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I’m sorry for not being able to update my blog for almost a week now. Have been terribly busy with work and some voluntary jobs over the weekends. But aren’t we glad to be living in these exciting times? There has never been this much interesting news to chew upon since the day after the general election. I am overwhelmed with the amount of things that had happened for the past 1 week that had made it impossible to complete dissecting any news before another story crops up and stole the previous news’ limelight.

Therefore, in the effort to gain a little bit of sleeping time, here is the round up of the past week (please click on the link to read the full story);

FRIDAY 16th May 2008

  • Royal Commission of Inquiry submits its report to the Cabinet and later on, the AG ordered the people connected to the VK Lingam inquiry to be investigated. One point that needed to be raised here is how can Tun Dr Mahathir be made guilty when what he did was following the provisions provided in the Constitution?

    Under Article 122B of the Malaysian Constitution, the appointment of the Chief Justice, like those of the President of Court of Appeal, the two Chief Judges, judges of the Federal Court, the Court of Appeal and the High Court, are made by His Majesty The Yang di-Pertuan Agong on the advice of the Prime Minister after consulting the Conference of Rulers.

    However, before tendering his advice as to the appointment of a judge other than the Chief Justice of the Federal Court, the Prime Minister shall consult the Chief Justice. A tough act by any prosecution I guess. To a large extent, any critics need detail out what are the parameters on the relevant words such a ‘advice’ and ‘consult’. And what kind of evidence needed to even suggest that Dr Mahathir had done wrong there?

  • The Prime Minister’s Department lodges a police report against several mainstream newspapers including The Star, Utusan and NST. A bit peculiar here since the 4th floor boys are acting against a newspaper headed by one of them (Kalimullah Hassan). It is obvious that the ‘leaks’ came from one of them initially.

  • An odd job worker got the green light by all three of his current wives to marry another younger woman (reading this piece of news gave me hope as I know there are some single women out there who do not care about looks, status, wealth or the wrath of the first wives club).

  • A man was jailed for sending lewd photo to a female friend through his mobile phone. Why would he want to send his wife the photo of his private parts anyway? Thinking his wife may have forgotten how it looks like maybe? That was just an excuse. To me, he is unmistakenly a pervert.

SATURDAY 17th May 2008

  • It seems that Tony Fernandes had been barking up the wrong tree with the revelation by the Transport Minister, Ong Tee Kiat. Poor Tony. Greedy boys won’t win anything Tony. Even the deputy CEO seems to be equally dense by saying – “We have many restraints. Why is MAS focusing on AirAsia routes? Why are they targeting our model?” . Err.. aren’t those AirAisa routes originally being serviced by MAS before AirAsia took over? And now,  those routes were given back to MAS after AirAsia had finished sucking out money from it.
  • In the mean time, Datin Seri Wan Azizah’s effort to highlight corruption in the Ministry of Defense (definitely taking orders from her husband) had greatly backfired and left her face red in embarassment. In the end, it was made known that it was her husband who had approved the project.
  • Malaysia lost in the semi finals of the Thomas Cup in Jakarta. The lost of 2 – 3 to China was not unexpected. But Malaysia fought hard and should not feel ashamed by the defeat. The surprise finalist, South Korea beat the Indonesians to reach the finals against China.
  • Nik Aziz proclaimed that Pak Lah should not take all the blame for the political situation in Umno and Malaysia generally. Nik Aziz forgot that he is also a politician in a political party. Maybe he should take the blame for politicising religion for the sake of having power. Trumpeting that Islamic country is the aim of PAS ad nauseam can be quite nauseating since that aim is strongly opposed by PAS’ partners in the Pakatan Rakyat.

SUNDAY 18th May 2008

  • If you are looking at a sample on how stupid the Malaysian government is, look no further than the indelible ink fiasco. The indelible ink fiasco continued to haunt the SPR and the government with a statement by the SPR Chairman days earlier regarding the directive from the Cabinet to cancel the use of the ink. In return, the government denied it was a directive and instead, deemed it as only a ‘suggestion’. I assume, unlike all the road signs in Malaysia (which nobody cares), the Cabinet suggestion could easily be regarded as a directive. Read it here and here.
  • Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin announced that he is not an ambitious politician. Logically, a non-ambitious person would have never rise as high as him in the first place. He was the Menteri Besar of Johor from 1982 to 1995 and now a Vice President of Umno. I’m betting that he will challenge the top two post and will announce his intention by June 2008. Humility is good. But ambition will make you go further.
  • MIC is asking a yearly fund of RM300 millions from the government to help the Indian community. I do not understand the request of this fund as the people already have the proper channels to ask for government’s assistance. For instance, the MIC President said that the fund will be spent on agro-based business development and school affairs. I think that is the reason why we have Agricuture Ministry and the Education Ministry not to mention the Rural Development Industry in the first place. In my opinion, this is just a ploy to increase his war chest in the face of party elections coming up soon. Being unemployed sucks with no source of income to appease his supporters’ appetites.
  • The civil servants need not to be selfish in serving their role, so says the Raja of Perlis. It is sad for the civil servants to be reminded about this issue time and time again unless they actually are known to be selfish and corrupt. Are they?

MONDAY 19th May 2008

  • Tun Dr Mahathir and Tan Sri Sanusi Junid quit from Umno. Too many analysis and opinions came forth from this issue. From my observations, people tend to see all the good and bad things brought forward by Dr Mahathir during his 22 year tenureship as the Prime Minister. However, people often forget that he is the last surviving Prime Minister who had directly involve in the fight for the Independence. He was one of the first, original Umno members and he was among the people who had decided to defend the sovereignity of the Malay rulers against the creation of Malayan Union. Thus we must not see him as only a former Prime Minister but also as one of the founding fathers of Independence. In 1957, Tun Abdul Razak (then Datuk) became the Deputy Prime Minister at the age of 34. Tun Dr Mahathir, was 32 at the time and was actively involved in the nation building process eventhough he wasn’t politically active at that time. To confine his good deeds just within his 22 year rule is seemed unfair. At least he should be applauded for his efforts and sacrifices made during the fight for Independence. Without Tunku Abdul Rahman and his Umno members (including Dr Mahathir) in that era, we can never be as prosperous as we are today.
  • Happy Wesak Day!
  • Tun Musa Hitam equates Tun Dr Mahathir as a ‘thorn in the flesh’ when giving his comments about the former Prime Minister quitting Umno.
  • Melaka opened a new landmark called ‘Menara Taming Sari’. A gyro-viewing tower which can accomodate up 3,500 people during the weekends. Also billed as the highest viewing tower in the world.

TUESDAY 20th May 2008

  • AirAsia Bhd owes MAHB RM110 millions since 2002. And the amount owed did not show in AirAsia’s financial statements! Tony Fernandes sounded more and more like a petulant child complaining and throwing tantrums needlessly.
  • Efficient robbers came in wearing only their underwear and facemasks and robbed a house in Miri. I think their leader went to time management course some time ago and practiced this time saving method in order to save time (robbing and raping).
  • Illegal parking operators are a menace to the public and thank god DBKL is catching these unscrupulous people under their ‘Operasi Jaga’.
  • Predictably, all the Umno MPs pledged their support to Pak Lah. Datuk Mukhriz however, was missing during the meeting.

WEDNESDAY 21st May 2008

  • Malaysian bloggers ought to be happy they are living in a country where the media freedom is very much lax as compared to their neighbour down south. And to think most of the Malaysian bloggers like to migrate there! If we use the yardstick used by the Singaporean government, most of the bloggers and their commenters in Malaysia would be hauled up in jail (judging from the awful comments in most of Malaysia Today‘s articles).
  • Datuk Nallakarupan, now the President of a new found party – Malaysian Indian United Party, met Pak Lah for about 5 minutes and declared his undying loyalty and love towards the Prime Minister. Nallakarupan was infamous for his friendship with Datuk Anwar Ibrahim but suffered a fall out after the latter did not select the former to stand in the Ijok by election a couple of years ago. Anyway, all this brown nosing made me sick.
  • Who the hell is Beego and why would we care about his divorce?
  • Where are you? 1,649 children have been missing since 2002 and not much has been done to deter the rising crime index. Somebody must be sleeping somewhere.

THURSDAY 22nd May 2008

  • Tun Dr Mahathir gave a stinging reply towards Tun Musa Hitam’s assertions that the former is a ‘thorn in the flesh’. It is true with what some people are thinking. Dr Mahathir outside Umno is more dangerous to Pak Lah’s government than when he was inside it. I bet some people would be more cautious before they launch any attack towards him. Tasting one’s own medicine can be very bitter indeed.
  • Matthias Chang, a lawyer and former political secretary to Tun Dr Mahathir, continued his lucid attacks towards Tun Salleh Abas. He may have a case there. The judiciary crisis of 1988 story may be far from over.
  • Datuk Seri Mohd Nazri Aziz arrogantly declared that Umno will do better without Dr Mahathir in it. Two questions came to my mind the moment I saw his interview here. One, is Umno can be better with him (Nazri) in it and two, will Umno going to be stronger in the coming months when it is being led by someone like Pak Lah?
  • And the picture of the week;    

Pak Lah fell asleep during a press conference while his deputy spoke on during an Umno Supreme Council Meeting last Wednesday night. Sheesh..!

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