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Anwar Ibrahim and the foot in mouth disease

I know this is tiring to say the least. But I just cannot resist the temptation of posting this one;

Anwar: Buktikan siapa rogol siapa

MELAKA, 18 Julai (Bernama) — Penasihat Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, yang sedang dalam siasatan polis kerana tuduhan meliwat, meminta polis membuktikan empat fakta yang kukuh sebelum membenarkan DNA beliau diambil.

“Bukti pertama, siapa rogol siapa, saya sakit pinggang, budak universiti (bekas pembantunya Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan) kuat.

“Bukti kedua, di mana (berlakunya kejadian), ketiga tempat mana dan keempat di mana saksi,” katanya ketika menyampaikan ceramah politik yang dihadiri lebih 1,000 orang di Cheng di sini malam ini.

Was it a Freudian slip? Or a mere slip of the tongue?

All I know is, from this exact words that he uttered, he is trying to say that the alleged act did happen but it’s not him who sodomises Saiful but it could be the other way round!

That is why, if any of Anwar loyalists ever read this, please tell him to stop talking too much as it will sometimes cause more damage to his credibility.

I would like to point out another observation I made regarding his political rally.

  1. The purported death threats on his life were just the product of his overactive imagination and an attempt to divert attention and gain sympathy.
  2. Not many people attended his public rally which as I see it, a true reflection of the support by the people. Therefore, I can derive a couple of points out of this;

– that the 50% support Pakatan Rakyat had garnered during the last general election was heavily misconstrued by Anwar as the people’s real support to his cause. True to the many analyses by pundits, the BN’s loss in the last general election was only due to the frustration on Pak Lah’s government, not the overwhelming support for Pakatan Rakyat. Even the leaders in the Pakatan Rakyat did not foresee this kind of turnaround of support to them.

–  Seeing he had no huge support from the people from Day 1 of this incident (with the exception of the rally in Kelana Jaya which by the way was a protest against the fuel hike), he cooked up a lot of tactics to disinform and rile up the public’s sentiments through allegations of conspiracy by the government. On 1 July, Wan Azizah, upon a meeting with Pak Lah even said that:

“Earlier, Dr Wan Azizah said she would hold the prime minister to his word over his assurance of Anwar’s safety.

She said the premier gave his personal guarantee that investigations into a sodomy charge against Anwar would be handled with fairness and professionalism.

She stressed that they were ready and willing to assist in the investigations.

“We have sent letters stating our willingness to assist both the IGP and the A-G, but until now we have yet to receive any reply,” she added.”

See how the chameleonic Anwar and his people had change their stand time and time again just to suit their ever changing run of bad luck? How many times does he want to lie and lie to the public?

Anwar’s lawyer (R. Sivarasa) had also pointed out that they have yet to receive the police report by Saiful although according to the law, the police is not entitled to provide the police report to Anwar and his lawyer. The law read as follows :

“Section 51A of the CPC, titled Delivery of certain documents, reads as follows;

(1) The prosecution shall before the commencement of the trial deliver to the accused the following documents:

(a) A copy of the information made under Section 107 relating to the commission of the offence to which the accused is charged, if any;

(b) A copy of any document which would be tendered as part of the evidence for the prosecution; and

(c) A written statement of facts favourable to the defence of the accused signed under the hand of the Public Prosecutor or any person conducting the prosecution.

(2) Notwithstanding paragraph (c), the prosecution may not supply any fact favourable to the accused if its supply would be contrary to public interest.”

Was Sivarasa so stupid that he did not know the law? Actually I know that he is well versed with this law but he chose to play up with public sentiment and create doubts over this whole ordeal. Which is not surprising since Sivarasa is an MP in Subang. Whatmore, he is an MP and VP of PKR! Naturally, the survival and the integrity of Anwar is the most important factor in Sivarasa’s political career. To a certain extend, I suspect Sivarasa could not even uphold the code and ethics of the Bar profession throughout this ordeal. And true to the occasion, Sivarasa is trying hard to plant the seeds of doubt so that Anwar could at least win in the court of public opinion. Now I am more convinced that Anwar did it.

Thank you and have a good weekend. Jebat Must Die will probably return on Monday.

Anyway, today’s highly recommended good reading material and its near relevance to this article is :



27 thoughts on “Anwar Ibrahim and the foot in mouth disease

  1. I honestly think that Sivarasa is a lawyer buruk or pretending to be one.Police don’t normally give out their police report while still under investigation.They have to give before the trail.

    This cock and bull lawyer also said the court can’t compel Anwar to give samples for DNA testing.Haven’t he heard of ‘contempt of court’ which can send Anwar to prison if he refused to obey.

    I believe Anwar prefer to go to prison rather than give his blood for DNA analysis.He,his followers and the Western media would,of course, blame the government and make a hero out of him.That’s what exactly he wants.

    This man is crafty and a liar.

    JMD : Thanks Hantulautan.


  2. JMD,

    I admire the strength that you have in putting up a posting and then having to rebut comments to your posting.

    I can imagine the trouble you have to go through in coming up with a posting and to do the accompanying research.

    After all that, you have to deal with the usual pro-anwar people who refuse to believe Anwar is a bisexual perhaps due to his Islamic credentials.

    Then there are people who seem to hate the Pak Lah so much and in desperation are willing to try their luck with AI. Remember how Anwar was too afraid to challenge Tun Mahathir directly and instead used Zahid Hamidi to bring up the topic of cronyism and nepotism during the UMNO General Assembly. The man is a coward who finds courage in numbers and rallying in the streets !

    I still remember that Mahathir responded the very next day by showing that Anwar was not as clean as some people might like to think. Unashamedly, he was all praise for Tun thereafter.

    After being kicked out for the Government and to divert the issue of sodomy, Anwar started riding on a moral high ground and claimed that he was kicked out because he was fighting for a corruption free Govt.

    Most, if not all Malaysians are aware that corruption is bad in the country. But in our desperation to find a torch bearer for the fight against corruption, cant we all find someone with a bit of a credential ?

    Looking at it objectively, Pak Lah before the death of Endon was a cleaner figure than Anwar Ibrahim. Before serving as PM, Pak Lah headed several ministries and not a hint of scandal !

    I am not suggesting let;s stick by Pak Lah. All I am saying is, Pak Lah before becoming a PM would be a better man to lead a charge for democracy and corruption free society than Anwar ! Perhaps it is true what they say, power corrupts.

    Surely Malaysia is not bereft of talent and morally upright men. We surely can do better in finding a man to fight corruption and a democratic Malaysia than Anwar Ibrahim.

    Lets be a bit critical of a candidate’s suitability and not be hooked by rhetoric foaming out from the mouth of politicians. Someone once said, you know when a politician is lying when his lips begin to move.

    JMD. I congratulate you on performing this public duty. Thank You.

    JMD : Thank you Lekiu. Really appreciate it.


  3. JMD and HL, Sivarasa has all the reasons in the world to qualify for being one. He is enjoying the privilege being in Anwar’s camp, that whatever statement made, it is the whole truth and people buy it without any hesitation.
    And that’s what lawyer buruks do, make unbelievable to be conceivable.


  4. He and the rest of PKR people are playing games. From day one they’re planting seeds of doubt on the government, police, judicial so as the will always be a ‘back door’ for him to blame everything else except himself. He “wayang” is as good or better compared to the “flip-floping” PM. And still some people are calling the saviour to the nation. Pleeeeeease!


  5. Morons, as mention by DSAI’s lawyer. DNA is not the issue here, the issue is police refuse to show the police report made by the complainant.

    They need to charge DSAI in proper grounds if they want DNA. Tell me if you found foreign dna/liquid from saiful ass then DSAI will give you his DNA to see if it match otherwise stfu already..

    They keep misleading public by saying Anwar refuse to provide his DNA while the matter of the fact is why should HE?

    Why when DSAI asked for the police report of the complainant the police refuse and says their not permitted to show him the report due to instructions has been given to them.

    You want to charge DSAI sure, tell him “what” you are charging him and we’ll talk.

    All these verbal announcements about saiful diz shit and dat shit .. say he’s butt has been examine and found traces of him being sodomize but they did “NOT” mention they found any foreign “DNA” in his butt. For all I care anyone could have shove a broom up that kid’s ass

    The media is trying to confuse the public to make DSAI looks guilty by not co-operating with the police

    JMD : Obviously Jimbut, you do not understand the stipulated law and the essence of this article.

    Thank you.


  6. Hi Jebat…

    Great write ups u have….

    Did he ? One can never b sure….will DNA prove penetration? Un-protected? Ever heard of AIDS? Huh….Would the victim not at least clean himself up after……we’ve all seen CSI unlike 1998 episode…could it be a wiling giver willing taker case…n then an ever willing receiver of a large sum of cash….

    Perhaps they shud submit him to full probing see if he recieves…probably gonna claim chronic sembelit….

    last i heard Tamby Chick was put thru a full visual inspection to validate the “claim” by Gani Patail himself ..which resulted in the case being dropped..So its kinda Standard ops procedure..nothing to complain about … well some folks need to call for press conference to say that i was stripped naked… at least Siva got a chance to see his boss in his birthday suit…..

    So in this case…. besides visual inspection nothing less than a full probe n scientific analysis could satisfy us ..joe public….guess the gory details will soon emerge should the case is valid….

    Of all the picture released…was a One on One with the DPM assistant..who to some quarters is a well known 50:50 guy if u know what i mean…ask anyone who went to Sekolah Alam Shah circa 86-88………

    I still does one gets so close within a short period to an “opposition leader”….unless money or sex is involved….even if a so called trusted lieutanent vouch for it..n the so call “accident theory” wah so 007 one…..still does not make sense the speed in which the information flow from PKR’s camp…..n the rush to Turkish embassy…bloody embarrassing….if someone wanted to take you out….you’d be long gone while u were in jail…….truth is this man is a product of a corrupt system in which he was a part of….bankrupt of original political ideas….trying hard to subject the nation to unsustainable policies….aiyoo y in the world did the Gov gave him airtime…….that one remains a mystery……n to those who went to school with him in MCKK …..his dark secrets if any remains with u all…..some say ol habits die hard……… who knows maybe he got buggered the nite he spent in the lokap……


  7. Well…in 1998 he was so called, the VICTIM
    and he a got this, MATA LEBAM to show ..

    Now with SAPA ROGOL SAPA,
    is he again the VICTIM..??
    Agaknya…apa yang lebam??

    Wanna bet on it??



  8. IMO I guess when someone has a habit of lying that he can’t really differentiate what was actually the truth or a lie anymore. Maybe he was thinking of another different partner kot when he said that. Who


  9. JMD

    This fellow Mr Sivarasa seems to be getting away with a lot of detrimental statements about the police and the criminal justice system. What about the deafening silence of the Bar Council in their interpretation of all these wild statements?

    JMD : The Bar Council is trapped under their own political game that they cannot voice out any issues relating to them anymore unless the issues are politically benefitting.


  10. JMD,

    You said it right. The Bar Council indulging in a political game. I hope that you are not a lawyer becoz for 2 professions please get a 2nd or 3rd opinion – 1. Lawyers 2. Mechanics.

    Sorry did not thank for the first comment.

    JMD : No, I’m not a lawyer 🙂


  11. JMD,

    I am sure the DIG is definitely not smarter than YB Sivaras. He obtained first class in his BSc. How many lawyers in Malaysia obtained the very highly competive Rhodes Scholarship to do law.
    R Sivarasa, who is also PKR vice-president, has told deputy inspector-general of police Ismail Omar to go check his law books when he told the Star yesterday that the police report lodged by Saiful will be provided “if and when” Anwar has been charged in court.

    However, Sivarasa said section 51A does not apply to Anwar’s case as it referred to the handing over documents when a person has already been charged.

    “Section 51A of the CPC as referred to by the deputy IGP is totally not applicable at this stage. The deputy IGP should go back to his basic legal books. Section 51A is only applicable if a person has been charged in court and the documents to be delivered before the commencement of a trial.”

    Sivarasa said it was “elementary natural justice” that an accused “should have sight of the accusation, before being called upon to explain anything”.

    “How can anyone called in to give a police statement in relation to a criminal investigation know what exactly the police are investigating and be obliged to answer questions without having a copy or even sight of the initial documents that sparks off the relevant criminal investigation?

    “How is a person under a police questioning to know whether the answer he is giving will incriminate him unless he first knows exactly what offence he is being accused of or the police are investigating?”

    JMD : Generally, I like to know how would handing over the police report to the accused can affect the victim? What consequences can happen when and if the accused sees the report first and then alter his statements just to absolve himself of the charge?

    We shall see what the DIG will reply to Sivarasa’s statements. I’m sure with his vast experience in handling criminal cases, it shouldn’t be hard on him to counter the lawyer. I’m sure the lawyer is not the only one who can excel in his field of choice. A lot of other people obtained 1st class degree and distinguised scholarships. Some even went to Oxbridge Universities and become the nation policy makers while at the very young age.


  12. Andipool,

    Most of us who has been around long enough can vouch for the fact that people without qualification in certain discipline can at times better those that have. Mahathir proved most economist wrong in ’98.

    Look at Karpal Singh, didn’t do well in law school and yet now he is ARGUABLY a top litigator in Malaysia.

    David slayed Goliath, Israel defeated Egypt, Jordan and Syria in ’67 and ’73. Mujahideens defeated the mighty Soviet, US lost in Vietnam, Greece became European Champions in ’04. Christians were thrown to the lions in Rome hundred of years ago and now look where the Vatican is. Jews were slave for thousand of years and kicked out by every civilisation, and now… not that there is a cabal, but just look at how powerful AIPAC is in formulating US foreign policy concerning Middle East.

    Khairy proved that being a graduate from Oxford doesn;t mean that you’re very bright. Anwar proved that someone with a Malay major can become a Finance Minister, though not particularly bright but extremely lucky he had Mahathir as a boss, although Anwar unashamedly claimed to have pull Malaysia out of the ’98 financial crisis.

    Some years back, a friend of mine, extremely idealistic when he was young, had a rude awakening when he had to defend in Court a 60+ year old man who worked as a bilal at a mosque for raping 2 young girls and molested another. My friend lost the case, his conscience never stopped bugging him though, for taking up the case and defended a rapist.

    Some pretty girl you see walking in the street at night alone somewhere in Jalan Sultan Ismail can turn out to be a man !

    The world is a strange place to live my friend. Never discount possibilities.


  13. JMD,
    Your point is taken.

    To Andipool: Be that as it may. Could you be so kind as to as to state which section of the CPC states the alleged perpetrator has the right of access to the police report for the enlightenment of us layman? This is because as you say the DIG is not so smart and we do not have the benefit of a law book at our disposal. By your tenor you seem to be acquainted with the CPC and if you are a lawyer please oblige so we could seek a 2nd or 3rd opinion.


    JMD : Thanks Freddie.

    Sivarasa stated defence on the DIG’s inference of the law was “elementary natural justice” that an accused “should have sight of the accusation, before being called upon to explain anything”. However, he failed to cite the relevant law which could successfully prove the DIG was wrong.

    If “elementary natural justice” is the principle to hold, then Saiful’s report must be investigated expeditely without any delay from the accused. Justice delayed is justice denied so they have said.


  14. JMD,

    Andipool said “How is a person under a police questioning to know whether the answer he is giving will incriminate him unless he first knows exactly what offence he is being accused of or the police are investigating?”

    Exactly your point. Game,set and match.Checkmate.What a howler.I guess he’s not a lawyer after all.


    JMD : Can the real lawyer stand up please…! 🙂


  15. JMD,

    Komen komen saya kepada Andipool ini pancing ikan saja. Tunggu dia balas. Maklumlah kita ini bukan Rhodes Scholar. Hanya road sekolah.

    Sikit komedi relief kalau boleh.

    Terima kasih

    JMD : And here’s another comedy relief for the readers to watch:

    somebody had to be rescued while the question is still left unanswered! 🙂


  16. “elementary natural justice”

    hmmm andipool says “unless he first knows exactly what offence he is being accused of or the police are investigating?”…. does this means he (anwar) doesnt know what hes been investigated about?

    Which is weird…because on 1 hb Julai 2008 he said (and i quote from a news paper)

    Saya boleh menyatakan ini konspirasi… ini (liwat) tidak berlaku… pada 1998, mereka (polis) merampas diari saya dan tidak mengembalikannya semula menyebabkan kami sukar untuk mengingati kembali apa yang berlaku.

    “Sekarang masih segar dan ada maklumat sokongan, tentunya sekarang ada rekod dan diari,” katanya pada sidang media di ibu pejabat PKR di Damansara, dekat sini semalam, sehari selepas beliau meninggalkan Kedutaan Turki, kelmarin.

    that, my friend is enough for the police to assume that anwar knew about what offence he is being accused of or the police are investigating.


  17. JMD,

    For a person of his so-called stature every time DSAI is caught in a corner he has to run to uncle sam and his yiddish friends crying wolf. What a bummer (pun intended). I really do not care about the sodomy issue or what a persons’ sexual orientation are but for the love of me I just cannot understand how some of our people can support this person who is a friend of known American neo-cons and a beneficiary of jewish support in more ways than one. Go figure!



  18. Kita mesti bersatu sebagai rakyat malaysia menentang kerajaan pak lah,menuntut PM meletak jawatan dgn serta-merta..

    kerna kerosakan yg PM buat amat dasyat skali.jgn kita berbuang masa lagi mari bersatu menuntut kebenaran!!!!


  19. JMD..

    please!! be a logical and open thingker! and read more BAHASA MELAYU.. or..should i ask, “JMD pernah jadi pemidato”??

    “…siapa ROGOL siapa…” it is not refer to “RAPED” ..that’s only a word replacement for “..siapa PEKENA(SET UP) siapa..” means, who is really on charge of doing an offence??? can u answer that question?? me, DSAI are making statement to “CLEARLY” poeple minded on realizing the situation of he face now. EXAMPLE: I said u “STUPID with no brain, and use KEPALA LUTUT untuk fikir” and then u HIT me with ur fist. Will there be an offence on both side??? YES!! but, to be truth it was me, who doing the first “..siapa ROGOL siapa..” but, then it was covered by ur reflex on ur emotion of receiving my BAD WORD..and people will judge u as a bad person, because u hit me(using physical strength)!!! ..hope u will ATLEAST understand more about what are the real POINT of view that inside “…siapa ROGOL siapa…”

    thank you… wassalam..

    JMD : Ok point taken. Tapi selama saya mengenal DSAI, dia jarang bercakap dengan menggunakan bahasa kasar seperti itu untuk menggambarkan percakapan berlapik atau untuk menunjukkan ada makna yang terselindung (rogol = perkena). Tapi kalau saudara sememangnya mengenali DSAI dan sudah bertanyakan padanya mengenai ucapan tersebut maka saya terima komen saudara. Seperti yg tertulis di dalam artikel saya, analisa saya adalah berdasarkan setiap perkataan yang diucap.

    Terima kasih.


  20. Sorry, DSAI dah kena perangkap “LIWAT 2 kali” ..kalau kena pada JMD?? 2KALI?? macam mane perasaan JMD?? ..tak mengapa…tak perlu jawap… saya nak JMD FIKIR jee!..”secara rasional”.. atau dengan kata lain “THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX”!

    p/s: saya pernah jadi seorang pemidato & pendebat.. dan Bahasa Malaysia saya kuasai..(saya tak ckp saya bagus)…sekurang-kurangnya, saya paham maksud ayat “..siapa ROGOL siapa..”.



    JMD : Think outside the box? Okay!


  21. JMD,

    You’ve been asked to think “outside the box” by a “pemidato and pendebat” ….. hahaha. I have a new found respect for you everytime i read some of the reader’s comment and the things you have to put up with.

    It is scary to think that some of these people have a right to vote.

    Where do you find your strength ? Keep it up my friend.

    JMD : Thank you. It’s good to see that there are still rational people out there.


  22. JMD, could I have your input on how the speech below ties in with AI’s despicable relationship with the US. The speech was in 2002, but with the topic at hand, I believe it has some relevance (or maybe not).

    U.S.-Malaysia Defense Cooperation: A Solid Success Story
    by The Honorable Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak
    Looking fwd to your “insider views”.

    BTW, pls do elaborate especially on the “*The United States has excellent
    access to Malaysian intelligence” (if your sources allow it, that is).
    I find it very disturbing.

    JMD : The article reflect the military relationship between two sovereign states (US and Malaysia). In was made with 9/11 attacks in the background as well as the histroy shared between Malaysian army and the US army. That article was filled with instances where the Malaysian defense force cooperates with the US force in a number of occasions.

    Both countries acknowledged the contribution of the other and had in numerous times bestowed accolades on the army personnel good deeds in defending their sovereignity.

    I do not see anyting wrong in Najib’s speech as it was made in his capacity as the Minister of Defense at that time. It also touched on the fight against terrorists in the region. The world had changed since 9/11 and greater understanding is needed to find peace in the region. Furthermore, it reiterated the then Prime Minister’s (TDM) stand that any act of attacks targeting civilians–whether by September 11 hijackers, Israeli troops, or Palestinian suicide bombers–should be regarded as acts of terrorism.

    The article had subtly and tactful reminded the US that any fight against terrorism must not jeopardise the livelihood of innocent civilians (with the impending war on Afghanistan and Iraq at that time). MOdertaion and pragmatism is the key to ensure success to win over the terrorists.

    I do not see any correlation with the allegations that DSAI is a stooge of the Americans. That is a different story altogether and from different aspect.

    Also, the statement ‘The United States has excellent access to Malaysian intelligence’ is with regards to the intelligence network in countering terrorism in the region (with regards to Al Qaeda terrorist cells in Malaysia and Singapore). Intelligence stated here does not mean that the US is privy to all our deep military secrets. It only meant that Malaysia is sharing the strategic information regarding any activities of the terrorists in the region so that both countries can together eradicate in more efficient and effective manner.

    Thank you.


  23. Salam JMD,

    Sesekali bagus juga baca artikel2 lama thing for sure, JMD has been consistent in his writings.

    Another thing, saya tiba2 didatangi satu vision, satu jawapan yang pastinya merungkai segala perbalahan apakah benar anwar meliwat saiful. Terlebih dahulu saya terpaksa mengaku bahawasanya saya selama ini bersalah kerana menuduh anwar meliwat !

    Bukan apa, kadang2 tu bila difikirkan, susah untuk diterima akal bagaimana seorang yang begitu dihormati, berpendidikan agama yang tinggi boleh terjerumus dalam kancah liwat. Anwar mati2an menafikan segala tuduhan..jadi saya terfikir, mungkin juga beliau tidak melakukannya. Tapi takkan saiful sanggup bersumpah anwar meliwatnya ?? Ni bukan benda main2, sumpah laknat lagi.

    Jadi saya tiba pada satu konklusi menang-menang. Anwar TIDAK melakukan perbuatan terkutuk itu dan waktu sama Saiful memang diliwat Anwar ! Bukan kerana delusion sebab perut lapar berpuasa atau asid perut dah naik kepala. Betul ni ! Anwar tak liwat DAN Anwar liwat !

    Jawapannya senang saja, tapi lepas ni janji jangan nak gaduh2 lagi. Terimalah seadanya.. Saya yakin, teramat yakin bahawa Anwar bela Hantu Raya !! Yang meliwat saiful tu hanturaya dia. Jadi anwar tak liwat saiful… dan saiful betullah diliwat anwar (hanturaya yang menyerupai anwar).

    emm..baik saya balik dulu..ada yang nak marah tu !


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