Anwar Ibrahim / Pak Lah

The tale of two families?

I was browsing through Nurul Izzah’s webpage the other day and I must say she runs a commendable website. At first glance, I perceived it more of a community service blog which I must say is not off-tangent with her current role as the Lembah Pantai MP. Her webpage offers a lot of information on her mission statement, aspirations, her thoughts and also her whereabouts.

Now not many MPs from Barisan Nasional are as IT savvy as she is. I bet people in Lembah Pantai can gain tremendous benefit through this website.  People in Lembah Pantai can also help her to select the various questions she would ask once the Parliament convenes in May 2008. Talk about direct participation from her voters.

Most of the questions during the BN hegemony heyday were derived from the meetings held by the MP in their own parties’ meetings. Hence, the majority of voters’ choice of questions were largely ignored or worse, unwelcomed.

But one thing that struck my mind was, if Sang Kelembai in his daily rant, had repeatedly shown his displeasure at the unholy trinity of Pak Lah, his son Kamaluddin and also Khairy Jamaludin…,

then what’s the difference with the one that we have in the Pakatan Rakyat…?

This family will have a lot of questions to answer when Anwar Ibrahim finally becomes an MP. If he ever becomes the PM in the next few months as a few predicted, this family will possibly be subjected to extreme scrutiny from the public eye. Surely, Malaysian public would not want a sense of deja-vu from the current administration to exist in the possible new administration. We have had enough of rampant abuse of power which was derived from nepotism and cronyism.

3 thoughts on “The tale of two families?

  1. Yes, I agree. IT’s just another ROYAL FAMILY in PKR.

    I find it strange that people look a Datuks, etc as a group to be revered. After the people’s revolutions in Europe and the world over, aristocracy is general less valued than achievement through hard work.

    Elitism via bloodlines is dead. Perhaps except in Malaysia.


  2. Your choice of picture for the ‘Ibrahim’ family has a comical effect.. LOL

    As to whether it’s another dynasty thriving on nepotism, we’ll just have to see. But my guts tell me that they are less interested in getting big gains from contracts and shares.


  3. haha..dan-yel,

    sorry, but could not help it when u said the iBrahim family will be less interested in getting big gains from contracts.
    if u happen to know all the WIBAWA contractors, who is their boss, then ur guts would suggest u otherwise 😉


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