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A logical review about the slander on Datuk Seri Najib

A reader of similar kindred spirit sent a couple of comments in my last article which I must share with all readers. The first is the analytical review of the facts and slander on the purported relationship between Ms Altantuya Shaaribuu and Datuk Seri Najib while the second would be the analysis on how the statutory declaration by My Bala was taken place . A million thanks to Lekiu for the fact finding effort. I could not have done it better. But first, lets see what Anwar had said in the press conference on the 3rd of July, slandering Datuk Seri Najib in the process. The video is a must watch so that we can relate to what Lekiu had commented.


The comment;

The Government of Malaysia signed an agreement with the French to buy 2 Scorpene boats/submarines in 2002. As early as October 2001 a decision has been made by the Malaysian Govermment to purchase the boats/submarines which was a blow to the Dutch who wanted to sell their Zwaardvis Class.

According to Bala’s SD, Razak Baginda was supposedly introduced to Altantuyaa in Singapore at a diamond exhibition. The premiere diamond exhibition in Singapore is the Singapore International Jewellery Exhibition which began in 2005.

Altantuyaa was born in 1978. Altantuya only moved to Hong Kong in 2005 to further her career (some say as an escort). Prior to that date she was married and had a child as late as in 2003.

It brings to mind several issues :-

1. Bala alleged that a commission of USD500K was due to Altantuyaa. If Malaysia had signed an agreement with the French in 2002 for the purchase of the boats/submarines, wouldn’t the commission mean that Altantuya was involved in the negotiation for the boats/submarines in 2000-2002? She was 22 in the year 2000. If it is true that Najib agreed for a commission due to her, which means Najib would have to have a seriously intimate relation with her for about a few years. Give and take 2-3 years, she was 19-20 years old when she started dating Najib? Does it make sense that Najib in his need to impress a girl promise her USD500K? She was 19-20, a 10,000 cash money would be enough!

We all know that in this kind of arms deal, there would be one local company who actively pursue the Malaysian Government and lobbied hard for the Malaysian Government to purchase the boats. Had it been true that Altantuyaa is involved, wouldn’t it been easier to structure the deal in a way that Altantuyaa sits as a proxy in the local company? (JMD : Anwar previously alleged that Perimekar Sdn Bhd was the recipient for the commision. Was Altantuyaa working for Perimekar Sdn Bhd – a local Malaysian company? I doubt it.)

2. Bala also alleged that Najib introduced Altantuyaa to Razak at a diamond exhibition in Singapore. The biggest expo of that nature in Singapore only started in 2005. Razak Baginda and Altantuyaa were married sometime in 2005. If one assumes that Najib and Altantuyaa have had an affair since 1998, it doesn’t make sense for Altantuyaa to agree to marry Razak Baginda after a short introduction now does it?

3. Again we go back to the theory that Altantuyaa was part of the negotiating party in the sale of the boats/submarines to Malaysia, if that was true and that Najib has had an affair with the Mongolian since way back in the late 90’s, why did Altantuyaa re-marry with a Mongolian and had a second child in 2003? Wouldn’t it be more acceptable if she squeezed Najib for a few thousand dollars and remain in France (where the submarine deal was struck)? A much more nicer place to live than Mongolia especially to a young impressionable girl in her early 20’s ?

4. Why the need for her to become an escort if she was dating Najib and presumably after the Agreement to purchase the submarines in 2002 was concluded, money would have been disbursed to all interested parties.

5. Why didn’t she kick up a ruckus after the deal was signed and she was never paid? If the reports are true, she part timed as an escort in 2005 in HK. She needed money, she could have yelled and screamed way back then and yet no such hysterical act.

6. Why only after the marriage to Razak Baginda in 2005 did she rightfully searched for Razak for money? It would make more sense if she chased Najib for the commission? Right?

All I am saying is, the poor murdered woman who turned her back on her 20 over years of faith, embraced a new religion, changed her name and married Razak. Then she came down to KL presumably wanting Razak to be financially supportive as any husband should be.

It wasn’t about commission. It was about Razak’s failure to financially provide as a husband.

8. Doesn’t an inquiring mind ask a valid question, what benefit does Najib has in murdering Altantuya ? If we take Bala’s allegation at face value that Najib had asked Razak to take care of Altantuyaa, I doubt marriage is something Najib had in mind. Had it been true that Razak was suppose to care for Altantuyaa and instead enamoured as it would seem, Razak married her, Najib would have kidnapped Razak and strapped a C4 on Razak instead of Altantuyaa.

In 1998 Anwar had all sorts of conspiracy, blaming everyone from Tun Dr Mahathir to Daim. For a brief time, Anwar had massive ego complex that he paralled his fate to that of Napoleon Bonaparte when he claimed that there was a plan to poison him with arsenic.

The arsenic didn’t kill him, but it does affect his thought process. He has a heightened sense of paranioa. Much like some schizophrenic, he feels that there is a conspiracy to bring him down.

What little function his brain could perform, he fail to understand that it is he himself who has an inclination to self-sabotage.

In an age where conspiracy theories thrive, Anwar has a ready listeners in the thousands to subscribe to his paranioa.

Sometime, it is the simple explanation that is more credible than the outlandish theories which is spun out there.

As a famous scientist, Enrico Fermi, once concluded…. if there are alien civilisations out there, where are they and why havent they contacted us ?

But we all love X Files, ET and the like dont we ?

And as they say, there is a sucker born every minute or is it every day ? Hmm

(JMD : Just like Mark Twain once said – It’s no wonder that truth is stranger than fiction. Fiction has to make sense. In this case, Anwar’s fiction failed to be credible enough)


Can you see the amount of slander Anwar made in that press conference? All based on the first Statutory Declaration of Bala which even his lawyer had admitted is not a statement of the truth. How can you slander a person based only on hearsay? And based on Lekiu’s comment above, the choronology of events had absolutely lend credibility to Najib’s assertion that he did not know Altantuyaa and had no sexual relationhip with her. And to reveal Anwar’s hypocrisy on this matter, he made a statement today against people who slanders him:

BUTTERWORTH: Parti Keadilan Rakyat de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has denied that he or any of his family members had called on the United States for support amid new allegations that he had sodomised his aide.

In a ceramah at the Seberang Jaya exposition grounds here, Anwar challenged his detractors in the Barisan Nasional ruling coalition to show proof that he had contacted the US for support when the allegations surfaced.

“I am prepared to go to court to prove that I did no such thing. I demand an apology from those who do not have the evidence to back their claims.

“Do not resort to such slander and do not demean me,” Anwar told an audience of more than 30,000 people.

Basically, it is alright for him to slander Najib. The fact is, Najib never slandered him. In fact, it was Anwar’s own aide who made the police report. Saiful Bukhary was not even slandering Anwar as he had to undergo medical examination and hours of interrogation to determine the truth. At this point, each Malaysian had to ask this question – what kind of a man Anwar Ibrahim is?


Lekiu’s other comment was with regards to my earlier commentary on the manner Anwar was arrested in 1998. A reader had highlighted the fact that the reason why Anwar hid in the Turkish Embassy was because he did not want a repeat of 1998 incident. He said that Anwar was arrested in 1998 because of the same sodomy allegation back then. Anwar was eventually beaten in custody.

But the truth was, in 1998, Anwar was arrested not because of a police report was made against him. The police report on sodomy was made by Azizan in 1997. He was arrested on 20th September 1998 because he incited riots in KL. We can still remember the mass rally in Dataran Merdeka and the destruction of public property by the protesters. Due to that, he was arrested using the ISA.

The notion that he hid in the foreign embassy because he was afraid police will beat him up even though he claim he was innocent (of sodomy) was wrong. In 1998, he WAS the mastermind for inciting public riot and the decision of the police to arrest him was correct. Furthermore, the Commonwealth Games was just around the corner back then. The government would not want any of its citizens to tarnish the image of the country. But Anwar was adamant in tarnishing the country’s image. To him, he comes first.

It was unfortunate that he was beaten up by Tan Sri Rahim Noor back then. But to say that he hid because he was afraid police will arrest him and beat him up just because somebody filed a police report on charges of sodomy is dead wrong. And currently, we also know by now that the government never made any intention to assassinate him as he claimed about a week ago. Anwar is a political leader who is riddled with sense of paranoia. Is that good for the country?

Please read Lekiu’s second comment;

Thanks for the refresher on why Anwar was arrested in 1998.

It does give credence to the theory that Anwar’s run with his pants down at his ankle to the Turkish Embassy shows tacit admission of guilt.

It becomes a bit interesting now that the military intelligence chief denies that a report on Altantuya exist. Although such denial would not be deemed credible in the eyes of Anwarists. A need for SD by the Chief perhaps?

I am of the opinion that Bala’s first SD is quite interesting in a stupid Anwar way. There was a declaration by Bala that seem to say that Najib has had anal intercourse with Altantuya. For an SD intended to link Najib to Altantuya, suddenly, in one short paragraph, Altantuya’s alleged sexual predilection comes to the fore.

It does show the desperation that Anwar is under. Anwar is probably saying through Bala, Najib is doing it through the back door as well, why pick on me alone?

And somewhere in the SD, Bala alleged that Altantuya is Najib’s girlfriend and that Razak Baginda was charged with taking care of her. Somewhere towards the end of the SD and in a noble gesture, Razak Baginda and Altantuya decided to marry.

The need to create invisible dots to link Najib and Altantuya seemed never ending in the SD. Anyone who has ever left a woman scorned would know that a woman left high and dry would eventually run back to the bast+#@ who left her.

Even if it is true that Altantuya was Najib’s ex, surely Altantuya would be crying out and seek Najib for help given the scenario that Najib and Altantuya was alleged to have the most intimate of relatonship.

In a worst case scenario, Altantuya could easily hold a press conference and allege all sort of stuff against Najib. Why take the difficult route of screaming and shouting in front of Razak Baginda’s house? For the simple reason that Razak Baginda and Altantuya were husband and wife. Najib is a non issue.

The new revelation that Altantuya is demanding commission from the arms deal is also a desperate attempt to link the poor murdered woman to Najib.

As was stated in the SD, Altantuya and Razak Baginda were married. The poor woman wanted the husband to be responsible. She may have wanted financial support from her husband but I doubt it would run to hundred of millions from the arms deal.

It is interesting to note that Anwar has so much hatred towards Najib. Anwar reckons that Najib doesn’t deserve to be Prime Minister in Waiting and that such coveted title belong to him. Anwar’s incessant need to soil Najib’s image seemed bordering paranoia.

In these sordid episode, Badawi seem to be laughing at the sidelines while mud is thrown at one another from his 2 most formidable challengers, Najib and Anwar.

In all these fight, I miss the absence of Tun Dr Mahathir. In 1998 it was easier. I was rooting for the obvious choice, Tun Dr Mahathir as opposed to Anwar. The protagonist stood up clear. Now, there are no protagonist. What is obvious the face of evil is very much pronounced.

This reminds me of a lesson I learned after reading Milton’s Paradise Lost. Some wise old man once told me that evil is seductive. Which is why Adam despite being in the presence of God was beguiled by Satan into eating the forbidden fruit.

That said and done, it is hard for most Malaysians to believe that Anwar who peppers his speech with injunctions from the Quran could be involved in a sordid tale of sexual impropriety.

Perhaps it is true after all when Harper Lee wrote in a classic book that “Sometimes the Bible in the hand one man is worse than a whiskey bottle in the hand of another”

JMD : A really good analytical review of the SD. Should be highly noted by the public. Thank you. I also like to point out that while Pak Lah can be laughing watching those two battle out each other, he forgot to see the ramifications of this to the Umno party. He should not have left Najib high and dry. To me, any mudslinging towards Najib is also an affront towards the image of Umno as a whole. Pak Lah and KJ failed to realize this.


Speaking of statutory declaration, I would like to touch a bit on RPK’s SD against Datin Seri Rosmah. In the first paragraph, it basically says that on the night of Altantuya’s murder, only 3 people were present. They are Rosmah, Acting Colonel Aziz Buyong and his wife, Norhayati.

Later, RPK alleged that he was reliably informed that Aziz placed the C4 on Altantuya’s body before blowing her up while being watched by both Rosmah and Norhayati.

The big question is; if only 4 people were present on that night (Altantuya included) to witness that ungodly act, then WHO had informed RPK? RPK even said ‘he was reliably’ informed. If we rule out the probability that Altantuya herself reveal this in RPK’s dream, could it be Aziz or Norhayati? I am certain Rosmah could never confess such crimes to RPK even IF she ever did it. We can rule out Aziz and Norhayati themselves since both of them had sued RPK for defamation. So how on earth RPK could possibly know what happen that night? Could it have come from RPK’s own highly imaginative mind? Once, RPK himself admitted that he likes to embellish his articles to make it more spicy to read.

So there, another fiction by RPK perhaps? I once said that eventhough RPK claimed that he did not wish to be a politician, but I presume, with the SD he made (which at most, a hearsay based on another hearsay), he is playing politics all the while. Why? Because like his buddy Anwar Ibrahim, he is good in diverting attention. All know that he has a court case hearing this October. The SD he made was just a diversion to incite the public so that he could at least win in his precious ‘court of public opinion’.

37 thoughts on “A logical review about the slander on Datuk Seri Najib

  1. Too long too read yr comment.
    I only want a peaceful Malaysia and easy to cari makan.
    We dont need Dollah, Najib or Anwar to be in power. All are stupid goons.


  2. This comment had been deleted by the blog owner because this person failed to be civilised.

    JMD : Sorry mate, you need to re-word your comments. This blog does not condone foul language. But to answer your less flowery remarks, the police will investigate it. If the SD was true, then police will act and if there is basis for prosecution, then the accused party will be tried in the court. If found guilty, the accused will be sentenced to jail or other similar punishment. A lawsuit also will follow the same route. The prosecutors will get the police to investigate. The findings then be used by the prosecutors to be tried in the court. Which in the end, the court will sentence the guilty to pay damages to the victimised party. I doubt Rosmah wants to file a lawsuit. Why? RPK do not have enough money in the world to pay her. You know lah what kind of a person RPK is, even when ordered by the court to pay millions to a university vice chancellor sometime ago, he refused to complied. Besides, the other two names mentioned in RPK’s Sd had already done that.

    By the way, it is not a stupid theory. It was based on facts. The chronology of events had indeed happened as they were. Therefore, don’t you agree that in your own words – ‘whatever that had been said by anwar and rpk are purely slander and conspiracy against najib and rosmah’?


  3. heheh…who carried/placed d body thr… err..whr’s d driver?? gess dey drove demselve..heheh..wat can I say.. conspiracy aside, for DS Rosmah to b thr sounds like a soap opera to me like Dallas or local drama potraying dat Melayu boleh jd like mat salleh,..heheh.. i gess DSR is not dat kind of person… whr woz sirul apprehended..who woz he escorting at d time… cud it be sum1 else bhind all dis mess.. sum1 who is in waiting..d next PM is legally DSN so wud DSR do sumting foolish as to kill tantuya?? i wud look at it as sum1 who dun want DSN rise unto power.. cud bro AnWar/KJ have a hand in it…search me, heheh..wat can I say..jst a theory..possibilities create theories, no.. (“,) whr thr is a will thr is a way..TIME WILL TELL..


    People with virtue must speak out; People who speak are not all virtuous.
    ~ Confucius

    There are three truths: my truth, your truth, and the truth.
    ~ Chinese proverb


  4. We are seeing two separate cases:
    1) Altantuya; where Najib & Rosmah claimed that it’s a conspiracy led by Anwar against them.

    2) Sodomy; where Anwar claimed that it’s a conspiracy led by Najib against him.

    What if both cases are true. What if there is actually no link between the two cases. What if both claimants are using their “conspiracy theories” to rule out each other’s case.

    But then, that’s just my speculation and trying to play detective, just like everyone else…


  5. Well done JMD. and Lekiu too

    Its really simple isn’t it.

    Now that he has to waste people’s time and petrol money to public rally shows his desperate times are back again.

    Lets us all sit back and watch his drama !!!


  6. Harap semua rakyat Malaysia dapat komen berkenaan perkara berikut. Kenapa Pengakuan Sumpah RAJA PETRA DAN BALA yang terang-terang adalah daripada “hearsay” atau dengar daripada pihak ketiga atau khabar angin MENJADI BUALAN dan PEKIKAN semua orang TERUTAMANYA PARA PENYOKONG ANWAR IBRAHIM yang kononnya betul tetapi PENGAKUAN SUMPAH oleh BEKAS TIMBALAN GABENOR BANK NEGARA yang dibuatnya sendiri atas apa yang dia lakukan sendiri TIDAK DIAMBIL BERAT?

    Pengakuan sumpah yang mana benar? dari yang dengar orang kata ke atau dari org yang melakukan??

    Rakyat masih tertunggu-tunggu dan tertanya-tanya apa sudah jadi dengan lapuran siasatan BPR tentang pengakuan bersumpah bekas Penolong Gabenor Bank Negara, Datuk Abdul Murad Khalid berhubung dakwaan bahawa Anwar Ibrahim mengawal berpuluh akaun induk berjumlah berbilion ringgit semasa menjadi Menteri Kewangan. Jika dilihat kepada isi pengakuan bersumpah itu, ianya bukanlah mudah untuk direka-reka.

    Didalam akuannya, Abdul Murad turut menyatakan nama beberapa individu yang mempunyai kaitan dengan urusan dana berkenaan. Sebagaimana yang dinyatakan didalam akuan bersumpahnya, beliau menyelesaikan masalah individu tertentu setelah mendapat arahan Anwar menggunakan dana berkenaan. Risiko pendedahan Abdul Murad adalah besar jika beliau sendiri mereka-reka dakwaan berkenaan. Dakwaan Abdul Murad mungkin boleh dianggap berasas manakala penafian individu terbabit pula tidak boleh diketepikan begitu saja. Hanya penyiasatan rapi sahaja yang dapat menentukan segala-galanya.

    Begitu juga, disebabkan kedudukan Abdul Murad di Bank Negara Malaysia sebelum ini begitu penting dan beratnya dakwaan yang dibuatnya itu, BPR tidak boleh menunggu masa yang terlalu lama untuk menjalankan siasatan. Tambahan pula, maklumat yang diberikannya itu adalah dalam bentuk akuan bersumpah. Sebagaimana dijelaskan oleh Ketua Pengarah BPR pada masa itu, Datuk Ahmad Zaki Husin, hampir setiap perenggan dalam akuan bersumpah itu adalah maklumat mengenai rasuah. Dalam sesuatu akuan bersumpah, setiap dakwaan perlu dibuat dengan rasa penuh tanggungjawab. Oleh itu, pengakuannya itu perlu ditangani segera.

    Berhubung dakwaan Abdul Murad itu, BPR sudah pun membuat laporan polis dan dengan ini, siasatan dianggap sudah bermula. Abdul Murad pastinya orang pertama yang akan mempertahankan pengakuannya. Pengakuannya akan lebih jelas jika beliau dapat mengemukakan bukti, umpamanya segala dokumen berhubung urusan dengan bank terbabit. Mereka yang disabitkan dengan tuduhan itu juga seharusnya memberi kerjasama untuk memudahkan tugas BPR.

    Satu perkara yang agak jelas Abdul Murad dan Anwar mempunyai hubungan yang rapat, sekurang-kurangnya ketika Anwar menjadi Menteri Kewangan yang sering berurusan dengan Bank Negara di mana Abdul Murad bertugas. Abdul Murad sudah pun menyatakan beliau diperalatkan. Apa pun, rakyat seharusnya menunggu keputusan siasatan tanpa perlu membuat andaian sendiri.

    Yang menjadi persoalan sekarang mengapa kes ini sepi membisu. Mengapa tiada kedengaran susulan cerita mengenainya. Adakah kes ini sudah ditutup atau masih lagi didalam siasatan polis dan BPR? Rakyat ingin mengetahui tentang hasil siasatan kes tersebut. Anwar Ibrahim memang bijak dalam mencari kesalahan orang lain tetapi pada masa yang sama beliau sendiri yang melakukannya. Adakah Anwar Ibrahim terlalu suci dan bersih dan tiada cacat dan cela. Adakah satu lagi Suruhanjaya perlu ditubuhkan untuk menyiasat kes Anwar Ibrahim ini?

    Kenapa Majlis Peguam tidak memperjuangkan Pengakuan Bekas Timbalan Gabenaor Bank Negara itu??


  7. as usual thoroughly enjoyed your superb writing. incisive and always well written. proud to read you brother. if you have the time pls read my blog. i am a former adun of Pekan, Najib’s bastion. regards, ariff sabri

    JMD : Salam (ex) YB,

    I read your blog as well. The articles are very good and deal with the current issues we have today. Since you’re considered an ‘insider’, would love to read your future articles on our present predicament and maybe can enlighten us on the not too distant Umno branch meetings in Pekan 🙂
    Permission to link your blog here. Thank you sir!


  8. Since my brother is in the jewellery business and has been going to Singapore for one diamond (jewellery) exhibition or another since 1985, we can now take your “logical review” (LOL!) and buang dalam tong sampah!

    Really. Its as simple as that!

    JMD: Checked on the website
    It says the exhibition is running it’s fourth consecutive year this year. So that means, it started as early as 2004. So you sure your bro went to a jewellery expo in Singapore? 🙂

    So can you please take out this ‘logical review’ out of the trash can and clean it? Thanks man. You’re the best. (LOL!)


  9. Yes, you are absolutely right. There has never been a jewelery exhibition in Singapore ever, before 2004! Not for dealers or even for the high-rollers!

    Ignorance is indeed bliss!

    JMD : Don’t get me wrong Pooran, the jewellery exhibition I mentioned was as what Bala mentioned in his SD which Razak Baginda also mentioned meeting Altantuya in his affidavit. By the way, doesn’t matter whether the expo was done since 2005 or 2004 or 1985. Even if it started waaaay back in the 60’s, it does not affect the chronology of events. Why? Because in Bala’s SD (a hearsay as mentioned by Americk Singh), Najib firstly introduced Razak to Altantuya in 2005 at the jewellery expo. Whereas, the Scorpene deal was first contracted way back in 2001 – 2002. And Altantuya later married another man in 2003 and had a child. How could Najib had an affair with a woman which she later then married another man and had a child? If the SD is to be believed, then Najib had an affair with Altantuya about the same time the Scorpene deal was signed (2002) in order for her to receive the commission of USD500K. But that is not logical wouldn’t it? That was the geas of the review. The timeline alleged by the first SD was skewed and not in tangent with logic.


  10. I suppose it would not be a far fetched idea to take the Singapore Int’l Jewellery Exhibition as the basis.

    If we assume what Bala said is true, that Najib attended a diamond exhibition, for a Deputy Prime Minister of a soveriegn state to attend, surely such a function must be the size such as the Singapore Int’l.

    Unless some people out there can point to a larger exhibtion of the same nature held in Singapore much earlier.

    JMD, Nice to know we fight the same fight.

    JMD : Just doing what a responsible blogger would do; cross referencing the facts. I am not a fan of Najib but I find Anwar’s allegations on Najib a bit hard to swallow. 🙂


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  12. So what about now? You still opt for PakLah and Najib to continue running the country? Heck, I don’t really care about what Anwar has done whether it was good or bad. The fact is now that in my opinion he’s still better than Paklah and Najib and could perform astonishingly. It’s just that he didn’t get the chance to do so because-you-know-what-happened-last-time.

    Anwar can be considered evil but still less evil that both PakLah and Najib.

    Everyone, I know that deep down in your heart, believing, those sodomy-thing is far from relevant. Don’t be in denial. It’s profoundly conspicious.

    JMD : Seriously? You think Anwar is the lesser evil? In what instances are you certain that Anwar could perform astonishingly?

    Thank you and good night.


  13. Don’t we have anyone else other than Anwar & Najib to succeed Paklah as PM?
    Do we have to wait till the end of this battle between the two to find our new PM?
    That’s what all this big hoo haa is all about, right? Guess who’s enjoying all this circus…while the hole in our pocket is getting bigger and bigger.
    Why not take both of them out of the equation and start looking for fresh candidate(s)?

    JMD : Besides Najib, if we can broaden our choices and line up the present leaders regardless their political affiliation, I would make safe bets on Tengku Razaleigh, Husam Musa and Muhyiddin Yassin. Thank you.


  14. Jimbet,

    Can’t you recall how he almost took Malaysia to the toilet in 1998 when he agreed in total to IMF’s prescription ?

    When push comes to shove, what makes you think he wouldnt resort to some stupid solution again ?

    Just read his website, he still believes he guided Malaysia out of trouble in 1998. Or if you dont believe that what was written in his website was his, try reading a write up on himself that he puts up with the International Crisis Group [].

    Despite his claim to champion the poor, his support for “creative destruction”, allowing companies to go bust because he perceived that close connection between captains of industry and the Government exacerbated the finacial crisis is shocking to say the least. How unemployment resulting from companies going bust would affect families was something he never even bothered to think. He was then wearing the hat of Finance Minister/DPM, he wanted accolade from the West, rakyat was not at the list of his priority.

    He has lost power now, and he needs the rakyat more than he needs the West….for the time being. What makes you think he wouldnt trade us in the next time around ?

    The man is treacherous and willing to sleep with whoever is needed to grab power.

    He is willing to resort to lies and slander to get whatever he wants. His moral compass is the same as the compass Jack Sparrow has.

    If i dont have a choice, i’d stick with the village idiot, Pak Lah, than Anwar anytime. I’d take stupidity any time over a man who will sell me when the time is right.

    JMD : Unfortunately Lekiu, with all the glaring signs staring at us in the face, some people are still susceptible to his sweet talking. And you are correct, his philospphy on ‘creative destruction’ could lead to massive unemployment as well as losing strategic business interests of the country. But hey, it’s all good for the Anwar’s loyalists!


  15. iskandar johan,

    abdul murad (ex timb gabenor) already withdraw his SD… pls make research before writing…..

    for Lekiu,

    I have one question… why Atlantuya was murdered….

    a) because azilah and the gang is happy to kill people
    b) because she is demanded USD500,000 from Razak Baginda
    c) because Razak and Atalantuya was married in Hong Kong
    d) or because somebody ask azilah to kill atlantuya

    Go back to (a) – if Azilah and the gang is happy to kill so its mean Malaysian is really dangerous… becoz their are DPM body guard….
    (b) – at the first place why Atlantuya demand USD500,000 … sure have secret agenda maaa..
    (c) – So Razak want to stop Atlantuya to tell the world that they are married… but Razak can do polygamy…
    (d) – Who is somebody…. superior Azilah and the gang… who’s …. DSP Musa Safri… who is Musa Safri….. DPM chief bodyguard…. who is DPM … Najib Razak…. oooooh


  16. JMD,

    Is it coincidence that Najib’s adviser and 2 of his ADCs are charged for killing Altantuya. Is it coincidence that Altantuya’s immigration records got deleted in the database. Why was the judge who first heard the case suddenly replaced by another judge. The DPPs were also replaced–why?
    As for your accusation that Malaysiakini is pro DSAI–what is your basis of accusation. As far as I know they always provide balanced reporting. Their articles are read widely—despite being a subscription based website. If their articles are just pro Anwar—the govt of the day would have looked for ways to close it down. But no–they always provide factual reporting.
    As for the Iskandarjohan’s query on the status of SD by Murad–the police couldn’t find any evidence and presume it to be just SHIT–thats why there is no action and forgotten.
    As for Saiful–you implied that he was a victim of persuasion–i.e means he was a willing partner–enjoying and going for more. Then why all of a sudden he has to lodge a polis report and terminate the heavenly pleasure he was in.

    JMD : First and foremost, thank you for reading this blog again and again. Really appreciate it. Hopefully, this particular article has opened your mind on the possibility that the whole allegations of Anwar may prove to be just a diversion to his alleged sodomy charges. But I see that you still have some questions which are not related to the manner this article was presented. But I will try my best to answer it. It may not be the right answer coz I am neither Najib nor Anwar.

    Talking about coincidence, let the courts decide. Why jump into conclusions? As far as concidence is concerned, it is still not as important as the motive. If you insinuate that Najib had ordered his ADCs to kill Altantunya, then what would be his motive? In this particular article I wrote, we can deduce that there are in fact no motive for him to kill Altantunya at all. What is your basis of assumption that he killed her? Gut feelings?

    If Najib has no motive to kill her, then the disappearance of her immigration records must be a coincidence too. Or maybe, somebody erased it. That somebody may not be Najib. As for the changing of the judge, they provided reasons for that. Probably you could ask the lawyer/MP Zulkifli Nordin who is representing Azilah and Sirul, the murder suspects. Wait a minute! Why is a PKR MP defending the ADCs of Najib? Won’t you please make another ‘gut feeling’ speculation on this one?

    But before you ask me more questions, here is an excerpt on what had happened when there was the change of judge :

    “Lawyer Karpal Singh, who is holding a watching brief for Altantuya’s family and the Mongolian government sought an explanation the reason for the change in the judge as it was previously heard before Justice Datuk K.N.Segara. “Do you have any problems with me hearing the case?” Mohd Zaki asked. “No, no problems, it is because of public apprehension.” Karpal Singh responded. Mohd Zaki said the reasons were as stated earlier and the case was transferred to him because Segara had more part-heard cases to be disposed off compared with him.”

    So when even Karpal Singh has no problems with the change of judge, why are you Andipool, have problems with it? Again, you fell into the propaganda cooked up by the opposition. Stop being so gullible to lies.

    Malaysiakini editor, Steven Gan is a pro opposition activist whom can be seen frequenting opposition rallies and also had major link up with opposition parties. That would be reason enough for him to be associated with DSAI. Hence, I label Malaysiakini as pro-Anwar. Do you think Malaysiakini is pro Abdullah? Pro Mahathir jauh sekali. Are they pro Najib? Find me an article in Malaysiakini which highlights the contribution of Najib. It’s rather hard isn’t it? Therefore your conclusion that Malaysiakini is fair is grossly incorrect.

    I said earlier in my previous commentary that the poll in Malaysiakini do not represent the majority of Malaysians in disbelieving the sodomy charges of Anwar. Why? Because the numbers of votes tallied do not even represent 1% of the Malaysian population. Agreed?

    I tried to find the news on Murad’s SD and about how the police made the presumption that the SD was ‘SHIT’ but I could not find any in the net. When was it announced? Can you please provide us with the news link? Only then I can give my reply. Thank you so much.

    As for your comments on Saiful, please read this link as food for thought:

    Maybe you can provide your ever insightful comments to that particular blog?

    Lastly, I know it is hard to accept other people’s opinion. But we just present the facts as they were without venturing into the realm of gossips. Therefore, it is your job to believe whatever you wish. I cannot stop you.

    Thank you.


  17. Lankz and Andipool,

    I am not interested in speculating about the motive behind the killing. It is simple case whereby Bala’s SD isnt credible, forget the issue whether it is hearsay or not.

    The SD doesn’t make much factual sense. It tries hard to point a finger at Najib and yet the facts are not there to support it.

    Anwar likes diversionary tactic to deflect the spotlight on himself.

    He deflects blame for his disastrous IMF policy and blaming it on Tun and Daim. And when Tun finally was successful in guiding Malaysia out of the ’98 financial crisis, he tells the world that it is all due to him.

    He deflects Saiful’s claim of sodomy and tells the world that there is an assassination plot against him and that Najib likes anal intercourse with Altantuya and that Rosmah was present during the killing of the poor woman.

    He deflects the issue of swearing on Quran by putting a lot of conditions.

    He gives hope to the people that he can reduce oil prices and that when he was the Finance Minister, oil was US10 per barrel. The only way he can cut oil prices and maintain Petronas’s saving is, if he does what Americans did… invade a country with a big oil reserve…. Brunei seems a likely candidate.

    He promises to raise the minimum wage to RM 1,500-00 yet I doubt that the Opposition can safely say that if they do own companies, all their employee are paid a minimum of RM 1,500-00.

    He points an accusing finger at other for practising nepotism and cronyism, yet he fail to look at the mirror and ask how his father who was a hospital attendant became one of the big shareholder in perhaps one of the largest plantation company in Malaysia.

    He speak of transparency, yet when he was in jail he insisted that Dr Azizah became the boss of Keadilan despite the number of luminaries in the party. Why have your proxy run the show, why not other credible candidates with much more political experience ?

    He goes to the kampung folks and talk of social justice, he boards a plane to a Washington DC function and speak of the need to have creative destruction without much regard of how unemployment would affect families.

    He speaks of Islam, yet it was Mahathir who took a policy to defend the Bosnian and chastised the US for its inaction, early on during the Balkans War. It was Mahathir who voiced out for the Palestinians. Anwar wouldnt even dare speak up for fear of offending his friends from US.

    Anwar believed in IMF’s prescription of austerity. Raise the interest rate, cut the spending. The economy contracted. Companies went bust, default rate went up. It was chaos.

    Was he perturbed ? Did he care about the plight of the unemployed ? He never did and will never do.

    Vote for him ? Never in a million years !

    I understand how painful it is to have the illusion about Anwar that you guys have is shattered. Its definately not pleasant. But, the facts are there and speaks volume about the man.

    You just have to take a few steps backwards and look at Anwar from a different angle.

    Its Disturbing !!

    JMD : Thanks for the prompt rebuttal and explanation.


  18. Nice try guys, your so called analysis is nothing more than speculations.

    Btw, read RPK’s SD carefully…he said 3 “other” people were there…understand?

    And, he never said it was Malaysia’s military intelligence report…

    Cant wait for RPK to be charged in court (If AG dare) and he reveals his informer. Get ready for Kezutan!!

    JMD : Dear Mlights, it seems you’re the one who had misunderstood. Read point number 1 carefully of that SD. It says 3 other people were there. That means, besides the presence of Altantunya that nite, 3 other people were there. Notice the semicolon? Those 3 people are Datin Rosmah, Aziz and Norhayati. What 3 other people are you talking about? Simple English mah….aiyoh! 🙂

    And if you say it was not Malaysian Military Intel, then which country’s? You mean a foreign country’s MI gave Pak Lah the report on the murder of Altantuya? Really? Were you born yesterday?

    Yeah.. can’t wait for him to be charged in court. We will have another round of diversion then.


  19. Mlight,

    After the denial by our Intel Chief, you want so much to believe that Najib is guilty that you are willing to accept whtever “evidence” presented despite the incredulous nature of the evidence presented.

    It is an open secret that Abdullah Badawi hardly meets our own Inteligence agencies and now you believe he spends whatever “precious time” he has listening to foreign military intelligence agency’s report.

    In general intelligence agency do cooperate with one another in sharing reports, but in doing that, it is with the objective of shared security interest. I doubt Altantuya is classified as shared security interest.

    Hardly if ever, a foreign intel REPORT concerning subject country is passed to the subject country. It compromise their craft, methodology and source.

    The kind of gymnastic you are willing to exercise in order not to shatter the perfect image that you have of Anwar is sad.


  20. JMD and Lekiu,

    Great, refreshing insights here from the herd out there. Still there are several unanswered questions like

    1) the immigration record, that does not get solved till today and no action was taken against anyone for erasing that. The person who did that must be sure all powerful. So either RBaginda or the other two guys he abetted had connections with immigration to clean up their trail. Again, either money was paid or they were pals with the immigration officer for he/she was risking his neck out for it. And the police should also get the person who erased the records as well as he/she was also a tool in the act. Unfortunately, all’s quite on this front and it’s disappointing to say.

    2) the order to detonate Alt, is it from RBaginda? He is wealthy so surely he could pay them off but there is no mention of this, only abetting, meaning he must have been real pals with them for them to obey his instructions. Since he was also pals with Najib, he may know them personally as well and directed them. So let’s for arguments’ sake leave Najib’s involvement out.

    Of course the prosecution have thought about all this, and the police surely would have in their investigation and Najib surely has clear, foolproof alibis. So if the benefit of the doubt can be given to Najib for having no links at all to the case, surely Anwar should also be given the bod for being a good sport for allowing his party be used as a platform for Bala to hold a press conference for the first SD and let Bala be held solely responsible. The truth is still with him why he decided so in the first place. Was he pals enough with Anwar to be used in this political chess move.

    Truth is, the people don’t care so much about who’s the lesser evil, and aside from the fuel price reduction, AI’s reform plans are not much different from AAB’s reform promises in 2003/4, I guess people just want to see what he can do like what we wanted to see AAB do when he spouted those ear soothing words with the people’s mandate and all. Yeah, we’re falling for it all over again. The people may get what they wish for, and more actually.


  21. JMD,

    I think you must be a bit tired of all these, couldnt help of becoming a bit of a nuisance at your blog. Anyway, check this out.

    During the bail hearing of Razak Baginda (RB), RB filed an Affidavit stating that [] :-

    1. Azilah boasted he had caused the death of six to 10 people and that he could settle Razak’s problem. Razak then ticked Azilah off and told him that he did not want anything untoward happen to the deceased. Razak said he thought Azilah, as a police officer, understood what he meant and believed he would not do anything against the law.

    2. Azilah told Razak that he was at his (Razak’s) house and told him ‘Sir, you can sleep soundly tonight’. Razak then told Azilah at least three times not to harm the deceased.

    Now, wouldn’t that Affidavit effectively nullify whatever allegation linking Najib to Altantuya ?

    Azilah was a bit overzealous in trying to impress RB, dont you think ?

    JMD : No worries mate. We’re here to discuss and elaborate ‘sekadar mampu’. Any form of useful knowledge is most welcome.


  22. Ingat! Manusia mudah lupa…Bertaqwa kpd Allah…Kamu telah menonjolkan peribadi orang FASIQ. Makanya bertaubatlah segera sebelum terlambat…

    JMD : Iye betul tu ustaz! Saya rasa orang orang fasiq ini perlu bertaubat! Mereka yg bertopengkan Islam tetapi melakukan kemungkaran dibelakang tabir Hotel One World dan Desa Damansara mestilah bertaubat segera! Mereka yang munafiq pun perlu bertaubat. Ciri ciri orang munafik adalah : 1) apabila berjanji, dia memungkiri 2) apabila bercakap, dia berdusta 3) apabila dia diamanahkan, dia pecah amanah 4) apabila berkelahi, dia berkelakuan tergopoh gapah, jahat dan mengeji.


  23. SEX AND THE C4

    Sodomy is a useful word
    recently said and heard,
    in Malaysian homes and offices
    it’s all about famous orifices.
    What is going on, you wonder
    when Bala steals the thunder,
    finger pointing the magic word
    to the delight of a horny herd
    Organs united, names forgotten?
    VIPs are really rotten
    Saifool he knows and did not know
    doubts about Aminah begin to grow
    of whose loose lips he was afraid
    but liked her other end instead;
    of course he knew it wasn’t right
    but it felt so good and tight!
    You could not hump like Greeks
    the Hindenburg’s fat cheeks;
    what her hubby found so succulent
    was making Rosmah trucculent.
    And so she thought, the time was due
    for a nice Mongolian barbecue.
    Enter the analyst, not so anal,
    who found the girl too banal;
    fearing supernatural harm
    from her juicy feminine charm,
    he hired Bala straightaway
    to keep the honeytrap at bay
    but private dicks were of no match
    for Aminah’s superlative snatch
    and now that Najib had had his fill,
    he would not share the till;
    right after the submarine deal,
    Aminah’s fate he would seal.
    Now Rosmah had one idea
    on how to kenakan dia
    “Let’s bomb the bombshell,
    let’s send her to hell.”
    Thus perished the hapless beauty
    after translation and booty duty;
    now Rosmah’s ass was happy
    until one blogger got yappy;
    this Hindenburg nearly caught fire
    yet to sue she has no desire.
    But Najib’s part in this murder
    will travel much further;
    despite his media actions
    and one or two retractions,
    some questions will remain
    a big part of his bane–
    how did Altantuya really die?
    and why did he have to lie?
    Did he pay off Bala savvily,
    or threaten to C4 his family?
    What acts could be more despised?
    With his money, we’re not surprised;
    after all, he’s such a bully beast,
    to him and him alone, at least,
    magic words that cannot apply–
    are useful for making rivals die.


  24. lekiu (00:05:03) : Azilah was a bit overzealous in trying to impress RB, dont you think ?

    Ok, let’s say it was Azilah trying to impress RB, still it doesn’t explain the immigration record that got erased. You mean, Azilah had access to immigration, he has powerful contacts that do it with no questions asked?

    That alone is a criminal act warranting an investigation by itself, but guess erasing immigration records are small stuff compared to getting a ‘real job done’. How come there’s no word on this?

    JMD : I’d just want to share this really short story.

    My friend brought her foreign spouse into Malaysia 3 months ago. When he was about to obtain a visa last week for her (not sure what visa – probably work or whatever) and had to request for her immigration records from the immigration, the highly inefficient immigration office couldn’t even find her record of entry! True story.

    It is as it is.


    • Dear JMD

      I believe the story of your friend’s spouse.
      msleepyhead is harping about a lost immigration record just like broken ‘record’…It goes on and on ….. thing happens. Records can get lost. It is not always caused by somebody very high up. It could be a slip up by a lowly clerk. I know, a high standard person like msleepyhead would not think something like this can happen.So, would you like to take JMD’s friend’s case to the highest level or better still have a nation wide protest or something. I mean losing the wife records and all that is very serious. Dont you think so? In a democratic system every one counts. She could be charged for illegal entry.
      Btw are you sincerely interested in justice for this Mogolian woman? I am not only reffering this to you. but also thousands like you out there, soo concerned. If you really are, please think about thousands of Malaysian women who were murdered simply because they become a threat or nuicence their lovers. Would you like to do something for them in the name of justice. If you do please include me in.



  25. JMD and lekiu

    Since you all believe DSAI had sodomised Saiful. When Saiful went to see the DPM and then later the polis, why couldn’t they lay a trap, like what happened to Chua Soi Lek. Couldn’t they ask Saiful to place a state of the art camera to record the real happenings, so as to have hard evidence. Don’t tell me DSAI is always on the lookout to check wether there are any hidden CCTVs and so forth. I am sure if DSAI is a sodomite, as claimed by the polis, are they so stupid not to trap him with the latest gadgets. But they prefer to whack people like what they did to Munawar and DSAI’s adopted brother to force a confession under duress like in the 1998 episode. Are the Malaysian polis so stupid.

    JMD : Dear Andipool (who thinks everyone would behave like him),

    Before I proceed, I beg you to read this article:-

    It’s good for the soul.

    I am really disturb that you would think and would act like a conniving criminal.
    Why would the police or Najib want to stoop so low? Are all Anwar supporters think this way? Will they act like this when they are in power?

    Lastly, I am not 100% sure Anwar sodomised Saiful. But his actions after Saiful made the police report made him guilty of sorts.


    • Salaam,

      Couldn’t help it, but since you asked if “all Anwar’s supporters think this way?” .

      Well, Mr.Hilmi is the standard bearer for this behaviour.



  26. Msleepyhead,

    Razak Baginda is charged with murder and it is punishable by death. Even he did not try and blame Najib and Rosmah. In his unsuccessful application for bail, my reading of it is, he is saying that he acknolwedged Altantuya was a nuisance and he did ask for Azilah to do something about it. Razak is also saying, he has never authorised Azilah to use force to stop Altantuya.

    Therefore wahetver shit RPK comes up with is inconsistent with a statement from a man charged with murder and expecting a death penalty.

    You cherry pick info to fit the kind of picture you want to paint. You refuse to believe a statement from a man who has a noose around his neck and accept whatever incredulous explanation RPK seem to offer.


    The fact that there was no Chua Soi Lek video shows that the whole sad story is not orchestrated. Had there been a video in full HD, then it would be a honey trap.

    There was no trap. As simple as that. It caught everyone by surprise.

    This time, the boy perhaps struck by conscience decided to come clean. I;m all for a boy looking for redemption.

    JMD : It’s good to be back in Malaysia once more. But it’s quite disheartening to find that the situation remains the same. I had hoped that this matter be put to rest. But I see that there are still doubts in the minds of the recalcitrants.

    Sometimes, people only see what they are prepared to see.

    Lekiu, thanks again. I think will take me a couple of days to adapt myself with the current news in the country. Been away in another country for the past 5 days with limited news from home.


  27. Lekiu,
    People like you don’t believe in hard evidence, but as I said earlier prefer to torture people to extract confessions–typical of people who bodek a police state and dictators. Please read Munawar’s SD and you will know how cruel the polis were–what orchestrated. Admit lah you, JMD and the polis are fools, who don’t know how to use their brain to come up with a true story. They prefer to fabricate evidence to make people like you all believe–b’cos they know your brain is not on the top but at the bottom.

    JMD : What hard evidence Andipool? And you’re telling me that the police and myself are fools coz we did not take advantage of Saiful’s plight and frame Anwar via videotaping him in the act? How perverted are you?

    But yeah, I guess we know the character of the person AND his supporters by knowing how their brains work.


  28. Lekiu,

    You said DSAI deflects the issue of swearing on Quran by putting a lot of conditions. But are you aware(or pretend to not to know) that in the 1998 episod DSAI did swear on the Quran–but what happened, catch him, whack him and thrown into jail to rot and die. Sadists like you would have been very happy–seeing people being tortured and whacked up. Like what you believe in RB’s Affidavit, other people also have the right to believe in Bala’s SD. But anyway RB has not testified in open court–lets wait and see what he says in open court.

    JMD : Actually Andipool, DSAI never swore on the Quran in 1998. He just told the crowd that he had sworn on the Quran. And he said that ad nauseam. But the actual act itself was not witnessed by anyone.

    The right to believe and have opinions is of course, very succinctly put by you. We shall wait the outcome of the court case. Thanks.


  29. Dictator ? Tun Mahathir walks freely in public without the need for bodyguard. During the 98 Commonwealth Games, despite the death threats he showed up at the Stadium proudly as the Prime Minister of a host country.

    In 98 despite being brandished by IMF as a fool, despite being lambasted by PAS and DAP for pegging the currency, he took a bold step to save the country.

    Anwar, the slightest threat from God knows what kind of evidence, runs to the Turkish Embassy. Despite repeated threats from the military junta, you dont see Suu Kyi running now do you ?

    I know you will say but Anwar was beaten “to death”. If you can recollect what happened, Anwar pissed off Rahim Noor by calling him a “dog”. As a result of which, Rahim punched him ONCE in the eye. Anwar’s cry that he was “beaten almost to death” is a blatant lie.

    Rahim was one of the man instrumental in the fight against the Communist. He was there during the Haadyai Accord that saw the surrender of the CPM. The police and army was repeatedly being labelled as “dogs” by the CPM. He had friends who died during the fight against the Communist.

    Anwar struck a raw nerve with Rahim Noor. Had Rahim Noor not been betrayed by some people, and had he received the proper advice, a defence of provocation would have been available to him.

    Try and put things into perspective, why would RB in his most vulnerable state dan macam orang nak lemas sebab dia kena charge for murder not confess and blame Najib ? For the simple reason that he is of the opinion that Najib is not culpable.

    You said, let’s see what RB says in Court. RB has filed an Affidavit implicitly blaming Azilah !!

    Which was why during the bail hearing, the Judge asked the lawyer representing RB whether he wants to go ahead and read the Affidavit because the content is deemed incriminating. The lawyer on the instruction of RB, insisted on reading it !!

    You incorrectly suggested I dont believe in hard evidence ! I am sticking with known facts and not some fanciful theory.

    The right to believe is fundamental. But let’s temper it with reason. Shall we?

    JMD : Thank you Lekiu.

    I’d like to add that in spite of all the death threats TDM received in 1998, he stood proudly in the middle of the stadium while Negaraku played in the air. That image remained etched in my memory till this day. No leader I know can compare with the nerves of steel that he’s got. He proved his mettle time and time again with his good judgment and faith in God. That was one of my proudest moment in having a prime minister with strong charisma.

    Have faith in God and you could do no wrong. The moment you start believing in your own success, you will become susceptible to immorality and paranoia.


  30. JMD,

    The following comments are from Malaysiakini

    I am not a lawyer but certain thing about the recent Anwar Ibrahim’s alleged sodomy case piques me.

    First of all, is Anwar is being investigated for alleged sodomy or sexual assault or both?
    (JMD : Hard to tell since Anwar himself do not take the initiative to meet the police. It’s been 2 weeks since the police report was made and Anwar still procrastinate in clearing his name quickly)

    Now, if the former, than both parties Anwar and Saiful Bukhari Azlan should be investigated and clearly Saiful should also be charged in the court for anal intercourse which is an offence under Malaysian law. (JMD : The police is still investigating the report right? Why do all Anwaritas love to jumped the gun?)

    This is a consensual act and both parties are guilty. If this is the case than what puzzles me is why Saiful is being protected instead of being charged.
    (JMD : Why this puzzles you? The utmost principle of the law is to protect the weak. You think Saiful was not subjected to death threats and vile accusations? Even you yourself hurled insults at him here. By the way, his report is still under investigation. If Anwar had quickly meet the police and give his statement, then this matter can be resolved quickly. But like a guilty person on the loose, Anwar acted in ways confounded logic. If you are accused of something, wouldn;t you want to quickly clear your name with the police? Please do not give me another tirade of Anwar not trusting the police with what had happened to him in 1998. He trusts the police I’m sure, if not, he would not make all the numerous police report himself)

    If the case is classified as sexual assault, than what surprises me is that Saiful does not look like he is hurt. I mean there are no signs of assault or bruises on this young man.
    (JMD : Andipool, have you met a rape victim? Some rape victims had been hiding their horrors for several years that even their family members were not aware of. You are just basing your opinion on your own lack of experience regarding this thing. Do not do that)

    Even if there was a sexual assault, than can someone explains to me how a fragile man like Anwar with a injured back disc could have singlehandedly overwhelmed a taller, stronger and a much younger man?
    (JMD : Again Andipool, your opinion on this do not really matter because you are not the victim here. Were you there during the alleged incident? Did you even read this? –
    That is why, Anwar need to stop acting out like a diva and to come out quickly and give his god damn statement to the police to ascertain the truth.)

    Or was there a group of men who helped Anwar to assault Saiful? However Saiful never claimed that there was any such group.
    (JMD : Again, redundant speculation)

    In logical terms, the case does not make sense but maybe in this world there a lot of things that do not make sense. One example is the sodomy circus 10 years back when the case made a mockery of our judicial system.

    Any ‘illegal’ sexual act must be substantiated with hard evidence. As an examples, in rape cases sperm, hair, finger nails samples which contain DNA traces could prove the case.
    (JMD : Why are you prejudging an incident which has not even been brought to the courts yet? Anwar has not even made his statement yet. There is that little chance that Saiful could be lying you know. Why are you so afraid that there will not be any evidence? If there is, would you condemn Anwar? Even if there are pictures of Anwar entering One World hotel rooms with Saiful, I think you still will not believe your eyes. Right?)

    Or in the high technology world of today there are many gadgets such as cell phones with cameras, sound recordings, video recordings etc. which should able to provide hard evidence of any ‘illegal’ sexual act.

    We have seen in the past how politicians like DP Vijendran and Dr Chua Sok Lek were involved in sexual acts and hard evidence in the form of videos were soon circulating around.
    (JMD : Those two were framed by people who have interests in their downfall. In the first place, the absence of videos on Anwar means that people were not framing him. This police report were made probably because of Anwar’s own doing. This report is between Saiful and Anwar. Nobody were initially dragged into this except those two. It was Anwar who dragged the whole nation by shouting calls of conspiracy etc)

    However, in Anwar’s case 10 years back and now we do not see any such hard evidence at all.

    All that has been shown is circumstantial evidence and that word of mouth! Is this enough to put a person behind bars?

    JMD : Andipool, are you lazy? I told you to read the written judgment on Anwar’s sodomy charges of 1999. Please read also the written judgment of all three supreme court judges in 2004 upon the release of Anwar that year. Just google them in the internet. Plus, I had linked the website that provided those judgements somewhere in the commentary box of one of the articles below. Bottom line is, there were evidence provided. Probably not in the form of your own liking (VCDs or DVDs). But there indeed WERE evidence. Your notion that there were no ‘hard’ evidence is quite surprising. Do you even know what circumstantial evidence means? Please do not be dumb enough to listen to just one side of the story. Of course, Anwar’s camp would spin stories that they were framed with trumped up charges. Why? Because they were banking on the fact that most Malaysians do not read the written judgment. That’s you. Thank you very much.


  31. JMD,

    Probably Mlights was right on first argument. Lekiu said ‘ONLY 3 people were present. They are Rosmah, Acting Colonel Aziz Buyong and his wife, Norhayati’ and of course Altantuya and argue about who else can be the informer besides them and the deceased. But according to RPK SD, he said ‘ three (3) other people WERE also present at the scene of the crime;’ which means those 3 peoples above and probably some other guys also. Is it make sense or not?

    JMD : With all due respect, I think you had taken the the statement wrongly. Furthermore, if there ARE other people that nite besides those 4, who are they? They must be accomplices to this murder as well musn’t they? Why didn’t RPK insert their names in his SD?

    Probably the other people were Azilah and Sirul themselves? But it’s quite impossible for them to tell RPK about this. Are they now buddies?

    That is why, if we read RPK’s SD; ‘On the nite of Altantuya’s murder, 3 OTHER people were present. The word ‘other’ there simply means ‘besides Altantuya, 3 people were there too’.

    Anyway, I find it quite incredulous to argue over english sentences. Let’s wait for the trial of RPK shall we? Then we will find what he means by that.


  32. Salam JMD,

    Sometimes your guts tell you which is true and which is not.I’ve been to RPK’s blog a few times but after reading a few of his articles,i lost track of whats going on and deep in my guts says he is just another politician trying to be famous in the making.(..noticed how he managed to collect money from fellow bloggers just because he was arrested for sedition!That to me is not quite right,isn’t it?How can you have a so called ‘tabung’ to help fellow bloggers whom will be arrested for sedition.As far as i can see, ONLY RPK is the only blogger being arrested todate!So, is the money actually for him?Clever, eh?)

    I read most of your articles and blogs here JMD and honestly my guts says you are actually telling true facts and indirectly the truth. I respect you for your writings and I hope you will write more and every each day!

    About the SD issues, Anwar and Najib.Those are all the things the so called loyalists of PKR wants to hear.They just don’t care whether it was the truth or not as long as it supports their leader.Everyday,to a sane and clear mind,you can actually detect any drama’s or souped up stories from this people and a lot of these loyalist are made to be their puppets!

    Now the main problem is actually Pak Lah!He is the cause of ALL this no matter from which angle you look at it!The things happening here in the country such as the drama of Anwar, the falling economy of Malaysia, the circus we get at every Parliamentary sittings and might I say even when there’s an ATM machine or another civilian got mugged or robbed,it is all because of the reason No.1-Pak Lah! What i don’t understand is why do all this people especially those branches of UMNO or divisions still say that they support Pak Lah a full 100%?Are they really stupid or have they lost their mind?Have they turned into zombies?

    JMD, i salute you for your writings and to me your blog is even more interesting than RPK.KUDOS to you and you are now one of my favourite blog other than, obviously!

    SAYA BENCI PAK LAH…saya juga benci dadah!

    p/s I hope you don’t mind but i did took some of your articles and pasted it in my blog but with due recognition.

    JMD : I don’t think I deserve the accolades you just given me. This blog is just a one man show. Surely nothing compared to the vast resources MT has. Anyway, I write based on my day to day observations. Some may agree, some may not. I am having fun bringing forth issues which I find interesting to elaborate.

    But I do not wish you to believe in whatever I write. Sometimes, I could be wrong in my assessment. Use your judgment well.

    Anyway, I am happy you like my writings Lord Musan. You can link my articles as you wish. I have no problems about it.

    Thank you very much,


  33. Salam JMD,
    Yesterday this issue were discussed among us friends at the kopitiam and one of them mentioned something about Altantuya coming to Malaysia to actually look for Najib.According to him this story were related to him by a friend of his at Bukit Aman( far its true,i have no idea!). He said Altantuya came here to actually look for Najib but since they were used to mentioning surnames first, she came looking for Mr.Razak and Najib pointed the direction to Razak Baginda when actually Najib was the one with the surname Razak. So, before all hell broke loose Najib made Razak Baginda a scapegoat and became Razak Baginda became the Mr.Razak she was looking for.We debated that if Najib was the guilty person why did Altantuya’s friends came looking and identified Razak Baginda as the person Altantuya was looking for? Then,all of us became very quiet and suddenly another topic which was not related were brought up!..Any truth to this JMD?Whats your opinion?

    lord musan
    Still Benci Pak Lah…

    JMD : Well, logically we should get the primary evidence from the horse’s mouth first and not through hearsays of people not really in the know of the real situation. My thoughts is, the best way to find it is through the affidavit filed by Razak Baginda in January 2007; just before his trials commenced.

    In it, it does not mention anything regarding the r’ship of Najib and Altantuya. Basically, the affidavit is summarised as – how Razak came about knowing Altantuya; having an affair with her; giving her money; and then employing private investigators and police to protect him from her alleged harassment and threats.

    And, apart from everything that is mentioned in this blog, Najib also swore on Allah’s name that he never met Altantuya.

    Anyway, we can use our own judgement in believing anything that is being said. But we need a lot of arsenal in order to make a truest judgment. That arsenal would be adequate info and logical thinking.

    In this day where true info is really hard to find, we can only rely on logical thinking. But one out of two things that we have may be not enough. So we should lay rest on this and let the due process of the law takes place. Until then, we can only pray that the perpetrator will be caught and led to justice.

    Thank you.


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