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Defend yourselves against the Propagators of Racism!

Susan Loone in her blog recently raised the same thought again and again; that the BN government is ‘racist and corrupt’.

To tell everyone that the government is racist is like accusing everyone that had voted for it as racists. And I take offend on that. One of the flaw that the Pakatan Rakyat has which they themselves do not see is that, when they speak, they think they are representing every Malaysian in this country.

Though I do not oppose her allegation that the government is  ‘corrupt’, I would still resent any notion that every man in this government is corrupt. Granted that when we find the most corrupt figure within the government is our very own Prime Minister, then of course, all of the government’s machinery will suffer from the perception of being corrupt too.

However, I just have to disagree with her on her accusations that the Government is racist by nature. In my previous article, which by the way, a must-read in order to apprehend this particular piece, we need to alert ourselves against the racist tactics of the Pakatan Rakyat politicians and their loyalists. Their divide and conquer tactics is very subtle but not yet foolproof.

This tactic is even more profound when they zoom in on the Umno leaders and their speeches. For instance, the Datuk Ahmad Ismail case.

But when their own leader, Zulkifli Nordin had shouted racist statements during the Bar Council forum last month, everyone was very quiet and the matter died quickly. Even the MCA leaders, who were very vocal in the case of Ahmad Ismail, had been suspiciously quiet on the Zulkifli Nordin incident. No acsusations of being racist were hurled towards Zulkifli.

Which led me to believe that the MCA itself had fallen to the PR racial politics. Did they even lodge a police report against Zulkifli Nordin? I doubt it. When Zulkifli and his followers had uttered even more degrading and abusive words than Ahmad Ismail had, one cannot help to notice that, due to the swift dissipation of that issue, it is not about racism at all. Among the Pakatan Rakyat leaders, it is only about power and perception.

Their motto – destroy the BN with accusations of racism and we the Pakatan Pakyat will seize power by hook or by crook.

To me, to play the racial card in the guise of justice and equality is the heinous act of all.

Nevertheless, some quarters had even argued that the rakyat had only begun to realise the government racial approach after 51 years of ruling. However, prior to the 2008 general election, even the ultra chinese DAP did not accuse the government as racist. Have we read any news on them accusing Barisan Nasional as racist in 2004, 1999, 1995, 1990, 1986, 1982, 1978 and in 1974? In fact, it was the DAP and Gerakan who were the main hate mongers in the 1969 general election. Did they go on hibernation mode after that? And did the rest of the opposition parties and Malaysians accuse the BN as racist after 1969?

To say that the rakyat had only realise after 51 years of prosperous livelihood is only a political ploy to gain support and to throw the people off balance. I know it. They know it. And the rest of Malaysians should know it too.

True that Ahmad Ismail is an idiot. His galactically stupid statement damaged Umno’s credibility even further. It dumbfounded me on why he  would even utter those words. Same goes to Zulkifli Nordin and his followers. And we had not even venture into all the racist statements in the blogs of Pakatan Rakyat supporters. It is just that they have not been highlighted to the masses. Indeed, Pakatan Rakyat is very fortunate that the Malay masses do not read those internet blogs and their foul comments.

As I have said again and again, the BN leaders, especially the ones from Umno, should be more elegant in their speeches. They should know what words that could cause anxiety and be perceived as insensitive. The BN has got no problem before this. Maybe it’s due to the lack of leadership from the top. Or perhaps, they themselves are a bunch of buffoons who could not put together a proper sentence to save their own lives. Good leadership qualities are sorely lacking in Umno nowadays.

But my point is, are all Umno leaders racist by nature? Are all the BN leaders practise racism? Is Barisan National guilty in chanting racist slogans? As I said before, there is a huge difference between a racist policy and an affirmative action.

Racist policy is what had been practised by the Apartheid regime in South Africa. By the Nazis in Germany and by the early Americans against the Red Indians. Susan Loone or John Lee might not even be here if the government had indeed been propagating racial hatred and racist policy since the beginning of independence.

What we have here is a positive discriminatory policy called the Article 153 and the NEP. It is not racist in nature. But the enforcement is tainted with corruption. I can live with the opposition calling the government corrupt. I do not deny the fact that most Umno leaders are exposed to corruption. This blog had even highlighted them on a few instances. But to call the government as racist, is an insult to the multi racial population that had thrived since 1957 under the same government policy.

Tian Chua, upon Anwar Ibrahim’s victory in Permatang Pauh had the nerve to even said“the overwhelming victory showed that the prime minister’s racial politics is bankrupt”. He said that with the background of Pakatan Rakyat accusing Datuk Seri Najib as a Hindu!

This is the modus operandi of the Pakatan Rakyat. The real propagators of racism.

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  1. If I follow your line of thought – I am sure not all nazis in germany were necessarily racist. Perhaps some were unfortunately tarred with the same brush. Similarly I am sure not all early American settlers were racist towrads the native Indians as well – another assumption on your part this time.

    In conclusion i am sure any logical person reading any article would not subscribe to the generalist statement that all BN are racist and corrupt i.e. Mr Jebat Must Die – you are making a maountain out of a mole hill.

    Move on to other pressing issues – like poverty, food, shelter and respectable life style for all Malaysians.

    JMD : This is where you are wrong Whitelight. Please read the Nazis idealogy (the Aryan race is the supreme race in the world) and the red indians treatment in the US in the 19th century through racial discrimination and assimilation. All red indians at that time were not allowed to enter certain establishments of the government due to their race. I was highlighting the difference between racist policy and our accused ‘NEP’ and article 153. Vast difference.

    But the PR ARE accusing the government as racist and had thrown the BN into the same league as the Nazis, apatheid regime et al.

    Thank you for commenting, I appreciate it.


  2. If I follow your line of thought – I am sure not all nazis in germany were necessarily racist. Perhaps some were unfortunately tarred with the same brush. Similarly I am sure not all early American settlers were racist towrads the native Indians as well – another assumption on your part this time.

    In conclusion i am sure any logical person reading any article would not subscribe to the generalist statement that all BN are racist and corrupt i.e. Mr Jebat Must Die – you are making a maountain out of a mole hill.

    Move on to other pressing issues – like poverty, food, shelter and respectable life style for all Malaysians.

    PS – How sure are we Jebat was a Malay hero. Be open to the possibility of corrupted folklore. He may have been an early Chinese settler too !!!

    JMD : Please read my article and its comments :



  3. Bravo JMD. I’m sure many like me share your frustration with the tactics that PKR is using. They just hurled all kind of accusation without any reservations while knowing very well it’s just polemics. They live on this momentum until everyone believe. Sadly there are many that buy into these accusations. It’s saddening to see the people fooled by such high morality approach and accusing others without any chance to defend. I wonder what kind of culture they will bring to our society. Their aim justify their means. Can you imagine taking over government via back door, keeping those MP that is already taken by BPR to court in service, accusing land scam in penang without any proof, and many more, and these are the people whom we will trust to run the nation! These are the people who called others racist, rasuah, etc. I do hope the nation wakes up! Better still let our opinion known in their blog sites that they are not going to fool everyone forever!

    JMD : It is hard to let known disagreeing opinion in those blogs as they are moderated only to approve opinions similar to their own. Malaysia Today is guilty for that.


  4. Yes, read your article and comments. Nice story too.

    So is this one (just one of many) –

    All nice stories, only God knows the truth – so I prefer to keep an open mind.

    JMD : Thank you for the compliment.

    John Chow, in his analysis, claimed that a study by The Federal Association of Arc & Research of Michigan, USA showed that Hang Tuah and his friends are chinese through their DNA. I hate to burst your bubble but that association does not exist and the study was a hoax.

    Thus, his whole analysis is rendered skewed because his whole assumptions are based on this study. FYI, the name Hang is a monicker they call for young ppl during those times. Please note the name Hang, Dang and Sang were confused by latter historians.

    Some had stated that the confusion derived from the Jawi writing which had mistakenly interchange the jawi word ‘shim’, ‘ha’, and ‘dal’ during the writings. When written very quickly, those three jawi words will look alike. That was why the confusion arise. It will not be a surprise that Hang Tuah’s real nam could have been Sang Tuah or even Dang Tuah! 🙂


  5. JMD, agree that confronting them on their turf isn’t easy. BUT, i hope many of us that visits those sites should voice our opinion so that we do not become the minority. I see in susanloone site’s for example, one Nadia was heckled away among the many. It is so unfortunate that blogs have become a site to just agree with one another rather than a healthy debate so that we can share reasons for a better understanding. Even though Nadia was alone, she stood up and be counted. I salute her for that. In site like ‘I am Malaysian’ i feel sorry for a young idealistic malaysian girl being led to the other side. Many of us are idealistic and searching for truth, fairness etc but i believe there must be some pragmatic touch of realism. Without guidance, these people can only accept what majority seems to suggest. That sole person that sheds other side of the argument stand like a beacon of light suggesting another possibility. I believe all those that reads the blogs should not just accept, but offer their thoughts.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  6. Racism and affirmative action policy is a fine line. The latter used for noble intentions could be easily abused by implementers down the line, mistaking it for rights and privileges, perhaps this is what has happened over the years. More and more of them get into power and become more brazen to skew the policy to their liking.

    One thing I don’t get is the 15% discount for houses. I don’t really see how it helps anyone. Or is this in Article 153 as well.

    A bigger question is to ask why, different people across the world living in the same time do not develop equally. While, the Asians and Europeans have their civilizations, culture, renaissance, and what not, why are the Africans stuck in time. The Malays are better off compared to the Africans, say in the Middle Ages, as they have lived in wooden huts and houses when the Africans are still living in mud huts with straw roofs in barren land. So despite the advantage, the cultural exposure in the region – Thailand, China, India and Arab, the Golden Age of Malacca, supposedly one of the greatest maritime ports in the world at that time, why do they find it hard to make it good in this modern age.

    What is different from us and them, here we are spouting philosophical thoughts, while some are still struggling with literacy and basic arithmetics. Is it because they are old souls meant for a simple lifestyle long passed centuries ago, with no books, TV, and the internet, or even electricity and piped water. Is there anything wrong with that?

    Who are we to set the standard for everyone in the human race? To go to school, to get an education, so we can work at a factory making things, to earn money to buy things made by other people in another factory.

    Civilizations come and go, and the only way for its people to survive is either through knowledge, science and technology, which leads to a better quality of life or through sheer overpopulation, and let the numbers overwhelm the mortality rate.

    And of course in this country we have the affirmative action policy.

    JMD : Thank you for continuing sharing your thoughts in this blog. Really appreciate it.

    If I may, I have a few thoughts in the discount given to the bumiputras when purchasing houses. I think this rule had several aspects that need to be brought up.

    Firstly, it is purely a demographical issue. To balance the demographic between the races;
    – the development contractors are almost all chinese based companies and are not interested in developing housing neigbourhood in the rural areas.
    – hence, prices of houses in urban areas are high
    – if only the chinese can afford the homes, then most neighbourhood in the urban areas will have predominantly chinese population. Again, racial segregation.
    Thus, to give discounts to the bumiputras for them to afford the houses.

    Secondly, discount may not be seen fair. How about the poor indians? Although the government develop low cost housing schemes for all races, surely the indians and of course the chinese must not be asked to pay slightly more than the bumis? So here lies the problem; the balancing of political will.

    How to deter segregation of community, make the houses more affordable for the majority Malays but at the same time, not be seen as being unfair to the non malays? The answer is, which is the greater issue.

    Apart from the discounts, the government do made it compulsory to have bumi reserve lots for each private housing development. As I remember, there was a recommendation in the early 2000 under the national housing plan(? – forgot its proper name) to look into this matter. Some of it is to take into consideration the income of each potential buyer notwithstanding their race. In that situation, the Malays and the lower middle class non Malays can also purchase the houses with the discounts.

    But after studying, revealed that the new system is open for abuse and the segregation will still be there. Maybe more studies should be done in order both objectives to be met.


  7. To each his own? what’s your thought on this post?

    JMD : I guess TDM had explained this in his article :

    That blogspot article failed to mention the influence of communism in their idealogy. How many Malayans killed in the struggle against the remnants of this party from the 40’s all the way to the 60’s? Countless.

    Think about it please.


  8. I agree to a certain extent, yes not all BN players are racist and similarly not all Pakatan Rakyat leaders are as well. If in fact some PR supporters associate BN with the likes of Nazis and the early pilgrims of America, then they are somewhat misguided.
    However, I do believe that when one belongs to such a group of people, like UMNO with the Malays and MCA with the Chinese, intentions are somewhat obscure.
    E.g. with the party elections coming up, the PM would refrain from punishing Mr. Ahmad Said for his obviously racist remarks. Also, the MCA decided not to meddle in that issue when they were pleasing UMNO (the big brother) during the by-election but decided to tackle the issue immediately after it, in view of the coming election.
    Therefore they may not be an out and out racist but they sure are not sincere in their claim for race unity. I do think, however ways you look at it, people cannot help but be racists. However, it is extreme racism like making racists remarks or obscure racism like threading the line in view of a gain, that is the worst.
    Yes we have been somewhat united under the BN government for 51 years, but why are we still discussing racism?In that sense, BN is worse because PR is just 5months old – you can’t compare a 51 year old with a 5 months old person. The older should know better.

    JMD : Dear Syazwan,

    I agree with the first half of your comment.

    However, the MCA did meddle in the issue. But they were quite quiet regarding the Zulkifli Nordin issue. If you say when one belongs to such group, their intentions become obscure, will that apply to the political parties in PR as well? Or are they being exempted due to their righteousness?

    It wasn’t the BN who are the main protagonist of the racism discussion. It was the PR and the extremism among their leaders who had kept on harping the issue. Please read my other article on this one :

    Have you heard Anwar calling the BN as racist in 1998? Nope.

    Thank you for visiting this blog. Hope you will have an enjoyable time reading it.


  9. We need a leader who can actually stands up and say enough of this shit! But as you already know “shit” cannot stand up. They usually goes down the drain. People can say what they like because they CAN.
    if jebat was chinese, then everybody in malacca is chinese and Parameswara actually from guangzhou. ha ha.. who the hell comes with that racist idea. Ahhh.. I know…
    anak india kan anak malaysia, anak china kan anak malaysia, anak melayu je comes from jawa or sumatera or sulawesi.
    corrupted folklore .. that’s is a new one for me. how about misguided myth and tall tale legends?


  10. engkau orang semua silap la, ini la masaallah Malaysia, orang Melayu suruh Cina balik China, orang Cina cakap Jebat dan Tuah tu orang Cina konon-nya…….Anwar tu pandai, dia kata, anak Melayu, anak DIA, anak Cina, anak DIA, anak India, pun anak DIA….( Anwar bukan saja kahwin 3 kali, Dia PANDAI, dia kahwin 3 BANGSA!! )

    JMD : Aiyoh Cram…


  11. Confronting reality has never been the strong suit of the government-of-the-day. I guess it has been entrenched too long in that dominant position that it tends not to see reality as it is but instead choose to believe the reality perceived by their spin doctors.

    I remembered once when whatever is said by the government was taken to be gospel then… but that era ended about 20 years ago. Now, with the advent of technology, people are able to reach out and find out more. Who can one blame if the others choose to believe the alternative version of the truth, when the current version of the truth is simply unpalatable?

    The current government, given its coterie of advisers (and I mean the younger ones) concentrate too much the liberal path but the path which they concocted and defined. Have these advisers ever sought the views of the lesser beings (being the ordinary people?) Or do they come up with these solutions to current problems over a glass of fermented grape juice and a cigar?

    As it is right now, the government is spending too much time being on the defensive. I have often believed that Abdullah would have done the country good but unfortunately, his coterie of advisers had prevented him from doing so.

    Now, what has all these got to do with racism? Well, when you spend too much time theorising and not get in touch with reality, the result that you will get often will hurt the sensitivities of others. For instance, in Selangor, the state government is all gung-ho about setting up that swine farm, using the excuse that the previous government had approved it… The question that begs to be answered, why place it next to a Malay kampung? This simply eludes common sense. The current state government is the one in power and it is at their will that the location can be changed. Instead, the government blundered on citing that the decision was made by the previous government. What logic is this? Or is it simply an attempt to stoke racial tension and blame it on the previous government?

    Another confounded decision by the same state government is the move to re-align the Centralised Area Reinforcement . How can this be elaborated without being accused of racism? That the Selangor Government agreed to have the path go through a Malay kampung (which has documented land titles etc) instead of the agreed plan of going through a Chinese settlement (which have been occupying TNB reserve lands and was in the original path). Now, who is being racist?

    I also agree with Jebat that there appears to be double standards when it comes to racial issues being handled by PKR… When the Bukit Bendera Umno guy opens his mouth, the amount of feedback tantamounts to slander… but when their MP say something, it is all quiet on the western front. Believe me when I say this that forums mainly dominated by the Chinese are going on an all out attack against the Malay on an unprecedented scale. My question is, who is stoking the fire?

    In the end, it is all about being on the defensive… whereas a good defense means going on the offensive. Take the bull by its horns. Why is it when a prominent Malay fella (and I use that in the loosest term possible) say something it is construed as being racist but when a non-Malay say it, it is okay? Being Malay in Malaysia is akin to being a Muslim in the eye of the world now… Nothing the Malays do in this country is right but whatever non-Malays do, they do so in the name of equality. Perhaps the non-Malays forgotten the nation’s history or they choose to believe the version propagated by the eminent Dr Kua Kia Soong, who chose to use documents deposited in a foreign soil instead of going to the ground and find out what was the actual cause. You want to talk about conspiracies? To me, this smell like the mother of all conspiracies.

    In conclusion, I have taken too much space to comment in your column. I should not have done so but it gets me when I see people who choose to belittle reality, just so that they can live the alternate reality. Malaysian Malaysia is a good concept but until we learn to trust each other, it will never happen.

    JMD : Another double standard; when Karpal Singh struck a nerve involving his criticisms towards the Sultan of Perak in late March, which had led to the calls for his death, he did not even issue an apology now did he? Even the non Malays were quiet on this matter. Karpal Singh did not even care whether the Malays deemed his statement as insensitive and rude. For him, he is not a racist for belittling the Sultans.

    I have the opinion that all these pointing fingers from both parties should be stopped immediately. Why waste time on highlighting the slip of tongues from the politicians? But I have the feeling the Pakatan Rakyat will continue harping on anything racial. Why would they stop anyway? It’s benefitting them all the way. Thus my statement that playing the racial card is the heinous act of them all.

    Thank you for the comment. I does not matter how long you write. It’s the substance that counts.


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  13. Yes I have read that article. I am quite happy to gain a different point of view with regards to the Malaysian politics (too many PR blogs – myself included..haha).
    From what I’ve observed, you are quite a supporter of the BN but not Badawi. However your view are more towards the fault of PR rather than the strength of BN itself.

    Yes I agree it applies to PR as well, as evident by the Zulkifli Nordin incident. The racist issue had also been initiated by BN – UMNO in particular for example the UiTM episode. Politicians are always going to be politicians.

    Anwar have never called BN racist prior to 1998, but then again, no one in BN has ever called him a sodomite prior to that either. All’s fair in love and war.

    JMD : There you go. I hope you could see my point that all these so called racist allegations is only a ploy by the PR to seize power. As for the notion that he is a sodomite, well we can only know this after his trial is complete.

    On another note, my only wish is to see the government becomes stable again so that social harmony could be achieved again. Realistically, I do not see that Pakatan Rakyat can be a stable government. So the next best formula would be the time tested approach of BN; minus the corrupt legions of KJ and his minions.


  14. Hi JMD,

    Those in PKR will never see themselves as racist althought their mouth is awash with racism (Najib a Hindu? Oh PLease)
    That’s the beauty of racism, you make your nemesis into something less than human i.e savages or corruptors or racist, and you feel superior in doing so.
    Their whitelight never fall on them.



  15. Alhamdulillah we have bloggers like you to articulate what many of us feel. UMNO is not racist. The Malay race is not racist. There are exceptions very much alike the exceptions of Chinese and Indian racists. The racist remarks about UMNO have all been ever so vehemently chanted by the Opposition and power hungry DSAI. And sadly many have fallen for it. Youth especially. I think to a certain extent, being an opposition/DSAI supporter is considered “hip” and that is also part of the problem of BN’s diminishing popularity. Something drastic needs to be done to make the younger opposition supporters realize that they are lending their supporters very blindly. They were too young to know what DSAI was like when he was in power. And as you’ve said, unfortunately, PR are quite successful at perception politics. You can even see it in their name for crying out loud!

    Totally agree that loudmouth UMNO leaders should be more humble such as that idiot division leader. KJ too. You won’t attract people with arrogance fool! Even pro-BN people are disgusted with him.

    Never been a Pak Lah hater. He’s a nice man from what we can see on the surface but I agree that he has to go. People don’t and won’t like him anymore, no matter how many KTM/LRT rides he takes!

    Carry on JMD! Thank you! Jazakallah Khair.

    JMD : Thank you for commenting.


  16. Doesnt it amaze you how easily the term racism is being used time and time again without anyone truly understanding the true meaning of it ?
    In all these years of elections held in Malaysia, I have never felt so insecure with the racial card being brought up ever so often as it has been done now. Actually to be precise, this is the only election that I have felt this way. To claim that the current government is racist is a ridiculous accusation! People who do say that we have a racist government , have never ever gone through racism. I have gone through the “positive discrimination” and it was not pleasent for me personally. But it only made me stronger and urged me to work harder to get what I want in terms in education. I still fail to see where BN has been racist being a non-bumi myself. I agree with you that there are MPs and leaders in BN who are not very bright in their comments (maybe its due to the lack of grey matter in their frontal lobes of the cerebral cortex). But for the regular Joes out there who actually believe everything coming out from some power hunger opposition leader like horse with blinders….maybe massive brain transplants are in order? 🙂

    JMD : Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


  17. sometimes those who did not read history (or legend or myth as well) properly should just sit tight and enjoy the show rather than commenting with ‘logical but noncense’ opinions. no offense, ha. for example, how could they explain Hang Mahmud (the father of Hang Tuah) is Chinese? didnt he migrated from Bentan? was Bentan somewhere in China mainland? or perhaps the name ‘Mahmud’ was not Malay peninsula origin but was borrowed from far east? not trying to be racist here or anywhere else but cant we except the fact what is belong to malay history should be remain unchange as malay history. and what belongs to the chinese should also stay as the same.

    my statement; Poh Chi Lam was actually located in the state of Malacca where Wong Fei Hong studied martial arts. do any of you agree? (or, I object??)


  18. Well….
    I gotta say that whenever such people started riding on issues of morality of this sort, making accusations in such a way that their responses tally very well with their perceptions (knowing fully well the kind of people who responded are not smart enough or not thoughtful enough), I’m sure they did it partly to make themselves feel better…believing themselves to be not susceptible to those behaviors…


  19. It is a bit strange how things have changed hasn’t it. BN have always prided itself as a multi racial party. They have quietly most of the times sort out statements that contain overt racial overtone.

    How times have changed. These days, BN is back peddling and strangely DAP is priding itself as a party for all Malaysians. The perception used to be that DAP is primarily concerned with the plight of the Chinese community.

    Again your analysis is quite astute. The racial card being raised by Pakatan Rakyat has worked wonders for them in getting votes but how that would affect race relations in the country in the long run remains to be seen.

    Anwar during his time with BN never raised the issue of BN being a racist party. But then again, Anwar never claimed BN as corrupt when he was in the Government as well.

    I agree with “I Pray For Malaysia” that these days the Malay bashing has gone a bit too much.


  20. @whitelight59

    Thank you for the link. Of the five Malaccan Warriors, Hang Lekir and Hang Lekiu were Baba Chinese. Families of Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat were Bentanese Riau Malays (hailing from Bentan Island, now part of modern-day Provinsi Kepulauan Riau, Indonesia). About Hang Kasturi, some sources say he was a local Malaccan Malay while others claim that he was an Indian Muslim. These information are from our local historical records. Perhaps the only similarity shared by differing claims within our local historical records is that each writing recognised that they were all Muslims.

    Contrary to John Chow’s bloody crap, “Hang” was never a corrupted Chinese surname. During the Malacca Sultanate period, “Hang” was a prefix of rank awarded to police and military personnel who have proven their battle-handiness in wars and major criminal encounters. Tuah, Jebat, Kasturi, Lekir and Lekiu did not have their “Hang” until they proved their battle-handiness by defeating gangs of pirates; as well as successful conquests of neighbouring Peninsular/Sumatran kingdoms. “Sang” is basically nothing but a Malay word similar to the English “The”. I’m not sure about “Dang” though, but it’s only used for females.

    About that John Chow’s so-called “findings”, that piece of information itself is staggeringly lacking in qualities of an acceptable research work, if it’s to be regarded as one at all. Simply put, anyone can safely say it’s more of a made-up story; a total hoax! WHEN were the graves of the five Hangs ever dug and the skeleton samples taken for that purpose? The so-called “research” couldn’t even tell this simple thing – the exact date of excavation (if it ever happened)! Few of us ever know that even Hang Tuah’s actual mausoleum is still in dispute amongst some Malaysian historians until today.

    Simply put, John Chow and the likes are nothing but m#th#rf#ck#rs.

    @JMD and most of the rest

    I wanted to write more, but you guys helped a lot. Agreed, agreed, agreed. When non-Malays dispute and question everything Malay and everything Islam, it’s “democracy”. When the Malays merely speak up in defence of their legitimate rights, it’s “racist”. What a DOUBLE STANDARD.

    JMD : Hang Lekir and Hang Lekiu were Baba chinese? That’s news to me. Hope you could substantiate this with some links or stories that I can read. Thanks.


  21. One thing I would like to share here, is that most people do not care to understand the idea of preserving cultural identity…Malays in general
    have lost their sense of real identity of what makes them Malay. I’m sure we all aware of the fact that whatever that is associated with Malays today are actually were never inherently Malay to begin with.. the kind of attitudes and behavior you see daily, the way they converse, and other undesirable conducts among the Malay leaders today and Malays in general. It is the repercussions/aftereffects of colonial rule in the past in which Malays were subconsciously coerced into the environment that they created. The kind of rule that dismantled Malay psyche, which was very, very subtle and highly effective that it will take more than a lifetime to revive to its full course. One good example is their colonial education at that time.

    It is true that since the arrival of Portuguese on Melaka shore, we learned of the steps taken by the rulers thereon to preserve their thrones and sovereignty as rulers (much to rakyat’s frustration in the later part of 19th century although the Melaka rulers did fight to reclaim Melaka when they were invaded). But I realized that we tend to relate these events to backwardness of Malay Culture, and blaming solely on the culture itself while neglecting the entire buildup of that very cultural entity that was responsible in creating traders/merchants out of it (this is articulated in Andaya’s A History of Malaysia). (Who hasn’t witnessed any form of cruelties and injustices committed by rulers at certain point in their period regardless of which civilization they came from?) A culture that has existed since immemorial and yet the way some intellectuals put it is that the Malay Culture is backward (to say so about the Islamisation and thriving entrepot during Melaka Period?? ) and cannot stand the ravage of time (or conveniently said that it has no place in globalization, not realizing globalization is a term coined by Westerners who themselves desire to make the world to follow their accord, in the long run, which in return, non-Western countries must build their strength independent of Westerner’s mindset). If we were to look at other civilization and cultural entity, take China for example, much of its progresses are attributed to the cultural awareness deeply embedded in their souls.. Otherwise we won’t get to see the modern Olympic infrastructure and yet inherently Chinese but at the same time never intimidating or hostile to foreigners. And they realize that this can be done through the cultural continuity.. A very deep rooted spirit..

    Same goes for Japan… I watched the movie The Last Samurai and it showed how much the Japanese leaders loathed at their own culture (samurai swords were banned completely it seems, during the 19th century when they invited the Americans to help them modernize). But then, during the World War2, it turned out the other way round… while Japanese soldiers carried their rifles, they carry their samurai swords and the Bushido spirit in them in fighting off their enemies.. It goes to show that at one point in time they did view their culture with disdain..

    Modernization is a tool, not an end in itself, as exemplified by other cultural entities.. A full scale, continuous study pertaining to this land should be maintained and highlighted to public from time to time (which doesn’t seem to be the case today…or am I mistaken??)

    If we were to care about assimilation and acceptance from others, the Malay leaders should start thinking and work upon the need to revive that cultural frontier we have lost. Cultural awareness is the key to discard confused thoughts and ideals and it should help in driving our spirit to civility. As reiterated by you, Malays have no problem accepting others into living side by side with them. Historical studies must be made interesting and be reviewed from time to time as our historical findings thus far still subjected to much scrutinies. Historical and archaeological researches have long been in Malaysia, but sadly they go unnoticed and not many have taken interests, perhaps these areas have gone stalled too? When we become culturally aware of ourselves, only then we can device ways to make assimilation possible without inviting hostility, though it may take a long time to substantially materialize.

    The problem with local institutions is that we tend compromise on standards (learning culture in university, the concept of a library in which how reading materials are not evenly spread in terms of areas of interests) which makes it easy for accusation for example, racism with regard to quotas. Habit of exchanging ideas and the urge to talk about them is not yet widespread among Malay undergrads. The most effective way it seems is to put into practice such habits at schools with guidance from parents and teachers. Had these undergrads resorted to forum discussions and proper exchange of views and arguments concerning the UiTM quota issues, the whole problem could be dealt more effectively, instead of marching to the street (normally, protest is the last resort when all the main channel of expressions fail).

    (I have followed your write ups for quite a while, but the discussions taking place took me quite some time to digest)

    JMD : Thank you for taking the time to comment.


  22. ||
    John Chow, in his analysis, claimed that a study by The Federal Association of Arc & Research of Michigan, USA showed that Hang Tuah and his friends are chinese through their DNA. I hate to burst your bubble but that association does not exist and the study was a hoax.

    Thus, his whole analysis is rendered skewed because his whole assumptions are based on this study. FYI, the name Hang is a monicker they call for young ppl during those times. Please note the name Hang, Dang and Sang were confused by latter historians.

    Some had stated that the confusion derived from the Jawi writing which had mistakenly interchange the jawi word ’shim’, ‘ha’, and ‘dal’ during the writings. When written very quickly, those three jawi words will look alike. That was why the confusion arise. It will not be a surprise that Hang Tuah’s real nam could have been Sang Tuah or even Dang Tuah

    I found some interesting comments about the history of the Malay nation … not sure the level of correctness though …

    it was claimed that Hang Tuah is not the actual name of that person, only a nick name or something similar to that … he rose from the rank of Laksamana to the level of king … that’s why at some point, at the later stage of Melaka, Hang Tuah seems to be vanished


  23. Bro JMD,

    Heheh,..wat can I say..ur articles never fail to impress me n i’m gonna ask my kids to read ur blog beside Tun’s,..heheh.. i’m glad ur a cool headed guy & glad to have met u in person wth Bro Voicey,.. mite b we cud hav sum teh tarik in d near future,.. aftr Isya on weekend wud hav been gud..if ur game drop me a line..ciao

    SAY NO TO NWO!! SAY BYE TO AnWar & PLah!!

    JMD : Yeah, likewise. Thank you. 🙂


  24. JMD,

    The question is not “Who is a racist?” but rather “Who is not a racist?”. Each and everyone of us has a race. Naturally, one would has a preference towards his own race. This is not the problem when each and everyone of us practice tolerance and understanding.

    Malaysia is unique and cannot be compared elsewhere. It is wrong to compare Malaysia’s multi-racial way of life with that of UK, Aus, US etc. When some of us are rich, they allow, help and give way for the poor to catch up, when some of us are in power, they share some by creating a coalition govt.

    The problem arise when some want MORE and see what others get as UNFAIR. Worse still, when this is politicised. We have encountered politicians using religion to gain support. Now, to be more popular, one is showing that he or she can speak out bluntly and is fearless. To do this, a politician dwells on 2 very very sensitive matter here in Malaysia : Religion and Racism.

    Since I was small and until now, I have no problem talking, mingling and living with Malaysians of other races. I’ve gone to school together, played and celebrated festive seasons together. All of us know our rights and on the same time know our limits, respect each others sensitivity, culture and beliefs. I truly believe, many are like me.

    With the formula which our leaders had left us back in 57′, have we not flourished? Have the malays, chinese, indians and others not progressed, enjoyed the wealth and lived peacefully? Each of us have citizenship. Each of us have a piece of the cake and we lived ever since in peace, harmony and got what other countries in this world cannot give. We have schools according to races, we practice our religion freely and without fear. We can even live in the same neighbourhood together.

    What more do we want? Have we shown that we are grateful to have enjoyed this much? Have we shown our patriotism in return of all these?

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. Perhaps, others can ponder on this too.


  25. Dear JMD,

    I do not agree 100% with your line, but I like your writing style…

    The choice of whether race should reign supreme or merit should be the yardstick to decide who has the authority is well argued over many times.

    For me, I prefer merit for a very simple reasons..

    When I am sick, I only want the best doctor to treat me.
    I want to drive on the road build and designed by best engineers.
    I want to send my kids to school that is taught by best teachers.
    If I am in legal trouble, I only want the best lawyer to defend me.
    I also want to have the best leader the country,
    Best soldier to fight the enemy,

    And also , I did my very best to find a good job and pay income Tax, so that the Tax money goes to pay this best dedicated folks that runs this country.

    No , I am sure you probably share the same logic with me, but does it matter what race of people that is doing it, it does not matter , right ?

    Stop listening too much to politician (or those masquerade as religion preacher) that keeps highlighting the difference and importance of race or any differentiating factors to divide and rule.

    To me, if one day I succumb to the need of race , I essentially deny my own rights to have the best doctor to treat me while I am sick. The roads is probably not safe anymore as the person that build the road was not the best, but of poor quality due to the need to fulfill the racial composition.

    so what say you ?


    JMD : Shiver me timbers! It’s Woody! 🙂

    Frankly, everyone wants the best in life. I concur with you. However, in my honest opinion, it is two different issue here. I believe some people would feel that it is unfair if none of the best doctors, engineers, lawyers or leaders are not from their own ethnic. They too want to have those high esteemed careers but due to the limitations in their environment and lack of opportunities, a policy was developed so that they are better represented. Too bad they did not take advantage of the policy so that they can progress and eventually be at par with everyone else. Worse, some quarters had even abused it. Herein lies the complications. To abolish, will suffer political backlash. To continue on forever, will suffer calls of injustice. A give and take attitude must be seriously taken into consideration here.


  26. I believe, if we continue on fending the fire like what we are doing now, sooner or later, the fire will become big, as big as the hurricane Gustav. At the end of it, it wil burn us like what happened on the that bloody day 13th of Mei, 40 years ago. Most of you here were not there, so yo do not know how it feels to be trapped in your own house. If this kind of talk continues on, I am definately sure, the day will come sooner than we expect. To tell you the truth JMD, I relly hope this will happen, becuase EXPERIANCE MAKES THE BEST TEACHER……

    JMD : Well, I sincerely hope it will not happen again. Once is enough. That is why extremism should be rooted out. Moderation and tolerance should be the utmost priority. I hope all political leaders in BN and Pakatan Rakyat understand this concept.


  27. Personally, I don’t see how historical details like the ancestry of Hang Tuah will ever be accurately identified unless we travel back in time. History is written by the victors as they say, and furthermore it has become part and parcel of Malacca, and hence Malaysia, we should really embrace it as part of our identity.

    Would like to repeat, with some slight modifications, what I commented at Dato AKJ’s blog.

    An example would be IF those of Chinese ancestry in Malaysia glorify paper making or fireworks or even chopsticks because it originated in China thousands of years ago, but the fact is it has absolutely nothing to do with any Chinese person today or any living person today for that matter.

    Or it’s like your father is a great scholar and person, but it does not automatically make you one, it is only through your own efforts in learning whatever he taught you and the personal trials and tribulations you go through that makes you the person you are today.

    So it really does not matter who you are or what your ethnicity is, but coming back to this topic, the policies may be for a positive effect but it left room for discriminatory practice, the recent incidences of childish remarks by politicians and the teacher which were exposed reveals the reality in society.

    I still believe in the danger of the misinterpretation that comes with the aap, it promotes thinking along racial lines, simply because it is ‘for’ a particular race, and here the race is identified by descriptions in the constitution, it gets bundled up with religion, which complicates the matter.

    We know of people who become bumiputra by conforming to the descriptions to be one and allowing them to enjoy the benefits of Article 153. The fact that there’s no mechanism to check this, because it would be unable to control the actual racial definition, tells us how it is flawed.

    What is race? As mentioned in the constitution or by genetics? Perhaps the newly tabled DNA bill could be put to good use to now categorize races by their genetics, even then Watson supposedly had a certain percentage of African DNA in him.

    So, who is the Article 153 actually protecting?


  28. JDM,
    This is my first time i give comment to your post.
    I think i like it and U got the points. I’m not an UMNO supporter just an analyzer. For me nothing wrong with PKR becoz, PKR is really known as a manipulative party so we should not surprised with that kind of strategy. What we (rakyat) can do is just open our mind and thinking critically , then we can see what is exactly their ultimate goal.
    For them politic is politic….Nothing more than that…..and this approached is very dangerous to MALAYSIA and MALAYSIAN. We must pray that we will not be like Thailand. SALAM KEMERDEKAAN.

    JMD : Thank you for viewing this blog.


  29. JMD,

    Another great article JMD. It also brings us back to your previous article Pakatan Rakyat – Kill with a borrowed knife. If we look at the statements, comments and articles on the blog and mass media, Anwar is mostly defended by the non-malays. I bet whitelight59 is also a non-malay too. The malay in Pakatan Rakyat are just the dumb cheerleaders not knowing exactly what they are fighting for except to see DSAI become the PM of Malaysia (with all due respect…).

    The article quoted by whitelight59 also shows how some Malaysians are easily duped by whatever they read on the internet. Perhaps, they thought the works of our historians are of low standard compared to the orang putih or they actually never ever seen or read “Sejarah Melayu”, “Hikayat Hang Tuah” and many other masterpieces.


  30. You said “True that Ahmad Ismail is an idiot. His galactically stupid statement damaged Umno’s credibility even further. It dumbfounded me on why he would even utter those words. ”
    I wonder if Pak Lah will take action against him? So far Pak Lah hasn’t got a gut to deal with SAPP issue and vote of no confidence against him. And what about the Terengganu’s EXCO members who defies his order not to use the Mercz?

    JMD : The malevolent Pak Lah may not take any action against him even though clearly Ahmad Ismail had breached Umno rule. He may not wanna rock the boat before the Umno general elections. If not he’ll get several votes short. The oncoming Supreme Council meeting need to deliberate on disciplining him. If they have the guts.



    Kecewa dengan sikap segelintir pemimpin UMNO, yang bersifat perkauman. contoh terbaru ketua UMNO bahagian bukit bendera yang telah membuat kontroversi mengatakan bahawa orang cina hanya penduduk sementara di Malaysia.

    Kenyataan yang langsung tidak berperi kemanusiaan.

    Kita handaklah mengawal perasaan..kalau tidak, tak mustahil 13 mei kedua berulang lagi. sebagaimana kaum lain yang harus menghormati Melayu dengan tidak membincangkan tentang isu sensitif secara terbuka, para pemimpim UMNO juga hendak lah berkelakuan sama.

    Perbuatan menghunus keris – perlukah? cium cukup lah..tak payah nak hunus-hunus.. bayangkan MCA hunus pedang, Gerakan hunus tombak, DAP hunus bazooka roket mereka tu. Apa nak berperang ka?

    Sudahlah dengan politik perkauman ini. seharusnya UMNO terus dengan agenda untuk membela nasib orang melayu, bukan dengan polemik politik yang tidak kemana.

    Kami masih sayangkan UMNO. kerana itu kami mahu UMNO berubah. kembali lah kepada perjuangan asal.

    UMNO jua lah yang memperjuangkan hak Raja-Raja Melayu.
    UMNO jualah yang memperjuangkan kemerdekaan.
    UMNO jualah yang mengetuai kompromi Melayu untuk memberikan kewarganegaraan kepada Cina dan India.

    Mengapa UMNO hari ini tidak lagi berperanan seperti di atas? kita harus sedar, kita tidak mahu kalah lebih teruk lagi pada PRU ke 13 nanti.

    Bangunlah UMNO. Janganlah menyinggung perasaan kaum lain lagi.


  32. Something tells me that KJ purposely made such statement with regard to Permatang Pauh by-election (kita kuburkan Anwar ) because deep inside he wanted Anwar to win.. afterall I don’t think he cares about his father in law , but I could be mistaken.


  33. Dear JMD,

    Cannot agree more with you my friend. Pakatan Rakyat mission is to tear the government via racist card. It is very sad that after 51 years, we still have the same issue. For Pakatan Rakyat leaders, please stop the acquisations and stp playing racist card. You must not tear Malaysian Unity for the sake of power. Damn you!


  34. Been reading your post lately, and it really open up my mind with your different views on all those political incidents that been happening recently. A real different contrast from those pro PKR blog.
    I am a born bred chinese malaysian, we as a malaysian had responsibility towards the nation building and all this healthy disscussion is what we wanted.

    We are in 21st century, affirmative actions is still needed as you had said, fair because many malays are still lacking in economical department ,but to ensure that all the malaysian receive the proper respect and fairness as a citizen of malaysia, government must properly plan what actions in future so that to ensure that all rakyat of malaysia know what to expect.
    For example the affirmative actions had to be given a timeline so that bangsa malaysia can be realise.

    I will called myself as MALAYSIAN when asked by outside foreigners, but why can’t our so called politician, and yet they still harping on the racial issues and still distinguish malaysian as malays,chinese,indian and others.
    In my opinion both UMNO and PKR is playing racial card, so ourselves the citizen of malaysia dont follow the politician and still harping on whether which party is playing the racial card.

    If the present government doesn’t change what hope does we have?
    Choose PKR? This is the relevant questions that need disscussion.

    this is my opinion and sorry if my writings offended you all in anyways.
    BTW your blog is the most interesting blog that i had encounter so far.
    Keep up the good work.

    JMD : Thank you so much for reading this blog and for the comment.


  35. Malaysia will be a better place to live without:-
    1. Anwar Ibrahim
    2. Abdulah Ahmad Badawi
    *not necessarily in that order….

    they are both trouble makers……



    JMD : Not all are like that actually.


  37. Dear JMD,

    I believe that PR are using the same ploy as the Zionist. Racist and anti-semite. Both used the same methodology.

    If one critics, the other will shout until the critics admit defeat and give some compensation to justify the ‘hurt’ and ‘humiliation’ caused.

    Look like it Anwar got to learn this trick from his best fren , Paul Wolf-whatever.

    Its true that PR only ‘bising’ if its not from their kin. What a double standard!!

    Racist itself is quote funny in nature. If a Malay said,’look at that Chinese, how hardworking he is’. It is not racist, but complimentary.
    But if a Malay said, ‘look at the Chinese, how lazy he is’. Then the Chinese will say, ‘The Malay is Racist’.

    Just one word, it will change everything.

    But i didn’t heard any Malay shouting Racist to Indians or Chinese when the Malay are labeled as lazy by the Chinese. Well, i believe some of the Malays saying it by heart, not thru blogs or media because another trait Malay is famous of is ‘TOLAK-ANSUR’. These Malays actually appreciate what other Races have done and do not want to stir the water.

    But eventually, if PKR, DAP and Hindraf keep playing the same card, it will not be long that the Malays will join too. Lets pray that majority of the Malaysian will not fall for this.

    The biggest RACIST of ALL – LKS (communist) & KS (snake). How i wish that they are ISA-ed. Wondering what happened to the police report against KS? Do you know JMD?

    Maybe, you can compile all the blogs similar with this
    ….or blogs that have racist remarks so we can tell who is the racist.

    Do you have anything on LKS & KS? If have, please share with us



  38. Race based public discussion in Malaysia have never been able to be conducted in a gentlemen manner… how well the politician tries to….there will always be a spin to it……very simple even u JMD each time u commented in other blogs…u r seen as an ultra malay…..even tho u cud be spot on….

    I have a simple question how come intermarriage say between a chinese + malay gives the offspring 100% of Bumi rights instead of 50% ?

    in a country like malaysia….race is the easiest card to pull out to create diversion from the actual issue…but sometime when race itself is the issue r we ready to face it head on…….after 51 years what do the 3 major race have in common?

    BN have always been put together by race based political parties rather than ideologies…..did our political scene over the years become boring with the same theme … n now a new chapter so call emerges….by simply focusing on the achilles heels of the current policy….something that is enshrined in the supreme document of the nation….i guess non malay malaysian like to hear rhetorical speeches by a so called liberal malay muslim championing non malays……(as u have said in ur PR-kill with a borrowed knife post)…but does this indicate the general feeling of the nation…….

    R we up for a “country level referendum” kind of thinggy….to tackle this issue on a larger scale…..will this break the so called “comfortable” existence which we have enjoyed so far……\

    JMD : With 14 parties in BN, all races are represented in the government. That is why Malaysia can lay claim that the hardcore poor of the people had been eradicated up to less than 5%. In some countries certain ethnic become very poor because they lack representation in the government. However, in Malaysia only lately did we see the blatant corruption and widening gap of the rich and the poor. Even in Pakatan Rakyat, they are still represented along racial lines in each party.

    As your comment on intermarriages, I guess it would be so much easier that way. Unless we want to further divide our citizenship with somebody having mix parentage of 1/4 portugis, 1/8 chinese, 1/2 indian, and the rest is a mix of malay and kadazan!


  39. Dear Cram,

    You jangan salah faham; Melayu, Cina, Hindu yang jambu jambu saja anak dia. Kalau anak mat salleh jambu lagi dia suka. Tak caya tanya Wolfowitz.

    Jadi yang hodoh macam Karpal, nik Aziz, LKS & Hadi pandai pandai lah bawa diri. The Guy’s nothing but an ex-con and a swindler.


  40. YOU SAID

    “And we had not even venture into all the racist statements in the blogs of Pakatan Rakyat supporters. It is just that they have not been highlighted to the masses. Indeed, Pakatan Rakyat is very fortunate that the Malay masses do not read those internet blogs and their foul comments.”

    Jebat, I disgree with your statement above!! I’ve an avid reader of Pakatan Rakyat blogs and also an avid reader of UMNO’s most popular blog (you know which one).. need a hint?

    and i can say is that IT WORKS BOTH WAYS JEBAT! BOTH WAYS!

    you are indeed so wrong Jebat… so wrong…

    JMD : Umno has a really popular blog? Really? Which one? Anyway, why am I wrong? Extremism on both sides which hurt the sensitivities of everyone should not be allowed.
    Thank you for reading my blog. Really appreciate it.


  41. and i forgot to mention that i’m an avid reader of your blog too (not pro PR or pro BN).. yours is in the PRO ‘on-the-fence’ blog 🙂


  42. I agree that affirmative action is sometimes needed in some countries to prevent oppression of the minority by the majority. In Malaysia’s case it is affirmative action for the majority who effectively have executive power. So I find it really puzzling why is protection needed for the majority who hold political power, the country’s purse strings in the Finance Ministry and the security forces.

    JMD : If Umno wants to assert their political prowess, all the nation’s wealth could be diverted into the hands of the Malays since independence. But that wasn’t the case. Instead, all component parties in the coalition agreed to share the nation’s wealth (yes, even when Umno has the political power). They use the soft approach instead of the hard, direct ones.

    Please read my previous article :

    and its commentaries too.

    Thank you.


  43. Salam JMD,

    Saya rasa PR sekarang sangat arrogant dan over confident and that is not the way to win hati rakyat. There are many people out there yang tak setuju dengan PR, yang anti DSAB dan sedar betapa racistnya DAP. DAP tak akan memperjuangkan melayu dan islam. Itulah hakikat. Kemenangan DSAB di Permatang Pauh memang telah dijangkakan. Itu kubu kuat DSAB. DSAB takut berentap ditempat lain itu sudah menjadi petanda beliau tak seyakin mana.

    Semasa perbahasan Lim Guan Eng dan Datuk Dr Koh, saya dapat lihat betapa angkuhnya Lim Guan Eng, dan mentaliti beliau masih sebagai pembangkang bukan pemerintah. Buat ape terus membuka pekung kerajaan lama, yang sudah terbukti korup. You already win the election so now is the time to move on. Kalau masalah tanah di PP dah pening kepala dan tak terhandle, macam mana nak tanggung masalah negara?. Memang tak ready nak memerintah.

    Tsunami memang berlaku tapi tidak bermakna majority rakyat akan memilih pembangkang. Saya tak rela berpmkan DSAB dan ramai lagi orang diluar sana yang berpendapat seperti saya.

    On the other hand, DSAAB, pleaselah step down soon. Esok pun boleh. Rakyat sudah menolak wakil rakyat yang act like a pembesar negara. Pembesar yang memikirkan hanya perut dan periuk nasi sendiri. Wakil rakyat should mewakili rakyat, menjalankan tugas dengan amanah. Bukan senangkan anak dan menantu.

    As for LKS and KS, aya….ibarat penyapu baru. Begitu teruja bila mereka merasa diterima rakyat. Biarlah mereka melayan perasaan.


    JMD : Terima kasih blueocean.


  44. I was one of PKR voter who regret voting them after reading the PKR-related blogs, leaders blog etc…the definitely DON’T WALK THE TALK and BLAME EVERY, I mean EVERY UNFORTUNATE EVENTS in the country to BN (which is partly true) but don’t la insult us by saying everything is conspiracy..what wrong is wrong don’t go and manipulate things around…

    they think themselves as the rakyat’s defender when in fact i assure you when they get the ultimate power (FEDERAL GOVT), WE’LL SEE MORE dramas/corruption from them

    I’m sorry to say that they are full of talks but no work…..there are a number of young MP (quite but working hard) whom i respected but the rest (including MP i voted) are completely thrash….and please someone tell me the solid contributions of LIM KIT SIANG, KARPAL, ANWAR or your PKR MPs for the country…

    bleached 4 ever,

    I agree la..why la when chinese called Malay lazy, etc etc or even discriminate them in workplace, they are not called racist but malay even called racist when defending know i see this as beginning that these people will control everything (in addition to malay liberal who supported them)…and please laaaa…ada ke orang yg tak racist 100%..even scientific research proven everybody’s racist….every race is looking after its race and in Malaysia, chinese done it in most obvious way but Malays are too tolerant to say anything about it

    BTW i think this Ahmad guy should just keep the pendatang word in his heart, not out loud….(but why aaaa chinese are ok being called immigrants in US and other UK news they are being called immigrants all the time (as indians too))..TRUTH HURTS….

    JMD : Thank you for commenting. Sorry to hear about your MP.


  45. if only the majority thinks the way you do. To not take actions motivated by emotions. Facts and proof are vital in understanding an issue and evaluating it before making judgments or decisions. But by my observation, it seems that PR knows the mind of their supporters like the back of their hands, and almost every tactics they have applied seem to work…

    can’t they see what’s really going on?
    yet they choose to be so passionate about things they don’t understand…
    as a young-one in Malaysia…
    i am truly disappointed..


  46. JMD,

    I disagreed that it is 2 different issue. Racism is shallow minded anyway, be it anyone, if we keep on wanting to keep to the racial line, we ended compromise our very rights to have the best ,pharmacists ,scientists, doctors, teachers,engineers, or any professions or leaders to run this country.

    For those that felt low esteem if they view prestigious professions do not have their own color skin people, let them continue to rot in their mindset. But to deny the bright and brilliant to take up the prestigious profession and excel that is what matters.

    Up till today, those people that still wanting to look at the skin color, or ideology to differentiate are doomed to fail as society is getting very efficient. The moment you are looking in wrong direction, people are miles ahead.

    The sad thing is, we are denying the bright and brilliant to be champion of the prestigious professions, what happen is, you have a bunch of second graded professionals. Look at it today, many politicians dare nor even trust their own health with local doctors.. anything complicated they rather flown to US, UK..Aus.. to seek treatment. That is the tragic of racism and many still do not get it.

    The biggest trouble today is, if we keep denying the bright, the brilliant, and the hardwork the opportunities to become great, then they go and become great elsewhere, and locally, we are overloaded with poor , less -competative people, burden even with over birth , in the end, the mass consumed all the resources needed to survive for all, the country will be heading for riot and anarchy for sure if people started getting hungry and cannot keep up with the world.

    Believe me, Malaysia is at that tipping point and many intellectuals are crying out loud trying to fix the problem, just that few expired yester-years politician keeps talking about their own relevancy of race supremacy, hogging along the path to change for the better.

    just for a nice little joke,, read this story..

    by the way, NST published an apology later…


    JMD : Thank you for the comment. I disagree on one thing, that – ‘many politicians dare nor even trust their own health with local doctors’.

    Dr Mahathir had put his life in the hands of local doctors when he did his heart bypass in 1989, and again in 2007. To lead by example was his personal motto.

    Thank you.


  47. Bangsa Melayu diperlekeh, untuk dikuburkan di bumi sendiri?

    Jika kes2 begini berlaku lagi (karpal& sultan, Keris). PR lebih cenderung mengungkit kisah lama UMNO.Kononya UMNO lebih kejam. Lalu menyebabkan orang lain ketawa lekeh melihat Melayu bergaduh sesama sendiri mempertahan Pencacai ini. Mereka terlupa musuh sebenar adalah ‘Pencacai’ ini. Pencacai ini berpandapat memang ditakdirkan Melayu selamanya diperhamba.

    Saya bukan Melayu mudah lupa dan dari jenis tidak menghargai & mengenang budi. Meskipun dikatakan generasi baru UMNO telah mengheret Melayu ke tepi lubang kubur, ini tak bermakna lesen kepada Anwar @ PR untuk menguburkan Hak2 Melayu.

    Saya tak pernah menyertai UMNO @ mengundi UMNO tetapi saya rasa bersalah untuk membenci UMNO. Namun, saya berpendapat UMNO seumpama seorang bapa yang telah membesarkan Melayu dari majority buta huruf sehingga melahirkan graduan2 yg antaranya kini bongkak & takabur.

    Umpama seorang bapa yang dulunya beriman , tiba2 di tengah usianya tak berapa bagus seperti ‘bermain kayu tiga atau lembab bertindak’. Mereka yang telah cerdek (tetapi berakal/memori pendek ini) tanpa belas menghukum ‘bapanya’ yang berbudi dan sanggup membunuh bapa sendiri akibat kelemahan sifat bapanya.

    Memang kini UMNO boleh dikata bukan mewakili suara Melayu & ‘dimiliki’ golongan elit, saya juga merasakan menyokong Anuar bukanlah jalan keluar.
    kerana saya tak termasuk dalam golongan ini yang mempunyai kecenderungan menyokong Nuar-

    a.orang berfikiran pendek (pelupa, emosional & merusuh-tak mampu mengingat nuar dlm jangka 5 ke 20 tahun lepas, siapakah Nuar ini),
    b.golongan muda yang tak kenal Nuar (membabi buta menyokong seperti karisma Hitler).
    c.beragenda material-(untuk meraih projek dlm hirarki atas kerajaan baru),
    d.Beragenda porak poranda (pelabur jahat & orang asing jahat),
    e.Pembenci Paklah dan mengambil jalan protes.

    Dilema Melayu Global:
    Sekarang ini jika memihak kepada UMNO VS PR kedua2nya seolah2 merugikan. Menyokong golongan elit VS menggadai hak diperjuangkan bertahun2?

    Saya yakin ramai Melayu pertengahan berpendapat seperti saya. Kerana itu 80% pengundi tak berdaftar ialah Melayu lembah kelang.

    Namun kami Muslim, tidak akan membenar Malaysia menjadi republik.


  48. Salam bros n sisters,

    I think a short article aptly titled “Tanah Melayu is what we have lost and Moroland is what they have lost” is a damn good comparison. Frankly speaking I dunno what else that we can still claim we have but not for long anymore…

    Read the article at

    JMD : Thank you for the link.


  49. JMD~

    Heart bypass is no longer complicated-lah (Mayb 20 years ago) .. u do not need IJN also, many Penang hospital can do that-lah …


    JMD : Like I said, the heart bypass was done almost 20 years ago (1989) and performed by Dr Yahya and his team.
    But apart from the politicians which by the way, I do not think all of them go to overseas to have really complicated medical treatment due to the inconfidence in our local doctors, Malaysians do rely on our local doctors to receive their medical treatments. Even my mother had a triple bypass several years ago and our local doctors did perfectly well during the operation.

    Thank you.


  50. Dear JMD
    Just a short note.
    do you think Singapore goverment racist? Me? I don’t think so. What ever affirmative action it does,it is only trying to protect the interest of its majority voters which happened to be chinese. So why it so wrong for the Malays in this country which is a majority voters to be affirmative or doing its best to protect its interest or the interest of its voters?
    I bet if the chinese or the indian in this country form the majority they would not give the malay a look in. Like if you want to build a mosque, look for donation. I will double your money: if you collect 10 million i will donate the same amount. but you must purchase the land.Or even looking for a job to feed his family.Got to learn to speak indian or chinese or both. There are of course other form of discremenation like wearing of tudong for examples.No azan, no mosque and “babi” farm every where.
    So what are we talking about. tell nik aziz and anuar to shut up and not to divide Malay race.Let the Malay race be united and form a goverment. I remember way back, TUN was saying if other races boycot UMNO I can stillform a goverment in this country.Now we really need him to ‘kata mesti di kota” I always believe we can. It will even make us stronger as a race because we have to look out for ourselves.


    JMD : I do not agree in a multi racial country of ours, one race should be too strong beyond limits. If not, it will turn sick and corrupt and inflexible.

    Yes, Umno needs to be strong. But becoming too strong like the 2004 elections had caused the Malay leaders to be selfish and corrupt beyond reprieve. They had lost their original struggle while power and money had replaced their beliefs in God.

    However, as another reader had suggest (Lekiu), efforts had been made to get Tun Dr Mahathir into the fold of Umno in order to unite the Umno members and to uproot the cause of its problem – Pak Lah. As Umno cannot reinvent itself and cure itself from its current predicament, outside force needs to come in in order to save it. In this, they need the strong steady hands of Tun to help revive it. As Albert Einstein had said last time:

    “the significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them”.

    Since Pak Lah and Umno lackeys created the problems facing Umno now, it is impossible for them to solve it. We need somebody outside Umno to provide solutions and save them from this never ending stupidity.


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  52. Good article and very balance outlook in yr discussion points . Refreshing change inlight on what is going in Malaysia. Your comment about TDM solving UMNO problems,…. didn’t he have a hand in creating some of the mess we see today? Didn’t the NEP or whatever it is called get hijacked, and so called affirmative action only propagated imcompetency and corruption. Pak Lah is just the wrong guy in the wrong place at the wrong time, and unfortunately is now a convenient scapegoat.

    JMD : Pak Lah is not a scapegoat. He is too dumbwitted to make the reforms and become more corrupted than we can ever imagine. He is not the wrong guy at the wrong place at the wrong time. As a matter of fact, that ‘place’ is the only thing he is holding on for dear life.

    Please read the rest of my blog to learn my opinion on the role of the NEP and its future in Malaysia.

    Please read the comment made by one of my commentator ‘Lekiu’ on the purported ‘mess’ you were talking about in this article.

    Thank you for commenting.


  53. salam JMD,

    first time reading ur thoughts. got here via .

    satu artikel yang matang. Thank you. in time, will read the rest of ur articles

    JMD : Thank you for visiting this blog.


  54. JMD,
    I would like to comment on your reply to “msleepyhead” of 2/9 regarding discount on house for bumiputras. Bear in mind that discount are not given for low cost houses in this policy but for high end housing suh as bunglos and demi-D houses which cost RM 0.5 M or more .Any one who can afford these house could not be under the category that need help from the NEP. This policy only benefit the rich bumis who can afford them. When the developer gave discount on these high cost houses, where do you thing they recover the profit from? They raise the prices of the other houses or trim the facilities in the public area.The power that be who has the power to amend this policy keep an eye closed so that they can continue to abuse it.

    JMD : Thank you for commenting and giving your thoughts on this subject. I gave my two cents worth in my reply to msleepyhead at 16:50:26.


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  58. Dear JMD,

    There is a certain issue I would like to point out. Regarding whitelight59 comment (and yours at the end of the article) American (or EU settlements) in America currently still being racist towards people who aren’t white. They consider themselves as default race (and of course, default settlers of USA). When I first come across Native American bloggers I was surprised, I thought there were no more of them.

    The issue that I read regarding racism in USA that is called institutionalised racism, where the system react unfairly towards other races. But in most of the argument on the net, this are the main reason that they (the white American) are protected while the erasure of other culture are blinded from media. The advantage of this situation is called white priviledge, where any white-passing (people who appear white) benefit from the system.

    I have to say that I learn about racism the other way around – I read a lot about the racism in USA then I started to look at my home country (Malaysia). I was actually trying to hide myself from Malaysian bloggers a lot (for various reason). This is, however, quite in different light in our country as we are also exposed to so-called white priviledge (in term of colonialism, erasure, and also racial division) but we also experience inter-racial between Asian ethnicity discrimination, prejudice, or bigotry.

    I also happen to follow one trans-female Bangladeshi Malaysian (her parents move to Malaysia around 20 years ago give or take) and I happen to read a lot of her experience during her schooling years in Malaysia.

    In term of discrimination, prejudice and bigotry there’s also something called as microaggressions which is a subtle insults.

    But honestly, I don’t know. I search around for history of Malaysia. I found a lot (but not as much, I’d say). I also happen to found extremist at both ends (or maybe more branches?). I found out I have a lot to learn but at the same time with the current news and everything that happens – I lost hope.

    I’d like to use this quote:
    “If you care too much about Singapore, first it’ll break your spirit, and finally it will break your heart.” – Alfian Sa’at
    But even though it’s about Singapore, it still rings the truth for me when you generalise it into a country instead.

    I love my country so much, that it has break my spirit and now it’s breaking my heart.

    Best regards,
    Fikry dari perantauan


    • As far as DAP goes, racism and bigotry is part and parcel of their existence. Racism is when there is antagonism towards another race. DAP was and is antagonistic towards the Malays since party formation. They hogged the Maha Racist Lee Kuan Yew’s so-called Malaysian Malaysia slogan, wanting equality without acknowledging the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak under Article 153 of the Constitution.

      With that, they made snide remarks, question the NEP, even question that Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras, being antagonistic towards them. DAP was, and is, anti-Malay, anti-Islam and caused the race riots of 1969.


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