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I have no comment about Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim

On second thought, I actually do have some.

After reading much news for the past 2 days, I sense there is something wrong somewhere. There is this niggling thought at the back of my mind which I cannot place it. Is it doubt? Is it some kind of fear of the unknown? Is it anger? It might be confusion. Yes, mostly confusion.

But whatever it is, I just want to comment on a few things that troubles me. But I do understand that some of my concerns here will be answered or even be found unjustified with the latest barrage of news in the media pouring in as we speak (or read).

Nevertheless, here they are;

1] As I see it, Anwar would have easily told everyone immediately after the police report was made that he did not do it. As proof, he should just gave an alibi that he was not there as alleged by Saiful Bukhary in the police report. I’m sure if he did not do it, he could have easily produced a damn good alibi and witnesses about his whereabouts to counter the allegations within that report. Bloody easy. No need to create unnecessary fuss by hiding like an escaped convict in a Turkish embassy and let the Turkey Government along with the country’s name to be dragged in the mud. Naturally, Anwar being the ‘Darling of the Western Media’, is due to get enough publicity and adulation which can even rival George W. Bush and Barack Obama;

2] Datin Seri Wan Azizah told the press that the sodomy accuser, Saiful Bukhary was a volunteer who eventually became a special assistant to Anwar. His background was not checked upon joining as a PKR staff. Why is that so? How could he be easily appointed to a position which many would kill for? (LETTER FROM SAIFUL’S UNCLE IS IN THE COMMENT SECTION – time: 16:00);

3] For a person who allegedly told the whole freaking world that he had received death threats as far back since March 2008, he doesn’t seem to be behaving like his life was in danger. In fact, Anwar moved around the country, busy campaigning and meeting the rakyat openly. Even on 14th April, the so called anniversary of ‘Black 14’, he seemed not afraid of any assassination plot. When police wanted to stop his speech midway, he was adamant to carry on. No police reports were made regarding any death threats. Suddenly, as soon as a police report was made against him on Saturday for an alleged sodomy incident, he told everyone that there is a plot to kill him and he fears for his life. To me, this is just a case of diverting attention. But then again, Anwar was really good in tarnishing the country’s image since 1998;

4] Why would Najib (as insinuated by PKR to be the culprit of this incident) would want to produce another report of sodomy on Anwar when only half of the nation would believed it? It’s counter productive and stupid. Using the same old script? Even Najib would know not to do that. And Anwar wasn’t even strong enough to topple the weakened BN government. All signs that there will be defections from the BN reps fizzled out in disappointment. In early April, Raja Petra predicted that on April 18th, something big will going to happen, insinuating a mass defection. But that did not happen. Even the vote of no confidence mooted by SAPP was not taken up by the lethargic Opposition. Even the crossover date of September 16th was highly debatable;

5] Why would Wan Azizah produced old pictures of the accuser with various ministers to the press? What was her motive other than to give hints that the accuser was a mole in PKR and a stooge of BN. Then again, how could PKR be so stupid to let a mole to pass through their ranks and be so close to Anwar in the first place? And, what if somebody showed the press of Saiful Bukhary pictures with Anwar? Wouldn’t that give hints that Saiful was indeed quite close to Anwar? I do not believe there are no pictures taken of Saiful and Anwar during the campaigning period or even after the election. And, importantly, is showing Saiful in a picture with Mustapa Mohamad, Azalina Othman and Shahrir Samad is proof enough that Anwar did not sodomise the boy? Is that all Wan Azizah can muster in his defense?;

6] Another thing that really confused me was Anwar’s statement in Utusan Malaysia and Bernama:

“…bekas Timbalan Perdana Menteri itu mendakwa wujud konspirasi pihak tertentu disebabkan niatnya untuk bertanding pilihan raya kecil yang akan diumumkan dalam minggu ini.”

Why would he want to contest in a state seat by-election? And in Sanglang, Perlis? He wants to be the opposition leader of Perlis State Assembly? Is that his ambition now?  This doesn’t make any sense! Why would the conspirators conspire to make this police report or even assassinate him just to prevent him to contest in Perlis? They can just let him rot in the state assembly and everyone will be happy;

7] I really do not understand why Anwar Ibrahim, upon leaving the Turkish embassy, made self defeating statements such as this (as reported in Bernama);

When asked whether he will cooperate in the police investigation into his aide Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan’s allegations against him, Anwar’s retort was, “What investigations?”.
“I will assist in any inquiries but investigations which are bad in nature like in the past, where there were bad judges, prosecutors, police and witnesses…”

Why did he think so far ahead? It was merely a police report. It’s not even a court case yet. He purposely made himself sounds guilty. But there is a twist; according to him and his supporters, it was a trumped up charge. To me, if you know what you are doing, and you are the one whose telling the truth, you should not be afraid of anything. You should not even be hiding or crying for amnesty from a foreign embassy. Plus, the judiciary now is in good shape these days. You can always count on Zaid Ibrahim to be on your side. And you can get the judges who released you in 2004 to preside over your case. IF there is going to be any case. Why give statements as if you think you are going to be charged at all? You have not been proven guilty yet. Be cool.

8] Days after Pak Lah announced the reforms in the judiciary in April, Wan Azizah was among the first person to say that the judiciary and its independence has been restored. But in her press conference yesterday, she riled and complained that she does not believe the police nor the judiciary and lambasted the government; and

9] Is there now a vacancy in the post of special assistant to Anwar Ibrahim and if yes, can I apply? Do I still be subjected to a background check? How much is the remuneration package and what are the benefits? Is condo Desa Damansara part of the perks?


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  1. “….Do I still be subjected to a background check? How much is the remuneration package and what are the benefits?….”

    “BACKground” check? The answer is YES, the benefit is the sky….!


  2. 🙂 i know rahimi, the boy who recommended saiful to anwar.

    it’s quite common for anwar to recruit student leaders or those interested in politics.

    i think it’s best to wait and see.

    but i agree with you that najib is too smart to use the same ploy twice, if he indeed was responsible the first time.

    JMD : Yes. He does like to nurture them when they are in that impressionable age. Thanks Jed.


  3. Saudara Jebat,

    Saya pun rasa begitu,ada ‘something hidden’ agenda disebalik TRICK Anwar.Dia dan Wan Azizah memang bijak menyediakan skrip dan mengarah drama untuk political survivalnya (refer; to his previous case).Bila dia rasa percaturannya untuk menubuhkan kerajaan pada 16hb sept ini jauh dari menjadi kenyataan,ini saja caranya (huruharakan negara-perhimpunan besar-besaran akan berlaku oleh penyokong taksubnya ,sekiranya kerajaan Pak Lah tidak bijak menanganinya) untuk meraih simpati dan sokongan dari rakyat dan dari bantuan luar negara,tetapi kenapa Turki dan tidak US ya? Sama-sama kita tunggu dan lihat muslihatnya.

    Maaf cuma pendapat peribadi saya,


    • Than again isn’t it insulting the credibility of PDRM. After so many years in UMNO why it took them such a long period, that is 1997 to expose this Anwar. Not that he has just been bitten by Count Dracula and became a homo overnight?????


  4. Running to the embassy seeking asylum when a police report was lodged alleging sodomy was a dead give away on Anwar’s guilt.

    He later claimed that he did so because his life is in danger. The same man who made a clarion call for thousand of people to the street to protest cannot muster a few hundred volunteers to protect him ?

    Trying to reinforce his decision in bunkering in at the Turkish embassy, Anwar claimed that in 1998 he was “assaulted to near death” []. I hardly think a black eye qualify for a near death assault.

    In another report, Anwar was quoted of saying that his reason for going to the Turkish embassy “it’s also for the stability of the nation,” he said, referring to expectations of major protests if he is arrested []. I cannot even begin to decipher what was going through his head when he uttered that nonsense.

    Like you correctly pointed out, Anwar could easily put the matter at rest by coming up with an alibi. From newspaper reports one could easily conclude for the past year or so, Anwar has been busy travelling every where, surely if the matter is not true, someone from his camp can easily vouch for his whereabouts.

    Another mind boggling act was the filing of civil suit against the complainant. From the deriding statements coming from his camp about the judiciary, why resort to to the “corrupted” judiciary to seek remedy ? Sheer hypocrisy.

    Even Suu Kyi wouldn’t dream of seeking refuge at some foreign embassy. She believes in her people despite constant threat by the military junta. Remember how Dick Cheney became the butt of jokes in America when he was later found to be hiding in some bunker after 9/11 ? This wasn’t even close.

    So much faith Anwar has of Malaysians.


  5. agree.

    The government cannot risk another ’98 episode in this current political climate.
    The internal crisis within BN/UMNO makes it unlikely that a political ploy is at play. BN/UMNO is totally uncoordinated to orchestrate such allegations. If there is, then it has to be a bloody good and comprehensive one, complete with hard evidence, actors and extras.

    and to date, what we have is just a piece of police report by a 23 yo.
    that’s all.

    And this alone left anwar scrambled into hiding?

    And his claim of death treat is a total joke.

    If the threat takes place, fingers pointed, then obviously the government will definitely suffer and probably brought down entirely. now thats a no brainer.

    it happened before with the arsenic….


  6. Yo JMD,

    been reading a lot of ur articles lately, this article, this one up here…..i like the last part of it….haha….nice one….steady bro….steady….



  7. JMD, in fact the whole wayang confuses any sensible mind…but isn’t that the nature of Anwar Ibrahim, MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING.


  8. Bro JMD,

    Dats d nature of being famous like Bro AnWar, heheh..wat can I say.. Frm d look of evryting it seems he did it again, ol habits die hard.. he seek refuge in Turkish embassy coz he got scared & panicky..he jst needs to buy time to see wat else does dis bro Saiful had on him..cud he hav a video phone recording.. wat else is written in d police report, many tings suddenly rush to his mind & he tot, better cabut,..heheh..wat can I say..(“,) he had to leave d embassy coz Syed Hamid had stated they will wait 24hrs to decide wat next..bro Anwar knows if he doesn’t leave d embassy he’ll be shamed as d ambassador had admitted dey did not invite bro AnWar but he made an appointment to see d ambassador n mention he feared for his safety, infact he woz at d ambassadors house as a guest n not asylum seeker as projected by PKR..sandiwara dunia lagi le bro.. devil’s advocate..heheh.. my gess is he really buggered d guy wth anger coz d guy is leaving him to plan for a better life i.e getting married n trying to b a pilot…period…jst anothr theory as anyting is possible wth bro AnWar’s political game.. d man of many faces i.e. d devil incarnate himself..(borrowed frm Ian Chin baseless accusation to Tun M).. que sera sera..


    “The masses have never thirsted after truth. Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is always their victim”.
    Gustave Le Bon (1841-1931);”The Crowd”

    “You’re not to be so blind with patriotism that you can’t face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it or says it.”
    ~ Malcolm X


  9. Fuck you. You said that you have no comment on DSAI but yet you elaborate further based on your naive knowledge of the whole issue.

    You sound that you are ever willing to get your backside fuck if the benefit is worth. You must be seasoned in this act, huh.

    JMD : Sorry mate, I had to delete your comment as I have certain unspoken rules about this.


  10. Nice one, JMD!

    You always put so succinctly the thoughts that play in the minds of most reflective people.

    Another point to ponder is how… 1) the rapid surfacing of circumstantial evidences that point to whatever direction this ugly thing is meant to point, and 2) the incongruity of all the reactions of the principles in the triggering event… smack of the MO of most ploys planned and carried out by operatives schooled with a certain mindset [think 0911, for instance].

    The main trademark of their fingers is that whole thing of creating an “offensive” situation out of the blue. It would be a victimization of some sort that would make it ok for them to retaliate with preemptive “defensive” reactions against any “foe” of their choice, regardless of culpability.

    Being too clever by half and thus quite unable to hide the condescension they feel for those they seek to manipulate, they tend to overkill and/or jump the gun a tad.

    I doubt if any sodomy happened this time, but that doesn’t rule out some people with shared objectives (in this tri-cornered tussle for power) doing all manner of unholy contortions.

    I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that the old maxim still hold sway over human conditions, the one that I’d paraphrase in Malay as “tupai, bila perasan diri ligat, kekadang macam tak ingat kuasa graviti”. 😀

    JMD : Mekyam, thanks for the comment. You added some food for thought indeed. Just updated my article by the way. Interesting times eh?


  11. What “alibi” are you guys talking about? The accuser didn’t even cite the date or time of the alleged crime, only the place. It was very general accusation sorely lacking in details.

    JMD : The accuser did state a date in his report. Please refer to for the copy of the detailed report. FYI, the date stated in the report for the alleged sodomy was 26 June 2008.

    DSAI could have easily tell everyone that he was not at the venue on that day and he has witnesses to confirm it. Correct?


  12. again, i think there are 2 things happening here.

    1. If anwar really do it, then we all know what’s going to happen

    2. if indeed this is a ploy, then SOMETHING BIG IS REALLY going underneath the media/bloggers/public radar using this diverting tactic.. eg.. KJ is campaigning vigorously. or telekom utara skandal. or whatever…

    but personally i chose no. (1).


  13. Assumptions and speculations and more speculations. We do not know the dialogue traspired between Anwar and the authorities but what we know is this is a case involving a high profile figure which shouldn’t be treated and speculated as the common cases involving normal rakyat only. This is something like the Norita case or the Altantuya case or the Rahim Tambi Chik case which can be phone called, twisted and bended and erased and re constructed etc. This is Malaysia, a land of opportunities where everything is possible and political hands reach deep even into our football teams and suraus. A country where you can accuse someone of sodomy at Tivoli Villa even on dates when the place is still under construction.
    Seeing this is actually possible, our ambitious glamour chap probably wishes to make it into the headlines and create a political future by making this police report possibly with the encouragement of some low level UMNO leaders while Pak Lah is sleeping. I don’t believe the top leadership is this stupid to resort to this messy method but who knows maybe they think this is clever. I mean there are already people saying that this might be true based on the argument that these people can’t be that stupid or that desperate or that dry so it must be true. So perhaps if we want to convince people on something, it can be a good idea to do stupid things.
    Why on earth did Anwar rushed to the Turkish embassy for sanctuary? If I had been bashed up before by the authorities while in custody, I’d probably rushed to my mom’s house too. That isn’t hard to figure out.
    Every sane Malaysian know it’s not smart to mess up with Rosmah or Sultan Johor regardless whose fault it is. And if you have lost your sanity for a split second and actually messed up hair for example, what sort of procedure do you think you will go through?
    Did Anwar sodomize the glamour seeking chap? Entah lah but I don’t think so. I’d rather believe DSAI rather than a glamour crazy kid. What we should think of is from this evet who will benefit and how? It’s politics isn’t it?
    What should I be aware of? Is this merely some distraction phase for something bigger at the next level of the game? It’s power play isn’t it?

    JMD : But why did Anwar did not reveal any alibis? Just tell the people that he was somewhere else on Thursday (when the alleged incident happened) and he has witnesses to confirm it. That would be the end of this so called ‘glamour crazed’ kid’s accusations. Wouldn’t it? He is acting like he is guilty. That is the reason for this article.


  14. hello jebat.
    i think the post of special assistant to Anwar Ibrahim is vacant!
    Maybe we all can go and apply for it. But are u willing to be subjected to future-sodomy cases and face the never-ending drama in PKR? the remuneration package and benefits should be very interesting though… maybe you can also get petrol discounts.


  15. bila anwar buat macam ni, US tegur, Pak Lah kecut ataupun melawan, either way Pak Lah akan kalah dengan desakan US. Pas tu kena la buat sesuatu supaya US suka, masukan proksi kat Petronas ke atau proksi US dalam kabinet. Lepas tu habis la malaysia.
    objektif dah ada, agak agak camne methodology/SWAT anaylsis digunakan US untuk mengambil kesempatan peristiwa ni?
    theori bodoh aku je…


  16. Jika ada pelakon terbaik di Malaysia ini, tentunya Anwar Ibrahimlah orangnya.

    Orang seperti Anwar ni dari zaman studentnya hinggalah hari ini tidak ada kerja lain selain daripada menimbulkan masalah.

    Perlakuannya yang suka menghasut dan menimbulkan kekacauan sesungguhnya melambangkan ketidaksesuaian budaya yang harus dicontohi oleh sesiapa pun. Saya yakin tanpa Anwar sekalipun, Malaysia tetap mampu terus maju, mungkin lebih hebat .

    Anwar adalah sebenarnya alat atau kambing hitam kepada orang-orang politik dan individu yang anti kerajaan mahupun individu tertentu. Anwar adalah platform untuk meluahkan ketidakpuasan hati.

    Sedar dan insaflah, kita sudah ada banyak masalah dengan kepincangan kepimpinan PakLah dan ditambah dengan iklim ekonomi yang tidak menyenangkan semua.

    Insaflah, cukuplah Anwar! dengan segala masalah yang anda dah timbulkan. Janganlah sentiasa menangguk diair keruh. Jadilah warganegara yang lebih bertanggung jawab!!

    Adalah lebih malang lagi apabila anak dan isteri terus diseret dalam kemelut yang tak habis-habis. Bilakah Anwar dan keluarga ingin merasai kehidupan yang bahagia serta singkat ini?>


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  18. Abad ke 21 ini memungkinkan kita mencari dan menemui apa sahaja maklumat yang tidak mungkin kita dapat sebelumnya. Sama ada maklumat itu benar atau tidak, yang pasti segala maklumat yang diperolehi mendorong kita untuk berfikir dua kali.

    Begitu juga halnya dengan maklumat tentang Anwar Ibrahim. Terlalu banyak kemungkinan, dan terlalu banyak isu yang kita tidak boleh tolak bulat-bulat.

    Konspirasi atau tidak, rakyat tidak boleh terus dihasut dan dibohongi

    JMD : Setuju.


  19. Dear JMD,

    I normally refrain from ‘thinking out loud’ but I must say that at this point in time, I find it absolutely strange that all of a sudden there’s yet another allegation – on the same distasteful subject and the same person’s behaviour. What’s even worse is the almost immediate barrage of responses that do not quite add up from the ‘de facto leader’ in question, both disclaiming his guilt to such an accusation and claiming that it is somehow another conspiracy and the ruling party’s attempt at ‘political murder’. It will be a long, long time before anyone finds the truth, if ever.


  20. JMD, your “no comment” speaks louder then your comment lah…

    You also noticed this? “Kami menerima maklumat daripada beberapa sumber termasuk dari Unit Perisikan sebuah negara jiran yang memaklumkan kepada kami ada cubaan untuk membunuh DSAI di mana beberapa orang pembunuh upahan (hired killer) telah dibawa masuk baru-baru ini.” – Zulkifili Nordin, 30/6/2008 – took this from rocky’s bru.

    It sort of confirmed a lot of rumours. His “alleged” tendency to sodomize should be the least of our concern. His “alleged” relationship with our “neighbour” and not with the 23-year old boy should send shivers down your spine. Its not just about the possibility of one boy being rear-ended but the possibility of 20 million malaysian getting screwed.

    JMD : How many people do they need to take down DSAI? ‘Beberapa orang pembunuh upahan’? Sounds like a Hollywood movie to me. And why on earth would a foreign govt (most probably Singapore) would have a vested interest in DSAI? And to top it all, DSAI is friendly towards the espionage unit of that country??? Why didn’t he make a police report when he was in the govt back then about these purported assassination attempts? Could Zulkifli Nordin lied as well?


  21. Bro JMD,

    Quoting you : ‘JMD : But why did Anwar did not reveal any alibis? Just tell the people that he was somewhere else on Thursday (when the alleged incident happened) and he has witnesses …..’

    I have already touched on that in the first paragraph “We do not know the dialogue traspired between Anwar and the authorities but what we know is this is a case involving a high profile figure …..”

    Just to add, I believe in the Malaysian judiciary system but only for normal cases for normal people, among and between normal people.

    JMD : Thank you for your comment. The police has not met DSAI for this allegations yet. Thankfully, Anwar in his latest statement stated that he will cooperate. But I still wished DSAI had told the public about his innocence by stating his alibi before berating to the world about conspiracies and death threats. If he had done so (making public about his alibi), I’m quite inclined to believe that he was innocent and there won’t be so much confusion and public distress. Anyway, nothing can be done about it now. The damage has been done. He created further tension and the public is restless, and so many rumours running about. Which is not good. He should have end this once and for all and this boy could have been exposed as a fraud so much sooner.


  22. I doubt it that our neighbours’ intelligence services would provide information to AI. Despite the political bickering with our neighbours, the intelligence agencies cooperate with one another very well.

    Even if such information was leaked to AI, what benefit does the foreign intelligence agency gain ? How credible can such information be ? For all you know such “leak” is in fact misleading information intending to cause confusion and disruption.


  23. Jebat, i paste here my writings at anwar ibrahim blog. Hope this will clear every body doubts. Still under police investigation. I can just reveal my feelings and thought. Insyaallah, me and my family will do a PC soon. Tolong jangan beremosi, saya tahu, seluruh negara sedang menghadapi saat yang sukar ditambahi pula dengan isu yang terbaru ini. Tetapi kenyataan itu adalah selalunya ubat yang paling pahit untuk ditelan…

    Jul 1st, 2008 at 2:58 pm
    Assalamu’alaikum w.b.t. dan salam sejahtera.
    Saya ialah salah seorang dari ahli keluarga Saiful, bapa saudaranya sebelah emak.
    Sebagai permulaan, saya bersumpah dengan nama ALLAH, bahawasanya, Saiful dengan penuh kerelaan dan kesedaran serta dalam waras telah pergi ke HKL secara bersendiri ditemani oleh seorang pakciknya. Tanpa dipaksa atau dipengaruhi oleh mana2 pihak.
    Nak percaya boleh tak nak pun takper.
    Kami sudah beritahu padanya what are the consequences and implication if he proceed to file this case.
    Least i can say is he told us ” I’ve got nothing to gain but alot to lose uncle, but in the name of ALLAH, I do this for the sake of this country, keluar dan beritahu kepada orang ramai apa yang telah berlaku. I sacrifice myself in this course.”
    Actually, Saiful mengaku dia hampir-hampir hendak membunuh dirinya sendiri sebab tak sanggup untuk meneruskan hidup dalam penipuan, yang mana dia tahu secara jelas dan nyata perangai busok Anwar yang sebenar adalah benar belaka sebagaimana di tohmah. Feel betrayed, malu yang amat sangat, marah, sedih bercampur baur.
    Keadaannya seperti ditelan mati emak diluah mati bapak. Namun, demi kerana Allah dan negara tercinta, dia kata dia sanggup berkorban walaupun aibnya juga akan jadik tontonan dan paparan manusia. Walaupun kehilangan habuan dunia. Baginya, dia sudah menjalankan tugasnya sebagai hamba allah, dia tidak berhutang apa-apa penjelasan dengan manusia ramai.
    Andaikata kalau tewas dimahkamah dunia,kami yakin dengan keyakinan haqqul hakiki bahawa di yaumil kiamah nanti kita akan dapat pengadilan dari yang maha Adil.!!
    Tuan2, just imagine macamana punya hancur berkecai hati saya bila Saiful buat pengakuan ini!!! Ya Allah, tolong kejutkan aku dari mimpi ini!! Seriously, begitulah perasaan saya pada waktu itu. Mana taknya, saya selalu minta saiful jaga keselamatan dsai.
    Give him some extra precautions. Musuh sedang menunggu silap shj. To me dsai is like a shining star that is going to be the greatest statesman of this nation..! Dialah yang akan menyatukan semua bangsa dalam ertikata yang sebenarnya…dan berbagai macam lagi perasaan dan harapan terhadap dsai. Tiba-tiba anak sedara yang kita dok bangga2kan nie, yang bekerja rapat dengan this towering figure nie,tengah buat nation building orang kata….dari mulut anak sedara kita sendiri menyatakan apa yang selama ini saya sangkal dan bangkang habis-habisan!!!…telah berlaku dan dilakukan kes naya nie terhadap anak sedara kita sendiri!!!!
    Bagaimana untuk saya respons????
    Disatu pihak anak muda yang saya kenal sedari lahir hingga dewasa. Yang kita tahu buruk dan baiknya. Apa makanan kegemarannya, sapa kawan2nya…yang biasa kita kendong dan dodoikan tatkala dari bayi lagi..!
    Disatu pihak lagi satu tokoh pemimpin yang kita kagumi dan sentiasa mengikuti setiap perkembangannya, tulisan2nya, idea2nya, ceramah2 dan keberaniannya dalam menegakkan Hak rakyat dan orang2 yang tertindas?!! If you guys is in my place who would you choose??! And what is to believe???
    Logically, living by today standards, Saiful orang paling bodoh sekali..! Anwar dah hampir2 menduduki kerusi PM…Saiful ialah setiausaha sulitnya. Bagi orang yang tahu bagaimana berpengaruhnya kalau jadik SS ni kepada tokoh sebesar cam Anwar nie….gila ke hapa nak gi report kes salah laku boss kau…?!
    Kau buang satu peluang keemasan yang saya rasa ramai yang “mendendami” kedudukan itu. Kuasa, pengaruh, gelaran dan berbagai macam kemudahan terhampar didepan mata kau, engkau nak buang gitu ajer…hanya kerana nak buat tohmahan dan dakwaan palsu terhadap boss kau ni??! Where’s the logic behind this!!!??

    Unless, perkara yang berlaku adalah benar-benar berlaku. Secara jujur saya percaya Saiful berani kerana dia benar….and we as family just advised him to go to HKL seek for forensic service and of course, in order to get that service, it is a must to make a polis report. Kami minta penyiasatan ini dilakukan secara sulit supaya pihak2 yang terlibat (Saiful dan DSAI) tidak diasak oleh public dan media. Tapi ntah macamana, cerita dah bocor…kawan saya kata diorang dapat sms lebih kurang jam 8 malam….Kami dah cemas campur geram, sebab takut kalau2 berlaku kejadian2 yang tidak diingini. Kami meminta pihak polis menjaga keselamatan Saiful agar dia tidak di apa-apakan. Iyalah, anything can happen in this time and moment.

    Sedikit fakta diri dan keluarga saya. Semenjak sekolah menengah lagi, dr persatuan pelajar islam sampailah waktu bujang2, ikut perkembangan anwar dengan penuh semangat! Anwar masuk umno, aku masuk umno, anwar kena penjara, aku keluar umno.
    Even, mak saya di johor tu, yang hardcore umno tupun, bole goyang pendiriannya terhadap umno kalau berdebat dengan saya dan adik-beradik saya, yang rata2 sokong pembangkang… Anwarpun ingat siapa arwah mak Saiful bekas pelajar yayasan anda…Saiful bercerita dengan rasa bangga bila dia kata dsai boleh ingat siapa arwah emaknya bila dia mention tentangnya depan anwar.

    DSAI, tuan tahu, kita boleh berbohong seluruh alam tapi makhluk yang satu itu tidak boleh dibohongi iaitu diri kita sendiri.Kebenaran dari Allah itu pasti datang menjengah kita.
    Hati saya sudah hancur berkecai, ditambahkan lagi, anak saudara sedarah sedaging…anak yang aruah emaknya amanahkan pada kami untuk menjaganya bila beliau “pergi”, terlibat secara langsung dalam terbongkarnya kes ini. Kami tidak beroleh apa2 keuntungan pun akibat isu ini. Tapi demi kerana membela penganiayaan yg berlaku kepada saudara kami, keputusan yang amat pahit dan berat terpaksa kami putuskan.



    JMD : For readers to ponder.


  24. What’s with the dissing of the accuser as “glamour boy” ?

    One has to be seriously disturbed to think that the accuser can obtain “glamour” by making serious accusation about AI’s character. What do you think the accuser expect to obtain by making wild allegation ? Book deals ? Product endorsement ?

    I know quite a lot of folks out there who hero worship AI, but a little skepticism is quite healthy you know.


  25. Agreed JMD. But that’s what politicians do. Make good use of any arrising opportunity or mistake done by the opponent. Bringing it to the international attention will grant him immunity. Even if someone assasinate him now, it’ll only make him a legendary hero so no one will unless… of course we never run short of idiots.


  26. Senang ke nak rogol budak umur 23 yang sihat dan kuat. Kalau dengan rela hati saya boleh percaya. Tak lojik. Saya percaya ini adalah permulaan suatu episod baru untuk menghapuskan karier politik anwar ibrahim.

    JMD : There is this thing called the power of persuasion. Bukan senang nak menolak ajakkan seorang boss.

    Tetapi ya, mungkin memang ada propaganda untuk menjatuhkannya.


  27. ayah ngah,
    Saya sendiri berfikiran begitu pertama kali saiful ceritakan pada saya. Saya tergamam buat beberapa ketika….tidak percaya tu lebih tinggi dari percaya. Saya buat soal selidik dan kaji sendiri menurut sedikit ilmu yang ada. Apa yang membimbangkan pada saat itu saya pasti saiful akan membunuh dirinya, itu pendapat peribadi saya.
    Berat bahu memandang, berat lagi bahu memikul ayah ngah.
    Jika ambil logik akal, mustahil budak muda mcm dia tak boleh melawan org tua berumur seusia AI.
    Saya tak boleh reveal in detail, walaupun hati ini menggelitik geram nak ceritakan hakikat sebenar…atas nasihat keluarga dan rakan, saya perlu pekakkan telinga. Inipun saya menulis meluahkan perasaanpun tidak berapa disenangi oleh beberapa pihak ahli keluarga kami. Insyaallah, diizinkan tuhan, kita boleh sambung sembang nie. Hanya permintaan saya, khasnya pada sesama Islam, berhati-hati dengan tuduhan dan tohmahan walau pada Saiful mahupun pada AI. Dalam kita berteori, kena hati2, takut terpalit dosa yang tidak disangka. Kita tunggu hasil siasatan polis. Saya redha dengan ketentuan illahi. At the moment, the damage is already done.


  28. This discussion is getting more interesting with the participation of Lok7. The letter must have travelled far and wide into many blog sites and is still travelling. Many will believe and touched by the content, some will refrain from commenting further out of respect and sympathy to the family while some others will question the very well written smooth flow of the letter. I wonder who authored it and how many are involved in answering queries pertaining to the letter.
    What’s the strength of the psywarfare team assigned to handle this issue? Is this a sign that contrary to my previous belief, the government is actually recklesly directly involved in the case?

    JMD : Well maybe the well written and smooth flow of the letter is because the person is good in his English and is closely involve with the subject matter at hand. When you are closely connected to the source, of course the letter would sound realistic. Must Saiful’s uncle not be fluent in English? That’s my theory anyway. There will always be more than 1 story of the same issue here. People should give some benefit of the doubt over DSAI’s version too because a lot of people out there are giving this family some doubts as well. DSAI wanted to gain sympathy with his calls of death threats past predicaments. This family wanted some sympathy for their apparent plight. So which one would you believe? Maybe the people who are so critical of this family can just dissect the letter line by line and prove to everyone else that the letter is a fraud. Just like how this article tried to dissect DSAI and his wife’s actions and reactions.

    Thank you and good night.


  29. I wasn’t talking about the fluency. It’s the method of description and the construction of the sentences. Never mind.
    Also there is nothing to be proved. Not for either party. The necessity was not even there. The objective is just to cast doubt over someone’s credibility.

    JMD : Okay I’m not trying to defend somebody I do not know, but you thought his uncle could not have known how to describe or construct a thought into sentences? Do you personally know the man? He is not fluent in English is he?

    Yes. It does not reveal anything because he was not the main party affected. He was merely saying the situation they are all in. At least he has the right to tell it as he saw fit. Anwar had his opportunity via press conference and the media. So should them. In the mean time, we shall wait for the outcome of the police investigation.


  30. While I find your points interesting I still don’t understand how a 60 year old man was able to overpower and sodomise a strapping 23 year old man. Also from the police report it would seem that this had happened on more than one occasion (“the last time being 26 June 2008” – according to the report). Why did Saiful not report this earlier and remove himself from the source rather than staying and taking it up the butt …hehehe…? Guess we will only know more conclusively after the results of the hospital investigation and DNA test arte made known. But I agree with you that AI should just come out and state his alibi and provide his witnesses. I am getting rather fatigued by the whole thing and suggest we all stop speculating.

    JMD : Please refer to the replies in the commentary box. Yes, I am also feeling exhausted from reading all the news. 🙂


  31. Yes Lok7 has added additional demension on the whole issue of Anwar Bin Ibrahim. His writing from his own personal accounts provide the credibility that this whole thing need.

    Personally, the decision to go and stay for about 36 hours in the Turkish based on whatever reason is not a smart move on Anwar part. This was made worse when the PKR machinery said that he might be seeking a political asylum because his life might be in danger as there is a plot to assasinate Anwar.

    Then there was a defamation suit filed against the young man who alleged that he was sodomised by Anwar. After that, Anwar himself filed a police report against the IGP and AG alleging them to have “cooked” iup evidence during the trial of Anwar against the then IGM Tan Sri Rahim.

    All of these charades are just what is needed to put unnecessary pressure on the police in handling the delicate issue. It can be seen as a smokescreen to discredit the findings of the police report made by Saiful.

    What are we to expect if, after a thorough and fair investigation and the police concluded that the report by Saiful is true? What will happen if Anwar were to be arrested and charged to have commit sodomy against Saiful? Are we going to see the repeat of the street demonstration and the cry for Reformasi? Will this attract foreign powers and interests to “invade” the country?

    At the end of the day, when the dust settled, whatever the findings of the sodomy investigation, all of us will be the losers.


  32. Interesting take from Lok7.

    We should all refrain from making personal comments on this matter and let the police conduct the investigations.

    Now, this just came across my mind.

    About the death threat!

    which I thought previously highly unlikely

    just a theory

    Maybe the death threat could be true after all….

    It’s not coming from Anwars opponents.

    Yes, those AH LONGs from the CIA / USA.

    A lot of resources has been spent promoting Anwar.

    That’s why he quickly dodge.

    Maybe he knew the police report will screw him this time.

    And the CIA too knew it will screw him.

    All their investment in Anwar will go down the drain.

    says CIA : So PLAN B now,

    assassinate Anwar!

    This will backfire BN. All fingers will be pointing to BN/UMNO

    All Malaysian will be outraged and reject BN

    PR wins next election. Wan Azizah become PM. Puppet PM

    says CIA : Works everytime!!

    Just like in Pakistan (Bhuto) and Philippine ( Aquino)

    Whaddaya think????

    JMD : To assassinate their own ‘Darling’? Really? Sounds really far fetched but it’s not improbable. I just do not want to speculate anymore… tidur lagi baik! 🙂


  33. JMD,

    I have just one word… SARUMAN!

    [Notice how fast Mordor came out wagging its menacing index in the face of tiny MalayShire not to dare plan any harm to Sharkey? Jumping the gun again, eh?]


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  35. oh i have to add a footnote!

    the evil tokdalang’s spare is not wanzizah, it’s the menantugah. so in all the excitement, don’t forget to keep an eye on menantugah. his moves could be revealing.

    poor malaysia! almost makes one feels like lying in a fetal position until the inevitable end.


  36. Hi There

    I have been following the episode of Anwar and the sodomy accusation and the comments from fellow bloggers about how Anwar reacted and how he should have instead reacted over the last accusation was insightful and some points quite valid.
    All said, the medical examination report on Saiful will at least set the stage to where it will lead.
    Personally I don’t think it will be anything as clear as a photo snap shot caught in the act kind of outcome.
    What they hope to obtain are evidence that are found inside Saiful. Materials like stains, hair and etc found on bed does not prove someone had committed the act of sodomy as a bed is a bed for sleeping and many things happens while sleeping producing the same materials. Unless you can obtain materials without the slightest bit of doubt such as specifically 2 different body fluids found mixed from one source that will be quite conclusive.
    See what the medical report says, but doubt it will be solid without a doubt.

    JMD : Of course. Your point is valid too. I’m guessing the methodology that will be used in this case will not differ much with any normal rape cases. Which by the way, rapists are often found guilty only based on circumstancial evidence you mentioned above. Thank you.


  37. to pak ngah and pak andak and whoever is questioning whether a 60 y.o. man can ‘forced’ a 23 y.o man to have anal sex. Lets be clear about sodomy as a crime in the Penal Code 1st:

    – section 377A Penal Code refers to it as carnal intercourse against the order of nature – backdoor as opposed to front door;
    – whoever ‘voluntarily’ commits sodomy is guilty, the ‘voluntary’ part here refers to the accused/introducer of the penis into the anal of someone else (pembuat);
    – ‘force’ is NOT an element to be proven;
    – penetration needs to be proved.

    Berdasarkan perkara di atas, tidak perlu dibuktikan ada paksaan untuk perbuatan liwat menjadi satu kesalahan.

    Be that as it may, ‘force’ is also subjective. Just because a person didn’t put up a fight, it does not mean that he/she consented to being sodomised. SUBMISSION IS NOT CONSENT. You may submit because of threat, being under the influence of the perpetrator, drugged, insane, mentally handicapped etc.. etc..


  38. Hubungan sulit Norliza dengan Anwar Ibrahim menambah satu lagi koleksi salah laku seks Anwar dan menjadikan saya terlalu sukar untuk tidak mempercayai bahawa DSAI terlibat dalam salah laku seks. Dan beberpa kes lagi yang belum disebut.

    Kita lupakan sahajalah DSAI ini. Masakan kita nak terus menyusahkan kepala otak kita dengan orang semacam ini. Akhirnya nanti kita tidak ada kerja lain . Elok kita habiskan masa membangunkan negara daripada memikirkan soal DSAI. Saya rasa ramai lagi orang-orang hebat diluar sana. Hanya sifatnya tin yang berisi bunyinya tidak kuat tetapi memberi manfaat pada ramai.

    Lok 7, saya berdoa agar apa yang saudara tulis itu lahir dari rasa insaf dan kesedaran menegakkan kebenaran. InsyaAllah saya akan menyokong pada apa sahaja kebenaran. Harap saudara sekeluarga bersabar menghadapi pancaroba ini.


  39. Anwar is no ordinary person, especially not after what the courts has done to turn his last verdict around. Circumstantial evidence will be labled as another conspiracy, too weak and likely brush off as evidence planted by his enemies.
    They can’t nail him to a crime with the same kind of circumstantial evidence that the courts has turn that verdict around.
    Really even the judges wouldn’t sit comfortably presiding over this allegation unless proven without a doubt. Imagine even Saiful if truly a victim is even now brandish and scorned as a traitor and liar and what not.
    Just my thoughts.
    Thanks for the follow-up.


  40. Poor Anwar! so desperate to be a PM, membujur lalu melintang patah. Today, US warn Malaysia to follow the process of law and not politics, ref to Anwar’s sodomy case. What vested interest US has over Anwar? Is US funded Anwar? Is US funded PKR? If yes, do we want our future PM to be in the pocket of US Senate? Is CIA involved here? or even Mossad?

    Taubat lah Anwar! Umur dah 60….


  41. To readers,
    Hidup ibarat sungai yg mengalir, ada sampah busuk yang datang dan pergi. Just let it go. Tak payah dok pikiaq sapa salah ka, sapa betui ka, biaq pihak berkuasa siasat. Apa nak jadi kat negara kita ni terutamanya bangsa kita. Tak dak ka cerita yang berfaedah selain kes ni. Ish.. ish.. manusia.. manusia.. suka tambah dosa. Benda tak tau hujung pangkal dah nak buat andaian. Kalau betui kita sula depa.


  42. “Why Anwar hide in the embassy? Why not just show his alibi, if he is innocent?”

    Last time he was arrested, the police beat him up. Would you trust them if they had beaten you up b4? (JMD : But he still trust them when he made numerous police reports before)

    JMD : Dear Abang Daud,

    In 1998, Anwar was arrested not because of a police report was made against him. The police report on sodomy was made in 1997. He was arrested on 20th September 1998 because he incited riots in KL. Don’t you remember the mass rally in Dataran Merdeka and the destruction of public property by the protesters? Due to that, he was arrested using the ISA.

    Your notion that he hid in the foreign embassy because he was afraid police will beat him up even though he claim was innocent (of sodomy) was wrong. In 1998, he WAS the mastermind for inciting public riot and the decision of the police to arrest him was correct. No? Furthermore, the commonwealth games was just around the corner back then. The government would not want any of its citizens to tarnish the image of the country. But Anwar was adamant in tarnishing the country’s image. To him, he comes first.

    It was unfortunate that he was beaten up by TS Rahim Noor back then. But to say that he hid because he was afraid police will arrest him and beat him up just because somebody filed a police report on charges of sodomy is dead wrong. Agree?

    Therefore, your assumptions above to me, is wrong. But it’s okay. A lot of Anwar’s loyalist had history all wrong in the first place. They whould just believe whatever being spoonfed to them by the party propaganda machine without even rechecking the historical facts. I’m amazed even now, Anwar has plans to rally the people to support his selfish agenda. Just be quiet and cooperate with the police over the investigations. Why so stubborn? Does he want to repeat history? Maybe he does. I think he would want police to arrest him for causing public unrest. Then, all attention will be shifted to his ‘unfair arrest’ and not to the sodomy charges.

    The big question still left unanswered by you and by Anwar himself is, the absence of his alibi. He had a lot of opportunity to disclose it to the media. But to this date, he did not. Does he have any?

    But rest assured Abang Daud, if, and only if Anwar was eventually arrested for whatever the reason may be and he is beaten up in the police lockup, I would be among the first to cry foul over the mistreatment he received by the police. I am sure the police had learned their lesson from the 1998 incident and will not let the same ‘black eye’ drama to ever happen again.

    Thanks for commenting.


  43. I’m late to the party again, but as can be seen what’s missing from all the comments is the ‘Altantuya factor’. If something as sinister as that could happen in Malaysia – C4, immigration records wiped off then anything else could also happen. It just goes to show how powerful certain people are. And with only 3 suspects, I believe if there is even one person who could take orders from higher up to carry out such a gruesome task, surely there are more out there that are still in service.

    It sounded like a Tom Clancy novel, but it actually took place on our soil.

    JMD : May I suggest you browse at

    It’s a good portal with up to date news on any blog postings.



  44. ‘Mereka merancang dan Allah merancang,dan Allah lah sebaik-baik perancang”

    “They plan and Allah plans,Allah makes the best plans of all plans”

    Wahai saudaraku sekalian,menarik sungguh perbincangan korang ni!Aku nak join tak pandai nak cakap,sebab pengetahuan aku terlalu cetek dlm soal ni…aku peratiiiiiikan jeeee…..!tapi aku nak share sikit..aku ada terbaca..baru-baru ni. “JANGANLAH KAMU BERADA DIDALAM KEREDAAN MANUSIA YANG BANYAK,TETAPI SEBENARNYA KAMU DIDALAM KEMURKAAN ALLAH! “CARILAH KEREDAAN ALLAH,WALAUPUN KAMU BERADA DIDALAM KEMURKAAN MANUSIA YANG TIDAK BERKUASA” ALLAHUSSAMAD

    Kepada LOK7,renungkanlah kenapa Allah memilih keluarga kamu berada didalam situasi INI!Dipilihnya anak yatim yang tiada kasih sayang dari ibubapa! Renungkan………?Jawapannya……Tanya pada ALLAH.Caranya…buat istikharah.


  45. Pertama ; saya melihat kematangan dalam berhujjah di dlm blog ini i.e tiada maki hamun dan menghina peribadi.

    Saya di dalam lingkungan mereka @reformasi, tetapi tidak pernah berjaya ditawan minda oleh DSAI. Saya mudah tertarik/terbabit walaupun dengan hanya satu alasan@ketidak adilan apabila diarahkan meninggalkan kediaman dan dipotong bekalan air (betul?) ketika dipecat Sept 98.

    Perlu diketahui, istilah provokasi ‘bapa anjing’ yang dilemparkan dan cabaran untuk membuka uniform dan bertanding secara politik kepada Rahim Noor menyebabkan dia hilang pertimbangan sehinggakan dia hilang jawatan, satu lagi ‘kejayaan’ Anwar. Anwar bernasib baik kerana penumbuk KPN hanya melebamkan matanya sahaja. Hari ini dia masih berusaha membawa orang lain untuk tenggelam bersama sama dengannya, walaupun kes KPN vs TPM sudah lama selesai dengan ‘kerugian yang besar’

    Bagi saya siapa pun saiful, kawan atau musuh, umpan atau rakan, gila atau waras … bukan menjadi perkara utama, tetapi ‘penetration’ yang menjadi tumpuan utama! sesuai dengan kehendak Sek 377 A of the Penal Code. Saya sangat berharap mangsa berjaya membawa bukti sejelas kes Chua …

    Di mana saya boleh mengetahui siapa pemilik apartment Desa Damasara tersebut?

    Saya yakin TDM dan Ezzam punya bukti (saksi/maklumat) yang akan didedahkan pada satu ketika yang sesuai kelak ..

    Tertarik dengan apa yang saya baca di


  46. Even, if it is true that DSAI did, so what !!! Still want to be under BN.
    We dont want BN anymore because their are blood suckers.They dont care about the Rakyat. We all should screw PM,DPM, KJ AND Clonies.
    DSAI, we support you.

    Peoples power is the ultimate, Remember you BN Moorons.

    JMD : So basically, you do not care if he commits sodomy because what’s important to you is that he must become the PM. Okay then. Thank you for sharing.

    P.S.: A question. What if he sodomizes someone dear to you? Would you still support him?


  47. just some words for everyone who passes by here:
    DSAI has his own way of doing things… and he is best at what his doing now. It’s either you fight or you let him win:
    If you fight: See how far he goes and this is the only that his weakness could be revealed.
    If you let him win: He’ll become worST than what he already is.

    p/s: “The Truth is Out There” but someone has to bring in out


  48. Thanks for the Malaysiakita link JMD. Will bookmark it.

    Tom Clancy eat your heart out. With the latest expose, I wonder if Hollywood studios have come calling to buy up the movie rights. Scriptwriters, here’s your golden opportunity to cast Malaysia into the global stage, through a summer blockbuster no less puzzling than a Brown, filled with heated court scenes like Grisham and action packed espionage ala Clancy.


  49. Sodomy is an act that we all know including myself if polled, a general concesus of shun.
    It is considered “less popular” amongst many other unnatural sexual behaviour. The people who enjoys that act of anal penetration ( 2 parties involved here) is something very personal. Period.
    What bothers me is the development from Saiful meeting Najib and the worst and not settled in my mind is the mongolian murder case. If what that is claim is true, than that of Anwar’s case is harder to proof than Nijib claims that he never never saw or know this murdered victim.
    The biggest loser here i say is NAJIB and nail him Anwar will almost be certain to have his day as dominant partie in the next election.
    How that can be done is simple, seriously simple if what is said is true about his “connection with the mongolian victim”.
    Just produce a picture of him with his buddy and the lady and you have him nailed. If he has been with them in Singapore in a jewel exhibition, in Paris , etc produce a picture that shows he was there be it a party picture or anything that can cast doubt about his claims that he never never never seen this girl and he instantly becomes politically irrelevant.
    Anwar is onto something and i tell you he has lots of supporters there and quietly and surely they are jumping a sinking ship. Don’t be surprised when your shipping seems to be tilting oddly, most would consider switchig sides jumping ship and most people would abandone and some others would do the additional by peace making offering and revealing info benefitting their new master for their personal well being. Watch as the scales starts tilting towards Anwar, many more surprises will unfold from people who has long been waiting for this moment to say every dog has his day with very old knives to grind.
    Just my thoughts.
    BTW ; Emergency unrest, the “MAPD” police seems to be the cause acting and commenting that stirs many unnecessary public uproar starting from Anwars black eye and now the threat of State of Emergency calling.

    JMD : Well I guess with the latest development, it’s a double blow for DSAI since Bala retracted his SD and Rafidah Aziz retains her Parliamentary seat.

    Why did Bala say he was under duress when he first made the SD? Was he forced? By whom? In what way?

    And which other parliamentary seat will Anwar go next? Bear in mind, that last weekend he claimed that the sodomy charges against him was to derail his announcement to contest for a by election (which I still believe was just a poor excuse to divert attention). In the end, it was just another red herring.

    Speaking of sodomy charges, we know now that he admit to frequent the desa damansara condo. But I think by now, he would have created (bribe more likely) a few witnesses to colllaborate on an alibi.

    We shall see how the plot thickens this weekend and things will start to unravel by end of next week.


  50. a hypothetical question

    Assume if Saiful literally didn’t know who his perpetrator was and 4 men were ushered by the police into a room where only Saiful can see,

    Anwar, Mahathir, Najib and Badawi.

    who do you think would likely be fingered ? 🙂

    JMD : All 3 of them 🙂


  51. aye so now how ? he retracts everything that he had said including another anal thingy again, like someone has pointed a gun to his forehead or his family is threaten.

    JMD : Really? Have you ever thought that probably it was DSAI who forced him to lie and make a damning statutory declaration in the first place? That was why Najib hold a press conference immediately yesterday claiming it was a lie. Even the hearsay were lies! Probably after 24 hours and seeing the effect of his action, Bala finally told the truth?

    Impossible Anwar can’t protect his key players in this power grabbing game. He has all the backing in the world.. including from the US. He could have taken Bala to the Turkish Embassy for protection but he failed to foresee that Bala could make a u-turn and forsake all the promised bribery coz he had regain his conscience.

    Well that was my hypothesis anyway. Pardon my ramblings. 🙂 Have a good weekend!


  52. nah. no man in his position for all that he had said would make a u-turn this quick just because his conscience got the better of him, nope too quick and too soon. Even if he had wanted to, the Id wouldn’t be able to overcome the ego and the super ego this quick.
    You have a nice weekend.


  53. Thanks for the refresher on why Anwar was arrested in ’98.

    It does give credence to the theory that Anwar’s run with his pants down at his ankle to the Turkish Embassy shows tacit admission of guilt.

    It becomes a bit interesting now that the military intelligence chief denies that a report on Altantuya exist. Although such denial would not be deemed credible in the eyes of Anwarists. A need for SD by the Chief perhaps ?

    I am of the opinion that Bala’s first SD is quite interesting in a stupid Anwar way. There was a declaration by Bala that seem to say that Najib has had anal intercourse with Altantuya. For an SD intended to link Najib to Altantuya, suddenly, in one short paragraph, Altantuya’s alleged sexual predilection comes to the fore.

    It does show the desperation that Anwar is under. Anwar is probably saying through Bala, Najib is doing it through the back door as well, why pick on me alone ?

    And somewhere in the SD, Bala alleged that Altantuya is Najib’s girlfriend and that Razak Baginda was charged with taking care of her. Somewhere towards the end of the SD and in a noble gesture, Razak Baginda and Altantuya decided to marry.

    The need to create invisible dots to link Najib and Altantuya seemed never ending in the SD. Anyone who has ever left a woman scorned would know that a woman left high and dry would eventually run back to the bast+#@ who left her.

    Even if it is true that Altantuya was Najib’s ex, surely Altantuya would be crying out and seek Najib for help given the scenario that Najib and Altantuya was alleged to have the most intimate of relatonship.

    In a worst case scenario, Altantuya could easily hold a press conference and allege all sort of stuff against Najib. Why take the difficult route of screaming and shouting in front of Razak Baginda’s house ? For the simple reason that Razak Baginda and Altantuya were husband and wife. Najib is a non issue.

    The new revelation that Altantuya is demanding commission from the arms deal is also a desperate attempt to link the poor murdered woman to Najib.

    As was stated in the SD, Altantuya and Razak Baginda were married. The poor woman wanted the husband to be responsible. She may have wanted financial support from her husband but I doubt it would run to hundred of millions from the arms deal.

    It is interesting to note that Anwar has so much hatred towards Najib. Anwar reckons that Najib doesn’t deserve to be Prime Minister in Waiting and that such coveted title belong to him. Anwar’s incessant need to soil Najib’s image seemed bordering paranoia.

    In these sordid episode, Badawi seem to be laughing at the sidelines while mud is thrown at one another from his 2 most formidable challengers, Najib and Anwar.

    In all these fight, I miss the absence of Tun Mahathir. In ’98 it was easier. I was rooting for the obvious choice, Tun as opposed to Anwar. The protagonist stood up clear. Now, there are no protagonist. What is obvious the face of evil is very much pronounced.

    This reminds me of a lesson I learned after reading Milton’s Paradise Lost. Some wise old man once told me that evil is seductive. Which is why Adam despite being in the presence of God was beguilled by Satan into eating the forbidden fruit.

    That said and done, it is hard for most Malaysians to believe that Anwar who peppers his speech with injunctions from the Quran could be involved in a sordid tale of sexual impropriety.

    Perhaps it is true after all when Harper Lee wrote in a classic book that “Sometimes the Bible in the hand one man is worse than a whiskey bottle in the hand of another”

    JMD : A really good analytical review of the SD. Should be highly noted by the public. Thank you. I also like to point out that while PAk Lah can belaughing watching those two battle out each other, he forgot to see the ramifications of this to the Umno party. He should not have left Najib high and dry. To me, any mudslinging towards Najib is also an affront towards the image of Umno as a whole. Pak Lah and KJ failed to realize this.


  54. Aku harap SAIFUL BUKHARI menerima pandangan dan cadangan dari pelbagai pihak untuk melakukan sumpah laknat dgn nama Allah sekiranya dakwaannya adalah fitnah ( memfitnah anwar )Allah akan menlaknat dia. So kita tengok anwar berani ke tidak?kita semua tak tahu apa yang sebenarnya berlaku antara mereka berdua..tapi aku yakin ‘sesuatu telah berlaku’ kepada Saiful!!???Konspirasi kerajaan?aku rasa tak mungkin..takkan kerajaan sebodoh itu nak jatuhkan anwar dgn cara yang sama 10 tahun dulu..itu maknanya kerajaan m’sia minta ditertawakan oleh dunia!PERSOALAN…???SIAPA YANG KELUARKAN ANWAR DARI PENJARA SEBELUM PILIHANRAYA???KENAPA SEBELUM PILIHANRAYA???KEDUA…SAIFUL BARU BUAT LAPORAN…ANWAR DAH KEPANASAN,LARI KE KEDUTAAN TURKI!!???KALAU TAK BUAT APA PASAL MENGGELACAT.Aku ni sekolah tak tinggi…tapi sebagai rakyat malaysia yg berada didalam kegelapan dapat melihat tindak tanduk anwar memberi tahu dirinya yang sebenar.Saiful dan keluarganya aku tengok relax far yang kita semua dapat berita dan cerita suara hati dari uncle dia LOK7 dan (utusan malaysia 3July 08).Tiada langsung cemuhan atau penghinaan terhadap sesiapa pun..Walau pun berjuta rakyat sedang marah pada Saiful..korang perasan tak!?aku tengok air wajah tenang je … walau pun sorang diri tak ditemani sesiapa ke balai polis brickfield.Tak macam anwar..mana pergi perlukan ribuan manusia yang tak’ berkuasa’ untuk menyokong dia!syabas anwar teruskan lakonan anda sebab Allah Bersama Dengan orang2 Yang Benar!Jelas dan nyata Saiful tidak memerlukan makhluk yang tidak berkuasa cukup baginya ‘ALLAHUAKBAR’ GOD IS THE GREAT ABOVE ALL POWERS!


  55. An afterthought.

    The Govt of Malaysia signed an agreement with the French to buy 2 Scorpene boats in 2002. As early as October 2001 a decision has been made by the Malaysian Govermment to purchase the boatswhich was a blow to the Dutch who wanted to sell their Zwaardvis Class.

    According to Bala’s SD, Razak Baginda was supposedly introduced to Altantuyaa in Singapore at a diamond exhibition. The premiere diamond exhibition in Singapore is the Singapore International Jewellery Exhibition which began in 2005.

    Altantuyaa was born in 1978. Altantuya only moved to Hong Kong in 2005 to further her career (some say as an escort). Prior to that date she was married and had a child as late as in 2003.

    It brings to mind several issues :-

    1. Bala alleged that a commission of 500 Million was due to Altantuya. If Malaysia had signed an agreement with the French in 2002 for the purchase of the boats, wouldnt the commission mean that Altantuya was involved in the negotiation for the boats in 2000-2002 ? She was 22 in the year 2000. If it is true that Najib agreed for a commission due to her, which means Najib would have to have a seriously intimate relation with her for about a few years. Give and take 2-3 years, she was 19-20 years old when she started dating Najib? Does it make sense that Najib in his need to impress a girl promise her 500 million ? She was 19-20, a 10,000 cash money would be enough !

    We all know that in this kind of arms deal, there would be one local company who actively pursue the Malaysian Government and lobbied hard for the Malaysian Government to purchase the boats. Had it been true that Altantuyaa is involved, wouldnt it been easier to structure the deal in a way that Altantuyaa sits as a proxy in the local company ?

    2. Bala also alleged that Najib introduced Altantuyaa to Razak at a diamond exhibition in Singapore. The biggest expo of that nature in Singapore only started in 2005. Razak Baginda and Altantuyaa were married sometime in 2005. If one assumes that Najib and Altantuyaa have had an affair since 1998, it doesnt make sense for Altantuyaa to agree to marry Razak Baginda after a short introduction now does it ?

    3. Again we go back to the theory that Altantuyaa was part of the negotiating party in the sale of the boats to Malaysia, if that was true and that Najib has had an affair with the Mongolian since way back in the late 90s, why did she remarry with a Mongolian and had a second child in 2003 ? Wouldnt it be more acceptable if she squeezed Najib for a few thousand dollars and remain in France ? A much more nicer place to live than Mongolia especially to a young impressionable girl in her early 20s ?

    4. Why the need for her to become an escort if she was dating Najib and presumably after the Agreement to purchase the subs in 2002 was concluded, money would have been disbursed to all interested parties.

    5. Why didnt she kick up a ruckus after the deal was signed and she was never paid ? If the reports are true, she part timed as an escort in 2005 in HK. She needed money, she could have yelled and screamed way back then and yet no such hysterical act.

    6. Why only after the marriage to Razak Baginda in 2005 did she rightfully searched for Razak for money ? It would make more sense if she chased Najib for the commission ?

    All I am saying is, the poor murdered woman who turned her back on her 20 over years of faith, embraced a new religion, changed her name and married Razak. She came down to KL presumably wanting Razak to be financially supportive as any husband should be.

    It wasnt about commission. It was about Razak’s failure to financially provide as a husband.

    8. Doesnt an inquiring mind ask a valid question, what benefit does Najib has in murdering Altantuya ? If we take Bala’s allegation at face value that Najib had asked Razak to take care of Altantuyaa, I doubt marriage is something Najib had in mind. Had it been true that Razak was suppose to care for Altantuyaa and isntead enamoured as it would seem, Razak married her, Najib would have kidnapped Razak and strapped a C4 on Razak instead of Altantuyaa.

    In ’98 Anwar had all sorts of conspiracy, blaming everyone from Tun to Daim. For a brief time, Anwar had massive ego complex that he paralled his fate to that of Napoleon Bonaparte when he claimed that there was a plan to poison him with arsenic.

    The arsenic didnt kill him, but it does affect his thought process. He has a heightened sense of paranioa. Much like some schizophrenic, he feels that there is a conspiracy to bring him down.

    What little function his brain could perform, he fail to understand that it is he himself who has an inclination to self-sabotage.

    In an age where conspiracy theories thrive, Anwar has a ready listeners in the thousands to subscribe to his paranioa.

    Sometime, it is the simple explanation that is more credible than the outlandish theories which is spun out there.

    As a famous scientist, Enrico Fermi, once concluded…. if there are alien civilisations out there, where are they and why havent they contacted us ?

    But we all love X Files, ET and the like dont we ?

    And as they say, there is a sucker born every minute or is it every day ? Hmm

    JMD : Brilliant afterthought Lekiu. Permission to post this as my next posting. Thanks mate.


  56. Hi JMD!

    Sharing with you two things staring at me (and probably at others too):

    1) I read that Saiful, the “coffeeboy” who was meteorically promoted without any background check to AI’s “special assistant” also accompanied AI on several trips abroad in the months he was volunteering pre sodomy report.

    Upon being questioned abt this by the media(?), AI’s response was, his aides took turns to accompany him. However, the other names he rattled off as also chosen in turn were identified as trusted aides, not simply an unpaid volunteer and one known to be a planted mole (if we’re to believe the claims of AI’s wife and PR-machinery).

    2) One has to wonder if both Bala’s SD1 and SD2 and his disappearance aren’t all concocted by the same source.

    Consider this…

    Bala was supposed to make SD2 with several retractions AFTER seeing the police. This was based on the report by Americk, his former lawyer, who said that while with him Bala was called on the phone by an ASP who wanted to meet him to talk about the SD over fishhead curry and that he dropped Bala at the police station where the ASP worked. The next thing he knew, the next day Bala had engaged another lawyer and made a second SD.

    Now, while it appears to be true that Bala make the retraction after leaving a police station, it is still not clear if his visit to the police station in the first place was actually in response to an official summons or if that police station was just a point of rendezvous with an ASP buddy, as yet unnamed.

    If the latter, then it would be just a clever smokescreen to make it appear that SD2 was made less than 24 hrs after a brush with the police. It shouldn’t be too difficult for Bala, a police vet of 17 yrs to pull that one off eh?

    In case everyone hasn’t noticed, rather than negate the contents of SD1, SD2 actually underscores all the crucial points of SD1.

    Then voilà, Bala disappears. Extremely cunning and très très slick!

    In the jargon of both chess-players and barbeque chefs, Najib has been checked with a fork and he looks pretty much done.


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  58. Hi.


    1. Bala is not close at all to either Razak or Najib. Hardly a loyal friend or aide. He was just hired for that particular time.

    2. For this reason, very unlikely for Razak to reveal all the “juicy” details to Bala. Especially Malaysia’s no.2 “sex life”.

    3. Razak probably has a lot of interest with Najib, so he must be very careful with what goes out.

    4. Bala is paid by Razak, so Razak does not have to justify to Bala by revealing all these “details” in order for Bala to perform his task.

    5. So realistically, it’s unlikely that Razak should reveal anything to Bala which he “just hired”.

    6. Looking at the details “revealed by Razak to Bala” , these details then conveniently “confirmed” by Altantuya in the details “revealed by Altantuya to Bala”.

    7. Its a big mystery to what entails as commission payable to Altantuya on the military procurement. No explanation of her role to deserve the the large amount of money. Her background does not suggest having prior involvement in such deals.

    8. The Altantuya case happened in 2006 and from the first SD, it appears that Bala knew a lot of crucial details implicating Najib.

    9. QUESTION: Shouldn’t Bala life been in danger ever since Altantuya was murdered.? Since he too knew all the details and basically a serious risk to Razak and Najib if all the details in the first SD are true? He should have been hiding all this while…

    10. Now comes the 2nd SD which retracts the juicy details of the 1st SD. And only now he’s in hiding.!!!

    11. If 1st SD is true, Bala should be in hiding since 2006.

    12. Even, hypothetically, Razak and Najib assured his safety by making Bala promised / declared not to reveal the “details as in 1st SD”, and maybe by paying him a large sum of money, would Najib able to sleep at night? Bala can just, from time to time, ask Razak or Najib to top up his bank account.

    13. If the above is true, should it be more convenient for whomever that killed Altantuya, might as well kill Bala in one go.? No more risk.

    14. So now, whom is Bala hiding from? after releasing the 2nd SD.

    15. Najib is unlikely, otherwise he would have been hiding since 2006.

    16. I’m pretty sure Bala is not hiding in the Turkish embassy.


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  60. when i was in high school, (boy school) 20 years ago, i discover that some of the seniors and juniors have this some sort of ‘relationship’. they called themselves pet brother. it has brought to my attention that most of the juniors who are made ‘pet borthers’ or ADIK angkat by their seniors is those type which is fresh, new, raw and ‘jambu’, if you know what i mean. we had a few occassions where some of these couple is caught red handed doing STUFF. their relationship is sort of rivalry. some seniors would protect from other rival seniors from taking away their lovely juniors. they would write love letters to each other and will mostly be seen together in school. it is very odd cause most people in our school would rather stick with their own group of the same age or perhaps 1 or 2 years older. but its not the case with this ‘couple’

    when anwar ibrahim was fired by tun dr M, it was a few days later when we learn about sukma darmawans sasmidtat madja. when ask by the media, anwar claim that sukma is his pet brother, which he has kept in his house for about 14 years. we all know that anwar has no relationship with sukma. sukma is an immigrant from indonesia, he is a nobody. but then i learn that sukma is anwar pet brother and also he owns a boutique un KL hilton. now we all know that anwar has a lovely wife and children, he have a very senior post in the government, he is 50 years old (at that time). my question is, why is he keeping sukma in his house for years and claim that he is his pet brother? isnt that odd? and if some of you seen sukma in the news, he is like a fag. have you seen lim kit siang, harun din, karpal singh, nik aziz, nasarudin mat isa, ali rustam or any 50 year old senior government officer/politician keep pet brother in their house?

    but that does not end there. anwar is connected not only to sukma, but also..

    mior abdul razak – fesyen designer and tailor to wan azizah
    azizan – family driver
    hairany muhd nafees – anwar speech writer
    ismail harun – sukma friend.
    munawar anees – anwar aide.
    and now .. saiful buhari – anwar special assistant.

    i would like to ask this question to all the rakyat. who is the person above is NOT connected to anwar? if you look properly, none of the above is being pickup in random from god knows where, and then make them say THEY themselves is being sodomized by mr anwar. is it a really a magical coincidence that all the above is known to anwar in some way, and all of them accused their own self being sodomize? isnt that odd?

    before i end, i would like to comment on pak andak claim that tivoli villa was not even constructed when the alleged date the sodomy happen. my dear pak andak, that was what is claim by anwar lawyer, but the truth is, they just merely say it without providing any blue print of tivoli villa completion in the court. unfortunately, many of anwar supporters took this as the absolute truth.

    JMD : An interesting way of looking at the same issue from another perspective. Thank you.


  61. JMD,

    Just want to contribute a real fact ( from your writing I believe that you deal with facts).

    Strata title for tivolli villa issued on 27/2/1998.

    I think that should be quite some time after vacant possession given and occupations by owner/ tenants.

    Hope this helps to clear some confusions.

    JMD : Thanks for this valuable info. Just to let you know, I bought my condo in 1997. Occupied in 1998 and the strata title was only issued out in 2007.

    It is as it is.

    Another issue I like to point out which may or may not be relevant to this matter;

    My friend brought her foreign spouse into Malaysia 3 months ago. When he was about to obtain a visa last week for her (not sure what visa – probably work or whatever) and had to request for her immigration records from the immigration, the pathetic immigration office couldn’t find her entry records! True story.

    It is as it is.

    Thanks Su. By the way, I’m off for a long weekend. See you next week! 🙂


  62. JMD,

    Is it’s true that the CONDO where saiful claimed he was sodomize by DSAI belongs to KETUA BAHAGIAN / CAWANGAN PAS EN.HASSANNUDDIN..?and he is a good friend to DSAI!! Anybody who got this info please share..!!??



  63. Saya ini sebenarnya teman rapat Saiful Bukhari. Mulanya saya takut hendak membocorkan perkara ini tetapi takutkan bala ALLAH swt, jadi saya membongkarnya kat blog ini. Sebenarnya Saiful tak di liwat oleh DSAI tetapi di beri ganjaran oleh Datuk Sri Najib dan Khairy untuk menghalang Anuar daripada berkuasa. Bayangkanlah kalau Anuar berkuasa sudah tentu menteri-menteri yang dek makan rasuah selama ini akan terbongkar. Demi menjaga ini berlaku bak kata perpatah melayu “alang-alang menyeluk perkasam biarlah sampai ke pangkal lengan”. Jadi selaku teman Saiful rasanya saya tak ingin hendak bersubahat dalam hal ini.

    Saya takut bala ALLAH. Jadi adalah lebih baik saya bongkarkan asalkan hati saya senang dan tenang.Ini kerana setiap hari diri saya di hantui merasa berdosa menyimpan perkara ini.Kini saya berasa lega memberitahu apa yang saya alami dan simpan selama ini. Saya bukan nak cari publisiti tetapi membongkarkan kebenaran. Terpulanglah jika pembaca blog percaya atau tidak sama ada saya ini adalah sahabat Saiful atau tidak. Tetapi ini adalah kenyataannya yang membuatkan orang merasa nak mati percaya.

    Saya ini bukan penyokong kepada DSAI kerana saya tidak ingin hendak ambik tahu tentang hal-hal politik. Kini saya berasa sangat tenang perkara ini saya khabarkan kebenaranya. Kepada sahabatku Saiful maafkan aku kerana membongkarkan hal ini. Rahsia ini tak mungkin dapat ku simpan selamanya kerana rahsia inilah membuatkan hidup aku tak merasa tenteram. Aku takut untuk bersubahat demi menyimpan rahsia ini kerana kita dah menganiaya umat kita sendiri demi kepentingan orang lain. Kepada sahabatku Saiful Bukhari sebagai teman aku harap kau jangan melakukan dosa besar. Jangan kau libatkan diri ke kancah durjana kalangan orang-orang politik.

    Sekian wassalam…

    JMD : Nak tahu kenapa saya rasa kamu menipu? Sebab sampai sekarang, setelah 3 minggu selepas saiful bukhari membuat repot polis, kamu masih tak membongkar perkara ini kepada umum. Mengapa tak buat report polis? Mengapa tak menelefon TV3? Kalau betul tak mau menanggung dosa dan tak mau hidup tak tenteram, sepatutnya kamu buatlah perkara yang yang betul iaitu, mendedahkan perkara ini.

    Oleh itu, tak payah lah nak buat buat cerita hanya sekadar nak mensensasikan perkara ini. Blog ini tak akan melayan lagi tulisan pembohong seperti ini. Setakat kononnya hendak membongkar perkara seserius ini sambil berlindung disebalik penyamaran seumpama ini, baik kamu buat perkara2 yang lebih berfaedah sedikit. Terima kasih.


  64. Evidence: Remember ENRON, how the directors and the auditors shred the evidence? If it weren’t for the 2 whistleblowers, and the LAW that PROTECTED the whistleblowers, Enron would still be around and Arthur Anderson would still be one of the Big 5 audit firms.

    Why did Anwar, RPK and Wan Azizah have to resort to games of cat and mouse?

    Malaysia is a cowboy town. Lawless. The sheriffs are corrupted, judges are puppets to UMNO and under payroll of prominent businessmen, GLCs are merely designed for the livelihood of UMNOputeras not for the miskin rakyat (and MPs are still hung up about PSD scholarships quotas, no wonder the national football team is ranked bottom).

    So why was Bala forced to delete all references to Najib in his SD? Najib has no alibi to prove his innocence? If Anwar must produce his alibi, so must Najib.

    My opinion is Najib may like young or underaged girls, learnt from his colleague Thamby Chik, for they are gullible and naive, and yes satisfied with RM10k or so. Perhaps he learnt the hard way that Malay young girls are not as demanding as Mongolian young things (Many Malaysian and Singaporean men can testify to being cheated by dragon ladies).

    I think Anwar & RPK did the right thing to sensationalise and publicise his arrests, because the Malaysian authorities and courts are expected to turn a blind eye, and treat the opinions of international scrutiny more than we the rakyat miskin. I think if he is detained again, the police would not just box him, he may just “commit suicide” in his cell, and all the police and coroner would report the same. Or better still, died of heart attack.

    Can someone show me the police report made by Saiful the poor sodomy victim? The 1st, original police report? The one done after he has been brutally sodomised, then speed dial Najib who was so free to counsel him, and only AFTER THAT went to the police and hospital? Or did I get my sequence wrong?

    Who’s to say that there has been no changes to the original report, maybe it has been changed 10 times? Like Bala’s police statement, Bala’s SD? Maybe Saiful’s sodomy counsellor Najib would know…

    Frankly, just give me a PM who does not hold the Quran in one hand and screw the public with the other. Give me a government who is transparent and ethical. I’m not voting for a religious govt, just one that perform their duties ethically. If this happens in Japan or UK, the PM would resign straight away. Malaysia, the follower of American cowboy rule. I think Clint Eastwood may be a better PM…

    JMD : Oh my God your comments are filled with unwarranted speculation (police will kill Anwar in custody, Najib likes underaged girls) , unreasonable wishes (wanting to see the police report? Go to the police station la and ask them!) and personal opinions which lacks factual evidence (how on earth did you derive the assumption that Najib forced Bala to delete the references?).

    I am tired to read these kind of comments. Maybe you should put this comment of yours in Malaysia-Today. That is a more credible blogsite don’t you think?

    Anyway, thanks for reading my blog. I appreciate that. At least I struck a nerve.


  65. You are confused because for a while Anwar was able to convince you. But pre concieved ideas had runn against you… is the letter from Saiful’s Uncle really FROM SAIFUL’S Uncle? You are even confused against ther truth!!

    JMD : I never said the letter was genuine. I ask the readers to just ponder on it. But how sure are you that it was not genuine?


  66. Dear JMD

    It has been a long time since I visited your blog. I was at TUN’s blog when I read your comment. You may notice now it is full of Anuar supporters commenting. I dont know how this has evolved. I came to your blog hoping I dont read any more of their ranting. But they are also here! However you defended your position extremely well. By the way thank you for reminding me of 1998 incident. You were right . Anwar was brought in for inciting riot in KL and not for sodomy. If you read their comments it was because of sodomy case. Many Ministers advised Anuar not to incite people to riot, but he did’t care. He continued to instigate. Can you imagine 67,000 ( an estimate figures) of them rioting and getting out of control in KL, burning, looting and destroying properties. I believed there were thousand upon thousand of legal guns owner in KL. IF something went drastically wrong many of these rioters would be dead before the police could intervene. I salute Tan Sri Rahim Nor for doing his job well. He should be proud of what he did, preventing the huge demonstration. As for Anuar’s purple eye, well..


    JMD : Thank you. There is certainly a concerted effort in flooding with comments from Anwaritas. God knows how many were rejected due to their vile and foul languages. Of late, Dr Mahathir’s articles had becoming more and more sought after by the media. Every article he wrote would be published by them without failed. And this hurt the Anwaritas’ movement especially when it is concerning DSAI. Plus, his blog now had been accessed nearly 4 million times since its inception in May 2008. I was a fan of Malaysia-Today at one time but I stopped reading it for the past couple of months ago since RPK made an about turn of not venturing into politics. The minute RPK started making his SD and poking his nose wrongly over matter which does not concern him and only based on hearsay, I lost interest in him. Playing politics and character assasination is not supposed to be the ethical conduct of a supposedly ‘fair and impartial’ writer.


  67. It’s 1998 all over again. And Malaysians are going to be treated to another round of sordid details of sexual acts allegedly committed by Anwar Ibrahim.

    The question here is actually who is behind the allegation? There are several points for us to ponder. As a Malaysian I too want answers. The police must be fair and professional and must not take sides. They must investigate and bring whoever is responsible to book.

    The question that is begging to be answered is

    1. Is the government behind it or is Anwar behind it.

    2. If they are not then who?

    3. If the allegations are true than Anwar has to pay the price and all his followers and supporters must accept that as a fact.

    4. If the allegations are not true and if it is found that Anwar had masterminded the plot to discredit the government to achieve his ambition than he has to pay. If the government is involved than vote them out.

    We are fed up with the entire antics-taking place at the rakyat’s expense. There are many things that are too similar to the 1998 incident. The first is the sodomy allegation. Then Anwar claimed someone was trying to kill him through arsenic poisoning.

    Today he is repeating the same thing. Someone is trying to kill him and that was why he sought refuge at the Turkish embassy. Now lets ponder this point. He was never poisoned in 1998 or 1999 as proven in court.

    What is he taking about? He has been traveling round the country and abroad before and after the general elections freely without any danger. Now all of a sudden someone is trying to kill him.

    Come on now! I am not a great fan of the government or Anwar’s. But at least I have the brains to ask these questions before throwing my support to any one of them. The way things are heading we will be seeing street demonstrations, riots and other ugly scenes.

    Do we want that to happen? Please for GOD sake let the police investigate and get to the bottom of the matter. Peace Lover.


  68. My deep symphaty to LOK7 & Family…(Could be best script writer..another conspiracy…drama)

    To JMD, your statements is ‘A1’ grade…but so sad u still ‘jahil’ like other people..

    I know your who you are…know your true colour…so please ‘SHUT UP!!’

    Jebat must die?? Hang Tuah also must die…The ‘zalim’ sultan also must die…

    in the end…the one and only live…ALLAH SWT

    JMD : So? What is the point of your comment? I fail to see any. You should lace it with some substantive facts so I can comprehensively reply to it. Thank you for the kind words. Glad I struck a nerve, eh?


  69. If Lok7 berani sangat…ceritakanlah semuanya kepada pihak penyiasatan polis terhadap tuduhan liwat itu…tak payah la nak konon-konon berlakon dalam blog ni cakap tak sanggup la…itu la..ini la…

    you kan dah ramai supporter dalm ni…kat luar pun ramai yang menyokong si saiful tu…atas nama kebenaran dan keadilan…saya minta lok7 buat pengakuan bersumpah…tapi jangan tarik balik plak…muahahahah…

    to JMD, one word….’WHATEVER’


  70. Ass’kum dan salam sejahtera semua!UMNOJB…Kenapa beremosi?Jangan buat malu orang Johor beb!Marah sangat ke tak dapat tengok harga minyak turun 50 sen?Setelah baca komen kau aku rasa kau ni orang yg beragama Islam betul tak?Dah berapa kali mohon petunjuk dr Allah Yang Maha Berkuasa(Solat Hajat & Istikharah) sebelum membuat apa2 kenyataan!? Setahu aku orang2 kat johor tu tak kira apa bangsa dan agama pun dah boleh agak akan kebenaran Kes Ini.Aku sendiri pada mulanya tak percaya pada awalnya tapi setelah dibuat kaji selidik secara lahiriah dan yang paling berkesan BERSERAH KEPADA ALLAH AKAN HAL INI…PETUNJUK DATANG SEDIKIT DEMI SEDIKIT..semakin lama semakin jelas.Soalan saya..Kenapa Saiful begitu berani bila2 masa sahaja dia sanggup bersumpah laknat keatas dirinya seandainya dakwaannya keatas anwar adalah fitnah!Tapi kenapa anwar berdolak dalik bila diajak bersumpah?Jawab saudara UNMOJB JANGAN TAK JAWAB!Blog JMD ni tak macam blog anwar…banyak yang aku tulis dia org tak keluarkan!maknanya dia orang penakut!sebab dia orang tahu jawapan yg sebenarnya.Memang benar hanya Allah<Saiful dan anwar sahaja yg tahu apa yg sebenarnya berlaku!tapi kita ni ada akal gunakanlah,jangan petik cerita dari warong kopi kaji betul betul dari segala segi baru buat kenyataan yang bernas.Kau tak boleh baca ke gelagat si anwar tu mengelacat tak tentu arah bila Saiful buat laporan!Habis satu dunia dia godak!Kalau tak buat ‘ perkara ‘ tu relaxlah apa yg nak ditakutkan..betultak?Seronok rasanya kalau dapat bertemu empat mata dengan kau ni banyak benda kita boleh bincangkan/bertukar-tukar pendapat.Aku tak menyebelahi sesiapa tapi berlandaskan kata-kata,gerak laku/gelagat individu kita dah boleh faham akan ceritanya.Katakanlah kamu berada ditempat Saiful / Lok7 atau keluarganya..apa tindakan kamu bila menerima ujian sebegini?Pernah difikirkan tak?Saudara lelaki kamu datang kepada kamu dan memberitahu kpd kamu dia di LIWAT oleh anwar ibrahim?????AMACAM?…APA NAK BUAT?APA TINDAKAN SETERUSNYA?Memang mudah kita menghukum org lain sebab belum kene batang hidung sendiri.TEMAN SETIA hentikanlah pembohongan kau tu tak baik dik berdosa.Adik sanggup bersumpah di khalayak ramai,disaksikan oleh barisan para ulama yang cerita dan dakwaan adik ni BENAR???Kalau benar maka silakan buat laporan polis dan tak perlu takut sebab negara kita ni ada undang2.Tengok saja kes Saiful dan anwar ni,Saiful tak takut apa pun dan anwar yg di tuduh dapat pembelaan yg sewajarnya!Nak juga aku tengok muka kawan baik Saiful ni.Agaknya bila nak buat laporan polis tu?BERANI KERANA BENAR!Itulah yang kita lihat keadaannya sekarang dalam kes ini.InsyaAllah Allah akan perlihatkan KebesaranNya kepada kita semua yg berada didalam kegelapan.Amin


    JMD : Thank you.


  71. To MAKLB = Ibarat anjing menyalak bukit…bukit tak runtuh…suara pulak yang hilang…

    Tak payah la nak jadi ‘online lawyer’ or ‘judge’ plak…betulkan diri sendiri dulu baru sibuk hal orang lain..

    Attn: DSAI baru balik JB & Batu Pahat…sudah nampak gelombang rakyat akan mara…YES!!!


    JMD : All these like minded commentaries are making this blog closer like Malaysia-Today; which I am not approve of.


  72. I agree with you JMD,kesian budak-budak ni tak ada tempat nak lepaskan perasaan agaknya!Bagaimana pemimpinnya begitulah pengikutnya!

    May God Bless You All!Amin


  73. huhu..gaduh punye gaduh punye gaduh…kitorang gelak ramai2…
    lu orang majoriti punye kaum pun xbley damai walau 1 saat.
    mesti mau gaduh sama lu orang punya kulit.
    gua?hahaha..gua gelak sampai pengsan sama kawan2 gua.
    hari2 main judi dan kalah tapi duit tak habis2…pasai apa?..
    pasai kitorang tak gaduh2 sama kitorang…we help each other like a brother la!lu orang apa bikin? orang lain punye masalah,lu orang yg mau bising ka?..
    itu pasai jalan banyak jam bila ada accident…accident sebelah kanan,tapi jam sebelah kiri…hahaha..melayu mudah lupa…tapi gua dan kawan2 takkan lupa..
    walau kami beli rumah mahal seploh ribu,tapi bangsa kita tak merempat ooo..

    yang ikhlas,
    ah long bukit beruntung

    JMD : Thank you for the reminder. That is why there is a greater need for the Malays to unite now. So that you will not laugh at them in the future. Thank you again.


  74. aSSalammualaikum…

    Saya di sini sebagai rakyat malaysia yang prihatin mengenai apa yang berlaku sekarang. Ingin saya ingatkn wahai manusia semua (tak kira; melayu, cina dan india..sama2 manusia) yang ada akal fikiran yang dikurniakn Tuhan. Secara fakta, (orang putih)..diorang ckp orang2 Malaysia terutamanya Melayu mempunyai otak2 yang “fresh”. Kenapa boleh “fresh”?? Haha.. “Fresh” sbb, jarang guna, or dgn kata lainnya..”tak banyak guna akal”.. Eh3 kawan2..saya seru, kenapa jadi macam ni?? Salah satu sebab kenapa “OTAK KITA GAGAL BERFUNGSI” atau pun dengan kata lainnya “TIDAK DIGUNAKAN”.. simple je, orang putih memang dah lama rancang melatih sifat malas dekat diri kita. MELALUI APA?? ..melalui HIBURAN!!??..(sbb itu ISLAM ada meletakkan syariat utk HIBURAN niii…saya tak nk sentuh isu2 agama..bahaya..) apabila kita dah berhibur, BADAN jadi PENAT..bila badan jadi PENAT, otak pun SHUTDOWN ar! hehe..macam itulah! kalau nk sangkal? sangkal laaaa.. sebab saya tak kisah..

    So, kesimpulannya dalam perkara ni kita hendaklah melihat “liwat” yang terjadi (iaitu KES yang didakwa) dari segi zahirnya dengan AKAL! ..bukannya dengan PERASAAN hati yang berGELORA BAK OMBAK TSUNAMI..kan?? bagi yang ISLAM..banyak2lah berSABAR dan hanya padaNYA kita berserah segala-galanya(selepas berusaha). Namun AWAS! usaha tanpa DOA adalah sia-sia. Undang-undang Malaysia, boleh pakai… boleh je nk guna..tetapi setakat mana?? AKAL kita boleh capai(undang-undang ..fikir-fikirkan lah.. Allah itu AKALNYA TIDAK(UNLIMITED) TERHAD..dan MENJANGKAU SEGALA-GALANYA(peringatan buat diri saya dan saudara-saudara se-islam)..hukum(undang-undang Allah(Hudud) itu lebih berkesan, sesungguhnya Allah telah berfirman “..Aku mengetahui lebih daripada apa yang kamu(manusia) ketahui(fikir)..”

    Jika Saiful benar : Mungkin melalui pengadilan Undang-undang Malaysia. Dia dapat kemukakan bukti-bukti, contoh : pita rakaman(video, CCTV) dll..

    Jika Saiful tidak benar : Mungkin melalui proses undang-undang syariah islam. Dapatkah dia kemukakan 3 lagi saksi? yg mengikut lunas-lunas rukun tertib saksi? =)

    Saya tidak memihak mana-mana pihak. Cuma yang ingin disampaikan kebenaran WAJIB!! ditegakkan..wallahhu’alam..


  75. Assalamualaikom, cuma nak bagi comment sikit aje, pada 1998 ketika dia di dalam penjara, dia mengadu sakit pinggang dan di minta di hantar keluar negara. Kemudian Wan Azizah pula buat pengumuman mengatakan suami dia mungkin di inject HIV. Dan ketika ini selepas dia di tuduh meliwat kali kedua, dia mengadu sakit pinggang lagi. Tetapi dia terbang ke sana ke sini, bersyarahan sampai malam, breakfast dengan Al-Gore di Spore tidak pula dia mengadu sakit pinggang. Amazing lah this guy.


  76. so sad la..mcm mane nk celebrate merdeka ni..mcm dh xde perpaduan sesame kite…neway, may Allah S.W.T bless all of us..aminn…n slmt menyambut hari merdeka..


  77. Dear chenoyye,

    Turkey is one of the strongest supporter of the Bilderberg. Just like the Russian doll when you open up one part of it suddenly another figure will pop up. The kind of political game now seems to be misleading the public. It is dangerous to a small nation like Malaysia. Be careful to cast your vote.


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