Pak Lah

Is Pak Lah going mental?

I really do not understand our Prime Minister. When the DAP MP Teresa Kok showed the video of a Chinese looking woman doing ear squats in the nude in a police station, the PM went into overdrive. Thinking that the woman was a Chinese national, he sent the Home Minister to China almost immediately after the Chinese Embassy created a fuss. The Home Minister (Dato’ Azmi Khalid – the one that married Normala Shamsuddin) apologised to the Chinese Government in Beijing over our police actions.

Now after about a month after Teresa revealed the video, an independent Inquiry Committee was formed to investigate the whole incident. It was a surprise that the naked woman doing ear squats was actually a malay woman. Now what I don’t get is why did the PM send Dato’ Azmi Khalid to China and apologise to the Chinese Government? What an embarrassment. Apologising to a foreign country over an ear squat done by our own citizen? There was a further outcry from the people saying that why did the police withheld the nationality or the race of the woman initially.

To tone things down, now get this… the PM said (as per Monday’s newspaper) he didn’t reveal the identity of the woman because he knew then that the public wouldn’t accept the police’s revelations. He said the public had set up their mind that the woman was a Chinese and that the police could be lying. WELL THEN.. if he knew that the woman is a Malay, then why did he send the Home Minister to China to apologise to the Chinese government in the first place? Am I the only one here who thinks the PM, for the lack of a better word,.. going mental?


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