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Umno – The Sick Man of Malaysia

31 July 2008

We remember once when Pak Lah said sarcastically, “mereka kata saya lembik… tapi orang takut kat si lembik seolah-olah dalam kabinet bodoh belaka”.

Then, we had an epiphany. Most people in Umno who have the power (Ministers, Supreme Council members and division leaders etc) wanted him to stay on not because they are afraid of him. They wanted him to stay on because he is so pathetic and weak that it is to their own benefit that he stays on at the top. That way, they can do just about anything without getting reprimanded when they do anything wrong. The Terengganu Mercedes fiasco was one such example. See how blatant the exco members defy him?

In any case, even when they do get chastised by the PM, all they ought to say was “Hey, you and your family members are even more corrupt than us!”. And so, they were left alone to do whatever they want. What is important is their loyalty to the PM and the gravy train is kept on rolling.

The PM seemed to have strong support from the Umno upper echelon not because he is strong but because he is a weakling. The affliction of this perversed logic is currently very severe among the Umno members. Only a few of those at the top saw how dangerous it is to have a weak leader to lead them. Muhyiddin saw this. Ku Li saw this. Even Umno grassroot members saw this.

But the fact that almost all Umno supreme council members and Umno division members are throwing their support behind Pak Lah shows how widespread this sickness is. Two years is a long way to go. Anything can happen. Umno may have the same fate like the ‘Sick Man of Europe’. A once great civilisation like the Ottoman Empire (Kerajaan Uthmaniyah) had been easily brought down to its knees by economic problems and weak leadership.

If the Umno Ministers, Supreme Council members and the division leaders in general do not cure this sickness, then Umno will succumb to a plague which will cause its death by the next general election.

John Steinbeck once said – “Power does not corrupt. Fear corrupts… perhaps the fear of a loss of power.”

Perhaps he is right.

Umno is the ‘Sick Man of Malaysia’. And he who leads it currently, is the sickest of them all.

26 thoughts on “Umno – The Sick Man of Malaysia

  1. JMD,

    Interesting point which I totally agree. Let’s look at Dr M’s era. They feared him out of respect, his sharp mind, knowledge and firmness. Dr M knew that to ensure his ministers and umno leaders be disciplined at all times, he had to be better than them and so he did in all areas. Dr M knew that without such, he would have a chaotic cabinet, weak govt and will not be able to create a condusive environment for Malaysians to live peacefully.

    During Dr. M’s leadership, the leaders were afraid of him because he knew (and still is) the subject matters more than them. In other words, don’t ever try to ‘goreng’ Dr M during discussion, meeting or presentation. Sure ‘kena’ balik!

    A friend of mine informed me a couple of months back that he had experience presenting papers to Dr. M and Pak Lah. During Dr. M’s time, he rehearsed his slides 7 times, went to the toilet a couple of times and ‘berpeluh abih’. Dr M was alert during his presentation and did posed a few ‘soalan cepu emas’ which he struggled to answer.

    During Pak Lah’s time, he had no trouble or fear at all. Through out his presentation Pak Lah dozed off. When he ended his presentation, some one sitting next to Pak Lah would give the PM a nudge and and the end of the session, the paper was approved.

    Look at what had happend to Iraq (For discussion sake, let’s put aside the bad things of Saddam). Control is important in a fragile society driven by hate embroiled ever since the caliphate days. In a society where there’s sunni and shi’ites, one must have control. Saddam controlled Iraq through fear. Yes such was bad but it did control Iraq effectively. When the US ‘liberated’ it, there’s chaos until now!

    Same goes with Libya. Take Gadaffi out and Libya will be destablized and wrecked.

    As a leader, one has to be firm, strong, sharp and knowledgeable. You cannot allow too much room for those under you to do almost everything. Democracy does not mean total freedom etc etc. Democracy means freedom with reasonable and fair control. Islam preeches this.

    Sadly many sees Pak Lah as a weak leader. When he became PM, people looked forward for him to have a more fairer administration of the country. Pak Lah opted a friendly, kind, soft, accomodative, zzzz approaches to display fairness. These backfires him when his inability to react effectively to these exposed his weaknesses.

    Tunku, Tun Razak, Tun Hussein Onn and Dr M had set a very very high standard in being a PM of Malaysia. We cannot run away not to compare current PM with the previous ones. Sadly Pak Lah is very far away from this league of leaders (and even more for Anwar).

    2 years are too long. For me, that is a long term solution. What about now?

    JMD : Thanks for this comment. To me, democracy is just a mean to an end. But the US and the pro democracy nation see it as an end to itself. Which is a grave mistake.

    If democracy is just a mean, then what is the objective? The objective is a prosperous and peaceful nation.

    The objective is more important than democracy itself. Same goes to communism, capitalist, oligarchy or other forms of govt. Take the Islam golden age during the Abbasid Caliphate for example. Their empire was so prosperous than there were no beggars on the streets of Baghdad. But they do not practice democracy. There were no general elections held every 5 years then.

    But most of the nations of the world these days practices democracy because it is the ‘best’ form of govt. But in order to achieve the main aim, democracy needs to be fine tuned according to each country’s mould. Like you said, Iraq was better off under the strong leadership of Saddam Hussein. Nowadays, Iraq is on the verge of civil war. It would be no surprise that in the near future, Iraq will be further annexed into separate independent states so that they may live together in peace. This would be the result of the US intervention and introduction of the so called ‘good’ democracy.

    Take another example, Singapore. It is a democracy. But in essence, is it really the truest form of democracy? Khir Toyo should actually learn from the Singapore govt on how to achieve zero opposition. Singapore is blessed that its leader is strong, sharp and knowledgeable eventhough the country is run with an iron grip.

    Thank you.


  2. Yes…yes…and yes. I am scared, scared, very very scared. I am extremely scared but are those in power are as scared as me ?


  3. JMD you are right. The Cabinet Ministers work like this.

    Minister A finds a crony and a project that can net him millions. A Cabinet paper is prepared. It is read in Cabinet. All the Cabinet Members know it is a money making deal for Minister . They approve it. Then Cabinet Minister B gets his cronies to put in another Cabinet paper. It is money for him. It is passed. Then Cabinet Minister C comes along. And so on.


  4. Salam JMD,
    Pak Lah thought that all his supporters are afraid of him.I totally agree with you, they are supporting him because he is very weak and like malays always say “senang nak pijak’! Not only the people in the government supported him but even the head of opposition gives him support!That is the problem why this sick man still don’t get the idea that he is unwanted by the ‘rakyat’!

    Like you said, all this people whom supported him have been infected by this sickness and to get them to cure themselves will be next to impossible.So, what we have to do is to force the treatment onto them and get rid of the main virus!Just like when you need to give medicine to a very hesitant child..you got hold of him, restrain him and force the medicine into his mouth, then after a few days he is cured!But what i worry about here is..who is going to be the forceful parent that can give the proper medicine a sick kid infected with this kind of sickness? I know only one person..and I think you know whats in my mind!

    lord musan
    Saya Still Benci Pak Lah…walaupun dah makan ubat!!


    JMD : I don’t think that person is keen in walking in the corridors of power once more 🙂 What he wants is only to be taken more seriously and be treated with respect. Nowadays, he was sidelined and treated like a non person whereas his mind and thoughts are still valuable and priceless to us.

    Thank you.


  5. Ever thought of this…when he dies, he will be buried at Makam Pahlawan, Masjid Negara together with the other past `real leaders’. He will also be bestowed with BAPA `SOMETHING’ and his name will be mentioned in the same breath as Rahman, Razak, Hussein and Mahathir.
    The agony I have to endure when I have to explain to my kids that Abdullah was an exception to the rule!!!…may need lots of breath.


  6. totally true JMD..totally true..if only they know how to give him the respect he deserves..pity him!A person whom have contributed much to the country were sidelined and treated like rubbish but the one whom are really destroying the country and his bangsa is being treated like God by the ass lickers….

    lord musan


  7. JMD
    Pak Lah is not sick but eeevillll. He acts like he stupid and sleep a lot, but he is a very sharp minded and knows all…. heck, i almost believe what i type. Anyways sick he maybe but i sense something evil and big he is doing…

    here is my conspiracy theory.
    BN muqabalah (or boleh blah lah) with PAS. PAS says no. Then Anwar go for MP. Anwar win. BN muqabalah again (again, boleh blah lah) but this time with PKR leader and opposition leader MR ANU AA.. (anuwar) because PAS don’t want. Anwar head of PKR will said for the sake of Malay unity we will go for BN. Than SIL and son will keep the Saiful’s case in their pocket for you know what la.
    Pak Lah, the evilll man, says YES will get them into BN. All the upper echelons in UMNO and PKR and whatever , says Malay united is important and Pak Lah said good job and of course SIL and son are the heroes. Pak Lah gets anwar to be his successor (he will not care shittt since he will be sailing for Perth ) and anwar promise SIL to succeed him and SIL promised norizah to be TPM..

    See.. Pak Lah is not only sick but eeeeviiillllll…

    JMD : Valid theory. But this plan might get a lot of flack from the PKR and Umno members. A lot of power haggling will take place and this will have a destructive ending.


  8. Jebat Must Die,

    Referring to klonetrooper’s comment, and your response.

    I am reminded of Alexander Tytler’s wise words about ‘democracy’:

    “A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship.

    Betul jugak kan?


  9. Ohh our great leader is sick… We need a doctor. Should we call Dr. M? or Dr Osman of Puswari? It will be interesting to read RPK’s interpretation of the medical report once available. Ha ha…


  10. JMD,

    If Joceline’s article today in the Star were to be believed NTR will head the campaign at Permatang Pauh. Maybe some of the “sickness” can be relieved if DSai is defeated. Yes, NTR should be present to show he has nothing to hide but not lead the campaign. It should be AAB in his homestate to redeem the shame of the last PRU. His theme should be “Dsai -A threat to National Sovereignty and Unity”

    As for LazerJuan it will definitely be ‘Bapa Mertua’

    Regards and a happy weekend to you

    JMD : Have a nice weekend to you too.


  11. JMD,

    Rockybru has posted about AAB popularity as the last posting. What do you think?


    JMD : No surprises there. But I believe the sample collected did not capture what all Malaysians think. For one, they only interviewed the people in Penisular but not in East Malaysia. Then, they only interviewed about a thousand people. Secondly, they interviewed them in the period of 2 weeks in early July.

    I’m sure if they interview the people in East Malaysia and increase the sample to 5000 and interview them for the period of 15 july to 31 july, the result would be quite different in certain areas of the survey.

    Thank you.


  12. Of all the species we human nurture our weak n sick ones unlike the animal kingdom whereby only the strong survives hence eliminating the genetic diseases being passed down further……

    Imagine the human species in the context of political parties whereby the main objective is to keep the gravy train rolling….n hides behind to so called nation building, affirmative action …bla..bla ..bla……underneath it all its just plain ol show me the money…..

    As newbies one would probably be idealistic about reform and change and all the other crap we hear from politicians….. give and take 3 months into the game i can bet my top dollars that all those idealist will be embedded into the system………comfortable exisitence…..

    Imagine if you are a teacher and one of your students is knocked out cold with his saliva dripping on the side…you’d be quite pissed off and 100% sure that he is completely unaware of what was said in the last 5 minutes…..now imagine a Prime Minister…with a 70’s Government servant mentality goes out for coffee breaks(international ones i might add), nap here nap there….falls in love….hears sweet fake compliments everywhere he goes…………hell they even named an orchid after his wife…..what in the world did she achieved to deserved that…(i hope that flower goes extict soon)…..this man should be reduced to a Batik Factory Manager

    When one tries to hang on in such a dire n slippery situation……watch the money flow……. thats all that matters anyway….deep down inside i dont think any of them care about us the rakyat……

    Go back 15 or 20 years ago …government officers were able to stand up to ministers n question the policy being shoved down for execution…those times are gone…whats left is just a batallion of yes men n women……

    So whats left for us……if i can borrow the analogy from capital market say in the form of “investors protection” ……what is the form of protection to our rights if the consitution, the judiciary, the executive n its branches and whole parlimentary system is in a complete mess……with a complete idiot from kepala batas running the show on auto pilot (i guess this one must be the ketua kampung with kepala otak terbatas…no offence to folks from Kep Batas ya)

    For the first time in my life its blardy embarassing to be a Malaysian

    Take care JMD…i see you’re approaching 100K gud one bro!!! will see u thru ur million….

    JMD : Thank you SatD. Have a good Sunday.


  13. JMD,

    Another important factor contributing to BN worst performance in the last PRU is the KJ factor. We cannot deny this. Many see KJ as an opportunist who took advantage of his father-in-law position to secure his interest (and the 4th floor of the PM’s dept.!)

    When Pak Lah made a statement “What can I do?” when asked about KJ’s competing for Rembau MP post, Wasn’t it clear that Pak Lah is helpless in even controlling his son-in-law?

    Some UMNO branches have nominated Ku Li and Muhiydin to contest for UMNO presidency. Will they gather enough divisions’ quota to contest?

    If so, will they stand a chance? What will be Najib’s response? Sit quiet and be contented with Pak Lah’s promise cum 2010?

    Will KJ still be influential?

    Very, very interesting to watch


  14. Frankly i’m sick too!!! I’m sick of seeing the current flip-flop PM still in office!

    Time is of essence. He needs to step down immediately so that a new capable PM can be appointed to rebuilt UMNO & BN from within to get back the people’s confidence ASAP. This is not like mee Maggi instant noodle where you can prepare it in 3 minutes, this is a never ending long process of providing solutions & preparing contingencies for whatever the future may bring to this country & its people & not counting trying to contain or solve the multiples debacles dream up by the current ff-PM.

    He not only need a dose of medicine but a HUGE dose of reality to wake up from his sick slumber.


  15. haha nice post. this pak lah needs to be hospitalized for his sickness….

    i agree with LazerJuan. i am afraid to tell others that i am malaysian when i am overseas. it’s so embarrassing being a malaysian with such PM. people overseas read malaysia politics cases as a joke… what a shame!!!


  16. U all cant simply put the blame on pak lah. Running a country is very tough, full of challenges, stress and etc. Do u think pm job is easy? I understand that most malaysian are so well adapted wif dr m administration. Why dun give pak lah a chance? Stop complaining and support him! ‘hendak seribu daya tak hendak satu pun dalih’! Be positive! What i can see is malay ppl are frightened to the extent that if dsaai gain power, malay will lost their so called ‘ketuanan’. Why dun we stop racism? We are malaysian!

    JMD : I believe your call have to work on both sides as well. On another note, we gave Pak Lah 5 years already and still the situation is not going for the better. Thank you.


  17. With all due respect, I believe it all bogs down to one’s education background and profession which then mould one’s thinking cap – way of seeing things and dealing with them. TM was trained as a medical doctor thus he sees things through the science analytical viewpoint and deals with them accordingly – he doesn’t let things turn gangrene by wasting time deliberating on them. He has been quick to provide the treatment to any situation; and when things are beyond repair, he has been quick to cut and treat so as to avoid further “infection”.
    Now the other one.. the other one.. well.. let’s see.. the other one.. the other current one.. he still needs.. wants.. two more years to self-debate on whether he should, would, could actually really truly re-re-sign.
    In retrospect, it could have be a really good thing (for the country) for AAB to be soft and lembik IF ONLY the lembikness be put to good use that he listens to the right advice by the right people, but instead he chose not to acknowledge his own weakness at the expense of the people. As in an Arabic saying :
    Men are four :
    He who knows not and knows not that he knows not, he is a fool – Shun him!
    He who knows not and knows that he knows not, he is simple – Teach him!
    He who knows and knows not that he knows, he is asleep – Awaken him!
    He who knows and knows that he knows, he is wise – Follow him!
    I know that AAB could fall under type #3 on certain occasions and how I wish he could at least fall under type #2, but he certainly isn’t one whom the people should want to follow!
    TQ for the intellectual-invoking write-ups JMD. I’m not actually a fan of blogs and I have for a while refrained from reading political stuffs for the sheer reason of finding most write-up too interlaced with personal emotions thus making the rights and wrongs even more immeasurable. But you got me hooked. How I wish AAB would read your blog too.

    JMD : Thank you. You’re too kind. And thank you for visiting this site. Gives me great pleasure to have readers who share the same passion.


  18. It not that i am patronizing. I am talk as a lowly human being, i cant harshly critisize someone when u urselves are not better than that person. Thanx


  19. I can’t see why we should carry on supporting AAB. The aim is just get rid of AAB. Could anyone just tell ONE good reason for him to continue? Perhaps to let his another son (if he has) become a MP ? or to enlarge his nasi kandar restaurant in sydney? and yeah scraping projects? Why with all the billions of money our country have, I can’t see any single sgnificant improvement that he has done. All the projects ended in the hands of foreigners i.e. Bus consurtium in JB, Pasar seni. Why had he done that to our country? The way he talks, the way he answers question. He’s not even better than DSAI.


  20. Pak Lah , Najib , Hissammudin , Muhammad Taib , and latest Zambry all same. All bastard from hell. Help us Obama come and save us from this corrupted & unlawful goverment. Pls Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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