Anwar Ibrahim

Anwar and his antics

In the news today :

Polis mahu dapatkan DNA Anwar

17/07/2008 3:23pm

KUALA LUMPUR 17 Julai _ Polis mungkin menimbang pelbagai tindakan termasuk menggunakan perintah mahkamah bagi mendapatkan sampel DNA Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Timbalan Ketua Polis Negara, Tan Sri Ismail Omar berkata, ini berikutan keengganan Penasihat Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) itu membenarkan sampelnya diambil di Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) malam tadi.

Ismail menjelaskan demikian pada sidang akhbarnya di Bukit Aman petang ini. – Utusan

But on the 1st July recently, Anwar said this :

“They have not replied until today. Take my DNA, take my hair. My hair is everywhere, except this part,” said Anwar as he smiled and patted the middle part of his head.

Anwar boleh!


33 thoughts on “Anwar and his antics

  1. There are enough examples on the net of police cases in the USA where DNA evidence of samples from 20 years ago acquitted rapists who were wrongfully accused. DNA does not change over time. They could have used the previous findings and nail him. Unless there’s semen discharged in the anus of the aide, which is unlikely as it was some time before the police report and examination at HKL, there is no way they will find DNA evidence.

    Anyone who’s watched a season of CSI will be familiar with this. It not only makes the forensics team look amateur but also reveal how far we’re behind in technology. No wonder murder, rape, kidnapping and other cases go unsolved.

    JMD : Please do not watch too much TV. The real CSI does not even come close to the sensational CSI TV shows. Furthermore, forensics will use old DNA only in the absence of the primary DNA source. Plus, as we know Anwar, if the polcie use the old DNA, I would be almost certain that he will shout that the old DNA was tampered or any other conspiracy theory he will come out with.


  2. Dear Jebat,

    Dah terang lagi bersuluh !! berani kerana benar ,takut kerana bersalah.
    Sepandai-pandai tupai melompat,suatu hari nanti ,akan jatuh ke tanah juga.
    Am l right??


  3. hi JMD
    I think we should move forward and forget about this Anwar trial and his “holier than thou” attitude.
    my suggestion, how about looking at Pak Lah and his ability to make things worth than it is supposed to. macam tikus baiki labu…


  4. Personally, I think Anwar is obviously having sexual and psychological problems.
    For those who suffer psychological issues or sexual problems of this nature, we must either get them help or terminate them from positions where they may also break laws and abuse power and as you pointed out here ‘putar belit’…lies and more lies. Can we even consider this liar as our future leader?

    Indeed, if he cannot seems to follow our laws here, perhaps trips to Canada maybe possible, so he can practice sticking his penis up another man’s rectum where it is perfectly legal and a respected practice. We need those who are in charge to follow the law and be of high moral character and if for some reason they cannot handle that, then maybe they should move to Canada or bring about legislation so they can continue their practice of buggery without breaking the law. But then, Mr.Flip Flop lied all the times….I am so depressed. At least Anwar is a good talker.


  5. First, we’ve got a current flip-flop PM & a now hippo-crappo PM -in-waiting. Why have we done in the past to deserve all this. What’s next??? A hip-hop PM???…lol

    Anyway, JMD!!! My first comment here & I’d admit that i always enjoy your blogs & the research that you have done to back it . I’d found your site thru’ chedet blog’s links & i totaly enjoyed both of them. Thanks!

    JMD : Thanks and welcome to my humble blog.


  6. JMD,
    I wish to correct you on your reply comment to mssleepyhead.
    Cell speciments are taken from any part of a person. Through some processes, from the cells a DNA profile is created. Once you have the DNA profile, you keep it and you can throw away the cell specimens already. The DNA profile is a permanent genetic description of the person. You just need to do once in a life time because it doesn’t change unless if you are experiencing some sort of mutation into some other creature.
    So actually, the police do not need new samples from Anwar any more unless they have lost all soft or hard copies of Anwar’s DNA profile from the previous case. Then a domestic inquiry should have been made.
    But as Tan Sri Ismail Omar said, they are following procedures, which gives me the notion that since the procedure said to take DNA samples, they will just take it even though it’s not actually needed anymore because you already have the DNA profile which is the sole purpose for the sample to be taken. Like I said in my previous comment, it’s the common sense we’re lacking.

    JMD : Thank you. I stand corrected. I hope when Anwar hurl accusations in the future questioning the credibility of the old DNA, we shall remember this informative comment.


  7. A PM is only as honest as his/her opposition.

    Everyone would wish to have a job with no bosses, endless salary, sleep whenever you feel like, eat, buy, spend with no budget (or deficit budget), jail whoever dare to call you lazy… Would this employee perform his/her duties?


  8. JMD
    Hmm I like…..Nice name anyway, if only Anwar can cooperate, no need to dramatised lah, just give one or two strand of hair does not hurt you, if you are scared of tampering, get somebody you trust to watch the procedure and no need for yr supporters to cry ( I saw in the TV one lady was sobbing) when Anwar was telling the PC I was stripped by the police and my parts was examined what is there to be sad about private part to be examined. Its a routine check by the police, since decades ago.
    My doctor done that everytime I go for check up when I was pregnant. Anyway, his name is tainted cause of all the accusations since Azizan, Sukma, his tailor Mior, and Azmin’s wife etc. Move on Malaysia, let alone this
    guy and his dream to be PM, we’ve got alot to ramble about, cost of living, petrol, electricity , food and so on. For all I know he will not stop at anything to get the world ‘s attention to fulfill his dream to the PM of Malaysia.


  9. Whether Anwar or Najib is psycho or not, we do not know and may never know. This is a country where body-snatchers are allowed, Anwar stayed overnight in jail, RPK arrested but Rosmah is allowed to sit in her comfy Italian sofa. (JMD : Rosmah is sitting in her sofa because RPK is accusing her without any proof)

    A country where Anwar was arrested for inciting riot and detained under ISA on a “sodomy charge”???. The fact that he sodomised someone is a threat to the country’s security, better detain all rapists under ISA too! (JMD : Better get your facts straight. He was arrested under the ISA for inciting mass riots in Septemeber 1998. Not because he was accused of sodomy).

    So why need Anwar’s blood as DNA? Just ask him to drink a glass of water and use the glass with his saliva, or pluck 2 hairs from his head… enough for DNA? (JMD : It’s called protocol. Must be done in proper procedures, if not, the act of gathering evidence can be disputed in the courts)

    Or perhaps the police who still has not produced the police report of Saiful, wants to use the mattress trick again, so drop 2 drops of blood on some mattress, 2 drops on Saiful’s underwear/sarong, I mean who knows whether they did it on the couch or kitchen floor or balcony or on a tikar? With his blood at least the bodoh rakyat cannot argue that it was planted there like hair. (JMD : Another speculation. Irrelevant here)

    If it was up to you, you’d follow your lawyer’s advice not to give your blood either, even though earlier you may have said,

    [But on the 1st July recently, Anwar said this :
    “They have not replied until today. Take my DNA, take my hair. My hair is everywhere, except this part,” said Anwar as he smiled and patted the middle part of his head.]

    I mean do you honestly trust the police SOOOOOO much?

    (JMD : Just shows how Anwar is flip flop as well. Talking without thinking. He said one thing to create support, and then another thing to justify previous statement. The first statement just want to show he was not afraid to give out DNA. Second statement was just an excuse to create doubt. A tell tale sign of a guilty person)


  10. kenapa semua org MELAYU yg kuat REFORMASI yg dulu sanggup dipenjarakan sekarang meninggalkan KeAdilan?? Ramai yg masuk PAS dan kini ramai yg kembali masuk UMNO??? Kerana mereka sekarang tahu bahawa ANWAR memang tak betul dan KeAdilan sendiri dah tak menjaga HAK ORANG MELAYU.


  11. Mungkin Anwar Ibrahim tak nak bersumpah dgn nama Allah kerana memang dia takut di LAKNATI ALLAH terus di dunia. OK bagaimana pula kita suruh pula YB ISTERI dan YB ANAK bersumpah dengan nama ALLAH ,yg suami dan bapa mereka dianiaya dan semua tuduhan itu adalah dusta,dan jika tuduhan itu adalah benar maka laknatilah ALLAH kepada seluruh keluarga mereka..

    saya rasa ini lagi wajib di buat utk memulihkan keyakinan org islam.


  12. I’d rather Anwar is a gay and screw his BF, then to have PM and UMNO legally screw the rakyat (and we can’t do a thing to defend ourselves). We are not so naive and gullible to assume that DAP/PKR/PAS are squeeky clean.

    Seriously, do you think Malaysia can move forward on this Ketuanan Melayu (Malay Supremacy) and quota system?

    And please every time my Indonesian Muslim maids start to sumpah atas nama Allah, with hand stretched out to heavens, true enough, when truth surfaced later on, they had lied about their boyfriends, their sexual exploits when the majikan not home, and ran away. So for me, when a Muslim sumpah, it means they are guilty. When a Muslim sumpah, my spider sense starts tingling.

    In fact it doesn’t matter what religion, when the person has joined the devil, why be so afraid to sumpah (sin) since sin is what causes evil? Does the devil in human clothes worry when he puts his hand upon the Quran/Bible? The devil loves to sumpah/sin!

    I’m not pro Anwar. I’m pro-moving on with our lives. Increase standard of living for every human race, esp. the poor, disabled, widowed and orphaned.

    When you meet up with God, will He ask whether you are bumiputera before you can enter heaven?

    JMD : Your point is noted. But are you a Muslim yourself? Because, as a Muslim, one can never tolerate a leader who indulge themselves in this perversed act.

    Thank you.


  13. Kalau keadilan boleh ditegakkan dengan bersumpah, life would have been very simple for us and the courts can cut short on staffs and lawyers would be jobless and probably resort to crime for a plate of rice. And you’re asking a politician pulak tu untuk bersumpah? Well, the last time I had to bersumpah to solve a dispute was when I was in lower secondary and both parties got further accused as liars.
    It’s not the DNA profile that people don’t trust. It’s the people handling it is in question. Are the authorities free from political interventions? For as long as there is no trust in this matter, do what you do, even if a pubic hair is found inside the victim’s cavity, it’s difficult to convince people it’s not planted. Now if people were to tell be the authorities can be fully trusted even in high profile cases, sorry I’d drop my jaw at how naive people can be.
    If the higher people were to be asked why interfere? Probably the answer would be it’s for the greater good of the nation.


  14. JMD,
    Saya amat percaya Anwar adalah mangsa konspirasi pada 1998. Tetapi episod kali ini menyebabkan saya yakin episod lepas dan terkini adalah benar-benar terjadi. Dia bukan mangsa konspirasi tapi dia adalah pemangsa. Saya berfikir secara rasional , mendengar dan mengkaji kenyataan demi kenyataan yang dikeluarkan dan tindakan-tindakan yang dilakukan. Nampak jelas dia tidak konsisten, menggelabah, kerap mencari peluang untuk meloloskan diri dan dan menjatuhkan kredibiliti pihak-pihak yang terlibat dalam perundangan agar dilihat tidak telus. Jika dia dipihak yang benar, kenapa perlu takut. Bukankah Wan Azizah pernah berkata diawal-awal kes ini, dia percaya pada kerajaan Pak Lah sekarang yang dilihat lebih telus dari sebelumnya tapi apa dah jadi sekarang.
    Mungkin dia mampu lepas kali ini. Tapi kebenaran pasti akan datang juga akhirnya. Jangan dia lupa , ada yang lebih berkuasa dari segalanya iaitu Allah.


  15. The TV show CSI’s lab may be exaggerated as the budget to buy such high tech equipments are usually not available but, convenient and superfluous storyline aside, the methods used are not fictional.

    Pak Andak was right to point out about the DNA profile obtained previously. If it was admissible in court then as evidence and this is a repeat offence, unless there is some legal technicality I’m not aware of, it should also be usable now, beyond AI’s drama. If it’s all legit under the law, and it matches, they should arrest him right away as it’s not open for argument.

    The request for DNA means the police/HKL/forensics team found somebody’s DNA from semen/scraps of epithelial cells/hair roots on the accuser or the scene of the crime. As mentioned, it was a few days after the last incident that the police report was lodged, the little biological evidence would have deteriorated by then. Still, if they have found DNA of someone, they would already have the answer from the previous profile.

    Also interestingly asked in The Star’s Citizen’s Blog, why is blood needed when we know a cheek swab will do to obtain DNA?

    JMD : Sometimes, when people with interests starts to questions just to create doubts in the people’s mind, we sometimes should wonder their real intention.


  16. You seem pretty convinced that AI sodomised the guy. I think the whole complaint by Saiful looks fishy – 8 times against his will (from waht i’ve read on the Internet)? Does Saiful look like a victim to u? OK u may dislike DSAI but no right thinking person can standby and look at the way the whole case is being managed by the PDRM. And even if AI is a homosexual I don’t care about his sexual exploits. that is his personal matter. He just looks more capable than the current goons we have running the government at present.

    JMD : Well Junah, maybe I know something you don’t know.. 🙂


  17. DSAI is released on polis bail,and RPK too,mean while both are waiting to be charge in court, from DSAI polis still hiding what on Saifu polis report lodged and keep under secret witness protection, lawyer unable to know and access this report,something not right here, likely polis still studying the case in other charge, not very fair la.

    Imagine NAR and Ros and bodyguard,no action taken only heard polis had investigate and took all statement,no case,and RPK is feeding lie and allegation to be throw in jail if he cant provide who the informat.

    Bala gone missing still, hiding some place and nothing announced by polis,seem 2 different standard here,For a high profile figure,no need statement,no arrest and no case,for a poor opposition leader who just started and won 1st round of fuel reduction debate waiting to be charged and make sure cant talk in front of 6millions viewer again.

    JMD : Accoring to the law, the police is not entitled to provide the polcie report to Anwar and his lawyers. The law read as follows :

    “Section 51A of the CPC, titled Delivery of certain documents, reads as follows. (1) The prosecution shall before the commencement of the trial deliver to the accused the following documents: (a) A copy of the information made under Section 107 relating to the commission of the offence to which the accused is charged, if any; (b) A copy of any document which would be tendered as part of the evidence for the prosecution; and (c) A written statement of facts favourable to the defence of the accused signed under the hand of the Public Prosecutor or any person conducting the prosecution. (2) Notwithstanding paragraph (c), the prosecution may not supply any fact favourable to the accused if its supply would be contrary to public interest.”

    Were Anwar’s lawyers so stupid that they did not know the law? Actually I know they are well versed with this law but they just chose to paly up with public sentiment and create doubts over this whole ordeal. Now I am more convinced that Anwar did it.

    As for NAR and Ros, you are talking in the premise that they ARE GUILTY of the murder of Altantuya. Police made the investigation on the SDs and realized that the buffoons who made them were simply doing it without any concrete proof. Naturally, NAR and Ros were left by the police and the buffoons who made the SD had to be dragged into court because, declaring a false SD is punishable in the court of law. Is RPK above the law? Now, RPK had to produce his so called reliable ‘informant’ to substantiate his claim that Ros was there at the time of murder.


  18. just a thought…methods used in CSI may or may not be fictional as if you watch myth buster in discovery channel or any similar programmes, some “hi-tech methods” are just merely imagination of the script writer and director. Hollywood is known for their “wonderful science & technology”.

    Even if the methods are not fictional, it will not be as fast as in CSI compared to reality. For example, fingerprints. Do remember, ID (like CODIS in CSI) thru thumbprint recognition are not that practical in States as they do not have ID database like our Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara.

    Secondly, real crime scene investigation will take more time than shown in TV. A case can take days or even weeks depending on various factors (i.e crime scene itself, climate factors, chemical factors).

    As for DSAI in this case especially, knowing him, even if old evidence of his DNA is still valid, he will still dispute the evidence.

    Only He knows the truth, nothing but the truth.


  19. JMD,
    If the DNA form previous sample still existed, what stops the police from framing Anwar by using the old one?
    The DNA can be made copies through a process called PCR. Hence the DNA from previous sample can be copied to many sets of sample.
    If the police really want to nail Anwar, make two copies of previous DNA sample, claim the first copy was obtained from Saiful’s rectum, and compare with the second copy, definitely they are same, and check mate Anwar! But I don’t think the police are doing that.
    And JMD Sir, with due respect, what was EXACTLY “I know something that you don’t know”? Because I am currrrrrioussssss to know.

    JMD : Please read on what Anwar think of the DNA issue back in 1998 and 1999. He was all for it. So you see, Anwar only agree with issues that is beneficial to him at one time. If the situation doesn’t suit him, he will fight against the same issue he was supporting.


  20. JMD

    I like your blog. Keep writing bro. From 1998 until today, i never doubt that DSAI is gay/bisexual. Agree with some of the readers “sepandai2 tupai melompat akan jatuh ke tanah juga”.



  21. Bro Jebat,

    There’s 2 types of criminal offences –
    1) offence which allows arrest without warrant
    2) offence which requires warrat from court for arrest.

    The one which is Anwar is being investigated at allows arrest without warrant. (Crimal Procedure Code – First Schedule)

    For me the arrest made against Anwar is valid, legal and fair. There’s so many reported cases in the newspapers on similar arrest made i.e. on rape, incest etc. Just because Anwar is a political figure does not mean he can be treated differently than others…who the hell he think he is??…

    The Police had acted way too fair for anwar; they had called him nicely to come and give his statement a.k.a. version of his story and even gave him a 2nd chance to do so.

    Can’t they all see?, anwar waited to the very last minute of the notice. He wanted the police to arrest him to make an issue out of it like being roughly treated like a terrorist (is he not?) etc etc.

    Taktik lama laaaa anwar…!

    The best part out of this is that the crowd wasn’t so large gathered outside IPK KL. Hmmmm…a sign of reduced support for Anwar? Sure as hell looks like it.!!!


  22. I believe Anwar sodomised Saiful. Kak Wan, you masih kenal Dr Rozi masa kerja kat Universiti Hospital dulu … tiba tiba teringat pulak cerita lama yg Kak wan cerita ….hush hush


  23. Looks like AI is getting more desperate and seemingly incoherent with his overlapping statements as Sept 16th approaches.

    If AI thinks he’s got the PM job in the bag, he underestimates others who are BETTER at the game.

    And it will come from those who are truly Malaysians.

    Curious, JMD? Wait for the call coz WE think you’re one of the good guyz.



  24. Brader,

    REad the latest of Al Jub’s antics??

    Not denying anything, BUT…..

    The police need to show prove who gets whose arse!!
    Erkkkkk…. ????
    Is he IMPLYING something did happen,
    but its the other way around??

    Wow!! What a revelation!!

    JMD : Anwar said “Siapa rogol siapa? Saya sakit pinggang, budak universiti (bekas pembantunya Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan) kuat.”

    So, dia nak beritahu kita yang sebenarnya Saiful ke yang merogol dia?

    Haha.. maybe dia terlepas cakap kot… Haha


  25. “JMD : Anwar said “Siapa rogol siapa? Saya sakit pinggang, budak universiti (bekas pembantunya Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan) kuat.””


    The above isn’t true & i laugh at those who used this excuse to imply that it isn’t possible for this to happen. If you read about the American Idol 2 runnerup sex gay scandal with a former Green Beret on the Howard Stern show in 2006, you would know that when one is very horny, anything could happen…lol


  26. I have a friend who is gay. One day, on account of the fact that my wife and I are close to him, he decided to invite us for dinner to introduce his partner to us, to sort of get our comment on his latest boyfriend.

    I was expecting a softie and it shocked us that his boyfriend has bicep the size of my thigh !!

    It took my wife and I, a while to figure out who is “top” and who is “bottom” and we realise we got it wrong, and that the muscular guy with bicep the size of a tree trunk is “bottom”.

    On that score, Anwar’s slip of the tongue may hold clue to Anwar’s sexual predilection….Anwar may be “bottom” and not “top”.

    Perhaps the Police need to call for another examination of Anwar…from a different angle, this time.


  27. i really like your writing. the direct answer after the comment made me sit up and read. it’s all about fact.

    when i heard on radio that he was accused of sodomy, i laughed. i said ” who else is he going to blame now? Dia nak tuduh konspirasi (because i notice that’s his favorite word. Dia yang suka buat konspirasi sebenarnya that’s why it’s his favorite word) siapa pulak yang nak jatuhkan dia ni?” and true to form he found someone to blame. Notice or not, in every play he berlakon, everyone will always be the villain xcept dia. Everyone always nak kenakan dia. Menyorok dekat kedutaan Turki, Takut pada bayang-bayang sendiri sebenarnya. Rasa nak tergelak bila dia cakap ada orang ancam nak bunuh dia…Hei memang aku tergelak besar.

    what was most revolting about this dajal is he got lots of money going round the world telling how bad our country is. Ingat-ingat rakyat malaysia. Jangan jadi macam Iraq sekarang. Nak tidur dalam rumah sendiri pun takut terutama perempuan. Kena simpan mesingan untuk jaga keselamatan sendiri. Penjajaan Anwar tentang konon buruk sangat Malaysia sampai kena campurtangan asing sama macam ada rakyat Iraq yang menjaja kejamnya Sadam Hussein sedangkan masa tu di Iraq banyak kali lebih baik dari hari ini. Berhati-hati dengan siapa yang anda pilih untuk percaya.

    Ternampak berita ini ” General Eric Shinseki Signs Annapolis Summit Letter” mengenai perbalahan Palestin-Israel. Disenaraikan nama orang-orang yang menandatangani perjanjian itu. Ada nama dia. Ada nama bekas CIA Deputy Director, John Mc Laughlin. Apa Anwar buat kat situ?

    Wahai pelajar-pelajar universiti yang rasa diri dah terlalu pandai (dan kami perlu dibela ) dan orang lain tak tau apa yang kamu rasa lebih tau dan kami telah diperbodohkan, sedarlah kami melalui apa yang Anwar telah buat, keputusan ekonomi yang tak menjadi malah menyusahkan; “kronisma, nepotisma” tengok siapa punya kroni dan nepotisma; isteri dia & anak dia yang dilantik untuk menjadi wakil, kalau cucu dia dah boleh mengundi, cucu dia pun dia nak letak jadi wakil.

    Anda hanya mendengar apa yang Anwar kata dia telah sumbangkan. Kami melaluinya. Bagi kawan-kawan yang mudah percaya cakap dia ni sebab dia memang pandai cakap, cuba buat analisa biji butir apa yang dia utarakan. Orang pandai bercakap ni memang menghiburkan tetapi sebagai manusia yang dikurniakan Allah akal, tolong guna anugerah Allah ni untuk berfikir. Satu ayat favorite orang yang percaya bulat-bulat apa Anwar ni cakap ” Dia lebih tau” meaning Anwar lebih pandai dan tau luar dalam mengenai sesuatu isu dari kita orang-orang biasa. Akal fikiran yang dikurniakan oleh Allah tu sama je antara kita. Gunakannya !!! Diam dan perhati. Lama-lama kita akan nampak dia mempamerkan kebodohannya sendiri. Terbukti bila dia lari menyorok di kedutaan turki macam penakut.


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