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Karpal and Pak Lah sitting on a tree… K.I.S.S.I.N.G.!

Ever since the establishment of DAP in 1966, BN has always been its nemesis. But for the first time in history, the BN Chairman i.e., Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Bin Ahmad Badawi, has received huge support and stamp of approval from the DAP leaders.

First, it was Karpal Singh who had backed the PM by telling Tun Dr Mahathir to shut his mouth. Then came his son Gobind Singh Deo, who called TDM a joker. Gobind, who is a first term MP, had the cheek to call someone who had been in politics long before his parents got married, a joker. How can this anti-Malay party newbie can tell off someone, who was in power for 22 years as PM and whom had been in politics for 62 years, in such degrading manner like that?

And above all. how can the current Malay leader let known anti Malay bigots, condemn a highly respected Malay statesman to that extent? I am indeed sad. What’s worse, Karpal Singh and DAP are known advocates of the demolishment of Article 153 of the Constitution.

Karpal Singh even had the audacity to say that Umno members would agree with him. He must be a senile already. What he said was a series of fallacy which shows how vindictive he is. At 68, Karpal Singh should also stay home and play with his grandkids.

Stop condemning Tun Dr Mahathir coz obviously he has done more in the national and international arena than Karpal Singh and Gobind Singh combined. Any sane Umno members or Malays in general just need to ask this question to themselves – what has DAP done to you as compared to what Tun had achieved.

Karpal Singh and Gobind, you’re all are dimwits. Stop acting like you’re an angel yourselves. It’s just a matter of time before people discover any skeletons in your closet.

To add salt to these injured pride and dignity of the Malays, Anwar Ibrahim came out with guns blazing defending Khairy Jamaluddin. I wonder what are the terms and condition for his early release from prison in 2004… is it to kiss KJ’s ass when the time comes? It’s highly suspicious that when everyone on the face of the earth pin pointed the arrogant KJ as the main factor of the BN’s loss (which the Pakatan Rakyat had benefited) in the last general election, Anwar Ibrahim chose to be gentle with him. Good for you KJ. You must be very proud.

And Pak Lah please take note, by being quiet, you are giving the impression that you appreciate the salvos by these DAP and PKR leaders. If you do not give any defence towards TDM by telling those pompous anti-Malays and power hungry has beens to keep their mouth shut, I will lose any faith towards you (not that I have much left anyway). Even the Umno VPs are keeping mum. Have they lost their balls? Not to mention the Umno Youth wing who claimed to be the stout defenders of Malays. Its head, Hishamuddin Hussein seems to have loss any political will to defend his own ex boss and the Malay dignity against this sheer insolence.

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