The week in review

KL is having a really good run for the past few days. Weather wise. No rain since Sunday night. The mornings have been quite cool and the afternoons were balmy and breezy. Whether the weather is just a forefront of good things to come we may never know. With the political scene in a sorry state, I’m sure it will be stormy quite soon.

Pak Lah just took off this morning amid the political crisis of his fledgling 3 years at the helm. Good on ya mate. This would be the 3rd time he’s on holiday in Perth for the past 18 months. Run Forrest… Run!

What is there in Perth anyway? Perhaps he wants to hone his skills at sandboarding in the Pinnacles Desert. Awesome.

Maybe he has a girlfriend there somewhere. He is after all, Malaysia’s most eligible bachelor. Whatever it is, he isn’t telling. Elegant silence. That’s what Tun Musa Hitam is referring to about our PM’s mute response towards Tun Dr Mahathir’s criticisms. In school, if I had kept quiet when a teacher asked me a question, I had to stand on the chair. Maybe I should have told the teacher that I was just being elegantly silent. That should do the trick.

Oh well the PM is away and the country is running on auto pilot. That means, nobody is in charge. Not even your daddy. Therefore, I declare 10th of July a public holiday. This is to avoid seeing all the red eyes and eye bags on that day. You know, The FINAL is just the night before.   

Speaking about the World Cup, I’m glad Italy came through to the quarter-finals. What a game. Deep found respect for the Italians. Playing with 10 men for 40 minutes is not an easy feat. Kudos to the team. Cannavaro was amazing. And what about Lucas Neill? Clearly it was a penalty. His left hand was undoubtedly obstructing Grosso.

You get what you deserve Mr Neill. You broke Carragher’s leg 2 seasons ago without batting an eyelid and now you broke the OZ’s hearts. Well don’t fret too much about it. OZs are bunch of wankers anyways. Bastards.

And how about that iGallop exercise machine huh? Isn’t it the best invention yet? I’m sure Osim had it spot on. Applause! Applause! Not only we’re the 3rd rudest city in the world, we Malaysians are also perverts. Judging from the sales response for the product, Osim revealed that most of the buyers are males above 40. Maybe Osim forgot to mention that the scantily clad cowgirls do not come in a box with the iGallop. Nanti kena wallop from your wife baru tau. Applause! Applause!

Speaking of wife, I saw a terrific marital spat in Cynna the other night. Quite a commotion. The wife was accusing the husband of flirting unashamedly with one of the girls there. Can’t blame him for that. They served oysters that night. Maybe he was getting randy after eating them. Man, even I was randy! I ate about 8 of them in a single plate. Even that skinny dark little door bitch of Cynna looks tasty afterwards. Dan had a dozen. God knows what he was up to that night.  

Okay kids, before I leave you to attend on the more serious thing called life; I just want to say, Forza Italia! And buy iGallop for your role-playing pleasure with your respective spouses.

Thank you

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