Pak Lah

Pak Lah then answered, “Me, resign? Not in this lifetime!”

This is what we all get for having an unwise Prime Minister whom nobody respects. Not even from his own team members!


PUTRAJAYA: The Terengganu state government will have to abide by the Cabinet decision not to use its newly purchased Mercedes as the official cars for its executive councillors.

However, the 14 cars would instead be used for visiting foreign dignitaries and guests of the state.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said that while the state government was told to abide by the Cabinet’s earlier decision on the Mercedes E200 Kompressors, losses would be incurred if the cars that were already bought by the state government were to be sold off.

The state government had replaced its fleet of Proton Perdana V6 Executive with the 14 Mercedes cars at RM3.43mil for the use of its state executive councillors and senior officials, citing high maintenance costs of the Proton cars as a reason.

Speaking after attending the National Academic Awards 2007 event at the Putrajaya International Convention Center yesterday, Abdullah said he and his deputy Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak had discussed the matter with Terengganu Mentri Besar Datuk Ahmad Said on Thursday.

“Yesterday (Thursday) Najib and I in a meeting with the MB discussed the matter and we said that the important thing was that the Cabinet had decided the state government should not use the cars for its excos,” he said.

“I said use the Mercedes cars for guests who are visiting,” he added.

Earlier Friday, Ahmad said, “We (Abdullah and Najib) reached a consensus on the matter during the meeting at Putra World Trade Centre (on Thursday). The matter has been solved.”

Ahmad said both leaders had told him that the matter is solved and should be laid to rest.

Wow! What a clever idea from Dictator Dollah. So he thinks that from now on, many, many foreign dignitaries are going to visit Terengganu on a daily basis? I DOUBT THAT.

Why would foreign dignitaries need to be chauffered in a Mercedes in the first place? Is the BN government not in the right mind to promote locally made cars? Were all the past foreign dignitaries that came to Terengganu before this were made to climb taxis all over the state? What happened to the previous cars used for the visiting dignitaries?

And, to justify the lost opportunity to use these cars, I’m sure the MB of terengganu will now HAVE TO buy the Perdana Executives that will cost the state another RM2 million for their Excos!

The excuse for not selling the cars was that they will incur losses. Firstly, since when the state is thinking like an profit seeking company? Of course there will be some losses. But Mercedes have high resell values do they not? The quicker they sell it, the smaller the losses. And secondly, it is only good economical sense to depart with the cars anyway. They do no have to think further about their maintenance costs for the next 4 years, the really high yearly insurance payments as well as the high petrol guzzling consumption of the Kompressor engines.

But it is all too late now. This could have been easily avoided if our dear old Pak Lah could have just stayed awake long enough in his meetings with the state governments.

So what do we get in the end? Over RM5 million lost just because nobody respects Pak Lah anymore! This is just a poor case of face saving exercise which hopefully, the rakyat could overlook.

My dear Dictator, don’t think with all the baloney going on involving Anwar and his pet poodle Raja Petra, I have forgotten about you. No I haven’t. I am still watching you… bila nak resign? Cepat sikit boleh?

And don’t get me started with Zaid Ibrahim! Now he is just in a class of his own. That was not a compliment people!


25 thoughts on “Pak Lah then answered, “Me, resign? Not in this lifetime!”

  1. ha ha .. Pak Lah is also another candidate for “the foot in the mouth disease”.

    “Yesterday (Thursday) Najib and I in a meeting with the MB discussed the matter and we said that the important thing was that the Cabinet had decided the state government should not use the cars for its excos,” he said.”

    ini satu lagi bodoh Pak Lah, dia dengan najib meeting dan decided only! Bangang! Decided and do something la. I also decided that my son will go to school today but if i did not send them, my son will never go to school. So if pak lah decided (with najib some more..eughhh!) at least go and lelong the car or put pressure on MB or discplinary action or whatever.
    Decision is as good as the action preceeds it. Mangkuk punya PM.


  2. JMD,
    Whats up with these UMNO leaders? It certainly pointing to my strong belief that UMNO is deliberately being destroyed by elements within the party. Just look at the happenings since the last GE. 2 MBs rejected,Zaid becomes Senator,ex-gratia to ex-judges,ex-wives (pun) associations getting engulfed in controversy,Ian Chin’s mischievous allegations not acted upon,Amirsham(got a glimpse of him menggelabar in Parliarment),Shahrir (who seems to be the official cabinet spokesman) with new fuel price mechanism and the resultant fuel price increase (will not this and that, then did),fuel price debate giving free publicity for the good the bad and the ugly,this Merce purchase issue,attack on Petronas and now attack on Proton,commisions to POS Malaysia – fortuntely queried,etika kempen UMNO first cannot then can,Najib now saying he hopes AAb will support him??,potential UMNO presidential nominees muzzled,KJ still getting the limelight and still wet behind the ears etc etc.
    Sorry I just cannot believe how really low UMNO’s prestige and credibility has sunk.I am obviously not a member but I am sure the grassroots must be feeling the same as I am.Am I wrong?

    Wish you a good day

    JMD : Nope. You are quite accurate in your assessment. Thanks.


  3. My sentiments too. You hit the nail on the head. Use the Mercedes for visiting foreigm dignitaries? What a logic. Only once in a blue moon, the VIP foreigners come and that is only for the Monsoon Cup. You have bought it, so use it Terengganu men. Dollah wants the cars to rust in the garage. Can’t you see the triumphant look on the MB’s face over TV last night. Obviously he’s trivialising Dollah”s order. As to Zaid, his offcial position is the despatch boy of the Cabinet. Handing over envelopes to ex-judges. Hasn’t he heard of bank transfer.


  4. Nice one JMD.

    I remembered the issue was high maintenance cost.
    Thanks to Pak Lah, now they have to maintain both fleet,
    the V6 and the Merc. Pure genius….1+1=0.5 ‘Mana mau cari
    PM macam nie?’…Only appear once in a lifetime.


  5. There’s a new word coined by Jeff Ooi to describe AAB’s voodoo economic strategies.

    The new BN Benz-marks.

    Another looming debacle is the CIMB cheque-clearing issue. Can BNM demand an explanation or will Zeti quit (as rumored)?


  6. He and his deputy have lost all respect from the rakyat and their own party members. Nothing done can save them They are bringing down the whole party, and that’s probably the good thing to come out of it. The side effect is the country gets dragged down together.

    As in your previous Tuah post, it just goes to show that Malays, not being racist here, will never get a good thing going with all the infighting. People do not change much in 600 years. That’s not saying the other races do not have their own problems, look at India and even China in the past was filled with bloodshed, betrayals and backstabbing generals, emperors and what not.

    People kill over trivial matters as illustrated by history and human nature will not change, it’s about culture and realization by the majority of society to play their part, to be above petty behaviour, to rise to a higher level of awareness to bring the country forward. We need not compare with anyone, but we know that things have been running slow in the country. Money to help the poor did not arrive. Leaders live lavishly with no shame, muka tembok. Thinking it’s their god given right. The Mercs issue is a good example.

    There’s probably a good reason why the Sultanate of Malacca crumbled. Maybe this land is destined for ruins.

    JMD : Good comment. There should be a phoenix bird coming our way.


  7. JMD,

    100k-300k maintenance cost per annum?…unlikely for maintaining a Perdana. However, doubts must be cast to the maintenance workshop doing the job. If the Perdana is owned by a mere mortal citizen like us, we would question the workshop (if under warranty, surely it will be Proton Edar) if a normal service bill goes up beyond RM500!. A friend of mine working with a govt agency told me that such is normal if the Perdana is govt dept or agency owned. Guess that there exist high probability that a workshop would hentam the bill high if the Perdana is govt owned, thinking that nobody would check or scrutinize the bill and that “alah….govt punya kereta, kerajaan ada duit, sure they pay one!!”.

    Have you guys ever heard of Spanco ?. I’m not sure now but previously, this is the company which supply (rental basis) govt ministries and agencies MINISTERs, DEPUTY MINISTERS, TURUS, JUSA officers with Perdanas. Spanco is also the company which provide maintenance for the cars.

    Who owns Spanco? How do they contracted out the maintenance jobs at state levels? I do have some glimpse of who owns it but this I have to re-check first.

    Until now, I do see Spanco signboards still being displayed at workshops and I assume that they still do provide maintenance job for govt fleet of cars. The notion that they still exist would lead me to think that the contract is lucrative and can cari makan one!

    Care to research on this Bro?

    JMD : From the latest news, we know that the T’ganu Perdanas maintenance bills were not as high as they were thought to be. Not until Idris Jusoh threatened leagl suit against the current state govt. So then what was the justification in buying those Mercs?

    Anyway, Spanco’s office I believe was in Segambut. Not sure where there are situated now. Hamzah Mohd Salleh is the CEO. I believe he is also the brother in law of TS Asmat – Chairman of Perodua and previously the DG in MITI back in the 90’s. But there is a small chance I could be wrong though.


  8. Raja Petra a pet poodle…hahahaha…that really made my day….a pet `botak’ poodle!!!! Imagine, Anwar taking this overgrown poodle for a walk on a leash in the park!!! Fetch, Botak…fetch!


  9. Salam and totally agree with you my dear jebat!Pak Lah will never make any good decisions either now or in the future or anytime at all! Now his decisision is to leave the Merc to rot at the state’s garage and lose some more money!

    I think what the MB did is somewhat like a blessing in disguise.He can openly tell everyone that the previous MB were corrupt so he went and bought the merc and indirectly unearth a scandal on the perdana’s!He also asked the BPR to investigate the Crystal Mosque and the Monsoon Cup.Idris Jusoh is now threatening to sue them about the perdana scandal!Clever..isn’t he?

    Anyhow,Pak Lah will always and will remain an idiot for the rest of his life!Who knows he might start a campaign on edible underwear pulak!Biasalah..orang tua dah gatal!Camtu laa…

    lord musan
    SAYA BENCI PAK LAH..tapi saya benci dadah jugak!


  10. JMD,

    There is clearly something more to this issue. Act of defiance by the Terengganu MB ? Tarnishing PROTON’s reputation ? Alleging misdeed or incompetence of the former MB ? Whatever the reason it has made UMNO leaders look like idiots right up to the highest ones. The worst thing about it is that they just do not seem to care about how all this looks and means to the members and others like me. Somebody among the UMNO hierachy must stand up and be counted before it is too late. Say what you like but you must give credit to that certain someone who came from behind with the ingenuity and cunning to become deputy president and pm in a coup d’etat. Is it not possible now in that manner ( even though I do not subscribe to the means) to get rid of a real dictator and a dumb one at that ? It is the gravity of the situation. The UMNO of old and the glory days of the party will very soon no longer be.

    Thanks and best regards


  11. Hi JMD

    How did they come up with 14 cars in the first place?

    If this is coming from state budget, do they require federal approval? Which AP owner got the deal?

    N How old was the V6 anyway….? give and take depreciation value…

    14 cars got this much huha….what ever happen to the Auditor General report…guess the buck never stop anywhere here in malaysia


  12. salam,
    bila pulok dolah defence PROTON, all the while he’s the one wanted PROTON BUNGKUS!!!dia pakai proton just to show ‘ MARI BEKERJA BERSAMA SAYA, NOT BEKERJA UNTUK SAYA’
    MEDIA PANDAI tutup kes, what happen if penang or selangor buy MERC!!!
    40 hari 40 malam keluar buletin utama, interview everybody …everyday…
    dimanakah keadilan JEBAT!!!!


  13. Salam JMD

    Speaking of Pak Lah resignation, many people concern is who will be his successor.
    Najib? I’d rather have Shabery Chik as the new PM. That man has no balls la. We are left with corrupted ministers with limited capabilities. The best that I could think of from BN side is Tok Pa. Less talk, More action. I always wonder why he is not popular among UMNO leaders. Obviously he’s not one of Pak Lah’s cronies.

    Are Malaysians a bunch of idiots? Idolising and worshiping Anwar even when the only clear contribution of him to the country was introducing Bahasa Baku? Not to mention he was convicted of corruption charges! The fact is, people think that they are left with no choice. They think the government are filled with bunch of idiot ministers.

    So JMD, I have been a lurker here for quite some times and through your analysis and writing on Anwar, I am now convinced that he is indeed a bad choice as our next leader. But up till now in my mind, one question remain unanswered. Who should be our next prime minister? Maybe you could convince me (and million others) that we still have other options?

    JMD : Tok Pa is indeed a talk less, work more kind of minister. But he doesn’t have the charisma which people would often associate with a great leader. He is brilliant of course. But he is more useful to a PM who wants somebody to get a job done without much hassle.

    Tengku Razaleigh is a good candidate. And so is Muhyiddin Yassin. There are other Umno members in their 40’s who are quite able to take up the mantle in 10 years time.


  14. Hi Jebat,

    I disagree with Badawi’s decision.I have recommended in my recent post that if Badawi can’t sack the MB than he should let it be, it’s a fait accompli, can’t be undone,should let the Assemblymen use the cars.

    I don’t think the new MB is responsible for the high costs of maintainance.There is certainly some element of corruption for the ridiculously high costs.

    I have blogroll you,hope you can do the same.Thank you.

    JMD : That’s true. The previous state govt was the culprit. Anyway, blogroll-ed you already. Thank you.


  15. JMD,

    Read the latest regarding medical report by RPK ? Did not read thru but observed copy of the report seem to have two sets of handwritings.


    JMD : Apart from that, I called up the hospital and nobody there evn heard of this doctor. Even their website does not list this doctor’s name.

    List of MOs in Pusrawi here :

    Is RPK the one fabricating the evidence?

    Thank you.


  16. JMD,

    I am convinced that RPK has lost his marbles and that PKR can make statements based on allegations of this lunatic is absolutely incredulous.

    Best wishes to you while slapping my forehead with my palm:)

    JMD : Not only that, it seems Malaysiakini is also trying very hard to lend credence to RPK. Anyway, everything is still too early to be determined. We shall wait for further evidence from the other party.

    Thank you.


  17. JMD & Freddie,

    Check out husin lempoyang latest entry “Misteri Disebalik Tulisan Cacing Kerawit”.

    A commenter, who is presumably a doctor, deciphered that medical record/report that RPK plastered in MT.

    According to him/her, the “o” in the report stands for “observed” and NOT “0” (zero) to mean “no” and “TRO (Sodomise)” = “Temporary Restraining Order (Sodomise)” and NOT “to rule out” as purported by RPK.

    It’d be interesting to get to find out if other doctors agree with these interpretation of those scribbles.


  18. Der JMD,

    The medical report as claimed by RPK is not a report it was a note. How can a doctor determin a sodomised happened or not by checking on saiful for 1-2 minutes only? It doesn’t make sense right? Apparently the doctor advised Saiful and his Uncle to go to HKL for forensic check since his clinic do not have the facility……

    RPK is a crazy old man. irresponsible writer!!!

    If Tun M is in power, RPK would have been in ISA…unfortunately or fortunately DSAB (sleeping most of the time) is in charge!

    Queen B

    JMD : I was reading the same thing earlier:



  19. One more thing about anwar’s pet poodle, he until now tidak menyahut cabaran uncle Pet. Anwar’s poodle was challenge to pick a gelanggang (fighting ring), say where and when since since this anwar’s poodle had accused/attacked that the uncle is a sodomite himself. “Kita tengok, siapa uncle, siapa auntie..” check you tube, interviewed by malaysiakini.
    Kerana pulut santan binasa, kerana mulut…..
    If I am anwar pet poodle, I should try my best avoiding this guy berentap dalam gelanggang…knew him and anwar poodle can’t last longer than 1/2 a minute. I can bet on that. Jangan lupa bawak stretcher sekali.


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