Now why did Tun Salleh Abas never mention about his first letter?

Tun Dr Mahathir in his latest post mentioned the existence of the first letter which very much annoyed the then Agong. That was the basis of his removal. Since the Agong appointed him in 1984, it was the same Agong who wanted to remove him in 1988.

I reckon, Tun Salleh’s pride and ego had clouded his good sense of judgement. This can be read in the opening remarks of his book ‘May Day for Justice’. Where he stated that judges are above all suspicions and should be treated with great respect. In other words, nobody can criticise, let alone sack a judge. His oversized ego had prevented him to testify in front of the Tribunal. That was the best opportunity for him to defend himself. But reading between the lines in his book, I find that Tun Salleh was in the opinion that since he made no wrong, he must not be subjected to the questions from the Tribunal!

What an ego this person has! What you think do not matter! What is important was that you must cooperate with the Tribunal under the instruction of your Boss – the then Agong. What is more disappointing was that Tun Salleh Abas never revealed the existence of the first letter. This is an omission of a valuable piece of evidence. But in his determined effort to prove his innocence, he had knowingly failed to mentioned the said letter. Ulterior motive? Desperate attempt to side step the issue? Obviously.

The judiciary was indeed tarnished. But by the egoistical actions of Tun Salleh Abas himself. He had it good all this while. Even when he was found guilty by the tribunal and sacked by the Agong which he had insulted, he still received pensions. No other persons have received this kind of treatment before. Ask any other people whom had held a government’s post and was found guilty by the courts. Did they receive pension from due to their government post after that? He even became an ADUN in Terengganu after winning in a general election. Now, he had been given an ex -gratia payments out of the tax payers’ money. He had it good indeed.

I shall not write more on this. Curious readers should just read Tun Dr Mahathir’s latest posting.

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Happy reading! And have a good weekend!

P.S: Tun Salleh, I halalkan the ex-gratia money you received.

12 thoughts on “Now why did Tun Salleh Abas never mention about his first letter?

  1. JMD,

    Just as an fyi, Tok Kadir Jasin, posting in the comment box of his blog’s latest entry, asked Zaid Ibrahim to confirm or deny that the ex-gratia payment to TSA and ex-Justices is to the tune of RM500,000/ex-Justice. If true, the collosal nerve of this administration when energies subsidies crucial to people’s and nation’s survival are removed on the pretext of saving funds!

    Also, I have this vague recollection [vague because I was at that age where politics in general, including Malaysian politics, was of no interest to me] of my late Dad talking about how many senior Judges and lawyers in the Judiciary then were worried about the partiality and ability of Salleh Abas to carry out his duties as LP since he was a closet PAS sympathiser and with another judge named Sani something (or something Sani) were trying replace Malaysian secular laws with Syariah laws.

    I’ve been trying to find articles pertaining to this because it would prove that there were other more serious grievances against him at the time from the Judiciary as well as the Executive than that tiff with the Agong. I wish some of those judges who know the truth and are still alive today would speak up.

    JMD : One only has to see TSA’s actions after his sacking to see whether or not he is a PAS sympathiser. I think by winning the 1999 general election and became an ADUN for PAS Terengganu was evidence enough for him to be labelled as anti-govt. Notwithstanding the fact that he repeatedly said that judges should be apolitical (TSA was quite apolitical before, even TDM stated this in his latest blog), he quashed all semblance of neutrality by joining Semangat 46 and PAS to further his political ambitions. That was a mistake. Especially when you champion the issue of non interference between executive/judiciary and judges are above all political nuances. He should walk the talk. But didn’t.


  2. JMD ~

    Perhaps you should pay a visit to Tun Salleh in his kampung.

    Then you will understand better of his silence rather than glorifying and rally behind Mahathir taking every word of his at face value launching a public mob lynching exercise on Tun Salleh.


    JMD : Hi Woody. You mean his kampung house in Besut? That huge house? What’s that got to do with the issue at hand here? The point I’m saying here was, why did Tun Salleh deliberately did not reveal to the public the existence of that first letter he sent to the Agong? After all these years of ‘public mob lynching’ TDM regarding this issue, Tun Salleh made a huge disservice to himself by purposely highlighting the 2nd letter but remained quiet regarding the first one. No wonder the Agong was furious to Tun Salleh. If you had known Sultan Iskandar, you could’ve have known what kind of a person he is. And you could’ve hazard a guess on how the Agong would react on such act of impropriety. Even Tun Salleh admitted in is book that the then Agong was a stickler for protocol and royal procedures.

    My point here Woody was, Tun Salleh should not be callous in his accusations by not disclosing the real reason of the Agong’s displeasure. All these years we heard him saying that TDM was doing injustice for sacking him. But now we know that TDM was doing every bit of following the law in trying to subdue the situation. Re read his blog please. He did not act on his own. He informed the cabinet about the 2 letters and the Agong’s wishes. The cabinet then approved. Even Anwar was in the cabinet at that time.

    What Tun Salleh did was smacked with arrogance. That is my opinion. Even now, Tun Salleh reiterated that he is innocent! TDM chose to be silent all these years because, as we know him, he does not indulge himself with squabbles which do not profit the nation. What was done, was done according to the law. But today he couldn’t keep quiet any longer because the current administration had shown its weakness and bowed down to a minority group, to the detriment its own administration. A dangerous precedent was set. In the effort to be popular, the govt shot itself in the foot. Again, Tun Salleh had the every opportunity to tell the truth. But he had selectively forgotten about his own crass and crude action in sending the Agong the first letter.

    In conclusion, from my perspective;

    1. Tun Salleh sent insulting letter to the Agong.
    2. He was duly sacked following a Tribunal set up according to the law which in turn, he failed to attend for the hearing.
    3. He made accusations to the government claiming he was victimised (via his book and through political circuits).
    4. His basis of contention for any alleged wrongdoings of his sacking was solely based on his 2nd letter in which the contents was less damaging than the 1st letter.
    5. He didn’t reveal the existence of the 1st letter for his own benefit.

    Anyway, I heard about this letter back in 1990 in a book by SH Alattas entitled – ‘Talkin Untuk Umno’ and ‘Lima Raja Terakhir’. Look it up.

    Long time no see lah Woody! Hope you’re ok. Cheers!


  3. You are right, JMD. TSA’s own behaviour then and now certainly don’t lend support to the whole picture of a martyr being victimized by a dictatorial PM out to wreck the country’s Judiciary.

    P.S. Looking forward to reading your take on the insane yanking of the oil subsidy rug from under the people.


  4. JMD~

    Well, sad to say, Mahathir had his day when Tun Salleh was fired. Most folk heard about TDM’s story , his justification and glorification of his action through public media. Mahathir had his 22 years in office to do that.

    On the first letter, why Mahathir (chedet.com #7,8,9) only quoted partially the petty complain. Why not just scanned and print it out to let everyone had a nicer view of it like Raja Petra. Also carbon copy to all rulers / executive means respect of protocol . In official matter, Tun Salleh merely copied the rest of the ruler to state that he did lodge an official complain and made known to the others ruler council. Or else, the rest of ruler will be wondering, what the hell Tun Salleh copy some people and not others. (Mahathir tokoh-tambah about TS had not faith.. blah) .

    Tun Salleh issue was merely a smoke screen of the oppositions. Not Tun Salleh alone that was fired that matter as what Mahathir himself was led to believe, but the independent judiciary system that was fired by Mahathir with the then Ruler’s help. It’s about someone borrow someone’s knife to stab somebody , that is why Matthias dare Tun Salleh to go and challenge Johor Sultan, simple as that.

    Also for Prime Minister to start Tribunal to fire a judge because of petty noise complain. That also makes many feel what kind of prime minister would use such low blow… tactic to remove a chief judge.

    Anyway, maybe you should find out more about the Johor Sultan’s earlier days and his unbecoming behavior too and what Tun Salleh had a hand in it.

    Thanks again.. 🙂



  5. At the moment I think we cannot afford to concentrate on this TSA issue because the country has a bigger issue to solve. The current oil price hike. The government should be concentrating the effort to installed confidence and direction towards stabilizing the current economic senario…

    The government is responsible to ensure the Rakyat have got the best economic solutions to the current crisis. The government should be sincere in its move and should follow the law and regulation… Under what reason the ex-gratia is being paid? The current government seems to be ineffective and the government always making a flip-flop decision and always arrived at a shocking and disappointing decision. How can the rakyat live and adjust their lifestyle with a 40% increase in petrol overnight?


  6. New Cabinet:

    Prime Minister – Anwar

    Deputy Prime Minister – Lim Kit Siang

    Culture Minister – Farish Noor

    Defence Minister –

    Education Minister – Nga Kor Ming

    Environment Minister – Teresa Kok

    Finance Minister – Tony Pua

    Foreign Minister – Ramasamy

    Health Minister – Tan Seng Giaw

    Home Minister –

    Information Minister – Jeff Ooi

    Law Minister – Teng Chang Khim

    Manpower Minister –

    Sports Minister –

    Technology Minister –

    Trade Minister – Khalid

    Transport Minister – Liew Chin Tong

    (Penang Chief Minister – Lim Guan Eng)


  7. Dear Letting,

    You are so right.

    The priorities of the current administration is all wrong. They seem to be pitting all their energies at getting at Tun Dr M like a bunch of mean-sprited vengeful third-formers instead of acting like responsible people’s representatives.

    If they are decent honest men who really have the people’s welfare at heart better than the former PM, they would even ignore all the criticisms right now, including Mahathir’s, and just roll their sleeves and start coming up with real and workable solutions to help the people face the increasing hardships due to the global economic meltdown.

    In fact the criticisms would probably stop or not gain anymore mileage if they are seen to be making honest efforts. So far the few token “measures” they are initiating are a joke.


  8. Ruyom,

    Are you kidding ? Are you trying to spin something ?

    Finance Minister Tony Pua ?
    Husam Musa much better -lah.

    You seemed to have forgotten that PAS has many management heavyweight too to fill those portfolio. I prefer Niz Aziz to be at least deputy PM than Lim Kit Siang.

    If you have not seen the guy talk (courtesy of government censorship) Pls pay a visit to Kelantan.



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