Bak kata Datin Siti Nurhaliza, ‘Saya buat ala kadar saja…’

So here’s a blog that is quite redundant. It’s about redundant TV shows. As tonight, I was sucked into this vortex of weird entertainment. I couldn’t escape. I was in awe. TV3 was telecasting live the wedding show of the century. While, RTM1 – not to be outdone, aired a live show about Mawi and his ex-fiancee Ina.

Bloody crap.

To those of you who were lucky enough to miss it, Siti’s wedding was indeed, grandiose. She was fucking beautiful alrite. She even sang at the end of the wedding. Which was near midnight. Datuk K was jovial and looked perversed as usual. They had kids dancing all sorts traditional dances on the ‘pelamin’ area while the starving guests had their dinner. I think, to those who would have just tuned in, it would be like watching a show for Hari Merdeka. Ziana Zain was the first to sing a song for the bridal couple. If that wasn’t bad enough, M. Daud Kilau sang next in all his glory. Complete with that ridiculous fluorescent attire of mismatched colours and sunglasses. Why would he wear shades in the middle of the night anyway?

All in all, it would be a fairy tale wedding for a simple girl from Kuala Lipis and an old man just out from the divorce courts 2 weeks ago. 

Switching over to RTM1, that gay fella Aznil Nawawi was busy coaxing Mawi to bare all on what he feels about his past relations with Ina. On the other side of the room, Rosham Noor was interviewing the teary eyed Ina on what had happened between them. Fucking losers. Ina, who is not even an artist, managed to sing a soapy song about her love life. What the..??!! All of us were duped into watching this freaking redundant show.

Okay like I said, this blog is quite superfluous. I can’t believe I even watched them both. I blame it all on the remote control keeper (my sister). Goodnight everyone. No nightmares I hope.


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