Anwar Ibrahim / Tun Dr Mahathir

Goliath vs Goliath

Snippets of interview session with the ‘duri dalam daging’;

And another one;

While on the same note, the so called Prime Minister in waiting had a press conference;

Seems that both political goliaths are talking about the same problem that is plaguing Umno and both are trying to oust the current PM as he had failed the nation politically, socially and economically. The only difference is, one is trying to be the next PM himself while the other is trying to make somebody else as the PM.


3 thoughts on “Goliath vs Goliath

  1. Morning JMD,

    I’m not going to comment your article regarding Goliath vs Goliath but what I’m going to express myself is about yesterday at Pejabat Pos Malaysia.
    I watched the prime time news over TV last night ( 14th June 2008) . I saw our pityful rakyat queing up to claim the fuel rebate. One very obvious fact I noticed was that majority of them queing at the counters were of the same race as mine. I felt so sad. Why are they being treated this way? How low they have to stoop?
    Except for the TNB Minister, I didn’t see Shahrir at any of the pejabat Pos covered in the news buletin. He should be there and experienced the hardship these people have to endure just to get RM625/RM150.
    For the past two days ( i.e 13th & 14th June), I saw our PM in the prime time news visiting Kelantan,Trengganu and then Kuching. I was wondering how much does each
    of his batik silk shirt cost when he wore during these visits.
    Waullah hualam bisawab.


  2. Morning again JMD,

    Oops.. sorry I might have mistyped the year 2008 in my earlier comment. Anyway my intention to post comment twice today is to ask what do you think of the “happy faces” of the rakyat ( orang melayu semua) , on Mingguan Malaysia front page ( 15 th June 2008) after getting the rebate yesterday? The Boss can interpret it in his own way.
    I bet he’s happy and contented with what he saw on the front page of MM. So does Shahrir. So is everybody, I guess. But I interpret it this way. These melayu did not realise they are being made a fool of. I really pity them. Maybe they are from a not so well educated group. When the government says you stand on one leg they stand on one leg. When the government says you run on one leg they run on one leg because
    at the end of the track the government is going to give peanuts to them for their undying obedience . May Allah SWT save us!


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