 1989. (JMD : 1987)

    The arrest of Raja Petra surprised no one. He looked forward to be detained. He wants to be a ‘martyr’. The other two arrests, Theresa Kok and Sin Chew reporter especially, Tan Choong Heng surprised the nation.

    Theresa is a veteran politician and a sober one all the while. But she must be fully aware of the hazards of dabbling with the religious and racial card of late. One can assume that the Police has strong justification under the law to arrest her.

    Yourt contention that the owners of the SUN are heavily connected with the ruling Government is not right.I think you need to probe further.

    The SUN is a free newspaper. The regular columnist writes a lot on the miseeds and abuses of power by the previous adiministrations in the states controlled by PAKATAN. He is seen as anti establishment.He is inciting anti establishment sentiments. The SUN has become very popular as a result.

    So one would have thought that the show cause letter is a natural consequence to such stand of the paper.

    My big question again : what impact does this Blitz have on the image of PL’s Government? For the purpose of this question, I treat Police as part of the Government.It is the duty of the Police to investigate and determine whether any individual is a threat to national securit,NOT the Minister of Home Affairs though he signs the Detention Order.

    Hang Kasturi

    JMD : I think the ISA is triggered by the police upon their investigation that there really is a threat posed by those individuals. The Home Minister will be called into action only after the 60 day detention has lapsed. The Home Minister will need to give clearance only when they want to extend the detention after the 60 day period. That is the official line of procedure.

    As for the Subn newspaper, I always thought Vincent Tan is the main shareholder. He is quite close to the powers that be. That was my line of reasoning. If I am wrong, then I stand corrected.

    Thank you for commenting.


  23. ‘I have mentioned time and time again that the folly of Pakatan Rakyat is the belief that all Malaysians agree with their agenda’

    Right now a large majority of Malays may not agree with the agenda, but do they actually know what the agenda is? If you explain to anyone that it is basically about justice, fighting corruption and cronyism, a more equitable distribution of wealth, that the poor Malay or non-Malay will not be left behind to fend for himself, you may find a lot of Malays saying “Why not?”
    The average Malay in the kampung does not have access to information apart from the mainstream media, and we know full well what that is like. If they get a chance to be under PR rule, who knows, they might never turn back. Look at Kelantan for instance.
    Why are you so scared of Malays losing political power? What is political power if the country is a basket case? We have to compete with the rest of the world, and we need every Malaysian regardless of race to make Malaysia great.
    Do you want the Malays to be the big fish in a small pond? Send them out to a big pond and they get swallowed up by sharks. Or do you want them to develop into big strong capable fish who can take on any fish in the sea.
    I know what my answer is, that’s why my vote is with PR.

    JMD : Thank you for commenting. You are partly correct in your view. Yes the fight for ‘justice, fighting corruption and cronyism, a more equitable distribution of wealth, that the poor Malay or non-Malay will not be left behind to fend for himself’ is really a good cause and many Malays will accept it.

    What you are saying is actually what the government has been doing for the past 51 years. Yes the government is more corrupt in recent years. Do you honestly think DSAI was not corrupt at all when he was the Finance Minister? Why do you say a more equitable distribution of wealth? The non Malays have more than 40% of the nation’s wealth while the Malays only hold 18%. Are you saying that the Malays need to have more wealth than the non Malays or vice versa?

    Do you know how many poor Malays in Malaysia? 1.7 million. Chinese – 42,000. Indians – 55,000. They have equal opportunity in getting assistance from the government. Through the many agencies that has been set up. Even their own respective political parties are helping this people. The government had tried not to leave everyone behind. That is why, since 1970, hardcore poor in Malaysia had been reduced to below 5%. Do you know how high the hardcore poor in the largest economy in the world (United States of America)?

    That is why the BN formula of coalition between communal parties are the best we have. Each race is represented in the government because we have 14 parties in it. No one will be left behind as they have a representative in the cabinet. The 3 main parties in BN have always been fair in governance. If any one community is too strong, coupled with an extremist leader, then chaos will ensue.

    A race which is not represented in a government, will never be taken care of. The government will not truly know the plight of its people. For example, the Malays’ fate in Singapore. Bear in mind, Singapore was a Malay dominated country barely 100 years ago. Look what happen in the span of just 100 years. That is a good example if a community gets too strong and blatant meritocracy was imposed. True, Singapore became a developed nation. But that is due to its small population and an autocratic government. Do you really think SIngapore is a democracy? Think again. Singapore does not even have an opposition. If Malaysia wants to become a developed nation, we need to go along Singapore’s route. A strong government with capable leaders and less bickering between the opposition and the government. Ironically, Malaysia was in that route during TDM’s time. Economy was booming and everyone has money in their pockets.

    When the government is too strong, like in 2004, problems arose. This may not be a problem if the leader is good. But when a strong government is being lead by a buffoon, it will be susceptible to corruption. Inefficiency becomes the norm. This led to the discontentment of the people.

    When a government becomes weak, like in 2008 due to its own undoing, then the opposition, the ones that has been kept at bay for the past 51 years, will appear to become stronger. And how do this opposition of ours get their support? By appealing through the racial lines in telling everyone the government is racist. Is this a noble cause? Is this the right way? Of course not. But their thirst of power recognises no boundaries. PAS is weary of DAP. DAP is weary of PAS. Do you think PAS will let DAP tramples the Malay rights? PAS will definitely lose the Malay support. Even now the support from their members are quite jittery.

    The reality of politics in this country is that you must get the votes from the malay heartland. Where is the Malay heartland? Certainly it’s not Pulau Pinang. My dear Joe, what we see now, is not the fight for justice, equal rights so on and so forth. It’s the fight for survival of the politics of DAP and Anwar’s. DAP is at the last phase of its existence in 1999 when Karpal Singh and LKS lost their seats. The old guards are already reaching their poilitical end. They were already questioning their political objectives. They were silent in raising their desire of Malaysian Malaysia when everything was good for everyone.

    Why struggle for equal rights and abolishing the Malay rights when the chinese community was doing very well during TDM’s time? Why complain? Why try to rock the boat? The DAP was on the verge of non existence due to their own extreme approach to the sensitive issues of our social harmony.

    Anwar and DAP saw their chance when Pak Lah began to indulge himself in corruption. They saw a weak leader at the helm and found an opportunity to get some support from the already grumbling citizens. At first (in 2006 – 2007), the opposition’s rallying cry was anti corruption and nepotism. But only after 2008, when DAP gained more grounds that the accusations of racism came about from the mouths of these extremist leaders. This tactic gained more support from the non Malays.

    And why not? When in the 90’s, they were happy because the economy was booming. Now, its hard to find wealth on the back of obvious corruption by Pak Lah. Just maybe, they could seize the government when Umno is so weak now. And how to get more support? By playing the racial card since the call of corruption and nepotism could not reach enough masses.

    And the key factor now is; the rural Malays do not trust the DAP leaders. They will forever remember Karpal Singh shouting ‘over my dead body’ regarding the Islamic country issue or Lim Kit Siang time and time again wanting to demolish the Malay rights. From ever since they could remember, these was what DAP had been fighting for. The rural Malays are not as naive as the liberal Malays into thinking that after all they had fought for, the DAP are prepared to relegate their ultimate struggle into just ‘a fight for justice and equality’. If Pak Lah is the anathema of Malaysians, then Karpal Singh and LKS is the anathema of the majority Malays. And this is a fact. If DAP wishes to make themselves having an appeal to all the Malays, LKS and Karpal must resign and disappear. They are too fanatical in their stand to be in the government. Moderation and sacrifices is key (please read my previous articles).

    Do you honestly believe Anwar is capable to become a good PM? Tell me, on what evidence and track record do you see that he can manage the country well? How could he balance the needs and wants of the members in DAP and PAS? DAP has less than 1 million members while PAS has nearly 2 million. Do you think Anwar can be effective? How can he propel Malaysia when there will be opposing views in the government?

    If he wants to emulate the Malaysian success in the 80’s and 90’s, he will have a really tough time at the back of unstable cabinet and fanatic communal leaders.

    We were so lucky to achieve racial harmony since 1970. Everyone has a share in the Malaysian economy. Malays in Malaysia during the 80’s were a big fish in a small pond. When the 90’s came, they ventured into a bigger pond. As a result, Malaysia became one of the biggest trading nation in the world (17th place). We are one of the economic tigers in Asia. Everyone was happy. I bet you were one of them. The economic boom in late 80’s and 90’s were so much regaled by the masses.

    If you want to vote PR just because you want DSAI to lead it, then DSAI has to have the political backing of the majority of the Malays. Malaysia should always be a pro-business society. That is how it can appease to the majority of its people – the malays, the chinese and the indians. Frankly, the chinese do not even care about the political situation in this country as long as business is good and the environment of the economy is viable. That is their main concern. How to do business if we face political upheaval and instability due to Pakatan Rakyat’s effort in questioning the Article 153 and NEP all the time?

    I have a question. In light of the above explanations, are you anti-malay? What is it about the malays you are so against at? Are you scared that the Malays have some political power? It has been like this since 1957. I would understand if you are against a corrupt Malay leader. If you feel the Malay leader is corrupt, then it is our duty as a citizen to change him. Right now, the most viable leader I see is Tengku Razaleigh. To give DSAI with his brand and style of politics the premiership will be disastrous.

    Do you have any problems with Tengku Razaleigh becoming the PM? If all Malaysians get a chance to be under his leadership, why not? After all, Kelantan (which you duly pointed out), became the opposition state due to Ku Li’s sole effort in wrestling it from BN in 1990.

    Like you said, we need every Malaysian regardless of race to make Malaysia great. That is why I don’t see a problem for you seeing Ku Li as the next PM. Right?


  24. Jebat,
    nicely wrapped.

    Zulkifli Noordin should just leave. He’s way better off without PKR. Supporting a power crazed egoist like Anwar will definitely destroy then nation.

    I like someone’s peribahasa ‘bertandang ke rumah janda’…Damn dude, thats funny and i can’t stop laughing for 5 minutes! Tepat to the core.

    The sad thing is, the opposition used to have principles where ethics, moral dan values count but with DSAI around, its true like someone said, machiavellian where ends justify means. Sad, sad period for Oppositions.


  25. A few weeks after the last General Election, while having lunch with a client, I overheard my client’s conversation with Anwar Ibrahim.

    My client is a registered UMNO member, campaigned for a BN candidate in a particular state during the last GE but is also a closet KeAdilan supporter /member.

    Anyhow, I asked my client what the fuss over the phone was about. He told me that Anwar called him asking him to set up a meeting with a few BN MPs in the hope of getting them to hop on to Pakatan’s bandwagon. That was in the wake of Anwar claiming he had 30 BN MPs willing to jump ship.

    My client told me that Anwar didnt have the numbers but was playing a psychological game. Get them scared enough to think that he will usurp power and the buffoons will, fearing for their own future, join Pakatan instead.

    Sly old man isn’t he.

    p/s : My client never did set up a meeting between BN MPs with Anwar, he tried but the BN MPs in the spirit of self preservation of their individual interest was unsure about Anwar’s claim of being able to topple the BN led Government.

    JMD : Thank you for the revelation.


  26. JMD
    1.First to your question, am I anti-Malay? Being Malay myself, I still had to think hard before I could answer that question. No, I am not anti-Malay at all, but i deplore certain attitudes that certain Malays have. Mainly the sense of entitlement which often crosses over into arrogance, and often manifested by people in UMNO. Okay, yes, 1957, social contract, NEP and all, but isn’t it about time we as a race stood on our own two feet and work for what we want instead of pulling cables here and there and taking the easy way out. I have no argument with the govt giving educational opportunities to deserving poor Malay kids, but after that they have to stand on their own. Not ‘you have to give me this job/license/contract cos I’m Malay and connected to the ketua bahagian UMNO – but because I am capable.’ Our universities and education system is of course a whole other story.
    2.When I say equitable distribution of wealth, I was thinking more in terms of the wealth being more evenly distributed within the Malay race rather than the top 1% of Malays who are again, well connected, or cronies.
    3.No doubt the BN govt has done a great job in the last 5 decades , but it has allowed corruption to go unchecked esp during TDM’s time, such that we have come close to becoming Indonesia. I don’t see any real desire for reforms among the present crop of UMNO leaders. Ku Li.. well he seems to be saying the right things but can he make the leopard change its spots?
    4. The BN coalition.. it seemed to work as a good check and balance in the beginning, but now the other parties seem to be merely rubber stamps for UMNO to do what it likes.
    5. We as a country are evolving. Of course, just like humans, the first priority is to feed, clothe and shelter ourselves. Or as a country to gain economic strength. But when basic needs are met then the higher being within us starts to strive for ideals. As a country too, we are maturing and it is natural for us in civil society to start to question human rights, justice, the environment, etc and for us to want a govt that is seen to promote our ideals. And if this means ending up with a 2-party system, then all the better. We as a rakyat can only gain from that, even if we have to go through a period of instability or as many have said, the labour pain of giving birth to a new and better nation.
    6. I do not know if DSAI will make a good PM, but like Ku Li, he seems to be making the right noises. To be honest, a lot of my friends and I who support PR do not quite know what to make of him, but we dont have a choice because we just cannot tahan the BN govt anymore and are willing to give PR a chance. And right now Anwar seems to be the only person to be able to hold it together.
    7. Karpal and Kit Siang are DAP old guards who cant quite get rid of their old mentality, but there are many young and promising leaders in the DAP who are more in tune with today’s politics, and who are not quite as chauvinistic. Above all, these guys are clean.

    JMD : Your point of views are not dissimilar to mine afterall Joe. To have a clean Umno leaders is what I have been writing all these while. However you may want to qualify your last sentence. Power can change any man. Look at our own Mr Clean. Not so clean now isn’t it.


  27. Just curious. Since in your past posting you posted the story of how Mahathir made arrangement to discuss almost everyday with Nor Mohamed Yaackop in going about the financial and economic mechanisms,I wonder what did Anwar actually do along those years when the economy was on the downside? I mean I did read a bit about getting IMF involved or something like that, but how he actually set about to solve the problem at that time? Sorry for bringing up the story.. I just couldn’t find materials that tells the whole story. I was in form 2 back then when we finally return to stability after the ordeal..

    JMD : I have no doubt that DSAI was very much involved in trying to overcome the currency crisis affecting Malaysia at that time. DSAI is a hardworking minister, no doubt about that. When he was the deputy prime minister, he would have meetings with TDM on nearly daily basis. He would keep the PM updated on issues that were facing the nation at that time. All small issues which do not require the PM’s attention, he addressed it efficiently.

    That is DSAI. His work ethics is commendable. This is only due to the fact that his boss is extremely hardworking and energetic himself. Very much different from the time when Pak Lah was the DPM. TDM’s former staff can attest on the difference in the work ethics of Pak Lah and DSAI when they were the DPMs.

    During DSAI’s tenure as the Finance Minister, his advisers were mainly people with Harvard background. TDM on the other hand had received advice from economists from numerous schools of thought.

    Consequently, not being an economist himself, DSAI relied heavily from his advisors whom in turn would rely on their Harvard professors which no doubt has close ties with the IMF. Wallahualam.


  28. Whether the supporters of Anwar realised that PR is relying heavily on him to pull things together, while DAP and PAS seemed to be in the dark on the directions and actions to be taken by Anwar.

    ie; Anwar works alone… hence, the making of a future dictator?

    So even under PR rule, Anwar is most likely to retain ISA to secure his power and for his benefit.


  29. JMD,

    It is heartening to note that others from the opposite site of the political spectrum are communicating thru your blog.

    Logical thinking though differing in ideology makes for a better Malaysia.

    I cannot but ponder why the younger (If I may so presume) Malays among the PKR still regard dsAI as a suitable leader for our country.

    My perspective and rejection of dsAI is his very close relationship with Zionist personalities and known neo-consevatives responsible for thousands of Muslim lives lost in Iraq.

    Have they (PKR supporters) forgotten the Palestinians plight. Or they do not know.

    I will not start a fire here by mentioning the many other instances of Zionist misdeeds.

    I call upon all the Malay PKR supporters to insist that dsAI explain this relationship publicly in all the MSM and denounce the Zionists.

    Better still, do it overseas to ALL the international MSMs.

    Lets see if he will take this challenge.

    When he does I will be the first in line to support him.

    To Joe, Su and others; please for yours and our country’s sake take my comment into consideration.


    JMD : Thank you for your continued support.


  30. JMD

    Glad you share some of my views. But one difference between us is that you still have high hopes of reforming UMNO whereas I have none. UMNO used to be a party of teachers and young idealists, but in TDM’s time it has transformed into a party of businessmen, many of whom appear self-serving. It would not be too extreme to say that it is becoming a glorified Malay chamber of commerce.
    Can Ku Li rid UMNO of corruption? I dont think so. It is too entrenched, down to the cawangan level. Just ask any ketua cawangan, will they be able to get their UMNO youth members to work for them for free? Never. They all expect to be paid, and this is the way things have been for probably the last decade.
    I am not a PKR member, in fact I am still an UMNO member, believe it or not. But UMNO has become irrelevant to me, and i definitely am not the only one.

    Dont know much about this Zionist connection of Anwar’s. But I think Anwar is a smart man who cultivates friends on many sides, mainly to his own ends for sure. But basically he is still a Muslim, and I dont think any Muslim forgets the Palestinian plight.

    JMD : Thank you Joe for your thoughts. Believe it or not, most Umno members especially the grassroots are feeling much the same.


  31. “The more recent case was the SMS on the mass conversion of Muslims into Christianity in an Ipoh church back in 2006. The perpetrators of this rumour were put to jail under the Sedition Act for the near riot it has caused in front of the church.”

    The person who made the allegations was none other than the Mufti of Perak Harussani Zakaria. I dont think he was jailed. I cant recall anyone being jailed over that issue, perhaps I missed the report.

    Anwar is a dead end back stop. The fallacy that the Anwaristas believe is that Anwar will solve all the country’s problems. This is Anwar’s ‘yet to be properly revealed’ weakness. No one (I repeat No One) has exploited this great gaping hole in Anwar’s hea. This is the greatness of Anwar’s weakness. He is devoid of any ideas for the future of the country.

    Since 1983 (when he first joined the Govt) Anwar has never articulated any vision or ideas for the Malays and for the country. He has absolutely no ideas about how to help the Malays. He has absolutely no ideas about how to bring our economy into the 21st century.

    Laying telephone cables is not enough. Even Zimbabwe has telephone cables. Laying a WiFi system (even for RM18.0 bill) is not enough. Even Qatar is installing Wi Fi systems. We have to bring our people, especially the Malays into the 21st century.

    Anwar has absolutely no idea how to do this.

    We cannot possibly chase the Chinese and the Indians into the sea. Its a bit too late. Also the PM is half Chinese, TDM is Mamak and a million Malays are of mixed parentage. Laksamana Khoja was a Tamil, Tuah was mamak, Abdullah Munshi was mamak, the Temenggongs were mamak etc. Mani Purindan was a Tamil. We have to just deal with this.

    We have to get ourselves into the 21st century. It means we have to move forward. Otherwise its just that much longer on subsidies and crutches.

    JMD : If we carefully read the link I provided in the link, I think the sender of the SMS was a woman. Whom was reprimanded by the police. The Mufti’s defense was that he only reacted after reading the SMS sent by the woman.


  32. Another good news for today I guess..

    KUALA LUMPUR 15 Sept. – Datuk Zaid Ibrahim hari ini meletakkan jawatan sebagai Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri.

    Surat perletakan jawatan beliau diserahkan kepada Perdana Menteri di Putrajaya pada pukul 2 petang ini.

    JMD : Zaid Ibrahim is only thinking about his political survival. He needs to think about his position in the wake of the new development come this December.


  33. Actually the point is we need a new Prime Minister. The new government is not in need but the new leader is. Don’t you think?

    JMD : We need a new Prime Minister and more efficient cabinet members and an overhauled Umno machinery.


  34. corrupt **nt running dog.
    you should be tossed into selat melaka at first instance.
    Malaysia is in such a dire state today because of irresponsible d**khead like you.

    JMD : Again, I have to moderate this ya. Next time, please comment with something slightly more intelligent and having some basis. Everyone here will appreciate it more. Thank you.


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