My Alma Mater

Today, 14th August 2008, my alma mater, Victoria Institution celebrates its birthday.

Happy 115th birthday.

I have always had happy memories in VI.

The dedicated and tireless teachers, the fun times living in the hostel, the over achieving football team, the awe inspiring Prefects Board and of course, the girls from nearby girls schools who would drool everytime the VI Band marched past them in parades… 🙂

To all the past and present Victorians and teachers, may you forever walk in the corridors of glory.

“Give a wise man instructions and he’ll be yet wiser”

14 thoughts on “My Alma Mater

  1. “Give a wise man instructions and money, and he’ll be yet like Pak Lah and his cronies”
    “Give a wise man instructions, money and religion, he’ll be yet stupid as a goon”
    he he it’s like sex, drug and alcohol.

    actually JMD I beg to differ,
    those girls would actually drool if St John’s comes along… he he

    JMD : Haha if you say so! 🙂


  2. I clicked on “nearby”, saw the badge. “Simple in Virtue, Steadfast in Duty”….and memories came flooding back. Ahhhh….to be back in school.

    I’m not from Bukit Nanas though, Convent Klang represent! But it’s the same thing. Plus all the other Convent girls hates CBN girls. They’re real bitches. Not to say that other Convent girls arent bitches, it’s just that CBN were and I think still is, supreme, in their bitchiness.

    But again….to be back in school again eh?


  3. UITM is an ISLAND

    Yes, it was and still is an island. I remembered it well. We were gathered all in one place..earth generation lost in space. I borrowed that phrase from Don Mclean but it aptly described UITM or ITM when I was there.

    Is there anything wrong with UITM? Nope, the courses are good, the degrees are recognized all over the world, the lecturers mostly bright and come from all races, the cost to study there is cheap and yes…the girls, during my time they were the best looking compare to those dull and boring UM or UKM girls.

    Were we afraid to compete with other races? Not in my Law school. We entered moot competition and fight the like of NUS of Singapore and UM and yes we were once a champion.

    I always welcome other races to UITM…I have no problem with that..most other students dont have problems with that too…because we were together when in school the malays, chinese and indian. Why suddenly want to segregate us. Unless ofcourse you are part of the so call student movement like GPMS etc..

    By the way you should know that there are Singaporean and Indonesian and also students from other countries studying there.

    However ,UITM would leave you with one big problem and that is NETWORKING. You will be deprived of building your networking for 4-5 years with fellow Chinese and Indians students and that is not good for business or nation building once you’ve graduated. I straight away worked with a chinese senior lawyer and he offered me to be his partner.We the law graduates are more open and matured than students from other courses but what about other graduate from other courses? Most of them are so scared to enter the market..and this is the fault of UITM. UITM is to be blamed.

    JMD : Thank you for sharing your experience.


  4. Dear JMD and fellow visitors,

    Sorry to rain on the VI anniversary parade, but I just read that Tan Sri Hassan Merican has quit Petronas.

    For a couple of seconds, I think my heart stopped beating. Or perhaps it was my stomach that went into a tight knot.

    What you feared has happened, JMD!

    Based on what your earlier blog on this possibility, it looks like the looters of the nation have triumphed again.

    While the people’s attention are diverted by the shenanigans of politicians, lawyers and others with vested interest in keeping the unwashed in a state of agitation over inconsequentials, the destruction of the country’s viable institutions and programmes continues. No matter how dangerous or destructive to the future of the nation, for the sake of dismantling everything built by the former administration while robbing the country’s coffers at the same time, this lot will stop at nothing.

    God help us. We really need a saviour, and soon!

    And not one like that Anwar Ibrahim either.

    JMD : Here is the latest news – http://www.utusan.com.my/utusan/info.asp?y=2008&dt=0816&pub=Utusan_Malaysia&sec=Korporat&pg=ko_06.htm

    Do not fret, he is just tendering his resignation in one of the subsidiary. But there is more than meets the eye apparently. We shall wait for more development. Petronas Gas is handling the selling of liquified gas to PDB. Somebody plans to make big bucks with the plans on lifting the subsidy on ngv if the new management is not careful.

    Also, it is part of their succession planning process. Tan Sri is holding too many portfolios in his hands and it’s time to make way for the younger generation. Wan Zulkiflee is quite competent, so i’ve heard.


  5. A’kum

    I only started reading your postings etc since yesterday after I got the link(Pakatan Rakyat – Kill with a borrowed knife) from a friend, and right after sahur and subuh prayers this morning, I continued browsing through yr previous postings and stumbled upon this big blue batch that catches my eye, and all the memories came crawling back to me,VI!! I’m really proud to say that I’m a VICTORIAN as well (Centenary Batch 1993-1997)

    P/S: Keep up the good work…Let’s not let the Blues fade away..=)


  6. hello?!! anwar the economy saver?? get your facts straight, okay? it was all mahathir’s work. anwar is a parasite… no, malaysia’s no 1 enemy. go on and support anwar, i want to see how u go crazy thinking of your stupidity after he has our country destroyed like iraq and palestin!!!!!

    JMD : My dear sweet sweet Farah, I was just being sarcastic with that article okay. And no, you still can’t top Atila as the most adorable commenter here… 🙂 Thank you for the comment. It is good to know that there is somebody out there who could see through the smokescreen and see what Anwar is all about. Take care.


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