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The highly debatable debate

I still think that this debate would be a pointless exercise. But somehow, I had this sliver of hope that the debate will turn out to be an informative and an engaging one. Hopefully it will not be a platform for either one of the politicians to push for their own personal and selfish agenda.

In other words, any political rhetorics will surely defeat the objective of this debate. As I recall, Anwar wanted to challenge the government on the decision of rising the fuel prices. Now this is where we can see how Anwar can offer his thoughts on how to decrease the fuel prices.

I sure hope he can say that he has the ability to decrease the price of fuel back to what it was 2 months ago.

But knowing Anwar, I am sure he will take this opportunity to stamp his presence in the mainstream media with a barrage of incessant and irrelevant issues at hand. That is why I thought this debate is going to be pointless.

Diverting attention would be his greatest ploy to gain popularity. Take this Newsweek article for example. Anwar was interviewed by the magazine’s reporter, Jonathan Kent. An interesting question by the reporter somehow peaked my interest. It goes like this;

Kent: The government has again made allegations of sexual misconduct against you. What is your response?

Anwar: It’s disgusting of them to repeat this, but there is a difference from last time. [Now] I don’t cast aspersions on the entire government machinery or on the prime minister. I’ve no evidence to link him to fabricating evidence, but [Najib’s] office appears to be involved. I also have evidence on the fabrication and suppression of evidence in my 1999 trial involving the current Inspector-General of Police and the Attorney-General.

Now this is why I dub Anwar as ‘Darling of the Western Media’. See how the US based magazine worked hand in hand with Anwar in diverting his current sexual charges? They just love him to death!

Firstly, it was not the government who made the allegations. It was HIS OWN AIDE. And see how Anwar here did not link Najib to the so called conspiracy simply because he has no evidence of it. But, he managed to create an insinuation that Najib appears to be in cahoots with Saiful over a mere happenstance (Saiful took picture with Najib’s aide and Saiful went to see Najib to complain about Anwar). In fact, I am surprised that the reporter did not do his homework. Should I start relegating Newsweek to the same level as our mainstream media?

Then follows the second question;

Kent: So you believe the charge against you was prompted by the fact that you are about to make public new evidence against these officials?

Anwar: Yes. The sodomy allegation may have been prompted because the police chief and the Attorney-General are privy to my initial complaints against them [from 1999]. The former volunteer in my office who made these latest sodomy allegations has been part of Najib’s apparatus, and we have evidence to that effect.

Huh? As far as we know, Anwar had no inclination to make public any of this so called new evidence. He was so busy dealing with PKR’s nepotisme issues at that time. In fact, a day before Saiful made the police report on 28th June 2008, Anwar’s blog posted a rather mild article about ‘pantun Melayu’. There were no announcement regarding any ‘new evidence’ anywhere in all the articles concerning him prior to the 28th June . And we all know how Anwar will rant and shout about something new he just stumebled upon. But in this case, there was none.

As a matter of fact, if the AG and the IGP were so afraid of Anwar and they had to resort to create the trumped up charges through Saiful, why would Anwar dragged Najib into this whole mess?

Maybe because Najib was a convenient target? We now venture into the realm of conspiracy theories. Cooked up by Anwar himself.

Okay then. All these conspiracy theories will absolve Anwar from any sodomy charges in the eyes of his loving supporters.

You’re clean Anwar. No need to investigate you further. You are the cleanest, the most ethical and the most unselfish politician in the world.

Nevertheless, Anwar should not even be this panicky. He should just emulate and learn from what the veteran singer Datuk M. Daud Kilau had gone through. At least the singer came out more dignified than Anwar.

Can’t wait to watch them on the telly tonight. I wanna see how both politicians outwit each other in this possible pointless exercise.


9 thoughts on “The highly debatable debate

  1. I couldnt agree with you more. The Government should be one up against Anwar before he make his move. The roadblock leading to the parliament yesterday is successful in stopping the parade by Pakatan demonstration. We have to think what is his next move then Check mate him to the tee.
    Now hes planning again what next …..of course by refusing going to the police to give statement is one of his motive to be arrested.He likes to see the people he implicates jumping around to his tune, the PM the TPM, AG, the Police Chief god grief this guy really create havoc to Malaysia.
    His antics and sandiwara caused the whole of Malaysia to rock with him. imagine the time, money the Govt spent just to cordone off his supporters whenever Anwar is not happy since Tun Mahathir’s time. will he ever repent his deadly sins to the people of Malaysia?


  2. Yes, JMD you’re right to say that Anwar will try to divert the topic to other issues as he did in the interview with the Newsweek. It is so typical of him. Again, Pak Lah is playing a dangerous game by speculating that his man (Ahmad Shabery) will come out on top after the debate. He was confident during the last election that BN will win big and I bet he already thought about the oil price increase even before the election and now he is paying a high price for failure to do his homework.

    Back to Anwar, I’m still so amused that he did not take the challenge to do the murabahah as proposed by Perlis Mufti. A flamboyant person like him couldn’t resist the opportunity to hit one back at the government by doing an act that will virtually (at least in the eyes of the muslim) potray him as the innocent party. Then again, he is a master tactician. Just look at what he did with the Lingam’s tape.

    I hope there will be some meaningful moments in today’s debate. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts and as always Che Dat’s on what transpired during the debate.


  3. ha ha! ditto! I like your last comment.. a possible pointless exercise.,
    my thinking was that would Pak Lah overslept when watching this pointless exercise or he will jump up and took his video cam (like Sarawak Music Festival)?
    sadly.. at the end of the debate, the price of oil will still go up and Pak Lah will still be Pak Lah.
    ARGHHHHHHHHH!! (pulling my hair)


  4. After watching the debate, I see that Anwar is very professional in questioning and answering the matters given. I wonder why Sabri use the history agenda to attack Anwar personally? Anyhow this debate is not pointless, at least the people know the matters and you can see how they screw it.

    JMD : Point taken. Thank you.


  5. You really hate him don’t you? It’s a personal grudge or duty? It’s the deed that should be evaluated, Sir.
    People can’t be doing everything wrong or everything right and therefore for some wrongs we can’t say he’s Damien and for some rights we can’t raise him to be some diety can we? But I see, that’s what you’re doing.

    JMD : His deeds. Yes, his deeds should be evaluated. And it all boils down to our own opinion and perception.


  6. JMD,

    He’s a political animal, that’s what he does. He knows how to play his cards well.

    Scenario 1: He’s guilty. How does he get out of it? Find out who set him up. Did they do it as two consenting adults attracted to one another? Or did he do it because someone instructed him to? If he’s going down, might as well find out who gave the orders? It’s highly unlikely someone who did it consentingly, would rat about it later on. Unless he’s not getting something out of it, or some promises made were not delivered. Conveniently, Najib was the one the aide consulted personally at his residence of all people. So, whose fault was it? They gave him ammo, and he took it.

    Scenario 2: He’s not guilty. How does he get out of it? Find the link. Is he acting alone? Why would he do that and risk all the reputation on himself? Deranged? Again, conveniently, Najib was the one the aide consulted personally at his residence of all people. So, whose fault was it? They gave him ammo, and he took it.

    Either way, guilty or not, the link is there, might as well grab the opportunity and kill two birds with one stone. if you’re going down, won’t you be grabbing all that you can hold on to and drag them along, especially if they might seem like the one out to get you?


  7. JMD Sir,
    I remember the pantun’s posting in Anwar’s blog, and it’s true that during that particular moment, Anwar was letting the time to pass by. I also left my own version of pantun, a summary of Anwar’s chronology, and surprisingly it was published.
    About debate last night, the topic itself was not doing justice to Shabery. How could he defend Dollah’s policy that sparked public anger and hatred, and also put many people in dire straits. Prior to the debate I had a feeling that Shabery would be slaughtered, and he was.
    Do you smell something fishy here?


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