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The one where Anwar Ibrahim raised more questions

In my last article, I wrote that there is something wrong in this whole incident involving Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and his sodomy allegations. I said there was something wrong because Anwar in all his actions and the reaction of people close to him did not behave like he was on the path of the truthful.

I was anticipating some form of news that would extinguish my doubts about him in this matter. But his press conference at PKR headquarters on Tuesday left me greatly disappointed. I was banking on him to leave no stones unturned but eventually, he created more questions and doubts. But then again, my overly cynical mind may be working overtime here. Maybe because I drank too much coffee today. Or maybe I am just exhausted with all the mind numbing news in cyberspace.

Anyway, as a prelude, I do not fancy this style of writing (seems cluttered) but due to the magnitude of the issue at hand and the article below is rather lengthy, I decided to write a line by line analysis where applicable. Bear in mind that this is a rush job so please pardon any grammatical errors.

Nevertheless, I took the liberty to copy paste the excerpt of his press conference from a website. My opinion is in red.

“DPM, Rosmah behind sodomy allegation, says Anwar”

PETALING JAYA: Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim alleges that the Deputy Prime Minister and his wife are part of a three-person team behind the sodomy allegation he is recently accused of.

He added that all indications thus far pointed to a conspiracy from the office of Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, his wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor and Najib’s special officer Khairil Anas Yusof. (This is an accusation by itself. Although the police are still investigating this, he had pre-empted everyone by providing this statement regarding certain ‘indications’).

“I don’t blame the accuser, I blame the conspirators in this game, using people as pawns,” he said Tuesday during a packed press conference at the PKR headquarters here. (God bless Anwar and Saiful)

Apart from the photo PKR recently released showing the accuser Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan with Najib’s aide Khairil, Anwar on Tuesday revealed a second link allegedly connecting Najib’s office to the sodomy accusation. (I couldn’t believe the audacity of Wan Azizah trying to implicate Najib based only on 1 meaningless photo last Sunday)

Anwar said there was a statutory declaration stating Saiful was closely connected to Khairul Anas, and that he had met secretly with Najib and Rosmah on several occasions. (Suddenly he revealed there was a statutory declaration made? When was it made? After the original police report made by Saiful or before? If it’s after, then it would certainly be less credible since there would now be a reasonable doubt that the SD was done just to lay credence to his recent accusation on Najib and Rosmah)

“This person, supposed to be my staff, working for me, but having secret meetings with Najib and the wife, aneh sekali … (very strange),” Anwar said. (So, is this the so called ‘all indications’? How poor was his security checks of people surrounding him? And yet, he did not terminate this ‘treacherous’ Saiful even after he got to know about his betrayal?  Plus, how would meetings with Najib absolve him from ever sodomising Saiful?)

He added that the statutory declaration by an unnamed person would be revealed soon. (This SD should have been revealed during the first press conference by Wan Azizah. Why was it not produced earlier to douse all doubts? A question; can an SD be backdated?)

Anwar also said the sodomy charge should be dropped because it was frivolous and nonsensical. (Yes, of course it should be dropped. But Saiful had accused him and had made a police report. He would not have gone through all the trouble of doing police report, having medical checks etc just to be made light of his current predicament. Anwar in turn, should also deny it vehemently and provide alibis as well)

When asked if he had any alibi on the night of the alleged sodomy, Anwar was silent for several seconds; he answered another question first, and then replied that he had ample proof and that he was with many people at that time. (Why be silent and divert the attention by answering another question? Why can’t he just reveal where he was last Thursday there and then? Apa yang susah sangat?)

He declined to elaborate, saying he had been advised by his lawyers to refrain from making any statement relating to the case. (Now this is the mother of all my cynicisms. After accusing Najib and Rosmah without ample proof of any direct involvement with Saiful, he suddenly said, he must not be making any statements relating to this case? What hypocrisy. Conveniently trying to hide under the pretext of some legal context while at the same time failed to provide the ultimate proof of his innocence to the public through an alibi)

Compared to the first time when he was charged with sodomy in 1998, Anwar said this time he was well prepared with facts and documents to clear his name.

“In 1993, the police stole my diary and never returned it. We struggled to think of what happened years ago. This time, events are still fresh in my memory. There is the diary and witnesses. (Then there shouldn’t be any problem for Anwar or even Wan Azizah to provide his whereabouts during the alleged incident then. Why keeping mum?)

“No way am I going to give them an easy route this time. I will fight them hard and effectively, because it is the second round of dirty conspiracy,” said Anwar. (Logically, he should not even be fighting. Just give the police his alibi, and this thing would be settled once and for all. Why must he drag this matter like a bitter old bully? Why must he create more tension? Is being ‘ganas’ his natural trait?)

To another question, Anwar said he believed the sodomy accusation was re-used 10 years later because “they think this is the best to cause anxiety and disgust among Muslims.” (Yes it is. And his reluctance to clear his name quickly disgust the Muslims even more)

He called on the police not to spring an arrest surprise, adding his lawyers had written three letters to the Inspector General of Police and the Attorney-General indicating his willingness to co-operate in the investigation. (Why would he be quick to judge that the police will arrest him? The police might arrest Saiful instead for making a false police report. That is a possibility too. But he is painting himself to be the innocent fall guy. In my books, the fall guy could be Najib while the victim is Saiful. While the winner is Pak Lah and Anwar. When I said Pak Lah, I actually meant KJ)

They have not replied until today. Take my DNA, take my hair. My hair is everywhere, except this part,” said Anwar as he smiled and patted the middle part of his head.

Asked if he would lodge a police report on the death threats he received, Anwar replied, “Let’s see how they investigate my report about the fabrication of evidence lodged against the IGP and the AG.” He also mentioned that a former Chief Justice and a Federal Court Judge had apologised to him for the cases involving him in 1998 and 1999. (Another statement that confounded me. I nearly shouted out loud, ‘for the love of God, Datuk Seri!’. Why won’t he lodge a police report about the death threats and assassination attempts on his life? Is his life not that important now? It was very important 2 days ago when he hid in the Turkish embassy! The investigation on the fabrication of evidence might take months. He might not survive any assassination attempt in the future if proper precaution deriving from a police report was not implemented. We love him  too much. Please make a report now. But I guess all the hired assassins had called in sick today. That was why Anwar was brave enough to be standing in front of a huge crowd in Stadium Melawati in Shah Alam tonight)

(Note: On Sunday, Anwar in his blog stated about this fabrication of evidence by the IGP and AG:

“The report has been organized by interested parties to attack me in retaliation for evidence I have recently obtained implicating IGP Musa Hassan and the AG Gani Patail in misconduct including fabrication of evidence in the cases launched against me in 1998-1999. This vile attack will not prevent me from releasing this dossier to the public.”

At first I thought that the fabrication of evidence would mean that Anwar has evidence that the IGP and AG had fabricated some evidence regarding his sodomy trials in 1998. Right? This will surely land the IGP and AG in hot soup as the past 1998 allegations would certainly be a lie. But alas, he was only highlighting the trials of the then IGP – Tan Sri Rahim Noor over the beatings he received. Now I am not belittling the gravity of that situation. But please do not think that the readers are idiots. He was clearly trying to create doubts and shifting the focus)

Anwar claimed the former Chief Judge had cried and said that “they were under orders.” (Will Tun Eusoff Chin verify this? His name again has been dragged into this issue. Anyway, why is this statement relevant with the current issue? Why is Anwar stalling and misdirecting? Will the current Chief Judge also be ‘under the orders of the PM/DPM’ if this police report be turned into a court trial? Surely with the more credible line of legal fraternity we have now in Malaysia like the Chief Justice, Zaid Ibrahim and Ian Chin, absolute justice can be dispensed to Anwar)

The Federal Court Judge, added Anwar, had passed him a message saying: “You understand la sir, please understand us, circumstances were such and nothing could be done”. (Again, what is the relevance in this? Please provide the name of this judge so that we can remove any element of hearsay)

To that, he urged them to have the courage to publicly state their case. (If he has brains and sincere enough in proving his innocence, he should have made, long time ago, a police report about this ‘corrupted Chief Justice and Federal Court judge instead! Why stop at ‘urging’?)

“How do I declare a private conversation between me and a former Chief Judge who told me he had no choice; and in order to save the judiciary he had to do it,” said the PKR de facto leader. (By making an affidavit obviously. Or at least, swear on the Quran – mainly to appease the disillusioned PAS members)

Commenting on his two-day stay at the Turkish Embassy, Anwar lambasted the Government for creating an issue over the invite.

“Anyone in their right mind will know it is not possible for me to enter the Turkish Embassy without permission in this high profile case,” he said.

He thanked the Turkish ambassador, Prime Minister and its people for hosting him.


So there you go. My niggling doubts. In my opinion, this press conference brings more confusion to the readers. It could either be the fault of the reporter, or Anwar himself drank too much Turkish coffee. Thanks and goodnight.

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36 thoughts on “The one where Anwar Ibrahim raised more questions

  1. Anwar Ibrahim… I better trust a donkey!

    BTW, love your writings bro..

    JMD : Thanks Tempua. Just trying to acquire some sense in all this…


  2. Dear Bro;

    A very good analysis. You have a lawyer’s mind (I mean not an ordinary but a good one) From your analysis, DSAI actions have many elements of a lying person. I read in bigdog’s blog about DSAI’s police report against IGP and Gani Patail. It was a desperate attempt to shift focus. Another element of a guilty person…


  3. Dear JMD,
    Agree with you. Brader Anwar should just answer the allegations, provide alibi (his whereabouts etc. he still got his diary is it?) to confirm his innocence. Then he can carry on with the IGP and AG allegations and by election. Why all these mess?


  4. A pharase from song made famous by George Micheal (a gay man, but no relation to Anwar……or maybe there is, noooooooo… It can’t be, but there is possibility, I don’t know, only God knows).
    Looking at Anwar’s reaction, he was quite kelam-kabut. Anwar could have simply dismissed the allegation by telling his whereabout during that particular moment, as JMD mentioned.
    I remember once back in early 90s when Bush senoir was confronted with allegation that Ross Perot claimed Bush Republican camp threathened him with assasinaton, during presedential campaign. Bush senior confidently answered to it with a laughter, made everybody realized it was the joke of the year.
    Or perhaps Anwar knew that by keeping the people wondering, there is more momentum to gain.


  5. Dear JMD

    Love your style of writings (line to line analysis)….focussed…simple -guided and ……answerable to my niggling doubts too!! Thanks! Saudara JMD, I think ‘penyokong-penyokong taksub’ Anwar should read this article ( to pre -judge him).They don’t have to wait and hear it in court.

    Looking forward for next analysis


  6. what do you think?

    JMD : It is as it is, we may ponder on its possibilities. As I recalled, Matthias Chang was the first chinese private secretary TDM ever had. It was in 1998/1999. I guess TDM was trying to gauge the sentiments of the chinese during the economical and political crisis of the late 90’s. At first there was a lot of complaints from certain quarters on why TDM would employ a chinese to be his secretary since no PM has ever done that in the past. But TDM brushed it off saying that Tunku Abdul Rahman had a few chinese secretary to help him when he was the PM.

    Anyway, Matthias Chang is a lawyer with so many insightful knowledge. His articles are quite well written and filled with facts. And the language he used is not difficult to understand (as compared to read other more difficult style of writing for eg. Sang Kelembai etc)


  7. JMD,

    I wish you can write daily, I like your writing very much. The explanation, the analysis, the reference and all the instincts, not many people can put all these into words and easier for other people (like me obviously) to understand.

    Good writing on the topic. In the 1998 case, truth to say I’m almost convince that he is innocent until he decided to establish Keadilan Party (obviously for personal gain and public sympathy). In 2008, it does not make any sense at all. Popularity is what he wants. I think he starts to realize the he going to loose in the plan election and due to all this he having a reason to cancel the plan.


    JMD : Thank you for reading them.


  8. Bro, this is very enlighthening, I hope more Anwaristas worshipper read this piece. The ALIBI by Anwar on his whereabouts on 26 June 2008 is still a mystery, lets see how he tries to wiggle his way out of this. The last time he got off from the Federal Court judgment was that the charge of sodomy did not specify what date and time and hence anwar’s defence of alibi cannot come into play. I think Anwar is freaking out now as Saiful’s police report about being sodomised specifically put a date and location so this time is would not be so easy for him unless he has a tight alibi(no pun intended).


  9. You say, the readers are not idiots…When you are suppose to say MOST READERS are not IDIOTS.

    hehehehehe…. yep…truly, y is it so difficult PNAI reveals his “ALIBI”..and gets things done and over with??

    Mungkin RAMAI sgt Pak LEBAI kot..jadi susah sgt nak pilih satu… A LEBAI.

    JMD : Thanks for highlighting. It was a rush job. Will recheck 🙂


  10. Yeah JMD,
    If what happened in 1997/98 was a failed fabricated allegation, why would anyone wants to use the same “failed formula” again…?

    Why Turkish embassy? Could he be hiding/keeping something there?…an old underwear perhaps…hehe


  11. JMD, I love your writing bro…spot on analysis.

    DSAI is really a good actor.
    The annoying thing about DSAI and his PKR supporters is,
    let say DSAI is struckby lightning and died as direct punishment from GOD,
    they will probably put the blame on BN. He is untouchable.
    I always beleived that TDM was right in removing him from the cabinet in 1998.

    All I can say is thank you to Saiful for being brave and for reaffirming
    my beleive that TDM was the true Malaysian hero.

    ” raja ADIL raja disembah….rupa-rupanya raja ADIL yang belasah”

    Thanks bro.


  12. malaysianlover,
    That is what one of my brothers’ theory is. Everybody knows, it is under Pak Lah gomen that anwar is released. So why should anyone use the same tactics to get him? Whose brilliant idea is that?

    To JJ and all the people out there, thank you for your doa and good words. Me and my family really need those at this time.
    To MAKLB, sungguh dalam maknanya, namun mendapat faham jika direnung dengan pandangan hati.
    Thank you.


  13. JMD,

    Thanksalot for the well written analysis. Explaining to family and friends regarding this moron have never been this easy. Thanks again.


  14. A regular reader, Andipool posted this comment earlier:



    I am still disturbed by the fact that, this young, tall and tough guy could be overpowered by a 60+ man and sexually assaulted–all the friends whom I spoke to say Saiful is lying to the extreme. Even the Malaysiakini did a survey and more than 90% don’t believe Saiful’s story. Why is he so stupid and a blady fool, for him to see DSAI after the first assault and allow DSAI to commit the heinous crime repeatedly on him–at the first assault itself he should have smashed the old man—-so these are cerita dongeng. He could have easily avoided DSAI–this was the same with Azizan–repeatedly allowing DSAI to sodomise him–either he enjoyed that or cooking up a fantasy to get instant cash–after all he was just a driver–later suddenly he became a manager of a business. You seem to be insisting that Augustine got his promotion on merits and AAB is the one who promoted him. Hello the judges are not selected by the PM but just endorses the candidate selected by the CJ. And the CJ who promoted was implicated in the Lingam tape for corrupt practices. This CJ was the tool of TDM in fixing people–just simple as that.

    JMD : As for the questions and assumptions on why Saiful could not say no to a 60+ year old man, we shall wait for the outcome of the investigations. Hopefully, we all shall know what and how it happens.

    But since you are speculating, I can’t help myself but to also think retrospectively. This boy Saiful, for all intent and purposes, is still a boy. 23 years old. Just left university to pursue his dream in a political party, working with his idol. Obviously, being awe struck by his charisma should be taken into consideration. Plus, there is this thing called the power of persuasion. And from the way how DSAI can brainwash his loyalists, I would hazard a guess that Saiful was brainwashed into submission too. Only when he could not take it anymore (probably realizing how guilty he was feeling towards Wan Azizah), he lodged a report. Have you noticed how rape victims sometimes afraid to lodge report because they are afraid of the rapist? Imagine how afraid this boy was prior lodging the report?

    As for Malaysiakini, what do you expect? It is obvious that since Malaysiakini is pro-Anwar, nearly all of it readers will vote that way. But does that constitute what the majority of Malaysians think? I doubt it. The percentage would be much much lower.

    Don’t get me wrong. I do not believe Saiful totally. Only 60%. Why? Because Anwar did not do anything that makes him look innocent. BUT IF SAIFUL TURNS OUT TO BE A LIAR, I would be the first to condemn him to hell. No worries.

    As for your other comments, it can be read in

    Anyway Andipool, we surely walk in different circles since all my friends believed in Saiful. Baffling huh?

    Thanks Andipool


  15. Dear Jebat,
    Last time in the 1998 sodomy case,when the police got wind of the villa not even built yet,didn’t the AG amend the charge dates?Use your common sense lah.Must hold trump cards behind to cover his back ok?Once kena,twice shy.In Anwar’s case,once kena he not shy and nearly rampas power.But now,twice ,also mesti kena possibly hadap Court and IF thrice accused (maybe another Uni apasaje Gay comes along-dun these bums come in pairs or back-to-back?) then DSAI go down in MalaysiA’s history as the ASYIK BELAKANG TAK CHECK MESTI KENA ONE FORMER DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER?
    taurus sitara


  16. Jebat,

    The way I see it, the conspirator become the conspiratee… Now everyone conspirating.. All for the sake for power. Power can drive people crazy bro.


  17. JMD,

    Syabas, anda tidak pernah mengecewakan saya dalam membuat analisis yang mempunyai isi dan disertakan fakta.

    Sepatutnya blog anda menjadi rujukan kepada blogger-blogger murahan yang menulis dan membuat analisis semberono tanpa menyematkan rasa tanggung jawab.

    Kita layak berbeza pendapat tetapi pastikan perbezaan pendapat kita mestilah mempunyai asas dari analisis yang kukuh bukannya pendirian daripada maklumat berberbentuk tabloid dengan analisis malas seperti dalam banyak blog lain.

    Jika hendak bertentang pendapat, biarlah dengan hujahan yang berbudi pekerti tinggi seperti Hang Tuah berpencak dan bertikam dengan Hang Jebat, walau ada seorang yang akan terbunuh…..

    Teruskan berjuang…

    JMD : Terima kasih kembali


  18. As for those who question how a 60 yrs old man could overcome a young 23 yrs old man & sodomised him. Let me refer you to a case in the US in 2006 of a 28 yrs old American Idol runnerup closeted celebrity who is very feminine & girly (lembut) in a gay sex scandal with a 40 yrs old fit & strong ex-Green Beret of the US Special Forces. The ex-Green Beret told his story in The Howard Stern show that the celebrity managed to topped him in their sex encounter which the public & most of the gay community find it quite unbelievevable. He also said that the celebrity quickly turn into a hungry animal as soon as he was aroused & so the unconventional position. I believe even a 60 yrs old man can be a SUPAR-ANIMAL when aroused…lol


  19. hallo kawan-kawan semua jangan gaduh-gaduh.Aku nak beri sikit pandangan,kalau ada agama,masing-masing berdoalah kepada TUHAN yang korang percayai!Jebat,aku setuju dgn kau!Kalau si Saiful ni tipu..aku tanam dia hidup-hidup!Kepada Lok7 and the family aku respect korang semua…sebab dalam keadaan begini korang tak melatah!Orang tua tu aku tengok melatah-latah tak tentu arah.Pergi manapun perlu beribu-ribu org kawal dia.Tuhan Yang Sebenar Tuhan Akan Tunjukkan Kebenaran!Didalam keadaan begini cuba renungkan…kenapa anwar begitu yakin kalau dia jadi PM dia boleh turunkan harga minyak?PERSoalannya….SIAPA YANG CONTROL HARGA MINYAK?……Tanya balik diri kita…kita nak harga minyakTURUN berapa ringgit seliter???? RM2.00?RM1.50?…setelah harga minyak turun…adakah kita semua akan berpuas hati! lepas tu pasti ke tuan2 akan berada didalam keadaan selesa?Tahu kah anda telaga minyak dimalaysia tinggal berapa tahun lagi?Tahukah anda 60% hasil keuntungan petronas di gunakan untuk pelaburan cari gali minyak di luar negara?Kerajaan boleh turunkan harga minyak hari ini dan kita akan berada didalam keadaan selesa tetapi apa hal dengan anak cucu cicit keturunan kita dimasa akan datang?Aku share sikit maklumat ni sebab aku tengok kebanyakkan org yg sokong anwar ni cuma nak tengok harga minyak turun..itu je.Hanya sekadar kepentingan dunia yang bersifat sementara.Sedangkan SiSaiful ni(Moga dia benar) tindakannya melaporkan kejadian yang berlaku keatas dirinya berpegang pada Agama.KORANG YANG MENGAKU BERAGAMA ISLAM,MEMPERCAYAI ALLAH ADALAH SEBENARNYA TUHAN YG MENJADIKAN KITA DAN SEKALIAN ALAM YANG TELAH MENUNAIKAN SOLAT HAJAT DAN ISTIKHARAH AKU PASTI KORANG DAH DAPAT HIDAYAH DAN JAWAPAN PETUNJUK DARI NYA!Jebat teruskan menulis dgn artikel yang bernas k!Aku ni banyak bodohnya baca tulisan kau ni dapat juga pengetahuan sikit.tq bro!

    To LOK7<Saiful and family GOD BLESS U ALL.
    kajian yang aku buat dalam diam sebenarnya ramai yang menyokong dan mendoakan Saiful kata mereka ‘budak Saiful Bukhari ni memilih AGAMA’


  20. If the Chief Justice can be bought just by an underdog lawyer, if the IGP can be bought just wanting to be as glamorous as his brother..if Najib can screwed the Mongolian and leave no trace..What would you think the chances of Anwar…all an all Malaysian Politics are full of S**T!…Linggam would have said ..Korek!! Korek!! Korek!!

    What are they so afraid of Anwar?

    How convenience..that you write lengthy about Anwar but not about Najib relation with the Mongolian…another joke?

    JMD : I do not think they are afraid of Anwar. They were just afraid of the effects Malaysians would suffer if Anwar had his way in tarnishing the image and the already suffering political and ecnomical stability of the nation. When Malaysia is riddled with problems caused by the current leadership of Pak Lah, do we need to have another political leader throwing tantrums in public just because somebody made a police report against him? He could just be calm and negate the accusations in mature and lawful manner without diverting attention and slander other people. My next posting will shed a little light on the slander on Najib.



  21. JMD,

    Can you recap a bit on the 1998 case? There are some claiming that the villa where it was supposed to happen was not even built yet? I thought it was at tivolli villa?

    Also I remember the incidence of helicopter at a house in Damansara, was it rumour or did it really happen?

    Can you please recap? Malaysian memang cepat lupa.

    JMD : Dear Su,

    I’m pressing for time here. Could you please read this link?

    It’s rather tedious and the formatting is horrendous. But it serves to be a good reference on the judge’s opinion on the verdict that was passed regarding the sodomy charges in 1998. Thanks.
    And I never heard about this ‘helicopter incident’. Care to elaborate?


  22. Thanks. It helps to clear up the confusions arising from all the hearsays.

    I hope more people will read it. Then there will be more sensible comments based on facts.

    Can you also provide the link to the other case he is accused of? The one where he was said to be abusing his power (salah guna kuasa)? I always link that to the incident where a helicopter and cops were used to surround a house in damansara when he tried to cover up his other case. Or was that just khabar angin ? Please correct me if I am wrong and I will sent him my apologize.

    JMD : Su, the other case (abusing power) was presided over by Datuk Augustine Paul. He was famous (or infamous) for uttering the word ‘not relevant’ to the defense counsel. To cut the story short, DSAI was tried for abusing power (in which he was sentenced for 6 years in jail). Basically, he used his position as DPM to instruct the police to stop investigating the police report made against him (sodomy) in 1997 and instructing the police to frighten and castigate Azizan and Ummi Hafilda. Here’s the link –



  23. dear JMD..

    i’m a malaysian currently working in indonesia, dan aku rasa tulisan kau ni cukup informasinya, especially kau punya teori pasal kes pompuan mongolia tu.. sedh aku tengok apa dah jadi kt malaysia sekrang ni.. tunggang langgang jadinya..

    keep up the work the good work mate..


  24. JMD, I commend on your ability to appreciate how clever Anwar uses the Psyops/psywar tools in his political exploits. He is a good operative. He is able to pre empt any possible attack that his enemy may logically take. For example now, he is using the Islamic Jurisprudence that Saiful must produce 4 credible witnesses to support his(Saiful) sodomy charge against him. Saiful is not only the complainant but the victim !! This principle is not applicable.This is Anwar’s pre emptive move to avoid the Sumpah. Another story to support this pre emptive tactic of Anwar’s. Even before the Police announced that the report by Saiful has been classified as sodomy,Wan Azizah started calling her friends, including Ustazahs conducting ugama classes, that Saiful had apologised to her family and that the doctors who carried out the medical examinationon Saiful had also declared that there was no evidence of sodomy !! So, even there is credible evidence to support sodomy charge, Anwar will declare to the whole world that it is a conspiracy to fix him.

    The answer : we must be cleverer than him in the art of Psyops/psywar. Please read General Sun Tzu’s Art of War.

    Hang Jebat


  25. To JMD and those who think alike,

    Since you all believe DSAI had sodomised Saiful. When Saiful went to see the DPM and then later the polis, why couldn’t they lay a trap, like what happened to Chua Soi Lek. Couldn’t they ask Saiful to place a state of the art camera to record the real happenings, so as to have hard evidence. Don’t tell me DSAI is always on the lookout to check wether there are any hidden CCTVs and so forth. I am sure if DSAI is a sodomite, as claimed by the polis, are they so stupid not to trap him with the latest gadgets. But they prefer to whack people like what they did to Munawar and DSAI’s adopted brother to force a confession under duress. Are the Malaysian polis so stupid.

    JMD : Dear Andipool (who thinks everyone would behave like him),

    Before I proceed, I beg you to read this article:-

    It’s good for the soul.

    I am really disturb that you would think and would act like a conniving criminal.
    Why would the police or Najib want to stoop so low? Are all Anwar supporters think this way? Will they act like this when they are in power?

    Lastly, I am not 100% sure Anwar sodomised Saiful. But his actions after Saiful made the police report made him guilty of sorts.


  26. JMD,

    Its not a question of thinking and behaving like a conniving criminal–the hard evidence would have convinced people like me–hardcore supporters from stop supporting DSAI–its simple as that. Najib admitted that Saifool met him to ask for a scholarship—so he has admitted that he recommends dropouts with a CGPA of 1.6 for a scholarship–when my own child who obtained a 3.6 was not offered a scholarship. Does that not sound funny. Is this act of Najib not stooping so low. As for the polis I don’t have to say anything–the majority of Malaysians know low they will stoop–thats why they are called pariah dogs

    JMD : Hello Andipool, I see that there will be no amount of explanation that could ever convince you to stop speculating on issues that you do not understand.

    Andipool, if you insist on hard evidence, I suggest you wait for the investigation to be completed. If the matter is brought up to courts, maybe then we can see some evidence. With luck, you may even get to hear about pictures or cctv camera footage. Be patient please. I said so many times, why bother with speculating on things which are not being revealed yet? But anyway, why do you insist on Najib should trap Anwar by videotaping him? I do not understand this assertion. If Najib do not know about Anwar’s sexual activities, then of course he will not ask someone to record it. And, I do not think Najib is in the business of blackmailing anybody. It’s too much beneath him. Born and bred in an aristocratic family, it’s just beyond him to play this dangerous and unethical game. Just look at his past decisions. He always played it safe. But then again, I do not know Najib personally. Neither do you, So stop speculating about this or that. It will make you paranoid.

    As for scholarships, I think it was only safe to say that Saiful did not receive any scholarship after that meeting. If not, he would have enrolled himself into that flying academy by now. He was just applying and I think he brought up his case directly to Najib as he was friends with Najib’s aide. So, how could Najib stoop so low by admitting a young ambitious Malaysian to see him and plead his case?

    And please stop complaining about your own child not receiving scholarships. At least during his time, he/she is receiving money from PTPTN. Do you know there are other more academically successful candidates did not get scholarships? During my time, PTPTN was not even exist. Did my parents complained? We persevered. I went to study overseas on my own expenses and worked part time there. And this was when the economy was good in the 80’s and 90’s.

    If you want to know what sounds funnier, you should check the background of candidates receiving scholarships from JPA and Mara. More often that not, these recipients are related to some ministers and the JPA and Mara’s high ranking officers.

    As for the pariah dogs, I pity the police that you would label all of them as pariah dogs. A strong criticism bordering on absurdity. Maybe you should tell them directly to their faces when they summon you for traffic offence?

    Thank you again for speculating Andipool. Maybe you should give it a rest. 🙂


  27. JMD,

    What have you got to say about this:-

    “In 1998-1999 trials, Anwar experienced the phenomenon of fabrication of DNA evidence. We had SAC Rodwan illegally removing DNA samples from forensic custody. In cross-examination of the prosecution’s witnesses it was exposed that DNA taken from blood samples was planted on the infamous mattress,” said Sivarasa.
    “When confronted with this fact the prosecution amended its charge and persuaded the judge, Augustine Paul, to expunge the entire DNA evidence from the record, preventing Anwar’s lawyers from responding.”
    The epitome of conspiracy

    JMD : Ah.. even the lawyer of Anwar is playing politics. Which is not surprising since Sivarasa is an MP in Subang. Whatmore, he is an MP and VP of PKR! Naturally, the survival and the integrity of Anwar is the most important factor in Sivarasa’s career. To a certain extend, I would suspect Sivarasa would even uphold the code and ethics of the Bar profession throughout this ordeal. And true to the occasion, Sivarasa is trying hard to plant the seeds of doubt so that Anwar could at least win the court of public opinion.

    Firstly, DNA is not the only evidence which can be obtained in order to ascertain the validity of the alleged act. Secondly, eventhough with the absence of the mattress as an evidence in the sodomy trials, Anwar was still found guilty of sodomising Azizan (if you read the written judgment) beyond reasonable doubt. What does that tells you? That DNA was not the main factor in determining his guilt.

    Thirdly, Anwar (true to his chameleonic self), had a lot to say about the DNA tests back in 1998 and 1999. He actually support the testing of DNA. In fact, he applaud the police for doing a professional job. Read this –

    Anwar, as we all know, will say one thing and then make a complete turnaround if the situation doesn’t suit him. He has always been a selfish politician.

    Thank you.


  28. JMD,

    “In the 1998-99 case, the blood sample was forcefully taken from HKL on the instruction of Musa Hasan, according to the testimony of Dr Zahari. There was an attempt to fabricate. When we exposed it, the charge was withdrawn,” he said.

    In this case, is the doctor lying about the police’s action. Since the polis already has in its possession his old DNA, why don;t they just use that to analyse what ever investigation they want to do. They want his fresh blood so as to smear on the places and items to show Anwar was there and had contact. Why hasn’t the polis given Anwar the polis report. When he was detained–he requested for the polis report–but they said they received instructions from higher authrities not to give the report–what are they up to. As for Sivarasa, I know him from student days-he is a man of impeccable principles. During varsity days he always fights for justice and the truth despite being a science student–always displaying his inborn fighting qualities for truth and justice.

    JMD : I’m glad you’ve known Sivarasa since his students days in Victoria Institution and University Malaya. Were you studying at those places? I reckon by studying genetics in UM at that time, he would be qualified to give comments on the DNA. But people do change and more so after they left university and immerse themselves in the real world. Should I not be given the benefit of the doubt that whatever he is doing now is for the benefit of his and his boss’ survival?

    Whenever people give an unfair accusations to the police by saying they conspire to topple DSAI, people forget that the police are made up with people like them too. With political inclination and own free will.

    Be aware that amongst the police, they are members who are supporters of Anwar and also the government. They work side by side on daily basis. Even in the Ministry of Higher Education there are people who are supporters of Anwar eventhough they shamelessly draw their salary from the government.

    It sure doesn’t make any sense that since 1998 till now, they are no credible ‘news from within the police’ regarding any conspiracy against DSAI.

    Dalam ertikata lain, takkan lah takde anggota polis yang bersimpati pada DSAI akan menghebahkan mengenai sebarang konspirasi terhadap beliau pada masa sekarang.

    Could it be, that in the absence of any whistleblowers, there could be no conspiracy at all and that the police is doing their job professionally?

    The public, including you Andipool, had been overzealously accusing the police of doing all sorts of stuff. This merely just to satisfy your justification that DSAI is really being the victim of a governmental conspiracy. Do you know the magnitude and the expanse of this conspiracy if it was true? Think about how many hundreds of people had to be silenced by the government in order to execute this.

    I also would like to know which charge was withdrawn in the 1998 trials?

    Anyway, my other point is, DSAI will just make noise over areas which does not benefit him directly. For instance, the police – just because they are investigating him. But in the case of the ACA right now, he says nothing bad about them. Why? Because the ACA is investigating Musa Hassan and Gani Patail. Why isn’t DSAI make noise about the ACA? He made several criticisms about the ACA all these while. Why isn’t he saying anything damaging about them now?

    Because, damaging ACA’s reputation will not benefit him. See how two faced DSAI can be? Don’t believe me? Then read this :

    then read this one:

    The courts of 2004 freed him. Is he condemning that decision as unfair too?

    Thank you Andipool.


  29. JMD,

    You said “The public, including you Andipool, had been overzealously accusing the police of doing all sorts of stuff. This merely just to satisfy your justification that DSAI is really being the victim of a governmental conspiracy. Do you know the magnitude and the expanse of this conspiracy if it was true? Think about how many hundreds of people had to be silenced by the government in order to execute this.”

    (JMD : Andipool, so now you know it’s impossible to keep hundreds of people’s mouth shut rite?)

    Then why is the polis , the PM and Ministers clamouring for DSAI’s blood if it is not a conspiracy.

    (JMD : They want a fresh DNA. Why so difficult to give? Hari tu bukan main lagi setuju nak bagi DNA.)

    In 1998, when he was the DPM and was very popular and was about to become the PM–the Dictator framed him up and put him in prison, to avoid having a no nonsense PM. Now after capturing 6 states and becoming ever popular among the masses–now the same episod is being repeated by the corrupted regime–with the advise of the old dictator.

    (JMD : Andipool, this sodomy charge was advised by TDM? My dear Andipool, if you are running out of ideas, please do not accuse something that is not true. Readers will laugh at you for this assumption. This is why I find it tiring to hammer the same issue over and over again as you do not seem to get it. Maybe you just chose not to have an open mind about all this. You just kept coming up with ridiculous analysis! Btw, if you study the sodomy charges in 1998, TDM was the first person who did not believe in it. Do you know who was the first? Karpal Singh. Even Mohd Sabu made roadshows back in 1997 saying that DSAI was gay. And please lah, DSAI was never about to become the PM in 1998. What gave you the idea? Did TDM say then that he will retire that year? Was there any UMNO general election that year? This is just another notion created by the Anwar camp to justify his purported coup d etat)

    You also said”Even in the Ministry of Higher Education there are people who are supporters of Anwar eventhough they shamelessly draw their salary from the government.” Are you trying to imply that if you are a govt servant you have to support the highly corrupted govt leaders, robbers who rob the rakyat of their money, leaders leading a maharaja’s life at the expence of the rakyat’s wealth. They do all the shameful thing, but the govt servant who earns his income cannot comment about the injustice being inflicted on another human being. Is this your lopsided argument. A govt servant should keep his mouth shut irrespective of the injustices that is taking place around him. Enough is enough–for 50years the leaders rampage of the country’s wealth. Now at least we have leader who is willing to face whatever hardship to get rid off murderers, robbers and conspirators.

    (JMD : This is why I find it impossible to clear things with you. What I meant was, it’s impossible to manage a conspiracy this big if there are people with many political inclination involved in it. For eg, assume you Andipool, working as a deputy CID in KL and you are involved with this sodomy charges from day 1. You have to act professional eventhough you’re a PKR supporter. But once you notice any discrepancies or tell tale sign of consipracy, wouldn’t you alert the press that there are conspiracy and dirty tactics involved? That was my point. And, since you’re in the govt sector, what have you done to alert the authorities aboyt any wrong doings of your superiors? Are you clean yourself? In fact, what if this DSAI is corrupt himself? Do you really think he is so clean and sinless?. Anyway, did you get my point about the magnitude of this possible consiracy and how unlikely it was even a conspiracy to begin with?)

    As for DNA, here is an expert’s comment:-

    Dr Nedu: It was the joke of the century when the PM commented on the DNA. The funny part is he got the facts wrong. When the experts collect blood samples they get the coding, it is translated into a chart which is on permanent record. This record is done once, and that’s it.

    It is something like profiling a blood test. If you are in the group of A+, then you are forever A+. It is unnecessary to withdraw blood to get the grouping after 10 years or 20 years. The grouping will not change.
    Likewise, DNA profiling is permanent. The idea that the current government and police force need to have Anwar’s blood for new DNA profiling is ILLOGICAL. This simply shows the lack of knowledge among this group of people and to paint a bad picture about DSAI refusing to allow blood sample taken from him shows traits of conspiracy.
    Why is PM getting involved when he said police are independent and that the Umno politicians are not getting involved in the investigation of the so-called sodomy case of DSAI.? Why did he say ‘we’? That shows he is part of the team that accused DSAI of sodomy.

    (JMD : When the investigations was about to start, DSAI made statements that the old DNA might be fabricated. He offered his hair sample or blood sample to be taken. So now, when the police wanted to extract his DNA from his blood, he refused. He just wanted to make things difficult so that the REAL investigation into this police report will be slow and tedious for everyone. He himself will by then gather enough support to divert the focuse from his sodomy charge to a matter of ‘conspiracy’ by the government. Now that’s the real story. He can get several doctors to belittle the PM or the police. But the main issue here is, why didn’t he cooperate since 29th June 2008 to help resolve this matter expeditely? If he is innocent, then he should not be worried at all. God will save him right? Didn’t ABIM teach him anything?)


    JMD : So Andipool, what have you learn so far? Anyway, if the government wanted to get rid of Anwar, why bother to create a conspiracy like this? If the government is so filled with murderers and robbers like what you said above, wouldn’t it be so much easier to have him involved in a freak accident? Think about it. The fact that the courts released him in 2004 and he can roam free anywhere he wanted to go (unlike the fate of the opposition in Singapore), shows that the government had no malice against him. This sodomy charge is possibly solely due to his own undoing.


  30. JMD,

    In the first place, DSAI does’t deserve to go to prison. You have said earlier, he had abused his authority by ordering the polis to stop the bitch Ummi Hafilda from accusing him of sodomy. If you are in DSAI’s shoes, won’t you ask the polis to stop the rumours from spreading. If you are going to talk about abuse of power–there are more worst case scenarios of abuse of power compared to what DSAI did. Take the eg of Rahim Thamby Chik, he raped an underaged girl–what happened him–nothing. Till today he is a free man now trying hard vie for the VP’s position in UMNO. Guan Eng who took up the girl’s plight ended up prison. In this case TDM protected RTC.

    The dictator TDM wanted to make sure DSAI is imprisoned and also to make sure he dies in custody. Thats why he ordered the ketua anjing kerajaan, former IGP to slaughter him in the polis cell. TDM and the bitch Rafidah immediately came up with a statement that he punched himself to gain public sympathy. Depriving him of any medical attention and leaving him to die in pain. Sadists like you were very happy to see that scenario. No rasional and humane human being will ever see a repeat of such nonsence.

    Yes it is easy to talk, b’cos you didn’t go thru what DSAI went thru. Till today there is no charge against him but they insist in extracting his blood. As said earlier by an DNA expert, the DNA profiling will last forever. So I don’t see why they have take a fresh to do a fresh profiling. When DSAI said he will give hair or blood, most probably he was not aware of the fact that DNA profiling is like blood grouping, whereby once your blood is tested as group A type then you don’t have to do it again. So use the available profile to do what ever test.
    As for your suggestion that if the govt wanted to get rid of DSAI they could have created a freak accident. Yes if the accident would have happened before the PRU12, then the situation would have been different. After fading from the political scenario for about 10 years, he was seen not as a political threat as said by TDM and AAB. After the PRU12, he had managed to amass fanatical support after capturing 6 states. Now if the govt were to create a freak accident and if he is killed–I just dread to think of the consequences that will befall upon our country. (JMD : That’s just it, why would the givt trouble themselves by getting involve in an elaborate conspiracy when they can just snuff his life easily? Easy what? What consequences are you talking about? Pakatan Rakyat will fall coz they do not have a ‘pemimpin pelapis’ who are acceptable to all 3 parties between them. BN will again regain their strength. Why involve in conspiracy? Yet again, to have this conspiracy is illogical. DSAI sodomy charges is due his own undoing)

    JMD : Andipool, I have explained the best that I could regarding matters in your 1st and 2nd paragraph but you still unable to accept all my explanation in the past commentary but still relied on lies and propaganda to smear TDM’s name. And you still got your facts wrong about the abuse of power trial in 1998 even after I had explained it to you previously. What is wrong with you? Buta hati? Unable to accept other people’s opinion? You simply cannot jump around accusing people of trying to kill off somebody in jail without any proof, do you understand this?

    I see no point of replying further to your comments. Since it would be a waste of time. I suggest you look back to all your comments and my replies. It was done rather extensively. But you chose to come back to me with the same issues which we had dealt with. It seems you are unable to accept any logic anymore. This blog is to discuss something in fairly and logical manner. Since you are unable to accept any logic, please go to other blogs which do accept ridiculous statements.

    People from both sides has been talking non stop about the small issues like DNA retraction when in the first place, a VICTIM had lodged a police report. It will benefit both sides if it is done quickly. But since DSAI chose to be difficult and throwing tantrums here and there, we shall wait patiently till there IS A FORMAL CHARGE IN THE COURT.

    DSAI should not be worried of the courts anyway, Pakatan Rakyat, after the Bar Council dinner had said that the courts these days are more legitimate and respectable than the previous judiciary. Ian Chin can preside over if DSAI is taken to the courts. Even Wan Azizah in a statement had said that she believed in the Malaysian judiciary system adter DSAI was released in 2004. SO WHY WORRY PEOPLE? The truth will come out. Right?

    Thank you.


  31. JMD,

    Why is it that when the opposition made police reports against TDM, ministers and some other high ranking officials, the police either will ignore the report or will come up with a standard answer that we are investigating. Then later the AG will say there was no evidence we closed the case. When people of calibre like Raja Petra made a SD accusing the DPM’s wife of murder–the next day the AG immediately lodged a police report accusing him of criminal defamation. But the moment a driver or school dropout made police report against ANwar the polis immediately swing into action. Is this not double standard. Anyway RPK is videotaping the confessions of a person who accompanied Saiful to see Najib–we will see what happens after this. But anyway I also do’nt want to waste my precious time arguing with recalcitrants like you who don’t understand justice. The whole world knows that injustice was inflicted upon DSAI and now there seems a repeat of the 1998 episod and the whole world is again watching. I still remember reading your commentary that Anwar is a darling of the west–why you all are jeolous of a popular man–pls be reminded 6 states are in the hands of the opposition and NS would have nearly fall. These are all the consequence of the arrogance of TDM, Samyvellu,Rafidah, KJ and the other ministers.
    Its a waste of time accesing your little known blog–I was accidentally diverted to your blog while reading some more well known blogs. You don’t waste your time writing Anti DSAI commentaries–only your minded people read and comment—fair minded and rasional people won’t be interested in your blog–they prefer Malaysia Today or Malaysiakini which provide more truthful articles and commentaries.

    JMD : One think they lack is – EVIDENCE. IF there is evidence, then everything will be in motion. Abt the RPK video, hhmm at first I thought it would be a video of the said meeting. Then it turns out, it was onlya a video of a confession of someone who allegedly went with Saiful to see Najib. Wow! Najib is more screwed now! 🙂

    The thing is, how could najib even bother to trouble himself to conspire something this big with just Saiful and this unknown person? Yes, we will see how it turns out. I’m curious who is this poor sod who came into play so late in the game…

    Anyway, thank you for your indepth analysis about my blog Andipool and thank you for reading the articles. I’m sure Malaysia Today and Malaysiakini will treat you better.

    Don’t come again! 🙂


  32. JMD,

    This guy Andipool must be some kind of sado masochist of the legal kind. I believe my comment on DSAI in another of your post would suitably be posed to him to view our PM designate in askance.

    Hope I am welcome though 🙂



  33. Raja Petra Kamarudin

    On 21 July 2008, I published an article in this same column called HOW, YET AGAIN, THEY ARE TRYING TO FABRICATE EVIDENCE AGAINST ANWAR. (Read the article here ).

    In that article I mentioned as follows:

    You see, they asked a certain doctor from a certain hospital to conduct an examination on Saiful. The doctor did so and he came out with a report that said there is no evidence Anwar had ever penetrated or sodomised the young man. The police then picked up the doctor and detained him for three days. As much as they tried to force him to change his report to implicate Anwar he refused to do so.

    Until today, the doctor stands by his report that there is no evidence Anwar had sodomised Saiful. He knows he is going to be made to pay for this but he doesn’t care. He is not going to change his report and say that Anwar sodomised Saiful whatever they do to him. Exasperated, the police had to release Anwar on personal bond or police bail. The doctor refuses to doctor his report and neither does Anwar want to volunteer his new specimen.

    Well, that doctor’s name is Dr Mohamed Osman Abdul Hamid from the Hospital Pusrawi and he has now taken his entire family and has gone into hiding because the police are looking for him and they want him to change his medical report.

    At 2.00pm on 28 June 2008, Mohd Saiful Bukhari Bin Azlan went to see Dr Mohamed Osman to complain about a pain he is suffering in his anus. Saiful told the doctor that he had been assaulted by ‘a very important person’ — meaning, of course, sodomised by Anwar Ibrahim.

    Dr Mohamed Osman examined Saiful but found no evidence that he had been sodomised, either by Anwar Ibrahim or anyone else for that matter. The doctor’s report (which can be viewed below) says that there is zero (0) skin tearing, zero (0) active bleeding, zero (0) traces of pus, etc., which basically means he can’t be suffering from a pain in the anus as what he alleges.

    The doctor’s diagnosis is that he rules out or TRO (to rule out) assault (sodomised). In short: Mohd Saiful Bukhari Bin Azlan is not suffering any pain in the anus and neither was he assaulted or sodomised in the anus.

    Saiful then said he would like to make a police report so Dr Mohamed Osman suggested he go for a second medical examination at a government hospital. Saiful did so and the doctor at the government hospital also came out with the same diagnosis. Nevertheless, Saiful still made his police report at the pondok police in the hospital.

    In spite of the doctors all confirming that Saiful was never sodomised, the police still pursued the case. Anwar Ibrahim was subsequently arrested by about 20 SWAT members in Balaclavas and armed to the teeth in a dramatic movie-style action-packed drama in front of his house after he had confirmed he would be reporting to the police station at 2.00pm as required.

    The police detained Anwar in the lockup until the next morning and even brought him to the hospital for examination and to try to obtain his specimen for what the police say are for purposes of doing a DNA profile. The fact that the police already have Anwar’s DNA profile from 1998, plus the doctors from both hospitals confirm that Saiful was never sodomised, did not seem to matter.

    Clearly the government is attempting to fabricate evidence against Anwar and is trying to indict him on trumped-up charges of sodomy. And who but the slime-ball AG and scumbag IGP, the same two players in the 1998 episode, can be behind this latest travesty of justice.

    The doctor’s report says it very clearly. Saiful was never sodomised, either by Anwar or anyone else. Why is the government still pursuing the case against Anwar? And why are they looking for the doctor who has now gone underground with his whole family?

    Civil society movements, NGOs and the Malaysian Bar Council must not remain silent. The police have already detained the doctor for three days but he still refuses to doctor his medical report. Anwar did not sodomise Saiful and the doctor’s report says it very clearly. And the police also have a copy of this same report that I have published below so they know what I know. And now Malaysians also already know what I and the police know — that Saiful was never sodomised by anyone.


    JMD : Aik? Ada lagi Andipool? Welcome back! 🙂

    Anyway, today, I am more convinced that RPK is a total liar. He is just trying to save his neck. Once you lied, you dig a hole… You have to dig a deeper hole in order to cover up a bigger lie.
    A check at Hospital Pusrawi stated that this so called Dr Mohamed Osman Abdul Hamid does not exist! I called them up and nobody even heard of him. Just go and take a look at their list of doctors here :

    RPK is right when he said people are fabricating evidence. It seems that he is the one doing it.

    Thank you.


  34. JMD,

    I think you are a congenital liar, b’cos u said u checked with Pushrawi, and found there was no such doctor. But the whole world know that that doctor exists. Don’t say RPK is a liar, he is one person who will not publish aritcles without any prove. If only Malaysia Today didnt produce the medical report,
    nobody will know the truth. People like you, lekiu will still want to say that DSAI is a sodomite. I still remember you said pity the boy, he was repeatedly sodomised, he can’t take it and was forced to go to the polis. The irony is , Saiful after the sumpah, said only once it happened and also against his will.
    But the biggest joke is the polis charged DSAI for consensual sodomy. People like you all cant accept reality—Anwar is the leader of the rakyat who is nearing closely to Putrajaya. So naturally Umno and people like you would want to finish off DSAI by hook or by crook.

    JMD : Well then I stand corrected. And I apologise for the mistake. But I DID check Pusrawi website which I am sure you had found that the doctor’s name was not in it. And I DID call the hospital front desk and the girl who answered could not direct me to the said doctor’s clinic.

    But yeah. RPK still does not have proof. Just one medical note. And was he brave enough to confront Shafee after he maliciously accused the lawyer? From his actions, I doubt it.

    As for Saiful’s case, we shall wait for the courts ya? Thank you for visiting my blog time and time again.

    And I do think Anwar will win in PP. But I seriously doubt that he will become the PM this September. The nearest he could be is the parliament in KL, not Putrajaya. Your dream of seeing him becoming the PM will have to wait a tad bit longer. Please read my latest article and the subsequent comments and write ur own opinion about it if you have the time.



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