Tun Dr Mahathir

www.chedet.com gets whacked

I think someone managed to complain to Bloggers.com about TDM’s blog and they automatically locked his blog for the past 2 days. No wonder there were no new articles since then. Plus, the blog lost thousands of comments from its readers. A shame really. Here what the special notice says.

On Friday June 19th, chedet.com was locked by the administration of Bloggers.com for what was termed as “suspected spam blog”. Following that chedet.com has not been able to publish any new posting pending approval by Bloggers.com.

Depsite repeated appeals Bloggers.com have yet to “unlock” chedet.com to allow for posting of new comments. Due to this measures have been taken to migrate chedet.com from Bloggers.com in an effort to avoid further disruption, hence the new page set up.

Chedet.com apologises to all readers and commentators for the inconvenience caused. Chedet.com would like to notify readers that comments for previous postings have not been attached currently while the technical team resolves certain matters. As for new postings commentators are only required to follow the simple registration steps accordingly before submitting comments.

In line with this chedet.com would like to remind commentators that critical comments are welcome but in efforts to maintain the integrity of this site and to promote healthy debate, readers are urged to refrain from using deragotary terms, name-calling and racial and seditious remarks. Such comments including comments that are UNRELATED to the posting WILL NOT be given priority…Chedet.com

I think I need a technical team too. I still have some problems when pasting pictures in this blog :). Blogging should not be so complicated!

By the way, I love reading comments from readers of my blog. But please stay away from using profanities when writing comments especially writing nothing else but ‘F-bombs’. How to make a reply when there is nothing intelligent to read in the first place?

Anyway, thank you for reading this 50th article. Nothing much really. It is a lazy Sunday afternoon afterall. Have a good week ahead. It’s gonna be an explosive one indeed. I could almost hear Rosmah tearing her hair in anger upon learning about a certain statutory declaration, and from the other side of the town, Pak Lah is busy handing over goodies to Umno division and branch leaders from Melaka and Negeri Sembilan in PWTC.

19 thoughts on “www.chedet.com gets whacked

  1. Salam.
    I am an avid reader of your blog. Please keep up the good work. The struggle to improve the malays and the muslims in this country needs very good leadership and the skills in the current hostile environment. I am also of the opinion that the current leadership is too weak as well as too self centric in order to lead effectively. We shall continue our stuggle.


  2. Dear JBM,

    I’m not an It savvy. Care to define what is “suspected spam blog” in layman
    term. Was it due to heavy traffic or an act of sabotage? I heard TDM’s Facebook had the same problem as well.

    Whatever the cause maybe, I’m sure glad that i had participated earlier in his blog in contributing my comments. I was part of the history. All i can say is that “they” can whacked chedet’s blog but they can never wipe out his legacy of 22 years. Never.

    JMD : I’m not sure too :p Possibly Blogspot thinks chedet.com is nothing more than a blog that publishes spam. Hopefully they will rectify it soon. They should just buy a domain. It’ safer that way.


  3. I’m just so disgusted with TDM’s detractors. They are cowardly, crude and have no class.

    The sabotage to CheDet’s blog is not a surprise. The surprise would be if it’s not attacked. But if those idiots think their crippling his blogsite would silence TDM or halt the flow of traffic to his writings, they are truly delusional.

    However I’m more irritated with Blogspot’s response. It’s great that his tech-team is able to set up an alternative site so quickly. It this is temporary site, I hope CheDet finds a home that is more secure.


  4. JMD,

    Thank you very much for your lenghty clarification.
    When I viisited your blog yesterday morning (22nd June) ,
    your reply to my posting was shorter.
    At the same time I noticed that my comment was still under moderation.
    I was kind of puzzled over this. Anyway today (23rd June) I got a better
    reply from you. Thanks again.
    Anyway it’s a blessing in disguise when chedet’s blog has
    been blocked and now changed to a new format. Cos I did find a
    problem when I wanted to print his posting direct from the weblog.
    Effective today, I can print without experiencing any page run over
    and consequently the pages went blank.
    Now, some serious matter, I like you to visit http://www.sapp.org.my
    (Sabah Progressive Party website) if you have not.
    I tend to agree with the Sabahans that they have been short changed
    especially after the PRU12.
    During Tun Mustapha’s time the state was rich in “green gold”,
    ( timber of course). Now every square of the timber land up to
    the small islands on the Pantai Barat (KK side) belonged to some
    VVIPs ( these include those from the semenanjong).
    So much so when Chong Kah Kiat (LDP President) was
    the CM he found nothing was left (for him actually) except
    the sea waters around Sabah. This I quote from the Sabahans
    themselves. This situation I think, is partly due to their corrupt
    The Sabahans have undergone all kinds of hardships.
    If you want to know how was it to live under the opposition
    rule then ask a Sabahan ( the Muslims, I mean).
    When Yong Teck Lee jumped ship (from PBS) the opposition
    rule ended. And as they say the rest is history.
    Now the BN chorus line ( as described by chedet) are accusing
    him and his party of being disloyal. The PM even said he is greedy.
    Now, his followers may not retaliate to this remark, but what they
    cannot accept is the pressure the present Govt. is imposing on Yong
    by having the BPR opening an investigation on him. This is what the
    present govt. is famous for i.e. “openness”. I’m not saying that during
    the previous govt. the PM did not apply any pressure on detractors
    but he did it behind closed doors. ( I maybe wrong here. Maybe you
    know better).
    I have lots more to tell regarding the Sabahans being linched by the
    people from semenanjong. But do not know if I can disclose it here.
    Nanti kena ISA. Wassalam.
    p/s Did you read the Star today (23rd June ) ? AG has made a police
    report regarding RPK’s SD claim. Action like lightning ha, why no action
    when Karpal tegor Sultan Perak …. etc. etc ?

    JMD : Your comments already speaks for itself. The situation now is similar to what the Singaporean opposition parties are facing. Some were bankrupted by the govt even before they can mount a serious challenge to the govt. Will look into the sapp website as you mentioned. Thanks.


  5. i guess sitting down on a relaxing sunday and to think somebody somewhere is spamming chedet.com site, is no surprise at all.
    anyways, like you style of writings and may you be what you are and continue with your effort to bring justice for all (cehhhh.. macam justice league la plak!).
    hopefully you will not be like the that hantu blog site who easily be bought at RM1mil… (kononnya la)… but then the oil price is rising.. you never know he he..


  6. hitting below the belt is the act of coward and desperate people. I appreciate that you always respond directly to your commentators.

    Keep up w the writing or you’ll be missed.


  7. Yg Bhg Tun,

    You have been the inspiration for many in this country but people tend to have rather short memories. It has never been a perfect world; it will never be. My family and I will continue to pray for your well being. It has been both a privilege and an honour to have known you. Salams.


  8. I wish to mention here that TDM is a person whom me and my wife admire, respect dan love most. My wife still refer TDM as PM. Recently we had a chance to visit Galeri Perdana in Langkawi recently after 5 years since my last visit. It is very interesting indeed to see many items belong to TDM being displayed to the people, citizens and foreigners. All those items were presented as gifts and sevenior to TDM by head of governments and individuals valued to millions of ringgit. TDM could keep it as a personal asset if he wanted to, but due to his sincere attitude, he handed them to the people. So it is needless to explain what kind of person TDM is. Others who lead the country before or after him has never done such a thing. They prefer to keep them tight in the basement of the resiednce. What saddens me most is, most of the items are never well taken care of by the staff. It is very pitiful to see some precious metals have lost their shine and glitters. Is it because TDM no longer lead the country that makes the relevent authority neglect the maitenance of those items? Perhaps with this article, someone from the relevant authority or ministry could do something about it, otherwise return them back to TDM.

    JMD : Malaysians should not be construed as people who ‘sudah dapat gading bertuah, tanduk tidak berguna lagi’.

    Unless we want to be known as people who are ungrateful to any contribution of the past leaders.


  9. What ever has been said about TDM, I have only one thing to comment: We will not see such leader like TDM in many many years to come. I had the opportunity to meet him in person before when I was a student overseas.
    Agreed with Zabidi. He is a Great man


  10. awak mahathir lagi salah bikin manusia pi neraka.hang se daq tak ni…
    malaysia ni bukan tak tau hang tu talibaghut yahudi sama la dengan pa lah,anwar berahim pun.ingat sikit laa malaikat maut dtg mcm mana ada ka
    yakin dan hidup cara nabi dlm hidup?kalu tak taubat la ni haghi jugak…hidup ni sementara akhirat kekal…jgn main main ikut suka hati ..tapi ikut la nabi

    JMD : Saya tak tahu macamana nak jawab komen komen sebegini. Selamat berpuasa.


  11. To Omar (17:04:32) posted on 18/09/2008 : Subhanallah!! Adakah anda seorang Muslimin??? Hang suruh TDM ikut cara Nabi…tapi hang tu camana???? Cermin muka hang tu dulu baru bercakap….muhasabah diri baik-baik, bersihkan diri dan mulut serta hati hang tu baru boleh suruh orang ikut cara Nabi. Di bulan yang mulia ni hang kutuk orang lain , di mana IMAN kononnya yang hang laungkan…. Apakah hang sendiri ikut sunnah Nabi SAW ???? Banyakkan beristighfar kawan… Bila berkumur semasa ambil wudhuk tu berdoalah kepada Allah Ta’ala agar diampunkan mulutmu dari berkata-kata yang bukan-bukan serta dari mengumpat terutama terhadap TDM… Hormatilah orang tua… Islam suruh kita buat gitu kan ???
    To idizack and zabidi, kalian anak MELAYU yang mengenang budi dan tahu berterima kasih…syukran….


    • BEtui tu! apa2 pun orng berbudi kita berbahasa…TDM boleh dikatakan serba boleh..and he can talk and think any topics not like those PM, emmm…yg tidoq la, yg “takut bini” pun adaa.. haha.. yang pak turut la..macam2.. yg gohek gostan pun adaa…but TDM bersih from than kind of dirty things you know! so it is very3 hard to finda a quality person as a PM like him buat masa ini lah! emmm…..so kita kena lah kenang jasa mkhluk yg banyak berjasa dan membuat Malaysia jadi one of the best country in Asia, isn’t it??? Syukur dan Terimakasih to him!!! 🙂


  12. It is predictable… those who flagged the blog as spam were of course the “kuli” of UMNO.

    UMNO is such a pathetic racist party.

    I respect TDM for his contribution. Do you think Pak Lah or Najib can achieve the same things like TDM had achieved?



    • To Mahmud… depa pun boleh jugak ape…kurang kan tido and belajar buat keputusan sendiri, jangan dok dengak cakap orng sebelah! wassalam… I love Malaysia !!!! 🙂


  13. Assalamualaikum JMD dan Rakan Rakan yang lain

    Masalah apabila menggunakan Domain untuk website sahaja

    Domain”.com” tersebut Boleh disalin kepada pengirim yang lain dengan menggunakan teknik “aliasing”
    Apabila menggunakan domain luar seperti Godaddy dan sebagainya, dan kita tak meletakkan SSL (TLD) kepada mon penyampaian email pada domain tersebut, Domain Tersebut akan di gunakan sebagai aliasing

    Sistem ini biasanya digunakan sistem penghantaran email secara besar besaran,

    Jika saya hanya mahukan orang klik pada alamat URL (link) pada email saya bukan ?

    Berapa % akan membalas kembali email saya ?

    0.5% menurut statistik

    Jadinya bagi mengelakkan untuk tidak dikesan maka, di tempal sahaja @chedet.com ..

    Selepas itu ?

    (ada beberapa langkah lagi tetapi memang saya tak mahu mengambil risiko kerana saya menggunakan 80 % perantaraan dengan email dan website )

    dan apabila di deklarasi chedet.com sebagai spammers, maka mudah sangat nak block akaun blogspot ,

    Percayalah sangat sukar berurusan dengan blogspot/adsense apabila akaun kena beku !!!!

    Jadinya jagalah segala entiti siber anda dari kegiatan “phishing” ini ..

    P/S Trust me wordpress is wonderful publishing machine so make a full use of it


  14. Sebagai umat islam saya amat resah dengan perang yang berlanjutan antara Israel dan Palestine kerana jika tidak di bendung akan kiamat dunia ini. Isu pengusaan tanah kini telah terlalu lama bercampor aduk dengan soal agama. Israel memang kejam dan tidak berperikemanusiaan, tetapi Puak Hamas yang mengetuai kepimpinan di Palestine juga harus di persalahkan kerana gagal menyambung perjanjian damai yang telah di persetujui dahulu. Kedamaian hanya boleh di tentukan oleh apa yang di kehendakki oleh Palestine dan Israel dan bukan Negara lain di dunia ini. Jika mereka pilih peperangan, inilah akibatnya, sehingga kekejaman Israel telah membuat Puak Hamas tidak lagi kisah menang atau kalah. Kesan daripada ini tentulah kepada seluruh dunia bila ada puak-puak islam ataupun bukan islam yang menggunakkan senjata-senjata bahaya hingga bumi ini boleh hancur, dan mungkin inilah yang di panggil hari kiamat. Persoalan kini timbul, apakah ini adil kepada masyarakat di seluruh dunia? Israel dan Palestin adalah negara-negara yang masih hidup di kurun ke 18 iaitu bunuh membunuh, sedangkan dunia telah masuk ke peringkat berkerjasama, bertoleransi, dan bantu membantu demi keamanan sejagat.

    Di dalam mengupas isu ini, dunia Negara arab juga terbahagi kepada dua, iaitu yang menyokong pendamaian Israel-Palestine dan yang tidak menyokong. Sebab utama negara yang menyokong adalah selain telah penat dengan perang yang berlanjutan, mereka juga khuatir untuk kehilangan banyak tanah dan nyawa rakyat Negara mereka jika mereka kalah perang dengan Israel yang nyata di sokong oleh Amerika Syarikat. Sebab itulah mereka bersikap menyokong perjanjian damai yang sekali gus ertinya menerima kewujudan Negara Israel. Bagi Negara-negara yang tidak menyokong, mereka ternyata sangat benci dengan kewujudan Negara Israel kerana soal agama iaitu berpegang kepada kata-kata di dalam kitab-kitab agama yang mengatakan kaum Israel adalah kaum yang tiada tanah di mukabumi Allah ini. Tulisan ini bukan hendak menolak kewujudan kenyataan ini tetapi kenyataan ini perlu di ambil atau di terima dari sudut kewujudan ribuan kenyataan mengenai Islam sebagai sebuah agama yang menyokong kedamaian. Bukan itu saja, Islam adalah agama yang di turunkan Allah untuk meninggikan nilai kemanusiaan, bertoleransi, saying menyayang dan berkonsep universal. Pokoknya jika kita adalah manusia yang bertamaddun, kita akan sentiasa mencari jalan kedamaian, dan jika tidak, kitalah yang menghancurkan bumi Allah ini, dan mungkin tidak layak mendudukki bumi ini. Allah mengamanahkan manusia untuk menjaga bumi ini, tetapi layakkah kita?- Dari Mahluk Allah


  15. PM lain2 pun okay but tak setanding or sama taraf dengan TDM lagi, so “usaha sikit lagi” sure boleh sama macam TDM kot! 🙂


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