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New cabinet ministers

There were many reasons for the disastrous PRU12 for the arrogant BN. But the one that takes the cake was when Najib Tun Razak gave a simplistic and ignorant reply to complaints by Malaysian public on the rise of prices in Malaysia eg. petrol, toll, food etc.

The people did feel the pinch. But what did the government’s initial reply to this?


A very moronic response I tell you. No wonder the rakyat got fed up and voted the other coalition.

Hello tuan! You pandai lah cakap. You punya kereta minyak tak payah bayar. You claim aje dari Kementerian Pertahanan. Gaji pun berpuluh ribu sebulan. Your younger brother is the head of one of the biggest bank in Malaysia. Senangnya cakap suruh ubah gaya hidup.

This sense of apathy towards the people’s plight dwells deeply in other leaders within the BN as well. If you can’t manage the economy and can’t think of ways to alleviate the
people’s purchasing powers and increase the wealth of the rakyat, then by all means, please get your small brains out from the government.

Here is something which had greatly insinuate the discontent of the people in general, albeit in a more satirical way :-

I therefore implore the up and coming new cabinet ministers to be more knowledgeable, intelligent, empathetic, wise and above all, be humble in the approach of wooing the people’s confidence back to BN. You must be able to read the people’s view and the
underlying messages.

The rakyat can’t do anything anymore about the thick skinned Pak Lah. Just let him snore throughout meetings. Jeanne can wipe his drool with baby bib.

It’s the ministers who must change their mindsets.


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