For God’s sake!

I was flipping the TV channels a couple of hours ago when I stopped at Channel 8 of Astro. It’s called the Astro Prima channel. On it was the Islamic religious show – ‘Hikmah’.

Well apparently, the producers of the show think that by letting some ustaz to drone alone about Islam in front of the camera for the full hour with his monotonous voice and stupified look (droopy yet condescending eyes, complete with a sorry excuse of a background curtain), will attract mass viewers than no wonder Islam as a religion is unattractive to the rest of the non muslim world.

I’m sorry to say but after watching it for 3 minutes I feel like I wanna throw things at that man. What are they thinking? Who would watch this? C’mon, even if I were religious, I wouldn’t even care to watch that piece of crap.

If I were the producer, I would make the show more lively. I really do not understand the concept of –  oh if it’s Islamic in nature, then we must make the show be more sombre, dull, inanimated and colourless.

Get some charismatic personality on these kind of shows lah for God’s sake (yes for His sake). Do some Islamic games shows where contestants are pit against one another with questions about Islam. The prizes won would of course be donated to charity (yeah it’s all about lovin’ n givin’).

Get some artists to play these game quizzes. That will get some laughs. But heck, the ultimate goal is to make it more attractive to watch. When it is more watchable, people will get to learn something about the religion.

Get those nasyid groups to host a question and answer show where the fans will ask (hence, test) them about Islam. Each show will have different nasyid group to host it. Well we do have about a million groups with boys donning baju melayu and singing song about Islam don’t we? By having their favourite boybands (i.e. the nasyid group) answering the questions, the fans (especially the young ones) will be more excited.

Back in the early 7th century AD, when Islam began to spread, entertainment (except the sinful ones) weren’t banned at all. During that time, they have musicians who played music at social gatherings, open lively debate where people do get merry and raucous, pursuit of knowledge weren’t hindered regardless what they pursue etc. Ultimately, the Muslim world at that time (well at least during the leisure hours) were quite entertaining for people during that period.

Why can’t we have a parallel entertainment that can be best suited to our time. With the dreadful Islamic type of shows being shown on TV these days, no wonder the kids are being pushed away from their own religion. The only source of knowledge they have right now is from the teachers at school (since it’s mandatory to learn Islam there). Once you graduated from school? It’s all forgotten I bet.

And they say TV has bad influence on kids. Well of course! Because there are no good and entertaining Islamic shows to counter these bad influence. Hopefully the powers that be will realize these inadequacies of our religious programs and do something about it.

Having said all that, I apologize to God. I am a good man with good intentions really. All good things come from Him while all the bad things come from my sorry self.

p.s. When i said God I was referring to the Almighty God, not Robbie Fowler.


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